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Dr. Jin: Episode 20
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If there’s one good thing to be said about Dr. Jin, it’s that Stuff Always Happens. On the flip side, most of it doesn’t make a lick of sense. History is royally screwed and there’s only one man and his brain fetus to save it… Or is there? We definitely get a lot more questions than answers (as usual), so if there’s one thing to look forward to as we head into the final stretch, it’s that all this nonsense must have some explanation, right? I mean, it’s not like Hyuk chose to dive off the hospital roof for that fet-… Oh, crap.


Ha-eung explains his reasoning for stepping down, because he wants to protect the King first and foremost. Remember that time Hyuk accused Ha-eung of doing too much to keep his position? Well, neither does Hyuk, since he now argues that Ha-eung should fight even harder to keep his position.

And remember that time Ha-eung told Hyuk that stepping down and leaving the Andong Kim clan in power would be even worse for Catholics, and Hyuk didn’t believe him? No worries, Hyuk doesn’t either, as he tells Ha-eung: “What about the Catholics? If you back down now, Left State Minister will not stop the persecution. And they won’t leave you alone, either.” This entire conversation, at least from Hyuk’s side, is a mess of contradictions and inconsistencies.

Ha-eung: “Did you say that they believe in the Lord? Like they are putting their lives on the line for their religion… I too will put my life on the line for this nation. This land of Joseon is like a religion to me.”

While Young-rae and other Catholics are put in prison, Hyuk agonizes over Ha-eung’s decision. After stating the obvious, Hyuk asks himself, “How did something like this happen? By chance… By trying to stop the Catholic persecution, did history get distorted?” Gee, you think so? Someone give this man a prize, we have a winner.

The Council of Evil convenes to laugh about Ha-eung’s downfall and his upcoming farewell banquet, while poor Kyung-tak remains segregated from the main group. Minister Kim decides to hide the treaty in a separate office so it can’t be stolen.

D’aww, and Ha-eung’s grand feast is only attended by his most loyal followers, even though everyone was invited. He’s prepared to get royally wasted, but notices Young-hwi’s absence, since he’s gone to visit Young-rae in prison.

He never knew she was Catholic until now, and urges her to deny her religion to save her life. Young-hwi: “Denying the religion won’t make your inner belief disappear. Instead of showing it with death, protect it by living.”

Kyung-tak tries his best to get Daddy to free the Catholics, but it’s a no-go. For him, the Catholics are a great scapegoat to divert the people’s anger away from the noble class, and they all laugh over how easy Ha-eung has made the persecution for them. Ooo, will this finally be Kyung-tak’s turning point?

Hyuk finally arrives at the banquet, and Ha-eung is trashed. Hyuk is at his breaking point and tells Ha-eung, “You call me a friend. But do you even listen to me?” Hyuk, do you listen to you?

Ha-eung tries to say that he no longer has power to do anything, but Hyuk fires back, “Have you come this far because you had power before? I will not stand back and do nothing. I don’t know from when what went wrong, but I will not just watch the history that I know get all twisted.” Hah. Is it lonely up there on your pedestal of blamelessness, Hyuk? I bet it is.

He storms out. Chun-hong desperately tries to stop him, even going so far as to claim that she returned to this world to save and protect him. Hyuk thinks she’s lying and won’t fall for it, and dramatically runs out as he tells himself in voiceover that he must save Young-rae so Mina can also be saved.

He finds Kyung-tak and asks him a favor we don’t hear, since Kyung-tak beelines for his room to read Hyuk’s stupid letter to Ha-eung detailing the Catholic massacre to come. Kyung-tak puts all the pieces together – the letter, Hyuk’s appearance when they first met, what he’d started to say about being from the future that first time he was going to be executed.

Safe to say, he seems to have figured out Hyuk is from the future.

Hyuk uses Kyung-tak’s favor to see Young-rae in prison, and urges her to deny her faith before the scheduled execution tomorrow. She asks him if he could abandon practicing medicine if his life depended on it, and he claims that he could, even though it would be cowardly.

But here’s the rub: While urging her to deny deny deny, he’s not just speaking in her interest, because he tells her, “Your fate may not only be yours.” So he’s trying to save his future girlfriend in the process, which kind of makes this a weird moment for him – he’s not actively being selfish, but he’s not being selfless either. He asks her to do it just for him.

Kyung-tak and his men are escorting Kim Byung-ok and the treaty, though Kyung-tak seems to be eyeing it suspiciously. All of a sudden they’re ambushed on the road, with Kyung-tak taking an arrow to the arm.

Though their attackers wear masks, it’s clear Young-hwi is leading the pack. Battle ensues. Kyung-tak and Young-hwi go blade to blade, and Kyung-tak urges Young-hwi to hurt him so that he’ll be free from suspicion. Omo! Kyung-tak! You did it? You did it! (Unless this is another fake-out, which my poor heart might not be able to take.)

So this is all an orchestrated plan, and Young-hwi and his men away with the treaty after slicing Kyung-tak in the arm. An arrow wound and a sword wound? Dayum. I’m sure he’ll be fine in the next five minutes. This is Dr. Jin, after all.

Dae-gyun is overseeing the Catholic execution, and the courtyard is filled with the sound of weeping women. He dumps a pile of crosses and bibles in front of them and declares that whoever steps on them will live. Some of them do, while others display their faith and are put aside to die. Young-rae remains in the middle, struggling over what to do.

This is actually a genuinely good scene, and even Hyuk doesn’t ruin it when he tries (and fails) to get inside to save Young-rae. His earlier words give her pause, but in the end she whispers that she’s sorry. “My fate… may only be up to here,” she says, as she folds her hands in prayer and damns herself to die. Props for conviction.

Hyuk gets brain zapped as he tries to force his way inside, and is treated again to the vision of Mina flatlining. This only has him more desperate to save Young-rae, until a mysterious man on horseback arrives.

Young-rae is one of the first in line to be executed, and it’s definitely jarring to see this group of people ready to die for what they believe in, all their hands locked in prayer as they wait to be beheaded. The executioners ready their blades as Dae-gyun readies the signal…

But they’re saved at the last moment by a man bearing the King’s Royal Decree who bursts through the doors and orders that all the Catholics be released. Furthermore, no Catholic can be captured, tortured, or interrogated from here on out. Dae-gyun blusters while Young-rae cries in relief.

Minister Kim and Dae-gyun are shocked when Ha-eung dares to shoo them away from meeting the King, but he’s not to be swayed, nor is he abandoning his position. Their threats are useless now since they no longer have the treaty to threaten him with, which is something that Minister Kim only realizes belatedly.

Hyuk is waiting for Young-rae upon her release, and she apologizes for ignoring his earlier request. She wonders if the Catholic persecution was supposed to continue history-wise, but then assumes that Hyuk must have had a good reason to change history when he was so afraid of doing so before. Pfft. Fine, let’s all start livin’ this lie.

Hyuk: “I want to protect you as long as I am in this world. Of course, there may be other reasons too. But you’re the most important person to me right now.” She thanks him, he thanks her back, everything’s gravy.

Kyung-tak fake-apologizes to Dad about losing the treaty. He’s still suffering from the sword wound (go figure), and Minister Kim at least fusses over it. He worries that they’ve lost their card while Ha-eung still has his, but Kyung-tak’s already taken care of it, and took the letter from Young-hwi as part of the secret deal.

He even cuts his hand so that the blood on the letter can look convincing enough for his dad to think he killed someone for it. Now Minister Kim and Ha-eung are without ways to blackmail each other, but Minister Kim isn’t worried. Public outcry against freeing the Catholics will bring Ha-eung down.

Ha-eung burns the treaty and asks after Kyung-tak, noting that he used one of the Thirty-six Stratagems by inflicting injury on himself to gain the enemy’s trust. Still, he’s wary of Kyung-tak and his motivations, and tells Young-hwi to keep an eye on him.

He goes straight to Court to deal with the fallout, since the people won’t be happy about the new decree. Minister Kim argues his case and asks for little King Gojong to rescind the decree, and just as Ha-eung is about to step up to speak for him, the little King finally speaks out.

Gojong tells Minister Kim that his mother is Christian and his father released Christians, so punishing them would make him an unfilial son. How could such a person be King? Ha-eung steps up not only to agree with him, but to implement Hyuk’s plan of passing the new taxation law on noblemen to ease the public’s outcry against releasing the Catholics.

Dae-gyun vents his frustration over the new law with Daddy Dearest, who’s not convinced that random thieves would target Kim Byung-ok. Suspecting Kyung-tak as a possible rat, he orders Dae-gyun to keep an eye on him.

Ha-eung is all smiles when meeting Hyuk again, their BFF status officially restored on his end. Hyuk is a little more reluctant, especially when Ha-eung asks him about the future of the countries surrounding them, like Japan and China. he even tells Hyuk that he can write it down in another letter if he feels uncomfortable talking about it, which, HA.

However, Hyuk refuses – he can’t change history anymore. Ha-eung argues that it’s for the good of the country, and asks Hyuk, “Have you thought about your reason for being here? Perhaps you were meant to change the course of Joseon’s history.” We better hope not.

Kyung-tak is waiting for Hyuk outside, and makes an offhand remark that Hyuk spends more time doing secret work than being in the Royal Clinic. Hah. But what he’s really there for is to show Hyuk that he has his letter detailing the future of the country.

Cut to: Hyuk using his bamboo stethoscope on Minister Kim. Whoa, did Kyung-tak use the letter as blackmail? Or not, but Minister Kim still calls Hyuk out on learning his medical skills from the future – and they’ve even got his personal effects to prove it. This is… sudden.

Also, this is confusing. Kyung-tak seems shocked that his father knows about Hyuk and yet not shocked. I can only imagine that he must have handed over the letter, but then his father asks him if he knew Hyuk’s identity and why he didn’t come forward with it if he did, which makes me think he didn’t hand it over.

So wait, how did Daddy come to all these conclusions if it wasn’t for Kyung-tak? Either way, Minister Kim now knows everything, and muses aloud: “So, you are a doctor from the future.” Everyone is way calmer than you’d expect them to be with this news.

Meanwhile, Ha-eung grows suspicious when he finds out where Hyuk is, while Hyuk is forced to tell Minister Kim that he’s not opening his mouth when it comes to the future any more, especially when Minister Kim wants to know the fate of the Andong Kim clan. Hyuk, it’s pretty late for this kind of backpedaling.

After talking with Kyung-tak, Minister Kim understands that Hyuk worked with Ha-eung to prevent a war, and after sending him off, he calls for Kyung-tak to find Ridel and bring him back. Kyung-tak finds the priest in no time.

Ha-eung calls Hyuk into the gibang under the pretense of a casual meeting, but barely lasts two seconds before he asks Hyuk about Minister Kim. The air in the room grows tense as Hyuk tries his best to avoid the subject.

Ridel is brought in to see Minister Kim, and despite everyone and the undoubtedly widespread knowledge that the King’s Decree saved the Catholics, Minister Kim leads Ridel to believe that the power to save or kill Catholics rests in his hands alone. If Ridel can speak Korean and has been living in Joseon, I find it really hard to believe that he’d fall for these lies.

Minister Kim uses that power over him… to ask him for a war? What? Yes, by threatening the future safety of all the Catholics in Joseon (never mind that their safety has already been guaranteed by the King), Minister Kim gets Ridel to think about convincing France to unleash its warships on Joseon shores. This doesn’t make any sense.

Ha-eung has ordered Joo Pal and Minion to keep watch at Minister Kim’s house, and they spot Ridel leaving.

Inside, Kyung-tak is the only one speaking sense as he wonders how war will benefit his father. Minister Kim claims it’s the only way to oust Ha-eung, because the people will turn against him if he can’t fend off a foreign attack. Even Kyung-tak doesn’t quite get it, but Daddy sends him off to kill all the priests except Ridel, so that he’ll hate them and decide to go to war.

Joo Pal gives news of the meeting to Ha-eung, who immediately sends them off to capture Ridel. He asks Hyuk what he discussed with Minister Kim in an accusatory manner and leaves in a huff, while Chun-hong holds her head and cries about the history that’s changed and the history that’s trying to return to the way it was are getting all twisted around, just like this entire story.

Naturally, she blames everything on Hyuk, and asks him if this historical craziness is what he wanted.

Ridel and his fellow priests have already set off in a boat by the time Kyung-tak’s forces and Joo Pal’s forces make it to the shore. Kyung-tak has an archer kill off the other two priests, and in doing so, has killed my hope for his redemption. We know he loves his Daddy, but starting a war even he doesn’t understand? Line drawn, he passed it. Good luck, buddy.

Hah, and the boatman just keeps on rowing like it’s no big deal. Two customers got shot – must be Thursday.

Hyuk suffers some seriously hurt feelings when he realizes that Ha-eung thinks he’s betrayed him by telling the future to Minister Kim, and because his feelings are so hurt he decides to just not clear things up between them. (Also, glad everyone rose from their respective coffins to film today.)

He’s been a downer since the beginning of the episode, and says sadly before he goes, “It would’ve been better if I did not know anything and if there was nothing to say. From the very beginning, I shouldn’t have come to this world.” Well, now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Chun-hong meets with Young-rae to tell her about an event she’ll influence in the near future. We don’t hear what it is as we cut back to Hyuk packing up his stuff, which is where Young-rae finds him. With the threat of war looming, he’s finally decided to cut his losses and bravely run away.

She tells him that she knows everything – the tumor in his head that grows every time he changes history, and that his existence could forever disappear. He knows Chun-hong told her and insists it’s all a lie, claiming that saving her was the best thing he’s done since he’s come here.

He thinks that disappearing will solve all the problems he’s caused, but Young-rae tearfully begs him to stay. She tells him that he’s leaving her with an incurable disease – and by that she means love, not that other disease he cured.

Hyuk promises her that they will meet again and leaves, running into Chun-hong on the only road in town. He chastises her for telling Young-rae, and yells at her when she tries to speak. She wants to tell him what she couldn’t tell him earlier for whatever reason, the last big secret, but he doesn’t even want to know.

He thinks she’s been manipulating him from the start to get Ha-eung in power, which kind of doesn’t make much sense, considering it happened historically and he messed things up. So why wouldn’t she want him to put things back?

Whatever the case, Hyuk says, “I will disappear quietly. As if I had never existed from the beginning, I will disappear forever.” Okay. That’d totally work, if it wasn’t the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

So she doesn’t get to tell him the big secret, but she does notice that he’s being followed by two shady guys. They attack him and try to kill him, but Chun-hong appears from nowhere, literally, and takes the fatal blow for him.

His assassins get chased off, so he hauls her into the gibang, because God forbid he ever does a surgery in the actual clinic where supplies would actually be on hand.

She’s looking pretty bad, and she tries to eke out that secret she needed to tell him. He says it can wait because she needs surgery, and thinks back to all the mean things he just said to her. Also, the fact that she told him she came to this world just to protect him, which she did.

He puts her under and actually begins to perform open heart surgery, because her heart sustained a deep wound. (Double meaning! I get it!) Of course, having her chest cavity open to the world means it’s the perfect time to talk, with Hyuk explaining to Heo Gwang and Young-rae that her life may not be able to be saved.

To successfully perform the surgery he needs an artificial heart machine, which obviously, he doesn’t have. Still, he tells everyone that he’ll try his best. As Hyuk gets a pep talk, Chun-hong’s heart squirts blood periodically from the wound.

Hyuk: “This is not an easy surgery.” Heo Gwang: “Since when did you only do easy surgeries?” So he takes a needle and thread to her heart and that’s that… except her heart stops beating. And then, weirdly enough, the surgery is blurred once his hand goes digging inside her chest. How is only that too explicit?

Hyuk pumps her heart by holding it in his hand, and gets it to start beating again. He stitches her up, but she’s still dying.

Everyone is sent away so she can give Hyuk her last words – that he can’t save Young-rae according to her fate. While trying to save her he could disappear forever, so she came back to this world to protect him.

Chun-hong: “The world you left… that person there… is already dead.” There’s no competing over the dramatically operatic and totally overbearing track, and she dies.

Ha-eung arrives just in time to witness her passing, just as Hyuk keeps screaming, “No! No!” over and over again.


Chun-hong had been on a steady phase out for a while, and with her death, so goes the secret to the universe. Now who will Hyuk get to ignore and be a complete tool to? Young-rae? Pfft. Here’s hoping Chun-hong spilled more secrets to Young-rae than what we saw, seeing as we don’t have anyone else in this universe who knows what’s going on.

This is how I’d sum up just about every conversation Kyung-tak has with his Dad: Dad gives an order, Kyung-tak voices his moral or logistical opposition, Kyung-tak follows the order. There’s only so many times I can watch him disagree with Dad before carrying out Dad’s every wish before I’m just plain done. The whole secret plan with Young-hwi didn’t help his cause much either, mainly because it was handled with all the finesse of a drive-by, and also didn’t allow us to get a grip on the emotional undercurrent supposedly driving Kyung-tak’s actions.

My only guess is that he wanted to save Young-rae and things just went back to normal afterward, even though we’ve gotten hints that that might not be the case – and when I say “hints”, I mostly just mean the times when the show purposefully cuts a scene short and pretends to be a better, more thrilling experience. We never got to see what he said to Hyuk after showing the letter, but even if we were to have some dramatic reveal later, does it really matter when Kyung-tak followed Dad’s orders to intentionally start a war? I can’t figure out what goes on in that boy’s head anymore. Same goes for Daddy Dearest.

And while Hyuk definitely isn’t your go-to hero for a good time, having him spend an episode suddenly deciding he’s not going to do jack squat is even less fun than your every day, garden variety Hyuk. It’s hard to sympathize with him when the conclusion he finally comes to is one that’s been staring him in the face – or talking in his face – for a good while, and especially not when he handles his problems like a child without thinking things through. Also: Damage is done, Hyuk. You broke history. Now you have to fix it.

The whole war story arc brought up one of the main issues I’ve had with this show, in wondering how much Hyuk’s actions impact what’s already fated to be, at least historically. Chun-hong made a big deal about the history Hyuk’s changed and the history that’s supposed to happen colliding, but where does one end and the other begin? There’s no way he can un-cure cholera, or un-cure Young-rae’s cancer, or un-cure the million other things he’s cured. But there has to be a better solution besides Hyuk just removing himself from the equation, because if that fixes everything, what did we need him around for in the first place?


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      Some really good bits-

      “Ha-eung explains his reasoning for stepping down, because he wants to protect the King first and foremost. Remember that time Hyuk accused Ha-eung of doing too much to keep his position? Well, neither does Hyuk, since he now argues that Ha-eung should fight even harder to keep his position.

      And remember that time Ha-eung told Hyuk that stepping down and leaving the Andong Kim clan in power would be even worse for Catholics, and Hyuk didn’t believe him? No worries, Hyuk doesn’t either, as he tells Ha-eung: “What about the Catholics? If you back down now, Left State Minister will not stop the persecution. And they won’t leave you alone, either.” This entire conversation, at least from Hyuk’s side, is a mess of contradictions and inconsistencies.”

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      Apparently the screenwriter for Dr. Jin aka crazy bitch tweeted that she was upset that some of KKT’s scenes were cut by the editor so that probably explains those strange disconnected scenes.

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          I think it Jin himself. Which makes more sense (I use the word loosely for this show) after this show. The man kept saying he had to get back and now that Jin know that Mi Na is suppose to be dead in that world (Way to drop a bomb), he’ll go back to a world where she’s still alive. Plus how did that man know right where the fetus was kept. If I woke up in a place I didn’t know and had to find something, I’ll be all over the place but it seems that the guy went straight to Jin’s office, straight to Jin’s desk.

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      The writer and director came back in time to write a textbook on Prime Directive violations.

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      Well, maybe we should be on the lookout for that blue police box in the next two episodes. With all the mess going on, it’s just a matter of time before the Doctor will show up to fix the mess. 😉

      • 10.2.1 thatGuy

        If The Doctor or someone with a Delorean showed up and dragged this idiot back to the future to be place in prison. To be charge with missing with the past and not for showing a complete lack of common sense. I think i could start forgiving this show a little….

        Other possible ending im can live with

        1)Hyuk is transported back to falling off the roof where he dies

        2)Mina is still alive but dumps hyuk for kyung who got transported into the future along with hyuk.

        3)hyuk goes back to the time of the dinosaurs and gets crushed by one

        4)hyuk head explodes

        hmm…….man i really want jin to suffer dont i?

    • 10.3 eee

      Well i guess i made the right choice to Faith instead of this train wreck….=.=

    • 10.4 eee

      Well i guess i made the right choice to watch Faith instead of this train wreck….=.=

      • 10.4.1 thatGuy

        I’ll keep Faith that faith will never be anything like this train wreck. but once good old doc dumba$$ is done this weekend i don’t wanna see any kdrama that has anything to do with time or doctors.

        i didnt even watch queen in hyuns man yet and im sure i can after this

        • Naz

          Queen In Hyuns man is so much better and cuter than this, you’ll love it. The magical part of the series is kept simple and neat. He’s got a talisman, if he dies he goes to the future. Works like a door, comes back. I love that they didn’t make it all about the magic.

  11. 11 becca_boo

    Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2! As always, you’re amazing!

    Has anyone considered the idea that Young-rae has to die for Mina to live? Because I’d be fine with that.

    • 11.1 KDaddict

      I’d be fine if everyone in this utterly utterly awful drama dies, cos it doesn’t make you feel any connection to anyone of them! 😛

      • 11.1.1 Big Unni

        Yea me too. And I generally hate shows where everyone dies…but I’m willingly to make exceptions…. *pulls out pleathora of weapons* or you know help them along…hehe 🙂

      • 11.1.2 Awe

        i actually think ‘death would become…all of them’.
        bring on the french toast, erm war. i’ll toast to that.

      • 11.1.3 foolmoon

        Second that …
        Just leave Ha eung and the king alive ’cause the history says so.
        Let the rest of the character dies, especially Hyuk, it doesn’t seem they have any point to be there

  12. 12 seriously wtf jin and now (really) big

    Thanks for the recap! ^__^

    “Hah, and the boatman just keeps on rowing like it’s no big deal. Two customers got shot – must be Thursday.”

    HAHA! Yeah, that was great. But man, this episode was terrible.

    I’ve pretty much decided that nothing Hyuk says or does makes any sense or is consistent in any way, so it doesn’t bother me that much any more. I really enjoyed his look of extreme surprise (captured so well above) that Chunhong was actually BLEEDING! After being run through by a sword – imagine!

    I am annoyed, though, at what they did to Kyung Tak. Why have him collaborate with Young hwi to the point of injuring himself, when he’s going to turn around and slay the priests just because daddy said so? Part of the problem with not understanding what’s going on w/KT is that apparently two of his scenes were cut before the episode aired, even to the surprise of the director. Don’t know whose brilliant decision that was – why the hell are we watching if not for KT/Jaejoong?

    Although I still doubt that the cut scenes could justify the ridiculous flip-flopping. Pick a side already. GAH.

    Behind the scenes is more entertaining:

    • 12.1 seriously wtf jin and now (really) big

      Also, I like and second this:

      “…all this nonsense must have some explanation, right? I mean, it’s not like Hyuk chose to dive off the hospital roof for that fet-… Oh, crap.”

    • 12.2 mee

      BTS: Kyung tak should really does that…. Kill daddy dearest..end of problem XD

  13. 13 katiamon

    the downfall of the plot of this drama is epic! dude, you already messed up everything even though you were told not to do anything stupid. maybe asking him to not do anything stupid meant for him to just kill himself but no, dear dr. pumpkin: IT MEANT THAT YOU HAD TO SIT AND BE QUIET!
    now we have two episodes left and is amazing how the writers can come up with more stupid stories!!!!! i just want to know how are they going to end this freaking drama, i wouldn’t be surprise if aliens appear in the final episode.
    HN2, you really are earning your place in the recappers’ hall of fame. your comments are such a blast!!! thanx for the recap 🙂

  14. 14 harkkk

    HAHA I just want to say how I have never watched a second of Dr Jin but I read your recaps because they are hilarious. Please survive the last few awful episodes! /wavespompoms (The only thing I want to know by now is will they leave NO part of the body untouched by the hands of Jin?!)

    Also, if you haven’t watched it, the Japanese original drama is many levels above this nightmare. If you feel like some consolation or you know, actual good entertainment, you can try watching it!

    • 14.1 Big Unni

      “Please survive the last few awful episodes” — I agree with that. Infact….
      *picks up pompoms and yells like over zealous teenage cheerleader* Go, go HeadNo2! Go, go HeadNo2! Woohoooo!

  15. 15 Jace

    Can I just say that I lost interest as soon as Hyuk started being stubborn as hell and continued to be persistent in changing history just to save ONE girl?
    I’m really glad that this stupid drama is ending this weekend. It started off good then the writing just continued to get worst…just downhill. Never even picked up.

    Thank you so much for continuing your recaps of this crap drama.

    • 15.1 Awe

      lol…jace…i’m just the opposite.

      this drama continues to picque my interest because of the absurdity. i am bedazzled by the buffoonery. AWE-mazed by the sheer befuddlements.
      but mostly, i keep thinking about the writers and actors and the question that keeps popping up is:
      does the cast and crew of this drama understand just how ridiculous the viewers think they are?

      i keep asking myself this and each episode just keeps getting more hilariously ridiculous. it’s epic.

  16. 16 Big Unni

    Oh Heads, I truly feel for you since it seems that this drama is truly not going anywhere good being that the only reasons to watch are either
    a) dead
    b) seriously messed character developement wise
    Ahhhh…I sigh. Then I pick up my mighty pen and start the most strongly worded, bold print and italicized letter I have ever written and address it to the directors of “Dr. Jin, the biggest waste of space doctor ever to meet history.”
    hehe 🙂

  17. 17 rhia

    Ah. But ultimately all will not matter because it’s a parallel world, anyway, right? *sneers*

    • 17.1 Big Unni

      Right?! hehe Oh gosh this drama is really doing wonders to my sense of disbelief….lol

  18. 18 Noelle

    Just wondering, is there a fetus tumor in the original?

    • 18.1 mee


  19. 19 Cynthia

    Keep chopping your way through the dark Jin Jungle, HeadsNo2! The light is jusssst ahead.

    I am holding to my vow of not watching any more of this horror – your recap is enough to fill my cup.

    I read. I laugh. I shake my head in befuddlement and think on the statement that Lee Beom-soo and Song Seung-heon
    made, stating that Dr. Jin deserved to be between 40-50 episodes due to the WEALTH of material in the storyline.

    I then think back to one of my favorite scenes from ‘Emperor of the Sea’ where my two boys are buried up to their necks with honey poured on their heads – a clear signal for army ants to appear. I then just envision two OTHER heads (wanna guess whose?) popping up from the sand.

    It puts me in my happy place. There’s enough room next to me, HeadsNo2. You’re welcome to share, drinks and snacks on me!

    • 19.1 Betty

      Lee Beom Soo said that ironically, at least it’s what I want to beleive… Or Song Seung Heon said it first and Lee Beom Soo merely replied ‘humm’ and then they said they both said that. *Put one’s fingers in one’s ears and singing la la la la la laaaa* I don’t want to know *totally bias*… lol

    • 19.2 Michelle

      I think LBS did mean it because the original premise is interesting or at least my original wonderment and Heads2No’s wishful ramblings made is seem so.

      Are things meant to be no matter what and if so what was the point of Dr. Jin travelling back in time? Why are there these tiny rips or portals (i.e. through the fetuses) that bypass “fate” and bring certain people outside of their time frame? And why these certain individuals and not others?

      Are they (these people and their special brains) our means (in the Dr. Jin world) of changing things that are otherwise “meant to be” only because we lack the tools to change them? If that is so then our idea of fate is a lie we tell ourselves for comfort only because we can’t change things once they are done. Maybe eternity/fate is like a being with many heads and little events that we act out choose what eternity or fate we play out. That one little act determines your fate and there are infinite “little acts” but we are so finite in our understanding that we don’t realize this and therefore tell bullshit (like my mom) that things happened or didn’t happen because it was just meant to be.

      It might even explain this very late-in-the-game “parrallel universe” bomb they dropped in this mess. One Hyuk decides to jump after the fetus and another Hyuk doesn’t. Since this Hyuk decided to jump and forsake Chung-Hong’s advice he has opened the way for fate to erase him from his life so far to replace him with a Hyuk that doesn’t jump after a jar from a building because he has common sense!

      You can take this any which way so I agree with him but unfortunately Dr. Jin will not be the “great project” that can explore these issues. I hug them all; even SSH.


  20. 20 Hm

    According to some people on twitter a lot of kyungtak’s scenes were cut for this episode but since I just read the record I really didn’t notice that much of a difference

  21. 21 Carmila

    This episode just made me confused.

    The whole cutting down one (or two!) important scenes was unnecessary. We don’t know how dady found out about Jin, not do we know what KyungTak told Jin either. Great.

    Also about KyungTak and why he played along with Young-hwi I think is because he wanted to safe her… again.
    God if that is the only reason why he would do anything against his father.

    Anyway, somehow his character along with Chun-hong are the only ones who actually make sense, the only one who are consistent during the whole drama (even to the point to be repetitive).

    Meanwhile Ha-eung starts as a drunk and gambler, then turns into a noble politician (just by changing his clothes) and now he is a villain/ power thirsty politician. His character changes too much too fast >.<

    Somehow I enjoy this episode better than some of the previous ones, may be because of the lack of Young-rae but…. I really liked Chun-hong. I will miss her
    And even after reading the recap I’m still confused.

    I stay strong to my believe this drama has good parts, specially political aspects and manipulation, conspiracies and stuffs

    But the main leads roles just annoy me to no end.

    Even if I hate the character, Minister Kim, evil Bother, KyungTak, Chun-hong and even Ha-eung and Young-hwi are interesting characters. But I want to skip all parts with Jin and crying girl

  22. 22 LizzyMay

    GI Joe reference!

    Hilarious recap. So glad I stopped watching.
    Oh Jin Hyuk, when will you be the dead one?

  23. 23 Maya

    “Hah, and the boatman just keeps on rowing like it’s no big deal. Two customers got shot – must be Thursday.”

    LOL! Even the boatman is itching to finish his job as an extra in Dr Jin.

    And… Fighting Heads! just 2 more episodes to go through…

    • 23.1 MsB

      I was rolling with laughter during that scene! I was like, WTF?! The boatman was so nonchalant! It was hysterical!

  24. 24 sayu44

    I almost skipped all the scenes with Dr Jin and Young Rae… as always. It´s more pleasing this way.
    I´m so mad with this episode because they almost ruined KT´s character and putting bias aside, KT is the most intriguing character in the drama but in this episode, nobody can understand what is going on in his head.
    And Do you want to know why KT didn´t make sense in this episode?.
    Because someone decided to cut TWO IMPORTANT SCENES of him.
    So I don´t really have big hopes for the last two episodes. I just hope they don´t mess with the characters anymore.

  25. 25 UJ

    Can we like kill off both Jin and YR and have KT and YH as the real OTP of the drama! Have them married and the jar fetus can be their baby! And maybe just maybe evil daddy can walk KT down the aisle!!! *imagines*
    YR is like a wet cloth in this drama and Dr jin is an idiot..never have i wished death on a drama OTP before but i am willing to make an exception for these 2 here!

    KyungHwi couple FTW

    • 25.1 12the4

      TakHwi FTW!

      They are the best couple of this drama. Seriously.

  26. 26 Yang Yang

    This Sunday we’ll watch together w/ a glass of makgeoli/soju/wine/margarita or whatever in hand to cheer for the ending of a train wreck drama that successfully makes everyone enrage with the so-called “genius neurosurgeon”…

    Thanks for the recaps Heads! 2 more to the finish line, dear.

    • 26.1 MsB

      as you are watching, think of us sober ppl who actually somehow get through this without alcohol; don’t know how, it’s a miracle!

      • 26.1.1 Yang Yang

        Oh, I was wondering myself how could I stand watching 20 eps, soberly… It’s miracle indeed that we last this long..

        Thus, in final eps, I’ll cheer for Heads for her ordeal and endurance to complete the recaps of this hilariously disastrous drama and us, viewers who seem can’t resist Doc’s charms, or is it his stupidity…? ^^

  27. 27 aoiaheen

    I’m still laughing so hard at your recap that its difficult to type.

    My fav lines:

    “Of course, having her chest cavity open to the world means it’s the perfect time to talk

    “As Hyuk gets a pep talk, Chun-hong’s heart squirts blood periodically from the wound.

    “There’s no competing over the dramatically operatic and totally overbearing track, and she dies

    Actually there are more but too busy laughing to copy/paste.

    The crew/cast member whose job it is to squirt blood out during the various surgeries must be a child. “this is fun. *squeeze tube* lots of fun… *squeeze tube more* I want to do this again and again!

    • 27.1 daniela

      LOL – a sadistic child :))

  28. 28 leddik

    Oh my gosh. This show is hilarious. I LOL-ed hard when I read, This is….sudden. Also, this is confusing. Right there was perfect. Thank you HeadsNo2. That was really good recapping there 🙂

  29. 29 DarknessEyes

    jaejoong… you are the only reason im even reading the recaps… and your character is so awful too…..

    • 29.1 12the4

      Kyung Tak character is an interesting character actually … O_O

      • 29.1.1 Michelle

        He is interesting but he *is* an awful person because he holds one of the potential keys to change things but he won’t even though he fully understands what a scum-bag his father is so he limits himself to saving dish-rag YoungRae.

  30. 30 ajj

    Wow..I cant get over the fact that they totally messed up Kyung Tak’s character..Sad thing.

    • 30.1 toritorisan

      Have to agree with you there… I still don’t understand why the writers make his character so dependent on his father. KT should have broke free a long time ago and joined YH.

      Based on the ending of this episode, if Mina is dead in Jin’s real world, then I can see the drama taking the Japanese manga ending, where Jin stayed in the past and lived with Saki (or I guess YR in the Korean version) – which is not how the Jdrama version ended.

      • 30.1.1 foolmoon

        Really? But please God, NO…. !
        If Hyuk stays in the past of this parallel life (yeah, whatever …), world history won’t be safe. He is such an annoying-obnoxious-meddling-wishy-washy-genius doctor, and next thing we know, KFC’s Colonel Sanders is a Korean and we might face World War IV. LOL.

    • 30.2 LizzyMay

      They didn’t just mess up Kyung-Tak.

      • 30.2.1 Michelle

        They messed up EVERYBODY!

    • 30.3 Alys

      I think in kyung tak head..he know and understand what his father did now is wrong but does kyung tak care with what happen to the world/other people arround him?
      Actually since the first time i’m following kyung tak character i feel he is like someone who doesnt care with what happen to everyone arround him exp three people..his dad, young hwi and young rae..and here young hwi is just the same like kyung tak (of course after he fall on the cliff)… he also just want his family and kyung tak in safe, so when kyung tak try to help young hwi and young rae he also make sure his father in save position just like young hwi who give those letter who can bring kyung tak dad down too KT to make sure KT in save too. i like their bromance lol

      and honestly this write mess up the story line too.

      • 30.3.1 Alys

        typo “writer”

  31. 31 nana

    HeadsNo2, you’re my favorite.

    This show is a hot mess but I feel like I have to finish it just because I WON’T LET IT DEFEAT ME.

    Honestly, I wish they’d just ditch Hyuk and basically anyone that isn’t Young-hwi or Kyung-tak and just have the last few episodes be about those two being happy (together) and just ugh, show, you could’ve been great.

  32. 32 Meow

    HeadsNo2… i am simply awed by your perseverance!!!
    Just two more to go!! All the best!!

  33. 33 dr jin wtf

    Beans. you said you don’t understand the reason why Kyung-tak blurt out to his dad about Hyuk’s identity (or previously about Young-hwi being the leader of the revolt). Well, I think it’s simple. It’s because he KNOWS that his dad has an eye on him, and if he lies there would be trouble. 😀

  34. 34 petitepirates

    I must say I really dislike the script writer who completely stuff up the story for Dr Jin. I mean, the Japanese version made so much more sense and then there was that explanation that no matter how hard he tried to save and change history, history will reset itself anyway.

    And I think this is what the Korean version is trying to do but somehow the story is written so badly that it just kept contradicting every single thing Hyuk does and said…

    I still don’t know the purpose of having Chun Hong in the story until now!

    • 34.1 Michelle

      I think the Japanese ending is very consistent with their belief of “the nail that sticks out is hammered back down” which is more of a cultural understanding of time and also of human or societal limitation than what physics and human imagination can tell you about time-travel. The doctor does all he can and yet things end up the same. I suppose the idea there was that *IF* a human had the ability to go back in time and change things it would be for nought because things are meant to progress in a certain fashion in order for things in the future to stay as the doctor knows them to be, i.e, as they should be and not how we wish they could be.

      Even fate will intervene and fix things because it serves its own purpose; to maintain things as they must be. Now whether this is for the sake of humanity or some higher being or just law and order; *shrugs* I don’t know. It may also be why humans can’t just up and travel to whatever time they want in the first place. It may serve the purpose that society knows what is best for itself at a given time and that it isn’t up to an individual (no matter how kind and well-meaning) to teach lessons that some other individual is meant to teach (appointed by fate) or that society must suffer and learn though on its own. (war, famine, intolerance, cruelty etc.)

      I think they explore the societal implication in the jdorama far more than anything else. The doctor just can’t up and do whatever he wants in the past any more than he could in the future because there are technological as well as societal limitations set on him that he must respect. If I remember correctly there was also a bit of a patriotic tinge to the Japanese version as well. It makes sense for what it tries to teach us.

      The problem with the Korean version is that it started with such ambitions that it never got around to deciding *what* it was about, what it wanted to explain, what it wanted to teach or show us. I think they would have veered outside of “societal understanding” into something else (parallel universes, many realities,consequences that *do* change things) but then it remembered it was a remake so it tried to resemble the Japanese version but it had already veered so far away that it couldn’t and now it is this disjointed and ugly thing of a drama. REAL SHAME because I think this could have been some *real* entertainment and not what it was.

      Sorry for the long reply but I must justify watching this entire thing somehow!!!!

  35. 35 DB5K

    One of the best lines of episode 20, keke

    Hyuk: “This is not an easy surgery.”
    Heo Gwang: “Since when did you only do easy surgeries?”

    Snorted and chortled my whole way through the recap. Headsno2’s sarcasm really can’t be beat ^^~~ On a more serious note, I’m sure that Chunhong only revealed part of the secret to Hyuk or elsewise lied to him in an attempt to prevent him from botching more things up, you know, like reverse psychology or even reverse reverse psychology. I’m really curious as to how this drama is going to wrap things up. It’s too much to hope that every question and mystery will be explained. But some things had better be explained or I’m sure everyone will go apeshiznak.

  36. 36 Bashful82

    Java Beans!
    [insert favourite lust]!

    GO HeadsNo2!

    By your support combined I am HeadsNo2!

    HeadsNo2, she’s our hero,
    Gonna take Dr Jin down to zero,
    She’s our disbelief magnified,
    And she’s fighting on the crazy side

    HeadsNo2, she’s our hero,
    Jin’s gonna take Joseon down to zero,
    Gonna help us lock him in the cellar (butt naked),
    So we can loot and plunder him

    “You’ll pay for this HeadsNo2!” [say the writers]

    We’re the dramabeaners,
    You can be one too!
    ‘Cause watching kdrama is the thing to do,
    Shocking disbelief is not the way,
    Hear what HeadsNo2 has to say:


    • 36.1 sharu

      Captain Planet 😛 …saving the Earth!!
      HeadsNo2 ….saving Dr.Jin ( best recaps eva!!!!!)

  37. 37 Lilian

    this is like a horrible version of ER. sometimes it seems like the whole point of the plot is to explain how hard a surgery is , in those days….so no idea what is going on. and actually don’t really care. just watching it coz there is nothing to watch…I want the new dramas! And I want Jang Dong Gun!

  38. 38 Awe

    thanks for the recap, heads. it sounds like sincerity-lacking because everyone has said this before me, but thanks for recap efforts.

    with the original script being japanese, it makes me wonder if koreans used the KENKYUSHA’s dictionary circa.1903 to hack out the korean script. Because stating the obvious…clearly, something got lost in translation. and it somehow works, at least for comedy’s sake.

  39. 39 Prada

    The screenwriter complained in her twitter account about KyungTak scenes being deleted in Ep.20:
    “Ahh…Two important segments of the drama were both cut…We were very surprised last night too ㅜㅜ Perhaps there are unavoidable reasons…or cutting these segments wouldn’t cause any issues, but I really feel pity for Kyung Tak’s character…I was sad as I watched the drama…”

    She also admitted the drama isn’t good but wished the best for Jaejoong:
    “Thank you for support the drama till its end although it still leaves much to be desired. Personally, I hope that Kim Jaejoong-ssi, who has played so well Kim Kyungtak-ssi, will get to work with a better writer in a great drama.^^”

    • 39.1 Michelle

      poor kid and I take back what I said about her. I don’t forgive this but I won’t dogpile anymore. What is done is done…..unless I can get my hands on a time machine.

    • 39.2 Waca

      And here I was wondering why Kyung-Tak had so little screentime…actually, Kyung-Tak and Young-Hwi are the reason why I’m still watching the show.
      So this must be a conspiracy to make the show even worst than what it already is…it’s not bad enough? Yeah, so let’s cut Kyung-Tak’s scenes! This way, what’s going on in Kyung-Tak’s mind will make even less sense, so it will fit Time Slip Dr Jin’s brainless ways!!!

  40. 40 come2noona

    I love how they made the young actor who plays the French priest “old” with just a grey beard and some eye shadow.

    • 40.1 Michelle


      I straight up spit my drink when I saw him. I was like…..is he father time?

  41. 41 Prada

    In my opinion, KyungTak and YoungHwi are the best couple of this drama..LOL

    If you love Youngtak x YoungHwi bromance watch this:

  42. 42 midwestmz

    “Someone give this man a prize, we have a winner.”

    I would like to be the first, to proudly announce that a winner has been selected by his peers from many nations. The winner of the first, and hopefully last winner, of the “Dahhhhhhh?” award is Dr. Jin Hyuk.

    This intrepid time traveler has faced many trying and challenging situations, both in the 21st and 19th centuries. While being an acceptable doctor of medicine in the 21st century, he has applied these same and other skills in the 19th century and we will call it a mixed medical bag. While attempting to do good always, self has ever so often gotten in the way!! While knowing he has a nose on his face, sometimes he has been unable to see it. Do no harm is a doctor’s creed, which he seems to have forgotten as an intrepid time traveler. It is due to this, and him still being able, most of the time, to maintain his male hunkieness, that we are again to make him our first ever winner.

    Hazzah!!!! Dr Jin – to the first, and perhaps not the last proud “Dahhhhhhh?” winner. Or, who cares . . . . .

    • 42.1 Michelle

      Unless he is carrying bitches across the Han River with wounds on his legs and back I would seize with the “manly” stuff. He hasn’t done a single manly thing. Learn this lesson ladies; looks aren’t enough. Unless he is a bed slave but even then (unless you are a nympho) how many hours in a day can one “use” someone as useless as this guy and call him manly? Unless you meant manly-looking.

      Manly-looking is not always the same as ACTUALLY being a man.

      • 42.1.1 seriously wtf jin and now (really) big

        Heh. Yeah, he’s been whiny and angsty, but that’s about it. (And stupid, of course.)

  43. 43 foolmoon

    Pheew, two more to go …
    Thanks HEADNO2!!

  44. 44 Sho

    I still cannot see the reason why we have 2 more episodes of this, there are so many unnecessary and not needed scenes (seriously do we need to see KT go good bad good bad good bad as much as all the random surgeries Jin performs).

    My head argh

  45. 45 Eye Candy

    Wait…why was Chun-Hong unwilling to tell Hyuk earlier that Mina was already dead? Wouldn’t that have prevented him from completely destroying history as we know it? Hm…maybe all these questions will be answered? I feel like that is doubtful but once again thanks HeadsNo2 for sticking with this extremely frustrating drama!

  46. 46 Katherine

    I am totally lost!!! I have no idea what was going on while reading the recaps. All I know is Chun-hong died without really explaining anything she may know. WORST EPISODE EVER!!!

  47. 47 Waca

    I dunno why, but watching Hyuk crying over Chun-hong, I got the feeling he was only crying for Mina, whereas he probably was crying for both Mina and Chun-Hong…

  48. 48 dee

    This drama really connfusing… but i curios how will this end… so headsno2 keep fighting..

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