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Answer Me 1997: Episodes 9-10
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We get some twists and turns this week, as confessions come tumbling out, setting us down some unexpected paths. We get to meet Mom and Dad as teenagers, which is maybe my favorite thing about these episodes, Yoon-jae continues to be afflicted with adolescentia foot-in-mouth-itis, and Joon-hee continues to make my heart bleed. The question of the day: How many puppies does it take to say, You’re the one for me?


S.E.S. – “I’m Your Girl” [ Download ]

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EPISODE 9: “The Thread of Fate”

Dad rifles through drawers looking for nail clippers, complaining of his increasingly elderly eyesight, and comes across an old picture tucked away that gives him pause. He smiles, “It’s been a long time, Jun-hyuk-ie. You’re still so young, and I just keep getting older…”

It’s a big family picture: Mom and Dad and their two daughters, and Yoon-jae and Tae-woong with their parents. Looks like Yoon-jae’s dad will be a cameo by Yang Jun-hyuk, baseball player/sportscaster.

1968, Gwangju. Awww yeah. Flashback to Mom and Dad as teenagers? So great. Two young girls from Busan ogle the baseball players eating a few tables away from them. It’s our pair of moms as teenagers (cameos by members of Jung Eun-ji’s idol group, A Pink).

Yoon-jae’s mom decides she has a crush on Number 24—the big burly guy stuffing his face. She tells Shi-won’s mom to deliver her love letter to him because she’s too shy, and tells her it has to be Number 24, and not the little guy next to him.

Shi-won’s mom (Il-hwa) sighs and asks how much their check is, her strange Kyungsangdo accent turning the gaze of everyone in the room. The girls panic and run. Ha.

Shi-won’s dad (Dong-il) is the little guy in the baseball uniform, and he complains to his buddy: “I’m the athlete, and you’re the one eating all the food!” So big n’ burly isn’t a baseball player after all? This is gonna be hilarious.

Yoon-jae’s dad (Jun-hyuk), is training for the air force and says he has to take care of his body too. Dong-il pats his belly, “Do you think the plane will take off with that?” Jun-hyuk angrily takes his baseball jacket off and throws it back at him, and Dong-il puts it back on.

So of course it’s Dong-il that Il-hwa stops in the alley outside the restaurant. She checks his number; it’s 24. She hands him the letter saying it’s his. Dong-il: “What’re you saying?” Il-hwa: “This is yours!” Dong-il: “Did you come from Japan?” Lol. I love that they can’t understand each other.

She checks his number again and wonders if he shrank or something, and sighs at her friend’s weird taste in guys. She leaves him confused but smiling.

Back to the present (er, yunno, 1998). Dad digs through the fridge complaining there’s nothing to eat and jumps back at the sight of Shi-won in her new S.E.S. hair. She asks if she looks pretty, which is just the furthest thing from Dad’s mind.

He asks what the one sliver of bang-hair in her face is for, and she’s like, hello, that’s the focal point of the whole ‘do! She asks for money and he tells her he’ll pay up if she cuts off that ugly hair. Stalemate. Shi-won: “I hate you!” Dad: “I hate you more!” I love these two.

Yoon-jae gives Joon-hee the puppy, saying that he’ll probably raise it the best. Joon-hee gets the puppy?! Joon-hee gets the puppyyyyyyy!

He says he bought it for someone but it didn’t really work out the way he planned, and tells Joon-hee to keep him, but change its name, since he named it Yoon-jae. Joon-hee puts it up to his face to compare and realizes they do look alike, and says he’ll keep the name.

Yoon-jae argues, but Joon-hee just ignores him. To puppy: “Yoon-jae-ya, hyung will buy you lots of tasty things.” *puppy kiss* Yoon-jae (the human): “I told you to change its name!” Joon-hee: “No, I like Yoon-jae.” That he gets to say it, even in reference to the puppy, is so cute.

Tae-woong sits at home in his pajamas, his room littered in filth. Uh, being unemployed does not suit you well. Somebody, intervention! He smiles like a goof while watching FinkL.

Shi-won comes in and immediately changes the channel. She snarls, “No DSP!” Haha, so FinkL, by way of Sechskies, is off limits? She lays on the compliments which Tae-woong recognizes right away as allowance flattery, and tells her to take money from his wallet.

She obliges, and takes more, “Oppa, do you know that I love you? You’re my ideal man! You’re smart, you’re good-looking, you’re tall…” He glares, “You took more, didn’t you?” Haha.

And then on the news is a big story about a website that’s making waves, called I Like School that connects students and alumni to each other…invented by Tae-woong. So… not lying around being a loser, then? (It’s a spoof on a real site is called I Love School.)

The 27-year old creator is announced as the next big thing, worth billions. Shi-won looks back and forth at the television and at Tae-woong sitting there guzzling soda, like This guy? And that guy? Are the same guy?

Joon-hee plays with puppy Yoon-jae in the park, and a little girl mistakes the puppy for her own and picks him up. Her mom gives the puppy back to Joon-hee with apologies, and the little girl cries.

It happens again the next day, and her mom explains that Dad gave her a puppy that looks just like this one before he left with a fishing crew, but she lost him after only a week.

Back to 1968. Il-hwa gives Dong-il note after note after note. Everywhere he turns, she’s there with another letter, and finally she snaps at him to write one back already.

Sometime later, he shows up on her front step, “Eh, Busan!” and hands her a letter. She smiles and says her friend will be happy, but he says she needn’t deliver it: “It’s yours.” AW. They stand there smiling awkwardly on her doorstep.

Their background music goes from up-tempo to slow-and-warped as we transition back to 1998, and Mom stares at a credit card bill: “Is this yours?” Dad: “If it’s not yours it’s mine.” Heh. Oh, how times have changed.

He smiles and ignores her sniping and beams when Yoon-jae interrupts them for some leftovers. Mom calms down and tells Yoon-jae she’ll pack him up some food… and gives Dad’s head a good shove as she gets up. Ha.

He stews in embarrassment and tells Yoon-jae to marry a nice quiet well-mannered girl or he’ll end up like him… as Shi-won bursts out of her room with a ta-daaaa… in her ridiculous hair and wearing makeup to boot.

Both Dad and Yoon-jae do this hilarious lurch backward in shock, as Dad tears into her for going out looking like that, threatening that she can’t go to Seoul if she keeps that up. He swears he’ll wipe her face clean and Yoon-jae adds under his breath: “And the hair too…”

But Mom comes to her rescue and shuts Dad up, saying she looks pretty and he can shove it. Dad sighs and asks Yoon-jae to keep an eye on her in Seoul. He must mean college?

Shi-won says she’s going out for dinner with Tae-woong oppa, and a cloud passes over Yoon-jae’s face. She calls back in a loving voice for Dad to feed “our Yoon-jae” too, leaving Yoon-jae puzzled.

He turns around to find Dad cuddling a tiny white puppy. Huh?

He says he found the little guy all alone in the park, and so he brought him home and Shi-won insisted that he looked just like Yoon-jae and named him so. HA. So this must be the little girl’s dog!

Dad says Shi-won sleeps holding him every night, and Yoon-jae just gapes, totally confused. And then Yoon-jae and Yoon-jae sit side by side at the table, eating the same dinner.

And in the park is Joon-hee, giving his puppy away to the little girl with a wistful sigh. Aw.

Shi-won comes outside to find Tae-woong decked out in a snazzy suit, waiting by his car. He’s on a capital-D Date, which she seems oblivious to.

She just marvels at how handsome he looks and happily goes along, her usual voracious appetite and bubbly self. He goes shopping for a new cell phone and buys a matching couple set, with a smile.

Back in 1968, Il-hwa takes a one-way trip back home to Busan with a long face, and then takes out the letter from Dong-il. It just says one thing in the middle of the page: “Should we… be a couple?”

That’s adorable. Past Dad was so cute! She smiles wistfully.

Tae-woong shows Shi-won his new office, currently just an empty room with one desk, since he’s the CEO and only employee. He gives her a cell phone saying it’s hers, and that he’s programmed his number as 1.

She looks up hesitantly, only now starting to catch on. He crouches down at her feet and asks if she wants to date him. It stuns her, and she asks hesitantly if she has to answer right away.

He hides his disappointment with a smile and tells her of course not; he’ll wait. He gets up and puts his hand out like a gentleman, but she stares at it like she doesn’t know what to do. Has no boy ever been nice to you? He helps her up with a chuckle.

Yoon-jae watches the latest trendy drama Innocence, (Why yes, I DO know the names of all of Ryu Shi-won’s ’90s dramas. Don’t you?) and drools over a handholding scene. Puppy Yoon-jae crashes his fantasy with a finger lick.

He watches Mom and Dad flirt again, having forgotten all about their latest yelling match. Dad gets up, suddenly feeling ill, and bends over to fart in Mom’s face. Pwahaha. Yoon-jae smiles to himself and narrates:

Yoon-jae: They say that people are born with a red string that they can’t see, tied to their pinky fingers, and the end is tied to the one you’re fated to be with. But the thread is twisted this way and that, making it hard to find the other end.

Tae-woong sits at his desk, holding his couple phone. He looks up at the mirror, and then at the picture of him with Shi-won’s sister, still on his desk. He holds it for a long moment, and then with a sigh, he tucks it away into a drawer.

Shi-won sits on a bench and ponders the phone for a long while, and then decides to dial 1. Tae-woong rushes his phone and picks up in an all-too-eager voice that kills me, and she asks if he was waiting for her call.

As they chat, Yoon-jae narrates:

Yoon-jae: People’s countless threads, all tangled together. But when I start to unravel it, I end up face to face with my fate, without even knowing it. If the red thread of fate really exists, then who is the one tied to my red thread?

Back in 1968, we see Yoon-jae’s future mom eat at the same restaurant alone, and then realize she left home without her wallet. Future Dad gets up and says he’ll pay for both, and they smile sheepishly.

And in 1998, both little white puppies play together in the park. The little girl comes running to claim her puppy, and then Shi-won comes running over a moment later calling after Yoon-jae. They end up taking home their rightful puppies after all, without even knowing that they’ve switched.

1988, Busan. The two familes gather for the picture that started the show, as the parents say they should take a nice group photo because you never know—they might end up in-laws.

Yoon-jae’s mom figures they have two sons and two daughters, so they could be double in-laws, and Shi-won’s mom says you never know if it’ll go by age or crisscrossed the other way, and they all have a good laugh.

They pose for the picture, and then we go back to the moment Dad finds it. He puts it out on display and gives it this heartbreaking look that makes me cry, and walks away as we linger on the photo.

Sometime later, Shi-won comes into Tae-woong’s room talking to him on her phone, as he asks her to find an envelope. She digs through the mess and opens all the drawers… and finds the photo of Song-joo with Tae-woong.

She smiles, “Unni, it’s been a while,” and caresses her sister’s face in the photo.

Under it, she finds a little post-it from Song-joo to Tae-woong oppa, telling him how much she misses him already and wants to see him again, and that she loves him very much. She signs it: “Future Wife, Present Lover, Song-joo.”

Yoon-jae comes home and jumps out of his skin to see Shi-won there, and then stews in silent fury as Shi-won talks to Tae-woong on the phone and roots through his room, like a girlfriend. He storms in, finds what she’s looking for in two seconds, and slams it down on the desk.

She comes to thank him by bursting into his room and jumping on his back (I love that she just hangs there like a monkey on a tree), squealing, “Yoon Yoon-jae, what would I without you?”

He tells her to get off, even surlier than normal. She refuses, so he throws her off, screaming at the top of his lungs, “I said I don’t like it!” She says it’s a joke, and wonders what’s gotten him so angry.

He snaps that she shouldn’t act this way in the future, because Hyung wouldn’t like it. “What guy would?” He storms out, leaving her hurt and confused. It’s okay, honey. He just means the opposite of what he says.

Yoon-jae douses his face in water, calling Shi-won an idiot, which cracks me up. ‘Cause clearly, you’re one to talk. But the bottled up pain, that’s just searing—he can’t tell anyone that his brother is dating the love of his life, can he?

Reunion, 2012. Joon-hee says he saw Eun Dokki outside and immediately Shi-won pokes Yoo-jung, “You called her here, didn’t you?” Yoo-jung scoffs, “What’re you gonna pull her hair and throw down right here? How old are you?”

Eun Dokki saunters in with Eun Gak-ha (the two lead Sechskies fangirls), and Sung-jae has a heart attack, confessing that he always had a crush on Eun Gak-ha. Too bad their husbands walk in right behind them. (Cameos by comedians Yoon Hyung-bin, Eun Dokki’s real-life boyfriend playing the other girl’s hubby, and Yang Sae-hyung.)

Even Hyung-bin knows that Shi-won is on Team H.O.T. and that Yoo-jung was a wishy-washy floater. She balks, all I was Switzerland! She thinks they ought to thank her for saving all their hair.

Eun Dokki and Hyung-bin do a round of inside jokes about how they’ve been friends forever but felt zero attraction, and they ask Sae-hyung what he liked most about Eun Dokki. He thinks back…

1998. Shi-won and Tae-woong ride in his car, and she asks, “Oppa, why do you like me?” It’s a simple question, asked in a happy tone, but he’s taken aback.

At the same time, Yoo-jung sits with Hak-chan, asking, “Do you like FinkL or me?” He’s learned some lessons by now and immediately points to her. She asks, “Why? Why do you like me?”

*blink, blink*

EPISODE 10: “The Reason I Like You”


Deux – “Look Back at Me” [ Download ]

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The boys stand outside a club, whining at Sung-jae that this is a stupid idea. Hak-chan sighs at the utter uncoolness of a colatech (heh, nice name for an underage club) and would rather they drink real booze at his house.

But Sung-jae swears it’ll be awesome and they’ll get all the girls. They finally give in and start to head inside, when he says they’re waiting for Shi-won and Yoo-jung to arrive.

They stop in their tracks. Sung-jae says matter-of-factly that Hak-chan was sure to get caught anyway so he might as well just go with his girl, and Shi-won wanted to see Joon-hee dance, so he invited them. They glare.

Hak-chan: “I will kill that bastard tonight.”

They head inside and recognize their classmate Eun Gak-ha up on the stage, and gape as she starts to dance. Sung-jae goes gaga over her, making giant hearts over his head like a fool.

The girls arrive and Shi-won jumps on Yoon-jae’s back again, forgetting his warning the other day. He yells at her again not to do that anymore, and Yoo-jung asks if they fought—she’s never seen Yoon-jae yell like that before.

Shi-won turns her attention to the topic of the day: Turbo or Deux? They agree that Deux is better. And then on cue, Joon-hee takes to the stage. The group goes silent, and then the girls screeeeam.

Deux Dance! I’m pretty sure by now, I’ve seen Eun Ji-won dance this on 1 Night 2 Days more than Deux.

Joon-hee dances his heart out and the girls take turns yelling their fangirl best. But when he’s done and the crowd goes wild, he only looks at one person: Yoon-jae, who smiles back and cheers him on.

When he comes down from the stage, Eun Gak-ha asks if he has a girlfriend, offering up her pager number. But he gives it back, “I have someone I like,” and walks away. She turns around to get a pager number from Sung-jae who’s now madly in love with her, and she sighs, letting him carry her bag like a puppy.

By now Tae-woong’s internet startup has a few college friends as employees. He tells them to go home for a change or go take their girlfriends out, but they sigh that they don’t have time for any.

He brags that he does, and shows off a picture with Shi-won. They give the obligatory “She’s pretty…” but Tae-woong can read their faces and says he knows she isn’t, and she’s last place in school too. They ask, “In her [college] department?” Tae-woong: “No, in her [high school] class.” Their jaws drop.

The gang comes out of the club and the girls playfully fight over who gets to be Joon-hee’s girlfriend. He shows them the backpack and cash he won as his prize for being the best dancer, and offers to buy dinner.

Yoo-jung says she and Hak-chan have movie plans and drags him away. Awkward love triangle, table for 3?

But Shi-won says she has plans too, and picks up a call on her cell. She whispers in Joon-hee’s ear: “Have a good date!” and runs off. That’s adorable.

Joon-hee says they can just go home, but Yoon-jae says he wants to eat, so whatever, they’ll just go on a date, the two of them. He puts his arm around Joon-hee and they head off.

Date night for everyone. Sung-jae and Eun Gak-ha go the movies. Omg, it’s Eun Ji-won in Seventeen, when he was an idol and couldn’t act. I’m cringing for you!

And then, a few rows down… are Yoo-jung and Hak-chan. Aaaaack, the secondhand embarrassment! Hak-chan watches with his head cocked to the side says this acting is terrible: “Even I’d be better than that.”

Yoo-jung: “Let’s break up.” He quickly gets up to buy some soda, and she ogles her oppa in peace. Omg, stop making me watch it. It’s terrible! Oppa, noooooo!

Joon-hee and Yoon-jae go to his noona’s pojangmacha, and he introduces her as Noona Number 7, who’s twins with the noona who caught him with Sung-jae the other day.

Yoon-jae asks about Noona Number 8 then, and Joon-hee says that’s his twin. What the? You have a twin? Yoon-jae has the same reaction and wonders, “What else don’t I know about you? Is your dad a gangster? Do you… have a crazy secret crush on somebody?”

They both pause knowing the answer is yes, but Joon-hee says no, there’s nothing like that. Yoon-jae sighs that he’s got so many secrets.

Joon-hee: “Then what about you? Why didn’t you give that dog to Shi-won? Didn’t you buy it for her?” Yoon-jae turns to noona and asks for a bottle of soju.

On a different date, Shi-won eyes Tae-woong’s beer with a gleam in her eye and asks if she can have a sip. She says she’s going up to Seoul to see H.O.T. tomorrow and asks him to soften the blow to her parents.

He asks why she likes them so much and she says because they’re good looking, and dance well, and just… everything. Tae-woong asks her to like him that much and she nods.

Back to the pojangmacha. Yoon-jae throws back a drink, “How’d you know?” Joon-hee: “How could I not know?”

Yoon-jae asks in turn, “Why don’t you confess to Shi-won?” Joon-hee just looks down, not answering. Yoon-jae: “Why, is that a secret too?”

Joon-hee downs a shot.

Augh, you two and your painfully crossed wires! You’re killing me!

At school the next day, the fangirls are aflutter in preparation to see their oppas win at the big end-of-year music awards, and Eun Gak-ha slams a poster down on Shi-won’s desk, accusing her of vandalizing it.

The top of the first letter has been ripped off, to change “I love Sechskies” to “I love asshole,” which you have to admit, is pretty clever. But Shi-won says that’s beneath her, since they can’t compete with H.O.T. anyway.

She asks why they’re even going to the music awards when they should be going to some movie awards. “Seventeen? The acting was amazing! Al Pacino would cry!”

She is so hilariously awesome with the smackdowns. Eun Gak-ha says H.O.T.’s lipsyncing days are over, and Shi-won says yes, sure, but pray tell, why do only three of your oppas go onstage wearing mics? HA.

The downside of being so quick and witty, of course, is that the other girl has nothing left to do but scream and grab Shi-won’s hair. Fight! Dan-ji just turns her attention back to her magazine, and there in her desk is the evidence of the torn letter from the poster.

1998 Golden Disc Awards. The front of the theater is roped off in different colors in preparation for the fans: one side for H.O.T., the other for Sechskies. It’s a sea of white and yellow.

One yellow-clad girl bravely darts over to the other side: It’s Yoo-jung, wanting to confer with Shi-won. She and Dan-ji yell at her to take that yellow jacket off before they’re mobbed, and then they argue about who’s getting the Daesang tonight.

It starts to rain and the air turns icy. Uh-oh, I smell epic fanwar.

The girls all rise one by one, ready for a face-off. And they’ve brought the big guns this time, because each club’s president steps out in front. (Cameos by comediennes Ahn Young-mi and Kang Yumi.)

It’s mudslinging, not gun-slinging, though you wouldn’t know it by the looks on everyone’s faces. They throw their best insults (and the reference to Sechskies’ see-through pants gets a spit-laugh outta me, ’cause that was surely a highlight of ’90s fashion WTFery).

It of course devolves into a hair-pulling, name-calling, all-out war, as both sides rush the divide.

But just in time, a PD comes out with a bullhorn to announce they’re going in. (Daeju? Aw seeing the old 1N2D crew stick together gives me the warm fuzzies.) Nothing like the promise of seeing their oppas to calm a raging war.

The war resumes in the form of out-cheering each other when the Daesang comes up… and we hear Shin Dong-yup’s voice, so they must’ve just cut in the audio from the original broadcast.

Mom and Dad watch from home… and see Shi-won screaming from the crowd. Oh noes. Mom screams in delight and Dad crushes an orange with his bare hands. Eep!

The MC teases them about whether or not to just give the award to H.O.T. or Sechskies, back and forth, back and forth… and then announces that the Daesang goes to… Kim Jong-hwan.

Pfffffft. Love it. This is so hilarious. Both sides go from screaming to dead silence, and slump down in utter defeat. Yoo-jung and Shi-won look over at each other across the aisle in shock.

The only one who’s happy is Mom, who squeals and sings along, as Dad covers his ears.

The aftermath outside the theater is like a fangirl wasteland. The Sechskies and H.O.T. presidents now sit huddled together, suddenly war buddies who know each other’s pain only too well.

The boys play basketball, and suddenly Sung-jae runs out in the middle of the game because the girls have arrived from Seoul. He rushes away to go pick up Eun Gak-ha. Hak-chan trails after him, to go get Yoo-jung.

That leaves Yoon-jae and Joon-hee alone, and Joon-hee asks why he’s not going to pick up Shi-won. He sighs that there’s someone else to do that.

Yoon-jae: “Why do you like Shi-won?” Joon-hee just turns the question back on him. Yoon-jae tells him to guess.

Joon-hee says he thought they were twins at first—they always fought, but then always went home from school together.

Joon-hee: “Isn’t Shi-won the person you’re closest to in the whole world, like a twin? You like it when you’re together, and it’s comfortable, and even if you’re not doing anything, there’s no awkwardness between you. That’s what I was always most envious of. Isn’t that why you like her?”

Yoon-jae says no, he’s wrong about that. Joon-hee: “Then why? Why do you like Shi-won?”

Back to the scenes that opened the episode. Yoo-jung asks Hak-chan: “Why do you like me?”

Shi-won asks Tae-woong: “Oppa, why do you like me?” No answer. “Because… I’m like Song-joo unni?”

Joon-hee asks Yoon-jae again. Yoon-jae: “Because… she’s pretty.” Awwwwwwwwwww.

Yoo-jung waits for her answer. Hak-chan: “Because you’re cute, and pretty.” She does a little happy jiggle.

Shi-won asks if Tae-woong likes her because she reminds him of unni, but he says no, he did at first, but not now. “Because you’re pretty.”

She points out her un-pretty features, but he says she’s still pretty in his eyes. “Though, not in anyone else’s.”

Eun Gak-ha asks Sung-jae why he likes her. Sung-jae: “Your chest.” Haha. Unsurprisingly, she walks out on him. Sung-jae: “No, your arms! Your legs!” Not making it better!

Back to the reunion, where Eun Dokki’s hubby answers the question the same way: Because she’s pretty. Because everything about her, from her wrinkles to her moles, is pretty in his eyes.

And then we return to the basketball court, where Yoon-jae asks Joon-hee why he likes Shi-won. Joon-hee: “I don’t like Shi-won. I like someone else.” *gasp*

Yoon-jae nudges him, “Who?” He takes a deep breath and bites his lip…


Omomomomomomomo. He said it! He said it! I’m holding my breath…

The longest silent moment in the history of silent moments passes back and forth between them. Joon-hee bravely doesn’t break his gaze, doesn’t take it back.

Finally Yoon-jae processes it in the only way he can, and slaps him on the back, laughing that he got him good. Oh noes!

But his good-natured ribbing actually gives Joon-hee license to keep saying it, because Yoon-jae thinks he’s kidding. “No, it’s really you.” The laugh and joke, which is sweet, even though my heart just breaks for Joon-hee. He narrates:

Joon-hee: The reason I like you? Because you’re that person. Because you’re you. Is there another reason besides that one? I’d rather know the reason if there was one. Then I could find a way to not like you. If I can’t avoid it, then there’s only one thing I want: to remain by your side, unchanged, for long time. Here’s to our love, that chills our hearts.


So I didn’t expect Shi-won to say yes to Tae-woong, but certainly understand why she would. She grew up idolizing their father, and then idolizing him, the cool oppa who’s showering her with attention and making her feel loved, which is something that no matter how much Yoon-jae likes her, has yet to be able to show. So it makes perfect sense that she’d just go along for the ride, despite the fact that they don’t quite fit, which I get the sense that they know, deep down.

She’s young, but she knows enough to wonder if Tae-woong likes her because she reminds him of Song-joo. I don’t think Tae-woong is conflating the two sisters or doing anything bad. Mostly I just feel so sad for him that he lost the love of his life. I don’t think he’s consciously trying to replace Song-joo with Shi-won; but I do think he’s trying to patch his heart and thinks he has a firmer grasp of his feelings than he really does. I believe him when he says he likes her, but I don’t think it’s much deeper than that. And more importantly, I don’t think Shi-won’s heart is there.

Their relationship probably does more for Yoon-jae’s character than anything, because he’s the one who suffers the consequences of letting Hyung be quicker on the draw. I feel such painful empathy for him when he reacts with such anger at Shi-won because he has no other place to direct his feelings, no other way to express his anger at her for choosing Tae-woong. Except he never stepped up to let her know there was a choice between them. I see why he skips that step in his brain, but the truth is, Shi-won mostly thinks he hates her. He spends all day complaining about how immature she is, but he says the opposite of everything he means, and then gets mad at her for not reading his mind. I just want to shake him. But it’s that frustratingly realistic version of teenage love that this show does so well. People behave not like drama heroes, but like people.

My heart stopped when Joon-hee finally confessed his crush, and I almost didn’t even know if I was relieved to delay the inevitable crushing heartbreak of rejection or even sadder that Yoon-jae didn’t take him seriously. Aaaaaaack. Yet another way to put us through the wringer that I didn’t expect. But I do really love how they end that moment with them in the same place in their lives—stuck in these painful one-sided loves that they can’t stop, and can’t win. I’m rooting for you both… except there’s no way that works out, is there? Why so cruel? And why doesn’t Joon-hee get a Puppy of Fate of his own?


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  1. kbap

    Thank you for the recap! 🙂

    • 1.1 Peachy

      Yay! It’s kinda clearer that Yoon Jae is the father because of the ep 9 “Thread of faith”. I think the puppy symbolizes the invisible thread of faith. Therefore Shi-won ends up with Yoon Jae.
      We are getting there fangirls. lol

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        OMG… YES YES YES.

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          There are so many romantic triangles! It hurts but in such a good way. I just wanna hug Joon-hee. I love the cast and this drama so much…it’s ridiculous.

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        Has to happen like this or this drama would suck…I mean, ending-wise (like Big) if Shi-Won were to end up with Tae Woong.

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      I was super giddy when i saw that the recap was posted…
      My heart was doing some serious circus acts as i read through the episodes…

      From the little adorable chemistry and childishness… To the sweet honesty… To the those i’ll-act-opposite-of-what-i-truly-feel-teenage angst… To the surreal confessiona and to the heartfelt and bombshell TRUTHs….
      OmO… Those episode was AMAZING…..!

      As yoonjae explained the reason behind his attraction to his childhood friend, which is super duper ultra mega SWEET!!! My heart was just doing somersaults… But when joonhee confessed of liking him…. My heart was literally confused if it would stop beating or Pound like it was being drummed by a sledgehammer. I think if i drop dead due to arrythmia would be the understatement of the day….

      I super luff luff luf this show….
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    • 4.1 Roggy

      I think Yoon-jae knew Joon-hee’s words weren’t a joke.

      I think he laughed it off just because he didnt want to take them seriously, oth because itd affect their friendship and because of the societal values of the time.

      • 4.1.1 Ella

        But even if the societal values of the time weren’t as restrictive, or even if it wasn’t a homosexual relationship in question – if yoon jae was a girl and joon hee confessed, he’d likely be in the same situation; yoon jae only has eyes for shi won.

        • mars

          To me this scene wasn’t about Yoon-jae’s reaction in-as-much as it was about how absolutely soul crushing his reaction is for Joon-hee. Even if Yoon-jae believed him he opted to treat the confession as a joke, and as such it’ll be shoved under the rug and likely never mentioned again. That’s what makes his end monologue so heart-wrenching; because at least Yoon-jae stands a chance with Shi-won. Joon-hee isn’t even afforded the luxury of thinking it could’ve been, and he has to find a way to deal with his feelings. It’s the plight of a lot of queer people, and I think it’s being portrayed realistically and with a deft touch. I just hope the show can give Joon-hee a happy ending.

          • asdf

            for this comment – you are my hero.

          • Geeme Koon

            his reaction is how athletes joke with each other in the locker room, guys hug and get affectionate like brothers and wrestle and fight. They will even laugh at each other and say dont be gay… and say those kind of jokes. If anyone was really gay in the locker room or in a circle, then all that horsing around would be awkward and it changes the way you act around someone.

            Its not just a simple rejection awkwardness, but its a complete dismissal that Joon hee would ever be gay.

            it’s difficult to confess one’s feelings, let alone let someone know they are gay.

            Hope their friendship is strong and survive this confession.

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          you can watch it subbed here: http://www.dramaholics.com/reply-1997-korean-drama/

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            Thanks so much for the link:) I love the reactions when they realised TW is YJ’s brother and their expressions when they saw the girls’ hairstyles!!!! Love it. These are the most funny moments! Thanks so much.

        • Ally

          also can some tell me what Yoon-jae says in this preview of ep 11??


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        Seeing Ji Won laughing was priceless (how I miss that laugh on 1N2D). I swear he was laughing for real cos that’s how he used to laugh on 1N2D and when he appears on other variety shows when something funny comes up.

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      Here’s Youtube link to the first part of Ep 9. Suffice to say I’ve rewatched it about 10 times to try to figure out who’s hand it was that reached out:

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        TW’s sweet. But i need this to be a one true love for them.

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    this drama make me weird….i ship Joon-hee and Yoon-jae more than shi won…
    the only drama that can turn me to gay shipper

    • 9.1 NN

      I’m with you on this one! Love the drama. Surprised how well acted, scripted and directed this is. Hoya is doing a fantastic job as Joon-Hee. I came across this interesting article on why PD Shin decided to include a boy-boy love line: http://infiniteupdates.tumblr.com/post/30198844451

      • 9.1.1 lucertola

        Thanks for sharing this article.

        lool about this part
        “Shin PD said that some reactions were so agitated that “There are even replies on the board that make it seem like they would be in a fanfic such as ‘They say that Sung Siwon will become the surrogate mother and Kang Junhee and Yoon Yoonjae will continue on,’ ‘They say Kang Junhee and Yoon Yoonjae will get married.’””

        I wouldn’t mind this ending 😛

  10. 10 kelinci biru

    Puppy of fate. I like that.

    My heart stopped for Joon Hee, but I want Yoon Jae to know that he doesn’t kid, that Joon Hee really likes him. Aw. Please, show, don’t let that hang there. You have to address the confession.

    FYI, GF, you’re missing the first 12minutes of episode 9 (I downloaded the same version), now I have to re-download ep9 for the missing 12minutes.

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    Just thought you should know, there’s actually a scene before the flashback in the beginning of episode 9. I didn’t know that til I downloaded a different version of episodes 9&10. I’m assuming you watched the 720p episodes by WITH, but I’d recommend watching the 450p episodes by Chan. The scene is a pretty hilarious segment where the friends find out that Tae-woong is Yun-Jae’s brother. Hahaha

    • 12.1 pigtookie

      yeah I’ve found that a lot of the versions out there online missed the first scene.

    • 12.2 Jackeline

      Can I have the link, please?

    • 12.3 Ruxandra

      And there’s also another scene – but I’m not sure if it was in this episode or the one before, where we kind of get the idea that Shi Won and Yoon Jae are the parents…It’s pretty obvious, actually in that scene that takes place at the reunion…Am I the only one who saw it?

      • 12.3.1 almondherb

        What scene? Are we talking about the same scene?

        I’ve noticed this particular scene that took place at the reunion. It is where Yoo Jung gave that fetus picture to the mysterious dad. She put it not far from Shi Won. Notice that it was the right hand that took the picture. Then we panned to the scene where Yoon Jae is smiling and Tae Woong shove something into his pocket. I bet that it’s Yoon Jae that took the picture and his smile after that? Smile of a proud father. And for Tae Woong, I guess he just put his cellphone in his pocket after a phone call earlier.

        I might be delusional but that’s what I conclude from that scene alone.

        • almondherb

          My bad. Not right hand. It’s left hand. 🙂

  13. 13 stars4u

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    Yoon-jae eating beside Yoon-jae the puppy was so adorable!
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    I love this show. Thanks Girlfriday! Great recap. You put things so nicely. Quite honestly, I’m irritated by the older bro swooping in and getting the girl. And what an odd pair. After reading your take on it, i’m less grossed out by big bro. He has a sad story too. I love this show…

  16. 16 Enz

    Haven’t watched but so looking forward.. Is nobody else thinking that it’s a bit icky for taewoong to be with shi won when he had loved her sister as well? Plus he was her teacher and there is a considerable gap?

    But the drama is reallly top notch.. Love it

    • 16.1 lizzie

      Then what about SW dating YJ since she dated TW too?

      She will be dating her ex-boyfriend younger brother the same TW did, dating his ex-girlfriend younger sister.

      But thing is, his ex-girlfriend is not alive and it has been 7 years.

      YJ and SW dating right away won’t be nice and will hurt his feelings.

      And a brother getting his older brother’s girl isn’t nice too.

      • 16.1.1 Enz

        I haven’t thought bout that part yet cos it hasn’t happened. But tw had a serious relationship with the sis and then fir him to develop feelings for the younger sis, esp when he was a teacher in that school seems a bit wrong to me. I like tw and I empathize with what he has been through and yes, he deserves his happiness.. But I can’t help but think he should at least feel a little, I don’t know, uneasiness and doubt, that he should fall for the sis of his ex love.

        If yj and sw were to get together after shi won has dated tw, I wouldn’t find it as weird If they it hadn’t progressed beyond that coz they discover quickly that they were not right as boyfriend-girlfriend. Also, cos the drama has shown us so much more the interaction between yj and sw, it’s much more believable that the non platonic love was there already, just unrecognized on the part of sw.

      • 16.1.2 Jessica

        I guess we don’t know how far they’ll go. Perhaps it’ll just be innocent dating but then they’ll realize it’s not right before anything advances any further.

        At least I hope that’s what happens because it would be strange.

  17. 17 Kandmt

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  20. 20 lei

    thanks gf for the recap

    there’s something that got me confused and i hope the beanut gallery can help. back in ep2, yoon jae kissed shi won. when did that happen in the timeline? was that in 1997 or 1998 or some time after?

    the flashbacks are usually shown in the proper sequence. we get the 1997 flashbacks then the 1998. if the kiss happened in 1997, shi won should have known then that yoon jae likes her. the flashbacks following that didn’t really say what happened after.

    maybe the timing of the kiss would be shown in future eps? or am i over analyzing? 😀 i find this show manages to fit about every little detail together. except for this one scene (or maybe there’s something i missed)

    thanks in advance, everyone and sorry if this had been answered in the past recaps/comments.

    • 20.1 pigtookie

      i’m pretty sure that happened in 1997. right before the kiss, there was a tense moment between them lingering from the awkwardness of the day before (with the frog and awkward touch…)

      i’d thought of that too, that somewhere in her heart a trigger went off but afterwards their relationship was still the same, so i wouldn’t be surprised if she really thought that was a joke. aww, even shi won and yoon jae’s reaction to the sort-of confessions were the same. these twins.

      still, i’m a firm believer that she hasn’t been entirely oblivious to his displays of affection. if anything, his wish for her to let him reject yoo jung back in episode 1 should have been a major hint. afterwards, when she was watching her recording with what looked to me like a pensive look, i was fooled thinking she was reflecting on his wish.

    • 20.2 Mao Chan

      I believe it happened in 1997 but Shi Won took it as a joke. She may’ve thought of the possibility of YoonJae liking her but it was often shot down whenever he makes a rude remark to/about her (even though he always means the opposite of what he says..)

  21. 21 occa

    thanks GF!

    this pair of episodes i think has been my fav. but it seems this show tops itself every week so who knows how fabulous next week’s will be.

    FYI- it looks like you missed the first 11 minutes or so of ep 9. It had some juicy bit about present day 2012 with SW showing everyone her baby’s sonogram and either TW or YJ reaching to put the pix away later. And there were scenes with the girls getting their hair done & the friends finally finding out TW is YJ’s bro.

  22. 22 ilukd

    Joon-hee …. I don’t know what to say but your love for Yoon-Jae always makes me cry …. Why you have to love him … This drama is awesome …. Acting, story, directing, editing … Everything is perfect …. I wish all these idols better future …. Love Love Love this drama … Thanks Girlfriday and Javabeans for writing this review

  23. 23 embermiya

    I swore in a different post GF said that there were only eight episodes. Did I miss something? How many episodes are there? Not that I’m complaining, I love this show.

    • 23.1 bishbash

      16 episodes, shown back to back 2 episodes a week, making it airing for 8 weeks.

  24. 24 Rashell

    This show is simply fabulous! I laugh. I cry. And everything in between. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Thanks for recapping this one. I really wouldn’t have found it otherwise.

  25. 25 Jackeline

    I really REALLY like the metaphor with the red threads of fate and the puppies.

    Yoonjae’s white puppy was originally for Shiwon, but because he couldn’t give it, he gave it to Joonhee. However, Joonhee, no matter how much he wanted to keep the puppy, ended up giving it away. And then, through fate, the puppy ends back in Shiwon’s hands (its rightful owner).

    That right there. Says SO MUCH about their triangle. ;_; And simply because of this, I’ll keep believing Yoonjae ends up with Shiwon. Like he narrated, the thread may be very tangled, but once they spend the time to untangled it, they’ll end up with their fated one.

    ACK Joonhee breaks. my. heart. omg Yoonjae you ass why can’t you take him seriously? I feel like yelling at him through my screen lol. Oh teenage love.

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday! Can’t wait for the next one.

    • 25.1 Jessica

      The red threads is an East Asian folklore. I remember a long time ago watching some old Hong Kong movie about this “cupid” who could see the threads and used her ability to setup a matchmaking company 🙂 The only problem was she couldn’t see her own!

      • 25.1.1 Jackeline

        Oh yes, I’m well aware of that! I’m Chinese myself haha. Which is why I really liked that they used it in here, and showed it by using the puppies. ^^

  26. 26 pigtookie

    Puppies and threads and parents’ lovelines mixing up but eventually finding their way into the future. Aww. And what encouragement for the viewers 🙂

    As cute as the scene where puppy Yoon Jae ends up with Shi Won was, I found it endearing that Shi Won found another puppy that looked just like him, saw the resemblance and was so attached to it. (It’s likely that she likes dogs in general and can’t bear to leave a puppy alone in the park, but I can believe that hehe.) Though she usually latches onto Yoon Jae like she does his puppy.

    When Shi Won questions Tae Woong about her resemblance to Song Joo, I believed he was sincere that his initial infatuation turned into liking her for her alone. But I don’t see that she makes him as crazy as Song Joo did. Maybe he’s more mature, but while I don’t doubt they could end up happy together, right now in episodes 9/10, their chemistry is still lukewarm. Shi Won ah… since she’s so wrapped up in H.O.T. fangirl land, I was half-expecting her not to respond so readily to dating a non-Tony. Though as a kind-of fangirl myself, I can tell there’s a disconnect between fantasy and reality.

  27. 27 grany

    Darn..the poor guy doesnt even get the puppy..why so cruel.
    In my crazy imagination, in the end yong jae and shi won end up together, and as she whisper in his ear “Do you know that joon hee likes you?”. And leisurely he answer “I do”.

    I do believe both yong jae (as shi won in the 2nd ep) didnt take it all as a joke. It’s just their way to react to such shocking confession.

  28. 28 KDrama Fan

    Thanks GF. Love reading the recaps you write for this drama.

  29. 29 YChase007

    Love this drama. Cant wait for Shiwon to get the drop of reality and chooses to stop playing house with TW and get real with her feelings about YJ. Im going to love watching this destiny thread be untangled. Thx for the recap 😛

  30. 30 Anne

    I was wondering, when you mentioned something about 1n2d sticking together did you mean, the writer and eun jiwon? Or are the people behind this drama part of the old 1n2d team?

    • 30.1 girlfriday

      PD, Head writer, junior writers – all old 1n2d staff.

      • 30.1.1 JIW_sobangnim

        OMG. NO wonders. No wonders no wonders. THAT IT MY FAV YENUNG AND THIS DRAMA IS THE BEST THIS YEAR. Maybe a little behind K2H.

        Cant wait for tomorrow night!

      • 30.1.2 Hafy

        WOW! That is daebak! I have always and forever will have soft spot on these people.. Although I know I would never know what they are up too now.. Thanks for the info.. ^^

      • 30.1.3 oozzeee

        , one more shout out to 1n2d, the baseball player that cameod as TW’s father was also a guest back in one of their old episode… Hodong called him up when they went to Busan, and he showed up and stayed the night too.. I remember him coz Hodong was teasing him about his fan-boying over Han Hyo Joo…

      • 30.1.4 anne

        no wonder this drama is ace. glad to know they’re doing dramas now.

      • 30.1.5 anne

        i googled and it says Shin PD is from qualifications of men and not 1n2d.

        • girlfriday

          Happy Sunday is an umbrella “corner” at KBS that covers both shows. He went from being a junior PD on 1bak to a PD on Qualifications. And then on to CJ E&M, where a lot of the old guard at 1bak went to. Now he does dramas for CJ.

          Not that any of this is important. Just random factoids that live in my brain.

      • 30.1.6 sparkzy

        Honestly, the appearance of Daeju was one of those small things that just has me head over heels for this drama…
        So much of it is meta, and all the inside jokes is SUCH GREAT FAN SERVICE.
        Little factoids dropped like, “Shin Dong Yup is so cute in 3 men, 3 women” (the korean version of “friends” at the time) exemplifies the staff’s keen attention to detail…

        My ONLY request is that Shiwon develop a bit more as a character… while she has plenty of “aha” moments (like when her dad got sick), I think it would be nice to see more moments of her when she’s not a raging fan girl (although it does provide me with endless entertainment!).

        Now back to rewatching episode 9 and 10 (for the 4th time this week)!

      • 30.1.7 Anon1403

        No wonder I felt a sense of familiarity with this drama and the cameos 😀 They showed Park Chan Ho on the baseball match, Lee Daeho, Kim Jongmin, Daegu and casted Jiwon etc. How I love the bond between the 1n2d team ^^

  31. 31 inggg

    been waiting for this the whole weekkkk.. Thank youuuu!!

  32. 32 Ariel

    I think Yoon jae knows deep down that Joon hee is not joking but how do you respond to your best friend telling you that he loves you? Treat it as a joke so that the balance of friendship remains the same because your not ready to address those feelings, not yet anyway.
    I watched a video of Hoya and Seo In-gook fooling around which was very funny and shows how comfortable they are with each other. It goes:
    SIG: holding Hoya’s hands, “your hands are so soft”.
    Hoya: I put lotion so that it will be soft for you.
    SIG: Your chest is so hard.
    Hoya: So that you will be comfortable when you hug me.
    SIG: Giggles like a schoolgirl.
    These are not the direct translation it’s what my faulty memory sort of remember, but it shows the level of comfort both actors have in playing their roles.
    Just read GF comments PD and writers came from 1N2D, it just validates my belief that this show is the secret training ground for film and drama staff that will eventually take over the world and enslave us all.

  33. 33 eternalfive

    Yaaay, thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    This drama just gets better and better. I think these two eps are my favourites so far – and not just because I got to see Hoya dancing. 😛 My heart broke over and over again for Joon-hee in these eps – the poor guy doesn’t even get to keep Puppy Yoon-jae, and then he gets his confession laughed off. T_T I mean seriously, if he can’t get Human Yoon-jae, couldn’t he at least keep the puppy?! </3 Although I did love his confession, and all the Yoon-jae/Joon-hee moments in general. So heartbreaking. But in such a good way.

    Can't wait for tomorrow. Omg, this show makes me so happy.

  34. 34 Rong

    The first 10 minutes of the show is not recapped! PPS does not have the first 10 minutes. I am dying to find out what is being said. The gathering at present day and 1998 meal gathering.

  35. 35 bd

    Everything in AM1997 felt so real… until Tae-woong tells Yoon-jae that he has feelings for Shi-won.

    1st, there’s the age factor (ew); 2nd, Shi-won is the younger sister of his dead fiance (double ew) 3rd, TW knew SW as a little girl (triple ew) and let’s face it, SW still acts as an immature teen and I can’t see why TW would see her in a romantic light.

    Yeah, I understand that this was done to give YJ more angst and to build tension leading up to the climax, but it just feels really forced (even tho I was kinda expecting it due to all the hints, I was pretty pissed that the writers went there).

    Also seems forced from SW’s POV – since TW was like a brother-in-law to her for much of her life.

    Mom and Dad still crack me up and it was sweet seeing them as their teenage selves.

    Also think Sung-jae is really funny. He’s like the group’s Cliff Clavin – from “Cheers”, except he actually knows things (the way the actor who plays him talks, esp. when he gets louder and all excited really reminds me of Cha Seung-won).

    Definitely don’t like YJ getting the “noble idiot” syndrome by virtue of staying silent.

    And what ever happened to TW telling SW about his feelings on “D-day”?

    By the time he confessed, it was well after D-Day.

    The whole thing w/ the puppies was a bit weird.

    • 35.1 lizzie

      Why it is ”ewww” so because he dated his sister is not cool to date SW? because she is the younger sister?

      Then my friend, now that SW and TW are dating the same happens if YJ and SW starts to date! He’ll be dating his brother ex-girlfriend and she’ll be dating his ex-boyfriend younger brother! You must be against it too right? Because if you guys are okay with it and not with TW/SW I call it hipocrisy!

      YJ also know SW since she was kid..

      He isn’t that old to also. So many couples have 10 years apart. My parents did, my friends all have parents with the same time gap apart.

      I think people are hating /disliking TW too much….

      He is a nice guy. He started to like SW now, she has what? 18/19 by korean age, she isn’t a kid anymore.
      She is a nice and sweet girl. Why can’t TW falls for her?

      Plus YJ greateast enemy is himself. Not honest about his feelings and don’t have the guts to confess!

      I understand people like and ship YJ and SW, and want they to end together, but hating on the second guy isn’t cool. He did nothing wrong and also deserves some love.

      If SW breaks up with him and go to YJ, I hope it happens just years after because date TW and go date YJ right away won’T be nice and will hurt TW greatly.

      I think YJ and SW will just start to date years late, and that is why she is pregant just now with 33 years.

      • 35.1.1 Aasa

        This whole age excuse always cracks me up. There’s a damn huge difference between a 28 year old (full ass grown adult) dating an 18 year old (who from special exceptions are still immature – nevermind that this particular one is still in HS) and actual two adults who most likely already have some handle on their life and aren’t relying on the older half as some sort of caretaker figure rather than an equal partner.

        And Tae-woong dating his dead ex’s much younger sister because he suddenly got attracted to the similar mannerisms that Song joo had? Yeah…say yeah, creepy too.

      • 35.1.2 bd

        Pretty much any father w/ an 18 yr old daughter who has some 28 yr old guy making a move on her would be grabbing a baseball bat or his shotgun.

        The girl is still basically a HS student and the guy is well beyond his college years.

        This is nothing like a 28 yr old dating a 38 yr old.

        And if you can’t figure out what the diff. is btwn YJ knowing SW as a kid (they were both kids together) and TW knowing SW as a kid while he was an adult, then you got problems.

        And if YJ ends up dating SW it really wouldn’t be weird (would depend on how much the relationship btwn TW and SY advances) since he had feelings for her from the onset.

        If it pretty much just remains a pretty platonic relationship, then no big deal.

        But in contrast, TW was SY’s older sister’s fiance – big diff.

        And no big deal?

        TW is not only much older than SW and her dead sister’s fiance. he’s also was a teacher at her school.

        He would be “tarred and feather” as a “perv” by anyone w/ a rationale mind.

        • Laeah

          My ex boyfriend was 26 when I was 18. We indeed broke up later on because of the age difference and being at different places in life, but there was nothing perverted about the relationship at all. He was a gentleman the whole time. It was the best relationship of my life so far so I have no regrets. It’s best to look at each man as an individual case, rather than a category.

          My father loved him by the way. 😉

          As for him, the thing that creeps me out is the dead sister thing. That’s just not cool.

    • 35.2 Hafy

      For me it does feel real you know that TW fall for SW. Cause I know of someone who marry the sister of his late wife. So, for TW to developed feeling for SW the sister of his ex-gf, does not feel unreal for me. Thou, in my opinion, TW loves for SW is not as deep as YJ and I don’t even think SW loves TW that much. It just that this is the first guy who told her that he likes her and she is flatter. Plus, I do think she has a crush on TW.

      And YJ is not being a noble idiot here. I don’t see it that way. I mean his brother does not care of his own dream and raised him since their parents death. So, of course YJ would give way for his brother and did not tell SW of his feeling once he knows that his brother also like SW. For me, there is no noble idiot here just gratitude toward his brother and unselfishness.

      • 35.2.1 bd

        Did that person start dating the sister as she was finishing high school?

    • 35.3 flour

      well wow, the show still feels real to me. although i got disgusted whenever TW comes out, i understand why he likes her. and i respect the writer for actually going there. it actually what happened to one of my friends. we were in the second year of highschool and his older brother (>20 yo, not 10years dif but its quite a similar case) likes this girl in our circle of friends. the older brother ended up confessing (to him, not her) first and he felt like he cant compete with his older bro so he got all cranky around the girl. believe it or not, it really did happen, thats why i dont feel the sibling rivalry is forced.

      • 35.3.1 Ranter

        Anybody else find it weird that he was the teacher she tried to get out of class with by describing her period? I didn’t think that was consistent with their oppa-dongseng relationship.

        • ravens_nest

          I actually think that reinforces their close relationship. Would she really have the courage to say something so intimate to someone she wasn’t comfortable with? Part of me says ‘yes’ cuz she’s really cray-cray when she fangirls but part of me says ‘no’ because she’s still talking about her period…

  36. 36 faranak

    wow! iLOVE this show,it’s so warm and i enjoy the love lines,thank you girlfriday for this great recap :*

  37. 37 Rui

    There is 12 minutes you lost because you must have watch thecut version.

    So happy that at least you thinks Tae Woong likes SW and that is not wrong for him date her and that he isn’t dating her because she reminds him his ex.

    Plus I like how you also think that YJ should step up and stop being angry with SW when he was the one who never confessed, not her fault she doesn’t understand you YJ!

    • 37.1 Aasa

      “that he isn’t dating her because she reminds him his ex.”

      Except as show in the previous episodes, that’s EXACTLY the reason he got interested in her in the first place. From Shi-won emulating Song Joo’s mannerisms.

      • 37.1.1 lizzie

        So many people start to date someone because of something.

        If TW was dating her only because she reminded him of the sister I would be against it. But he is not. He likes her and I’m okay with it.

      • 37.1.2 ian

        You’re right, but as he said in Episode 10. That isn’t the case anymore. Seriously. It’s like, people are forcing what they want to see just so they can have the pair they’re rooting for come true.

  38. 38 Aasa

    Sp what’s the male version of a cougar cause Tae-woong is pretty close to that (never mind that he dated her sister and no matter what bs he’s pulling – that’s probably one of the big reasons he’s even interested in Shi-won)? It’s really made me dislike his character A LOT.

  39. 39 lizzie

    lol at people hating on TW. He is a nice guy. Stop hating on him just because he had the guts to confess and got the girl. Not his fault YJ couldn’t confess in 2 years and TW didn’t even knew his brother liked SW.

    Is not like he break up with one sister and went to another. the sister died 7 years ago.

    Also these two episodes showed us he likes SW because she is SW not because she reminds him of her sister. Please read the recap first.

    Plus, stop saying he is a cougar! He isn’t that old!

    I wish to know his real age to be honest, didn’t find it…..

    do someone know how old TW is supposed to be?

    • 39.1 NN

      I like TW and think it’s sweet to see how he treats SW and how much he sacrificed for his bro. Love YJ and wish to see him with SW, too or at least see him happy. Yet, I love JH, too and feel so sad about his unrequited love. I’m a very confused shipper …

    • 39.2 dangerousgoods

      Tae-woong is nine-years older than everyone, which makes him 27. I think they mention his age in the show, when the ad about ‘I Like School’ is shown 🙂

    • 39.3 bd

      No one’s “hating” on TW – but for someone that much older (big diff. when the other person is still finishing HS) and who was a TEACHER at her school – it’s a no-go in most people’s eyes.

  40. 40 Chinky

    Thanks so much for the recap. Been waiting like forever. So love this show even though the suspense of who shiwon will end up with, is killing me. 🙂
    I read somewhere that not even the actors know who Shiwon will choose. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll end up with Yoonjae. 😀

  41. 41 dangerousgoods

    Thanks for the recap GF~

    Too bad you missed out on the first 11 minutes – like everyone else, I was so surprised when I saw the opening. I’m becoming more convinced Shi-won’s hitched to Yoon-jae, wooo~ It was totally his left hand, I swear!

    Rofl, Yoo-jung and Shi-won, fashion slaves of the 90s! Only then could you get lip-stick names like ‘A Thousand Nights’ and ‘Ice Ice Smokey’ The boys’ aghast reactions were priceless. I LOLed over Hak-chan’s retort (Say that looking to their faces) to Jun-hee’s “You guys look pretty!”

    I love how the writers have set-up the boys’ friendships, you only need to see Sung-jae’s death stare and Hak-chan’s chop-stick jab towards Yoon-jae to know these guys have such camaraderie and play off each other’s reactions. Dudes are set for life! Loving the Yoon-jaexJun-hee interactions, made my inner fan-girl die and come back to life after seeing Yoon-jae pat Jun-hee’s butt XD Wouldn’t mind more skinship moments, and am pratically salivating over the inevitable grudge/oh-i-like-you-back realisation kiss (I hope!) between Yoon-jae and Shi-won *Giggling like Shi-won during her racy fanfic scenes*

  42. 42 trixicopper

    Pretty sure the end game is YJ/SW. Seriously, can anyone imagine SW as a rising politicians wife?

    Thanks GF! Love this show! 🙂

    • 42.1 Roggy

      Thatd be the funniest joke the show could ever pull LMAO

    • 42.2 Jess

      She doesn’t TALK like a rich man’s wife. lol. she rants about YJ breaking her cover that’s 30 bucks.

    • 42.3 Sonia

      I know. In her voice-over she said she was an assistant script writer who barely got to write anything expect props list. For some reason I think if she were wife to a pretty popular presidential candidate then she would have been given a raise, especially in a country like Korea where your connections make quite a bit of difference. Even if Shi won might not want to use such connections, the company employing her would want to keep her happy in her job. That’s just want I think. Besides, as Jess pointed out she does not talk like a rich man’s wife’s.

      The only thing is though why was Tae woong invited to the reunion? Unless he is someone’s husband because it doesn’t seem like they have invited other teachers. Oh well maybe he was just their favourite… or maybe he was their homeroom teacher…. which I didn’t think he was because he didn’t even know that his own brother was the class rep of that class (in ep one)…

      • 42.3.1 pigtookie

        I think they’re close because he’s Yoon Jae’s brother. In the beginning of Ep. 10, they really wanted to meet his brother and TW seemed to want to interact with them more. Also, this class is more significant to TW because it’s his final class of students, and if Eun Dokki was invited, I don’t see why TW can’t be.

        Hm but then Shi Won would be the wife of the court judge. And though she’s matured, I don’t think she would lose herself even if she were a politician’s wife.

  43. 43 flour

    eunjiwon’s evil laugh is back :”””D i’ve missed it so

  44. 44 kaka

    OMG! I’m so confused! My heart still feels the ache after YJ’s D-Day heartbreak, but I can’t help feeling happy when I saw TW grinning ear to ear when he answered SW’s call. This show is doing a good job for making me love every character in it. Although I’m still shipping YJ-SW, I don’t really mind who ends up with who. I believe the writer can give a satisfying ending for each one of them.

  45. 45 ezra

    The use of Drunken Truth during the confession scene of Junhee was so appropriate I couldn’t contain my feelings by the end of the episode! lol

    This drama really knows how to incorporate everything and make it a cohesive, and equally wonderful show.

    • 45.1 Tweedy

      Yes I have to fully agree on the Drunken Truth part. It couldn’t have been more apt, with the lyrics perfectly describing that scene and Joon Hee’s feelings and all.

      The producers are so amazing to have found the right song that had already existed (I googled, it came out in 1996) and it was so painful to watch Joon Hee trying to convince Yoon Jae with this song playing in the background.

      Hehe just in case you guys have never heard of this song before, here is JYJ’s Park Yoochun’s cover. Loooove it.


      • 45.1.1 ezra

        Drunken Truth was one of those popular songs back in the days, but my favorite cover would be Fly to the Sky’s version. 🙂

      • 45.1.2 Laeah

        I love Park Hyo Shin’s version best. Amazing!

    • 45.2 ian

      The lyrics of the song really just fit the situation perfectly. I was like, gaping at my screen. It was almost as if this song was written years ago just to be used as the bgm of that scene. Amazing, show, amazing.

  46. 46 Jess

    Hmm… Is it weird if I say I’m ok with Shi Won asking for cash from TW when they are not dating but not when they are? Because in the former scenario, it’s like an older brother treating a sibling, but when they’re dating… it’s just too sugar daddy-ish for me.

    Puppies of fate. Luff ~<3

    • 46.1 Jess

      Oh – And I LOVE that the show captures bits of the late 90s so well. In this ep, it must be when TW made tons of money from setting up the website. The newscaster narrating about him being on par with chaebol in the background while he is all slobby and chugging down coke in a pit filth… haha… reminds me of how during the dot com boom, young “nerds” were getting really rich.

  47. 47 lovepark

    I love this show, and am so surprised about how good it actually is compared to how I thought it would be super cheesy and bad when I first heard about it. The characters are so cute, and they writers and pds are doing a fantastic job.
    I really enjoy Shi-won’s parents’ interactions. They make me laugh so much but I cried the most because of them, too. Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa are simply amazing!

  48. 48 lucertola

    Thank you so much for recaps!!!
    I luv this show and I luv Joon-hee/Yoon-jae moments. And I luv Slam Dunk moments in this show. So many beautiful memories and emotions. Thank you show!

  49. 49 noi

    I’ve been waiting for this~ Yay thanks for the recap! I guess the puppy Yoonjae has been eyeing before is that little girl’s puppy, indeed the fateful puppy xD I love the cameos, the craycray fanwars, aaaand the thriller, lol!! I’m still sure that Siwon will end up with Yoonjae, but I enjoy how the writers playfully tease us, kke. I’ve just read Lee Myunghan PD thought about writer and Lee Woojung, and the part about him cherish her made me cry T_T The staffs and casts close interactions in 1N2D is one of the reasons why I love it… And this show has the similar vibe. It felt so real, and heartfelt, totally the drama of the year for me!! Sungjae romance is epic, I hope the writer can set him up with someone in the future (2012, lol), a cameo of goddess-like actress would be fun. Hehe…

  50. 50 Hex

    Anyone else disgusted by that date between Shi won and Tae woong? I swear he looked like a sugar daddy to me. That date right there tells me they can’t possibly end up together. I think she just loves him as an older brother and she’s mistaking that affection for something else. Tae woong’s confession must have come as a shock and when she stopped to think back, she must’ve thought might as well. She didn’t have anyone she loved (although I think she just hadn’t recognized her love for Yoon jae), and she had known Tae woong for practically her whole life and looked up to him to boot. Nothing could go wrong or so she thought. I really hope she comes of it soon. I think the directors really emphasized their difference when they had her go to the date with that outrageous hairstyle (even carefree-ly chewing that chewing gum as she walked to Tae woong’s car while he was all suited-booted, waiting nervously for her).

    Their age difference does not bother me much, but it’s the fact that she is still so young, and honestly her temperament is still like a kid’s. I wouldn’t care much if she was at least a little mature to understand what she was doing. And whoever’s saying there is no problem in their relationship because 10 years difference is no big deal, well how would you feel if a 18yr old guy dated a 12yr old? Creeped out I hope. And that’s just 6yrs difference. See how age difference matters differently with regards to the people’s ages. Whoever would have a problem if a 36 yr old went out with a 56 yr old dude, now imagine a 20 yr old falling for a one yr old and waiting for her to grow up to go out me him. eww yeah.

    • 50.1 ian

      Because a 12 year old should date yet. But an 18 year old is well capable of dating someone, like Shiwon. Even someone who is 20 years her senior.

      But I do agree that Shiwon is still too immature to be matched well with Taewoong. However, I don’t see anything wrong with him being the “sugar daddy” as of the moment. Because she’s still in high school while he already has a job, of course, who’d be spending money between the two?

      I get that to some people the situation would be awkward and uncomfortable because it isn’t the way they were brought up to believe but to some, it seems that they understand it pretty well and still seem to come up with the pettiest of all reasons to blacklist Taewoong as Shiwon-Endgame material.

      Personally, I feel and believe that Shiwon will end up with Yunjae but that’s not going to make me feel the need to be obnoxious and harsh to Taewoong and the choices Shiwon and him have made to arrive to where they are now – dating.

      • 50.1.1 ian

        Sorry, I meant “shouldn’t date yet”.

    • 50.2 lizzie

      Hm 12-18 years is very different because the girl just turned a teen.

      9/6 years isn’t much older.

      SW and TW, well, people might find it creep but for me isnt. Maybe because of my parents story.

      My mother met my father when she was 17, and he had 26… yeah he is 10 years older. They fell in love and started dating… and when she made 18 years (legal age in my country) they married…. when she was 24 she had my sister and 26 had me. They are very happy. And the age never was a problem.

      But my mother was very mature for her age, my father and her parents said so.

      • 50.2.1 bd

        You’re trying too hard to defend this.

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