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I Do, I Do: Episode 16 (Final)
by | July 21, 2012 | 157 Comments

In our final hour of pregnancy, Ji-an pegs us with some lingering questions: What is the right path to take? How will we know it’s the right one? Maybe we can rest in knowing that we’ll never know what direction life is taking us but remain assured that once we take that step, that’s where real life begins.


We backtrack to the previous night and Dad is looking through Tae-kang’s old photos. He’s surprised to see Tae-kang return from Ji-an’s place so early since he expected that the two would spend the night together.

Sitting down, Tae-kang starts, “Dad, loving Dad…” which makes Dad fidget. But then Tae-kang slowly grabs for the photo album…. and we hear crashing sounds and shouts of chaos in the background.

Dad finds it absurd that Tae-kang has chosen to stay than taking the shot to advance his career. It’s now just a matter of time before all three of them are fired.

But Tae-kang tells him that losing their jobs isn’t the issue, “To me, the worst is not being able to see you, Ankle, or Ankle’s mother.” In the same way that Dad doesn’t want his son to leave him neither does he want to be separated from his budding family.

Dad gruffly relents and storms out.

Tae-kang goes through the box Ji-an prepared for him and catches his breath at the sight of Ji-an’s first redesigned shoes. He heads to the company loggy after he gets a text from Ji-an.

He finds Ji-an staring upwards and asks what she’s looking at . The sky, she answers. He corrects her that it’s the ceiling but to her it was an unattainable sky. Making it would mean having the whole world in her hand.

She realizes that she’s been trapped inside the same well she’s dug for 15 years that facing the rest of the world frightens her. Tae-kang takes out the shoes and at her insistence that they’re his, he tells her that she can’t lose these or give them away. As soon as she does, the lid to that well will shut.

Tae-kang says, “Life is a do or die.” So they agree to face tomorrow head on together as long as marriage isn’t part of their solution. Question is, what now?

We’re back at the end of last episode and the entire company is abuzz from Ji-an’s staff to the higher ups. They tell Ji-an that no one will be any more forgiving for their public announcement.

She’s ready to face the public to handle the issue in her own way, taking offense at the President’s comments that they should just get married. “Marriage should be decided by the parties involved.” That gets a nearly audible laugh out of Na-ri who’s impressed with Ji-an’s balls of steel.

Once they’re out of the office, Na-ri asks if she should rip Ji-an’s resignation letter but Ji-an reminds her that she’s not trying to be bold but seeing how far she go without residual regret. Na-ri muses why she won’t see it to the end which naturally begs the question whether or not Na-ri will be at the other end of that battlefield.

Unsurprisingly, Na-ri retreats, citing that Ji-an’s too scary and gives her a little, “Fighting!” Ji-an’s got the the same look of What the? and wonders aloud, “Is she teasing me or supporting me?” Mm, hard to say.

The staff leer at the couple at the staff cafeteria, making them feel like outcasts. Then Bong-soo loudly declares that he’d like to sit here for lunch today and then they’re joined by Team Leader Ma and crew. Aww, it warms my heart.

Soon enough, the gossipers join in to encourage them and the entire cafeteria erupts in applause as Tae-kang soaks in the attention.

The news doesn’t save them a round of interviews of everyone from Ji-an to Bong-soo, asking everything from how they met, to their work environment and including Dad’s recent employment. Despite their best efforts, the Board puts Ji-an’s employment status on hold, much to Dad’s ire.

Madame Jang rips into Na-ri, marking up her interview draft in red. She’s displeased to hear that Ji-an’s resignation hasn’t gone through yet and scolds her that she should have taken the reins to control the situation. Na-ri meekly replies that she will.

As they go over next year’s projects, Team Leader Ma interjects that she’ll follow Ji-an out of the company. No matter where Ji-an goes from here, Team Leader Ma is confident that it will be enough to earn a living.

Ji-an is touched at her loyalty and gently tells her that she’s just begun to understand how the dedication to the team and her work and it would be a shame for her to throw away what she worked so hard for.

Rather, she would want to see Team Leader Ma to become a great designer that Ji-an will want to steal away for her own company. Tears in her eyes at the praise, Team Leader Ma agrees.

Packing up her things, she tells Tae-kang that she always thought she walked alone but there were actually a lot of people she’s grateful to: her staff, his father, and him. Tae-kang listens with a smile and then drops the bomb that he and Dad just handed in their resignation letters.

Before he gives Ji-an a fright, he admits that opening up their own store was something they had already been thinking about for some time. He’ll wrangle Jake as their investor, launching a line of shoes for mothers-to-be. And when Ankle arrives, baby shoes.

He asks if Ji-an doesn’t want to join them to launch their own brand. She asks if he thinks anyone can start their own brand but he assures her that they aren’t just anyone. Plus, a risk can become an opportunity.

Ji-an’s still apprehensive, so he takes her hand and places the same ring. This time he asks, “Will you become my business partner?”

Tae-kang and Dad get to work on the design and Tae-kang researches the ins and outs of setting up his own shop. It’s adorable how Ji-an watches over his shoulder and then plops in his lap. So freakin’ cute these two.

Tae-kang even goes around handing out surveys in Eun-sung’s office. The latter is legitimately surprised at Tae-kang’s decision to stay and to quit the company. Eun-sung worries about Ji-an who suddenly has nothing to do and says the shock could induce panic attacks.

Jeez, Doc. All this talk about how Ji-an is facing every pregnancy struggle ever is going to give me a panic attack.

Ji-an sits at home, watching TV and talking to Jun-hee about whether or not she should join Tae-kang to set up their own brand. Jun-hee asks, “If you told an elephant to go live in an ant’s house starting tomorrow, do you think he’d be able to?”

Unfortunately, they’re interrupted by one of the managers who tells Ji-an that she’s needed on the premises. Cut to Na-ri giving a half-hearted speech to the press about how her father always daughter that that success can only be achieved when you charge ahead and challenge yourself towards a goal.

Spotting Ji-an in the corner, Na-ri slams down her notes and declares that the previous quote doesn’t apply to her. She recognizes that she’s not standing here because of her own efforts which Madame Jang softly scoffs at on the sidelines.

Na-ri states that she does care for this company but that isn’t enough for a corporation. More importantly, she thinks that someone needs to have a strong and firm heart to hold herself up properly.

In the words of Madame Jang, “Just as you cannot see the world correctly when you’re standing on your hands, you must not be swayed by bias and know how to protect yourself.” Just like Ji-an.

Na-ri believes that Ji-an’s declaration as a single mother is an act of courage of her strong and firm heart. Thus, she’ll be declining her stake as the future CEO, recommending Ji-an for it instead, as per Madame Jang’s wishes. Ooh, nice – forcing your hand onto Madame Jang.

The news send the press into a flurry as they all crowd around Ji-an. Na-ri calmly steps down from the stage and pulls Madame Jang in for a hug, who’s forced to smile for the cameras. She asks if Na-ri’s crazy for pulling a stunt like this but Na-ri simply answers, “I always wanted to tell you this. I’m not stupid, Mother.”

Na-ri calls from the car that Ji-an needn’t be surprised – backstabbing is her area of expertise after all. She’s gotten rid of Ji-an resignation letter and she’s returned the business logs Ji-an lent her.

As for herself, she’ll be taking Tae-kang’s place to go overseas because it was always her dream to become a designer. When Ji-an asks what they’ll do when the Chairman finds out, Na-ri shrugs that he’s too busy of a man to be too angry with the decision.

Now leaving the company in Ji-an’s hands, Na-ri asks that Ji-an become the real mother of the company.

Before she leaves the country, however, Na-ri stops by at her mother’s resting place and apologizes that she couldn’t keep any of the promises that she made to her mother about being happy, receiving her father’s love or making a family. But she feels like she did the right thing for the first time since she came back to Korea.

She promises that she’ll become stronger and more mature by the time she comes back, “So that I can say that I’m your daughter with pride.”

Dad invites Ji-an’s parents into their humble abode behind the restaurant. Mom lends a sympathetic ear to their struggles and coo over Tae-kang’s baby photos.

Tae-kang has good news to share: Jake has agreed to become an investor in their brand. He’s even found the perfect place to set up shop. Ji-an delivers the news that she’s been offered to inherit the company which leaves him stunned at the sudden reversal.

He digs deep to congratulate her though his tone falls flat and does his best to mask his disappointment. Nothing is set in stone yet, though the reporters will have a field day. Until she comes to a decision, she tells Tae-kang to focus on building up the brand.

The men sit around in Choong-baek’s restaurant hypothesizing what their new roles will be in the new brand. They clock Tae-kang’s downcast expression and they remain optimistic that they’ll have to go ahead to launch their own brand without Ji-an.

Ji-an sits in her shoe closet caught between becoming the company’s next President or setting up shop with Tae-kang. She pulls out her sketchbook to list her reasons for either options. The ones for taking over the company come readily to her but she pauses to think about setting up a business with Tae-kang.

An ominous feeling of deja-vu washes over her and she heads back into the clinic for another ultrasound. She’s here to hear Ankle’s thoughts about the situation (Ankle says: “Gudoo/Gudoo”) and Eun-sung remarks that Ankle’s answer takes after her mother’s stubbornness.

Afterwards, Eun-sung teases that Ji-an sure is a bad friend since he had to hear about the news of her resignation and the offer to become the company’s next president via different sources. Ji-an admits that nothing has gone her way ever since she became pregnant.

Eun-sung tells her to think hard because it’s likely things didn’t go as planned when she wasn’t either. “If a life goes as planned, where’s the fun? As long as you don’t know where life will take you, you can concentrate on living it to the fullest.”

He reminds her of his favorite saying of how real life happens when you go off-tangent. But everything seems off-tangent for her and he tells her that it seems like a difficult decision because Ji-an thinks that she has to choose what’s best.

She asks if that isn’t obvious but Eun-sung argues that you’ll never know what’s best since clearly, Ji-an had no idea she would be offered to take over the company when she got pregnant. To be honest, he planned to leave their first date early for a fishing trip with the guys and then puts a smile on her face that he probably would have fell for another expectant mother.

He advises Ji-an not to try to plan ahead of time because life will try to slip and run away. “Instead, let’s trust this.” and he places his hand to his heart. Ji-an asks if anything good has happened in his life since they met. Holding back tears, Eun-sung swallows hard and answers, “Of course. I met Ankle.”

Tae-kang assures Ji-an that he understands if Ji-an wants to become President but she tells him that she hasn’t made a decision yet. He sighs that they’re differ on so many things from age to personalities but, “We have Ankle and shoes, which are both strong strings. No matter what choice you make, I believe those won’t ever be severed.”

With a smile, he tells her to follow her heart and reminds her that she told him that it was the best path to take.

She sits in her shoe closet, her choices set out in front of her: the collaboration shoes or the family of shoes. In voiceover we hear, “That’s right. Now I’m not deciding as a mother or a director, but what I want as a human. Because life doesn’t always go as planned. Instead wherever I go, I’ll be more cautious with more effort, and live diligently, Ankle.”

And slowly, she reaches her hand out for the shoes…

Five months later. We see a very pregnant Ji-an sit down with her staff members and Tae-kang pitching his brand “Tae & Kwang” to some investors. They turn it down and he sighs, thinking about his promise to Ji-an that he’ll work hard to set up shop. “Nothing ever goes as planned in the world.”
The others ask if they should plead to Ji-an for some help but Dad quickly stomps down that idea.

Ji-an struggles to get up after the meeting when a surprise guest nearly gives her a fright. It’s Na-ri, back in Korea and she points out Ji-an protruding belly which gets her a death glare. You don’t mess with a pregnant woman, hon.

She’s surprised to hear that Ji-an is planning to give in her resignation and that she wants Na-ri to preside over the company. Ji-an explains that she has no one else to trust and that all the preparations have been made for the collaboration. “This body… is ready to leave.”

It’s around Christmas time and what the –? Is Eun-sung Santa to all the expectant mothers? He meets a group of mothers-to-be and holds a mini Christmas party bearing gifts and a cake.

The air is tense as Ji-an steps through the door of Tae-kang’s shop. Turns out it’s her first time setting foot in it since it opened two months ago and her entrance is met with disappointment and sarcasm.

Once they’re alone, they remark the other must have been very busy not to call. She compliments him on the shoes he sent her that they were pretty good. Tae-kang’s still in a sour mood and she asks if they’re looking to hire a female employee… because she just turned in her resignation at the company in hopes to work here.

Tae-kang’s eyes grow wide as she asks, “You’ll hire me, right Mr. President?” and adds that he’ll need to give her a bonus because she’s quite competent in her work.

He looks to hug her but her belly gets in the way. So he’s like, Screw it, and just kisses her.

Looking into her eyes, he whispers, “Now I’m never going to let you go.” She whispers, “I think…I have to go.” He looks back at her, confused but then realizes that Ji-an’s water broke. Looks like D-Day for Ankle!

Oh right, Eun-sung’s the one who has to deliver the baby. He’s busy playin’ it up with the mothers-to-be but that party gets cut short when he gets a frantic call from Tae-kang.

The nurses wheel Ji-an in as she cries out in pain. She pelts Tae-kang, “This is ALL YOUR FAULT!” and Tae-kang stands by her bedside, looking helpless. When the medical staff advise Tae-kang to leave because Ji-an will need a caesarean, she grabs his collar and vows that she’ll have her revenge.

She wails that he has to treat her like royalty for the rest of her life and to be a slave for her and Ankle. He asks if she’s proposing to him but she demands an answer. He nods and before he’s dragged away, he tells Ji-an that everything will be fine and that he loves her.

Eun-sung arrives to the operating room and hears that Ji-an cervix won’t dilate anymore so they’ll need to do an emergency caesarean. And just like Dr. Jin, Eun-sung volunteers to perform it himself. He scrubs in and tells Ji-an that she’s going to meet Ankle soon so she needs to wait just a little bit longer.

The family rush in after the operation and are relieved to hear that it was a success. Tae-kang gives a silent thanks to Eun-sung and they watch as Ji-an recuperates peacefully.

There’s a knock to the door and the nurse gingerly places the baby in Tae-kang’s arms. He looks at his daughter for the very first time and calls, “Princess. I’m at your service.”

The parents look on with pride and even Ji-an’s Dad tries to sneak a look at the newborn. Tae-kang looks back at Ji-an who has a small little smile.

We pop into her dream as she walks down a hill lined with shoes, barefoot. Suddenly a voice cries out, “Mom!” and we see Tae-kang holding Ankle. She runs to Ji-an who gets on her knees to match Ankle’s eye-level. Looking at her daughter with love, she says, “So you must be Ankle.”

As the three of them walk hand in hand, Ji-an tells us:

“What is the right path? Where should I go from here? I’ll probably live But I’m no longer afraid. Life doesn’t always go as expected but it brings unexpected gifts. My love, my child… and the people I’m grateful to. I received such great gifts from them in a short timespan. What gifts will await me in the difficult future? I’m already curious about them. No, I’m definitely looking forward to them.”



What a beautiful and open-ended ending that leaves us wanting more – always a good sign in my book. Now that we’re at the other end of the road, it’s like we’re looking on with so much adventure in store for us, much like how life is. I Do, I Do has carried us the audience through stages always asking that same fundamental existential question: What is there to life? I loved that the question was posed in different contexts – is it our career, family, love, passion, our dreams? And what happens when it feels like when we have to compromise one for the other?

What I loved about this series was that it took a common romantic comedy premise and turned it into a heartwarming journey of one woman’s life to appreciate the life around her. The series brought up the issues of pregnancy, abortion, motherhood, and parenthood in a way I never expected at the start. The show examined the struggles and the implications of straddling between the love for a child and a career and a desire to be a mother to both.

I honestly wished we explored more in this area, to bring these questions into the spotlight because I don’t count one mention of a counter article to be a single mother as really addressing the issue. Kim Sun-ah did a fabulous job of letting us in to see her vulnerability under that tough exterior of an independent career woman and then later in the series, of a woman in love with a man who would chase after her own heart. Their relationship is such a healthy and open one (though it took forever for Tae-kang to know that he was Baby Daddy). But once they were on the same page, they were on the same team for every major decision because they knew it would affect them both. And what they truly wanted was what was best for the other. Can you ask for more than that?

As for our major opposition, I felt that we really didn’t have much of a rival nor anything that would stand in Ji-an’s way. Na-ri proved herself to be a fragile woman looking to fulfill her dream and fill her hunger for parental love and effectively harmless. Whether she was trying to bring Ji-an down or support her the entire time is a question that may never be answered.

Moving onto Eun-sung, I still have this quizzical look on my face how he became the Best Buddy Sage to everyone’s questions and problems when he clearly was Dr. Without Borders for most of the series. He definitely eased up by the end and though Eun-sung will forever give me questionable creepy vibes, I can certainly understand if you can forgive him for constantly butting in. I’m still not okay with him delivering Ankle himself because well, you literally have Ankle’s life in your hands, Doc. Just sayin’

I liked how the series introduced back the heart of the story by the end of series, though then it makes me wonder why the writers held out for so long. If you were going to take the series where I thought you were, you’re taking away my satisfaction of getting and making me tap my foot impatiently for a large chunk of the series. However, I will say that I breathed a huge sigh of relief once we got back on track and we saw what a magical combination Tae-kang and Ji-an can be.

We’ll never be sure how the choice we make today will affect our future but instead of worrying about the outcome, we can look forward to the gifts that lie ahead of us. Does that gift include Tae-kang? ‘Cause I’m okay with that.


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    I did have an issue with the huge age gap..not my thing.

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    Thank you for recapping!
    I really liked the last couple of episodes of this drama. It would have been a good tone for the whole thing, but, meh, I’m not complaining. 🙂 ♥ KSA
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            how many times i get disappointed at so many pairings in the past because they can’t even move me after seeing them kiss? i felt my heart flutter so many times here! thanks LJW for becoming a ‘real man’, you were a fine match to KSA’s Jian. i was pleasantly surprised at the realization that here we are audience, witnessing the transition of Tae Kang from a boy to a man!

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    For me the second half of this drama was definitely better… humm ok let’s rather say “it was more what I wanted/expected to see” (even tho I couldn’t take it anymore JA not telling TK about him being the father), and to finish it with us meeting Ankle conclude really nicely what have been a really good drama for me, a drama full of cuteness and full of TAE KAAAAANG !!!! ^_^ So now I will bask in those feelings while waiting for another good drama… maybe “Faith” ?!! “Arang” ?!!!… lets wait and see…

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    Spoiler for City Hall and other drama.
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      Glad to hear that both your sis and niece are doing fine.

      Like you, I wish the show didn’t end with the dream scene. I would love to see Jian meeting Ankle for the first time. I want to see Jian and Tae Kang bringing up Ankle – I see lots of possibilities of cute and comic moments here. I want to see the grandparents competing and fighting for Ankle’s attention and time. I want to see them growing their business. I want to see… There’s just so much more that can be developed! Maybe there should be a spin-off in the form of a sitcom around these?

      As for the MNIKSS kiss, how about the BACK BREAKING KISS? When I think back about the show, some of the funniest moments that come to my mind is how his back is often almost breaking because of her? 🙂

      • 10.4.1 Ivoire

        Hi, what was the “back breaking kiss” in MNIKSS?

        • Tru2u

          i was naming the for a title for kisses, but couldn’t come up with one for the epic kiss in MNIKSS so jangerr was giving some ideas.

    • 10.5 Ivoire

      Hi Tru2u,

      Like many people here, I am really glad your sister and your niece are doing much better and that they are both home. Thank you for the update, as I did keep both of them in my prayers.
      I do hope you will get your hair back :-)!

      • 10.5.1 Tru2u

        Thanks again ^^
        yep, i will definitely get my hair back!!!! 🙂

    • 10.6 Shapi

      Agree. This is indeed LJW’s breakthrough drama. Didn’t quite like him before this drama as he’s seemed to be missing in something despite his look and height. This drama allows him to turn up his cute quotient many notches up and a chance to prove himself to be of a male-lead material. Thank God it’s not JYH. Look wise they just won’t match. Imagine a KSA-JYH kissing …eeek!

  11. 11 Sudi

    Last nite-Did it happen..did it happen last nite.It Was OnE Night stand,no it wasnt plan..wasnt in my head but I wanna do it again and again last night..OnE Night stand with an stranger pregnancy issuees..misunderstanding Of DaD issues…Love roMance and general SeX issue and Problems that Working woman faces these day of Aging coz of Mental pressures.Rating3/5

  12. 12 coolrepublica

    I stopped watching the show after episode 8 I just want to know if Kim Sun Ah character is going to marry that guy who cleans well or did she decide to have a relationship with him and not marry him.

    That’s all I care about. Can someone fill me in.

    • 12.1 zsa

      She proposed to him when in labour, and he accepted, but there was no wedding…anyway, do check the torrid water breaking kiss they had…unbelievable!!

      • 12.1.1 msim

        She proposes that they be together – not that they should get married.
        And I love her even more for that.
        Marriage (see stats for South Korea) is over-rated.
        A great equal partnership is what these 2 deserve.

        • Ivoire

          Hi Msim,

          I do think that she was proposing marriage. My understanding is that in Kdramas, when someone proposes, it is with the intent of getting married. I personally don’t think that marriage is over-rated (and I know, it is just my opinion and I do know that you are entitled to yours). I also believe that it is possible to have a great equal partnership in a marriage. Being married doesn’t exclude being in a great equal partnership kind of relationship. It has more to do with who you are and how the two people involved work it out. It is very possible to have both.
          By the way, people who live together do have fall outs as well and often separate. They are not immune to that either.

      • 12.1.2 pumpkinattack

        I didn’t think of it that way! Was it the first drama “water breaking kiss?” xD

  13. 13 meecheellee

    YAY! The beginning was a lil slow, but things wrapped up with enough pacing(: they are SO. CUTE.

  14. 14 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap! I will be back to comment later…

    • 14.1 Ivoire

      Hi everyone, just a quick question: does anyone know the name of the actor who plays the other doctor? (the one who drinks with Doctor Without Borders one night). Thanks!

      • 14.1.1 zsa

        You mean the doctor Within Borders? Yeah I’m curious too…he is one smexy doctor…I see bright future for him…

        • Ivoire

          Hi Zsa, yes I do mean Doctor Within Borders and yes, he IS smexy, I thought so when I first saw him and I have liked him throughout the drama. I wish we could have seen more of him. I looked for his name but I haven’t found it, so far. I will keep looking and if I find it, I will let you know.

      • 14.1.2 Tru2u

        i gotta admit, i think Doc has a fetish for preggers!! Ji-An what have you done to him!!!!!!!!!!

        • Tru2u

          Sorry wrong reply.

      • 14.1.3 Awe

        Doctor’s Name: PARK GEON-HYEONG
        birthdate: 1977-nov-1

        i totally LOVED him in the korean movie: Innocent Steps

        not so much in Mr. Wacky

        the dude can dance. so HAWT and SMEXY!!!!

        i was secretly hoping there would be a dance off between KSA and PGH in this drama—but no luck.

        • Awe

          oh–and apparently our Doctor sings too because he is in a slew of musicals. everything from mozart to saturday night fever.

          sigh. this guy needs a lead [drama] role that shows off his dancing and singing talents.

  15. 15 yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    I’m glad my faith in NaRi was justified in the end. She always struck me as someone ambivalent about JiAn. She was sympathetic to her situation [which must have brought back memories of her mother] while feeling the need to vanquish her because JiAn stood in the way of everything NaRi thought she wanted.

    I’ve enjoyed my with weeks with this drama.


    It seems Kim Sun Ah is the queen of the open ended ending.

    MY LOVELY KIM SAM SOON was one of my first K-drama and its open-ending drove me crazy. I kept wishing and hoping for a sequel.

    Now I know the rest of the world disagree with me on this, but I thought Yeon-Jae should have died at the end of SENT OF A WOMAN. I think postponing her death was a cop out on the part of the creative team. However I understood their decision because I think their lives might have been in danger if she had died on camera. So wit SCENT we got another Kim Sun Ah voice over open ending.

    IDID gives us KSA signature open-ending (with voice over) and of those I’ve seen, this ending is true to essence of the drama and the most satisfying. I won’t spend years dreaming of a sequel as I did with MKSS, nor will I spend energy explaining why Yeon Jae death would have been truer to the drama. Instead I think of Tae-Kang, JiAn and ankle siting under a shade tree, with sketch pad drawing to their heart’s content. The one [cheesy] thing missing that I wanted to see as a button on this drama, would be the family all wearing the shoes Tae-Kang had designed.

  16. 16 KDrama Fan

    Thanks GM.

    I thought the ending was a bit of a let down.

    It was weird for Nari to step down as president saying she wanted to be an intern so she could learn about design just to have Ji an tell her to come back to take the role of president again a few months later. Meanwhile Madam J just lets them do all this after having such a heavy hand in what goes on.

    In the very last part I thought Ji an had died for a minute.

    But I did finally like some of KSA’s fashion in the last 2 episodes-especially the pants with the shirt with open sleeves and the president hairdo.

    Overall I liked this drama but I won’t miss it.

    • 16.1 Tru2u

      OMGEEZZ!! my heart sank when they said she needed a C-section. After experiencing what happened to my sister who recently almost died because of her C-section, honestly i was nervous.

      • 16.1.1 KDrama Fan

        Oh my Tru2u!

        How awful.

        Hope your sister and the baby is doing alright.

        All the best to you all.

        And hopefully no more c-sections in your future.

        • Tru2u

          Yes, she doing GREAT, THANK GOD!!!
          but because i stress SOO much i lost a few patches of hair -_-. YES!!! no c-section in my future, honestly in no one’s future!!! I’m now working on my hair.

    • 16.2 malta

      It was confusing. When she was suddenly walking in the park with all those shoes, I freaked out for a moment.

      I wish they had shown Ji An awake holding baby Ankle and let us know what name Tae Kang gave Ankle…

  17. 17 Kris

    Thank you so much for recapping! I really appreicate your hard work. As expected, Kim Sun Ah’s chemistry with her male leads are never dying – she never disappoints. I’m really looking forward to her next work.

  18. 18 jastinel

    Thanks GUMMIMOCHI for the recap!

    IDO, IDO my fave drama for this year.

    • 18.1 Awe

      yeppers. thanks Gummimochi, for addressing the rollercoaster of social issues associated with this drama.

      gj gj!


  19. 19 ck1Oz

    That kiss was pretty darn good. But I love that couple outfit moment. It was really cute.

  20. 20 coby

    Thanks for the recap.
    If not for the leads’ cuteness, I would not be able to finish/endure this drama. I’m glad that they did not establish the marriage thing with a wedding scene. The two proposal scenes are the things I like the most. First when Tae-kang proposed with a song (swoon!) and when Ji-an proposed while pulling his hair!

  21. 21 Germaine

    Why does television still portray childbirth as excruciatingly painful and dangerous? What is this, the dark ages? There are so many options for pain relief, and many ways to help dilate the cervix. A normal birth is 4 to 10 hours. Nobody should be scrambling to a c-section in this fashion. This is not even arcane medical knowledge, just ask some younger mothers, or look up a pregnancy book.

    We can oversimplify corporate takeovers in the interest dramatic tension but to do this with pregnancy and childbirth is really a bit much.

    • 21.1 Aisu

      sorry, didn’t you watch episode 1?
      Jian is in the age where pregnant is risky and she has premature menopausal, I dunno about those kind of thing, but I know those factors are influence when she deliver the baby. correct me if I was wrong.

      • 21.1.1 mea

        You’re quite right. JA had a high risk pregnancy due to her age, her medical condition and it’s her first pregnancy (primigravida)..or “primi “for short. She was also underweight..

    • 21.2 Germaine

      Clearly, we need to do better with health education. I was wrong to blame television.

      1. Being in your thirties is a very normal age for childbirth.
      2. First childbirth does not mean high risk childbirth.
      3. All that shouting and cursing by mothers in labour comes from a time where there was no easy access to safe pain reflief. If you were born in the last 20 years and your mom still talks about how hard it was to birth to you, it’s probably a guilt trip.

      • 21.2.1 mea

        Women younger than 18 or older than 35 are just one of the risk factors of pregnancy.. that’s one factor we look into when we assess clients coming into our OB-ER.

        First pregnancy are not high risk per se..but Jian’s age. That is why pre-natal care is important…as pointed out clearly by Dr Yang…hehe

      • 21.2.2 sa

        I think it is not totally distorted…in my country at 35 and above is considered rather risky and it’s an open secret that one is not encouraged to have children after 40. Jian is 37…; notwithstanding that, her uterus is already almost functioning like a 50 year old female’s, so it’s not as strong and normal as others.

        When it comes to pain, some ppl do not take pain killers by choice in opt for natural birth. if you ask me, during my labours, the pain killers do nothing but make me sleepy. Only epidural works, but I didn’t take them.

        Also, the pain treshold for ppl is different, so we respect this difference and let them deal with this pain how ever they want to…as long as the baby is safe with the least intrusive pain killers as possible.

        • skelly

          And when childbirth happens very quickly, sometimes pain meds are just not an option because there isn’t enough time. I had this happen with daughter #2 – they managed to give me an epidural (another minute or so and they wouldn’t have bothered) but it did not have time to fully take effect. And yup, I yelled. Childbirth totally strips away every inhibition you ever had, LOL.

      • 21.2.3 la dee dah

        In the U.S., being 35 and above is considered higher risk pregnancy according to my friend who recently gave birth. And if I were you, I would not generalize experiences giving birth. Or I guess my many friends who had “painful” long births that included screaming were just “faking” their pain according to you.

      • 21.2.4 gandf

        Not to get snarky or anything but obviously you haven’t been in labor before. You can be in excruciating pain for hours but unless you are 4cm they will send you home also, if you get to the hospital and are already to a certain point it’s too late to get an epidural and your forced to either do it naturally( can still take hours) or given an injection that makes you totally out of it. So give your Moms’ a break!

  22. 22 MAC

    Wasn’t that happy with this drama. It felt like it just dragged on and on and on for me. At the end, it was just blah for me. I can’t seem to relate to it.

  23. 23 namcha

    Overall, I liked the drama even though it started slow and dragged a bit in the midpoint. I wanted to see JiAn hold her baby, the person that totally changed her life. I’m glad that we got to see Ankle. What a cutie! She looks like her grandpa, the grouchy one. Oh, and the kiss…wow.

  24. 24 Lise

    Cute cute cute! Btw am so over pple going eeww over the age gap (not on here of cuz, we got class!) seriously forget sageuks cuz it was ok back then for the dudes to be waay older but i can mention a few dramas where a guy twice the girl’s age is having some serious make out sessions and fans r all aawww…hypocrites!

    • 24.1 zsa

      We’ve gotten over the age-gap thing centuries ago…I stopped reading comments elsewhere…they irritate me to no end. PPl with class don’t judge others coz life is unexpected, never say never, one may end up with someone way younger, and we DONT even look as hot as Kim Sun Ah…

      when I saw them kissing, the first, second, and the third one, the last thing on my mind was their age…it doesn’t matter coz they were into each other…

    • 24.2 Marie

      I don’t think I’ve read comments like that elsewhere; people who don’t like the older woman thing (and there are a lot of them, trust me!) just don’t watch dramas like this. Are you talking about the kids over at Soompi, perhaps?

      In the real world, I’m still astounded by the number of people of both genders who judge the heck out of older women dating younger men. I don’t think people will ever snap out of this kind of attitude…

      • 24.2.1 zsa

        They don’t usually gang up against her or anything, but there are lurkers here and there who sometimes write nasty comments on how ‘unmatched or unacceptable’ the whole thing is…but usually no one responds to them…even on vids at YT…arghh and sometimes Woojung shippers that I sometimes have to interject and remind them that this is JUST A FREAKING DRAMA and that is JUST A REALITY SHOW…everytime I read them I go ‘just go away!!’ but nothing sooo very very serious as there’s more love for KSA out there and more SANE people around!

        I on the other hand am all for celebs going after whoever they want; young, old, handicapped or not,as long as they don’t steal anyone’s REAL life husbands or wives…

      • 24.2.2 avebaroc

        i totally salute the older woman who is able to let herself love and be loved by a younger man. when true feelings are involved, i have no qualms for this kind of relationship.

        when i learned that a much younger guy was asking my friends about me, at first, i can’t bring myself to like this guy even if i discovered that he is someone very interesting and someone i could talk with for hours on end. it was only after sometime that i came to see him as a man i like and a person i want to be with.

        so what i’m saying is that for real life couples of this kind, it’s hard for the woman to immediately accept a younger man, esp. if the age difference is 5 yrs or more, if the woman is more ‘successful’ than the guy, if the woman has a very high regard for herself and etc.

        but if the feelings are true and they think they can make the relationship work and are willing to nurture it, then love can prevail..

    • 24.3 Requiem

      It happens both ways.

      For instance, a lot of the comments about one of the couples in AGD talk about how gross the relationship is between the 41 yo guy and 24 yo girl, because of the age gap.

      I say let love spring where it may, since we could all do with a little more love.

      • 24.3.1 skelly

        My issue is not with any age gap – I really don’t care how old people are, as long as they have an equality in the relationship. In order for a marriage to work, there has to be a deep respect, and it is really hard (although not impossible) to respect someone who is immature. It is frustrating to have a partner who can’t be there for you when you need someone to lean on, it is tiring to always be the solid, steady presence and always provide the forward momentum in a relationship and in life. I’m sure some people really like always calling the shots – once upon a time, that’s what all husbands did, like it or not – but it is not the sort of relationship I enjoy watching or get really interested in.
        I think this drama bent over backwards to prove to all of us that Taekang was strong enough and mature enough and loving enough to earn Jian’s respect and love. I wish AGD had done the same, but MeAhri is such a little girl that I foresee a very “traditional” relationship here. Yoon will have to be responsible for everything, since MeAhri dropped out of school to obsess about him, cries whenever she does not get her way, and cannot manage even a credit card bill. I know some people find their relationship cute, but for me, it’s all on Yoon. I hope he likes it that way.

        • Requiem

          I agree with that.

          In fact, I wish AGD had shown ANY of the characters actually growing enough to grow out of their conflicts instead of having them happily paste a happy ending because that’s what we suspect.

          I was just commenting on the fact that people were immediately predisposed to hating the Me Ahri-Yoon pairing specifically because of the age gap just like it seems people were predisposed to hate the Taekang-Jian pairing because of the same thing.

          Emotional maturity is the most important thing in a relationship, not the age of the people involved.

  25. 25 Jalwyn

    I was happy with the ending but because Tru2u mentioned it in the comment above, I did had hopes for some flashbacking to happen. I really expected they would somewhat show just a little bit of all those shenanigans that happened that night since if you guys remember, KSA did post a promo poster that showed a steamy scene between the two of them right here


    Gaaah. But still. Cant get enough of their chemistry! I think that was the main reason why I loved this series 🙂

    • 25.1 Tru2u

      I wanted to know who insinuated it. could it have been TK or Ji-An? what really happened? GAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ><. Still they kinda made up for it with that steamy kiss

  26. 26 Aisu

    What a beautiful closure gummimochi, thank you.

    “If a life goes as planned, where’s the fun? As long as you don’t know where life will take you, you can concentrate on living it to the fullest.”
    totally agree!!! like waiting for surprise??? 🙂

    I’m not satisfied at first because I want more of them, then after watching again I can find how beautiful the ending is, my imagination floating around as if it’s not K-drama.
    Every week I said that recent episode better than previous one, now of all, this is the best episode, best team and understanding of the OTP, beautiful view, warm heart-ed and beautiful narration and of course we got our beautiful little family. Thank you beautiful drama :). You just got the wrong timing, otherwise you’re outstanding. Bravo!!

    • 26.1 Aisu

      sorry posts it twice, how to delete the post???

      • 26.1.1 Awe


        low stress. my mouse ‘sometimes’ does a double click when i single click. *shakes fist at mouse*

        i blame the fetus in the jar from Dr. Jin drama….

        • becca_boo

          I think we should just blame everything on the brain fetus. Having a bad day? Brain fetus. Headaches? Rotten brain fetus acting up again. Accidentally put salt into your coffee instead of sugar? You guessed it: brain fetus. It’s the strangely perfect explanation for everything that is wrong with the world.

          • KDrama Fan

            Ah, that awful fetus. You guys crack me up!

          • Kappy

            Wow, you have sparked my interest in Dr. Jin. Curiousity, that is.

        • Aisu

          nah, touch-pad 🙂
          Lol, did they drink the fetus’s water ?

        • zsa

          I already blame the Brain fetus for the episode extension for Dr Jin…so we can blame the Brain fetus for other things outside that drama?..LOL…you crack me up!

  27. 27 Aisu

    What a beautiful closure gummimochi, thank you. and love2 your comment :). yes the gift include Tae Kang, “my love” Jian said :p, who else?? he’s in her dream.

    “If a life goes as planned, where’s the fun? As long as you don’t know where life will take you, you can concentrate on living it to the fullest.”
    totally agree!!! like waiting for surprise??? 🙂

    I’m not satisfied at first because I want more of them, then after watching again I can find how beautiful the ending is (like you said beautiful open ending), my imagination floating around as if it’s not K-drama.

    Every week I said that recent episode better than previous one, now of all, this is the best episode, best team and understanding of the OTP, beautiful view, warm heart-ed and beautiful narration and of course we got our beautiful little family. Thank you beautiful drama :). You just got the wrong timing, otherwise you’re outstanding. Bravo!!

  28. 28 becca_boo

    Thanks for recapping, gummimochi! I’ll be looking forward to the next series you pick up.

    Overall, I’m satisfied with the ending. I knew it wouldn’t be perfect so I was able to enjoy it, but I am disappointed that we didn’t get to see Ji-an hold Ankle for the first time. Seeing Tae-kang hold her was great, of course, but I really needed to see that first moment when Ji-an held the little girl she’d fought so hard to have. I didn’t need a perfectly tied and double-knotted ending (I actually like that it’s open-ended), but I did need that bit of closure.

  29. 29 kim

    such a boring drama!!!! i have enough of KSA no matter how hard I’ve tried to stay to the end. The new dude is good looking but his acting is so bad. the doctor is much better.

  30. 30 annie

    i want more .ireally love this kdrama ever!!! the chemistry of kin sun ah and lee jang woo is awesome. .its hard to get over this drama. .kim sun ah is great actres and lee jang woo. .tae kang and jian

  31. 31 jambo42

    Satisfying recap for a satisfying ending. I don’t think my watching a kdrama ritual is complete without reading the DB recaps.

    It’s funny how drinking buddy Dr Within Borders managed to steal a few scenes within the last two episodes. Must be the close-ups. At Viki they were commenting how “he’s trying to hide his hawtness.” I think they’re referring to him wearing the dark-rimmed glasses.

  32. 32 Mystisith

    Honestly, glad to see it’s over. I love the actors but I never bought the chemistry: LJW attracted yes, but KSA was always “cautious” in her romantic scenes. By the way, I was right when I said we would never see anything more about that fateful night (or a next one, even). Guess it wasn’t that convincing…
    At the end of the day I feel like this drama was a big CF made by Korean government to give a message: Have babies in whatever way you want but just have them! (birth rate issue). And have your pregnancy checked.
    The script was too confusing: The humour fell flat for me, the professional environment boring and depressing. The family issues so cliché…

    End of rant. Don’t feel bad because of my comment: If you enjoyed it and found what you wanted to see it’s good.

    Anyway, thanks for the recaps gummimochi and I hope to see those actors on better projects soon. Ciao IDID.

    • 32.1 Aisu

      cautious?? have you seen SDiary??
      what you mean cautious here? maybe you mix KSA with Jian character.
      like Hyun Bin said : KSA is a careful person (whether it’s means caring or cautious, I think it’s caring , like LJW said)

      • 32.1.1 Mystisith

        Not careful, on her guards really. I mean KSA as an actress/person looks like someone careful and gentle too. But in City Hall, Scent of a Woman or Kim Sam-soon, she was physically comfortable with her partners, not here. I felt like she was afraid of taking advantage of him in the romantic scenes: Like if both were afraid to take the lead and go too far actually. Compare with the kiss of Me too, Flower for example (same situation of older actress and younger actor) and see the difference.

        • JoJo

          I agree with you about KSA. There was something missing in this one…felt she was flat. She usually enjoys her leading men, not this time. I’m a KSA fan and was disappointed.

          • tks

            I actually think that she has way more chemistry here with ljw then all her other co actors, including even the oh so mighty Kim Sam Soon. Don’t know why just very convinced with them being a couple and I guess the reason why she looks flat was due to her character setting as a strong powerful female lead

        • Aisu

          Ha, that’s it you mix Kim Sun Ah’s character here, Jian’s character very different with her previous role. Before she always having cheerful, friendly and heart warming character, not in this one, in this drama she becomes cold city women which is can you imagine cold women romance??? yeah, different, but in the episode 15-16 we can see Jian lil bit change right? toward her romance to Tae Kang. And KSA is an actress who somehow in real life influence by her character in drama, she’s that kind of actress.

          If you said she was afraid or reverse, have you seen how she interact with Jang woo in bts??? she’s playful just like how she treats other actors in her previous drama, boldly she pinch JW’s cheek, etc. If you felt something wrong, then JW is a person who has different character than Hyun bin and LDW, he’s somehow has bold character, I notice he loves touching too, skinship things (sorry talking too much ^^). Perhaps she’s too scared with this forward young lad. Lol

          • mea

            ..Or maybe they are really attracted to each other off camera…

          • kbnhkr

            Yeah, look at this:

            BTS pic

          • kbnhkr

            Yeah, look at this:

            BTS pic 🙂

          • kappy

            Yes, that is Ji An, not Kim Sun Ah who is careful in her relationship and thus comes off as somewhat standoffish. Cold and prickly business woman changes to a warmer self with Tae Kang’s help. Kim Sun Ah is a gifted actress who is convincing in whatever role she takes on. I enjoyed the chemistry a lot here. Especially that last kiss…honey! They make a cute couple, I think. LJW was good in his role..sooo sweet and adorable, no wonder her chilled heart melted. I’m surprised a few thought he acted badly. ??? It’s so interesting how different opinions can be.

            That proposal was funny, though what’s with the “be my slave” thing? Or was that a poor translation? I know childbirth is a time when not all the right words come out in the right tone, so I’ll blame that. Glad it was her, though I would like to have seen another, more calm and tenderly done proposal, because with all the cold weather he had to take from her, he deserves it. I also would have liked to see her awake and finally with babe in arms with daddy looking on, one happy family, instead of dream sequence. We could still get a nice voiceover set of reflections, lessons learned and future hopes. All in all, I am very glad it’s a happy ending.

  33. 33 Awe

    3 things.

    1-thanks for recaps

    2-the whole production of “you’re the mother of this company and i’m making you president” was just something from outer space. like i said in previous post, had they cut out some of the dead scenes, the writers could have spent more time developing a more believable plot – ploy for JiAn to ‘naturally’ become president.
    just saying–>my opinion may not match any of yours.

    3-loved the birthing room scene proposal. LMAO. such a classic KSA scene. well scripted, well acted by all.

    I Do I Do think that this was a cute romcom. not too over the top emo or evil revengey (new word?).

    Say-a-noodle, I DO.

  34. 34 Noelle

    Yay! I liked it! I thought they were gonna do this time jump with him coming of a plane and meeting Ji An and Ankle for the first time at the airport. I’m glad with this outcome more.

  35. 35 subject

    I have no idea how I managed to watch it all. I think it’s the first time I actually sacrificed myself on KSN’s behalf. I thought that one of my favorite actresses can’t be wrong in choosing roles and damn I was so wrong. It was bad, too bad. But hey, at least, I get to know Park Gun Hyung.

  36. 36 Suzi Q

    The baby delivery scene was so funny because it brought back my own hilarious memories to me.
    I was in the hospital room recovering from my fourth baby delivery. The young lady in the next bed and I exchanged baby delivery stories. I told her that I had my baby came too fast so I had him in the baby monitoring bed. There were so many pregnant women delivering on the same day that there was no room for me in the delivery room.The nurse placed me with a monitoring belt around my belly and left to find a wheelchair for me. My husband was with me when the water broke and the baby came out fast and knicked his face when he landed on the monitoring table. Luckily my husband was standing at the end of the table, yelled for the nurse to come back and caught my baby in his hands otherwise the baby would have landed on the floor. The nurse rushed back later and cleaned up the baby. She still couldn’t find the wheelchair, so I walked out to the recovery room while my husband held our baby.
    My was an easy delivery story; however, my room mate told me her story. She had taken Lamaze classes with her husband since this was their first child. She said she had a painful delivery, and everything she learn flew out the window. The scene where Ji An grabs Tae Kang and says “It all Your Fault” were the EXACT words that she said to her husband while in the delivery room. She said that she was in so much agony that she dug her nails into him, grabbed his clothes, punched him black and blue, and cursed him.We laughed at our stories, and I told her that it was like pushing a watermelon out of a woman’s stomach.Later you forget the pain because you have a beautiful baby.
    I’m disappointed about the BLAH ending. I wished they had given Ankle a REAL name, and I didn’t like the boring dream sequence ending.

  37. 37 Yokoloco

    I really liked this drama. It was fairly light without being slight. I’m so glad we didn’t time jump due to studying abroad. Someone needs to get Doctor W/O Borders a baby, STAT! I think his character became the Sage/bff in a very take-my-advice-I’m-not-using-it kind of way. I do think had Ji An never gotten pregnant they could have been very happy together. Her being pregnant elevated his crazy. Because to him, BABIES! He can’t see anything else.
    Who was taking care of her while they weren’t speaking? I hope she had a staff because, presumably, there was even more work to do as president.

  38. 38 Soso

    Thank you for all the recaps. While there were some flaws and there were parts that were down right annoying, the drama in the end left me feeling satisfied and a sweet aftertaste. I really like the last two episodes, too.

    I didn’t know that KSA and GY were in something together.! *running off to search*

    • 38.1 jangerr

      @ Soso

      KSA and GY were together in She’s On Duty and S Diary. Oh, their chemistry in both were fabulous! Would love to see them together in another drama or movie.

      • 38.1.1 skelly

        Gong Yoo and Kim Sun Ah? If they were together, they could be reading the telephone book and I’d watch it. They just crackled with energy and interest and intelligence and emotion.

        • zsa

          Yes I loved them in ‘She’s on Duty’ and I loved them in ‘S Diary’ tho I don’t actually love the story…I wish to see them in a drama…I have more time to drool over them :-))

  39. 39 suzie

    From the beginning till the end of the drama, I dont know how many times I watch it. I still enjoy it. I watch other dramas but this drama really stands out. Well, in my country there is no storyline like this. But with such a talented actress like KSA.. Seriously, all the scenes she act is so consistent, emotionally attached to the viewers.. Superb acting craft. She is well-known to have good chemistry with the male lead actors irregardless of their backgrounds.. Not forgetting a passionate kisser. It just blew me away. Other actress cant compete with her kissing skills. To do something like that so brave in front of the camera is something other actress cant do. This is what so special about her and I felt so attached with her acting passion. I hope this drama wont depress her too much like the scent of woman..which I read from an article she is having difficulty in leaving the character. But I remember every role she act in, she always keep those feelings in her heart. I dont want to wait too long for her next project. I gonna miss her.

  40. 40 Lupita311

    I think that I am not going to be popular but I have to say I really hated this series. What a piece of crap, first full of misinformation, “her last chance to have a baby” thank God my GYN is my friend and I can ask her if what they were saying in this malarki was really true, man I don’t understand why they wrote this. One of my theories is that this was nothing but propaganda to scare women, you can’t be CEO’s if you want to be mothers, you have to give up, you need a dad any dad would do you can’t be a single mom, you can’t … etc. really??? what year do this writers live? I guess with all the time traveling in dramas this time it was the writers of I do I do the ones that did the traveling to the past where women were supposed to be only one thing that is wifes, please. Did you see KSA’s face all drama long? To me she was happier during Scent of a Woman when they told her she had cancer. She had such a sour face now that I think about maybe it was because she wanted to back off from this waste of time and she couldn’t. That guy the “dad” what an idiot he was just bouncing like a monkey all drama long, with the face of an idiot. The other character no one was a developed character just fillers for I don’t know what purpose. This whole thing passes into history as the worst drama I have ever watched thank God all I did is watch seven episodes then I read the recaps and skim through the episode I just couldn’t watch. Why they did the two last episodes that way? It was a horrible storyline with no plot nothing… Kim Sun Ah is my utmost heroine, I watched all of her dramas and movies even When it’s at night, the one I thought was her bad drama, not anymore… this one I just couldn’t stomach it anymore I wanted to throw something at my computer screen when TK would come out. Really KSA please think what you choose as your new project and check who your costar is going to be. If you want to watch her work better watch MKSS or City Hall this one let it ride into the sunset.

    • 40.1 kim

      Totally agreed! Well said! Worst drama ever!

      • 40.1.1 aya

        Worst????? then i would LOVE to recommend Fashion King, i think that will blow your mind!!! in a good way.

        • malta

          Or Time Slip Dr. Jin…

          • True2u

            add BIG to the list!!!

          • zsa

            …and Man of Honor (it was a ratings hit too…on top of that)…PS: Love love love I do I do!!!

          • kim

            You should watch Japanese drama Jin & Jin 2. They are much better and more intense than the Korean remake Dr Jin.

            Dr Jin is not as bad as I do I do.

            I do not like KSA any more. The only one I enjoy the most with her is Kim Sam Soon and that is. Her acting is getting boring and boring.

      • 40.1.2 sulyn

        Ahhhh, but to me, it’s certainly a good drama.
        There are editing faults but the acting is incredibly creditable. Well done, KSA and LJW!

    • 40.2 jastinel

      Lupita is that really u, u sound different?
      I feel sad that u hate this drama, It`s acceptable to say u don`t like it, but to used the word HATE…well, it`s your opinion my dear.

      • 40.2.1 zsa

        No need to feel sad, there’s enough love to go around for this drama…!!! I love that;

        it could’ve very easily been slapstik with meaningless pregnancy hijinks, but is NOT

        it could’ve been chemistry-less due to age and stature differences between the OTP, but the chemisty was explosive…even with the 2nd lead, and the 2 men…

        it could’ve been just laughter, but it teaches us a lesson or two about love and life…

        So this drama is a BIRTH, not a funeral…and I freaking love it!!

        I respect KSA for bravely chosing this drama and Jang Woo for not being intimidated in proving his mettle. If I have a bone to pick, it’s just the writing…could’ve been much much better as the story is great

    • 40.3 Aisu

      I agree with the plot, (I told you at viki you said the same things, even though I do love the drama, I have crazy thoughts it would be better if I were the screenwriter) but not with KSA acting, she’s brilliant, her girl power shine, with difficult act as cold person if you not, KSA did that easily, do you expecting cold person smiling around and act cheerily like corny girl? I don’t. Sour? I didn’t imagine yoghurt when enjoy her acting :).
      And about his co-actor, who? Jang Woo?can’t really blame him, he did good job, he convince us his character, but who ask him to act like that?? blame them!!Tae Kang change in attitude and how he speaks start at episode 5. Well maybe we used to watch K-drama with the perfect male lead character, and can’t enjoy in this one.

  41. 41 suzie

    I Do I Do Episodes 15 & 16 (Final)

    Life is …

    … a Choice

    It is said that there are only two emotions in the world that humans can express freely – LOVE and FEAR. All the other emotions we are so familiar with are but subgroups of these two. LOVE conveys peace, content, joy, acceptance, forgiveness, serenity; whereas FEAR carries with it anxiety, judgment, depression, guilt, hate. For so long, Jian has built a wall around her or as she rightfully admitted has dug a well so deep for fear of coming out of a place where she is familiar, her comfort zone. For 15 years this company is the only place where she feels she is totally in charge, her home, her world, her universe. It is therefore understandably justified that she feels apprehensive loosing the job she has nurtured through the years. Jian lives and breathes shoes and leaving this job is death to her. But only when she let go of her fear does she realized that there is more to life than the four walls of this company. Love for her unborn child, love for Tae Kang and love for herself set her free from the shackles of fear. To love or to fear, to be happy or to be miserable….it’s a choice and Jian has made hers. Now she is ready to face the world in a different perspective.

    Tae Kang at the very start has already made a choice – to be by Jian’s side always, figuratively and literally. Whether their first meeting is a fluke or not, it cannot be denied that he is there in all the crucial moments – from the time she needed a ride so she can attend to the problem that arose during the fashion show, to the train station so she can catch up with her parents, to the drunken spree to drown out her hurts when her parents or should I say her cranky father left in huff when she sneaked out of the birthday party, to the aftermath of one drunken night, to her tracking down the counterfeiters, to the making and submission of the collaboration design, to her announcement of her being a single mother, to her declaration of who is the father of her child, to her resignation and eventually reinstatement to work, to her giving birth. Throughout her difficult times, Tae Kang is there. Passing up a once-in-a-lifetime chance of study grant to develop himself into a respectable and a noteworthy designer in favor of being with Jian and together witness the birth and growing years of their child weighs more in the balance. To Tae Kang being physically present in the life of Jian and their child is much more important than the prospect of going to the USA. This man knows his priorities….family comes first and it is what matters most.

    … a Risk

    Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. For years, Jian has lived her life as “planned”…ran by schedule, ran by calendar. She is used to a life with definite tasks and things-to-do for the day, for the week or even for the month, so much so that when the unexpected pregnancy derails her routine it wreck havoc to her life. Suddenly, things aren’t the same as they are supposed to be and it upsets her even angered her. She has steered her life according to her plan but fate thinks otherwise. The chance encounter with Tae Kang and the one night happenstance turn her life upside down. And Jian isn’t a bit pleased about it. But love moves in a mysterious way. Unknowingly, Jian finds herself liking…no…loving the person who started the spark, gradually gaining momentum, spinning her world and allowing her to see it in a different light. Where before she is anxious with the ways things are, now with Ankle and Tae Kang in the horizon and in spite of the future being unsure, Jian is all too willing to go out on a limb. She embraces the risks – declaring to the world she is a single mother, coming out with the true identity of the child’s father, giving up a job that she holds so dearly. Little does she know that, once more, fate will play its part this time in the person of Nari. After all what has been said and done, Nari has a changed of heart. She who has undermined Jian’s falling in disgrace has smartly maneuvered Jian’s return to the company as its President to the consternation of Madame Jang who is powerless to do otherwise. And the moment she decided to take matters into her hands and to take responsibility of her feelings and thoughts, things start falling into places – her being back to the company which she has treated as her baby, her being the President, Tae Kang and his father putting up a decent business of their own…and the much anticipated arrival of Ankle.

    Most of us live our lives expecting for something wonderful to happen, constantly dreaming for something else not paying attention to what is at the moment and not realizing that “Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans.” As Eun-sung wisely advised, “If a life goes as planned, where’s the fun? As long as you don’t know where life will take you, you can concentrate on living it to the fullest.” What is important is the now.

    … following your heart

    When everything else fails, listen and follow your heart. It is this little voice inside that will direct you to the path which is right for you. Tae Kang has followed his heart’s calling… to be with his family. To him it is more regretful to miss the opportunity of not seeing his daughter’s many firsts – first smile, first step, first word. The future may be uncertain for him and Jian, but he chose to be by her side…always.

    When her heart murmured the call of motherhood, Jian has answered to its calling. When her heart whispered the call of love, she responded to its bidding. Hesitantly at first. But when the gate of reservation broke and her fears were washed away by Tae Kang’s sincerity and honesty, there is no turning back for Jian. Never mind if this changed the whole set up of her life. For now, with Tae Kang and Ankle, she is no longer afraid of the future. As she earnestly sum it up “…life doesn’t always go as expected but it brings unexpected gifts. My love, my child…and the people I’m grateful to….what gifts will await me in the difficult future? I’m already curious about them. No, I’m definitely looking forward to them.”

    So for my opinion is a drama that will always makes me remember that life is a choice. =)

    • 41.1 mtoenlob

      #41 suzie

      I see that you’ve read my comment on koreandrama.org #753 and posted it in its entirety here at dramabeans. While I understand that you wanted to share it with the rest of KSA drama viewers, I would have truly appreciated it if you have credited me as the original writer of the post. Maybe you just forgot and I understand. I don’t mind you sharing, just give credit where credit is due. 🙂

  42. 42 ladysaotome

    I thought this series was cute – nothing epic but very funny at times and cute. But it really made me mad that she didn’t hold the baby and we got a crazy dream sequence instead. Why was she even asleep!?? I’m sure that there may be difference in how they do things in Korea vs the US but it really frustrated me. I had my daughter via c-section & not only was I awake the entire time, I got to have one person in the room with me during the surgery. My hubby held my hand the entire time and got to help them clean up & wrap the baby and they brought her over to me within minutes of her being taken out. I didn’t get to hold her until they were done sewing me back together but I saw her immediately. And then I got to hold her & feed her the entire time in the recovery room.

  43. 43 feydo

    we cannot please everyone, take it or leave it we live in a very complicated world, i don’t have an issue on the huge age gap, cause in Reality it works and this kind of situation or trend is still going on, like age gap of 10,20,5, etc, the worst i have seen is 20 years and couple are so so fine. anyways i love this drama to death and to the bone. thanks for Suna for accepting this project. she never fails to deliver and nailed it once again. tae kang if he is always giddy not bouncing like a monkey, what a very rude to say by others, is very cute with talent and fine acting makes your heart melts and i think that is how supposed to be his Role to be in love from the very beginning, though he is not sure about being the real dad, but he is still very consistent of his love toward Sunna all along, and like what Sunny said in her speech , tae kang did a very good and worked really hard.

    am having a withdrawal syndrome and back to empty mode since it’s over. re-watch is the cure. anyways @ #40 Lupita311, dear sister i wish i could ease your pain but maybe taking tylenol will help or take some sedatives to keep you calm and relax. this is only drama that all the actors and actresses involved gave their heart out to, and in order to entertain purely not intentional for others to be sour!

    lasty, Gummimochi, thanks for your time and effort for the insightful and well written recaps.

  44. 44 feydo

    @Lupita311 you mention “sour face” remember her role is supposed to be fierce like MEDUSA style. if you are acting to look like in fierce mode, i do not think and agree that the results is SOUR face and we cannot combine both, and that’s what i called Fine and superior acting of Sunny, the great. Shalom!!!

  45. 45 NN

    Thanks for the recaps! Loved how refreshingly different the male lead was.

  46. 46 feydo

    Divorcing lee dong wook and cha seung won, found a new love who is no other than Lee Jang Woo, my baby in my wildest dream. if only i could show you by acting cool and pretentious how my love by a make believe Bouncing or hanging in clouds for you or even will pluck the stars i will do it…anything could happen and it will happen if your cupid heart is struck by an arrow… you will act like an insane/crazy human same principle applied to the drama like LJW feeling towards Sunna.

    @#41suzie your analysis is as usual and always meaning ful of value.

    • 46.1 zsa

      How come your hubbies (or shall I say ex hubbies) are only from KSA’s dramas?…haha, we have the same problem then…she just brings out good smexy things in the men that I never knew existed…darn this woman is GOOD!!

      • 46.1.1 mea

        I have the same problem too, but Jang Woo takes the cake…that darn kid and his kisses…lol

    • 46.2 mtoenlob

      #46 feydo

      I just would like to correct what #41suzie posted. It is my original analysis which I originally posted at koreandrama.org #753. It saddens me that suzie failed to credit the entire analysis as mine. She posted my entire analysis without my knowledge, without my consent and did not credit me in her posting. I don’t mind sharing, just give credit where credit is due.

  47. 47 malta

    What a lovely drama. I didn’t have any expectations except that I it would be something different and something worthwhile. It turned out to be both.

    The last episode was a bit choppy and had parts in it that I thought were unnecessary, but I’m just ignoring them.

    I think in the end the show/writer couldn’t choose between one vs the other- the presidency or a new venture- just like Ji An and so she tried to make Ji An have both…what’s the point of being president for 5 months and then announcing that you’re quitting? Why start in the first place?…It was badass thought to see a full term pregnant woman in a president’s seat taking care of business! Reminds me of when an Italian MEP took her newborn to work with her as she cast her vote at the European Parliament. Daebak!

    I wasn’t too excited about the ending scene. I didn’t like that it was portrayed as a dream sequence many years into the future. It would have been great if Ji An was able to give the same voice over, but while they were showing her with Tae Kang holding baby Ankle in the hospital with all the family surrounding them. The dream sequence made it seem like she had died for a second. I like that it was open ended though.

    Criticisms aside, this was such an enjoyable show to watch. Slow paced (not a bad thing IMO) with some frustrations, but honestly not any more than are found in most kdramas. I love KSA and the nuance she brought to Ji An. And Lee Jang Woo did such a great job bringing Tae Kang to life and making us root for him even though we thought he was just a kid in the beginning. Some of the side characters were such gems- Bong Soo= hilarious! This drama and it’s characters could never induce a cracktastic frenzy of fangirling, even from the kiss scenes, as sizzling as they were, but you still grow to really love the characters and their very unique story.

  48. 48 Kappa

    Agree w/Zsa on Man of Honor. No love lost there. I liked LJW the best in that one, in fact.

    Disagree w/Lupita on most counts. Much has been said on its merits, so I’ll add my praises there. I enjoyed this drama!

  49. 49 toystar

    Happy ending yes please & Thank u. I love KSA!!!!

  50. 50 Lady Seoul

    I’m really satisfied with this ending. Although the whole series was a filler and I would never want to watch this drama again, but following along with it every week…the ending made it worth it. I’m always up for happy endings. They make me all happy and bubbly inside. I really loved her voice over and quotes. Not a perfect drama, but it ended quite well.

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