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Extension updates: Dr. Jin yes, Gentleman no
by | July 23, 2012 | 122 Comments

After a few weeks of maybes and We’re negotiating and rumors, weekend shows Dr. Jin and A Gentleman’s Dignity have both come out with official stances on the state of their futures: Dr. Jin will be getting its hoped-for extension after all, while weekend ratings winner A Gentleman’s Dignity will wrap without any additional installments.

It seems a bit counterintuitive, since SBS has been raking in 20%+ ratings with zippy, light-hearted rom-com A Gentleman’s Dignity, which is by far the more buzzed-about hit show between the two. You’d think they’d be more primed for prolonging the high numbers. But according to SBS CP Kang Shin-ho, it will end with Episode 20 as planned. He cited actor schedules as a hindrance, adding that while the upcoming London Olympics broadcast schedule will likely result in a pre-emption for the show, there won’t be any other adjustments to its length.

Managers from AM Entertainment, reps for series stars Jang Dong-gun and Kim Haneul, confirmed the same report and went so far as to say they’d never even discussed the possibility of an extension.

On the other hand, MBC is keen to keep Dr. Jin going, even though the show is stuck in low-teens ratings and has been getting some flak for its poor direction, despite an intrinsically interesting story about the modern doctor trapped in the past, messing with Fate by changing the course of history as he continually saves people he really shouldn’t. Maybe Dr. Jin’s genius is more the savant type, where he excels at his profession and lacks a very basic understanding of common sense.

Dr. Jin faces the same issue of an Olympic broadcast schedule conflict, but has decided not to pre-empt and will screen back-to-back episodes to keep on schedule. Originally planned for 20 episodes, the series will now end with 22.

On one hand, the show is absurd enough that I don’t know that I want any more of it existing, period. I’m still watching along, half-wondering why, though I’m by now in that stage of finishing a lackluster meal just to clean that plate. So I’d really prefer a shorter running time. But on the upside, at least it wasn’t the six-episode extension that was also rumored — now that would’ve been painful. If you’ve got words of encouragement for HeadsNo2, who’s faithfully slogging through the series, this would be a great time to let ’em out! She may need the boost to get through that final week.

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122 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mystisith

    *epic SIGH*… πŸ™
    I know intellectually than not extending AGD is a good decision. But my heart just can’t agree with that. AT ALL! One more proof than all good things come to an end. Can we have fireworks then?? Please?
    Extending Jin is just another mystery of the Universe. I’m sure the reason why is all BUT artistic.
    I just hope Heads will release her inner beast for the last episodes: Forget the rules and recap it WTF style (crazy comments and ridiculous screencaps much appreciated).

    • 1.1 Cynthia

      Excellent idea for HeadsNo2, M! Her recaps are already half-way there in the snark quotient – with Dr. Jin, it’s unavoidable. I, too, would love to see an all-out, over-the-top recap. It’s what Dr. Jin deserves and HeadsNo2 is just the recapper to dish it up!

    • 1.2 kakashi

      OMG, Heads’ recaps are the bestest ever, so glad Dr. Jin gets an extension πŸ™‚ (not watching the show)

    • 1.3 meecheellee

      On a happy note, THANK GOD FOR HEADS’ AWESOME RECAPS. I’m all in it for the WTF style. Crazy comments and ridiculous screencaps? Yup, I’ll be there with my ice cream. Wait. Maybe eating’s not such a good idea. Caz yunno, with the surgery aspect and stuff. And the weird fetus. Eww. So actually, I’ll be reading the recaps with and fan on and some music, caz it is HOT in South Cali. (:

  2. UJ

    why in the hell would they wanna extend a crap fest like Dr. Jin! -_-;

    • 2.1 dee

      kekekekeke~ HAD to de/un-lurk to say that boba tea is now all over my keyboard – thanks to the snort of derision followed by laughter~ the exact thought was in my head when i read your comment~

      even reading recaps is painful – so kudos to Headsno2~~ almost there!

      • 2.1.1 UJ

        I am a cassie and even i say this drama sucks! Jaejoong couldn’t save this drama for me! it has the worst leading guy and girl i have ever seen in a drama! *punches both through the screen*

        • anumick

          agreed, but i’m still watching for Jaejoong. For me, they could keep it up for another year as long as Jaejoong is in it πŸ˜›

          • UJ

            You will seriously watch Dr. Jin for another year just for Jae? O_o
            i would rather watch him in PTB over and over again!
            he is probably the 2nd best actor here after LBS, and i kinda hated his acting in the first few epis..so he improved..and i will never understand why Jae picked this project :/
            SSH and PMY should quit acting…its painful to watch them emote -_-“

        • Ivoire

          Hi UJ, what is a “cassie?” Thanks!

          • UJ

            Cassie or Cassiopeia is actually the name of the fandom for DBSK πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            Oh, OK! thanks for the explanation.

          • Biscuit

            Don’t want to be mean and be a party-pooper, but simply to clear things up for technicality, JYJ and DBSK have long gone their separate ways. Cassies are the group name for DBSK, and while some fans are fans of JYJ (former members of DBSK), it’s not the fanclub name for JYJ.

            JYJ are not part of DBSK (anymore).

          • sheils

            @Biscuit: sorry, but I’d have to disagree…being a Cassie means you’re a fan of DBSK…which means all 5 members (including Jae)….JYJ have never ever stated that Cassies are no longer their fans or that they’ve gotten a new fanclub….they are technically still a part of DBSK until the lawsuit ends…and even then, you can see clearly on Jae’s twitter “JYJ from DBSK”….can’t spell it out more clearly than that….I agree that there are ‘JYJ only’ only fans and ‘HM only fans’…but to say that Cassies are no longer fans of JaeChunSu is just false…in fact, I can say with confidence that majority of their fans now are still the fans that have loved them from the very beginning of their debut.

      • 2.1.2 JaeDe

        I watch Dr Jin for sh*ts and giggles at this point in the game. And most of the time I fast forward to Jaejoong and Kim Bum Soo if I wanna see decent character portrayals

        • Shukmeister

          It’s kind of surreal to think that a predominantly idol singer / composer, is the best acting this drama has.

          Nevertheless the ring of truth peals loudly…

          • hanie

            ^ THIS

          • schreient

            i quite agree. u____u and i also agree to the other comments that Jaejoong surprisingly is one of the reasons i still watch the drama & read the recaps. His acting has improved a lot though I’m still wondering why he accepted this project u___u

            but oh well… Looking forward to more entertaining recaps from HeadsNo2 =)) hang in there!

        • JiHwan

          *Lee Bum Soo

          He’s so wasted in this role. Way too talented to be associated with this hot mess.

          • JaeDe


          • LizzyMay

            Absolutely. I feel for him even as I skip to all of his scenes.

          • Alys

            I always think about this..what will happen is Dr.Jin character played by Lee Bum Soo, can this drama more enternt then like now coz somehow i think a great main lead can made a boring story be more enternt..?

    • 2.2 rolypoly

      Why are they extending Dr. Jin?

      Because it is profitable for MBC and the producers. Even before the drama aired its first episode, they sold it at one of the highest prices EVER for a Korean drama to Japan. Then they also sold it to several markets.

      The drama has 2 Hallyu stars in it, SSH and Jaejoong. The dramas staring the JYJ guys, are in the top 10 for dramas sold to other countries. Add the fact that all the advertising slots are sold out. You can see why MBC does not care about ratings.

    • 2.3 zsa

      I blame it on the Brain Fetus…everything seems to be its fault these days…LOL

      • 2.3.1 Maya

        Be careful, you might get zapped if he reads this..:D

  3. JoJo

    Glad AGD is ending…love it but can’t stand Me Ahri’s wailing for more eps. Dr Jin…what can I say? Keep doing your thing, Heads, and drag the rest of us along for the ride. Can’t smile without you…and with you I LOL.

    • 3.1 Paloma

      I am sad to see there was no evolution in Me AhriΒ΄s character. You know when you want to “kill” the writer for lack of imagination. Let me guess…magically….Me Ahri will become a mature lady for Yoon, with her own design company in just two episodes!! or maybe it is ok to be very childish, cry all the time like a baby and get a 40 years old love with no problem. Choose!!

      • 3.1.1 mulan

        Same here.. I can’t stand Me-Ahri way of crying… like a 7 year old… a 24 years old don’t cry like that!

      • 3.1.2 Rai-Rai

        Agree with you…If Me Ahri was mature, I wouldn’t have a problem with the loveline with Yoon. But with all of that crying and whining, she looks more like a teenager trying to hook up with an older man because of daddy issues.

        • Maru

          Oh my God, yes! Me Ahri!!! Every time I see her I see Oh Ha Ni… but with 24 years. Most of the time I want to slap her and shout at her, “Where is your life?!?!??!! Your goals?!!!!” “Why are you acting like a 7 year old with a tantrum?!?!??!”

      • 3.1.3 megels7719

        Totally agree! Maybe if they had her go away for a couple of episodes i would not have minded an extension…but then she’d probably come back and bawl like an immature 2yr old that didn’t get her 41yr old lollipop….

        Yoon doesn’t need kids when he’s got Ma Ahri

        • Ivoire

          “Yoon doesn’t need kids when he’s got Ma Ahri”

          That was just too funny!!!! LOL

          • megels7719

            Ivoire-Funny and so true!

            If we counted how many times she’s cried, cried while saying “oppa” (I personally don’t know why they would listen when she does this…it’s just too aggravating), or got drunk in the middle of the day then we could make our own video!

            Who’s gonna make a youtube video? Anybody? Anybody?Nobody wants to re-watch those scenes? We could put it in double time? o__O

          • pipit


          • Ivoire

            @ megels7719,

            You know, this is sad but it is actually true. We could make a video with all the footage of her crying. I find it sad because Me Ah Ri had such potential as a character and she could have been used for great story telling, since all the women in the show are different and her story was compelling. I regret that she was so neglected as a character because the actress who is portraying her is doing a really great job! I just wish she had more to work with.
            I am not good with the youtube making videos (I just don’t know how to make them), otherwise I would have given it a try.

    • 3.2 Nix

      I skip ALL of her wailing parts. It makes me want to smash my screen and that’s not nice.

      • 3.2.1 sa

        I skip all her wailing parts and Kim Ha Neul’s act on being ‘cute and innocent’ at 36…sighhhh

        • Memmy

          Me too…. *big sighhhhh*

  4. hawaiianseoul

    I’m not amused.

    ugh, bring out the soju
    I need to make myself drunk
    for this news to make more sense.

  5. Korazy Lady

    Love your writing, Javabeans – “finishing a lackluster meal just to clean the plate.” I’m not even watching Dr. Jin but that perfectly describes my relationship with a lot of Kdramas!

    I think it’s a smart decision on AGD. I love that show but find it’s been dragging for awhile. Best to end on a good note – although I will soooo miss the F44!

    • 5.1 Ivoire

      Hi Korazy Lady,

      It looks like you are back from your trip or you had access to a computer (and internet) while on your trip. Anyways, welcome back! (if you are back). Sorry I didn’t wait until OT, just very excited to see you here πŸ™‚

      • 5.1.1 Ivoire

        @ Korazy Lady,
        I feel the way you do about AGD, I like it but I do feel that it has been dragging as well. Many fillers a lot of the time… We could have seen the other characters more (Yoon-Me Ah Ri mostly, especially after episode 17), and I might be in the minority, but I do like Colin in it (and the actor/singer who plays him).

  6. 티사

    ahhh i missed last wk’s eps of Dr Jin and am so lazy to go catch up. mainly watchin it cos of SSH and PMY but still, it’s such a drag! tskk. all the best with the remaining recaps HeadsNo2! fighting! πŸ™‚

  7. Daisy

    Dr Jin was such a fail T.T I gave up watching it last week! I still read recaps only cause Headsno2 Makes it soo funny to read!

  8. daniela

    HeadsNo2, fighting!!!!!!

    • 8.1 mary

      Heads, please hang in there. You know you’re the only reason we’re staying with Dr Jin. πŸ™

      Remember the famous words of every kdrama villain ever: “I have come too far to go back. I must see this through.”

      (And jb/gf, how about you give Faith or Arang to Heads as a bribe for finishing Dr Jin?)

      • 8.1.1 mary

        BTW, if Heads is tired, maybe it’s time to call Santa…

        • JD


        • AuntieMame

          Nah . . . Santa would say that this drama is a lump of coal.

  9. Sho

    lol I’ve been blogging recaps for Dr Jin as well, and I really do have to give some handclaps to HeadsNo2 as well.

    I have a hard time writing the recaps of every episode without having to stop every 5 minutes and think in my head “are these guys on too much sugar to write such a scenerio?” and then reread ither drama recaps (such as Gaksital) and be like “Why couldn’t Jin have been as good as Gaksital or the JP Version?”

    Then you start thinking of all the repetitive issues and scenes you know that could have been cut for other you know “more dignified scenes” to be shown, and then you start comparing the actors/actresses and their salaries, (Seriously to me, everyone but LBS *im sorry to all those JYJ Fans* has been really stale in their acting (srsly SSH, PMY, KJJ all to me are like half ass acting) and then compare the drama ratings, and little do you realize, oh great I just spend x hrs not touching up on the recap, ah i’ll work on it tomorrow morning when I forget everything I just did.

    *sigh* thats how I am at least while writing the recap for this.

    Mad props to HeadsNo2, I know fully how frustrating it is to recap this drama, and I’m really glad now that I didn’t attempt to recap this here in stead for you. Keep it up! Only 2 weeks left!

    As JB has said, I am looking to just wrapping this drama up just for the sake of finishing what I’ve started watching in what’s already 80% into it.

  10. 10 queencircles

    HeadsNo2 fighting! Seriously, I feel like someone set this all up to torture you. But you can do it!

  11. 11 Saima

    HeadsNo2, fightin’!! :DDDDDDD

  12. 12 seriously wtf jin

    Ugghh. Why, Jin, why? I have no idea what they’re going to do to drag the story out even farther. Thank goodness it’s only one more week – I’d like to know WHO suggested 6 more episodes so I can kick ’em where it hurts.

    Plus Jaejoong was in an accident during a stunt for his movie (fell 5 meters) – he’s reportedly okay, somehow, but the boy needs his rest!! Grrrr.

  13. 13 Katherine

    I couldn’t help but burst out laughing reading that Dr Jin will have an extension, what a joke !! LOL.

  14. 14 MsB

    I’m wondering why I am still watching but then I watched Fashion King! I guess I can’t complain!

    • 14.1 megels7719

      Oh, I didn’t watch Fashion King but I heard it was a whole basket full of awesomeness! (sarcasm)…

      • 14.1.1 maewest

        Fashion King is one of the worst dramas EVER!! So much wasted potential.

  15. 15 MsScorpion

    Ok I vote for HeadsNo2, Javabeans (since you’re already watching), and any other DB recapper to make Dr. Jin recaps as a joint “conversation recap” maybe even a drunken one.

    Better to have fun in doing something as painful as recapping that kind of show.

    Who’s with me on the voting???? (That is if the recappers agree off course)

    • 15.1 pipit

      Excellent idea! But does that mean we’ll put more people into 2 more episodes of hell ?

      Still haven’t seen it yet but the picture of THT above is enough lure for me into this hot mess. ThAt and the desire to see how ridiculously funny it really is.

    • 15.2 bluetsukky

      LOL a drunken recap. But I agree, a drunken conversation/joint recap would be awesome. All of you guys could unleash your frustrations or whatever you feel for Dr. Jin haha. No holds barred. Wahahah

    • 15.3 Maya

      I thought a drunk state was already the default for recapping (or even for watching) Dr Jin.. πŸ˜€

  16. 16 rebecca34

    I’ve never hoped for an extension before. I already knew it would not happen d/t actor schedule conflicts and now it’s been confirmed πŸ™ but to have Dr. Jin extended instead is just abut of a slap in the face lol

  17. 17 ck1Oz

    Dear headsNo2. I have now developed a greater admiration for your willpower, commitment and ? more alcohol tolerance recapping Dr Jin.

    As a viewer/ reader, I thank god I can fast fw or blink my way through some scenes. Where else you have to rewatch whole scenes.
    May Christmas this year bring you your K drama hero… in the plot device you want, with the lead female you want and witty writing. Plus great directing and a fantastic soundtrack πŸ™‚

    • 17.1 mrembo

      Dear ck1Oz

      Love your Christmas wish for Heads:) Hear, hear!

  18. 18 come2noona

    It’s like they are daring us to keep watching! Well, I say BRING IT! I’m not shying away from the “crap fest” and neither should you. It’s only two more episodes… what will they think of next? Let’s rally around HeadsNo2 and give her the love and support she’ll need to make it through! Everyone with me now, Fighting!

  19. 19 Velcro

    HeadsNo2, please sub all the way till the end!!

    I don’t watch the show AT ALL, but I solely read your recaps as they are just too darn witty and hilarious!

    I really want to know how Dr Jin ends, and what you have to say!! :))


  20. 20 gummimochi

    Friend! Fighting!!! (breaks out makgulli bottle) Need one? πŸ™‚

  21. 21 Mic

    Darn it. >.<

    I'm a fan of JYJ, and and therefore watching Dr. Jin (…curse fan loyalty). I might just watch the Kyung tak (and Young hwi :O) bits and then read the recaps. Somehow I'm still kind of interested in the plot, but the main characters make me want to hit my laptop with a baseball bat. Normally it's the other way around with dramas, but not with Dr. Jin…. T___T

    Good luck, Heads! ^_^

  22. 22 Chesquared

    It just pains me to watch Dr. Jin. I’ve always liked Park Minyoung, but now whenever I see her in this drama I just want to kick her back to the future or something. She has seriously only one expression in this drama ->( o__o) . I’ve always liked Song Seung Hun… But his chracter is just the greasiest thing. I’m a die hard fan of Jaejoong, but even his character makes me want to just take a sword and poke him. This drama had so much hope. I don’t know why I’m still watching this. It seriously annoys the hell out of me.

    As for Gentlemen’s dignity… It builds up… It dies down. There are no character growths, no plot, naada. It’s like watching a scripted reality show. Seriously only put up with it till now because it’s funny and I’ve got Jang Dong Gun syndrome. It would have been better if Meahri grew up and thats how she won Yoon’s heart. But still till the lastest ep she’s a cry baby. So annoying seriously. I’m younger than her and I’m not a crybaby or have I ever met someone like her at that age. What is she? 13? =____=.

  23. 23 Germaine

    Of all the recaps and comments that I currently follow, I enjoy Dr Jin the most. The screencaps are hilarious and HeadsNo2 keeps an even keel, acknowledging the good bits while moderating her exasperation with wit and humor. The comments take their lead from this – it’s the most creative and gracious mudslingfest I’ve ever seen.

    HeadsNo2, saranghae! fighting!

    • 23.1 pipit


  24. 24 ahmi

    HeadsNo2, you make my day at work a LOT more interesting because I am reading your recaps !! love you!

    I honestly think they’re extending the drama so that at least with AGD ending earlier they can have a higher rating…. but who knows if anyone will still follow after 20 eps of BOOOOOOOOOOOOORRING-ness…

    • 24.1 Po

      i agree..the dr jin production team are aiming to get the agd viewers so in the end they can save face and say, hey we started out low but in the end got high ratings…
      well i hope five fingers will do awesomely well in their first episodes…don’t give this crappy drama a chance, k-viewers!!! it’s encouraging crappy actors like song seung hun and park min young to act even more! augh!

  25. 25 aramint

    HeadsNo2, your recap is very helpful and entertaining. I’d really love it if you can continue, but of course, it’s your choice.. anyway, aja, aja, fighting! ^.^

  26. 26 sang

    i wished for an extnsn of GD but hearing this i’m a bit disappointed, indeed if you’d think about it i agree it’s counterintuitive in that w/higher ratings compared to DJ, i’m sure viewers like me expected that of GD’s extnsn. GD is so nice to watch every weekend & even if it’s not over, i’m feeling that i miss it already! this drama is one of the best & one of my faves i’ve seen! the casts are super hilarious & the storyline is such that it became super addictive for me that i look f/ward to having great weekends! :))) kudos to GD — glad i didnt’ decide to continue on JD it wasn’t for me at all coz of the bloody scenes here & there though it hurts not to support one of my fave actors SSH!

  27. 27 becca_boo

    HeadsNo2, you know you’re my hero, right? I don’t know how you do it, but not only do you manage to recap this show, you actually make it fun to read about. You’re improving the show!

    I’m sending you a virtual care-package to get you through the final weeks: chocolate chip cookies (laced with a new drug that will slow down the growth of your brain fetus), a slinky (because those things do wonders for mental health), scented candles and bath salts (to soothe the headaches), and a new pair of red heels (you deserve them). I’m trying to get Lee Min-ho for you, too, but he isn’t answering my calls.

    Hang in there! If there is any justice in the world, you’ll get an amazing show to recap next. : )

    • 27.1 oftheshore

      My guess is that Lee Min-Ho is currently running around in that Faith garb of his and can’t hear the phone through his thick mane of glory. Alas, he is no Jihoo.
      HeadsNo2, fighting! We’ll send you a Tae Kang clone shortly (ahem, running joke), he’ll be eager to help you out with your work! And seriously, as someone suggested, feel free to make those recaps absolutely crazy. ;D

      • 27.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi OTS, Yeah, we should probably add one more request of TK’s clone for HeadsNo2 per your suggestion. Will call the factory right away:-)

      • 27.1.2 Ivoire

        Hey OTS,

        And maybe the fact that LMH is in another time period prevents him from hearing any modern devices such as a cell phone?…(I know he comes into modern day South Korea and gets the doctor, but doesn’t he mostly or primarily live in the Guryeo (sp?) era? It might be really difficult to be able to reach him these days:-)

        • oftheshore

          Haha, that must be the issue, actually! πŸ˜‰
          However, as I mentioned before, I have this theory that he is actually Gu Jun Pyo who gave up on Jan Di and escaped to the wrong place. And time.

          • Ivoire

            @ OTS,

            Why would GJP/LMH give up on Jan Di? What do you think happened? I thought they (GJP and JD) were meant to be together? So you think that LMH is really GJP, really? What made you come to such a conclusion? (Very curious now…)

  28. 28 hapacalgirl

    Im glad AGD isn’t getting an extension mostly because I can’t wait to see joo ji hoon acting again and five fingers is the follow up after. Not watching our reading the recaps for jin so pretty neutral on their extension. Sorry not even my love for jj and jin yi han could get me to watch that trainwreck .

  29. 29 lovedramas

    I’m torn. I know AGD doesn’t need an extension, after all, what more is there to show. Of course, I will pretty much watch whatever the AGD team throws at me because I am loving all the crazy crap they are throwing at me. Love the bromance, love the OTP… it’s my only kdrama obsession for this season. But ultimately, I knew that they weren’t going to extend it even if they actually wanted to. Most of the time, with such huge actors and their tight schedules, rarely can an extension fit in. I will be sad when AGD ends. πŸ™ MA really is annoying… while I understand why she hasn’t changed, it still would have been nice to at least be grown up some.

    Dr Jin – I love SSH, I do… and I know he is quite a crappy actor (just being real LOL). I only watched (more like skimmed) DJ for him and LBS. But there is only so much random – huh huh??? huh??? I can take. I’m not sure what to make of the extension, but I don’t mind seeing more of SSH.

    • 29.1 Ivoire

      Hi Lovedramas, I am just curious, why do you think Me Ah Ri hasn’t changed so far?

  30. 30 Rovi

    Following the show, not even downloading to watch Dr. Jin, but yeah, let’s see how Jin would withstand the tumor-zapping, LOL~!

    …and we shall see how far Ha-eung will be as the Heungseon Daewongun of history, and if he will proceed with the Catholic ersecution of 18whatsits~!

    …also, if they’re gonna slip in Min Chi-rok and her daughter the future Empress…since it’s inevitable any mention of Gojong and Ha-eung will eventually wield the completing trinity with Empress Myeongseong…

    Meanwhile, didn’t follow Gentleman after the first ep., but LOL to anyone who watched SNL season 2’s finale with SuJu in it (Kyu, Teuk, Hyuk, & Dong)…XD ROFLMAO

  31. 31 LizzyMay

    HeadsNo2’s recaps made my Dr. Jin watching 1000% more enjoyable. Especially since LBS is not the main lead and there are so many unbearable scenes I try to sit through/ skip over. I really hope the political storyline gets more focus (though it’s probably wishful thinking) because it’s the only part that seems to make some semblance of sense so far.

    Thanks Heads and keep up the excellent work you’re doing!

  32. 32 1061-kun

    Extension updates: No, No

    I have been forcing myself to watch Dr. Jin so I dread having to watch two more episodes (I have a bit of OCD so I have to finish what I started)

    I am loving A Gentleman Dignity but I probably agree with many of you that the show is starting to spin. I love the opening scenes and my idea for additional episode(s) would have a whole show featuring F44 and their bromance in many new short scenes. No overall plot, just the boys having fun!

  33. 33 canxi


    Once you finish re-capping this you can re-cap anything! The drama world will be your oyster! Nothing will ever be as bad as Dr. Jin for a long time. You got this! We believe in you. We’re here for you~

    Think of all the brain babies you’re preventing! FIGHTING!

    • 33.1 canxi

      Not to mention, you’re doing a great job!

  34. 34 Mawiie

    You deserve a raise Heads! I hope that your “recap minion” conditions will improve after this or else we’ll go on strike for you πŸ˜›

  35. 35 Soso

    So bizarre that they would want to extend let alone originally wanted SIX more???

    I think HeadsNo2 knows that a lot of us are watching just so we can read her recaps afterwards. I’ve even started watching the unsub version so I could get the jist and then fill in the rest of Head’s funny version. B/c really in the end, I just don’t care anymore about all the detailed
    dialogue. Heads, fighting!

  36. 36 Awe

    BFHT = Brain Fetus in Hand Towel

    i blame the brain fetus.

    hang in there, heads…we got yer back.

  37. 37 myra

    so the final episodes from a gentleman’s dignity will be aired after the olympics?

  38. 38 Kiara

    HradsNo2, Condolences…you know we are here for ya.

    Slog on <3.

    • 38.1 Kiara

      err HeadsNo2

  39. 39 misch

    ohhh… really not happy with the news γ…œ.γ…œ

  40. 40 JD

    UGHHHH I’M GOING TO MISS AGD SO MUCH WHEN IT ENDS! Yes the character development for some particular characters (Me Ahri and Jung Rok cough) is lackluster, but the thought of never seeing any new scenes of the freaking awesome bromance between the four manchildren breaks my heart!!! AHHHHHH I luff them so hard. Best group of four ever.

  41. 41 DangCinDee

    testing tesing

  42. 42 DangCinDee

    Omg. Now it works. I’ve been trying to post a comment for ages. Anyhoo, really? they’re going to extend Dr Jin? I mean, i love the cast and all and I applaud the dedication and devotion, but there’s just so much plot ridiculousness one can handle. AND im at my wit’s end with this drama. lol For goodness sake he just cured breast cancer in the last episode. What’s next ? Aids?

    I think dr jin is bad luck. Everyone around him gets sick. And all always coincidentally when he’s around to save them. lol if they would just stay away from him, they will be healthy.

  43. 43 Lupita311

    I for one hate extensions they are mainly fillers since the writer didn’t plan them and they have to write whatever to fill up the space, all extensions fail, maybe there is an excemption to the rule but I haven’t found the drama that worked with the extension so even though I am sad and I am going to miss AGD I wish for a good ending. I really enjoy it and not looking forward to finges JiHoo’s face as if he has a stomach ache when he is in love and his blank stare when he is not makes me want to punch him. No expression on his face at all. Oh well, at least my summer was happy with AGD even though MaeHRi and Colin ruined it for me I want them to go out together into the sunset and not see them ever again. Thanks for the recaps I wanted to watch Dr Jin next but now I have mix feelings about it.

  44. 44 hanie

    oh god… they really didn’t get it, didn’t they?
    as if 2 more episodes can save this hysterical drama. Well, unless the leads die or baby in a jar take over the world, I don’t think it would make it better.
    like everyone else, props to head2no. strong-willed like no other.

    we know you are reading this. I’m sending you a lot of virtual never-ending open bar for you & hugs. Be strong!!! You can do it!!

  45. 45 crazyjj33

    Seriously i dont want dr. jin to have extension. Kim Jaejoong need to rest. after the stunt accident i dont think his body is in good condition.

    To those who dont know Jaejoong fall 4m during the acting scene for jackal on saturday. his right arm and shoulder seem to hurt really bad

  46. 46 Lise

    Seriously as bad as Dr Jin is, its not really that bad (yeahs goodluck making sense of that lolz) i still watch it, i actually look forward to it mostly out of curiosity, which is more than what i can say for BIG! Dropped it like a hot potato @ep 9 and never looked back, now that’s bad!

  47. 47 Quiet Thought

    Bravo, Heads2No. Now you know what Roger Ebert has had to put up with for forty years.

  48. 48 sunshine

    Heads2No, thank you for your courage in trudging through that carnage of a drama! Your recaps make for entertaining reads.

  49. 49 bishbash

    Heads, may the brain fetus leave you alone after you’re done with the series!!!


  50. 50 Maya

    Heads, thanks for bearing with this foray of madness called Dr Jin and continue to write hilarious recaps! Fighting! πŸ™‚

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