How many idols does it take to change a lightbulb? Er, I mean can fit in a Running Man episode? Apparently 7. It’s the 2012 Running Man Olympics where Team Running Man will face off Team Idol. Who will grab the gold and attain the highest honor?

Note: Because of the actual Olympics, Episode 105 will not air today.

EPISODE 104. Broadcast on July 22, 2012.

We open at the 2012 Running Man Olympics as our MC, Jung Jae-hyung mans the stations and switches between three languages (Korean, English, and French), giving a little giggle in between each.

He introduces the cast who enter waving their Running Man flags with pride and then he offers Kwang-soo a redo… so that he can play St. Agnes and the Burning Train, Kwang-soo’s theme song, on the piano. HAHAHA. Kwang-soo: “I never knew this song was this sad!”

Erm, Jae-hyung – just because you were able to eliminate Kwang-soo shouldn’t make you that confident about taking on Jong-kook. Suk-jin: “You have to go through me first.”

Time to introduce Team Idol and the cast throw in the towel at the first three: Eun-hyuk (Super Junior), Nichkhun (2PM), and Jung Yong-hwa (CNBLUE).

Then we have our next group with Lee Joon (MBLAQ) who bounces in without introduction, Yoon Doo-joon (B2ST), Im Shi-wan(ZE:A), and last but not least the lady Eunjung (T-ARA). Phew, that was a lot.

HA – is Jae-hyung going to keep up his multinational MC act and speak in French for everything? Apparently so.

The Olympic torch bearer, Maknae FD dashes in and at Jae-hyung’s order he runs faster. Hey, isn’t that the same get-up you wore a few weeks ago?

Maknae FD draws a bow and arrow to light the Olympic flame and it flickers on as he coolly releases it. But before you think that was impressive, we’re shown another cut of the arrow which veers completely off course and then he grabs the fire extinguisher to put it out. HAHA.

Team Running Man is none too pleased to hear that they’ll be competing against Team Idol today. Winning the three mission beforehand will give them an advantage in the final mission. The prize? A real gold medal.

Everyone gapes, then Eun-hyuk cuts in, his eye on the prize: “We just need to win ’em all right?”

A game of rock-paper-scissors (Suk-jin wins) determines where they’ll sit on the double-decker bus. And they’re off!

First order of business for Team Idol is to figure out the age hierarchy between them. Turns out that Yong-hwa and Doo-joon are the maknaes (as ’89ers) and Eun-hyuk comments that it doesn’t suit them. Yong-hwa: “I even got a perm to make myself look younger!”

Eun-hyuk’s oldest (1986) and they burst laughing that Suk-jin is 20 years older (at 1966) and in pure astonishment, Lee Joon gasps, “My mom was born in 1961!” Totally not getting that the bluster could have embarrassed Mom, he tells Yong-hwa that it’s HIS mom so there’s no problem that he said it with HIS OWN lips. Pfftt.

Lee Joon starts stumbling over his words and at the others’ accusation that he’s a spy, he dismisses, “I’m not made to be a spy!” Well if you put it that way…

The first mission is a relay race and given the course, the anchor has it especially tough. Mr. PD warns them of the harsh corners and Jae-suk complains that it’s the STAFF who are particularly harsh.

Eun-hyuk’s overwhelming desire to win throws Jae-suk for another loop. He compliments Yooruce Willis that he’s the fastest and Jae-suk reminds him that’s only amongst the Running Man cast. It’s Suk-jin he worries about.

Cut to Suk-jin who sighs that he should’ve been paired with Eunjung instead of Doo-joon. Then Kwang-soo pleads with Yong-hwa not to humiliate him too much ’cause they’re like family now.

We cut back to the start where Haha and Nichkhun anxiously wait for the gun to fire. They burst from the start as Nichkhun pulls ahead at the first stop. And then Jong-kook is quick to close that gap between him and Shi-wan. Damn, I’m impressed.

Gary uses that advantage to speed along ahead of Joon and then the ladies race ahead. You don’t call her the Ace for nuthin’ as she puts a large distance between her and Eunjung. Now if only Suk-jin can use this advantage…

Of course he doesn’t because Doo-joon zooms past and despite giving a small advantage to Kwang-soo, Yong-hwa speeds ahead as Kwang-soo cries out, “That’s not what we agreed on!”

Now it’s the final leg of the race as both anchors start running but then Eun-hyuk starts to pull ahead and puts enough space in between them to win it.

Ji-hyo is absolutely fuming afterwards and when you think she’s going for Jae-suk, she marches in and grabs Myuk PD for saying her weight on film.

The cast get an earful about their loss from Coach Jong-kook. On the bus, Jae-suk finally bursts at him… and then apologizes immediately afterwards.

Their second mission is a trampoline volleyball court where hordes of fans circle the set.

Woah looks like those years of ballet training sure came in handy, Lee Joon. The boy looks completely in his element, jumping into splits in the air with effortless grace. Too bad that doesn’t quite translate into volleyball, giving the Running Man a 2:0 lead.

His equivalent can be pointed to Suk-jin and with his help, Team Idol gains the lead. That’s further cemented by black hole Kwang-soo who misses the ball time after time again.

Was that a layup Kwang-soo? Even his fans who root for him on the top of their lungs grow silent.

Serve after serve they go and finally Jae-suk calls for a time-out with the score 5:11 in favor of Team Idol. Post break fares much better for Team Running Man as Kwang-soo even scores a couple of points for his team with an impressive save.

Soon the score’s 12:13 and thanks to Doo-joon’s missed spike, it ties the score at 13:13. Then each team flubs at they’re tied again at 14:14. Team Running Man is way more coordinated in this second half and then Kwang-soo strikes with his third impressive move by lightly sending the ball over the net.

Lee Joon jumps around the court when the ball comes straight at him mid-air. He flubs, tapping the ball before letting it fall and Team Running Man win the second round.

At their third event, the teams will need to toss a teammate over a number of hurdles in a pool in order to win. The ladies are up first and Coach Kookie gathers his team to have Ji-hyo climb over Kwang-soo’s shoulders.

Team Idol is a quick study and pick up on the strategy. And though Ji-hyo stays mostly dry as they practice, Eun-jung nearly goes headfirst into the water.

Despite the practice, Team Running Man slips behind Team Idol as they toss Eun-jung over the first hurdle. Poor Ji-hyo has trouble gaining a foothold on Kwang-soo’s shoulders as Team Idol marches on.

Team Running Man finally catch up to Team Idol at the third hurdle and both women pass the final hurdle nearly at the same time. It’s a race to to the finish line as the men help the ladies along to grab that flag… and Ji-hyo wins the first round out of three.

The staff raise the height for Round 2 and it’s Kwang-soo vs. Shi-wan. Unfortunately Kwang-soo’s height works to his disadvantage and Team Running Man struggles at the first hurdle as Shi-wan effortlessly dives into the water and approaches their final hurdle.

HAHAHA – Jong-kook’s really the only one who can support Kwang-soo on his shoulders but Kwang-soo can’t get a footing and sends both of them into the water. Over and over again while Team Idol oh-so-casually grabs the flag.

It’s Jae-suk vs. Eun-hyuk again in the final round and Jae-suk’s the first to fly over the hurdle. Both teams seem to speed up sending their teammates flipping over their hurdles.

Okay, what is WITH that final hurdle Mr. PD? It comes up to the men’s chests and as expected, both men fail on their first try. And surprisingly, it’s Jae-suk who gets pushed off and flies over the hurdle and runs in the water to grab the flag, cinching Team Running Man’s victory.

We’re at the final mission location where the game is Hide-and-Seek switchoff where each team’s roles will change every 15 minutes between a hider and a seeker. The team who remains to the ends, wins.

Team Running Man puts it to a vote and they choose to be the seekers first. Giving Team Idol a three minute head start, they dangle the bells off of their sneakers, warning them to be aware of this terrifying noise.

The Team Idol members hurry to secure a hiding place in the vast museum but they can’t ignore their growing nervousness and rapid heartbeat.

Jae-suk comments that their uniforms almost make it seem like ripping name tags could be an Olympic sport and then Kwang-soo adds in that this kind of team unity is what the audience has been dying to see. Said the poster boy of betrayal.

They give a team cheer and they’re sent off to chase after the other team. Aw, it is nice to see them working together in Hide-and-Seek for once!

Yes, Team Idol – you have every reason to be scared because these guys OWN this game. They’ve done this Hide-and-Seek game for over 2 years.

What the heck? A couple minutes in and Jong-kook comments that he saw a shadow move in the distance. That shadow is Shi-wan who keeps his distance from the Running Man cast and takes refuge behind a not-so-secret barrier.

So who should find him but Jae-suk and Shi-wan, flustered, contemplates for a moment before making a run for it. Little does he know that Jae-suk is chasing him right into Gary’s open arms.

With a long reach, Gary grabs the back of Shi-wan’s shirt and while he holds Shi-wan in his arms, Shi-wan pleads: “There’s nowhere to hide here! When I saw the show there would be plenty of places to hide! What am I going to do in jail all alone?!” There, there… you’re still eliminated.

Oho – it looks like we have a brain on our hands as Nichkhun sets up a perfect hiding spot behind a stairwell. Meanwhile Doo-joon and Yong-hwa sweat as they hear the bells ring.

Ace Ji-hyo spots Yong-hwa who zips down the hallways to evade his captors. He’s speedy but not speedy enough as Jong-kook catches him and quickly eliminates him. Team Idol is down to 5 members now.

Everyone pauses as they change the tags off of their hats and either secure or untie their bells. Team Idol’s fearful faces quickly turn into ones of determination. Team Idol smirks as the clock counts down, 5…4…3…2..1… Time to run Running Man.

Now that the tables have turned, Lee Joon eyes Jae-suk, chasing him in and out of the auditorium. It feels like less than a minute has passed before he rips off Jae-suk’s name tag and then runs to help Doo-joon. Woah, he is ruthless.

Kwang-soo manages to slip away a few feet, still held back by Lee Joon when we hear a rip… and Kwang-soo has ripped off his own name tag in the struggle. Aww. 5:5 it is.

Lee Joon, honey – I think you’re on an adrenaline high. He slips into an empty box for cover and even pokes a hole so he can see. He scurries along the wall to look for his prey, starting and stopping. Right around the corner, Nichkhun has this weird, “What the hell? I hear bells somewhere…” expression on his face.

Nichkhun helps him back into the box after his initial surprise and I’m wondering how this is a good idea? If anything, it sure is adorable and hilarious. Caption reads: It’ll be hot in there…

Haha’s cornered by Doo-joon and Nichkhun who agree to temporarily let him off creating an alliance of Ha-bi-two (Haha, B2ST, 2PM). But you know as well as I do that alliances never last for long and as Haha points to where his teammates are hiding, Doo-joon and Nichkhun send secret signals to each other.

Haha catches on and gets running but Doo-joon tracks him down within seconds and then nonchalantly tears off Haha’s nametag.

Another switch is called and now it’s Team Running Man’s turn to do the seeking again. Out of the box now, Lee Joon runs outside and then runs in the opposite direction as Gary chases his tail.

As Gary rounds the corner, we hear another blood-curling scream and see Lee Joon’s face of terror as he runs right into Jong-kook’s arms. AHAHA. Needless to say he’s quickly eliminated.

The three remaining idol boys step outside to take a break but they’re soon joined by a chorus of bells and make a run for it. They run right into Suk-jin’s path but that’s no big because they all manage to slip past him and they all split.

Unfortunately for Doo-joon, he runs into a dead end and is eliminated. A little later inside, Eun-jung appears. Suk-jin can’t bring himself to take her out and so Ji-hyo steps in to eliminate Eun-jung out of the game with a little hug.

Now the count is Team Running Man 4: 2 Team Idol members.

Nichkhun is up on the rooftop as he whispers that he’s totally confident to remain hidden. Then he spies Jong-kook walking up the stairs and he runs, all the while, the clock ticking down the last few seconds before another switch.

At the switch, he’s a few feet away from Suk-jin, who’s already scared for what’s to come. Suk-jin freaks out when he sees Nichkhun in a track start position, ready to make his move.

The siren blares and Nichkhun runs… upstairs? Well, looks like the boy’s got bigger fish to fry as he runs towards Jong-kook instead. Surprised, he asks, “Hyung, why aren’t you running away?” Jong-kook: “It’s just you…”

Remember what happened a year ago? Nichkhun is no scrawny idol and Jong-kook is legitimately flustered as he hears a part of his name tag rip. They’re soon joined by the sound of bells… and Eun-hyuk rushes to Nichkhun’s aid.

Working together, they pin Jong-kook to the ground and overtake him. Jong-kook is eliminated and Eun-hyuk celebrates with glee.

Tee-hee. Eun-hyuk acts totally cool when he discovers Suk-jin in a closet as the latter plays it off with the same manner. But it’s no use and soon the speakers announce his elimination. Only two remain on each team.

Gary has taken to Lee Joon’s earlier strategy to hide inside the box as the idol boys rack their brains trying to find the ex-Monday Couple. Nichkhun approaches the box that Gary is hiding inside of and gives it a little shake… before he walks away.

Too bad he doesn’t investigate any further because the siren sounds again and Gary breathes a sigh of relief. Nichkhun is clearly impressed and readies himself to run. The next round starts and Nichkhun manages to slip out of Ji-hyo’s and Gary’s grasp.

The jailed munch on ice cream and Haha mentions that Jae-suk bought IU a car to the bewilderment of the idols. They jump on this train and Yong-hwa mentions that his group needs a new fridge…

Jae-suk starts, “Well, okay…” and the boys jump up, chanting his name. Soon Lee Joon’s like, “Our house has been without an air conditioner for 10 years…” Okay!

Then Shi-wan: “Our group has 9 members and our place is kinda small.” Kwang-soo: “A house?” Add that to the list! Then Jae-suk turns to Kwang-soo that he needs to borrow some money to pay for everything.

Back to the action with two minutes left to seek for Team Running Man. Ji-hyo tells Gary that there’s no time to waste and Gary manages to tear off Eun-hyuk’s name tag.

With left than 30 seconds to spare, they only need to take out Nichkhun. They’ve literally got their hands on his name tag when the speakers blare and they all freeze. They initially think it’s the call for another switch but it’s just for Eun-hyuk’s elimination.

Nichkhun uses the momentary distraction to his advantage and the ex-Monday Couple have got him cornered… when the siren sounds again. Drat, so close.

At the start of the switch, Ji-hyo throws herself in between the two men and she tells Gary to run. Nichkhun rips off her name tag with ease and starts to chase Gary, who’s got one shoe on.

He’s surprisingly still pretty quick but Nichkhun’s still on Gary’s tail as they run through the museum and Nichkhun reaches for Gary’s name tag…

We fade to black and then both men appear in jail, having agreed to be eliminated in everyone’s company.

Nichkhun tears off Gary’s name tag, securing the victory for Team Idol. Team Running Man present the victors with a shiny gold medal, thus ending the 2012 Running Man Olympics.