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Dr. Jin: Episode 22 (Final)
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After extensions and preemptions, weekend suckstravaganza Dr. Jin has finally come to an end. Some would say twenty-two episodes too late. Okay, I said it.

Shows as spectacularly awful as this don’t come around too often, and they aren’t a palate cleanser as much as a sledgehammer to the teeth. To the production team’s credit, I’m all for this kind of mildly forgettable bad (as opposed to completely forgettable blandness). I’ll certainly remember the clown car operating rooms, that time Hyuk cured cancer, and that time Song Seung-heon was so woefully miscast that he became the butt of every joke for the past three(-ish) months.

I’ll miss you, Inexcusably Terrible Show. I’ll miss you for five whole minutes.


It’s all out war on Ganghwa Island as French soldiers try to overtake a fort guarded by Korean soldiers. Cannon fire peppers the ground inside, and everything around Young-rae turns into chaos.

In a meeting of the Court, Ha-eung promises to take responsibility and lead additional forces to the island. Dae-gyun tries his hand at political scheming and gets taken to school by Ha-eung, who’s all, The adults are talking. Hee.

Ha-eung goes over the pros and cons of leading the troops with Officer Lee and Young-hwi, who have differing opinions – sure, it’ll be great for Ha-eung’s political career if he wins the war, but what if he loses?

In a move true to history, Ha-eung orders Young-hwi to gather together a special forces unit made of tiger hunters, planning to use their exceptional gunning skills as well as their balls of steel. He also wants Kyung-tak to join them, though Young-hwi isn’t sure that he can be won over.

And lastly, Hyuk crashes the meeting and asks to go with them to Ganghwa Island, because Young-rae is there.

Kyung-tak tries to drown his grief for Daddy Dearest in alcohol, and makes it clear to Young-hwi that he doesn’t want to hear one “I’m sorry” from him the second he shows up. So Young-hwi cuts to the chase – Ha-eung wants him to head to the front line with them tomorrow. In fact, Ha-eung has ordered it.

This earns a scoff from Kyung-tak, who wonders how much more ruin Ha-eung wants to bring upon his family. But Young-hwi paints a different picture – if Kyung-tak is successful in this war, then he has the chance to wipe away the infamy of the Andong Kim clan’s corrupt history and carry his clan into a new age.

Whether he does that, as Young-hwi says, is up to him. Young-hwi: “As a friend, I don’t know what to say. However, I hope you don’t just crumble away and find the will to get up again.”

He leaves Kyung-tak stewing, though Kyung-tak seems to remember that he does have a will, and murmurs Ha-eung’s name in an ominous, assassination-happy voice. If what I think is happening is happening… it better not be.

There’s plenty of fanfare as Ha-eung leads his merry band of extras through the streets as they head off to war. Hyuk and Heo Gwang bring up the rear, with the latter tearfully wishing for Hyuk’s safety as he sends him off.

And Hyuk, being such a historical genius, reminds us in voiceover that he doesn’t remember a history where Ha-eung went to war with the French. O rly? You don’t say. Gee golly, Hyuk, you sure do seem surprised that history is a little different than the way you remember it. How could this have happened?

They’re stopped on their way out by the sound of a horse neighing, which cues Kyung-tak’s reluctant hero entrance. Ha-eung sees him and thanks him (in voiceover), and continues, “Instead of your personal feelings, you have chosen the greater good. You won’t believe me, but I am truly sorry about the Left State Minister.”

Dae-gyun gets his very own alien queen hat and gleefully sits where his father once did as the new head of the Council of Evil, which by now is just the threesome of evil. Wait, that sounds bad.

Doctor Yoo reminds him of the trouble they’ll face if Ha-eung wins the war, but Dae-gyun’s already come up with a plan to stop that from happening. He wants to send men to contact the Western priest (I’m guessing he means Ridel), citing the old adage, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

We don’t know what the plan is, but we do know that Dae-gyun is going to try to tip the scales enough for Ha-eung to lose the war. But if he loses this war, isn’t it a loss for Joseon? Why are all these people excited about losing a war? There has got to be an easier way to oust Ha-eung than this sorry excuse for a plan, which is getting more nonsensical and convoluted by the second.

Ha-eung strategizes with his buddies (and Kyung-tak) about how they’ll defend a fort vastly outnumbered by French soldiers surrounding it. The isolated fort is in desperate need of a resupply, but there’s extra danger because the fort is in range of the French’s battleship cannons.

Something’s up with Kyung-tak’s silence throughout the planning session… almost like he’s listening in as a spy. Which, let’s face it, he probably is.

However, he pipes up and agrees with Ha-eung that a rash move would be dangerous – they have to wait for the right time to attack without mercy. I’d call that a good strategy if it wasn’t the unspoken and basic strategy of every war ever. How ’bout we contribute some actual strategy, Kyung-tak? I’m imagining a Braveheart level pep talk where he tells his men, “This isn’t the right timing and we’re making a rash move, but yeah! War! No mercy!”

In yet another unsurprisingly jarring cut, we see Young-rae try and fail to ward off starving peasants from stealing the clinic’s rice.

Ha-eung points out Jeongjok Fortress as their last strategic defense point to Kyung-tak, even though it’ll be hard to take the fortress when the French are better armed than they are.

Since they’re alone, Kyung-tak gives Ha-eung the hairy eyeball as he begins to draw his sword… Aww, come on, Kyung-tak. Really? You’re really going to go down this path? You really think assassinating Ha-eung will avenge your dad? You’re really going to not take one thing from your father’s sacrifice and do something stupid? Ugh. If you die this episode, I hope your daddy slaps you one in the afterlife.

Hyuk bursts into the tent (unknowingly waylaying Kyung-tak’s assassination attempt) and throws a temper tantrum. “I hear that people inside the fortress are starving. We should do something about it!” Hyuk yells. This man should not be in charge of anything.

Ha-eung has to finally point out, “When a doctor makes mistakes, you lose one patient. But when a commander makes mistakes, thousands of lives will be lost!” Ha-eung: 1,143. Hyuk: -5,000.

Dae-gyun arranges a secret meeting with Ridel and a French commander, giving them gold and the gift of Ha-eung’s strategy to bring supplies to the fort – if they can stop the supplies from going through, Ha-eung will lose the war.

The commander asks what Dae-gyun gets out of the deal, and Dae-gyun proudly proclaims that once Ha-eung is taken care of the country will be his, and he’ll be willing to work with the French.

O-kay, but then you have to trust that they’ll stop waging war after overtaking one island. Plus the thousands of troops you’re losing in this war which would leave you really open to attack. Basically, Dae-gyun, my grandma could strategize a war better than you.

It’s the middle of the day outside of a war zone and Ha-eung… is taking a nap? Whatever. This is the prone position Kyung-tak finds him in as he readies his dagger to do some assassinating, only to miss at the last second when Hyuk bursts through the tent flap.

He throws himself in front of Ha-eung for protection and tries to talk the ghost of Kyung-tak out of the plan, while Ha-eung tries to talk him into it, and offers his heart for the stabbing.

Hyuk keeps up his position as Ha-eung’s human shield. “If you must kill him, you have to go through me first,” he insists, and Kyung-tak seems fine to oblige. He’s ready to kill Hyuk when nearby cannon fire distracts them, and Hyuk uses the opportunity to body slam Kyung-tak onto a table, effectively disarming him.

Young-hwi arrives as backup and holds a sword to Kyung-tak’s neck. I feel kind of sad for what Kyung-tak has been reduced to – this is almost embarrassing. Scratch that, it’s actually embarrassing.

Ha-eung sees his supply ship go down in flames thanks to Dae-gyun, and decides that with their limited supplies, they can only fight one battle – so they have to make it count.

Hyuk takes himself away from his moping to offer up a war strategy – what if they coordinate an attack with the fortress, and sandwich (or would it be croissant?) the French between their forces and the fortress?

Everyone thinks that’s a great idea, but it depends on how synchronized the attack is. Hyuk volunteers to alert the fortress.

But he doesn’t want to go alone, since he recruits Kyung-tak to send the message to the fortress while he gets Young-rae out. He knows Kyung-tak loathes both him and Ha-eung but implores him to help save Young-rae, who might share the same bad fate with Mina.

Hasn’t it been like five minutes since Kyung-tak tried to kill him and Ha-eung? Why on earth would you trust someone like that with delivering a message that could decide the course of a war? In what universe does this make sense?

Ha-eung even sends him off with no hard feelings, which is almost sadder for Kyung-tak because no one takes him seriously. Assassination attempt? Pfft, it was just a Kyung-tak temper tantrum. No biggie.

Ha-eung: “The future of Joseon is in your hands, Doctor Jin.” (That is the worst possible place it could be.) Hyuk and Ha-eung share what sounds like their final goodbyes, even though Ha-eung asks if they’ll ever see each other alive again.

“We’ll meet again, definitely.” Hyuk says, and Ha-eung believes him.

In the dead of night, Hyuk and Kyung-tak try to find a way to sneak into the guarded fort. It’s not long before Hyuk is found by a French soldier, but Kyung-tak swiftly slices him down.

At Hyuk’s shocked face, Kyung-tak deadpans, “What? Are you going to perform surgery on him or something?” HA. Where was snarky, deadpan-y Kyung-tak this entire series?

Ha-eung readies his own troops, and tells Young-hwi that they’ll wait for Hyuk’s signal before they attack.

Our ambiguously heroic duo get caught by Korean soldiers, who drag them into the fortress thinking that they’re spies. Luckily, Young-rae spots them and clears them of suspicion.

When he finds out that Young-rae came to the fortress to die (since she found out about Mina dying in the future), Hyuk has a shining moment of finally being the second biggest idiot in the room instead of the first, and chastises her for believing that she shares the same fate as Mina. Even though he just told Kyung-tak that he believes she shares the same fate as Mina. Whatever, consistency was never Hyuk’s strong point.

Either way, idiocy loves company, and Hyuk decides to stay at the fortress with her.

Kyung-tak successfully delivers the strategy message to the soldiers in the fortress, and they wave the signal flag to Ha-eung the morning of the battle. Ha-eung prepares his men to execute the plan.

Kyung-tak battles throat cancer while his men battle the French, who’ve set up positions outside the fortress with guns and cannon fire. It’s all out war, and Hyuk and Young-rae are busy tending to the wounded.

Just when things are looking grim, Ha-eung’s men advance from the rear and start to move in on the French battalion. Cannon fire keeps pelting the fortress and it’s too close to the trauma tent for Hyuk’s liking, so he and Young-rae help move the patients to a safer spot.

Kyung-tak mans the front lines and throws himself into the thick of battle once the French break down the door and start funneling into the fortress. Hyuk finds Young-rae missing while they take a secret path out, and heads back toward the battle, finding her huddled near the clinic tent.

He protects her from nearby cannon fire, and she hurriedly hands him Mina’s ring, which she’d been keeping all this time. Their escape path is soon blocked by French soldiers, until Kyung-tak arrives to drunkenly swing his sword around, providing them an escape route while he keeps the soldiers busy, looking like he’s already got one foot in the afterlife.

Hyuk goes back to save Kyung-tak, but not soon enough to save him from getting two stomach stabs from a bayonet. Hyuk kills the soldier and does that thing where he looks at blood on his hands like he’s never seen it before, you know the one I’m talking about.

Young-rae panics over Kyung-tak’s condition, and it’s clear from Hyuk’s facial expression that he’s dying. Cue inappropriately timed romantic ballad while he delivers his dying words, which happen to be ones he’s said to her before: “No matter what the world says, you’re mine. My lover.”

And with that, Kyung-tak dies.

Now that I’m wearing black; remember the candlelit breast exam, when the romantic ballad cut off the second he found a lump? Same thing here, only the abrupt cutoff comes in the form of a cannonball exploding nearby.

However, Young-rae gets stabbed by shrapnel and loses consciousness. Hyuk gives that “What is this foreign substance?” look at his bloody hands again before he carries her to the clinic. Lordy, is that a rock wedged in her tummy?

Young-rae stops him from going through with the surgery, claiming that this is her fate, because it was Mina’s fate. She doesn’t want him to interfere and disappear like Chun-hong said, but Hyuk insists tearfully, “If I let you go like this, then all the time that I spent here will become meaningless. Even though I lost her… at least I will save you.”

He puts the anesthesia mask on her and prepares for surgery.

Meanwhile, Young-hwi informs Ha-eung that the French soldiers are on the retreat, which means they’re winning.

The Jar Fetus brain zaps Hyuk just as he’s about to start the surgery, with that disembodied voice saying: “I must go back.” I love that Hyuk is talking to the fetus in his brain by saying “No, not right now!” Ha.

Without gloves and with his hands shaking like a leaf, Hyuk pulls the rock out of Young-rae and starts suturing.

Meanwhile, soldiers bring Kyung-tak’s dead body to Young-hwi, who breaks my heart when he tearfully holds his old friend and speaks to him as though he were alive. This is surprisingly super, super sad.

Young-hwi eventually just devolves into sobs and makes me curse the day the writers gave up on Kyung-tak.

Hyuk finishes suturing Young-rae up and heads to the well, where a wounded French soldier bayonets him in the stomach. Hyuk has a vision of the Bandaged Man, and again, he doesn’t want to go back.

So he randomly crawls up a high wall, which I’m hoping is part of his back to the future plan and not just because it was in the script. He thinks of Young-rae, then Mina, before he falls off the wall.

Fade to white.

Hyuk wakes up in the hospital (of the fuuuture!) with a bandage on his head. Oh hell no, are they pulling a This was all a dream! on us?

His colleague tells him the surgery was successful, but Hyuk still stumbles down the hall to Mina’s room… where she’s not dead. He grabs her hand in relief and tells her: “Oppa is back. Oppa came back from very far away. Mina… you’ve been alright so far. So nothing will happen to you. Don’t worry, got it? Don’t worry.”

We find him back on the hospital roof trying to absorb that he’s really come back to the future. His colleague meets him for some verbal exposition – he disappeared from the hospital and was found on Ganghwa Island only a day after, wearing a “strange outfit.”

Best part? The colleague is all, Oh yeah! They found a strange tumor in your head and removed it. Which, like, what? He gets brain surgery and gets one whole decorative ribbon as a bandage? C’mon, people.

Hyuk wants to know about that other guy with the brain fetus they removed, but his colleague has no idea what he’s talking about. He tells Hyuk that the brain fetus was removed from his brain. There was no other patient or brain fetus.

Hyuk deduces the obvious – something has changed. In this universe, he didn’t fall off the hospital roof, but just disappeared and reappeared on an island a day later. After four days of surgery he woke up, and no one remembers the Bandaged Man.

Lo and behold, he sees Chun-hong Lite wheel her way around with her rubik’s cube, but she wheels the other way as soon as she sees him. He doesn’t get a chance to follow her when chaos breaks out in Mina’s room, since she’s flatlining.

Hyuk starts emergency resuscitation, and actually stops in the middle to think of Chun-hong’s dying words that Mina was already dead. He refuses to believe it and doctors harder, eventually performing the holy grail of medical dramas: The Dramatic Defibrillator.

Cue flashback of all his times with Young-rae as he desperately tries to save Mina. I love that one of his memories is of her chest squirting blood during the cancer surgery.

His colleague urges him to give up, but Hyuk refuses and only pumps her chest harder, saying, “If it was going to end like this, then why?!”

Back in the past, we see Young-rae wake from surgery. And of course, at the same time, Mina’s heart starts beating again in the future.

Hyuk finds Mini Chun-hong in the hallway, and surprises her by knowing her name and where she came from. He assures her that she’ll get to go back to her own time, but asks for a favor: “Later, when you become an adult, you might see me again. When you see me then, make sure you mention this: That the person called Mina… woke up safely.”

He thanks her, and apologizes for misunderstanding her most of the time. He realizes that originally, Chun-hong heard that Mina was supposed to die from the Bandaged Man. Hyuk wonders if that man came back to this world to save Young-rae. Hyuk wonders, in voiceover: “Could he be… yet another me?”

So Hyuk runs to his local library (gasp! History he doesn’t already know? Pinch me.) and finds a faint record of Young-rae working as a doctor in Joseon. He sighs in relief that she lived, and wonders if that means Mina will be okay.

He keeps vigil by her bedside until she wakes up from her coma. He cries from relief, and she whispers, “I… had a very long and strange dream. For a dream, it was too vivid…” He’s stopped dead in his tracks when she calls him “Doctor Jin”, using the Joseon word that Young-rae always called him.

Mina claims that’s what she called him in her dream. “Isn’t it strange?” she wonders. “You probably won’t believe me if I say it to you.” But Hyuk is overwhelmed as he assures her that no, he’ll believe it.

“Thank you,” Mina ekes out. “And… I’m sorry, Oppa.” Hyuk just cries.

There’s a brief fake out when we see a good ol’ fashioned Joseon sword fight, but it’s just a show for the tourists. Hyuk is among them, and stands on the palace grounds where he once did with Ha-eung.

And then… Ha-eung stands right next to him, with Hyuk happy to see him. I’m sure it’s a vision but the fact that he’s talking to it is a little weird. Either way, Vision Ha-eung remarks on this modern Joseon happily, and Hyuk smiles: “No matter where we are, people’s joy, anger, happiness, and pleasure are all the same.”

He asks Ha-eung if he achieved the Joseon he dreamed of, and Ha-eung tells him that he can come back to the past if he’s so curious. Hyuk declines because he has Mina to protect, and Ha-eung nods his understanding.

Ha-eung: “Doctor Jin. I think I will miss you a lot.” Hyuk: “I… will never forget you.” Aww. This show is so awful, but this moment has me all choked up. Especially when they exchange inside jokes from their first meeting, and when Ha-eung calls him “100 Nyang”, just like old times.

As Ha-eung walks off into oblivion, Hyuk tells us that he didn’t ask if Young-rae was doing well, since he knows that if Mina is safe and happy here, so is Young-rae.

Hyuk brings the engagement ring (which was found in his “strange outfit”) to Mina, and slips it on her finger as he explains that he was going to propose the day of the accident.

Holding her hand, he asks, “Oppa’s not too late, right?” She smiles. He smiles.





I thought I was pretty resigned to having a terrible ending for a terrible show, but this finale was supercalijinilisticterribleidocious. On one end of the spectrum I’m both awed and amazed that the writers gave us such a hearty middle finger by not answering any of the problems they set up, and on the other, I’m just trying to figure out what story I was being told for the last twenty-two episodes, and for that matter, why that story needed to be told at all.

First thing’s first: Kyung-tak’s death. No surprise there, since his fate was pretty much guaranteed the moment he showed up on screen. For one of the few characters I actually found interesting, it was sad to see his trajectory spiral downward from episode one. There was potential for him to go places and do things, but he never went to those places, nor did he do those things. If the show had one message to convey that it actually worked at conveying, it’s that Kyung-tak’s life sucked, and then he died.

His trajectory was maybe one of the more thought-out ones in the series, and Jaejoong really did put his all into the role and acted his heart out until the bitter end. But let’s face it, Kyung-tak was a crappy character. Slightly less crappy than the other characters, but crappy nonetheless – and there’s only so much an actor can do.

There was such a wasted opportunity for him to make a redeeming change in this episode, but instead Kyung-tak felt like killing Ha-eung just so he could be magnanimously forgiven afterward, even though he almost killed Ha-eung once by, yunno, shooting him in the chest. I’m glad(?) all was forgiven but it just doesn’t make sense that Hyuk and Ha-eung would be chomping at the bit to trust Kyung-tak with country-saving information. Surely any other warm body would do, right? Unless they really just saw him and his assassination attempts as a cry for help and… you know what, I’m not even going to try. It’s just no use.

So then we went from Assassination Kyung-tak to Zombie Kyung-tak, and sort of glossed over the reason behind helping Hyuk, though I’d guess it had something to do with Young-rae. I don’t quite know what the intention was with having his final words be totally irrelevant, and it just cemented the fact that Kyung-tak never lived for himself because he thought it was his “fate”, which is one of the worst cop-outs. Ever.

Except that’s really just a cop-out blip on the cop-out radar that was this entire finale. I’d normally guess that the writers had no idea how they were going to end the show when they started it, but then I remember that this is an adaptation from a successful Japanese drama, and wonder why they couldn’t have just stolen that drama’s ending so at least this nonsense could make some godforsaken sense.

If I understood what this episode was trying to say, it’s that Young-rae and Mina have this metaphysical tie that only works sometimes, or one way – and either way, Young-rae’s health impacts Mina in the future. Hyuk figured this out at some point, or something, and got fatally wounded for no reason in the past so he could walk up a random wall and fall into the future, where his brain fetus was promptly removed offscreen. The end.

Except he fell into a world where the the Bandaged Man never existed. Where Chun-hong was still a child. Where no questions were ever answered. Where Mina and Young-rae are the same person kind of sort of because Mina dreamed she was Young-rae.

Most of all, a world where history vaguely remembers Young-rae but not the fact that Hyuk cured cholera, cancer, syphilis, arsenic poisoning, bullet wounds, shrapnel wounds, gastric ulcers, neck tumors, breech births, blood clots, ear bugs, brain tumors, tummy branches, and pretty much everything except Kyung-tak’s bayonet wounds.

Where all the questions this show initially set up (Brain fetus! Bandaged man!) were given a passing mention at best but no resolution at all. Where nothing made sense. Ever. Maybe it really is Jinception, and Hyuk is just in a parallel universe within a parallel universe where he gets to live happily with Mina. Or maybe he’s still dreaming this all up from a hospital bed. Or maybe he died in the past from that stomach wound and this is all the afterlife. Maybe any one of those explanations would be more palatable than the negative amount of explanations we were given.

Still, there’s only so much ranting to be done in the scope of this sheer level of fail, and I’m pretty sure I filled that quota. At the end of the day this show was one big kingly fart that we’re all waiting to air out of the room. Did that fart mean anything? No. Were the comments fun? Yes. You all helped turn Dr. Jin into something to look forward to, and for that I’m grateful. Thanks for the laughs. And as they say in Jin, we’ll meet again.

…But hopefully on a show that sucks just a little less.


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    You have no idea how excited I was to read this recap. I’ve been waiting for this with more expectancy than even Gakistal or Reply 1997, both dramas which have stolen my heart. And you just exceeded all my expectations I haven’t laughed this hard in so long.

    I must say though, for an absolutely horrible drama, the screencaps make me think the cameras were at least pretty. Or maybe that’s the pretty cast.

    Thank you for sticking with this uh, gr8888 drama and giving us so much fun.

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom


      I’ll be completely honest and admit that I didn’t follow this show or your recaps. However, from what I’ve heard (and it’s been plenty), I think you deserve a belated Olympics gold medal for sticking with this sucker. God bless you!

    • 1.2 Aquila

      Agreed, thank you for continuing to recap this drama.

      I enjoyed your re-caps a whole lot more than watching the drama itself – it was too hard for me to watch.

      Hope you had a good sigh of relief that the drama finally ended!

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    This is the time for you to get absolutely bladdered on soju, saki, vodka and other assorted friends.

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      So much so that you forget all about this show and the brain fetus that may or may not be forming in your head because of it. So when people ask you, “Remember that God-awful show you recapped?” you say “Jin, who?”

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    CONGRATS!! You made it through these 22 eps and survived!!

    We as readers are so grateful for wonderful recaps for wonderful dramas, but a big THANK YOU for sticking with this and coming out with lovely recaps for a not so lovely series….

    I’m going to read it now hehehe the last one.

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      Soo agree with you…

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    JINCEPTION. Bwahaha. Thanks for the recap; congratulations are in order glad as you somehow soldiered on to the very end XD

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      “Jinception”: The best invention since the one of crappy drama remakes.

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        Reading this recap makes me wish I had stayed watching the show and read the recaps – sounds like the afterparties were a BLAST. Next time a show sucks, I’m joining in!

        DramaBeans: Where bad shows make great parties

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          DramaBeans: Where bad shows make great parties

          So. True.

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      Thanks HeadsNo2 for your wonderful recaps, despite the WTFery you had to put up in the last 22 episodes. You sure made this Dr Jin’s experience a hella more fun! *raises a glass of soda (jst think of it as makgoelli ;))*

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    You are aware that the sole reason for us to read Dr Jin ‘s recap lays not in our interest for the show but for your witty and hilarious words, right?!

    Thank goodness this terrible show has ended. What a waste, although it must have been even more painful for skilled and talented actors – obviously not SSH, to keep pretending that their characters and the whole story made sense.

    Looking forward to reading more recaps from you.

    • 5.1 Betty

      “You are aware that the sole reason for us to read Dr Jin ‘s recap lays not in our interest for the show but for your witty and hilarious words, right?!”

      So true lol

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      Me too …
      I watch the final and couldn’t wait to hear what Heads is gonna tell.
      Thanks HeadsNo2 ^__,^
      And thanks Hyuk Jin for being just there 🙂

    • 5.3 meecheellee

      I just wanted to let you know, I LOVE THESE RECAPS. And Heads, you totally deserve a big gift from JB and GF, this “drama” was a huge fail and a handful to recap.

      My favorite parts of the FINAL RECAP:

      Basically, Dae-gyun, my grandma could strategize a war better than you. MRHMMMM. GOODNESS. His character was pure stupidness. Really.

      Hasn’t it been like five minutes since Kyung-tak tried to kill him and Ha-eung? Why on earth would you trust someone like that with delivering a message that could decide the course of a war? In what universe does this make sense? In the Universe Of Hyuk. Obvi.

      “The future of Joseon is in your hands, Doctor Jin.” (That is the worst possible place it could be.) Yes. Yes it is. I couldn’t agree more.

      Hyuk has a shining moment of finally being the second biggest idiot in the room instead of the first, and chastises her for believing that she shares the same fate as Mina. Even though he just told Kyung-tak that he believes she shares the same fate as Mina. Whatever, consistency was never Hyuk’s strong point. Nope, it never was. And never will be. My hope are not high for this kiddo.

      Hyuk kills the soldier and does that thing where he looks at blood on his hands like he’s never seen it before, you know the one I’m talking about. OMFG. YES. WAYY TOO MUCH. THAT’S LIKE HIS DEFAULT LOOK I SWEAR. AND HE CALLS HIMSELF A NEUROSURGEON… WHAT THE FUCK… AND YEAH GUYS, IT’S THISS LOOK http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2012/drjin/jin22/jin22-00339.jpg

      I love that one of his memories is of her chest squirting blood during the cancer surgery. Not everyday you get to see that…

      So Hyuk runs to his local library (gasp! History he doesn’t already know? Pinch me.) and finds a faint record of Young-rae working as a doctor in Joseon. Yes yes… pinch me too. ==;

      I thought I was pretty resigned to having a terrible ending for a terrible show, but this finale was supercalijinilisticterribleidocious. Eeyup. What the fuck was this drama. Fuck, was it even a legitimate drama? I don’t fucking think so. Hyuk, you are as stupid as fuck. ==;

      **CUE 2NE1 SONG**


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        5.3 meecheellee ….. “Hyuk kills the soldier and does that thing where he looks at blood on his hands like he’s never seen it before ……”

        I think it’s more like he had never killed anyone before

      • 5.3.2 Miss Cassie

        You know what was one of the worst medical mistakes they made?

        Jin Hyuk trying to revive Mina with a defibrillator.

        I quote from Cracked.com:
        Basically, what the defibrillator machines can do is help a patient regain a regular heart rhythm when they go into cardiac arrest, which it does by stopping their heart. Hopefully, it restarts with a normal rhythm. If the patient is already flat-lining, meaning their heart has already stopped beating, using the defibrillator to stop it some more will do about as much good as removing a malignant brain tumor with a shotgun blast.

        Which basically means Hyuk wasn’t reviving Mina; he was killing her.

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    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

    God, this show stank so bad. Urgg.
    Did they ever answer how/why Young hwi came back to life or something?

    When he got shot, kind of died, and fell over the cliff. And he never answered what happened after that. Hrnnngg. Am I missing something here?

    • 6.1 HeadsNo2

      Nope. He claimed he was saved by a group of bandits (or something) who apparently also gave him a lobotomy. He was never the same again.

      • 6.1.1 Michelle


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    So, first, thank you so much for your recap, Heads!!! This ending soooo angered me, so really thanks for the laugh! You’re so courageous to recap this crappy show to the end!

    As for the rest…WHY THE HECK DID KYUNG-TAK DIE???
    No wait, I knew since the beginning that he would most certainly die, but still, I got soooo angry when he died saving stupid Young-Rae&Hyuk’s asses!!! Arrrrggghhh, I was so hoping he would die in any other way than that…and the music was such badly chosen…especially when we know that the one who’s singing is actually Kyung-Tak/Jaejoong, who’s supposed to be…well, dying, not singing.

    For a moment, I believed that maybe Young-Rae would die on Kyung-Tak, and that would have been actually pretty cool (the scene where she falls down on his stomach, before Hyuk picks her up, was quite dramatic, and I think it would have turned out pretty nice if she had died, ha!), but NO, she had to be cured by Hyuk for the n-th time.

    I read somewhere that Jaejoong said about Kyung-Tak that he thought that KT would have been very unhappy if he had survived. I so do not agree with him…I dunno if he’s saying that so we won’t be too annoyed by KT’s death, but God do I disagree! KT should have been better handled that. I agree with all of Heads’ remarks concerning his character development, but there should have been at least three reasons for him to survive:

    1- Daddy Dearest freakin’ told him in his last breath to live for himself!!! Did he sacrifice himself for nuts???

    2- As said Heads, Young-Hwi told him: “As a friend, I don’t know what to say. However, I hope you don’t just crumble away and find the will to get up again.” I was hoping that Young-Hwi’s friendship would actually be useful for once! This spoils Young-Hwi’s character as well, because he literally has no purpose in this story. And am I the only one to wonder why the Hell it is not a problem that he’s still alive, knowing that Hyuk was the one saving him in the first place? Isn’t that changing history as well?

    3- The idiotic Young-Rae is still alive.

    What the writers did to Kyung-Tak is just too pitiful, that I’m still feeling soooo angry even a weak after having watched that shitty ending. I also really hate it when a character dies and the rest of the story goes on as if nothing had happened, Young-Hwi’s scene being the tiny exception.

    About the rest…well, I think we could all discuss for hours about how about no sense makes the time-travel laws in this show. Seriously.

    I laughed a bit also about the French guys. I mean, I read on wikipedia about this “war” (rather than a real war, that was more like a punitive expedition from the French who were at that time pillaging China hand-in-hand with the British, all that for maintaining the commerce of opium -how strange that that part of history I didn’t learn it in history class??? Yeah I’m French, so it did seem a bit strange to me when some French soldiers screamed some stuff that was supposed to be French but did not make any sense in my ears, lol). It was written that they had lost a few boats because of the British maps that they had, which were imprecise so some of the boats had sunk. But here, they actually have Dae-gyun giving the French a detailed map!!! Shouldn’t it have like, I dunno, changed the odds of the battle?

    Well anyway…that sucked…to everyone who did watch it until the end like me, I dunno if we can call ourselves courageous our just plain stupid…or was I hoping they would actually make sense in the last episode???

    Anyway. They should use that scene where Young-Hwi is holding Kyung-Tak and crying over his dead body for anti-war promotion. I’m sure everyone would turn out pacifist after seeing both Kyung-Tak’s young and pretty face all grayish and unmoving, and Young-Hwi’s screaming and crying. That was, I believe, the only good scene of that whole episode.

    • 12.1 Peridot

      I agree with many of your comments. I’m also upset about Kyungtak’s death, but at the same time I am not surprised. It’s seems as though from day 1 (or episode 1), his fate was already set in stone. It’s a shame that Younghwi couldn’t be the one to help his friend escape his inner despair and find new meaning in life.

    • 12.2 Betty

      Well IMHO it’s not strange at all that you didn’t learn that in history class. 1) this do not fall into the “program” of the E.N., 2) in the French history that we learn at school, a lot of things are left out, suppressed, re-written and some parts of this history are not even accurate so how is it really possible that we learn things that are only distantly related to us?! For one to know these kind of things, it demands self interrest in the subject, at least I think so 🙂

      • 12.2.1 Waca

        True. All I remember from my History classes was studying WWI and WWII all over and over again…

        There was also a tendency to try and persuade us that France always did wrong. It was really annoying.

        I would have rather learnt a bit more about Asian history, and study about parts where France actually did wrong (like siding with the British for opium commerce) than hearing again and again that resistants during WWII did not exist. Thanks dudes, my grand-uncle was a resistant, thank you.

        • Betty

          “All I remember from my History classes was studying WWI and WWII all over and over again…”
          —-> So true!!!! lol

          “I would have rather learnt a bit more about Asian history, and study about parts where France actually did wrong (like siding with the British for opium commerce) than hearing again and again that resistants during WWII did not exist. ” ——> Yes I know, it’s a shame !

    • 12.3 Magii

      “They should use that scene where Young-Hwi is holding Kyung-Tak and crying over his dead body for anti-war promotion. I’m sure everyone would turn out pacifist after seeing both Kyung-Tak’s young and pretty face all grayish and unmoving, and Young-Hwi’s screaming and crying. That was, I believe, the only good scene of that whole episode”<<<<<<<<< LOL..TOTALLY AGREE!!

    • 12.4 noonaisdead

      “That was, I believe, the only good scene of that whole episode.”

      Agreed. Maybe the only one in the whole series…..?

      • 12.4.1 The murderer of whoever decided to make Kyungtak die

        Pretty much.

    • 12.5 Miss Cassie

      Really, the only reason why I forced myself to watch Kyungtak’s death was because of that scene where Younghwi holds him and cries. It’s so touching <3

      It's pretty much one of the few good scenes in this drama, imo. Kyungtak's suicide scene too. Youngrae was crying and telling him to kill her instead, and I (and Kyungtak) was like "Gurl, he's the one that wants to die, why are you telling him to kill you instead of convincing him not to die?" .____.

  13. 13 eternalfive

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  14. 14 Artemis

    I have not watched this drama because I watched and absolutely loved JIN (the Japanese version) and did not want to ruin the memory. But I have read your recaps – they’ve been so entertaining. Thank you for making it through to the end.

    I just wonder how they managed to turn such a great manga and Japanese drama into one what must have been one the crappiest Korean ones in a very long time. That is some talent right there!

    Heads – Hoping you’ll get to recap a drama you really love next time! 🙂

  15. 15 katiamon

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    thanks for the awesome recaps 🙂

  17. 17 Peridot

    I felt like I wasted 22 hours of my life with this show! Although, I must say that HeadsNo2’s recaps and all of your witty comments made my laugh! The two potentially most compelling characters–Kyungtak and Younghwi–were wasted. Kyungtak had so much potential (I applaud Jaejoong for trying his best) and could have learned to live his life for himself. Instead, he had to die (which was already a given). I think that after Younghwi mysteriously came back from the dead, he lost personality. He just became a shadow of the Prince-regent. I still appreciated the small moments of the Kyungtak/Younghwi bromance. This show had potential but didn’t make use of it. Oh well….

    • 17.1 Waca

      I agree with you too! ^^
      After his comeback, Young-Hwi had so much lost personality that even Kyung-Tak seemed to forget he was his friend. This, I think, is another big flaw from the writers. I can’t believe that Kyung-Tak would suddenly stop loving his friend, neither can I believe that Young-Hwi could be saved from the gunshot by mere bandits and then zombie his way around the Prince-regent. I feel like their friendship was reduced to fan-service bromance instead of actually make the two characters evolve… (not that I didn’t like the bromance :), it was adorable)

      • 17.1.1 Peridot

        “Zombie his way around the Prince-regent” is a good way to put it! I would have loved a fully-fleshed-out friendship instead of a token fan-service bromance. Although they came from different backgrounds, both Younghwi and Kyungtak had so many similarities in that they were underdogs in a system privileging legitimacy and power (Kyungtak lacking both and Younghwi lacking the latter). Both friends could have mutually supported each other and come out strong in the end. Instead, one became a shadow and the other…well, the other died.

        • Waca

          Yeah, I feel that in this show they let down all the stuff that had potential to replace it with the Hyuk-Youngrae love story, which was, do I even need to say it, bad. Just so bad…

          Both Young-Hwi and Kyung-Tak were badly developed when it came to their friendship. It was fine until the moment Young-Hwi came back from the dead.
          At the beginning, when Young-Hwi is kind of betraying his friend by hiding his secret leader identity, Young-Hwi’s character makes perfectly sense. He’s not telling things to Kyung-Tak, but he’s still trying to support him. But after he comes back, Young-Hwi doesn’t change his way of being. Well, I mean, he does change, in the way he lost all his own ideals (which seemed bizarre to me), but concerning his friendship with Kyung-Tak, it is still the way it was.

          To me that was not logical. Now that Young-Hwi was no longer a traitor, to me he should have been able to revert to a full friendship with Kyung-Tak, not watching him from afar and saying “I want to protect him” without doing anything. So what if they were on different sides? Everybody knew they were friends and Kyung-Tak had almost married his sister!
          However, each single time Young-Hwi goes and talks with Kyung-Tak, he ends up talking about the Prince regent. No wonder that Kyung-Tak seemed to forget they were friends.

          Not that Kyung-Tak makes sense either. Before the cliff scene, Kyung-Tak is clearly very unhappy with having his best friend as an enemy, and even when they fight each other, he refuses to harm him. When Young-Hwi “dies”, Kyung-Tak was devastated as much as Young-Rae was. So how is it that when Young-Hwi comes back, suddenly Kyung-Tak seems to distrust him and resent him for betraying him before? When the whole “you betrayed me” stuff happened, Kyung-Tak never seemed to distrust Young-Hwi. He just knew his friend was on the other side, but he still trusted him. That was my feeling though. I also believe that when you lose someone and discover that that someone has survived, well, you don’t just go and sulk about some petty things concerning that person. Because when you thought that person died, you realized that there was so much you wanted to say to that person.

          So, yeah, all the writers’ fault again! Together Young-Hwi and Kyung-Tak had potential to even reverse the whole political set, but instead, we got sulking Kyung-Tak and zombie Young-Hwi. Zombie Young-Hwi annoyed me more because he did absolutely nothing to protect his friend. At least Kyung-Tak did some things on his side, with the whole Daddy Dearest development.

          We could discuss endlessly about all the potential this show had and just wasted…

          • Kimi

            I wish there was a scene during the battle where Younghwi gets all worried and prays/wishes for Kyungtak to come back safely so they can live peacefully (together, hopefully) after the war. And then it cuts to Kyungtak vowing to win the war, so he can return to Younghwi as an ally, not an enemy. Oh, and take out that assassination attempt. Younghwi wielding his sword at Kyungtak right before his death is a no-no in my books.

  18. 18 TiaC

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    You deserve a drink. Or fifty.

  19. 19 Daisy

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    • 19.1 Peridot

      I don’t get many things with this drama lol! What about Younghwi’s mysterious recovery from a gun-shot wound to the chest and fall from a cliff? Are viewers supposed to assume that he time-slipped?

    • 19.2 noonaisdead

      Yeah….how exactly did she get back to the past? Once she got out of the hospital, she just went back and jumped off that cliff again? I don’t get it.

  20. 20 Betty

    Dae-gyun is a total joke. Does he really think that it is that easy to take over the position of ruling a country?! With his stupid plan he reminds me of the villain in the pinky and the brain who wants to take over the world but inevitably and without surprise fail everytime. We just need Dae-gyun to twirl is mustach and laugh evily and the caricature would be complete.

  21. 21 shaz81

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  22. 22 reglest

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    • 22.1 paper

      I totally agree!!! Javabeans should totally put up a donation thing so we can donate funds to get HeadsNo2 the Dr.Jin boxset (if only we could afford to purchase the rights and the original so that it may never be seen again by any living being) so that she can set it ablaze and enough alcohol to console her forever damaged soul~<3

      Apart from that a massive Thank You to HeadsNo2 for recapping this show till the end~<3

      • 22.1.1 MsB

        box set with the director’s cut! Oh Heads, you did us proud!

  23. 23 rachellg

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    I began this drama due to Jaejoong who I was skeptical for him to be in a saeguk drama, then followed by finding Lee Bum Soo a miracle for holding up the show, till Song Seung Hun becomes a pain in the eye with Jaejoong becoming an even better actor than him. But for the first time, I’m loathing the main character in a drama. Just how bad is that. I kept telling myself, “Don’t blame Song Seung Hun, blame the writer/producer/director/editor.” ….that I just gave up.

    The ending? I knew I couldn’t place so much hope for a “remarkable” ending given its 22 episodes’ history. (Okay credits to the 2 episodes in the midst of the drama for being good. Somewhere when Ha-eung started paving his way to the throne.) The drama ended for me when Young Hwi cried over Kyung Tak. Heck that was even sadder than Young Rae cried over his dead body. I don’t even bother with the time-slip part.

    I’m so glad it ended. It’s like fresh air now. Cheers to all who survived this.

  24. 24 jomo

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    I am usually happy when a bad series ends, but I will miss your funny and accurately snarky writing.

    Please at least say you’ll be recapping something once the big kingly fart clears the room.

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    I HATE YOU JIN?LIKE OFFICIALLY HATE YOU !!! like if there was a HATE DR JIN FANCLUB i would join it !
    i am actualy a doctor…and i was was offended by the drama at the beginning(with all the magical-can not be real-surgeries all over the place and the different diseases curings ) but then it became hilarious and funny, and i kept watching the drama just for the sake of kyungtak, and jin screwed it up AGAIN!!! i can not add anything now…… sight …eeh

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    Absolutely Young-hwi’s voice. I could just listen to him read the script and I’d be happy.

    Thank you for this final recap. I thought that you may have given up considering the train wreck that was the last episode (and the series), however, your dedication and wit has delivered one last very enjoyable read and if there are ever memories of Dr Jin they will be of the anticipation and pleasure of reading your posts each week.

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    That is just my point of view… i insist, I know some girls that watch it and care about this… Maybe those comments would have been better at the end of the recap,..i remember how I felt when db disliked on air…well everybody did u.u…it pained my heart to read the analysis and it was a very objective one…true story XD

    i have really liked your recaps on others show though… 🙂

    • 32.1 Lise

      I totally hear u but i think u just have to roll with it, its like when all the critics are totally not digging ur fav movie (happened to me with Rain’s Ninja Assassin) and all u can do is just put up with it really, all a matter of taste in my opinion. Plus if ur watching a production with a critical mind rather than for the pretty and stuff then trust me u’ll notice the ridiculous things, i mean like in dr jin how it was day and then suddenly night without explanation and ur just wondering who the hell edited that?!! I think DB has spoilt most of us, we don’t watch for the pretty anymore we actually want a story and directing that makes sense atleast!
      Excuse the loooong explanation! And on behalf of all of us that kept posting ridiculing comments, sowee!

    • 32.2 jomo

      I can understand how it feels to like something nobody else does, as it happens to me all the time.
      If that person exists who would get hurt by reading bad things about Dr. Jin, why would he/she come to DB and suffer on purpose?

      Heads has shown her feelings for the series immediately, pointing out its flaws, as well as the few things she liked.

      I think of the internet as a huge mansion filled with millions of different rooms where I can go and hang out with different people depending on what mood I am in or what my current interests are.
      It is my choice to walk into a room peopled with critics of something I love, or NOT to walk into a room peopled with critics of something I love. I certainly cannot go in there with the intention of making them stop talking. If I wanted, I could listen to what they say and see if I can be convinced to change my mind, or if I feel like it, I could start a fight and tell them how wrong they are, but why bother? Not when there are sooo many other rooms out there with folks who agree with me.

    • 32.3 Betty

      I understand what you are saying but in this case you have to take charge and stay away from the recaps. Like for exemple I loooooved Marie stayed out all night so I stayed away from the recaps and from the comments because I knew it would hurt my feelings lol.

      The input of the recaper is what draw us in or out and it would be a shame if they had to censor themselves, plus let’s face it, they cannot please everyone…

    • 32.4 toritorisan

      I agree with people’s responses that you can choose not to read something, however, I can understand Maricel’s point as view as well. I actually stopped watching this drama as I lost interest in the storyline, but wanted to keep up with the recaps out of curiosity. But sometimes I felt there was more commentary in the recap section than in any other drama recaps on DB that I was currently reading. Maybe for those who actually wanted to genuinely read for recapping purposes (and not commentary which they can choose to skip at the end), it might have been a little difficult.

      With that being said though, I have to commend HeadsNo2 for following through to the end. I work as a writing teacher and I know it’s really challenging to write about something you dislike (especially every week). So I think we all appreciate your efforts in being creative and fun. Hopefully your next recaps will be on a drama you love! 🙂

  33. 33 Lang

    Am I the only one that was shouting at the screen at how ridiculous the battle scenes looked ?

    And if they were running out of gunpowder and bullets, wouldn’t have been better if the used a bunch of bow and arrows, those french soldiers looked really close to the wall, and I’m sure they had some bow and arrows left.

    Sigh…., the last episode was like so bad it wasn’t even funny. And why did they have to contact the priest again, he’s just a goddam priest who is interpreting… it’s so fucking stupid….

    • 33.1 Mystisith

      I did cringe at the battle scenes. Even the extras were doomed. What a black hole that drama.

    • 33.2 Maya

      I only watched the first minute of the opening scene, but that scene with the French troops charging up to the fortress actually reminded me of this classic Japanese variety show called ‘Takeshi’s Castle’… 😀

    • 33.3 SERIOUSLY wtf jin

      Yeah, plus it seemed like the secret forces who crept up on the French from behind waited until AFTER they had breached the fortress. Umm, what?

      Also – how exactly did they beat back the French? It looked like they had about 8 ships firing their cannons…did they only have like 10 guys on each ship? WTH?

    • 33.4 Waca

      Yeah, I shouted at my screen too… I mean, the guys were behind high battlements, which reached their chest, so why when these guys were shot did they keep falling over the battlements?
      It made no sense to me…to fall down the wall like this, you have to be able to tumble over the battlement, so this last has to be at least lower than your waist…if not, that means you’re actually jumping over the battlement (and even then that’s a difficult feast).
      These guys were supposed to be dead, not jumping down the wall!

      • 33.4.1 Kimi

        Yeah. Due to the fact the bullets hit them from the front, not the back, they should be falling backwards if they’re even falling, not forwards.

  34. 34 Kwhat?!

    What is the deal with dramas lately?!? Do they think we don’t care about the ending at all? I mean, you set up this huge “mystery”, with tons of loose ends and problems, and then use the last episode to not wrap anything up (Big, Rooftop Prince, Dr. Jin)!

    I too knew that there was absolutely no possible way for the writer and director to actually end this story in a reasonable way, but I really didn’t expect things to be this Jintastic. Silly me. I think we all just time-slipped. To the Twilight Zone. Or the Twijin Zone. Jinlight Zone? Whatever.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Heads, for your amazing recaps. Really, they’re the only good thing to come out of this show. I’ll miss the clown car ORs, the “OMG what is this red stuff all over my hands” screenshots, miracle cures, and Sad violin/inappropriate ballad moments.

    I won’t miss jar fetus. You just know that baby’s gonna pop up somewhere else! Mwahahahaha!

  35. 35 ck1Oz

    Most of all, a world where history vaguely remembers Young-rae but not the fact that Hyuk cured cholera, cancer, syphilis, arsenic poisoning, bullet wounds, shrapnel wounds, gastric ulcers, neck tumors, breech births, blood clots, ear bugs, brain tumors, tummy branches, and pretty much everything except Kyung-tak’s bayonet wounds.

    HAHAHAHA, oh god what can I say about this recap except ” bravo, bravo” I was reading it with disbelief and laughed at inappropriate moments I think. Oh dear God, I cannot believe you actually had to recap 22 episodes of this. I don’t even know what to say to you. Just what did JB,GF and the gang say to you about faithfully recapping this in spite of… I don’t even understand the ending 🙁

  36. 36 becca_boo

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    I never actually watched the show because I could tell right away from the comments that it was never going to be good, but I loved reading your awesome recaps. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever looked forward to a recap so much. A weekly dose of HeadsNo2 being snarky and screencaps of SSH and Jaejoong (one for laughs, the other for eye candy)? I loved every minute.

    I’m pretty sure any other show will be an improvement after this wreck, but here’s hoping that you get a truly awesome series to recap, as compensation for sticking it out to the bitter end.

    Thanks for being your awesome self!

  37. 37 Lise

    Oh! The pretty bandage on Hyuk! Is it just me or don’t brain surgery recepients have their heads shaved? Not just this drama but in most dramas people just walk out with a full head and am like huh?! I could be mistaken, my bad!
    And i dont get the gisaeng still being a child in 2012 and Hyuk telling her what to say to him back in the past… Like is this the neverending story or sth? So he’ll go back AGAIN? Goodluck to u Joseoners!

  38. 38 Kiara

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    Hope to read more of your recaps with either Arang or Faith or both.
    You are all kinds of awesome <3.

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    Wohoo finally the recap!! I was dying to read your final thoughts on Dr. Jin!!
    So they kinda actualy killed all those characters that were a little interesting and had some real back story going ! Where as ppl like Dr Jin and YR still roam around the earth alive and well! o_O there are somethings that cant be explained…
    The only thing i am sad abt is that LBS was wasted on this drama…and my Jaejoong T_T i am seriously sad that he chose such a crappy drama after his wonderful performance in PTB…i know he really really improved at the end but the whole crappy quality of the drama just was such a turn off that i didnt bother to see Jae’s acting either!

    Heads you deserve a big pat on your back and a bear hug for actually sticking with the recaps till the end!! You are a better and more patient person than i am *nods*

    Thank you so much for your wondefully cracktastic reviews!! ♡

  41. 41 Meow

    Dear HeadsNo2..
    I salute thee, for your great strength, perseverance and courage that helped you recap this beautifully fucked up drama..
    Hats off!!
    In fact i have become your fan..
    For all the horror you had to go through to keep many readers engaged , here is a *Hug*..

    The recaps had me go ROFL, to a point my family was about to send me to the asylum…

    Its actually beautiful that almost all worst things came together in this show, Awfully written script, Shoody Direction, Disastrous s editing, Horror-funeral like music and the best part, Killing acting style..

    If you think about it, its actually amazing that all bad things can be grouped like this.
    For such an settings alone this Show needs to get an award(s)..

  42. 42 jodasg

    I read your 1st recap & told myself not to watch Dr Jin but I continue to read your recaps cos I am curious how BAD is this drama. And from your recaps, I gather it is REALLY BAD. But thank you for the very witty & funny recaps. I always wore a big grin on my face after reading.

  43. 43 beggar1015

    I’m going to miss Dr. Jin. No, not the show itself – the recaps! The gods of kdrama gave you lemons and you gave us Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and I thank for it, Heads No 2.

  44. 44 bigwink

    So we’re finally here!
    So sad to part with your masterpieces. Guess I should do some revisiting in the future.
    Thank yous Heads! It’s been a great journey (sans brain fetus) (and zappers)..

  45. 45 shepo

    thanks God,,i restrained myself from following this drama,,because i dont want to damage my impression from DR JIN japanese version,,which was so damn great…

    turned out this korean version is kind of awful..

    but still,,come on,,dont u think SSH is hot???

    • 45.1 MsB

      I think anyone who actually said this drivel was good was dazzled by the ‘pretty’!

    • 45.2 Waca


      Sorry, in this show SSH didn’t seem hot to me because he kept doing these eyes-bulged-out faces almost all the time!

      For eye-candy, Young-Hwi and Kyung-Tak were much better! ^^

  46. 46 Chesquared

    One thing I learned from this drama… Naada.
    Omg. I seriously despise this drama. Your recaps were the only thing funny about it. When I watch it I just get so frustrated I could totally feel my blood pressure rising. I swear I have this Park Minyoung allergy now. Even when I see pics of her, my face just automatically scrunches up. I know actors are different from the character they play, but I think she’ll forever be youngrae to me. Just so much hate. I know it’s bad, but I just can’t.

    Ah Kyung Tak, kyung Tak, kyung tak. I really feel bad for this character. He was miserable throughout the whole series. I knew he was going to die. So obvious. But like seriously, I would have killed 2 particular characters just to see him live. But my dear Jaejoong, you’ve worked so hard. When everybody else had given up, you stood your ground. So proud of you <3.

    How could any recap this drama? It was just so hard to even watch it. You lasted 22 episodes! Wow, you are indeed amazing. I don't know if I pity you, or idolize you xD. Maybe yea, probably both, but with pity slightly heavier on the scale. *standing ovation* <3

  47. 47 Mice!

    What amazing about this show is perhaps the rating. Only the Olympics can kill it. It has very steady rating, which is surprising, SK even put up with it.

    I think KT is frustrated with all these people and wanted to die himself, that or Kim Jaejoong himself feels that it’s better that KT die instead of living with YR… LOL and the emptiness in Yong-Hwi after he jumped off a cliff injured. I understand, nothing is the same, so it’s better if KT leave.

    Though, I was hoping to see poster/standee of KJJ at the palace when modern Jin came to visit.

    And this sounds very mean, but during the scene where Jinhyuk was doing the last surgery on YR, the rock punctured scene. When he was picking up the scissor to cut the string, I was hoping for the fetus to zap him and then him in seizures because of it, drop the scissor into her wound or forward his body and stabbed her with it, and kill her… That would be hilarious… I’m sorry to SSH and PMY fan for that image, but I can’t help it.

  48. 48 Bamsa

    Thanks for the recaps.. even though I didn’t like the drama very much, I still watched it, cause I didn’t want to ive up on something I started. It is good to know other people’s views. Thank you!

  49. 49 RealKDramaaddict

    I did not watch the show but read some of your recaps. Thank you for entertainment. You are so good at picking out the screen caps that are funny and telling. I can see you succeeding in comic industry.

  50. 50 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap, HeadsNo2, it’s over now! I hope you will get to rest a little after this before you tackle your next recap…

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