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Gaksital: Episode 22
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OH. MY. GAKSITAAAAAAAAAAAAL. I’m just hugging my knees and rocking back and forth, telling myself it’ll be okay… but I DON’T KNOW IF IT WILL. *whimper* We’ve entered the final quarter and true to form, this show puts our hearts on the chopping block. Our hero becomes a key player in the larger independence movement, which also means he’s risking a helluva lot more. The scale gets bigger, and the net around him just gets tighter, and tighter…


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After killing newspaper honcho Park, Kang-to sneaks back into the station still buttoning his jacket. Kang-to-ya! Superhero Rule Number 1: Complete outfit change before returning to cover job! This guy.

He sneaks in…only to find Shunji sitting in a chair, waiting to catch him in the act. Okay, anyone who had a father who did this knows how much your heart lurches. It’s pure terror. Kang-to doesn’t do a good job of hiding it either.

He gulps, eking out that this is how he comes in when he’s tardy. Shunji walks up, sending Kang-to’s heart rate skyward…

And then he asks for an iced coffee. Am I the only one who finds that scarier than the other thing? Because it means he’s convinced he was right—that Kang-to is Gaksital.
He watches Kang-to walk out, thinking to himself that he’ll catch the slippery bastard once and for all, and “I’ll make you take off that mask.”

He then asks Kang-to to help him and take over the Gaksital case, because his hands are full with the flag-manseh outburst during the parade, and urges him to use the opportunity to get back his rightful job.

He complies with all of Kang-to’s requests, to keep Koiso out of his hair, and even stops Ishida from tailing him. He tells Koiso that making Kang-to think he’s safe is what’s important now. Aaargh, why is Shunji so smart?

At least Kang-to throws a suspicious look behind his back. Don’t trust him! He takes a call from Mok Dan who tells him that a very important guest is eager to meet him at the tailor shop.

He enters the tailor’s and Damsari greets him with a smile and leads him into the back. That leaves the tailor totally turned around. His face is like, But… that’s… Lee Kang-to… Is it opposite day?

Damsari brings him to the inner room to meet Yang Baek, who smiles up at him. We see that his hand shakes as he writes. Kang-to gets ready to bow to the ground, but the teacher stops him and grabs him in a bear hug instead. Awwww.

He thanks Kang-to for what he’s done and then sits down at the table to offer him potatoes, saying that his 80-year old mother commanded that if he ever met Gaksital, he must give him these potatoes.

He peels them with his own shaking hands, and when his assistant offers to do it, he insists that he’ll do it himself. Damsari reminds her that Teacher spent the entire journey to Kyungsung anticipating this very thing.

He peels the potato and holds it up to Kang-to, “Say aaaah” just like a mom, and I’m already about to cry. Kang-to takes it gently in his hands and takes a bite, and immediately tears start to pool in his eyes.

Why is this so poignant? It’s the simple food, the mother’s gesture, Kang-to’s loneliness… it’s just so damn heart-wrenching.

As he eats, he flashes back to Mom and Hyung, and their happy simple days when Hyung was studying for exams and the boys were stuffing Mom’s potatoes in each other’s faces in a loving tussle.

*WAIL* Hyuuuung! We miss you!

The tears come tumbling out as Kang-to eats, and Teacher just watches silently with a peaceful smile on his face. This is officially the most heartbreaking eating scene ever. Kang-to just cries and cries and stuffs his face, suddenly seeming like a little kid again instead of a man who carries the weight of the world.

At the Angel Club, Tamao is on a days-long bender of self-loathing, drinking himself into the ground and ordering around the employees, all because of Tasha’s cold slap the other day. He shouts in the waiter’s face, “That’s right—I am pathetic, and thoughtless! So what?”

The waiter returns, “Are you proud? That you’re pathetic and thoughtless? Is anyone NOT scared? No matter how scared we are, we do what we must do!” Aw. That gives Tamao pause, but he’s too drunk to fully process.

He goes charging into Tasha’s meeting with Comrade Eyeliner and blusters drunkenly about being dissed for her new boyfriend, and acts like a general ass. He gets up in the guy’s face, and Comrade knocks him out with lightning fast moves. Hahaha. Poor Tamao. You take a nap until you can sober up and act like a grown-up.

The comrade’s main concern is that their message made it to Independence leader Dong-jin, but Tasha informs him that Reporter Song was arrested after the parade.

Kang-to asks Teacher Yang Baek why he risked death to come to Kyungsung, and finds that it’s because of Dong-jin. Every effort made by them to contact him has been intercepted by the Japanese, and he says they must find Teacher Dong-jin and unite their efforts for one very important project.

The comrade returns to tell them that Reporter Song has been arrested, and that their message never reached Teacher Dong-jin. Reporter Song, meanwhile, is currently strapped up in the torture room.

Shunji stops the whipping and threatens him with the Box of Nails, only to get Song’s feisty comeback, “I was wondering when we’d get there!” Shunji orders him stripped, but then discovers a note tucked into the lining of his clothes. No!

Song hangs his head and Shunji smiles—the note, about grandfather coming to visit and wanting to meet Jin-sshi ajusshi who lives on the east (dong) side of the club—clues him in right away. Grandfather is Yang Baek. East, Jin-sshi = Dong-jin. Damnit.

Kang-to offers to meet Reporter Song and find out how to contact Dong-jin. But they worry that he won’t trust enemy police officer Kang-to no matter what he says. Yang Baek produces a piece of paper that reads: “Solidarity.”

It’s something he handwrites for his comrades when he meets them, and Song will know it. They worry that Teacher’s handwriting has gotten shakier lately, but Damsari tells Kang-to to say that it’s because of the bullet (it can’t be removed, causing nerve damage), which Song will know is the truth.

Problem is, he has to get in to see Song first, but Shunji’s not having any of that today, and denies Kang-to access. He tells him to change the direction of his investigation and with no recourse, Kang-to complies.

Shunji watches as Kang-to hightails it to the records room to read something, and then reads the file after him—Dong-jin’s criminal record. Damn, Kang-to, you couldn’t have found a sneakier way to do that?

Shunji’s wheels turn a mile a minute: Yang Baek and Dong-jin, Dong-jin and Gaksital… Is Kang-to really on the same side as Yang Baek? Is Kang-to really Gaksital?

Newspaper honcho’s son Reporter Park bows before Kishokai, crying that his father be avenged. Ueno blames Rie for not killing Gaksital in time, and she apologizes for her failure. He warns that if one more member of Kishokai is slain by Gaksital, it’ll be her head on the chopping block. Crud.

Ueno gives Park’s place in Kishokai to his son, who pledges his allegiance to the Empire. He reminds Rie that there are plenty of Koreans who would do the same, reminding her just how expendable she is.

Kang-to braves the chance to sneak into the torture room… only to find it empty. Oh no, Song isn’t dead, is he?

Shunji storms into the gisaeng house and drags Rie into a room. He slams her up against a wall and growls that he could rat her out to her father in the next room at any moment. He asks one last time, “Lee Kang-to is Gaksital, isn’t he?”

She sneers that his judgment seems to be impaired ever since he fell in love with that Korean girl. She says that when she fought Gaksital he was cut on his right arm and right thigh. She checked Kang-to, and he was clean.

Shunji: “How did you check?!” Uh… really, Shunji? Your imagination only goes that far? She yells at him to ask Masako and storms out.

He gets confirmation from Masako and then drinks away his confusion—is he really losing his mind, as Rie said? All the while, I’m just nervous that he’ll want to check Kang-to’s scars for himself. Then what?

Kang-to and Baek Gun try to figure out some way to find Dong-jin. Baek asks if he doesn’t have family somewhere, but Kang-to says they were all killed when the Japanese bombed his house. But perhaps if they can find someone else who helped organize the parade demonstration, then they’ll find a link back to Dong-jin’s network.

Count Lee cries to Kimura, having wanted the position of Joseon Joongang Ilbo’s president (Why, I wonder, since he’s already a count—but money seems to be driving force with this couple). Kimura informs them that he was rejected, and it doesn’t much matter, since Kishokai is content to have the Kyungsung Ilbo be their representative newspaper.

Sun-hwa swoons as she tells Mok Dan about the parade, and how emotional it was for everyone there. Mok Dan asks to see the Korean flag and wonders who managed to make these, under the nose of the Japanese. Sun-hwa tells her about the man she met in the street, from the Dong-jin association.

Kang-to comes by to talk to Mok Dan, and Shin Nanda hides the flag in terror at his arrival. Once alone, he tells Mok Dan that he needs to help Teacher Yang Baek, but doesn’t know how. He has to find a way to connect him to Dong-jin.

Mok Dan perks up at the name. She tells Kang-to that Sun-hwa met a man in the street who gave her a flag and said he was a part of the Dong-jin association, literally Dong-jin Death Squad (as in, fight-to-our-certain-death corps). Damn, what a name.

She says she’ll go to the marketplace to try and make contact, and Kang-to worries for her safety. She counters it’s actually safer than if he were go there, and he just holds her hands in his.

Shunji calls Kye-soon to the station to ask if Damsari has shown up around Mok Dan. She says no, but Lee Kang-to shows up often, and in fact was just there earlier.

He fumes and pays her to follow Mok Dan like a shadow, and note when Kang-to comes and goes, how long he stays, and what they talk about. Lordy. Do your own stalking! He takes his Kishokai ring out and puts it on.

Kye-soon follows Mok Dan and Sun-hwa to the marketplace, where they search for Village Hothead. Sun-hwa sighs that she only knows his face and wishes she had a name. You and the rest of us.

Mok Dan sees Kye-soon on their tail (thank goodness) and goes to confront her. Kye-soon runs and Mok Dan corners her, asking if she doesn’t remember the fact that Shunji killed Dong-nyun and tortured Boss Jo. Does she really think he won’t do the same to her?

Smart girl. I like that Mok Dan is arguing with her from a place of concern, not anger, though I wouldn’t have such restraint. “No matter how much you value money, is it worth more than your life?”

Mok Dan reminds her what would’ve happened to the girls if Gaksital hadn’t rescued them—either of them could get hauled off at any moment, and helping Shunji is hurting Gaksital. Kye-soon just breaks away defensively and says she’ll handle her own affairs.

Sun-hwa scans the people in the marketplace one by one, but it’s Village Hothead who spots her first. Aw, he thinks you’re purty. He runs up and says he wanted to ask her name the other day, but instead of answering, Sun-hwa just shouts for Mok Dan.

Mok Dan comes up and he recognizes her right away as Damsari’s daughter. He proudly says he helped her once when she was running from Lee Kang-to, and she says she remembers. I… sort of can’t wait till you find out who Kang-to really is.

She calls Kang-to at the station to let him know, and Boss Jo marvels that Kang-to is really on their side. He doesn’t know that he’s Gaksital, but just thinks that he’s joined the movement.

Shunji goes to see Chairman Ueno to ask, “Can I kill your daughter?”

Uh… What, now? He says Rie knows Gaksital’s identity but refuses to give up the information. Ueno tells him to focus on Yang Baek, but Shunji says they’re all tied together—if they catch Gaksital, they get Yang Baek and Dong-jin too.

Ueno asks if he’s certain Rie knows, and Shunji offers up his life to back his word. He asks for the chairman’s bodyguard. Oh noes. That guy is So. Scary.

Kang-to sets out make contact with Dong-jin, dressed as Gaksital. He rides into the forest where Hothead is waiting, having only been told that someone wants to meet Teacher Dong-jin.

When Gaksital rides up, his jaw drops. He bear-hugs him, beside himself that he gets to help his hero. Augh, if you only knew what heartache you’ve caused the man underneath that mask. But his reaction is really touching—he slaps himself in the face, wondering if this is all a dream.

He takes him deep into the mountains, where Teacher Dong-jin presides over an army in training. Damn, Dong-jin Death Squad was in no way an overstatement. This guy is hardcore, and doesn’t even crack a smile.

Gaksital bows and hands Dong-jin the solidarity note from Yang Baek, and conveys the message. Dong-jin betrays no emotion and says he understands Yang Baek’s request. He says he needs to rescue Reporter Song first, in order to get any further.

Kang-to asks to be tasked with that mission, but Dong-jin is reluctant, quoting the adage that divided they fall, together they stand up. But that’s all the more reason Kang-to argues that Dong-jin needs to unite with Yang Baek for the greater mission, and he’ll rescue Reporter Song.

He asks to be trusted with the task, and Dong-jin takes a moment to consider it, and silently puts out his hand for a shake. What an interesting character. He has none of the fatherly warmth of Damsari/Yang Baek—he’s a hardened war general, and not easily impressed. Perhaps to him, Gaksital is just another soldier.

Kang-to goes to work the next day and Shunji comes out to check with Koiso that Reporter Song is back in holding. He orders him moved to the Prosecutor-General’s office, since they’re not going to get anything more out of him.

Shunji coughs and stumbles, and announces that he’ll be resting today because he’s not feeling well. Why do I get the feeling this is a trick?

He stumbles up the stairs to go report to the chief… and totally Keyser-Sozes down the hallway, straightening out his limp, miraculously healed. Damn, Shunji.

He tells Chief Murayama that he’ll be out of the office all day, on a mission that he refuses to disclose. Murayama calls him quite the arrogant punk, and warns him to succeed, because he has no intention of giving him special treatment because he’s Kimura’s son.

Kang-to calls the comrade hideout to say that Mission Rescue is on, because Song is being transported today. No! It’s a traaaaaaaap!

But Kang-to goes forward with the plan. As soon as the truck leaves the station, Gaksital appears in their path, and knocks out the officers. Okay, his beatdown of Koiso is just really delightful. *rewind*

Comrade Eyeliner does some awesome fighting of his own, and takes Song away to safety, as Gaksital holds the line.

BUT! Out of nowhere, Samurai Assassin shows up, swinging his sword right at Kang-to’s head.

Ohshit. Ohshit. Ohmygod this guy is so fucking scary.

He moves So. Fast. Every swing slices at Kang-to and draws more blood, until he’s barely standing, while Assassin hardly breaks a sweat. They lose their weapons and start to throw punches, but Kang-to goes down hard.

I can’t watch! *peers through fingers*

He manages to retrieve his cane and tumble out of reach, and then Assassin stops his attack. RUUUUN!

Urg, I hate that he has to run away, but I’m pleading for him to make a break for it. He does, and then Assassin doesn’t give chase, and just watches him go. Oh crap. You weren’t sent to kill him, were you?

Kang-to stumbles onto a side street and starts to feel woozy. Where is Horsital?! He drops his cane…

…and collapses in the street, unconscious and bloody.

And THEN… Shunji walks out from the alley behind him. *GASP*

He makes his way over to Gaksital in the deserted street and crouches down next to his limp body. He takes a deep breath and braces himself.

He unties the mask… ohgodohgodohgod

He peels it away, ever so slowly, like he’s drawing out the anticipation until I can’t stand it anymore.

And there, beneath the mask, is Kang-to.



He knows! He knows! He really really knows! It’s horrible, and awesome, and terrifying all at once. Narratively, it feels great to have the story shift with this major reveal. We’ve been circling the wagons for quite a while in this dynamic—Shunji suspects, Kang-to deflects, Shunji gets thrown off the scent—and ’round and ’round we go. There’s only so much of that you can sustain before we start to feel that the villain is not so formidable, and he loses his bite. So it’s fantastic to go into the entire final quarter of the show with this huge reveal, putting our hero in the worst possible position: Shunji knows, and he doesn’t know that he knows. ACK! Is there anything worse?

But that’s what’s so great about the setup—the show is at its best when Kang-to has his back up against the wall, when he has insurmountable odds stacked up against him. Not just because it’s tense and gripping, but because he’s meant to be a metaphor for the small and powerless few who fight against the massive Empire—the egg against the rock. He has to be put in that position: completely backed into a dead end, and about to lose everything.

And even as far gone as Shunji is, I’m still on pins and needles for his reaction to the truth. Because he hasn’t fully let himself believe it until now, that his friend Kang-to could have betrayed him so completely. From his perspective, he’s going to see it all—Mok Dan, Young Master, Gaksital, Kenji’s death—as Kang-to’s betrayal, which is sure, the pot calling the kettle black, but not entirely unfounded. I don’t think Kang-to can save Shunji, but I do think he’ll break his heart. As much as Shunji wanted to find out the truth and prove he was right about Gaksital’s identity, I honestly believe he didn’t want to be right.

And just as Rie’s reaction to knowing the secret identity proved to be the most interesting dilemma she’s had to face yet, I think this turn will bring the best kind of angst between hero and villain. I’m so excited about the larger scope of the story, in bringing in independence leaders like Yang Baek and Dong-jin. The covert operations amp up the secret-spy thrill, but I like that beyond the cloak-and-dagger stuff (which is awesome), it’s not about Gaksital as one hero, but how he acts as a linchpin in a movement, with leaders and citizens alike, all joining forces.

But the reason this show has my heart is because it gives us the small moments too. Like Kang-to’s tears as he eats the potatoes, a gesture from Yang Baek’s mother that links him to his own. I just welled up at the very simple connection between Yang Baek and Hyung, feeding Kang-to Mom’s potatoes, and nodding in that outpouring of empathy. I sometimes forget because of how far we’ve come in 22 episodes, how little time has passed in Kang-to’s life since he lost his family. That reminder that he’s all alone in the world just ripped me up, and I swear I’ll never look at a potato the same way again. In moments like that I just want to tell him to forget the mission and just run away with Mok Dan and have a nice family, but of course then he wouldn’t be the hero of the story. Sigh. Curse the universe for the price of heroism!


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      Sorry to spoil the mood of all Gaksital fans – I am amazed why lkt was not discovered earlier – he has so many weak links – lone ranger – dress in white – use very ineffective tools – talks too much before getting rid of the baddies – does not know when to lie low – too self-assured that he won’t get caught – just imagine if he had picked up the guns of the police along the way, he won’t have to worry about the Samuria – while there are many things i like about this show, right from ep 1, i find it hard to believe that such a hero could survive long – and why did he not tell md about the mole at the 1st opportunity?

      • 2.2.1 GH26

        I completely agree with you. I love the premise of this show and the rivalry between Kang To and Shunji, but there so many plot holes that prevent me from rating Gaksital as highly as I would like to.

        From the get-go Kang-To should have told Mok Dan about the snitch in their midst. There’s no reason for him not doing so, except careless writing. Also, Gaksital should be fighting with different weapons; if not a gun, at least a sword. And why would the Dojin squad member go up to a complete stranger in the marketplace and announce himself as such? There are also some caricature characters, like the Count, that don’t gel with the realism of the characters.

        I still enjoy the show because it’s very entertaining and when it succeeds, it does so very well. But, it’s difficult for me to overlook the glaring errors this show makes.

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    This episode really felt like the calm before the storm because it was a transitional episode but I was holding my breath in the last 15 minutes.

    Shunji, I loved his face because you know he still had hope he was wrong adn Kang To was not Gaksital!

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    Anyway I loved that scene where the guy from the market was spazzing over Gaksital. He is sucha fanboy,  if only he knew who was behind the mask. And my heart break for Kang To during that scene where he eats the boiled potatoes that Teacher Yang Baek peeled for him. 🙁
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            Seriously they should stop beating up Kang-to or at least give him some ass kicking companions. I hope someone saves him maybe even the village hothead (What is his name? Did the production crew final decide they were introducing too many names and now they decide not to give names to characters lols). He can do a “Kang-to” (sneak attack to knock the person unconscious like what he did to Kang-to in an earlier episode to “save” Mok Dan) on Shunji. And he can final find out Kang-to is Gaksital so that knocks out two birds with one stone. I want to find out his reaction. Also, I ship Sun Hwa/Village Hothead. Flameo~

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            Although I’m surprised that he didn’t recognize his voice but then again he only spoke a few words.

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            @hoochie: I guess he was blinded by his love for Gaksital. He’s such a fanboy 😀 and I ship them too since last episode, they look adorable together!
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    OH man!! This is the episode I’ve been waiting for yet dreading at the same time. HE KNOWS!!! And he’s going to see this whole thing as a massive betrayal. And Shunji is no longer in the frame of mind to see any side of a situation but his own. Waiting this week to see the fall out is going to kill me.

    Thanks you so much for the re-cap GF. You and JB are taking on some serious re-cap duties with all these dramas. Please find time to take care of yourselves too!!

  15. 15 Ana

    Omg. The last 3 mins of the show left me gasping, out of breath. This is so… *faints*

    (sometime later after regaining consciousness):

    Btw, how can PKW be so smexy and even when his character is such a murderous psychopath?

    *faints again*

  16. 16 Maggie

    Ohmygodohmygodohmygod they really picked the worst time for a cliffhanger. I hope Shunji’s conscience hasn’t completely gone to the dark side and he at least has a moment of hesitation that gives Kang-to an opportunity to deflect some of the major s-h-i-t that’s going to be thrown at him. The poor baby!

  17. 17 muhloy

    nooooooooooo POTATOOOOOOO whyyyyYYY!!!!?????

    • 17.1 Ana


  18. 18 bluemoon

    No matter what. I still feel that at the end, Shunji will help Kang To somehow. I believe in him.

    • 18.1 Rashell

      Wow…really…I wish I had that kind of faith in Shunji. But I really think he’s gone too far to the dark side. And with Kang To’s relationship with Mok Dan added into the whole Gaksital issue, I think Shunji will be leader of the pack for Kang To’s head.

    • 18.2 Maru

      I wish I had that faith. I lost it… let me think….when he put circus boss in the nail cage? or was it during his crazy ass conversations with Mok Dan?

      Will see what happens!

    • 18.3 Arhazivory

      He’s at Anakin Skywalker level. Redemption is impossible.

    • 18.4 kdj

      i’m with you. somehow, i feel that he would return to the light, maybe at the very last minute, one last act of redemption.

    • 18.5 Lilly

      (that wonderful evil grin hides a heart of gold, or something)

  19. 19 h311ybean

    Eeeee!!! What a way to end the week!

    Also, can I be First Mate on the SS Village Hothead/Sun-hwa? I love that he’s so out-there and she’s so timid (but brave when it counts). I would also love if Village Hothead turned out to be (or at least share the name of) a historical figure.

  20. 20 Jaylee

    Omg. Ty!

  21. 21 Andy

    Thank you show for reminding us of Kang-To’s family… The original Gaksital was a distant memory until this episode…reminds us of how far the characters and audience have gone.

    I expect Shunji will let Kang-To go. He has his confirmation…he can get Kang-To any time he wants. He’s got the bigger picture to look after now.

    Waiting a week for another episode is too cruel

    • 21.1 beggar1015

      Oh, I hadn’t thought of it that way. I can see what you mean about Shunji letting Kang To go (for now) so KT can lead Shunji to the bigger fish – Yang Baek and Dong Jin.

    • 21.2 Rica

      What you are saying totally makes sense if shunji let kang to go this time. Cause if he let kang to go and let him do this his thing and follow him at the same time he will catch the people who he really wants to catch. And I think that is the reason that he did it alone without the police(when he came to see his face).

  22. 22 muhloy

    on a shallow note: how HOT did joo won look in that dark colored double breasted suit with the white buttons when he walked into the tailor to meet with the professor guy?

    i GASPED when i saw him. huuuuumonna!

    • 22.1 Arhazivory

      I had the same reaction. Smexy.

    • 22.2 Shin Haido

      i think i’ll go watch the video now lol

    • 22.3 tapioca pearl

      Joo Won looks hot in anything. Now we just need to see him looking hot in, um, nothing… He did get slashed across his abdomen, so I think a hero-fixing-his-wounds-while-shirtless scene is warranted.

      • 22.3.1 muhloy

        brilliant! why doesn’t anyone ever listen to these wonderful ideas?

  23. 23 MsB

    I’m too pumped to comment right now! Talk about shock and awe!? Incredible episode! Hey, Faith writers, this is how you do a cliffhanger!! Just saying! Incredible! Amazing! Stupendous! I’ll lose count how many times I will re-watch this before next Wednesday!! WOW!!

  24. 24 musings

    Oh man… Shunji is going to pretend he doesn’t know Kang to’s secret to capture the rest of the resistance leaders. omfg. O M F G GUYS.

    • 24.1 Ana

      Or how about Damsari and Co. save the day and KangTo and also nab Shunji in the process. Fair turnabout. Let Shunji have a taste of what’s like to be held captive. And shake him to get his senses back — like when he was a cute, sunny elementary school teacher.

  25. 25 DarknessEyes

    really, gaksital seems to bring out the worst in me. I just spent about an hour cussing my head off..

  26. 26 Arhazivory

    My eyes are still watering from the sheer awesomeness of that episode. From beginning to end….wow. I can’t even comment properly.

    Shunji, you bastard.

  27. 27 Dramalove

    Nooooooo! What will we do now gaksital?

    Ahhhhh. How will I survive all this anticipation until next week? There goes my brain until next Wednesday….teachers aren’t going to be happy…it’s only the second week of school.

  28. 28 crazedlu

    BAAAHH! so good, this show.

    i love where we’re at right now. i can’t believe shunji knows. i’m still in shock. i half expected ajusshi to show up and baek gun the lights out of shunji. haha. but i’m glad that didn’t happen for forward movement.

    i really don’t think redemption is in shunji’s future, but i know his face was all kinds of conflicted at the end of this ep. we’ll see.

    again, hilaaarious recap. i’m really not supposed to laugh so hard through episodes like this, but i do because of recaps. ha. honestly, i always rewind koiso beatdowns. ha! and horsital.. how i miss him.

    finally, potato scene… :'(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29 stellar

    …..i think i just died a thousand times over just from reading this recap.<////3

  30. 30 R

    Thank you GF!
    I am crying reading your recap and comments :'(
    Epic ending, and the scene that breaks my heart is when KangTo eating potatoes (GF: “This is officially the most heartbreaking eating scene ever.” – yes completely…)

    • 30.1 muhloy

      it was sooooooo much sadder than any other “crying while eating scene” in any other drama! gah!

  31. 31 biankoy

    omomomomomomomomomomomomo… whimper….

  32. 32 damn shunji.

    I fuckin’ hate shunji, as you can tell, but yeah, I think the samurai asassin dude is so fucking scary, even more than Shunji, seriously. The only good part was that I hardly saw any Murayama in this episode 😛
    I don’t think Shunji and rie will end up together, i think rie will die in the end :'(
    And wtf shunji…wtf kangto…wtf everybody…? So now that shunji knows that kangto’s gaksital, what the fck are ya gonna do now???!!!! O.o Drama, you drive me kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkraaazy!!!

    • 32.1 o.O


  33. 33 trixicopper

    You know how some shows need to go to cliff hanger school?
    Not this show. It didn’t just go to cliff hanger college, It studied and graduated at the top of its class!

    I have no idea who is gonna make it out of this show alive. At this rate I’ll be lucky if I do. 🙂

    Thanks GF!

  34. 34 Pepper Fish

    Wow, I didn’t think about Shunji keeping quiet until you mentioned it, but it totally makes sense. Shunji needs to capture/kill Gaksital, not Kang-to, which Shunji did say at one point. I imagined Shunji dragging Kang-to to the police station immediately, but then what would be the payoff? I was hoping a little that Shunji would bring him in just to break their usual cat and mouse routine. The story could take a very different turn if Kang-to had to escape capture and go on the run. Teehee.

    • 34.1 Pepper Fish

      Also, am I the only one who is worried about what Shunji might do to Mok Dan when he realizes that he’s lost her to Kang-to? I really started to worry that he might assault her when he forcefully hugged her a few episodes back. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned in the comments for the older episodes, so I just had to ask.

      • 34.1.1 tapioca pearl

        I worry about everything Shunji touches (he already took down iced coffee for me!). But I don’t know if the writers will take him that far. During all those torture scenes with Mok Dan, the thought did cross my mind whether she would give in if they threatened sexual assault. I don’t see that as something they show on TV too often in Korea, so I’m guessing that won’t happen with Shunji’s character. He’s pretty evil enough without that mindset, so unless that happens for narrative purposes, I don’t see it unfolding on screen any time.

        • Maya

          Lol! Now everytime I order an iced coffee, I would get shiver down my spine. That scene where he was munching the ice cubes were scary on some level. And I don’t think he’ll go that far with Mok Dan. At least I hope he will not.

          • Ana

            Omg. I actually LOLed at Shunji and the iced coffee scene. Sure, it’s just ice. But it was the one comedic scene of the entire episode seriously. And all the while, it’s like a reminder that he DOES pretty much destroy every little thing he touches. But he enjoys it, the freaky lil…

          • Ana

            Omg. I actually LOLed at Shunji and the iced coffee scene. Sure, it’s just ice. But it was the one comedic scene of the entire episode seriously. And all the while, it’s like a reminder that he DOES pretty much destroy every little thing he touches. But he enjoys it, the freaky lil…

            The thought that he might do something to Mokdan has crossed my mind. But it’s only going to ever play out in my mind — it won’t materialize on-screen. Besides, I think Shunji won’t resort to assault — he may go straight out for cold murder. Kind of the “If I can’t have you then no one can” variety.

    • 34.2 Airyn

      Oh yeah. He’s gonna keep quiet and he’s gonna use that knowledge to hurt Kang-to AND Gaksital AND Rie + the movement, and maybe even Mok Dan. It’s not gonna be pretty. o_O

  35. 35 Mary

    Ive been screaming my head off for 10 minutes holy fuck fuck shit we have to wait until next week!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 36 tapioca pearl

    What an amazing episode (I love that I actually think that for every episode in this drama–ahhh, I swear, this drama will own me for life and share me with no other)!!!!

    Oh man, my reaction to the first ten minutes of this episode: 1) I vow to stay away from iced coffee until my skin stops tingling with Shunjiness, and 2) I want to eat potatoes. I love that scene with the potatoes, and Joo Won, can I just hug you and never let go?

    Waah, I was totally watching through my fingers during the last few minutes and totally shouting when Shunji unmasked Kang-to. I think that is the show’s best cliffhanger so far (but then again, this show could write a book on how to do cliffhangers and lend it to other shows *Faith, ahem*). Rats that Shunji has finally caught him, which goes to show that utilizing the police has really been the hindrance in catching Gaksital. It only takes one man and a scary samurai.

    Speaking of whom, I think the show owes us at least one sword fight between Katsuyama and Kinpei, with Katsuyama being the victor, of course.

    Sun-hwa, find happiness with Hothead because of all the time you wasted crushing on Shunji.

    Rie, keep protecting our Gaksital until the end. But don’t die. You deserve to live a happy life where you serve you and only you.

    Shunji, try to reach really, really, really deep into your soul and think about the Kang-to that was your friend. I know that won’t happen, but just try a bit, please?

    Kang-to, keep kicking ass as Gaksital, and let your Mok Dan nurse your wounds (wink, wink).

    Man, one week suddenly seems like a long time. Someone, invent a time machine!

    • 36.1 Arhazivory

      I’m happy that I packed boiled potatoes in my lunch but then…i might eat and cry and my coworkers will think me strange.

      • 36.1.1 Maya

        I don’t think I’ll ever look at boiled potatoes the same way again…

    • 36.2 b1

      katsuyama will fight kinpei — when ueno orders to kill rei — and i really wanna ship katusyama and rei .. who’s with me??

      • 36.2.1 Shikurai17

        I am so shipping with you on Katsuyama and Rei. 😀

      • 36.2.2 Maya

        I’m with you! 😀

      • 36.2.3 twentyonebuds

        Me toooo!!

  37. 37 anabella

    I accidentally pick up my patient aerochamber to help me calm, thankfully there’s nothing left inside. wheww!!!

  38. 38 X5

    wtf drama, wtf?! couldn’t you hold back a little? you still got 6 more episodes to go, y’know. must you lay down all your good cards? err, you have that many?!

    i’m not really complaining but i’m folding in. i’m done anticipating your next move. i’m just gonna go along for the ride.

    gah, this drama is obsessionnnn.

    • 38.1 Airyn

      I think the writers are keeping a lot of aces up their sleeves judging from how early Mok Dan and then Rie knew. And now, Shunji. I hope the pay-offs are awesome! Don’t disappoint us, writers!

  39. 39 muhloy

    seriously…someone’s gonna save him right?

    kang to will be okay right?

    • 39.1 muhloy

      ugh, i am too emotionally attached. this feels like eun shi kyung all over again.

      • 39.1.1 tapioca pearl

        In the King 2 Hearts that I watched, Eun Shi-kyung is not dead. He lives happily ever after with his princess.

        P.S. K2H is the only drama I’m in denial about;(

        • Arhazivory

          Me too. Shi-Kyung’s isn’t dead and Shunji is….um…dreaming.

          • muhloy

            ohhh he’s still sleeping right next to kang to on the floor of their little room their shared.

        • ajj

          Me too..Shi Kyung isnt dead..
          And Prosecutor hottie in City Hunter reunited with his ex wife.

          • muhloy

            oh god! i forgot about city hunter prosecutor!! waaaaahhh!! way to open up old wounds!

          • Lord of the Things

            RIP Prosecutor. We will never forget 🙁

        • MsB

          If I ever watch K2H again, I will skip those dreaded episodes! I have the same denial syndrome as everybody else!

      • 39.1.2 X5

        still haven’t seen the last 2 eps when i found out shik yung died. can’t bring myself to it.

        • howforwardsale


  40. 40 J

    And now the war truly begins.

  41. 41 austriandramalover

    HOLY CRAP… I just nearly died while watching that last scene while holding my breath. I hate cliffhangers like that and yet I absolutely LOVE it (although next wednesday could hurry up a little^^)! I am really looking forward to Shunjis reaction.

    And that potato scene….As soon as I saw that potato I knew that flashback was coming. It was a really touching scene and my tears came as fast as they came to Kang-to.

    Oh and as of now I am convinced that this show is going to be the death of me. My heart just can’t take all that angst 😀

  42. 42 L-V

    keep repeating…it’s just a drama…it’s just a drama….
    woaaa…I need 1N2D now….

    • 42.1 muhloy

      hahaha the first thing i did was go looking for some 1n2d!

      where gaksital hurts so bad, 1n2d makes it all better.

  43. 43 ajj

    OMO! this show surely knows how to end an episode.
    now I have to wait a week to know what’s gonna happen aah I’m pulling my hair. I’ve never felt like this since the anime Fushigi haha..
    anyway I think Shunji might hide him for safety then they’ll cry together and back to being enemies the next.

  44. 44 Bandi

    LOL i had to read arang and the magistrate after this recap to calm myself down xD

  45. 45 Dita

    Someone tell me when is next weeeeekkkkkk???!!!!!

  46. 46 news

    Park Ki Woong is seriously a character actor; He’s stealing the show. Without him, Shunji could’ve been a notch less interesting to me. The range of conflicting emotions displayed on his face at the end was just amazing.

    For once, I’m excited that a villain is truly a villain. I mean, you can’t be a REAL villain unless you’re bad-ass AND smart.

    I didn’t know he was in War of the Arrows until he appeared on screen. And the short time that he was on, he made a strong impression.

    Love him to pieces.

    • 46.1 tapioca pearl

      He is great in this drama. I need to go finish Story of a Man and remind myself of how cute and un-creepy he can be. Mazinger, where are you?

      • 46.1.1 Ana

        Agreed. Joo Won is awesome in his own right. But PKW’s Shunji will go down as the best villain in the history of Kdrama. Never AGAIN will there be another awesome villain who is smart, smexy, angsty, and psychopathic. He convinces himself he does everything he did for love. His love for Mokdan is the only thing that resembles any semblance of humanity he has left. That’s just gone now that he knows Mokdan has been carrying on with KangTo behind his back. He’s going to become a full-fledged monster at this point.

      • 46.1.2 Ana

        This episode had two comedic moments with Shunji:

        1) Shunji takes on ice. Poor ice!

        2) Shunji proposes to Rie’s father asking for her hand in marriage — uh, I mean, murder. He sounded like “Can I marry your daughter?” But he really said, “Can I kill your daughter?” That’s got a be first for any drama or movie anywhere.

  47. 47 missjb

    i have waiting this moment for so long! I wish they still can give Shunji Some consience… It sadden me into thinking their relationship has broken. Because I’m sold by their friendship in the first half.

  48. 48 Itoshi


    I enjoyed this eps though really, just a few minutes of KT-MD? My fan-ship needs more sustenance than that!

    But that scene with Yang Baek is wonderful. A mother’s love through potatoes. And when KT meets Damsari at the tailor’s ami i the only one who gets the feeling as if DSR wanted to hug KT?

    I’m glad they showed more freedom fighters but still i feel Gaksital is alone. Please, put them to use more, i’m really worried about KT. He slips and is careless because he’s alone. Where’s the other guy who they said worked at Jong Ro station?

    and i don’t know where the direction of this drama now (and that’s good really)

  49. 49 lovepark

    Park Sung-woong!!! YIPPEE!

    Oh yeah, about the show: HE KNOWS!!!! AH! *On pins and needles*

  50. 50 Angela

    Mhmph, I am seriously done with trying to figure out how this show will end. It’s so good that anything can basically happen and it kills me just thinking about this good of a show ending.

    Argh, cliffhangers will be the serious death of me, specially when it’s cliffhangers done by Gaksital writers. I’ve been jumping up and down during the last 15 minutes and just about ready to explode when he took of the mask. Oh show, why are you so good?! I just die everytime.

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