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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 18
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Waiting is excruciating. Period.


F44 takes a drive in Yoon’s car, which is rear-ended by a young man in his twenties. Do Jin notes that the kid’s car probably belongs to his daddy and the others smirk in response before putting their hands around their necks. They feign pain as they step out of the car and the young man asks if anybody was hurt.

He pulls out a white business card to make a phone call but pauses when F44 gets on their own cellphones. Yoon calls a Supreme Court justice, Tae San speaks with a police chief, Jung Rok tattles on the young man to Min Sook (hah), and Do Jin asks for someone on the national Forensics team. Wha?

Their little phone show screeches to a halt when the young man dials the number to his insurance company and admits that he caused the car accident. The four men fill up with shame and quickly retreat back to Yoon’s car. Heheh.

Yoon, as we know, stops Me Ahri from getting on the plane. Me Ahri looks up at Yoon and tells him that Tae San will be furious but Yoon pulls her into an embrace and admits that he loves her anyway. He apologizes for telling her so late but promises that she can trust in him to be with her fron now on.

“I won’t hide my feelings any longer. From now on, just follow Oppa. I’ll take care of everything. It’ll be difficult, but I won’t let go of your hand. I won’t make you cry ever again.” She tears up and Yoon holds her again.

Meanwhile, Min Sook picks up Jung Rok’s car, only to find it covered in dirt and marks from the entrance to a specific hotel parking garage. She imagines Jung Rok driving into the hotel with his arm around a pretty young girl and begins to seethe with anger. Uh ohs.

Yoon and Me Ahri show up at the Im household and a shaken Tae San stares at them in disbelief. Yoon states that he’s sorry but he thought that if he let Me Ahri go now, he’d lose her forever. Tae San asks how Yoon could do this to him over and over again; what is he supposed to do now?

Me Ahri bursts into tears (I swear, I’m going to reach in there and shake her) and Yoon pleads with Tae San to spare Me Ahri any harsh words. Oh ma gah. She’s just jumped from one big protector to another. Yoon confesses that he felt the world would end if she left his side and that he regrets not being able to show off his feelings now.

He pledges that he’ll treat Me Ahri well for the rest of his life. He adds, “Tae San, this is my first and last request from you. Please forgive me.” Tae San turns to Me Ahri and asks “Is this what you have to do to become happy?”

She whines that he forgive her but Tae San shakes his head no. “I’ve forgiven you too many times. I regret that. I didn’t know you two would end up like this. I promised to look after both of you but today, I’ve lost you two forever.” He kicks Me Ahri out of the house while saying he is no longer her brother, for good measure.

Jung Rok sits across from Do Jin and Yi Soo as he lovingly rubs lotion on her hands. The three discuss whether or not Yoon went after Me Ahri and Do Jin bets that he did. Yi Soo asks why he believes so and he responds “Because I’m a guy that lost someone and found her again. I know the feeling of having lost everything.”

Goosebumps cover Jung Rok and he shoots Do Jin the stink eye for being so grossly mushy, but Do Jin shrugs in response. Didn’t Jung Rok want to do everything with Min Sook when they were dating? Didn’t he hate when Min Sook did anything alone? “For some reason, I hate when this woman eats alone. How can she eat when I’m not feeding her?” Heh. Yi Soo lets out an embarrassed laugh and Jung Rok tries hard not to vomit.

Yoon meets with Yi Soo and she agrees to take in Me Ahri for the time being. She assures him that Tae San will understand and forgive him eventually and also adds that she wants to thank him for helping her with her stepbrothers.

He looks up at her in surprise and she laughs that she’s grateful for the support but they left without paying for the damages to the cafe. She jokingly asks if she should receive most of the money from Tae San and all Yoon can do is give an awkward laugh.

Se Ra rushes off to comfort Tae San after Me Ahri informs her that he kicked her out now that she and Yoon are together. She finds him alone in his darkened apartment and tells him that everything will be okay. She hugs him tightly and he silently cries into her shoulder.

Jung Rok arrives home to meet a stormy-faced Min Sook who accuses him of going to a motel. He insists that he was doing a favor for Me Ahri by dropping off Tae San’s clothes when he was on a business trip but only receives a chilling glare from his wife. She calls Me Ahri to confirm Jung Rok’s story and is stunned to realize that he was telling the truth…again.

Tears trail down her face and she stands in shock at how paranoid she’s become lately. Jung Rok becomes flustered at her tears but then brushes off Min Sook’s remark when she says that she wants a divorce, giving her a quick hug before hopping into the shower. I know Jung Rok’s not that intelligent but he has a really bad sense of women for a so-called playboy.

Do Jin spends some quality time with Colin and questions him about his school life. Does he have any friends? Colin names Kim Dong Hyub as a good friend but admits that Dong Hyub isn’t a very good student. Do Jin’s grin immediately slides off his face and he suggests that Colin make some other friends. Heheh. Colin asks if Jung Rok was good at studying and Do Jin quickly changes the subject. Kek.

He asks what the best part of the day is for Colin and Colin replies that he likes the minute before lunch and the minute before break time begins. Do Jin asks if he liked the minute before meeting his biological father but only receives a half-smile in response. Colin announces that he wants to go to bed and Do Jin quietly slips out after turning off the lights. D’aw. Can’t you tuck him in, read him a book, and then kiss him goodnight?

Yoon trudges into the apartment and plops down on the couch. Yoon then recalls a time when a young boy in Me Ahri’s elementary school hurt her forehead. Tae San threw a fit and marched over to that boy’s house to demand compensation for her injury. How dare the boy hit the future Miss Korea?!

Do Jin responds that he was there when Tae San blew his lid. Yoon sighs; Tae San went crazy over a small injury to Me Ahri’s forehead. How will he react now that Yoon will be the biggest “injury” to Me Ahri’s life? Psh. You’re like the best thing that will ever happen to a girl that does nothing else but love you.

Yoon wonders if Tae San will ever forgive him and the only answer that Do Jin can give is that he doesn’t know how he can help. Yoon responds that he and Jung Rok should support Tae San no matter what and heads to his room. He ponders over his wedding ring for a while before slowly removing it and placing it into its box.

Tae San arrives at the office and Do Jin remarks that it’s obvious he hasn’t slept at all. He also comments that Yoon requested for Do Jin to be on Tae San’s side; isn’t Yoon such a good friend? Kek. Tae San flashes him a look of “Imma punch your face” but Do Jin continues his teasing by asking if he should kick Yoon out and have Yi Soo do the same to Me Ahri. Hee. I love playful Do Jin.

They head to a team meeting but not before Do Jin notices a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on Tae San’s desk. Tae San’s mind wanders as an employee gives a presentation but pays just enough attention to offer some advice on further improvements on the project. Do Jin commends Tae San on his work ethic and declares that he’ll buy lunch today. Tae San rejects him, saying that he already has a lunch date planned. Jealous Do Jin pouts in response.

Yoon and Tae San (whoa! totally unexpected) silently poke at their food during lunch and Tae San notes that Yoon has taken off his wedding ring. He slams down his utensils and launches into a rant about how he cannot accept Yoon and Me Ahri’s romance. Yoon responds that he understands where Tae San is coming from but insists that he can’t give up his feelings.

Tae San: What about Me Ahri’s dreams? Her future? To be honest, I don’t like that Me Ahri wants to design and create handbags but she said that it’s her dream. I want her to learn and become more skillful to achieve her dream.
Yoon: I don’t want Me Ahri to toss her dreams away either. Tae San…Me Ahri is also my dream. Whether she becomes a designer or anything else, I’m going to try my best to support my dream.

Tae San blinks away tears at Yoon’s last comment and storms out of the restaurant. ::sob:: This conversation is so heart-breaking.

Yi Soo and Do Jin take an apartment tour and Do Jin grins when the real estate agent thinks the two are looking for a place as a married couple. Yi Soo bursts his bubble by informing the agent that she’s actually looking for somewhere that she and her girlfriend can share; she and Se Ra have decided to live together again.

The agent urges the two to look around the apartment further and gives them some alone time. Yi Soo laughs that they’re actually the age to be a remarried couple and Do Jin narrows his eyes; is she making fun of him because he has a son? She replies that she just meant they were past the age of first-time newlyweds. He must have some kind of inferiority complex…

Do Jin responds that he needs to pretend to be humble sometimes; if he’s too “bling-bling,” he’ll seem like the hero of a TV drama. Ha. He continues that this apartment is the best because it’s the closest to his home, while wrapping her into a back hug. D’aw.

They quickly separate when the real estate agent approaches and Yi Soo cheerily declares that she’ll take the apartment. Suddenly, a large bug crawls across the room and Yi Soo swoops down to kill it with a newspaper.

The two men stare at her and she then acts the part of a weak girly-girl by squealing and jumping away. Er. Is that supposed to be funny? Do Jin gives her a big thumbs up; Yi Soo oppa is the best. Haha. Okay. That’s funny.

The next week, Do Jin and Yi Soo paint the apartment which gives them an excuse to fool around and act all cutesy with each other. They lay down on the ground to rest after painting one wall and Do Jin remarks that they finished quickly because of him.

He states that his back almost broke from piggybacking her, which would have been very unfortunate for Yi Soo. She whacks him in response and he claims that she’s committing sexual harassment because the victim feels uncomfortable with her physical actions. HAHA. They give each other little kisses on the lips before lying back down to discuss Tae San and Me Ahri.

Yi Soo states that she thinks Me Ahri is very brave and Do Jin responds that Yi Soo is quite brave too. He promises to make her a beautiful house with a lot of windows where nobody will ever leave. She smiles, touched at his words, and then proceeds to ask about his parents and childhood. Do Jin answers that his parents live in Toronto and that he grew up in a pleasant household. His parents got along very well, which he knows now is a blessing.

Yi Soo remarks that Do Jin’s confidence and composure must stem from his loving family. She is also confident and composed, but only because she tries hard to seem that way. Do Jin is just naturally confident. She brings up her own childhood and her voice slowly fades away.

He gets up on his side to look at Yi Soo and holds her hand. He tells her that her happiness is what has been driving him so far and she giggles. They stare into each other’s eyes before Do Jin leans down to kiss her deeply. After they break apart, he asks if he can try to keep his promise to make her happy again.

“You’ll be happier tomorrow than today and even happier the day after tomorrow. I promise.” She replies that she’ll believe him once more and he assures her that he’ll keep his word until he dies. They kiss again.

Tae San and Se Ra drink at his apartment and Se Ra informs him that Me Ahri is doing well. She asks if he spoke with Yoon and Tae San confirms that he did. They just said what they both wanted to say. Se Ra sighs that at least Me Ahri found her soulmate now; she had to wait 36 years for hers.

Tae San responds that he’d still be disappointed in Me Ahri even if she was 34. He changes the subject to her move-in date and tells her that he’ll send Jung Rok to help them move in his stead. She embraces him in gratitude.

Jung Rok and Do Jin arrive at the girls’ new apartment where Se Ra and Me Ahri are unpacking their belongings. Yi Soo steps out in a flowery dress when she hears Do Jin’s voice, saying that this is how she always dresses. Hahaha.

Se Ra sends Jung Rok to pop bubble wrap (heh) while Yi Soo and Do Jin organize Yi soo’s room. Do Jin tries to catch a glimpse under Yi Soo’s dress but she firmly scolds him. He pouts; why is she wearing a dress then? “You can even catch bugs. Do you think flower-print suits you?” Kek. Yi Soo screams out “A bug!” and Do Jin jumps back in fear. She giggles and then forces him to finish putting her books on the shelf.

Later, the girls go out for a manicure and Se Ra catches Yi Soo smiling to herself. She gives Yi Soo a quick glare before Me Ahri asks when they’ll eat; she’s hungry. Se Ra turns up her mean girl mode and snidely replies that Me Ahri should at least try to look depressed. How can she think of food when her brother can’t eat because of her?

Yi Soo jumps in and asks Me Ahri if she’s spoken with Yoon lately. Me Ahri replies that they speak on the phone but she hasn’t seen his face in a while. Se Ra sniffs and then roughly asks the manicurist when they can leave; “this girl” (meaning Me Ahri) says she’s hungry. Aw.

Tae San hits baseballs by himself for hours before Do Jin and Jung Rok show up to offer him some icy-hot patches and a trip to sauna. They inform him that Me Ahri is doing well and that the move-in went smoothly. They make a heart with their arms and assure Tae San that they’re always on his side. Hee. They’re so cute. Tae San laughs and then shouts at them to leave; they’re distracting him.

Do Jin and Jung Rok make another trip to Yoon who is busy pitching balls. They give the same speech about how they’re always on his side with another heart but Yoon rejects them; they probably did the same thing to Tae San. Heh. The two slink away and Yoon resumes pitching.

Yoon and Me Ahri meet to go on a date and Me Ahri finds it hard to look at Yoon properly. He asks her why she’s acting so shy and she replies that she’s so nervous. He sighs that he wants to see her face though. Aw. She then notices that he’s carrying the bag she made him and glances up with huge hearts in her eyes. He flashes her a warm smile before grabbing her hand to take her to lunch. Why so cute?!

That night, Jung Rok chatters away to Min Sook to explain why he didn’t pick up his phone as he preps his face for bed. He comes out of the bathroom and becomes quiet when he sees her face. She confesses that she can’t trust him anymore.

Other people tell her that she has everything but she feels that she doesn’t. Jung Rok was everything to her but now she can’t believe a word he says. Min Sook looks down at her wedding ring and explains that the ring is how a husband and wife keep each other close because the vein in the left ring finger runs directly to the heart.

She informs him that she wants to take the ring off now. She tells him that she is suspicious of every phone call he makes and every woman that even looks at him. “I go from heaven to hell every single day.”

Jung Rok immediately responds that he’ll never take the ring off again but she tells him that she wants a divorce. “I think I’m so pitiful. I seem like a crazy woman for doubting you without reason. I’ll ask sincerely. Let me go. Please divorce me while I’m still relatively normal.”

She pulls off the ring and breaks into sobs. Jung Rok slides to the floor in shock and his own eyes fill with tears as he looks over at Min Sook.

Do Jin invites Yi Soo’s colleagues out for dinner and acts the role of a perfect gentleman. The women fawn over his good looks and manners until one of the teachers mentions that her husband is very handsome too. People say he looks like the actor Jang Dong Gun. Pfttttt.

Do Jin compliments the woman by saying that she’s very pretty herself and she cackles in glee. She turns to Yi Soo and tells her that she’s met the perfect guy. The ladies have some more wine and Yi Soo thanks Do Jin with a smile.

After dinner, Do Jin and Yi Soo sit in Betty and she thanks him again. They stare at each other silently before Yi Soo requests that they listen to the radio. However, all the songs that play on different radio channels are…sensual. Heh.

The two finally burst out laughing when Big Bang’s “Don’t Go Home” blasts through the stereo and Yi Soo states that the songs on the radio really reflect a person’s feelings. The atmosphere turns serious when Do Jin asks if he can make this night important enough to remember.

Do Jin: What will you do if I don’t let you go home tonight? I don’t want to let Seo Yi Soo go.


ARGH. You would end it there and we most likely won’t be able to see what Yi Soo’s answer is until next weekend. I don’t understand why SBS couldn’t find a time slot to spare for the last two episodes ahead of time. Didn’t they have like four years to figure out the scheduling for The Olympics? Maybe I’m just a really big baby. But come on! I want to know what happens. ::rage::

Well, let’s talk about this episode, shall we? There were some great moments between all of our characters and it’s hard to pick out the best one which is probably a good thing.

I’ve mentioned that I really wanted to see more development between Jung Rok and Min Sook and we finally take a step in changing their relationship. Whether that step is forward or backward is difficult to say and I’m not sure the divorce will even happen. It’s unfortunate that Min Sook dropped the divorce bomb so late in the drama because any real “solution” to this marital problem will be either rushed or half-assed.

It’s heartbreaking to see Min Sook, who is usually so calm, logical, and confident, completely break down and confess that she’s coming apart because of her insecurity. I don’t think Jung Rok has realized just how much he’s hurt Min Sook because of his flirty tendencies and built-up lies. To be fair, she covered up her pain by spouting more venom and becoming more spiteful but I really want to smack some common sense into Jung Rok. He likes women but he really doesn’t understand them.

Honestly, I’m still not convinced that Jung Rok really loves Min Sook. He’s definitely stepped up his game lately and has been treating her nicely for the past couple of episodes but that doesn’t necessarily means that he keeps her close to his heart. Is he staying with her because he’s afraid of her? Maybe he likes her money and the material comfort she brings. How can we be sure he loves her?

Jung Rok never answers when Do Jin asks Jung Rok if he ever did lovey dovey things with Min Sook. Most relationships start off with a honeymoon phase, which we saw/are seeing in three of our couples. We meet Min Sook and Jung Rok when they’re way past that stage and it’s only recently that they’ve had sweet little moments. Yet I also wonder why we never get a glimpse of their past together.

You might get sick of me singing the same tune but it saddens me to see these two characters go to waste. I know they’re not the main couple but their marital problems serve as nuggets of gold to spur character development. I want to see Jung Rok fight for Min Sook, dang it! I went into the drama knowing that writer Kim isn’t the best at shaping well-rounded characters but you always have that little bit of hope that “this time” will be different. Oy.

Anyways, it’s natural for Min Sook to be consistently suspicious of Jung Rok and I applaud her for wanting to get out of a relationship that’s been destructive to her self-esteem. Maybe time away from Min Sook will make Jung Rok realize that he wants her just as a woman, not as a person with a bottomless pit of wealth. I just hope Min Sook finds happiness, even if that’s without Jung Rok.

I haven’t spoken much about Se Ra and Tae San lately but it’s lovely to watch them grow and change with each other. Throughout the drama, Se Ra has been painted as a selfish woman who only thinks about herself but this episode really marked where she made a conscientious effort in comforting Tae San and being by his side no matter what. She’s doing things for other people, not herself.

She’s also softening to Me Ahri and it’s somehow more sweet when someone who’s normally very prickly shows a spot of kindness. As Yi Soo points out, Se Ra likes to categorize everyone around her as either “ally” or “enemy.” She’s brutal to people she labels as enemies (remember how she treated Yi Soo during the crush fiasco?) but then gets overprotective of people she really cares about. She can be a formidable enemy but also a powerful friend.

This break in friendship between Tae San and Yoon is really going to hurt them both but at least they have Se Ra and Me Ahri by their sides. The rift will heal and they can go back to making fun of Do Jin and Jung Rok soon, right? RIGHT?!

One of the top scenes in the drama for me was when Yi Soo and Do Jin spoke about their pasts and future together. The way Yi Soo and Do Jin just lay on the floor looking up at the ceiling while spending some time learning about each other was so candid that watching them almost felt intrusive. Yi Soo’s comment about natural versus made confidence was especially enlightening.

Do Jin has a sarcastic, confident swagger that immediately attracts many people to him and Yi Soo points out that he must have lived in a loving household. It’s interesting that his natural-born confidence was shaken so hard when his business failed three times that he developed a mental illness while Yi Soo struggled to cultivate her own confidence throughout her life.

They have very different personalities and are strong in their own ways but the common denominator is that they’re both insecure and full of false confidence at times. Yi Soo and Do Jin play around with the idea of whether or not they’re good enough for the other person, which is really a core theme for all four romantic relationships.

Are Do Jin, who has a teenage son out of wedlock, and Yoon, who had a previous marriage, good enough for Yi Soo or Me Ahri? Is Me Ahri mature enough for Yoon? Is Min Sook pretty and young enough for a playboy like Jung Rok? Is Jung Rok ever going to be anything more than a trophy husband? Is Se Ra too self-centered for Tae San? Is Tae San too controlling for Se Ra?

These characters are extremely flawed, sometimes to the point of “Imma smack you hard” and “what’s wrong with you?!” much like the people around us. I bitch and moan about the lack of character development but I also do understand that the writer likes to keep her characters static because that’s how humans are; we don’t change easily. However, that kind of mentality can also lead to lazy writing, which I hope isn’t the case for the next two episodes. Let’s cross our fingers and fast forward a week, eh?


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  1. PassionFruit

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 1.1 PassionFruit

      This drama makes me love the BROMANCE even more than the romance. 🙂

      • 1.1.1 kirara

        Yeah, I agree with you on that one.. Love the Do Ji and Jung Rok Heart! I think it totally was squeals and fun for the fan.. I was definitely going AWWW.. ;D

  2. thatGuy

    it pains me to no end knowing that while the worst time traveling doctor alive gets to show this weekend. We have to wait another week for this one.

    what’s so hard in showing one ep a week or showing both on one night. no lets push it off for 2-3 weeks its not like people wont lose interest or have other plans and responsibilities that might block them seeing the last two ep when we finally decide to show them.

  3. kakashi

    Epi 18 was lovely! I don’t mind waiting another week for the finales all that much (while waiting for Faith and Arang at the same time :)), but I also don’t get why SBS couldn’t have worked this out way earlier and way smarter. But then, it’s like orangy writes, that’s also how humans are (unfortunately), they don’t work out stuff when they really should

  4. yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    This sums up my response to the Min Sook/Jung Rok scene perfectly.

    “It’s heartbreaking to see Min Sook, who is usually so calm, logical, and confident, completely break down and confess that she’s coming apart because of her insecurity. I don’t think Jung Rok has realized just how much he’s hurt Min Sook because of his flirty tendencies and built-up lies. To be fair, she covered up her pain by spouting more venom and becoming more spiteful but I really want to smack some common sense into Jung Rok. He likes women but he really doesn’t understand them.”

    But my interpretation of Jung RoK is a little different. I think he loves Min Sook and has probably always loved her. I think is is very insecure. Everyone he hangs out with and marketable qualities and skills. All he has to recommend him is Min Sook and his actractiveness. And although he knows she loves him, he doesn’t feel worthy of that love. Additionally she is 95% of the marriage [in power and status] without her he would be insignificant. I think he behave as he does to reassure himself that he still desirable to women, and therefore worthy of Min Sook. I think he feels he is valuable to her because he is someone she can show off. [Perverse] Also I think he had no idea how much he was hurting her. The threat of divorce had become a game, and he didn’t realize that under her postering, there was real pain.

    • 4.1 Korazy Lady

      Yumi, I like your insight into Jung Rok. It makes a lot of sense. It would have been interesting to see how they meet and fell in love (I know we saw the wedding but did we see how they met?) I, like others, am hoping she is pregnant. If Jung Rok has a kid of his own, surely he will see the light and grow up!

    • 4.2 Ivoire

      Hi Yumi,

      I really like all that you said in your post and I agree with your analysis and your interpretation. I was going to say some things along the same lines, and I agree with the paragraph from Orangy911 that you selected and included in your response.

      Actually, now that I think about it more, you in fact said some things I had not considered. I have also believed all along that JR did always love MS, but that nothing had happened to shake that foundation and put a crack in it and challenge JR to see if (even though he might have married her for her wealth initially), he had been staying with her over the years because he had (slowly) fallen in love with her.

      If something you have is always there, there is no need for you to fight to keep it. MS and her wealth have always been there for JR, so he hasn’t felt the need to really show her that he loves her, and I can understand that. Maybe he himself didn’t realize how much he actually loves her, until she asked, sobbingly, to divorce her while she was still sane. And as his reaction shows, it sinks into his mind and into his heart, that this time she means it. He just had been oblivious to how bad things had gotten as time went by.

      I thought the same thing when I watched the episode, that JR hadn’t realized how much and how deeply he had been hurting MS, in great part because she didn’t let him see it. A part of me wonders if he would have believed her anyway, because when we are (deeply) insecure, it is hard to believe positive things about ourselves and to believe that people love us for who we are, regardless of how sincere they might be. The problem then is with us, not with them.

      All the individuals in this drama have issues they need to work on, and those issues have deeply affected how they behave/have behaved, which in turn has affected the people they love.

    • 4.3 nokke

      wow, that’s really interesting!

      I’ver always thought that he was purely marrying for money and just developed some feelings now, when he’s about to loose her. whether it goes from habit or he just sees her as his family…

  5. JoJo

    Thanks for the recap…it’s been a hell week. So I console myself that I know how it’s gonna end. JR and MS file for divorce and then she finds out she’s pregnant. SR wins a tourney and TS marries her. MA grows up instantly, wins a handbag design contest, and Yoon marries her. However she regresses and whines constantly until TS and Yoon become friends again. DJ and YS marry and live happily ever after (in the red yarn house that he designed) with Colin and her newly adopted son DH. All this proves, is that I have too much time on my hands this week. Oh Yeah, I almost forgot, the best thing about that opening scene was the guys impromptu singing Hotel California.

    • 5.1 TammieR

      Sheesh, we must have had a mind meld. I was thinkin’ the exact same thing. And the Hotel California thing? Hysterical!

    • 5.2 Ivoire

      Hi JoJo,

      I really like how you wrote the script and I found myself smiling while reading it. This writer does have a reputation for tying everything up, so it will be interesting to see how she does it, and how close it is to yours 🙂

      I think it would be funny if MAR whines her way to making Yoon and TS reconcile and maybe question why they even stopped being friends (more like brothers) in the first place. If that happens in that manner, her whining would have served a purpose, at least this time around.

      I would love to see DJ and YS married and living with Colin and DH, those two (the children) have the potential for great bromance and my heart aches for DH. He really could use some people who truly love him and are there for him no matter what. I would then love to see them do some things as a family such as eating together, playing sports together, some bonding time between the guys (without YS, that would be great), etc…

      Could we possibly have you as a writer for Kdramas? I think I would watch (based on what you wrote) a drama whose writing you have done 🙂

    • 5.3 Ivoire

      Hi Fionnula,

      I liked your post, which was funny! I really liked your 1st sentence. Many of us have griped about the lack of development of the 2dary and third characters, and like you, I would greatly welcome a sequel focusing on the couples you mentioned.

      If only Kdramaland would listen to us, *Sigh*

      • 5.3.1 Ivoire

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to post this here.

  6. Sabah

    Of course I didn’t want Tae San to be ‘over the moon’ about Me Ahri’s decision, there needed to be a transition period but when he said he would have hated it even if she was 34, it pinched. I felt as though I didn’t really know Tae San or that maybe I had missed something.

    Of course, he is thinking about her future, of all the negative consequences of marrying someone significantly older than herself. Those obstacles though not insurmountable will be difficult for her, and I understand his worry that she is quite immature and doesn’t incline to think about the future. He is trying to protect her from her own rose tinted whims and dreams.

    However, surely he knows that happiness and success are not guaranteed even if she married someone of her own age, of her own maturity? Who’s to say someone like that wouldn’t die suddenly, wouldn’t become an alcoholic wife beater after one stress too many? Is such a person better than Yoon?

    I don’t understand Tae San. By which I mean that I understand people who would have a problem with Me Ahri’s decision but I don’t understand why a person like Tae San so mature, so insightful and thoughtful, especially considering the way he would reason and talk to Se Ra, would have such a huge problem with Yoon. I am not trying to judge him but rather try to understand him, trying to work out the root of his angst. Concerning Tae San, I am lost.

    Then again that is true for most others in the drama too. However there I am able to fill in blanks, make some kind of sense of motivations and goals. Maybe it is because Tae San is beyond my understanding, which isn’t comprehensive, so I would be most obliged if anyone could help me. Thanks.

  7. Kdrama fan

    I can believe they’re delaying the last two episodes for so long. I’m so impatient to see what happens.

    JR and MS’s relationship is at a crisis point and I would like a happy ending. I’m expecting MS is pregnant!!! (I hope)

  8. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap, I will be back later to comment…

    • 8.1 Ivoire

      I will start my comments with a question: I know that the episodes always start with a scene that is supposed to be funny. I have mentioned this in another recap, that I can be a little dense at times and not understand certain things right away or miss them altogether, and I usually don’t like to assume, I would rather ask and find out. That way, I can be corrected if I was wrong.
      My question is about the opening scene: what was so funny about that scene? I think I understood that they wanted to intimidate the younger guy who they thought was driving his father’s car, but then he surprised them by handling the situation better than they had expected and certainly better than they themselves had handled it. The younger guy was mature and responsible and acknowledged that he was at fault, even showing concern for their well being. I missed something in that scene, what was funny or ironic (or both) about that scene and the way they all reacted and their interactions?

      My 2nd question (which I asked in the last recap but didn’t get an answer to): Can MS still have a child? The show made it sound like she was way older than JR. So, if JR is 40-41, how old do you guys think MS might be? Wouldn’t it be dangerous for her (and the child) to conceive and have a baby at her age? I am just wondering… I know that some women have a baby in their 40s, but in general, isn’t it not advised to do so? (especially if one is north of 45). This is why I am wondering how old MS is.

      On to my comments:

      I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED (I can’t tell you how much I LOVED) the opening scene, at the airport. Yes, Y went and took her away, YES!!!!! he confessed TO HER how he had been feeling all along (his love) and YES, he was not going back to how things used to be. This was a new beginning for him. However, more importantly **drum roll,** did you guys noticed it? MAR… (wait for it)… MAR ACTUALLY HUGGED HIM BACK (This is where, I put the episode on pause, stood up and did my happy dance and squeeed, and danced again, then calmed down and sat down to watch the end of the episode) *Heavy good sigh*

      Now, where was I again? Oh yeah, MAR hugged him back, like she actually meant it, and she HELD HIM FOR A LONG TIME (until the scene was over). And he kept hugging her and he PATTED HER HAIR, *Sigh,* that was such a lovely embrace. Her heart, close to his heart. They were finally showing how much they loved each other AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! I TOTALLY LOVED THAT SCENE, his declarations, how confident and firm he was about what he was telling, him apologizing to her for making her cry, her constant nodding at his confession and his assuring her that he was not going anywhere, the way they looked at each other the whole time, Gahhh!!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE MANY REASONS WHY I LOVE KDRAMAS. It is so satisfying when you have been waiting for something, and it finally happens. And that scene was well acted, well shot, everything, and they couldn’t stop hugging each other, Kyaaaaa!!!!! (can you tell how happy I was, I still am, by the way :-))
      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE moments like that. I bask in them, THANK YOU for letting me express that here :-)!

      I realize that I might need to explain why I make such a fuss over something that might not seem so significant. It is just that in the recap of episode 17, some commenters and I were discussing the fact that in Kdramas, females tend to not hug the guy back, even when they (the female) know they like him and he (the guy doing the hugging) obviously do as well. we had seen this happen in many Kdramas and we didn’t understand why. We also see this in the end of episode 17, but it turns out that in the beginning of episode 18, MAR actually does hug Y back and holds on to him until the end of the scene, doing what she had always wished she could do and Y did the same, finally letting MAR (and us the viewers, but we already knew that) know how much he loves her and cares about her. He was also stroking her hair and that made me soooo happy. All was well in the world (at least for me) for a minute.

      Like you Orangy, I loved so many scenes in this episode and I loved that there was some movement forward on some fronts. You have said many of the things I was thinking. I loved the cute scenes, the romantic and tender scenes and the different ways in which some of the characters showed their love and support to other characters (DJ and JR to TS and Y, SR to TS (I actually loved that this time, she was the one being there for him and that he actually needed her and he didn’t shield away from her support, he let himself be vulnerable in front of her). I loved that SR and YS took MAR in and how even though SR understood TS and supported him, she also understood MAR and supported her (she told her “you take care of your man and I will take care of mine. TS will be fine in the end” or something to that effect).

      I LOVED that DJ is making some effort to get close to Colin and get to know him, and I want to see more of that. I love their scenes together. I also appreciated that even though TS and Y were at opposite ends of how they felt about Y being in a relationship with MAR, they at least tried to talk and took that opportunity to explain why they felt the way they did.
      I WAS SO GLAD that Y stood by MAR and by his feelings and that he didn’t coward down. I also loved that he made it clear that him being with MAR was not going to be a “keep her barefoot and pregnant” kind of relationship, that he actually intended to support her dreams. I felt that TS was a little harsh as well (but I would give him time to process his feelings) towards Y and MAR when he himself had admitted that Y could probably be the best person out there for MAR, and despite MAR’s constant crying, TS knew that MAR did love her big brother.

      I LOVE seeing the men in this show break down and show their vulnerable side, because it makes them more human, more relatable to me. To me, being in touch with how broken, vulnerable, and hurt one is can help start the healing process and let (trustworthy) loved ones reach out and help in those moments. Women are usually allowed to show these emotions, but men have them as well, and I don’t think they are less of being men because they show them. Now if they are crying all the time, that could become a problem or an indication of something wrong.
      I also did appreciate that TS and Y were doing some physical activity until they were sore, the poor babies were probably really hurt by the rift in their friendship. I didn’t feel that Y rejected DJ and JR when they went to see him, I felt that he just guessed (rightly) that DJ and JR went to see TS and he understood why (they care for him as well) and he just choose to not be very communicative that day, but I didn’t feel that he rejected them.

      My heart broke for MS in this episode, both when she spoke to MAR to confirm JR’s words, and when she asked for a divorce. Watching her own descent into the living hell she had contribute to create must have been painful for her. I did like however that the show made it that dramatic, because I felt that JR needed something earth shattering to realize how much he had been hurting his wife. Yes, as Orangy pointed out, MS didn’t help with how she reacted and handled things from the beginning, but I wonder if JR would have (fully) understood. I don’t get the sense that he has ever had to fight for something or prove himself to someone. The divorce thing is an impetus that hopefully will make him reevaluate his relationship with his wife.

      I really LOVED what DJ did to restore YS’s credibility in her colleagues’ eyes and how they were lapping it up. Those women are so hypocritical and so easy, but I liked that coming full circle thing.

      In the end, I really liked the development in JR and MS relationship and I have wanted to see more of them as well, as I have indicated before. I am glad we got it in this episode, better late than never, and I look forward to seeing how it will be resolved.

  9. jomo

    Thanks for the recap!
    Your thoughts about the characters and their slow development helps me appreciate the show a little more.
    Half the time I am screaming at the screen, the other half grinning and giggling.

    Sad to say, the pair I like least is DJ and YS.
    Based on his past, and aggressive behavior, I hate that he is being gentle and patient with YS. It rings false with me. His overabundance of confidence should have him pushing her more, and tempting her more. I blame the director for not actually making them the hottest pair ever to hit the screen. I thing about some of the breathless scenes in SG, and wonder why we aren’t getting any of that here.

    I do like the observation that maybe it’s just the real life dynamic between JDG and KHN – that perhaps she just doesn’t like him.

    That is my biggest frustration with the show. Meanwhile, it’s nice to have them slowly get to know each other. I liked YS’s non-envious comment that DJ must have grown up in a loving environment. That one sentence impressed me, since children don’t change fundamentally much as they age – they just become more like themselves.

  10. 10 CM

    I actually forgot to watch this episode. Saw the first part without subs and then decided to watch till they are posted. And now that I saw the recap I realised I totally forgot about it LOL.Turns out I’m quite lucky, as I’ll have to wait for a new episode for only one week, as usual.

  11. 11 CM

    I actually forgot to watch this episode. Saw the first part without subs and then decided to watch when they’re posted. And now that I saw the recap I realised I totally forgot about it LOL.Turns out I’m quite lucky, as I’ll have to wait for a new episode for only one week, as usual.

  12. 12 kirara

    good episode.. lots of fun and cuteness.. although what are we going to do with Min sook and Jung Rok??? I hope it ends well with those two…

    I am totally wanting to know what happens! BUT we have to wait till next week.. At least it gave me time to catch up! 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  13. 13 Jules

    I actually feel no sympathy for Tae-san, perhaps in part because I’ve disliked him for much of the drama, but also because this angst is of his own making. He’s the one who chose to push both Yoon and Me Ah-ri out of his life – and honestly, saying that Me Ah-ri is no longer his sister was horrible; you don’t say that to family.

    Regarding Min-sook and Jung-rok… I was pleased for her sake, because being with him has clearly turned her into the sort of person she doesn’t want to be and probably wasn’t before she met him. And at least he now finally understands – albeit too late – just how much his flirting and cheating has hurt her.

    Yoon and Me Ah-ri are quite sweet in this initial stage of their relationship and I’m now wondering if this, if being with Yoon, is what will mature Me Ah-ri and make her want to reach for her own dreams. One can only hope. 🙂

    I still think that Yi-soo and Do-jin are cute, but as there are still two episodes to go, am hoping against hope that the dreaded amnesia doesn’t show itself as a plot point because – other than parental opposition, and they’re surely both too old for that to be a concern, especially given Yi-soo’s relationship with her mother – there’s nothing standing in their way. Please don’t go there, AGD, I’m begging you. Please. *begs*

    Thanks for the recap, orangy911! 😀

  14. 14 fionnula

    Obviously Tae San has not watched ‘A Thousand Kisses’, otherwise the age difference wouldn’t be a problem. 🙂

    Interestingly enough, I only really watch this show for Yoon/Me AhRi and Jung Rok/Min Sook. I actually think they had far more interesting stories than the main couple. In fact they could be both dramas in their both right. It’s actually very annoying that there has not been much in character development and history of these characters. If only there could be a sequel focusing more on these couples.

    • 14.1 Jules

      Ha. Although, in ATK I think Woo-jin was about 35 and Joo-mi 26, so the age difference wasn’t that great (between the actors, on the other hand…).

    • 14.2 Ivoire

      Hi Fionnula,

      I liked your post, which was funny! I really liked your 1st sentence. Many of us have griped about the lack of development of the 2dary and third characters, and like you, I would greatly welcome a sequel focusing on the couples you mentioned.
      If only Kdramaland would listen to us, *Sigh*

  15. 15 Meow

    its pure injustice to make anyone wait for 2 full weeks after showing an ending like that… Urgh its like knowing the answer but still waiting to confirm it.. Sigh!!

    This episode had wonderful moments and i was finally happy Meahri smiled after crying for 4 eps straight.. it were me, i would have exhausted my source of tears for a year..

    I loved orangy911’s insight on Rok&Min Sook couple i would sooo love to see him sprout some brain and actually do something to win her.. God i really hope he gets to beg and plead and we get to see it…
    i might sound evil stating that but i do really feel sorry for MS… So he better work onto something ..
    The rest 3 have done things to win their ladies so i guess its his turn..

    In terms of growth the characters have actually come far from how they were initially.. Though it would be nice to know about their pasts i really dont care much because when it comes to actually making some progress in life ur past is best well left in the past., not that it accounts for a drama but still saying…

    More of Yoon&Meahri romance pls atleast for the girls sake and i hope they show YiSoo and Colin warming up atleast a little..
    Is it just me or does anyone else also feel Colin came to
    Korea with another motive along with finding his true dad??
    Somehow his character and behavior just doesnt add up to me..
    Also more info abt our hero’s memory prblm would be a welcome but i have no hopes there since only 2 episodes are left..
    I hope they show the ending with enough sense and not just hurry things,, that would make the waiting all the more unbearable!!!

    Episode 19… hurrryyyyyy!! pls

  16. 16 Stephanie

    Honestly he looks too old for her.

  17. 17 Denali

    Thank you very much for your detailed thoughts on this episode as well as each pairing/couple.

    The character whom I relate to the most is Im Tae San. His point of view and decisions make so much sense to me. I feel his heartbreak the most and Kim Soo Ro moved me to tears right there when he lost both his friend and younger sister, and when “Se Ra” came to comfort him in his dim-lighted living room.

  18. 18 merry

    I’ve been a silent follower of dramabeans. I think the best thing that has happened to kdrama is the recaps by dramabeans. and such intelligent readers and commentators too! The koreans are not only into promoting tourism or their prowess in the Olympics (which is awesome by the way for a small country) but also cultural diffusion, with the kdramas and kpop. I agree with the comments on the bromance aspect rather than the romance. it is a joy to watch. Although we can see male chauvinism at its worst. But whatever, the interplay of culture and the worldviews of the recap readers and commentators can add richness to kdramas as well. Well done!

  19. 19 RockPaperScissors

    The bromance has been the best part of this drama. Sure wish I had 4 oppas like them in my life!

    I too thought it was sweet when Yoon and Me Ah-ri had their date. She was suddenly so shy – like she doesn’t know what to do with him now that she’s got him. I could give her a lesson or tow, just saying…

    • 19.1 RockPaperScissors

      I meant lesson or two.

  20. 20 Kwhat?!

    I really hope some great (if quick) character development comes out of Min Sook’s request for a divorce. Jung Rok has finally started some growth, but he really needs a kick in the pants. Too bad this all came up so late in the game.

    I love the fact that Do Jin designed a house for Yi Soo and then used the yarn from her dress for the design. It took them long enough to show why he was incessantly cutting the yarn into tiny pieces.

    Also, show, what ever happened to Dong Hyub?! Seriously, you have a good young actor whose character has lots of potential, and you basically ignore him. Then you take Colin and make a big deal of him even though his character is as dull as sand. Come on! I can only hope that Dong Hyub is adopted by Yi Soo and Do Jin. She would be such a great mom for him (of course, he’d have to get over his crush first, because ew).

    I think Do Jin is at his best in this episode. He has so many cutesy moments with F44, and he is probably one of the only 41-year old men who can actually pull off aegyo so well. I’m ok with his cutesy moments with Yi Soo, but it’s really the brotherhood that gets me.

  21. 21 aX

    Yoon + MeAhri = SHIVERS in disgust.

  22. 22 aX

    Yoon + Me Ahri = Shivers in disgust.

    I’m sorry but I find it very unacceptable. I mean, he’s like her uncle. Seriously! He raised her and now he wants to date her, too? My goodness!!!!

    • 22.1 Jenna

      You can’t help with who you fall in love with. I can see why you may feel uncomfortable with the idea of Yoon/MA, however, saying someone’s feelings are disgusting seems a little far fetched. Unless it’s you in that situation, I don’t think you have enough insight to feel ‘disgusted’ by such romance. Just a thought.

      • 22.1.1 Aasa

        Ah, and you and those who seem to think ‘Love conquers all!’ shtick can look on in approval at such a lame, stupid, contrived romance. Not to mention the icky-factor of Yoon’s sudden lust for what was basically a little sister to him growing up. lol give me a break.

        • Yawa

          Seriously, grow up. Are you five?

          Happens a lot in real life…

          I can tell you’re pathetic with no life…

          No one will ever like you for being so judgmental.

  23. 23 Lilian

    Oh wow! Thanks for the recap. I’ve watched it but read it anyway since i can’t watch any new episodes =(
    so sad. They should have really brought Yoon and Meahri together sooner. and I also agree with you that Min Sook should have come to this stage sooner, so that we get to see how JungRok reacts.

  24. 24 Katie

    tq orangy911,

    The most felt like ‘nanny’ couple is yoon and maehri !!.

  25. 25 lala

    shiver in disgust? hehehe.. so then welcome to the real world..my world is full of it…my granpa and second granma- 19 years differ,,,my mom and dad-13 year differ.,, my friend -15 years difer…but myself just 4 years apart hehehe(just like dojin and yisoo)..but if i were fated to meet a guy like yoon…oh mannn come on bring it on…..we live openly and embrace each other differences….when i was in my teens and also early 20s ,i also felt weird with this kind of issue like eeeeee,,yeeekkk,,no way,,,,,but life experience really change my perception, thanks to my husband who brain wash me in the early years…for me meahri is lucky(well at least yoon in not 50 years old, but still i will respect it and say good luck)yoon doesnt have any flaw and eventually meahri will also age ottoke…

    min soo and rok sama..i hope they will not get a divorce…i hope that the f4 will help him…teasan and sera, they are like the strong couple.. i like sera independancy and never rely on teasan to help…both of them perfect for each other…i love yisoo so much and dojin straight forwardness.the writer really had made different character with difference storyline that is provocative a bit childish and humour but set in the real world.

  26. 26 DEE

    thank you for recaping.

  27. 27 Abbie

    Okay, I loved all of the Do Jin/Yi Soo scenes, but my favorite scene was the Colin/Do Jin scene. That was cute. I really don’t like that their relationship has taken such a backseat to everyone else’s. Their relationship is just as important, perhaps more so because they are father and son. I would like more from them, but with only two episodes left, I doubt we’ll get much more.

    The hardest scene for me to watch was the scene where Min Sook breaks down and tells (or begs) Jung Rok for a divorce. I felt really bad for her. And she’s a character who I didn’t like at all in the beginning. Now, I want her to be happy, preferably with Jung Rok. I think Jung Rok’s reaction to that is really telling about how he really feels. When faced with actual divorce, perhaps he’ll realize he really does love Min Sook and will try to win her back.

    Yoon and Me Ahri are cute, and I feel bad for Yoon mostly. But when Tae San told Me Ahri he was no longer her brother, that pissed me off and made me sad. How can you stop being her brother, jerk? Are you really that shallow? I wish Yoon and Me Ahri all the best and hope Tae San comes around.

    The Tae San/Se Ra relationship is still my least favorite, mostly because I find the characters infuriating. I don’t like them anymore, and I wish less time was spent on them.

    I hope Dong Hyub makes a reappearance soon and his friendship with Colin grows. Those two are great.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

  28. 28 Aasa

    LOL, all the Tae-san hate and the clapping and hooping for the Yoon/Me AhRi couple is pretty cringe-worthy. Yay! Let’s celebrate Me Ahri’s character assassination and stalled character growth so the successful creepy older man can finally accept his lust for her and make sure she’s taken care of forever. Whoo!

    Their whole romantic plot is laugh-worthy and every time I see this plot trotted out in dramas, it results in fangirls (girls I use the term lightly – more like middle aged) d’awwing, and me (and shivers up there) cringing. I’m sure I might get a couple of personal “my grandparents married with this huuuuge age difference” anecdotes but here’s my response. Yeah, okay. Did the older one basically help raise his future wife/husband? Yes, then yeah they were most likely a creep. Congrats.

    • 28.1 Yawa

      You’re a pathetic judgmental lowlife anyways. No one in your life will like someone as disgusting as you hahaha

  29. 29 NCKat

    I love this drama! And I’m anxiously waiting for your recaps of episodes 19 and 20 – can’t wait to see what you thought. 🙂

  30. 30 Rule

    I love this drama too….like everyone, the bromance is adorable and the romance comes after.
    Anyway what i love most is that there are no “love triangles” I really get irritated with those. You see them in one drama and the next and the next, it really pisses me off, this is what i really love about this drama. All characters are adorable although I love Yun and the A Ri the best. The main couple are good but, I dont know, I cant the the passion between them somehow.
    All in all, I have really enjoyed this drama, and what i look forward to the most is the beginning of each epi where they show real cute moments of the four guys…

  31. 31 edge

    I was just wondering if this drama has been dropped? ><

    • 31.1 ladysaotome

      I was just realizing we had never gotten the final 2 recaps, too!

      • 31.1.1 Kdrama fan

        I think so too. The Olympics messed up the schedule and I think the recap writer has just given up on it.

    • 31.2 Kdrama fan

      If you want to see the last two episodes you can go to Hulu or dramafever. I thought the series ended well. They had some cute scenes and the starting of the next generation of F44??? 🙂

    • 31.3 A_Donuts

      Noooooo! Please recap the last 2 episodes Orangy911. I will be eternally grateful. I want to hear your thoughts on the end.

  32. 32 girlnextdoor

    I can’t believe I just found out about this drama now. I read all the recaps in a few days, and they definately saved me alot times that watchign the drama… which I will eventually during breaks.

    Can I just say how much I love the opening scenes of the drama showing the F44’s bromance. Its one of the highlights of the show.

    Out of all the couples in this drama I probably like Jung Reok and Min Sook’s best. I think their scenes together are throrougly entertaining and how they’re warming up to each other.

    DoJin and YiSoo, being the couple always starts out zany and fresh to look out but IMHO it does become a little to sweet and fluffy towards the end of the series. Nevertheless they’re both eye candy 🙂 .

    I still find the Yoon and MeAhri couple a little hard getting use. Maybe its the age gap, or maybe its just the fact that she tends to act like a whiny child at times. I wanted to see where she wasn’t whiny or crying and serious… but I should probably watch it before I’m contradicted

    I have no comment to say about the SeRa and TaeSun couple (sorry Se-Sun couple fans). Its nice that they have each other and can grow and improve as a person together…. but then I maybe should watch their parts… lol

    I really liked your recaps Orangy911 and was bummed that you couldn’t recap the last episodes and finish it off orangy-911 style . But I’m grateful the last eps were recapped.


  33. 33 jeldonders

    can i ask what are the title of the songs being played inside Do Jin’s car? when do jin and yi soo were both inside and the songs were kind of teasing them? particularly the third song that was played, a female was singing. what was it? thanks.

  34. 34 susana

    The 3rd song is maria by kim ah joong

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