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Gaksital: Episode 25
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Yikes, Gaksital is so good today. Just when I’ve been starting to worry that the show has let its rebellion storyline overtake the smaller character moments, it brings back the emotion back — and in a big way. Because in addition to big movements in plot, we get some significant shifts in character arcs, coming at a time when I’ve though we wouldn’t see much more change in trajectories. What this show has done consistently well, though, is constantly moving — in its secrets, allegiances, and above all, feelings.


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Thanks to Tamao’s tip-off (sob), Gaksital & Co. crash the party to intercept the money hand-off, taking the funds Kishokai intends to use for their Joseon draft operation.

Rie and Katsuyama jump into action and the fight divides down gender lines: Rie against Jin Hong, Katsuyama against Ahn Sub (the drama finally realizes their supporting cast needs names!). I’m rather impressed at their prowess, given that Comrade Ahn takes on a samurai sword with nothing but his bare fists and even gains the upper hand. Comrade Jin disarms Rie and knocks her out cold, which is a relief to me, mostly because that seems to be the safest place for Rie.

But save the worry for Kang-to, who is chased out by Samurai Kinpei and faces him, flute against sword. Ack! And hooo damn, the editing does no favors for my blood pressure either, all clashing metal and quick cuts, with nothing more than a hairsbreadth standing between safety and our hero’s disembowelment.

But Kang-to’s learned a few tricks from his last encounter, and a slice that would have gutted him gets blocked this time. Knocking Kinpei’s sword aside, they shift into hand-to-hand combat and again Kang-to stays ahead of the curve, blocking a punch while landing a blow of his own. And then he head-butts Kinpei’s swinging fist with his face, oww, although I’m hoping it’s the mask that takes the brunt of that impact.

It’s a whirl of flying kicks and tangled limbs, which is pretty damn cool. I love that this show uses so much “real action,” as opposed to camera tricks and wire assists, because it feels, well, real.

Kinpei staggers in pain (so he’s NOT a robot!) and Kang-to goes in for the K-O: a jumping, spinning kick straight to the head that sends him flying backward across the lawn. Oh thank god this fight’s done.

The two comrades win their fights and join him. Together with the money, they make a safe getaway.

Inside the gisaeng house, the count goes looking for his son, his face crumpling at the sight of Tamao lying in a pool of blood. It’s actually quite sad; the count has always been a silly character but his great weakness was always his cowardice. I don’t doubt his love for his son, and his grief is affecting.

The countess finds him cradling Tamao and sobbing, and screams in horror. Shunji arrives and takes in the sight. Do you feel like an ass now? If you’ve got one shred of decency left in you, you’ll feel like an ass. Shunji flashes back to his last words to Tamao, scorning a friendship with a damn Korean.

Our disgraced fighters face a displeased Chairman Ueno. Shunji, his father, and Murayama are also present and they all bow their heads in apology. The chairman growls that he was wrong to trust Shunji with catching the rebels, but Shunji begs for another chance, promising to kill Gakistal, Yang Baek, and Dong-jin. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time these baddies have pleaded with “just one more chance,” but who are they to point that out? The chairman agrees.

Kang-to delivers the money to Dong-jin and Reporter Song, and volunteers to handle the procurement of arms for the rebellion. Oh no! Are you going to raid the police stash again, with Shunji on your tail?

Knowing Shunji is bound to retaliate quickly, Comrades Jin and Ahn find Mok Dan at the inn and urge her to leave immediately, planning to escort the circus members into hiding as well. As expected, Shunji arrives with a troop of armed officers, storming inside just as the trio are headed out.

They jump out through a window instead. Shunji bursts in to see the escape and follows, but he’s too slow to stop the getaway car.

The comrades escort Mok Dan to Gaksital’s cabin by morning, where Kang-to anxiously waits. She sees that he’s dressed in uniform and protests — surely he can’t go to work when Shunji’s on to him.

Kang-to recalls his jailbreak of Reporter Song, when the Kishokai assassin showed up and strangely didn’t kill him. He realizes that Shunji must have been playing ignorant this whole time to get to Yang Baek and Dong-jin. Oh thank you for making the connection!

He says that Shunji won’t kill him till he gets the two leaders: “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine as long as I keep acting like I don’t know I’ve been uncovered.” You’ll have to forgive me for not being reassured about Kang-to’s safety one bit. Mok Dan is likewise worried, but he says there’s no better place to get the rebellion’s needed firepower than the police station: “Once I do that, I’m going to quit.”

Ack! Don’t say that! The “one last mission” are the hero’s famous last words in every movie ever. I do NOT have a good feeling about this…

Kang-to sneaks back into town and sees the officers patrolling all around. Shunji paces in his office, wondering if Kang-to took Mok Dan and Boss Jo away intending to disappear for good. He realizes with dismay, “If he never comes back, I have no way to catch him.” Well, that’s what happens when you play with your food; it walks off your plate when your back is turned.

But then, Kang-to shows up for work. I do love that this should relieve Shunji’s fears, but instead it just infuriates him even more, messing with his head. Without warning, Shunji charges at Kang-to and punches him in the face.

He grabs him and demands, “What did you do last night?” Kang-to fires back, “Do I have to report everything I do even after I’m off-duty?” Shunji punches him again, then starts in with the kicking, hurling swears at him.

But today Kang-to fights back, landing a punch of his own: “Why are you doing this? What did I do that was so wrong?!”

Shunji resumes the beating, knocking him to the ground. With his foot on Kang-to’s chest, he growls that one more snippy response like that, “and you’ll die by my hand.”

Shunji keeps a close eye on Kang-to, thinking to himself that Kang-to must know his cover’s been blown. So if he knows, then why is he pretending? What is his motive? (Aaaaaack! Here I was, thinking Kang-to had the upper hand by pretending he doesn’t know that Shunji knows… only to have Shunji one-up him by pretending he doesn’t know that Kang-to’s pretending not to know that he knows…)

Kang-to thinks to himself that he needs to raid the weapons stash: “I hope you’ll fall for the lie just one more time…”

Shunji briefs his team on the theft of defense funds. He asks Kang-to directly what he thinks Yang Baek and Dong-jin are plotting. Kang-to asks, “Have you decided the government general bombing plans are fake?” He advises that Shunji stay on his guard — what if he lets it down and the terrorists go through with the bombing?

Shunji says it’s a good thought, but with an ugly sneer. He orders his men to find the rebels’ headquarters, no matter what. He’s not at all taken in by Kang-to’s answer, and this sends his suspicions in another direction — did Kang-to return to work to spread false reports and confuse the investigation? “Lee Kang-to, do you think I’ll fall for your lies?” A girl can hope.

Dong-jin’s death squad continues their firebombing of government buildings, upping their count to six courthouses out of the thirteen nationwide. This leaves the upper brass scratching their heads — why? Shunji proposes that they’re after the official registers, augggggghhhh. Shunji-ya, why so smart? You’re killin’ me here.

This tips them off to the rebels’ intent to fight the draft and spur a large-scale revolt. Kimura is frustrated at their inability to find any trace of either leader, but Shunji assures Dad that he’s got a guide to both of them, right in the palm of his hand.

Kang-to heads to the tailor’s shop… not seeing Koiso on his tail. Damn damn damn.

Inside Rebel Headquarters, Kang-to informs the team that Shunji suspects the bombing info to be false… and therefore won’t be on his guard about protecting the weapons. Eeek! That is a smart deduction, but what about the other thing? The one where he’s on to your real plan too?

Damsari’s worried that raiding the Jongro station is especially dangerous, but Kang-to counters that it’s the one they know the best. He assures him that he plans to quit the force right after this mission, which just about makes my heart stop for a second. He said it again! Omg. Don’t die!

Yang Baek commends him for his service while maintaining his double identity, but says the time has come for him to cast off the uniform and the Sato Hiroshi name, and join in with his fellow citizens. All this stating of the obvious has me really nervous… that the obvious will not come to pass.

Kang-to hands over the police station’s blueprints to be studied, and says he’ll give them the signal when the time comes to raid.

He emerges from the tailor’s and scans the view, and still misses seeing Koiso parked in stakeout. Kang-to-ya, where be your sharp eyes? Be suspicious! Do I have to jump you to put you on your guard? ‘Cause I can do that. For freedom and country, of course.

I guess Kang-to did shake off one officer, but the fact remains that Koiso reports this news to Shunji, who heads straight over to the shop. The tailor confirms that Kang-to frequents his shop, and when Shunji narrows his eyes saying he doesn’t earn enough money for that, the tailor says that even the governor shops on credit.

Shunji seems to smell something fishy and asks which suit here is Kang-to’s. The tailor says Kang-to is so picky he’s still fussing over the design, and Shunji — not buying it — just says it’s too bad, he thought he’d ask for the same suit. Since Kang-to’s so fashionable and all.

The tailor manages to stick to his story with believable answers, but Shunji can sense fear, and it’s not a good sign.

The count and countess are dragged to meet the chairman. The countess squawks about this lack of respect on funeral day, but the count walks on in a grief-stricken daze.

The countess launches into a defense — all she did was help collect that money! It’s not their fault it got stolen! Rie orders her to shut up, and shows them the letter found in the room with Tamao’s body. Oh shit.

The countess shrieks to read the confession, and curses Tamao (“that crazy bastard”) for screwing with them even from the grave. The count bleakly says he’d amassed a fortune and sang the emperor’s praises, all to leave his one and only son a comfortable life. That airplane donation, the streams of cash he poured into Kishokai — what was all that for?

The countess disavows any ties to Tamao: “He’s not my son!” Chairman Ueno tells them to act as befits a Kishokai member, “And leave.”

At those words Katsuyama and Kinpei draw their swords. The count and countess blubber for mercy; the count cries that he never gave those rebels a cent and wasn’t unfaithful to Kishokai.

Rie presents them with a contract to sign, stating their responsibility for the lost funds. The count grabs it like a lifeline and promises to come up with that amount, if it takes selling the roof over his head.

(For reference’s sake, the amount stolen was 100,000 won. While that would only be $100 today, a previous episode gave us the handy conversion that 600,000 won in Gaksital’s time is 19.8 billion won in today’s world. So the count is on the hook for what would be nearly $3 million today.)

The count signs. And then… the samurais strike anyway. Whaaaa?

Ohhh, I see — you’ll claim the money from their estate, regardless of whether they’re alive. Clever, in a ruthless sort of way.

How sweet, the chairman turns this into a teachable moment: “Ueno Rie, there’s only one thing to trust in this world. Power.”

Shunji mulls over the clues, landing on the fact that Kang-to mentioned the bombing of the government general. Was that a real tip, or fake? Could he have conspired with Deuk-soo (Hothead)? He realizes, “Wait, then they need munitions.” Gasp! Nooooo. Shunji’s really firing on all cylinders today, isn’t he?

He swings into action, telling his force they’ve been barking up the wrong tree. He acts like he’s embarrassed to have fallen for another lie about the bombing, and even apologizes to Kang-to for preventing him from strangling Deuk-soo to death and interrupting his revenge.

All generous smiles, Shunji offers to treat everyone out tonight. He directs them all to meet at the Angel Club after work. Trap laid.

The rest of the officers party in the main hall while Shunji and Kang-to drink in a private room. Tonight Tasha’s deep into the bottle too, due to Tamao’s death. She sighs that she knew he was a fool, but not this much of one — how could he do it, when he had so much fear?

Kang-to doesn’t follow and asks if something happened between them, shocked to hear about the suicide. Shunji tells him Tamao did it after giving the military collections to Gaksital, and says remorsefully that he wouldn’t have treated him so horribly if he’d known this would happen. You’re… acting, right? You don’t actually feel sorry, do you?

He adds in his drunken slur, “Kang-to-ya, I don’t like myself. Mok Dan’s gone too, and I… don’t like living.” He’s confusing me because it sounds so real… and it might be real… which is why it’s so treacherous because it’s also fake. Its ring of truth is the trap, so when Shunji lays his head back and seems to fall asleep, Kang-to leaves the room to call the comrades into action — and Shunji snaps awake.

Kang-to checks to see that the rest of the force is drunk, then quickly leaves. Shunji emerges to give Koiso the nod… and half of the police officers suddenly straighten, only playing drunk. Omo, you Keyser Sozed him. You brilliant bastard.

Gaksital leads Comrades Ahn and Jin onto the police premises, with death squad members serving as backup. They take down the skeleton staff guarding the building and break into the arms room — just as Shunji’s crew returns, one step behind them. They see the fallen officers outside and enter on high alert.

The rebels load the truck waaay too slowly for my nerves to handle. Comrade Jin alerts the men that officers are approaching, and Kang-to urges them to escape first — the weapons are the priority.

They slip out, and Koiso bursts into the room before Kang-to can jump out the window. He easily disarms the several officers who charge him… but gets a gun to the head. Shunji.

“Take off the mask, you bastard,” Shunji orders. Kang-to doesn’t move, so Shunji does it for him. The mask drops.

It’s no shock to Shunji, but the other officers get up and gape at Kang-to’s bared face. Shocked, and in Koiso’s case, doubly enraged.

Outside, Deuk-soo wants to jump in and help, but the comrades hold him back. They’ve got to flee. Aw, it’s a crushing thing, abandoning your hero.

Kang-to is taken to the torture room, where Koiso is still sputtering in disbelief. He’s only too happy to vent all his Kang-to frustration with the whip, and Kang-to just takes it stoically.

At headquarters, the comrades return and report the bad news. Mok Dan and Yang Baek both take it pretty hard, in shock.

A battered Kang-to is taken off his chains and sat down before Shunji, who asks if he killed his brother. Kang-to replies, “You know that Kenji killed my mother too, don’t you?”

Shunji asks, furious and hurt and spewing hate, “You, whom I liked even better than my own brother, who was at one time my only friend! You beat my brother to death, is that right?!”

Kang-to growls back. “Yeah! That was the only way I could get revenge. If I didn’t, I would have gone crazy. My brother — my idiot brother Kang-san hyung — that hyung was the same Gaksital I drove myself crazy trying to capture!”

And finally, here’s news that shocks Shunji. Kang-to adds, “I swore to catch Gaksital. My hyung… I shot and killed him. Not knowing that hyung was out to avenge our mother’s death, I fought alongside Kenji… and shot my brother dead. So it was for my brother, for Kang-san hyung, that I put on that mask. Kimura Shunji, thank you for capturing me. Now that I’ve been caught, at least I won’t have to kill you by my hand.”

Oof. Tears. And that’s the burden that’s been weighing on him all this time, which I almost had forgotten was there, considering all the cat-and-mouse maneuvering of recent weeks. He killed his brother; he desperately doesn’t want to kill his best friend.

Shunji’s shaken by that admission, and gets up trembling. He leaves without a word, dazed. Now the memory that floats to the fore is that emotional bike ride, after Kang-to lost his family and Shunji lost his brother, and they’d cried together.

Shunji’s face starts to crumple into tears… but in the span of a split second he tamps it all down and hardens his demeanor in a shift that’s frankly a little hair-raising.

Rie has an unexpected visitor that night: Mok Dan. Ooh, nice turn. Rie faces her coldly, but Mok Dan offers to do anything Rie asks: “Save Lee Kang-to.”

She asks for her help, offering to leave if Rie asks it of her. She’ll forget all about Kang-to, if she’ll just save his life. Okay, the gesture is noble, but now you’re just giving her ideas. How ’bout you wait to hear her demands before forsaking your love?

Rie’s stunned to hear Kang-to is being held prisoner, but she tells Mok Dan to go home; she doesn’t have the power to help anymore. Mok Dan kneels before her and begs.

Shunji reports to his superiors that Kang-to is Gaksital. Kimura is so furious that he heads immediately to Kang-to’s torture room, remembering how it felt to see his son lying dead in the station. He grabs Kang-to’s face: “You dared kill my son?” Kang-to returns, “Is there anybody who would save the life of his mother’s killer?”

Kimura clocks him in the face and orders him put in the box of nails. Even Shunji protests, saying they need to capture Yang Baek and Dong-jin.

Oh, fuck fuck fuckity fuck. Kang-to is put into the box, and Kimura carelessly rocks it back and forth. Well, now we know where Shunji learned his tricks. Kang-to groans in agony, bleeding everywhere, but refuses to talk.

Shunji urges him to confess quickly so he can let him free, and I almost believe he feels actual concern. Kang-to says he doesn’t know where the leaders are, enraging Kimura into kicking the box furiously. Kang-to screams. I scream. Auuuuuuugh. This is hard to watch, and we’ve watched a LOT of things that were hard to watch.

Afterward, he’s strung up on those chains again, unconscious. Shunji’s alone in the room with him, and he slaps a bowl of water in his face to wake him. There’s that creepy smile again — calm Dr. Jekyll today — and he’s brought along someone to give Kang-to a push…

In comes Tailor Park in chains. Aw, dammit. It’s like helpless Boss Jo all over again. The tailor stutters that he doesn’t know where Yang Baek is.

Shunji threatens to turn the man into Kang-to’s bullet-shield if he doesn’t talk. He starts with drowning, and Kang-to begs him to stop, to torture him instead. Kang-to watches in horror, and Shunji’s face takes on that demonic look.

At headquarters, the comrades urge Yang Baek to relocate to a new hideout. Yang Baek refuses, however: “Until Kang-to returns, I will not step one foot elsewhere.” Oh, that’s a beautiful show of loyalty, but isn’t it also dumb? Aren’t you all safer with the figurehead moved to a new den? Have you learned nothing from the Mok Dan Chronicles?

The comrades are already organizing a rescue mission, and although Damsari wants to be a part of the team, they assure him they have better odds only sending their elite agents.

That night, a team of four agents infiltrate the police station, using the police’s own smokebombs against them (ha).

The comrades make their way to the torture room and fight with the officers there as Kang-to watches from his tiny cell in the wall. Comrade Jin frees him and assists him along.

Shunji is knocked unconscious by an agent. As he heads out, Kang-to casts a long look back at his friend(…emy). So sad. You can’t have it back, but you can mourn it.


Oh boy, now I can resume breathing. This was a pretty intense episode, and this is coming from a drama where intense is the default setting. I loved so many things about it, especially in light of recent events where Kang-to has receded a bit as a character — he has become a crucial part of the independence, and he’s still definitely had the lion’s share of screentime, but I was starting to feel like his story arc had already peaked. That the camera was moving backward, giving us the Big Picture — where Kang-to was a critical piece, but only one of many.

Instead, this episode snapped that focus back squarely on the couple at the heart of the show, by which I mean Kang-to and Shunji. I’m actually relieved that Gaksital is laying off the romance angle, and it’s not just because Mok Dan’s intensity can’t compare to the others (it’s a necessity given her character and her place in the story, but even so, not my favorite thing about her). But I feel like the conflict is so taut and intense elsewhere that the romance actually brings down the dramatic tension.

As for the count and countess, I can’t say that I mourn their loss or even think the world of this drama is losing anything when they go, but given their place in the story I think their exits were handled about as well as could be hoped. And really, they owe a lot to Tamao, who lent them depth by association.

I’ve always found them one-dimensional and silly before. But wouldn’t you know, Tamao’s anguish provides a different facet to them, and the count’s reaction to losing his son was a nice touch — a rude awakening to seeing the meaninglessness of all his actions. He sold out his country, and for what? A dead son, that’s what. Even worse is the cruel irony of his actions being motivated by love for his son, which become the very thing to bring about son’s demise.

I’ve always wondered whether the count felt shame deep down, and pushed it aside as a survival instinct. If he was motivated by a deep-seated fear, I can find him cowardly, yes, but not incomprehensible. Whereas without that layer, he’s just a buffoon taking up a few comic relief moments. Inasmuch as they were characters we had to put up with, I think killing them in this way is the best way to resolve their roles. The count sees his mistake — but isn’t strong enough to actually change anything — and so he exits a tragic figure, ruined by his own selfishness.

I absolutely love the revisiting of the Kang-to-and-Shunji love, because for so many weeks we’ve focused on the hate and betrayal. Both men have traveled so far in opposite directions that you almost think they’ve become too different, too much of new people, to let that common ground affect them anymore. I don’t love when dramas sort of let us play amnesiac about broken relationships like this, when both characters set out on their trajectories and then never stray from those fixed paths.

So I’m so thankful that Shunji constantly walks that line, even after it’s become clear he’s completely far gone. I don’t expect him to be redeemed, and I don’t know if he can be even if they tried — there’s such darkness there that he’s fundamentally become a different person from the sweet teacher of old days — but that doesn’t mean he can’t still display conflict credibly.

There have been so many scenes where he has played the part of the morally conflicted guy who’s still nice deep down, while actually just using that affectation of humanity to get what he wants — and as I mentioned, the reason it’s so convincing is because it’s rooted in something real. Same with Kang-to, as a matter of fact. So most of the time I believe Shunji’s in his evil-genius mode where he fakes his emotions — but every now and then the facade will crack, and we’ll get a glimpse of something that feels true. I love that we’re still getting that from a villain, this close to the end.

The scene when they confronted each other about each other’s betrayals and spoke plainly for the first time in ages was incredibly moving, especially in the way Kang-to thanks Shunji for relieving him of the burden of possibly killing him. Those words really strike a chord with Shunji, perhaps because he feels that same burden, or maybe because it’s an admission that Kang-to still cares for him. Kang-to would kill him if he had to, for the cause — but one wonders if that would break him. And vice versa.


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  1. Maya

    Thanks JB! Off to read!

    • 1.1 Maya

      This was an intense episode for an odd-numbered episode! It only took the show 24 episodes to get to this point, but I was glad/nervous to finally get to see the face-off between Kang To and Shunji without the I-know-that-you-know-but-I-don’t-want-you-to-know-that-I-know mind games. And that scene was epic! The acting (from both of them) was intense. It was palpable that it totally tugged my heart to see the state of their friendships right now.
      Shunji was human for a while, although I was quite surprised that it was because of Kang To’s words of him being grateful for getting caught that he won’t have to kill Shunji with his own hands (But I guess, as JB has pointed out, maybe because it strikes a chord within him as well). As well as questioning whether Shunji will have it in him to kill Kang To with his own hands, I also have been wondering on whether Kang To would be able to do it as well. And to hear those words kinda reassured me that at least he still thinks of their past friendship despite what have happened between them (which is a testament of his good nature and how much he actually value their friendships). I just wished that Shunji would feel the same too.
      The scene where the Count found Tamao was also heartbreaking; I’m so used of seeing him (The Count) with his over the top acting that I was kinda blown away by how poignant his crying scene was. Honestly, if I watched this episode in my room, I’ll probably bawl like him too (I need an internet connection in my apartment!! *off topic*). And I have to say, although it was a relief to see Shunji being shaken when he saw one of his ex-best friends died (which shows that there’s still a human side in him), I felt like his death was not “honored” enough by his friends because that scene in Angel Club was abruptly cut by the scene where Kang To had to go to steal the armory. I just felt sorry for his (Tamao’s) character.
      Talking about the Angel Club’s scene, THAT must be the biggest con ever pulled in Kyung Sung. Who would know that almost all of them (except Abe. LOL) were in it to catch Gaksital?! And those derp! faces when they found out Kang To’s identity.. Priceless!

      I bet there are going to be more deaths tomorrow night… Okay, I need my Gaksital Gangnam Style video now…

      • 1.1.1 Maru

        Hey. Did you saw Abe doing the Gangnam Style when they where in the Angel’s Club? I swear for God he did some steps!

        • JoAnne

          saw it and his funny grin when he did it!

        • queencircles

          Yess!!! I saw this too lol. Was just about to comment haha. Oppan gangnam style!!!! 🙂 Abe was totally getting down.

        • Maya

          I didn’t! And thanks for mentioning it! Yes, he was doing the Gangnam Style dance with that funny grin! That was priceless! 😀

        • SoyJade

          I saw him. I laughed. I couldn’t believe they went there!

      • 1.1.2 mary

        The actor who played the Count has always been a bit over-the-top but when he acts like the loving father (DGCH, Yoo Hee), he always nails it. :'(

        • hawaiianseoul

          omg, yes! I find his acting of the loving father very poignant.

        • JoAnne

          That was horrible…both that he killed himself (I felt so bad for him for the last couple of episodes) and how clearly loved he was by his father – what that would feel like, to know that you sold your soul and it cost you your child and there’s no way to fix it? I have tears just thinking about it.

          • Chandler

            Yeah that actor always has a way of playing corrupt, seemingly one-note characters, only to surprise you with a moment of sincerity. For all of Tree with Deep Roots he plays such a corrupt, fishy character. But then all he needs is one scene of heart wrenching sincerity to make him into a far more interesting, conflicted character.

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Hi Maya, good to see you here :-)! Saw your message on OT. Thanks!

      • 1.2.1 Maya

        Hi Ivoire, good to see you too here… 🙂
        And thanks for letting me know… 🙂

      • 1.2.2 Ivoire

        If anybody happens to read this: “Omo, you Keyser Sozed him.” What does it mean to be “Keyser Sozed?” Please…

  2. stars4u

    Their mind games are killing me!
    The revelation of how Kang-to came to be as Gaksital to Shuji was something I was curious how they would play it, but they played it well.
    Mok Dan asking for Rei’s help was a nice scene, with unspoken words.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 2.1 Autumn

      Oh I looove the mind games, regardless of what it does to my blood pressure. A show is just so good when its villain is as smart as the hero.

      I’m hoping those two girls become friends if both evade death by the finale and Rie somehow surrenders her position with the Japanese.

  3. jcay

    Thanks. Off to read too.

  4. muhloy

    did anyone else notice that gaksital’s little iron flute has a wristband….like a wii remote?

    so it doesn’t go flying into the tv while he’s playing wii tennis.

    • 4.1 MeeisLee

      Lmfao. I had to laugh at this comment, it almost made me forget what just happened in this episode. Sigh, and now I’m sad again. Thank You, Show, for making me this way :<.

  5. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  6. Maru


    This episode was amazing… horrible, but amazing.

    When Shunji saw Tamao dead, I saw his soul returning… and then going away again! It was like, “It’s there! His soul is there?! Op… fading away again… ooooook, nop. It’s gone” sigh. Good to see you again for five seconds.

    Kang To torture. What can I say. I knew it was coming, and actually, I was waiting for it… but it was horrible. When he was put in the nail cage… can’t see that scene ever again.

    • 6.1 Maru

      And yes, I believe the best part was the “conversation” between Kang To and Shunji. Finally they can share some truths!

      I will marathon this when it’s over. I hope that helps with the detox process! =P

    • 6.2 SoyJade

      I agree with you!! This episode was amazing, hair pulling inducing,intense, horrible, heart breaking…but amazing.

      There were some parts where I was like, “come on Kang To look around you some more…”, “How can you not know it’s a trap?”, “Why can’t you lock in the inside of the armory to give you more time to escape”, “Ruuuun, you can dodge bullets..”…Sadly I noticed that overall, I’ve become my grandmother…shouting at the TV as though I would be listened to 🙂

      To me some parts I felt they were being a bit unrealistic with, like the part where Kango To does not know it’s a trap, but then again it’s like watching a soccer game. Watching comfortably from my home I can criticize with my air view, while the players only have limited perspective.
      I LOVE THIS SHOW! It’s not perfect, but it’s so, so good. Who need exercise when this show gives my heart a workout each episode?!

    • 6.3 SoyJade

      Also, It’s sad/cool to see Shuji’s soul viewing times are getting shorter and shorter. The darkside has almost completely taken over 🙁

  7. Roxy

    Awesome, awesome episode. (as always)

    3 episodes to go… will it be a happy, sad, or a bittersweet ending? *crosses fingers for happy*

    *sigh* I wonder if I’ll still be sane by the end of this drama…

    one thing’s for sure tho… it is NOT good for the heart.

    • 7.1 Piaaa

      It’s good for the heart ant it’s not good for the heart.dk if that makes sense. But that’s the way i see it.

  8. hanyuja

    Ah, even reading this was intense enough for me to be holding my breath!!!! I can’t even think of what it would be like to watch it. Thank you! This drama is exceeding my expectations in its story!

  9. Chesquared

    I wanted Kangto to get tied up… But I had no desire for the poor man to be tortured like that. Omg. Joo Won and Ki woong would be sharing the best actor award. Best drama goes to Gaksital as well. Hands down. I forgot everything else I had watched this past year. But yes, I agree. I was so worried about this show. But glad it’s pulling through.

    When the officers were pretending to be drunk. I was like in complete shock. I knew Shunji was up to something, but I had no idea he conspired with his men. From that moment I forgot to breathe.

    The gaksital rescue scene was faster than I thought it would be. Well if they delayed saving him, I’d probably be so mad at them. HAH. I was so frustrated when they left him. Oh the angst. Gaksital’s fanboy would have charged back in to save him if the other comrades didn’t stop him. Fanboy is really such a cute little side character.

    So much things happened during this ep, I might write an essay. But wow. One of the best episodes <3. P.s. Dear Park Ki Woong, I just forgot to say… I no longer stare at your very red ears. You are so much more.

    • 9.1 Chesquared

      P.s.s Confession: I’ve become a sadist when Gaksital entered my life. Why does beaten up, tortured, drenched Kang To look so damn hot in those screencaps? Le sigh.

      • 9.1.1 picklemonster

        Yea, I’ve been puzzled over that too. Joo Won seems to look good no matter what state he’s in, ESPECIALLY when he’s covered in blood, drenched in water, and with his face twisted in pain…..

        I suggest we both pay a short visit to the therapist’s office….

        • Chesquared

          Ah yes, please do accompany me. Glad I’m not alone in this battle.

          • Itoshi

            Yes, i keep telling myself. It’s because he wears white. Wears white. Wears white. Wears white. But when I look at Comrade Ahn’s Gaksital clothes, he’s nowhere half Kang To’s hotness. AAHHH….
            ~Go to stalk people wearing white to release steam~

        • aramint

          haha..guess I’ll have to go with you guys. Gaksital made me questioned my state of mind. Like, I must be out of my mind, how come he looks so hot even in that state?

          • twin-twin

            so, do i.

      • 9.1.2 queencircles

        Lol. I’ll come with you. For some reason i always think guys looks sexy as hell when they are beaten the fuck up.. all bloody and sweaty and just really look like shit. Kang-to is no exception that’s for damn sure.

        I do think its more the makeup and the way they make that look. It’s a vunerability thing. And joo won’s got the cutest little face lol. I would most likey puke if i saw someone really covered in blood like that.

        • JoAnne

          so you like A Love to Kill then, too?

          • queencircles

            I never saw it. I just looked it up, lol it sounds like it’s right up my alley. And with mina and rain….. I might just have to marathon that tonight haha. Is it any good?.

          • JoAnne

            omg guuuuuuuuuuuurl you just dont KNOW! that show killed me DEAD

      • 9.1.3 scarlett

        reminds me of 50 shades of grey ^___^

      • 9.1.4 Piaaa

        Omo. So i’m not alone. Gaksital needs to pay up out bills.

      • 9.1.5 Czmych

        Torturing is too much. But damn, my imagination goes wild when I think about Joo Won chained in my cellar…

        • queencircles

          omg lol!!

    • 9.2 Ann

      Lee Kang To forgot one of the rules of this drama: When the leader invites all the cops away from the station, it’s a TRAP!!

  10. 10 bluedelacour

    I realized that this painful pain of revenge that Kang San started will end soon since the only person left is Kimura Taro… right?

    he is left from the ppl who killed KAng To’s father

    OMG this drama is so god I didnt realized that

    JB you are awesome thanks for the recap

    • 10.1 Neille

      Isnt the head doctor still alive?
      Even Kimura Taro isnt the original five.. He is the evil from Kang-san n Kang To era.

      But, yes. I just realize the Count is one of them with his death…

  11. 11 queencircles

    Ahh just started watching the ep! Be back in an hour lol !

    • 11.1 queencircles

      Damn this show is great. I said I’d be glad … and I really am glad .. that the freakin count is dead. I just couldn’t stand him. I miss Tamao though. I want to see that actor in something again, pronto.

      But yes, ding dong the mutha effing count is dead.

  12. 12 Arhazivory

    That tortured scream was crazy….it sounded like it was echoing and I swear, it almost killed me.

    Shunji almost became human again after hearing Kang To’s reason. How frightening it was to watch him tear up at the memory before he forced himself to go back into darkness. I’m starting to think he’s really at the Anakin Skywalker level now.

    But wow….this show is madness.

    • 12.1 Maya

      That torture scene in nail box was the most intense one I’ve seen so far! It was intense when Leader Jo was tortured there, but seeing Kang To bleeding and screaming like THAT, I felt like I was pierced with nails as well. First time I really really have to flinch when I watch a torture scene. It was so believable.
      And yes Shunji’s at the Anakin Skywalker level now. That scene when he started to reminiscence to the memory of both of them crying in the field and then suddenly going back to being evil was… shuddersome..

  13. 13 danny

    only to have Shunji one-up him by pretending he doesn’t know that Kang-to’s pretending not to know that he knows.

    that rocks my brain!

  14. 14 GaksitalPyong

    OMG thanks for the recap. *Off to read*

  15. 15 Mary

    It literally left me gasping 3 more episodes to go this is getting way to intense

  16. 16 queencircles

    Just had to comment on the fact that I love that they’re hinging on the ‘but he doesn’t know that I know that he knows!’ theory at the beginning of this episode. Lol don’t you guys watch sitcoms?! that never works!

    • 16.1 tapioca pearl

      “So the messers become the messees!” Total Friends moment. Also, a HIMYM moment when the comrades were jumping out the window like Marshall and Lily.

      • 16.1.1 queencircles

        omg lol. Exactly what was running through my mind.

  17. 17 Autumn


    Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. BEST EPISODE YET.
    I was gonna ragewrite something short of a five page essay about all the feels this show is giving me, but my mind is still spinning and nothing coherent is coming out.

    Shunji has crossed the line. Again. If there was another level of evil he could ever amount to even after practically being the devil's spawn in the previous episodes, then he definitely crossed that line. Honestly, I was a bit surprised. See, I had thought and really hoped that at least an atom of good was left in him. But he now knows of Kang-to's motives for killing his brother and the tear inducing story that led his ex-friend to wear the mask. And even then… even after empathizing with Kang-to's reasons and remembering that once upon a time they had been the best of friends, Shunji still made the conscious decision to torture Kang-to and enjoy it. The dude is a sadist and I get that he still has sympathy, but that alone doesn't make him any less evil or any more good.

    I haven't been creeped out by a villian so much since Story of a Man. (Another awesome drama that Park Ki-woong starred in. This guy knows how to pick his roles.) Ahhhhh Joo-won and Ki-woong are freakin' awesome and I wish I could just give those guys every acting award there is out there. Let me lub you.

    And those two independence agents kick ass. They are the best.

  18. 18 bishbash

    As someone in Soompi said, we should all send KBS our psychiatric treatment bills. On top of all the blood pressure medicine.

    I’m fighting myself for wanting, and yet not really wanting to watch because it is getting too strenous on the heart. =X

  19. 19 Rashell

    Oh, this show, this show. It’s so damn dark, but also so good. And I agree with JB that the main relationship in this is the one between Kang To and Shunji. And it was beautiful to revisit how much they meant to eachother at one time. And to really remember how much they’ve both changed from who they were when we started this drama.

    I’m not sure where this is going to end. But I’m prepared for everyone to die. I figure that way if even one manages to survive, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  20. 20 Sudi

    ohhhh,really heart wreching at the final stare down by kang-to;yhe look of goodbye to old buddy and now the way on action,eye for an eye.Cant wait for the following episode<3<3

  21. 21 picklemonster

    This episode made my fingertips look like CRAP! >=( Show, take responsibility!

    I couldn’t stop chewing on them for a minute as soon as the episode started, and the tension just escalated and escalated until Kang-To was put into the nail cage. And that’s when I roared like a walrus.

    Yes, I can tolerate Kang-To getting beaten, slapped & kicked around, and even whipped. But DA NAIL CAGE?! OOOH HELLZ TO THE NO! With all those pointy, disease ridden, rusty nails, each being inserted into the hot, smexy body of our hero?! RAGEEEE!!!

  22. 22 tapioca pearl

    Truly, this episode was one for the nerves. I’m still slack-jawed five hours later. I love the confrontation scene between Kang-to and Shunji, the way it was filmed, the acting, the dialogue–superb. And the torture scene? Screaming along with Kang-to (seriously, can I hug you?), had to watch through my fingers. Kimura Taro’s got it coming to him next episode. (So the only guy from the Kishokai Power of 5 to be spared is the doctor, right?) I actually love that Kang-to was caught as Gaksital. That needed to happen, but I still can’t believe how easy it was for the comrades to rescue him. Really, cops, you were trained to catch bad guys, right?

    Which leads me to something that has been nagging me in a minor way. I know the police are background characters, but in the drama I can’t help thinking of them as real people. I’ve realized how much it pains me to see Kang-to and his comrades kill the police over and over again because those guys could be working just to survive in that time like Kang-to was. They have family, I’m sure, and might even be good people at heart. A lot of innocent lives are being taken, no matter what side they’re from. It just saddens me, which is why I’m mentioning it.

    Anyhoo, three more episodes to go and then my nerves will stop being fried! I totally want a two-part finale where the last two episodes will be that–a two-hour finale split in two parts. There’s so much resolution that needs to be done (and so much death to be done to people) that I would like it to be spread out over the final TWO hours, not just the final one.

    • 22.1 Chesquared

      I agree! A lot of background characters or should I say ALL, are given so much life by the director. Like, you feel them, and understand them. Each do seem like they have a story to tell.

    • 22.2 queencircles

      I was thinking that too. When they broke into the armory I saw some of those policeman go down and I just felt sad. I couon’t help but wonder if they killed all those guys.

      Yet again, majority of those guys are Japanese, and these are independance fighters at war. So, it’s just a sad reality.

    • 22.3 beggar1015

      You’re not the only one who was watching the torture scene through your fingers. When Kimura first ordered Kang To to be put in the nail cage I thought surely something will happen just before that to stop them. Surely they won’t actually put him in the nail cage. Then OMG, they put him in the nail cage! How that nail cage gives me nightmares. Seeing Boss Jo in it as Shunji lazily rocked the torture device was enough to haunt me, now the show does this to me.

    • 22.4 Ann

      I think most of the police are knocked out rather than killed. I get the feeling that throughout the show Bridal mask and his compatriots don’t kill as much as they temporary disable. I wish Kang-to would just kill Koio, though. I am usually not bloodthirsty, but would like to see someone put that dude in the nail box.

      • 22.4.1 b1

        i vote abe to do the honor..

  23. 23 Anna

    Intense! Great writing, great directing, great acting!

    Love your Keyser Soze reference (2nd one?). The Usual Suspects is one of my favorite movies.

  24. 24 missjb

    trust me guys, the only way who can free shunji is his father. He is too weak when it comes to his father. I remember he feels guilty when KT said to him, he is not a good child since he opposing his father. as long as his father still alive, he would never dare to betrayed his father, since he has promise and he have to keep it.

    Actually i want to expected KT at least felt guilty , because i believe KT is one of people that cause Shunji choose goes to the japanese side. not only he betrayed his friend and lied to him, KT push him to join police officer (i still don’t understand why he did that).
    So i have expected he wouldn’t feel moved. So KT’s words thats move him is unexpected to me.

    In my eyes, their friendship has always been one side love since beginning. Because Shunji is the one who always support KT, rarely otherwise. So I understand why Shunji feel betrayed so much.

    Sorry for writing an unpopular opinion.

    • 24.1 tapioca pearl

      No need to apologize for having an opinion! But I will say that Kang-to never pushed Shunji to join the police force. Shunji chose to do so on his own to protect Mok Dan, and if anything, there was always that pressure from his dad to be a real Kimura man. Kang-to never wanted to face Shunji as his enemy. Of course he loved Shunji and was guilty about betraying him. But Shunji has stooped to a lot more lows in very disturbing ways that I don’t feel too bad about Kang-to betraying Shunji’s trust.

      • 24.1.1 missjb

        I watched carefully episode 8, He indirectly push Shunji for catching gaksital. He even threat Shunji. In order to catch gaksital, Shunji has to become police officer, because SHunji think it’s not teacher’s job to catch Gaksital. KT seems okay after that.

        And I never get a sense clearly Kang To feels guilty for watching his friend went to the dark side except some scene in episode 12. Even that, I still felt he was more concern about him have to kill Shunji rather than feeling guilty Shunji’s transformation. After that, I feel he has more concern to join freedom fighter and never cared about SHunji (still understand why KT did that). And even lied to Shunji without feeling guilty.

        SOrry I’m not going to justified Shunji’s character..He is a coward, not dare to opposing his father and break his promise (though I understand him, he is japanaese, he has to choose one side, and he choose his own blood). , and always blame the circumstance around him to justified his wrong doing turn into violent shunji (though I feel he is half true). I just feel i have to pointed out some detail that has been missing.

  25. 25 maria

    HOMG!!! don’t watch this in a public setting, you guys.. i was literally cursing up the place O_O how many more episodes do we get? my palpitations are getting craycray

    • 25.1 queencircles

      hahaha. I was thankfully not. I curse up a storm while watching this show. Mostly out of fear when shit goes wrong, and especially when Shunji is too smart. But gah! I love a smart villian. So. Much.

      • 25.1.1 Autumn

        Smart villains make a good show 😉
        And yes! Whenever I watch this drama my household knows because I’m either swearing, yelling, or repeatedly saying “Ohymygod they did NOT just do that.”

        Someone should really make a reaction video to these episodes. I would watch it.

        • maria

          we should be able to post GIFs, coz words are not enough to depict my reactions, man. 😀 *cough* please JB GF *cough* ….loool, can you imagine??? gif parties errrwhere! hahahaha

          • Autumn

            Haha! It would be like livejournal with the epic gif reactions in the comments.

          • queencircles

            that would be fantastic and hilarious

  26. 26 Mary

    Haven’t stopped crying this was intense

  27. 27 X5

    i love! *sniff sniff*

    i’m crying for this episode

    i’m crying for it’s really about to end

    i’m crying for this show is just painfully, magnificently beautiful!

    ouch pain pain pain!

  28. 28 Itoshi

    This episode made me cry and scream too much, far too much..

    The count wailing for his son was definitely depressing. I hadn’t felt for Tamao like everybody else but that scene got me. A father mourning his son, and he cried like nobody’s business. I felt all his pain and his regret. Damn fine actor.

    The other scene was Kang To screaming. God that guy can act. He made me cringe and scream when Kimura Taro rocked the nailbox.

    But the best part would be Kang To and Shunji’s talk. Kang To tells everything that he feels to Shunji and vice versa. I was afraid this drama would end without doing this, and this just makes it great.

  29. 29 llama

    So much happened in this episode that I’m left amazed that it all happened within one hour. It really is firing on all cylinders in preparation for the finale.

  30. 30 misachan

    I have not watched this drama but I couldn’t wait every week to read the recaps. I love something intense like this… in a novel… but I can’t bear to actually watch it myself. Especially something that spans 28 episodes.

    In reading it, I can somewhat detach myself but in watching I get too emotionally invested which I’m pretty sure by now is probably not good for my health.

    Thank you so much for the recaps. It’s such a compelling plotline and it’s so complex in the character dynamics. I’m seriously reading your recaps like a novel with pictures. I love it.

  31. 31 Miss rain ENgineer :P

    Oh man I’m so nervious to what will happen this episode ..but this time I’ll not read recaps I’ll watch first @_@ I guess its subed by now kekek,. I’ll come back later to read….thanks JB for your efforts ^_^

  32. 32 tapioca pearl

    It seemed to me, at the end, like Shunji let Kang-to escape. I don’t know, there was this look in his eye, but maybe I’m just reading too much into it. He was probably too dazed from the fighting.

    Anyone else wondering why Ueno boss dude keeps on giving second (or is it like fifth now?) chances to the Kimuras? He has no problem killing others on the spot after one mistake (poor Count and Countess, who weren’t even directly responsible for that mistake), so why the generosity? Shunji and his father should clearly be dead by now, but whatever, Ueno. I still hope Rie kills him in the end. Power, shmower.

    Also, Abe doing the horsey dance? Like we could love him any more!

    • 32.1 llama

      The Count and Countess were Korean by blood while the Kimuras are pure Japanese. That’s my conjecture at least.

    • 32.2 pigtookie

      Likely Shunji is one of his best chances. He knows the enemy and is smart in strategic moves.

      Abe provided the only 10 seconds of cute for me in this episode.

    • 32.3 Ann

      Well, killing off everyone that works for you is not the greatest idea bad guys ever have. At least hire new improved minions before hand! I do get tired of the boss threatening to kill those guys all the time. It’s a process, Chairman, not a 30 minutes or less delivery service.

  33. 33 queencircles

    God that kick in the face shunji received… So. Satisfying

  34. 34 piaaa

    Thanks for the recap jb!

    Show, congratulation for tearing my nerves.

    Damn, that nail cage.

  35. 35 dany

    Oh my, I’ve been searching for this song for thousands of years. Oh my god, thank you!

  36. 36 pigtookie

    loved this episode <3 so much emotional progress!

    i didn't watch the pseudo-Kangto torture scene last episode, so i wasn't prepared to watch the nail cage scene. by far one the most painful scene i've watched, fuckity fuck fuck is an understatement (and my internet connection dropped right then so the image lingered in my memory). i hope Gaksital is not crippled by it. thank god for a safe rescue at the end for once, instead of their usual gun-pointing, epic standoff endings. i don't think i could have taken that.

    there was so much gripping moments for me:
    – the count's grief was touching, i didn't know he'd be able to make me sympathize with him so much (and his wife's contrasting insensitivity!) – I didn't think their deaths would be a strategic send off for their characters
    – Rie's wiping the blood off her cheek – belated, yes, but today was the first time i felt for her, a woman who wants desperately to save her loved one but it's not a matter of risk anymore, she isn't in the power to do so
    – lol the i know that he knows that i know~ game
    – whyyy did the rebels not bring more agents to be on the alert for Shunji & co.?
    – the Kangto/Shunji and Kangto/Kimura faceoffs. Yes Kenji killed his family but sadly I understand their outrage
    – Yang Baek and Damsari were not thinking in the best interests of the rebellion… but it's heartwarming to know they have the hero's back. Even more when the rebels act on it and so awesomely come to his rescue. He's been a lone warrior for too long.

  37. 37 Rani Heriyani (@aiya_anie)

    kang to-shunji scene is the most heartbreaking moment…
    i’m crying hard….
    hate soooo much if bestfriend bcome enemy even actually deep in their heart, they are caring each other….
    huaaaaaaaaaaa T___T

  38. 38 queencircles

    When yang baek said that he wanted to stay I had the same reaction lol. I was like, oh that’s very sweet but just the dumbest thing I ever heard.

    They should’ve moved out of there the minute Shunji left, he was so obviously suspicious. Gahhh Shunji is super smart people!!! Let’s jump on the smarty train and get the F to a new hideout!

  39. 39 wulan

    i haven’t watched the ep yet, still could not have the heart to watch the nail biox scene.

    i thought tamao’s death will be a wake up call to the count and made him switch sides. but i guess the writer obviously wanted to point out there’s nothing you gain by selling your country. yet, could not help to feel bad about how tamao’s death is a waste.

    like thatfinally kangto n shunji laid it out on the open after playing the mind games. i was hoping that shunji regain bit of his humanity after the talk but it really seems his going anakin skywalker minus the redemption.

  40. 40 Jilly

    W can stop trying to believe that Shunji has any feelings left. He’s been OFFICIALLY irredeemable for two weeks now. He felt nothing over Tamao’s death and nothing over Kang To’s confession.

    Side note:
    Since I saw Joo won chasing away the scary butterfly on one night two days, I’ve gained new respect for his acting skills. I wonder what he has to do to turn himself into Lee Kang To every week cause Lord knows it can’t be easy.

  41. 41 crazedlu

    AGHHHHHHHHHHH! just So. Good! SO good.

  42. 43 Vanessa

    NERVE-WRACKING >.< gah I'm going to have such a Gaksital withdrawal -.-

  43. 44 faranak

    the last scene was woderful! god i can’t wait for tonights episode :S thank you soooooooooooooooo much for quick recap 🙂

  44. 45 HK

    This is by far my favourite episode! It was intense from start to finish! When they capture Kang-to I literally couldn’t breath and was freaking out the whole time they were torturing him! So glad he got rescue and I got to say I just love the scene where Shuji confronts Kang-to about how he was the one that killed his brother and then finding out the real truth!

  45. 46 Taiba

    this episode was sooo intense. they find out about gaksital, and then he tells shunji the truth!! finally. it was really sad! but i think by now shunji has gone too deep, there is no turning back for him. the nail cage part scared me. i hate the torture room.

    i actually liked the count&countess lol i was sad to see their whole family gone 🙁 i think the count would’ve gone another route if his son talked him out of helping the japanese. but the countess is the problem, she’s the one that’s pulling strings and manipulating things to her liking.

    i really wanted more romance in this drama; it just feels weird. i feel no chemistry between the leads. she keeps calling him young master… she sounds like his servant :/

    rie should just runaway with katsuyama. but i think she’s scared of escaping. i feel like she’s going to have a tragic ending.

    anyways, thanks for the recap!

  46. 47 KK

    I cried more when Kang-to got captured & I started to shake sooo much more than when Kang-san died ;_____;

    But I can breathe again now that the comrades came by to save him *phew*

  47. 48 Star

    so great Joo Won & Park Ki Woong can act. If they couldn’t, this drama would definitely not be as good 🙂

  48. 49 redfox

    Park Ki Woong should get a medal or something, that is brilliant acting. I hope he takes a long rest after that though!!!!
    I was hoping after the last episode that MAYBE Tamaos suicide was a fake-out, y´know, a scare to see if someone gives a damn, if he matters. but damn.

    and all that he knows I know he suspects that I know he is on….just makes my head spin.

  49. 50 paper

    Thank you very much JB for the recap <3
    This is now my #1 favourite drama of all time :< Its just so darn good that it finally nocked off MNIKKS from the top spot xD

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