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Han Ye-seul returns to the big screen with Uhm Tae-woong
by | August 23, 2012 | 58 Comments

Time flies. It’s already been a year since the Myung-wol the Spy debacle, and actress Han Ye-seul has spent her hiatus mostly shooting CFs (and appearing in Penny-Pinching Romance which was filmed prior to the drama). She’s announced plans to return in a new project, and is reportedly hammering out the contract to star in upcoming film The Dog, opposite Uhm Tae-woong.

The Dog (or as I like to call it, Da Dog) is the next movie from quirky director Shin Jung-won, of Chaw and Sicily 2km (also called How to Kill a Virgin Ghost), among others. He also has Fortunetellers due out next month, about a group of quack fortunetellers who set out to solve a mysterious event. He’s basically got the black-comedy-horror, weird-stuff-happens-to-quirky-characters-in-a-small-town market cornered.

This new film is about a dog-fighting ring… infiltrated by aliens. Yup. Alien dogs. Uhm Tae-woong plays a gangster who runs a dog-fighting operation, and Han Ye-seul will play a scientist intent on tracking down this dog-monster species. There will also be a cop in the fray, after Uhm Tae-woong. I’m thinking mostly the alien dogs are going to take precedence though, when they start trying to kill everyone.

It sounds like Chaw: The Dog Version, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, since it’s likely to be wacky dark humor. Well, amidst the horrific monster killings, natch. The production reportedly has an 8 billion won budget. While Uhm Tae-woong can carry both ends of the acting spectrum, I think comedy is certainly Han Ye-seul’s strong suit, so this seems like a good project to return in–something offbeat with a potential cult following.

The Dog plans to start shooting in October for a release next year.

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58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. dulcedeleche

    Does this man SLEEP?

    • 1.1 hi-there

      only if joowon is next to him, all cuddled up 🙂

      • 1.1.1 JoowonLover:)

        Ha HA!
        good one..

      • 1.1.2 Rashell

        LMAO…although that is a cuddle fest I wouldn’t mind being part of. Just sayin.

        • Arhazivory

          Girl, I like how you think. lol

      • 1.1.3 pigtookie

        these two don’t spend enough time sleeping or next to each other

    • 1.2 mtoh

      I know, he’s non-stop working.., but I always have something good to watch!

    • 1.3 katiamon

      He’s such a workaholic!!!

    • 1.4 Noelle

      I bet he would if he had a girlfriend/wife. Seriously, his sisters need to hook him up already.

      • 1.4.1 noi

        if i were his sister (uhm jung hwa), i’d want to hook up first before taking care of my brother xD

  2. SweetiePie54

    Well this sounds….interesting….

  3. mtoh

    How she ended up with Uhm…
    She’s on my black list since her quitting and returning in MWtheS.

    Thanks God, GF mentions dark humor…only that can explain alien dog.

    • 3.1 Magii

      Why??!! I think she took the risk to reveal the bad work condition. Her brave action elicited inquiries about the situation and hopefully the solution will come after. I really respect her and welling to watch anything she’s in.

      • 3.1.1 mtoh

        I don’t think it’s brave to leave everything and fly to US. If you have something to say you say it, and stay put to face it. If you are right, good for you, if you’re not..well…
        This is just my opinion.

        • Em

          I agree. She ought to have spoken up AFTER fulfilling the terms of the contract. I’m sure there are hundreds of actresses who would jump at the opportunities she’s been given despite lacking any semblance of talent.

          • Julia

            That´s just the thing though – the other party wasn´t fulfilling their side of the contract! Why should she be forced to risk her health (and other contracts) because of their failure?
            We all know that the working conditions for actors shooting a drama are terrible! That´s why I really don´t understand people hating on her for not succumbing to the other partiy´s unreasonable demands..

          • Julia

            Oh and the thing about how she should be grateful for getting work at all – I can´t be the only one to think, that nobody would say that about a male actor in the same situation…

        • Jae

          I would leave too if someone doesnt listen when told already many times to work out the situation. No one helped her. She was clearly heard when she left cuz everyone was curious as to why she reached the point to leave. Even her dialogues was a biting pun/slap to her face.
          She is clearly not a clone of you cuz she didnt do it your way. Just saying. I wish I could see it black or white like you do but life experience taught me …its mostly grays.

          • Em

            Oh, I have plenty of life experience as well. Even if we perceive things in grays, the people who depend on us rarely do. You can make excuses all you want but, at the end of the day, she showed poor professional conduct. Unless there was physical/mental abuse involved (which is certainly possible but they basically got a new PD because of her complaints), she had no right to leave filming the way she did and then attempt to cover her tracks by making her exit a crusade for actors’ rights. Poor ratings or poor characterization is just not a good enough reason to blow off a contract – to me, that’s pretty clear cut.

            Am I saying that the live shoot system is a healthy way to film dramas? Heck no. Do I think that people who, having shot dramas before and attained some level of fame in showbiz, know what they’re getting into ought to fulfill the terms of their contracts? Heck yes.

            As for the attempt to inject misogyny in the conversation, I guarantee that a male actor who pulled the same stunt would be treated with exactly the same contempt. Diva behavior doesn’t look good on either gender.

          • Julia

            It wasn´t the characterization or the ratings that made her leave though. Her contract stated she wouldn´t have to work the insanse hours actors usually have to work while shooting a drama – a contract both parties signed! But then the other side expected and forced her to work those hours anyway.
            It wasn´t even only her health her management was concerned with – she had other obligations to fulfill as well, like shooting a commercial if I remember correctly.

            So they clearly didn´t keep their part of the contract but expected her to quietly do as she was told. When she didn´t her, name was dragged and she humiliated.. (The episode after the whole fiasco was a clear “fuck you” in her direction.)
            She didn´t have to go as far as to leave the country but to be honest, I don´t think she was in her right state of mind at the time.. She possibly could have handled the situation better but I think she was absolutely in the right to not just silently take it.

            So, because the live shoot system has always been brutal, it should be kept that way? No change possible? Personally I´d love to have the writers, actors and everyone else better rested so they could do better in their work..

            *lol* There really is no need to “inject misogyny in the conversation” as it is defintely a part of the discourse. Even the expression you used, “diva behaviour”, is clearly gendered and simply would not be used in reference to a male actor.
            Well, I think you´re wrong about a man receiving the same attitude by the public as a lot of examples show that male celebrities are forgiven a lot quicker and for worse too.

    • 3.2 Jessica

      Same here.

      She’s been so blessed with good looks and good luck to get to where she is today. If she wanted to complain, she should have done it properly, not by hurting all the people who work with her by leaving like that.

    • 3.3 pohonphee

      I wasn’t agree when she decided to leave the filming scene. That’s totally unprofessional, agree. But didn’t she come back two days later, resume filming, even apologize? Is there something left to angry about? Humans make mistake, so did she. We always complain that Korean netizens are lack of forgiveness which can lead to cyber bullying, but if we keep bringing back what she did during MWTS, aren’t we the same with them? Can we start from here to realize idols and actors are human too and that sometime they make mistake and we are as human can forgive? Even God forgive, why aren’t we? 🙂

      • 3.3.1 im_eve


      • 3.3.2 Ani


        I like Han Ye-seul. She does quirky well. What has happened has happened. No need to cry over spilt milk. Water under the bridge at this point.

  4. ivoire


  5. Uca

    I dunno why but tho people have already had this girl in their blacklist, I’m still here waiting for her to come back and here it comes 🙂

    well, time flies. Time is def everyone’s hero.

  6. Lovebug

    I feel like everybody hates her, but I actually really like her. MWTS was my first drama with her, and I really enjoyed the begining of that drama. I thought she nailed it in Couple or Trouble and enjoyed her in Penny Pinchers (currently on netflix streaming).

    She is not the best actress in Kdramaland but she far from the worst. I think she is decent.

    **Also she did a excellent job playing a ghost in Raine’s MV for Love Song. Not just anyone can inspire that kind of shirt tearing and hip thrusting! That my friends is talent!

  7. Mystisith

    Why do I have Resident Evil pics flashing before my eyes. I smell a Z movie but maybe I’m wrong.

  8. Squibbles

    I actually admire because she was brave and took the rick of point out how hectic, tiring and dangerous an entertainer’s schedule the Korean entertainment. They often get in car accidents, send to the emergency room because of their crazy schedules. A lot of them also get IV drops to manage their exhaustion. That why Korean has one of the highest suicide rates in the world cause people work themselves way too hard!

  9. Jae

    Good that shes back. I like her because of wut happened on MWTS. She has showed me the bullying bts in a production/K-ent company that Im not even surprised of the T-ara incident. I get to learn the real reaction of people when PDs, Dirs, sponsors are doing the bullying. That no one will help you if they think they’ll get skinned too. She stood alone for herself in some way and glad she’s still standing/crawling……wutever some of you might describe it. Hats off to this lady.

  10. 10 Nika

    I am really glad she is back and with what has potential to be a good project. i think its a smart choise in her situation to choose the movie! not sure but heard she changed her managment company after the whole fiasco with MWTS and returned to the company she has started with. I hope they stand by her in difficult situations and represent her interesst better than her previous company. In any case good luck to her!

    • 10.1 The Real CZ

      Yeah, she went back to her original management company after her contract with Sidus HQ expired. Good move imo, since she had most of her good projects under her old management, not to mention that Sidus HQ also wanted to sue her along with KBS and the drama production company.

  11. 11 snow

    nice to see you back, han ye-seul! 🙂

  12. 12 JenJen

    alien dogs? um. ok….. the premise is weird :/ but since Uhm TaeWoong is so swoon-worthy 😀 I might be willing to consider it

  13. 13 lenrasoon

    yay! i love her, about the movie i read the description twice and didn’t get it i mean “alian dogs”? idk but again yay! Han Ye Seul<3

  14. 14 DarknessEyes

    OMG are u serious, it’s been a year???? I feel like that was just a couple months ago… This is crazy. Time is flying by so fast!!!

    on the other hand, im not really into alien dogs, so i’ll probably be passing on this one…

  15. 15 Rubysing

    I like her! And love her in Couple or Trouble. I think she’ll look good with UTW. Who knows, this may lead to RL OTP?! He needs a wife 😀

    • 15.1 myairconisdripping

      yessssss to everything

    • 15.2 Ani

      I love Fantasy Couple!

    • 15.3 OMGGGGG

      To bad she already married to a cheobale

    • 15.4 OMGGGGG

      Too bad she already married to a cheobale

    • 15.5 OMGGGGG

      Too bad i kinda heard she already married to a cheobale

  16. 16 malta

    Great. I’m glad she’s back. This whole blacklisted thing is so over the top.

  17. 17 new fan

    WOW… she’s returning so fast!!! like nothing happen !!!
    i think she must have a strong support behind!!

  18. 18 rjyuggy

    She one those celebrities that no matter what controversy they are thrown at, they are still enticing to watch. I love Han Ye-Seul!!!

  19. 19 Quiet Thought

    Bravo, Han Ye Seul, for putting her career back together. I’ve known people to do crazier things than she did suffering from sleep deprivation and endless hours of verbal abuse. In most countries, it’s what dirty cops do to torment and break people while still being able to claim they weren’t really trying to torture them.

  20. 20 canxi

    Uhm Tae Woong is calling me in that picture. It’s the eyes.

    This movie sounds whacky and terrifying…which means I’m most likely gonna watch it. I like Han Ye Seul too. Her decision to leave the set of MWtheS is neither here nor there with me. Everyone makes a questionable decision when they are upset; she’s human and I don’t really have much of an opinion on the situation. But it’s over and done with soooo back to work for her! Good job.

  21. 21 mary

    Thanks for coming back Han Ye Seul! <3

    Stay strong!

  22. 22 ananke23

    Sicily 2km and Chaw are two of my favorite dark comedy Kmovies. The film world needs more from this director. Not sure why I never looked him up before now…off to the IMDb!!
    Many thanks!

  23. 23 JD

    Nothing against her personality or acting, but I find something annoying about Han Ye Seul’s voice that ruins her dramas/movies for me :/ It’s like a wavering weak Grandma voice or something.

    Uhm Tae Woong, on the other hand… <3

    • 23.1 Rubysing

      There’s a lilt in her voice and I love it.

  24. 24 DB5K

    I’m glad she’s back~~

    Admit it, we usually forgive actors and other celebrities who have done wrong things because they give us enjoyment when we watch them on screen.

    In the case of crimes, I don’t think celebrities should get special treatment. However, I’m all for giving second chances to actors like Han Ye Seul.

  25. 25 Joan

    So… is anyone actually going to talk about the film here? Hahah

  26. 26 tn

    I never usually chime in on these things but I couldn’t help myself..

    If Rosa Parks quietly went and complained to the police about the segregation on the bus instead of refusing to go to the back of the bus, do you think we’d be where we are today? Everyone knew segregation and racism was bad but no one wanted to say anything about it because it was the norm. Well everyone knows the working conditions for Korean actors are bad but no one wants to do anything about it because it’s the norm…. Who would she complain to after the production? How would she have gotten herself heard when everyone she’s surrounded by accepts the system? Drastic actions is what drew so much attention to this case in the first place, if she quietly complained after the production was over would the media attention on the working conditions still be the same? Or would it be buried under some other story? She did what most people who grew up in the US have been taught to do. Stand up for what you believe in, whether your actions are deemed wrong or right, if you stand up then you’re doing the right thing. At the time, do you think people thought Rosa Parks refusing to sit in the back of the bus was the right thing to do?

    If they had given her more sleep and rest she would have handled it in a way that people may deem better but again, if you stand up for what’s right no matter how you do it you’re doing the right thing! If we don’t adopt that attitude, change will never. Do you really think segregation would have gone away if it was left to the authorities to handle it quietly? Would Rosa Parks have gotten anywhere if she went to the police after getting off the bus to complain about not being able to sit up front because she was black?

    Thus, as a result of her actions I will support all of her projects because if you stand up for your beliefs no matter how you do it, you’re doing the right thing!

  27. 27 noi

    i’m glad that she still up in entertainment industry. 🙂

    nevertheless, uhm force. he already did like two movies and one drama this year, and he’s not even “threatened” by military service. i hope it did well for his career. xD

  28. 28 bd

    While I’m all about professionalism, I really don’t have a problem w/ what Han Ye-seul did.

    It’s not like HYS wasn’t prepared for her role, but that conditions/working hours continued to be overbearing.

    Anyway, HYS worked w/ Uhm Tae-woong and Kim Tae-hee (talk about the eye-candy) in “The Legend of the Nine Tailed Fox”, which, unfortunately, wasn’t very good.

    Even UTW didn’t fare too well in that as the script/dialogue was pretty wooden.

    That’s a good photo of HYS (she doesn’t appear as bug-eyed as she can sometimes), but in TLotNTF, my eye was definitely drawn more to KTH than HYS.

  29. 29 nedenuleyn

    “Uhm Tae-woong plays a gangster who runs a dog-fighting operation” I think it’s a very bad role for a dog lover like him.

  30. 30 Candie

    I don’t think Han YeSeul really standing up for actors’ rights to better working environment as it’s made out to be since she was missing from many hearings for her to state her case.

    I would give her more credit for standing up IF she stayed and worked only the hours she contracted for. Then there would be no media mayhem & lawsuits if she kept fullfilling her end of the contract and still making her case clear. Any way she probably didn’t think it through enough when making that hasty decision to leave for the US. Only to fly back the very next day when production & her old management threaten to sue her.

    Any way, I’m happy she’s back and out of Sidus. They were no help her making good decision at all

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