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Thanks to everyone who entered our CD/OST giveaway! Now it’s time to announce our winners.

We had a great time reading through all y’all’s entries, because it’s refreshing to step back from the dramas themselves once in a while and hear not just about how awesome a show is (or isn’t), but also what it means to you personally. ‘Cause if there’s one thing we’ve learned while running Dramabeans, it’s that these shows are so much more than mere TV shows. And we’re always touched, amazed, and a little surprised to hear the ways in which a drama series can affect a life in a real and significant way.

That is, it was tons of fun until we remembered we had to pick just ONE entry to give a CD to. Oy, that was hard. I know I can speak for everyone when I say we all struggled to pick just one, and probably would’ve loved to give away a dozen just so we wouldn’t have to choose.

But we made up the rules, so like ’em or not (curses, Past Us!), we had to abide by them. If you are a winner, we will be in contact with you shortly!

Without further ado:

SHINee’s “Sherlock”

#527 myrahEeeeeeee

I’d like to win SHINee’s “Sherlock” because I’ve always been a ShaWol (a SHINee fan) ever since I’ve branch out from KDrama to KPOP. As shameful as it is I don’t have any of their album.

Minho has always been my favorite in SHINee because of the way he cared for that baby in the reality show Hello Baby. It’s so sweet and since then I’ve carried a Minho flag like a cheerleader. When news of his name being attached to the Korean version of Hana Kimi broke out last year it was definitely one of the highlight of my fan girl life of 2011. Fast forward this July when he was confirmed for the role and I squeal like a 16-year old and did the dance of joy. I’m so excited to watch To The Beautiful You! Like asdfghjkl excited! The fact that I’ve already watch the Taiwanese and Japanese versions will not stop me from anticipating every episode of it. I hope dramabeans will recap To The Beautiful You! >< Anyhow, I'd like to win SHINee’s “Sherlock” because If ever I win, I will freakin' spazz about it in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and all SNS I have an account. I'm good at spazzing.. Description: 😀 Thank you for this opportunity Dramabeans!^^  

You’ve Fallen For Me OST

#331 Michelle

The You’ve Fallen For Me OST, please!

If I’m being perfectly honest, this is not my favourite drama. I don’t even know if it would make the Top 5. But it’s the drama that’s so strongly tied to and reminiscent of THAT summer. The summer when I went on vacation with my family and played the songs from this OST on repeat because the other option was staring at insanely boring tourist attractions that only my dad was interested in. The summer when I would head down to the lobby of whichever hotel we were staying at to use the free WiFi and catch up on the recaps/subbed episodes of this drama. The summer when I realized that drama guys aren’t REAL–at least not where I’m from.

You’ve Fallen For Me is not a perfect drama, but it’s MY perfect drama. It was light and cute, it built a world where I could hide myself when I felt lost in my own surroundings, and it made me smile even when I didn’t feel like it. The songs–while also extremely catchy–filled me with this feeling of inexplicable glee whenever I listened to them.

The drama and the OST aren’t about the attractive actors or the pretty actresses. Not for me, at least. Rather, they’re about THAT summer. That’s why this drama is unforgettable and this OST will never fail to bring on a fresh wave of nostalgia.


Chuno OST

#316 teeeeman

CD of choice: Chuno OST

Left alone at home during the two-month summer break (the family went off holidaying while I stayed for summer school in an attempt to graduate from uni earlier. Hardest ‘no’ in my life, ever), I took to camping in the den with food and my trusty harddrive hooked up to the TV. Mom had warned me against Chuno but I thought, eh.

Turned out, eh became HOMGJUMPINGPUMPKINS ISTHATJANGHYUKNEXTEPISODENEXXXTTTT! (Because ‘Successful Story of a Bright Girl’ had been the last thing I saw him in. The less said about that, the better.)

I think I love everything about that masterpiece of a drama, and then some. Dae-gil broke my heart, but then made me smile through my tears. The brotherhood was amazing. The action sequences (and directing) were godly. During those chase scenes when “Change” by Gloomy 30′s played, I galloped on my imaginary pony on the sofa, lunch forgotten. When it came to those episode-end cliffhangers… Well, the girl in my den screaming, thrashing in the air and fumbling for the remote for the “Next” button who looked like me? Wasn’t me. Nope.

Even the quiet scenes got me in the heart; take for instance the one with Seol-hwa’s haegeum-strumming, which started out humorous as she mimicked animal sounds but later evolved to a stirring piece, the sound of a man’s unrequited love (if memory serves). I don’t have unrequited-love-icitis a la Dae-gil myself, but I remember thinking, oh my goodness that’s exactly what it must feel like to be in love. It’s touches like these peppered throughout the show that elevated my appreciation for this gem of a drama.

Some guy in Japan made the news a few years ago when he announced he was “dating” his favourite video game character. I’m not that far gone, but if Chuno were a real person…


Shut Up: Flower Boy Band OST

#276 thefunofit

Everyone around me hates kdramas. They used to be indifferent, but then I and my obsession with them changed that irrevocably. I watch regardless, because it’s an escape and becuse it shows me that dealing with my life, with the world, with my problems, is both easier and harder than I offten think.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band did that for me. In the middle of my second semester at college, I was having the hardest time even finding the will to get up and go to class. I was stalled, for some reason, unable to figure where I was, what I was doing, and why I was doing it. I felt like, once I was finally in charge of my own life, I had no will to really live it.

Then this show comes along. And I see these characters who seem to know exactly what they want, and put their all into trying to get it. Episode by episode, this show taught me something, cheered me up, made me think about where I was and why I was there; what I was doing and what I wanted to do. It took away what excuses I could make for myself, because I wasn’t the only one who was young and lazy and viewed with vague condescension by everyone around me. It made me feel like finding something to fight for.

I want the Shut Up Flower Boy Band CD to use in my alarm clock. I want to wake up every morning remembering what I saw and felt, the characters I loved and laughed with and cried for, the feeling it gave me that the world is made up of choices and not inevitabilities. I want it because I’m not where I want to be yet, and I’m scared I might forget where I’m going. I want a talisman to remind me of who I am and what I want, that’ll keep me going even when I’m not sure, when I’m making excuses for myself, when I want to give up but I’m not ready to. And whenever I’ve achieved something, I want to look at it to say I told you so to myself.


The King 2 Hearts OST

#659 Mawiie

I hope that Girlfriday isn’t cranky yet from reading all the entries, because I’m tempting my luck for the King 2 Hearts OST as well!

Like a lot of people here, K2H will probably be my pick for drama of the year, at least on an emotional level. It’s one of those dramas that have obvious flaws but that you just can’t help but love (and by love I mean luuuuuuurve). While I don’t usually pay much attention to the soundtrack of a drama, this OST does elevate everything in that fictional world and makes it so real to the viewers. Every track was skillfully inserted so we can laugh and cry with the characters as if we were there with them. Never did I feel manipulated by the music (i.e. Feeling sad because the music was sad but the scene isn’t that emotional) or did the music takes me out of the scene (i.e. bad music cue). I was so immersed into the K2H world that listening to the soundtrack still has some weird effect on my brain:

– Whenever I heard the bgm that was played during JH’s rescue in episode 12, my heart rate would shoot up.
– Whenever K-Will’s ‘Love is Crying’ plays in my ipod, I could feel my heart wrench and my insides churn because images from the prison scene in episode 18 would immediately flood my mind.
– When I listen to some of the instrumental songs, I would smile to myself because my heart would swell with pride as JH’s awesome moment

That’s some serious Pavlovian conditioning there! Girldriday, you were the one who started the fandom, now you have to take responsibility for me! In Bong Gu’s words: “Why are you making me this way?!”

Maybe listening to the original sound track can slowly desensitize me you know? Here, the imaginary JH in my has some words for you

JH: Seriously, you should take responsibility for the crazy withdrawal symptoms you’ve caused to the English speaking netizens. That how a true leader of a fandom should act.
GF: But…there are so many of them!
JH: Yeah but it’s not my fault if you’ve made us look so awesome. Now deal with it. Just give it to Mawiie since she’s the one who gave you the opportunity to talk with me.
GF: Uhhh but it’s in *her* imagination.
JH: You mean you’ve never imagined yourself talking to me? Come on just give it to her *insert Seung Gi’s wink + dimple here*
JH: (to himself) Ah streeeess… Why do I have to wink in every fangirl’s imagination? Hang Ah will kill me if she finds out =.=

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  1. babylove

    Congrats to all the winners!!

  2. Zelow

    Lol. Soo niiice. And well-deserved

  3. angskeet

    ah…you lucky people, congrats to all the winners…i guess since i didn’t win, i’ll go get myself a king2hearts ost from yesasia hahah

  4. kdramapedia

    Congrats to the winners!

    side note: thefunofit’s entry was so touching! I’m screaming, “you go girl!” in my head!

    • 4.1 guest

      +1 totally agree. inspirational for all those lazy bums who know they need to work harder out there and arent ready to give up yet!

    • 4.2 guest

      +1 totally agree. inspirational for all those lazy bums out there (incl me) who know they need to work harder out there and arent ready to give up yet!

  5. hawaiianseoul


    congrats to everyone!

    • 5.1 ilikemangos

      LOL. it was adorable.
      well-deserved. CONGRATS MAWAIIE!

  6. Yuhotarubi


  7. Smilelaughanddance

    Congrats to all winners!!!!

    I knew Mawaiie would win. How could GF resist Seung Gi’s wink and dimple… I known I couldn’t 🙂

  8. acejihyo

    that entry for shut up flower boy band struck quite the chord with me, enough to convince me to watch the drama myself. thank you, thefunofit.

    • 8.1 rearwindow

      Same here. Beautifully written, and something I can very much relate to right now.

  9. milkmustache

    Congratulations to everyone that won! 😀 You guys are so lucky!

  10. 10 gracie

    Hahahahaha at mawiie:) that post was so funny! I lurved the imaginary talking~

  11. 11 okdubu

    thanks for doing things like this for your readers! thumbs up<3

  12. 12 Jesse

    Congratulations to all the winners. Have fun listening to your respective CD”s. And thanks to the administrators for having this wonderful giveaway. ^_^

  13. 13 queencircles

    ah congrats. I’m depressed I didn’t win, but I wasn’t as connected to any of these particular dramas as these people were. have fun with your ost’s!! I will win something from this site someday I hope!

  14. 14 KDrama Fan

    Congratulations winners! Loved your entries!

  15. 15 Big Unni

    Omo! I so jealous! I didn’t even know there was a giveaway going on! *pulls out fake pickled baby in jar* Kay now will you send me back one week or one hundred years? And will it work if I jump off my roof, which is only two stories up or do I need more air time? :S
    Lol 🙂 Congrats winners! Enjoy your winnings!

  16. 16 Mawiie

    Woahhh yay! I see that GF will be “taking responsibility” for me after all 😀 Thank you!!!

    • 16.1 reglest

      Uaaahhh~ Chukae!!
      Your entry crack me up! No wonder You get it!! *bear hug*

      Also.. I’m truly amazed again and again by all dramabeans crew, read the comment one by one and then decide who deserve it, is absolutely not an easy task!!! Are you all even human to began with? I are superhuman to doin so!!
      JB, GF, HeadsNo2, Gummimochi, kaedejun. Thank you for color our drama world with your beautifully written recaps (and a bit spice of snark and LOT of fangirling moment *wink*)
      Thank youuu~

    • 16.2 ilikemangos

      Congrats on winnning the soundtrack to the drama that stole my heart. 🙂 ENJOY!

      -Maknae of the K2H cult following

    • 16.3 linguist

      Were you talking about this potent combo of Seung-gi’s wink+dimple?


      Congratulations on getting desensitized from TK2H withdrawal in the future! Yeah right, who were you kidding! hehee

      • 16.3.1 Mawiie

        Hehe they do say that the first step towards recovery is to admit that we have a problem (or so I heard…), so at least I’m trying? Ok seriously who am I kidding, I’m just going to listen to the OST and write more imaginary scenes LOL

        It does warm my heart to see that my entry has made many of you smile. I did post 2 other imaginary scenes over soompi in the official thread if any Hearties out there want to read it 😉 My username is “MaryFairy”

    • 16.4 Osi

      Congratz Mawiie….
      Ah, I have this feeling that you’ll win. I’ve read your entry again and over again because it’s really hilarious. ^^

      To all the winners, congratulation.

    • 16.5 DB5K

      Your post was really funny and clearly demonstrated your immense love for K2H~~ Great post!! Also, I imagine talking to Seung Gi all the time. I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂

    • 16.6 coby

      Congrats! I remember using K2H’s OST to fill the void while waiting for the next episode!

    • 16.7 emmy

      Loved your post! It made me giggle and remember some of my favourite moments from that wonderful drama that was K2H.

  17. 17 ~Feather~

    Congrats to all the winners! All of them were wonderful entries. 🙂

    @thefunofit : You better keep your word on using that ost as an alarm clock and talisman. 🙂 I got mah eye on youuuu! o.O)

  18. 18 thefunofit

    OMFG I won! Thank you so much, javabeans! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!
    Off now to execute my hellish Monday schedule while sitting on a floating, cloud-size piece of cotton candy. 8D
    (Strangely, this entire thing reminds me of Answer Me 1997, with all the fangirl prizewinning that was going on in ep 5-6. Only less morbid/ironic.)

    • 18.1 momogi

      as much as I’m so jealous that you get the Shut Up cd, I have to say that you totally deserve it. What you’re feeling is exactly what I’m feeling on my weakest moment, but you put it in better words than mine. Use it well! 🙂

      congrats to you and other winners!! ^^

    • 18.2 Cherry

      I’ll also admit that I’m jealous. LOL. But I read your post even before the winners were announced and I knew you would win! Congratulations! 😀

  19. 19 becca_boo

    Congratulations to all the winners!!! *throws confetti and dances around like a looney, stopping occasionally to hand out flowers*

    You all had such great comments, I feel ashamed for my own humble entry. : ) Enjoy the music!

    Thanks to the (Benevolent) Dictators and Minions of Dramabeans for giving everyone this opportunity and for taking the time to read through all the entries. You gals are awesome!

  20. 20 mtoh

    Congrats to all winners, enjoy in good music 😉

  21. 21 Laya

    Congratulations to all the winners! ^_^

  22. 22 Ankita

    I read mawiie’s request right after I posted mine and they totally deserved this! Congratulations, mawiie 🙂

  23. 23 Ankita

    Oh and congratulations to all the other winners as well!

  24. 24 paldohwa

    congratz guys… winning might not be in my path ryt now but at leAST i have my internet connection HA. dl on the way (actually on progress ryt now).. congratz mawiie.. i read ur entry as soon as you’ve posted it.. i laughed at the imaginary conversation and thought you’d win. BINGO, u won! hehe

  25. 25 Yushi

    congrats to all winners! the replies really touched me! 😀

  26. 26 Sudi

    Congratulation to all of them.I read your poat and really liked it.And next time Im hoing to fight tough…Kudos to all of you there.Thank you…<3<3<3

  27. 27 mrs_d_4281

    This is awesome! I’m bawling (so touched) for the wonderful entries that are so well deserved. Congratulations! ^ ^

  28. 28 mary

    Aww.. I take back what I said about serious posts. The winners really are crazy about their kdramas(pop). 🙂
    Congratulations everyone!

  29. 29 christy

    ah! I loved reading all these winning entries!! Congratulations you guys!!

  30. 30 UJ

    Congrats to the winners!! 😀

  31. 31 jae

    congratulation to all winners ! ^^

    mawiie, the imaginary JH and GF is so funny…hahaha

    still not over TK2H withdrawal symptoms yet.. I hope arang and faith can have the same effect that TK2H did to me… ^^

  32. 32 jandoe


    @thefunofit: Oh God you made me tear up. You SO deserve it and I love what you want and hope it will be – that talisman, that symbolism, that indication and reminder. Love love it. Chin up girl 🙂

  33. 33 Daphne

    waa~~ I liked reading the interesting comments made by them all~ 🙂 Congratulations to all the winners! XD Mawiie’s comment made me crack up though XDDD And I really loved thefunofit’s comment 🙂 it made me think about life a little more deeply than I used to hrm..~~

  34. 34 Dita

    congratulation for the winners.. 🙂

  35. 35 myrahEeeeeeee

    OMG! I won! *spazzed* *died*

    Thank you very much gummi for choosing my entry! Thanks also to jb, gf, HeadsNo2 and kaedejun!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! ^^

    congrats to all winners! 😀

  36. 36 anonymouscollegestudent

    Congrats winners 🙂 I especially liked myrahEeeeeeee
    And cheers for the excellent first-half of 2012. I will def. be lurking around as I look forward to the second half. I can’t wait for “To the Beautiful You”, although I’m anxiously crossing my fingers that it won’t be horrid as the Taiwanese version.
    Thanks again recappers and to the greatest korean drama site ever published! As Ronald Weasely: Not good. Brilliant!

    • 36.1 myrahEeeeeeee

      Thanks! ^^

  37. 37 DB5K

    All the posts were great!! It was fun reading all of them, in part because I was fascinated by how each response so perfectly encapsulated the pith of each fandom. Congratulations to all the winners~~

  38. 38 eternalfive

    Wow, congrats to all the winners! The winning entries were all so awesome to read. 😀 I especially liked thefunofit’s – that was such an awww description of Shut Up AND of life in general. Definitely deserving of the OST! <3

    • 38.1 Ariel

      Yeah, glad you won honey, thats how songs should be appreciated it should energize you and make you want to dance. Don’t you just love it when you find the perfect soundtrack for this moment in your life, FIGHTING!

  39. 39 Ennayra

    Yay! I loved reading everyone’s entries. Congratulations!

  40. 40 Akosirhenz

    Congratulations to all the lucky winners. cheers!

  41. 41

    your piece is a winner #659 Mawiie! while reading, i surely can imagine gummi and javabeans’ conversations in podcasts. very imaginative. congrats! btw, i had those same thoughts re: k2h.

  42. 42 Lord of the Things

    Ah, totally well deserved. I can even relate to the winner of the SUFBB one, so I’m not even jealous. I swear. Not even a bit. :p

    Congrats all!

  43. 43 Madkdr

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Whooooeeeee!!!

    I loved reading the entries – all I can say – tough choices!!!!!

  44. 44 Sabah


    I loved reading all the entries. Well deserved.

  45. 45 kakashi

    congrats! Well deserved

  46. 46 AkosiRhenz

    Congrats :> Cheers 🙂

  47. 47 neener

    Everyone congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48 kewbie

    Congrats, winners!

  49. 49 Octopus

    Loving the entries so much 😀 great job all the winners!

  50. 50 ck1Oz

    Congratulations to the viewers but especially love thefunofit. Good luck with your life 🙂

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