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I Do, I Do: Episode 13
by | July 13, 2012 | 96 Comments

HOT DAMN what a good episode. It’s emotional payoffs galore in this hour and nearly everything I ever wanted since Ji-an’s pregnancy gets shoved into the foreground. It’s like Christmas in July where Ji-an and Tae-kang are finally driven to the point where they’re forced to be honest to each other for one minute. What a glorious and wonderful minute that is. Who knew that love would be a dance that required so many steps?


The collaboration copetition (nope, that’s not a typo) begins and each team presents their products. Jake introduces their concept shoes, “The Closet of the Countess” before Ji-an gets up to describe her creation.

We catch the tail end of her presentation like how butterflies are idyllic and innocent representations of love but our reality is far from fantasy. She explains that shoes are that fantasy and by wearing it, they equip us for the rigorous battles of life. “In the battlefield of life rather than wearing thick, heavy armor, I believe we should have wings so we can fly freely like butterflies.” Hence, ‘Romantic Armor.’

Aww, watching Tae-kang beam with pride warms my heart. Also, I get that there’s an English translator because there are foreigners in the scene but his voice is super distracting.

After Madame Jang puts in her vote, her ears perk towards Ji-an’s staff who wonder who the winner might be. She particularly tunes in when they mention that their team pitch was basically Jake’s moment of glory.

While the votes are being counted, Ji-an and Madame Jang have a little tête-à-tête as the latter thanks Ji-an for the abundant floral decorations sent to her office. “I’ll have to pay you back as much as I’ve received.” All the while, Na-ri looks absolutely clueless in this entire conversation. Honey don’t use your noggin’ too much – there could be adverse effects.

The votes are in and the entire room holds their breath in anticipation. Tae-kang places his hand over Ji-an’s with an assuring little nod (they interlock their fingers as well). Team Leader Ma announces the winner with a huge smile as… Ji-an. Woohoo!

Jake and Na-ri stare in shock as the room erupts into applause. Somehow Tae-kang goes from interlocked hand-holding to celebration like an adorable dork in a split second and then even gives the other team a merong. Hee.

Ji-an swallows the news as relief washes over her and then takes a graceful victory bow. She calls Tae-kang out on stage (he mouths Why?) and then introduces him as “Designer Park Tae-kang.”

He continues to laugh like a big ol’ freakin’ adorable dork and even Ji-an breaks into a smile.

Afterwards, Hilda praises Ji-an for her work – it’s more romantic and softer. She looks fondly upon Tae-kang as well and then Jake crashes the party that Hilda better not be greedy ’cause Tae-kang’s with him. Like WITH HIM with him? It’s hard to be sure with all of those winks you send his way, Jakey.

Poor Tae-kang gets lost in all the English and squeaks out, “Oh yes” as Ji-an looks on with suspicion.

Safe within the confines of Ji-an’s office, they silently spazz in celebration. Tae-kang picks her up into the air as she hisses, “Ankle…!” but their soundless victory gets cut short by Na-ri’s entrance. They play it cool as Tae-kang is dismissed to resume his job.

Shockingly, Na-ri owns up to her actions that she was the one who sabotaged the sample. Brownie points for not dragging that out! She apologizes that the greed to win must have overcome her and genuinely regrets it now.

The reason Na-ri’s bringing it up now, after the collaboration, is because she wanted to admit that she lost to the shoes that were so exquisitely impressive. Does this mean she’ll stop trying to backstab Ji-an? Who knows, Na-ri replies, because something worse could happen later on and she banks on that Ji-an will accept her future apology like the one now.

Na-ri teases, “Always watch your back.”

Eun-sung lights up at the news and suggest they go out to celebrate but Ji-an tells him that she’s already made plans. And tonight, she plans to tell him everything because the issue of her pregnancy has been drawn out for too long. Ya think?

It eats at Dr. Without Borders who sits his darkened office later and then calls his buddy for a drink to distract his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Tae-kang has a skip in his step in the parking lot, all giddy for his proposal and glances at the ring. He gets an earful from Dad but abruptly hangs up at the sight of Ji-an approaching. She taps her foot, purposefully showing off the shoes he redesigned especially for her.

For tonight’s special occasion, he leads her to Bong-soo’s borrowed car and she looks at the hunk of metal, taken aback, “Does it even run?” Her attempts to suggest taking her car get overshadowed by his perfect gentleman demeanor and she reluctantly get in.

In the car, Ji-an asks what Jake meant by he’s got his eye on Tae-kang. Tae-kang deflects the question that he thinks Jake might like him but Ji-an thinks otherwise and lets the subject drop.

Ji-an’s mouth hangs open when they arrive at their destination, the lavish spread of flowers, food, and umbrella (the same one from Episode 1) leaving her utterly speechless. Tae-kang sweetly takes her by the hand and she narrows her eyes – what he would have done had they lost? He smiles that he knew they’d win – an answer that satisfies her.

They clink their glasses of milk in celebration and blow out their cake. Both of them wait for the opportune moment to bring their topic to the table. Ji-an is unable to break the news first, reluctant to do so and opens the floor to Tae-kang who walks around the table and slowly turns her around… so he can drop down on one knee.

Then the boy starts to sing. OH MY GOD. He sings “The Woman In the Rain,” the lyrics tweaked so it’s about Ji-an as her tears begin to glaze over with oncoming tears.

Looking directly at her, he declares with confidence, “I love you, Hwang Ji-an.”

He presents the ring and tells her how long he wanted to give it to her. Then he silently slips it onto her finger and takes her hand in his. Tae-kang’s voice builds momentum for his proposal: “Let’s get married, Hwang Ji-an. I’ll be Ankle’s Dad. I’m confident that I can be a really great Dad to Ankle.”

Ji-an has remained silent up to this moment and she gently places her hand on top of his. He looks at her with expectant eyes and choosing her words carefully, she cracks, “I know I’m not supposed to say something like this in this moment but if I don’t say it today, I might miss that chance. You’re… Ankle’s Dad.”

That once excitedly expectant expression gradually shifts into one of shock as Ji-an apologizes that she didn’t tell him sooner. And then… he pulls his hands back from hers (nooo!).

He rises to catch his breath as the news sinks in and his mind flashes back to when Ji-an remarked that Baby Daddy was no different than sperm from a sperm bank. Angry, hurt, and confused, Tae-kang demands why and with nothing else to her defense, Ji-an repeats, “I’m sorry.”

Tae-kang rages, “Sorry?!” If she can’t spell out the reason why she hid the truth from him then he will: Ji-an just happened to get pregnant with a nobody who used to sell counterfeits. “It must have been embarrassing to know that it was some loser who knew nothing but how to clean. It’s not like you can show him off to people.”

Now occurs him why she nicknamed the baby fetus “Ankle” from the expression “grabbed by the ankle” (i.e. held someone back). Hurt, Ji-an confirms that it’s true that because of that one night’s mistake her entire world flipped upside down. She ended another relationship even before it began and she gave up a CEO opportunity that was dangling before her eyes.

But how could she easily say, “I’m pregnant with your child”? Everything in her life is topsy-turvy and she doesn’t know what the future will hold and Tae-kang interjects, “You should have told me anyway–!”

What if she did, Ji-an cries. Has he forgotten how they met? Between two people who slept together and didn’t know of each other’s numbers how could she anticipate his reaction?

Ji-an admits that at first she was so infuriated with it all that she thought about telling him right away, wondering why she had to face this pregnancy alone. “But even if I told you, there’s nothing that would have changed.”

And then Tae-kang asks if she would have done the same thing if Ankle was Eun-sung’s child. Ooh. He figures that she and Eun-sung would have married each other if it were. Stop breaking my heart! You’re stomping it all over the floor, kid!

Appalled but weary now, she acknowledges that a kid like him wouldn’t understand the kind of emotional and psychological suffering she’s been through even to the point of contemplating abortion. “What would you know?”

Ji-an turns away from him and by now, they’re both holding back tears. She drops the ring onto the ground before she leaves.

Once alone, the tears finally fall freely from their eyes.

Dr. Yang scowls at Eun-sung over drinks that he knew something was fishy when he heard the wedding was called off. It’s good-hearted men like him who give normal guys a bad rap, “What do you lack that you would stick your neck out for a woman pregnant with another man’s child? Is marriage UNICEF? Or Red Cross?”

A few drinks later, Eun-sung has an extremely drunk Dr. Yang to take home when he gets another call from “That Jerk Who Butts In” aka Tae-kang… who’s also drunk. HA.

The Table of the Rejected sit at the bar and in his drunken stupor, Tae-kang laments about how stupid he must have been and how much he and Ji-an must have laughed over how he didn’t have a clue.

Tae-kang repeats Ji-an’s declaration about how the father of the child is nothing more than a speck of dust and he asks, “That’s me, right?” before reaching for the bottle again. Eun-sung stops him to remind Tae-kang of his own words that it didn’t matter whose child it was, that he’d focus on his own feelings. Seeing Tae-kang’s current state, how is Eun-sung supposed to try to understand this?

Tae-kang shouts, “Don’t try to understand it! Because I don’t get it either.”

Eun-sung calls up Ji-an afterwards, who is currently sitting in her shoe closet of reflection, asking how the conversation went. She lies that it went better than she expected and that now she can solely concentrate on Ankle.

They hang up and we cut to see Tae-kang sprawled on his couch and Eun-sung sighs, unable to get a clear answer from either party.

The harsh words Ji-an spat at Tae-kang barrels through her head one after another from the moment she called him “trash” to tonight’s angry rant that he was the Achilles’ heel in her life. Then we flash to Tae-kang’s proposal that he’ll be Ankle’s Dad.

Holding the shoes he made for her in one hand, she breaks, “You idiot. Have you no pride? Is your memory poor?”

Looking at the shelf of baby shoes, she cries, “Ankle, where did it all go wrong? Why did your mother turn into this person? I didn’t want to become this. I didn’t want to become into…this kind of person.”

Tae-kang wakes in Eun-sung’s apartment the next morning and scoffs at the curt message he’s left behind. As he walks towards the office, Ji-an’s desperate cries that it was all his fault flood into his head.

He runs into Ji-an at the entrance and as they ride the elevator, he asks if he can still come to the office; if it won’t be uncomfortable for her. When she says it’s fine, he bitterly replies, “It must be nice for you. To be able to separate your work and personal lives like that.”

She offers to transfer him to a different department but he refuses.

Dad pulls him into an empty office, demanding if he was with Ji-an all night. But Tae-kang clarifies that he was rejected and he’s going to America – isn’t this what Dad wanted? He promises that he’ll go and study like crazy so that he’ll come back to become even more successful and famous than Ji-an.

Being famous wasn’t necessarily in Dad’s gameplan but Tae-kang barks back that becoming successful and famous is what everyone aspires to be so he’ll run himself to the ground to come out on top.

Ruh-oh. The higher-ups pull out Ji-an’s victory from under her feet, declaring Na-ri as the revised winner of the collaboration. They tiptoe around how Ji-an’s “condition” will make her increased responsibilities more difficult to fulfill and how it will tarnish the company’s image.

Ji-an calls them out on it and that if the stockholders, Hilda, and the Chairman are all in agreement that they should transfer the project to Na-ri instead, fine – they can go ahead with Jake’s product and Ji-an will pull out of the collaboration.

Now standing, she states, “You’re saying, ‘Because you’re a single mother, go and work in the back. I don’t come here to do pro bono work.” And then the President tosses back that it wasn’t just her design; it’s also Tae-kang’s. She said so yesterday, didn’t she? Oh and Na-ri was the one who drafted her team’s product? Can I slap you now?

Na-ri follows Ji-an out of the boardroom and calls out that Ji-an should have expected this outcome because this is the reality. What, people pulling your strings for you, honey?

Back in her office, Ji-an looks to Team Leader Ma and asks if Ji-an ever made her upset while she was pregnant. Team Leader Ma brushes it under the rug which indicates there must have been a time she was.

Clocking Ji-an’s reaction, Team Leader Ma offers a bit of advice: “I know it’s rough right now, but once you give birth, it’ll be much harder. For me, instead of trying to be strong, it was much easier to sacrifice and let go of some things as well as relying on those around me.”

Na-ri looks with suspicion at Tae-kang’s acceptance – did Ji-an push him to go? No, Tae-kang answers and he asserts that it was his own decision and desire to succeed. The faster he can do that, the better.

That pings on Na-ri’s radar and she asks if his hurriedness is an attempt to run away from his feelings but he sticks with his reason that he wants to succeed.

As soon as he steps out of Na-ri’s office, he gets hounded by the company’s journalist here to interview him about the recent collaboration. They take his deflection of his part of the final product as modesty and ask if it’s true Jake has scouted him. News that Ji-an overhears as she passes through to get to her office and contemplate as the pieces start falling into place.

She casually brings up the topic only to get a cold response from him wondering when they were on such terms to share secrets so freely to one another. Ji-an tells him that she hopes that he returns as a successful designer and he says that he’ll be planning on leaving within the month.

But she needn’t worry because he’ll provide child support even if it’s not much, “Because it’s hypocritical of me if I just run off when I said I’d take responsibility.” Oof, that’s a slap in the face.

In the car, Na-ri drives with a light heart. She may have lost the competition but everything worked out for her favor anyway. But Jake points out the real reason why she’s so happy: she likes Tae-kang, doesn’t she?

Na-ri flatly denies it and Jake drips that fine, he’ll just make Tae-kang suffer and introduce him to all the ladies… and Na-ri warns him not to.

We finally get to meet the Chairman aka Na-ri’s father as she relays the project to have a 1:1 apprenticeship to build up a new designer. Dad is on board with the plan (and Na-ri beams a little) but Madame Jang questions that Tae-kang is a high school graduate.

Na-ri must have gotten some newfound confidence because she breezes that there’s a certain dramatic air to nurture a designer from someone who used to sell knockoffs and overcomes his family’s financial woes. Like a male Cinderella.

Dad dotes on her and agrees while Madame Jang gives a little smirk.

But it’s an entirely different story once the ladies are alone and Madame Jang covers her disappointment with a thin veil when she hears that Na-ri will let Ji-an be for the time being. She comments that it sounds just like ‘her’ – the designer who ruined her life by becoming a single mother.

Madame Jang coolly tells her that Ji-an used to be Na-ri’s rival and if she intends to succeed as CEO, she’ll take of Ji-an before then. Na-ri counters that firing a single mother would be discrimination in the workplace and asks for more time.

Dr. Without Borders But Now Best Buddy notes Ji-an’s subdued mood and says he can provide some meds if she’s going through depression since it’s not good for the baby. Or the other option is that they can go and hang out to watch a movie or see a play. That’s a nice subtle way to ask out your ex-ex-fiancee.

Ji-an stares at him and he protests that he’s got to keep his pride intact, “Do you think I’d be dumped by the same woman three–wait was it four times?” He counts aloud and then asks, “How many times did you dump me?” Eun-sung, why are you being cute!

That fails to get her to laugh and Eun-sung proposes that they remain friends. Best Buddies it is, then.

Best Buddy Ji-an confides in Best Buddy Eun-sung about how Tae-kang is heading to the States to study abroad and how she’s totally fine with it. Eun-sung remarks, “Do you know why I like you? You’re like a missile that looks straight ahead.”

Yet Ji-an has one flaw and Doctor of the Heart points straight to his. “Acting like it’s fine, acting cool, acting like nothing’s wrong. Stop acting and reveal your feelings straight like your actions.”

Ji-an mutters that it’s not like an adult to do so and so Eun-sung poses that very question. When do we become an adult? “Even though we age, we still get flustered, we’re still immature, we don’t know much, and make a lot of mistakes. There are no adults in this world. There are only children with wrinkles.”

Now he repeats his question, “Child Ji-an, how do you feel now?” Ji-an pauses for a moment and answers, “I feel filthy.”

Tae-kang thinks back to all the moments with Ji-an from her sketch to the kiss to the kiss on the cheek. He runs out of the room and in voiceover we hear, “I don’t believe what you said. The things I saw and felt, I’m only going to believe in those.”

At the same time, Ji-an paces in her shoe closet, contemplating over Eun-sung’s words about her actions should follow her heart. Just as she’s about to send Tae-kang a message, she receives on that he’s on his way over. Then she goes to primp herself in the mirror. Aww.

Now Tae-kang’s question has changed and he asks curious, “Why did you tell me? Why did you think you had to tell me?”

Ji-an’s answer is the same that she doesn’t know but at some point, she wanted to tell him. She honestly admits that she has no intentions to marry him. She’s not sure about the future because he’s a reckless, immature kid.

So Tae-kang confirms, “But you wanted to tell me.” She nods. He tries to get a grasp on it all that he’s all of those things and she tells him that he acts without thinking and takes risks on everything, that everything he does is childish and doesn’t have a serious side… “But I still wanted to tell you.”

He gently prods her for what else and when she can’t answer, he says he can take a guess…

…and then pulls her in for a kiss. Niiiiiiiccccccceeee.



You know how much I love my drama kisses. You know how much I love it when they’re awesome drama kisses and filled with so much emotion and passion behind them. So… let’s see that again. You’re welcome.

Now that that’s out of the way, I found this hour far more enjoyable so much that I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not a fluke in my book. C’mon drama gods – I’ve been really patient. Don’t I get a cookie? The story progression, the conflict, the honesty – it’s like the perfect blend of coffee. Smooth and no bitter aftertaste. The events that unfolded in this episode are exactly what I wanted to see a few episodes ago. I’m all for character development and enjoyed seeing the layers of the Ji-an onion being pulled back as she gets pulled towards motherhood but because Kim Sun-ah already portrayed the dilemma of being a single mother in Korea out of the park, I wanted to get to this truth revealing, brooding stage faster because there are still so many questions to be posed and answered.

Tae-kang’s response to the news that he’s Ankle’s father hit the right notes for me. As many of you have noted, he’s primed for fatherhood yet he would face the conflict between choosing to be by Ji-an’s side during her pregnancy because he genuinely loves her or out of obligation to take responsibility. His questions were legitimate and I loved that he wouldn’t accept crappy answers of “Sorry” and “I don’t know.” His anger towards her when he initially found out was a perfect foil to the end of this episode when he asked why Ji-an told him that he was the father of the child. And I love that the answers to all of these questions are the same: because she loves him.

Even though I’m relieved that they were finally honest to each other’s feelings in this final scene, I hope that Tae-kang goes to America to pursue his career as well or that the writers tie in a way to advance his career. I’m not advocating that he should leave Ji-an to be a single mother or that his dreams should trump any other family values. Rather, Tae-kang is still in the initial stages of his career and we can see that he has budding talent and passion in this field. To see an abrupt stop to that would be such a waste. We can see what an awesome team these two can make so why not become each other’s cheerleaders in both their work and personal lives?

Doctor of a Heart, thank you for reminding me that I have a heart as well. I was afraid we would stick around in this weird second lead territory for you and though I still don’t approve of you as Ji-an’s doctor while trying to be her best buddy as well, you get some brownie points today. Gold star for your work today – but you’re still on probation.

What a great question he posed: When do we become adults? Do we grow up out of our experiences or does society pressure us to grow up at a certain age? Then are we expected to suddenly understand everything about the world and stop making mistakes? When I was younger, I thought to myself, “When I reach age X, I’ll definitely know how to live my life and know where it’s going because I’ll be an adult.” But as an ‘adult’, I will freely admit that I still don’t know the answer to that question and so many more. If anything, I have even more questions about the world and still make those mistakes.

So maybe Eun-sung is right in that respect; there are no adults in this world. Maybe we need to be reminded to look at our world with child-like eyes and follow our feelings with child-like innocence and heart.


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  1. ivoire

    Thank you so much for the recap!

    • 1.1 ivoire

      Will be back later to comment…

    • 1.2 Betty

      Thank you for this recap Gummimochi. So many awesome moments in this episode…

      I love how JA and TK held hands while waiting for the results of the “copetion” and I love how Ji An took the initiative to intertwine her hand with Tae Kang’s : awwwww, and then how they celebrate silently in her office lol. And of course this kiss was HOT! More please…

      JA looked really vunerable in this episode. You almost want to hug her throughout all the episode. She never experienced the “cold treatment” from TK, must have felt bad… but luckily for her Tae Kang can not hold a grudge for the sake of his life, can he? lol. A-DO-RA-BLE!!!

      • 1.2.1 yumi

        I also loved that JiAn offered her palm and initiated their hands being intertwined. Sweet.

        • Awe

          yumi: right?
          that was just downright adorable. /heartflutter moment.

          thanks for reminding me of that.

    • 1.3 Awe

      INDEED. fab recap, Gumms!

      loved your “Christmas in July” comment. right on!

      and you’re right…love is a dance that does require many steps…but how kewl it would be to dance those steps in THOSE SHOES. lol

      thanks, again.

  2. Kelsey

    Thanks for the recap! I’m off to read it now. 🙂

    • 2.1 Kelsey

      Ok, just finished reading. I am just so happy that TK finally knows that he is the father. I kind of understand why JA put off telling him, but he deserved to know.

      Also, was Doctor w/o Borders finally involved in JA’s life in a positive way? I’m still not a fan of his, but good to know that he’s not just a really annoying character who is always showing up where he doesn’t belong, uninvited.

      Thanks again for the wonderful recap Gummimochi!

  3. Betty

    It’s funny to see how TK’s father is so protective of him, in an adorable and healthy way. He was mad because TK slept out and because he thought TK proposed to JA but when he heard that she rejected him, it almost felt like he would go to her and ask her who she think she is to reject his son (like he already did once by the way, in episode 8) lol. And TK always telling his dad that he loves him, I can not see how those 2 can live far apart, both would be crushed and heartbroken lol. I love this father/ son relationship.

    Oh and Tae Kang for Pete’s sake, take a shower and change your clothes because… NO!!!!! Also I am not against a shower scene if you feel like it *wink wink* and *perve smile*.

    • 3.1 true2u

      Haha i vote for TK shower scene, I’m a perve 2 *.*

    • 3.2 Kwhat?!

      “Also I am not against a shower scene if you feel like it *wink wink* and *perve smile*.” LOVE this!

    • 3.3 Anne-So

      loll well they lived apart for TK’s military service

      I agree with you, I love this pair of characters!

      A+ shower scene idea~~!

    • 3.4 piaaa

      lol. He DID NOT changed his clothes in one entire episode!

      I think there should be a shower scene before he went america. HEE.

  4. kakashi

    Thanks! I also loved ep 13 – it was like warm chocolate cake. IDID might be a veeeeeery slow drama with many faults – but Tae-kang’s character makes up for (almost) all of them. He is such an earnest, caring, soulful person. I first saw Kee Jang-woo in “Smile, Donghae”, and liked him quite a lot (though his character was a real ass), so I’m very glad he can shine as the lead next to Kim Sun-ah (whom I ADORE to pieces). I’ve read many comments about how ‘cold’ she (or her character) is, but I think her acting is awesome, as always – the way she brings across the melting of the ice around Ji-an’s heart is really, really well done. In a way, the drama’s allure lies in its slowness – isn’t real life just as slow sometimes?

    • 4.1 Ivoire

      Hi and well said :-)!

    • 4.2 oftheshore

      Agreed! It’s not a perfect drama, but the main characters are great and Tae Kang is a breath of fresh air – at least for me.:) I that in that scene where TK and JA are having a celebratory squealing session, as well as in JA’s dream about her daughter and from the way she speaks to Ankle you can see that JA is not an Ice Queen. It’s just that we’re used to cute, klutzy and outspoken drama heroines, and while JA can be called reserved (maybe sometimes too reserved), I wouldn’t say she’s necessarily cold.

  5. Denali

    Thank you gummimochi for your thoughts especially the very lovely end of your conclusion and its beginning – a very well-executed and believable kiss. Kudos to both actors!

  6. helena

    I really love this drama, love the characters,but i can’t help thinking that Tae Kang isn’t the right partner for Ji An.He is good looking and has a heart of pure gold but he is an immature child and the age gap is too great. Kim Sun Ah looks a million dollar in this drama but the boy is too young for her. The doctor, yes, is the right one in my opinion.I think I’m the only one who thinks so! Thank you Gummimochi for your great work!

    • 6.1 omo

      Actually, I’m torn between the 2 leads. In dramaland, I think I’m OK with TK as JA’s life partner. Realistically speaking, I can’t see them together 10, 20, or 30 years down the road. Age disparity is most felt when you’re much older (just like my parents right now and they are 10 years apart), and not in your prime.
      I hate to say this too but TK and JA’s intellectual disparity is also very glaring.
      I also think ES understands JA a whole lot more than JA understands herself and that means that ES is the better partner eventually.

      • 6.1.1 Kwhat?!

        Hmm. I’m not sure I agree. I think Eun Sung has flashes of insight about Ji An, but I don’t think he gets her. If he did, he wouldn’t be so pushy and demanding towards her. I feel that Tae Kang really understands her better, which is why she’s able to warm up to him so much. Also, I see the age difference as not such a big deal. I think Tae Kang breathes new life into Ji An’s personality—she seems like she’s been stagnating now for many years, but now she’s growing and opening herself up more. Hence, the need to “start over from the beginning” and find a new way of expressing herself. Which is also why her new style is more of a romantic fantasy—still strong, but with softness, and missing the hard edge of her previous designs.

        • Anne-So

          IA completely with you

        • Awe

          Kwhat: good post.

          and good point about TK breathing new life into JiAn. JiAn even admits to NaRi that she had become complacent and was happy about the team division.

          thanks for the insight!

        • Ivoire

          @ Kwhat, really well said! Great insight, thank you!

  7. Soso

    Thanks for the recap! It was a relief to finally have TK know that he’s the father. Phew! Loved the final kiss, too. And yes, thanks for the second look. 🙂

  8. Jaylee

    Nope, you’re my the only one that thinks so! I think that the doctor is a lot more suited to be the OTP with Ji An.

    He’s much more mature and… I don’t know, “intelligent”(?) than TK. And he offers her good advice that TK perhaps might not be able to offer.
    (eg. The adult/child piece of advice)

    Anyways, the drama ha been interesting for me up till episode… 12 or so, but with all the slow plot movement and ineffective villains, it’s really slowed my interest level to a stop. Even this episode, when people finally spill the beans, isn’t quite enough to get me truly, 100% interested again.

    I’ll continue to watch this drama because ie watched up till now, but mehhh. The Wednesday-Thursday slot is 110% Gaksital day now! Woohoo~

    • 8.1 Laica

      I’ve got to disagree with you on that, and not only because I think Tae-kang and Ji-an are the cutest couple ever.

      True maturity is the ability to sacrifice one’s own wants and needs for another’s well-being. The doc has never once demonstrated that ability, despite his urbane and sophisticated air of “adultness”. Every conversation he has and has had with Ji-an is all about him – how can HE still like her after she told him about the pregnancy, how HE can never meet a woman again after being rejected by her, etc etc. His actions are led buy his own ego and his desire to stay close to Ji-an, whether she wants that or not. Whereas for TK it’s all about HER happiness and what’s best for her. To the point where he was trying to convince Eun-sung to marry her, if that would make her happy, despite the fact that it would break his heart in tiny pieces.

      The doctor needed this lesson in getting over himself, methinks. Getting rejected four or five times by Ji-an was just the prescription for his oversized ego. He’s much more likeable in this week’s episodes.

      • 8.1.1 Kwhat?!

        I agree!

      • 8.1.2 msim

        Absolutely Laica!
        A very true analysis of the doctor’s character.
        Maybe now he can go out into the world and take others’ wishes into consideration.

        TK and JA are actually the same age to me; he’s older emotionally and she’s older professionally.
        Somehow they can meet right in the middle.

  9. Joe

    You marry a lover, not a friend. Opposites attract. Tk and jian they make a perfect couple

    • 9.1 coolrepublica

      Yes you marry a lover, but that lover better become a friend or that marriage will be on life support before you can blink.

      As human being practically anyone can become our lover, but few people can become our friends.

      • 9.1.1 Anne-So

        If my lover becomes a friend, I’ll simply get divorced

      • 9.1.2 helena

        You are a hundred percent right! Therefore, the doctor having learned his lesson and having turned into her friend, can now become her lover and live together in bliss and harmony ever after! He has the maturity and intelligence Ji An needs, he’ll be able to form the perfect couple with her.

        • daniela

          And they could became the most boring couple in the world.

          • Awe

            lol daniela.

  10. 10 la dee dah

    Thanks for the recap.

    I’m finally glad Tae-Kang knows. It was understandable that he was upset, and his impression that Ji-an was embarrassed by him was not off the mark – she had looked down on him and made it known to him many times before. But glad she slowly came around and saw what a great person Tae-Kang was. Tae-Kang had a good reason to be mad, unlike the Doctor when Ji-an told him she was pregnant and he got mad.

    I see a few here thinking the Doctor is a better fit for Ji-an than Tae-Kang, mostly centering about their age and Tae-Kang’s immaturity. First, I don’t think age is big deal, especially if they’re both adults. Second, the Doctor may be more “mature”, but one of the big reasons Ji-an has softened and opened up is because of Tae-Kang. His relationship with her has made her become a better person. Plus, Tae-Kang has sooo much heart, will not back-stab others, has much love for family, stands up for himself and pushes through when being put down… that’s what I call a “mature” man. So what if he’s not as “intelligent” as everyone else.. he and his dad were trying to survive in the world, not everyone can go to college. When Ji-an started out in the shoe business, she was also pushed around and immature.

    Not to say the Doctor is a bad person, he’s actually a good person, but imo he’s only really good to Ji-an as a friend.

  11. 11 becca_boo

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi, and for the extra kiss screencaps! That was pretty epic.

    I’m still uncomfortable with Eun-sung’s past behavior, as well as the fact that he’s still Ji-an’s doctor, but this episode reminded me why I used to like him. He’s so much better as the easy-going friend than the pushy, self-proclaimed fiancé.

    But back to what’s really important: TAE-KANG KNOWS!!!

    • 11.1 sulyn

      Yes, I’m glad he knows but his reaction to
      the news is quite unexpected. Glad it ended well.

      Thanks for the recap.

  12. 12 anduril

    So, Doctor without borders is now Doctor of the Heart, and is on probation. Hee! I still don’t want him to end JA, the no borders issue. ES seems to run over JA rather than mesh. But he is also adorable and I love him more than TK.

  13. 13 Laica

    Thanks for the recap! I’ve been reading them all along, sorry fot not commenting.

    I LOVED this episode to bits, for all the reasons you pointed out. Finally this show is fulfilling all the potential we could see from the beginning.

    I so love when characters face their feelings and are honest with each other. Beats all the grand romantic gestures in the world.

    Speaking of which, though, how cute was the flower-bedecked umbrella and cart in the proposal scene?

  14. 14 jomo

    Ahhh! I love coffeeeeee!
    Thanks for the recap.

    I also loved his reaction to the news. It wasn’t all “Cool! Everything is great!” but slammed his ego.
    Everything both of them accused the other of was true.
    She prolly would have married the doc if it had been his baby. She WAS embarrassed because of his lower status.

    But, their meeting and mating was a one in a million match up of two people who on paper were NOT at all meant to meet under romantic circumstances.

    That attraction like theirs is not at a thinking level, but 100% sexual. I have learned over the years just how powerful that pull can be between people. It explains a lot of fatal attraction situations – and answers the question “Why do good women/men choose bad men/women?”

    What I mean by “sexual” isn’t lustful in a promiscuous way, but genes talking to genes. Our nature is to be extremely and quickly aware of the what type of DNA packages we meet. If our hearts and brains agree, then sometimes good marriages can happen. But sometimes the reality is that the person is an alcoholic, was brought up in an abusive household, or that they are not living up to their potential. Ignoring the facts, and marrying on physical reasons alone results in poor marriages. Happens all day long…

    So when they throw in that their ability to actually produce an offspring was a billion to one, considering her gyn problems, it underlines that sometimes nature gets it right.
    I like that the writers decided to give this unlikely pair complementing personalities. I like that they are showing us that despite the differences, they could work out.

    I hate all the crap she has to go through as a single mother in a non-progressive corporate environment. I am glad all this is making onto the screen! Hopefully someone in power is watching.

    • 14.1 Kwhat?!

      Jomo, I totally agree! I also love that she has come to the realization that she may have been unfair to Team Leader Ma in the past because of her pregnancy. And how they grow closer because of that acknowledgement.

  15. 15 kbnhkr

    Thank you for the recap! I’m glad that you liked it. 🙂
    Here it’s already midnight so I’ll be back later and reread it.

  16. 16 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi. It’s always a fun read when you know the recapper is loving the episode, too!

    On a purely shallow note – I don’t think Kim Sun Ah has EVER looked better. The wardrobe for this show is fabulous and the shoes… oooo, the shoes…..

    Lee Jang Woo is acting his heart out – I was initially concerned that he wasn’t going to be able to be consistent playing against an actress of KSA’s stature, but the boy keeps getting better and better.

    It’s nice to watch an actor’s facial expressions that you can actually read. That scene during the proposal where he goes from total elation and love to discovering that she lied to him was riveting. Watching Jang Woo tearing up never fails to grab me. And also, if there’s one thing that this kid knows how to do, it’s kiss. Really, really well.

    • 16.1 Ivoire

      Hi Cynthia,

      “Lee Jang Woo is acting his heart out – I was initially concerned that he wasn’t going to be able to be consistent playing against an actress of KSA’s stature, but the boy keeps getting better and better.

      It’s nice to watch an actor’s facial expressions that you can actually read. That scene during the proposal where he goes from total elation and love to discovering that she lied to him was riveting. Watching Jang Woo tearing up never fails to grab me. And also, if there’s one thing that this kid knows how to do, it’s kiss. Really, really well.”
      I concur with what you have said here. I had the same concerns about LJW, especially because I didn’t think he was that good in a good portion of “Smile Donghae” and I only liked his acting in the last few episodes. I did think he had improved a lot in “Man of Honor” and I was actually impressed by his acting there.

      I started watching IDID on the heels of TK2Hs, and for some reason, I kept comparing him to LSG in that drama, maybe because I knew that they were about the same age and for me, yes, he was acting his heart out, but he was “acting.” I wasn’t sucked in and I didn’t totally believed that he was his character. I have to say now that he has done well playing against KSA.

      The Kiss, ah, the kiss… Well done indeed. I love how he starts softly and kisses the actress with care (I can’t come up with a word that accurately expresses what I mean). By that I mean that he kisses in a way that shows that he is very sensitive to the person he is kissing. It’s like he is reading the person and he doesn’t make it all about him.
      He starts gently and he is very attentive to how the person responds (you can tell, IMO). IF the actress opens up more (and thus encourages him), he then kisses deeper and meets her where she is at and seems to go where she will want to go. He just seemed so respectful and gentle in his approach, it’s like he is doing the kiss to you and with you at the same time. I love those kinds of kisses, they are my favorites. *Sighs*

      I LOVED their whole body language during the kiss. There seemed to be so much tenderness, and yes, the passion was there. And I liked how KSA responded. She responded in character (that is how I would see her character respond). I just really liked how it went down. Actually, this is a minor detail, but instead of him pulling her to him, I would have had him walking that small distance to her, then holding her and then kissing her. That would have been symbolic to me. I know, I am not a screenwriter, but I am sure many of us rewrite scripts of movies and dramas in our heads. I even talk to myself about them (OK, I know, that sounds bad). That goes to show how much I think about Kdramas :-).

      I also seemed to like the kiss, the way it was done, because it just seemed to have some of LJW (or maybe all of it)’s personality. Based on WGM, we know he likes skinship, and I can’t help but smile when I see him going for some. I could write more, but I will stop here for now. I want to read more comments and I still have to write and post my own.

      I hope you are doing well Cynthia, and I hope if your “husband” has to kiss in his drama that he will be able to deliver :-). What am I saying? This is your husband we are talking about… You trained him well, I take it? (He doesn’t seem comfortable with those kinds of scenes. Maybe he shouldn’t do them… Does he have to?)

      • 16.1.1 Cynthia

        Hi, Ivoire! I enjoyed your dissection of Jang Woo’s kissing skills. What I think serves the boy well is that he’s not shy when it comes to talking about kissing or doing the deed.
        I was fairly certain that he’d do well with KSA – her kissing has always been off-the-charts, dating back to her Sam Soon days. She doesn’t hold back and neither does he.

        As for my ‘husband’ and his future romance scenes, we’ll just hope he’s remembered his lessons. (Actually, I thought that he did ‘the Princess’ honeymoon kiss really well in PK).

      • 16.1.2 zsa

        I agree abt the kiss, though KSA is really not a shy kisser, and Jang Woo loves skinship…they were really kissing in character. This professionalism astounds me esp for LJW who is young and new on screen (I believe this is his first deep kiss in a drama). KSA allowed him to lead and only later stroked his neck/hair (haha,,,I didn’t miss that!)…and love is new to her,,,so the caution is always there, unlike LJW who is more aggressive…beautiful kiss, beautiful acting…kudos to both!

        • Cynthia

          No, his first ‘big’ kiss was in ‘Glorious Jane’ with Park Min Young – and it took 7 hours of continuous kissing to complete the scene. Way to build up cred!

          • Betty

            Oh I didn’t see that you answered about the kiss…
            7 hours of practicing kissing?! the results came out great!

          • zsa

            Yeah I know but i refuse to count that one coz he was doing the kissing(deep on his side) alone while PMY had her lips tight the whole time as it was not reciprocrated(plotwise also as he was not the lead)…I’m counting this as the one where he gets kissed back by the actress…adding to the awesomeness of it all…hey, this is the actress who had Binnie turned red after their drama kiss scene, and look at how he kisses NOW!!:-))

        • Betty

          I think it’s not the first deep kiss of LJW. In Man of honor he also had a beautiful and long deep kiss with Park Min Young. Ok with KSA it’s a different level but still it was a true kiss ^_^

      • 16.1.3 daniela

        *Sighs* It all about the KISS :))

        • Ivoire

          Hi Daniela, *Waves*

          I don’t know if you remember me. I think you wrote a few comments after me when I described one the kisses (more like went over one of the kisses) on QIHM. I think I remember you because you agreed with me and then you said that “now you wanted to kiss someone” and that you should go see your husband :-). I don’t know if this refreshes your memory…

          Anyway, fancy seeing you here, talking about of all things, a kiss again :-).

    • 16.2 oftheshore

      “On a purely shallow note – I don’t think Kim Sun Ah has EVER looked better. The wardrobe for this show is fabulous and the shoes… oooo, the shoes…..”
      Amen to that! since I already commented on LJW and TK, I just have to be honest and admit I spent a couple of hours yesterday looking for Ep 13 screencaps so that I could show that white top of hers to a friend of mine who does not watch dramas. I need to find the contact details for this show’s stylist. Right, so the point of this is: I guess I’m also shallow when it comes to KSA’s wardrobe in this drama. 😀

    • 16.3 jomo

      Agree with everything, and want to add how much I love KSA’s clothes.

      What I like is all of her outfits are flattering, sexy, pretty, classy, elegant, and adult.
      Some of the shows have our heroines wearing mismatched colors, super super ballet like- flouncy skirts, strange patterns, completely boxy or giant layers that hide the female body.
      I don’t understand the style – maybe it is meant to be young and hip or avant garde – so I don’t really like seeing it on the ladies. Especially since the actresses are gorgeous.

      • 16.3.1 Cynthia

        True – one of the (many!) reasons I hated ‘Fashion King’ was the expectation of some FASHION, only to be treated to a wasteland of mediocre, and just plain horrible outfits – especially the suits worn by the two leading men. The women’s outfits were just ‘meh’, regardless of the fact that everything Yuri wore in her FK scenes sold out online immediately.

        IDID has put special emphasis on the haute couture aspect of high-end shoes, and Sun Ah’s wardrobe really reflects that esthetic. At times, she’s overdressed for an office setting, but as stand-alone style, she kills every time!
        And that last pair of fantasy shoes… omg! I’d pull a ‘Prosecutor Princess’ and just display them in a glass case next to my bed, soft light shining down on them….. obsessed?! I’m not obsessed! What makes you think that?!

        • zsa

          yeah,,,who’s obsessed!!!hehe…I love the clothes and it’s good that KSA is also very involved in the style concepts…I really hate futuristic christmast tree like esemble that ppl call fashionable…horrible…and sometimes out of place and unflattering…in this drama however, it’s always spot on…

          • sulyn

            Agree, I just love her outfits and those bags and shoes –
            it’s wow, wow, wow.

  17. 17 Kim

    I loved how the adversity of the competition forced her to rely on other people, something she previously had not been willing to do. I liked how seeing TK as a partner at work was the stepping stone for her to seeing him as a partner in life. As I was watching the flashbacks to the night they met (during the proposal), it struck me that even though JiAn has always insisted it was a mistake, it really seems that in her moment of vulnerability, she actually made a genuine connection with TK. He acknowledges this obviously, but it takes her a lot longer to realize it. Doc still kind of annoys me, but at least it seems that he realizes that the two of them really care about each other and he seems to come to this decision to help them. And one last thing, their little victory dance was the cutest thing EVER! Loved that scene.

  18. 18 Shurlee

    Thank you for the recap!! I agree that this was a good episode! The drama was starting to drag a little so I’m glad the truth is out!

  19. 19 yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    I really enjoyed that the episode stayed true to characters it developed.

    Lots of stuff happened that had the opportunity to create misunderstanding, but the characters thought it through, but didn’t allowed themselves to be trapped by the BS.

    JiAn needed a little help from Dr. Best Buddy, but TaeKang –who might not have much formal education, but is replete with emotional intelligence– looked at the evidence (how JiAn behaved and how he felt around her) and decided to trust his heart.

    Way to go TaeKang.

  20. 20 Jules

    You know, I said finally so many times whilst watching this episode that the word eventually lost all meaning.

    I liked the ep for the fact that there’s finally (hee) some forward momentum (even if it is in episode 13 of 16 – hey, sometimes you have take your wins where you can find them, right?), but I was actually a bit upset with Tae-kang – not for feeling hurt/shocked/betrayed upon discovering the truth, as he was fully entitled (more than!) to said feelings, but because, after deciding he wants to marry Ji-an and raise her child as his own, he then takes the decision to run away to America. And not because it’s a great opportunity for him (which it is) or because he’s scared (though I’m sure if he’d thought about it for a moment, he would’ve been), but out of some sort of spiteful one-upmanship; you could almost see him thinking, bitterly, I’ll come back better than you and richer and more famous – then you’ll regret it, then you’ll see!. Great. And in the meantime, you’re abandoning your child (but hey, it’s okay, because at least you’re willing to give her some money, if no actual support – how good of you, Tae-kang).

    … and I’m probably being too hard on him but, if nothing else, his reaction proves that Tae-kang is still quite immature. (then again, once he’d had a chance to calm down, he did go to see her to sort things out, so… yeesh. am I actually playing devil’s advocate with myself?)

    Anyway. Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

    • 20.1 Annie

      Yes. I don’t get why he has to go to America to succeed. It just doesn’t seem fair to me to miss out on the first few years of your child’s life.

      • 20.1.1 jomo

        He better be back for the birth!!!

        IF he ends up going and staying, they will prolly show off some cool internet technology where he can watch the baby grow up from a distance.

        He could probably even listen to a baby monitor if he wanted.

        Actually, when I traveled away from my babies, even though I left them in capable hands, I wouldn’t have minded being able to check in on them sleeping. Hear them rustle around, make pretty breathing noises…I could always cut out if they cried!!

  21. 21 true2u

    What an EPISODE!!!

    but to be honesty i could not enjoy this episode because when i started i got a call saying my sister is inthe ER and that she almost DIE T^T. She Just gave birth July 4 and fell ill five days later, the Doc said if she was a day later should would have been DEAD! T^T,, they said she had blood clots in her lungs because of the c section, but luckily she when the tine she did, after a few hours i heard she was doing good and now she in the ICU.

    So i needed something to distract me so i decided to watch this episode anyway and i must say LOVED ever minute of it. TK reaction to the news was realistic, Remember the episode when Doc got mad when he found out i did not like his reaction much but TK’S reaction was on point, i like fact that he started remembering what Ji-An had said when he thought it was the Doc she was calling a sperm donor only to now realize it was him she was talking about, but what i LOVE most about TK aside from his cute, romantic and caring guy, is the fact that he can’t hold a grudge for the life of him hahahahahahha. I even love the cold shoulders he gave Ji-An, you could see the sadness on her face.

    Aside from that, the cuteness in this episode was gut wrenching BEAUTIFUL, From the hand holding scene to DATE scene .<

    I will keep those of u updated on my sis condition plz pray for her!

    • 21.1 true2u

      Aside from that, the cuteness in this episode was gut wrenching BEAUTIFUL, From the hand holding scene to DATE scene .<


      • 21.1.1 true2u

        my phone did not include this in my comment

        Aside from that, the cuteness in this episode was gut wrenching BEAUTIFUL, From the hand holding scene to DATE scene .<

        • tru2u

          Gosh TK’S a romantic guy, did you see the setup? It had EVERYTHING that was involved in their relationship from the umbrella to the wheel borrow EVERYTING.. And then that unbelievable SWEETEST KISS was just the cherry on top of all the icing. THAT kiss was HOTTTT! Did you see the lip action? and at one point TK OPENED his eyes was sooooooooo SEXY!!!!!!!!! Just writing about it gets my heart pumping. Because of this i want to see what happened in episode 1, for TK to drink soo much in this episode and was still able to have a logical convo with Doc tells me he KNOWS what happened that very very very faithful night

    • 21.2 kitty

      @true 2u I pray for your sis get better , I wish she will be alright soon and for you don’t worry be happy and heaithy for take good care of her . Love this drama so much and love to read all comments. AND LOVE KIM SUN AH AND LEE JANG WOO FIGHTING……oh thank you so much gummimochi for the best recap.

    • 21.3 Betty

      Hoping your sister gets better and better 🙂 Take care.

    • 21.4 jangerr

      @ true2u – Hope and pray your sis is out of the woods and doing well now.

    • 21.5 jomo

      Aw! I will keep her in my thoughts an prayers, too.

      That is so true about TK being unable to hold a grudge for long before he forgives her.
      She calls him “Pabo! Do you have a bad memory?”

      It isn’t that, but that he lets go of the things that hurt him unnecessarily.

  22. 22 true2u

    Aside from that, the cuteness in this episode was gut wrenching BEAUTIFUL, From the hand holding scene to DATE scene .<

  23. 23 Tama

    Thank you for all the recaps from this show.. I have yet to watch it because I want to sit down and watch it without breaks, but god am I finding it harder and harder to do. LOL Looking forward to the next one =3

  24. 24 dee

    Yeah… thank you… drama gods for such a passionate kiss. And thank you gummimochi for your wonderful recaps.

  25. 25 Aisu

    Thank you2 for the recap, I love how you describe it
    Ah you missed how both of them entered the copetition’s room, that was sooo damn cool of two beautiful main characters, and how madam Jang eyed them, in ep 12 we know why she looks at Jian and Tae Kang like that.
    Love all the scenes in this episode, like their intertwined hand, their excites hugging *kyeopta…

    Yeah I somehow prefer Tae Kang reaction of Jian confession, that shows us how Jian truly feeling finally, Tae Kang proposal, it’s beautiful proposal ever, can’t feel huge age gap between KSA and LJW, everything on the portion. Finally I can respect Dr without Border in peace, nice guy, but still prefer TK over all.

    What now?? Nari some kind of angel to Jian??, the term is upside down between Madam Jang – Nari to Jian ha…
    Who do you prefer to be Jian Back up now??

    I love it That Tae Kang always comes to his senses and feelings, he understand Jian the most :). And finally we got our kiss, yeah!!! Oh how both of them looks good together when they were kissing….>.<

    • 25.1 Aisu

      Episode 14 I mean
      We need extension or season 2, but with different writer, can’t do anyway since MBC put Olympic in the channel :'(

  26. 26 jastinel

    Thanks for the recap gummimochi! This ep. was awesome, KSA looked beautiful in every scene.

  27. 27 Gaeina Lee

    “Is marriage UNICEF? Or Red Cross?”

    He’s Doctor without borders anyway, so why not become UN now…? ^^

    Moving episode, sweet kiss(es), top with good recaps, thank you Gummimochi!

    • 27.1 trotwood

      I loved this line, too. I actually like Dr. Yang. He is giving his friend much needed straight talk (and he’s funny and cute!).

      Doctors without borders has not been able to see how his “proposals” would look so imperialistic to Ji-an. I am glad the writers gave him a friend who seems to try to get him to look at things from another perspective than his own.

  28. 28 malta

    OMG! Can’t wait to watch this episode! So excited! I scrolled down to the bottom of the page with my eyes closed so I could comment without any spoilers. …!!!!!!! so excited. 🙂

  29. 29 Suzi Q

    Hallelujah! The birth secret is finally revealed….It was almost like giving birth too. It took that long! (pun intended)

    Lee Jang Woo was absolutely adorkable. WOW! what a sexy kiss!!! When does the baby bump show because Ji-an is flat as a washboard.Love her sexy maternity wear though.

    Why does Ji-an have to take all that crap from Madame Jang and her evil cohort, Na-ri? Ji-an should leave that lousy work environment with Tae Kang, dear old dad, the shoe pattern maker and knockoff shoe king, and his other friend and start up their own shoe company and pound Madame Jang’s shoe company to the ground. They have enough talent and know how to make sexy original designer shoes or cute adorable children shoes like Ankles pair.

  30. 30 zsa

    Though I’m kinda pervie…and I sometimes watch a drama just for the kisses, I do not like over the top kisses that serve no purpose to the plot. However, this kiss scene is like water in the desert…it’s beautiful, and purposeful for the characters, story etc and it tells so much…and I dont mind it being slightly longer hehe…case in point, the bed scene in SEGA, that endless kiss which I thought should have been shorter (can you believe I’m saying this?)…I hope to see more meaningful kisses such as this, and giddyness of being in love, and knowing each other’s feeling in the future eps of IDID…loving the OTP…chemistry overload!!!

  31. 31 feydo

    the unforgettable and passionate kiss of the century. I do I do is the best and number one k-drama of this year for me. thanks again gummimochi for for the recaps. not good in analysis, just love reading everybody’s post.

  32. 32 Yue

    Thanks for the recap gummimochi!

    And yes, I love drama kisses too. And my favourite had been the one from Goong – no changing my mind on that mwahahaha…

    But, this is close to shake that stand hehehe…

    I love how they are slowly asking all the right questions and I wonder how they’re going to wrap it up. One part of me wanted TK to go to US and be the awesome designer I know he could be… The other — well, I wanted him to stay with JA…

    But… Can’t they both just go and JA to start all over again — somehow? She does have the reputation and she didn’t really need the backing of the CEO’s wife or whatever…

    • 32.1 namcha

      Kiss scenes are like cherry on top if the drama is good. Secret Garden kiss made me blush. That has to be the best kiss scene, and PT taste is 2nd. Is there a poll of kiss scenes? If not, dramabeans should invent one. LOL

  33. 33 JD

    Dude. His hair is like a friggin’ helmet.

  34. 34 neener

    Your comment reminded me of what my HS teacher once told us, “Be CHILDLIKE not CHILDISH!”

  35. 35 namcha

    Wow so many analyses about the kiss scene. It was a good kiss. I also love JA’s outfits in this drama. Kudos to the stylist. Finally, KT knows about the baby. I’m satisfied with this ep.

  36. 36 daria

    re: on seeing THAT again… thank you!
    hahahahah, i love how the kiss has sparked anatomy-of-a-scene comments here – a good kissing scene loaded with meaning is much much appreciated 😉

    somebody mentioned a shower scene – hell yeah, c’mon boy, you’ve been wearing the same borrowed (TK mentioned in an eppie that his suit was borrowed, though not sure is it the same one here, heheh) suit for an entire day already, you need to jump into the shower! *perv smile*

    this show pushes all the right buttons for me & what i love about this eppie is that it highlights how consistent the characters are. i especially love JA’s frankness even in such a romantic set-up that she has no intention of marrying TK.

    ‘awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’ was my reaction to last the scene. TK’s tender expression (& the fact that he looks like he hasn’t slept in days) as he probes JA… i just want to hug that little puppy.

    i also hope that the US trip works out for TK. this show has been cool in addressing personal ambition; i want to see things work out for both JA & TK but i would also like to see TK move forward career-wise.

    *biting my tongue hard not to comment on things on eppie 14*

  37. 37 malta

    What a wonderful episode.

    The proposal scene was lovely and so sweet. I have a weakness for men who can sing. awww.

    I’m so glad the big secret is out and surprise, surprise there is still so much conflict. So basically this could of happened say 2 episodes ago. But still I love how it’s all unfolded. We know so much about our main couple that we can understand the impact of what’s happening to them when they finally are honest and reveal how they feel.

    I think this drama is very realistic about Tae Kang and Ji An’s relationship. Sometimes it is frustrating, but it is also rewarding when things finally are explained and people figure out what is going on.

    I still don’t like Eun Sung. I think the writer has made him wear to many hats so whenever he says something I can’t really take it seriously because he might change his mind int he next scene. Are you the lover, the doctor, the friend…who are you? His scene at the end talking about maturity was great, but it feels like the words Ji An’s best friend (if she were a better written character) should have told Ji An.

  38. 38 malta

    Now that this secret is out of the way, I want to see a baby bump! Probably not gonna happen though…

    Even if there is just a quick scene and time jump….aww, how cute would it be?! Tae Kang would freak out from happiness if he were able to touch Ji An’s pregnant belly and feel his child move!!!!!!!! So cute.

    I think Tae Kang’s dad would also be excited (after he got over being shocked/mad) that he was going to be grandfather and that Tae Kang and Ji An loved each other.

  39. 39 Mary

    All I can say is FINALLY!!!

  40. 40 otchosais

    ..My fave line was the lines of ES.. About being an adult 🙂
    He is awesome that time..

    And yes! I am also patient with these drama and i didn’t lose hope and faith in it.. Now, we just have and ate a sweet cookie 🙂

    Thanks for the recap:)

  41. 41 Seanshine

    Thanks so much for the recap. I’m smitten with this drama. My heart fell to the floor when Tae Kang said she was ashamed to be pregnated by him. Thats just the worse thing ever. But i love his persistance and the way he loves and admires Ji An.

  42. 42 MariePhils

    Still could’nt get enough of Dalja Spring vibe? Coz’ i’m actually watching DS all over again in my dvd…

    But this drama may take the 3rd spot of my fave Noona-oppa…age-gap relationship drama

    And that kiss…loved the emotions insighted by the couple before doing it…

  43. 43 ruby factao

    kilig muchhhhh….. i love the holding hands, specially the KISS… I REALLY LOVE THE HAIR STYLE OF KIM SUN AH…it fitts her character in I DO I DO..

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