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Kim Myung-min becomes King of Dramas
by | July 24, 2012 | 42 Comments

The king of dramas is back in a drama… called King of Dramas! Okay, so the king reference isn’t a famous nickname or anything for Kim Myung-min, but the man is a force to be reckoned with so he may as well claim the title.

The drama is to be an SBS Monday-Tuesday series, and is set in the world of drama production. Kim’s character Anthony Kim seems right up his alley: He’s a drama producer with a Midas touch who believes that dramas just have to make tons of money. As the CEO of an outside/independent drama company, he’s successful but his fixation on money gives him a mean streak. The other two leads, as yet uncast, are a rookie writer who believes dramas should be all about humanity (oy, the rough waters ahead I see for him/her), and a top-star actor.

Eh. I can’t say the description thrills me, because I’ve already seen and been disappointed by The World They Live In… but maybe King of Dramas won’t be as navel-gazingly indulgent? I can hope? And this drama, unlike World, is described as a “character comedy” — I suppose that means it’s all about relationships with a light-hearted tone. So… light on the angst and the romance?

That could work… although I’m not especially excited about PD Hong Sung-chang, who last directed Take Care of Us, Captain. Bleh. (And yet, he also did You’re Beautiful — although that drama was really a writing feat, not a directorial one.) But the writing is more promising: one writer, Jang Hang-joon, wrote Harvest Villa and Sign (the other is new).

And really, Kim Myung-min can make the most out of a drama, even when the writing falters — take Beethoven Virus, for example, which I thought meandered a bit but never got totally boring because his maestro character Kang-mae was so entertaining to behold. So deliciously snide, so amusing. Kim also somehow manages to straddle that line perfectly between commercially appealing and critically lauded. He’s won two drama Daesangs in his career and created numerous notable characters, whether it’s through sageuk power in Immortal Lee Soon Shin, cold hard intensity in White Tower, or the aforementioned entertaining assholery of Beethoven Virus. And let’s not forget his hilarious turn as an ignorant con-artist gangster in the comedy Bad Family.

King of Dramas plans to air following Faith, which puts its premiere in November.

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42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. crazedlu

    AGH! been a fan since ‘bad family’. hope this works out well for him.

  2. canxi

    Ooooh, I really enjoyed The World that they Live In,lol. It’s definitely a hate-it-or-love-it drama, but I liked that it was pretty easy-going. Kind of indie-ish.

    I’m down for another one though. Psuedo-behind-the-scenes drama is fun.

  3. reallycool

    I love this kind of setup Top star, producer, and a writer? Reminds me of On Air which is one of my favorite dramas of all time.

    • 3.1 Sajen

      now that I think about it it reminds me of On Air as well here’s hoping this is just as good

    • 3.2 lenrasoon

      the first thing i thought was “On Air” which i also love.

  4. hawaiianseoul

    Myung min asdfghjklsdfghjkl I love him in bad family and white tower.

    can’t wait!

  5. Mia

    damn… That guy is so ugly…

    but still… it’s a great actor !

    • 5.1 jabberwocky

      ugly? ugly?
      i have issues with people calling other people ugly. even if he is not attractive, which is in this case is not, coz for me he got charisma, it is rude calling people ugly. that word is harsh. you can just say is not ur kind of guy. duh.

    • 5.2 Pat

      You probably think that because he has his REAL nose and eyes, unlike most leading men.

      • 5.2.1 misch

        his teeth are real too! ^_^

    • 5.3 anais

      You know, it’s funny. I was really surprised that he had a reputation for not being attractive. My first experience with KMM was Beethoven Virus, in which he made me drool. That voice. That commanding air. That HAIR!!!

      What I’d give to be a constant companion of his. That intensity! That dedication. The intelligence! I melt.

      • 5.3.1 Ivoire

        Hi Anais,
        Now tell us how you really feel :-)! I don’t think I have seen him in anything but to me he looks attractive, charming and charismatic.

        • jabberwocky

          Ivoire,try watching him in bad family, he’s hilarious as a thug.I like him when I watch that drama.

  6. 21

    Such a long wait but I am also excited by Faith so many promising dramas this year!

  7. joe guerrero

    ever heard the phrase,the important thing is the insideee

  8. pipit

    My Maestro Kang is back! Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Already fall in love with the description of his character in this one.

    It would be fascinating and fun to watch how he deals with his rookie writer (please let her be the female lead) who strongly believes in humanity and not money.

    I have a feeling I’m going to love this one. Kim Hyung Min is the King of Dramas all right!

  9. Osi

    He is one of my favorite actors. I will definitely watch this.

  10. 10 mjfan

    I love that man since Beethoven virus and Bad family ……………. he is the best and I have faith in him that he can turn any crap to a decent drama so am gonna watch this for sure ….

  11. 11 Lise

    Am i the only one who’s never made it past ep 1 of Virus? Bad Family was a right riot tho, my poor ribs ; )

  12. 12 Sajen

    love him I hope the writer is the female lead and I hope they cast Ha Ji Won in that role for 2 reasons 1, she is one of the very few actresses in Korea that can match up to his talent and 2, they were awesome together in Closer to Heaven

    • 12.1 linda

      me too. He+Ha jiwon would be great. I loved them in Closer to Heaven.

  13. 13 lenrasoon

    I’m excited! i really missed him in dramas and i’m glad that it’s part comedy ’cause i can’t handle angsty dramas right now.

  14. 14 Ivoire

    Thank you Javabeans for the news!

  15. 15 MariePhils

    i love him in Bad Family … indeed, he’s a King of Drama!

  16. 16 misch

    Not really excited about the plot… BUT since it’s Kim Myung Min, then I’ll give it a go!

  17. 17 taesan

    I am a little worried abt the script. But I have faith in KMM. The directing part KMM usually direct himself anyway. XD

  18. 18 lovedramas

    I love KMM… he is a great actor. 🙂 I am also worried about the script but that’s pretty much always the case when I read about new dramas coming down the pipeline. I hope it pulls through.

    On Air did drive me a little crazy in some parts. I’m glad to see KMM back in something.

  19. 19 fan

    So excited. This is what I heard early this year. Since this year is spcial ImSin year (per Chinese calandar, matching the ImJin war (aka 7-year war) broke in 1598), there has been talks about projects making movies and dramas about YSS in the beginning of this year (including one by the director of ‘last weapon-arrow’).
    KMN, famous for his role as YSS in ‘Immortal Yi Sun-sin’ was asked if he will take the role if he is asked in one of these new projects, and he said he would but he was not asked.
    I am very glad we get to see him in the drama finally. Just pray it is not like BIG (which we had so much hope because of GongYu among others). Fighting!

    • 19.1 fan

      shame on me. War was 1592–1598. 2012 is Meaningful year because (after 420 years) it is exactly same ImJin year as the ImJin War year in 1592 for the first time (per some Chinese Ji and Gap calculation).

  20. 20 Susan

    I’ll watch pretty much anything with Kim Myung Min in it. Happy to see him back in dramaland =)

    • 20.1 Susan

      *watch anything

  21. 21 Kaddict4ever

    Love him!!! He was a hoot in Bad Family… n so endearing as well…
    To me he is one A star actor 🙂

  22. 22 antonia

    OMG KMM in a drama!!!! yayyyyyyyyyy
    this year is comeback year indeed!!!
    i’m so happy for this :)))

  23. 23 Shiku

    I loved loved loved loved him in Immortal Yi Soon Shin. I have never seen another k-actor like him who can absolutely loose himself in a character.

  24. 24 Ana

    Forget king of dramas – he’s the king of my heart. So happy to see him back in dramaland. Is it just me, or has this been an awful summer for kdrama fans?

  25. 25 Fafa

    OMG! So happy to hear this!

  26. 26 samgyupsalvation

    (*w*) Kim… Myung… Min…. HE’S BACK!!!! And there I was thinking I’d stop watching dramas when school started again XP. I love this man.

    ldkajkljfkljsdfkds So happy 😀 Heheh he’s my ajusshi crush.

  27. 27 anne2ken

    EXCITED to see KANG MAE again!! 😀

  28. 28 Mymint

    I like him i think him the best actor ^^

  29. 29 ita

    kang mae….. hahaha i really really happy with it….

  30. 30 anastassia

    Finally he’s back!

  31. 31 graciadolinobv

    whoooh! another series to look forward to.. go KMM you all got our full support… the best actor in korea! Well you’re right Ana he is the king of our hearts…… love lots for you Kim….

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