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Running Man: Episode 103
by | July 22, 2012 | 48 Comments

This week it’s Beauty and the Beast on Running Man and it is not your happy Disney fairytale. Wait a second, are you sure there’s only ONE Beast? ‘Cause I think Spartakooks easily falls under that category.

EPISODE 103. Broadcast on July 15, 2012.

Right away we’re introduced to the Beast: musical and film actor Yoo Joon-sang (You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly, Moss) who oh-so-awesomely takes off his jacket so the staff can attach his name tag. I personally haven’t seen him in anything prior but be still, my heart.

He’ll be behind the scenes for now, so we’ll check in on him later.

Elsewhere, our cast gathers by the Han River and we’re off with a bang because Mr. PD introduces today’s mission as a “Princess Race.” We pan up to a sea of parasols where our princesses (including Ji-hyo) await their princes to collect them.

Lest you think the parasols are empty, they’re filled with staff members, like Haha’s stylist (“Do your job!”). Haha and Gary take a peek under one umbrella… and then move on, pretending that they didn’t see our first guest, Noh Sa-yeon.

Then our Reason Brothers (Lee + Yoo = Ee-yoo = Reason) hit the jackpot: returning guest, Shin Se-kyung. All the boys start scrambling for her to join their team (thank goodness Jong-kook drags Suk-jin away) and after thinking a good long minute, she chooses… Gary and Haha.

At least the boys go back to Sa-yeon to extend the same offer, getting down on one knee. I love it how she’s like, “What are you going to do for ME?” and Kwang-soo yelps that he’ll be like a little puppy. And then she calls him a sad-looking puppy. Aww.

She grabs Jae-suk and Kwang-soo’s hands and says it’s because of him to make amends. Only that she calls Kwang-soo, “Gary,” instead. Whoops.

Mr. PD explains the rules of the game where the men will have to escort our princesses around while doing missions. The catch is that the team who comes in last place will have to hand over a briefcase carrying one of their name tags. Ji-hyo’s team has to hand one over right off the bat and she slaps the boys’ hands, telling them that she’ll be doing the choosing.

Haha: “It’d be hilarious if it was Ji-hyo’s…” Lo and behold, it is. We don’t know how the staff will use these just yet but for now, they head out.

In the car, Sa-yeon’s suspicious about Kwang-soo’s IQ since they were having trouble understanding Mr. PD’s explanation of the rules earlier and Jae-suk tells her that it’s about half his height (190 cm). Kwang-soo: “Are you saying my IQ is 80?”

Her ears perk up when the boys tell her that lately the prizes have been gold. With new determination, she vows that they have to win, “no matter what, even if the world ends.”

Se-kyung gives a look of Really? at Haha’s welcome to the flower boy (pretty boy) team. She adds that she’ll need to curb her competitive spirit because last time, she resembled a crazy wildcat.

While they smile about how they’ll do their best to win anyway, the captions tell us that they’re driving in the wrong direction. HA.

How cute – the princess’ name tags have crowns attached. Here at their first mission location, they’ll need to finish five mini-mission stations to move on. Then they hear the kicker that they’ll need to carry their princesses and Jae-suk goes straight to grab Myuk PD by the collar.

That task turns out to be harder than it looks and Jae-suk struggles to piggyback Sa-yeon whilst Jong-kook easily carries Ji-hyo. Mr. PD thoroughly enjoys watching the cast suffer a little and ssslllooowwwlllyy explains the mission, much to Jae-suk’s annoyance. Then when he tries to hoist Sa-yeon up to get a better grip her butt hits Jong-kook square in the face. HAHAHA.

They’ll need to choose one of three stews which will indicate how many stations they can skip to get to the finish line. Both teams dig in to travel to the second station and like before, Jae-suk and Kwang-soo have the most trouble.

The Ace Princess is of course the strong-headed one and when her minions tell her that she can feed herself, she threatens to touch the ground. When Sa-yeon’s team finally join them, Suk-jin comments that Kwang-soo’s face has gotten red.

Sa-yeon can’t help but notice the boys’ nervousness and as they eat, they wonder if they’ll get a -1 which means they’ll have to move backwards. And then they hear that Haha’s team who arrived last picked +2 and are on their way to the third station.

The nail in the coffin comes in the form of the bottom of their bowl: -1. Back to the first station it is.

Ji-hyo’s minions don’t have much of a tolerance for spicy foods but I love it how Ji-hyo’s like, “Eat another! There’s rice! You get hiccups when you eat spicy food? Have another!” They all endure the pain together, at least.

Sa-yeon doesn’t seem to have too much trouble but poor Kwang-soo’s sweating bullets as he eats. Then he’s forced to down the rest of the spicy sauce. Aww, you’re taking one for the team! Both teams get to move on to the next station.

Thankfully the fourth station is patbingsoo (shaved ice with red beans) and it looks mighty refreshing right about now. After Ji-hyo’s team gets to move on, Suk-jin digs that they’ve got the -1 and Sa-yeon threatens, “You want that to be your last words?”

Today has got to be the unluckiest day ever because Jae-suk stops mid-swallow and spots the -1. He lies, “We haven’t seen anything. Can we eat another?” Caption: No.

Just thinking about the spicy squid they left behind leaves Kwang-soo in utter shock.

Se-kyung’s team have a bit of fun with their seaweed as they trudge through the spicy squid and catch up with Ji-hyo’s team (And yes, that is Haha’s restaurant). Se-kyung eeny-meeny-miney-moes the lunchboxes and Haha joins in, “What-is-your-phone-number? 010…”

…and then Gary joins in calling out his actual number. So does Haha and wait with anticipation for Se-kyung’s response. She chooses the lunchbox instead.

Jae-suk rushes towards the final station with Sa-yeon on her back. He wonders why people clap for them as they rush past and then stick their tongue at Ji-hyo’s team who are back eating patbingsoo for the third time.

Se-kyung’s team succeeds first and the remaining team that doesn’t choose the +1 will automatically be declared last place. Both teams dig in, leaving the center untouched. When they uncover it… Sa-yeon’s team get to move on.

Ji-hyo’s team is forced to give up another name tag and this time it’s Suk-jin’s.

Se-kyung’s team arrive at the mission location first where they’ll have to carry their princess across the pool within 30 seconds. Oy, that’s a lot of carrying in one day. Surprisingly, Ji-hyo’s team shows up and Jong-kook breaks into laughter at Haha’s ’90s Kpop hairstyle with those even 50:50 parted bangs.

It’s no surprise that Se-kyung’s team fails but what I’m really here to see is SpartAce ruling at this game. Even Jong-kook gives a little smirk! They blare the horn… and he barely gets an eighth of the way before the flotations start to give under his weight. Um well, crap.

But you’re Spartakooks!

The Reason Brothers pretend that the water is boiling or hot lava to rev themselves up. Jae-suk gets across just fine and as soon as Kwang-soo hoists Sa-yeon on his back, Haha predicts that they’ll fall in within 3 seconds… and they do.

But it seems like karma is out to get him because as soon as Haha carries Se-kyung, they both drop into the pool.

Kwang-soo falls into the pool just shy of making it across in time but he lifts Sa-yeon over the pool much like a fish caught on a hook. Frustrated, Sa-yeon volunteers to piggyback Kwang-soo instead – only that’s not THAT great of an idea because they both end up in the pool. And just when you think that Suk-jin is about to win it for his team, his legs collapse from under him and both he and Ji-hyo end up wet.

Speedy and steady seems to be the secret weapon here and the man who runs on water, aka Gary makes it across just under 2 seconds to spare. Jong-kook crosses the finish line with about 0.6 seconds to go which leaves Sa-yeon’s team to celebrate that they don’t have to walk across again. Hahaha.

Now we check back with Joon-sang whose mission is to eliminate all the cast members and the Princesses. Hints about his mission are hidden beneath the Princesses’ name tags and of course, he’ll be sent to jail if he is captured first.

With a hearty laugh, Joon-sang asks, “What floor is the jail on?”

Mr. PD finally clues us in that if Joon-sang finds the briefcases with the name tags, then those cast members are automatically eliminated.

He flies out the door once he’s told the location of the three briefcases and he’s so eager to find them that he gets ahead of his VJ. Whoops!

He gets to work but finding those briefcases is going to be tougher than he thought because the floors are rifled with fake briefcases as well. He finds Suk-jin’s and Ji-hyo’s name tag even before the race begins…

The cast members enter the final mission location and realize that they’ll have to hunt down the Beast to win but the identity of that Beast is hidden beneath the princesses’ name tags. Huh, interesting way for the teams to stay competitive but also keep their eye on the prize.

Heh – Sa-yeon just nods along and then admits later that she didn’t understand the mission at large.

Joon-sang, you could just stuff the briefcases in a corner rather than trying to carry them around with you.

The cast soon realizes that the place is full of these similar-looking briefcases and find that some of them are fakes. Sa-yeon gets so carried away that she picks up an employee’s actual briefcase, “Look!”

Bad news bears because Joon-sang has been spotted by the cast members. He makes a dash for it before they can recognize him and his decoys follow suit. It sends the entire place to utter chaos.

Jae-suk finds himself separated from the others and then out of nowhere, Joon-sang runs on a freakin’ table to scare him. The first thing that’s out of his mouth is, “Do I have to do this?” Turns out he’s a nice Beast and also a tired one because he wonders how hard this hiding and chasing people business is.

He almost gets away with telling Jae-suk that he doesn’t have a name tag but when Jae-suk calls him on his bluff, he’s all, “Well I guess I have to take you out then.”

Joon-sang tells him upfront that all he has to do is to remove Jae-suk’s name tag from the briefcase to eliminate him and Jae-suk asks to see it with his own eyes. Joong-sang: “So they really don’t trust you huh?”Jae-suk: “We don’t even trust each other, hyung.”

Joon-sang uses this upper hand to his advantage and tells Jae-suk that if he doesn’t want to be eliminated, he’s got five minutes to rip someone else’s name tag off. Smart, smart – having some else to do the grunt work.

He clarifies that Jae-suk’s got 10 minutes to eliminate someone and 15 to get back to him. At every little peep, Joon-sang’s like, “What? What did you say?” and then makes a gesture to rip Jae-suk’s name tag out of the briefcase. AHAHA.

Joon-sang just sits back in his chair… waiting his lackey to return to him.

Worst luck ever. Jae-suk peruses the halls to find someone to eliminate just so happens to run into Jong-kook. Gulp.

Jong-kook is rightfully suspicious and notes that it’s always the one who quicken their steps and act all defensive who have something to hide. Jae-suk turns himself in anyway, figuring that he’s as good as dead which just confuses Jong-kook more.

But as always, he reaches a fairly accurate educated guess that whoever has their name tags has some control over them. Suk-jin gets on board on Jae-suk’s suggestion that they eliminate Se-kyung’s team but Jong-kook notices how flustered Jae-suk gets. Jae-suk: “It’s always nerve wracking when I’m against you 1:1!”

Just when Suk-jin correctly deduces the mystery behind the briefcases, the speakers announce that there’s one minute remaining. Gotta get on that name tag ripping, Jae-suk! At least Joon-sang hyung gave you a warning.

Jong-kook is still hung up on the, “I’m going to die anyway” line and chases after Jae-suk who in turn chases after Haha. With 30 seconds remaining, Joon-sang clicks open the briefcase as Jae-suk pleads with Jong-kook…

… and the speakers announce Haha’s elimination and Joon-sang carefully sets down the briefcase next to him. Now Jae-suk’s got 5 minutes to get back. The others note his obvious terror; that’s he’s even more worked up than meeting Min-soo hyung.

That little “break” doesn’t last for long because Joon-sang sends Jae-suk running to fetch another name tag. Jae-suk: “I’m [Yoo-ruce Willis] not the type to work beneath someone.”

Even Kwon-ryul, Jae-suk’s VJ sniggers at the situation and admits, “He’s cool. Joon-sang is.”

Looks like Joon-sang won’t be sitting this round out as he grabs the suitcases and relocates. The other cast members chat about Jae-suk’s strange behavior when the bell rings… and Ji-hyo’s elimination is announced.

Someone whistling in the distance alerts Kwang-soo to check out the situation and then chases after Joon-sang. Both he and Suk-jin get cornered into the bathroom and Joon-sang shows them a glimpse of the name tag inside.

Suk-jin picks up on the hint right away and tears off Kwang-soo’s name tag and then asks why Joon-sang gave him a shot. He answers, “Because you’re always eliminated so early…”

Jong-kook asks if it also means an elimination if he rips off Jae-suk’s name tag. It does and Sa-yeon calls out, “Don’t do it…” She doesn’t quite understand that wearing the same color automatically means that you’re still on the same side and she spooks herself into thinking that Jong-kook made a move to take her out of the game.

Then Jong-kook rips off Jae-suk’s name tag, the announcement goes out, and Joon-sang abandons the now worthless briefcase.

As Sa-yeon comes to the off conclusion that the Beast’s lackey is Jong-kook, who should arrive but Joon-sang himself. He fails to successfully attack Jong-kook and gives Sa-yeon a fright in the process. She quickly recovers though and begins to fan herself in front of the Beast. Don’t say I blame ya.

Joon-sang reminds Suk-jin that he’s got 3 minutes to which Suk-jin eliminates Sa-yeon and they both dash from the scene. Just a minute later, Gary appears and is shocked to hear who the Beast is and that he missed him by mere seconds.

They set out to find Se-kyung and Jong-kook asks to recall where Gary had last seen her. Gary: “I don’t remember…”

We cut to Se-kyung, all alone and then she jumps as the Beast approaches…

Gary finally finds Se-kyung who keeps her back to the wall. She tries to warn Gary not to come in and he carefully checks the corner. The Beast jumps from the other side (Gary greets him properly) and Joon-sang grabs Gary’s back.

And then Se-kyung bolts? What the-? Your teammate needs your help! In the midst of desperately holding onto his name tag, Gary sends a SOS to Jong-kook but alas, Joon-sang manages to rip off the name tag anyway.

She runs straight into Suk-jin and keep her guard up long enough for Jong-kook to arrive and eliminate the Beast’s other minion.

Joon-sang rolls his sleeves to meet up with the remaining players. Jong-kook calls him out that this Beast character is a far cry from his doting “Nation’s Husband” image. But Joon-sang counters that he’s been given a mission and his kids are watching. Can’t let them down, can he?

They strike a deal to take each other on via an arm wrestle but Joon-sang pulls Jong-kook to the ground and soon gains the upper hand. Jong-kook manages to push Joon-sang off of him. He and Se-kyung corner him into a wall and as Joon-sang’s shirt begins to rip (rawr) Jong-kook manages to tear off the Beast’s name tag.

When they gather together again (Jong-kook hands Ji-hyo the Beast’s name tag), Sa-yeon looks at him with wonder, “You look much better in person.” I’ll say.


48 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Lila

    Did anyone noticed Joon-sang punching Jong Kook in face in the final wrestle? I know it’s variety, but I think he’s crossing the line a bit.

    And I died at the amount of Spartace Couple moments in this episode. She seriously snuggled to JK while the whole carrying mission and they were full of smiles even at the times when they weren’t winning.

    And the proposal at the end. *__*

    Yes I know she’s appearently dating her Ceo, but we can’t tell if she still does. Let me be delusional please xD

    • 1.1 racheose

      wow another spartace shipper!! i love them so much i did like monday couple and secret couple but i like them together best.. and the proposal at the end.. i thought i saw heaven lol..

      and together let’s be delusional^^

    • 1.2 Mika~

      Joonsang went completely overboard with the finale. I thought he was extremely clever for using Jaesuk and Sukjin as his goons, but I was absolutely shocked when he started punching Jongkook. It’s almost as if he forgot that all this was just a game, and he started treating it as if this were a real situation, as if Jongkook really were his enemy. The Runningman members have definitely played dirty (with all the cheating and backstabbing stuff), and they’re aggressive at ripping nametags, but I’ve never seen anyone – the members or the guests – actually try hurting someone else (i.e. tripping or punching in the face).

      And I love SpartAce too! I kind of wish they had their own loveline, but I guess Jongkook already had his with Yoon Eunhye, so the producers decided to pair Jihyo with Gary. I mean, even the squabbling moments between SpartAce are so cute!

      • 1.2.1 Kim Yoonmi

        ^^;; The whole “But they were too rough…” thing is obviously not the case.

        It’s like the whole, “But he was too rude because that’s his hyung… and he shouldn’t be rude to his hyung.” “Gwangsoo is out of line and too aggressive” (Pffft)

        It’s a variety show. If they thought in ultra conservative Korea that 1. It would ruin the person’s image. 2. that it genuinely was out of line or rude, they wouldn’t include it in the show and then the agents would demad it get cut.

        The fact they are smiling, laughing and greeting each other at the end–doesn’t that tell that there are no hard feelings? Seriously. Why get bent out of shape if the people who are going through the “abuse” aren’t objecting? (And often they are laughing their heads off so hard that they forget about the game)

        And Koreans have a joke about being unnecessarily competitive with each other for the sake of pride and nothing else…. this show plays on that.

        Do we have to say this every week? TT (That and the whole, the whole show is scripted down to the words like a drama). *sighs* Can’t you just enjoy it for what it is?

        • oi

          all scripted??!

          I thought it is supposed to be non-scripted, since Family Outing died, because and after people found out that everything that seemed real/improvised turned out to be scripted

          • Shikurai17

            All variety shows are scripted in some shape, way or form. They wouldn’t be half as funny if they weren’t.

            Each person plays a certain character. They’re not completely faking anything. Their real personality and responses show through, but with in the limits of their character. Some people’s character’s change over time.

            Kwang Soo’s character started out as a timid player who makes up stories about people. He than changes weak player that betray’s people trying to be stronger. He is also into getting petty revenge against Jong Kook. XD

          • oi

            @shikurai17, thanks for your reply

          • Kim Yoonmi

            All variety shows have a script, but it’s not down to the words. The *games* the intros to those games are scripted. (As in figuring out what the games are, where they going to go, etc.)

            For example, what Jong Kook says as a flower shop owner, cracking up as he does. Or the whole I’m disappointed thing.

            But every single week people are like, “You can tell the WHOLE thing was scripted like a drama” But generally, I don’t think the outcomes are. They just turn out the way they are supposed to turn out.

            Some people confuse that variety shows are like dramas, with everything turning out according to a larger script with all of the actions planned out… NOPE. They just don’t get it. And they aren’t paying attention either.

      • 1.2.2 Shikurai17

        “and they’re aggressive at ripping nametags, but I’ve never seen anyone – the members or the guests – actually try hurting someone else (i.e. tripping or punching in the face). ”

        RM member do physically hurt each other. They aren’t fake hits either. They don’t violently hurt each other, but hit hard enough for them to be in pain. Sometimes a lot of pain. It’s done for entertainment and it’s funny as hell watching them.

        There are so many eps of JiHyo hitting people on the head, pulling their hair and kicking them. I think everyone on RM was a victim to her abuse. Maybe not Gary, I can’t remember her attacking him. It’s hilarious watching her.

        Kwangsoo kicks Jongkook numerous times. Biting JiHyo really hard in the arm, enough to leave an imprint through her sleeve. I think he attacked HaHa couple of times too.

        JongKook’s main victims of pain are either Kwangoo or JaeSuk. He mostly gives them hard kicks. In JaeSuk’s case, flings him around the room.

        Everything done in RM is in the name of Variety. No one seriously goes after each other to hurt them. Yoon Joon Sang wasn’t really punching JongKook in the face. If it was real and serious, the PDs and JongKook himself would put a stop to it.

      • 1.2.3 bd

        Tha Gary-Ace loveline was just more atypical and interesting.

        On FO, KJK had a loveline w/ both Hyori and Park Ye-jin, even tho the cast still gave KJK grief about YEH.

        And people shouldn’t take this whole ‘rude’ thing too seriously; it’s all done in good fun.

        Besides the kicking, biting, pushing among the RM cast (and let’s not forget the hairpulling when Hyori was on; wouldn’t be Hyori w/o the hairpulling), let’s not forget the arm bar that Mong gave Gwangsoo during one of the earlier eps shot during the winter time.

        • Ani

          Oh man, I loved the way Jihyo put Kwangsoo in the armbar. It was just epic. XD I miss those RM moments. We need more of them.

    • 1.3 Ani

      I ship the Ace Couple as well. I mean, I ship Monday Couple, but my heart of hearts I know I ship the Ace Couple too. Oy vey, what to do? Hahahaha.

    • 1.4 nana


    • 1.5 jane

      OMGGGG! so I’m not the only one who thinks something is going on between themmmm. xD as much as I love Monday Couple but i don’t know I just think something is going on with them. lol what if… Ji Hyo isn’t really dating that CEO? LOL I’m getting more and more delusional.

  2. Lise

    New hot ahjussi alert?!! I dont find him particularly appealing in the drama but woah! He looks totally hot jumping over tables lolz Off to search his previous works, never saw him b4 ‘unexpected u’

  3. kiongna

    Yoo Joon-sang – WOW… *tick* will check him out pronto!

    Ji Hyo & Spartakook moments piggy back, so cute!

    I never miss reading Running Man & 1N2D recaps even though I hardly ever write 🙂

    Thanks so much Gummimochi, Javabeans & Girlfriday! Hwaitin’

  4. haroro_gary

    omg Yoon Joon Sang! so hot and devious! i like it!
    never seen his work before this …
    but man…i googled his name straight away after watching running man
    hot ajusshi!

  5. Stardust

    hehehehe I really enjoyed this episode… and this ep featuring so much eating which is now more of a torture than anything hahaha… those poor people eating that spicy squid… Since they eat kimchi with everything, they probably have a high spicy threshold… so just imagine how spicy it was…. >.<

    Thank you so much for the recap! its always fun to read and see what I missed…. and I did… cos I did not realise it was Haha's restaurant… hehehehe

  6. onyxx

    now, that’s more like it. after suffering through 3 sub-par episodes (frankly i was just about ready to give up on RM if this episode had turned out to be dud, too), ep. 103 comes to the rescue and reminded me once again why i liked watching RM in the first place — mostly for the laughs, of the course.

    the standout moment for me in this episode was seeing Lee Kwang-soo’s “yearning-for-death” expression while manfully trying to swallow that ultra-spicy dish (lol! yep, i teared up while laughing, and almost fell off my seat, too). that was totally priceless! i also liked how the RM cast seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly during the pool-crossing race.

    although the elimination round was not as funny as the first segment, i still enjoyed it. the “beast” was appropriately intimidating, when he had to be. way to go Running Man! we need more episodes like this one.

  7. Naddie

    Although I have no idea who the guest is, he’s probably my favourite just because how eager and efficient he is at this game! Hee, I seriously love him for looking all evil while waiting to rip of Jae Suk’s nametag if all goes awry. I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t win because he just works so freaking hard for it, heh.

    And the spicy octopus LOL, I’ll be sure to stay clear from that based on the Running Men’s reaction.

    Also whooo for the preview next week! It looks like the chasing format will be back and it will be fun 😀

  8. come2noona

    Our poor Kwang-soo, eating all of that spicy food. I can’t imagine how hot that was. Poor boy looked like he was about to pass out.

    Holy hotness Yoon Joon-sang! Be still my heart. He looks so yummy in all of that black!

  9. Kay

    Aw Yoo Joon Sang! I love him in Unexpected You..he’s absolutely adorable and a very refreshing since I’ve never seen him in anything else hehe

    thanks for the recap!

  10. 10 Hippie

    Song Ji Hyo is the beauty, Kim Jong Kook is the beast.. Wow, i love the ending when Kookie give the beast name tag to Ji Hyo.

  11. 11 matz

    this was one great episode!!
    and with a lot of things i like too!

    lots of food, spartace moments, tension and laughs.

  12. 12 Cynthia

    Yoon Joon-sang! Excellent guest – I’ve been watching him for 43 eps now in “You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly” with Kim Nam Jo (Seung-woo’s wife) and CN Blue’s Minhyuk. YJS is really good in this drama and it’s a fun watch.

    Back to RM…. good ep, even though this ‘Princess’ theme was done not all that long ago – and again with Sa-yeon, if I remember correctly. I’m constantly amazed at the amount of eating involved in these missions/races. Gobbling awful things and then having to run in the heat while carrying a Princess/load? Gah – my head would be in a bucket 99% of the time. No wonder Jae-suk is always looking for a bathroom.

    Se-kyung was a surprise for me – I disliked her character so much in Fashion King that her appearance here on RM was off-putting, initially, but as soon as I saw and heard some of her sarcasm and enthusiasm for the races it kind of cheered me up to see that she wasn’t the total doormat that I thought she was.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi! Rest your typing fingers up for ep #104 – it’s shaping up to be EPIC!

    • 12.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Koreans are the gourmonds of the East Asian world. (Japanese act more like gourmets)

      In fact, to stop eating and not feel guilty you need at least 5 kinds of no. And you need to start the no early on. So I’m not shocked. Usually filming doesn’t mean time to eat… so you can see a twinkle in their eye when they are told to eat.

      Anyway, the first no is, I think I’m getting full.
      Then it’s the Ah, I’m getting full.
      Then it’s the no, they push food on you anyway.
      Then you say it’s OK, I don’t need more food. (continue to eat)
      then it’s please no more.
      Then it’s the OMG, I feel I’m dying, (guard the bowl with your life)
      OMG I’m so full I think I’m going to die.

      After that it’s, OK, you’re stuffed, time to walk it off. And you’re like clutching to the table and going NOOOO~

      And they are like, “Well, you don’t want to get fat, do you?”

      And you are thinking, “Then for the love of God, why were you telling me to eat all of that and that I was so skinny?”

      All right… a bit exaggerated… but that’s the general idea.

      • 12.1.1 Cynthia

        LOL – you kill me!! That was by far one of the funniest explanations for a Korean mealtime that I’ve ever read!

        • Atiras

          hahahahaaaa…. its the same in India too. When it comes to food, if you say ‘no’ people think you mean ‘yes’. and if you do say yes then you are done for….. 🙂

          i come from a place where fish is the main staple. one of my friend’s a vegetarian who was promptly told ‘oh you dont eat meat? its ok, here eat some fish’ ….

          it was the exact situation in the film ‘my big fat greek wedding’!!!!

  13. 13 m92

    i’m totally found yoon joon sang as hot ahjussi. I really like his eagerness to win n he really suit the title as beast. I think he will get some offer for any drama or film for action or thriller because he is totally look damn good for that role. Seriously, i never seen him before but now his appearace in RM make me want to search everything about him.

  14. 14 Hippie

    Running Man!! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!! Running Man Vs Idols team…

  15. 15 Clim

    I really really love these ep daebak I laugh so hard poor Jaesuk n Kwangsoo have to suffer alot but its worth it its soooo funny especially when Jaesuk lay down like he wants to die hahaha and the pool thing is sooo Awesome hahaha the Ajumma is a funny lady The only thing that I dont like is the Girl she looks stone hehehe she just stand and look so daze What the heck is that the beast is so freakinnn Good First I wonder y Jaesuk call him hyung I dont knw him so I google n his like 40+ yah the way he moves he really fits the handsome beast just wish Jihyo is the prey feel bad that the pd put her at the back again while giving all the spotlight to that girl grrrr

  16. 16 Clim

    Sparta needs some spunking once in awhile so I dont mind him hitting him like KjK mind the last part is a shocker KJk kneel down to Jihyo whattt is that scripted like he is proposing while giving the prize ring Jihyo yaa I wish that they give it to the poor ajumma she deserves the gold

  17. 17 apple

    I haven’t seen the latest episodes, but is the Monday Couple finished, like no interactions at all?!

    I liked this episode, very funny. But Shin Se-kyung annoyed the hell out of me. She is just so unnatural and awkward and fake?! I don’t know she really annoyed me.

    Overall a good episode and Gary’s laugh at the pool, so endearing.

  18. 18 zodd

    Loved this episode, so fun!

  19. 19 Cilla

    It’s here! Can I just say I love the Beast guy. Yoon Joon Sang. Arghh he was in control, diligent, intimidating. Haha omg he was great, I kept saying ohh this guys mad cool, especially when he jumped that table. Anyways I liked the water game, I wish they’d bring back some of the old games. Sometimes it gets kinda boring. But I’ll continue to watch&reading, especially for today’s ep. I actually love all the idols on that ep. 🙂

    Thanks for the recap. I’m off to read!

  20. 20 bd

    The eps w/ Noh Sa-yeon are fun (the prior was the ‘Queen’ ep).

    Don’t know why the 2 groups ‘fought over’ Noh, b/c they should’ve known that there was going be some carrying. lol

    Always like the eps where the cast/guests are on the streets, and while I’m sure the cast/guests were initially excited about a game revolving around eating, their enthusiasm for eating sure hit a low spot when they had to eat that spicy/hot stuff.

    Thought the game of piggybacking across a pool on a floating bridge was simply hilarious – definitely one of the best games w/ Sparta being incapable at 1st and Gary being a man of many hidden talents.

    The end ‘hunt’ w/ Yoo Joon-sang was OK, but not as fun as the prior 2 parts.

    And my, Mong is really adding to her gold collection.

  21. 21 Clim

    Oh I forgot garys reaction when KJk whos the beast daebak and the ajumma being paranoid that someone always gping to rip her tag is also hilarious

  22. 22 pigtookie

    joonsang was great as the baddie beast (and how great is it that it counters his usual image!)

    kang gary really excels at surprising feats, haha, i couldn’t help but root for him all the way! and sukjin too, i wish there were more games he’s good.

    i enjoyed the gwangsoo/yoo jaesuk/ sayeon trio, they crack me up with how they play off of each other. sayeon is a really great sport playing along with all the jokes of her being big, from sbs heroes and other shows she is a very admirable artist and wonderfully hilarious.

    spartace is fun (more fun back when they started teaming up) but it’s nice for a change to see them mess up because so many of RM’s games play towards their advantage.

  23. 23 Xtineee

    Loved the episode! But I was rooting for Yoo Joon-sang. Too bad he lost to Spartakooks though. He should come back to RM and get a rematch! =] Thanks for the recap.

  24. 24 parktee

    Where’s haha in the final race???

    • 24.1 okdubu

      jaesuk got jongkook to eliminate him lol. he barely got to do anything

  25. 25 ladyhahn

    i hope for yoon joon sang pairs up with choi min soo vs RM next.that will be hillariously intimidating the RM cast.hahaha.

    • 25.1 Atiras

      that will be daebak!!!!

  26. 26 jane

    I laughed like crazy seeing Kwang Soo eating the spicy food. OMG Kwang Soo, Running Man won’t be THIS funny without you! xD

  27. 27 nomnomnom

    Running Man Daebak,, I laugh so hard when spartakook cannot walk through the pool at their first try 🙂

  28. 28 Lilian

    So smart of him to use Jaesuk. That is really cool like what the VJ said……

  29. 29 Lady Seoul

    Although I wanted Princess Se-Kyung to win, this episode gave me a load of good laughs. I enjoyed this episode very much! It was a torture for Jae Suk & Gwang-Su! I really wanted that old lady to go with the commander, so it’d would be less tiring for the team she ended up with.

  30. 30 HoneyChi

    Rock N’ Roll \m/

    Daebak ! :3

    Even though I didn’t really watched this freakin’ awesome episode completely, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for recapping :))

    I really loved how Joon-Sang (?) was devilish here. It was like ‘Yeah, I’m Ruling The World’ ‘cuz he can control the RM Members (most especially Jae-Suk Oppa and Suk-Jin Oppa)

    I was really laughing hard dude.

    Se-Kyung really pisses me off after the fudging left Gary Oppa on the hot spot. What the freaking hell dude. She was like ‘I better run and leave Gary’ WTF.

    I ain’t judgin’ anybody but just expressing my opinion.

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