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Gaksital: Episode 19
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Finally, we revisit the whole Kang-to / Rie arc, which I’ve been missing. Not just because the actors spark off each other (although their tension is crackling), but because Rie is such an interesting case of mixed-up identities and loyalties, and provides such a fascinating counterpart to both Kang-to and Shunji.

Episode 18 brought another ratings high at 18.3%. The Olympics break seems to hurt Ghost a bit, which returned from a week of pre-emptions with a 12.9%.


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Damsari’s execution is crashed by Notsital, who blows himself to smithereens with the stolen police explosives. Bodies are strewn across the yard, and a bloodied Shunji staggers over to the suicide bomber. He removes the charred mask to reveal, as we suspected, the face of Damsari’s comrade.

But it’s not a face that rings a bell with Shunji, and he furrows his brow. Revealing this identity hasn’t cleared anything up for him. And then…

“It’s Gaksital!”

Another white-clad hero stands on top of the roof, and the people perk up in renewed hope.

Gaksital leaps from the building with sword drawn. As he lands, his blade cuts right through the middle of the imperial Japanese flag, just as Kang-to did at the independence anniversary. Rrrrrip! Ha, is this going to be the signature move for the real Gaksital?

He flings daggers into soldiers and knocks them down in hand-to-hand combat. Shunji levels his gun at him and Gaksital—yup, this one’s Kang-to—reaches for his dagger holster (ha, smart) and then flies across the stage in a series of acrobatic maneuvers, dodging bullets.

Shunji keeps firing away, but Kang-to whirls through the air, evading skillfully. He even grabs one of the poles from the stage and starts beating the officers with a flag reading punishment. How great is that?

Comrade-wife joins the fray, firing away, and frees Damsari from his ropes. A getaway car pulls up, driven by Baek Gun. Oh phew, so there was a plan beyond Blow Stuff Up And Hope It Works.

Shunji poises to shoot, but gets whacked in the head with the punishment stick (heh). The fugitives climb into the back of the truck and Gaksital joins them. Shunji recovers and manages to fire a bullet into the arm of comrade-wife, who falls out of the truck and is apprehended. Oh no!

Damsari reaches out for her but it’s too late, and their truck continues their getaway. The people cheer them on while Shunji screams, “Gaksitaaaaaaal!” Ah, there it is.

The hospital overflows with injured officers. Chief Kimura looks shocked at the damage, but he faces Shunji in anger, not concern. Today was a rather spectacular failure, after Shunji had vowed to Chairman Ueno that nothing would compromise execution day.

To make things worse, Kono joins them and chides Shunji for being shameless enough to get treated at the government hospital after this debacle. Not only has he let Gaksital and Damsari get away, he’s given the Joseon people added momentum to fuel their hopes when he was supposed to do the very opposite.

Kono warns that he’ll have to pay the price and states that he’s giving the Gaksital case to Kang-to. Shunji argues that Kang-to’s been MIA and pleads to be assigned to comrade-wife’s interrogation. Kono relents—but he’d better find out something useful.

The power pendulum has swung back to Kono’s side, who chuckles in a way that chafes Kimura’s pride. Just one more reason spurring Kishokai to get the upper hand again and oust him.

The getaway truck stops near the cave in the woods and Damsari gives Kang-to a big, satisfying hug of gratitude. Aw. I could watch that over and over again. So I will.

He thanks both Kang-to and Baek Gun, and mourns the loss of one comrade and the capture of the other. Kang-to tells him that Damsari must escape safely so those sacrifices aren’t in vain, and promises to help comrade-wife escape.

Mok Dan, still under house arrest, is told of Gaksital’s rescue and prays in gratitude to everyone who helped. She’s itching to go out and do something, but forces herself to stay at home. Looks like the damsel has learned that her distress tends to cause problems for everyone else; she reminds herself to hold back.

Kang-to finally shows up at the station and prepares himself for the inevitable reaction to his absence. He reports to Shunji’s office with an apology, which Shunji naturally finds inadequate. Kang-to asks, like a friend asking for a favor, “Can’t you just let this time slide?”

He says he had to get away to clear his head, and now he’s gotten over Mok Dan completely. That just makes Shunji madder, and he punches him scoffing, “You’ve given her up? You just said you love her, and now you’re over her?”

It’s an interesting tactic and probably wiser than trying to think of justifiable excuses. Kang-to’s hanging his head and explaining that he’s disappointed in his own behavior, but he’s not defending it. And Shunji’s reaction is so in line with his own attitude—I can’t let go, evarrrrrrr—that it all makes sense.

Shunji growls that he’ll accept that this time, but Kang-to is warned from ever speaking Mok Dan’s name again. He heads off and Kang-to follows, asking to be put to work. This elicits a fabulously irritated eyeroll from Shunji, who has had it up to HERE with Kang-to.

The comrade is tortured, though she yields little. She gives her name as her independence moniker Jeokpa, meaning “one who destroys every last enemy,” but she’s resolutely mum about Gaksital’s identity. Shunji demands to know why she would risk her life for him: “Does that bring a dead Joseon back to life? Do you think your pathetic efforts will ruin the empire?!”

She bites back that their country may be in ruins, but the spirit is alive: “As long as the will to reclaim our country exists, the Republic of Korea undeniably lives.”

Shunji calls her, Damsari, and Gaksital nothing but terrorists. Fuming, he grabs a hot iron and burns her with it, shocking even his men. Goddamn, Shunji. As she bites back screams of agony, he demands, “Who is he?!”

Kang-to hears the screams with difficulty, unable to do a thing. He asks to take over the interrogation from Shunji, promising to find out something. Shunji gives him the go-ahead, but his narrowed eyes do nothing to appease my worries.

Kang-to orders Ishida out. Comrade Jeokpa looks up at Kang-to—seemingly in recognition?

Ah, and now we finally get to hear the end of the conversation where Mok Dan had told the comrades of Kang-to’s identity as Gaksital. Now Jeokpa asks after Damsari, and Kang-to assures her that he’s safe. He vows to help her escape and asks her to pretend to cooperate with the police.

She shakes her head no. The day she turned away when Damsari was being beaten by their enemies, she’d forfeited her life. Yes, but if you got caught with him, who would save him? Sigh, noble people. Sometimes it’s okay to be pragmatic.

Shunji re-enters, brimming with suspicion, and asks why Ishida was kicked out. Kang-to answers that a captive wouldn’t wish to confess in front of the one who tortured her: “Don’t you understand how it feels to not want to be subject to humiliation?”

That makes sense, but it doesn’t stop Shunji from making one more demand to reveal Gaksital or face death. She says, “One day you’ll meet Gaksital too. Then this Jeokpa [enemy destroyer], who leaves this world unable to destroy every last enemy, to my eternal regret… This Jeokpa…”

Her eyes turn to Kang-to standing behind Shunji, softening as she continues: “…was truly grateful, if only Gaksital could live… And on that day I so hoped for, the day of this country’s liberation… why don’t you tell him I said so.”

Oof. Tears. It’s an awesome setdown of Shunji, but also a lovely way to thank Kang-to as himself, who has often been thanked as Gaksital and cursed as Kang-to. It’s also a ballsy farewell speech, which makes me fear for her fate.

Shunji threatens to make her cry out in hurrah for the emperor. She fires back, “You will never know Gaksital’s identity. Because even if I have to die, I will watch with wide-open eyes and protect Gaksital.”

And then she starts to convulse. Kang-to watches in horror as blood drips from her mouth—she has literally bitten her tongue, taking her own life rather than waiting for the enemy to do it for her.

The officers are stunned speechless, Kang-to most of all. He remains in the interrogation room and releases Jeokpa’s body from her shackles, closing her eyes. He breaks down in tears.

The other officers call Jeokpa crazy for choosing death, saying she’d protect Gaksital. But when you put it that way… Shunji stops in his tracks. Uh-oh.

He remembers Jeokpa’s last words, which they’d taken metaphorically… but can also be taken literally—biting one’s tongue to keep the truth from Shunji. Then Shunji sways on his feet and passes out.

Sun-hwa comes home in tears, telling Mok Dan of Shunji shooting Dong-nyun and killing her. Mok Dan wants to hurry to the circus but is forbidden from going. Nothin’ doin’ without Shunji’s permission.

Shunji is rushed to the hospital. Kang-to reports the news of Jeokpa’s death to Kono, who is so furious he orders Shunji arrested the minute he regains consciousness.

When Mok Dan arrives at the hospital (with an officer escort), she finds Kang-to already at his bedside. They send each other longing looks but know better than to speak in Shunji’s presence, however unconscious he is, and talk in a mental exchange—Are you okay? Don’t worry, your father’s safe.

Then Kang-to takes her hand in his. Are you crazy? Secret identity first, hormones second!

Thankfully they drop hands as Shunji stirs. Kang-to excuses himself to give him a moment with Mok Dan.

Shunji thanks her, thinking she’s here to see him. But no, she’s here to make a request—she wants to visit the dead Dong-nyun at the circus. Shunji grants the approval, and she immediately turns to leave. Kang-to enters as Mok Dan leaves, and they don’t spare each other so much as a glance.

Kang-to tells Shunji of the order to arrest him, but says there’s no need to bring him in if he’ll just answer the big question Kono wants to know: Who’s backing Shunji?

Kang-to guesses that the answer lies in the kendo uniform, embroidered with that “ki.” That’s what’s standing behind him, isn’t it?

Shunji just says, “Tell Kono he doesn’t need to know.” Kang-to reminds him of his orders to arrest Shunji, and cuffs him. Shunji warns him to take a good look—see how his supposed backers react to this.

I dunno, he might not be so confident if he saw how they really did react: the Kishokai superiors hear of his arrest with basically a Duh, we figured.

Rie tells her father that Kono is a thorn in Governor Wada’s side; the latter is worried that Kono will report upward to the prime minister, and that wouldn’t look good for him. Chairman Ueno orders one of his assassins to step in, and tells Kimura to report for duty tomorrow—as police director. Hm, are we talkin’ assassination attempt here?

Kono leaves the station that night griping to Kang-to about how “they” seem to think they’re untouchable because of their connections. Well, he’ll make sure to put them in their place, and tells Kang-to he’ll make him the new chief of police while he’s at it.

They part ways and Kono arrives at his car… and finds his driver’s throat slit. Out steps the Kishokai assassin, who cuts down Kono with cold efficiency. Kang-to hears Kono’s shout and arrives too late to save him, but does recognize the man—from the time he saved Rie at the gisaeng house.

Governor Wada is ushered in to meet Chairman Ueno, who is introduced merely as the owner of Asuka Hotel. They present him wiht a fancy gift… or so he thinks. When he opens the package, he finds a bloodstained uniform with Kono’s nametag. Eek! It’s no head in a box, but it gets the threat across.

Lala says Kono was assassinated by Joseon rebels. Therefore it’s time for Joseon to become a martial state. Ueno proposes Kimura as the new director of police and a man named Murayama Yoshio as Jongro Station chief.

The governor recognizes the name, and not in a good way: he recalls Murayama as an infamous “crazy soldier” and refuses to cave to a threat. He sputters about the principles of the empire and is so offended that he cuts ties with Lala for good and gets up to leave.

Lala cuts him short: “Where do you think the enormous funds that filled your administrative coffers came from?” Ueno lifts a cup: Me!

Next thing we know, Wada is reluctantly appointing those two men to their new positions.

Kang-to visits Shunji’s jail cell to release him, amazed at the power of his backer. Shunji eyes him sardonically, asking, “What’ll you do now that your rope’s been cut?”

Kimura’s return to power is met with the usual obsequies by the count and countess, who congratulate him and sing Kishokai’s praises. So do the parliamentarian and his wife, whom we met in a previous episode. Kimura feigns outrage at the rebellious Koreans who dared kill a police director, and orders Murayama to root them all out.

Kang-to reads the news reports pinning Kono’s death on Korean insurgents, fuming at the lies but unable to voice his discontent. He’s deduced that the assassin is connected to Lala, and asks to be put on the case to find Kono’s murderer. Shunji agrees.

Murayama arrives at the station and makes his introduction. His singular view: anyone who opposes the empire is their enemy. “The enemy must be annihilated!”

Kang-to arrives at Rie’s hotel room bearing roses, asking for a drink and some comforting. She bristles—does he still see her as that mere gisaeng? Kang-to sighs that he must have misread the situation: “I thought you’d understand my position.” Oh well. Sorry. He’ll just go then. Hook, line…

Curiosity piqued, she asks what he means. Sinker!

He asks in his best I’m-a-hurting-playboy-please-comfort-me voice, “Why do I want to know so much about you?” Gahhh, why so good at this, Kang-to-yaaaa? He’s all puppy dog eyes and deceptive false sincerity. I half-expect Rie to melt at his feet, if only I weren’t also half-fraught with fear that she’ll remember he’s in love with that other girl. Mostly I’m just sad he doesn’t have this kind of chemistry with Mok Dan.

He wonders how the Korean gisaeng turned into Lala and asks, “Will that story be as heartbreaking as the story of how Lee Kang-to became Sato Hiroshi?”

They settle down for drinks, and she tells him enough of the truth—that the man who’d once demanded that she pour his wine became her adoptive father, as well as the man who made her a singer.

The mood shifts when he asks, “Are you really just a singer?” He tells her his sole supporter, Kono, has been killed… by the same man he’d fought five years ago at that gisaeng house. Whoever would dare kill such a high-ranking man must have lots of power at his disposal.

Rie stiffens at his line of thinking, but he tells her smoothly, “Don’t worry. I didn’t come here to catch who killed Director Kono. I pleaded with Kimura Taro to let me into that organization, but I was denied because I’m Korean.” Ah, I’d forgotten about that, and Rie looks surprised to hear it. He leans in close and asks her to help him, telling her of his ambitions to move upward in the world.

Rie replies, “Whether it’s real or not, I like that ambition of yours.”

He kisses her on the cheek and asks, “I can trust in you, right?”

At the circus, Koiso defiles Dong-nyun’s memorial altar ’cause he’s an ass like that. Then he orders his men to spatter all the others with black in, since they’re wearing all white—never mind that right now this is for mourning, not for Gaksital-inspired rebellion. Technicalities.

Mok Dan speaks out in outrage, and Koiso smirks that she shouldn’t be angry with him since he’s just following orders. She asks if he means Shunji, but he delights in telling her that there’s a more terrible chief in town.

Of course, he says this just as Shunji arrives and demands to know what’s going on. Koiso reports that this was Murayama’s orders, but Shunji points out that they’re in mourning and tells his men to clear out. Then he bows his regrets to circus boss Jo and apologizes for interrupting their memorial.

Mok Dan frostily asks to see Shunji alone. Shunji confirms with Jo first that he didn’t tell Mok Dan of their encounter, and Jo retorts, “Why, do you want to hide it? It seems you’ve got some shame left.”

Mok Dan asks Shunji to stop bothering boss Jo. He says that he asked for his help when she’d disappeared: “If you’re with me, why would I bother the boss?” The words are gentle, yet the message so creepy. It’s very Don’t make me hurt you…

Mok Dan agrees to remain put, and Shunji agrees not to upset the circus. He asks if she’s had word from her father, and that gets her temper flaring. She points out that she did what he said and remained shut in on the day of her father’s execution, and has her monitored 24/7. Does he really think she’d be able to meet with her father? “Even if I were to hear from him, I wouldn’t move. There’s nothing you can gain from me.”

Gaksital Central has one more occupant now that Damsari has joined them in the hideout. Kang-to shares his findings, explaining that he hadn’t realized the extent of the power behind everything. He’d thought there were a group of men who betrayed his father, and that Kimura Taro was somehow supporting them. But this? It’s a whole new level.

Damsari adds that they must be the same group stirring up the fervor for militarism and war in Japan. Kang-to despairs—he might be able to avenge his father’s enemies. But how could he do this alone?

Damsari grabs his hand and declares, “You are not alone. With an imperial officer on our side, it’s like we’ve gained a thousand troops. Whatever happens, endure it and wait for me.”

Kang-to promises. Damsari vows to return.

Rie meets with Kimura and Murayama to propose admitting Kang-to into their ranks. Kimura protests that he’s Korean, and Rie reminds him that so are the count and newspaperman Park. Kimura says that they’re just pointless members who can be shot at any moment: “But Lee Kang-to is different.” He’s not so easily controlled.

Still, Rie intends to tell her father that she approves of Kang-to’s entry into Kishokai. Murayama wonders why Kimura allowed Kang-to to stay in the first place—he doesn’t approve of Koreans being in the police at all. Kimura gives Murayama the green light to exert his force.

So Murayama gathers his force and announces that he cannot abide an impurity tainting his soldiers. For instance, someone incompetent, who lets Gaksital slip through his fingers, who’s Korean. “Sato Hiroshi, you’re fired.”

He takes Kang-to’s gun and orders his immediate exit.


Oh noes! Kang-to’s out?

I had a sinking feeling that this might happen the moment Damsari said that having a police officer on their side was a huge boon. That’s like asking “What’s the worst that could happen?” in a horror movie. Fate’s a bitch on a good day; you don’t just tempt her like that!

But yes, I do love where that leaves our good guys, because it shakes things up a little. A lot. I’m happy that the drama is willing to change its game in significant ways, because there’s only so many times Shunji can suspect Kang-to and then drop it, only to suspect him later, and drop it again. And while Kang-to has been well-positioned from the inside, it’s a lot more dramatically interesting to kick him to the curb and put him on the outside.

It also makes sense, given that Damsari’s sad troop of rebels has been dwindling and died off. It’s time for regrouping, and with even fewer resources than they’ve ever had before, now they lose a huge one. It’s like David broke a leg and Goliath got pumped up on steroids; how to dig your way out of this one?

Of course, it’s not all bad news, with Rie’s newfound backing of him. She’s outnumbered, but she does outrank Kimura and Murayama. At least in Kishokai, which is where it counts. So Kang-to’s leaving one lion’s den and potentially walking into a bigger, hotter, more central circle of hell. Don’t get burned!

I love that Kang-to is Rie’s blind spot, just as Mok Dan is Shunji’s (Kang-to was too, to some extent, but I think the romantic longing brings out a particularly extreme version of it). I was afraid for Kang-to that she’d be playing him all throughout that hotel encounter, because she has seen him with Mok Dan. But perhaps she’s willing to reason that away—Shunji confirmed that Kang-to isn’t Gaksital, Mok Dan loves Gaksital, Kang-to told Shunji he’s over her… and on and on.

Then again, maybe she IS still wary and is keeping her guard up for a future twist. I hope not, though, because I’m excited at the idea of seeing a vulnerable, more conflicted Rie. I wouldn’t say Rie totally buys his story, but she definitely looks shaken by it, and she wants to believe it. That want is a powerful thing.

I’m not convinced the show is going to explore Rie’s identity to the extent that I’d like—in fact, I pretty much have resigned myself that it won’t—but it’s fodder for some rich character stuff so it certainly has the material to work with. And I’ve always felt that Kang-to at the core had a lot more in common with Rie than he did with Mok Dan anyway. I’m not jumping ships because his relationship with Mok Dan works with the story we’ve got, and he’s just using Rie at this point. But the reason his story seems to work with Rie (about being able to understand each other) is because it comes from a real place—they’ve both got sad stories about how they became who they are. He’s using it as a line to win her sympathy, but it wouldn’t work if there wasn’t truth behind it. And if we get to flirt with the other side for a while, I won’t complain. It’s not that one works and the other doesn’t, but more that the two women take Kang-to’s arc in different directions. And a well-paved, unwinding road straight to hero-dom isn’t nearly as interesting as the twisty version, is it?


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    Before I read the recap, I’m just gonna say this.

    Shunji, you don’t have my simpathy anymore. I lost the tiny piece of hope I had for you in the past! I think is safe to say you have embrace the dark side and can no longer come back.

    • 3.1 tapioca pearl

      I agree. No sympathy for Shunji, but I do hold out hope that he will atone for all the bad things he did and die with some kind of regret.

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          Amen! Bad enough killing the circus adjumma but the hot branding of Joek Pa?! Not once, not twice but three times! The ship for redemption has pretty much failed. I cannot see him giving up Mok Dan without a fight! She will be the death of him!

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    The funny part ( or maybe not so funny) was the fake Gaksital needed a rope to jump off the roof, but the real one just jump right off weeeeee

    The scene which gripped me was how the Comrade-wife killed herself. All in the start of the show, I was going hard-heartedly, kill yourself! Bite your tongue! Don’t tell them its Kang To! but when she really did it… I was like …………. this woman had more balls than the rest of the resistance fighters who stayed alive to be tortured and waited to be rescued? Ok too harsh maybe…. But since Mok Dan probably told her who was Gaksital, I was so worried she may crack…

    When Kang to held Mok Dan’s hand in front of a sleeping Shunji I was like…. O.O!!! He’s going to wake up!! What are you two doing?! while squealing with glee…

    When Kangto played his playboy card with Rie… I felt sorry for her to fall for it, yet very glad he is finally taking a strong approach and not be so passive anymore. She may be the one to crack yet.

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    Shunji… *shudders* I miss Park Ki-woong from Story of a Man!
    It was heartbreaking when Jeok-pa was thanking Gaksital in Kang-to’s face. He once again saw that people are willing to die just to protect him.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.
    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

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        I hope he goes round the same circle. or maybe Goiso will. Cause Shunji´s men are starting to get shaken. even the cruelest beater can´t take it. It is like, if they crossed the line of cruelty, Shunji crossed the one of elementary humanity. for Goiso it is just “enemy deserves a beating” but for Shunji it is “they exist so crush them.” it is a mad nazi thinking. so I think the ones being shaken by this behaviour have more chance for redemption. although Shunji fainting…. he is in shock from his own actions or then…. more likely, the adrenaline flow was too strong and he is such a baby …

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      Please help, and correct me if I am wrong (about that piece being a song). Thank you!

      • 10.1.1 Maya

        Hi Ivoire! Yes, that’s the instrumental piece of the song played during their kiss scene last episode. The song is 그대 내 품에 (You In My Arms) by Bohemian (보헤미안).

        • Ivoire

          Hello Maya,

          Good to hear from you! And thank you for the info. I will look for it again. I really like that piece. Actually, I like the OST in Gaksital. I know that Koreans do really well with their OSTs (I usually enjoy them a lot) and that they do understand the importance of music in film. I find it interesting however (as I have mentioned in another recap of Gaksital) that music is in almost every scene in this drama and it amazes how much it heightens my mood and my sense of expectations when I watch Gaksital.

          I hope you are doing well and I hope that your move went well. Please let me know tomorrow on OT how you are doing :-)!

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      He killed the two women who JUST happened to be Mok Dan’s most important mother figures….

      Sometimes I just want to knock some sense into Shunji. You’re trying to woo a girl, and at the same time killed her circus-mom, forced her comrade-mom to die, and tried to execute her father??? Someone give this guy a dating guide on “How to Court Ladies in 1930’s”.

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        LOL! Maybe he is playing a 1930’s bad boy version to impress Mok Dan?

        • delicatecloud

          @Maya and @picklemonster – you know what i think? I think Shunji is going to cut off all the people that are important to Mok Dan – circum mom, her father, the circus people, comrade-mom and even LKT, so that she has NO one but him. It is sick but there are people like that – he wants to keep her isolated, totally dependant on him and to be with him regardless of whether she loves him or not. It is the need to possess rather than love that he has for Mok Dan that’s why he can separate what he is doing (i.e. tormenting and killing the circus and the independence fighters) which will please his father and gain him prominence in the Kishokai organization (even though Shunji insisted that this is not his ultimate goal) and keeping her “safe” (in his mind) by imprisoning her with guards 24/7.

          • picklemonster

            Ahhh you’re totally right…. Does that make Shunji a psychopath? Damn he gets worse with each episode, it’s so scary watching him now….

      • 11.1.2 gretac

        not to forget that he actually tortured her! what’s wrong with that guy’s brain? I really want him to connect the dots about how reprehensible he is, and especially toward her

  12. 12 Maru

    Ok. Now that I finish the recap I will say this.

    I think this episode does an excelent job of putting all the puzzles in place for what I hope, will be an amazing ending.

    I LOVED to see the relationships between Kang To-Lala and Kang To-Damsari in this episode. I hope we can see more of that in the 9? episodes left.

    Also, I’ve seen some BTS and I think Joo Won and Jin Se Yun have chimestry. Not an explosive one, but they have a good rapport. It’s just sad how the writter chose to develop Mok Dan and her relationship with Kang To. I think her character is the only let down I have. Hey, show… you have 9 episodes to show me something more with her! Pretty, please?

    • 12.1 Maru

      Ah! The ending. I think that, if Kang To achieve admission into the Kishokai Club, is a good thing he’s no longer in the police station. I mean, he will have access to the information he needs, but now he does not need to be ALL the time in the line of fire as an officer. They gave him a chance to be more freedom in that aspect.

      But that’s just what I think.

      Sorry for any grammar mistake, english is not my first language!

      • 12.1.1 Flowergirl

        I agree with you! Now Kang-To has much more freedom and doesn’t need an alibi for everything. He can do whatever he wants.
        But he also doesn’t have the police power anymore, which worries me. Shunji or Murayama or Koiso can beat him up any time, or arrest him, anything.

    • 12.2 tapioca pearl

      I don’t mind that Kang-to and Mok Dan don’t have the mind-blowing chemistry that he has with Rie. He and Mok Dan have a different kind of chemistry that fits well with their characters and backstory. The love between them is palpable enough for me to not need the sexual tension (although I wouldn’t mind seeing more passion). That said, I do love the sexual tension between Kang-to and Rie.

      When I watch this drama, I compare it to Capital Scandal in the back of my mind. In CS, the theme to me was whether people could afford to love during this time. One of the main characters, Yeo-kyung (played by Han Ji-min), is so upright in her morals and commitment to the independence movement that she thinks being in love is frivolous and careless in a time like this. (Why bring children into such a chaotic world?) But by falling in love, she learns that being in love doesn’t mean sex, sex, sex all the time! It means supporting each other through the rough and tough and just having someone there to lean on and to be leaned on. It’s the kind of love one needs in this period, and it’s the kind of love I see between Kang-to and Mok Dan.

      Whoa, not even sure where I’m going with this. To summarize, Kang-to and Mok Dan’s chemistry befits this time period. Freedom first, then all the hot love-making in all the times afterward. Also, I love Capital Scandal and would highly recommend it to anyone who can’t let go of these turbulent times after Gaksital is done. CS is less dark, but just as harrowing and tragic as Gaksital.

      • 12.2.1 Maru

        I agree with you with the chemistry between Kang To and Mok Dan. I don’t need it to be explosive, but I wish she could be more that Shunji hostage. My discontent is in that aspect. I want her to help Kang To in the way, not necessarily by becoming a super bad ass heroine, but, you know, DO something more than stay put. I see the posibilities in her character to be more than that. But I get the kind of love they have, and I like it.

  13. 13 DarknessEyes

    sometimes i wish that the plot story was that instead of Mok Dan being the girl from his past, it could be Lala. She has so much chemistry, and quite frankly, I never realyl saw the chemistry attraction thing between Mok Dan and Joo Won. It just wasnt there. In some ways, I wish this drama was extended a little more and that it will deepen Lala’s and Kang-to’s relationship. I’ve always wanted the show to make Lala fall fully in love with Kang-to(and while im not saying he has to like her, I want him to become good friends with Lala). And then make her find out that he is Gaksital and maybe that would be her turning point and she could switch sides. That’s sooo much more interesting.
    And plus, this is kinda mean, but I really hope that Mok-Dan dies at the end. Not that I particularly hate her, it’s just that her character is just so… boring.

    • 13.1 Candy is yummy.

      Ahaha I think that the whole chemistry thing between Lala and Kang-To is because both are sexy. And Kang-To tries to seduce her, but doesn’t really go for seducing Mok Dan.
      Mok Dan is too huggy. Doesn’t go much farther than that.

    • 13.2 OMGGGGG

      Wow me too I she hope dead before finale like whene their left 4 ep’s so he can end up with Rie

    • 13.3 OMGGGGG

      Wow me too I realy don’t hate her but I hope she dead before finale like when their’s left 4 ep’s so he can end up with Rie

    • 13.4 Maru

      I disagree with you because I don’t think Lala is the kind of human that love without a second thought. You see, to love like that either you have to have a pure part in you (without the wounds she carries) and have such strong convictions and believes or Kang To has to love her back in a way that she can experience what is like to have someone protecting you at all costs.

      Also, there is NO WAY Lala could have been the girl from his past. He was with his family, always in the run and scaping and, at that time, Lala was the daughter of a noble family that, apparently, play the japanese game to survive. After that, Lala was striped from her noble title, her family was killed in the hands of freedom fighters and because of that she became a Gigsaeng. She can love Kang To, but I don’t think she will join that freedom fighter ship, much less accept and help him in what he does. To be in that kind of movement, you have to have strong ideals. Yes, Kang To was like her in the beginning of the drama, but his family gave him the necessary foundations and teachings when he was a kid, he just bury them, but they where still there. I think Lala could have had a love line with Kang To, yes, but it would have been a very different story.

      I don’t mind the story between Mok Dan and Kang To because this is not a romance drama and their story is not the central one. This is a story about the road to redemption of Kang To and how he becomes a hero. In that aspect I think Mok Dan understands him and in that, he feels safe, something that Rie (Lala) could never give him. He knows Mok Dan would always be by his side and will try to protect his identity, with Rie… you never know.

      That said, I repeat. Yes, I think the writters should do a little bit more with Mok Dan. I wish she could be the girl she was in the first episode.

    • 13.5 algebraic

      I totally agree! Mok Dan reminds me of Rachel from Nolan’s Batman movies. Kinda just a boring plot point…. until she dies and makes the story AWESOME.

      (not that death is a good thing. don’t judge me!)

  14. 14 Kandmt

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

  15. 15 Cherry

    But I have to say that this one wasn’t quite as epic as episodes 17 and 18. Well, 17 and 18 did have to make up for two episodes’ worth of epicness, so I guess it’s fine.
    But… Cover Wife/Comrade… she just… dies… 🙁
    Shunji officially moved up two ranks in my freaky-meter.
    And that new police dude looks scary. And I immediately feel something bad about him.
    Noo. Don’t fire Kang-To.
    And shouldn’t Mok Dan show some more hate for Shunji? Lol. After all, he did kill Dong-Nyun and Jeokpa and try to kill Gaksital a lot. And tried to kill her father… but I guess she couldn’t do much but swear at him, with Koiso and all the others around Shunji.
    Although the ending wasn’t really a cliffhanger, it was kind of interesting. I want to see what happens next.

    • 15.1 picklemonster

      Mok Dan WAS really angry at Shunji. If you watch their scenes closely, you can see her balling her hands into fists to calm herself down before speaking. She has to restrain her emotions around him in order to keep her cover (which is making Shunji believe she’ll stay by his side and that they have a chance together).

    • 15.2 DarknessEyes

      haha Shunji was already stretching the top limits of my freaky-meter, and then sadly, in this episode, he broke it D:

  16. 16 Pat

    I like playboy Kangto a lot. Like to see more of him, than the worried hero.

    • 16.1 Vincy

      Yea! I miss the playboy Kang-to too…
      I don’t know if anyone has noticed but every time his hairstyle changes, his character changes a bit too.

  17. 17 ilikemangos

    wait, did i miss the part where dam sari finds out bridal mask’s identity?
    i would have liked to see a scene of him finally realizing it, but i saw him waving bye to gaksital and next thing you know, they’re in the same room together planning stuff.
    guess i just love gaksital identity reveals!

    • 17.1 Mawiie

      I would assume that the realization was made when Gaksital saved him and they parted way. Kang-To talked with his normal voice. I think that Damsari is smart enough to figure it out. In addition to that, it seems that he was seeing something good in Kang-To all this time: must be a rebel leader instinct lol

      • 17.1.1 tapioca pearl

        A rebel leader instinct would awesome to have. Although I don’t know what I’d use it for…

  18. 18 redfox

    just one question though: who does this guys´ hair????? it is like there is some underground “Freedom fighter hair salon” somewhere. With robots.

    • 18.1 dany

      His hair, yes, we are dealing with a one stylish hero.

  19. 19 Lois

    Wow. Awesome episode!! And did anyone else notice that the actor playing Kono and the actor playing Murayama play father and son in Dr Jin? It’s quite cool haha with Murayama kinda “succeeding” Kono 🙂

    • 19.1 MenCallMeBacon

      Yes, and I didn’t appreciate him waking the sleeping fetus in my head.

    • 19.2 Maya

      Yes! I saw that too! I was having that Dr Jin moment which spoiled the Gaksital moment for a bit… 😀

      • 19.2.1 Lois

        Haha yeah Dr Jin is a wreck. The only things I like are the recaps and kyung tak <3

  20. 20 Arhazivory

    Loved it. It feels like we’ve started a new arc. There’s a new chief and a new face coming soon too for the Independence side. Dam Sa Ri has left to become more awesome and Kang To has a girl on the side while Shunji thinks he’s got a girlfriend. Also….new, badass assassin enters the game.

    This really feels like the new arc in a Manga. It was also good to breathe. Last couple episodes have been so explosive and not that I mind having to hold my breath but it really feels nice to breathe. lol

  21. 21 Maya

    “Then Kang-to takes her hand in his. Are you crazy? Secret identity first, hormones second!”

    I was screaming at my laptop scene when I saw that! What if Shunji was just pretending to be unconscious?! It’s like watching that scene where the main pairing hug/kiss each other when the enemy is hot on their trail #smh

    Btw, I like the manipulation that both Kang To and Mok Dan played in this episode. Just like you pointed out JB, it’s interesting to see that Kang To and Mok Dan are the blind spots for Rara and Shunji, respectively.

    And I can’t wait to see Kang To joining Kishokai. The stake is going to be higher, but it’s gonna be awesome as well. And if I’m not mistaken, I think Kang To made quite an impression on president Ueno when he saved Rara back then. Didn’t he stop his bodyguard from killing Kang To?

    And… Hurrah for not having to wait for a whole week for next episode! 🙂

    • 21.1 derpykins

      Ohmygod, YES. I KNOW.
      Throughout the hospital scene and they’re holding hands and Mok Dan starts speaking I freaked out and I was like, DUDE. SHUNJI COULD JUST BE PRETENDING AND NOW HE’LL FIND OUT THAT KANG-TO IS GAKSITAL AND YOU GUYS LOVE EACH OTHER. But then I realized she was only speaking in voice over so I was like, Okay then. BUT NOT NEXT TIME. XD

  22. 22 Mima

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    Not much of Mok Dan Kang To love affair but what better way than making it secret love affair! Bravo writer, I gladly raised my glass for you…
    Please stay brilliant in plotting this awesome movie 

  23. 23 tapioca pearl

    Thanks for the recap!

    I couldn’t help but chuckle when Kang-to and Mok Dan telepathically communicated a la Marshall and Lily and the rest of the HIMYM gang. But that means they’re destined for each other:)

    On a serious note, Jeok-pa’s death brought tears to my eyes. I hate seeing the good guys die, especially when they do it in front of Kang-to. How could he not feel guilty about these strangers dying for him when it wasn’t really a choice for him to become Gaksital to begin with? Way to make a guy hate himself. However, I’ll admit I loved seeing him cry over her death even though it made me sad. Basically, I love any time he cries (I’m not a sadist, I swear!).

    And yes, yay for more scenes between Kang-to and Rie! I, too, had expected a lot more scenes of them than what was actually given (not that it makes me love the drama any less). While I am ultimately rooting for Kang-to and Mok Dana as the main couple (and that’s pretty much set in stone), I do like Rie as a character. Her interactions with all the men (‘cept Kang-to) around her make me want to raise the roof. Her interactions with Kang-to make me want to be her. If she were the lead in any other drama, I’d support her unconditionally. But alas, she is against my Joo Won here, so that’s that.

    I’m so glad to be back to two episodes a week. I barely survived on one.

    • 23.1 Ivoire

      Hi Tapioca Pearl, what does HIMYM stand for, please? Thank you!

      • 23.1.1 tapioca pearl

        “How I Met Your Mother,” a very funny American TV show. It’s hilarious when the characters mind-talk with each other, so that’s why I laughed when Kang-to and Mok Dan did that.

        • Stardust

          Its so funny you mentioned it! I only thought about it until you said it! LOL I was too busy PFFFTing to think further hehehehe

        • Maya

          I was thinking of I Need Romance 2 when I saw that scene. But now that you mentioned HIMYM, lol. 😀

    • 23.2 ilikemangos

      LOL at the HIMYM reference because those mind-reading moments are just hilarious.

  24. 24 MenCallMeBacon

    Pfft, “punishment stick”…that’s awesome. Javabeans, you are my new hero for being able to read hanja (not that I wasn’t impressed before, but now…it’s at a whole new level). The only hanja I can read are the numbers 1 through 3, son, woman, middle, month, day…and that’s about it.

    Thanks for pointing out awesome details that I would have otherwise missed.

    • 24.1 Maya

      Agree! I would’ve missed that detail to if I didn’t read JB’s recap. It added another layer of satirical wit to that awesome scene. Thanks JB!

  25. 25 rhia

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  26. 26 obivia

    What a beautiful song! The link doesn’t work, though. Could we bother you to re-upload it? (Thanks in advance!)

  27. 27 Sho

    Isn’t it actually not too bad for KT to get kicked out of the force? The only thing he has to deal now is trying to figure out a way to get into KK and at the same time, until he does, gives him freedom to pretty much do what he wants as himself or Gaksital without Shunji going up his ass on where the hell he is.

    Lots of episodes to go, willing to see DSR return with more comrades and a vengence for killing his duty wife.

  28. 28 Airyn

    I love watching KT and Rie because of their chemistry as well. I can’t complain about there not being much of a chemistry when it comes to KT and MD, though. I feel like the writers are emphasizing that disparity deliberately, to some extent, not to promote another ship, but I think that it’s more in character? Rie wants KT in a different way compared to MD (I’d venture to use the word ‘desire’ if I were more sure that I’m not misreading the intent here. 😛 ), and KT plays off of that differently as well. Of course, we’d like to see better chemistry in our OTP, but it’ll be weird, at least for me, if it’s as palpable as KT/Rie because of all the conflicts that KT/MD had to go through. KT/Rie is more about desires, I believe, while KT/MD is about an ideal/noble kind of love.

    That’s just how I read the story, though. 😀

    • 28.1 yammy

      I agree!! and I feel like Koreans in general value the “noble” love that KT and MD have above the “desire” love that KT and Rie/Lala have. I feel like it would quite scandalous to have such “desire” love as the main otp in Korean dramas. In fact, Korean dramas are full of noble love that are “clean,” “innocent,” and/or fated. I think this is why there are so many of childhood loves in Kdramas. Childhood loves are the epitome of “innocent” love, cuz seriously, how can you not be innocent when you are kid? And also, how many couples have you seen show a lot of desire/sexual desire in korean dramas? And the 10 sec cut of happy/innocent jump to the honeymoon bed at the last episode doesn’t count.

      • 28.1.1 Airyn

        LOL at 10-second jump. Hahahaha!

        Yeah, in general, I think the Asian dramas very rarely show the more…passionate aspect of the relationships prominently. It’s a culture thing, I think. It’s a pleasant change if you are used to watching American or British fare.

  29. 29 Jasmine

    I’m kind of confused. Does Dam Sa Ri know that Kangto is Gaksital? Was that revealed somewhere?

    • 29.1 Byul

      Yup, did you watch the ep where he’s supposed to let damsari escape in the middle of the woods and go with his comrades and shoots down one of the policemen? And Shunji just HAS to come and ruin everything, but it’s there that he finds out…

      • 29.1.1 Maya

        IMHO, I don’t think he found out about it back then. He might just thought that Kang To is on his side, but not the fact that he is Gaksital (we can speculate that he might have known/suspected it back then, but it was never revealed to the audience). He might have known it for sure when they escaped by truck though, since Kang To didn’t even bother to disguise his voice.

  30. 30 dany

    Thank you for your fast recap! This show makes me happy this summer. So intense!

  31. 31 picklemonster

    What I’m really curious about is who actually knows that Jeok Pa is dead besides Kang-To and the police? Dam Sa Ri didn’t seem to be mourning in the scene at the hut. And Mok Dan definitely haven’t heard about it yet….

  32. 32 aiya_rani

    already watched the raw video of this episode… but still lots thing i don’t understand, so this recap really help me alot… thanks….
    love how the voiceover dialog between kang to and mok dan… and when they holding hands infront the unconsius shunji

  33. 33 Shin Haido

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  34. 34 Lilly

    Look at those wonderful stills of Shunji’s face. I love the expressions he makes, the way he rolls his eyes, the obsessed zombie style of way he limps after getting knocked around yet again and the way he yells. Good to see him in top form. Missed him.

  35. 35 Tieu

    I have to agree with everyone with their assessment of Mok Dan and Rie, but why do I feel like this isn’t going to end well. We have two powerful women who are in love with Kang To, and I feel one of them is going to have to die by the end of the series. With how dark this series is going, I think it would fit in with the flow.

    If Mok Dan died, it would affect both Kang To and Shunji. Shunji would lose his last hope and either fall into a deep dejected depression or go completely revengeful insane (I’m leaning to the second). Kang To would then gain even more reason why he must continue the movement, becoming the legend Gaksital. Of course then he would also have the possibility of hooking up with Rie, or live the rest of his life lonely with the guilt of her death on his shoulders.

    If Rie died on the other hand, she would probably leave an unforgettable impression on Kang To’s heart (someone he would never be able to forget, even if he didn’t love her). At this point, she probably would have joined in with the movement, making her death another push in Kang To’s resolve to be a better Gaksital.

    Then again, everything is just my prediction, but their deaths would open many door for this drama, especially if it was Mok Dan’s. Maybe I’m just getting too ahead of myself. 😛

    • 35.1 Tieu

      I have to clarify, if Rie died, she would have probably joined the movement or sacrificed herself in someway for Kang To. Something unforgettable, but then again, it’s just my prediction.

      • 35.1.1 derpykins

        I agree with you, I think that Rie will die trying to protect Kang-to, along with Katsuyama. And I also think that Shunji will die, because if you look at it, don’t you wonder how Shunji will live his life? In my opinion, he kind of has to die SOMEWHERE in this drama. Damsari will possibly die too. Rie, Katsuyama, Shunji, Damsari… SO MANY POSSIBLE DEATHS. o-o

  36. 36 Yue

    This is like double twist that makes my head spin! This drama is pushing it in every way and you just don’t know what to expect. But, I do love it and the fact that I haven’t drop it despite the extension (I don’t do long dramas) pretty much means it still keeps me interested enough to care. It’s one of those rare dramas that you just have to keep at it.

  37. 37 graceface

    LOL. I love the recap! It’s nice to know the little details that you missed while watching a great episode. Punishment stick… YES, loved that little detail. And with mokdan and kangto… My goodness, don’t you turn on that beautiful background music to stir those hormones, drama! They’ve got too many identities to juggle!

  38. 38 Ella Zala

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  39. 39 derpykins

    I agree with what previous people have said- that Shunji no longer has my sympathy. But you know who has my sympathy? Rie’s bodyguard, Katsuyama. He’s always the one Rie takes all her anger out on and he always has to follow her around and stuff and do all the dirty work. Even through all of that, I think he likes her o-o It looks like he likes her, anyway… And also, more Boon Yi/Kang To scenes. NOW. o-o

    • 39.1 b1

      yeah — i actually sense that sizzle between the hot guy katsuyama and rei — something dark yet sexy a.. and im insane again — kang-to yaaaaaaah

  40. 40 crazedlu


    kangto might be rie’s mok dan, but it was shunji who broke her down. her uncertainty came after shunji’s pushes. i like.

    keep it up, gaksital! keep it up! ^^

  41. 41 Farpavilions

    Thanks for another recap!

    I wish the writer had delved a little deeper into the breakdown of the Shunji-Kangto relationship …. there’s that one scene where Shunji confesses he’s terrified of turning into a monster but the boys never talk it out and then they’re enemies because Kangto slaps cuffs on Taro under orders (well before Kangto’s confession of love) and there’s nothing left of all those friendship years?

    I want some kind of angsty scene where Kangto worries about his BFF’s turn to the dark side and blames himself in part for it!

    Q: Did Kangto and Shunji continue to speak in banmal after Shunji went to the dark side, or has Kangto switched to jondaemal?

    • 41.1 MsB

      The demise of their relationship was gradual and it started the first day Shunji became Chief Kimura! Remember the convo where Shunji took Kang to to task for being informal! It was always little things that culminated to the point where Kang to (under orders) had to arrest Chief Taro! The break up of their relationship definitely was not sudden!

      • 41.1.1 Farpavilions

        It’s not so much the speed as the lack of one-on-one time that I’m thinking about … once Shunji puts on the uniform, what started off as workplace rivalry turns into full-blown hostility and it seems that almost all their conversation focuses on external events (Gaksital, Taro, Mok Dan) but with relatively little vocalization on what those events have meant for their friendship.

        Which is a little odd given the earlier sobfests on the bike and sleeping mat …. I’d have wanted both boys to be more angsty about letting those memories go and turning on each other.

  42. 42 Jules

    Okay, I don’t want to speculate on the ending at all, but my great hope is that Shunji dies – and that his death is bloody and painful and takes a very, very, very long time. /bloodthirsty

  43. 43 CM

    Not surprised by the difference in ratings between Gaksital and Ghost. One ended the previous episode in an explosion and the other ended it with a person that disturbs a trial. But for me, I won’t be able to choose between the both if the subbers wouldn’t chose for me. Hope they haven’t forgotten about Ghost! :~
    And now to Gaksital only. Oh how I liked this episode! Perfect! Didn’t expect Rie to actually, actively, try to get KangTo in Kisokai. But who wouldn’t melt when such a hottie asks for a favour haha.

  44. 44 Cinderella

    Is it bad if I can’t help but ship Rie and Kang-to?

    Personally, I’m not really watching this drama for the romance since I don’t really care for Mok Dan since it seems to me like her character lacks the complexity and the layers that Rie has oodles of. I don’t know if it’s the actress or maybe it’s just the character’s written but either way I’m not really interested in her.

    Rie, on the other hand, is fraught with so much layers that I find myself gravitating towards her. Maybe it’s because whenever she’s on a scene, she always seems to radiate such tension and intensity that it’s difficult to look away. And whenever she’s with Kang-to in a scene, it’s always fraught with sparks. I guess it’s just such fun to see them both talk to each other with words riddles with such veiled meanings.

    Is there anyone else that are shipping these two, although we all know it will never happen??

    • 44.1 chula

      no, and i’m actually with you on the shipping boat. i actually prefer them together ^^

  45. 45 Joanne

    In case any one is interested: http://www.facebook.com/bridalmaskdrama –> they have some hilarious stuff on that page

  46. 46 Daktari

    I have a feeling that Rie/Lala will redeem herself much like Kang To towards the end by betraying Kishokai and siding with Gaksital.

    This might lead to her death but free her to be who she really wants to be rather than a pawn of Kishokai.

  47. 47 Lise

    Since its a dark kinda drama theres a huge chance gaksital will be killed off at the end, infact it’d be more authentic that way. So heres hoping he dies together with Shunji, after clearing their issues up and all that isht…pls pls let them die together so theres no more u killed my brother who killed ur family…

    • 47.1 Farpavilions

      I’m guessing the same …. I’ve been thinking that the angry village boy who keeps showing up will probably be the new Gaksital!

  48. 48 Yuhotarubi

    Great episode,great episode.
    I like the way things are going now, but I’m still worried about what’s coming in the next episodes

    I know Rie loves Kang to, but I don’t think she’s the kind to drop everything for love, even though she asked her father to accept Kang to as new member, I have a feeling that she still suspects something.

    Shunji I hate you even more than I hated you before, no more sympathy for you, you are such a ruthless, mercyless monster !!!!

    And Mok dan please stay away from him, you never know when he’s going to put a hot iron on you skin,

    I really felt sad when comrade lady died, but I do respect and apreciate her bravery, but I wish she didn’t say that speech to Shunji while looking at Kang to, cause I have a feeling that shunji will think about it alot.

    glad that it’s back to two episodes per week, and Javabeans thanks a lot for the great recap !!!

  49. 49 namcha

    I think that Mokdan and Kangto have chemistry. It’s just a deeper love and sincerity than what KT and Rie have. The actress who plays Mok Dan is really young and she’s a newbie. I think that if they casted Moon Chae Won, it would have been better.

    I was really sad to see the lady kill herself. I thought that she and Damsari would end up together.

  50. 50 Jin_A

    Do you know the name of the song played at the beginning of episode 19 and usually at the end of Gaksital?

    • 50.1 eny

      judgement day by lee jung hyun and joo won, i see it in you tube yesterday

      • 50.1.1 Jin_A

        Thank you for the info, I have been waiting for this song…

        • Liz

          Is that the one that sounds like a Gregorian chant?

      • 50.1.2 Maya

        I thought it’s an Italian opera song! Like that song played on The Princess Man. I would never guess that Joo Won actually sung this! 😀

      • 50.1.3 Airyn

        Ooh, yay, finally, a Joo Won track on the OST! Thanks for the info. 🙂

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