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I Do, I Do: Episode 11
by | July 6, 2012 | 144 Comments

Never has motherhood faced so many challenges and poor Ankle’s probably been through more stress than other fetuses in its short 13 week lifetime. Ji-an is straddled between being a mother in her work as well as her personal life and finally takes that first defiant step.

This show is seriously dragging its feet elsewhere and I feel like we’re still looking into the same puddle over and over again, expecting that there will be a drop to disturb the monotony of it all.


Oh hay, Dr. Without Borders, thanks for loitering outside when no one asked you to. Inside, Ji-an explains that she’ll support Na-ri with the company, asking that Madame Jang understands. She asks pointedly why such a strong woman like Ji-an would have reason to hide her pregnancy. Was she afraid that she might lose everything?

“That child inside you is only a few months old, but this company has been with you for 15 years. You threw away happiness, your health, your family and you lasted for 15 years hearing what a spiteful woman you are. You think motherhood is something great? You, your affection for shoes – that’s maternal instinct. This company is your baby.”

But Ji-an clarifies that she has no intentions of abandoning the company. Given her hard work, skills, and invested time, there’s no one who can take that away from her. Only… you’re looking at the one person who can.

Madame Jang replies that if she wants to go and raise a child fine. “But you’ll see which child is more precious to you.” Ooh. She drops a doctor’s business card, leaving Ji-an trembling in her wake.

Just outside the door is anxious Eun-sung. They exchange awkward glances at each other. He finds Ji-an completely shaken as he steps inside (without a key?). When she doubles over, he rushes her into the car to take her to the hospital.

Not far off, Madame Jang instructs her secretary to look into Eun-sung.

At the hospital, Eun-sung watches as Ji-an sleeps peacefully and muses, “You sure make it hard for someone to be angry with you.” He takes her hand but stops himself from brushing the hair aside with his hand.

Unable to fall asleep, Tae-kang breaking into the most adorable smile as he thinks back about his brave act aka kissing Ji-an. He tosses and turns, hoping dawn approaches quickly.

The next morning, Dr. Without Borders makes his formal morning greeting. Ji-an breathes a sigh of relief that Ankle’s fine but her own health isn’t. She balks at his orders for absolute res. With the collaboration just around the corner, she can’t afford the time away. Also, she needs to win.

Ji-an fills Eun-sung in about Madame Jang and winning her spot on the collaboration is the only way to stay in the company. But he’s worried about her health and asks if there’s any way she could work from home…

Nothing a leave application can’t fix! Jake smugly comments that it’s less embarrassing to lose on account of being sick (which Tae-kang rolls his eyes at). In regards to the opportunity to study abroad, Tae-kang asks for a few more days to discuss it with Dad.

Tae-kang unpacks the samples at Ji-an’s apartment. Worried that she might actually be sick, he puts out a hand to her forehead which she instinctively retreats from. That brings a smile to his face, wondering what she expected. She tugs on his ear in response.

Ji-an plays it off and lists off the laundry list of errands as Tae-kang notes each in his mind. He’s able and willing as Ji-an’s protégé. She raises an eyebrow at his newfound confidence and asks where it came from. Pointing to his face, he aegyo-answers, “Here?”

Blabbermouth Bong-soo shares about Tae-kang’s offer to go overseas to the rest of the co-workers. He sits with Dad for lunch and comments that he doesn’t seem all that excited for his son. Dad replies that the thought that Tae-kang might be leaving suddenly saddens him. Aww.

Tae-kang shows up with Na-ri the next minute who identifies Dad right away. More glances of, I told you this wouldn’t work! towards Bong-soo. Thankfully, Na-ri has no problem of letting former knockoff maker Dad to work in the company and his skills speak for himself.

He thanks her for her kindness and she hints that she’s only so around Tae-kang. He registers the hint but laughs it off that he’ll buy dinner.

We quickly cut to Madame Jang who reviews Eun-sung’s file, wondering why Ji-an didn’t mention such a stand-up boyfriend.

Oh, how cute. Ji-an contemplates over the designs to choose what’s best and Tae-kang literally eeny-meeny-miney-moes on the drawing board in an attempt to destress her.

She orders that he’s silent for the next hour and he writes on his hand, “Aren’t you hungry?” Ji-an scowls and a lightbulb goes off in his head. Next message: jokbal. His facial expressions are absolutely priceless.

He goes off running to satisfy her craving while Ji-an gives a tiny smirk.

As Madame Jang’s words echo in her mind, we flashback to a Christmas date some years ago. It was her 2 year anniversary with her boyfriend but her work still managed to top their relationship. He’d called it quits leaving his couple ring behind.

What’s even sadder is that younger Ji-an kept plugging away at her work later that night as if to distract her from the pain.

So present day Ji-an wanders into her shoe closet, placing a finger on Ankle’s baby shoes. She whispers, “Mom can’t live like that.”

Jun-hee and Eun-sung arrive with dinner on hand. So it’s super awkward when Tae-kang gets back to a lavish dinner with only his instant jokbal in hand. As Jun-hee awes over Eun-sung’s cooking, she doesn’t pass up the opportunity to make a jab at Tae-kang that instant food is bad for pregnant women.

Tae-kang shoves the food under the table, saying he’ll bring it home and Ji-an comes to his rescue that she’ll save it for a late-night snack. Aw.

I love that when it comes to cleaning, Tae-kang has the upper hand, griping to the doc who’s all, let’s just get it done quick versus his let’s get it done right.

Jun-hee practically drools over the two men serving Ji-an and wonders if she can’t keep ’em both.

Na-ri has dinner with Dad at Choong-baek’s restaurant and asks that he speak comfortably (i.e. in banmal) when they’re outside of the office, adding if it’s okay to call him Father. Dad has trouble and she offers to pour him a drink to ease the awkwardness.

As he puts the glass to his lips, she starts, “So I hear you made knockoffs…” and is met with a spray of soju. Yeeeah you kinda walked into that one.

Dad explains that it’s in his past and she brightly answers, “Of course or you’d be hauled off to jail!” Bright light bulb you are, hon. She’s aware of his years of experience in the field and offers him a position to be a team leader to help with the collaboration. Aha, so you’re trying to reel in Tae-kang by taking Dad under your wing.

Na-ri notices Tae-kang’s absence and her eyes widen when she hears that Tae-kang is over at Ji-an’s to prepare for the collaboration.

Okay this is pretty awesome. It’s raining outside and Ji-an’s only got one umbrella. The boys grab for it and Tae-kang whines that Eun-sung can take his car. It’s just that he came with Jun-hee who’s left and Ji-an simply waves, “You two can share it then.”

Which is exactly what they do. HAHAHA. The best part is that neither want to stand any closer to each other than they already are which means they’re both getting wet. Haha, these two.

Eun-sung grabs Tae-kang’s wrist (omo?) and looking at him straight in the eye… asks if he wants to go grab a drink.

He apologizes to Tae-kang for misunderstanding Tae-kang’s actions towards Ji-an since it’s fine to be concerned about one’s supervisor.

But Tae-kang sets down his glass and answers that there’s no misunderstand to be had because, “I really like Hwang Ji-an.” Eeep! He asks if it’s okay to butt in now – he knows Eun-sung is the father, but he wanted to take the polite route. Tae-kang adds that he has the utmost confidence to raise the child.

Throwing the words back at him, Eun-sung asks after Tae-kang’s intentions if he knows that Eun-sung’s the father (cringe). His words about respecting Ji-an’s opinions blow over Tae-kang’s head (I’m sorry and you have… when?). Tae-kang counters that he’ll focus on his own feelings so he’ll butt in from now on.

Downing another shot, Eun-sung truthfully admits that he’s jealous of Tae-kang. He (and the world) marvels how Tae-kang can know nothing. He leaves him with vague words that has Tae-kang confused, “Just know that you have a lot in your possession.”

A feature article about Ji-an’s “love story” spreads like wildfire. As Eun-sung wonders who started the rumor, we cut to Madame Jang reading the article herself, instructing her staff to send something nice to the editor.

The argument with the magazine editors gets Eun-sung nowhere and he braces himself when his father calls, elated about the upcoming marriage.

Tae-kang hears about the news himself from the office staff and his face is in shock as Bong-soo rattles off the article, figuring it’s true because it’s so detailed. Tae-kang just sits shaking his head, refusing to believe it and Bong-soo offers some words of comfort: “They say your first love is beautiful if it’s unrequited.”

Ji-an reaches for her laptop and Jun-hee nosedives that stress is lethal for a pregnant woman. Her overreaction sparks Ji-an’s suspicion and soon enough, she reads the article as well.

She starts to seethe as Jun-hee jumps in to calm her down, “Think about the baby!” It’s good that Ji-an’s sharp as a tack, knowing that it was all Madame Jang’s doing.

But before she can think of exacting revenge, Ji-an orders that they eat first. That’s right – revenge is best on a full stomach!

Something sounds suspicious to Na-ri given the sudden article and Ji-an’s leave of absence. Jake makes a flippant remark that she must be pregnant then like it happens in the dramas and it must be a shotgun wedding.

Na-ri initially laughs it off, finding the theory absurd but then recalls Ji-an’s strange behavior like how she nearly vomited during a meeting and how she recently put on weight… and nothing clicks.

Oh honey, that MBA in the States was for naught, I think.

Tae-kang rushes over to Ji-an house, worried that she’s not picking up his calls (I think it’s worth noting that he has her number saved as ‘My Ji-an’ with a heart). He cautiously asks if the marriage rumors are true and when she mumbles that they’re false, he envelops her in a hug.

Before he leaves, he proudly hands her a stack of surveys we saw him previously make himself. That reminds her of when she sighed that she couldn’t get public opinion to help in the design process.

She stares at him as they review them later that day and when he catches her, Ji-an looks like a deer caught in headlights.

He confirms that she’s really not going to do “that” (the wedding) and his voice kicks up an octave that of course he doesn’t want her to get married. Content, he breaks into song and then puts and added emphasis on, “I wanna kiss you”. It’s the most adorable thing ever.

Ji-an shifts uncomfortably at first until she gets up and kicks him before scurrying off into her room. Tae-kang smiles, barely singing “I wanna kiss you.”

She finds him fast asleep in her living room later that evening. Placing a pillow under his head and covering him with a blanket, she lies next to him. Watching him sleep, she muses how nice it would be if Ankle resembled its father’s eyebrows, nose, and lips.

And as if it was listening, Ankle moves inside its mother’s belly for the first time.

Tae-kang wakes up alone on the floor the following morning, complaining that Ji-an should have woken him up. But he looks into the kitchen and finds her struggling through preparing breakfast for him and he looks on with a warm smile.

Ji-an admits it’s the first time she’s made breakfast for anyone (and the eggs have a smiley face too!) and he happily asks, “Don’t we look like newlyweds?” Don’t let Eunjung hear you say that!

He takes a bite… and it’s salty of course, but he adorably pretends that it’s delicious and perfect, forking in more into his mouth. She absolutely beams. With his mouth full, he tells her not to cook again since she’s pregnant and all. Then his eyes grow wide as she puts more on his plate.

His stomach full, he stretches his arms towards the heavens, “Good morning.” Your optimism is so cute.

Ji-an stares with frustration at design after design. Na-ri and Madame Jang’s words about the company flash in her mind and she suddenly has a revelation – these designs imprisoned her; to exist according to their own rules.

As she tears each design with her hands, she resolves, “If you don’t have teeth, you chew with your gums. If you don’t have shoes, you walk barefoot. If you don’t have a design, you can draw a new one.” Then she crumples them into a ball and throws them into the drawing boards which fall like dominos.

She says, “I’m going to start over. From the very beginning.” SO AWESOME.

Eun-sung hears from his lawyer that someone else must be backing the editors since they’re not afraid for being sued for defamation. Recalling that Ji-an mentioned Madame Jang’s name, he takes matters into his own hands to see Madame Jang himself. Denied.

How convenient then that she shows up a few minutes later. Madame Jang plays dumb and Eun-sung replies that he’ll sue the publication first with a thinly veiled insult that he hopes she doesn’t get involved.

But Madame Jang calls out that if he knew who did it, he should be thanking them because now he has a reason to get married.

The company is abuzz with gossip about how long the groom-to-be will stayed married to Medusa before they get divorced. A year? Two? No, no one would dare divorce Medusa.

And then Tae-kang suddenly pops in, “It’s absolutely not true!” It’s like he could chime in with “Cuckoo!” When they ask who he is, he answers, “You don’t need to know that.”

He approaches Na-ri about posting on the company forums that the wedding rumors are unfounded. Na-ri finds his overt concern suspicious and replies, “That’s weird. I thought she was pregnant.”

She clocks his silence and then asks if he knows anything or seen anything in Ji-an’s apartment. Tae-kang finally exclaims, “Vice President! Are you trying to enlist me as a spy?!” He makes his disappointment in her clear as day, calling her petty, before storming off.

Choong-baek’s jaw drops at Tae-kang’s latest foot-in-mouth episode and then gulps at Tae-kang’s optimism if it ends up getting him fired. He and Ji-an can build a new company as a couple with Dad – it’ll be great!

The word “couple” hangs in the air and Tae-kang clarifies that he plans to propose. He’s heard it straight from her mouth that the link to the baby’s father is just a biological one and he’s certain… well, kind of certain that Ji-an has feelings for him…

Then Choong-baek does a Face/Off-like motion – does he think that the baby’s genes will become his? His answer, “We’ll just overcome that with love.”

Tae-kang will come off as a crazy stalker then. Unfazed, Tae-kang’s prepared to be rejected because he’s confident that he’ll be accepted eventually. Right now, she’s falling for his charm, after all. Then what about telling Dad that he’s going to propose to a woman pregnant with another man’s child?

Which is when Dad walks into the conversation, asking what all this talk about proposing to a pregnant woman. Choong-baek tries to deflect the question, but Tae-kang steps up, declaring that the baby is his.

Well, at least the truth’s inadvertently out. Sort of.

Eun-sung notices that Ji-an’s in a better, more relaxed mood today. She informs him that she felt the baby move twice already and Eun-sung raises an eyebrow, “Are you sure it wasn’t gas?”

He pulls out his stethoscope to make sure everything’s normal and his sudden ‘shush’ scares her for a moment.

He offers to translate the fetus talk (um, okay): “Mom. From now on, listen closely to what I have to say. You know about the article about you and the Doc right? That was done by that granny witch from before. The Doc tried to clear things up, but it didn’t work. So he’s very very sorry. That he couldn’t give you strength. That he couldn’t protect you.”

Ji-an has a message of her own to Ankle – that she knows how much the Doc tried and that he shouldn’t feel sorry. Also, she’s very grateful to him.

Eun-sung takes the stethoscope out of his ears and places it into hers. Holding the other end to his mouth, he asks, “Ankle’s Mommy, will you marry me?”



You proposed to Ji-an. Thanks to a false news article. Good for you. Sigh. I must have missed the exit where you decided to become every possible man for Ji-an: friend, stalker, physician, and now possible fiancé (again). Eun-sung has really become that one character who molds himself to whatever male obstacle is needed to block Ji-an and Tae-kang from getting together or becoming any closer. And it’s really grating on my nerves. How many hats can this man wear?

This also means that I personally don’t take this proposal seriously because Eun-sung’s intentions have shifted so much in this drama from genuinely caring for her to loving her to a complete dismissal of her own decisions to lying that he’s Baby Daddy that if he were a living, walking human being in the real world, I’d have a restraining order in the least. And if Ji-an says yes, we will have words, drama. Don’t take away from that one awesome scene in this episode.

I’m talking about where Ji-an is sitting in her shoe closet, where there has been many an epiphany, and realized how much her creativity and herself has been locked inside someone else’s dreams when she clearly has the capability of establishing herself. And tearing those shoe designs and throwing them at the collaboration drawing boards was absolutely epic. Where can we get more scenes like that?

On the other hand, this show suffers from pulling at too many minor plot threads and only picking them back up when they’re convenient and necessary. For instance, I didn’t mind that Tae-kang asked for some time to think about the opportunity to study and work abroad to fulfill his career dreams but then it was never touched upon again in this episode and neither Na-ri or Jake pressed him to consider it. And in my mind, if there’s a designer you really want on your team, wouldn’t you make your offer deliciously irresistible? Because at this point in the game, Tae-kang has made it perfectly clear that he’s on Team Ji-an and there is nothing short of a pile of jokbal to make him think otherwise.

Then there’s the whole Ji-an taking over the company or not. Madame Jang laid low for a few episodes until she appeared last episode and caught up on everything that dragged on for half the series in an hour. Does the Evil Woman get an advantage?

It’s a mark of the writers not being confident on what direction they want to take, trying to setup a conflict but seeing which one will elicit a greater response first. It’s also worth noting that Episode 5 which dealt with the issue of abortion gave the series the highest ratings in the series since the premiere (10.0% and 12.0%). I thought it was a wise and smart move to continue in this direction – bringing controversial issues to the forefront. But alas, it like many other plot points were brushed under the rug.

There’s another gaping flaw now that we’re at 11 episodes in, I feel it’s okay to unleash some fury: WHY DOES TAE-KANG STILL NOT KNOW?! It feels like the show is setting this up to be our major reveal and I don’t understand why it should be because there is so much possible story and conflict after he knows. There aren’t any signs to withhold this crucial information from him. We’re running out of time, drama – do you really expect to stuff the following 6 months of pregnancy and time afterwards in the next 5 hours?

I do hope that’s not what you want to do. I do, I really do.


144 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. KDrama Fan

    Thanks for posting your recap GM.

    I saw this episode differently to you in many ways but it was interesting to hear your take and see where we were in agreement.

    I’m behind this drama, the story, and the people in it.

    • 1.1 Awe

      Sorry Gumms…have to agree with KDrama Fan on this. This episode was quite the JiAn reveal. At epis. 5, I was complaining about the slow pace of this drama. Now, I am actually cheering the slowness. JiAn is taking her sweet time to figure out all this crap. Career, competition, morning sickness, suitors, single mother, doctor appointments, family, and baby daddy too. Whew! Its a lot. Give JiAn (writers) some credit—they are showing the full gamut of surprise pregnancy. I am actually applauding the writers for their thoroughness in developing JiAn’s thoughts, emos, considerations and actions. She is a role model for women. All too often, women react instead of thinking through their emos and situations. JiAn is showing women how to observe, strategize and make decisions that are good for ‘all involved’…not just herself. Hats off to the writers. There will be many more dramas about this topic—-because this drama has opened all the doors…pulled all the stops…go team I Do I Do.

      • 1.1.1 jomo

        And let’s take a moment of silence in admiration of how deftly KSA has created this character.

        Playing a Medusa who supposedly has no warmth, and still winning over the audience is very difficult.
        The amazing thing is the character is NOT changing.
        She is still abrupt, stiff, unflinchingly honest, uncompromising, etc, as she was when she started.
        We just see more of her thoughts and feelings now.

        I cry every time she cries.
        It doesn’t hurt that she has TK’s heart forcing hers open, and I would give up an organ for TK at this point, I love him soooo much… OK, maybe one of those useless ones.

        • Awe

          good point and great post, jomo. thanks!

        • true2u

          ” Silence” < i have been doing that since episode 1. I have to admit KSA has done it again, she's blown me away, her expressions with each situation and reactions in the latest episodes are priceless.

        • Ivoire

          @ Jomo,

          thank you so much for your post, well said!!! LOL at your comment about giving one of your organs (one of the useless ones) for TK because you love him sooooo much. Yay, because I love him sooooo much too and I totally understand what you mean!

    • 1.2 MJP

      I agree with KDrama Fan also regarding having a different point of view. I am enjoying the leisurely pace of the show and the relationships.

  2. alua

    Yes, why does Tae Kang not know… *sigh* With so many other people knowing, it’s going to slip out at some point. I mean, if their paths never crossed, it might be a secret one could keep for a long time but…

    As for the doctor, I actually thought he was behaving decently for much of the episode (indeed, surprising he didn’t use the fake article to his advantage from the start – it seemed inconsistent to his character really), until he pulled out the proposal. Which was so empty. Like an anti-proposal.

    I don’t get why Ji-An keeps him as her doctor. It just gets weirder by the minute – someone that proposed to you as your doctor? No, no, no.

    Madam Chairman… what an evil, evil woman. What right does she have to dig into everyone’s private business? And then the nerve to talk about about the baby as a meaning object! It’s find if she isn’t motherly and doesn’t care for children (I’m not a definite kids person myself) but how can you tell someone else that their child is a worthless thing compared to a company? And to basically say “Abort”? That’s infuriating to me.

    • 2.1 alua

      I’m still not liking Ji-An’s friend, not liking her at all in fact.

      And thought I would throw this out there: in my parents’ culture there is one saying that salty food means the cook is in love. 🙂

      • 2.1.1 kbnhkr

        Here it has a same meaning (=cook is in love). (Central Europe) 🙂

        I’m also not liking Jun-hee, but THAT sentence was daebak. I mean “Can’t you live with both of them?… Bi-weekly…”. 😀

        • Ivoire

          I LOLed at that too!

        • jomo

          A little foreshadowing maybe?

          • alua

            Let’s hope not!

        • alua

          I find her very shallow. That bit about not letting Ji-An use the computer… how long can she do that? That sort of scandal isn’t one you can hide. Okay, maybe she was just doing it temporarily, to break the story gently. But It was just a lame act (computers are bad for the baby? All of a sudden?).

          I think she would suit the doctor nicely though, they seem to get along and since he doesn’t have problems with being a father to another man’s child, that would work.

        • oftheshore

          Same in Eastern Europe, so when he tasted the breakfast I was like, ‘figures!’:D

      • 2.1.2 Ivoire

        Hi Alua,

        About salty food, we say the same thing in my country as well :-)!

      • 2.1.3 jomo

        THAT is awesome!!!!!!!

        Did anyone else laugh till they choked watching that scene?
        JSW forcing that food into his mouth, while smiling, and KSA barely able to keep a straight face was one of the funniest things I have seen.

        And then he adds “And DON’T EVER COOK AGAIN – for the baby!! It’s too tiring.” I am still LOLing.

        JA is so confident in her skills that she believes what he is saying, and I love that he would eat that same meal 1,000,000 times for her. Awwwww…

        Doubly funny for me to think that this is Kim Sam Soon, gourmet pastry chef extraordinaire who can’t fry and egg…

        • Awe

          i know, right? the dead-pan humor in this drama is just killing me. i had to watch this part of the episode 3 times because i was LMAO.

          first of all, watching him watch her cook made me feel like a giddy perv.

          and then her all up in his grill about being able to do everything well. really, i LOVE these two.

          Kim Sun Ah should get paid double as Lee Jang Woo’s acting coach. You know she is just guiding his cute-ness to excellence!

          • jomo

            The last thing she says while they are at the breakfast table,
            I think it was about the juice:

            “Do you want me to add carrots?” with his “NO!”

            got the biggest laugh of many big laughs out of me.
            I even paused the vid to see if I could catch any KSA in her face, but there was none. She is awesome.

            Who was the genius who cast that pair, anyway?
            I still love one of the first stills we had from this show, with them on the motorcycle. * Sigh * So adorable together.

            He must be exhausted, unless that is his normal personality. Everything has to be BIG, IMMEDIATE, EXTRA- INTENSE to her quiet, dignified, shy.

        • yumi

          The were several things I like about the breakfast scene.

          1) it was hard to know if the food tastes good or not because Tae-Kang went at it with such gusto and appreciation that I thought it might have been delicious. The only give-away was his instruction to her, not to cook ever again because it was too much since she was pregnant. It is very difficult to have an actor play a scene like that without “commenting” or “indicating” see I’m performing for her but this food is bad. The character tasted the love and effort JiAn put in even if the actualy objective taste was awful. Even when he was outside and she couldn’t see him he still responded as if it were the most delicious feast he had ever had.

          2) I love the confidence with which JiAn said to paraphrase “I don’t usually do this stuff, but when I do I am good at it.” She was so cocky and basked in Tae-Kang’s appreciation.

          • jomo

            The character tasted the love and effort JiAn put in even if the actualy objective taste was awful.

            Hands down best “reason I love this show in a nutshell” I have read.

            You brought tears to my eyes!

            Another thing about that scene is how it highlights everything good about their pairing.
            Despite their strange history together, we see how much he loves her, and how far she has come since the beginning.
            While it was very very very funny, it was also beautfiul, and the beginning of the next phase for this OTP.

        • oftheshore

          That scene nearly killed me. And I also thought of Sam Soon – gotta love the meta! I can imagine JA a few years later, cooking for TK and Ankle, who would have to pretend they like the food…then sneak away to the nearest restaurant 😀

    • 2.2 Dewo

      Well, in Indonesia, salty food mean the cook eagerly want to get married.
      About the doc, I feel weird too. Cause he proposed to his patient (it’s big world with many ob-gyn doctors). But, when it comes to the husband doctoring his wife delivery, I found it common.

      • 2.2.1 alua

        If they were a happy couple (husband and wife), I would have no objection – it would just come down to their personal preferences. But they are so NOT a couple and one half is trying to be, while the other isn’t. There’s a very definite conflict of interest!

    • 2.3 Kappy

      Ooooh, that Madame Evil, I just wanna mess up her hair and make-up and wipe that “I-am-a-powerful-goddess-so-kiss-up-to-me!”-smirk off that face of hers. Oh yes, your (dead, inanimate, unfeeling) shoes are your babies so abandon the (alive, feeling, capable of love) human one!? I pity her kids if she managed to squeeze any out in her busy ultra career woman schedule.

  3. msim

    Thank you for the delightful (your writing not the episode) recap!

    If Tae-kang knew he was the dad; natural conflicts would arise (negotiating their careers and relationship; friends who support each other, or lovers or co-parenting).
    Instead we get the preposterous Madame President masterminding wedding plans, dubious stalker doctor, and insipid pinched-faced Na-ri.

    Most dramas suffer from old-fashioned subjects dressed in trendy clothes while “I do, I do” is so modern and current BUT persists with its slow, outdated, old-fashion treatment.

    Obviously these cruel writers are torturing me for they know that I’d watch a 16-hour drama of Kim Sun-ah reading a book silently.

    I want the last episodes to be about real modern solutions to this very modern dilemma – and more snogging. EVERY episode!

    • 3.1 toystar

      Thank you Msim. I so agree with u : “If Tae-kang knew he was the dad; natural conflicts would arise (negotiating their careers and relationship; friends who support each other, or lovers or co-parenting).
      Instead we get the preposterous Madame President masterminding wedding plans, dubious stalker doctor, and insipid pinched-faced Na-ri.”

      • 3.1.1 alua

        “Instead we get the preposterous Madame President masterminding wedding plans, dubious stalker doctor, and insipid pinched-faced Na-ri.”

        … which sadly is what we get in too many k-dramas.

        Love Ji-An and Tae-kang (and the actors playing them so awesomely) but the rest of the characters… meeeh.

      • 3.1.2 lenlen

        let’s not forget it is his first !! a naive lover… no experience at all before Ji-An.. in short slow in counting the days and weeks before knowing the baby is his…
        CANNOT wait for the next episodes… the phase is just right… i don’t care if they extend the show.. it will be more appreciated because i will see the couple more ….
        good thing about this drama is a younger naive male and a successful strong stubborn smart career woman… hardly watch a drama or movie that leading woman has the stronger personality… it always the male lead.. it ia about time to see another angle of a relationship… hats off to the brainy writer(s)!!!

    • 3.2 Awe

      msim: i think everyone is bringing their “typical preconceived kdrama” to this very UNTYPICAL controversial kdrama.

      y’all are anxious for the love connection-happy ending and are missing the WHOLE POINT of navigating UNCHARTERED WATERS.

      we are witnessing a woman navigating a situation with poise and responsibility without the usual Korean Woman Melt Down Clutz that most dramas portray women as.

      yeah–it’s slow paced which leaves us time to ponder and presume what WE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE HAPPEN. let that go. allow the writers to develop your relationship with the characters.

      i think the writers are brilliant in slowing down the pace and developing the characters without all that freakin-typical-unrealistic Korean Women Clutz.

      this drama forces us to RELATE to the characters instead of the usual ’emote’ with the characters. we all can relate to JiAn’s quest for personal privacy and relate to NaRi’s desire for recognition. it’s brilliant writing.

      enjoy–no—savor the moments of witnessing TaeKang and JiAn fall in love…for the right reasons.


      • 3.2.1 msim

        I’m not anxious for a “typical” happy ending at all.

        As I said:”friends who support each other, or lovers or co-parenting”.
        These are the 3 options I hope for TK and JA.
        You’ll notice I did not even mention marriage as an option for these 2.

      • 3.2.2 m

        Awe, I love your statement, “We are witnessing a woman navigating a situation with poise and responsibility without the usual Korean Woman Melt Down Clutz. . .” I’m also watching A Gentleman’s Dignity and I can’t help but compare and contrast the 2 heroines. KHN in AGD plays a 36 year old ethics teacher — but ( for at least the first 8 episodes) is the “Melt Down Clutz” whose lines could be generally summarized as “Ottoke, Ottoke”!

        • Awe

          thanks, m.

          I hope I am not hurting people’s feelings. Just trying to point out how different this drama is from most others.

          In addition to being a very controversial drama in terms of subject matter, this drama does not employ any formulaic or typical kdrama writing.

          And most of us are used to or expect that from our kdramas. My hats off to the entire team of this drama for pushing the envelope into a whole new dimension and for the care and precision of each scene.

    • 3.3 Rae

      Amen! It’s so. darn. stupid. that poor TK doesn’t know he’s the daddy yet. She likes him more than the doc, plus he’s not a creepy stalker! Tell him so the real conflict can happen and we can drop the contrived plotlines.

      It’s a good thing JA and TK are so adorable together, or I’d probably bash the monitor in every time that doctor comes into my line of vision.

      • 3.3.1 Awe

        greets Rae.

        stick it out. in episode 12 we see a big reveal between JiAn and doc blocker.

        tbh–if i were in JiAn’s situation, i would really appreciate an OB/GYN checking in on me. especially if like JiAn, i wasn’t taking care of myself.

        face it. JiAn needs the doc in her life atm.

    • 3.4 Kwhat?!

      I think I would watch 16 hours of Kim Sun Ah reading, as well. She’s amazing!

      • 3.4.1 Awe

        LOL—my sentiments exactly.

        All American actresses pale in comparison to the great Kim Sun Ah.

        Jennifer Aniston? Charlize Theron? Angie Jolie? None of them can hold a candle to KSA!!!

        Kim Sun Ah: you are welcome to pony up, any time, at one of our Texas BBQues. Austin TX thinks you are great!

        • alua

          Ummm… Charlize isn’t American, unless you mean “Hollywood” by American.

          I also think she’s got more of a range than Jennifer Aniston (whose every film is the same) and Angelina Jolie (a bit more diversity but I find her film choices uninspiring).

          Not that I’m a particular fan. (That would be more like Cate Blanchett or some of the great British character actresses.)

      • 3.4.2 msim

        I thought I might be exaggerating a tad when I wrote that – but I’m glad others feel the same.
        She’s a magician really.
        Ji-An would have been less compelling played by anyone else.

      • 3.4.3 Eimichiko

        Same here. 😀

        • Eimichiko

          I mean, I second the motion to Kwhat?!’s comment.

  4. Anao

    The slowness of this drama is kinda frustrating and I feel like throwing something at the screen everytime the Doctor appears.
    On one part I like that Tae-Kang likes Ji An without knowing the baby is his so that when eventually they will get together it wont be only for the baby, but he needs to know already. I seriously hope the reveal wont happen in the last episode.

    • 4.1 alua

      Agree. The reveal needs to happen.

      Plus, the longer Ji-An draws it out, the weirder it will get. I mean, what is she going to say to “Why didn’t you tell me before?” when she has had a gazillion chances to reveal the truth?

      She’s lucky that Tae Kang is such a sweetie pie, because he’s going to melt the moment he hears the baby is HIS rather than get raving mad.

      Well, perhaps they saving it for a moment when the whole idea of Tae-kang-studying-abroad gets pulled out of the hat again (which, indeed, strangely vanished) so as to make it super dramatic. You know, a confession at the airport or something. Which would be so, so lame.

      • 4.1.1 Mystisith

        First, thanks for the recap gummimochi!
        EVERYONE knows the father of the baby is Tae-kang. Even him knows it in his heart. Where is the suspense? I don’t see what’s the point in playing with that pseudo secret. It would be more interesting to know what the characters want to do starting from there: Living together, marry, cut the ties? Anything! But no, the story runs in circles and it drives me crazy. Honestly, there is more plot in A Gentleman’s Dignity: I wouldn’t have bet a cent on this but it’s the truth!.

        • yumi

          “Eveyone knows the father of the baby is Tae-Kang”

          I’m not sure that is correct.

          JiAn knows
          JiAn’s Doctor knows
          JiAn’s Friend knows
          the I Do I Do audience knows

          but as far as I know, no one else knows.

          Did I miss someone?

          All Tae-Kang’s friends are working off his information and since he doesn’t know, they don’t know.

          • Mystisith

            Bwahahaha…. 🙂

          • jomo

            You are correct. It is still very much a secret.

          • Awe

            right on, yumi.

            me thinks (most) everyone, including the recapper wants a happy ending NOW.

            chill out, peeps.

            watch a very kewl woman navigate a surprise pregnancy. this drama is the first of it’s kind, so enjoy the fact that the ever cool Kim Suhn Ah is portraying her character totally kewl-ish. she’s not throwing a hissy fit at every challenge and she’s not rushing to make decisions she, herself, isn’t qualified to make. she’s totally kewl.

            if you want an emo korean woman meltdown, go over to Dr. Jin drama. you need a young clutzy emo korean girl meltdown, visit BIG drama. just saying.

            this drama is for mature audiences, lol.

          • alua

            true. it’s still pretty much a secret.

            but at least people now know she’s pregnant and there is quite some that know about her one-night stand with tae-kang know?

            they just need to put two and two together…

      • 4.1.2 zhill

        i hope that will be the case … but what if upon hearing the opportunity for Tae Kang studying abroad, the more Ji-an will hide the truth from him for his own future … ekkkk i got goosebump just thinking about it … i don’t want a 3 or 5 years time jump, and the baby will be around 2 or 4 yrs when tae kang come back and still thinking that the baby’s father is the doctor ..

      • 4.1.3 jomo


        I would feel completely cheated if TK doesn’t get to attend the birth. In fact, I INSIST they make this happen.
        IRL, that moment is indescribable and life changing. Movies and tv can’t over dramatize it because it feels like a miracle.

        If DWOB is gonna be there, (Although I would LOVE it if he weren’t by some great accident of good writing) I demand equal time!

        • Awe

          lols—tell us how you REALLY feel.

          btw, i agree. but here’s the thing…maybe we don’t get to that part of ‘their’ story. the writers are working on a very controversial subject—give ’em time. we might get a sequel out of this–or at least a healthy extension.

          go writers!!!

          • true2u

            I vote sequel ^^

          • lenlen

            i go for the sequel TOOO…..

        • true2u

          Agreed, i want TK to be there when ankle is born. I would me so Upset if they made him go to the states. He would not only miss out on the birth but also some of the baby’s FIRSTS, From first smile,cry, laugh, word, steps, Sorry i really hate the idea of time jump at a time like this.

          • jomo

            I agree. He is turning out to be the PERFECT man to go through this with. Why would the story take away the most beautiful possible scenes – of him being there for little Ankle from the git-go?
            Who, by the way, will fool us all and be a BOY!!!
            She’ll have to go out and buy really expensive tiny sneakers for little Ji-Kang.

          • magnetic70

            I know right? It’s already giving me goosebumps just thinking of how Tae Kang would be the perfect ‘dad’ for Ankle.

            I want the writers to let us experience that with Ji An and Tae Kang. Pretty please!

            @jomo — Ji Kang! yes so cute!

    • 4.2 mjfan

      I also like that tae kang likes her without knowing the baby is his but its getting frustrating …..

    • 4.3 Mel

      It’s weird cause I feel the opposite. Everytime TK appears, the drama gets so friggin’ slow. He is supposed to be the comic relief but he’s nowhere near funny or cute. His voice annoys the hell out of me. He sounds so whiny and his acting doesn’t impress me much. The conversations he has with his friend are so friggin’ long and boring and pointless. I am not going to like TK ust cause he’s the main character and just cause JA likes him. And like how people continue to dislike the doctor, I continue to dislike this guy more and more. I can’t believe he still believes that a pregnant woman needs to get married. When he had that talk with ES about marrying her cause he’s the baby’s daddy, I just snapped. Yes, ES respect her for being a single mother. He said it in the earlier episodes that she has enough strong-will to take care of the child on her own. But TK, he seriously is pushing it with the marriage as a necessity to pregnancy. What annoys me the most about TK is his innocence. He’s a 20-something-year-old man and he has the innocence of a young teenage girl. It’s just not believable enough for me. How can you not know that the baby is yours? Or even question if it is?! Seriously, I hope JA doesn’t get with anyone. If she does then I am disappointed. I want to see a strong single-mother surviving without a man beside her.

      I think people are just pissed off that ES got a lot of special moments with JA in this episode. Instead of TK, it was ES who found out about that witch and her plot. It was ES who took her to the hospital, who heard the baby, and who proposed to her first. To me, it looks like TK cares more about JA than the baby while ES cares about the baby as much as he does of JA even though he knows he’s not the father and that he’s not winning JA.

      If people are complaining about him being a stalker, why don’t they wonder why the hell TK is able to be at sooo many places in a short span of time. I swear, that kid has some kind of superhero powers to be everywhere. It’s clear that the doctor like JA from their first meeting. It’s only natural for someone to keep trying and not give up easily at someone who they have strong feelings for. I think we’ve all seen enough dramas to know that there will at least be one actor and one actress in each drama playing this doctor’s role. So to say that the doctor is selfish is a little absurd when almost every drama as a character who just won’t step away easily just because another person likes the person he or she likes. He knows that JA needs the extra help with her pregnancy and he’s helping her because he cares for her and her baby, and without him, she would be clueless and careless. I honestly think that without the Dr, this drama would be more boring than it is now. The chemistry between TK and JA is weak and the humor & cuteness are just not there anymore. I can at least awww and giggle at the things the Dr does while for TK, I seriously just roll my eyes. I’m continuing this drama for the Dr.just destros

  5. jastinel

    Thanks for another wonderful recap Gummi!

  6. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap! Some cute and endearing moments in this episode!

    • 6.1 sulyn

      Yes, love those cute scenes. Such great acting skills from the couple.

      Thanks for the recap.

  7. kayana20

    No one else will see JA as a patient because she is a pregnant single mom.ES volunteered and sadly we have to think of Ankle who needs medical attention.I also hope after Ep 12 they get it together because this drama started out so promising then went downhill. It has it’s moments of awesomeness but it’s ridiculous Tae-Kand still doesn’t know he is the father.Praying for a miracle because both lead actors are too talented to have a fail drama because of MBC horrible writers once again. Thanks for the recap.

  8. kewbie

    Thank you for the recap as always!

    I agree with everything you said. Why do they not let Tae Kang know that that’s his baby? What’s the purpose? For someone so strong as Ji An, what does she expect would happen if he knows the truth? Is she really afraid of her own feelings? Then there’s that doctor…he’s a very confusing character. Is he not sure of what Ji An means to him exactly, or is he just competing with Tae Kang? I kinda like that Tae Kang is almost too earnest for his own good because it makes him focus on his own goals a bit better without being influenced by outside people and/or information. I wish they would just let Ji An tell him straight up that he’s the father, because I would hate to see his reaction if he were to find out accidentally. Ah well. I’m still watching just to find out when that’s gonna happen!

    • 8.1 jomo

      I would hate to see his reaction if he were to find out accidentally.
      is pretty much bound to happen.

      He overheard JA say that the father is just a sperm donor to her. This was part of the reason he decided to show his true feelings and kiss her. He didn’t feel that DWOB was a threat.

      She WILL lose the opportunity to tell him, it will continue to be put off, and when he hears it, it’ll be under the worst possible circumstance. I can guarantee this.

      Will our OTP be able to weather this storm? Will they end up together? Only Ep 16 will tell…lol…

      • 8.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi Jomo,

        I am strongly siding with you on what you said. That is such a very likely scenario. I even wrote somewhere here (in last recaps or OTs) that I wouldn’t be surprised if upon hearing that TK was offered the opportunity to go to the US, JA goes Noble Idiot on him and doesn’t tell him for a while, thus pushing further the time when she lets him know that he is the father 🙁

        TK sooooo needs to be and deserves to be a part of the pregnancy and birth process, seriously!

        • mae

          Yeah… I think TK will figure it out himself before Jian could tell him once he starts connecting some of the dots and end up with a slightly different version…which will further complicate matters because TK now believes that Jian has no intention of telling him the truth since he’s just a sperm donor to her.

          Jian will not refute it once he confronts her with what he knows because she doesn’t want him to miss out on jake’s offer.. (I think TK’s dad will also ask her to let his son go.)

          I sense this happening on their post-competition dinner date..

  9. mjfan

    when the hell tae kang will know he is the father ?????
    I hate the dragging but I will be patient because of those awesome cute moments of ji an and tae kang ,
    but that doctor is the most annoying clingy character I have ever seen ….

  10. 10 kbnhkr

    Oh, I forgot: Thank you for the recap! 🙂 I really enjoyed this episode.

  11. 11 yumi

    Thank you for the recap.

    I will say that I love this drama and I love the pace.

    I must be the only one on the planet that love the fact that TK does not know it is his baby as yet.

    One thing TK has established clearly to JiAn is that he loves her and any care, help, affection he offers her is because he loves her whole being not because he manage to get her pregnant in what we assume is one shot.

    The scene where JiAn watches TK sleep was touching to me as the scene where TK kisses JiAn.

    I love the gender reversal when it comes to emotional expression. TK has the effusivenes that we usually associate with a young naive female lead and JiAn has the reticence we usually associate with the cold-city man lead.

    I enjoy watching JiAn’s small expressions of her responses to TK. I feel as if her barely moving lips expresses a similarity of intensity of feeling as TK’s thousand wat smile. I don’t think they feel the same thing but they feel what they need from eachother. I think TK feels excitment and fireworks and JiAn feels sweetness and comfort.

    I like the pace to the series because it is only now that I see how this couple works together. I no longer have to be told that hey belong together, I can see it. And that is nice.

    • 11.1 True2u

      Nope, your not the only one who LOVE the pace of this drama and the fact that TK has yet to know he is the dad.

      “I like the pace to the series because it is only now that I see how this couple works together. I no longer have to be told that hey belong together, I can see it. And that is nice.”

      ^I agree, we don’t need anyone saying they belong together, because we got to see the growth and the foundation of their relationship which doesn’t need others to speak for it, it can speak for itself LOUD AND CLEAR!

    • 11.2 mae

      Totally agree with everything you said!

      The way Jian looks at TK and that tender kiss at the end gave me goosebumps all over..It was sweet and so touching because it says a lot about her thoughts and feelings towards him at that very moment…that i love this man..that you’re ankle’s dad and i can’t wait to tell you….

  12. 12 spjork

    I sense a 3 year time jump quickly approaching on the horizon.

    3 years later: Tae Kang comes back from the states a shoe design hero and storms into Shoe Company HQ to sweep Ji An and Ankle off their feet. They’re equals in status now and their marriage a much more equal union than would’ve been previously, etc.

    As for Eun Sung and his many hats, it seems to me he just has the one: well-meaning-but-ultimately-selfish-and-creepy-asshat.

    • 12.1 jomo

      I like that, but I don’t.
      I want JA to love him for what he brings to her now, and what he could be. I would like her to ask him to be by her side BEFORE he becomes successful financially.
      Not married by her side, but someone who could raise Ankle with her.

      I see all support for the America visit from TK’s dad going up in smoke when he realizes what a witch Nari is, although truthfully, Jake hasn’t done anything bad yet…

      • 12.1.1 spjork

        Yeah, I’m not in favor of the time jump hurriedly tacked on to the endings of dramas to compensate for poor planning on the part of the writer. Usually when that happens the audience is left with a happy resolution that seems forced and contrived. I’m afraid we’re going to be saddled with this easy out, though, and there will be much eye-rolling on my part if it happens.

        I’d much rather see the show end on a realistic note which takes into account all the developments that came before it rather than a disconnected, hyper-glossy “we’re all one happy family that conforms to societal norms” kind of tripe.

    • 12.2 alua

      But wouldn’t you be pissed if you missed the first three years of your child’s life because no one bothered to tell you it was yours?

      Especially if you are someone as dedicated to family as Tae Kang is?

      If he wants to go off to the US despite the baby, that’s fine (although I think it would be a strange choice to make, and out of character of Tae Kang who is currently dedicated to safeguarding the baby that he thinks isn’t his!). But he has a right to know, and a right to make a choice about it.

      Or is it just because he’s the father, not the mother? What if we reversed it and the mom decided to go off for the first three years of her child’s life?

      I agree with those (jomo) who say that Ji-An should love him for what he brings her now and what he could be. Love only blossoming once he’s achieved a higher status… I would find that sad.

      • 12.2.1 yumi

        I’m for a time jump, a short one that would bring TK back to JA before the baby was born.

        At first I though they might need a jump to prove that TK was an equal match for JA, but he has done so. He is still young but he has shown that he is willing to full his weight and put his shoulders to the wheel, nose to the grindstone and all the other cliches.

        BUT realistically I don’t want TK to go work for Jake in the U.S. I’d be fine with him going to school abroad but not to work with or for Jake. Jake’s sense of entitlement and his lack of respect for people in general and TK in particular make me cringe at the thought of him committing three year of his life to Jake.

        For my money–and I don’t have much–Jake is worse than NaRi.

        And though I don’t condone violence, I’d watch TK sock Jake a good one to the jaw. I’d like it film so that the contact seems real and substantial, not like the poor cover they did with his punch at the doctor.

        • jomo

          TK also makes the point that he already has the best teacher in JA. He is NOT far off the mark there.
          Problem is he does need to establish himself separately from her, or he will forever only be the Parachute, or worse, the Parachute who got the boss pregnant.
          (Although he can’t get around that truth.)

        • Ivoire

          @ Yumi,

          I LOLed at your comment about Jake being socked by KT (and how you want to see it happen). Please, do TELL us how you REALLY feel :-)… (By the way, I am with you on that one, just so you know :-))

        • yumi

          Another thing I meant to put in my post, something that no one has mentioned is that JiAn isn’t a mountain. She can move.

          Our little family of three can go anywhere in the great big world.

          • alua

            Yeah… in fact, my vision is that she’ll quit the company (since they don’t want her anyway now that she doesn’t fit Madam Jang’s image) and Ji-An, Tae-kang and Tae-kang’s father will rock the world with their own production line. And Ankle will of course grow up amidst a pile of shoes.

            I’m being serious actually. There have been enough hints in the show that such a turn could be on the horizon.

            Maybe they could even design kids’ shoes since Ji-An’s very first pair of shoes was a kiddie one…

      • 12.2.2 spjork

        I think it’s important to keep in mind that Ji An is a capable woman who values her independence. She’s already made her views on her impending motherhood crystal clear– having a baby does not mean that she needs a man to marry her or to help her raise the child. She doesn’t need the help, validation of society or a man to be a good mother to Ankle or to continue being a great designer. At this point, would you really want our powerhouse alpha female feminist to suddenly go all soft deciding that she couldn’t possibly have her cake and eat it too without the help of a man (even if it is TK)?

        Obviously, need and want are two completely different things and perhaps the lesson in this is that she must come to the realization that needing someone is not a sign of weakness. But, for me, the only satisfying conclusion to this drama would be that she doesn’t NEED Tae Kang but she WANTS and CHOOSES to have him in her life.

        My view is that Ji An already cares for Tae Kang a great deal just as he is and also for what he could be. The affection she has for him is love if not bordering on love just waiting for that final push. That she recognizes his potential and wouldn’t want him to compromise or lose out on an opportunity to fulfill it just because of societal norms or a mislaid sense of obligation, I feel, is entirely in keeping with Ji An’s character. If you really love someone, you choose not to stand in their way– you have to let them go so that they find themselves and their way back to you.

        That said, I agree with you that it will seem completely out of character for Tae Kang to eagerly assent to miss out on the formative years of his child’s life without the proper context (what that context might be, you and I can only guess, but noble idiocy in the guise of being “mature adults” might play a role). I fully expect him to put up a fight and for the writer to provide a plausible scenario/circumstance explaining the reluctant separation. Let’s also not forget that it’s not as if going off to the US is like being exiled to an island prison without any means of communication. There are phones, computers and planes at the couple’s disposal to bridge the gap during their separation (if it happens at all, that is).

    • 12.3 Anne-So

      same for the 3 year time jump
      But I think at this point boy will never know about his child and come back like it’s nothing, just watching his woman and her child as a nice ajusshi

  13. 13 True2u

    I might be the few who actually LOVE the pace of this drama. Sure, we want TK to know he’s the father, but I’m GLAD the writer held off so their relationship can be built on a strong foundation. I’m glad that the writer allow TK to believe her baby was another man and not his. We all know what type of guy TK is, and should he had known he was the father, I don’t think their relationship would have the firm foundation it has now. TK reason of being with her would be for the baby because he does not want Ji-An to be a single parent like his dad. He would have wanted to take responsibility and try to marry her for the baby and not out of love. I’ve seen so many man marry the woman because she was their baby mother and those marriage did not work because their relationship had no foundation. I’m also pleased with the pace of this drama because we get to see TK melting Ji-An Ice barrier in each episode and we also get to see the change in Ji-An, especially in this episode when Ji-An cooked for TK, which she has never done before for anyone. We see the change from her referring to him as a “sperm donor” to calling him “dad”. We also get to see the child-ish side of her which i love.

    • 13.1 kbnhkr

      I join your team. 🙂 I also love the peace of the series.
      If I was Jian I also wouldn’t want that someone be with me just because I’m the mother of his child.
      But honestly I have no idea what she’ll want after she tells him.
      Marriage? I don’t think so.
      Cohabitation? Maybe. She loves him. It’s clear.
      In her heart she already accepted him as the father of her child.

      • 13.1.1 kbnhkr

        *of course not peace -> pace

        • alua

          Peace is good too 😀

      • 13.1.2 True2u

        I wondering how everything is going to play out as well, How TK will react, his dad, his friends and everyone in the company. Marrage? maybe .< Cohabitation? I'm down with it. I just can't wait for the competition.

    • 13.2 jomo

      Totally agree on the cooking.
      Actions speak louder as they say.
      Forget any actual words coming out her JA’s mouth about her feelings for TK. She has NEVER cooked before, but now makes him breakfast? Shees, talk about a watershed moment.

      No matter what, TK knows how she feels, and she knows TK knows how she feels. Screw the rest of the world at this point.

      I like how this romance is blossoming away from prying eyes, but right under everyone’s nose. If they ever go public, people will be like: “What? THIS guy?”
      then, “Oh, yeah, didn’t she have sex with him?”

      • 13.2.1 True2u

        The saying holds true here, “Cooking is the way to a man’s heart” LOL!!! but in Ji-An case, “Ji-An cooking got his SOUL”, i LOL’ED so hard i was crying. hahahaha then she had the nerve to say, “its just that i don’t try most of these things, but when i do it I’m GOOD at everything” < -_- she's too cute..

        And I'm amaze no one said anything about the scene when TK saw the article and rushed over her house to make sure it wasn't true, i LOVE the fact that she told him its not true.

        • yumi

          I also love the fact that she told him it wasn’t true, and I think that it was her wasy of honoring their nascent relationship.

          There are these moments when society and her friends are telling her who she should be with and the choices she should make and she doesn’t make a fuss but she refuses to take the road most traveled.

          She also without making a fuss respects/protects Tae-Kang’s feelings. Telling him she wasn’t marrying the doctor is one instance and the other was when her friend was denigrating his offering of packaged pork feet at dinner and succeeding in making Tae-Kang feel small and out of his league, Ji-An, without creating a fuss, made him aware that she valuded his effort by saying she’ll eat what he bought as a snack later.

          • jomo

            I don’t understand this: “I also love the fact that she told him it wasn’t true, and I think that it was her way of honoring their nascent relationship.”

            What else would she tell him? It wasn’t true.
            Do you mean you love HOW she answered him?
            Did I miss a nuance somewhere because I was too busy drowning in the beautiful glowing pools of JSW’s eyes?

          • yumi

            @ Jomo

            JiAn has a way of being evasive about information that concerns her and a way of keeping people out of her life.

            But when TK asked her about the possibility of her marriage she didn’t pretend that it wasn’t important or revelant to their interaction. She looked at him sideways and then kind of look down and answered, which made it seem more personal than business-and then she looks at him kind of sideways as he express his relief. She then goes into quasi scolding mold about doing personal things on business time.

            Also she didn’t shut him down later when he tried to get her to confirm that she won’t get married. And then she scampers off when he starts singing about kissing.

          • true2u

            I agree, Ji-An ALWAYS shuts TK down when it comes to her personal life, whether it be about her getting married, what’s her relationship with the Doc and her decisions involving her and her baby. But now it’s totally different, she tries to make sure they’re no misunderstanding between them, she’s now considering him as a MAN, she is now allowing herself to open up to TK. And we the viewers can see that change Ji-An. She’s all smiles when it comes to TK

  14. 14 oftheshore

    Thank you so much for the recap, I really enjoyed it!
    I think that Doctors Without Borders don’t need no stupid keys or people’s permission to grab them by their wrists – they’re…without borders. So yeah. I think the doctor is the (somewhat creepier and more extreme) equivalent of your traditional female second lead a.k.a. the clingy girlfriend. No one (including the writers) knows why male characters don’t just tell them off. With Ji An, though, my only explanation for her keeping ES as her doctor is that she wanted to limit the number of people who knew about her situation, and now that the secret is out, it’s like she just can’t be bothered anymore..?
    Loved Tae Kang’s singing scene – I laughed out loud when he commented on how shy Ji An is when she kicked him and left the room.
    I also realized how much I loved it when Ji An talks to Ankle. There’s a lot of tenderness and vulnerability in her voice and intonation. It reminds me of how she spoke to Minjoo (?) in Kim Sam Soon.
    *Potentially spoilerish*
    As for Ji An telling Tae Kang, after episode 12, I think she’s ready to tell him the truth. Let’s just hope he doesn’t leave for the States before that.

  15. 15 mellisa

    “They say your first love is beautiful if it’s unrequited.” – only a kdrama character could utter that… hello! unrequited love, whether first, second, third, etc., is PAINFUL!

    • 15.1 True2u

      “PAINFUL” INDEED!!!!!!!!

    • 15.2 Kim Yoonmi

      Statistically, men both in the US and Korea remember their first love fondly. Women, meanwhile remember their first love without the same fondness….

      …and that’s the geeky fact going through my head during that scene.

  16. 16 yumi

    Just to be totally superficial for a second–

    *****arggghhh the nail art in this show is so overdone and distracting.

    do not like it one bit.******

    End of superficiality for now.

    • 16.1 jomo

      Totally agree!
      It looks like it could hurt someone. She will need to get rid of it post baby birth.

      And, the second that beads and such would be applied, I would start picking at it. Tooooo tempting!

    • 16.2 marisa

      It’s hurting my eyes!
      It’s a bit grotesque and doesn’t fit JA’s classy look.

    • 16.3 Awe

      LOL—it’s always the details, neh?

  17. 17 jomo

    I am also someone who LOVEs the pace, and loves how differently the show is handling the romance, the reality of unplanned pregnancy and single motherhood.

    This show started out pretending to be about a hard-nose cold hearted career woman who through an accidental drunken encounter gets pregnant with the man of her nightmares. It should have followed that: Loving ensues. Hearts melt. People change… and we all live happily ever after.

    But as the pregnancy story started unwinding, we see that it is an exploration of how society views abortion as a BETTER alternative to single parenting because at least NOBODY will know and you can live on with your life and don’t have to admit you are not perfect. One of my friends sent me an article about how K treats the idea of contraception. The numbers show that girls/women are not using preventative meansures, and abortions are performed regularly.
    At least three people close to JA recommend getting rid of it: her friend, her father, her boss. Others talk about it, but not directly to her.

    Meanwhile, we watch this woman asked to make choices between career and baby. Marriage for the baby, or singlehood for the baby.

    We see that the baby is not actually changing our heroine, but its presence is unveiling all kinds of maternal thinking and feeling that were already there, being channeled into her career.

    I think KSA as the working woman with baby en route is PERFECT. She does NOT want to compromise, and shouldn’t. She also does NOT HAVE TO GET MARRIED.

    I guess this is SK’s Murphy Brown moment. It seems so old hat to us, but these issues haven’t disappeared here. It is still difficult to be a working mother, and I have only experienced single parenting when my husband was overseas on active duty. It SUCKS.

    The pace of JA finding out she was pregnant, reacting to it, being challenged, deciding what her next steps are, slowly examining the baby daddy as a gene donor, as a link to her baby, and then as a link to herself. This is NOT about who she ends up with. They are making that extremely clear.

    The sweetness of her relationship with AnkleApa is wonderful. His protective instincts are real – I love that they managed to make him supportive, loving and still very much a MAN. It doesn’t matter if he knows or not, he has already decided to be with her even though he thinks he isn’t.

    This show gets me RIGHT HERE. I think it will be a sentimental favorite for a long time.

    • 17.1 Awe

      wow. very nice post, jomo.

      to be real, abortion is the only means of contraception in many countries. especially if the fetus is determined female.

      this drama is loooooong overdue on a topic we need to be discussing and raising awareness of.

    • 17.2 jangerr

      Well said! I couldn’t have put it any better!

  18. 18 yumi

    I think there is a reason why Tae-Kang hasn’t been told about the baby as yet and it is outside the rom-com plot and has more to do with adjusting society perception. I think the writer is trying address the stigma and difficult times single mothers can have in Korean society.

    Since this in a romantic-comedy I assume our OTP will end up together, but if Tae-Kang and JiAn got together too early the drama would reinforce the status quo conditions/perception of single moms in Korea.

    Isn’t the forced wedding, forced proximity the standard for this situation in rom-com. Basically that trope says no matter the situation a woman is better off with the child’s father. Force the couple to be in proximity and they will grow to love eachother. Of course that doesn’t always work as well in life as it does in drama.

    I think NaRi is there to also address the same conditions of single parenthood from the position of the abuse that the child gets from being born in that situation.

    Madame Jang represents the truncheon of societal status quo and she beats NaRi and JiAn over the head when they offends societial sensibility with their existence and/or action. She went as far as to tell JiAn marry or get an abortion–or you will be destroyed. She tells NaRi you are crap under my feet because your mom wasn’t good enough to deserve/earn a husband.

    JiAn’s parents and JiAn’s doctor represents society potential for change. Her mother has already accepted the situation and her father will ultimately come around. The doctor has come around to the point where he is willing to accept someone elses child as his own because he love JiAn (and babies in general). Tae-Kang’s father who is pretty indulgent, despite his blustering, will accept a 60 year old daughter-in-law but will not accept outside blood infiltrating his bloodlines, which gives you an idea of how far the doctor has come.

    I think NaRi will ultimately save the day when she begins to identify JiAn’s situation with her own mother’s situation and when she see herself in JiAn’s baby. OR she may not because she is so desparate to become a part of her father’s family.

    Anyway, the pace is slow because the writer has an agenda which goes beyond JiAn and Tae-Kang’s happily ever after and to having society reconsider what they think about single mothers.

    This is the 3rd or 4th drama that I’ve seen that has addressed the issue of being an outside child of a powerful man. The male lead in CITY HALL was an outside child. The second female lead in BRAIN was an outside child and the last one has slipped my mind. But in all these situation, the children have power but find themselves shut out from their parent’s life.

    end of editorial.

    • 18.1 jomo

      Yes, agree. Love your thoughts.
      Nari isn’t all bad; TK was able to see her as a sad person, and I think he will be a big reason she relents.

    • 18.2 alua

      “Since this in a romantic-comedy I assume our OTP will end up together, but if Tae-Kang and Ji-An got together too early the drama would reinforce the status quo conditions/perception of single moms in Korea.”

      That’s a good point. Especially since Tae-Kang IS old-fashioned in this aspect and thinks baby = marriage. Even if they do eventually get together (and even married) that fact that it doesn’t have to be a gunshot wedding for the sake of “taking responsibility” the moment Ji-An discovered her pregnancy does matter.

      • 18.2.1 yumi

        Episode 12 underscores your point.

    • 18.3 yumi

      If the writer is committed to making the point I think she is trying to make more than deliver fan service, the OTP may end up together but not married or we may get an open ending where it is likely that they end up together but it is not certain.

      I loved MLKSS but I had my finger crossed for years that they woud give us a sequel that would closed that open ending so that I knew for sure that SamSoon got her happily ever after.

      Needless to say typing with fingers cross was difficult and I had to give it up and accept the ending they gave was the ending i’d have to live with.

    • 18.4 Awe

      yumi: really nice post.

      i’m somewhat concerned that the overall ratings for this drama are so low.

      everyone knows the korean wave is a mighty force. it would be super sweet to see korea take a hard pro-life stance on pregnancies and 21st century parenting issues.

      let’s face it, children need love from good role models…and that model doesn’t have to be in the traditional sense. lol. take a look around, how well did the traditional sense really work?

      i support the writers, the pace, the actors, the direction of this drama. more, i say. give us more. MOAR 🙂

  19. 19 Soso

    Thanks for the recap!

    I don’t mind the pace and now I can actually ship JA and TK whereas first 5 – 6 episodes I couldn’t. My biggest complaint is the complaint I have with most Korean dramas… the annoying/bitchy/witchy without any real reason second female lead, the scheming. all powerful company head and the marriage/baby only thinking parents.

    Nari especially is annoying the heck out of me. I get that she’s got a chip on her shoulder, but why does she have so much hate for JA? It’s unreasonable. How is it her fault that she’s been working hard for 15 years and now has an opportunity to be the president? Ugh. All we need is an uncalled for face-slap or water thrown in the face.

    • 19.1 yumi

      I think NaRi is more motivated than most female second leads.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some backstory/misunderstanding that has to do with JiAn, NaRi and NaRi’s mother.

      NaRi absent mother is a source of curiosity. Why is she os completely absent? Where is she. It doesn’t seem that she is dead–just absent. It seems NaRi mother once worked in the company. Did her have interactions with JiAn? Jake mention that JiAn was NaRi’s hero once. What did NaRi admire about JiAn and did that only change once Madame made it clear that she would use JiAn to block NaRi’s ambition.

      I don’t mind NaRi. She is young and in a difficult situation. She is doing the best she knows how to win her father’s affection and loyalty and for all she sacrifice and subjects herself to Madame Jang to be acknowledge as a part of her father’s family, it get her nowhere.

      • 19.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        That’s another plot thread that bit the dust and was forgotten.

        Like everything else about the character’s backgrounds, I think we have to be like the actors and fill it in a bit.

        As the daughter of a mistress, her life would have been tough on either side. Her father once owned the company (I think more financed it from the flashback scenes), but her (step) mother took it over. It seemed around the time that JA was just atarting with Madame Jang. She was always by Madame Jang’s side and helped literally build the company through her shoes.

        Nari has to respect that to some extent in JA. So that would solve one issue–though I agree it was done spotty.

        As for Nari’s absent mother, she’s in the K-drama pit of doom, also known as America. Every person knows that once you go to America you get F*ed up because you know how pretty it is. (Word play on the Korean term for the US, Miguk. Mi also means Beauty/pretty 美) Of course it’s not Britain–that’s the place where characters go for royalty coming back with American accents. And of course it’s not Australia, because that’s where the melodrama people come from. (I’ve watched a lot). No, once you go to America you can’t do things like really call and most people come back smarter, but damaged because their hearts are sooo much colder. Like there is a pit of no communication around well-telephone-lined airports, there are rules about Miguk, too.
        1. It’s where you put the criminals of K-dramas. (In Historical Joseon dramas it’s down in Kyeongsang… which is why EVERY gangster must also come from Kyeongsang–they aren’t native to Seoul–no way.)
        2. Miguk is a beautiful country with only one university/college (Harvard)–well maybe a few others, but really they don’t count
        3. Anyone from this country, has a cold heart–especially adoptees who don’t know how to love. So of course they won’t, you know, communicate with their relatives even if they have Skype. (In Korean terms, not quite human.)
        4. They have the best medical care EVER. So that’s where everyone gets their surgery, (Though I think only one hospital ever gets mentioned. John Hopkins… and I’m pretty sure they don’t cover all those kinds of surgery…) be it for health reasons, unless the patient needs Korean native medicine, which is clearly superior to the less painful Chinese version. (Less disgusting, just as bitter, much more painful. Trust me.)
        5. It’s where a lot of mothers and fathers mysteriously die. (The Mi in Miguk must be short of “mi-stery”
        6. It’s filled with makjang violence. (Also known as the Mi in Miguk must be short for “Mi-sery” “Mi”anhae~) It used to be filled with only white people and discards of the K-drama world, (You know, where you put second leads), but now with a black president, clearly, they need blacks too. (Forget about the other ethnic groups.)
        7. The majority of cities are San Fran, LA, and NYC. Boston, which is near Harvard? No–what’s Boston? All super violent, you know.
        8. Filled with crazy people who all speak fluent English perfectly with stilted formal dialogue and Australian accents. “Mi”chiseo” 미치서 -crazy

        So what happened to Nari’s mother. She’s sadly in the K-drama pit of doom and no longer cares about her daughter. The ice of America has frozen her ma-um (heart/mind) so she can’t move to make a phone call to her daughter and give her the support she needs. You never know, she might be in surgery from the violence of Miguk.

        (And yes, I know the Mi in Miguk doesn’t stand for any of those things. =P I read hanja. 미국 mee-gook–short ee sound.)

        Nari is surprisingly better motivated than say, Doctor without borders who keeps floundering as a plot device. she’s deliciously just hate-able enough. But at the same time I can kind of understand her. She wants to one-up JA, because that’s whom Madame Jang holds most dear. (though this is more indicated and best stab). I can buy that argument.

        • Mystisith

          Just a Hi! to say I love your comments: Interesting, documented and funny at the same time. *Student reading religiously*.

        • yumi

          I don’t believe that the NaRi parent/outside child story has been forgotten.

          I think it be relavent to the conclusion.

          • Awe


  20. 20 Stephen

    Thanks for the recaps!

  21. 21 Stephen

    Thanks for the recaps! None of my comments are showing up so sorry for the duplicates!

  22. 22 Kim Yoonmi

    Again, even episode wins over the odd (in both meanings of the word) episode this week. (Please don’t respond with spoilers, or at least *code* your spoilers with coded spoiler speak.)

    The whole thing about JA wanting to show off her heels, made me think that TK would get a clue about *that* when he saw that picture later on. But I think he might have an inkling… (coded spoiler speak–got it? Good. People won’t get it’s a spoiler until *after* they’ve seen the episode.)

    What the show is excelling at is being pushed forward over the flaws–that is the ability to highlight a social issue and make it as frustrating for the viewer as it is for the characters. This I will concede is a strength. The writing, though, as from the storytelling side is still shaky. There are moments where I want to give a perfect thumbs up to the writer and say, “You got it!” And others where I want to say, “Work harder.”

    The scene in the restaurant this episode where TK says he’ll focus on his own feelings *cringe* I think a little tweaking of the line could have made it stronger.

    “Instead of I’ll focus on my own feelings.” (Which sounds like a line from the doctor without borders)

    TK should have said, “I respect JA’s feelings (unlike you <– my own jab) and I'll support her, but I'd also like to win her feelings, if I can."
    Only less wordy and more dialogue-like. Work towards that feeling by building it *into* the dialogue (I know as an american I should hate the ue… but I'm not cutting u's and focusing on I's. <–punnery)

    The umbrella scene was excellent. <3 that scene. It gave a good character beat and even though it didn't require much writing, I'm sure the acting made up for it–was played well.

    The fact that JA's parents did not show up (well mostly the father) was a highlight of this episode. Can we get more like that? ㅋㅋㅋ

    I also like how JA's character is slowly growing. (More of that in episode 12, especially after the crisis <–coded "the crisis" and notice how I didn't say *how*.) Teaching here…

    Events are clearly this writer's strong suit, so if she brings in character more later in her career, (or her next drama) she can really blow people away. Maybe she should consider an action-type drama? You can get away with thin characters in that. Also, work on your pacing, writer. Have stuff planned for *after* your premise. Makes viewers very happy with you. You can pack all your issues *after* that point much more gracefully. (People 90% of the time guess all events in the premise quickly, but if you advance beyond the premise, people often get lost and that piques their interest–especially hanging mysteries over, rather than "OK, everyone knows, when will he find out?")

    Anyone want to guess the ending? I kinda want a semi -open ending–nothing is perfect, but JA trying her best (with or without marrying TK–doesn't matter by that point if she did or didn't). And then to end with a funny scene on what really happened that night. Clean version. That would make a perfect ending for me.

    • 22.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Definite spoiler for Episode 12, though nothing to do with the plot. Oh really? Copetition? There must be a lot of Coping going on. Or cops attending. Nothing to do with “competence”…

      I thought it was a typo… but it occurs on two different background pieces… which made me question the art department…

  23. 23 InSi

    My X and I love the romance of IDID. It’s agony after Thursday’s episodes.
    After ep12, we love IDID for another reason.
    I hope at least one of the cast will lead the SlutWalk Seoul on July 28.

  24. 24 shel

    Hey, my favorite Beans.

    Life is crazy right now, but all will be back to normal in the fall.

    So much “stuff” going on, family drama, etc that I haven’t much time for dramas these days. When I sit down to watch, I fall asleep, lol.

    I am watching AGD, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. And Big, which I like, but mostly becuase I really love Gong Yoo. I want to watch Gaksital and Ghost, but I haven’t had time. I’ve been downloading them, Ill watch them someday when I need to kill time somewhere.

    Hope all my chingus are well and happy and having a great summer!

    Shel :0)

    • 24.1 Ivoire

      Hi Shel,

      sooo good to hear from you!!! And we do understand how life can be extremely busy at times. I am glad to know that you are OK and just being busy taking care of family and life in general.
      Take your time, we are not going anywhere, neither are the dramas :-). I really hope you will have a great summer as well. Take care!

  25. 25 ~Feather~

    I’m ok with the plot pacing now as well. I think it’s different than other dramas that try to convince the audience that since they are the two leads they have to end up together by going through change the other lead made possible.
    Tae Kang and Ji an can be together (as others have pointed out) because of the foundation they have created together for their relationship. They didn’t need the hate-turned-to-love scenario. Taekang has been smitten by her from the beginning.

    Aah..I can’t seem to type what I want since my mind has gone blank. Maybe I’ll come back and continue this if my train of thought returns.

    • 25.1 yumi

      To my mind, marriage is not only about love. The primary reason to marry is to build a life together that you both want to share. Love is an important ingredient, but not the only one.

      So whatever JiAn and TK might have felt for each other the day they met, it might have been something to start a romance on but not enough to build a marriage from.

      Now they are beginning to know eachother well enough to consider building a life together. A life that is based on more than physical attraction or accidential parentage.

      TK knows JiAn’s strength and she knows his loyalty.

      I wonder how long it will take TK to get over the fact that JiAn once consider him no more important than a sperm donor. Will he understand she cares for him more now than when she originally made that statement.

  26. 26 Aisu

    Thank you gumimochi early recap again \^^/, but I hate it if you mention other area 🙁 .

    Oh TK song “I want to kiss” who he refers to??^^, himself or Jian haha… Love it when Jian honest with herself but not when TK sleeping, noo…

    You right this drama abandon some necessary scenes, perhaps the slow pace is for extension purpose, since it can’t, after episode 10 is like a rush.

    5 more episodes in the pocket, we need some groundbreaking scenes after sweet and enduring scenes. I know Tae Kang should get his rights to study abroad, but in other side even though Jian didn’t hook on him, but still it’s not right not telling him about his unborn child so soon.
    “Hope” in next episode!!

  27. 27 Z

    If Eun-Sung doesn’t lose his license by the end of the drama I will have lost all faith in DramaLand. Seriously? I would say that this guy went to Med school at one of those kind of shady spots on obscure Caribbean islands but I have a friend who went to one of those schools and he still knows the rudiments of medical ethics. Obviously, Dr. Without Borders is just cray-cray.

    • 27.1 Awe

      this episode we see doc blocker confess and reveal his desire for JiAn. he makes himself vulnerable with medical overtones.

      plus, i think the doc is attracted to her independent strong side and protective of her ignorant mothering side.

      this episode gave me a new found respect for him. every single mother-to-be-in-denial needs a doctor like him.

      plus, the guy can dance. 😉

      • 27.1.1 rearwindow

        “Doc blocker”–love it.

        • rearwindow

          (I don’t love him, but that’s another story…)

  28. 28 tt

    maybe they want to show TK fall in love with JA without feeling he love her because she had his baby…

  29. 29 channelthis

    I haven’t been as much frustrated about Taekang not knowing that the baby is his until the scene when Jian is trying to tell him. So. Frustrating. This scene is in Episode 12, I think.

    The writer really is waiting until the very end for the reveal. I held onto some hope that they would only make the torture last until the middle or so, so I patiently waited. It almost feels like the writer is purposely torturing you, omg. lol.

    I knew for sure that Jian would not accept Eunsung’s proposal. She has absolutely no interest in him, and it wouldn’t make any sense if she agreed to the marriage at this point. Although I have to say, Eunsung’s persistence is quite something. He should know at this point that it is a lost cause for him, so I don’t even know why he even thought it would do anything for him by proposing to her, lol.

  30. 30 daria

    i’m part of the small but vocal group who is enjoying a) IDID’s pace, b) the fact that TK still has no clue that he’s baby’s daddy, c) the fact that this is all about JA & not so much on the happily-ever-after.

    glad to know I’m not alone 😉

    that said, so many things i love about eppie 11 especially these two scenes:
    one – bestf to TK, ” are you a homewrecker? a stalker???”
    hahahahah, awwww, i know you are not but it’s still incredibly hilarious when put in that perspective 🙂

    two – my spunky girl JA taught me to stop being a victim & quit whining… she didn’t like her designs & began chastising herself & then tore up everything & said nonchalantly, “i’ll just have to start from the beginning.”

    ahhhh, JA, how i love thee, let me count the ways.
    totally my girl crush!

    • 30.1 Awe

      you are not alone, sweetheart.

      really glad the writers are giving us time to process and dialogue about the social implications of surprise pregnancies, abortion, single parenting and career minds falling in love.

      hats off to the writers for raising awareness about abortion.

  31. 31 kiddoo

    I don’t have any complain also on how the writer pulled this drama. I love the entire scene between JA and TK. I’m hoping, no demanding for more JA and TK scene for the next 4 epi. I’m falling in love with them every time I watched them together. TK is totally one hot adorable man and for KSA she’s superb.

  32. 32 Kwhat?!

    “WHY DOES TAE-KANG STILL NOT KNOW?! It feels like the show is setting this up to be our major reveal and I don’t understand why it should be because there is so much possible story and conflict after he knows.”
    I am of the opinion that they are waiting for the big reveal so that Ji An won’t have so many doubts about Tae Kang’s feelings for her. Because she’s more of a rational person than an emotional type, and is so incredibly independent, this would be very important to her. I think the writers want it to be clear that he loves her for her and not because he feels forced or burdened by the baby. I think they also want to showcase the issues she would face as a single mother.
    Also, with the issue of marriage, I think the title is intentional, and I really don’t doubt that these writers would take this series there. Probably after a time jump, but I definitely see a marriage ending.
    How cute is Tae Kang when he is discussing starting up a family business with his dad and Ji An, and how successful they would be together? And remembering the kiss, and wishing time would go faster so he can see Ji An again? And eating the food that is so awful, with a smile on his face? And basically doing anything. He’s adorable! I think I would watch him read a book for 16 hours, too.

  33. 33 lee

    I actually kinda get how TK can not know it was his:
    1. he doesn’t know how far along she is
    2. the doctor appeared out of nowhere suddenly and he doesn’t know how long she’s been hiding him
    3. she said the night was a mistake and if she was seeing the dr that could have been why
    4. it would also make sense that at the time she didn’t know she was pregnant with the drs kid and had a alcohol fulled night with him then she found out

    I think this show is mainly based on what people assume and their characters defining what they choose to believe, the only one who really seems mostly immune is Ji-An. But it’s not unlike people to mess up cause they base their entire beliefs on assumptions.

  34. 34 suzie

    JA was tough and tightly wound at first. When she learnt she was pregnant, her expression changed from one of hard determination to one of befuddlement and contemplation. As she decides to keep Ankle, her expression softens. After spending more time with TK, n being at the receiving end of his attn and affection, she softens more and more. We’ve begun to see her smiles, the warm look in her eyes and body language in the last few eps., since abt ep 9. At the same time, she’s been getting more beautiful, as someone said, lighting up the screen, with a radiance that comes thru from the inside! How KSA can mimic a pregnant woman’s radiance we’d never know! But that’s a part of the brilliance of her acting. It is true that KSA has never been more beautiful. Whereas I wouldn’t say that her acting has never been better, cos it has always been best, I’d say that this drama gives us a chance to appreciate her acting all over again.
    JA couldn’t have gotten where she is in her career w/o her tough personality; she couldn’t have dared think abt keeping Ankle as a single mom w/o it. The pt of this drama is that a tough career woman is turning into this warm tender person becos of a BB she wasn’t expecting to have, and the love of a man she wasn’t expecting to love.
    Look at the way she stares at him as he sleeps on her floor. The way she cooks breakfast for him–its the 1st time that she cooks brkft. The way she leans over to kiss him unexpectedly. A woman’s life is changing b4 our eyes. It is just so lovely to behold.

    Some scene in ep 12;).. In my country, there isnt any storyline like this. Thats why I kept watching.. And unlike other dramas, i love this because it give me a lot of self-reflection.. I watch it countless of times..hehe..

    • 34.1 jomo

      I love everything you wrote.
      Nice job!

    • 34.2 jangerr

      Totally agree with you. That’s why I appreciate the pace of the story. We get to see how Ji An slowly lets down her barriers of walls that she’s built around her all her years. We get to see her blossoming in her pregnancy. And we get to see falling in love. And that is indeed a sight to behold!

  35. 35 yumi

    Was anyone concerned at the doctor’s response to JiAn saying the baby had moved twice?

    Was it just an excuse for him to use the stetescope or was it some kind of foreshadowing?

  36. 36 dee

    thank you…………

  37. 37 awesomegirlrawks

    Hello everyone. Can someone tell me if she was dating the guy who took of his ring and left it at the table? Or were they married, and thus, he is her ex-husband? Also, I don’t get what Ji An means by ‘I can’t live like that, Ankle.’
    Ji An is an extremely talented actress. No doubt about it.

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