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Running Man: Episode 104
by | July 29, 2012 | 73 Comments

How many idols does it take to change a lightbulb? Er, I mean can fit in a Running Man episode? Apparently 7. It’s the 2012 Running Man Olympics where Team Running Man will face off Team Idol. Who will grab the gold and attain the highest honor?

Note: Because of the actual Olympics, Episode 105 will not air today.

EPISODE 104. Broadcast on July 22, 2012.

We open at the 2012 Running Man Olympics as our MC, Jung Jae-hyung mans the stations and switches between three languages (Korean, English, and French), giving a little giggle in between each.

He introduces the cast who enter waving their Running Man flags with pride and then he offers Kwang-soo a redo… so that he can play St. Agnes and the Burning Train, Kwang-soo’s theme song, on the piano. HAHAHA. Kwang-soo: “I never knew this song was this sad!”

Erm, Jae-hyung – just because you were able to eliminate Kwang-soo shouldn’t make you that confident about taking on Jong-kook. Suk-jin: “You have to go through me first.”

Time to introduce Team Idol and the cast throw in the towel at the first three: Eun-hyuk (Super Junior), Nichkhun (2PM), and Jung Yong-hwa (CNBLUE).

Then we have our next group with Lee Joon (MBLAQ) who bounces in without introduction, Yoon Doo-joon (B2ST), Im Shi-wan(ZE:A), and last but not least the lady Eunjung (T-ARA). Phew, that was a lot.

HA – is Jae-hyung going to keep up his multinational MC act and speak in French for everything? Apparently so.

The Olympic torch bearer, Maknae FD dashes in and at Jae-hyung’s order he runs faster. Hey, isn’t that the same get-up you wore a few weeks ago?

Maknae FD draws a bow and arrow to light the Olympic flame and it flickers on as he coolly releases it. But before you think that was impressive, we’re shown another cut of the arrow which veers completely off course and then he grabs the fire extinguisher to put it out. HAHA.

Team Running Man is none too pleased to hear that they’ll be competing against Team Idol today. Winning the three mission beforehand will give them an advantage in the final mission. The prize? A real gold medal.

Everyone gapes, then Eun-hyuk cuts in, his eye on the prize: “We just need to win ’em all right?”

A game of rock-paper-scissors (Suk-jin wins) determines where they’ll sit on the double-decker bus. And they’re off!

First order of business for Team Idol is to figure out the age hierarchy between them. Turns out that Yong-hwa and Doo-joon are the maknaes (as ’89ers) and Eun-hyuk comments that it doesn’t suit them. Yong-hwa: “I even got a perm to make myself look younger!”

Eun-hyuk’s oldest (1986) and they burst laughing that Suk-jin is 20 years older (at 1966) and in pure astonishment, Lee Joon gasps, “My mom was born in 1961!” Totally not getting that the bluster could have embarrassed Mom, he tells Yong-hwa that it’s HIS mom so there’s no problem that he said it with HIS OWN lips. Pfftt.

Lee Joon starts stumbling over his words and at the others’ accusation that he’s a spy, he dismisses, “I’m not made to be a spy!” Well if you put it that way…

The first mission is a relay race and given the course, the anchor has it especially tough. Mr. PD warns them of the harsh corners and Jae-suk complains that it’s the STAFF who are particularly harsh.

Eun-hyuk’s overwhelming desire to win throws Jae-suk for another loop. He compliments Yooruce Willis that he’s the fastest and Jae-suk reminds him that’s only amongst the Running Man cast. It’s Suk-jin he worries about.

Cut to Suk-jin who sighs that he should’ve been paired with Eunjung instead of Doo-joon. Then Kwang-soo pleads with Yong-hwa not to humiliate him too much ’cause they’re like family now.

We cut back to the start where Haha and Nichkhun anxiously wait for the gun to fire. They burst from the start as Nichkhun pulls ahead at the first stop. And then Jong-kook is quick to close that gap between him and Shi-wan. Damn, I’m impressed.

Gary uses that advantage to speed along ahead of Joon and then the ladies race ahead. You don’t call her the Ace for nuthin’ as she puts a large distance between her and Eunjung. Now if only Suk-jin can use this advantage…

Of course he doesn’t because Doo-joon zooms past and despite giving a small advantage to Kwang-soo, Yong-hwa speeds ahead as Kwang-soo cries out, “That’s not what we agreed on!”

Now it’s the final leg of the race as both anchors start running but then Eun-hyuk starts to pull ahead and puts enough space in between them to win it.

Ji-hyo is absolutely fuming afterwards and when you think she’s going for Jae-suk, she marches in and grabs Myuk PD for saying her weight on film.

The cast get an earful about their loss from Coach Jong-kook. On the bus, Jae-suk finally bursts at him… and then apologizes immediately afterwards.

Their second mission is a trampoline volleyball court where hordes of fans circle the set.

Woah looks like those years of ballet training sure came in handy, Lee Joon. The boy looks completely in his element, jumping into splits in the air with effortless grace. Too bad that doesn’t quite translate into volleyball, giving the Running Man a 2:0 lead.

His equivalent can be pointed to Suk-jin and with his help, Team Idol gains the lead. That’s further cemented by black hole Kwang-soo who misses the ball time after time again.

Was that a layup Kwang-soo? Even his fans who root for him on the top of their lungs grow silent.

Serve after serve they go and finally Jae-suk calls for a time-out with the score 5:11 in favor of Team Idol. Post break fares much better for Team Running Man as Kwang-soo even scores a couple of points for his team with an impressive save.

Soon the score’s 12:13 and thanks to Doo-joon’s missed spike, it ties the score at 13:13. Then each team flubs at they’re tied again at 14:14. Team Running Man is way more coordinated in this second half and then Kwang-soo strikes with his third impressive move by lightly sending the ball over the net.

Lee Joon jumps around the court when the ball comes straight at him mid-air. He flubs, tapping the ball before letting it fall and Team Running Man win the second round.

At their third event, the teams will need to toss a teammate over a number of hurdles in a pool in order to win. The ladies are up first and Coach Kookie gathers his team to have Ji-hyo climb over Kwang-soo’s shoulders.

Team Idol is a quick study and pick up on the strategy. And though Ji-hyo stays mostly dry as they practice, Eun-jung nearly goes headfirst into the water.

Despite the practice, Team Running Man slips behind Team Idol as they toss Eun-jung over the first hurdle. Poor Ji-hyo has trouble gaining a foothold on Kwang-soo’s shoulders as Team Idol marches on.

Team Running Man finally catch up to Team Idol at the third hurdle and both women pass the final hurdle nearly at the same time. It’s a race to to the finish line as the men help the ladies along to grab that flag… and Ji-hyo wins the first round out of three.

The staff raise the height for Round 2 and it’s Kwang-soo vs. Shi-wan. Unfortunately Kwang-soo’s height works to his disadvantage and Team Running Man struggles at the first hurdle as Shi-wan effortlessly dives into the water and approaches their final hurdle.

HAHAHA – Jong-kook’s really the only one who can support Kwang-soo on his shoulders but Kwang-soo can’t get a footing and sends both of them into the water. Over and over again while Team Idol oh-so-casually grabs the flag.

It’s Jae-suk vs. Eun-hyuk again in the final round and Jae-suk’s the first to fly over the hurdle. Both teams seem to speed up sending their teammates flipping over their hurdles.

Okay, what is WITH that final hurdle Mr. PD? It comes up to the men’s chests and as expected, both men fail on their first try. And surprisingly, it’s Jae-suk who gets pushed off and flies over the hurdle and runs in the water to grab the flag, cinching Team Running Man’s victory.

We’re at the final mission location where the game is Hide-and-Seek switchoff where each team’s roles will change every 15 minutes between a hider and a seeker. The team who remains to the ends, wins.

Team Running Man puts it to a vote and they choose to be the seekers first. Giving Team Idol a three minute head start, they dangle the bells off of their sneakers, warning them to be aware of this terrifying noise.

The Team Idol members hurry to secure a hiding place in the vast museum but they can’t ignore their growing nervousness and rapid heartbeat.

Jae-suk comments that their uniforms almost make it seem like ripping name tags could be an Olympic sport and then Kwang-soo adds in that this kind of team unity is what the audience has been dying to see. Said the poster boy of betrayal.

They give a team cheer and they’re sent off to chase after the other team. Aw, it is nice to see them working together in Hide-and-Seek for once!

Yes, Team Idol – you have every reason to be scared because these guys OWN this game. They’ve done this Hide-and-Seek game for over 2 years.

What the heck? A couple minutes in and Jong-kook comments that he saw a shadow move in the distance. That shadow is Shi-wan who keeps his distance from the Running Man cast and takes refuge behind a not-so-secret barrier.

So who should find him but Jae-suk and Shi-wan, flustered, contemplates for a moment before making a run for it. Little does he know that Jae-suk is chasing him right into Gary’s open arms.

With a long reach, Gary grabs the back of Shi-wan’s shirt and while he holds Shi-wan in his arms, Shi-wan pleads: “There’s nowhere to hide here! When I saw the show there would be plenty of places to hide! What am I going to do in jail all alone?!” There, there… you’re still eliminated.

Oho – it looks like we have a brain on our hands as Nichkhun sets up a perfect hiding spot behind a stairwell. Meanwhile Doo-joon and Yong-hwa sweat as they hear the bells ring.

Ace Ji-hyo spots Yong-hwa who zips down the hallways to evade his captors. He’s speedy but not speedy enough as Jong-kook catches him and quickly eliminates him. Team Idol is down to 5 members now.

Everyone pauses as they change the tags off of their hats and either secure or untie their bells. Team Idol’s fearful faces quickly turn into ones of determination. Team Idol smirks as the clock counts down, 5…4…3…2..1… Time to run Running Man.

Now that the tables have turned, Lee Joon eyes Jae-suk, chasing him in and out of the auditorium. It feels like less than a minute has passed before he rips off Jae-suk’s name tag and then runs to help Doo-joon. Woah, he is ruthless.

Kwang-soo manages to slip away a few feet, still held back by Lee Joon when we hear a rip… and Kwang-soo has ripped off his own name tag in the struggle. Aww. 5:5 it is.

Lee Joon, honey – I think you’re on an adrenaline high. He slips into an empty box for cover and even pokes a hole so he can see. He scurries along the wall to look for his prey, starting and stopping. Right around the corner, Nichkhun has this weird, “What the hell? I hear bells somewhere…” expression on his face.

Nichkhun helps him back into the box after his initial surprise and I’m wondering how this is a good idea? If anything, it sure is adorable and hilarious. Caption reads: It’ll be hot in there…

Haha’s cornered by Doo-joon and Nichkhun who agree to temporarily let him off creating an alliance of Ha-bi-two (Haha, B2ST, 2PM). But you know as well as I do that alliances never last for long and as Haha points to where his teammates are hiding, Doo-joon and Nichkhun send secret signals to each other.

Haha catches on and gets running but Doo-joon tracks him down within seconds and then nonchalantly tears off Haha’s nametag.

Another switch is called and now it’s Team Running Man’s turn to do the seeking again. Out of the box now, Lee Joon runs outside and then runs in the opposite direction as Gary chases his tail.

As Gary rounds the corner, we hear another blood-curling scream and see Lee Joon’s face of terror as he runs right into Jong-kook’s arms. AHAHA. Needless to say he’s quickly eliminated.

The three remaining idol boys step outside to take a break but they’re soon joined by a chorus of bells and make a run for it. They run right into Suk-jin’s path but that’s no big because they all manage to slip past him and they all split.

Unfortunately for Doo-joon, he runs into a dead end and is eliminated. A little later inside, Eun-jung appears. Suk-jin can’t bring himself to take her out and so Ji-hyo steps in to eliminate Eun-jung out of the game with a little hug.

Now the count is Team Running Man 4: 2 Team Idol members.

Nichkhun is up on the rooftop as he whispers that he’s totally confident to remain hidden. Then he spies Jong-kook walking up the stairs and he runs, all the while, the clock ticking down the last few seconds before another switch.

At the switch, he’s a few feet away from Suk-jin, who’s already scared for what’s to come. Suk-jin freaks out when he sees Nichkhun in a track start position, ready to make his move.

The siren blares and Nichkhun runs… upstairs? Well, looks like the boy’s got bigger fish to fry as he runs towards Jong-kook instead. Surprised, he asks, “Hyung, why aren’t you running away?” Jong-kook: “It’s just you…”

Remember what happened a year ago? Nichkhun is no scrawny idol and Jong-kook is legitimately flustered as he hears a part of his name tag rip. They’re soon joined by the sound of bells… and Eun-hyuk rushes to Nichkhun’s aid.

Working together, they pin Jong-kook to the ground and overtake him. Jong-kook is eliminated and Eun-hyuk celebrates with glee.

Tee-hee. Eun-hyuk acts totally cool when he discovers Suk-jin in a closet as the latter plays it off with the same manner. But it’s no use and soon the speakers announce his elimination. Only two remain on each team.

Gary has taken to Lee Joon’s earlier strategy to hide inside the box as the idol boys rack their brains trying to find the ex-Monday Couple. Nichkhun approaches the box that Gary is hiding inside of and gives it a little shake… before he walks away.

Too bad he doesn’t investigate any further because the siren sounds again and Gary breathes a sigh of relief. Nichkhun is clearly impressed and readies himself to run. The next round starts and Nichkhun manages to slip out of Ji-hyo’s and Gary’s grasp.

The jailed munch on ice cream and Haha mentions that Jae-suk bought IU a car to the bewilderment of the idols. They jump on this train and Yong-hwa mentions that his group needs a new fridge…

Jae-suk starts, “Well, okay…” and the boys jump up, chanting his name. Soon Lee Joon’s like, “Our house has been without an air conditioner for 10 years…” Okay!

Then Shi-wan: “Our group has 9 members and our place is kinda small.” Kwang-soo: “A house?” Add that to the list! Then Jae-suk turns to Kwang-soo that he needs to borrow some money to pay for everything.

Back to the action with two minutes left to seek for Team Running Man. Ji-hyo tells Gary that there’s no time to waste and Gary manages to tear off Eun-hyuk’s name tag.

With left than 30 seconds to spare, they only need to take out Nichkhun. They’ve literally got their hands on his name tag when the speakers blare and they all freeze. They initially think it’s the call for another switch but it’s just for Eun-hyuk’s elimination.

Nichkhun uses the momentary distraction to his advantage and the ex-Monday Couple have got him cornered… when the siren sounds again. Drat, so close.

At the start of the switch, Ji-hyo throws herself in between the two men and she tells Gary to run. Nichkhun rips off her name tag with ease and starts to chase Gary, who’s got one shoe on.

He’s surprisingly still pretty quick but Nichkhun’s still on Gary’s tail as they run through the museum and Nichkhun reaches for Gary’s name tag…

We fade to black and then both men appear in jail, having agreed to be eliminated in everyone’s company.

Nichkhun tears off Gary’s name tag, securing the victory for Team Idol. Team Running Man present the victors with a shiny gold medal, thus ending the 2012 Running Man Olympics.


73 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. VanillaLee

    I love the scene where Doo Joon was surrounded by Team Running Man and Lee Joon sure was high on this episode. XD

    • 1.1 mariolawpanda

      This has been one of the most exciting episodes ever. Although the idols weren’t as present, the change in scenery does give the show a different energy. Pretty awesome episode!

  2. starfighter

    I must defend my precious Eunjung and say that she has had several leg injuries in the past few years and should not be judged too harshly on her running… XD Poor thing~ between this and the Idol Olympic >< lol

    She also can't swim, so watching her get thrown head first into the pool should have be cringe worthy… but it was so damn funny~! She's just so graceful πŸ˜‰ <3

    • 2.1 gg

      if she’s that badly injured i don’t think she should have agreed to be on the show?

      • 2.1.1 LK

        Agreed, she even went on the idol olympic show… And she came last!

      • 2.1.2 cheekbones

        Yeah, why didn’t they send some other T-ara girl ?

        • mary

          Probably because Eunjung has a show just around the corner and she needs to promote it. πŸ˜€

      • 2.1.3 Maru

        Darling, you don’t know what her CEO is capable of with those girls. I pity them.

        • skwonto

          Eeewah. You mean their CEO would purposely enlist their worst athlete for an athletic event? Eeewah that is so mean.

      • 2.1.4 starfighter

        She wan’t the original guest~ fellow T-ara member Jiyeon was, but she injured her nose. Also, she’s one of T-aras most popular members and their CEO is a jackass.

        Besides Eunjung isn’t currently injured, but all of her recent injures have involved her legs~ and given that she’s never had time to properly recover I’m not surprised she has difficultly running.

    • 2.2 yume

      she shouldn’t have agreed to be on the show if she suffers from past injuries … I believe they should have put bora from sistar on because shes awesome in athletics!

      although it was nice to see eunjung but it really sucked that she didn’t really do more for the team πŸ™

      • 2.2.1 Feranmi

        I don’t think you understand…. One does not say no to their ceo. This isn’t she shouldn’t have agreed to come on more like she was told to do it and she had too lol I don’t think you know how these companies operate. There is no such thing as free will.

    • 2.3 yume

      she shouldn’t have agreed to be on the show if she suffers from past injuries … I believe they should have put bora from sistar on because shes awesome in athletics!

      although it was nice to see eunjung but it really sucked that she didn’t really do more for the team πŸ™

      I usually cheer for running man but this time I was for the Idol team and they won~ !!! yaay daebak!!!

  3. onyxx

    i like this episode. jong-kook was downright scary when he just popped out of nowhere to scare lee joon out of a few years’ growth hahaha that was a superb catch — KJK deserves a special shout-out for this πŸ™‚

    gary was downright hilarious, too — while hiding inside that carton box. the suspense was palpable and i couldn’t help feeling tensed and was giggling at the same time. too bad he didn’t win in the end. nice assist from ji-hyo btw. their teamwork is still incomparable

  4. Unnursvana

    I loved this episode. Whoever put those carton boxes all over the place is a genius, it provided me with so much laughter. Idk if the staff did it or if they were there before the RM came in, but it feels very weird to have a lot of carton boxes in a museum, so I think the staff did it.

    • 4.1 tkk713

      Yup the staff did that. You should have a look at the ealier episodes. They place boxes all around whenever they were playing the catching game in sites where there are not many hiding places.

  5. Daisy

    Jung Jae Hyung is soo hilarious! He should’ve stayed for the whole episode announcing the scores! Oh gosh I love him hope he comes back on another episode later!

    and Eunjung wasn’t supposed to be in this episode it was supposed to be Jiyeon (which would’ve been better as she’s more athletic) but got sick! I heard only Eunjungs schedule was flexible enough for change so they got her to replace Jiyeon :/

  6. cheekbones

    I couldn’t stop laughing watching Lee Kwang-soo and Kim Jong-kook in the 3rd event, the hurdle thing at the pool. πŸ˜€

    Lee Joon is awesome on the trampoline. Not, on the volleyball, though. He’s too dorky in this episode.

  7. aramint

    See what you can get when you bring in capable and competitive guests with witty variety skills? Lots of fun! And this is one of those rare episodes where I really want the guests to win, because they work for it and they deserve it. πŸ˜€

    Seeing Running Man being a team and unleashes their scary power made me very happy. ^^ Once they’re united, that’s it. They definitely know how to play the game, their know-hows are really amazing. The hide and seek battle was so intense, oh the suspense, I was bitting my nail all the time especially during the last few seconds before every change.

    The idols are athletic and hilarious, except I was thinking Krystal from f(x) might be a better choice to challenge the awesome Ji-Hyo.

    The jail scene was hilarious, Yong Hwa was quick on the uptake while being adorable with his big name tag pasted on his cap and munching ice cream. Looks like he really enjoys being there. And it seems that the Running Man production team like him too, as he was always included here and there.

    All in all, I LOVE this episode. πŸ™‚

    • 7.1 A_Donuts

      I agree that Krystal would have probably been a better choice.

      • 7.1.1 catie chan

        LIZZY would have been the best choice! hehe…or maybe… Lee Hyori?

  8. akikisetsu

    This is a win that the guests totally earned. Brain, brawns and confidence to go head to head with the RM. I hate it when RM cast have to “give in” to their guests.

    Special mentioned to our Ace, Song Ji Hyo. No qualms throwing herself off, for the game. I like that!^^ And also Nickhun, WOW! I’m seriously impressed! SpartAce + (ex) Monday Couple. They should have declared an MVP and that’s you.^^

  9. Sponge

    This was such a great episode, i really liked that the running man cast had to work together and though i was torn about which team to support, i really cheered for the idol team when up against jongkook, they really deserve the win for eliminating him haha and its strange to get guests that actually challenge or overpower the cast, such great fun! There’s a reason why i keep seeing joon in variety shows, he cracks me up to no end, so many aces on that team that it didn’t matter they had a babo πŸ˜‰ <3

  10. 10 ladyhahn

    very fun episode!

    and JiHyo fuming over her weight being shown in tv..priceless.never mess w the weight!*cue angry bird*

  11. 11 racheose

    thanks for the recap!^^

    this would definitely be one of my top 10… the guest were hilarious. i love how united runningman team are.. i hope the pd would continue to have guests vs runningman games instead of spy games..

    i laughed so hard at lee joon’s antics especially in the volleyball game and when he was caught by spartakooks i had to play that part more than 10 times..

    i feel sorry for eun jung being thrown like that must have hurt especially if she can’t swim, i don’t know but i wish the idols cared more for her and not just to win but ji hyo lol at her techniques that scissor technique was so funny.. kwang soo was pitiful for being a stepping shoulder but still it was so funny and when he stepped on KJK it feels as if he getting revenge on kjk..

    the part when gary hid in a box and nickhun is near my heartbeat was really fast i held my breath the whole while.. and when it was down to ex-monday couple vs nickhun i was so nervous.. it feels as if i’m waiting if i passed or failed my math..

    i love how ji hyo can do everything even if it is to use her body literally just to let gary escape..too bad her 53 kg weight was not enough to buy longer time for gary (loled so hard when she went for myuk pd) and even if RM didn’t win they are still my champions..

  12. 12 Indigo

    I surprisingly really liked this episode. It was funny and the teams were both really close to winning that I couldn’t predict who would ultimately win. And it was nice to see Running Man cast work together again, together they are really strong.

    And I wouldn’t be that hard on Eun Jung. She had to fill in for Ji Yeon who was originally supposed to be in the show. Plus, Eun Jung has had several leg injuries this year and she can’t swim. And there isn’t a rule that says that everybody who’s a guest in Running Man has to be really athletic. It’s sometimes even more fun when they are not.

  13. 13 xiaoSxin

    entertaining episode. I wish they would just Hurry up and cast YEH, the original girl group idol that has guts and strength to last at variety show games.

  14. 14 Running Man Fan

    I think the Running Man production team know that it would be a better choice to let the Idol team wins because if the idols don’t win, the fangirls may literally go ‘crazy’ and brust the variety show.
    Ultimately, this is a game where the young idols are supposed to win because in terms of the stamina and power, the idol team are better than the Running Man. The only advantage for the Running Man is that they are more experience in the game. In terms of team work, Running Man cast is better, however, Individual race, the idols has more advantage.
    During the running race, i was surprise that KJK ran so fast and overtook the opponent. Ace Ji hyo and Grary are good runners too. So funny that Coach Kook gave a lecture to Kwang Soo and JaeSuk and Ji hyo blaming the Pd for about the weight. The hilarious part at the bus where JaeSuk immediately apologize to Jook Kook after brusting at him is funny. Both Running Man leaders are so Cute and their leadership is excellent.
    The volleyball challenge was funny as well. The idol team act ‘cool’ infront of the Running Man, showing their youthfulness by jumping around. In the end kwang Soo manage to score some points for the team. Wow! In addition, Coach Kook was great to save a ball that was about to touch the ground.
    The water challenge was great, Ji hyo and Jae Suk were good. Kwang Soo and Kookie was so funny when they both cooperate and Kwang Soo keep losing his balance.
    The hide and seek game was hilarious and the idea was good. There is a 15 min interval to change between hunter and prey. I have to compliment Nickhun for being so brave to attack SpartaKook. However, being a commander it is difficult to eliminate him, Fortunately, Eun Hyuk came to assist, and they proudly declared that they had won against the tiger. The most classic moment is when Lee Joon ran into the arms of the commander. The horror expression was priceless, even Grary was surprise.
    Lastly, The monday couple could have won the race for RM if they did not misunderstood the announcement. Anyway, Good try. Grary is so cute, first hide in a cupboard then ran away without a shoe. Ji Hyo was so adorable when he went to the room and whine that Grary left a shoe behind, oh what to do? haha..
    * Haha why are you so cute? The discussion about buying presents for the idols was so funny. Jae Suk became a Santa Claus and everybody became excited children asking him for presents, only to have Jae Suk asking to borrow money to buy presents.
    The idol team won the game and did not go home empty handed.
    However, the Running Man team should give some reward to the Running Man cast
    The MVP for RM – Kim Jong Kook (3 cheers!!!)
    The best leadership- Jae Suk
    The powerful team members – Ji Hyo and Grary
    The best underdog – Kwang Soo
    The hilarious duo with good determination – Haha and Suk Jin

    • 14.1 N. A.

      “I think the Running Man production team know that it would be a better choice to let the Idol team wins because if the idols don’t win, the fangirls may literally go β€˜crazy’ and brust the variety show.”
      Although I agree with this. I hope the other readers or fans of Running Man think that the team purposely made themselves fail in the end, that they would somehow make themselves lose just for the sake of letting the idols have the gold. They have done it in the past where they gave the prize to the guests even though a member of a team of Running Man had won. If they had won the ‘hide and seek’ challenge, I’m sure they’d given their medals to the idols as a gesture of thanks for them participating.

      • 14.1.1 N. A.


        I hope the other readers or fans of Running Man DIDN’T think that the team purposely made themselves fail in the end,that they would somehow make themselves lose just for the sake of letting the idols have the gold.

        • skwonto

          I did not think RM Team purposely lost the hide and seek challenge. However, Idol Team purposely losing in the pool game, crossed my mind… Even the volleyball game.

          • N. A.

            yeah.. to me especially the volleyball. The Running Man guys did look like they trained a bit for that game but they tried to made it look like they didn’t.

          • mashimaroluff

            Does anyone notice the water race between Eunjung and Ji Hyo? the Idol team’s third pole is bended and it kept on moving when Eunjung didnt even try to jump. I thought that was weird.

      • 14.1.2 Harley

        I don’t think this is the case, Khun has a guest of RM before (more than once, about 3-4 times, I think?), and he actually did well. Even in that episode with Taec (Khun & Taec), both of them eliminated RM team pretty fast, just the 2 of them. RM team was really shocked at how fast and determined these 2 are. I think, out of 2PM members, Khun is one of the most competitive, so it’s hardly surprising to see him applying himself 100% when it comes to winning.

        Well, I’m only talking about Khun here since I’m not really sure about the other idols. I’m saying this based on Khun’s previous RM appearances. He won and failed fairly, so I don’t think RM team cut him some slack.

  15. 15 piggy

    This episode was an enjoyable watch πŸ˜€

    The torch lighting was hilarious, i was initially impressed and then laughed like crazy when i saw that the FD actually didnt hit the right target hahaha.

    I love JiHyo in this ep. She really put everything into the games. She’s so smart in the chasing game. And its really funny when she called out the PD for putting her weight on screen =)) Poor girl, the weight on her profile is so far from the actual weight hahaha. But i prefer her chubby like this, look more beautiful than when she was in Goong (just my opinion) πŸ™‚

  16. 16 Mika~

    I’m just shocked that Sukjin managed to stay in the game for so long! Or it could be that no one regards him as a serious threat and therefore they don’t really care to actively seek him out.

    It’s always great to see the ex-Monday Couple back in action, and I loved how Jihyo took the reigns and decided to catch Eunhyuk and Nichkhun even with only a few minutes left. I was really itching for the Runningman team to win, just because they seem to have so many disadvantages (I mean, come on, we all love Sukjin and Gwangsoo but we know that they suck at catching people and ripping nametags off) compared to the idol athletes, and darn, if they just hadn’t mistaken the bell-ringing, they would’ve totally gotten Khun too!

    • 16.1 pigtookie

      The game was so good because both teams were so close to winning and fought hard for it. πŸ™‚

      I was rooting for Running Man too but the Idols also had their weaknesses and came back from them, and deserved their win. (lol Shiwan’s pleas: there are no places to hide! I started feeling a little sorry for their team when they kept falling into RM’s traps.)

  17. 17 skwonto

    I loved this episode! While I had a hard time understanding how the idol team lost any events, I guess I am one of those “crazy fan girls” a previous reviewer mentioned… I am actually new to k-entertainment culture. Now… totally obsessed.

    One of the many things I love about Running Man are their guests. I get exposed to new entertainers. How cute was Team Idol? Not only were they athletic, (except poor Eunjung) they were dynamic with lots of fun, smart banter. Nickhun is a perennially favorite. I am now a fan of Lee Joon and Doo-Joon!

    In the past, I had a hard time seeing Song Ji-Hyo’s ace skills. She was a total champ in this episode! Funny too! I loved her in the bridal episode this season.

    I get a little sensitive when Lee Kwang Soo gets picked on too much. Ha! While many times he fishes for it, sometimes it seems too much. Which is why I adore Jae Suk, he’s always the perfect host. He is smart, fast and funny without insulting others unlike another cast member… ha! just being a crazy fan girl. πŸ™‚

  18. 18 Cynthia

    My dream RM has come and gone and yet, I still giggle.
    You know it’s a terrific episode when there are too-many- to-remember highlights!

    Lee Joon (MBLAQ) may not have been introduced at the beginning, but this kid was on FIRE – he’s cute and funny, highly competitive and enthusiastic. That hiding in the box thing was hysterical, along with all the high-flying on the trampoline – and his totally horrified collapse when he ran into SpartaKooks was priceless!

    I was really surprised to find that Yonghwa was a maknae of the group – he always seems older (to me) – it’s probably his maturity. And I’m glad that this ep aired before Nichkhun’s vehicular mess happened. I love his fearlessness and really wanted to see his take-down of SpartaKooks. It was well-executed and I was happy to see the historic Thailand flashback being incorporated.

    Poor Eunjung – can’t run due to her really serious knee injuries and we know she can’t swim. But the boys had no problems with just throwing her over the rails and dragging her through the water. Funny stuff.

    It really was a clever idea to switch off the ‘hunted/hunters’ bell chase every 15 minutes. The RM are just experts by now – when they work as a well-oiled team, it’s like watching zebras being pulled down by lions. What really surprised me was seeing Ji-hyo (at the end) flinging herself on top of Nichkhun, allowing Gary to escape. Talk about taking a bullet for your partner!

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi! This RM ranks right up there with the BigBang RM – I had a feeling that it would but it was SO much better than I thought it could be! It was funny and active from start to finish. Woot!

  19. 19 Anao

    I agree that this was a good episode with enough funny moments (and guests).

    And is considered much being 53 kg in Korea? To me it seems close to an ideal weight, thin enough but not a stick.

  20. 20 Cmj

    I laughed so hard with fd running and missing n panicking to take d fire off so funny also like d host his kinda weird but hilarious too I totally agree that he looks like a fool at alice in wonderland episode hahaha Sukjin answer is funny tooo he needs to get to him first hahaha yeah fall in line ajushiii

  21. 21 Sowee

    I love the episodeeee Rm mwmbers looks so fit n ready to roll its great that they bring back the bell wootttt. Everybody worked really hard and for thattt it went over the top so Awesome episodes theirs alot of funny things cant enumerate it all I thought Kjk cant run fast boy I was wrong he kick the idol butt n jihyo waaahhh the girl is fiesty they almost won I think Sukjin is the weakest link asusual but his reaction is daebak well his 46 what do expect even Jaesuk run slow for his talent as running fast I dont know but Jaesuk really is the best ya he beat the idol Kwang poor thing I think he needs the gold to he suffered so much y did the pd allow Kjk to do that his so heavy poor Kwangsoo the pd shd give him the main role next time

  22. 22 Sowee

    Theres alot of funny moments the helmet hair bwahihihiJaesuk shd give Kwangsoo a car hehehe he literally made his body a stepping stairs poor thing I want to laugh bit cant on that part good thing he step on kjk that makes me feel better hehehe Everyone give their best sooo love these episode Rm Pds Daebak!!!

  23. 23 Sowee

    Did you guys saw that Jaesuk is taking a back seat giving Sukjin n Kjk the spotlight thats great Jaesuk ur d besttt for life

  24. 24 Betty

    I ROTFL when Jong-kook said “Are you serious?! Unbeleivable” when he saw the gap between the girls for the first race lol

  25. 25 MissLenis

    OMG!! That kid.. Who got cut by KJK, was hilarious. His face was priceless.. And when he in the box, I lol so freaking cute and funny. He really make the idol group have some comical relive.

  26. 26 biankoy

    This was a fun episode! the cast and the guest were both competitive as hell and I enjoyed how they played against each other.
    I feel sorry for Nickhun though, because of the what’s happened to him. I’m not really a fan, more of a 2am fan than 2pm, but whenever I watch him as a guest in running man I can’t help but like him because he is always polite and modest. Yong-hwa is also a fun guest because he is witty and competitive but he got eliminated early in this episode.

  27. 27 krnxbeannie

    Funny moments I enjoyed:

    Eunhyuk running in the race and makes an ” O” with his fingers to tell HaHa that his bloodtype is O lol.

    Lee Joon failed attempts to hit the ball while he’s in midair.

    Eunhyuk discovered suk jin ‘s hiding spot and ji suk jin’s reply ” yea i have a meeting down here” lol.

    Kwangsoo kept on knocking over the hurdles when he tried to jump over them.

    kwangsoo’s entrance while Jung Jae Hyung plays Saint Agnes and the Burning Train.

    Lee Joon’s expression when he was caught by Kim Jong Kook. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH omg.

  28. 28 sahn


    ERROR – Kwang Soo actually beat Jae Hyung in the ep that he guest starred. He was saying that his pride got hurt and such from the last ep when they were referring back to the ep.

    Just thought I’d point that out for the readers who weren’t aware. I’m a stickler for accuracy.

  29. 29 mnjc

    I really enjoyed this episode! Not only because of the idols but also because the Running Men were really a team despite a few blunders. They could’ve won this too. But I was glad that the Idols won.

    Nichkhun has always been strong and cunning so there was no doubt he would be capable of making their team win in the end. But the other team members were impressive too. Yonghwa had the experience of being in previous RM episodes so he knows how this goes. Lee Joon is still entertaining. Eunjung, Shiwan and Eunhyuk didn’t do so bad either.

    I was happy to see Doo Joon on RM for the first time. And he did very well! He was really very fast in the nametag relay. He recovered the meters that were lost during the women’s leg. He was also good at volleyball. And too bad he got into a dead end in the hide and seek. He could’ve done well supporting Nichkhun in the end. Hope to see more Beast members in RM in the future!

    Thanks for the recap!

  30. 30 pigtookie

    Great episode! Definitely a favorite. The two teams were portrayed as good contenders, with each one having their own shortcomings, strengths, and ability to adapt. More importantly, both teams worked hard to succeed and every win felt well earned.

    And wow, what an impressive lineup of guests. Idols guests are sometimes underwhelming, but I’ll give it to the RM PDs, they really handpicked some of the best athletes and competitors for the games. (Eunjung may be set back from past injuries, but she is one of the best competitors of the female idols I’ve seen.)

    The Hide and Seek showdown was epic, the tactic to keep switching roles was a good twist for the RM veterans and a good strategy for those who used it well. It gives the hunters that added risk in that they are making themselves vulnerable if they get too close at 15 minutes. It fits so well into the RM concept that I wonder why they didn’t use it sooner. It’s like the Big Bang game kicked up a notch. The other games were fun, but what kept the episode lively was the dynamics in both teams and against each other.

    I thought they were on a roll the entire episode, it was entertaining all the way through with tension and comic moments. Some of my favorites:
    – Gary escaping Nickhun in the box
    – RM teamwork
    – Kwang Soo’s comeback in the volleyball game
    – Ji Hyo and Gary speeding past their opponents in the relay was surprising to me
    – Joon’s shock at Lion Jong Kook! His knees really gave away.
    – Gary running away with one shoe haha

    • 30.1 pigtookie

      oh also, tiny beats like Maknae FD Dongwan extinguishing the flaming arrow in his Greek god clothes (hehe it’s relevant to the Olympics), Jae Hyung’s playing Kwang Soo’s theme song, Suk Jin joking with Eunhyuk before his elimination, and Jong Kook’s one man battle with Nickhun were awesome.

      • 30.1.1 Cynthia

        I wish that Maknae PD had come into the arena riding on his tricycle, legs pumping away and his robes flowing behind him ….

  31. 31 ajj

    I am officially a fan of Lee Joon because of this episode.
    Never even cared about MBLAQ before. He’s just so funny even from the start.

  32. 32 Leslie

    This is variety gold!!

    List of favorite moments:

    12. Lee Joon’s splits and epic fail in volleyball.

    11. Im Si Wan’s cool dive (not exactly funny but MAN! was he graceful!)

    10. Sukjin’s failed ambush of Nichkhun, Do joon, and Eunhyuk!

    9. Eunhyuk’s “O” handsign to Haha’s attempt at distracting him.

    8. Kwang Soo’s epic fail at the hurdles!

    7. Kwang Soo’s entrance to St. Agnes song (piano by Jae Hyung).

    6. Jihyo’s sacrifice to save Gary from Nichkhun and Jihyo’s cute complaining about Gary leaving behind his shoes.

    5. Maknae FD’s entrance (run faster!), missed arrow and extinguisher moment.

    4. Ji Hyo’s outburst against Myuk PD about her weight being broadcast in the last episode.

    3. Lee Joon – Collapsing in defeat to Kim Jong Kook!

    2. Gary’s almost capture (in the box) by Nichkhun!

    and last but not least!

    1. Im Si Wan – “It’s only been minutes! Why is there nowhere to hide!! What am I going to do alone (in jail)!!”

  33. 33 kirandeep sraon

    haha lol this episode was really funny.. too bad NIckun had to go thru a lot of shit after this.. but in this episode he was darn good!… and joonie!.. omg… he’s so funny… and dorky….
    i hope i can get to see another one soon!

  34. 34 Claire

    I would like to see in future episode with a 6 vs 6 match…I mean 6 RM guys vs 6 variety competitive women including Ji Hyo in it, Lee Hyori, YEH, and others…I would like to see Hwang Bo in Running Man too

  35. 35 Teji

    Huge fan of all the members of the Idol Team – especially Hyuk πŸ™‚

  36. 36 estel

    Chingu dearest, I vote that one day you get to go to the taping of Running Man as our correspondant. Heck, you could be a guest! And then you could put me in your suitcase so I can go with you.


  37. 37 Barbie

    i wanted the running men to win so bad. everything they did was hilarious. gotta say though, eun jung was pretty much useless the whole episode. & lee joon seemed like he was trying too hard. his overexaggerated reactions were cringeworthy.

  38. 38 mingtsai

    high marks indeed! Running Man vs Idols was daebak!!

    Just some of my favorites:

    1. ex-Monday Couple teamwork towards the end of the game… love the complete look of understanding that passed between them when they decided to just attack the remaining 2 idols… (please, bring back the love… hahaha (here’s me hoping for MC revival)

    2. Gary inside the box, sweating bullets and absolutely terrified of being found yet still had the variety know-how of clearing the lens of the video camera (ke ke ke) and then almost being found by Nickhun.. *that was one heartstopping moment

    3. Jaesuk and his ‘swimming cap’ aka his hair that was flattened on his forehead during the race at the pool

    4. Sukjin’s interpretation of a foot race: foot race = jogging liesurely in the park (haha.. with the background of birds chirping)

    5. Gwangsoo’s special entrance c/o Jae hyung performing Gwangsoo’s signature song on the piano

    6. Joon’s dorkiness all over.. revealing his mom’s age, absolute denial of being a spy, complete mess during the volleyball game, and the epicness of his jaw-dropping, high-volume scream during the chasing game when he turned the corner and ran smack right into Jong Kook

    7. Mongji’s amazing outburst at Myuk(?) PD about her weight (i thought she was charging towards the Easy Brothers or Jaesuk hehe)

    8. Gary running with just one shoe.. (i love me my Gary moments) ^^

  39. 39 bd

    It had been too long since we saw an appearance by the “bad” Ji-hyo. lol

    Suk-jin really cost TEAM RM the running contest.

    Jumping around is not a good idea when playing volleyball, esp. when the ball is on its way.

    Having Kwang-soo be the “ladder” and the leaper in the water game was not a good idea, but it sure was funny.

    Kookie took it easy on the idols when he got his nametag ripped off; guess he didn’t want to incur the wrath of all the crazy fans.

  40. 40 Lilian

    Ooh..enjoyed this whole episode. No boring parts. Loved the hide and seek part totally. Too bad, there was too little of YongHwa. Hope he comes back more often =) and Nickhun is funny too! Hope the latest incident is resolved soon.

  41. 41 Clare

    Idols and RM both played hard and I do agree that Khun deserved his win. Played smart and proved to be a worthy opponent for the RM.
    At some points, thought some of the RM weren’t trying very hard. Honestly, got slightly irritated with Sukjin. It just seemed like he was the weakest link with others having to make up for his mistakes.
    I usually enjoy and like Jihyo but I do notice that she is smart when it comes to being a spy or coming up with schemes however when it’s physical like in this hide n seek race, she’s not strong enough. The guys easily get away from her and she can’t grab hold of them at all. Kinda disappointing though it was nice that she let Gary have the chance to escape.

    • 41.1 Raptor

      She was a 32 year- old woman against young, lithe hot-blooded men in their early to mid-twenties. Cut her some slack. She played really well in the last game, helping her teammates chase, ambush, corner and take out at three out of the four idols – namely Yong Hwa, Eun Jung and Eun Hyuk. The fact that she was the second last RM member to be ousted, as well as her amazing throw of her own body towards Nickhun to give Gary a chance to run away, is testament of her Ace reputation. When it comes to team games, Song Ji Hyo is always a good team player and supporter, no matter what she lacks physically in strength and stamina.

  42. 42 Lai

    Love when RM are working together as a TEAM!Ive never seen Ji Hyo ran that fast! woot! and got mad at the PD! wahhaha she is so adorable. BAd jI hyo! my loves! but i was sad they lost, how can they not! the Idols are much younger and freaking athletics….. ;-( but it was fun to watch…What I love most is when Ji Hyo sacrificed herself. awww..gotta love her…I still think they could have won…definitely one of my favorite episodes.

  43. 43 cinthy

    poor eunjung why did she go if she has so many injuries?
    i want her to work harder!! anyway she was cute, and ji hyo awesome when she got mad at the PD!! and the piano version of kwang soo awesome!!!

  44. 44 Raptor

    If they didn’t misunderstand that stupid announcement, the dumb productionteam’s fault, Gary and Ji Hyo would have won. SJH was truly an ACE here, in all the segments, but especially the chase. Gosh she’s totally fearless, the way she lunged at the Idols.

    • 44.1 JY

      damn right. RM should have won…

  45. 45 HoneyChi


    Laughing so hard and at the same time tensed (?)
    The volleyball game was a mess.

    I really loved the epic fail with the tumblings xD

  46. 46 cindy

    Lee Joon found himself a new fan lol. That smirk is wonderful. The all high moment for me this episode was Lee Joon’s expression when he ran straight into Spartakooks. I loled so hard and to think that I’ve been ignoring the boy all this while in the entertainment industry. Nickhun did well too but unfortunately I heard about his DUI icident before watching this episode so I don’t know what I feel about him. Yonghwa the RM’s favourite did great as usual. Eunhyuk was on point in this episode too (I’m being biased lol, he’s one of my favourite SJ member). Aww….Im Siwan why so cute? I loved him in MTETS. Doo Joon, not really a fan of B2ST, would have preferred his band mate Ki Kwang. As for Eunjung, I’m indifferent. I din’t really like her in DH and I don’t like T-ara either so whatever. But this episode was great all together XD

  47. 47 ILoveRM

    I think this episode is hillarious in the beginning but frustated in the end. In my opinion, RM should be the winner, but in the end they must lost to the guest. 2 years experienced in tearing name, but lose to the guest who is new at this (excluding yong hwa and nickhun) , i think it’s impossible. Not that i always hate the scripted RM.. But this time is irritating.. When RM came together like a team, first time in a long time, why the PD has to make them lost to the guest.. I think it’s better that RM members show to the fans, what they are really capable of (tearing name and hide n seek Games).. So sad that the PD has to make the idols win…

    • 47.1 JY

      they always do this. Team RM should be the winner

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