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Answer Me 1997 draws praise and strong ratings
by | August 3, 2012 | 52 Comments

Looks like cable station tvN has another hit on its hands, with its nostalgic comedic drama Answer Me 1997 causing a buzz from the moment it hit airwaves. The ratings are doing well, and in fact the rebroadcasts are outperforming the initial ones as word of mouth grows and attracts more attention to the charming, heartfelt show.

The show premiered last week with Episodes 1 and 2, which were packaged together into one hour(-plus)-long installment. That drew a solid average rating of 1.2%, which peaked at 1.8%. It performed particularly well with teenage females with an average 2.2% rating in that demographic, with a high of 3.4%. Twenty- and thirtysomething women also had a strong response to the drama (holla), with a 2.1%.

This week aired Episodes 3 and 4, which performed similarly to its first week (1.2% average rating, 1.7% peak), but perhaps more notable is that the reruns improved upon those numbers by inching up to 1.6%, with a high of 2.4%.

I’m enjoying the show, which is full of humor and heart. There’s a thread of genuineness running through the characters, and that’s not just because of the show’s laser-sharp attention to detail, re-creating the late ’90s with an accuracy that has fans singing its praises. Like the details of a particular fan club, for instance, or the time-specific, location-specific slang used by the cast, or the callbacks to the trends of the day.

I feel like that’s what happens when you get a show made by people for those same people. It’s not done in a self-indulgent way, but in the sense that you’re keenly tapped in to what you’re doing, what you’re referencing. And because the show follows 18-year-olds who turn into 33-year-olds, it really feels like you’ve got a bunch of 33-year-old drama producers remembering what it felt like to be 18. It’s a lot different than when you get a production team who’s clearly just trying to appeal to the youth demographic without really understanding how to do that. (That’s when you get the kind of trying-to-be-cool gimmickry that makes said young people cringe and whine, “Mooo-ooom! So lame!”) There’s an intimacy and realism to Answer Me 1997 that’s awesome and refreshing. And that kind of sincerity has a way of connecting with people — even those outside that particular generation.

Via TV Daily, Joy News


52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Reika

    I’m enjoying this drama soo much, can’t wait for next episodes!

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      I am totally digging it too. Mad props to tvN and the cast!

  2. UJ

    Its on my watch list!!^^

  3. mrs_d_4281

    It’s on my watchlist too. I’m getting excited just reading the recaps. But I think I will wait until it finished airing.

  4. Ivoire

    Thank You!

  5. angel

    I loved girlfriday’s recaps! Where can we watch it with English subs?

    • 5.1 jcay

      Dramafever had posted english sub for ep1 recently. Here’s hoping they’ll continue subbing the rest of the episodes.

      • 5.1.1 jcay

        sorry its Dramacrazy.

        • ren

          it’ll soon be up on dramafever as well

          • coffeeluva

            ooh will it really be up on dramafever? i was hoping another site would sub it bc the subs from dramacrazy aren’t rly their best.. luckily we have dramabeans’ recaps so i could still know what was happening.

        • maewest

          I keep searching, but I can’t find it on dramacrazy. Under what name is it on?


          • hallyukid

            called “Reply 1997” on dramacrazy

        • Byul

          I couldn’t find it on dramacrazy under the name answer me 1997, is it under another name?

  6. Onewcondition

    I’m enjoying this drama too! It’s just so cute ^^

  7. Sabah

    So true. Unlike most other dramas where there is an element of fantasy – where I want to be in the positions of the characters, here there is realism as I connect to the situations, feelings and characters. Been there, done that and now I am ready to laugh my ass off about it.

    I am really happy to know it is getting much deserved recognition.

    TvN has really produced some wonderful dramas lately, I applaud their hard work and I am glad it has paid off.

  8. Eun

    Daebak! This drama deserves this! πŸ™‚

  9. tarianant

    I have no clue about all the references,
    but so many other things in that show are universal.
    I could totally feel Joon-hee, sending something secretly to his crush. Heartbreak never felt so good.
    I guess everyone’s a poet at that age. LOL.
    Love this show.

    • 9.1 rhia

      I agree–there’s something universal about this show. Everyone goes through high school, or at least through the same feelings that the characters have.

  10. 10 ladysaotome

    I’m only sad that it’s such a short series~

  11. 11 hallyukid

    I always pick what drama’s I want to watch based on DB recaps and I’m already all over this drama…..I’m surprised that an Infinite subbing team hasn’t subbed the episodes

    tvN has produced yet another great drama. Kind of sad that it’s a mini-series, but maybe it’s a good thing since some drama’s that are 16 hour long episodes ruin themselves

    • 11.1 ian

      Sadly, Infinite doesn’t have an active dedicated subbing team right now. Inspiritsubs have gone on hiatus as well as the other more well established teams. I find it weird that when they started to become more popular, their subbing teams suddenly dwindled down one by one.

      As of right now, the one subbing their variety show, Ranking King are two teams (actually, one is technically a one-woman team) that are general subbers or are subbers of other idols as well.

      Maybe an A-Pink subbing team will eventually get to doing it though, seeing as how Eunji is one of the main characters.

      • 11.1.1 hallyukid

        Yeah i do kind of find that ironic too, how they have stopped. I certainly hope someone subs them soon. Far as I know, ep 1 is the only one subbed. I like to keep up the episodes as they come out and then come read DB’s recaps to get insight on things I may have missed.

        If only I could understand Korean well enough to watch it raw

  12. 12 lapetite

    Woahh. I didn’t realize this show was airing RIGHT NOW. When I saw the recap with Eun Jiwon looking like a highschooler, I just assumed you guys were recapping an old school show from 1997 that I should eventually check out.

    My mind is blown. I’ll have to check it out.

  13. 13 acquii

    This drama drew my attention from the start, and tho I don’t live in korea, there were so many parallels to my teenage years in 1997. So many OMG moments!

  14. 14 glace

    tvN has become a regular drama station for me. Their shows are lite and fun and I will start this drama as soon as I finish I Need Romance 2012 ^^

  15. 15 tia

    eunji’s acting is good! πŸ™‚

  16. 16 ian

    I agree.

    That’s one of the show’s charm, in my opinion. And probably the main reason that a lot of people are giving it a try after hearing about it. Especially the ones in the 20-30 year old demographic. It basically feels like they’re watching themselves on tv. The show doesn’t make them want to be the main girl, or the main guy because they already (technically/probably) were. Instead of wanting to be there – they already were there.

    Also agree with a lot of the comments above. Even though I grew up in a different environment with a different culture, a lot of the things the kids are going through feels very familiar and even still even holds true for the younger breeds of fangirls – er, teens.

    Happy that a lot of people are watching and enjoying it!

  17. 17 Lise

    Lord i need something to get me back into kdramaz! Besides the already airing popular wed/thurs and weekend dramas am yet to pick up any new ones, got a serious case of the jdorama bug, addicted!!! Not to bash but woah! Half the popular kdrama A-list actors would be laughed off the screen in Japan!

    • 17.1 KDaddict

      I don’t know a thing abt J-dorama, and would like to get into it. Can you recommend some, and where to watch them? Many thx.

      • 17.1.1 Lise

        Just go to the usual kdrama sites they have jdorama sections as well. ‘Tatta hitotsu no koi’ is my all time fav, classic love story, never gets old! Bloody Monday is another awesome one, esp if ur enjoying the kdrama Ghost, this is just on a whole new level! Plus most actors are mad talented (even idols-shock!!!)

  18. 18 tia

    this drama is only 8 ep??? so saddd

  19. 19 kelinci biru

    Oh, I loves this show. The details is awesome, from tamagochi to the 90s hair-cut (must say that was bad wig on Eun-ji) but I get the point.

    I just want to point out some details like Eunji’s computer and its software. I can imagine how they get the old computers (secondhand shop, personal collection), but how they manage to get the old software? Its amazing. I still have my walkman and all cassettes so I know some people keep their stuff etc. But that chatting software were so old school.

    However, cmmiw, isn’t the producer and writer was 1n2d alum? That’s saying a lot.

  20. 20 Sunshine

    seeing all the praises from this series i might just top this on my next to see

  21. 21 news

    It sounds really good; I don’t want my feelings to be interrupted for a week while I wait for the next episode, so I’m just gonna wait ’til it’s finished and marathon it.

  22. 22 Sajen

    you know it’s funny I’m male, American, and slightly younger than the characters, as I turned 12 in 1997, but I can tell just from the recaps that this is a show I would love and fill me with nostalgia. What’s that expression, everything different’s the same, or something like that we might have had different celebrities and such but it was the same over here

  23. 23 anne

    Aww, I’m happy for Eun Ji-won. Haven’t been able to watch this drama yet since I’m still waiting for subs, but I’m glad that his show gets praise and good raitings. Hope he’s doing well on the show – I vaguely remember him once saying on 1N2D (it was him, right? I hope I’m not confusing him with someone else) that he had a few bad experiences with acting in the past, so I hope he’s now more comfortable with acting.

    Good luck, Eun Ji-won, and congrats on a well-received drama!

  24. 24 Suzi Q

    Eun Ji reminds me of an older IU. I was totally unfamilar with Seo Il Gook too, so I Google them. Both are such a cute and refreshing couple in their roles.

    This drama is funny, different, and nostalgic. Love the young actors.It was kind of hard to hear the Busan dialect, but after a while I got use to it. Love their attention to details like hairdos, costumes, and other props.I remember that era, and they captured it very well. Was the Good Old Days that funny and bizarre? LMAO.

    Anyways, this show I must definitely Must See.
    Please continue to recap this wonderful show.

  25. 25 Mic

    I hadn’t heard about this until a read an article about how Hoya’s character is homosexual. Now I’m definitely going to see it. πŸ˜›

    I mean, how often do you see that in a Kdrama? Especially considering it’s an idol playing that character, and that could be very risky for their image. I just think it’s kinda awesome that they’re going for this, knowing Korea’s stance on homosexuality…. >.<

  26. 26 [email protected]

    I just started watching it today and I love it so far. I’m a new fan of eunji and seo in guk now. I’m not even sure where the story is going but I love the romance in it, it’s so adorable. I guess because most dramas take so many episodes to see development, but this one does it while not seeming too rushed but still effective πŸ™‚

  27. 27 lovin it

    enjoying the show so much!
    love how ejw’s age difference with the rest of the cast is not noticeable haha

    yay that the show is getting much love~

  28. 28 lovin it

    yay that the show is getting much love~

  29. 29 YChase007

    I’m enjoying tge recaps & the sense of familiarity that I get with the story. I
    t rocks cant wait for subs… Hope viki picks it up. As for j-dramas go mysoju.com they have a ton I love Nodame Cantabile the series, specials, and two part flick great manga to live-action drama. Noizora is a great movie, Love Shuffle, Hana Kimi, BBF version…. Lots of stories

  30. 30 bd

    tvN is really kicking it lately w/ “I Need Romance 2012” and this.

    W/ shows like these and one of the all-time best, “Joseon X-Files”, seems like much higher quality writing than from the major networks.

  31. 31 marie*

    It’s truly been a while since I’ve watched a series as refreshing as this one. The cast and plot are great. As a long time 1n2d fan who has watched Eun Ji-won’s personality develop over the years, I am excited about his acting potential haha; I’m glad he is placing a lot of effort into his role πŸ™‚

  32. 32 mamamea

    Just got the email announcement that it’s on Dramafever now! πŸ™‚

  33. 33 Fab

    I read somewhere that it gets more episodes! Double the amount- sixteen! I hope that it will be subbed, otherwise I am content with the recaps here. πŸ˜‰

  34. 34 tassky

    I have a feeling that Tae-woong is Shiwon’s hubby and baby daddy. Yoon-jae greeted her that she’s getting chubbier in Episode 1, so it’s likely that he is not the father.

  35. 35 dangerousgoods

    This show is win. So glad Girlfriday is recapping this, Thank you! *throws confetti* I was just intending to lurk and be content with the written recaps, but everyone’s enthusiatic praise got the cat piqued, so to speak, and I devoted (unwisely?) 4 hours of uni time into the first four episodes. Turned an unwise decision into my best drama viewing of 2012! I would’ve been 5 in ’97, but this drama just resonates, as GF pointed out, universally with highschoolers everywhere, no matter if you’re from the Class of ’97 to ’07. Loved every bit of it, and I’m loving just anticipating the moments that will follow. Sincerely wish some subbers out there will pick this up; until then, I’ll be patiently and gratefully waiting for the next recap πŸ™‚

  36. 36 noi

    kimchidrama/dramacrazy have just released ep 5-6. mr. x also subbed it (dramatic.weebly.com), softsub, and it’s up to ep 2 last time i’ve checked. everyone can have their own favorite channel to watch, but my recommendation is, watch it from kimchidrama and collect the softsub from mr. x,, πŸ™‚

  37. 37 lana

    great drama! everyone should watch this…!! i love hoyaaaaaaaaaaa!! :))

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