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Faith: Episode 2
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This is a show that can turn on a dime—from sweeping to hilarious to heart-stopping—and so far I’m cheering at every turn. It’s surprisingly witty, and what I enjoy is that for a story with such large scope, the moments between characters feel very small in a nice way. We pause for each relationship, giving us color and nuance in the exchange between two characters, and already in two episodes it tells us so much about who these people are and all the delicious conflict that lies ahead for them.


We backtrack to the moment when King Gongmin gives the order and Choi Young bravely steps into the portal to heaven. You people sure have a loose idea of paradise. This time we watch from the B-side, as second-in-command Choong-seok leads the men—their priority is to protect the king.

Dae-man (the little Dragonball-Z guy) jumps out to say that he can’t let their leader go alone, and he’ll follow after him. Aw, are you going to be Choi Young’s Abe? Every good hero needs a loyal puppy.

Choong-seok advises the king that they need to return to safety, but the king refuses to budge; he will wait here until Choi Young returns. He says they’re supposed to be here praying anyway, so that’s where they’ll stay. Shows of loyalty all around.

But as soon as he vows not to move, the portal opens back up again and Choi Young returns with Eun-soo in tow. Aha, Time Travel Corollary Number 1: Time is tricksy. A moment here could be a day there.

He presents the king with the divine healer he brought back from heaven… and everyone stares at her like, that doesn’t LOOK like a god of medicine

She squirms free from his grasp and makes a run for the portal, and Choi Young just sighs and drags her right back. I love that he treats the so-called heavenly healer like a stray kitty.

He takes her to the princess, where Jang Bin tells the doc about her condition. Eun-soo just looks around her quizzically and then bursts out: Oh I get it! This is a drama set and you’ve had an accident, and you don’t want it reported!

She decides that won’t do because she could lose her medical license, and suggests they just call emergency. She picks up her phone—she’ll even call and put in a good word. She inches toward the door, only to be blocked by the wall of men standing before it.

Choi Young leans in close and asks through gritted teeth how many times he’ll have to say it for it to stick—she heals the princess, he takes her back home. He gave her his word. She finally sees no other way out and starts to prep for surgery.

Of all her newfangled devices, I love that the flashlight-glasses are the thing to freak them all out. Eun-soo and Jang-bin work while Choi Young sleeps, and when it’s done the princess’ lady-in-waiting runs out… to meet a scary-looking man with a scar. Eep, she’s a mole!

The men ask if the princess will make it, and Eun-soo tells them she can’t say for certain, but she needs bedrest and spews a litany of other medical terms in English that just make them gape.

She tries to make another run for it and Choi Young stops her of course, and she sees him bow to the king. King Gongmin asks after the princess and Eun-soo reminds him that this patient is not legally her responsibility.

Gongmin calls her “the one from heaven” and declares that the fate of his nation rests with the princess’ survival—if heaven sent her, then can he believe that this nation is under heaven’s protection?

Eun-soo’s eyes dart back and forth. She turns toward Choi Young and squirms under her breath: “That guy’s even weirder!” Haha. She pounds her head, desperate to wake up from this dream.

Meanwhile, the men left guarding the portal see it start to shrink, and worry that at this rate, it’ll close up by the day’s end. Ruh-roh.

Advisor Jo Il-shin tells the king it would be foolish to send the divine healer back to heaven—they all saw her heal the princess with that god-light coming from her forehead (HA) and with her power, he’ll secure his kingdom.

Choi Young literally pushes Jo out of the way to remind the king that he gave her his word, as a Goryeo warrior. “Your majesty might not know, but the cost of a Goryeo warrior’s word is his life.”

The king protests—for the sake of a nation, aren’t there more important things than the word of one man?

Choi Young: For country, a senior statesman like this will tell you to throw your promises to the dogs. And I, as a warrior for my country, will kill people by the sword. But a king… a king should be different from us. That is what I believe.

Niiiice. Badass AND the moral center? I’m already swooning.

In the capital city, we get introduced to the very lush world of our baddie KI-CHUL. He’s surrounded by endless wealth, but always plotting for more power. It seems the entire royal court is like a buffet of political puppets for him to pick and choose from, as well as remove from.

He cryptically tells a minion to “finish what they started,” as his flute-playing brother CHUN EUM-JA demonstrates his ability to make a cockroach keel over and die by the sound of his flute. (Note: he also plays non-killing music on the thing, so it’s not always a death note.)

Meanwhile, rumor of the princess’ death spreads throughout the palace and the ministers worry that Yuan will surely blame their country. Does this mean the end of Goryeo?

Back at the border town, Eun-soo is held captive in a room. After failing to find a cell signal, she bribes the lady-in-waiting with cash, offering her amounts in currency that have no meaning here.

But the girl opens a door without a word, giving her an exit. Choi Young leaves Dae-man in charge of the doc, and by the time he checks in on her, she’s down in the street making her getaway.

She runs into the marketplace and starts asking people where she can get a taxi, and if they speak English or Chinese, because they don’t seem to understand what she’s saying.

She asks over and over for a telephone, wondering where on earth she is that she can’t get a damn cell signal. She notices Dae-man on her tail so she hides, and we see that Scarface is chasing her too.

The mole gets dangerously close to pulling a knife on the princess… but gets interrupted before she can do it. Whew. Stop leaving her alone in there!

Dae-man sends word to Choi Young that the doc has fled, and he sets out to find her, with the police shield strapped to his back. Ha. I love the incongruity of it. And also the way his men marvel at the hunk of plastic like it’s a god-shield ’cause it came from heaven.

Choong-seok protests that the general can’t leave them at a time like this, but Choi Young just tells them to guard the princess first and foremost. And the king? He gives his characteristic half-assed: “Just… you know… guard him well.” Off he goes.

Dae-man shows him where Eun-soo is hiding, only to find that she’s traded coats with the woman in the shop and run off. She climbs to the top of a hill and gasps, “What kind of drama set is this big?!”

She makes her way through the village knocking on doors and asking for help, when Scarface and his minions get to her first. She fights back using her shoe as a weapon, but they knock her out and carry her away.

By the time Choi Young finds her shoe, there’s blood on the ground and she’s long gone. He deduces right away that the same men who came for the princess last night must’ve taken her. But how did they know of the divine healer?

Dae-man chimes in to say that means there’s a mole. He wants to run off to interrogate the leak, but Choi Young knows there isn’t time for that—they don’t even know who the mole is.

He starts at the beginning—who’s the person responsible for the boats that stopped running so suddenly yesterday? Dae-man takes him to the man and Choi Young drowns him in a barrel of water till he talks.

That leads him pretty quickly to Scarface’s hideout, but he sees Choi Young coming and gags Eun-soo. They hide her away at knifepoint as Dae-man arrives to search the place, and he doesn’t see her.

Choi Young waits downstairs, when a man attacks from behind with a sword. I love that he takes him out without a weapon. He sticks the minion’s face near the fire, and he squeals that he’ll tell them everything.

He shows them the stash of chemical weapons they’re using against the king in their next attack… happening right now. Crap. They race back to the inn…

…where the attack is already underway. Choong-seok paces the inn and calls out routinely to each of his posts, and all but one answer back. He blows the whistle to sound the alarm and everyone readies his sword.

But they get gassed out by smoke grenades, forcing them out of the inn. Except every exit is covered by bow-and-arrow snipers at the ready. Eek! Just then, Dae-man swoops down on a rooftop to take out some men.

Inside, Jang Bin carries the unconscious princess, and the lady-in-waiting sees an opportunity to separate him from the group. The king notices that the princess is missing and runs off after her. Ack, now everyone’s split up!

Jang Bin puts the princess down to fight off some attackers… with his fan? No way. He’s got some ki-lightning powers of his own, because he can zap people with his fan and they just go down. So… not just a pretty accessory then.

But his mistake is in trusting the lady-in-waiting, because she uses the opportunity to raise her knife to the princess…

Princess Noguk stirs awake and opens her eyes, startling the girl long enough for her to be knocked down by… Choi Young’s police shield, which he throws at her like a boomerang. HA. Okay, that made me laugh out loud. That is not a use I imagined for the heavenly shield.

The king runs up to find the princess safe and awake. Choi Young asks again—she was saved by the divine healer, so will the king allow him to keep his word?

We don’t hear his answer, though it might not make a difference in the end, as the portal grows smaller and smaller by the minute.

The ministers in the capital argue over what they’ll do when Yuan demands that they take responsibility for the life of the princess. They’re certain Goryeo will lose its sovereignty over this, and just be turned into a Yuan state.

They know that Ki-chul is behind this, and argue that they have to do something about him before the king arrives…

But Ki-chul is already a step ahead, and has them gassed and killed en masse.

Choi Young and Dae-man head back to Scarface’s hideout to figure out where they took the healer, and find the place empty. Choi Young balls his hand up in a fist, his anger literally shooting out of him like electric energy. Cool.

Just then, a strange voice calls out, “Feed me! Feed me!” The man holding Eun-soo hostage jumps back in fear—it’s her cell phone, running low on battery and demanding to be fed. Ha.

It brings them out of hiding and the man threatens Eun-soo with a knife, but Choi Young doesn’t even blink and chucks a knife right into the man’s chest, knocking him down as Eun-soo screams in terror.

He unties her hands and her gag, sighing that she sure is a troublesome one, making him run about to rescue her, like he’s upset about it cutting into his naptime more than anything.

He lifts her chin to check her face, but she pushes him away angrily, throwing her other shoe and hobbling about toward the door. But she stops when he tells her that the princess is awake, and he’ll take her back now to where she came from.

She wails that he can go ahead and TRY to take her elsewhere and he just picks her up in his arms to shut her up. He warns that she’ll break if he drops her, and she finally stops complaining.

He smiles to himself as he carries her away. Why so dreamy?

And from the shadows, Scarface comes out from his hiding place and watches him carry the healer away.

He brings her to the portal, and she says she remembers this place, but she’s just fuzzy on how they got from Kangnam to here, exactly. He instructs her to go in that door, before it closes forever and he has no way of getting her back.

She doesn’t get the how, but that part she understands. He bows respectfully and epically (I seriously don’t know how, but it’s an epic head-bow), saying that he troubled her immensely.

She heads toward the portal… when Jo Il-shin’s voice rings out for her to stop. He shows up with guards and decrees that the divine healer cannot return.

Choi Young steps in between Jo and Eun-soo, shouting: “I, Goryeo warrior Choi Young, am sending her in my name. WHO DISRESPECTS MY NAME?” Oh damn.

He draws his sword. Everyone takes a step back.

He tells them to go ahead and try. Jo orders the men to stop Eun-soo, but they hesitate, not wanting to defy their general. But he screams at them that it’s a royal order. They regretfully draw their swords.

Jo: “Woodalchi Choi Young, I said it’s a royal order.” Crap. It’s the magic word. As Woodalchi, he cannot defy the king’s orders. He stops and looks back at Eun-soo, who starts to make her way towards the portal…

He runs after her and holds her back. Noooooo! He sticks his sword in the ground and holds her as she kicks and screams, and you can see the anguish in his eyes, as he goes back on his word in service of the king. Augh, it’s just horrible and heartbreaking.

The portal to heaven closes, and then he lets her go. She scrambles to the base of the statue, but there’s nothing there anymore.

He walks back to face Jo and says with tears brimming in his eyes, that he has followed royal order and stopped the healer. Eun-soo calls him a bastard, screaming that he promised—he gave her his word.

She yanks his sword out of the ground and cries that he’s a psycho and a murderer. “I’m going to kill you!” She weakly runs toward him holding the sword out in front of her, and Choi Young deliberately runs himself into the sword.


Everyone gapes in horror and then he puts his hands over hers, and pulls the sword in further, all the way into his chest. HOLY CRAP.

He winces from the pain as she cries, “Why?! How? You could have gotten out of the way! WHY?” He whispers, “Is this enough?”

Omg. For going back on your word?! Will someone please tell Captain Literal that she doesn’t actually require his life in payment?!

But clearly Choi Young’s life (or at least his honor) is something the king was willing to sacrifice, as Princess Noguk points out with disdain.

As Choi Young collapses to the ground, Eun-soo goes from shock to doctor mode, asking the men for something to secure the sword to his body like this so they can stave off the bleeding while they move him.

But Jo Il-shin says they don’t have time to treat him—they have to hurry and bring the healer back and get the king away to safety. When they refuse to budge, the bastard even asks the barely conscious Choi Young what he would order his men to do, and the noble general tells them to go. NO! Don’t listen to him! He’s delirious!

Eun-soo tells Jo that she won’t leave him here—this makes her a killer and she won’t abide that, so then Jo figures fine, HE’LL be the killer then, and yanks the mutherfuckin’ sword out of Choi Young’s chest.


Eun-soo freaks out and orders the men to compress the gaping wound and sends Dae-man to get her surgical tools. She’ll just have to operate here.

Jo is still screaming his head off at the men to take the heavenly one away, but finally Choong-seok yells back that the heavenly one is the one ordering them to hold the wound, so that’s what they’re doing! Well thank goodness for you.

Dae-man races through town like the wind and forces his way into the king’s room to get the medical supplies. They ask what happened and Dae-man barely gets out through his tears that their leader is dying and needs to be saved.

The king gets up, furious, “Did Woodalchi defy my order?” He assumes that one of the men cut him down because he refused to obey. Dae-man makes it clear that they could never cut their general, and no, he did not defy the king’s orders. He obeyed, and that’s why he’s dying.

He pleads with them to be let go. The princess intervenes and says that Choi Young saved her life. By the queen’s authority, she allows him to go, and tells Jang Bin to accompany him. It leaves the king reeling, and the princess asks belatedly, dripping with sarcasm, “Is it okay if I give orders, your majesty?” I like her.

In his haste, Dae-man drops a little bottle from the bundle of supplies and steps on it. Oh dear. Why do I have a feeling that was the morphine? Oowwwwww.

The men carry Choi Young through the woods on a makeshift stretcher, and Eun-soo pleads with him not to lose consciousness. He’s bleeding everywhere, but he’s got enough of his senses to grab her by the collar and beg for her to just leave him behind.

He swears that she wasn’t the one to stab him—she couldn’t if she tried—and that he’ll somehow manage to stay alive on his own.

Eun-soo (in English): “Shut. UP.” He’s like, whaa?

Eun-soo: “Shut your mouth! Listen, here’s the order: first, I save you, then you can go wherever you like and live or die as you please. You just go ahead and TRY to die before that!” Hahaha.

They finally get him inside and prep for surgery, and Eun-soo looks around frantically for the little bottle, which turns out to be an antibiotic. Guess they’ll have to go without and risk sepsis. Eep. She asks if there’s anything they can use as an antibiotic or a painkiller, naming drugs that of course Jang Bin has never heard of. Er…

Meanwhile, the rest of the men guard the king and ask that he stay put for his safety. He’s left alone with the princess, and takes the opportunity to tell her that she can’t give orders. She is not to do anything—even take one step—without his permission.

He knows that she must hate going from Yuan princess to queen in a foreign land, and that she must resent him greatly. But this is the law she must follow. “Why are you not answering me?”

Princess: “You did not command me to answer you, therefore I cannot.” Pffft. She’s so awesome.

Back to surgery by candlelight. Eun-soo asks why this anesthesia is taking so long, but Jang Bin asks how it’s supposed to go any faster. He says that the general can handle an enormous amount of pain but she says it’s not actually helpful if he fights against pain while she’s trying to operate. Well phew for that.

But by the time she’s done arguing, he’s unconscious, and she gets ready with her scalpel. Jang Bin grabs her hand in horror—why is she treating a man with a knife wound by cutting into him?

She explains that she has to cut open his whole chest to know what kind of damage there was, but Jang Bin eyes her in disbelief, “Can I trust your words that you’re going to save a man that you stabbed to kill?” Well when you put it like that…

Eun-soo: “You say that I’m from heaven! So trust me.”


We seriously need to send this show to Cliffhanger Academy, (What is it with Lee Min-ho dramas and the slow learning curve for endings?) because I have no idea why both Episodes 1 and 2 had sharp would-be cliffhanger endings that turned out to be third-act openers (them facing the portal, her stabbing him), only to then add a whole arc and then leave in the middle of a scene like it just trailed off. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have wondered if the show was written for a 45-minute timeslot and got reshuffled for an hour at the last minute. So weird.

In any case, that plotting issue aside, I really love the fusion fantasy world, and the sharp wit of all the characters. There’s an insanely large number of them and we’re just barely getting to know the main players, but already I’m interested in a lot of the side characters, who each get their moments to shine. Second-in-command Choong-seok is already an intriguing favorite, and stuttering loyal Dae-man is a fantastic sidekick for Choi Young. The king and queen have a great conflict from the get-go, and I really enjoy the dynamic of the immature king and the feisty queen who finds herself suddenly foisted on this foreign kingdom.

I actually find Eun-soo’s insistence that she’s just in a foreign country and can’t figure out how she got from Kangnam to here so logical and funny, because she refuses to give up that grasp on reality. So even when she’s willing to go with portal-will-take-me-home, she’s still like, but why can’t I get cell reception here? It makes for such a funny and more realistic transition into the world that she hasn’t once asked when she is, only where, and why everyone around her seems a little odd. For now I’m content to watch her play the fish-out-of-water, because it’s hilarious and there’s plenty of heightened drama around her. I’m hoping the drama isn’t going to feel the need to be surgery-of-the-week like Dr. Jin, because I don’t much care about the actual doctoring so much as the wit of everyone thinking Eun-soo this divine healer from heaven when she’s just… so not.

And I know I’m screaming in the moment for Literal Man to stop being so rash, but I actually find his absolute moral compass and his code of honor so moving. When he tells the king he should be more than men, it tells us so much about his character. He understands the larger purpose he serves—he fights by the sword so that greater men may rule. And regardless of whether the king lives up to his end of the bargain, the warrior does his job faithfully. Not necessarily in an idealistic way, as we learned from his honest confession in the last episode, but in a practical sense—this is the definition of what a warrior is. It’s all the more heartbreaking (and brilliant) to have the naïve king choose power over honor, because we understand that Choi Young has no such choice. He is his honor.

His complete and utter willingness to die by the sword tells us he knows of no such thing as a dishonorable Goryeo warrior. You’re either a warrior, or you die. I’m sure I’m going to be yelling at him constantly because of it, (I can’t have my hero filleting himself on account of his honor all the time) but I’m deeply moved by it too, and I want so much for his king and his country to live up to that code. I also can’t wait to see what happens when love throws a wrench into things—when Choi Young has something to live for and can’t be so cavalier about being a human shish kabob.


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  1. rbee

    Thanks for the recap GF!
    I’m enjoying Faith so far. I find the juxtapositon of modern science/medical advances seen as heavenly help and seemingly supernatural powers of those in Goryeo pretty interesting. We can’t explain their power and they can’t explain ours. Has me thinking. Love that! Plus, who can’t help but love all the pretty. :) Keep up the great work!

  2. Rin

    mannnn this is by far the fastest recap i’ve seen! Great job!

    • 2.1 Birthday Girl

      I know! I was surprised it was up so fast. I have a question though… did anyone think the sound was weird like the taling too loud and the background music too low? It was distracting for me.

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      Thank you for the recaps <3
      Does anyone happen to know what the name of the song is that is used for the end credits?

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      I am just waiting when CY will have a fear to die because he wanted to live coz’ of the woman he loves —–> ES.. :)

      I hope the King will see his worth and not see him like an ordinary warrior….

      and for the princess, I luvff you now :)

      • 4.1.1 SoyJade

        I want to see that as well. His way too calm attitude right now–I find it a bit boring. He is so aloof I feel the same way. Kind of like when you see someone yawn.

        So far I’m finding the princess to be the most interesting character. I think King does not want to be with her bc he might feel intimidated by her. She is smart, feisty and absolutely not a simple doll. She come from a powerful Country, in which he was a “guest” of, (for what I can understand) and he might feel insecure. He hasn’t even seen or really been recognized as a king/dom. She most likely has always been acknowledge and treated as the princess she is. IDK if I explained myself correctly. This is just my theory anyway.

        I like the show, but it did feel long. IDK, I just felt there was just a certain punch or something missing in order to be considered crack, IMO.

        In short, liked but not loved….except for LMH. Papasito!!

    • 4.2 alua

      Me too! It’s freaking awesome!

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  9. Quiet Thought

    Meta-funny bit: on Vikii, Lee Min Ho’s fan-girls ran through the episodes and did most of HIS English captioning first.

    • 9.1 aliz

      Sadly most of the people are watching this drama because of LMH and will call it amazing because it has him on it, but if it hadn’t they would say it was a boring drama very fast, let’s see how the drama goes on.

      • 9.1.1 kay79

        i agree with you… it’s a bit boring and too fantasy. only LMH is there

        • Kgrl

          Have to say I am so impressed with the Princess. She’s got spunk – very excited to see how the King and her progress. And I like the sidekicks as well. Kim Hee Sun is hilarious, so is LMH’s unlikely wit.

          But I do find their episode endings weird. I also expected better production values, something along the lines of the flourishing world Legend had. Scenically and the way the story transitioned didn’t seem as smooth as the Director’s previous works. Then again, the character devo is so much more vital.

          • Eye Candy

            I agree I was really excited by the princess’ ability to defy the king while technically following his orders. I did start this show because of LMH, but I will say I am encouraged by the supporting characters. His addition definitely helps (but that’s because I think he is a great actor…in addition to being hot…), but I think this drama has more than just him going for it. Of course, only time will tell.

      • 9.1.2 alua

        I’m not a LMH fan. I did like him in City Hunter and I like him here, but I wouldn’t per se watch something for him.

        I do like the super-cool, must-stab-myself-to-keep-the-honour hero he is playing here (though I was thinking – he’s lucky, after City Hunter, another such ‘I’m the ultimate hero’ role), but I already like some of the other characters too!

        Not quite sure yet about the doctor from heaven: sometimes she really didn’t act like a doctor at all – you’d respond immediately if there is someone bleeding with a deep wound beside you! Although when she starts showing guts, she is much more interesting already.

        Love the princess/queen. She’s smart. I think she and the king are a perfect fit, they just don’t know it yet! He isn’t quite as smart, but he has an inkling that LMH’s character is a good one to listen to. He just needs to learn to do that consistently and ignore certain others! And he needs to listen to the queen! Because if he does, they could be a power couple, especially with someone like LMH’s character behind them.

        Love that black-dressed, wild hair sidekick of LMH’s too that somersaults over rooftops. He may talk a bit much but he is a loyal one!

        The white-haired flute-player: is he on the side of the baddies? He hasn’t done anything yet, but I like him! (Visually!)

        • Red

          The white-haired flute player killed a roach with a note … a death note … hahahahah. It was comical and not so scary at this point. It does give a hint at his capabilities … I hope he’s not limited to pest control in the future.

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    • 10.1 Saima

      umm, this is interesting!! The (rather long) middle part of my comment was eaten up. :/

      • 10.1.1 Jesse

        I’ve made it a habit to mark and copy my posts before posting since what you described has happened to me in the past as well. Takes less than five seconds to do and prevents annoyance 100% :)
        Good luck!

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      Hi Saima,

      Good to see you here! sorry that your comment (rather long) got eaten up :-(, that has happened to me a few times. If you go back to the page right away, sometimes the “Rant or Rave” section (this one I am writing on right now) would still have your message in it, and so you can try and resend your message, that is what I have experienced as well. Or you could try clicking on reply, and sometimes the last message you wrote in it would still be there. I hope what I said made sense. What dramas are you currently watching/hoping to watch?

  11. 11 aliz

    I kinda liked the king but he is getting annoying.

    He is coward and now wants to order the princess’ around and isn’t grateful for the man who saved his own life and his wife’s wife! WTF man!!!!!!

    Besides it, LMH, I hope you improve your acting, since I’m not a fan of your looks at all your decent acting doesn’t amaze me at all! Sigh! I wished I was charmed by him but I can’t.

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    This Drama is SO. AWESOME! I love love love it already! Lee Min-ho is so freaking amazing, and I love his character! The strict morality he posses is awesome, frustrating, and heartbreaking all at once.

    I love most of the characters so far, but other than Choi Young, Dae-man is my favorite, because he’s just so adorable, and he really does look like he stepped out of a Dragonball Z show.

    I want more of the evil trio, but since the first two episodes were just like an extended prologue, I can wait.

    The cliffhangers are a little sucky, but I still love this show.

    I can’t wait for next week.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  13. 13 kelinci biru

    That is weird cliffhanger. They should learn from Gaksital director/writer on how to make a great cliffhanger.

    I’m still waiting for the story. This is the setup and we knew so far from the premise. What now?

  14. 14 Kokare

    Thank you for the recap! I agree about the ending.ike you said maybe it was a 45 min show that got extended because it would make more sense for it to end when she stabs him…

  15. 15 Rashell

    This show is already awesome. The world that has been created and all the characters are already so rich. The warrior brothers, the youg weak king and the fiesty queen, the baddies, and the obnoxious advisor all of them are captivating. I like our heroine being so NOT what they all think she is. It’s a great comic bit in an otherwise serious dramatic moment. And our Hero is already heroic. And waaaaaay to literal. This guy’s going to drive me crazy in the best possible way.

    I also can’t wait for him to fall in love and have something in his life worth living for. It’s a little harder to be willing to die for a brand new King and Queen when you actually care for someone.

    I’m really really liking this drama. And I can’t wait to get to know everyone better. The relationship of the King and Queen seems very interesting to me too. And of course I want to understand the magic better. Can’t wait for next week.

    Although I do have to agree that the endings are so choppy. The obvious end was when she stabbed him, but it kept going. And then it just abrubtly ended in the middle of his surgery. So weird. Hopefully they’ll figure that part out a little better in the coming episodes.

    Thanks GF for the re-cap. And of course I must say that my boyfriend sure was HOT as always!! 😉

    • 15.1 slfowie

      first the MOST important thing… for world peace can we agree to call LMH OUR boyfriend?
      I agree with you the ending does seem a bit choppy they should have ended when that IDIOT whom we all love stabbed himself! The relation between the king and queen does seem interesting and i want to know more about it. And i want the king to evolve/ grow up so that he can be fit to be such a dynamically sarcastic woman’s husband coz now i am really not feeling him…
      I have a question for you i knw everyone had been complaining bout the age difference between the leads but is it really noticeable? Maybe because I loved TKTH so much the pairing seems fine in the recaps and the screen shots… but what do u think?

      • 15.1.1 Rashell

        Well…grumble,grumble…I suppose for WORLD PEACE…Lee Min Ho can be OUR boyfriend. :)

        We are of like minds on the king this episode. I was kind of digging him in the first one, but he definitely back-slid in this one. But his journey is one I’m interested in. He could go either way depending on whom he decides to trust, and that’s always interesting. But the Queen ROCKS! I can tell I’m going to love her already.

        As for the age difference, it really doesn’t bother me a bit. I think they are both beautiful people to look at and how many years separate their birth just doesn’t mean much to me. So far I think they have a cute dynamic. She thinks he’s crazy. And he thinks she’s more effort then he wants to expend. No question this whole stabbing thing changes the dynamic between them. I expect to see some deeper emotion coming soon but my initial impression is good.

        • slfowie

          The king just seem so weak in this episode..and it seems that the Queen has a better understanding of the culture she is going to…But there is something that tugs at the heart when ever i see the king.. maybe because he had to stay as a hostage till now or because he seems so unsure of himself, no sure.
          Bout the age difference if you kept both of them side by side i would have said that she was at the most 4 yrs older than him..I am also liking their relationship, it seems different from the other normal Kdrama relationship..
          But what i realllly want to see will be her reaction when she find out that there is no indoor plumbing ( there wasn’t at that time rite?) or when she look at the bathroom…. can we plez have that scene?
          And I hope OUR boyfriend does not act like an idiot and stab himself again! Because the next time it happens I swear I am teleport myself there and force feed him caffeine so that he does not get to sleep!

    • 15.2 Ivoire

      @ Rashell and slfowie:

      “First the MOST important thing… for world peace can we agree to call LMH OUR boyfriend?”
      LOL, I love the “for world peace” bit, that was very funny :-)! I will let you guys fight over LMH, after all, I am the one with the vivid dreams of said boyfriend of you both…

      @ Rashell,

      I left you a message here in episode 1 recap, just so you know… Ivoire August 14th, 2012 at 9:24 pm

      Now, I have to go and read your comment so that I may comment, if need be :-)…

      • 15.2.1 slfowie

        hm… Don’t think you are the only ones with such dreams…

        • Ivoire

          Hi Slfowie,

          I wouldn’t be surprised if I am not the only one :-). Do you get the vivid ones as well? The ones that feel so real (when you have them), you wonder how you got there (when you wake up)?

          • slfowie

            hmmm not sure what kind of dreams you are talking about or if indeed if they are even the PG variety 😉 But i have had those dreams…. and strangely even dreams where i mesh what is going around me in my dream probably coz i am half asleep…
            and I JUST had to say it dramafeaver as episode 1 fully subbed!

          • Ivoire

            The dreams I am talking about are the PG variety:-), so no need to worry. By vivid, I meant that they felt real. I have had dreams in which I know (meaning I am aware) that I am dreaming and I just go along to see what will happen in the dream. When I wake up, I know that it was a dream. I have had times when I knew I dreamed but I didn’t remember much when I woke up. And then I have had dreams that felt really real, that is what I meant by vivid. If I am touching a wall, I can actually feel the wall, and if I push against it, I can actually feel the resistance of the wall, the texture of the wall etc…, that kind of thing.

            I find the whole dreaming and being unconscious an interesting process. when I fall asleep, I can never predict what kind of dreams I will have, which is why I am sometimes surprised about my dreams and I wonder how come I had the kind of dream I just had. I don’t think about the dreams I forget as soon as I wake up, and I am OK with the ones in which I knew I was dreaming while dreaming. It’s the vivid ones (the ones that feel like this is happening to me in real life kind of dreams) that I find quite interesting. I wonder how I get to the point where I have those dreams. That was why I was asking you if you get those dreams as well, because I wanted to know your take on them.

            “and strangely even dreams where i mesh what is going around me in my dream probably coz i am half asleep…” What did you mean here, please?

          • slfowie

            I don’t remember knowing in my dreams that i am dreaming, but there have been dreams where it seems that something actually happened when in fact it was just my dream. But i do have difficult remembering dreams, there was this dream that i used to get whenever i was stressed.. or stressed and did not know i was stressed.
            About the dream mesh, what i meant was that there were times when what is happening around me while i am sleeping gets incorporated in my dream, like i was sleeping n my frens were talking and in my dreams i saw my frens having the same conversations but i was not with them but looking at them.
            Another random thing- in ep1 the fortune teller tells her that she will meet a guy from the past did he say her past or past in general, and she assumed that it was her past coz u knw in real life ppl can’t time travel to the future?

      • 15.2.2 Rashell


        I’ll check out that post. I’m most curious. LOL

    • 15.3 Ivoire

      Hi Rashell,

      “The obvious end was when she stabbed him, but it kept going. And then it just abrubtly ended in the middle of his surgery”

      I agree with you on where the episode should have ended, but I would have to say that when it actually ended, she hadn’t started the surgery, LMH had just been knocked out cold (anesthesia) and she was about to cut him open, and was arguing with the other healer, at least that was my understanding of the ending :-).

      • 15.3.1 Rashell

        You’re right about the exact spot of the ending. But it just seemed so abrupt. It was like in the middle of a scene and then STOP! So weird.

  16. 16 Laya

    Thank you so much for the recap!

    • 16.1 zsa

      I can’t wait to get started on this…so I can join the rave and rant…

  17. 17 slfowie

    I think i am going to build a shrine just for you.. that is how awsome i think you are..
    I think I am going to be very emotional invested in this show with the amount of danger Lee min(e) ho places himself in plus by the time this show finished i believe my computer and I will be able to curse in many different languages. Apart from LMH’s love angle I am really interested to see how the King and Queen work out their issues. And honestly reading the recaps i am liking the Queen a lot more than the King…that sarcasm ….
    Next week for another episode….. I am praying to the gods that may be please let me find the bloody portal that will allow me to jump time and look at the show/ read the recaps coz i reallly dont think i have the patience to wait a week…

  18. 18 slfowie

    I think i am going to build a shrine just for you.. that is how awsome i think you are..
    I think I am going to be very emotional invested in this show with the amount of danger Lee min(e) ho places himself in plus by the time this show finished i believe my computer and I will be able to curse in many different languages. Apart from LMH’s love angle I am really interested to see how the King and Queen work out their issues. And honestly reading the recaps i am liking the Queen a lot more than the King…that sarcasm ….
    Next week for another episode….. I am praying to the gods that may be please let me find the bloody portal that will allow me to jump time and look at the show/ read the recaps coz i reallly dont think i have the patience to wait a week…

    • 18.1 slfowie

      ok don’t knw how that happened but my post just got double posted…

      • 18.1.1 Rashell

        This site does some crazy stuff sometimes.

        I also think the King and Queen are an interesting secondary story. And although I know I’m going LOVE her, he is the more interesting character to me. I know that he could go either towards the good or the bad depending on the people he choses to put his “faith” in. I feel like he is searching for his path and could really take either road. That’s a great story to me.

        And I agree that waiting a week is rough.

  19. 19 hpn88

    loving the show and hoping that it sticks to this feel throughout.
    Its super interesting to have in the goryeo period since its not done very often. its making the costumes and set design fascinating to me

    • 19.1 fionnulaw

      Ergh…. King Gwanggaeto anyone?

  20. 20 AuntieMame

    I’m thoroughly enjoying this drama. The production is very well-executed in all respects. But, most of all, it is such fun. And, I can listen to the soundtrack endlessly.

    The flavor of it reminds me of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy movies.

    Thank you so much for the recap.

    • 20.1 otchosais

      me too!!! I keep on seeing LOTR feel in this drama :)

  21. 21 Mar

    I’m smiley. Really liked some of the plot and character building in E2.

    Loving the squirrely little Dae-man dude, I have a tendency for nicknaming characters, and he’s now Squirrely D.

    Eun-soo is still a little whiny, but she’s all business once she sets her mind to doctor stuff and KCCO Choi seems to like it when she goes all business like. She’s showing some spine, even though it comes when she totally hits her limit and it’s mostly bluff. I like that she was bluffing on the psycho I’ll kill you bit, expecting that he would just bat her aside, and having to own that she ganked the big lug. I’m also liking the actress more, liking her face in daylight a lot more.

    I like the subtle of LMH’s performance. Tiny, tiny little facial movements. Nice. I like that the big dramatic expression for him so far was that little smile.

    Good thing the Princess has some ovular fortitude because I think she’s either going to have team up with KCCO Choi to make a man out of the King ( that kind of sounded wrong), I mean, teach him the ways of The Jedi, or lead the way because he’s a little susceptible to the sketchy.

    I too laughed at the police shield boomerang, well, after I said did that just happen? And watched it again. Die stupid traitor lady in waiting die (so that was not bad acting in E1, when she (traitor lady) pushed the assassin out of the way of another assassin to get to the Princess, it WAS part of the plot. Score!)

    Now, for my problemo radar. Bad wigs on the secondary characters. BAD, BAD! A lot of obvious stunt doubles. The lead character gets skewered all the way through like, spinal cord skewered in the SECOND EPISODE? Seriously, he would have bled out on the way back to the inn, not to mention, I have a hard time seeing without some magic mojo him making it in the 14th century even with the 21rst century Doc on the job. And what’s the down time even if she could do a miraculous but normal surgery repair job on him? He doesn’t have time for that, he’s got to get that fabulous hand zappy stuff going on to save the day and do stuff with Eun-soo that makes him smile again.

    • 21.1 mtoh

      Seeing PLee kicking like that, made me worried. When 2nd character is better in action then leading, I’m always worried where my eyes will be.

  22. 22 Aliiiiiiiice

    Awesome recap, thank you!

    That saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid… Uf! Show, I want you to… get better!

    Kim Hee Sun is a solid actress. I actually quite like her in other projects. But here, her over-the-top complaints are just grating at my nerves. She’s just giving too much sitcom acting without the masterful execution.

    Not that it’s totally her fault. It’s tempting to overract with the kinds of lines that are being written for her.

    She climbed through a portal, she saw Lee Min Ho shoot lighting against the cops. It just seems too much of a jump that she’s still grasping at straws that there is something strange about this new reality she’s been transported to and that it’s not a movie set.

    And if she’s still desperately trying to hang on to being grounded, I’d like to see, I dunnoz, something a little more grounded and a little less haphazard about the performance.

    ALSO, what bugged me big time was that her character’s all friggin scared to go into the same portal she came from (so she knows it’s perfectly safe, unless travel erases memory), and then gets so pissed that it closes that she stabs Lee Min Ho’s character. To add insult to injury, SHE COULD HAVE JUMPED THROUGH WHILE SHE SAW THAT THEY WERE ARGUING THAT SHE COULDN’T LET HER GO!! SHE HAD A PRETTY DAMN GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO SLIP THROUGH RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!!

    So, no, it didn’t make sense to me that she was all upset at Lee Min Ho’s character for holding her back because she very well could have gone through twice.

    The first time when he told her to go. The 2nd time when she realized people were arguing for her NOT to go.

    This is more of a flaw of the writer, from a logistical standpoint.

    I think a similar moment occurred earlier when Kim Hee Sun/Eun Soo was all freaked out by Choi Young/LMH and tries to run, but then awkwardly stands behind him for protection after asking the Dragon Ball Z guy/King and crew for help.

    Also… during that confrontation at the start of the episode, wasn’t she just ITCHING to jump BACK through the portal?

    Hence I don’t get her hesitation towards the end of the episode about jumping through it to return home. I just… I mean… ugh!

    This bothers me!

    How can people be bothered by the ending of 49 Days and QIHM and not this suspension of disbelief? It’s not even a suspension of disbelief! It’s really a matter of being confused. The character’s logic and choice of actions just don’t add up correctly. There’s a missing integer there, somewheres.

    But it’s only eppy #2, so KHS and writers are still getting the hang of it, I suppose.

    It’s funny, when I look at Kim Hee Sun, I feel like I’m shopping with an uber-beautiful, fashion-forward friend. While my friend has all the right proportions and is enviously gorgeous and while the dress is just killer and all kinds of interesting to look at, when she puts it on, the dress just looks like a dress. And she looks just like an ordinary, pretty girl. Nothing unique or special about her.

    The lines and Kim Hee Sun’s performance… something’s just off about it.

    For me, it’s telling that I am much more riveted by the actress from Equator Man who plays the princess/queen. Not very many lines, but even her silence and her subtle expressions speak volumes.

    With any other actress, her lines could’ve been garden-variety spunky. But with her, she was downright subversive. Uniquely so.

    Lee Min Ho — well, he certainly can’t do any wrong in my book, and he more than delivers in this role.

    Also, I like who plays the king. The king is cowardly and could easily be seen as unsympathetic, but the actor brings a quality that makes me hesitate in labeling him as a baddie. He’s so unsure of himself, but he wants to be so badly.

    As for everybody else, I just hope they feel around a bit more and settles more naturally into their roles. Especially the actor who plays the loudmouthed, uppity statesman. We get it. You’re annoying. And potentially 15% diabolical. The actor just needs to tone it down 10 shades so that he’s not Mr. Captain Obvious, IMHO.

    I know this can come off like an obnoxious critique of performances, especially so early on in the show’s run, but it’s coming from a place that earnestly wishes this show all the best.

    • 22.1 anais

      Not a fan of KHS’s character (writer’s fault?) nor the portrayal (fault of actress or director?). It had me yet again wishing for a K-drama heroine who doesn’t start out so cringe-inducing. Definitely agree that the actress who portrays Queen Noguk is doing a knock-out job.

      As for Jo Il Shin, the obnoxious statesman, he does go diabolical – as you put it – historically. That actor plays all his roles that way – over the top. I was hoping for some restraint, but alas.

      I’m glad to see that there are others who haven’t warmed up to this drama. I haven’t either although I do think that my inability to understand all of the dialogue may play at least some part. But I also definitely don’t understand dumbing down the heroine, all the inconsistencies you pointed out, etc.

      Anyway, I loved Story of a Man and Sandglass, so hopefully the writer will come through.

    • 22.2 Mar

      Aliiiiiiiice-Good points on Eun Soo’s character/actress. I’m like you I’m trying to sort out the writing/directing/acting culpability here.

    • 22.3 Lemon

      Totally agree with you. It actually really bugged me that she stood there for SO LONG before trying to get into the portal.

      Ok, I geddit, it does look a little scary and weird and all – but the whole time the guys were arguing about letting her go back she should have realized that the portal is legit, and I was screaming at her to “JUST JUMP IN!”

      She had all the time in the world to jump and she didn’t, so I don’t see why she should get mad at Choi Young.

      • 22.3.1 Lemon

        One more thing. The whole episode she has been trying to escape at the first opportunity, and finally when Choi Young allows her to escape, she waits. And waits. And waits..

        I actually like her character and don’t mind the screeching and wailing because I do understand she’s probably so frustrated, bewildered and traumatized. But this escaping thing is just a writing fail.

        • Stardust

          I had the very same feeling!! XD But if she jumps… it’d be the shortest drama EVER. LOL

          I liked the whole drama for now, but whilst I am enjoying the funny and the pretty, I am not so sure about the fantasy comedy action genre… I LOOOVE QIHM… but that had a much stronger romance theme going through it.

          When that guy killed that cockroach with that loud pitch from his flute, I was wondering… if KHS can record that in her handphone, can she kill something/someone? haha

          When her holy torchlight and handphone runs out, I wonder if Young can recharge it. >;)

          And I disliked that Uncle Jo Il-shin from ep 1.
          Its only Ep 2, and I HATE him to the bone. He is just so naggy and annoying and by the book, so heartless and I just wished KHS stabbed him instead of our LHM. Aigooo! The old man is the one at fault!!

        • Aliiiiiiiice

          Lemon, anais, Mar — thank GOD! I thought I was the only one out there! (After pressing “submit comment” I had a slight panicky feeling that my passionate — and not angry — opinions would attract an aggressive defensiveness. Very relieved to see that my fear was unfounded!)

          “hoping for some restraint” <– yes, aren't we all! I get super irritated when a character is painted as "evil" too early on and to have the actor's portrayal go way over the top with it. It's like beating a dead horse. Uf! So FRUSTRATING!

          But back to the escape thing — I think what compounds the frustration is that not much was happening in Episode 2, as opposed to Episode 1.

          I could understand that they wanted to start off with a bang (which explains why Eppy 1 was really solid, quick pacing while establishing the worlds and key characters), but it would have been nice if they could have sustained that in Eppy 2.

          Eppy 2 in a nutshell: hysterical modern woman running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I mean, there is an awful lot of running away from and running back into the same people over and over again. She's scared, she doesn't know what's going on, I get it. But it was all a little much.

          I found myself really thirsty for some more screen time with the (conscious) queen and king. Also, uber curious about the Phillip Lee character.

          Stardust — I KNOW! I know they couldn't have her jump back through the portal. It would've been either the shortest drama ever or a really big headache where Choi Young has to chase her down again. But I thought it was a mistake to fill her character with an intense desire to run away back home and to COUPLE THAT with a multitude of opportunities for her to RETURN BACK HOME.

          It just makes her character look particularly idiotic, is my complaint… which is all the more frustrating because she's supposed to be a protagonist (won't say "the" since I think she shares equal weight with Choi Young) and already I kind of sort of hate her. Which I hate. Since I like Kim Hee Sun.

          I'm hoping for a MAJOR character development arc for her. Seriously, this character could have auditioned for Real Housewives of Gangnam: silly, idiotic, superficial, quick to squabble and very concerned with her status/image.

          I GET that she wants to open her own practice… but I don't get the deeply seated emotional need as to why. Everything's in shallow focus.

          Hm. Maybe that's where I got tripped up.

          When I think of it as intentional choice to FRAME HER AS SUCH, her character bothers me 25% less irritating. She just needs to up the lampooning of her character, a la Han Yesul in Fantasy Couple.

          Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh! I'm still hoping!

          • Mar

            Aliiiiiiiice – Regarding your moment of panic that you were going to get reamed for having an opinion. Hey, anytime any person has an opinion, you run that risk right? lol I could totally see where you were coming from on your concerns on the Eun-Soo character and portrayal. Even when I like a show, I know it has flaws, everything does, and people just have different takes on things and likes and dislikes. I loved City Hunter but there were plot holes Optimus Prime could walk through, ya know? My feeling is one must respect that people have different opinions and agree to disagree sometimes. All that said, here’s looking forward to further development of these characters for us to pick apart lol.

            I am trying to fit in as much stuff as I can in the next two weeks before I return to university, gah, I’ll be watching stuff sporadically after that. Which will give time for subs to load lol, but I’ll miss out on real time comments on the episodes, boo.

          • anais

            LOL! “plot holes Optimus Prime could walk through”

      • 22.3.2 alua

        I agree with the criticism on some of the laps of logic.

        In general, I don’t feel quite convinced by the meshing of the past and the modern world – either LMH’s reaction to the present (quite limited, I also think he sometimes feel rather modern in the past?) or KHS’s character’s reactions to the world she has travelled to. I hope this will get better once she gets used to her new environment (I don’t really need jokes of the what-the-hell-is-this kind in this drama).

        • Mar

          I took General Choi’s reactions to the modern world like this: He’s appears, as JB said, to take things quite literal. That means hes is a serious type, not a scholar, but smart, and analytical in dealing with what is happening at the moment. He deals with the situation at hand as it is, and because of this I can see how you look at him as perhaps being modern, as he definitely has a modern military “feel” to his reactions, which are like, okay, this is the situation, and this is what I’m going to do. We also have to remember that he thought he was in “heaven” or some after life, not traveling to the future, and it was a mission: it was a quest to retrieve a divine healer to sace the Queen. Being a military man, he has a order and mission, and as he is thinking literally, fulfilling his mission would be his only concern, not marveling at the sights.
          For Eun-soo, well there hasn’t been any real character development yet other than money driven whiny material girl, and I don’t really feel that the character is all that imaginative to even consider that there could be a portal to the past. She’ll have to rack her brain to wrap around the portal disappearing thing and how she got there now lol. She doesn’t think out side the box-this will be part of her character development in dealing with the limitations in medicine in the 14th century.

          • diorama

            I have to agree with all the points you’re making. When I have to struggle to make myself like the female lead, something’s off.

            All the disorientation, etc, is ok, understandable. All the OTT screeching, though, not so much. This is a 30-something SURGEON, so she’s got to be mature and smart. Why is she losing it in the most annoying way possible? A lot of it is the way Kim Hee Sun is portraying her, because she adopts this voice pitch that I find is really really annoying and jarring coming from someone her age.

            The moments where she actually does quieten down are when I connect with her. I appreciate that she’s professional when doing her surgeries, and the moment when she’s gagged and crying is when I sympathized with her. Then she went back to flailing and screeching. Ay.

    • 22.4 Florentine Lily

      This drama has gotten my attention. Can’t wait till next week. Sure it has some flaws but I was too enraptured to care. And it’s only the second episode.

      About Eun-Soo: Everyone is like “RUN, RUN” “Why didn’t she run?” I’m part of that team but I get it. As she said, she was fuzzy coming from the future to the past (doesn’t even know she’s in the past). Try to think of this from her perspective: If you see a light coming from some stones, would you immediately jump into it, thinking it would take you home? I would be a bit more cautious.

      I would also like to point out that she didn’t see him shooting the lighting out of his hand. She was too busy cowering behind him and hiding from the bullets she thought the cops would shoot. She still does not know she’s in a world filled with magic.

      Also, how many of us do not stop to LISTEN when we are being talked about? I’m sure it’s basic human nature or encoded in our DNA or something.

      Plus, she sort-of “trusts” Choi-Young to protect her. He’s the only one she knows and he HAS been taking care of her. He also promised her! And he was pissed when he was being defied. It was only when he reluctantly shifted and accepted the order (that slumming of his shoulders) that she realized she was in deep trouble. But by then it was too late.

      About the stabbing: She didn’t mean to stab him. She expected him to move aside. It was just one of those expressing-your-frustration-and-anger thingy. Most people have a vase available, she had a sword. It was unfortunate. He chose to let her stab him, as a way of apologizing.

      Am I the only one who thought it was weird that she was screaming about him not being unconscious and he suddenly goes unconscious? I got the feeling he made himself go unconscious. I also got the feeling he could have healed himself. Hmmm… I can’t wait to find out more about the scope of his powers.

      Also, I would like to point out that one scene of surgery in Faith was more dignified, refined and intriguing than all the surgeries in Dr. Jin.

      • 22.4.1 Mar

        Florentine Lily -You made some really good points about human nature and Eun-soo’s character and perspective.

    • 22.5 choiyoung

      ES hesitates at the last minute because CY draws his sword, something she has never expected. He’s saved her life earlier from the bad guys; it’s natural that she waits for a moment, out of concern, for the “outcome” – whether CY is going to engage in a fight with his fellow bodyguards? It’s just a speculation.

      ES stabbing CY seems to be the pivotal point in their relationship. I find it hard to imagine how their relationship is going to progress after his refusal to allow her through the portal. There will be lots of resentment on ES’s part that the writers have to work through for their romance to progress. But the grave injury she inflicts on him and his willingness to accept his punishment make her realize his seriousness about honoring his promises. On hindsight, it also means she can trust him to protect her from harm.

    • 22.6 Arhazivory

      I facepalmed at that scene. She had the chance to run away and didn’t. That could have been written better because it just seemed really flawed.

      Overall, I like the drama so far. Will see how it goes from here.

  23. 23 crazedlu

    This is it. I love this drama now. Aside from the clifhangers, i’m loving everything about it. But as GF said this is thing that gradualy becomes right with LMH’s dramas.

    • 23.1 crazedlu

      dude. hahaha. someone took my identity to falsely proclaim love of a drama i am faaarr from loving. sigh. hiiiii. gaksital will never forgive you.

      • 23.1.1 dongsaeng killer

        “gaksital will never forgive you” LMAO!!!!!!

  24. 24 Hmm..

    I’m starting to think they could do a Korean live action version of InuYasha now.

    • 24.1 anais

      That would be fun!

  25. 25 Lua

    Something must be wrong with me. I gave faith a chance and yet after 2 episodes I don’t feel like watching it….

    I’m so sad because I really wanted to like it! It has Magic elements, it is a sageuk/fantasy and medical drama! Everything I would love in a drama.

    Maybe if they showed more about the white haired guy… might wait until he appears and I like the queen too and feel bad for her :(

    Everyone loving it and I’m like ”meh” now I’m afraid that Arang isn’t good too….

    LMH acting and looks are just………. meh for me!

    (And yes I watched CH and didn’t think he was amazing there too, he was okay, decent)

    • 25.1 JaC

      I have the same thought v u!!!

      now, i afraid how arang might turn out today.

    • 25.2 Dn

      Same here, the last 15 minutes of this episode is enough for me to drop it…

    • 25.3 zack32

      i’ve watched both now after 2 episodes Faith and 1 episode Arang. Personally, I am more hooked with Arang… better acting and storyline. Faith seems to be predictable to me

    • 25.4 Sunny

      I watched Faith after watching the two episodes of Arang, and I like Arang way better. I don’t know, it looks prettier, the acting is better and the story is more appealing to me… is kind of more quirky. I say, give it a chance!

    • 25.5 HMH

      It took a turn for the stupid in this episode, IMO. The whole her stabbing him thing and her standing like a moron before the portal when she should have just gone through.

  26. 26 anais

    I find it interesting that the drama chose to incorporate Jo Il Shin into the story as the primary councilor. An interesting set-up, given what happens historically. Though viewers with knowledge of this time period will know what may unfold dramatically, I’ll leave it for those who are curious enough to find out more.

    Thank you for the recap.

    • 26.1 Yushi

      oooh if you know can you tell me? LOL. I tried googling and came up with nothing.

      • 26.1.1 anais

        Google for King Kongmin.

        Choi Young (Choe Yeong) and Jo Il Sin were actual historical figures.

        • rbee

          Thanks anais! I googled the king and found it pretty interesting.

          • anais

            What I find interesting is our fascination with certain rulers. King Sejong I understand. Jeongjo yes. Jumong yes. Seondeok. Sukjong yes but largely because of Queen Inhyeon. But why Gongmin? I liked how he was portrayed in Frozen Flowers (Yum JJM), but now an entire drama set during his reign? Is it because he was so beset from the get-go? His Mongolian queen? His pursuit of boys? It’ll be interesting to see this drama’s portrayal of King Gongmin.

    • 26.2 Ashley

      Just googled the history… And now I sort of wish I hadn’t. Nobody gets a happy ending!

      • 26.2.1 Jesse

        Haha, thanks for that comment. I was a minute away from googling Gongmin.

      • 26.2.2 otchosais

        what do you mean NO ONE GETS A HAPPY ENDING?!!! :O

      • 26.2.3 Meghan

        People rarely did back then, especially Kings. Too many people wanting the throne and power.

      • 26.2.4 anais

        Well, A Frozen Flower also depicted this king’s reign but took it a whole different direction. Some serious rewriting of history. Who’s to say that the writer will prioritize historical veracity, especially in a fantasy sageuk?

    • 26.3 canxi

      Apparently, the movie A Frozen Flower was also inspired somewhat from King Gongmin’s life.

      It’s probably because he seems to be a sort of naive king so there is that fascination. Why is a king so un-kingly?

  27. 27 Yushi

    I just finished episode 2 and I loooove it. There’s just Lee Min Ho magic in the drama, but I love all of the cast actually.
    I still can’t decide exactly if the king is evil or not, sometimes I think he’s evil (or on the brink to being an evil actor), and sometimes I think he’s just lost ,and confused like a kid.
    The princess Nogrok (my spelling is wayy off) is really awesome. She’s going to be of huge help to the king in the future if he decides to be all righteous.

    The doctor stuff is cool, but yea I agree, we don’t need it every week. Sprinkles of it is good though.

    And, thus like City Hunter, I’m jumping in my seat at the end of episode two shouting more! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK!

  28. 28 JaC

    I am not sure about this show…
    Somehow the show just not interest me enough, although the cast of LMH and KHS r good, but the action part and the directing really a little bit bother me…

    Hoping this will get better on each episode.

    cheers =)

    • 28.1 faither

      I did the same with The King 2 Hearts but I managed to keep watching it. Now I’m hooked with it forever. Best drama ever!!

  29. 29 toystar

    Thanks for the recap.I am lovin this drama!!!!

  30. 30 anne2ken

    thank you so much for the very fast recap.

  31. 31 fangirl98

    If we say that ep 1 caught my interest, then ep 2 has me hooked! I’m loving the dialogue and the “future” gags – like everyone freaking out over the divine flashlight glassses & cell phone. Stuff like that is priceless! XD And HOORAY for an outspoken & sassy Queen. Love her!!

    The hardest thing about watching/reading a drama as it airs is having to wait a week for new episodes. Where’s a good wormhole when you need one?!

  32. 32 Yue

    Oh, I do love LMH as the literal man. I think it’s part of the charm, that’s why we like it. He might rough around the edges, tempermental, literal (I wonder what he’ll do if they ask him to travel straight only), but, I love that he is an honorable man. This makes me wonder how much I’d be pulling out my hair at the end hahahha…

  33. 33 Natalie

    Love this show, the last 15 minutes were so awesome I couldn’t believe it! I love all of the characters, and I can see some interesting relationships starting to form. Glad this is living up to my expectations!

  34. 34 Pauline

    WHY OH WHY does Lee Min-ho enrapture me so? I can’t explain this bias I have for him. I never get this way with K-actors. I blame BOF. He’s just….too pretty.

  35. 35 simplysimplyme

    Waaahhhh….fastest recaps ever…!!

  36. 36 DanyDanyBobany

    AWESOME. Oh my, this episode just had me on the edge. This drama is so interesting and entertaining. I love when she used the excuse “Im the person form the heavens”. I want to see how long she can use it.

    Im excited!! I’m not going to say “I love this drama” because the last drama I loved broke my heart. So, I’m going to give this one more episodes. But, i like it, i reaaaally like it.

    Thank you for the recap!!

  37. 37 eternalfive

    “…they all saw her heal the princess with that god-light coming from her forehead…” – OMG BAHAHAHAHA. XD This is surprisingly hilarious. Definitely on my to-watch list once exams are over.

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

  38. 38 graceface

    I liked the first two episodes, but I’m still a bit confused about the whole fantasy part about this drama… Soooo only some people have the special electric ki powers? How? Why? Other than that, I like the themes shown in these first two episodes. Morality and loyalty… Definitely honorable traits. Loving the sidekick!! Every batman needs his robin, every kangto needs his Abe, so of course choi young needs his dae man :)

  39. 39 dcmbr

    The guards who were watching the portal totally missed out on all the action.

  40. 40 crazykel

    This episode!!!!! I almost fainted when she was stitching up the princess/queen, but I had panic attack when Choi Young was stabbed. (I think I flicked our heroine off a few times for good measure).

    Just two episodes in and I’m intrigued by how these relationships work between all of the characters, especially our main pairing and the princess/queen and the king. Ooooh, I was so MAD when he told her that she didn’t have a say, and just when I’d had some sympathy for his situation, he pulled the power over honor card.

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying the show so far. I like the wit and Choi Young’s comportment, even if it has me nearly in tears.

  41. 41 cv

    Faith: nice first two episodes. I’m looking forward to more awsome acting to come! I just hope the writing is as good as the acting. hehe I’m digging the characters already–I hope it stays that way. :)

    Thanks for the recaps so far! ^^

  42. 42 nonski

    that dreamy smile while carrying eun-soo… ahhh i love you choi young~~~ will you carry me please?

    thank so much for the recaps GF!

    btw… http://www.darksmurfsub is subbing this drama.

    • 42.1 otchosais

      nonski! I wasn’t expecting to see you here!!!

      soompi spazzers are here also?! :)

      I am loving CY’s loyalty too :)

  43. 43 Carinne

    She shuts him up? All right, I like her. She better be the only woman who bondages him. Get frisky. He’s LMH for goodness sakes.

    All the pretty cliffhangers are bringing back fond memories of CH.

  44. 44 Miss rain ENgineer :P

    I just wanna say Hurray for all ppl i always see in comments of Gaksital recaps that i also found here too hhhhh i like your comments the most :)

  45. 45 faither

    OMG, I basically out of this reality world for an hour when I watched this drama. Absolutely breezingly entertaining.. Lee Min Ho, as usual.. always managed to bring me into another level of joyful moment. Hee Sun also seemed to bring up her best shot. So far, satisfaction guarantee is delivered. Now, let’s start the torchering awaiting period…
    Regards from Bali.

  46. 46 nell123

    Thank you for the recaps. :)

    This one is still undecided for me. After I get to see Arang tonight I’ll decide which one to stick to. But to tell you the truth, judging by the previews – Faith will lose. Right now it’s holding on on the power of LMH hotness alone. Everything else is kind of bleh…

  47. 47 Uj

    Gosh i am loving the queen! she has spunk!! XD
    as for the leads…what can i say i love them…
    still waiting for the subs…your recaps have to do till then^^

  48. 48 missjb

    I high hope for this drama. So far, I didn’t like what I saw. I feel bored watching the first episode and reading the recap I don’t know how to feel about it. I want to like it: Hope next week it will get better.

  49. 49 pigtookie

    human shish kabob
    HAHAHA that made my day

  50. 50 Sowee

    Dont like the king why he pick a short guy I cant say I like the drama its too early to tell but I think Iam the only one here who doesnt like ep1 I think Minho is acting great but the story is kinda shaky and all over the fantasy n reality How can Minho got his power? And the girl eventhough shes really pretty n awesome cannot see any chemistry bet them I love The Legend I think its one of the best saguek fantasy ever except I dont fancy the lead actress I like the younger one thou here I dont know the drama is too hype and not impress with the first episodes just being honest but I will still keep reading As Ive said its early to tell

    • 50.1 Florentine Lily

      “How can Minho got his power?”

      This is a twenty-four episode drama. If they answered every question within the first two episodes, they would have nothing to fill the rest. Also, from what I’ve gleaned from these episodes, it seems like you are born with it (the power). Either you got it or you don’t.

  51. 51 Sowee

    Dont like the king why he pick a short guy I cant say I like the drama its too early to tell but I think Iam the only one here who doesnt like ep1 I think Minho is acting great but the story is kinda shaky and all over the fantasy n reality How can Minho got his power? And the girl eventhough shes really pretty n awesome cannot see any chemistry bet them I love The Legend I think its one of the best saguek fantasy ever except I dont fancy the lead actress I like the younger one thou here I dont know the drama is too hype and not impress with the first episodes just being honest but I will still keep reading As Ive said its early to tell but I feel dissapointed

  52. 52 Usi

    While the surgeries I laughted my heart out. The surgeon who put her wavy hair in the wounds and “nurses” who touched the instruments with dirty hands. I thought Dr. Jin was bad, but this utterly ridiculous.

    At least this Drama has a lot of eye candy and at least one sassy woman (I adore the princess). I really hope our heroine will stop her annoying featherbrain ways. Whiny Damsels in distress like her always let me feel sorry for the hero.

    • 52.1 Guinn

      They are in “Middle Earth” where hair caps don’t exist. How the hell can she get a hair cap? I mean, I’m a nurse, I know safety precautions too, so your comment just points out no shit, sherlock kind. This is a drama. That’s like telling people that Grey’s Anatomy is fact by fact. It’s not. I mean, most of us just take it as it is, and don’t take any of those medical stuff in drama seriously.

    • 52.2 whimsyful

      Yeah, I was wondering why she didn’t tie her hair back for the surgery, and why she didn’t sterilize the tools. I know it’s only a drama, but too much inaccuracies like this completely destroys one’s suspension of disbelief. It’s basic Good Writing 101: Do your research.

      I actually like the heroine. If a random weird guy kidnapped me to a strange place and forced me to perform life-saving surgery I’m not properly qualified for (she probably hasn’t done non-cosmetic surgery in years), I’d be freaking out too. Plus she’s a modern material girl in a land with trained warriors and magic users. There’s no way she can realistically stand up to them in a fight.

    • 52.3 rearwindow

      Yeah, she really needs to tie her hair back lol

  53. 53 jellyfish

    LOVED IT when Eun Soo yelled at Choi Young not to lose consciousness and he replied “How to lose consciousness when you’re touching me all over like this?” LOLOLOL

  54. 54 jyyjc

    JB, GF, or someone who speaks Korean, I just wanna clarify something. Are the actors/actresses speaking sageuk speech? Like the intonation and all that? They don’t sound like what I’m use to hearing when watching a joseon era sageuk so I’m wondering if they’re speaking in goryeo speech or something because it sounds like modern speech to me. If they are speaking in modern speech, then why?

    • 54.1 DB5K

      You’re right on the dot~~ I was totally thrown off when Choi Young spoke to Eun Soo in modern speech, BANMAL actually!! That made me realize all the characters were using modern speech, with sageuk terms thrown in, like 전하 (jeonha), basically “your highness.” I’ve heard other characters use banmal too.

      I guess we just have to remember that this is a fantasy world where there are wormholes and divine healers and a plethora of historically inaccurate elements. Examples: costumes, haircuts, technology, etc.

      But when Lee Minho spoke in banmal to Kim Heesun I was reminded of that fortune teller dude telling Eun Soo that she’ll have a fated re-encounter with someone from her past. That opens up a lot of questions. Does that mean Choi Young is originally from modern times but transported back to the past and lost all his memories? Or is he like a demi-god, a descendent of Hwata, that can time travel back and forth? I have a sinking feeling our OTP will get a happy ending :(

      • 54.1.1 Chintu

        u don’t want them 2 have a happy ending??? :-)

      • 54.1.2 DB5K

        Woops, some clarifications~~ All the characters do use sageuk speech. What I meant is that I’ve heard a lot of characters use truncated/informal speech, which I’m pretty sure is modern… I don’t think I’ve ever heard truncated speech in other sageuks… Oi, I’m starting to get confused myself. I agree that their intonation isn’t as dramatic as, say the ones in TMETS. Especially Lee Minho’s. Maybe it is because it’s set in Goryeo. Wow, someone please add their thoughts.

        However, I’m still 99% sure I’ve heard Choi Young speak in modern banmal to Eun Soo on more than one occassion. I just can’t remember the specific situations because I’m guilty of watching Faith while multi-tasking. I think one of the times was in the hospital when he was carrying her and he annoyed at her about something. It also makes sense, because Choi Young, according to the fortune teller, is from Eun Soo’s past.

        • otchosais

          If I’m not mistaken, the fortune teller just wrongly interpreted what he saw/read..

          it’s like he read that ES will meet someone from the past… but the fortune teller interpreted it that ES will meet someone from HER past… since it will be ridiculous to tell someone that she will meet a guy from a way back years and so… :)

          • slfowie

            That is what I thought to and in Viki the first time he said that she would meet someone from the past… Going with the whole time travel thing how cool would it be in LMH was from the future? no 2012 future but future future where all the power that he as is normal?

      • 54.1.3 Annie

        He could be her ancestor…

        • slfowie

          THAT would be wrong considering they are the lead ( romantic?) pair

  55. 55 Lise

    Waah didnt know i had this much patience! Havent watched it yet cuz its not subbed so i cant even read recaps! Proud of myself cuz i had absolutely no patience with city hunter and used to watch it RAW then read recaps….life of a LMHoT’s fan hey?!!
    Am soo looking forward to his accent ; )

  56. 56 Divyrus

    First 15 mts into the drama, I got reminded of Harry Potter, LOTR and Star Wars!

    And thats not bad in my book, as long its inspired and not a fake imitation!

    Lee Min Ho is in it is just the BEST part of it!

    I know the drama is good, but it would never have made me watch without subs if its not for him! 😛

  57. 57 kakashi

    It’s interesting to see the two camps on here – many seem to adore this show already (though it’s only been two episodes) and others seem in a very determined mood NOT to like it (though it’s only been two episodes) … :)

    LMH is a phenomenon, that’s for sure! He really can’t be called a good actor – not even by his die-hard fans, or am I wrong? – but there is a certain something about him that makes this show a different show from what it would be if there was another male lead. I’m not sure what it is (apart from the obvious, the PWETTY)… maybe a certain… phlegmatic stillness around him? I don’t mean this in a bad way at all. He is just different from many other actors his age, with a different screen presence.

    Anyways, this show has great potential and it seems to be well-worth watching, but two episodes is usually not enough for me to make up my mind. I need 4 or even 6 episodes to know whether I’m hooked, half-hooked, or meh-ed.

    • 57.1 Annie

      Phlegmatic stillness is a good description. Reminds me of Gong Hyo Jin lately, although she can act when she chooses to.

  58. 58 red

    oooh I like

    None of the promotional material really gripped- heck I didn’t even press start on the trailer but I am so intrigued and entertained.

    Lee Min Ho has a weird affect on me, I wouldn’t call myself a fan as I don’t religiously follow his projects or his celebrity life outside of dramas and movies. But when hes on my screen I get drawn into his character and by the end of it I am swooning.

    Argh so much to watch with Lee Jun Ki and Joo Won headlining dramas -and those two are my crazy fangirl loves.

  59. 59 Sudi

    Its hilarious to find the people around EunSoo claiming here to be divine-healer without knowing she is from Future.And yes The LOW BatteRY alarm is really Funny.This Drama is Wanna-Hook For along With wittiness,Loyalty;and JusT like Alice In Woderland but difference is that all are humans no animal or incest talks.And Yes there power(ki) and magical powers with different colours to indicate

  60. 60 Lang

    So, I’m playing fortune teller hear, so I’m going to predict that, The doctor girl is going to have to do mouth to mouth on our Goryeo hero, because he went into shock and his heart has stopped.

    All the while being witness by the Goryeo Doctor. Then they’ll say that he was saved by the breath of the heavenly doctor.

    ha ha… that would be awesome!!

    • 60.1 Joy


    • 60.2 slfowie

      Would that be before or after our Idiot Goryeo hero falls for her?
      Coz i can see a loooonnnng line of guys wanting the life saving breath from the heavenly doctor all the time while the Idiot Goryeo hero is beside her scowling or chasing the guys away..

  61. 61 DB5K

    This fusion fantasy world kind of reminds me of certain Western fantasy realms for reasons I can’t really explain. For example, I couldn’t help comparing Faith’s inn scenes to the inn scenes in the Fellowship of the Ring, especially when Choi Young’s entourage were wearing hooded dark cloaks like Strider (Aragorn), Nazgul or Death Eaters. Maybe it’s because the score has Celtic influences, medieval choral music, and some themes really similar to the ones in Pirates of the Caribbean/LOTR. It’s an interesting juxtaposition. The anachronistic technology is also something I don’t think I’ve seen before in fusion sageuks.

    I agree that the editing is really choppy at times. I think the post-production was working on these episodes up until the last minute because there were some technical glitches as well. For example, I noticed there was really uneven sound mixing in the scene with the mole and Scarface. I could barely hear their dialogue over the super loud background music. That kind of makes me worried for future episodes that will have even less time for production. Which probably means no more cool animated scenes :(

    • 61.1 Ealanor

      Actually the music bothers me most about this drama. It sounds like cheap PotC rip-off, with some changes in chores… Sometimes when that part which sounds exactly like He’s a pirate starts playing the scene goes unnoticed to me ’cause the music bothers me so much, lol.

      Also I’m calling LMH sidekick a hobbit because he reminds me of one, lol.

      • 61.1.1 Waca

        I so agree with you. The music’s spoiling the show to me. I cringe each time I hear that PotC-copied theme. I find it surprising that they music movie&drama composers don’t understand that this theme has to stay PotC’s. It’s not because everyone (and including myself) loved it that they have to copy it and rearrange it about in any new movie or drama.

  62. 62 Annie

    This drama is as ridiculous as I suspected and the only comparison to LOTR is that both are fantasies. Hope everyone else enjoys this one but I spy a trainwreck…

  63. 63 otchosais

    funny that everyone sees LMH dramas being loved by many because he is just hot or because he is just so pretty..

    is being PRETTY and HOT a scene?!!!

    Can’t they see LMH’s acting skills?!!! There are many actors I mean HOT korean Actors with dramas that failed because the story sucked… and if we observed all LMH’s dramas were well-received by many… meaning, its not just his hotness that magnetizes people to watch.. its because of the story of the dramas he chose and the way he acts,,, his talent/acting skills…. :)

    I am ALL IN in this drama!
    thanks GF and JB for loving this GREAT drama :)

    • 63.1 aliz

      I know many dramas that had decent acting and had good ratings. Eyecandy can make a crap drama get lots of ratings, see BOF that drama is just a crap and messy drama and the acting is also not good but it did well.

      Eyecandy helped a lot of it.

      So don’t come saying that eyecandy don’t help because it helps.

      See Dream high 1 it had good story, the characters were likeable and all, but the acting? Aside KSH and the teachers the acting was passable and did well in ratings.

      I think LMH’s acting is passable/decent, people say amazing, but I really wonder, if he was with a ugly hair, with black teeths plus doing a weird role would he be sucessful in his role?

      The fans would all complain about it wanting a sexy LMH.

      Admit it, most of people aren’t here to see LMH’s acting but LMH’s hotness/charm. Instead of saying ”LMH acting in this scene is …..” they say ”LMH IS SO HOT OMG”

      • 63.1.1 otchosais

        its an add on.. YES…. BUT still if acting is a TOTAL CRAP or the storyline is CRAP MANY will drop a drama and will not watch it.. BUT again, compared to LMH’s drama, it’s because of the good storyline/script that people watch his dramas and together with the acting….

        pretty face/hot + Good Acting + good storyline/script = a drama worth watching for :)

        • anne2ken

          i have to agree with otchosais. some actors are just good to look at but when they started to throw lines and emote.. you can’t help but go waaaaaaaaahhhhhh/ what the?? ehhh??

          with LMH, he’s a total package. he’s presence is there every time he’s on screen. he’s in character whether he’s the one doing the acting or the receiver.

          well i can go on and on commending his skills, and to think that i am not an all season fan of him. (occasional only LOL)

        • red

          In terms of Lee Min Ho’s acting, I think hes good, but I feel like none of his projects have allowed him to extend his emotional range as an actor.

          Actually the scene I always remeber was his break down scene- or his very controlled anger in BOF in one of his confrontations with his mom. That scene wowed me with his acting, but his projects since haven’t given me a scene where I am genuinely impressed.

  64. 64 otchosais

    funny that everyone sees LMH dramas being loved by many because he is just hot or because he is just so pretty..

    is being PRETTY and HOT a sin?!!!

    Can’t they see LMH’s acting skills?!!! There are many actors I mean HOT korean Actors with dramas that failed because the story sucked and acting SUCKED… and if we observed all LMH’s dramas were well-received by many… meaning, its not just his hotness that magnetizes people to watch.. its because of the story of the dramas he chose and the way he acts,,, his talent/acting skills…. :)

    I am ALL IN in this drama!
    thanks GF and JB for loving this GREAT drama :)

  65. 65 Waca

    Thanks for the fast recaps, girlfriday!!!

    So far I like the show, the characters are interesting and the story entertaining. Loved the nice balance between funny and dramatic scenes.

    However I spot a huge problem coming here, that is: the music. Some of it is great and cool (like when the first time our hero crosses the portal), and it makes great atmosphere. However the main theme shocked me ’cause it’s really too similar to the one from Pirates of the Caribbean (@DB5K: I am happy to see that I’m not the only one who noticed!).

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved Pirate of the Caribbean’s music; but since then, there have been a lot of movie musics which just copied its style, and to me it just doesn’t do it. Here the music is already scratching at my nerves. I hope they will give us a larger variety of music…

  66. 66 lidy

    u know, i was taking a break from korean dramas and got really into thai lakorns recently, that i completely forgot about Faith’s premiere this wk and checking dramabeans :-( I’M SUCH A TRATIOR!!!!!!!

    but man, i’m loving lmh character’s as the most senior and laziest and how he is so literal. still laughing over the thing w/ the monk, on how he gets on his cell and ask if they’re filming a prank, lol

    • 66.1 lidy

      i’m gonna go back and read the recaps again

    • 66.2 slfowie

      oo and the guy hung up on him! that was hilarious!

  67. 67 Joy

    Thx for super fast recaps. And i also enjoyed reading everyones rants n raves here.

  68. 68 befuddled

    I already can’t wait for next week; Usually it takes more than a couple of episodes to get me into a drama, but this one looks fun.

  69. 69 linda

    I wish it had better ending too. But the chemistry of two leads is so good, I almost forgot their age difference.

  70. 70 Susan

    I’ve never been much of a fan of LMH and I went into this drama with no expectations but the first two episodes were pretty fun to watch. There were a few head-scratching moments, but I try not to think too hard or nit-pick when I watch dramas, unless it’s one that I really like that doesn’t live up to expectations.
    And I think I’m starting to get what all the fuss is about LMH =)

  71. 71 riley

    “Badass AND the moral center?”

    Annnd…. Kryptonite! *Joins you (all) in the swooning!*

  72. 72 Trn

    I’m not sure how I feel about this drama. Right now it’s like a jumbled mess of fantasy, treason, medicine, action, and humor. They all don’t fit together too well at the moment but we’ll see how everything will turn out. I’m gonna keep watching.

  73. 73 Kamiya

    Great review and I am happy you will be recapping this drama here!

    I don’t know why but I like the first two episodes so far maybe I am in the mood for battles and armor or is it because I see so much potential with this story and the ways the writers can really develop these characters.

    I will continue watching to see where they are going with this story and so far the secondary characters have really drawn me in making we want to know what makes them thick.

  74. 74 Cheyenne

    I don’t care about the plot holes, the somewhat annoying actors/characters, or the weird endings. I like the first two episodes of this drama a lot already and that is because of two things 1.) the story and 2.) the two main characters/actors, they are both doing WAY better than I expected at this point. Will most certainly tune in and watch the rest of this drama.

  75. 75 Eun

    No offense meant but I think I should just stick to reading girlfriday’s recap of Faith rather than watching the drama itself. When episode 1 recap came out I decided to watch it and give it a try but alas! I can’t bring myself to finish it and I just can’t stand watching it. :(

    In my pov LMH is a good actor but there is something lacking in him here in Faith. He doesn’t have that saguek feel. idk. Plus I agree with the other opinion here that LMH and Kim Hee Sun don’t have chemistry at all. Because you know there are dramas when you saw the lead and you automatically see the spark but with these two argh! Need I say more? :(

    I miss LMH the city hunter.

    • 75.1 danny

      I agree, no SAEGUK feel for LHM, he’s too handsome, his beauty really stands out of the rest. and the Doctor, hmmm too old for him. but i’ll stick around, just to stare LHM! hhahahah!

  76. 76 sunshine

    I DESPISE the king. Because of his insecurity and weak character, he finds himself stuck in a dilemna of wishing for a loyal subject who will follow him even to death and wishing for someone who is morally weak like him. His order is basically a death sentence on Choi Young. Later, he forbids the queen to give orders even though she is the QUEEN. I think his insecure character will drive him to do even darker things further down the series, and as much as I dislike him, he’s a rich character to have in this drama.

    Also, when Choi Young tells the doctor to leave him alone and he’ll survive by himself after he’s been stabbed, I wonder if he’s just saying that so that she’ll leave or whether he wants to be free from serving the king. The situation suggests the former, but I wonder if there’s any of the latter in his motivation.

  77. 77 niza

    SUPER..!!! my beau is back….start to read dramabeans again..:-)

  78. 78 danny

    I still can’t believe that a goryeo warrior is that handsome, perfect white teeth, smooth skin and so young for short , yummy. ! It si just so wrong, really wrong for that SEXY Man to be there.! “sigh”, if he’s the doctor Jangbin, maybe, but WARRIOR! they shouldn;t be so clean shaving, toussled hair, reddy lips, white bright eyes, clean hands and nails, aahh, what am I thinking!

  79. 79 MeeisLee

    I will say that Lee Min Ho spurred my interest and that I’ve watched all his dramas post BBF. However, I think this drama would still be good and entertaining with an equally capable actor. So I’m not *just* watching for LMH, he’s just like the whip cream, cherry, and sprinkles on top.

    The show keeps ending and I’m like “Wait, that’s it? You’re ending *now*?!” They really need to work on that. It’s like me posting my comment in…

    …mid sentence! It’s just not right!

    And with that, I WANT MOAR!!!

  80. 80 emmy

    I’m interested with what I see so far, but I’m not really connecting with Kim Hee Sun’s character. She’s shrieky and overacting. Let’s hope she gets better as the series progresses.

    To be frank, I’m more interested in the possible love line between the King and the princess. The king’s character fascinates me.

    Another gripe is the soundtrack. Does anyone else think the action theme sounds like a rip-off of Pirates of the Carribean? That was the first thing that came to mind when I heard it.

  81. 81 Christia

    I will definitely keep on watching this drama1 Lee Min HO is my favorite!!! love it!

  82. 82 Misky

    absolutly AHmazin its an awesome drama im definitely going 2 be readin this, ive found my drugs for the month ie Faith and Arang and the magistrate they both rock. Lee min hos character is very intersting and its hard not to love him, I havent seen the girl before but you can barely see the age difference between them so its okay.
    I visited ackola’c site and her reviews are not nice how can she not LOVE this drama?
    girlfriday kamsamnida :)

  83. 83 Lise

    enjoying the action scenes, LMH has this smexy way of fghting he must have brought from City Hunter. other than that i am quite bored if am being honest, that Kim Hee Sun lady is killing me, is she a good actress or is it all hype with her? i dont know let’s see the next 2 eps but so far, she’s boring me to tears, not believable at all!

  84. 84 linda

    I justed watched this with sub twice. And i totally agree that the bow is epic. This is a real warrior’s bow. That maybe touched on shoo’s heart somehow she did not make her move quick.

  85. 85 Rachel

    The drama didn’t really turn out well for me though…. sorry to say but i found it abit boring and kind of lacking in its ability to arrest attention. Felt too unrealistic to the point that i just couldn’t watch on…. Normally i do love fantasy, but this one was just a little cheesy and i felt that the “scope?” of the drama wasn’t wide enough….it was very centered around its characters, lacking in interactions with the “outside world”. But it wasn’t rotten, just not the drama for me.. Guess thats what i feel after watching romance saeguks like the princess man, moon/sun and the awesome awesome time-travel saeguk fusion Queen Inhyeon’s Man. It just didn’t reach the expectations, i was looking forward to be drawn in like how it happened with the other dramas but it didnt happen ):

  86. 86 IBELIS

    Watched both eps and enjoyed them so far, I agree the doc not going through the portal why they were arguing about her not leaving made no sense.

    I did think it made perfect sense that she would not be accepting of a time jump and thinks she is on a movie set the same way he thinks he went to heaven.

    I can’t wait to see how the realization of where they are and where they have been comes about.

  87. 87 Ayumu

    Lee Min Ho-sshi, deadly and still with permanent hairstyle… 😀 And cute (so cute). But if he fires current (lightening?) out of his hands —– is he a disciple of force? Lee Min Ho-sshi… May the force be with you just as I will be with this show… (btw. if you need an advice, just call me, I can be your Ayu Mu Kenobi :D) (-.-)

  88. 88 Jagi

    Just finished watching both episodes subbed. I am drawn to the secondary characters presented thus far, but dropping this mainly because of the two main leads. I love LMH in BOF–he definitely got GJP right and he was ok in Personal Taste and CH.

    In this drama, I am not buying his general character because I think he lacks sageuk presence, his voice is too soft, and his is too pretty–which is fine but I am not sensing that menacing quality I usually associate with great warriors of the past. So, LMH acts like a warrior and he looks somewhat like one, but I am just not feeling it.

    Despite some over the top acting by KHS, I find the female protagonist a hoot. However, I don’t want to spend at least another 22 hours watching KHS act. She is gorgeous, but I don’t find her that arresting.

  89. 89 MsB

    Still not gaga but it was an improvement from ep 1. Still not clear on all the conspiracies. Guess I will have to wait for more character building. But girlfriday, you hit it right on the head with “We seriously need to send this show to Cliffhanger Academy” Again, another what???!!!! baffling ending!

  90. 90 Bashful82

    Goodness this did not grab my attention at all and I really thought it would.

    I think Lee Min Ho is like Cha Seung Won for me – I really don’t get all the craziness about them and I think Lee Min Ho is merely a passable actor. Lee Jun Ki is more situated for sageuks and I don’t want to take part in any fan wars or what not but Faith was just…bland. The Queen needs to hightail it out of there and find herself a new man.

  91. 91 Maymay

    We should have a drinking game for every time Choi Young doze off in the show. He seriously likes to sleep! :)

  92. 92 Lise

    ok now i get why all those die hard Jaejoong fans were cheering for him and saying how oppa was so cool in Dr Jin and all i could do was roll my eyes like, ‘is y’alls blind?!!’ cuz i don’t care what anybody says, LMH aka The General is hawt!!! am totally digging his conflicting personalities, one minute he’s too lazy to arrange the king’s security issues and would rather sleep and the next he’s rushing into a sword cuz he broke his promise, like am mesmerised and intrigued…def tuning in next week…sadly tho not for KHS, she be terrible ; (

  93. 93 linda

    The power Lee minho is demonstrating is called Thunder gong(i.e. gong fu). It is a kind of matrial art that use qi gong to concentrate the electricity of human body and navigate it through palm.

  94. 94 linda

    His thunder gong got more powerful in the 2012 seoul because the presence of electricity of the city.

    • 94.1 linda

      sorry of the typo. because of the presence of electricity in the city.

  95. 95 emma

    human shish kabab!! haha,who wld hv thot of this in such a gory accident?lol

  96. 96 Tammy

    I watched the first 2 episodes, and I thought it was a such bore, I couldnt help stop yawning. I thought Lee Min Hoo and Kim Hee sun so miscasted in here. I will give it another try ep 3 and 4 see if I will stick with it…but Lee Minho’s face is a bit too big in here?

  97. 97 BOB

    “Will someone please tell Captain Literal that she doesn’t actually require his life in payment?!”

    ^ ROFLMAO!!! too epic =]

  98. 98 AnnaCC

    I’m not a big fan of LMH and I never actually understood his appeal (so many people love him) but I’m actually enjoying his character very much and the storyline is just what I was craving for.

    A little fantasy, a little romance, a little comedy and some fights in the middle…I’m pretty hooked!

    Can’t wait for the next two episodes 😀

  99. 99 Kappy

    While I am generally not floored by his acting or how the way he sported his warrior outfit in preview pics did not make me think he “owned” it, LMH is definitely a handsome man and I am intrigued by his character in Faith. His honor in sticking to his word despite his other flaws – or maybe because they’re mixed in there together – is keeping me in!

  100. 100 Jasmin

    girlfriday admit it, no LMH fan will hurt you if you just say it: this drama is cr**! Seriously…

    No chemistry between the leads, it reminds me of the 90s Power Rangers series (AND it more entertaining then Faith!!), the acting is lacking…

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