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Behind the scenes of Gaksital in all its aegyo-riffic glory
by | August 26, 2012 | 168 Comments

If you’ve seen Joo-won in 1 Night 2 Days, you’ll know how ridiculously aegyo-tastic he is in real life, but who knew the same could be said of the rest of Gaksital’s cast? In fact, this is a good post for those of you whose nerves are feeling battered, what with all the drama’s darkness and nail-biting tension. It’s delicious stuff dramatically, but killer for my blood pressure.

It’s sort of a trip to see these faces being so goofy and silly while off-duty — even though, yes, I’m fully aware that they’re acting and all that. Maybe it’s the costumes that push this one over the edge, ’cause Kang-to, making faces for the camera? Our villains looking happy and NOT in murderous rages? Shunji… holding hands with Abe? Ha, is this proof of aegyo as acting coping mechanism? Or should we just be glad they didn’t all go Method?

Below is a collection of photos, mostly sel-cas taken behind the scenes and uploaded by the actors themselves, to various Twitter/me2day/social networking accounts. Enjoy — and try not to let it blow your minds too much!


168 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Noemi

    *gasp* Katsuyama can smile??? hehe, thanks for posting! these are all too cute!

    • 1.1 Jesse

      Lol! That’s the first thing I noticed. Katsuyama, why so attractive when you smile?

      • 1.1.1 Rashell

        That was what I was going to say! First thing I noticed too. He’s so handsome all broody, but damn he’s got a FINE smile too! Totally crushing on him.

        • Maya

          Awww..s I love those pictures of Rie and smiling Katsuyama! πŸ˜€ If only I can see this in Gaksital…

          • Maya

            And their outfits in the first photo are matching as well. The T-Shirt and shirt combo… πŸ˜€

    • 1.2 aramint

      there’a a BTS clip where Katsuyama was smiling and laughing when Joo Won was teasing him. Gah, *melts* God knows how many times I replayed that precious few seconds. ^.^

      • 1.2.1 Noemi

        aw πŸ˜€ do you have the link?

        • aramint

          I watched it in Gaksital’s official website, but I think some fans also uploaded the clips in youtube. Let me do some video-hunting, will get back to you. ^^

    • 1.3 Stardust


      OMG I can’t believe that cutie pie is Katsuyama… sans beard… Hes so dreamy when he smiles right… aaah

      I was aware of Joo Won being aegyo but its so nice to see everyone so relaxed!

      Thanks Javabeans and you are so right, I am glad these Korean actors/actresses don’t need to go method to get the job done… can you imagine the killer atmosphere on set always if they did…. Brrrr……

      • 1.3.1 Raitei

        Oh my! He looks so different without the beard. Have to agree, though, he looks so handsome smiling. πŸ˜€

        Also, what in the world are they doing in that last pic? I’m thinking of babies aligning their fingers with their mommies. ><

      • 1.3.2 Noemi

        …wow! I can’t believe how different he looks, without the beard and long hair! You’re right, though, he does have a lovely smile πŸ™‚

    • 1.4 bishbash

      OMG Katsuyama is pure LOVE!!!!

      • 1.4.1 redfox

        he is so pwetttyyy I really wish he and Rie would escape and make puppies at the end. or that Katsuyama becomes a performer at the Angel club

    • 1.5 Ditu3ka

      Yes, exactly. HeΒ΄s a fine looking man in drama but that smile of his is just simply adorable. He looks really handsome. Hope to see him smiling in some other drama :-))

    • 1.6 katiamon

      yeah, happy katsuyama is so much hot than angry katsuyama! KATSUYAMA!!!!! i love you dude

    • 1.7 Bobert

      Katsuyama 2strong

  2. Cylon

    lol, they look so dorky in the last one! πŸ˜€

    • 2.1 anais

      I lurve the last one!! So cute.

    • 2.2 Aquila

      Kya!!!! So cute!!! X3

    • 2.3 Jess

      The last one totally slayed me…

      • 2.3.1 bishbash

        same ‘ere.

        • edge

          its E.T!! πŸ˜€
          so cuute~~ πŸ˜€

    • 2.4 OMG

      wonder twin powers activate….LOL

    • 2.5 paper

      My fave pic is the last one & the katsuyama & rie ones πŸ˜€
      Also~ no one can do wrong with the E.T. pose xD

  3. Ivoire

    Thank you for posting this, I was just looking at it on my FB page.

    • 3.1 Ivoire

      “Or should we just be glad they didn’t all go Method?” Can anyone explain to me what “going Method” means, please?

      It is so nice to see them like that. PKW is so cute in the picture where he is holding his face, tilted to the left. To quote Noemi, “Katsuyama can smile?” and he is handsome when he does.

      They look so adorable and cute and relaxed. It makes me appreciate their hard work that much more, because it feels so real in the drama. The last picture reminds of the movie E.T. and yes, they do look dorky in that picture…

      They should get a lot of awards, come awards season…

      • 3.1.1 Kaddie

        I think the “Method” is referring to Method Acting where the actor fully immerses themselves in the role to the point where they stay in character even when shooting has stopped. So in this case (and anyone correct me if I’m wrong) I think Javabeans is happy their portrayal of the characters doesn’t effect their real life interaction. An example would be I remeber reading that Angelina Jolie kept her distance from Winona Ryder when filming Girl, Interrupted because she wanted to portray the relationship between the onscreen characters better without confusing it with real life.

        Hope that answers the question and anyone correct me if I got this wrong. ^^

      • 3.1.2 Sun Yue

        Method acting is when you ingrain yourself in your character in real life to give a lifelike physical and emotional performance on screen.

        For example: Daniel Day Lewis
        -For the Crucible, he got real tattoos because they were more realistic
        -For the Boxer, he trained with a former champ for 2 years, 7 days a week
        -Gangs of New York, he got an apprenticeship with a butcher, sharpened knives in between shoots, and got pneumonia because he refused to wear modern coats that wouldn’t have existed in the 19th century
        -My Left Foot, he refused to break character and leave his wheel-chair in between scenes. He maintained that hunched position to a point where he broke 2 ribs
        -Last of the Mohicans, lived minimalistically in the woods for 6 months
        -In the Name of the Father, lived in solitary confinement in an abandoned prison
        -Lincoln, didn’t break the Lincoln accent or use his real name in between scenes

        • Gom

          To add to your list, Meryl Streep never once talked to Anne Hathaway during the filming of Devil Wears Prada. She talked to her once before the filmig started. Then except when filming her scenes, she stayed in her bus the entire time.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Gom,

            And thank you for your comment. I just rewatched “The Devil Wears Prada” last Saturday and was reminded of why it is one of my favorite movies. I do have a lot of admiration for Meryl Streep as an actress. I never knew she never talked to Anne Hathaway during the filming, although it makes sense.

          • canxi

            Ahhhh method acting. Some people go to great lengths for their roles. Anyone remember Christian Bale dropping major weight for “The Machinist”? Heath Ledger also did method acting for his role of The Joker, I believe. Most recently, Michelle Williams stayed in Marilyn Monroe’s character for “My Week with Marilyn” (she would anser the door in character). And I have read of someone, I forget who, who lived in the wilderness for six weeks (?) for a role.

            Acting is hard. Or at least they make it seems that way.

      • 3.1.3 Ivoire

        @ Kaddie and Sun Yue,

        Thank you so much for your responses, they are really helpful. I can see how “The Method” would help tremendously with being conditioned (mentally and emotionally) about the role and how it would help the actor/actress stay in character and achieve a maximum level in acting his/her role.
        The examples were great (I liked the details), thanks again!

        • Maru

          Method acting is emotionally hard, specially when you have a very dark and twisted character. People close to Heath Ledger believe one of the emotional problems he had was that he couldn’t beak free from his character of The Joker and some actors using this method have said how difficult it is.

          Like Java said, thank God their are not using it!

      • 3.1.4 rya

        Method acting is when they don’t break character (not even between filming)… Because PKW is smiling and being cute, he is breaking character and didn’t “go all Method”. And seeing them aegyo-fied proves just how go of an actor they all are.

        • Ivoire

          @ Canxi and Rya,

          Thank you for your additional comments. I do think that acting is hard, and the fact that it doesn’t seem that way when we watch them is what is great. I also think that it must be draining physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically, especially the way filming is done in South Korea, where actors and actresses sleep so little. That is in big part why I appreciate the work behind what we see.

          • canxi

            Indeed. I guess it all falls into the fact that much of acting draws from experiences, and if they don’t have those experiences they create them, hence method.

            But, I definitely appreciate it all–when I am drawn into a character that is the best part of any drama or movie for me. When I am able to connect with someone or even just wanting to know what is up with them. I can see many of the actors in Gaksital, taking a well deserved break after it wraps. Or so I hope. Get some sleep guys O_O; !!!

    • 3.2 Ivoire

      Interesting how young they managed to make JW and PKW look in the last picture.

      • 3.2.1 Maya

        Hi Ivoire! I just replied to your post in OT. Please check it when you have time. πŸ™‚
        And yes, they do look really young. I always think that PKW look younger than his age, though. And it’s still amazes me how Joo Won could look like a teen just by changing his hair style (the scene where he first met Shunji, and the scene where he forced a boiled potato to Kang San, he looked like a teenager in both scene!)

      • 3.2.2 Ivoire

        Hi Maya,

        Good to see you here :-)! Thanks for letting me know about OT, I will check it later. I have been quite busy today, but you know me, I will eventually respond. I do appreciate the heads-up however.

        I am impressed as well at how they can make their actors/actresses look younger or different by giving them a different hairstyle, make-up, outfits etc… Yes, Joo Won and PKW come to mind in the 1st episodes of BM, but also comes to my mind “The Last Scandal of My Life” where the actress looks like a regular ahjumma (not very attractive) at the beginning and then beautiful by the end of the drama (her transformation in it is gradual). Also KSA in “Scent of a Woman,” at the beginning, big hair, not very attractive, but beautiful a few episodes later.

        I think that what works for them as well is how well they use their facial expressions, the way they modulate their voice to fit the character, and body language. It helps them sell the part better. I TOTALLY LOVED Kang San and the actor playing him. I really like Shin Hyun-Joon, he is a great actor, great host of shows (he used to host “Entertainment Weekly” or something close to that name with Lee Si-Young. I loved their chemistry and they played off of each other so well. They were very funny and cute together) and he is well traveled (I saw him in Happy Together, it is nice to learn about them and what they do in life, and their experiences).

        I also agree with you that PKW is naturally young looking. I hope your weekend is going well. Will read you on OT :-)…

    • 3.3 Ivoire

      OK, last rave: they look like such a great team, it is sooo nice to see how well they get along BTS (which is confirmed in video footage of BTSs as well)…

  4. soojin08

    i hate your character Park Ki-Woong but dayuuuum you are sooooo adoraaaaable. Here’s a β™₯ for you. :*

    I don’t know if I can even hate Shunji after seeing this. He was a monster last episode. *shiversatthedrowningscene*


    • 4.1 quirkywhit

      I know! I’ve loved Park Ki-Woong-ah since he played the brother in “When It’s At Night” and I went into this drama all excited that he was in it (because he is one fine actor), and then he went to the dark side. And since he’s a great actor, he REALLY made his character evil. And yet…he’s so adorable. πŸ™‚ While watching the drama I’ll scream at the scream how creepy and evil Shunji is and then in the next breath be congratulating Park Ki-Woong on how great he’s playing him.

      ….it’s confusing.

      • 4.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi Quirkywhit,

        “….it’s confusing.” LOLed. I can totally relate, and I loved how you told of your experience with this drama.

        • quirkywhit

          (The second scream there was supposed to be screen…why do I only ever notice this after posting?)

          Thanks Ivoire! πŸ™‚ And yeah, it’s hard isn’t it? Lately I’ve been having the problem of watching shows/movies and loving the actor that plays the villain more than the one that plays the hero (not necessarily in this case, my adoration of PKW may have more years behind it than my one for JW, but I really do think that JW is a very talented actor and I’ve begun to follow his filmography as well), it’s weird. Watching the latest Batman movie made me really realize this — I knew I shouldn’t be cheering for more Bane on my screen and worrying about his well being, but Tom Hardy was playing him. Tom Hardy!

          Weird tangent, I now realize…but glad you can relate. (Probably not with the Tom Hardy thing, but with the Shunji portion. ;))

          • Ivoire

            Hi again quirkywhit,

            “Thanks Ivoire,” you are very welcome!!! :-). Unfortunately, I can’t relate to the Tom Hardy reference simply because I have not seen the latest Batman movie.

            I will also say that I personally don’t struggle with LOVING PKW in this role. I have not seen him in other roles (I only saw a few episodes of “Story of A Man,” so that doesn’t fully count for me) and I saw a few minutes of the Musical. I did see and read recaps of the Musical, and remember thinking how cute PKW looked! I had already noticed him and somehow, even from just reading the recaps and looking at the pictures, I could sense that he must be a good actor.

            I have really enjoyed PKW’s performance in BM. I had seen Joo Won in OB, and a little bit in BKKTG, so I knew he could act and cry. PKW’s acting to me is more subtle, a little more nuanced that Joo Won and I like that better. I do not speak nor do I understand Korean fluently. Like many Kdrama watchers, I only recognize some words and expressions here and there. Watching PKW in a raw episode of BM, I can read his face so clearly, his body language. It’s like I can feel him think, and see the wheels turning in his head. Joo Won does the same thing, but a tad louder (the acting) for me, if that makes sense. It might be a matter of personal preference.

            I LOVE SHUNJI because I feel that he is a necessary character. I didn’t know that the drama would be so violent, but it makes me appreciate what South Koreans had to go through in those days. I get a window (view) into that era. PKW makes me believe that Shunji has become that evil, just like he makes me believe his character when he is an adorable, gorgeous, cute young man to look at and I so appreciate that in PKW, that to me is acting. The fact that they know to leave it on the set and get along BTS impresses me and reminds me that they are the actors and I am not, I am not gifted in that way, so I appreciate what they do and how well they do it. And also, from what I read, not every actor can play such a role and leave it on the set when they are not filming anymore, so…

            Maybe I don’t hate Shunji because he reminds me that evil is real. Yes, I do cringe and shiver at what he does as I watch the show, but I don’t hate him. He reminds me that there were some evil people in history (still are), and many other evil deeds done throughout history, some of which are still happening and some of these people started out nice… I can’t imagine BM without Shunji, because his story somewhat mirrors LKT, in reverse. Yes he is violent and evil, but there is a point to that the story being told the way it is, and I know you know that. Like you, I hope PKW gets all the accolades and awards he deserves, because I would think that it would be challenging to play such a character for so long and (on the surface) easily leave him on the set and not take him home with you. Not everyone can do that.

            I don’t have a hard time (at all) separating PKW from Shunji, because I have never seen PKW as Shunji in real life. So I don’t feel some terror when I see him in interviews or BTSs. He is very calm when he talks, he seems friendly and playful, and so again, I appreciate how hard he works and how diligent he is in playing Shunji. I don’t condone what Shunji does, but I understand (I think) and I appreciate his role (overall) in the drama.

            You said this:”β€œPark Ki-Woong-ah, you are so NAILING this! I hope you get awards! I hope you get to be the sole lead in your next drama or movie,” and I say the same thing to myself when I watch the drama.

            Sorry for the long post. Like many BM watchers, I am passionate and very fond of this drama. I hope you can relate to that πŸ™‚

      • 4.1.2 momosan

        You want dark PKW? Watch the movie Bow, or War of Arrows, or whatever it’s called in English. He’s an evil evil Mongol princeling. I mean…evil.

        • quirkywhit

          Own it! I’m pretty sure I’m following his career at this point. I even watched “The Musical” and that was pretty painful. >.<

          • howforwardsale

            Yes, Park Ki Woong and Daniel Choi are the only reasons I kept watching the travesty that was The Musical. PKW is such a cutie that I’m enjoying evil Shunji.

      • 4.1.3 dramabliss

        I loved Park Ki-Woong to pieces in A Man’s Story. And like soojin08 and quirkywhit, I sometimes find it difficult to hate Shuni because my admiration for PKW gets in the way. But he’s really nailing the character here!

        • quirkywhit

          I know! It’s horrible! It makes me question my sanity when I can hate the character SO much and at the same time can be adoring PKW for being brave enough to go there. Brave enough to totally nail the evilness, darkness, and vileness of Shunji. It’s like being of two minds at once — the scene with him drowning his spy? God, shivers down my spine and made me truly and honestly realize there was no redemption for Shunji. And at the same time I was thinking something along the lines of: “Park Ki-Woong-ah, you are so NAILING this! I hope you get awards! I hope you get to be the sole lead in your next drama or movie! I hope I eventually get to see you smile again without feeling terror…”

          (Thanks javabeans for fulfilling that last hope. :D)

  5. DramaticTeacher

    hehe, the last picture:) Hi, I’m from planet earth! I’m from planet cute^_^

    • 5.1 Ivoire

      LOL!!!! Great comment…

    • 5.2 rynhusnaa

      he.. he… nice one

  6. sjkwifey

    Park Ki-woong is all kinds of awesome.

  7. soojin08

    KATSUYAMA IS ONE FINE-ASS MAN. Sexy bish. How did he hide those gorgeous teeth for 24 episodes now?

    Last picture: “HOI-HOI” Kang-a-Ji Love. Puppy love? β™₯


    • 7.1 rearwindow

      OMG YES. I don’t watch this show but I always stalk the recaps for pictures of him. Haha.

  8. Taiba

    omg they’re so cute XD
    kang to, shunji, abe, and katsuyama (omg he smiled) <333
    i cant believe this drama is almost over!

  9. -K


  10. 10 queencircles

    Oh gosh too cute! Love these boys and this drama, SO much!

  11. 11 Kaddie

    Am I the only one slightly freaked out by these? I know they’re actors, but after 24 episodes it’s kind of weird to see Rie being cutesy-ish and the scary assassins smiling… LOL. It might be because I haven’t really seen them in anything other than this drama, so I kind of just associate their faces with the characters.

  12. 12 JoowonLover:)

    AHH! i love you javabeans, for putting up this page of pics! I’ve been watching all the behind the scenes footage…and the whole cast is adorable. Esp Joowon! such a cute Gaksital πŸ™‚

  13. 13 Midori

    Ha, ha! The last one had me rolling. Wonder twins…activate!!

  14. 14 pigtookie

    and Katsuyama in plaid?
    haha those two pics were the most shocking.

  15. 15 apple

    Park Ki Woong needs to be the leading man in his next project.
    He so deserves this, great actor.

    And Joo Won too is amazing, all of the cast is doing such a great job.

    • 15.1 Ivoire

      I 2nd the motion about PKW being a leading man in his next drama. I have been raving about him in Open Thread and in some of the recaps. He was as important as Joo Won in this one. I wouldn’t call him a 2nd lead here, IMHO. I would call him a lead as well.

    • 15.2 T

      I believe PKW is the lead in Full House 2, if he didn’t drop it or they changed actors again.

      • 15.2.1 Ivoire

        Hi T,

        I checked and PKW seems to still be in Full House 2, but he is not the lead. The lead is No Min-Woo (he was in “Pasta”). I know that PKW has been the lead in at least one movie (My Tutor Friend 2, 2007), but I am not sure about him having been a lead in a drama yet. So, we are still hoping for that.

  16. 16 Chesquared

    LOL. Such a huge contrast. This is just so adorable. Ra Ra and Katsuyama are just so cute. Shunji! You adorable you. Joo won you seriously are so pretty. Thanks for sharing! Made my day πŸ™‚

  17. 17 becca_boo

    I don’t even know where to start: these are awesome.

    Kang-to fanning Abe… Shunji and Kang-to doing the ET finger-thingy… Katsuyama and Rie posing all cutesy – and, boy, does he have a killer smile. Who knew, right?

    And, aw, Tamao!

    Thanks so much for posting these, javabeans!

  18. 18 rearwindow

    Shunji is soooooooo cute when he’s not playing a murderous sociopath.

    And Katsuyama? Is he in anything else? I normally don’t go ga-ga over eye candy (OR long hair), but MAN. I can’t get enough of him.

  19. 19 JoAnne

    I was scrolling scrolling scrolling and FINALLY Katsuyama smiling! my prayers were answered! He looks nice in jeans too

    • 19.1 Ivoire

      Hi JoAnne,
      I left you a message in the last OT, I think I might have been the last post in your thread/name, just so you know.

  20. 20 jyyjc

    Aww i love those pics of han chae ah and katsuyama dude.

  21. 21 Pepper Fish

    The toothbrush… she’s killing me. Hilarious!!

    • 21.1 Suzan

      I know!! That is so stuck in my mind…. That expression!! So cute to see her like that !

    • 21.2 dduk

      I know! It’s like he grabbed her from the bathroom and made her take a picture! SO FUNNY! they would be a gorgeous couple!

    • 21.3 Quaggy

      I know! You can almost hear her thinking “okay, can I finish brushing my teeth now?!”

  22. 22 Bengbeng

    muy guapito (soo handsome is Shunji) or shouuld i say soooo cute =). I hope the Gaksital fans will remember that he’s originally cute and adorable and not the dark role that he is currently portraying. Hay, i wish to meet him in person, and just pinch his cheeks =)

  23. 23 Sho

    First one I laughed at was Katsuyama lol

    then the one with Rie wearing Gaksital mask, now that would be something awkward to see if it happens lol

  24. 24 Gom

    Aaaw, that last photo. Scratch that. All of these photos are making me smile from ear to ear.

    And Katsuyama. He has muscles and nerves on his face! He smiles! Hurrah! I don’t care though if he keeps that poker face for the entirety of the drama, just his presence makes me swoon. OH, THAT HAIR. Why is it so hot in my room?

  25. 25 Itoshi

    I love their BTS pics…so funny and warm… but do you have Shin Hyun Joon’s? He’s so funny whenever he’s in Kang San mode. And where’s our OTP’s famous pictures of showing ‘peace’? hehehe missing Kang Dan very much <3<3<3

  26. 26 glace

    after watching this drama today…wow I needed these pics! Sexy Katsu and Rie!

  27. 27 Lilly

    Cute pictures. What a great team of actors. Each one added a lot to the show to make it great.
    And best team of villains ever.

  28. 28 Noelle

    OMG I LOVE THE LAST PIC! Cute!!!!!!

  29. 29 Pitch

    They are all so cute, gahhhhhh

  30. 30 Ruky

    The toothbrush hostages…..why so funny rara

  31. 31 Jihwan

    These photos make me smile πŸ™‚

  32. 32 crazedlu

    Too. Cute. That is all.

  33. 33 elle loves kdrama

    SO. MUCH. CUTENESS! Katsuyama smiling *swoon*

    Thanks DB!

  34. 34 Kdrama fan

    Thank you for the pictures. Made me realize how great their acting is. Also saw Sunji in Strong Heart episode where he was imitating a turtle. It was hilarious. Knew he was funny but in Bridal Mask, he is whacked out evil. Wow what a difference.

  35. 35 missjb

    The first pic LOL


    Katsuyama is sooo handsome when he smile

    and KI Woong-ahhhh *SWOONN*
    Soo handsome ^^

  36. 36 Maya

    These are adorable! Tbh, I always look up Gaksital’s BTS photos and videos during the break between Thursday episode and Wednesday episode. Kinda makes the waiting time bearable. And I always thought how cute and adorable all these actors are, but when Wednesday and Thursday come around, Shunji starts to send shivers down my bones again, Goiso back to being annoying, Kang To is this serious, calm, cool, and collected character again, etc Seriously it’s weirddd… but also just goes on to show how good their acting are.
    Btw, you all should see them dancing to Gangnam Style. It’s hilarious! πŸ˜€

    • 36.1 Kwhat?!

      Great video! I’ve seen the remix, but them actually dancing Gangnam Style is priceless!

  37. 37 asianromance


    These pics are hilarious! They’ve got such great comedic facial expressions. It would be awesome to transport the entire cast into a comedy film or drama next.

  38. 38 dugeundugeun

    This post really made my day (:
    Shunji – creepy face + aegyo = adorable~!
    Is Ra Ra holding a toothbrush standing next to Katsuyama? xD

    From now on whenever Shunji’s creepy in a scene in Gaksital, I’ll just whip out these aegyo pictures to bring myself back to reality.

  39. 39 lenrasoon

    damn Katsuyama is hot, i hope he gets more projects in the future and doesn’t disappear after Gaksital (i would add to the please-don’t-desappear list the guy who plays Tamao and Han Chae Ah aka RaRa).
    Loving these pictures even though i had to take a moment to remind me that Park Ki Woong is adorable and i don’t need to be scared while seeing his selcas.

  40. 40 Artemis

    This made my day! How can they all be so adorable! Thanks so much for posting!!

  41. 41 tonbotomoe

    Han Chae Ah looks so beautiful. Park Ki Woong looks deliciously beautiful.

  42. 42 h311ybean

    Thanks for sharing the photos! This was a welcome sight on a Monday when practically everyone has a holiday except me. I love the grittiness of the drama, but it’s also wonderful to see the actors breaking character and just having fun together.

  43. 43 jk

    o my gosh…these completely threw me for a loop….i love the last one…hoi hoi

  44. 44 malta

    So cute! Seems like everyone has tried on that mask…That might be my Halloween costume!

    Also Park Ki Woong kind of gave off a Joseph Gordon Levitt vibe in some of the above photos… He seems like someone who will just get more handsome as he grows older, but he seems to have a silly, playful personality which I hope doesn’t go away.

  45. 45 giya

    the last photo really crack me up!!!! LOL

  46. 46 Rai-Rai

    Katsuyama… *deep breath* He’s beautiful…wow. All he has to do is smile and I am just gone.

    • 46.1 Cae

      Am I the only one who finds him more seksy when he’s brooding? heh πŸ˜€

  47. 47 Kwhat?!

    Hoi-hoi! So adorable! Thank you for posting. The actors are so great, but the photobombing crew members had me rolling! Poor Rie being held hostage while brushing her teeth.

    • 47.1 Ivoire

      Hi Kwhat?!
      What did you mean by “photobombing crew members?” I didn’t get it. Please explain, thanks!

      • 47.1.1 D

        hi ivoire,

        i think this link would help explain furrther what ‘photobom’ means


        maybe you’d like to bookmark the site for future reference, i find it handy sometimes to keep up to date with hip/new phrases and slangs

        • Ivoire

          I actually rewatched the pictures and could see what you were about.

      • 47.1.2 Ivoire

        Hello again Kwhat?!

        That was helpful and I did bookmark the site per your suggestion. Thanks!

  48. 48 misachan

    omg the last picture!!!

  49. 49 Vanessa

    Hehe thanks a ton!((: These just blow my mind when I think of their individual characters πŸ˜›

  50. 50 dewaanifordrama

    Ah! These are AWESOME!!! I am glad to see them all in one place. I think the last one might be my fave. ❀

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