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Gaksital: Episode 24
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This show takes dark to some new heights. Is there a black blacker than black? A black hole of evil so dark that it makes you question whether your eyes are open or closed? I can’t promise happy things. But you will be moved. To what end, I can’t even say. Plot-wise, it’s an episode that sets up stuff for the future, but character-wise, we get some gut-wrenching turns, including a glimpse into the mind of our villain. Hint: It’s not pretty in there.


The simultaneous attacks on government offices are in full swing by the time the police catch up to the last comrade dressed as Gaksital, and Shunji captures one the death squad soldier—Village Hothead—and returns to the fray just in time to see Gaksital knock Kang-to out.

In the aftermath, Shunji ices the back of Kang-to’s head back at the station, saying (outwardly): “Are you okay?” and (inwardly): “You son of a bitch.” Shunji does secretly surly so well.

He asks Kang-to why Gaksital is suddenly a group of people and not just one. He wonders to himself: Have you figured out that I’ve unmasked you?

Kang-to says it’s been this way all along—that Gaksital is not one man, but an organized syndicate. Shunji disagrees: “No, the one who killed my hyung, the real one, is just one man.” He says it with laser beams burning from his eyes.

Kang-to asks to interrogate Village Hothead himself, saying that he’s pretty sure this is the guy who killed his mom and brother. He just didn’t have the evidence, but doesn’t want to lose this opportunity.

Shunji agrees and watches curiously, as Kang-to kicks and beats Village Hothead in a fury, screaming in a rage that he killed his family. The man admits to setting the house on fire, a little triumphantly at that, but insists he killed no one.

Shunji deduces from the show that Kang-to doesn’t know that Shunji has unmasked him after all, and walks away, confident with that assessment. Damn.

Kang-to pulls Hothead up into a chair and asks where Dong-jin is. He shouts back a mantra: “No Name, No Trace, No Mission!” You do not give up who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’re doing—it’s what they learned from Teacher Dong-jin. Impressive.

Kang-to asks if he’s willing to be tortured and die. Village Hothead: “It’s to recover our country. How can it be done without being willing to die?”

Kang-to turns to his fellow officer in the room and says this man likely killed his family—he might take the torture a bit far and accidentally kill him. Is he okay being witness to that (and therefore partially responsible)? Takeda scrams pretty quickly.

Once they’re alone, Kang-to takes out the “Solidarity” note from Yang Baek. “Thanks to you, I was able to show this to Teacher Dong-jin.”

Cue biggest shockface ever. “What?!” He starts to put it together… Gaksital? Aaaah, so great. We can see his brain exploding in real time: Lee Kang-to… is Gaksital?!

Kang-to just barrels ahead and asks if he can help him, Yang Baek, and Dong-jin. But Hothead is still reeling: “Waitaminute…” He asks if they met each other before going to see Dong-jin.

Kang-to not only tells him where, but what he said—that he loved Gaksital, that he didn’t know if it was a dream. Mind. Blown. I love this!

Kang-to literally has to slap him out of it to say there isn’t much time. They have to disrupt the investigation if they’re going to be of help to the others. This is a Gaksital fanboy’s dream. He gets to help his hero?

He says that Shunji will torture him for information on the death squads… and he has to act like he breaks and give them false leads. Kang-to warns, “Kimura Shunji must believe you.” *shudder* I’m so scared for you…

Shunji marches in and notes with alarm that Takeda is standing outside the interrogation room. He bursts in to find Kang-to strangling the man and screaming that he killed his family. Phew. Shunji orders him moved to the torture room, and holds Kang-to back. He’ll handle this.

Governor Wada rips everyone a new one for the latest Gaksital attacks, and fears what’ll happen if all the Koreans rise up in revolt. Murayama says they should just kill them all to keep that from happening.

Kimura disagrees entirely—they should be put on the front lines of battle, and die serving the Empire. So basically, Murayama is for genocide while Kimura is for indentured servitude and humans as war supplies. Gee guys, you sure do make it hard to pick a side.

Governor Wada agrees with Kimura and plans to go ahead with drafting Koreans into the army, which leaves Murayama stammering in disbelief. They realize they can’t force them to fight for Japan, so they’ll work on propaganda—like popularizing a term for the citizenry that doesn’t distinguish between race (effectively wiping out the idea that they are Korean), and focuses on being people of one Empire.

Teacher Yang Baek says their next move is to warn the Joseon people not to put their names on any new registries, and Mok Dan volunteers the circus to spread the word. Their plan is to keep Koreans from ending up as bullet-shields on the front lines, and instead recruit them to be trained by the Dong-jin squads in secret.

The biggest need then, is capital—they have to find a way to fund their operation if they’re going to succeed on a large scale. Tasha suggests the empire’s defense funds.

The count and countess get a grand ceremony in honor of the plane they’ve donated to the army, and the governor assures them the day has come when Koreans will be duly rewarded for their patriotism, and share in the empire’s prosperity. They applaud, thinking their choice has finally paid off.

Torture room. Shunji hot-pokers Village Hothead with this utterly bored and indifferent look on his face, even as the guy screams and screams in pain. He asks, barely lifting an eyelid, “Why did you start the fire?”

At first I think he means Kang-to’s house, but it must be the government offices he’s asking about, because I can’t fathom why he’d care about Kang-to’s house burning down at this point.

The smoke circles around him as his clothes and skin burn. And then as he screams, the image changes to Kang-to, strung up and being tortured in his place.

Ohhhhhhh, is this what Shunji is envisioning? That is just… wow, well-played, Show. I’m pretty sure I never want to be in Shunji’s head ever again, but that was brilliant.

Kang-to screeeeams in pain as the smoke from his burning skin sears his eyes. Shunji’s eyes change to hate as he envisions Kang-to looking back at him. *shiver*

And then we switch back to Village Hothead, who finally breaks, “I’ll talk, I’ll talk…”

He says he doesn’t know where Dong-jin’s headquarters are, but he does know that the big plan with Yang Baek is to blow up the government general—Wada’s central headquarters.

Kang-to waits nervously and Shunji calls him to the torture room… just so he can show off what a good job he did in torturing the guy. He says he got no useful information from him, but Kang-to ought to be satisfied that he caused a bunch of pain.

He orders Takeda to move him to holding, and Kang-to cringes at the burn marks. But Village Hothead just gives him a smile, indicating that he’s succeeded with his mission.

Shunji reports to Kishokai and Dad backs up the believability of the information—Damsari failed in an attack on the government general not long ago, so now Yang Baek and Dong-jin must be planning a large-scale attack, to blow the entire building to the ground. Ueno orders them to guard the building carefully.

They cross paths with Rie on their way out and Shunji stops her with a hand to her wrist, and drags her into a room. He asks if she remembers when he called her a pathetic woman, and says he didn’t know then just how pathetic she really was.

He calls her out on her bald-faced lies, saying he had no idea how childish she was, insinuating that he was blinded by his love for a Korean woman when she herself has been in love with a Korean man.

He taunts her for how difficult it must have been when he accused Kang-to of being Gaksital. “You derided me for loving Oh Mok Dan, and you love a Korean? Do you think that bastard can protect you?!”

She reels and he takes a step closer, “If you need a place to run to, come to me. I’ll take you in.” Why so creepy, Shunji?

That’s enough to break her silence. She scoffs, “Kimura Shunji, what the hell are you that you’d take ME in? You arrogant little… I am Ueno Rie. Ueno Rie!” Her entire body shakes as she says her name.

He just looks at her like a pitiful little thing and says he didn’t know just what a weak woman she was and walks out, leaving her trembling in rage and fear. Okay, Shunji wins that round.

Kang-to gets on the streetcar and sits down next to Mok Dan. He takes her hand again, but this time it’s to pass along a note. Well, I suppose if you’re going to just willy-nilly hold hands in public, might as well get some spy mileage out of it.

Mok Dan gives him the note and gets off, and sees an officer on Kang-to’s tail, about to get on. She blocks his path and pretends to be happy to see him, asking after Abe and saying the circus is well… just long enough for the streetcar to leave without him. Nice move. Can you be like this all the time? This time Kang-to sees the guy on his tail.

Dong-jin gives his men a rousing speech: “We may have lost our country, but we did not give them our hearts!” They vow to be seeds until the day of independence, and he leads them in a roaring chant: “Our home! The strength of unity! Our home! The strength of unity!”

You can see how this man raises armies, fuels an entire movement.

Gaksital rides into the camp and once alone with Dong-jin and Reporter Song, Kang-to takes off the mask. Song thanks him for saving his life, calling him comrade. He’s here to deliver a letter from Yang Baek.

In it, Yang Baek offers all of his support for Dong-jin to raise an army, with the goal of stopping Japan from drafting Korean soldiers, and in planning for the second manseh movement. The first thing they need to do is raise money, and he offers everything he has to back Dong-jin.

Kang-to tells them about Village Hothead and the false information they fed to the police. Dong-jin asks why they leaked false info. What, sir, do you not watch any movies?

Kang-to explains that there’s a giant load o’ money headed to Kyungsung because the government is collecting funds to shore up their military defense. Dong-jin says that’s the very thing they need—if they can intercept that money, they can fund their mission.

Kang-to says that security will be extremely tight when the funds arrive by train… but he plans to leak the information that the bombing on the government general is set to happen that very same day, diverting all their attention that way.

Dong-jin thanks him with a handshake and a huge smile. Aw, he got a smile! From the gruff general! I don’t know why but that feels so hard-earned and worth it. Dong-jin says he’ll just trust in Kang-to.

Shunji reports to governor Wada that the last time there was an attack on this building, Damsari used the police’s own weapons against them. That’s news to him and he demands to know who’s responsible. Kimura, the man who let Damsari slip through his fingers that day, has the gall to blame it on Kono.

Wada wants to call in the military to defend the building, but Murayama insists that the police can handle it. Wada asks Shunji if he can find out when the attack is set to happen. Well funny you should ask…

Kang-to comes into the holding area with package in hand. He gets to Village Hothead’s cell and calls out, “Hey, Kim Deuk-soo!” Great scott, he has a name! Look at that!

Deuk-soo shouts back, calling Kang-to a mutt, and Kang-to taunts him with rice cakes that his mother pleaded with him to deliver. He hands one to Takeda who’s standing guard, and the other to Deuk-soo, who scrambles to the corner to open it.

Inside the newspaper wrapping he finds rice cakes and a tiny note, instructing him that they’ll ask when the attack will take place, and he should ask to be released so he can be their informant and find out. Deuk-soo takes a bite with the note and swallows it whole. Nice.

Shunji calls him out to feed him, and asks the expected question. Deuk-soo says he’ll find out if they let him go, and Shunji wonders if the death squad won’t suspect him. But Deuk-soo says that’s not how it works—Dong-jin communicates with each comrade directly, so no one knows who the others are.

That’s convincing enough for Shunji, who agrees to let him loose, and warns him not to try anything stupid. Deuk-soo in turn asks him to do something about Lee Kang-to, and swears he didn’t kill his family. Shunji tells him not to worry about Kang-to.

Abe starts a donation box for the movement to recruit volunteer troops (the same money collected across the country that the independence is planning to take), and asks that they all give their support.

Koiso sneers, but Kang-to drops some money in and tells Koiso he should donate; didn’t he get a raise with that promotion? Touché. Abe runs over to Shunji and asks him to give too, saying that so far Kang-to’s the only one.

Shunji looks over at Kang-to with the most derisive look and throws some money in too. And then he calls the officer tasked with tailing Kang-to into his office. Kang-to, please be suspicious!

Shunji asks where Kang-to went, and the guy meekly says he followed him to the streetcar… but got cut off my Mok Dan. Shunji fumes and has Kye-soon brought in for questioning.

He sits calmly in the torture room and asks if Mok Dan has been meeting Kang-to lately. Stammering, Kye-soon says no. He growls, “Again.” She shakes even more, but gives the same answer. He says, “Again,” growing more and more terrifying each time.

She gives the same answer, and then he finally breaks into a rage, screaming that something like her dare lie to him, and throws her head into a tub of water.

“It’s not enough to have those two fooling me, but you’re lying to me too?!” You’re seriously starting to scare me more than I thought possible.

He drowns her again, his face breaking into this horrifying grimace as he thinks back to Mok Dan, and how she swore she didn’t know who Gaksital was, but was on his side because he was Joseon’s hero, who saved her father twice.

He screams this horrifying, ugly rage, as Kye-soon splashes and struggles for her life. I’m seriously scared he’ll kill her, and in Mok Dan’s place at that.

He finally lifts her up out of the water and she gasps for her breath. And then he raises his gun…

“You saw me kill Dong-nyun, didn’t you?” Her entire body shakes. He cocks the gun and presses it to her temple. This is scaring me shitless. It’s worse than anything he’s done before—it’s brutality, power, misogyny—the ugliest we’ve ever seen him.

“Do you want me to kill you too? Shall I kill you?” He phrases it like he’d be doing her the favor. He uses the barrel of the gun to gently sweep the hair out of her face, which is possibly the creepiest thing ever. “If you lie to me again…” and tells her to watch Mok Dan carefully.

As if that weren’t bad enough, he leaves Koiso alone in the room with her to leer and try to touch her. She pushes him away and runs out, and I finally get to let out a giant sigh of relief. Please, skip town. I hated you, but nobody deserves that. No one. Please be safe.

Mok Dan hands out stacks of Yang Baek’s solidarity notes to her circus friends to help spread the word for people not to sign any new registers with the government, and to let them know Teacher Yang Baek is in country.

Shin Nanda bursts in worried about Kye-soon—he’s never seen her this way before. Mok Dan goes to check on her, and finds her sobbing in bed. She asks what happened, and Kye-soon cries that she’s scared for her life.

She confesses that she became an informant because of the money. She has nine people to feed at home, and just did it because it was easy money. But now… now she’s scared she’ll probably die, and then who’ll feed her family?

Mok Dan calms her down and asks her to tell her everything, from the beginning…

I can guarantee you don’t want to know. Though to Mok Dan’s credit, the first thing she does after Kye-soon tells her the terrifying tale is head straight over to the station, to confront the bastard herself.

She braces herself and we flashback to Kye-soon recounting Shunji’s words that it’s not enough that the “two of them” were fooling him, but her too. OH. Does this mean she’ll know first—that Shunji knows who Gaksital is? Man, I didn’t even think of that!

She marches into the station, which throws Kang-to for a loop. Even more so when she asks to see Shunji, with no explanation. He takes her to Shunji’s office and then leaves them, watching through the window with worried eyes.

She tells Shunji to stop getting Kye-soon to tail her—and in exchange she won’t go anywhere, and she’ll try to accept his feelings. What? Don’t do that! I know you don’t mean it for real, but even the illusion of him getting what he wants through that disgusting display makes me furious!

He looks at her in surprise, and then challenges her by taking a step closer with his arms outstretched. She instinctively shrinks back in disgust. Okay, that’s more like it. Even Shunji knows she’s lying.

But then she asks him to close the blinds, which he does while staring out at Kang-to. That of course leaves Kang-to reeling in panic.

And then Shunji has the nerve to say that he’s having a crazy hard time, barely hanging on. To your sanity? Or your soul? ‘Cause I think those ships have sailed, my friend.

He reminds her of what he swore—that if she were hiding something from him, he’d uncover it and destroy everything—”Do you remember? The anticipation of what face you’ll wear in that instant… is the only thing that keeps me going.”

That confirms it for her, and she thinks to herself that he knows that Kang-to is Gaksital. He tells her to leave and stop coming here, and I’m just screaming at her to get the hell out before he changes his mind.

She walks past Kang-to without a look or a word, and Shunji peers out from behind his creepy-ass blinds. He and Kang-to exchange an awesome stare-down.

Tamao pours himself a drink and Tasha comes in the room and tosses today’s paper on the table, featuring his parents, and their generous gift of a plane to the military. She apologizes: “I never loved you.”

He laughs, already having guessed the truth—that she pretended to love him for information, like his father’s schedule. He chuckles that Dad is still obsessed with how Damsari ever found out his travel plans to insert himself into the count’s inner circle. Ah, so Tasha was the one who provided that info.

She thanks him and he tosses back this childish smile that kills me. He’s trying so hard to cover up his hurt. He asks now what she meant by the words that he’s “someone they don’t need to worry about.”

Tasha: “Because you’re someone who won’t do anything.” Ouuuuuuuch. Ow, that hurts my heart. Poor Tamao. Just when you’re hoping that someone will give him a chance. She meant literally that he wouldn’t ever get off his ass to do anything in life.

He takes it in while letting out a long breath, like a deflating balloon. Voice shaking, he says, “I have a conscience too.” He says sometimes it hurts him more than a toothache, and she says she’s happy to hear it.

She points out how much his parents have taken from the people and given to Japan, and suggests bitterly that they ought to donate some planes to their side too. He’s on the verge of tears but fights them back and puts on his sarcastic façade, asking if she’s short on cash these days, and empties out his wallet on the table and walks out.

Aw, somebody hug him. Also, I really hope this actor gets more work. He’s doing an amazing job.

He stumbles home drunk and passed out, making Dad cluck in worry, calling him by his Korean name, Hae-seok. Mom and Dad discuss plans for his future, and Mom says first priority is getting him into Kishokai.

She plans to collect the donation funds collected from around the country and hand them over to Chairman Ueno to earn some brownie points. She figures if it all ends up being used for the military, what’s the difference?

They celebrate, and then Tamao opens his eyes, having heard it all. Yes! Please, do something!

Tasha gets a phone call—it’s Tamao, who feeds her the information. Awesome. She thanks him, and calls Mok Dan, who then calls Kang-to at the station.

She tells him that the military donation money will be handed over to Kishokai at the gisaeng house tomorrow night at eight. She adds that she thinks Shunji knows that he’s Gaksital, repeating what he said to Kye-soon.

Kang-to says he understands and then asks for a favor. She passes a note (the time and place of the money hand-off) to Deok-soo, so he can match his story. He comes to inform Shunji that the bombing is scheduled for tonight at eight.

Shunji sees Kang-to and thinks to himself that Gaksital must know what Yang Baek and Dong-jin are planning too, and that perhaps they’ll meet tonight.

Not to be outdone, Kang-to throws down his own interior monologue challenge: “Kimura Shunji, have you finally discovered who I am? Let’s see who wins tonight. Shall we begin?”

Kishokai holds a ceremony that night to induct two new members: Reporter Park, and Tamao. OOH, do the good guys now have an informant on the inside?

Shunji takes his men to the government general, while Kang-to and his comrades run toward the gisaeng house.

The countess arrives with the military defense donation money, and hands it off to Chairman Ueno. At the same time, Tamao quietly slips away. A few minutes later, a note gets slipped to the count.

Tamao writes to his father that the money will end up going to the Independence. We cut to him in another room of the gisaeng house… staring down at a gun. NO!

The letter continues: “I was ashamed to be born your son…” He cocks the gun. “…But I love you, Father.”

He raises the gun to his temple. “Please forgive me, for lacking the courage, for only knowing to handle it this way…” Ohgodohgod, don’t do it!

Dad reads the letter, trembling, and then the shot rings out, making him jump.

I… can’t… believe it…

Dad screams his name, “Hae-seok-ah! Hae-seok-ah!” and gets up, but then a familiar dagger lands right in front of him. It’s Gaksital!

He stares right at Ueno, who waves his assassin to get to work. Crud.

The two (only two?) comrades who came with him burst through the side to steal the bag of money, and Rie and Katsuyama run after them. They surround the pair with swords at the ready, and Comrade Ahn battles Katsuyama unarmed. People! Weapons!

At least the lady has sticks, though against Rie’s sword, I’m a little concerned.

And outside, Gaksital runs and runs, drawing Scary Assassin Kinpei away from the fray. And then… he stops. Ah, WHY?

He turns. Kinpei draws his sword and points it at Kang-to, with a murderous gleam in his eye.

Oh. Crap.


Okay, that’s an effective cliffhanger for me, ’cause that guy scares the beans outta me. Though compared to last week, of course, it packs less of a punch—it’s hard to compete with the outing of the secret identity.

I… still can’t believe that Tamao killed himself. I loved him so. He was so pathetic, but had so much room to grow, change, make up for who he had been. His loneliness was already at the brink, and then to be told by Tasha that she never loved him, that her expectations for him amounted to zero? I know it broke his heart, but I hoped that it would trigger a change in him to try and make something of himself. Why wasn’t there anyone to tell him that he wasn’t his parents, and that he could’ve made it right? What a terrible, tragic, waste of a young life.

I was so looking forward to his transformation, and he’s been building up to such an interesting conflicted character. It made it all the more heartbreaking to think he was on the path to redemption, and then have him give up like that? AUGH. Such sadness. I have to say, I wouldn’t have cared nearly as much if it wasn’t for Choi Dae-hoon’s performance. He had those perfect tiny nuances of vulnerability, shame, loneliness, and all under this big bravado and devil-may-care attitude. Many of the side characters are one-note and just functional, but he did amazing things with such a small part.

And then SHUNJI, aaaaack, his torture of Kye-soon crossed a line that blew me away. I’m still kind of reeling from it. It’s been building with him over time—the way he began to treat Mok Dan like a possession he had to have, the way he creepily invaded her personal space all the time, the way he talked down to Rie when even his father would bow to her. And yes, he’s already snapped, tortured so many independence agents, and even Mok Dan. But that was for information, because they were soldiers on the opposite side. It was still horrific, but felt different.

But Kye-soon is not a soldier—she’s just a girl. She has no cause, no allegiances. She’s in fact on his side, as long as he pays her. And he tortured her for kicks. To get his rage out. To punish her in Mok Dan’s stead. That… is so powerfully… so hugely… WRONG. Just wrong. I would almost applaud the show for taking him so dark, if I wasn’t so horrified by it. I wasn’t planning to forgive him before or anything, but now I might be dissatisfied if Kang-to shows him mercy in the end. I don’t need his redemption. I don’t even want it.

I am glad that Shunji’s one weakness—Mok Dan—proved to be useful and that she could use it to figure out what Shunji knows about Gaksital. They glean that one major bit of information from Kye-soon that changes things, so I’m glad that at least Kang-to knows the score. I do think it was great to put us in Shunji’s head and show us Kang-to being tortured in Deok-soo’s place. It’s a way to get at Shunji’s feelings about the betrayal in a way that’s simple and direct, but doesn’t need them to out each other’s secrets. That’s a face-off I’m dying to see, and now that we’re barreling toward the end of the series, I feel like a kid waiting for Santa. Want. Epic. Battle. Now.


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        Oh wow, I feel sorry for Jay. I know in the past lots of ppl were like demanding for a recap, being ungrateful, etc. Most probably deserved this kind of rant, but I think Jay is one of the view that didn’t. he/she wasn’t being ungrateful, it was a simple question without any demanding tone, closed with a big thank you. Ah well, I’m not gonna talk to much, don’t want to be ended up preaching to the preachers. Just a word of advice, try to read & comment without any prejudice, the internet might be a happier place.

      • 2.1.6 Lea

        lol wow question over blown to epic proportions

      • 2.1.7 lenrasoon


        Don’t worry you weren’t overreacting, comments asking for the recaps are always annoying especially since JB and GF showed many times that they didn’t like that, i always get scared that one of these comments would make them upset to the point of stopping Dramabeans ’cause it’ll might start feeling like a chore and not a hobby.

        • Lizz25

          were not overreacting…? maybe you are right… this “ivoire” were not overreacting but TOO MUCH overreacting……
          how could this “ivoire” said something like that, a “4 paragraphs length” full of anger while Jay was ONLY asking with one sentence….??
          I agree with LHYing…. maybe she has something frustrating going on in her life, and do not know how to handle it….

          I do love JB and GF way of writing…. their recaps was awesome…. I always read their recaps even when I had watched and understood the whole episode, because the way they write, sometimes is more excited than the story itself….
          but I think…. your anger is too much and base on NO reason…

    • 2.2 paper

      Hiya Jay 🙂
      orangy911 is probably busy atm. But you can read the Live Recaps for the last 2 episodes of AGD by v3sia here:
      Episode 19: http://www.vingle.net/posts/44443-A-Gentleman-s-Dignity-ep-19-LIVE-RECAP
      Episode 20: http://www.vingle.net/posts/44574-A-Gentleman-s-Dignity-ep-20-LIVE-RECAP

      Its not like orangy911’s recaps but its something 🙂
      Feel free to contact me if you need anything else ;o

      p.s. To everyone commenting here~ the least one of ya’ll could have done was point this dorama lover to a place where she/he could get his/her fix till orangy911 did the recaps for dramabeans… instead of gasbagging about a topic that has been discussed many times on this site and giving your two cents on the matter ;<

      Anywho~~ Shunji CPREEEEPS ME OUT! @_@
      I kinda liked him at the star of the show when he was an adorable puppy… but holy hell did he ever change *^*
      I really want to stab him with a fork… Kang-To vs. Shunji is gonna be such an EPIC face-off moment/battle *shudders* I'm gonna cry buckets if anything happens to Kang-To!

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ueno Rie~ she is such a lovely character and I truly hope she doesn't get hurt in the crossfire or by creepy Shunji :<

      Tamao's death made me cry 🙁 I don't usually invest interest in side characters in dramas much but Choi Dae-hoon did such a friggin great job with so little screen time <3 This man needs to get more screen time in the future!

  3. Autumn

    Show, you never fail to deliver an entertaining episode. I lub you. <3

    Thanks for the recap! Off to read.

    • 3.1 Autumn

      I cringed when Shunji tortured Deuk-soo all the while imagining he was Kang-to. Just…ugh. And torturing Kye-soon? I never liked her (in fact despised the girl at times) but damn, she didn’t deserve that.
      I knew Shunji went to the dark side with no hope of return some episodes ago when he snapped and relentlessly stabbed that dead independence fighter with a long needle. Talk about an ugly rampage.
      Then there’s that moment when he got pleasure from torturing Boss Jo in the nail cage and actually managed to crack a (fake?!) smile when he let the poor man go…
      I’ve seen no real emotion other than hate spew from Shunji, and I doubt there isn’t a single ounce of good left in this guy. He only feigns kindness when it benefits him.
      My brothers grew interested in the drama after seeing me freak out over every cliffhanger so much (haha), that we decided to watch the first couple of episodes together.


      Seriously, there is only black and white with this character.
      The grays are fague and practically non-existent. In a way I like how they’ve written Shunji that way. It makes for such great conflict. And no, I don’t want any character redemption.

      I’m actually looking forward to Shunji’s demise.

      • 3.1.1 jellybeaniebaby

        Just wait until Nanny disowns Shunji.

        • DarknessEyes

          I’ve been waiting for that for ages! I feel like the nanny is his one real weakness now, because MD is tainted for him bc of her association with KT. On the other hand, the nanny has always been with him and supported him. Tho i think that Shunji is evil, I don’t necessarily think that he is all evil. Not saying that he can have a redemption(after kye-soon? hell no.) but I feel like Shunji almost has multiple personality disorder. The Kimura in him is as evil as hell, the teacher in him unfortunately got devoured by the Kimura, but I don’t think the same has happened to the young boy who sold a family heirloom to save his nanny. I don’t think that his “love” for his granny has disappeared. If you notice, all his relationships with the ppl he supposed loved crumble after he feels that they have betrayed him.(that’s what brings out the kimura in him, i think). But if you notice, the nanny has never betrayed him. I’m really looking forward to that scene, if they skip it i’ll be really mad. And if Shunji is a complete demon and doesn’t care… well then i’ll just go cry in a corner. because that scene has the potential to do a LOOOOTTTA damage to Shunji.

          • jellybeaniebaby

            Nanny has never betrayed Shunji. But now Shunji has unwittingly betrayed Nanny by sending her granddaughter to become a comfort woman.

            What will that do to his fragile mental state?

          • DarknessEyes


            exactly! That’s what I’m thinking. It’s time that Shunji got some medicine of his own. And I hope that this will make him realize and bring home the awfulness of what he is doing. But, then again it might not. After all, this is Shunji that we’re talking about here.

          • Peridot

            I had half-jokingly thought (a few episodes ago) that the nanny might be the one to bring about some change in Shunji. That she might, in fact, be the only one able to get through to him, kind of like how Xander was the only one able to bring Willow back from the dark side in Buffy season 6 (a strange comparison to make, I know!). But with how far Shunji has fallen, I am not even sure if that scenario is possible. I wonder, however, how Shunji would react upon seeing his nanny. Will he find out about her granddaughter?

        • Autumn

          Shit will go down.

          *sigh* PKW is hot and it makes me feel so conflicted to hate Shunji’s guts and marvel at his gorgeous looks simultaneously. That man is really easy on the eyes.
          And his terrific acting has me swooning. All the awards, I throw them at you.

          • AnaBanana

            Agreed. Someone get this guy (PKW) some more work! Maybe even a movie. Can he do something R-rated? Actually he’d excel in ANYthing, no matter what the rating. He has the skills and talents. He’s earned it and proved it through and through. When Gaksital is over, forget Joo Won and Jin Sae Yeon. I’m looking forward to seeing PKW in a LEAD role.

          • news

            Yeah, PKW is so epic, he’s made for films. I see him along the lines of actors like Lee Jung-jae and Ryoo Seung-yong AND so very hot in a distinct way.

            Same goes for Choi Dae-hoon. He should be in films. This is like what, his first role? And he’s just amazing.

            It’s a pleasure to watch actors who can successfully express so many different conflicting emotions all at once. It certainly takes acting to a whole new level.

            I’m really surprised that a drama (finally!) has so many interesting side characters. I feel like jumping into the drama and giving everyone a hug for making me so happy 😀

          • news

            Ah, Choi Dae-hoon’s Tamao…buckets of tears for your demise…bittersweet heartbreak.

        • Awe

          and just wait till Nanny gets revenge on Daddy Kimura.

          kimura clan…you’re going down! to chinatown! by the nanny in the library with a candlestick. lol–clue reference FTW.

      • 3.1.2 scarlett

        to think that he used to teach children before the dark force consumed him. scary…shunji…

  4. Maya

    Thanks GF!
    I can’t believe that Tamao was killed off like that, my heart breaks for him! There’s so many things I still want to see from him, although I’m glad that he chose to help the independent movement in the end… but… I was excited at first because I thought he’ll help by becoming a mole inside Kishokai… Tamao, you’ll be greatly missed!!
    And Shunji… you’ve been playing with my mind throughout the last two episodes, but I guess it’s safe to say that you have reached the point of no return. My sympathy definitely has ran out for you.

    • 4.1 Ivoire

      Hi Maya,

      But isn’t PKW hot though? 🙂 I just think he is one of those Korean actors who is just gorgeous to look at. You might not think that when you are watching Gaksital, but I personally do. I really, really LOVE his acting here. *Rave over, sighs*

      • 4.1.1 Maya

        Hi Ivoire!

        Urm.. Personally, I do think he’s gorgeous, but I wouldn’t call him hot though. He’s more on the cute category for me. I still can’t get rid of his image as the nice Shunji from my head 😀 (and they nice slave boy from Chuno). And now when he’s turning evil, he’s just evil now for me. So I couldn’t really put him in my hot-actors list (wait, do I keep sucha list?). However his acting is sizzling hot. I definitely buy his errr… evilness. When I pay more attention to his faux smile, I can see that it’s different from his sincere smile, it’s all in his eyes. He does a great job! 🙂

    • 4.2 tapioca pearl

      Tamao…I knew he was a heartbreaker, but not because of this! So sad to see such a young life wasted, like girlfriday said. But that’s the reality of war. Like you said, at least he did something before his death.

      • 4.2.1 Maya

        It’s really tragic that he decided to kill himself. I guess that conscience he mentioned to Tasha is really hurting him inside… 🙁

    • 4.3 Shapi

      Too bad that they are not extending the show further, if not a mole for the good guys would be an interesting development. Perhaps that’s why they have to kill the character. But then again extending the show will pose other problems, especially if the good guys don’t wisen up!

  5. Maru

    Jesus, Gaksital keeps getting better and better.

    SHUNJI! The scene where he imagine he was torturing Kang-to o.O Holy mother… I’m scare. Also, my darling spyco, if you don’t want to take Snape’ guide book… you’re welcome to follow Tamao!

    Tamao… I’m amazed how this show keeps suprising me. I never though Tamao would suicide. That was… just… WOW. My heart is with him.

    I want to see how this ends… but I’m afraid of the ending and my life without Gaksital two days a week!!! Detox Center, I’m coming to you!

    • 5.1 tapioca pearl

      Pray tell, where is this detox center and what methods are used there? I may need to book a room for a while…

      • 5.1.1 Maru

        Tapioca! I think we are not the only one in need of a room in detox!

        I still don’t know the methods used there, it’s my first time with this sickness!

        This drama is not perfect, but I love it so, so much. Sigh.

        Tamao! ='( why?!?!?! I wanted you to be something MOAR! Oh, well…

        One thing I forgot… Mok Dan! Oh my, is that you doing something more than being Shunji captive for the past two episodes?! Stading ovation from me!

        • tapioca pearl

          It isn’t perfect (it’s a ten in my book despite that), but who needs perfection when it’s 100% awesome?

          It’s my first time feeling this way after a drama. The characters, the story, the heart, the music, the everything–it’ll all stick with me for a while. I would not wait week after week for a 20+ episode drama for anything else.

          • Maya

            me too! This is the first time I’ve been following a drama on a weekly basis… after a long time. But because I watched and also read the recap, and discussed it to death, it’s definitely going to stick with me for a while. I love everything about it too, even if it’s not perfect. But mostly for how many times it managed to stop my heart. Too awesome! 🙂 And btw, this is also the first drama in a while that I don’t really want to end, I just want it to go on forever and ever…

        • Maya

          Do send me a brochure on this detox room you mentioned!

    • 5.2 Ivoire

      Awww… I feel both of your pain 🙁

  6. ilikemangos

    ach. shunji is so utterly filled with darkness and hatred that i am so repulsed at the sight of him.
    that means park ki woong is doing a stellar performance.
    &just so sad about tamao’s demise because i was always interested in his character, and totally agree how the actor’s performance was great.
    Gaksital has such wonderful actors/actresses.

    • 6.1 eny

      except joo won the other cast of this drama like PKW, HCA and JYS for me their acting just OK not really good till deserve any award but the charracter of ueno rie and shunji is special with much emotion and conflict and mok dan charracter is flat doesn’t have much conflict. I mean, charracter make Shunji and HCA look’s good, in many scene i see PKW acting still unnatural and unstable.

  7. Andy

    Full credit to the writer(s) for giving the show an adversary worthy of the hero, a story that constantly surprises and moves the viewer….just so many wow moments.

    This is how dramas should be!

  8. muhloy

    poor tamao. 🙁

    i has a sad.

    • 8.1 queencircles

      I’m so saad. He was such a lost puppy! As gf said, that actor is fantastic, making me care SO much about a side character. So many nuances in every scene with him. He played it pitch perfect these last few episodes, I’m so sad to see him go.

  9. muhloy

    i cannot believe how sweet shunji was at the beginning. it seems like a million years ago now!

    what an incredible transformation.

    • 9.1 Andy

      Makes you think how circumstances can bring out the monster of even the most seemingly nice people. Some people rise above…some people sink to lower levels.

      Maybe things happened to Shunji that “released the beast” but at some point he has to take responsibility for his actions. Being caught up with his brother’s murder, his father’s ambition, Mok Dan’s rejection, his inability to be one of the Koreans despite his seeming respect for them at the start of the show put him in a “box”…but ultimately his choices and his actions are his own.

      It’s easy to hate Shunji….it’s natural…but I have the tiniest sympathy for this devil. Atom sized sympathy

      • 9.1.1 Autumn

        “…circumstances can bring out the monster of even the most seemingly nice people.”

        Lol this reminded me of White Christmas. It’s very true though. The change in Shunji was drastic at the very least.

    • 9.2 tapioca pearl

      And how much of a dickhead Kang-to was. I sorta miss him saying “Bingo.” Again, kudos to the writer for two complete 180 character developments that are not only believable and logical but damn near tragic and breathtaking. Enhances an already rich story. And kudos to our actors too. They all deserve a long vacation after this. Great stuff.

      • 9.2.1 Andy

        Speaking of Kang-To….

        The whole personal revenge aspect hasn’t really ever played into it, has it? There’s no going after his father’s killers, his mother’s killer. It’s not even a story of redemption for killing his own brother. It’s a little surprising that these aspects are seemingly forgotten (along with his family retainer)

        • Andy

          But I suppose that’s what makes Kang-To different from Shunji…. Shunji’s motives are more personal and less “for the glory of the Empire” while Kang-To is more about Korea’s freedom than personal vengence.

          Still, a little self interest wouldn’t be out of line, would it?

        • tapioca pearl

          Yeah, that’s kind of an obvious plot line that shouldn’t be left hanging. But I’ve concluded that Kang-to has really embraced what it means to be Gaksital, so there are priorities to be made. And he did avenge his mother’s death, but where did that get him? In an epic rivalry with his best friend. Since Kishokai is responsible for his father’s death, going after it in the name of Joseon is very convenient for him and would ease his conscious a bit (and I mean all of that in a good way–Kang-to deserves to sleep peacefully at night).

          I wouldn’t say it’s not a story of redemption. In my eyes, Kang-to has been redeemed. He did bad deeds in the past, killed his own brother, and took it upon himself to bear the mask. The fact that his vengeful intent in becoming Gaksital turned into his own desire to liberate Joseon and its people resonates with me. He’s become what his brother was so that Kang-san didn’t die in vain, and by extension, his father as well. They would be so proud of Kang-to. That family saddens me so much.

          • Andy

            Well, when you put it that way…. 🙂

            Great insight.

          • Anonymous

            Like Andy, that always bothered me as well.

            In fact, I’ll even go so far as to say that the only reason he wore the mask in the first place was to uphold his brother’s legacy as well as avenge his family. For the writers to suddenly just drop such an interesting development and have KT play out to be the stereotypical hero is just a little too much to swallow. I was really looking forward to how they (the writers) would handle the inner conflict of KT actually doing something for his country for the sake of the the cause itself and donning the mask as a means of executing his revenge.

            Unfortunately, the writers begged to differ – if anything, I must really commend them for their insistence in painting the world black and white and forgetting the shades of grey.

            Take, for instance:

            Shunji – from an idealistic teacher to a total tyrant? Another missed opportunity, IMHO, much like the potential conflict between two brothers forced to square off against each other due to causes which neither of them *logically, I feel, if one were to take the time constraints in consideration* really belong to.

            MD – Ah, my biggest grouse of the series. A weak, weak female lead. And I placed the blame entirely on the writers. Given such a one dimensional character, whose only saving grace is her ‘purity’ – even this, I would word it loosely, I can only think of her as a racist at best – its a wonder JSY can produce any emotions out of such a character at all. And don’t even get me started on her obsession with the past – and Gaksital. Not KT, but the Young Master. Again, not KT, but the hero in white. Sigh. And that is our beloved OTP.

            Don’t get me wrong, the acting is awesome. The music is awesome. The action scenes are awesome – coughatleasttheydon’twaveglowingblueswordsthankgodcough – but it is my opinion that the writing just can’t compare with everything else this drama has got going for it. Between the abrupt 180 degrees face-heel (and vice versa) turns, the non-inspiring, weak, perpetually a damsel-in-distress yet somehow always seems to take the moral high ground female lead, and the whole simplistic view of invaders = BAD and rebels = GOOD ideal (heck, they even killed off the only good Japanese officer just to make it clearer to us that under no means are we to feel anything but intense hatred towards all who oppose the designated good guys), I just feel that Gaksital, so far, is just a diamond bereft of its true worth.

            Wow, that was ranty. Haha. Anyways, tl;dr, Gaksital = good but could have been way more awesome, I think.

          • Andy

            Anonymous has a good point –

            Gaksital’s conversion from baddie to goodie came a little too fast for me too…and Mok Dan’s acceptance of Kang To came way too easily too.

            MD is an idealist..motivated by ideals only…and in love with a hero and a memory rather than a man. Her initial brush off of Shunji stems from this simple black and white view of the world.

            Rie is also in love with a memory, not a man. I can understand how she can have feelings for a man who saved her life but that was a while ago… I’m glad her willingness to change sides hasn’t been abrupt… Who knows, she may end up not being able to make that final step. What’s in it for her? Not every character can be an idealist, right?

            To be fair, no one has had time to sit around to have coffee and catch up/get to know each other better. But isn’t all this self sacrifice based on something “ideal” ahem..flimsy?

            One of the reasons why the show hooked me in the first place was the “shades of gray.” It’s a pity that we’re in black and white territory now. Love this show!

          • DarknessEyes

            yeah, i agree Anonymous.

            While i bought the KT gaksital transition perhaps a little more than you did, i wish that they hadn’t just dropped the first reason that he became Gaksital. Given, by doing one, he’s accomplishing the other, but I feel like the show should have spent more time on developing that because the whole revenge thing is what started this whole mess in the first place.

          • missjb

            I agree with All of you said @Anonymous and @andy.. Both of u has rise some point for this show that’s makes me dissatisfied. Now it’s all black and white.. from the start, They make an interesting setup, a japanese who loved korean, and a korean who dedicated himself to Japanese to afford his family. I was looking forward to saw a nuanced and potential awsome transformation between and potential inner conflicted between the two.

        • mojobobo

          Kangto did get his revenge for his mother and it just happens that the people who killed his father are the korean Kishokai so I guess they all merge together pretty well and we can see that now, he values being able to help his countrymen more than his personal gain.

          I thought Shunji’s change was more abrupt than Kangto’s and that Kangto’s was pretty fine. I don’t think the writers paid too much attention to Mok Dan because I felt that it would be more awesome to see how she copes with having her family always put their lives out there and be in constant danger. There’s more conflict to be explored there.

          I don’t think it’s fair to call Mok Dan a racist though. What’s good is good and what’s bad is bad. Sure, there are different motivations but those cannot totally negate the morality of what is done at all. Maybe if the writers showed that Mok Dan saw the reality that was and still chose to hold on to her ideals because ideals are what people need in those times, then Mok Dan wouldn’t have seemed so shallow. But then again, the drama’s story was always centered on Kangto and his becoming of the hero so…

          • missjb

            Still, I feel disconnected to Kang To’s character start when all of sudden his character become too good to be true.. like, where is coming from? It’s like his intial character has dissappeared completely. while if I though his transformation more logical than Shunji’s, I still feel disconnected and I’m no longer feel for him. ANd maybe I’m the only one who felt this, but Jo WOon’s acting has been abit weak since then can’t help either.

            It’s the same with Shunji actually. But strange, I can buy his transformation become a monster though his transformation fees absurb. Because when i rewatching gaksital 1st episode, actually they gave us some hint that there is a monster in him even it has shown when beforeKenji was still alive. From his battle with his brother when Kenji accused him as Gaksital, and him being mad and punished one of his student. It’s not shown because he is surround by a good person and has peace ful atmosphere.

            Though I still can’t believe it.. All of sudden his good nature dissappear… I keep hoping just like they give us some hint him being a monster, Wish they showed us some hint he had good nature left in him

          • Maya

            I agree with mojobobo, I think I can buy Kang To’s transformation more than Shunji as well. And I said this because he was a good character to start with. He only became ruthless/evil because the situation called for it. He saved Rie when he first started working as a cop, at the cost of almost losing his job. And I think that made him realized that he needs to get rid of any type of sympathy for these people (the Koreans) since it might thwarted him from getting promoted (or even it will cause him to lose his job). And at that time, getting a promotion means a lot for Kang To because he needed to provide for his family, and because he also wanted to bring his brother to the best hospital to get a treatment, and all of that will cost a lot of money which he can get if he can keep getting promotion. That’s why he was the Kang To we saw in the first episode. And that made me believe in his transformation, because I feel that he’s just returning to his old self, just with a cause.
            While Shunji, he was always the good character to start with. He was kind, compassionate, etc. He taught the Korean children. He even sold his dad’s sword to get a treatment for his nanny. And to have him turned into this “monster”, that’s pretty mind-bending for me. And I think his transformation’s too sabrupt, he blamed Kang To for putting handcuffs on his dad, even though he was there when Kono ordered him to do it. For me, that was a lame plot device to trigger his transformation.
            But I do agree about Mok Dan’s acceptance though. I did and do still feel that her acceptance’s too sudden. I’m not saying that the writer should have prolonged her time to come into term with Kang To as Gaksital for few episodes, but having her accepted him AND kissed him after just few minutes of realizing that he is Gaksital was just too… sudden. I want to see her turmoil first (and I don’t mean resigning from treating his injuries when he obviously injured because he saved her), maybe some silent/angsty moment between the two of them with Mok Dan trying to gather her thoughts and feelings while treating him before finally accepting Kang To and… kissing him. Because I honestly feel that if only they could build up the moment of angst and longing before the kiss, then it would be a great scene and one that could definitely made me go awwww when I saw it. But that kiss scene on episode 18, it left no impression on me at all.. Anyway sorry for ranting (I didn’t mean to rant btw, I just really love this drama and you know I just wished that there are some parts that could be handled better. But I still love you, Gaksital! :))
            Btw about the Kang To’s revenge, I’m totally with you on your point there, mojobobo 😉 which brought me to Shunji and the motivations that made him the villain that he is now. I just want to say that I really lost what are they. Was it revenge for his brother? Because I don’t think he can claim it like that anymore when it’s obvious that his brother was the one who killed Kang To’s mom, and he KNOWS. His love for Mok Dan? I don’t think he can call it love anymore when he was always that creepy around her. Admittedly, he’s just purely evil now in my eyes, and I feel a little bit disconnected from him because I can’t really understand his motivations..
            Oops, I got carried away again, sorry for the long meandering thoughts there…

        • Jasmine Gan

          well, to be fair, it wasnt exactly kang to’s wish to become joseon’s hero the moment he wore the mask. the first time he appeared wearing the mask was when he punished the mr jo guy. who was part of kishokai. and who was part of the group that killed the father. when he first started to know about kang san, he hardly appeared in the mask. the first time he appeared to really help people, was when he decided to help mok dan – because he felt happy that mok dan contacted him. so gradually, love for the country was instilled in him.

          and also, i guess, he is still carrying out his personal revenge but he doesnt know who he’s up against. so now theyre developign the part where he realyl knows who he’s up against. after he knows its a big organisation, theres no chance to slip or rush into it is there?

          since avenging his father’s death is very very closely related to the independence movement (what more when he’s wearing the bridal mask outfil meaning he’s appearing as joseon’s hero) as both are related to kishokai. and the love for the country growing more and more. so i guess its really logical and acceptable 🙂

          • Andy

            I think Shunji’s fall is believable.

            Maybe being civilized and moral, in normal everyday circumstances, is natual and easy for most of us. But put under duress, we may find that our “good” behaviour is just a mask.

            Perhaps there is a difference between a good person and a moral one. A good person is good naturally, can’t help but do good…it’s not even a choice. A moral person chooses to do good. An immoral person, when given the choice between doing good or evil, chooses the evil route…and the bad person can’t help but do evil. Shunji is just a immoral person.

            If Shunji lived in a different time, in a different place, I am pretty certain he would be the teacher character we met in the beginning. But given his circumstances and experiences, he’s been put in an extremely trying position. He chooses revenge, chooses to do harm. Is it really such a reach to think that deep down inside each of us is the potential to choose to do great good/evil? Maybe trying times reveals the truth about us?

            It is natural to want to throw stones at Shunji and Kye-Soon for being immoral…but to a certain degree their actions are understandable and believable, don’t you think?

    • 9.3 piaaa

      I was re-watching the first episodes… and I was like Shunji-yaaaaaaaa.. How did you changed into a monster… I cannot comprehend. So sad.

  10. 10 SoyJade

    A pic of Kang To screaming with a look of so much pain as the intro to the recap… I don’t know if I can keep on reading. *Thinks about it*… Nope need more time to prepare myself mentally and emotionally. Arggghh!! Drama, why you so good?!!

    • 10.1 DarknessEyes

      yeah i totally agree. If i were like KT’s mom or something, i don’t think i could have watched this show. Joo Won’s acting is just too good and too real. It would have been too hard to watch, even if it wasn’t true.

  11. 11 Qwertykeyboard

    Omg. Thanks for the recap!:)
    Omg, I had no idea Tamao felt that way! Now that I do I feel so sorry for him if he dies i’ll be like OMG shittttttt!
    Anyway I hate scary assasin dude. He sucks.

    • 11.1 Qwertykeyboard

      Well Im pretty sure he did die. (Tamao)

  12. 12 stars4u

    The expression of Deuk-soo when he found out that Kang-to is his hero Gaksital, so priceless!
    I’m saying this in each episode since Shunji went all out monstrous, but he is really scaring me!!!
    I can’t believe this drama is ending soon.

    • 12.1 Star

      I wonder if the Hothead totally regrets burning down Kang-to’s house now. He’s probably afraid his hero’s family really died because of him. lol that scene was so epic.

    • 12.2 Maya

      That scene was HI-larious, and yes his expression was priceless.. 😀

  13. 13 tapioca pearl

    Thanks for the great recap, girlfriday!

    I love that this show has such a variety of characters that probably did exist during this time. You got the independence fighters, the bad guys, the simple folk just trying survive one day at a time, the in-betweeners like Tamao. God, what a tragic moment. True, he was a background character, but such an interesting one. He seemed like a real person, because I can imagine people committing suicide during this time, as sad as it is. I felt bad for the Count for the first time. It actually warmed my heart when he fretted over Tamao being drunk; in that moment he was just a doting father, not an ass-kissing, overgrown baby.

    Shunji. I agree. I didn’t think it was even remotely possible to be any more creeped out by him, but that dude just oozes creepiness by the gallon. He’s just a great villain, and I applaud the writers for that. Too often villains become caricatures or incomprehensible messes or wusses. I don’t want his redemption either. He’s been past that for a while now, but today’s episode pushed him yards further down. On that note, I can’t believe how easily he fell for Hothead’s lies. Surely, he should know he was working with Kang-to? But of course, Shunji doesn’t think anyone else’s ability matches his. Vanity shall become your enemy, Mr. Kimura. Also, you are not worthy of Rie. Or any woman. Any living, breathing thing. Die an inglorious death and rot in hell.

    (Kang-to being Kang-to, I do see him having mercy on Shunji. Unfortunately.)

    And yay, Village Hothead has a name! Congratulations, you’re a prime-time player now. But I still want to call you Hothead.

    • 13.1 Andy

      The next Gaksital should have a name, shouldn’t he? *wink wink*

      • 13.1.1 tapioca pearl

        That would mean that Kang-to died! And I can’t seem to let go of that small hope that he’ll live ;(

        • jellybeaniebaby

          Maybe he will just lose an arm WBDS style and go into retirement and become the master schemer behind the scenes (the new “teacher”).

      • 13.1.2 jellybeaniebaby

        You can call him “Nextsital”

        • AnaBanana

          HAHA! Nextsital! I love it

        • muhloy

          hahahahah awesome!

    • 13.2 mojobobo

      i totally loled when girlfriday said mr deuk soo was fanboyling and having his dream come true by being enlisted to help Kangto lol!!! so cute!

    • 13.3 Maru

      “Die an inglorious death and rot in hell.” Amen!

      “Kang-to being Kang-to, I do see him having mercy on Shunji. Unfortunately.” I think it depends on how far Shunji goes. If he endeangers Mok Dan or one of the leaders, Kang-to knows he has to do something. There was an episode where he said something like he knows he will have to face off Shunji like what happen between him and his brother, and he though that, when that happens, one of them is going down. I think it was after the second fight.

      • 13.3.1 tapioca pearl

        True. I remember that scene. I also remember how he felt when he killed Kang-san, so maybe any residual feelings he has from that might factor in as well. I’m so anxious for the end. I need it now!

  14. 14 yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    Gaksital isn’t the kind of series I can watch, but somehow the recaps allow me to enjoy the work without being subjected to the torture directly.

  15. 15 Mary

    anyone else feel like 4 more episodes to go and there’s still so much more story to tell

    • 15.1 hello!


  16. 16 mojobobo

    Poor Tamao. When javabeans said yesterday that Tasha was showing trust in him by saying he was not someone to worry about, I was thinking if she could have meant that he was so useless and spineless that he won’t ever amount to a threat. And yesterday’s episode proved that.

    I’m glad to see that Tamao wasn’t a fool and that he knew Tasha was making use of him but yet he still gave her the information. See, he was a closet Independence fighter! WHY did they kill him off? I was so excited that there was a good guy in Kishokai for a moment 🙁

    I have found a new lover. It is comrade Ahn. He freaking fought Jun with his bare hands and still managed to hit Jun multiple times without getting injured! He needs to teach Kangto some of those moves man!

    Thanks girlfriday for the recap 🙂 Have a good weekend!

    • 16.1 Maya

      Oh my! I’m so with you on Comrade Ahn! He’s so freaking hot when he fought Katsuyama with bare hands *sigh*

  17. 17 jool

    Tamao. Sob.

    Reading the recap made my eyes well up with tears again.

    I was waiting in anticipation for Tamao to become a huge asset to the movement, especially after he joined Kishokai. But no. We. get. THIS. *Sigh* He may not have been a main character, but he was definitely one of the more interesting, along with Rie. His hurt made my heart hurt for him.

    Please be a fakeout. The writers can just show that he shot elsewhere for no reason and I promise I will watch without questioning it. Okay? Pretty please?

    • 17.1 jellybeaniebaby

      I think the death of Tamao is useful because it is the one thing that will shake the giddiness and glamour from the dream world they have been living in. It should be a snap into the reality of what has been happening to their country… and for their one son to be so ashamed of them that he takes his life…

      They could switch sides.
      Rie could waver more.
      Kats-u-yummy would follow her (he should win an award for most said without words).
      Abe could become useful to Kanto in a pinch.
      And I still wonder what will become of Shunji when he discovers that Nanny’s granddaughter has been sent to be a comfort woman and his father knew and did nothing.

      And where is Baek?

      • 17.1.1 jool

        I see what you mean. In the end, I guess it could help the independence movement as well.

        I think I expected so much from him (his “mini-redemption” if you will) that I was that much more disappointed when he was just taken out so simply. Maybe if his death came from a bar that was set higher and if the stakes were higher, I wouldn’t feel so 아시워 about how it happened. That’s why I feel that his suicide, while it says much about him, was, narratively speaking, a waste.

  18. 18 Herlene

    OMG, the sight of Shunji fantasizing in torturing Kang-to…. He’s gone insane!

  19. 19 pigtookie

    I’m excited for the double showdown! What a lovely ending, with the theme song in the background.

    Wonderful episodes this week. Gaksital has found its pacing and keeps on delivering.

    Side characters: If this show were centered less on Kang To vs. Shunji and more about the rising revolution, and was planned for more episodes, I think Tamao, Kye Soon, and other characters would have been far more useful.

  20. 20 Joanne

    Awesomely hilarious Gaksital facebook fanpage guys: http://www.facebook.com/bridalmaskdrama

    This page made me laugh so much and I thought it wouldn’t be possible considering how dark this drama is LOLOL XD

    Thanks for the recap again! Shunji is a true creeper @__@

  21. 21 christy

    i should probably stop reading these before i watch the episode. but i can’t stay away, i must know ASAP!!! thanks. now i know to wait to watch until i’ll have sufficient decompression time afterwards. yikes.

  22. 22 Star

    the cinematography for the last scene was just WOW. (the picture at the end of the Comments section). SO BEAUTIFUL yet terrifying.

    i kinda want Mok Dan to die … have Shunji kill her. Then Kang-to would feel less horrible about killing him. It would be so EPIC. I don’t think Kang-to has the resolve yet to kill Shunji. It’s gotta end that way right? Cuz I don’t see Shunji ever going back to being good.

  23. 23 Rashell

    Man, Gaksital is soo good! It’s in many ways painful to watch, but I can’t look away.

    I can’t believe what Shunji has become, but you have to think that the seeds of that evil have lived in him all along. I guess considering the father and the brother, it really shouldn’t be much of a shock that Shunji has pure hate running through him. He’s terrifying in this episode truly. What makes him so much scarier is that he’s evil and smart. Not a good combo for our heroes.

    But at least they were able to get one up on him because his anger and Kang To and Mok Dan is so close to the surface right now. He couldn’t hold it back and so finally Mok Dan was useful in getting some important info for Kang To.

    It was great to see village hothead finally figure out the identity of his hero. And that scene packed the punch I had hoped for.

    Now for Tamao, my heart is little broken for him. That poor sweet boy who had no one to turn to. And couldn’t seem to find the right path for himself. I’d really hoped that he could move toward fighting for the cause of his homeland, but I think Tasha’s words just broke the little bit of his spirit that was left.

    I can’t believe we’re almost to the end, and I’m so worried about what is to come because I doubt it’s unicorns and rainbows. Oh Gaksital. You’re going to break my heart completely…I just know it.

  24. 24 ajj

    Park Ki-Woong is doing a terrific job playing this neurotic a-hole Shunji. I totally forgot he was such a cutie in Tutor Friend 2. Kudos to you, man.

    • 24.1 mojobobo

      i SO agree with you. Sometimes when I want to ignore Shunji’s madness, I just look at PKW’s pretty face and think, “So handsomeeee”.

  25. 25 Big Unni

    Thank you Javabeans for the recap and the wonderful side commentary! I too believe that Hae Sook a.k.a. Tamao was killed off too soon! I was so heartbroken at his final words and decision I nearly keeled over in my seat while watching…*sobs*
    He was so different from all the other characters in that he had so much more conflict, not necessarily like the main characters. He was dealing with loyalty issues to its farthest point. Simply put he was stuck in a state of ‘Otoke’. He was so pitful at the end that I would hug my computer hoping my feeling were some how transmitted to him. Poor thing….):
    I also wanted him to live and be an informant. Be, you know, all cool and spiey…if that’s a word…hehe
    Also I loved his father’s care. It was nice to see the father actually caring for his son and putting his thoughts on making his son’s life better…even if it was in a not so great direction. This episode also showed the contesses true feelings for Hae Sook and what may be hiding just underneath.
    This show keeps pulling at my heart and thugging at my thoughts on justice. I hope it doesn’t take to dark of a turn but continues being good! Thnkx again JB!

  26. 26 zoomfloom

    Ahhh so sad about Tamao’s death but my take on it is that it had to be done so count and countess lee might turn to the joseon side and help out…


    argh i wanted more rie scenes…

    but thanks so much gf!

  27. 27 crazedlu

    omgah omgah omgah omgah!

    teeeeaars! cannot believe tamao is gone!! i rooted for him! all the waaaay. omgosh..

    and shunji.. MAN! friggin crazy! they did a marvelous job letting us in on his crazy. he is so far gone, i cannot wait for them to bring us closure to his character, which, i’m sure will leave us all jaw dropped.

    come on, kangto. come on, kangto. come on, gaksital. kangsan should’ve trusted that you could do it.


    can’t believe it’s almost over. thanks for the recaps, ladies.

    • 27.1 picklemonster

      Ugh I know what you mean… T_T

      I kinda thought that if Kang-To and MokDan dies, then at least I can feel a tiny bit better knowing that Tamao and Tasha might get an opportunity to make it out alive and perhaps start a family together. Now I just think that everyone’s gonna die…. The director will just KILL EVERYBODY MAN!!! *cries in a corner*

  28. 28 DarknessEyes

    OMGGGG guys this is the funniest parody of gaksital i’ve ever seen!!! This is the Park Ki Woong that i miss T_T


    • 28.1 Shin Haido

      lol. thank you for share the video link. i just can say OMG!!*_____*

  29. 29 eunshil

    heh.told ya he’d die.

  30. 30 DarknessEyes

    I think that Park Ki Woong should win like the best actor award(not sure how the awrd system works in korea, but i think you get the idea)

    This is probably the best acting i have EVER seen on my life. The different extremes at which Park Ki Woong can act is amazing. If he doesnt win some award for his feat of awesomeness called Shunji, i shall be one mad netizen. Gaksital will never forgive you!!!

    • 30.1 tapioca pearl

      At the year-end station awards, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) wins an award. I’m sure Gaksital will get a handful of them.

    • 30.2 VB

      Agreed. There should be an award for Best Villain..

      PKW has played the most nuanced and developed (and least plagued with the usual cliche issues) k-drama villain I’ve seen in awhile.

      I watch these episodes and still wish for Shunji and Kang-to to go back to the times when they were roomies and sparring buds. :3 But these episodes also send a shiver down my spine. And that is great acting of PKW to force viewers to have that dual response.

      • 30.2.1 AnaBanana

        I hope the drama gods will grant my wish and allow PKW to be cast in a drama where can show off every side there is to be had — cute, menacing, adorkable, sweet, arrogant, kind, thoughtful, creepy. Oh, wait. He’s already done that. In Gaksitaaaaaaaaaaal!

        No, but in all seriousness — he needs to be in a drama where HE is the leading guy. *swoon*

        • Jasmine Gan

          im not complaining tho. cause im totally swoon over the fact that joo won is the main actor for this series. theyve seriously got their characters in the right places.

        • missjb

          I’m glad though Park Ki WOong is playing the 2nd lead instead in Bridal Mask.. IMO His character has more develop and allow him to showcase his range as an actor, though I’m dissapointed his character has become trully evil. Jo Woon is promising and good actor. But Kang To’s character has been stagnant and no more challanging since he become a good person, and I’m abit dissapointed. I felt Kang To,s has potential.

          But I had to admit it makes me conflicted because eventhough I understand Shunji’s cause, I hate his character so much.

          • Ana

            Oh, no. I totally agree that PKW should in every right be the villain and second lead in Gaksital.

            I only mean the time has come that he should be leading man — in his NEXT drama. However, if he pulls off being a stellar second lead guy AND gets the girl, then I’m not complaining as far as billing

          • missjb

            Don’t worry, I know what u mean ^^
            I really hope PKW won’ t take project as a villain abit longer.

    • 30.3 eny

      for acting i think shunji doesn’t deserve award because many time i still see his acting unnatural but shunji charracter is good, don’t worry korean award mostly given to the most popular not for the best……..(it’s really bad).

  31. 31 Angela

    Ooof, honestly, as much as I want Kang-to to show no mercy towards Shunji… I just want Katsuyama to slice Shunji up. It is visible in Katsuyama’s glare the hatred he feels towards Shunji every time he talks down to Rara.

  32. 32 X5

    sigh. i guess Tamao’s, much like Nanny Kimura’s granddaughter is that case of reality in our history that we cannot take back. it’s painful, we didn’t want it to happen but it did, and it still does.

    “Tasha gets a phone call—it’s Tamao, who feeds her the information. Awesome. She thanks him, and calls Mok Dan, who then calls Kang-to at the station.”

    wow, that was a lot of phone calls. care to be a little more discreet, huh, underground independence movement?

  33. 33 missjb

    Glad I’m not the only one who think Park Ki Woong is HAWT and smexy…. When he is not in crazy mode or/and when he wearing a suit, I keep staring at him *droooolssss*

    He was wayyy hotter in my tutor friend 2, though, and he is so adorkable in that movie.

    About Shunji. Maybe I’m in the minority, but Is it wrong I feel sad for he has become? I won’t justified his wrong doing, but he just seems so lost at the moment. There is no one who want to stop him from the start or makes him realize he has been gone too far, worse, people around him and the circumstance push him into the dark side more. I think one of the biggest reason he has been like this is his father… Since there is no one on Kimura’s family who will carried his father ambition except Shunji, he pushed Shunji go to the dark side. Mokdan and his brother’s death just an excuse to makes him justified his wrong doing.
    I’m guessing Shunji has been phisically abused by his father. Maybe that’s a reason he has a monster inside his soul. That monster sometimes even shown when he still a teacher. Remember when he is trying to kill his brother when he is being accused as gaksital in epi 5?

    • 33.1 Andy

      an atom of sympathy 🙂

    • 33.2 AnaBanana

      You’re not alone.

      And PKW is smexy as hell. I am trying not to think of Shunji when I said that, but … PKW, you need to pick up a project where you’re the LEADING man. You can be an anti-hero if you gotta play a negative role, but that’s it.

  34. 34 Akina

    I totally agree! Tamao should have joined the freedom fighters and be a spy like Kang-to or something…. i’m sure they would have never suspected him and he could have grown to be someone of use rather than just die because he wasn’t able to accept the situation. sigh.

  35. 35 Akina

    I totally agree! Tamao should have joined the freedom fighters and be a spy like Kang-to or something…. i’m sure they would have never suspected him and he could have grown to be someone of use rather than just die because he wasn’t able to accept the situation. sigh.
    Shunji is so painful to watch. The knowing that he will never be who he used to be is bitter. Especially how he and kang-to seemed set to be besties for life. for me, though, his darkest moment was when he kept on injecting that needle into the dying man just to keep him alive to tell him the wherabouts of Gaksital. like seriously? he’s already gonna die for goodness sake it’s not like he’s gonna change his mind suddenly and betray his combrades. a dying person needs to die.
    the bus scenes are pretty ridiculous. if they gotta be in hiding get it right!! sheesh

    • 35.1 missjb

      agreed. It’s painful to watch SHunji when he is gone insane >.<

  36. 36 Jilly

    Even though I’m still holding on to hope for a happy ending, I know that these writers are just out to kill everyone in sight. Poor Tamao had soooooo much potential. I could just see him finishing off the old man himself, but alas it was not to be. The finale is going to make me cry, I just know it. Gaksital is going to die people, the sooner we accept it the better U_U

    • 36.1 AnaBanana

      It’s going to be a TOTAL blood bath. And it already started looks like. With Tamao (RIP).

      Rie’s probably next. Or not. Gaksital might save her like he did 5 years ago. They are already at the Gisaeng establishment. Why not just repeat history? 🙂 No way would she go to Shunji anyway.

      Mokdan — well, I heard producers were pretty jumpy at the fact that Jin Sae Yeon chose to join Five Fingers at a pretty critical time for Gaksital, so I can bet she’s still alive through the end of the drama, at least.

      The way the drama is set up… I’ll be disappointed if the final show down ends up being like City Hunter. It has to be grand-scaled and epic between Shunji and KangTo.

      And why does Shunj remind me so much of Edmond Dantes’ best friend? Dang, this whole drama reminds me of the ‘Count of Monte Cristo’

      • 36.1.1 Jilly

        NOOO I would honestly feel worse if Rie died than if it was Mok dan. Not that I hate Mokdan or anything but I just tolerate her because Kang To likes her. If anything, I want to see Ra Ra ride off into the sunset with Katsuyama.
        The worse-case cenario would be if everyone died except for Mokdan.

        Also, if that Kang-To/Shunji showdown doesn’t happen, I will never speak of this show again. I love how evenly matched they were as sparring partners, though Kang To has gotten a lot more practice than Shunji lately 🙂

  37. 37 dany

    Thank you, off to read!

  38. 38 HK

    I feel so sad for Tamao and I really thought he was going to contribute to the independent movement! This show really blows me away, it’s so dark and everything that happens is so exciting!!!!!

  39. 39 Husnaa

    Look forward for Kinpei vs Gaksital show down. Will there be a confrontation like this between Kang To vs Shunji. It would be epic because they were good friends that relies on each other before. How it would be sad and fierce too

  40. 40 Arhazivory

    Hye Seok ah! Tamao! Noooooo.

    What’s with punching me every week Gaksitaaaaaaaal. I’ll never forgive you for the beaten up feeling I get. I was thinking that Hye Seok would become their inside man to Kishokai but …*sniffles* I know he was weak but like GF said, I was hoping for growth. *sighs* I wonder how many more self-sacrifices we’ll see. 🙁

    I must comment too that this show really knows how to work the music. The score is just too wonderful. That ending scene with the acapella version of ‘Judgement Day’ (yeah, it has a name and that’s Joo won singing) was just so epic.

  41. 41 AnaBanana

    I’m off to watch “My Tutor Friend 2” now (PKW in a lead role). Anyone wanna join?

    Man, I actually cannot WAIT for Gaksital to be finished. I NEED it to be done and over with.

  42. 42 Nan

    When Shunji told Rie she could run to him if she’s in trouble I thought he was referring to an old conversation where she said he could have any Joseon woman, why Mok Dan? So degrading her in a sense that she would never beat him / might even need him…

    • 42.1 AnaBanana

      Wow. Good insight!
      I didn’t catch onto that but kudos to the writers for picking up on that previous conversation without being so direct — he WAS referring to how “he could have a hundred Joseon woman except for MokDan.” Now that he is well aware of her real ethnicity, I agree — he was really picking on how he knows she is in fact Korean without really letting her know that he knows it. Damn, Shunji…

  43. 43 h311ybean

    Aww, poor Tamao! I’m glad, though, that he got to make a contribution before he died. It would have been better if he had stayed alive to do more, like others have said, but the fact that we wanted that for him speaks well of the drama’s writers and actors to keep us engaged in the show, this far into its run!

  44. 44 austriandramalover

    Someone please give me some oxygen… Only 4 episodes to go and I am a wreck… This show is just getting better and better and though I am going to be glad when it is finally over (my heart just can take as much^^) I will miss it dearly.

    Shunji is creeping me out to no end and as of now I really hope he dies a slow and painful death (I do not normally have such bad thoughts but he just pushed it waaaaay to far).

    And Tamao… WTF?!?! Didn’t see that one coming… 🙁

  45. 45 b1

    i was all like — syet syet syet syet – shunjiiiiiiiiiiiiii where is my cute little puppy elementary teacher with the bright smile??? — all i can see now is a monster — without any facade — just.plain.monster. — creepy and disgusting

  46. 46 memechen

    Can’t wait to download this episode… thank you dramabeans for recaps…♥ dramabeans

  47. 47 Yu

    Gosh I can’t believe Shunji turned into this kind of guy. I can’t help thinking about Teacher Shunji and Comrade Shunji. I still don’t get why Shunji wanted to kill Gaksital that bad, while the only thing Gaksital did was that he killed Shunji’s bro. How can Shunji do that while he knows that his bro killed his best friend’s mom and that KangTo lost both of his two beloved in juz one night. Why must he be like this when there was times he didn’t want to involve in the Jap-Kor war. Where was the Shunji that belonged to Korean ppl as well ? Why now there’s only Shunji who’s 100% Japanese ? One day when he finally unmask Gaksital, points his gun at KT and kills him, will he be happier than the time they used to be friends ?

  48. 48 Sun Yue

    For me, Shunji has to find redemption in some way, because the drama has made the dark side such a literal stand-in for Japan. And because of that, I hope Shunji, or any of the show’s Japanese characters can show a shred of goodness. I get that the story calls for a strong national divide, it just makes me a little uncomfortable. I’m hoping the nanny and her granddaughter’s fat will turn him around before he gets his comeuppance.

  49. 49 down4u

    I just love how this drama is bringing it to much higher heights with each episode. And the actors who bring the emotions from this show takes the drama even higher. Thanks for re-capping this episode.

  50. 50 picklemonster

    Arghhh Viki is down for maintenance at the moment…..WHY?! But then again, I’m somehow glad. This drama has taken a dark turn….I’m so scared (and yet so excited) for the final climax of this arc. At first, I had thought Bridal Mask was going to be a suspenseful, action drama at most. But now, it’s become so angsty and dark – which is a good thing!- but it doesn’t do good for my weak heart. >___<

    Okay, I'm finally accepting the fact that Kang-To may die at the end. But I'm only accepting it IF he gets THE MOST EPIC heroic death in the history of all tragic dramas, maybe something like Hamlet's.

    At this point, I will not care who dies AS LONG AS SHUNJI GETS HIS SLOW, PAINFUL DEATH. If it's to see that satisfying scene, even if Kang-To/Mok-Dan/Rie/Damsari dies, it will be worth it. Maybe…

    …..not….Damn it JUST DON'T DIE KANG-TO!!! T_____T

    • 50.1 Lizz25

      haha…. ur just so complicated….. 😀

      but still I do hope Kang To will not die in the end….
      he has walked through a very tough path of life actually, and I do hope he will have his peaceful happy ending with MD, even the simplest one is okay for me….

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