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I Do, I Do: Episode 14
by | July 14, 2012 | 111 Comments

We’re chugging along at a nice pace now as we set ourselves up for the show’s final week. Secrets come pouring out left and right while Tae-kang ponders over what it’ll take to become the Best Daddy Ever. ‘Cause he’s already a shoe-in for Best Boyfriend Ever.

Enough with the sweet gestures, good man – You had me at hello.


As the two lie on the sofa together, Tae-kang wonders where do they go from here – should he not go to America? Ji-an looks back at him and then questions why humans wait so long to have a baby.

It would be much easier to just have it in 2 or 3 months but concludes that pregnancy is a period for her to prepare herself for a mini Ji-an 2.0. “Perhaps you need some time too, don’t you think?” To ready himself for fatherhood.

She doesn’t expect him to return and be Father of the Year but to become a dad Ankle can respect. “So go and take hold of your life. Show ’em properly. Show our Ankle.” They wrap their arms around each other tighter.

And take hold of her life indeed as Ji-an asserts herself to take the reins of the collaboration right out of Na-ri’s hands. Na-ri can go ahead and deal with the external affairs but she’ll be taking the hands-on approach thankyouverymuch to lead the collaboration, her “condition” be damned.

Tae-kang’s face falls when he hears that Ji-an’s already had her morning milk. He turns that frown upside down by pulling her into a backhug which gets her all flustered, especially when Team Leader Ma walks in just after they break apart.

Ji-an scolds him that someone could see… and he gives her a surprise peck on the cheek before scurrying off. HA – Cute.

Madame Jang is NOT pleased to hear that Na-ri has gone ahead to ask the Chairman to let Ji-an lead the project. She reminds Na-ri that she is the lead stakeholder in the company, not Daddy, and Na-ri meekly complies to rectify the error.

While they’re at it, there’s another thing Na-ri can do: find out who Baby Daddy is. But then she whips out the photo evidence of Tae-kang and Ji-an together, having already figured out as much. She’s already aware that Tae-kang was hand-picked by Ji-an and even his father was hired to work for the company…

Na-ri immediately comes to his defense that Tae-kang is someone they’re grooming to become the next star designer; they can’t use him for their benefit against Ji-an. Are you trying to be evil or not evil? Pick a side, hon.

Dad scowls at the rumors that there’s a company pool going on betting on who the father is. To be so caught up over someone’s personal life rather than their work is something the tabloids would do, he says.

Then we get a little comedic moment that no one in Bong-soo’s office ever comes looking for him. Bong-soo remains hung up on who the baby’s father is until Dad repeatedly tells him to leave.

The cute little things Tae-kang does for Ji-an are so heartwarming from making sure that she drinks the freshest milk to putting in a couple of winks while the others are away. I especially love that he doesn’t force her out of his chair and offers his hand for her to take. The reason behind all of this? “Since Ankle is precious.”

And just like a father putting his child to bed, he tells her in banmal, “Sleep well,” before another quick kiss.

Tae-kang checks his calendar on his desk, sighing deeply that there’s barely a week left before he leaves.

He starts to jot down a “Things to Do Before I Leave” list when Na-ri unexpectedly walks in with a change of clothes, telling him that they’re going out. This means that he needs to wake Ji-an up prematurely, relaying to her that he’ll be away for a bit.

In the car, he casually comments if he’s leaving too suddenly and asks he can leave a little later, like early next year. She densely muses if he’s worried about his father, telling him not to worry. We all know that he wants to stay by Ji-an’s side but can’t bring himself to press the issue.

It seems that word has gotten out about Ji-an’s replacement for the collaboration and a scout from another company has heard about her situation. He suggests that Ji-an come work for them, offering a competitive salary package and a more expectant-mother friendly environment.

Ji-an asks what the catch is and the scout shifts uncomfortably in his seat. They’d like some minor things, like exclusive rights to Italian leather companies and next year’s design concept just to name a few.

That’s enough information for Ji-an to give her answer: “Do you know why your company will always be No. 2? You only think about cheating rather than studying.” They should focus to improve their company from within so that they stop hearing that their designs are all the same. And just in case it wasn’t clear enough: “I decline.”

But the scout dangles the carrot that the other companies in the industry are talking about her. They view her single mom outlook with sarcasm and find her shameless for proclaiming about how she became pregnant by mistake, how she’s stuck in this awful situation because the father won’t marry her. They’ve also heard that Madame Jang has specifically targeted Ji-an.

He glibs that she won’t be able to survive in this industry… especially since she isn’t alone with a quick glance to her stomach.

Pushing the contract back towards her, he instructs her to think about it since Ji-an needs to consider her place now.

Thinking back on all the words warning her that she won’t last as a single mother, tears stream down her face as she says, “Ankle… Mom was prepared. But it still hurts.”

She fights tears as she speaks with Mom on the phone who frets that Ji-an might not have anyone taking care of her. Mom registers her daughter’s cracking voice and asks if she’s crying, news that pique Dad’s concern.

Ji-an hurriedly hangs up but the entire situation doesn’t sit quite well with Dad.

We catch up with Tae-kang who is the middle of storming out of the meeting Na-ri has dragged him to. He’s upset that Na-ri is making him lie – he’s not some prodigy and he wasn’t the means to winning the collaboration.

But Na-ri counters that they’re words that Ji-an herself has publicly declared which does little to ease his mind. Seeing that he’s swimming in shark territory now, he bursts, “How is this any different than when I was making knockoffs in Itaewon?!”

Their company isn’t some philanthropic organization, sending future designers abroad because of their socioeconomic status, Na-ri explains. He’s an investment, so wouldn’t it make sense to do his part to help out the company in return? In other words, he’s a product.

If Tae-kang is going to keep coming off like this, they’ll have to reconsider his overseas internship opportunity which is fine by him. He storms out and Ji-an’s words of him becoming a dignified father eat at him.

The sound of Ankle’s heartbeat relaxes Ji-an and Eun-sung sighs that she must be a mom just like anyone else if her child’s heartbeat comforts her. He asks if she still hears it as “gudoo/gudoo” which she does and he jokes that a woman who works in real-estate hears it as “dogok/dogok” (Dogok is one of the most affluent areas in Seoul).

He presents Ji-an with a gift after the exam: a pair of baby pink Mary Janes. She wonders, “A daughter?” and Eun-sung shrugs back at her.

Waitaminute. She’s not even showing and you know the gender of the baby? Am confused.

Bong-soo regales Dad with the kdrama-like story of how Na-ri’s parents got together with added dramatic effect. Dad asks what Na-ri might be like as a future daughter-in-law and is delighted to hear that she’ll become CEO of the company soon.

Dad blushes, thinking it’d be impossible for Tae-kang to marry a future CEO and Bong-soo tells him to dream big, “Ajusshi, be ambitious!” Then he imagines driving up to the company (wearing the loafers that Tae-kang handed to him) and bouncing happily with Na-ri.

To pop us out of the dream, Choong-baek brings over his latest alcoholic creation, “No no no it won’t work!” Hehe.

Just then, one of Na-ri’s employees comes to pick Dad up at the restaurant.

Ji-an sets the new pair of shoes on her baby shoes shelf which is growing faster than her stomach and whispers for Ankle to come out soon.

When Tae-kang suddenly appears at her place she gripes if he thinks he can come by anytime to a stranger’s house. He responds, “A stranger? My child lives here.” HA.

He shuffles behind her and wraps her in a backhug, asking to stay like this for just one minute. Ji-an asks if something is bothering him and to his response that becoming a respectable dad is harder than it looks, she teases, “Then did you think being a parent was easy?”

Turning around, Ji-an takes his face in her hands, telling him, “Let’s stay strong. It’s only the beginning for us.” She tops it off with a kiss.

To lift his spirits, she offers to whip up something tasty for him and ping! Tae-kang stutters that ramyun will be just fine. She whines that she wants to do something special for him like last time and he’s like, “Last time?!” When she insists, he covers that she shouldn’t exert herself.

Looks like our new couple don’t see eye to eye on Ankle’s extracurricular activities. Tae-kang is intent on raising a future soccer player, insisting that exercise is healthy whereas Ji-an intends to do no such thing, rather Ankle is a shoe designer since her conception. Even her heartbeat goes, “gudoo/gudoo.”

Unfortunately their argument is interrupted by the doorbell – it’s Dad and Mom at the door. Tae-kang is all for properly introducing himself as the baby’s father… cut to: Tae-kang being thrown into the shoe closet. HA.

But then the sound of his ringtone alerts her parents to check the closet anyway. He gets on his knees and introduces himself as “Ankle’s father” much to Ji-an’s parents astonishment.

Needless to say that Dad finds it difficult to accept this truth, the added fact that Tae-kang leaving for that States soon adding fuel to the fire. Tae-kang defends that he’ll come back real soon to become a father Ankle will be proud of. And then he mouths to Ji-an: “Tell them.”

Dad nearly teeters in shock at Tae-kang’s age (27 in Korea which would put him around 26/25 in the States) and then Ji-an adds that they’ve settled to play Mom and Dad without getting married. Tae-kang’s expression is like Is this you trying to help?!”

What’s worse is that she repeats that she has no intention to get married to Tae-kang, words that cut him the most.

Once he leaves, Dad notes that an intact family structure is necessary for the baby and doesn’t see why Ji-an can’t follow Tae-kang to the States if he’s leaving. She asks him to respect her opinion and accept what situation is the most comfortable for her since that’s the most comfortable for the baby.

Dad starts to gripe again when this time it’s Mom who speaks up that they have a grown daughter who can make her own decisions and though Dad grumbles, he doesn’t say any more on the subject. Then Ji-an and Mom exchange secret victory glances. Yay Mom!

Dad shows off pictures of the apartment Na-ri has gifted them, singing praises about how she’d make a fine daughter-in-law. Figuring it’s better late than never, Tae-kang readies himself (by grabbing a pillow) that actually about Ji-an’s baby…

…and we hear the sounds of pots and pans crashing in the background. We cut back to Dad crying out that the convenience stores and pharmacies have aisles of that “thing” available – how was he so stupid not to buy one?

He’s displeased to hear that there won’t be a wedding and demands to know why Tae-kang likes that woman so much. Tae-kang answers that people commonly say that a couple goes nuts for each other when they fall in love. But for him, it’s the opposite; it became clear that he needs to step it up.

Gently placing a hand over Dad’s, Tae-kang assures him that he was never left in want under Dad’s care. He was always grateful but wondered why he was even born when he saw Dad go through the lonely and hard times: “If only I wasn’t born; he’d be much happier.”

Tae-kang says, “Parents are people who always say, ‘I’m fine.’ But we children can clearly see through that. I’m going to make sure my kid never thinks that. ‘Thank goodness I was born.’ ‘I made my mother and father happy.'” So he’s going to make sure that he comes back so that Ji-an will say, ‘Yes.’

Fighting tears, Dad resigns, “Make sure you do that.”

Later that night, we see Tae-kang telling us in voiceover of Things to Do Before I Leave which include (1) setting up a place for Ji-an to rest (2) letting Ji-an eat all the jokbal she wants (3) making shoes for Ankle.

The next morning we see Na-ri arrive at her office to find a little apologetic note and thanks from Tae-kang.

Ji-an runs into Dad in the hallway who tells her that she should take care of her body and dress more appropriately. He hands her his number to call anytime she needs him which confuses her.

As he walks away, Bong-soo asks, “Are you interested in Director Ji-an?!” Aww Dad, I knew you’d come ’round.

Team Leader Ma relays to the team that the higher ups have decided to go with Na-ri to headline the collaboration with Ji-an’s design. This turn of events obviously angers Tae-kang, who crumples his little feature article in his hands.

Ji-an sits in her office as Na-ri’s voice confirms that there was “nothing that they could do” about the collaboration. Nothing that you could do, my ass. More like nothing you did.

Count on Weasel Boy to make snide remarks about Tae-kang’s career opportunities out of jealousy and Redhead comments that she’s heard through the grapevine that the Vice President has feelings for Tae-kang which is why he’s being given the special treatment. But of course, that tail end of the gossip is overheard by Na-ri herself.

Bong-soo walks into the pattern design office in a daze, muttering that he thinks he knows who the baby’s father is. All of a sudden, Dad clasps his hand over Bong-soo’s mouth that they can’t tell ANYONE that it’s Tae-kang and Bong-soo’s eyes bug out. Whoops, so much for keeping that secret under wraps.

He repeats: “Tae-kang? He’s Medusa’s baby’s father?” and THAT bit of news is also overheard by Na-ri who gasps in horror. What, you just drop in to pick up on key information?

Well you can imagine that Na-ri and Dad’s lunch date is sure to be an awkward one. Dad fills her in that it was a drunken mistake and carefully asks about the topic of Tae-kang’s overseas studies.

Na-ri raises an eyebrow, asking if that mean he intends to leave the expectant mother behind, finding it hard to believe that he would want to return in order to become a better father. She’ll have to reconsider and Dad will need to keep Bong-soo and his lips tightly sealed.

She returns to her office and cries.

Tae-kang crosses off the first thing on his To Do list by surprising Ji-an with a new chair to nap in. She smiles at the generous gesture and teases, “Ankle and I will think of you once in a while when we sleep here.”

He wonders for the umpteenth time if he should reconsider going to the States but Ji-an sees it as a plus for her and Ankle to have a father who’s a successful designer. Figuring that it doesn’t matter who headlines the collaboration, she’ll let the company suffer a little without her.

Tae-kang’s shoulders slump at her strong personality, commenting that there’s no way he can butt in. Ji-an points to her stomach and tells him that he’s already in here, with Ankle. If he really want to cheer her up, he can buy her some jokbal later.

Tae-kang pulls in closer and softly says, “Ji-an, you’re no ordinary to me. You awoke my dream; taught me the process. More than anything, you taught me how to walk straight. I won’t ever stray from the path again. I’m going to look ahead and walk straight. Just like you.”

Ji-an takes his hand in hers and placing it close to her heart, she says, “Thank you.” Then Tae-kang slowly draws his face closer to hers as if to kiss her… and then pulls back at the last moment.

He tells her, “They say that skinship and kisses are really good for the baby.” Pffft. And then Ji-an asks if it’s proven fact and he’s all, Yeah of course. I read it in a book. It like promotes endorphin production.

It also promotes something else too buddy. Hey, don’t tell me these jokes don’t come to you either. He asks, “Should we confirm it?” and Ji-an asks if the door’s locked.

Cut to: Weasel Boy catching a flustered Ji-an and Tae-kang who can’t wipe off the smirk on his face.

Ji-an is none too pleased to be called into Na-ri’s office, saying that she’ll let the collaboration issue go this time around. But Na-ri has bigger fish to fry: Who is her baby’s father?

Ji-an isn’t keen on disclosing that information and via dramatic gong, Na-ri asks if it’s Tae-kang. Just like her pregnancy, she remain mum about it but it’s Madame Jang Ji-an should keep an eye out for because she already suspects him.

It’s only a matter of time until news gets out and she warns that even though Tae-kang might be leaving for the States, everyone will question their relationship in relation to every career success he’s had so far. Those rumors that Ji-an pulled all of those strings will become a cruel reality where Ji-an will be kicked out of the company and Tae-kang blacklisted from ever working in this industry again.

No one will believe her honest intentions and Ji-an insists that if she keeps persevering, the truth will eventually come out. Nari: “Do you really believe that? What good has come of you publicly addressing that you’ll be a single mother? In my eyes, be it 20 years ago or the present, the world hasn’t changed. How long do you think you’ll last if you keep charging ahead?”

If she keeps this up then it will be the end for her, Tae-kang, and his father. She advises that Ji-an hand in her resignation to save Tae-kang and his family. Ji-an will need to make a decision by tomorrow.

We cut to Eun-sung whose phone dings and we hear the phone audibly read out the message. Oh hai product placement… It’s from Tae-kang who asks if he’ll be home in an hour.

Right on time, Eun-sung greets a visitor – the local jokbal ajumma – who’s here to teach him her secret recipe. Aww, so Eun-sung can make it for Ji-an whenever she wants to eat some?

As for Tae-kang? He’s currently getting his hair pulled by a grandma. Nothing a lollipop can’t fix!

Gosh, I love it when these two are together. Tae-kang drops by to taste test the jokbal and when he comments that it’s “3.6%” lacking, Eun-sung retorts, “You do it.”

Tae-kang suggests that Eun-sung delivers it to Ji-an himself since he’ll be the one meeting up with her and grabbing coffee, basically giving the green light to their budding Best Buddy status. But he draws the line at skinship and sealed off spaces.

He reminds Eun-sung to stick to Ji-an like glue even if she insists otherwise and Eun-sung agrees. There’s also one more favor he’d like to ask but we don’t get to hear it.

We cut to Ji-an whose eyes are red and puffy from crying. The words about how the world knowing about her relationship with Tae-kang will endanger everyone reverberate in her ears. Taking the rival company’s contract in her hand, she shreds it.

Doctor of a Heart drops by with fresh jokbal in hand and relays Tae-kang’s wish: he’d like to say hi to Ankle. He tells her to come by with Tae-kang in the morning.

Tae-kang sits nervously in the office and this time it’s Dr. Yang who’s performing the ultrasound. His eyes grow wide, glued to the screen as the fetus pops up to the screen. He marvels, “So you’re Ankle…” Caught up in his excitement, he asks, “Don’t you think she looks like me?”

Tears welling up in his eyes, he says, “Ankle, it’s Daddy. Hi.”



What a beautiful way to finish off this week as Tae-kang officially says hello to his daughter. Everything else you say after that is moot, sir – ’cause you had me at hello. I’m honestly relieved that now that our couple is able to freely express their emotions to one another, the story can finally move on from, I’m-pregnant-you-don’t-know-I-will-silently-suffer. I love it how leaving Ji-an isn’t an easy decision for him but it could possibly be the best one. Though Ji-an clearly loves him and supports him, we need to remind ourselves that right now, Tae-kang is still immature, childish, and impulsive. It’s not that she doesn’t love those aspects of him, rather that she sees the potential of a man who can return to her and their child as a capable, respectable man. She’s willing to wait and see that transformation because like she said earlier, “It’s only the beginning.”

Despite that Ji-an still isn’t showing (which occurred to me that some women are simply fortuitous … but should show at least a wee bit by this point) I’m glad we got to know the sex of the child and that little snippet of Ji-an’s worry about raising a son over a daughter. If the dream was an indication of the future, Ji-an would have gotten her mini 2.0, and now her dreams of sketching in the park may actually come true. That is, if Tae-kang and his sports dreams have anything to say about that. Their arguments and concern over Ankle are perfectly sound and what every expecting parent thinks of in excitement to meet the little one. What I love about this pregnancy the most is that Tae-kang and Ji-an have taken ownership over the situation and refers to Ankle as theirs.

Moving on, Na-ri needs to attend Evil Second Lead 101 because with all her flip-flopping and lack of assertiveness, I’m left confused on what her intentions were. Didn’t she want to take charge of the collaboration but still proposed to Daddy about letting Ji-an resume her position. I suppose you could argue that she can always rely on the higher-ups to back her up, but really what spine does she have if she can’t stamp her foot down on these things? Her speeches of warning to Ji-an sound less evil and more out of concern for Ji-an because she’s seen the harm it could do for a successful designer, i.e. her mother. Na-ri got a decent monologue in this episode (although it was the same words she’s been repeating all series long) and I was sad to see it cut by the product placement the next minute, be it intentional or not. It’s as if you had a moment to shine and then an extra upstages you in the background.

With this final week approaching, I’m going to hold off concocting any possible endings because who knows where the writers will take it. All I hope is that we don’t rush our couple too quickly (a time slip, but really that’s where Dr. Jin comes in) and if we must move it along faster, I’m holding out for a decent reason. Because drama, I won’t settle for a “Sorry” or “I don’t know.” Tae-kang didn’t, so why should I?


111 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Betty

    Thank you for this recap Gummimochi.
    I totally relate to everything you said at the end in ‘Comments’ for episode 13 and now it is the same for episode 14. Now let’s hope episode 15 & 16 will not screw this up!

  2. Betty

    I cannot begin to tell what I love in this episode since there was so many things. For me, it’s making up for my long suffering for waiting so long for the truth to be revealed to Tae Kang. The opening and the ending of episode 14 were fabulous!

    And those back hug (at the office and in JA’s kitchen), how great was that?!!! and this teary eyes of TK when he sees the baby for the first time, awww. Also I really liked JA’s reaction when she learned that it was a girl, I love how she said “daida”(I don’t know the spelling), it was so cute, SHE was so cute. It’s nice to see how JA character have evolved. Awesome KSA.

    Once again I really appreciate TK’ character consistancy with JA’s parents, with Na Ri, with his father. This Mi Guk thing still have to be resolved but I hope it will work out in a satisfaying way.

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      Hi Betty,

      There are so many touching, endearing, intimate and tender moments in this episode, it makes my little heart happy! This is what I was hoping (at least part of it) would happen once TK found out he was the dad and I mentioned some of it in my (sometimes long) comments in past recaps.

      My favorite LOL moment was when TK and JA were in the resting room (at work, where he had the chair for her) and TK basically indicated that he intended to kiss her. He then got closer and said something, which was translated on Viki as “I am coming” right before he kissed her. Someone in the comments there wrote “that sounds dirty, LOL” and I remember thinking he is saying he is coming like he is about to launch a missile or something. That would so be be something TK would say and that was so funny and cute!!!!

      I agree with Betty that the opening and ending scenes where just beautiful, very touching. I really LOVE how LJW portrays the emotions that TK is going through and they use the lighting really well on their actors/actresses.

      I also LOVE TK’s consistency in his character as Betty as pointed out and it has been a fact that I have brought up a few weeks ago on Open Threats. Again, he is SO refreshingly different as a male lead character, it makes it easy to want to stay on his team. I do hope like Betty that episodes 15 and 16 will be well written as well and that our OTP will have their Happily Ever After (and that they will come out on top) and I am really hoping that Madam Jang and Na-ri will get their comeuppance (and Jake as well). I am looking forward to that.

      I also LOVED that when TK was down, he went not to his dad, not to his friend (like at the beginning of the series, in the first few episodes) but to see JA and he wanted to hold her and be comforted by her. I can totally relate to that feeling and I was glad when she did. I also LOVED that they brought back JA wanting to cook, because that lends itself to funny and comedic moments. TK cares about what JA thinks, and I think that is why he wants her opinion on the US opportunity. She is a part of his life now and I understand that. I LOVE the tender moments between the two of them because they help deepen their burgeoning relationship and that helps them feel and get closer.

      TK is confirming what many of us have been saying: that he has the potential to be a good dad and as a potentially good dad, he takes care of his woman. I don’t mean that in a possessive macho kind of way. I just mean that it is a known fact that if mommy is relaxed, happy and receives support, the pregnancy goes better just like if mom is happy at home, the mood at home (and everything else) is better as well for all who live there. TK does all he can to support and take care of JA, and he relishes (which I LOVE) doing that. It is a part of who he is, to feel that way (IMO).

      I have more to say, so I will be back later.

      @ Oftheshore, we should really check with the factory to see if our TK clones are ready :-), considering how much I have just spent time writing about this character. It is no secret how I feel about him. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how consistent he has been. Please writer-nim, don’t mess up the ending. Write something that makes sense and that ties everything together if possible. And please, give us a happy ending. I feel that I deserve one (I am sure I am not the only one) for my (our) patience and willingness to see where you were taking us as we stuck with this drama. Thank you!

      • 2.1.1 oftheshore

        Just got back from a trip, and I somehow knew you would bring up the factory issue again.:D

        • Ivoire

          Hi OTS (short for your screen name), I literally LOLed at your comment. I hope your trip went well. You knew I would bring up the factory issue huh? Ha, ha, ha, you know me too well :-).
          P.S.: I left you a message on OT #248 (actually two) FYI. Hope you will get to read them :-)! Make sure they have today’s date :-). Happy reading :-)!

          • oftheshore

            Yes – I’ve read your post and replied just now! Just hope you will check this thread, otherwise I will have to stalk you here on Dramabeans. 😀

          • Ivoire

            Hi OTS,

            I did read your response and I have replied as well. But please feel free to stalk away :-). I have never had a stalker and your kind is the kind I would welcome (educated, smart, has a sense of humor and loves Kdramas) :-). We could just continue to exchange opinions and our views on Kdramas and continue to learn about each other as well :-). And as a person being stalked, I won’t ignore you :-)…

            Did you get to read my posts (mentioned on the OT) on “A Gentleman’s Dignity?” They are quite interesting and what happened was an experience as well, but I think I handled it well. If you do read them, please let know what you thought (You could do it on OT #248).

      • 2.1.2 ~Feather~

        You pretty much said everything I wanted to. 🙂
        That last scene was so beautiful. Tae Kang was the one who was nervous about meeting Ankle, and when he finally saw her, his expressions ans tears were so genuine. He was so happy that he cried.
        I’m thankful to Eun Sung for letting his friend perform the ultrasound instead. It allowed Ji an and Tae kang to have their moment together with Ankle.

        • Ivoire

          Helloooo there ~Feather~,

          I pretty much said everything you wanted to say huh? Awwww… We must be on the same wavelength then :-). I am glad I could echo your sentiments.

          I second what you said about the last scene being so beautiful, for all the reasons that you mentioned and isn’t LJW good at showing how TK must feel? I was also happy to see that ES’s friend performed the ultrasound. It really made that moment about JA, Ankle and dad-to-be, TK :-). I agree with you, what a beautiful ending to this episode.

          On a shallow note, I do like ES’s friend, the doctor. I find him very attractive and cute 🙂

          • gummimochi

            Isn’t that a shame? Eun-sung’s still on probation for me but… it looks like he just got a haircut…

            …and my oh my… (gulp)…

          • zsa

            He indeed is…especially when he went all ‘doctor-y’….hehe…shallow me

          • Ivoire

            Hello Gummimochi *Waves and smiles,*

            Sooo good to hear from you!!! I have actually always liked Eun-sung (OK, more like for the most part, to be honest). I was actually on his team at the beginning as I didn’t see how TK could end up with JA. Eun-sung to me was smooth, educated, smart (OK now, maybe not so smart), sophisticated… or so it seemed and he seemed closer to where JA was in her journey.
            Things changed when he gave JA that speech when she told him she was pregnant. I could not believe what was coming out of his mouth and decided that I would give TK a chance. As you know, now I am all “TK, where have you been all my life? 🙂 You mean you were like this from the start? Why didn’t you say so? What? What do you mean I wasn’t listening and was not paying attention? Well, guess what? You’ve got my attention now :-)”

            I keep wanting to give Eun-sung the benefit of the doubt regarding his actions, or at least some of them. I keep wanting to think that maybe if someone talked to him and explained a few things to him, then maybe he would know how to behave better (although, as an adult, he should know better). Well, he had to do a few things to make us change ship since he is so attractive (IMO) and that he did, so I am not on his team anymore, but I don’t hate him.
            On a shallow note, I have always liked his haircuts :-). I think he looks much better here than in “When Spring Comes,” which was a while ago, I know. I think he is aging well, so far.

            Gummi, by this “…and my oh my… (gulp)…” should we take it that you find him cute? Attractive? (just wondering…)

            Also, you are funny! I LOVED this: “Tae-kang ponders over what it’ll take to become the Best Daddy Ever. ‘Cause he’s already a shoe-in for Best Boyfriend Ever.
            Enough with the sweet gestures, good man – You had me at hello,” and other things you say here and there, but that one was my favorite for today, I think :-). And of course, I concur!

          • Katie

            I like the doctor’s new haircut , absolutely stylish compared to the first lead actor,

            commented before like a helmet but my sighting like a bee-hive !.

      • 2.1.3 daria

        ooooooo, the factory!!! how’s my TK clone going? estimated delivery date??? hahahahahah 🙂

        • daniela

          What happen with KBD? is he off the list? was he already consummated?

          • Ivoire

            Hi Daniela, here you are :-)!

            I left you a message in IDID, episode 13 recap, just so you know, at post # 16.

            About KBD, errrr…. I think you caught me. OK, about KBD, he was so great (Ok, but not completely great IMO, he stole people’s clothes. That’s not good in my book), that we are still waiting on his clone to be done. He is still on the list and no, he was not consummated. He is still in the works, and so is Eun Shi-kyung, because we (another commenter on DB and I) had ordered one as well of him. So we are still waiting for ESK’s clone as well. This is what is going to happen: I will have all three clones eventually and I will have them be melted/fused into one final clone and I will have the most awesome friend/boyfriend that ever existed because he will be a mesh of three of the best characters in Kdrama, so far.

            I hope this answers your question :-)…

        • Ivoire

          Hi Daria, yeah, the factory!!!! your TK clone will require some more time to be ready. The production team and the quality control team have decided to run a few more tests before shipping him (the clone) out, so you can have the best product. I heard from the factory yesterday.

          We will let you know when your TK clone is ready, which could take a while to get everything right, but it will be worth the wait 🙂

      • 2.1.4 Betty

        Thank you Ivoire for your comment. This is why I am enjoying the comments so much. A lot of insightful explanations. I love it!!!

        • Ivoire

          Hello Betty,

          And you are very welcome!!!! Thank you for your compliment! I am really glad that you are enjoying the comments so much. I love reading them as well, as I get different perspectives on the characters, the history, Korean culture (and by extension Asian cultures), the process of writing and making a drama, what works, what doesn’t, etc… when I read the recaps and the comments. I don’t have to agree with everything I read (I don’t think anybody really does ALL of the time), but I get exposed to different points of view, which deepens my experience of the drama.

          After all, isn’t that why we come here :-)?

    • 2.2 kakashi

      just.so.sweet… (melting right now)

  3. Ivoire

    Thank you so much for this recap! Off to read and I will comment later…

    • 3.1 Ivoire

      I would also like to add that I have LOVED to see how JA has grown as a person and as woman throughout this show. It is refreshing and heartwarming to see how she reacts to TK now. Yes, the woman is definitely in love, and that is a good thing. I am not saying that because I am a romantic and quite sentimental, but mostly because it is good for her as well. As human beings, we all need and want to be loved and love as well, whether we acknowledge it or not. For me the love does not necessarily have to be romantic, but I do believe that it does us good to have people we deeply care about and who care about us in our lives.

      JA was someone who was abusive towards TK at the beginning of the series: she hit him, she yelled at him, she demeaned him and made him feel like he was crap. In this episode, we get to see how much she has come around: she lets him do things for her and she welcomes it, she listens to him, she speaks to him kindly, softly and comforts him, she slowly welcomes him in her life, she sees the potential in him and she helps him achieve his goals. She is not totally upfront with her feelings like he is (yet) but she might be getting there. I wonder what she thinks of her own change…

      A lot has been said about what TK gained /is gaining from JA, but I think JA has gained more because her heart is changing, her attitude about life, dreams and goals are being altered and she is learning to adjust to that, which is not a bad thing. TK has to learn some things but those are external things. He is not as polished, educated and as (socially and intellectually) refined as she might be, but those things can always be acquired. He has the right attitude and he is smart. He knows how to read her in many ways, and that’s important. On the road of life, I don’t think that TK is as far behind as the show wants us to believe. I personally don’t buy it. I actually don’t think that he is behind (her or the Dr.) at all.

      That is why I believe that he can be by her side (as her equal), because he can actually stand on his own and he brings a lot to their relationship. Yes, he needs help and support but no one who has ever made it in this world has ever done it alone. If they say they did, they are lying :-). To me, TK has to mostly improve on the outside whereas JA needs to improve more on the inside, and that to me requires more work and more effort, because that is where a true gem lies. If that gem/golden heart is already there, it can be brought out, polished etc… and made to shine. If it isn’t originally there, it is sad and difficult (and a waste IMO) not only for those around that person but for that person as well. Just my two cents (OK maybe more than two cents :-)) worth…

      • 3.1.1 msim

        It’s really a major gender reversal isn’t it?

        JA has been called cold and heartless by many reviewers but she simply has been behaving like the typical male lead in k-dramas: as you say “yelling, demeaning and insulting”.
        It really highlights how that behaviour is unacceptable: by both genders.

        The gender reversal theme continues with the main gossipers at work being men.

        I also believe JA and TK are equally matched; he’s older emotionally and she’s older professionally.

        I don’t care for a traditional wedding though; I do hope they become life partners in whatever form that will suit them best.

    • 3.2 Ivoire

      I hope that we hear JA tell TK that she loves him, before the show is over. I would love to hear her say that.

  4. alua

    There are a couple of things I don’t really understand.

    1) Why is it that getting some education/training/etc. (abroad or at home) is going to be make Tae-kang (or anyone) a “respectable person”? Just because you go to Harvard or Princeton doesn’t make you more respectable or even necessarily more knowledgeable than someone who didn’t go to university (even if you are likely to know different things). But some of the most “educated”/”trained”/”highly groomed” people are also the dumbest.

    I think Tae-kang is already perfectly respectable now, pulling a larger pay check is not going to make him a better person. He should do what he wants for the reason he wants (and at the moment it seems to be the pressure “becoming respectable” that’s pushing him – at least to America – which is silly).

    2) The whole thing about Tae-kang being immature, childish, impulsive. I feel like because he’s younger (although he’s in fact not that young – he isn’t 19!) than other characters that label has been attached to him almost automatically. Yes, he didn’t know some things (sonogram pic) but he has acted more maturely than others in some aspects, while others have acted immaturely at times also, whether Ji-An’s friend, the doctor (mature adults know where boundaries lie) and even Ji-An herself (she knew NOTHING about having a baby, in fact, she is just as ‘green’ in this as Tae-kang despite the fact that she has a friend who has a child and thus had the opportunity to learn from). Plus, Tae-kang at 81 might still be impulsive – that’s a personality trait and might never change at all.

    Anyhow, I was happy with these last two episodes, and Tae-kang’s look on his face when seeing Ankle for the first time was so, so precious. He’s already been more a father (even before he knew that he was the bio dad) than many men will ever be. You know that he will do everything for that child and raise it best he can and never abandon it.

    • 4.1 Annie

      I absolutely agree with you. I think it would be far more respectable for him to stay and help raise the baby. He can learn what he needs to learn here as well. It might be a bigger fight, but at least he’ll have others fighting with him. I hate the America Carrot. It seems so absolutely unnecessary.

      • 4.1.1 namcha

        I find it interesting that an advanced country such as S. Korea would still see America as “the promised land” if you will. Correct me if I’m wrong. They seem to hold a university degree obtained in the US in such high esteem. Korea probably has one of the best educational systems in the world.

        • Ivoire

          @ Namcha, Hi!

          You are correct about SK’s educational system being a lot better than the US one. They are ranked higher than the US. It was talked about a lot last year, and the US president commented on that.

          • janet

            Specifically, I believe that K-12 education was ranked highly. However, in regards to higher education, a US education is more highly valued in Korea (provided that it is a ‘name-brand’ university, e.g. Harvard, Yale, etc).

            The Korean education system emphasizes memorization and fact retention, but (imo) does not promote critical thinking skills as much as it should. This shows in the fact that Korean students often excel at quantitative subjects such as math; however, when they come to the States for foreign study or some such, they have a hard time partaking in discussions and subjects where they have to offer their own opinions.

          • Ivoire

            @ Janet and @ 1061-kun, thanks for your input. I just learned a few more facts.

        • 1061-kun

          There was just a story on NPR (The US public radio station) this week about South Korean parents bringing their young kids to America so they can go to US schools because the Korean schools are too competive. The kids will have an advantage once they get back to Korea.

      • 4.1.2 Kwhat?!

        I think they’re using the word respectable, when really they should be using something else, like more skilled or advanced in his craft. I dislike America always being used as a copout for a time jump, too. But in this case, I guess it’s not so much *America* as it is the company Jake works for (isn’t it Manolo Blahnik? It’s at least a top designer), so he can really learn the trade from the best of the best of the best, SIR! And move up in the shoe design world that much faster. It’s more the opportunity than the location that appeals to Tae Kang and Ji An, I think. If he becomes one of the best in the world, they can start their own family shoe company.

        • jomo

          I agree with you Kwhat? on the word respectable. It makes it sound like she wants other people to like him.

          I like that the changes JA is looking for are internal: more confidence, better work ethic and planning abilities, rather than what the rest of the world thinks of him.

          Right now, he wouldn’t be able to get into a good SK college, and right now, the company he currently works for treats him like the water boy.

          I want to add that TK isn’t just being offered an education, but an internship with an American design company, which I am guessing is in NYC.
          Just living in NYC, he would have more international exposure to trends, entertainment, people, faces, languages that he doesn’t have access to in SK. He would return from with more skills than if he stayed there, with a much richer design brain.
          The same would be true if he went to any large cosmopolitan in the world, but NY is K-code for that.

    • 4.2 Ivoire

      Hi Alua,

      I totally understand your grievances RE: TK’s characterization (by others) and I agree with them. I do think however that because we are dealing with characters in a Kdrama, that a Korean context applies as well. It is my understanding that education is extremely important in Korea, (and that is not the case in Korea alone. Africans are the same way). Someone explained to me (she is a Korean mother) that some people (couples) agree to live separately, with the mother living with the children in the US and the dad working and living in Korea and supporting the family so that the children can have a better future/opportunities. Those are some of the sacrifices that some families are willing to make.

      Given that context, I don’t agree with the pressure that is put on TK to go to America but I definitely understand it and I think that that point is made clear and explored in the drama as well. It is what it is, even JA is guilty of putting TK down because he is not educated (past high school) even though he turns out to be one of the best things that has happened to her, in many ways. She also pressures him to go to a certain extent. She could have asked him to stay. I personally think that he should experience the pregnancy and witness his child being born and the first few years of his child’s life. Those are irreplaceable IMO.
      Another thing is that American degrees are still very valued in the world in general (I have lived in Africa and in France, I am now in the US, and in both places, when I was in school, they were highly valued).

      I totally agree with your 2nd and 3rd paragraphs and I have been feeling that way for a while. That feeling for me became extremely strong after episode 13 and after what JA told TK before the kiss (you are immature etc…). Personally, I don’t find TK to be impulsive, many of his actions speak to the contrary, if one takes the time to think about them and replay them. He is also not immature and childish, very far from it. Many men his age or older would not have done as much as he did for her (and the people around him) and reacted the way he did (many would have said “How do I know this is my child?”). Also, look at the sacrifices that he has done for his dad and how he treats him (giving him his really nice shoes, cheering him up and wrestling with him to get him out of his funk, I don’t call that being childish and immature. Many would wish they had a son like him).

      TK is kind, caring, capable, smart, loyal and he does speak his mind at the risk of being hit or kicked or put down (i.e. by his dad or Medusa) and he was like that from the beginning. Na-ri falls in love with him and I suspect that it is partially because she sees those attributes in him. That and he accepted her as she was and he reached out to her. He still stands up to her, however and speaks his mind at times. I would go into more details, but I am trying not to write another journal :-)! Let’s see how long this one is…

      • 4.2.1 Betty

        Ohhh, you used to live in France. I live in France. Let’s talk sometimes 🙂

    • 4.3 malta

      I also don’t buy the he needs to go to America to be a respectable father reasoning. He could learn to be a designer in Korea. What’s the problem.

      I think a man becomes a better father and husband/partner by being there for his child and partner. Missing the first three years of his child’s life is a gamble. Also I really hate these kinds of separations in kdramas. They can feel really artificial because for some reason the writer tries to act like we don’t live in the 21st century and if someone goes to another country that means that they can’t ever have contact with anyone at home…um, snail mail, email, phones, skype, video chat!!!!

    • 4.4 Kappy

      I sooo agree with you on both points. Point 2 has especially been a pet peeve of mine. What is so immature about Tae Kang? I find him neither immature nor reckless. No serious side to him? I don’t think he could be much more serious about his determination to take care of Ji An and their baby (before or after his finding out it was his). As you said, he is young and somewhat naive, but there have been a quite a few more exhibitions of immaturity by the other more adult characters in this drama than him. I really enjoyed the point Eun Sung brought up about immaturity asking, “Just when do we become adults?” Aren’t adults basically children with wrinkles?” I see this as a major point in this drama – The world’s view of immaturity vs. True immaturity in disguise. Throw in a serious situation to deal with and see which wins.

  5. midwestmz

    Oh how much I agree with you about the: “All I hope is that we don’t rush our couple too quickly (a time slip, but really that’s where Dr. Jin comes in) and if we must move it along faster, I’m holding out for a decent reason. Because drama, I won’t settle for a “Sorry” or “I don’t know.” Tae-kang didn’t, so why should I?”

    It is so frustrating when this happens! You have been faithful through all episodes, good or bad, and you are rushed in the last 10 seconds to wrap up production/program. This episode was heart warming, agonizing, fulfilling, aggravating, sweet, meanie filled, and all other things.

    Only 2 more??? Why don’t the good ones get an extension?????? Such is life . . . . .

    • 5.1 zsa

      clearly…if they give Time Slip an extension, I’m gonna scream…even AGD, which I watch but don’t necessarily love is a bit draggy and it has 20 eps…sigh,,,this drama deserves at least a 2 episode extension if you ask me…TT…

    • 5.2 Ivoire

      I agree that this drama could use a 2 episodes extension, there are still so many issues that could be explored, so many comedic situations that could be showed.

  6. Jaylee

    Thank you very much for the recap, GummiM.!

    I’m seriously hoping that Ji-an makes it through with a happy ending (company/job-wise). Hopefully the writers don’t go all “too bad, so sad, that’s the way the cookie crumbles” on her job life…?

    Is it just me,
    Or am I the only one that didn’t understand the TK+Lollipop grandma scene?
    I was seriously like… o___o???

    • 6.1 alua

      I didn’t really understand the TK+lollipop grandma scene either.

      I’m full of confidence that Ji-An’s job life won’t just end up the way the cookie crumbles. Her character has been very consistent in this aspect throughout – I trust the writers will know how to wrap this up well and perfectly in character.

      • 6.1.1 yuyunzzz

        if you watch ep 11 or 12 (I dont remember) the pig feet shop was close because the owner has to take care her mother in hospital. that why TK offer himself to take care of owner’s mother and asked her to teach pig feet recipe to ES.

    • 6.2 Cynthia

      The grandma scene was the tradeoff between Tae Kang and the pig-feet ajuhmma. He took care of her in-law while she taught Doc the secret pig-feet recipe for Ji-an.

      • 6.2.1 yumi

        Thanks for clarifying.

        I thought Tae-Kang had gone back to doing odd jobs to earn money for the things he wanted to give JiAn. The chair and pig-feet lessons for Doctor Goodheart.

    • 6.3 Annie

      Also, processed sugars can give older people the runs. That’s why she was probably not being given them by her care takers but TK did to get her to stop beating him.

  7. Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    I’ve loved both of these last episodes – 13 for the (finally!) reveal and this one for giving the couple time to experience some of that giddy, romantic and serious aspect to a first-time pregnancy.

    It’s been fun all along to see that Jang-woo’s character is really the soft, sensitive and feminine one, while Ji-an is the icy, brittle one. It’s taken 14 eps to soften up some of that exterior and I still say that Tae Kang would make an excellent house-husband while Ji-an brings home the paycheck.

    One of the favorite scenes for this ep was watching Ji-an’s mom FINALLY standing up to her husband and basically telling him to SHUT IT! – and, he does! Hee!

    I’m happy to see this wrapping up next week. I think it’s ending where it should – unlike Dr. Jin who just got their asked-for 2 ep extension. Shoot me now.

  8. Aisu

    Tank you for the Recap gummimochi.
    Why didn’t these 5 episodes come early, so that we could seen more of our OTP lovey dovey moment, love love all the scene , so sad when my happy moment cut off by episode limitation, going to partying with you drama (gm style) I don’t want it.

    best boyfriend?? and there’s no place for best girlfriend??? to Tae Kang Jian more than girlfriend, she’s his everything, Love it. When we got the conversation, we never thought of the reason behind, like what Jian said to Tae Kang sometimes opposite to what her means, she meant encouragement, people thought of her being evil, but not with Tae Kang he’s immature, reckless but always having positive thinking when it comes to Jian, even it hurts, he learns. And Tae Kang asks many times that he shouldn’t go to the US, actually he don’t want to, it’s hard for him leaving Jian and the baby, but he knows it for the best.

    Having lovey dovey moment of the two I hate it when we should back to reality, lying order, insult, scout, resignation order are hurtful, not good for the baby. When Jian call her mom for calm her heart everything like reality, I would do that if it’s happen to me, parents always on your back.

    mmm…about pork thing, I didn’t eat pork my whole life because it’s forbidden, so the not good thing in this drama is pork, sorry it’s no good, not healthy.

    Daddy meet ankle for the first time, Tae Kang teary eyes…awww the most touching moment
    Many ask why Jian didn’t showing, yes me had those question as well, I read it for good sign? will Jian wearing a wedding gown before it showing more?? yes yes hope so….then what will come out on next two episode?? gum gumaseyo.. (how to spell it I’m curious?)

  9. RockPaperScissors

    I’m glad that Doctor Without Borders had his colleague do the ultrasound in the last scene. That way he did not intrude on TK’s first meet with his baby girl. The doctor officially redeemed himself to me with that gesture.

  10. 10 Noelle

    Liked this episode, well all the bits without Nari and her Mommy Dearest.

    Gonna be sad when it’s over. Thanks for the recap!

  11. 11 dee

    Thank you for for the sweet recaps.

  12. 12 Brittni

    Now that he finally knows the show has gone back to be adorable. Its so sweet seeing them as a little family. Na ri is a reallyodd viallin but I think thye ment to make her that way. I dont think shes suppose to be an out right evil person like Madame Jang. I think they want us to see Na ri struggle with her choices and possibly change? I think she only does the bad things bc she wants to be accepted sooo bad. not that it gives hr a right to do crappy things but I think they want to show us she may have a change of heart later.

  13. 13 llama

    one thing im confused about: in korea, a pregnant women (or her family) isnt allowed to find out the sex of her baby!(its illegal). so how does ji-an get to know?

    • 13.1 gummimochi

      Huh. That never occurred to me, but that IS true (from what I’ve heard). For anyone who’s confused by this bit, it is illegal to know the sex of the baby beforehand in case they choose to abort it because of the gender. We can safely assume that Eun-sung bypassed this bit by saying, “You didn’t hear it from my lips.” So he technically didn’t tell her.

  14. 14 ~Feather~

    Thanks for the recap! Awesome as always. 🙂

    Can I ask you all to click on my name? It’ll take you to my blog. I just finished writing up a recap of the 1st episode of Golden Time. Even if your not interested in the drama, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. I just need you guys to read it and see how it is. Does the writing flow?

    • 14.1 Ivoire

      I will :-)! Thanks for letting us know…

    • 14.2 yumi

      I enjoyed the first two episodes, so I’m glad someone will be recapping.

  15. 15 suzie

    To be honest, ep 13 and 14 is good.at the same time, i just cant believe its gonna end soon.. I dont know when i can watch the next KSA drama..maybe another 2 years.. sob sob..

  16. 16 sulyn

    I don’t want it to end too. Will really miss KSA….sob, sob, sob. Hope that the next drama will not be two years. Hopefully in 6 months?????

    Thanks for the awesome recap.

    • 16.1 zsa

      IKR…I’m still holding on to what she said in one interview at the end of last year that she doesn’t like to burden herself with taking up too many offers at a time, but if the right opportunities come, she may take up one drama and one movie this year…please please let it happen…though a drama will be better coz it’s longer….

  17. 17 toystar

    Wow great recap gummimochi. I am happy with both ep 13 & 14. I love the cute couple moments and that they both took ownership of their relationship and Ankle. I don’t want it to end but I excited to watch the final ep.

  18. 18 Suzi Q

    I wish TK didn’t go to America with Jake and hopes he gets rid of interfering *itch, Na ri. Na Ri is overstepping her authority by asking who is the father of JA’s baby? Isn’t that too personal? She may like TK romantically, but T.S., it’s too late for her.Na ri should try creepy Jake. TK loves JA and Ankle, period.

    Why can’t he stay with JA and see the baby’s birth and help take care of the baby? I don’t believe she went to America for shoe design school.She is a successful and experienced shoe designer so she could teach TK. Don’t want them to be separated.

    I got all teary eyed when TK saw the sonogram of Ankle. It brought back memories of when I saw own sonograms of my kids. You know you have a baby inside you, but it really becomes a reality when you hear and see the screen with the baby’s heartbeat going.

    I enjoyed TK ‘s scene where he placed a pillow prior to telling his Dad about Ankle.Loved the noises of the pots and pans. LOL. Love their father-son relationship. Even though everyone comments on TK’s immaturity, I believe that he will make a wonderful father because he was brought up well by his Dad.

    Loved this cute and poignant episode. Too bad it didn’t happen a lot sooner. Now it’s ending too fast.

    • 18.1 zsa

      My thoughts exactly…the excitement in JA’s eyes when the unborn ankle was to meet daddy, already shows that she is proud that TK is the ‘father’…no words needed…and TK to rise to the occasion saying that ‘it’s your dad’ shows that he’s a proud father…it’s very realistic and touching…lee jang woo has proven that he’s the best man for this job!

      • 18.1.1 jomo

        LOVED how he reacted.
        I was holding my breath watching the duet become a trio before our eyes.
        If she ever had a thought of getting rid of that boy in the future, that possibility is RIGHT OUT now. He will be by both of their sides for ever and ever now.

        It would be fun to write a K-drama with those two as unmarried parents to a teenager.
        It wouldn’t be a sequel, exactly; we don’t have to have the same actors. But as hard as pregnancy, birth and raising a baby is, you need ALL of those skills and energy when that little DNA burrito starts having independent thoughts while being completely dependent on you.
        When they think “if I had my own money, I could get out of here and live my life so much better than here” and you watch them knowing how far they still have to grow to be their own person while understanding how hard it is to be 16.

        • malta

          “watching the duet become a trio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

          Yeah! LOVE it!.

  19. 19 zsa

    I’m feeling the looming sadness of missing KSA already from my screen…and on top of that our JA-TK mommy daddy team. Well things have to end, and I hope it will be a memorable ending for our OTP and the beginning of a beautiful friendship between KSA-LJW-PGH…just like all those involved in her past dramas…it is SOOO Kim Sun A for making me all excited and worked up over her dramas….fighting I do I do!!! I love thee….

  20. 20 Pat

    i am so impressed with the male lead. Holding one’s own with
    KSA is no easy acting job. He and the director are due a lot of credit. His face is so expressive . ( Unlike poor Jaejoong who can only wrinkle his brow….but that’s another tale). Great recap!

    • 20.1 yumi

      One sign of a great actor, is that every actor’s performance improves when working with them.

      • 20.1.1 Ivoire

        @Pat and @ Yumi, Amen!

  21. 21 Soso

    Thanks for the recap.

    One question…. Why did JA shredthe contract? If she has to resign to save Tk and dad, wouldn ‘nt she think about going to the rival company. I really didnt get the significance of that scene.

    • 21.1 zsa

      I think she has a better plan…we know she doesn’t really take anything lying down…I hope it’s a good ONE!!

    • 21.2 yumi

      Also to get that job she is required to do something unethical–bring her company’s next season’s design concept with her.

      • 21.2.1 jomo

        I can’t wait to see her fight back.
        Did you see that they pushed one of the scenes from the preview out of this episode –
        When she pleaded to Samonim to look to the future?
        I remember it because she was wearing very very feminine and flouncy outfit.

        Samonim may be a bitter old hag, but she isn’t stupid. Hopefully JA will convince her to think long term.

        In some ways, I want JA to go out on her own with her own small boutique, but a part of me wants her to be an agent of change. Large companies take forever to adapt, but it has to start somewhere, right?

  22. 22 yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

  23. 23 Yue

    “Evil Second Lead 101”

    I died at that, enough said LOL

  24. 24 True2u


    @ kitty, Betty, jangerr, and jomo < a HUGH THANK YOU from me and my family. ^^ < So glad i can come on here and vent not only about dramas, but also about personal life and get supportive comments from you guys. ^^

    After few hours the situation got WORSE. T^T so they had to induce coma for her body to get some rest since she was unable to sleep after being released from the hospital. I spent all Thursday with her, the waiting was a killer, but after 2 days of running tests, we were told that the only problem was with her lungs and everything seems perfect, she woke up and they took her off the breathe tube since her lungs are strong enough to breathe on there own and she is expected to recover BEAUTIFULLY!!! but the blood clot in her lungs will take a few months to go away. PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! I can FINALLY BREATHE!!!

    Now for this episode:

    Where do i start? if cuteness could kill, then most of us, if not all of us would be dead by now. TK cuteness had me going AAAWWWWWW!!!! throughout this whole episode, and to see Ji-An allowing her true feeling out is one of the most beautifulest thing ever, i went back a few episodes to see the old Ji-An and i must say she came a long way, her growth and development is so believable<

    • 24.1 Tru2u


    • 24.2 true2u


    • 24.3 Ivoire

      Hi Tru2u,

      Thank you for the update about your sister. I read it yesterday and I meant to comment on that (basically encourage you), but I forgot. She had a baby, right? if she did, is the baby OK? So glad to know that she is so much better. Continue to be encouraged. I will try to remember and pray for you and your sister (and your family).

      • 24.3.1 True2u

        Thank You!! ^^

        Sorry, i meant to put @ kitty, Betty, jangerr, and jomo AND EVERYONE!!!< a HUGH THANK YOU from me and my family. ^^

        Yes, her daughter is doing Great, She eats like crazy lol, she don't play when its time to eat -_-. lol, but her mommy will be in the hospital for a week or so, so she has to wait a bit longer to be held by her.

        They funny thing is my sister is just like Ji-An, a career woman and being pregnant has taken her down quite a few notch, the age is differences between the Ji-An baby daddy and my sister is 10 years, only, my sister husband is 10 years older while TK is 10 years younger XD

        • jomo

          Phew! I am so happy for all of you.

          Babies are born every day, all day long, but somehow they are all little miracles to the folks around them.

          Like Betty said, take care of yourself, too.

    • 24.4 Betty

      Yes phewwwww. At least your sister is getting better. I am so looking forward for you to tell us very soon that she is doing great and that her baby girl is happily enjoying her mom 🙂
      Take care.

    • 24.5 jangerr


      So glad to hear that your sis is on the mend. It must have been so traumatic for you and the rest of the family members. You have been such a great sis – staying by her side in the critical hours. Continue to stay strong for her. Will continue to keep you and your sis in prayers too.

  25. 25 true2u

    I had no doubt since KSA is playing this role, but once again she has made it clear why she stands #1 on my list of favorite actress in the world.
    For her to take the initiate to kiss TK was amazing, then she wanted to cook for him again? HAHAHAH LOL XD i laugh so hard at TK reaction when she said she will cook him something nice. But what total got me this episode is TK struggling to decide to go to the US or stay with Ji-An. I also LOVE his list of things to do before leaving, takes me back to SOAW days with Yeon Jae’s bucket list “T^T” and i ADORE the ending scene with TK introducing himself to ankle “Ankle, it’s Daddy. Hi.”

    Well done writers you tug all my heartstrings in one go in this episode.. ^^ WELL DONE!!!

    I’m going to miss KSA like crazy after next weeks episodes.. ><

  26. 26 daria

    eps 13 & 14 have been filled with tenderness & i was going awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the entire time.

    the thing that i love: the hand gestures – how JA & TK were holding hands when awaiting the result of the ‘copetition’; how their hands were intertwined when he proposed & she told him that he’s baby’s daddy; how she held his to her heart & said ‘thank you’ in the makeshift sleeping room; how TK put his hand on his dad’s to reassure him.
    i’m a sucker for this kind of gentle physical cues.

    what was the time difference between this & SOAW? it didn’t feel like it was as long as ‘city hall’ & SOAW.

    • 26.1 True2u

      City Hall and SOAW was 2 years apart, while I Do I Do and SOAW is 10 months apart, i hope her next one is in 6 months ><

      • 26.1.1 daria

        hahah, we can wish, right? & because of IDID, i’m also looking forward to what’s next for LJW 🙂

  27. 27 Lucy

    thanks gummimochi

    out of sight out of mind even when having a baby !

    • 27.1 Ivoire

      Hi Lucy, what do you mean?

  28. 28 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the update GM.

  29. 29 DarknessEyes

    The sad part is, that I think that Nari is a worse villian than Tae Mu. For all his shortcommings, at least he was convinced that he was on the bad side.

  30. 30 shin mi rae

    what i love about this drama is the mystery of the finale. who knows what will happen… writer-nim can bring us anywhere from wedding ro birthing or even ankle’s 100th day bday. i love kim sun ah. now im loving ljw too. thats the power of ksa. she gets her co-actor to shine. i am afraid for next week. afraid what writer-nim will do. writer-nim, i stuck with you through all these episodes. i defended you the past weeks when people were doubting you. all i ask is you give us a great ending for ji ann, tae kang and ankle. please respect your viewers as well as the characters you created. please dont let us down. dont pull a queen inhyun’s man on us.

  31. 31 jomo

    Thanks for the recap.
    I sobbed from the beginning of this episode throughout to the end.
    Watching KSA be a pregnant working girl is wonderful.
    Everything she experiences is authentically portrayed.
    Loved the SOS call to her mother – just to hear her voice.
    And how she just cried because of the hormones, and being overwhelmed with this ridiculously life changing experience

    To those who are fortunate to have mothers around during pregnancy and birth, you feel like you are seeing her for the first time. My mother, who birthed and raised seven children, went from being just mom to miracle worker I bowed to in my unworthiness. The dawning understanding and connection between them is beautiful. And Daddy rushing in to protect his little girl, and her letting him, is also genuine.

    I think that KSA is a genius, btw.
    Think of how different a character THIS one is to SOAW, and how even the tears have to be tailored to the situation, and they ARE. I don’t know how, but we know she isn’t crying out of self-pity, or pain here. She’s just crying because it is the only thing she can do.

    • 31.1 jastinel

      KSA had a hard time coming out of her character in SOAW and now she totally transformed herself into a new character which is new to her, out of her comfort zone, I wish this is the beginning of a more promising role for her, I want her to take evil roles, I want to love and hate her.
      She is an actress who doesn`t stop improving her craft (acting). I`m gonna miss her like crazy after this drama. But I`m expecting that this time around it wont take years before she comes back for another drama or movie.

      Thanks gummimochi for the recap, your effort is well appreciated!

  32. 32 Kim Yoonmi

    Just watching KSA in City Hall. Polar opposite of this character. She’s far less refined in City Hall. Makes me blink a few times wondering if it’s the same actress… if not for the voice.

    This episode made me groan–I won’t lie. I can smell the Noble idiocy. The writer is going to pull the noble idiocy/big misunderstanding pull. While I don’t mind slow, and even super, super slow dramas–I kinda can’t stand predictable. Please put in a few red herrings, writer! I know you’re going to follow through with this one, but in the future, remember red herrings make for more plot tension.

    The leaning of the plot towards this I smelled back at the point Jake entered and then more strongly with TK’s father going all out about “Miguk” (America) >.<;; Why does Miguk have to be the deathtrap?

    Beyond that I skipped over the doctor. =P I have a low tolerance for men that can't obey boundaries. They eventually do things like throw your stuff near you or at you… and I'm not into reforming bad boys. Plus the man has a warped sense of relationship. They didn't even go on a real date and he's trying to claim her still. Still doesn't fly. I rather see a bit of Batman (Dark Knight) type of thing from him… still hasn't redeemed himself against all those horrible things he said and did. Also detected him early–probably more personal experience flaring up.

    I'm hoping while this is predictable as hell, that the ending will be at least a little neat. Loose ends tied. At this point the writer seems to not be sure how to end it 100%.

    Oh and I'm hoping for a true single mother drama with a sense of humor. Now that the laws have changed such that single mothers can reclaim their children that were stolen from then and live in group homes with each other (government and private citizen funded. If you really feel like it, you could help someone *not* like JA with that luxury.) You know, with the baby born, etc (The father has run away) and trying to find the humor in life type of K-drama. Struggling to find a job, while getting ridicule. People chasing the mother down to put up the child for adoption, etc. Also can cover the whole drugging in hospitals and forcing women to sign papers giving up the rights to their children. That's the drama that would really bring this to the next level. This drama isn't going to have her birth the baby at the end, so I'd like to see a drama with the reality to it. You want to do a soapbox drama, that's the next step.

  33. 33 cloudpoofer

    I think you meant “shoo-in” :).

  34. 34 Tuttie

    Call me a Looney, but when exactly Ji an said to Tae Kang that they are having a daughter??? Aside from the conversations about shoe design over sports when he is in her kitchen eating ramen,Idont recall anything else… She didnt tell him, and talked like if she didnt know either, even if the translation was SHE/HER….. SOME HELP?

    • 34.1 come2noona

      I don’t speak Korean but from what I know, for the most part Korean does not use pronouns. I think any use of he or she is the translator’s choice. So for “he is going to be a soccer player” the “he” was chosen due to the “soccer player” part. If you listen carefully you can also hear characters using full names instead of “you” or which is what will show up in the translation. HTH

  35. 35 suzie

    its a good thing KSA act in this drama..i watch her in she’s on duty..its really funny and the last part when she kiss.. its awesome.. i really want to see her act after this drama.. or interview.. she is smart and pretty.. major in piano..whooo. i gonna miss her alot..

  36. 36 malta

    This was a really wonderful episode that makes me not want the drama to end next week. TT I want more episodes with our couple.

    I really love the care the writer has put into Ji An’s character. Everything she has been through as a woman who loves her job, is talented, and ambitious is so true. It really shows the pressures that modern day women face from family and society. Fortunately Ji An has a man who loves her and their child, who wants to hold up his end, but many women have to face the same challenges without a wonderful man like Tae Kang.

    I don’t know what Ji An’s choice will be about resigning from her job, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. For men, taking responsibility means gaining ambition and realizing their potential and talent while for women, responsibility most often means sacrificing their ambition for the well-being of others. It’s an age old conflict…and the right answer for what to do about it is different for everyone.

    Tae Kang is sooooooooo awesome. I don’t want him to go to America. Stay in Korea. Work hard and learn your craft there, be with your father, take care of the woman you love and your child. Honestly, that seems more fitting of his character. If he does go though, we will probably get a time skip over the 3 years, but the reality of it is that those three years would not go by in 1/2 an episode in real life and who knows what would happen during that time.

    My rule is, if you don’t have to leave your family, then don’t! Why separate when you don’t have to? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    This episode had so many wonderful and caring moments between our leads. It was really sweet to watch. Ji An and Tae Kang are a great couple.

    Excited for the last 2 episodes, but sad that it will all be over soon.

  37. 37 arie10_407

    I can’t wait fro the last episodes ……………it will be so bittersweet.
    this drama had me dangling I dont know what will be the ending…..
    I will miss our OTP…..

    thanks gummimochi hope you recap the last two ep ASAP

  38. 38 rebecca34

    Thanks for the recap. I’ve enjoyed this drama but a couple of things have been botherIng me. First and foremost is what is the big deal with her getting pregnant? I understand that SK is a bit more conservative but I’ve heard of actors/actresses getting married and being pregnant and so forth. Obviously not ideal but I think she should be commended rather than vilified. By choosing to have the baby she will have to sacrifice so much as any parent does. It’s not like she’s advocating single motherhood as the new thing just stuff happens in life and you should do the best you can. Plus do these people think career women should just never marry or have children and have no families at all?? Just stay single and dedicate ones life to shoe design and pursue total celibacy?

    Secondly if JiAn is so successful in shoe design doesn’t she have a ton of contacts and can get a new job somewhere else? Even if it was a little less “prestigious” she must be able to find another position somewhere. Preferably one that stays out of the personal lives of its employees. I can understand someone being a bit hesitant with JiAn while her kid is under 3 or so but after that it’s not that hard to manage career and baby. Well it’s not easy but we all know working mothers who juggle well and having money like she has will make it much easier than a low wage non-professional single mom.

    Thirdly I just want them to get married. I’ve stayed with this show while waiting 13!! episodes for TK to learn the truth. Now I want a cute wedding and ankle as flower girl or something. This show owes me….none of this open ended crap…..

    Oh and whe doesn’t TK ask say his father or Jians mom to make the food instead of ES? Isn’t it a bit of an imposition and he’s super creep anyways. He is by far one of the most horribly written male second lead punching bags I’ve seen in all my yrs watching dramas.

  39. 39 Awe

    skinships and kisses…ooh baby baby

  40. 40 mtoenlob

    In another desperate move to get rid of Jian in compliance to the malicious manipulation of Madam Jang, Nari has targeted Jian where it will hurt the most, her achilles heel – – her work. Nari resorted to emotional blackmail…resign from work and save Tae Kang. Knowing fully well that Tae Kang’s career move hangs by the thread and this thread is connected to her decision to stay or to resign, Jian finds herself in a quandary. The company is rife with different reactions to her announcement of being a single mom. While others hailed her as the new heroine of a modern woman, others frown on her boldness and considered her act as dishonorable and shameful. Top management has made known their displeasure. How much more if the person who fathered her child is an employee of the company who is being groomed to become the next best designer by way of a study grant in the USA. It’s adding fuel to the fire. Will she take the path laid out to her by Nari or will she take the road less traveled?

    Hwang Jian is a woman of resolute character, iron-willed, decisive and strong-minded to the point of stubbornness. She will not buckle down at any adversary, real or imagined. Armed with skills and determination, she has successfully worked her way to the top of her game. She is a top notch designer. This being said, if ever she decides to go, I see Hwang Jian doing it with aplomb and chutzpah – call for a press release, with TV coverage, walk into the room, dressed to the nines, smiling her best, in-armed with Tae Kang…… with imaginary bubble – “This is me, Hwang Jian, beautiful, successful, single, pregnant, in love and loved by the most adorable man in town!” Delicious! Eat your heart out, Yeom Nari.

    On a serious note, with her skill and talent, Jian can make it outside of her present company. For sure there will be other companies who are interested to take her in. Even Madam Jang acknowledged the fact that Jian single-handedly swing the company to its present prestigious status. If she can make it there… she can make it anywhere. With Tae Kang and his father on board, it will be a dream team.

    Last 2 episodes….looking forward to an unforgettable but realistic ending.

    • 40.1 Kappy


      I like how you write. Do you have a blog? I would love to read it, if so.

      And yes, Achilles heel or Ankle with Ankle’s dad? I think it’s no mistake both these areas are commonly housed in shoes, and often heels, at that.

      All the dastardly moves courtesy of Nari and Madame Dang-her are, of course, to raise our blood pressure and cause us to yell at our TV sets about how we feel this should end. I, too, root for an unforgettable but realistic ending. And to me, Tae Kang can very well and realistically not go now to America. The man is plenty respectable with what he has accomplished thus far, not in the world’s eyes or Korea’s eyes, but in mine and in the ways that count the most. He loves Ji An like no other, and he loves their unborn child. He has shown this time and time again, and it’s clear this is just the beginning. She has changed for the better because of his love for her, and that is a beautiful thing to watch. Of course, as he has told her, he’s beholdin’ to her as well. A trip now to America for him is something that is not absolutely necessary for their happiness. With the love Ji An and Tae Kang share and their skills and potential along with that of Tae Kang’s dad, heck, the sky’s the limit. Or should I say the floor.

  41. 41 Janelle

    The fact that she’s not showing, but is far enough along to know the gender has been driving me batty. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t continue to put her in slim-fitting clothes.

    That said, I recall that I had only gained five pounds by the time we learned the gender of my daughter. Of course, I had horrific hyperemesis and could hardly keep anything down.

    She *is* eating a lot of pig’s feet, though.

  42. 42 riri

    I dont think I have much difficulties to find reasons to justifies what the writer’s up to and why a character should do this or not think that way because This Is a Korean rom com. Certainly there will be value, point of view or norms that are obviously different from western-cultured rom com. Just saying.

  43. 43 Lilian

    Skinship and kissing good for the baby! Hahaha…..best line of all!

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