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Another week of delays for A Gentleman’s Dignity
by | August 3, 2012 | 80 Comments

Is that the face of dismay you’re wearing at hearing this news?

A Gentleman’s Dignity has already been put on hold for one week while SBS has been broadcasting Olympics coverage instead, but it was supposed to air its last two episodes this weekend. Now the broadcaster has announced that there will be another pre-emption, bringing another week of waiting before finale week rolls around next weekend.

Sigh. I’m not even watching the show consistently and I think that’s a bummer. If anything, it’s one way to seriously kill momentum, RIGHT before the ending. One week I could understand (although it really makes you wonder why things got to that point in the first placeโ€”SBS has known about the Olympics for FOUR YEARS. Surely it had time to do the math and plan dramas accordingly). But two consecutive weeks does put a damper on the drama just when excitement usually is ramping up to the big finish.

If you want to look at it from a glass-half-full perspective, I suppose there’s the consolation that this is a Kim Eun-sook romantic comedy, so really, we’re not wondering Oh no, will they or won’t they? Because you know they willโ€”stuff might not make sense along the way, or there might be needlessly complicated angst, but you know the couple’s gonna get their happily ever after. Or afters, in this case of four ajusshi bachelors and their respective love lives. Still, if you’re a fan, that silver lining probably isn’t looking too shiny. When you want your drama fix, you want it NOW.

The final week, Episodes 19 and 20, will now be shown next weekend (August 11-12), pushing follow-up drama Five Fingers back another week. Unless, you know, SBS changes its mind again. It’s not out of the question, given that next weekend coincides with the closing ceremony. Cross those fingers now…

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80 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bishbash

    good way to kill the viewership ratings.


  2. Mystisith

    I seriously blame SBS for the way they handled the de-programming of the 2 last episodes. Sure it gives me more time for recapping but that’s not the point. After such a cliffhanger and with only 2 episodes remaining, they could have found a better solution: A break of 20 days = How to make people angry and bitter. I understand than they did this to shortcut the WTF extension of Jin on MBC (last episode aired on Aug 5th): This way they also have a better chance to beat Unexpected Love which is firmly nยฐ1 the WE with more than 30% of ratings. That said, seems like a perilous measure for a very uncertain result.

    • 2.1 kayana20

      I firmly believe they did it for their last batch of good ratings since the Olympic ratings are horrible. After it will get worst because i think Five Fingers is going to have shaky ratings because of the scandal. SBS is truly dumb and unprofessional to make fans wait 2 weeks then keep lying about when they will broadcast it.I started new drama’s and since Ionair is down won’t be able to watch it online till after fully subbed.. Sigh 8 more day I am dying over here! truly hope someone subs the special so I can laugh nd tide myself over.

    • 2.2 becca_boo

      I think the fact that I had to be reminded about the big “cliffhanger” shows how disconnected I am from this drama. I don’t know, when we got into the whole Noble Idiocy thing, I just stopped caring and only watched for the Cute. Am I the only one?

      • 2.2.1 mrs kimchee

        nope..you’re not the only one.. count me in!

      • 2.2.2 Mystisith

        That story of “damaged good” partner must be a very Korean thing. On all the forums I went people were like: Seriously? What? Does not compute. Not a big deal etc…
        It’s just not a valid reason to break up for a Westerner. And nothing to be ashamed of or angry about in our cultures.
        This show definitely works better when it’s all fluff and cute.

        • df

          Any word on how Korean watchers reacted? If it made complete sense and the delivery wasn’t over the top and draggy for their audience then I won’t hold it against the writers.

          But yeah, I was a huge fan and I lost so much interest when the Colin fueled angst in particular.

          I’ll be going back to watch the earlier episodes time and time again even after it’s all over though. They were so cute and funny!

          • Aquila

            If you check out the show website, most of the comments left are all pretty angry. Not surprised since they advertised that they would be airing one episode this week and the finale the week after.

            Considering sbs is one of the major broadcasting companies, you think they’d schedule things a lot better.

            Some of the comments on the website are quite funny – comparing that shows like dr jin goes uninterrupted while this show gets pushed back. Some were wanting an extension to 24 eps… Though I disagree… I don’t think they can drag this out any longer IMHO.

        • becca_boo

          That aspect does bother me (though I’d say I’m not as bothered as some viewers), but my main problem is how they dealt with it, which seemed pretty immature, even to me. I may be young, but even I know that when you’re in a relationship, you need to talk about the important things. If he wanted to break up because he wasn’t worthy, I’d be frustrated but ultimately get over it if he’d tried to explain that to Yi-soo first instead of just dumping her, without giving any respect or consideration to her thoughts and feelings on the matter. I don’t dislike the show because of it; it’s just that the handling of the matter has left me rather apathetic.

      • 2.2.3 MsB

        From my understanding and talking to ppl of Asian descent, it is a big deal and once explained, I understand. We here in US don’t understand but then there is a lot we do other cultures do not understand so it tit for tat

        • becca_boo

          I also understand: it’s more the way the drama handled it that bothered me.

          • rebecca34

            After getting some cultural prospective from Koreans I certainly understand the situation better but can’t stand how they handled it. Getting more into it would go into spoiler territory.

  3. Korazy Lady

    My brain can only handle so much time before I forget about a show completely!

  4. kitchy

    I thought they were at least going to air ep 19? Did I not read it somewhere that would happen?

    Oh wells, another week…Hopefully.

    Thanks for the update JB

  5. Kathy

    I’m not surprised that they would WANT to postpone Five Fingers. I know this possibility is low, but relevant. The T-ara scandal seems to have caused a LOT of ripples in the K-Ent world, with even idol groups pushing back/changing comeback dates to avoid T-ara’s follow-up song comeback. Since Five Fingers’ female lead is a member of T-ara, I think SBS (in the back of their minds) just wants the scandal to lose some of its momentum before they air the drama.

    • 5.1 katiamon

      I think they wanna end the drama along with dr. jin and also because of the T-ara drama. either way, i think i’d rather watch Joo Ji-Hoon on I am king instead of the soap fest of five fingers but who knows

    • 5.2 anne

      I didn’t even think of this while reading the post, but after reading your comment I think you might be right. T-ara seems to be losing CF spots and concert appearances left and right because of the controversal.
      But weren’t there other T-ara members preparing for their upcoming drama roles as well, apart from Eunjung?
      Anyway, I hope the T-ara issue blows over soon, because I’m really tired of it, and that A Gentleman’s Dignity finally airs its last episodes. I want to know what happens to Jung Rok and his wife….

      • 5.2.1 Kathy

        True, two other members are acting in upcoming dramas. They are also getting affected by this. However, Eunjung is likely to be most affected since she is the only one playing female lead in a drama, whereas the other two members are just in supporting roles (one in a drama and the other in a 8-episode mini-drama).

        This is most evident when you see anti-fans are vehemently calling for Eunjung to be removed from WGM and Five Fingers.

        • anne

          Ah, okay, thanks for elaborating. ๐Ÿ™‚

          The only statement I heard about Eunjung and Five Fingers after all hell broke loose for T-ara is from the production team saying that Eunjung will stay as part of the cast. For the sake of the drama I hope no last minute recasting will be necessary…

          • Shiku

            I think the number of scenes for her to appear will be reduced because of the scandal.

          • Ivoire

            @ Shiku, really?

          • cherkell

            @Shiku, facts or conjecture or supposition? Nothing I’ve read about the 5F production (and you know I’ve read A TON) states Eunjung’s character will be reduced in any way. But good for SBS to stick to their guns and not replace her because of some crazy netizens who got their panties in a wad due to this alleged ‘scandal.’ Lawyer Girl here wants to hear both sides before I can make an informed decision. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Kathy

            @Shiku @cherkell I haven’t heard anything of that sort either. Besides, she IS the female lead and this is a melodrama after all. Cutting down her scenes may take away some of the emotional angst (especially between the two brothers who may or may not be fighting over her).

            If the drama production is going to make the female lead useless by reducing her scenes (which means changing ALREADY written scripts + potentially leading to a worse script), then might as well recast the female lead to maintain its original quality.

          • Kathy

            Sorry for that last part. I meant that as a big IF. IF cutting down scenes were to happen… (which I find not very likely)

          • Shiku

            I haven’t read anything to say that but am predicting that is what they will do. Eunjung has lost countless endorsements because of the scandal and I don’t see how the company producing the drama will keep the number of scenes she has the same (she is toxic now). I think they will give Chae Si Ra a bigger role than before and will give Eunjung the minimum.

            This is all speculation on my part so I may be wrong. iAnd that is why my previous statement contained the words ‘I Think.’

      • 5.2.2 Link

        What is this T-ara scandal about anyways? o.O

        • df

          I stumbled on this rehashing of everything while browsing tumblr and was like WHOA…it’s a mess….and i’m saying this as someone who only knows roly poly by tara. More stuff has probably happened by now that’s not on there.


          • zhill

            wow! it reminds me of SJ Kyu Hyun when he first joined the group. his first year with them was unimaginable, being the youngest and an outcast. then, the car accident happened, and everything changed for the better … and the rest is history. I hope this scandal serves as a lesson learned the hard way for them to be a better person in the future.

        • anne

          Well, in a nutshell, T-ara member Hwayoung refused to go on stage for a perfomance in a last minute decision; the next day the other members of T-ara supposedly wrote dissing comments about her behaviour and netizens started to suspect Hwayoung was being bullied. Then Hwayoung was kicked out of the group for supposedly being too arrogant and difficult towards the staff members. Netizens went crazy trying to uncover all the evidence of Hwayoung being bullied and ostracised within the group and made a petition for T-ara to disband and for its members to stop appearing on TV shows and variety programs. Fan cafes have since shut down and the band is losing a lot of CF spots.
          None of the members have spoken up about all this, but there were some very vague tweets, plus a few lies told by the group’s manager. All this happened in the last two weeks or so and most of the netizens are backing Hwayoung and it’s getting a lot of attention.

          There’s really basically a lot of rumours and no facts.
          In case you’re interested, read this:


          No one knows what really happened. The only facts are that Hwayoung refused to go on stage a couple weeks ago for whatever reason, there were tweets from the members (whoever they were adressed to) and Hwayoung was kicked out of the band. Everything else is just speculation at this point.

          • df

            Wow, I like that they are offering a completely different viewpoint. I’m far far outside looking in but wow, the whole situation is a mess. Only the group and whoever is in close contact with them knows the truth but it seems the power of public opinion is controlling how it’s playing out. I feel sorry for the people involved.

            Personally, if I were a celebrity/artist…whatever, I would not have a twitter account. The potential problems you can heap on your life just by saying something on twitter is endless as we’ve seen over and over and over…

          • anne

            @df: Like you said: It’s a total mess. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know who to believe anymore and I just wish the netizens would calm down and stop making assumptions.

            I don’t speak Korean, but the English speaking netizens banded together within days to attack the other T-ara members and I can only guess at what’s going on in the member’s home country…

            The whole thing probably wouldn’t be this big without the netizens and that’s what I find to be really scary. I’m glad I’m not a celebrity, but I’m especially glad not to be a celebrity in South Korea, if my whole career depens on a few haters on the internet who don’t even know what really went down.

            Yeah, twitter seems to be a curse for a lot of celebrities. Apart from that I don’t like twitter anyway, so I probably wouldn’t have an account either. ๐Ÿ™‚ Feeling pressured to constantly write meaningful or cheery messages for my followers to read doesn’t sound easy.

  6. Alyyyy

    They should have just replaced Dr Jin’s episodes with AGD’s episodes. XD why is that horrible show still going and the good one gets delayed?

    • 6.1 CM

      Probably because they want to get rid of it asap hahaha

    • 6.2 Lucille

      I am in awe of how stupid that show is and spend most of the time screaming at the tv, if this was a live show, I would be leaving the theater bare-footed, having pelted the actors with both shoes.

  7. elle loves kdrama

    Sadface! Another week! That doesn’t make sense, so close to the end…

  8. Eun

    No matter how I love this show, I am slowly losing my interest in watching this.

  9. lovedramas

    I agree it really does stink for fans. I’m a diehard, so I will wait for them since I have plenty of other things in RL that will fill up my time anyways so it will come fast. Also, the Olympics takes up some time. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it is horrible how they handled it and it really kills the momentum. I feel bad for the show. ๐Ÿ™ Stupid SBS.

    I was thinking… the ratings for the Olympics can’t be that good – are they?

    AGD – Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 9.1 lovedramas

      oh… and after 2 week or possible 3 weeks hiatus, if the opening scene (after the credits) is not superb, I will be knocking heads. LOL – none of this rated G stuff. LOL

  10. 10 Purplejam88

    Can’t make me keep repeat watching e prev. episode to maintain e momentum right? ๐Ÿ™ is a torture to make us run till e finish line when suddenly e line is pull back to a further distance and tell us to keep running again!!

  11. 11 Fafa

    SBS, Why? Why? Why?

  12. 12 becca_boo

    Really? REALLY!? *sigh* It’s not so much that I love the show anymore, but I’m just ready to watch those last two episodes and be done with it. I need closure so I can forget the bad stuff and move on.

    Plus, alls this preempting right before the finale seems like really poor management.

  13. 13 Jodasg

    Urgh again???? I really want to do a closure on the show. Haiz

  14. 14 rebecca3434

    I am in love with this show so I won’t lose interest but I think this will definitely hurt ratings. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for SBS to postpone or reschedule for the Olympics but they have been extremely unprofessional about. At this point I’ll expect it to be aired August 18-19. But SBS couldn’t make this decision and inform us about it. Whoever is making these bad PR decisions needs to be given some customer service remediation.

  15. 15 Ivoire

    Oh well! I must be one of the few ones who thinks another week won’t kill me. I will still be breathing tomorrow, God willing, so obviously I won’t be dead. There are worse things happening to people in the world. I wish we could get the last 2 episodes as well, but really, I won’t loose sleep (or in my case, patience) over it. It’s not like it would change anything, if I did.

    • 15.1 avonmarissa

      I am of the same opinion. There are worse things in this world than postponing this show for another week. I love this show but waiting another week is fine. I wish some of the fans would calm down as well and be patient ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 15.1.1 Ivoire

        @ Avonmarissa,

        Thank you!!!!! You said it well!!!!

    • 15.2 becca_boo

      Point taken, and thanks to both Ivoire and avonmarissa for the dose of sanity. I’ll calm down. : )

      • 15.2.1 Ivoire

        Hi Becca_boo,

        You had me LOL with your comment. I could imagine you trying to calm down. Really, when we look at what is going on the world and even at what we are going through in our personal lives, a drama is not reason enough (in my book) to loose sleep over. It’s not as if the characters in those dramas can help us with our stuff and issues, can they?

        Don’t get me wrong, I TOTALLY get the addiction, but I would also say that I did have a life before I discovered Asian dramas (for many, many years, actually) and I will have a life after, with or without them. I stopped participating on one blog because as much as I love writing (and I do) and I LOVE doing character analysis (and I do), I found that people there were too over the top for me. Every week, after a particular drama, they would write about (literally it seems) how they didn’t know if they could make it to the next week, and how their lives would stop/cease once that drama would be over, and it really sounded like they would die (and many people were saying that), how their hearts couldn’t take it and make it to the following week.

        I therefore found very curious (as you can imagine) that they were there the following week, participating and for some of them, watching the drama live. I REALLY wanted to ask them, “you are still here? I thought YOU WERE GOING TO DIE last week, but I see you are still breathing and apparently are well enough to participate on this blog *Shake My Head* I would also confess that I was going through a hard time personally (on many fronts) and had just experience a death of someone really close in my family, so I found it hard to relate to such comments (in light of what I was going through).

        I DO understand the dramas’ addiction (I actually like the blogs more to an extent and the analysis of dramas), but many of the people we communicate with on those blogs, we will never meet (would we really want to meet all of them in real life?) and many of those connections will only go so far. I understand that and so that makes me a little more tempered, even though like many, I have lived vicariously through some of the characters in dramas and I have cared for them deeply.

        Thank you for reading, if you happen to read this :-). Have a great weekend!!!!

        • becca_boo

          Definitely agree with what you said, Ivoire. As for me, when I talk about being addicted to a drama, I mean that it’s one I really love and get excited thinking about or watching (because I love a well-told story and enjoy analyzing) but… yeah, it really doesn’t factor into my “real” life and there are much more important things, and especially people.

          Personally, when I talk about drama addiction, it’s tongue-in-cheek. I know we’ve all gone through much worse things than waiting another week for a drama episode: in the grand scheme of things, it’s barely even a drop in the bucket.

          I hope you have a great weekend, too!

    • 15.3 df

      I agree but it’s definitely going to affect ratings and viewership interest. I also sort of feel bad for the actors and everyone involved but like you said, they’ll live.

      I also hope to see F40 together in another drama because they have amazing group chemistry. I’ll never forget them!

      • 15.3.1 Ivoire

        @ Df,
        I agree with you , I would love to see the F44 together in another drama, and they have amazing chemistry.
        I think the other actors already had plans after the filming of this drama, so once they are done (which I am assuming they are), they should have moved on to other projects. I think they already know how people felt about the drama (popular in South Korea), so I don’t know that delaying the last two episodes will change much of that.

  16. 16 KDaddict

    I actually welcome the break fr KD. I get to go to the cinema, to enjoy Ice Age 4 n Madagascar 3. The experience reminds me that there is such a thing as one-off entertainment that I don’t have to wait a week for! How Refreshing!
    Basically I pretend that AGD ended with ep 18. No harm done!

    • 16.1 Ivoire

      Hi, I like your perspective!

  17. 17 MsB

    What a clusterf@@! This is truly ruined my viewership weekend!

  18. 18 Cynthia

    Whoa – cockblocker, much?! Then again, it’s not exactly like AGD is another 49 Days or City Hunter – it’s really low-key and another week of waiting to put it to bed isn’t going to create a world-wide panic.

    As for all the Five Fingers/T’ara brouhaha, I find it rather ironic that this nonsense has the netizenship up in arms and yet, am not hearing very much about the S. Korean athletes being tossed out of the Olympic games for beyond obvious cheating. Pretty telling, and sad.

    • 18.1 MsB

      Heard about that! Weren’t lesson learned from previous stripping of Olympic metals?

    • 18.2 Shiku

      Maybe because bullying>>>>> gaming a flawed system

  19. 19 SH

    sigh sigh sigh….we’ve persevered for a week & they’re telling us to go an extra more mile to wait? wahhhhhh i’m thirsty for GD guys & gals! this is a w/end torture for me/us (with my family & friends) – we’re so hoping/looking f/ward to watching it this w/end! the ending better be good like they say….good things come to those who wait! :)))

    happy w/end DB, JV, GF & all here! fighting/hwaiting!

  20. 20 neener

    OH COME ON!!!!

    2 weeks????? I already saw some spoilers, which I didn’t intentionally looked at it, it just appeared on my wall!

    I’ll try to wait, wait, I’ve got no choice but to wait T_T

  21. 21 ELENA

    Thanks for the news, I would not have know, otherwise.

    I don’t mind, I’ll wait. I love this drama and all its characters. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 22 smile134

    I watched this drama but not really invest too much emotion—>don’t care that much. And we kinda know how the final of this show will look like. Now just hope next week I can have the final episodes of Ghost without any delay ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. 23 Dramalove

    Whyyyyy? Why do they do this?
    I can’t believe them, another week? Ugh, why didn’t they just say two, thee weeks to begin with, instead of teasing us.

  24. 24 Cindy

    Fans of bridal mask complain that they had just 1 episode for week.

    What about us AGD who had any episodes for 2 weeks or maybe 3?


  25. 25 Aggasi

    That sucks!! omg I can’t wait that long, even thought I probably can guess the ending I still wana see it :@

  26. 26 Ruthie08

    Ahhh Dear AGD, I almost forgot you existed…it’s been awhile and now they’re moving you for another week. I will still watch you but it might take awhile coz Im probably watching a different drama and for sure I need to go back to the previous ep coz I can’t seem to remember what scenario you were in from ep 18. And if sbs is giving some time for five fingers then don’t worry I won’t be watching it anyways.
    Love, Ruthie

  27. 27 VanillaSalt

    Since AGD had been set back for so long it’s given me a chance to catch up on recent anime’s. lol

  28. 28 Pat

    I will miss JDG but I lost interest in the dull heroine long ago,and since he does not respect her enough to discuss the problem with her as equals ,his character is too chauvinistic for me.

  29. 29 Noelle

    Gah! Kill me now. I can’t wait any longer. I need to know the MS/JR conclusion ASAP.

  30. 30 diana

    OMG. what is this. i started watching this drama three days ago so that i can watch the whole series in one shot.): im sad now.

  31. 31 petitepirates

    D*mn you, Olympics!

    I was hoping everything will be back to normal and I get my weekly dosage of these 4 men entertaining my weekend!

  32. 32 pigtookie

    hmm this show has always been one of my light and fluffy side watches, so I don’t really mind, especially with olympics to keep track of. I’m interested in the ending, but it’s not imperative that they show it this weekend for me.

  33. 33 Abbie

    Ah geez, this is annoying. SBS should have prepared better for this. I’m already forgetting what happened last time.

    I am eagerly anticipating the finale, and I hope I am not disappointed.

  34. 34 Tamilu2u

    I can’t even begin to tell you how irked I am right now with SBS. I don’t understand why they would float the idea of showing at least 1 episode this weekend and then take it back. That is poor sportsmanship (no olympic puns intended here..lol) on their part. I don’t understand why you would delay the last two episodes of and drama that had pretty good momentum anyway. This was definitely poor planning on their part. Hopefully though this won’t happen again anytime soon.. well for a couple years anyway..haha. If there was a way to leave English messages on their homepage I would. I wonder if they know that there are people around the world waiting for this drama to air.

  35. 35 linda

    why sbs? why? stupid sbs.

  36. 36 fannys

    hei korean, please be reasonable.

    just a few ambiguous pictures and you claim hwa young being bullied? Do you really think that hwa young that innocent???? i don’t think so. everything in this world happens for a reason………

    please think and act wisely, What you’re doing right now is really ashamed, judge only by few ambiguos pictures, being controlled by false fact….

    really ashamed country, i read in the past there’s an actress even killed herself just because cyber bullying, leaving her 2 children orphan. judge jay park because false in the past?????

    please learn from the past. what are you doing now to T-ara is cyber bullying….

    T-ARA HWAITING…… be strong

  37. 37 nylamrehs

    another week of waiting… (inhale and exhale deeply… whew!!) okay, fine… so let’s wait since we can’t do anything about it… seriously, this makes my love for AGD go down a notch…. can’t seem to remember the last ep except for yoon and mae ri’s scene..

  38. 38 kirara

    yeah I read about this info on allkpop that the two actors have signed messages and the actors all have done their wrap up party and know the ending even though we the fans have to wait 2 weeks till we can see it..

    Plus it sucks i wont be able to watch the episodes because I have a wedding to attend.. but otherwise.. during the 2 weeks its not been airing, I’ve been watching catching up on dramas i haven’t watched yet.

    Thanks for posting the news!

  39. 39 Lucille

    I am frustrated with the tv station, I tried going to their web site but not knowing Korean, that was just a fantasy. I will not discuss the fact that everyone knew exactly when the Olympics was going to be on, or expound on how stupid it was to delay 1 week then the next week, right now to truly feel better I need the programming director’s job. At every turn you hear and read about the fad of the moment, “Hallyu Wave” everything Korean is the “now it thing.” But this (Asian) fascination is cyclical and will soon pass; the questions are how long it will last? wouldn’t you want to reap the benefits for all its’ worth until the next “it( fad)” thing pops-up? But how can you do so if you behave in this manner? This “fad” will be shortened exponentially if such poor business practices continue to show the world your blatant disregard, disrespect and lack of concern for your viewers. They (the TV station management) should speak to the old Hong Kong Movies producers to get some insight about fads and how fickle people are. if this behavior persist, the popularity of the Korean Drama will go the same way of the Kung- Fu movies of the “70s only much sooner. I cannot speak for all viewers but had this been done in my neck of the woods, even the advertisers would already be in play and I would be watching my show even if it had to be aired at 3am. I have vented a little, rambled a lot and I almost feel better. Peace.

  40. 40 george

    i am w/ everyone’s sentiments about losing my interest in the drama for making me wait.it doesn’t really bother me that much that is preempted another week w/c only proved i did lose interest.i guess it’s true that if viewers lose momentum it can affect ratings.as for the t-ara scandal,it’s hard enough to be in show business,let alone keep a perfect image to the very end.we,fans/viewers/netizens, have this kind of notion that our idols have to have the perfect image and when they make mistakes,we tend to criticize,we lose interest.but no matter how much they want to keep a good image,they are humans after all.at some point in their career,they will make mistakes.for me,if they can rise above all this,that would be great but then i would always wonder what is real and what is fake??

  41. 41 Alwaesboo

    anyone of you good at making mashup videos? i found the perfect song for the loveline between choi yoon oppa and im maeahri. hahaha its kim jin pyo’s song called ajusshi hahaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=fvwp&v=Z3zkiKnYNWk

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