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Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 2
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Arang and the Magistrate is hilarious, in a zany sort of way. Watching it makes me immediately think back to one of the PD’s prior works, a short little 2-episoder from back in 2007 that I totally loved, The Story of Hyang Dan—and that’s a great thing because I remember wishing that could have been a longer series because I found it so absurd and charming. In fact, the first thing I did after watching yesterday’s premiere was to rewatch Hyang Dan.

(The Story of Hyang Dan, fyi, starred Choi Siwon and Seo Ji-hye and was a spoof of famous Korean folktales, like the one with the filial daughter who throws herself into the sea. And yes, there’s also a gag about the magistrates who keep dying because the ghosts scare them to death. Here are recaps for Episode 1 and Episode 2.)

Arang has the same sensibility, the same comic rhythm, and the same wacky tongue-in-cheek humor of Hyang Dan, but beefs everything up—more effects, more paranormal, more drama, more pathos. And, yay for us, more episodes.


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Eun-oh realizes that Arang is a link to his missing mother and gallops past Death to sweep her up onto his horse. Reaper Mu-young is hot on their heels, and his supernatural powers seem to give him added speed.

Arang winces as she grabs a handful of peach blossoms, since in this world they’re knife-sharp to ghostly skin, and throws them behind her. Mu-young skids to a stop and shields himself, one blossom slashing his face.

When they arrive at a riverbank, he’s still quite agitated and pulls the hairpin out of Arang’s hair. A flashback shows us that he’d given it to his mother, and now he demands to know where Arang picked it up.

She grabs it back and replies that it’s hers—she had it when she awoke as a ghost, so it must have been hers when she was living. Eun-oh thinks this means she met his mother prior to dying, but alas her pesky lost memory isn’t going to provide any clues.

Arang thanks him for his help and heads off. But he calls her back and offers to find her name for her after all—maybe then she’ll remember clues leading to his mother.

Arang perks up and tells him she was right all along, thinking he’s really a nice, sympathetic guy despite his cold exterior: “I’m a great judge of character!” She chatters on, which he endures grudgingly, though he complains about ghosts lingering in the here instead of going on to the after.

She tells him, “If you haven’t died, don’t talk. Everyone’s got their own desperate reason.” Her name-hunt is one such instance: “Do you know how frustrating it is not to know who you are?” He notes that the Reaper called her Arang, but adds, “I won’t call you by name, Amnesia.”

She figures it doesn’t matter, since they won’t know each other long enough to be using names anyway.

Mu-young arrives in heaven to see the king and pauses to gaze out at the fairies tending the garden. Jade Emperor guesses he was thinking of his sister, and tells him that once they come here to afterlife, they must cut the ties of their earthly lives. Aw, so the Reaper has a fairy sister in heaven he still misses? That’s so sad.

Mu-young reports that he hasn’t yet caught the runaway ghost. Hades comes strolling up and asks pointedly how Arang’s red rope got untied in the first place. Jade Emperor says she’ll come of her own will—the seeds of fate have been sown, and now it’s time for the buds to bloom.

To demonstrate, he touches a flower in the garden, and like a light switch, all the blooms turn white. Jade Emperor: “This is what fate is—it goes round and round and round, and at some point everything comes back to its place.” Another touch, and the blooms return to color.

Back in Miryang, Eun-oh surprises Dol-swe by announcing his intent to be the magistrate after all. Dol-swe worries that his master is suffering some kind of injury, and since he’s so hot-tempered and thick-headed (a dangerous? but endearing combination in the devoted lug of a servant), he blames those government idiots and runs off to find them.

Said government idiots, the Bang Trio (Lee-bang, Hyung-bang, Ye-bang), are currently worrying over the new magistrate not dying as expected. Bang No. 1 writes a letter to the king explaining how the new magistrate ran off without a care for his position and therefore shows contempt for the king. He pauses over some fancy wording—did he get it right? Bang No. 2: “I think that’s right. Isn’t that what all the important people say?”

Dol-swe bursts in and grabs them by the shirtfronts, demanding to know what they did to his master. Eun-oh puts a stop to it, but aw, ya big doofus. That’s so cute.

The Three Bangs sigh to themselves that their ungoverned existence is at an end. So they must have enjoyed not having officials lording their power over them and preferred their Wild West ways of self-rule.

They wonder if there’s anything they can do. Eun-oh’s the son of a nobleman, so they can’t do anything to him. Leader Bang takes the glass-half-full approach; maybe this is a good thing. They’ll have to fill the spot anyhow, and maybe they can get this magistrate on their side, or manipulate him.

That means they’ll want to observe Eun-oh for a bit, to size up his personality. And also, someone should go visit the nobleman’s family, the Chois. The three look askance at each other in a round of Not It.

Leader Lee-bang ends up cowering before Lord Choi, berated for picking an official so willy-nilly. Eun-oh’s father is a concern, since Lord Kim is powerful (though currently absent), even more so than Lord Choi.

Asked what Eun-oh has been up to, Lee-bang sputters, “A w-w-woman…”

Cut to: Arang sitting for her portrait, sort of. Eun-oh gets to work drawing her face, to be used to ask around about her identity. Trouble is, he’s a terrible artist, although hilariously he’s pleased with the first drawing until Arang reacts in horror: “I look like THAT?” Back to the drawing board.

Eun-oh keeps at it, crumpling up drawing after drawing, which the snooping Bangs pick up and inspect. Finally he resorts to bringing in an artist to draw for him, though the artist finds this all very weird—he can’t see the ghost, so Eun-oh looks a bit loony gazing off into thin air.

Lee-bang explains to Lord Choi that all Eun-oh does is shut himself up drawing pictures of women’s faces. Ha. Lord Choi orders him to find out what he’s after.

The headshots are a bust, so Eun-oh tries a different tack: Where did Arang die? They can look for clues.

Trouble is, she doesn’t know. She woke up literally in transit, following the Reaper. Arang offers up two clues about herself, though: (1) she’s an amnesiac ghost wandering the earth for the past three years (he’s all, DUH), and (2) she occasionally feels a sharp pain in her left side, like she was stabbed there.

Eun-oh: “Why are you only saying that NOW?!” They huff back and forth in annoyance, which is so cute. Thankfully their bickering is of the adorable sort, rather than grating.

First order of business as the magistrate: He instructs the Bangs to bring him records of unsolved murder cases in the past three years. Eun-oh flips through the logs, and the deaths read like a sly reading of Dramaland Cliches 101: fight with a mother-in-law, adultery. “Why are they all crimes of passion?” Because you’re Korean?

Nothing turns up. Arang wonders if that means it wasn’t murder, or maybe her corpse was undiscovered. She takes offense to the way he chuckles at the idea (“You must be rotting alone somewhere”—admittedly not a sensitive response) and accuses him of not taking this seriously.

She storms out of the office and fumes. Alone? Rotting? She complains that she was wrong about him after all.

Eun-oh wonders what to do next as his nighttime stroll takes him past a house that catches his eye. The gate is locked, so he launches himself over the wall. Yes, newly appointed authority, go ahead and trespass.

The lights are on in the home, and he slowly, cautiously opens the door. Eep! Why so eerie? He assess the contents of the room: book still open on the desk, women’s accessories and cosmetics still laid out.

Then, a ghostly murmur sounds. Looking around, his eyes widen to see a panel of embroidery, with butterflies stitched on it. What, are they magical time-traveling butterflies?

Walking down the same road, Arang stops outside house and wonders, “What are they doing over there?”

A small crowd of ghosts hovers around the front gate, busily hatching a plan. She asks what’s going on and is told a memorial service is being held inside. (It’s the rite held on the anniversary of a person’s death by their descendants.)

That spins Arang into a flashback, to a time when she’d been huddled over in hunger. A ghost had offered her a “mostly-unspoiled” rice ball, which she’d practically inhaled.

The elderly ghost had asked for her name, recoiling when she’d replied that she didn’t know. Telling her that young virgin ghosts are called Arang, he told her to use it for her name. He’d warned her that she had a hungry life ahead, advising her that the only thing for them to eat is the rice people scatter to appease the ghosts.

Now Arang perks up at the promise of appeasement rice.

Eun-oh continues his inspection, but a servant woman appears at the door and scolds him for entering without permission, telling him to return everything where he found it.

Eun-oh introduces himself as the magistrate and asks who the room belonged to. The servant woman says it was the previous magistrate’s daughter’s. It hasn’t been cleared out because the young lady disappeared, and her room ought to be exactly as she left it when she returns: “That room was everything to her.”

The wheels are turning in Eun-oh’s head, and he asks when it was. Three years ago. Could our mystery be solved so soon? I’m certain this can’t be all there is, but Eun-oh says, “I’ve found you, Amnesia.”

The hungry ghosts jostle each other like impatient runners waiting for the starting gun. They all claim dibs, but Arang elbows her way into their midst and calls finders-keepers.

The gate opens. A servant emerges with a bowl of food, and sets it down on the stoop. The ghosts start the race, grabbing each other and flying around in circles to claim the bowl, which goes flying in the air. The elderly ghost’s advice rings in Arang’s ear as she leaps for it: That she must do everything she can to claim that food, a ghost’s best source of sustenance.

Arang loses out to another ghost, who flees. The remaining ghosts turn on her, griping that it’s her fault they lost it. They leave cursing her, and she complains that ghosts aren’t supposed to gang up like that, but roam independently: “Don’t you have any pride?”

By the time she arrives at Eun-oh’s, he’s pacing in annoyance, wondering where she went. He’s impatient and grabs her arm to take her back to that room, telling her he’s found her. Lee Seo-rim was her name.

Arang takes in the room’s contents like a stranger, looking at the various belongings without recognition. She asks, “Are you positive?” He answers yes, pointing to the embroidery. It’s the same design that’s on the clothing she wears.

Yet there’s no flash of memory, no jolt of connection. He sighs in disappointment.

Eun-oh asks the Bang Trio about this, and they tsk-tsk that disappearance is a mischaracterization: the girl fell for a man and ran off. Such a genteel lady, who would’ve ever thought she’d run away for a lowly county official?

Eun-oh scoffs at that description. Arang, listening nearby, glares.

The Bangs say that nobody around knows what she looks like, since she was always shut in that room—which makes it more curious that she had the chance to catch the eye of any man at all. Her beloved father searched everywhere for her, giving up his own office to do so, but eventually died. She has no other family.

But, Lee-bang says, there was another party hurt by the ensuing rumors: the young lady had been betrothed.

Eun-oh gives Arang a pep talk, telling her to buck up. Arang huddles in a corner of the yard, glumly poking the ground with a stick. He’s only interested in whether her memory has returned, but she’s just as blank as she was the day she died.

She decides she has to meet that fiancé to ask what kind of person she was. But she can’t exactly talk to him, so…. could the magistrate?

He balks—he’s not about to go around announcing that he can see ghosts. She sighs that he has a point and thanks him for his help, saying goodbye. Since they have no reason to see each other anymore and all.

Eun-oh can’t have that, his eye landing on the pin in her hair. With reluctance he calls her back, agreeing to meet the fiancé.

She beams with gratitude, and Eun-oh’s face crumples in comical dismay. Heh.

The next day, Eun-oh arrives at the gate of said fiancé’s home… who should happen to be no other than Joo-wal, son of Lord Choi. He tsk-tsks to Arang—how could she choose some other lowly man over this rich, privileged nobleman?

From over the wall, Eun-oh catches a glimpse of Joo-wal drawing in the courtyard. Arang eagerly takes a peek… and her breath catches. She holds her chest and wonders at her reaction. Is it excitement? Pain?

She tells Eun-oh she can’t go inside after all. Patting her heart, she says, “This is racing and I can’t breathe.” Haha, because he’s pretty? Or is there something more significant at play?

Eun-oh exclaims in disbelief that ghosts don’t have hearts to palpitate, and she thumps her chest insisting she’s telling the truth. Unthinkingly he raises his hand to thump her chest right back, but remembers himself before making that particular faux pas. HA.

He grabs her arm to drag her along anyway, but she digs in her heels and says she’ll go next time. She’s too embarrassed to go today. He tries to shove her along but she refuses, so he gives up and just starts to shout out to attract Joo-wal’s attention, then.

Arang claps a hand over his mouth and drags him away. Which, of course, looks like craziness to the regular non-ghost-seeing public.

I do enjoy the bits where Eun-oh forgets himself and reacts to Arang in the sight of other people, like he does at the establishment they stop at for drinks. Arang chugs down all his makgulli and grabs for the new bottle, and Eun-oh tries to intercept, telling her she’s had enough. Well, if you’ve ordered three bottles at least the bystander ajumma can chalk it up to drunkenness. This time.

Arang is in the throes of… well, it appears to be a one-sided crush, only just the heart-crushing, despair-inducing parts, without any of the happy. Eun-oh asks what the reason is for her reaction, and she says, “I must have really liked him a lot.”

Eun-oh sarcastically wonders why the girl who loved her betrothed would betray him to run off with someone else. She doesn’t get it either, but refuses to go meet Joo-wal. She must’ve truly cared for him, and therefore she can’t go to him like this, all miserable and disheveled.

Eun-oh’s all, Uh, you’re DEAD. “He can’t see you!” Arang replies, “Still, I can’t! A woman’s heart doesn’t work that way.” Even if she can’t be seen, she wants to face him without shame.

Eun-oh gives her the most exasperated look ever. Arang buries her head in her arms, moaning that it’s not like anybody would give clothes to a ghost like her. “I guess I have to go to the hereafter then.”

Is she doing this on purpose? She IS drunk so maybe she’s just wailing her woes, but I do love her ability to manipulate Eun-oh. Because he can’t exactly have her vanishing on him when there are still clues to be remembered. He grimaces terrifically at what he’s about to do, which cracks me up.

Off to the clothing shop it is. Omo, is he piggybacking a ghost? Hi-la-ri-ous. And the fact that she’s actually heavy is doubly funny; I guess being a ghost doesn’t preclude you from the laws of gravity? He notes that she was feather-light when he pulled her up on horseback: “There’s no middle ground with this one!”

Her face ends up riiiiight next to his, and he freezes for a moment. Feeling something? But that’s until her cheek actually brushes his, making him rear up at the cold touch, and he drops her. Whoopsie.

Eun-oh reminds himself he doesn’t have to scramble to pick her up quickly ’cause nobody can see her (and therefore judge him for being a terrible piggybacker/caretaker). He urges himself to take it slow: “Because my back is precious!” Ha, you shooting a CF here?

He picks her up again, doubled over from the weight, then sees a pedestrian eyeing him strangely. Thump! He drops Arang immediately. Thankfully she remains asleep the whole time.

Joo-wal makes an unexpected appearance at the gisaeng house, which has all the gisaengs aflutter in excitement. It’s his first time at a place like this, as his servant points out curiously, though it’s not like ice-cold Joo-wal is about to explain his reasoning to anybody.

He sits alone at the head of a long table, while every single one of the gisaengs gather at the other end, hoping to be picked to serve him. He’s actually rented out the whole place for the night, but it’s not for the usual revelries. He eyes the lineup and looks down at his strange black ring, fiddling with it.

It seems he’s looking for something (or someone) in particular, but he doesn’t find it. He gets up in discontent, choosing nobody. As he exits, we see our first glimpse of emotion from Joo-wal, who asks himself, “What am I doing here? Are you crazy, thinking you could find [it] in a place like this?”

He regains his composure. A gisaeng follows him out to pout and flirt, but he pushes her away disinterestedly. Yet something about her strikes him, and with sudden alarm, he shoves her against a tree and holds a dagger to her throat. She whimpers in fear, and he loses the crazy look in his eye. Warning her to cut it out, he leaves.

Interesting. What was he expecting? That she was a ghost?

Eun-oh pants and grumbles and staggers along with Arang on her back. Upon arriving, she asks, “Am I not heavy?” Turns out she was awake “waaaay back there,” which earns one frustrated neck-grab (the universal gesture for “Oy, my blood pressure”) from Eun-oh.

They’ve come to see Bang-wool, who is NOT thrilled to hear Arang’s voice again. Especially when Arang requests her shaman buddy to outfit her in the finest new clothes, since we saw how well that turned out last time.

But Eun-oh tosses money at her, which turns her right around.

That requires taking measurements, and since Bang-wool can’t see the client, it’s up to Eun-oh. First up? Bust size.

Arang decides she can do that one on her own, but is too embarrassed to call out the number. She whispers in Bang-wool’s ear, who promptly shouts it out loud anyway. HAHA.

On to the rest, and measuring her neck brings them in close proximity. They flick glances back and forth, and away, and that awareness just grows as he touches shoulder, arm, hand. It’s a lovely loaded moment, all self-consciousness and nervous touches.

Bang-wool declares the session over, noting that based on the numbers, Arang has an attractive willowy figure—too bad her temper’s so bad.

With the air still awkward between them, Arang bails first. Bang-wool holds Eun-oh back to ask how he can see ghosts. Does he have a secret method? Aw, the shaman wants the talent the magistrate dearly wishes he didn’t have. The world just isn’t fair, is it?

He just warns her not to tell a soul he can see ghosts, if she doesn’t want to become one. He leaves thumping his own heart, wondering, “What’s with me? Are you crazy? I must be.”

He doesn’t see that Arang’s watching him from her rooftop perch, smiling. She was impressed with his generosity about her clothes, and now she congratulates herself for being a good judge of character after all.

As Eun-oh crosses the bridge back to town, he encounters Joo-wal, coming the opposite way. They pass silently, but Eun-oh wonders what Arang ever saw in that guy.

Lord Choi receives the report that Joo-wal just returned from the gisaeng house. He finds it out of character, but figures that Joo-wal won’t be feeling like himself inside. I’m thinking he means that figuratively (maybe with the fiancée gone and all), but then he asks how long till the half-month. Er, did you mean that literally? Is he a werewolf?

Joo-wal stands outside looking up at the full moon. Okay, so not a werewolf, exactly—but a something, right?

Something wakes Eun-oh in the middle of the night. He opens his eyes to find Arang lying next to him, staring at him. She tells him everyone has their own laments, and asks if he knows hers. “Wearing one set of clothes for three years?” he guesses.

She shakes her head. “No. It’s becoming a virgin ghost without ever having had one kiss.”


His eyes widen. She leans in. The episode ends. Argh!


The humor is what drew me into the show immediately—as I mentioned, it’s like a longer and more detailed Story of Hyang Dan, although I don’t mean in story. More in terms of sensibility. But I expect Arang and the Magistrate to delve into more weighty emotions than the fluffery of a 2-episode show like Hyang Dan, and there’s more intrigue and mystery built in to the premise anyway.

I think it’s the mystery(ies) that’ll keep the plot moving as we start to delve deeper; there’s the main one, of course, regarding Arang’s death, but also Eun-oh’s mom-hunt and Joo-wal’s… supernatural werewolf half? Secret demon identity? Ghost slayer? I have no idea what direction that’s going to take, but there are definite sinister shades there, so I’m eager to find out the crux of his deal. I’d love it to be as dark and poignant as the stuff we explored in Joseon X-Files, because otherwise we may run the risk of campy. But there’s plenty of time for them to deal with it accordingly so I’m keeping my mind open.

Most of all, though, I respond to the characters and love the leads both individually and together. Not always easy to find—I can rattle off a litany of shows where you love one and put up with the other, but it’s hard to find one where both characters are pulling their weight in the charisma department.

I’ve always preferred Lee Jun-ki in comedy (although I think he can emote well when he doesn’t overdo it), and I’m loving all the exceedingly exasperated, incredulous, and confused faces he pulls. And I love that Arang brings that out in him.

I don’t love the lost-mom storyline, and therefore I’m not really invested in Eun-oh’s search for her. But inasmuch as it dovetails with Arang’s mysteries, I’m okay with going with it, because it’s a necessity to keep ’em together. Maybe the show could have done more with the disappearance setup to really make us feel for Eun-oh’s loss, but right now it’s a plot point I just have to accept and move on from.

That’s not so hard to do in the scheme of things, since the chemistry is so energetic—they’ve got the sexual tension thing (and what greater angst than the whole he’s-alive-and-she’s-dead dichotomy?), and also the quippy bantering, so best of both worlds. I’m a bit wary that the show will flip the switch at some point from the rollickin’ comedy to loaded angst and intrigue, because already I can see that built in to the premise. Let’s just hope that no matter what direction it takes, it doesn’t slow down the pace. ‘Cause I like it right where we are, zippy and super entertaining.


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    I hope someone does a mash-up with arang ang gaksital!
    Thanks for the recap!

    • 1.1 dugeundugeun

      Hmmm, it’s a little conflicting because the dramas have different time periods… how about:

      Gaksital uses the help of Eun Oh’s ability to communicate with ghosts to scare the Japanese police every time he needs to carry out a mission. Not only does Shunji have to worry about Kang To being Gaksital, but he also has to find out why it seems like there are ghosts that haunt the station. I guess he can be with Mok Dan now, because Gaksital falls in love with Arang! LOL.

      And I’m starting to love Arang! *goes to rewatch My GF is a Gumiho & Legend of Hyang Dan*

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      thanks for the recap too JB.

      I read your recap and watch it on you tube Legend of hyandang. You are pretty damn right, it is a good drama, thank you thank you so much for mentioning it here in Arang’s recap.

      I’ve first seen Choi Si-Won in the Taiwanese drama of a Japanese Manga. I didn’t find him handsome , i was hoping Jerry Yan would be the lead, but after watching this Legend Of hyandang, my gosh, he’s absolutely ADORABLE! ,

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          Siwon IS actually in this drama.

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    I’m loving this drama. The characters are so awesome. Shin Mi Na plays mysterious supernatural characters soooo well! I wonder what this would be like if Seung Gi was Eun Oh… (don’t get me wrong, I’m loving Jun Ki!).

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      Me too! I went back and watched it a few times. THIS is why I love Kdramas. You can’t find this kind of subtlety anywhere in American tv or movies nowadays. The closest I can think of is in British period pieces. That was some lovely charged air.
      I am love-ing this show.

      • 5.1.1 kakashi

        Right on, rbee! subtlety and erotic tension is the realm of British period pieces AND KDrama. And one of the reasons why I love both 🙂

        The measuring scene was so sweet, also because it made us see a more insecure (and even vulnerable) side of our Magistrate. I love how well Jun Kin and Mina fit and act together. Can they get a happy ending, please? No idea how the writers could pull that one off, but anything else would just be too cruel!

        PS: I loved what I could glimpse from the previews for episode 3!

        • Redge

          I agree about the ending! Right now I see 2 possibilities: a) he dies and they could be together in heaven or b) they’ll love each other but won’t actually get together and it’ll be a tragedy.

          Ghost/human romance always brings the angst. Sigh.

          • kakashi

            exactly. But so far, we’ve only seen weird fairy-angels in heaven. And goats (or just one goat?). No men (except for Jade and Hades). ((Anyway, who is watching hell while Hades plays with Jade?!))
            a third option would be that he dies and then he and Arang meet again in the next life, reincarnated.

          • Arviana123

            Yeah, Im already super worried that I am boarding a sinking ship. But I love them as a pair! Honestly I wasn’t fully on board with Lee Jun Ki until I saw the first episode, and boy am I on now.

            Im super glad that I love this show so much so far, between that and Faith (or as I like to call it, Goryeo Starwars) I might juuuust be able to survive Gaksital ending. Maybe.

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          Well she was released for a reason so maybe when they both solve the mystery of how and why (I’m guessing has to do with Joo Wal) the Jade Emperor will grant her life. Well thats what I’m hoping for anyways.

      • 5.1.2 Redge

        Ahhh I love British period pieces too! I absolutely adore them and Kdramas that make use of such sweet subtlety between two characters. It makes me want to melt inside.

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        I LOVED that scene as well! I also just love/hate how these episodes zip by…I want MOAR! And yay for K-drama and British period pieces. I know of several of my friends who love those two things…they seem like such different things to go hand in hand, but I think you’re right about the subtlety.

      • 5.1.4 Gabby

        “You can’t find this kind of subtlety anywhere in American tv”

        Then you haven’t been watching AMC or HBO dramas. Light years more nuanced and grownup storytelling and acting than anything on Korean television, including this. Mad Men is a much more fascinating and subtle exploration of the past than Downton Abbey, which is lovely but mostly just melodrama (the second season in particular was pretty clunky).

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          While there are decent shows, I disagree that it’s “light years more nuanced and grownup storytelling.”

          In fact, I feel most of them are still much more heavy-handed in the way plots and situations are shown.

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      I loved that scene too. The chemistry was sizzling! And it was so beautifully done! It’s all in the slighest, lightest touch! That’s how the geishas used to entice the men.

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    But I also am intriguied with the secret of the fiance. He’s obviously got something out of the ordinary going.

    With all this re-capping you and GF are doing please be sure to look after yourselves. I’m exhuasted just imagining it.

  10. 10 sokhasen

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  11. 11 slfowie

    I love LMH i really do and everything he does ( even BOF).. But this time I think this show will be my favorite.. Everything just seems so perfect!

  12. 12 Miss D

    Awwww I love their relationship already! While the measurement scene as awesome, my favorite part had to be THE PIGGYBACK! Whenever I watch a Kdrama, I have my check list of activities couples have to do: go grocery shopping, randomly find a reason to move in together, etc. But the one move that is alway a hit-or-miss with me is the piggyback scene…and this show hit the bull’s eye by having such a hilarious scene.

  13. 13 Stardust

    Thanks Javabeans for the fast recap! =D

    Things are moving along so much faster than I anticipated!

    Already we have more questions about reaper Mu-young- Who is his sister that he misses? At first I thought its Arang, but since she is the magistrates only child, and the Emperor referred to her as ‘that child’ I stopped that line of thinking… However, it may be he has a soft spot for her, because he misses his own sister. Its funny how everytime Arang tosses cherry blossoms at him, he gets this look on his face, that I think its not so much the pain that he got from cuts, but the pain Arang went through to hold ALL those petals.

    I am guessing that Joo wal’s black wooden? ring is some sort of love token given to him by Arang. He obviously loves her and wonders what has happened to her, even going to the brothel to check if she had somehow fallen to bad times and ended up there. (my guess) .
    As for the full moon countdown.. The moon looks really full where he was standing, so maybe it is some sort of engagement period, whereby his dad can force him to marry another? If he really turns into a werewolf…….MEH.

    Now ep1 and ep2 are proper cliff hangers leading to next week’s episodes! Faith has to learn to do that properly. XD

    And anyone else has a gripe about how Gaksital cheats and every week flashes back 5min before continuing the story? I mean, we watched it so recently, we can still remember what happened, thank you very much. If 5min x 24 episodes, we get almost 2.6 episodes of NOTHING NEW T.T .

    • 13.1 CM

      I agree with you so much on the uselessness of the first few minutes in Gaksital!Or any other show that uses the same method for that matter! I consider that more than 30 seconds from the previous episode insults my good enough memory. It’s not like I don’t think all week about their damn cliffhanger….

  14. 14 CM

    Me: “Let’s go to sleep!…Gaksital recap is posted!?Let’s just read!….a bit later…Now I can go to sleep! What!? Arang recap posted too? Hello 4h of sleep tonight…”

    • 14.1 Shin Haido

      4 hours sleep with a really beautiful dream i hope for you. lol

      • 14.1.1 CM

        Thank you, had a good sleep!:)

  15. 15 musings

    I just want to find out what JooWal’s deal is. It’s driving me nuts!!!! What is he or who is he or what has he done. So much mystery IT’S GREAT.

  16. 16 Mar

    That was fun and a lot of pretty all around. The best moments were when he totally burns her with the jokes-the rotting corpse moment when he cracks himself up, and the wearing the same clothes for 3 years quip. And the Amnesia nickname. Snicker.

    But I’m not feeling the romantic chemistry that others are seeing. Sometimes I feel they are working too hard to be cute.

    To be honest, I jump through the Bang Trio and Daddy stuff. I’ve never figured out when I do that does it mean the leads are friggin awesome or the show as a whole entity cannot hold my interest.

    Liking the mysteries all around, Where’s my Mommy? Where’s my corpse, did I really run away, and who ganked me? Is the fiance a creeper, were the heart palpitations fear or a crush? Is fiance going furry soon, what’s up with the moon fear?

    The Reaper Dude can’t catch up to her, but he can almost catch up to a horse? Arang is tough enough to withstand the pain of grasping the peach blossoms but he’s stopped dead in his tracks because one blossom cuts his face? Lamo Reaper, come on, suck it up and rob some dirt in it. If the film makers can come up with those great jokes and that awesome scene from E1 where you could see her face reflected in his eyes, they could come up with something better than that.

    Still all in all it’s a fun ride.

    • 16.1 Stardust

      I had similar thoughts in the first ep, that it is laughable that the Reaper is so lousy to keep being stumped by some cuts? But I think its more of his big soft dead heart that he constantly lets Arang go. Didn’t they hint that her red ropes came off because somebody loosened it? =) I have a creepier bad feeling towards her fiance instead, he’s definitely got something wrong with him…

      • 16.1.1 momosan

        Yeah, the God of the Underworld makes a snide remark about why she’s running loose, and the Jade Emperor says that she’ll eventually come of her own free will. I’m under the impression that he’s having a hand in keeping her free, and that Moo Young is also a big softie.

        • alua

          The Grim Reaper definitely has a hand in keeping her free…

          He may be related or have known her in real life, but in any case I’m pretty sure there is a back story, starting from the red rope to other moments when he lets her escape.

          • rearwindow

            This. I don’t think he wants to catch her. It’s clear he has some emotional attachment to her…which is a plot development that I LOVE.

          • rearwindow

            I LOVE this show. My favorite of the new offerings, hands down. It’s got it all for me: sizzling chemistry, an epic storyline, mythology, laughs, adventure, mystery. Aside from the leads, I am most impressed with how complete and assured this world feels. The little details like the inter-ghostal dynamics when they’re fighting for food, the shaman’s unique relationship to Arang, or the relationship between Hades and the Jade Emperor–these all give me a strong sense of the “rules” of this world, but ground these rules in real-life stakes and power dynamics, rather than just functioning as exposition. Really elegantly handled by the writers and the PD.

            I too am less than interested in the mother storyline (doesn’t help that I am not a fan of the actress, who always seems to play absolutely infuriating roles–which doesn’t inspire confidence for the direction that her character will take). I’m also a little worried that it will turn into an angst-fest down the line, but I hope that whatever happens, we retain the bickering, crackling, hot as hades chemistry between Arang & the Magistrate.

          • rearwindow

            There is something weird going on w/the comments on DB for me lately. It always says that it wasn’t able to post my comment, but then I look and they’re posted as responses to other comments. Oh well, at least it’s out there! I’ll chalk this one up to hot ghost intervention :).

          • alua

            rearwindow, I have the same thing with posting. It seems you get a ‘too busy/timeout’ message, but that it posts anyway (if you press the ‘back’ button and then reload you’ll see your message).

            agree with all your comments! (regarding mother story line, worry about the angst fest, sizzling chemistry, etc.)

          • bd

            The relationship btwn Arang and the Shaman is a complete hoot.

        • SoyJade

          Did anyone notice the park where the Jade Emperor is by himself and says: “Be calm my heart??” Or something like that. He had just finished talking to his brother.

          My guess re: the reaper is that he is Arangs father. That he took the job as head reaper to continue looking for his daughter after death.

          The Jade Emperor definitely has a hand on what is happening. I wonder to what extent…

    • 16.2 CKDexter

      I’m liking the mysteries too. Also, why is the god of heaven so very interested in Arang’s fate? What’s he planning?

      Joo Wal TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT. He’s got this serial killer stare that just sends shivers down my spine. Then when he brought that knife out on the poor gisaeng, I actually thought “ZOMG he totally is a serial killer! He killed Arang!” But he seems to be looking for a woman, who is likely Arang (though there’s a very distant chance of it being Eun-oh’s mommy, hmm). And since he’s looking for a living woman, he obviously doesn’t know she’s dead.

      What’s his deal? Why does the full moon seem to be a deadline? What’s this “project” he’s been working on? (virgin sacrifices! *shudder* cripe, I hope not…) I was thinking it’s some mystical three-year-ghost thing, but then it’s the same thing as before – he’s looking for a living person.

      Also, that bridge has to be significant somehow. They’ve shown it more than half a dozen times in two short episodes. I’m thinking murder site. Maybe.

      I’m loving the director too. Stylish, with a firm hand.

      Also, Shim Min Ah. She rocks my socks. That is all.

  17. 17 colleen

    I was hooked on this from the get-go, all the pistons in this drama are firing in sync. Love it, love it, love it!!

  18. 18 eternalfive

    Yay, thank you SOOO much javabeans! 🙂

    I looove this drama already. The leads are SOSOSO cute together, and I can’t wait for them to fall for each other -I completely agree about them being appealing both individually and together. <3 The comedy is actually hilarious and not cheap and exaggerated, and the world they've created is just aweeesome. I kind of wish Arang and the Magistrate was subbed as quickly as dramas like To the Beautiful You…but oh well. *sigh* The only thing that's slightly bugging me (and has been bugging me since ep 1) is what JB said in the comments – I'm worried that the all the funny's going to be lost when/if the story starts getting all angsty and melodramatic, which is a distinct possibility, given all these connected mysteries atm. I just looove Eun-oh and Arang being so cute together too much that I don't even want to think about that happening. 😛

    • 18.1 anais

      Viki is churning out subs in less than 24 hours. That’s pretty fast, no?

      • 18.1.1 Waca

        Yeah, but Viki isn’t available in all countries… 🙁

      • 18.1.2 eternalfive

        Yeah, Viki is unavailable in my country too, so… 🙁

      • 18.1.3 Lizzie

        Dramacrazy usually gets the subitles without being edited by the editors and don’t post the new and edited subtitles later. I don’t think it is good. Dramafever just added episode 1^^

        If you try a bit you can find both dramafever or viki softsubs (not official because they don’t give softsubs) googling it.

        I love viki and Dramafever but I do enjoy watching 720p in my screen with their good subtitles, I do watch it in viki or DF. But I like to watch it in my computer everytime I want without having to stream it. I love DF too but their videos always stuck and never loads for me, is so sad.

    • 18.2 kakashi

      Dramacrazy is often even faster than Mysoju http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/arang-the-magistrate/

      • 18.2.1 aliz

        Dramacrazy usually gets the subitles without being edited by the editors and don’t post the new and edited subtitles later. I don’t think it is good. Dramafever just added episode 1^^

        If you try a bit you can find both dramafever or viki softsubs (not official because they don’t give softsubs) googling it.

        I love viki and Dramafever but I do enjoy watching 720p in my screen with their good subtitles, I do watch it in viki or DF. But I like to watch it in my computer everytime I want without having to stream it. I love DF too but their videos always stuck and never loads for me, is so sad.

  19. 19 crazedlu

    hurlaaarious, this drama.

    and i really don’t want a trip down to melotown, drama, with gaksital heading into its finale and all.

    my hearts been running marathons, i’ve cried the pacific ocean, i’ve had to learn how to breathe multiple times over, basically, i’m worn.

    so please continue making me laugh. ^^

  20. 20 Joy

    I am totally sold with this show and I am loving Gaksital as well.

    Thank you, GF and Javabeans

  21. 21 Kiara

    I watched The Story of Hyang Dan a few years ago and I was wondering the same thing. WHY WAS IT SO SHORT…WHY?. Thank you for the recap 🙂 for Arang and Hyang Dan.

    • 21.1 Kiara

      “Why are they all crimes of passion?” Because you’re Korean? LOL JB <3

  22. 22 all4movies

    So much fun. I really need that in my life right now ’cause reality is really stressing me out.

    Thank God for this drama.

  23. 23 Kim Yoonmi

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    Do meditation under a waterfall. I’ll take that and the medication for my fast beating heart watching it. (Those special ghost pills or whatever) *grins*

    Sorry, a bit of shallowness had to go through me…

    Anyway, the story is going at a faster clip than I thought it would and it’s a lot of fun. Looking forward to more and the story unfolding.

    • 23.1 mtoh

      Hot spring will do the trick also.

  24. 24 ajj

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  25. 25 Dee

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    Thanks JB!

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  28. 28 lotluz

    Thank you, javabeans, for posting the recap for episode 2. I cannot wait to see how the story progresses and I hope the comedy elements continue on, but I have a feeling that heavy drama is about to be shown.

  29. 29 Onees

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  30. 30 didi

    but what if she’s his mom! 😮

    thanks for the recap, as always. 🙂

    • 30.1 Kiara

      The poor girl is still a virgin.

    • 30.2 Angel


      First, Arang died 3 years ago. I’m pretty sure Eun Oh was already a grown man 3 years prior to the events in this show. Unless he aged 20+ years overnight, it’s impossible that she is his mum.

      Second, Arang is a virgin.

      Third, they already showed who is mom is! Did you not watch that scene in ep 1, where she bitch slapped the hell out of him?

    • 30.3 rjyuggy

      I gotta say that you have a wild imagination. But heck, it can miraculously happen in a Fantasy drama.

  31. 31 hanneebuff

    It helps that Shim Mina and Lee Junki looks good together, not only as a couple in the drama but well, in real life.

    Need to watch it this weekend after a long week at work.

  32. 32 Abbie

    This was a great episode. But what a cliffhanger! Dang, I hate it when shows do that! I love both the leads and am eager for more, but I’m mostly intrigued by Joo-wal’s character. I really want to know his deal, and hope he had nothing to do with Arang’s death. What if, though, she was killed by a ghost? Hmmmmmmmm. Interesting.

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

  33. 33 bd

    Haven’t yet finished ep 2 b/c the subs not completely done yet, but “Arang” for me (not surprisingly) is pretty much all SMA.

    SMA has that rare combination of beauty and an expressive face (the other is Jeon Ji hyun w/ Kim Tae hee joining the fold due to her performance in “My Princess”).

    Kinda feel bad for SMA who had to do a lot of running thus far. lol

    LJK is fine as always w/ his acting and I like Han Jung-soo’s grim reaper despite his limited screen time.

    As for the gods, it’s like a mini-WBDS reunion.

    Yoo Seung-ho’s “mane of glory” was better in WBDS.

    While SMA and LJK have chemistry, SMA pretty much always has chemistry w/ her male co-star.

    Still think she had the best chemistry in one of her earliest roles in the drama “Punch” w/ Joo Jin mo.

    The one thing I can’t quite believe is Eun-oh being so rude and dismissive of Arang – what guy is going to act like that to someone who looks like SMA, even if she is a ghost? (I had the same problem in MGIAG – Miho may have been a fox, but she was one foxy fox).

    • 33.1 crashbabe

      Yes! been trying to look for Punch…Any idea where i can find that?

      And I lurrrrve SMA and LJK in this show…!!!

      Is it Wednesday yet?

      • 33.1.1 bd

        Mysoju has it (looks they finally loaded the last 5 eps as well).

        About “Punch” – it certainly isn’t the perfect K-drama, but despite its flaws, it’s better than a lot of K-dramas.

        Basically, it’s worth watching just for SMA and JJM, esp. SMA since you see a lot of the “bright” personality that she can bring to the screen (seeing SMA as a high schooler in the 1st couple of eps is too cute).

        As for “Arang”, finished the 2nd ep and like it better than the 1st since it has more snappy interplay btwn Arang and Eun-oh.

        This is looking better and better (definitely better than “Faith”).

    • 33.2 mskololia

      I can understand his behavior because EO has been seeing ghosts for a long time so I’m sure there have been other beauties that passed his way….She’s just another ghost added to the roster who wants him to do something for her.

      • 33.2.1 bd

        While true, there aren’t many “beauties” who can surpass SMA in that dept. (esp. when she smiles).

  34. 34 rillakm

    I like shin min ah a lot. Her portrayal of the character is just perfect. Her cheeky smile and actions remind me of gumiho. I reckon she is really into this ghostly character hahah. But now im here thinking how would they conclude the drama happily. From this point, knowing that she’s a ghost and he’s a human all we can think of is a sad ending. I hope this won’t be real.

    • 34.1 rjyuggy

      Eun Ho will die and be a ghost too. That way, they can be together.

  35. 35 rillakm

    I like shin min ah a lot. Her portrayal of the character is just perfect. Her cheeky smile and actions remind me of gumiho. I reckon she is really into this ghostly character hahah. But now im here thinking how would they conclude the drama happily. From this point, knowing that she’s a ghost and he’s a human all we can think of is a sad ending. I hope this won’t be real.
    Anyhoo, Thankyou so much!~

  36. 36 Do-ra-ma

    This episode solidified it: I’m already in love with this show.

    For me, the best works of fiction are able to balance the comedy and the drama evenly, and Arang is easily capable of that. The first episode was zany, fantastical, and very quirky, but episode two… It was humorous in one scene, eerily foreboding in another, and intimate towards the end. I love these range of emotional tones the show is able to hit. This really is the makings of a great drama.

    Plus, we’ve got the fantastic Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun-ki who are stands out on their own, but together? Fantastic chemistry!

    I cannot wait for episodes 3 and 4. This has the potential to end up being my favourite show of the year.

  37. 37 Sajen

    that kind of kills the only theory I had for a happy ending where she was somehow his mother.

  38. 38 bishbash

    Right now I’m more interested for this than Gaksital. Coz Gaksital is giving me heart attacks every 10 min each episode.

    Joo Won ah, noona is sorry!! Jun Ki oppa comes first!!

  39. 39 risugirl

    Thanks so much for the recap!

  40. 40 Shin Haido

    what what what?? just that for an episode??? noooo…. i’m hysterical here…. Omo…… T____T

  41. 41 Noelle

    Joo Wal is a beserker!

    The ring is some crazy mystic thing to keep him from being evil? A serial killer? He did have serious psycho killer eyes going on. It had to be fear she was feeling. They kind of made that obvious. Maybe she was running away from him for her life not for some beau? I don’t know but I’m excited for the next episode. Seriously…can’t wait. And how much do I love a female lead who is all kickass and awesomeness in a cute package. Answer: A shitload.

    • 41.1 Boomboom

      My theory on Joo Wal, based on information so far, is that he goes into a mania is during a specifc moon phase. Though he might have liked Arang, he killed her during one of his manias and recovered to see what he’d done. Ran back to his father, who must have hired some shady types to get rid of the body and spread the rumour besmirching Arang’s name. While Arang hurt and shocked by all this loses the memory, but since she’s Miss Gutsy and Spunky ™ can’t leave well alone.

      • 41.1.1 eama

        I like your theory. I also think that Joo Wal was enraged with jealousy over her affair with Tong In when he killed her.

        Now Tong In is the one that intrigues me most, for Arang to choose him over Joo Wal tells me that he ‘s not just your ordinary errand boy . Could he be the Jade Emperor? He could’ve met Arang while pretending to be a servant when he came down for some r & r…hee

      • 41.1.2 Noelle

        Well I finally watched the episode and what I found interesting is no one knows what the Magistrates daughter looks like. She wore a veil. I don’t know why but it’s starting to sound like RTP, no? So I think there is a good chance Arang is not the girl missing but she is somehow involved in that situation. Maybe a friend doing her buddy a favor?

  42. 42 Eun

    Whaaaaaa!!!! Why did they have to end that episode in that way? (me and my perverted self. LOLS)

    I ♥ this drama so much and I cant wait for the next episode. heehee…

    • 42.1 Alex

      I’m thinking that it’s EO daydreaming dream…hehe, seems like he’s falling for Arang

      • 42.1.1 crazyajummafan

        He’s definitely fallen for her already – only he doesn’t realise it yet. After the clothes measurement scene, he was beating his heart, probably in the attempt to quieten it. And he kept asking himself if he was crazy. Reminds me of Daewoong in MGIAG, wondering if he’d crazy to fall for a gumiho.

  43. 43 kakashi

    Thanks for the recap!! awesome show, awesome recaps (as always). I love the different layers of mystery that have been introduced in the first two episodes.

    But… is anybody else on here facing the problem of how to handle all the good (and/or funny) dramas currently airing?! I need to do some strategic thinking … watch them raw, as soon as they are out? Then read the recaps? Then watch the episodes again once they’re subbed? (=spend at least 48hrs with a 24epi drama) OR should I skip the raw bit and just read the recaps/watch them subbed? (Forget about JUST watch them subbed, I can’t wait for that long)


    and I haven’t even started on Gaksital!!! but I’ve been looking forward to marathoning it all summer!!

  44. 44 Anna

    I would love it more without the romance between the two main characters :/

  45. 45 Ananke

    I was wondering if the half-month thing has something to do with the old tradition to hold rites in memory of Arang on the 16th day of the 4th month of the Chinese calendar…

  46. 46 Waca

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!!! Awesome as usual!

    Aww, I can’t wait to watch it subbed!

    I’ll go and have a look at The Story of Hyang Dan too…thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  47. 47 ck1Oz

    Woot. I just finished episode 2 and came here to read the recap. Hah. Loved the episode and it made me laugh. I loved, loved the dress measurement scene and all their interaction.

    Thank you for the recap.

  48. 48 Angielee

    Is it possible for Arang to not be dead even after 3 years??like maybe she’s in a coma?? you know ala Charlie St. Cloud. maybe that’s why her rope broke coz she’s not fully dead.? was i not supposed to ask these kinds of questions and just keep all my theories to myself??

    • 48.1 foolmoon

      I have the same theory, too. One that makes it possible for them to be together. But the preview of episode 3 seems denying this theory. Since we are in a mythical-sageuk drama, there could be another magical solution for them to be together. Right… ??
      Whatever, but them just be together, okay?
      Please …….

    • 48.2 ~Feather~

      I was thinking the exact same thing!
      I think she may be in a coma. She still looks alive compared to other ghosts who look all pale and, for lack of a better adjective, DEAD. She also can’t remember anything, which might mean she has a chance to return to the living. While the entire town (presumably, if judging by the Bang trio) thinks she ran off, her maidservant believes she is missing but will return soon.

  49. 49 yay

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEIR CHEMISTRY!! much better than mgiag, sorry!! 😀 and i totally agree that it’s really rare to have a couple that makes you love them both individually and together. unlike in gaksital, love the action and plot as a whole,. but dont really ship the romance D: not enough emotion maaan :[ 😛

    Thanks JB and GF!!!! I love you guys! 😀

  50. 50 emmy

    I loved the second drama!

    Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah have great chemistry. I can totally see myself shipping this couple (or maybe I already am).

    The only time I saw Lee Jun Ki was in my girl and I liked his character there. I really like his acting here, be it the exaggerated faces or the more subtle expressions during the measurements scene. That was really a good scene. I loved looking at his eyes in that scene. Gorgeous.

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