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Gaksital: Episode 15
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Woo, the pace just keeps clipping along, and major connections are made, throwing our hero into a whole new level of danger. He’s already treading on thin ice, but this is the trouble with not being an actual superhuman able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or, yunno, zoom from the scene of a crime to an alibi-making one to cover his ass. That’s the tricky part of being a hero in the real world: you’ve gotta keep both sides covered. ‘Cause a hero who’s lost his cover… can’t stay a hero for long. It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire.


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Kang-to uses Boon-yi’s name to beg Damsari to help, insisting that she’s in danger. And Shunji overhears, gulp. He wonders incredulously, “Kang-to knows Boon-yi? Kang-to wants to save Boon-yi—Mok Dan.”

He takes it a step further and guesses, “Then could Kang-to be… the one who gave her that knife? Kang-to is… Gaksital?

Ooh. I feared Shunji wouldn’t connect all the dots, but his brain keeps making the links. He first shakes his head in disbelief, “Kang-to killed my brother? No way. That can’t be.” But then he recalls how Gaksital had an uncanny understanding of the station layout and suspicion returns.

Shunji asks his staff if any of them was with Kang-to several days ago with the Gaksital-hospital incident, and confirms that nobody was. He pulls Koiso aside and puts him on 24-hour Kang-to surveillance. Uh-oh.

He drops in to see circus boss Jo, who’s laid up in bed recovering from his session in the nail box. Sun-hwa averts her disillusioned eyes, and possibly notices Kye-soon’s oddly cheery reaction to his arrival. Oh, I’d love it if she caught on to the mole situation and gave that girl what-for.

Shunji dismisses the circus crew. Boss Jo says he already told him everything (Did he really, I wonder, or did he feed false info?). Shunji informs him that Kang-to will drop by later, and gives Jo an acting assignment: Pretend like he didn’t tell Shunji anything, and that he’s giving the rendezvous information only to Kang-to.

Boss Jo is confused since they’re fellow officers, and refuses to cooperate—kill him if he wants. But he’s met with a chilling smile and the threat that if Kang-to catches wind of this conversation, the circus troupe will meet their ends, one by one. Shunji follows that chilling threat by giving Boss Jo antibiotics—can’t have him contracting tetanus from all those nails. Damn, Shunji. You’re really embracing this walk on the dark side, aren’t you?

Kang-to storms into the inn while Shunji’s still there, and to keep out of sight he hides in Kye-soon’s room.

Kang-to sits down with a bitter Boss Jo and earnestly appeals to him. He explains how Damsari is locked up for the anniversary terrorism, and the police are on the hunt to track down Mok Dan to extract Damsari’s confession. Then, the torture meted out will be much worse.

Kang-to speaks of his brother, brain-damaged from his activities with the independence movement. It’s another example of him reaching out to the freedom fighters in a way that’s poignant and bittersweet; I love that he finally gets to be honest about his fears and doubts, but because they see him as the enemy it’s almost like it’s a one-sided connection Kang-to’s making.

Kang-to: “I’m well aware that I’ve been condemned by the Joseon people, and I’ve done enough bad things deserving the names I’m called. I’m the person who captured Damsari and led to his death sentence. That’s why I want to help. At the very least I want to prevent Leader Damsari from seeing his child torn to pieces in front of his eyes. Please help me.”

Boss Jo gives him the time and date of the planned rendezvous with Damsari’s people—tomorrow at 6 at a particular restaurant. Kang-to confirms that Shunji doesn’t know this; Boss Jo looks away and lies, afraid for the lives of his troupe. Kye-soon listens at the door as and collects more cash for her spying. Gah, hate you. Hope all your fancy new clothes and cosmetics make your face shrivel and hair fall out.

Kang-to leaves feeling hopeful, not aware of the tail he’s picked up.

Shunji arrives for a meeting with his father, surprised to see Rie and bodyguard Katsuyama in the room. As far as he knows she’s the singer Kang-to’s cozying up to, but today he’s apprised of her real identity. His reaction to her verges on impolite (he asks how she can be on such intimate terms with Kang-to), and Rie is snippy in return. She says that in order to get rid of Director Kono, they’ll have to start with eliminating his limbs.

Ex-Chief Kimura explains that Shunji’s just asking because Kang-to’s being secretly investigated. Rie keeps her surprise to herself.

She explains calling the meeting to reveal her identity to Shunji: “Seeing Gaksital challenge dozens of imperial policemen with nothing more than an iron flute shows he has astonishing fighting spirit. Officer Kimura, the only person who can cut down that spirit of Gaksital’s is you.” Her reasoning? He shot at Gaksital even though his father was held as human shield. She applauds that drive. (Though not, I’m thinking, his aim.)

Rie informs them that her father will be coming to Korea soon, and when he does, Kono will be eliminated and Chief Kimura given his job. How’s that for a dangling carrot? She tells Kimura, “You know what happens next, don’t you?”

A flashback fills us in on the grand scheme as Chairman Ueno addresses his Kishokai followers, which includes a younger Chief Kimura. Reminding them that Kishokai was responsible for killing the Joseon king and queen, he declares that their goal is to move the empire’s capitol to Kyungsung, from which point they’ll be in position to claim Asian/Pacific dominance.

Rie declares her faith in Shunji to help them achieve this goal, and raises a toast to Kishokai and the expanding Japanese empire.

The governor general meets with his cronies—Kono, the count, and newspaperman Park—to discuss how to handle the situation. Rumors are flying among the Joseon people about the explosion at the anniversary gala, which threatens to set off more rebellions.

In light of his recent humiliation, the governor opts to come down hard on the populace. It’s a totalitarian regime he proposes in to keep them under tight control: outdoor gatherings outlawed, indoor meetings requiring police presence, all loans are to be denied. Furthermore, all Koreans are forbidden to wear all-white clothing, like Gaksital. Yeesh. And yet, placing so much significance into a mere color just emphasizes your fear and weakness, doesn’t it?

The police paper the town with Wanted signs for Damsari’s crew and set up ID checkpoints. Kang-to has a hidden-in-plain-sight meeting with shoe-shiner Baek Gun, advising him to lie low. He informs him of his hopes to meet with Damsari’s people today; they’ll have to figure out a way to break him out of jail.

Koiso presents Shunji with in a special interrogator, Ishida, called in specifically to handle the Damsari case. He’s smart and quick and has been following Kang-to undetected.

In town, the cops are on a power trip, pouring black ink over anybody wearing white and beating those who protest. Does this mean they’ll start beating themselves up too, since it’s, you know, the law and everything? Sheesh.

Kang-to drives by as one unlucky grandpa is being beaten, and even the village hothead knows it’s a pointless fight—his piece of wood against a bevy of guns.

Then someone yells, “It’s Gaksital!”

Dude, fastest costume change ever. He leaps into the fray and beats every officer down with such easy efficiency that it’s almost disappointing… if it weren’t so satisfying watching them get their asses handed to them, that is.

After the short fight ends, he helps the fallen grandpa up while the people cheer him on. Village Hothead decides to add some insult to injury by taking the bucket of ink and dumping it over Koiso’s head. The other villagers pitch in, and the officers limp away in shame.

Kang-to takes in the sight, and allows himself a smile.

The humiliated policemen trudge back into the station, where they tell Shunji that Gaksital showed up. Shunji immediately heads for the torture room where Kang-to is stationed, only to find Abe watching Damsari solo. Abe explains that Kang-to spent the night here and left to change his clothes. Which isn’t wrong.

So what happened to Kang-to’s tail? Koiso assumed Kang-to was still in the torture room, while special investigator Ishida… joins them, nowhere near Kang-to.

Kang-to changes back into his suit in a hotel bathroom stall, taking care to redress his still-bloody arm wound. God, I have a terrible fear about that bloody bandage—it’s going to give him away, isn’t it?

Kang-to washes his hands and one next sink over, Katsuyama clocks the redness washing down the drain. Too late, Kang-to recognizes the swordsman who attacked him and tries to cover, muttering about a nosebleed. Kang-to says conversationally that Katsuyama seems familiar, but silent hottie remains silent and walks away. Kang-to trails him down the hall, though his stalking doesn’t go unnoticed.

Kang-to takes note of the hotel room Katsuyama enters—Room 501—and quickly leaves.

Shunji calls Kang-to in, keeping his tone friendly and turning his Kishokai signet ring around to keep the insignia hidden. Uh, that’s the best you can do? You belong to a mysterious, powerful organization being investigated by Kang-to and you wear that sucker to work? You could learn a few things about secret identities from Gaksital, ‘s all I’m sayin’.

Kang-to’s been using the night watch room at the station since his house got burned down, so Shunji hands him a key to his rented room. He’s not using it, so Kang-to should.

Hearing that Damsari still isn’t talking, Shunji suggests using Mok Dan as bait, which I am now making a drinking game. Suggestions to use her as bait: one drink. Actual incidents of using her as bait: two drinks!

Kang-to goes for the nonchalant route, saying that she probably skipped town along with Damsari’s cover wife. That just makes Shunji more suspicious, and he counters that Mok Dan isn’t the type to ditch Dad. Something about Shunji’s easy attitude has Kang-to’s brow furrowing (well, even more). Please tell me you’re suspicious!

Shunji leads Kang-to to the torture room and once again demands to know who Gaksital is. Damsari returns, “Want me to tell you how to get him? Return Joseon to us. Then Gaksital will take off that mask himself.”

Shunji chuckles, which frankly freaks me out, then slams a foot into Damsari’s gut. He holds up the police grenade stolen out of the armory—without an insider, there’s no way the freedom fighters could have gotten their hands on it. Who helped them?

Kang-to tenses. But now it’s Damsari’s turn to laugh: “Are you saying there’s an independence fighter within the police? Ha.”

Shunji goes for the whip and punishes Damsari for mocking him. He orders Kang-to to capture Mok Dan: “Let’s see if he still has no reaction to watching his daughter’s breath choked out of her.” (Drink up.)

Villagers read the Wanted/Reward signs for Damsari’s crew, and the prize is big enough that one ajumma comments that with that money, they can enjoy an easy life.

Village Hothead loudly protests, just as Mok Dan comes strolling by. What, no disguise for you either? You’re just asking to be captured, aren’t you?

Sure enough, one officer tells her to present her ID, and she takes off running. That’s not suspicious or anything. The officers chase after her, sending her down an alley and out into the marketplace… right into Kang-to’s path.

She runs the other way. He orders the officers not to shoot and takes off after her. Thinking to get rid of his tagalongs, he scatters the other cops in other directions, leaving him alone to confront her face to face.

She finds his face less than comforting, though, and makes a break for it. As they run, he thinks to himself, “You have to get caught by me to remain safe. Please…”

Pouring on the speed, he catches her. And gets whacked in the back of the head. Eek!

It’s Village Hothead playing hero with his wooden stick. Kang-to blearily watches Mok Dan escaping and passes out.

He reports the failed capture to a frustrated Shunji, who tells him I told you so about Mok Dan sticking around. Shunji slaps down the message Boon-yi left for Gaksital, saying that the two of them have been exchanging messages. Kang-to’s eyes widen as he reads, wondering to himself how Shunji came across it.

Shunji tells Kang-to of how the girl pulled a gun on him and ran away with Gaksital. He gets more and more heated, so much that it seems like he’s sending Kang-to his own message: “To save Gaksital, she held a gun to my face! They held hands in front of my own eyes! Kang-to-ya! In front of my own eyes!” Aw, is this really about venting his hurt at Kang-to?

Shunji deduces that Boon-yi is Mok Dan’s childhood name, and Gaksital the boy who gave her that knife. Kang-to looks alarmed to have so much of the truth figured out, while Shunji rages on, “I will find that girl and kill her. I’ll kill her and hang her in Gwanghwamun Square, so that bastard can see! So his heart can rip apart!”

Yup, definitely a message. Shunji leaves the office scoffing at the idea that Kang-to legitimately tried and failed to capture her.

Mok Dan returns to the hideaway and reports to her comrades on her recon trip outside. Comrade-wife finds something odd; one comrade’s identity is only known by Boss Jo, so hearing that he’s been tortured can only mean that Boss Jo talked. Mok Dan protests that he wouldn’t and offers to go to the rendezvous tonight alone. But comrade-wife says no—if Boss Jo talked, they’ll be captured tonight.

Mok Dan argues that they have to make the meeting; they’re in dire need of funds. In this climate, rescuing Damsari is impossible and their identities have already been uncovered. She promises to meet Boss Jo and get them the money.

Mok Dan heads to town for her meeting—again in plain sight, arrrgh. You couldn’t fake some kind of face disfigurement, or maybe wear a hat? Seriously, people.

She passes by a woman emerging from the hotel—Rie, who stops in her tracks, recognizing her. Gah!

Rie turns right back around and follows Mok Dan upstairs, where Mok Dan uses the hotel phone to call Boss Jo, who answers with a guilt-stricken face. As she asks after his safety, Rie hovers in the background while Mok Dan makes plans to drop by to see him later.

Boss Jo hands up the phone near tears, and turns around… toward his circus troupe, who huddle on the ground with policemen leveling rifles at them.

Mok Dan ends her call happily, only to find Rie waiting with a pleasant, “Do you know how much I wanted to see you, Sister?” Ack, and here I thought Mok Dan had the upper hand for realizing the nun was a fraud.

Rie grabs Mok Dan and starts to drag her off. Mok Dan swings, but her fist misses Rie’s face. She gets kicked in return, but breaks free and runs.

Rie hooks back her long skirt, Bond Girl style, and does a flying leap to take Mok Dan down. Mok Dan gets a few blows in, but it’s a pretty uneven fight and Rie punches, kicks, and shoves her to the ground.

Kono calls Kang-to in to ream him for failing to recognize Damsari at the party.

With an hour till rendezvous time, Shunji gets his officers ready and waiting, then calls Kang-to into his office. Cheerily, he tells Kang-to they’re going to catch Mok Dan tonight, and gives them the same meeting details that Boss Jo provided.

Kang-to compliments him on his skills, asking how he found out. Shunji answers that he’s got informants everywhere, which seems like another pointed thing to say that Kang-to isn’t suspicious enough to pick up on. Be suspicious! Ack, this is not doing good things to my blood pressure.

Shunji calls his team to order to begin the “rabbit hunt.” He gives them the all-clear to shoot everyone but Mok Dan, who must be kept alive. He watches Kang-to particularly as he adds that her capture is also needed to capture Gaksital. With that, he leaves Kang-to in charge of watching Damsari back at the station. Oh no, you’re giving him a clear chance to show up as Gaksital, aren’t you? Don’t do it, Kang-to! Be suspicious!

Shunji’s banking on Gaksital crashing the meeting, and orders Koiso to confirm whether Kang-to leaves the station.

Except… Shunji gets a call from Rie, who’s in Lala mode as she asks about the prize for turning in one of the fugitives. She tells him smugly that she caught Mok Dan, only to get Shunji ordering, “Let her go immediately!” Fuming at the thought of his careful plan going awry, he warns her not to interfere with his job, whether she’s the chairman’s daughter or not.

Rie takes exception: “You say I’m interfering?” Shunji lays it out: He’s on a Gaksital hunt and needs her as bait. So Rie had better let her go, but in a way that she doesn’t realize she’s been let go intentionally.

Rie agrees, but says she hopes his trap is ironclad and perfect to justify the release: “But if you fail this time, you’ll have to give up your neck.” Shunji fires back, “If my plan fails because of you, you’ll have to give up yours too.” Ooh. Them’s fighting words. Now I want them both to fail, just to watch the fallout.

Rie faces a sputtering Mok Dan, who demands to know who she is and why she’s holding her hostage. Rie gives her a slap, then tells her man to let her go. She coos, “Take care. Let’s meet again.”

Shunji moves out with his team. Kang-to paces in Damsari’s interrogation room, looking around at all the implements of torture, imagining the agony in store for Mok Dan. That’s enough to make up his mind, and he goes on the move… which is noted by Ishida, who follows.

Mok Dan arrives at the private room at the restaurant. The server gives her a peculiar look that she doesn’t notice (arg, why don’t our good guys notice anything?). As time ticks on, she grows uneasier, wondering why nobody’s here.

Kang-to speeds to the restaurant and bursts in, still dressed as his normal self. He grabs her hand and starts to drag her toward the door, which she naturally protests.

It’s this sight that Shunji walks in on—Mok Dan and Kang-to, hand in hand—and this time he’s the one with the gun. Ooh, nice reversal.

Shunji: “It was you after all. Nice to see you again, Gaksital.”

And Mok Dan goes, Whaaaaaa?


Ooh, great ending. Yes, I’ve sort of had my fill of episodes ending with Shunji wielding a gun at Kang-to/Gaksital, especially given his apparent inability to do anything with that gun other than said wielding. However, the narrative progress that accompanies each instance makes up for it. Somewhat.

We’re moving along briskly, and I’m super excited about how quickly Shunji is connecting the dots. So many times we get characters handed vital clues, only to just barely figure out what to do with 2 and 2. Add? Subtract? Do a little dance with? (It’s worse when they’re pulse-pumping cliffhangers where the following episode pulls a “Never mind, the character totally misunderstands, revelation averted!” That’s a cop-out and a fake-out, and I hate hate hate.)

So I love that in the episode following Shunji overhearing that incriminating conversation has him arriving at the natural conclusion, culminating in a direct confrontation. This show doesn’t pull punches, for the most part, and I’m thankful for it.

Except where Mok Dan’s concerned, that is, which is too bad because… bleh. Just don’t get. I love her character and what it means, but I just find her so bland. She’s such a classic damsel in distress that she becomes a pawn more than anything. She’s a tool, a plot point, a non-person. She’s already a pretty one-dimensional character by virtue of her place in the story, which would be fine if she were at least a little more kickass, or did more than be dragged around by men. Most of the time literally as well as figuratively.

And it’s not that I don’t think she has that capacity. One of my favorite Mok Dan moments (I know, that I have any at all is amazing!) was when she refused Shunji’s help after being tortured and walked out of his car, telling him that his actions meant he was no longer her friend. I just want to care about her as more than the object of Kang-to’s affections.

I find it intriguing that Shunji’s rage over the Gaksital connection seemingly stems more from Mok Dan than any of the numerous other gripes he can legitimately claim. Like Gaksital running him in circles, messing with his career, losing his father his reputation and job, killing his brother. Yet it’s the scene in the woods that he flashes to, and it’s that betrayal that fuels his veiled outburst at Kang-to. At first it was just Mok Dan turning her back on him, but now that he realizes it was Kang-to as well, it cuts twice as deep. I loved how he shouted at Kang-to as though wanting to accuse, How could YOU do that to me? Such a nicely played moment, and I hope that we’ll have more chances to hash that out. Especially now that Kang-to knows that Shunji knows.

I’m thrilled that we have smart people in this story, people who pose real threats and can even stay one step ahead of our protagonists. That’s awesome. Unfortunately, a niggling concern that’s starting to grow is the wish that our good guys were smart people, too. I know Shunji was operating on crucial secret information so it’s not like Kang-to was an idiot for not knowing he’d been made… but he seemed just a little TOO willing to fall into Shunji’s trap. There was a flicker of unease on his face for a brief moment, but I kept thinking that the ragey, hotshot cop of yore would have been all over Shunji’s incongruently chipper attitude.

It’s like Kang-to used to be shrewder when he was evil. (Not evil-evil, but… you know. Misguided evil, which is still kind of evil. ‘Cause I’m not about to rationalize rage-fits and sadistic beatings, no matter how much pain oppa harbors inside.) I understand that his hands are tied now, and one could certainly argue that being the hunter forces a very different mindset than being the prey… But I want suspicious, wary, always-on-his-toes Kang-to back.

I do really love watching his gradual transformation, though, and his scene with Boss Jo was another example of that. A fine follow-up to his previous exchange with Damsari. The wording in Kang-to’s appeal to Boss Jo is telling; notably, he speaks of the police as a third party, rather than including himself—it’s they rather than we. He also refers to Damsari with his title as Leader, like he acknowledges that role and maybe even respects it, whereas before this point the man’s always been just Damsari, or maybe a curse word. Language is revealing, and it makes me want others to start picking up on those cues; I look forward to other characters—those on the good side—being clued in to Kang-to’s change of heart.


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  1. Ivoire

    Thank you!

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Off to read now. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode to see what will happen. I am really loving Park Ki-woong, Joo-won and Han Chae-ah in this drama.
      So many emotional and intense moments, but I am sooo glad Shunji figured things out. The stakes are higher now, and KT now knows that Shunji knows or very strongly suspects him (let’s see if KT gets out of this one tomorrow and how things will pan out).
      I also loved kickass Rie in this episode. I also wish, like Javabeans that Mok Dan would be a stronger character, it would make things more interesting, like when she lied to Rie after figuring out that she was not really a nun. Also kind of wish she was multi-layered, but that might be wishful thinking and too late for that.

      Thank you again, Javabeans, for the recap!!!!!

      • 1.1.1 Penguin

        I know! Where’s the Mok Dan there used to be? Bring out the ooh-I-threw-apples-at-officers kind of thing! I mean, I like her and everything, but can’t she get a little bit more interesting? But I hope she’ll be what I want her to be when she finds out Kang to is Gaksital. Or maybe that’ll just make her more boring. Who knows. Can’t wait for next episode! 😛

        • Ivoire

          We can only hope, Penguin!

      • 1.1.2 Maya

        To be honest, Mok Dan deflated my expectations (last week) on her character. I kinda hoped that the meeting was a ruse she would use to trap the police, but alas nothing happen. Just like you said Ivoire, I really hope that she has more layers to her character. By this point, she’s pretty much a plot device used to up the tension in the show.

        • Ivoire

          Hi Maya, yeah I mean, she is the lead heroine, she should be a little more (or maybe a lot more) kickass, so we could actually want to root for her because she rocks, instead of turning into mush or close to it (at least it is what it seems like).
          Someone mentioned Hang Ah (TK2Hs) and Nana (CH), yeah, they were different alright, each in her own way. Hope MD changes for the better before the end of the drama (and by that I mean that I hope that she will be better written :-))

          • Maya

            Hi Ivoire, yup couldn’t agree more. I believe that her character has that potential to be the strong heroine. She’s gutsy and idealistic. However I wish she could be shrewder and less reckless. She needs to approach a situation with plan B should plan A fails and stop walking around in a broad daylight without disguise!
            But then to be fair with her, she still hasn’t gone through any life-altering moment that would give her personal growth just yet, and maybe knowing the true identity of gaksital would be that moment?

    • 1.2 ckdarkraven23

      i hate SHUNJI!! he is pure evil!! i feel like he can no longer be redeemed!!

  2. Hi

    I love this drama!

  3. kbap

    Thank you so much for the recap! I’ve been anxious ever since last week. 🙂

    • 3.1 Star

      same here! now i’m even more anxious for the next episode xP

  4. Jennifer

    I love this drama!

    • 4.1 meecheellee

      I love it too!!! So contrasting from the mess of a drama Dr. Jin. Phew.

      • 4.1.1 meecheellee

        Hahaha, back from reading. Sorry, I’m a student so I caught up a little late.

        My comments:

        Okay, so this episode didn’t really make me curse as much as the last one (refer to last recap comment), but I loved it just as much. Rie is the one character that I’m not completely sure about. I know she’s all pro-Japanese, but it seems like she has other plans at certain times. Somehow I wished that Kang-to caught on that Shunji was playing his evil cards. Although he always seemed to have an alibi for every incident in previous episodes, it sorta seemed like he was a little naive in this one. The whole time I was like… surely he must of caught on, right? Right? RIGHT?????

        And then the “RIGHT???” turns to “Crap.”
        And then the stupid episode ends.

        *I don’t mean stupid as in I hated the episode. I loved it. It just made me go, “$#%$#$@#!!!!!!!” Kang-to yaaa, please tell me you have this genius plan and that you knew what Shunji was doing all along. Please. PLEASE.*whimper*

    • 4.2 redfox

      I don´t love it insanely but it is quite good. Some parts make me question the fluency of the plot. Seems like there is too much. When you have such good main charatcers you don´t need that many side parts. In that sense I liked City Hunter better – it scraped down on the selection of salad, cheeses and fruit and served us raw steak with a hot dressing and red wine, which is enough.

  5. Maya

    Thanks for the recap JB!
    All I can think at the end of this episode is I hope you got something up your sleeves to get you out from this situation, Kang To~yaa..
    But given his calm demeanor and the fact that he’s NOT showing up in his gaksital outfit means that this is all part of his plan, right?!

    • 5.1 Maya

      I’m thrilled that we have smart people in this story, people who pose real threats and can even stay one step ahead of our protagonists. That’s awesome.

      I know, and he managed to draw that conclusion without drawing the chart? He really is the smart Kimura.

    • 5.2 Ivoire

      Hi Maya, I hope you are the same Maya who gave me some info about Tim Hwang and his new drama on last OT. If you are, I did respond to your last comment and I don’t know if you read it. It is here: Ivoire July 14th, 2012 at 9:13 am (OT #248)

      If you are not that Maya, then please ignore this post and forgive me.

      Re: BM, I do think that KT has something up his sleeves. I do think that this is a good time for him in the drama to be found out, but not a good time for him to be caught. So we will see how he wiggles himself out of this one tomorrow. Should be interesting 🙂

      • 5.2.1 Maya

        Hi Ivoire, yes I’m that Maya.. 🙂 I’ve checked your comment, but I haven’t found any updates on the drama yet. I’ll keep you posted on the next OT! 🙂
        Btw, on gaksital-related topic, I’m pretty sure he has some kinda plan to divert Shunji’s suspicions, again. He could easily argue that he got the information from Leader Jo, and since he’s not in his gaksital outfit, he definitely can argue that he’s not gaksital. I don’t know how he’ll save Mok Dan from this situation though. I believe that Shunji will remain suspicious of him, but couldnt do anything yet since his accusation is baseless.

        • Ivoire

          Hi Maya,

          Sooo good to find you somewhere on this blog and finding you here (on this thread) is great!!!! I take it you are enjoying the show then :-). I will be waiting (patiently) for some new info about Tim Hwang’s new drama when you know of something new. Thank you for remembering.
          About BM, I have a thought about how things might go tomorrow, but I will wait until then to see if my suspicions are confirmed or not 🙂 (*trying to have a mysterious laugh* if you can imagine one of those :-)).
          I also do think that from now on, Shunji will always be suspicious and will probably keep trying to catch BM in the act. If he misses proving this time that KT is BM, that will raise his ire and hopefully he will be even more cunning, if that is possible.
          I am hoping that the show will stay strong till the end, in spite of a few glitches here and there. I sooo LOVE the musical score!!!! Have you noticed that music is in almost every scene? I noticed that today, there were very few scenes without music in this episode. It REALLY heightens the mood. I tried to imagine the episode without music, and it didn’t feel the same. Just a random thought I had 🙂

          Again, great chatting with you here!

          • Maya

            Hi Ivoire! Yes, Gaksital is my favorite currently running show, so you will find me here often :). It’s great to meet you here too and am happy that you finally given this show a chance (CMIIW, but I think I’ve read your comment somewhere about you considering to follow the show or not?).
            Admittedly, I didn’t like that particular operatic musical score at first (the scene where Kang To finally embarks on his transformation as gaksital in the forest while overlooking the city) since I found it to be overly dramatic for my own taste. But now, I really can’t imagine those action/suspenseful scenes without the score anymore. It really heightens the mood just like you said. It kinda reminds me of the score used in The Princess’s Man and anytime that score starting to play, you just get these uneasy feeling that something will happen.
            And I do hope that Kang To will step up his game after this, like creating an alibi for himself to divert the suspicions. And the same goes to Shunji too. It’ll be so awesome seeing these two playing out the cat and mouse game. 😀

            Btw, yeap I’ll definitely keep you posted on Tim’s drama, Ivoire! 🙂

  6. dduk

    thank you for the recap!

  7. DS

    the end of the ep made me think of how kang-to is gonna get out of this one because all the other times, he just had an excuse but now…. wonder what other excuses he’s got~ and if not, i wonder how this drama continues to play for another 6 weeks!!

    • 7.1 Ivoire

      I think it will be fine because originally they were planning on having 30 episodes, so they were thinking long term when they were originally mapping out the drama, is what I am thinking. They know people are following this drama, and I think (and hope) that they will continue to deliver.

  8. almontel

    Thanks for the recap as always!!!

    i’m glad to know i’m not the only one fuming as to how ‘dumb’ can our protagonists get? come on, if you’re going to go out in broad daylight, please disguise yourself where no one can even catch a glimpse of the real you….
    and with all the ‘hidden’ meanings from Shunji’s outbursts how can KangTo not even get a hint that Shunji’s actually baiting him on???

    aigo…don’t know what to think anymore…

    • 8.1 linda macy

      I was thinking the same thing…how stupid can you be to go out in public disguised as yourself. Then to go into the hotel to use the phone. Just wanted to slap some smart’s into her. Maybe they are writing her dumb and dumber to keep us riled up…well it worked!

  9. Kathy

    I cringe watching Mok Dan and Rie fight scene. They could’ve done better!

    • 9.1 namcha

      I was doing the same thing. It was so amateurish, like they didn’t have any energy. It looked weak to me.

      • 9.1.1 MsB

        I think it was mostly weak because it was a totally beat down of Mok Dan! Girl has no skills!

  10. 10 Rashell

    I can’t wait to see where this goes now that the secret identity isn’t a secret.

    I also have to agree that I wish Mok Dan were more awesome. I want to love her. But after h like Nana and Hang Ah I just expect my action h to have a little more ass kicking skill. Or at least some serious smarts. She needs to bring something to the table besides being able to be used as a pawn to destory the good guys. Let’s hope there’s still time for that

    Otherwise this drama keeps me on the edge of my seat.

    • 10.1 im_eve

      why did i even enjoy rie giving mok dan a smack-down like she deserves it! i hate damsels in distress..but i also hate supposedly badass heroines who are not so smart!

  11. 11 shl

    Thank you for the recap!

  12. 12 Eternal

    I feel like both female characters are underutilized here. They’re both painted in broad strokes and used as simple plot devices, which is kind of frustrating to see. The fight between them was also kind of … sad.

    I still enjoy watching Gaksital, but that part just kind of bothers me.

    • 12.1 Rashell

      That fight looked like it was in slow-motion when it was live action. It was….sad. You’re exactly right.

    • 12.2 Jennifer

      Yes! i agree

    • 12.3 Eternal

      I think it’s more cause I expected them to be so badass — I mean the first few episodes seemed to hint at their potential badassness — but now what do we have? Rie just kind of sits there (still don’t really get the point of her character) whereas Mok-dan just keeps doing stupid things like wandering around in broad daylight asking to be caught (because y’know, if she was actually hard to catch, the plot wouldn’t have moved at all — all past clashes between Shunji and Gaksital have been kind of centered around using Mok-dan as bait). I’m especially disappointed in Mok-dan because she seemed so promising in the beginning (agilely dodging the chasing guards in the first scene, her quick thinking during the hiding in the closet scene).

      I don’t know. I feel like Shunji and Kang-to have demonstrated such resourcefulness/badassness/etc that it’s kind of insulting to see such … lame female characters (in comparison). Bleh.

  13. 13 MONKEY

    i must say Javabeans, i thoroughly enjoy your recaps and especially your analysis/reflection in the comments section. wonderful. love it.

  14. 14 SONE4LIFE

    FINALLY! 😀
    I’ve been waiting all day for this recap~ Thanks 😀
    I hope that the ending isn’t one of those fakeouts…gosh.

    • 14.1 Ivoire

      Hi, what is a fakeout ending?

      • 14.1.1 Isi

        I’m wondering too…

        Maybe it’s one of those where they end in an intense cliffhanger and leave you in suspense for the rest of the day, only to have the start of the next episode just kill off the tension with a simple resolve..like fake suspense just to keep you around for the next episode? *shrugs

      • 14.1.2 Airyn

        Something like:

        Shunji: “Nice to see you again, Gaksital!”

        -end episode-

        -next episode-

        Kang-to: *makes a hundred lame excuses why he couldn’t possibly be Gaksital*

        Shunji: “Oh, okay. Sorry, buddy.”


        • Isi

          HAHAHA your fake-out ending made me laugh.
          If this show attempts something like that, I shall smash my screen 😛

        • Maya

          The worst fake-out ending would be,

          Shunji: “Nice to see you again, Gaksital!”

          -end episode-

          -next episode-

          Kang To suddenly wakes up and realizes that that was just a dream. He dozed off because he pulled an all-nighter in the torture room.

          • sibrani

            i think that more be, since it’s safe one. hahahahha. but all of the fake-out ending make me laugh. thank you girls… hihihi…

        • ilikemangos

          hahahahah Airyn.
          That’s exactly how a fake-out ending plays in my head for this show.

      • 14.1.3 Ivoire

        Hi guys, @ Isi and Airyn, thanks for the explanation and the example, that actually helped.

  15. 15 stars4u

    Now that I think about it, Kang-to was smarter and more alert when he was off catching Gaskital rather than him being Gaksital.
    I hope he catches on soon cause Shunji is putting pieces together fast.

    I love the confrontation between Rie and Mok Dan at least the girls can be bad ass once in a while.

    • 15.1 Airyn

      It’s probably because he has so much more to worry about now–his secret identity + Mok Dan’s wellbeing + the revolution. Whereas in the beginning, all he really wanted was to catch Gaksital to prove that he’s a competent police officer and to advance his career. Of course, we could argue that he should really step up his game now that there’s more at stake, but it’s so easy to mess up when you’re under so much pressure, I guess.

    • 15.2 MsB

      Kang To was smarter when he was not worrying about Mok Dan! He has become lapse in judgement to the detriment of himself! There was so many clues that SHunji was throwing that I was surprise he kept missing!

  16. 16 Star

    it’s barely halfway through the drama and shunji finds out kang-to is gaksital. is kang-to going to talk himself out of this one? eeek >< i'm so nervous for him. So is kang-to's police job going to be over now & turn to full-time independence fighter??

    i'm not sure if i want the drama to go that direction yet, but i suppose it's better than dragging the suspicions on.

    i'm not sure if it's the actress or the writer … but mok dan … is pretty dull. probably both. well i hope her character gets more kickass soon. Only a kickass heroine can match the kick ass gaksital/kang-to.

    i still want more of Rie x Kang-to scenes. Surely she likes him or is interested. I still want more of her story and want her to help him too. But we'll see … the drama still has 10+ episodes to go.

  17. 17 crazedlu

    totally agree that kangto’s gotta go back to the smartie he was before turning gaksital… actually, before learning mok dan was boonyi. i know the gaksital’s weighing heavy on him, but he’s just not as quick anymore, and he’s gotta pick it up or it’ll continue to bite him and everyone else around him.

    i get mok dan. okay, stupid idea for damsari’s crew to send her into town (so plotted!), but i do feel like there’s more depth to her when it comes to her and her father, so i CAN care about her beyond being the object of kangto’s affections. i get why she fights. like everyone else, i just want them to bring that out more instead of damseling her around. they’ve GOTTA give her an epic fight scene. please, please, please.

    where we are in story though, i think kangto’s gaksital is already starting to go beyond kangsan’s. kangsan did the money passing bit for the town’s people, but he never really stood up for them, at least not from what we were presented. he killed people on his list of traitors and saved mok dan and kangto, but that’s about it. at least kangto is using his gaksital to save innocent people on the streets now, which threw shunji off too. “like, SERIOUSLY, he was in town JUST now, SAVING people?!! that’s not like him!” yeah, it isn’t. so go, kangto!

    please be good, ep 16!

  18. 18 missjb

    I do think that Kang To’s lack of awareness to recognize Shunji’s suspect it has something to do with his friendship with Shunji. He want to believe his friend still believe in him.. Remember wgen he admit Shunji is his only friend??

  19. 19 Peeps

    I only have 3 things to say:

    1) BoonYi/Mok Dan, as the daughter of a major rebel leader, you FAIL miserably. Which idiot who knows that she’s WANTED walks around in broad daylight with no cover whatsoever and bolts immediately when confronted by the enemy? You need some lessons from daddy who managed to trick all those people with just a fake mustache.

    2) I have a feeling that KangTo did that last thing on purpose: walking in to grab Mok Dan in KangTo-mode. If he went as Gaksital, then of course there would be no way around it and his double life would be revealed. But if he went as KangTo, then he could be all “Hey, Gaksital is my case, that’s why I’m here” or “why don’t you trust me” and go all guilt-trippy and work his way out as KangTo. Cos hey, ShunJi gave that info to KangTo, in the form of Boss Jo’s words and his own words assuming that he’s Gaksital. He didn’t exactly direect them to Gaksital.

    3) Sorry to Joseon people, but those white police uniforms are damn hot, yo. I wonder what they used in those days to keep them so vibrantly white. Dynamo? Vanish? Top?

    • 19.1 kilmenyanne

      Omg yes them cops are hot

    • 19.2 redfox

      the blood of a baby whale

  20. 20 Brittni

    Mok Dan is the person in the horror movies who you KNOW is going to get everyone killed because their just stupid and the whole time you’re yelling at the screen ” Just ditch the idiot you’re going to die.” What happened to her, she used to be so badass. I miss the strong smart Mok Dan. Really Mok Dan lets just insert ourselves in every crucial situation because clearly NO ONE will recognize you even though they’ve seen your face a MILLION times. Gawd. If her dad is so awesome at hiding why can’t he get her a hat or scarf something? I want her awesome-ness back NOW!!

  21. 21 Jennifer

    I want more action.

  22. 22 sm1leitsamy

    Park Ki-woong… so creepy, but so good

  23. 23 Stardust

    Thank you so much for the recap Javabeans… I was waiting a whole week for the new ep! Now the new recap! My wednesday is awesome again.

    I was watching ep15 ( at work gasp) … SOO scary to see Shunji piece the pieces together… tis only ep 15! How can you already know?! Aaarrrrrgh..

    When he was formally introduced to Rie… at the end of that meeting he had this look on his face… was that old-Shunji surfacing? I was going… noooo…. Interestingly so was Rie… which of them will be turning over to the light to help Kang To? One? Both? None? Our hero needs all the help he can get…

    How delighted was I when Gaksital beat Koiso into a pulp? HAH! About time!

    Does anyone wonder where Kang To keeps his secret Gaksital costume? And where he changes? Why is his suit still wrinkle free later? XD I love this show to bits, but …the mind needs to wonder…

    • 23.1 BBDLite

      Ha! I have those questions too…Forget his clothes, where does he keep pulling out his horse from?? It must be a foldable horse lol!

  24. 24 kaeseorin

    omg yes thank you for pointing out that about mok dan. i just want to facepalm every time she gets dragged around, even if it’s by kang-to. AND THE NO DISGUISE THING. SHE’S JUST WAITING TO BE CAUGHT SRSLY wouldn’t the entire police station recognize her because she practically lives there?

    • 24.1 kaeseorin

      and that fight scene. -___-
      could have been so much better, but i guess that’s one of the consequences of live-filming. 🙁

  25. 25 bluemoon

    Another awesome episode. I’m curious to know what excuses Kang To will use to get out of this situation this time around.

    If Shunji knows that Kang To is the young master that MD love, later on, he might connect the dots and figured out that Kang To is Lee Young.

  26. 26 muhloy

    i just love joo won’s butt in these tight suit pants. 🙂

    • 26.1 muhloy

      also…i cant stop watching this:

      so. damn. cute.

      • 26.1.1 Brandi

        .. and I can’t stop smiling watching while watching that. Joo won has too much aegyo. How can he seriously play Gaksital?

        • R

          Btw did you see the BTS of Kang To’s dance scene in Angel Club lol 😀 ?

          • muhloy

            oooooooooohhh that’s LOVELY.

            also it’s great that the #1 comment on that is about his butt. hahahah

      • 26.1.2 R

        OMG he is cute :p
        love gaksital, love joo won, love 1N2D !!!

        • R

          and thanks JB & GF for the wonderful recaps !!!

  27. 27 Bengbeng

    of course Kang-to can still get away with the danger their in. Coz Gaksital never really acknowledge openly that he was the one who gave the knife. Kang-to can just say that he was the one who gave the knife and deny being gaksital, hehehe. But saying that he’s the young master would mean that Shunji and Rie would finally know Kang-to’s family tree later on and might leave eventually to knowing he’s gaksital. Why is it that Mok-dan keeps on endangering our Kang-to’s life eventhough she’s not a damsel in distress…i think she could have been better written.

  28. 28 lenrasoon

    during Mok Dan and Rie fight i was actually rooting for Rie, seriously i wish that Mok Dan was more like Rie character. It’s too bad she’s always used as a bait.

    that ending was amazing, i hope it’s not a fake out ’cause someone got to discover Gaksital identity and i wonder about Mok Dan’s reaction to that.

    Thanks for the recaps.

    • 28.1 Ivoire

      Hi, what is a fake out ending?

      • 28.1.1 Lemonade

        A fakeout ending is an ending that leads you to something, then ends. Then in the next episode, it’s fake. So what you’re expecting or excited for turns out to be something stupid or they just decide to drop it or something.
        Sorry I’m not very good at explaining

        • Ivoire

          Hi Lemonade, you actually did a good job because I understood what you meant. Can you think of a drama (scene) where they did the fake out? Thanks!

  29. 29 rawr89

    who here thinks Shoeshine Ahjussi will shave his ‘stache and disguise as Gaksital?

    • 29.1 Ivoire

      I do, I just didn’t want to say it.

      • 29.1.1 Airyn

        We all know Shoeshine Ajusshi’s ‘stache is a stick-on. LOL 😉

    • 29.2 dany

      I do, too. Maybe he could free Damsari from the police station, “cause most of the policemen were at that restaurant, right?

      • 29.2.1 MsB

        Wouldn’t it be great if he does that and they all come running in saying Gaksital is at the police station?!!

        • Maya

          And Shunji would be like… WHAAAAA?!

  30. 30 Maru

    I really want to know what’s gonna happen tomorow… but I remember thinking that 28 episodes is A LOT of time for no one to found out about Kang to. I mean, come on! It’s impossible to have your cover for that long without people catching on… unless they are a bunch of morons. (Something we all know the younger Kimura is not)

    I remember thinking through this whole episode that these people are not paranoid enough to be in the independence movement… and that’s odd. Walking in the street without any cover? Not looking behind your back to see if someone is following you? Trusting everyone without a doubt? What in the what?! Rescuing Mok Dan in the daylight without even trying to hide your identity?!?!?!

    I hope Kang To knows how to get out of this one. I hope that he rescue her without the Gaksital identity because it has something to do with the big fat lie that he is gonna pull to clear the suspicion… but to be quite frank, I don’t know if I’ll be satisfied in whatever excuse he makes this time… I’ll be very disapointed in you Kimura, if you eat the shit that our Gaksital is gonna try to feed you!

  31. 31 Maru

    And one last thing.

    I do think Kang To have become more careless and I think it is because he now has his feelings and emotions and does not know how to control them.

    In the past, when he was a son of a… he shut his emotions down, because he did not had anyone dear to him in a proper risky situation. Yes, he had his mother and his hyung, but they weren’t threaten to death… and when his mother die in the hand of Kimura… well, you know what happen! Without thinking he put on a mask and killed.

    He has to learn to keep his cool, put emotions aside and learn to act with analysis and logic. Think first, then attack. And be suspicious, for MY sake and mental health!

    I agree with you, Javabeans, I want people in the movemente to know who is Gaksital. Not everybody, but at least someone. Our baby can’t survive alone.

  32. 32 lia

    How could the writer shape Mok Dan so stupid like that? Buzzing around in city without disguise when you have the whole cops in towns hunt you… give me a break would you? Who the hell in the world would do that? Mok Dan is so stupid in this episode! And I don’t like the fact that Mok Dan would know Kang To is Gaksital in this way.. I would prefer she knows it by herself… with connecting the dots like shunji did… and please..please… let Mok Dan know the truth before Shunji.. (quickly please or we gonna loose precious time to see Kang To & Mok Dan romance..) Also Kang To please outsmart Shunji on this one… hiks… my hearts goes for my beloved Kang To…

  33. 33 KDrama Fan

    Thanks JB for the recap.

    Another full-on episode.

    Love the gap between JW’s in real life and the characters he’s playing here.

    Think the good guys should get a whole heap of people to dress up as Gaksital to confuse everybody as to Gaksital’s identity.

    And MD should go to sent to spy school.

    • 33.1 Ivoire

      Hi, love your idea about having a slew of people dressed up as kagsital to confuse Shunji and his men. That would be interesting to watch 🙂 and encouraging to KT to see how many people rally behind him to protect his identity even though they didn’t know he was BM.

      “And MD should go to spy school.” Yes, oh yes!!!! And please start with the basics. For example, she should not be recognized when she goes out in broad day light. She makes it too easy for the bad guys!

    • 33.2 MsB

      Spy school? Maybe a couple of Fight Clubs! Ra Ra OWNED her!

  34. 34 rawr89

    can anyone tell me Gaksital’s theme song? the one that plays at the end of every episode?

    • 34.1 Lemonade

      Do you mean the one that plays at the wayyyy end and the wayy beginning?
      Or maybe you mean this one?
      Goodbye Day– Ulala Session

      • 34.1.1 rawr89

        the italian opera song.

        • dany

          That one, I like it too, but nobody seems to know anything about it.

          • Earn

            Yep, nobody know it, i was find it about half of the day, still cant find it. If somebody know plz help us

  35. 35 dany

    The ending is so….. but maybe he’ll be able to invent something, still I wish she found out already.
    Thanks for the recap.

  36. 36 picklemonster

    EVERYONE!!! Please VOTE for Joo-Won here:


    I absolutely loved the cliffhanger in this episode! Even though I was getting tired of the Shunji vs. Gaksital scenes at the end, I’m just so glad that the idea of Kang-to being Gaksital can be brought up in front of Mok Dan. Seriously, she needs to at least be suspicious about his change in behaviour! I’m so frustrated that she hasn’t caught on yet, at least acknowledge the difference!

  37. 37 red

    OK this episode had me at the edge of my seat.

    When Shunji came in with the gun, Kang To didn’t flinch at all. So does that mean he has something up his sleeve?. And if Kang To knew Shunji was going to be there and left after him, he would obviously run into shunji so it would make more sense for him to change into his gakistal outfit (presuming he does not know he is being tailed).

    Unless he’s driving on just emotion, I think he may have a plan for not changing into gakistal, that is I am hoping he has a plan.

    Joo Won had me in tears when he was speaking to Leader Jo about Kang San.Seeing Kang To mourn his brother through his understanding of his ideals makes me sympathise with him even more.

    And on a shallow a note, every Kang To suit change I have to pause and appreciate the pretty, I swear I never do this ever!!.

    • 37.1 red

      Can I just say I love the pink shirt and grey suit the most, expecially with the vest- but I have to say 3 piece suits are really impractical when you are gakistal.

      • 37.1.1 Airyn

        Not when you can change out of it and into the Gaksital outfit like magic because of… the magic of editing! LOL

      • 37.1.2 SS

        I don’t think practicality is the issue here. As long as those shirts and pants bring out the shape, viewers sure aren’t complaining.

        As to the difficult task of Kangto-to-Gaksital-to Kangto gear change, the last I heard, there is a queue of volunteers dying to help Kangto out and into his suit.

        • red

          haha where can I sign up?

        • Arhazivory

          I don’t care about being practical either. Joo Won’s body should be either in a suit or out and find a suit.

    • 37.2 MsB

      Oh my goodness, when he whacked upside the head by the fire starter, I audibly screamed! Boy the sound gives you the chills!

  38. 38 Từ Nguyên Học

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  39. 39 MariePhils

    The writer should be nailed in making Mok-Dan’s character so dumbed…

  40. 40 t

    It’s like Kang-to used to be shrewder when he was evil –> yeah that’s what bothers me the most currently. How can he not pick up that Shunji’s onto him…

  41. 41 Miss rain ENgineer :P

    Meeee >_<

  42. 42 Arhazivory

    Oh Mok-Dan…didn’t you find it weird that they let you go? You knew she overheard you saying you’ll meet someone and she lets you go right before the meeting? *facepalm*

    Love is blind and Kang To does seem to have become a little blinded by his concern. But! I think the fact that he showed up as Kang To and not as Gaksital is something planned. He can easily say that he – the officer – has grown to care for Mok Dan and doesn’t want to see her die, or he wants to capture her by himself to make sure he catches Gaksital. If he had shown up in the mask then there’d have had to be an explanation as to where he was while being absent from the station. This way, he’s not MIA.

    Next episode, he’ll just laugh it off and scream at Shunji while a (shorter, moustached) Gaksital swoops in to save the day.

    Or….maybe not.

  43. 43 Isi

    I swear the show has the worst (but beeeest) endings ever!! ITS KILLING ME. AND BECAUSE OF WHERE I LIVE I CAN’T WATCH IT TILL TOMORROW AFTERNOON RAWWRR

  44. 44 Cindy


    maybe Kang-to did suspect something!! that’s why he didn’t Gaksital his way into restaurant? I half-expect him to XD

  45. 45 aoiaheen

    This episode was sooo goood! I loved the fight between Mok Dan and Rie. I think the moves should have been faster but it was still hot and the Rie at the end *swooooon*.

    I hope Kangto explains himself well. Isn’t it too early to be unmasked?

  46. 46 namcha

    MokDan is really making me mad, walking around without any disguises when she knows the enemy is looking for her. She is Damsari’s daughter, the master of disguises! It’s so annoying, she always get caught!

  47. 47 Venus

    Thanks JB for a great recap, I do agree with that Monk Da at this point is just there,…I hope the writers can give us more about her character, cause the damsel in distress act is getting boring to watch. Monk Da needs to start kicking some serious butt now.
    But to be honest for me is all about the BROMANCE, Monk Da can take a back seat, cause Kang-To and Sunji is what making Gaskital amazing to watch.

    • 47.1 twentyonebuds

      YES! AGREED! It’s the bromance keeping me glued to the screen and the tension between Kang TO and Shunji carrying this show for me.. Omg I totally want a scene where Shunji has to torture Kang To just so I can watch his conscience return!

    • 47.2 katiamon

      Love the frenemy relationship between Kang to and Shunji. it’s sad because i know they are really far away from BFF-land.
      Mok dan is so annoying for me! i think her only purpose in the story is to put KT in danger because of her recklessness. I mean, walking on the street without a cover, hat, custome or whatever??? hon, if you are suicidal just jump from a mountain top and don’t ruin the life of your young master for crying out loud or i’ll pray the dramagods for you to be transported to Dr. Jin’s timeline! ¬¬.

  48. 48 twentyonebuds

    Love this drama! I love Kang To’s gradual change too and I love Shunji. It’s admirable how attached his earlier self made me to him because I still can’t hate him. I’m still cringing and sad whenever I see him be cruel. And when he uses that sweet smile of his manipulatively, I feel repulsed at what the world of this drama (ideologically) has done to his character, rather than just hate the character on a surface level..which I applaud the drama for! Is it too much to ask/hope for a turnaround of Shunji in the end? Because honestly I care more about his bromance with Kang To than I care about Mok Dan & Kang To!

    • 48.1 twentyonebuds

      Also I think Rie is slightly more badass than Mok Dan which I attribute to better acting because both of our leading ladies are rather one dimensional at this point. But at least Rie keeps me engaged. Mok Dan is just annoyingly boring.

  49. 49 Sho

    The moment I saw Rie kicking Mok Dan’s ass, I was again reminded how much of a kick ass she is compared to our lady lead.

  50. 50 katiamon

    omo omo omo!!!! i can’t wait for next episode, how is KT going to get away with this accusation????
    OK shunji boy, you ara a smartypants, can’t you give KT a break for a while? and KT, don’t be so confident about your covers, you should know better!!!!!!
    I’m more interested in the hero plot rather than the romantic plot, i’m always forwading the scenes where Mok Dan is longing for her young master, can’t she stick to the freedom cause? she’s such a weak link… because of this, it’s that i like Rie better.
    go GAKSITAL!!!!

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