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I Need Romance 2012: Episode 1
by | August 5, 2012 | 89 Comments

What a delectable opening act for a summer romantic-comedy about a pair of longtime lovers whose love fizzles out and settle to be next-door neighbors. Yet the writers give us hints that perhaps they care far more than they’re letting on. Will they be able to convey their true feelings or will a mystery man sweep her off her feet? I’ve definitely learned one thing: I Need Romance in 2012.

Note: This one-time recap is just the start of the romance.

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We open in a romantic, trendy jazz club as our couple only have eyes for each other. The woman recounts to her date about her unusual pet rabbit she had as a child. Rabbits are supposed to be hoppingly fast but this one was oddly slow.

Using her fingers to illustrate, she slowly inches her hand forward and oh-so-slightly brushes her fingers against his before retreating. Their eyes fixed on each other, his hand edges towards hers in return.

His fingers climb upward as the beat picks up… then the song abruptly ends and she pulls her hand away. Not wanting to part so soon, the man suggests they grab a cup of coffee to sober up and she responds, “I’m not really that drunk…”

Commence kiss fest as clothes come flying off in the hotel room. They make it to the bed and she starts to undo his belt (rawr), “I like doing this part myself. It gives me a sense of excitement…”

…and it’s just a script? Darn.

Our heroine JOO YEOL-MAE (Jung Yumi) barks that the scenario is eerily similar to their own relationship. This is the same cafe they used to go to and well, the same drunken deeds. How could he expose her sexual preferences to the world?

The writer, YOON SUK-HYUN (Lee Jin-wook), shrugs that it’s only a script and matter-of-factly states that she’s not the only woman in the world who enjoys undoing a man’s pants. He gets to the point – is it good?

Yeol-mae can’t help but acknowledge that it’s not half bad but gripes that the music choice is all wrong. Before she can complain any further, her phone starts ringing and Yeol-mae rushes inside to get ready.

Turns out Grandma’s calling to remind her about a seon (a blind date with a consideration of marriage) and Suk-hyun sweetly helps her carry her things into her car. Yeol-mae tells him to put in a good word to be hired as the musical director for his script and then speeds off.

Now we’re given the rundown on their longtime relationship. Their childhood friendship naturally evolved into love in their teenage years. After dating for 12 years with some bumps in the road, they officially called it quits 3 years ago. Now they’re just next-door neighbors again.

Suk-hyun’s left to do the cleaning (and washes her underthings by hand) and Yeol-mae rushes to change in the car. As they both gripe about the other, we’re shown a flashback to explain why they never walked down the aisle.

Yeol-mae wanted to get married but Suk-hyun was perfectly happy with the way things were. Upset with his blasé attitude, she even offered to do better in an effort to coax him.

In the present, both of them resolutely remind themselves that NOT marrying each other was a good decision and continue to make more snide comments about the other. Suk-hyun: “That dirty and fickle bitch!” Yeol-mae: “That selfish and cranky jerk!”

Changed and freshened up, Yeol-mae stares into her car mirror with determination: “Age, 33. I have to time to date a man who just passes by. There are still a lot of men left in the world and I still have enough charm.” Though it does tug at her a wee bit that she entered the dating pool again in a matchmaking company.

Yeol-mae darts inside the building to an elevator full of men which is great… it’s just that her blazer is caught in the door. The men quietly snigger in response.

Then we’re introduced to Yeol-mae’s friends who are already taken: SUN JAE-KYUNG (Kim Ji-woo) who met her husband the first time she stepped into a library. This is all in thanks to their other friend, WOO JI-HEE (Kang Ye-sol) who in turn is dating a doctor.

With their own lovey-dovey relationships, Yeol-mae seeks her own fairytale romance as she steps into the room… and reels from the gruff men who sniff their pits and check for dandruff in public. Ew.

Thankfully her blind date seems to possess none of these qualities. Meet KIM HAN-SEOP (cameo by Jung Kyeo-woon) who listens with a smile as Yeol-mae excitedly shares about her career as a music director.

But as she goes on and on, that smile turns into a sarcastic smirk until he finally yells, “Hey, Joo Yeol-mae!” Oh no. You broke his heart, didn’t you?

Yep. She looks at him with confusion as Han-seop asks repeatedly if she doesn’t remember him from college. He calls her out on her nicety act and that he nearly fell for it. Oof, this is awkward.

Yeol-mae relays this story to her girlfriends who are just as confused as to why she can’t recall a man she’s kissed. Plus, the only significant name they’ve heard in Yeol-mae’s life is Suk-hyun.

Rattling off about how he knows the places she used to frequent and how cranky and harsh she could be (are you sure he’s not a stalker?). How is she supposed to remember a guy she dated for a month and kissed three times?

And at the very moment, she remembers. It was rough and clumsy and her bottom lip was swollen afterwards. Uh honey, if you’re gonna complain, I’m sure there is a line out the door for that man. Case in point: kaedejun.

She can’t recall the others which spooks her. She then wonders how many other kisses with other men that slipped from her memory and turns the question on them. What’s average for a 33 year-old single woman?

Jae-kyung replies that a woman’s past is kept tightly shut but Ji-hee answers readily, “7?” Then she lists them off by name, including her current boyfriend. The ladies remember more of them and they laugh over some past nicknames.

Like the good friends they are, they stop at a reasonable point before making digging each other’s graves any deeper.

Jae-kyung wonders what the big deal is anyway. Does kissing more than 10 men at their age make them corrupt and innocent if it’s less than that? Tossing out a box of condoms (Ji-hee flips out), Jae-kyung defends that in an era where people are freely giving these away in the street, they should do whatever (or is it whomever) pleases them.

The box lands in Yeol-mae’s lap who coolly accepts them.

The ladies’ chatter is interrupted by Suk-hyun’s entrance and as he pours himself some coffee, Yeol-mae sticks the condoms in the fridge.

The friends start to tease about Yeol-mae’s seon and she quickly shushes them. She takes a moment to look at Suk-hyun and realizes the reason behind why she’s still single. Yeol-mae: “It’s because I loved this man the most.”

Flashback to their second year of high school on White Day. Teenage Suk-hyun suggests they try it – isn’t she curious about what it would be like? His desire to satiate his curiosity isn’t a good enough reason for Yeol-mae and she storms off.

He quickly apologizes and she hints that he’s supposed to tell her that he likes her first. Suk-hyun points to the candy as a sign that he likes her, but she wants to hear him say it.

He spits it out and when she replies that it wasn’t enough, he says, “I love you.” And then the next moment, he’s like, “Can I kiss you now?” Pfft, boys.

Yeol-mae pushes him away and he adorably chases after her in the streets. They stop at an ivy covered wall, out of breath. Before Yeol-mae can explain that she just wanted to slip away from prying eyes, Suk-hyun whips around to kiss her.

Their lips part and he explains, “That was a peck.” And then he kisses her again. We hear Yeol-mae say, “That kiss was so intense that I must have forgotten all about my kisses with other men.”

Suk-hyun breaks her out of that daze by repeating his question – is she going to see that man again? Yeol-mae accuses him of eavesdropping but he heard their entire conversation because they were so loud.

It’s telling that he doesn’t look at her as they talk about Han-seop. He finds it hard to believe that Yeol-mae can’t remember who she kissed and Jae-kyung turns it back to him – does he? Touché.

Yeol-mae explains that the kissing incident happened when she and Suk-hyun broke up the first time. Suk-hyun clarifies that it was the first time she dumped HIM. Did they break up because she liked that other guy?

The argument builds momentum as they bicker over whether she was two-timing him (she admits she did but it’s likely because of the heat of the moment) and how she always threatened they should break up whenever they fought.

Then Yeol-mae hits a nerve with her question – why did they break up 3 years ago then? Shouldn’t he have felt responsible towards the woman he shared 50,000 kisses with?

The friends interject before they rip each other’s heads off with their words just as Jae-kyung’s husband calls. Yeol-mae glares at Suk-hyun saying with her eyes, See? They’re a happily married couple and they haven’t fought for three years!

It’s no surprise that things aren’t quite peachy in Jae-kyung’s marriage. Stowing away wedding photos and separating their bed is a nightly routine for them and Jae-woo, her husband, dismisses the idea that they use separate room since that would only arouse more suspicion.

Though their relationship isn’t as lovey-dovey as we initially saw them in their opening scene, they don’t necessarily despise each other either. Like how Jae-kyung lied that they sleep separately so Jae-woo can sleep and how they’ll be playing corporate golf the next day.

Aww, Suk-hyun is sweet enough to happily replace a lightbulb in Yeol-mae’s place. He asks her to keep him still (she grabs his legs, heh) and he tells her, “Not me. The chair.” That’s when she notices his rainbow-striped socks which triggers another set of memories.

1000 days after their first kiss, Yeol-mae comes bouncing in bearing those very socks. Suk-hyun had just reached a point where his creative juices are churning which forces her to wait.

She does but several hours and thick magazines later, Yeol-mae finally gets up and storms out. She notices that Suk-hyun doesn’t even blink an eye away from his laptop. So how does she get his attention? Easy – by kicking over his precious scooter.

Her temper flares that his stories aren’t that interesting anyway and she bursts, “Let’s break up!” Suk-hyun gives her a few chances to take back her words but she remains resolute though in voiceover she tells us that she immediately regretted those words.

What she really wanted to hear from him was, “I’m sorry. Don’t be like this and calm down.” But Suk-hyun simply complied without putting up a fight.

Solemnly walking the scooter back, she thought about how it didn’t annoy her that he made her wait or that it was a special day for them. She only needed to hear that he wanted her presence to be acknowledged and appreciated.

For the following three months, Suk-hyun didn’t so much as send her a glance her way and ignored her texts. Then on a rainy afternoon, Yeol-mae found herself without an umbrella and he chivalrously gave up his, leaving him to walk in the rain.

She followed him, holding the umbrella over his head to keep him dry. Turning around, he asked if ending things came so easily to her. Yeol-mae apologized and they let bygones be bygones and made up.

Back in the present, Yeol-mae points out that Suk-hyun didn’t even admit he was sorry or that he missed her, much to her annoyance.

The lightbulb now fixed, Suk-hyun steps down, placing his hand on Yeol-mae’s head to steady himself. That’s when he notices her socks and smiles.

He gets up and drawing close to her, he compliments her that the socks were a great purchase because they last for so long. With a little laugh, he taps his finger on her tip of her nose playfully and we hear a momentary moan.

Yeol-mae reaches for her nose after he leaves and thinks, “This is going to make things difficult.”

Back with her friends Yeol-mae exclaims if they’ve ever heard of the tip of the nose referred to as an erogenous zone. They haven’t and they tease her as she asks her friends to touch her nose as a test.

Unsurprisingly, it does nothing and Yeol-mae pouts. How could the slightest touch trigger her whole body to react? Her friends encourage her to start things up with Suk-hyun again since it’s clear that he’s the trigger.

Yeol-mae contests that her arousal is her own to control but Jae-kyung argues that the man has the control to elicit that reaction. Then she teasingly rubs a shoe against her nose to demonstrate.

Meanwhile, Suk-hyun thinks back to that moment as well and breaks into a small smile.

Yeol-mae gets pulled out of the recording studio for yet another seon. In her car, she sighs deeply contemplating on the lesson she learned from dating Suk-hyun: No matter how much you try, what’s not meant to be won’t ever come true and no matter how hard you try to run away, you’ll meet the fate you were supposed to meet.

With a brave face, Yeol-mae forgoes changing her clothes and chooses to tempt fate, appearing just as she is. She runs into the matchmaker who leaves her to find “the man by the window” herself.

There are two men by the window when she gets there, and Yeol-mae sweats since she didn’t check her date’s profile earlier. The more attractive one gives a little nod and she breathes a sigh of relief.

She apologizes for being late citing that there was a traffic jam but he’s just come from the same direction and replies that the roads were fine. He looks at her with a mix of shock and confusion and she states in annoyance that even if she was late and he wasn’t interested in her, the least he could do is have some basic manners in this type of setting.

He asks inquisitively what that setting is and laughs when he hears that Yeol-mae is under the impression that they’re on a seon, “Do I look like someone who would go on a seon?”

That answer irks her and she states that she’s not happy to be here either. There’s a line of men out the door waiting to ask her out. How dare he treat a woman this way. Shovel. Meet Grave.

But Mystery Man tells her that she’s got the wrong man. He gives another little nod and she whips her head around to meet the gaze of her actual blind date who returned from the bathroom. Whoops.

They exchange awkward goodbyes as Mystery Man breaks into a smile. Yeol-mae interrupts her date for a moment, and as she looks at him, wonders, “How does he know my name?”

It continues to bother her and she gets up, leaving her date high and dry to confront him, asking for his name.

He’s SHIN JI-HOON (Kim Ji-suk) and Yeol-mae draws a blank at the name. She presses for more information and steam practically comes out of her ears when Ji-hoon lets out a hearty laugh.

Ji-hoon replies, “It makes me really sad that you don’t remember me.” She goes out on a limb, asking if they used to date. Ji-hoon: “Now you remember?”

That makes her nervous and she cautiously asks, “Did we… kiss?”

Ji-hoon contemplates that for an excruciating few seconds and then answers, “We might have.”



Oh really, Ji-hoon? You tease.

I found this episode to be extremely enjoyable with likable characters and an introduction that starts after the happily-ever-after phase. The fact that we start years after the breakup and that they’re still next-door neighbors is an interesting premise. They’ve gotten so used to each other’s company and know every little thing about them that whether linked romantically or not, their relationship hasn’t changed a bit.

Yet the show is dangling that carrot in front of our eyes with the one question: What was the trigger for their breakup? Could it have been Suk-hyun’s disinterest in marriage or Yeol-mae’s constant threats to break up that led to the split? Both parties at this point are responsible for the demise of their romantic relationship. The break up hits a nerve for both of them but since we have fiercely stubborn characters, they’re waiting for the other to give in before they admit that they’re at fault.

The scene in the rain where they were both standing in the rain was particularly fantastic. Despite that there was an umbrella that could keep them dry, they stood apart from each other, trying to keep the other person dry. And as a result, they both ended up wet. That wordless gesture just about kills me and by the end of their conversation, they’re standing side-by-side under the umbrella and Suk-hyun pulls her in tight.

Having never seen the original I Need Romance, I can’t attest to the show’s similarities and differences to its prior season. But where it’s at right now, I appreciate that it approaches the age-appropriate topics with a matter-of-fact manner. Issues of sex isn’t something that they don’t skirt around and you have refreshing characters like Jae-kyung who don’t see a string of past kissing partners as much of an issue. This show might have more freedom to address it in a more straightforward because it’s on cable but it’s nice to see a perspective that questions what we see in other dramas where “Omo! Oppa just hugged her.” is considered second base.

Now that Ji-hoon is in the picture, it begs the question: what will dating look like for a woman who has only known to deeply love one person for nearly half her lifetime? Will she be hung up on the kiss that she can’t forget when she was a teen or be introduced to a new kind of whirlwind adventure?


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  1. OMG

    I wont recaps ur recaps cuz i plan on watching this but m waiting till all the episodes have aired!!!! BUT i skimmed thru this and i’m excited from the bits and pieces that i read!!! Also like that this show is more realistic about where a 30yr old is in life……not some newbie virgin who is just experiencing her first kiss n stuff….

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom


      I bookmarked this to read it later, after I finished the series. Well, it took me forever to get around to watching the final two episodes. Here’s the thing with this drama. It started off great with lots of chemistry and potential, but then the plot didn’t go anywhere and my anticipation tanked. I stuck with it because I really like the main cast but the characters themselves were often irritating. Anyhow, it was an easy watch though and I’m praying Lee Jin-wook, Kim Ji-suk, and Jung Yumi will all be in better projects soon!

  2. jiajia

    Jung Yumi and Lee Jin Wook have sooo much chemistry.

    • 2.1 Gegia

      Finally!!! I really like this drama and i didn’t understand why anyone here recap it!
      I’m so happy, also if the next week it will end T_T

  3. K

    I just started this drama too! precisely yesterday and couldn’t stop watching!! I’m in episode 13 right now!

  4. ninji

    I’m rating this drama 9/10 so far. It’s so heartwarming.

  5. kaedejun

    “Uh honey, if you’re gonna complain, I’m sure there is a line out the door for that man. Case in point: kaedejun.”


    Thank goodness he was a cameo. If he were one of the male leads, I’d be smacking whoever his female partner is on the show.

    • 5.1 crystalysia

      why? do you like jung kyeo-woon?

  6. RockPaperScissors

    I almost dropped this drama after the first couple episodes, but I am glad I gave it a chance. It is Sex & the City done better. I love the frank discussions the ladies have, and the dynamics of their relationships. I died laughing regarding the “first aid” in the freezer!

  7. coffee

    Hmmm.. Not sure if this counts as a spoiler, but I’m around Episode 12 and I’m getting a bit frustrated.

    I love the drama and actors/actresses and the general tone of things, but the plot is getting a bit dragged out… Despite getting hints of what may be the underlying big problem, it just doesn’t logically pan out right and the big question marks are still big question marks. I should be patient and wait for the ending but I have a feeling that nothing will be good justification for some of the characters’ motives and actions.

    But, it is a really pleasant drama to watch just because of how relatable it can be. Plus, the side characters are actually characters, and have their own lives/plots that get adequate screen time. So far, it’s pretty decent but I just get this feeling that I won’t like how things progress to the ending.

    Thanks for the recap!!

    • 7.1 lee

      You find out in a few episodes what’s up and that it shifts things, new knowledge brings new perspectives.

    • 7.2 bd

      The plot of this romcom (like for most romcoms) is the relationship btwn the leads and other people and how the relationships change.

      The next 2 eps will fill in the rationale for the actions by the characters.

  8. Fall

    Yayy!! I recently started watching this drama after Big, and I’m loving it!

  9. nhoki

    Jung Yumi is just so adorable. Words cannot describe how much I love her.
    If you haven’t watched I need Romance season 1, there are a few jokes that you won’t get. Characters of the past season are mentioned from times to times.

    • 9.1 bd

      Yeah, JY is absolutely a peach in this, even if her character is, as she admits, often mean and selfish (but hey, w/o character flaws, that would lead to boring characters).

      Also think Kang Ye Sol is adorable here; she was kinda wasted in “My Princess” and being the b!tchy one doesn’t particularly suit her.

      The only thing I had previously watched Kim Ji-suk in was “Chuno” – where I thought he overacted a bit, but he has really surpised me here – playing his character to perfection, getting the littlest facial expressions (which express quite a lot) right.

      Same goes for Lee Jin-wook – whom I had only seen a little of in “Myung Wol the Spy”; certainly helps that his character isn’t as flat as it was in MWTS.

  10. 10 Andrea

    Awesome drama. So glad there is mention here. I’m up to episode 14 with only 1 week left of the drama so I won’t spoil it for anyone. I will just say its one of those dramas I wish I had waited until all the episodes were available because it really is worth a marathon watch cause the story is so snappy and forward unlike a lot of dramas where it drags in the middle and the characters take giant leaps backwards in their relationships.

    • 10.1 moomincandylalala

      On the same page and loving it too! Without revealing too much, I just want to say while I got second lead syndrome bad in the first INR, I’m w the main couple all the way 2nd time around, JYM and LJS just too cute together and hv great chemistry! And the ladies share a great friendship, too

      Must watch! Thanks Gummimochi for doing this one time recap – tho I wish u would keep doing them 🙂

  11. 11 Renki

    So glad you decided to recap this! It was actually during a commercial break on episode 10 that I saw this. I really like this show; Yeol Mae can be annoying at times, but the frankness of it overall is refreshing. (:

  12. 12 smiles

    Great drama – at first it seemed a little too like the original, that i almost dropped it. But i’m glad i stuck at it, really enjoying the story and characters – who will she choose in the end, after 14 episodes, i know who i’m routing for, but what about you?
    I do hope you change your mind and continue to recap, i would like to know your thoughts on these characters beyond the first episode.

  13. 13 rebecca34

    Thank you so much for deciding to recap this. I was recently wishing someone would choose to do so on dramabeans and if any show deserves a little in depth analysis this is one drama that does. I am up to ep 14 and I think this show might break my heart or fill me up with warm fuzzies but regardless it should promote some great discussion.

    And let me just say Ji Hoon is smokin hot and is only comparable to maybe the lead guy from Fantasy Couple. Ok immature moment past lol.

    Generally this has some fantastic writing and character development. It is definitely imperfect but makes you think and totally have an emotional connection with the characters.

    • 13.1 bd

      Yep, after all the “dreck” that have gotten full recaps – INR2 is well deserving of a full recap.

      • 13.1.1 CM

        Totally agree on that one girlfriend!

        • bd

          Thanks girlfriend (but on your end, it’s actually “guyfriend”).

          • CM

            In that case I’m officially impressed! 😀

  14. 14 Christopher Pease

    I only started watching this drama last week and I’ve been quickly going through the first several episodes. However, each episodes I have to rewatch just so I don’t miss anything.

    So far, I’m loving this show. The plotting is fast. The humor is funny. And there’s real drama that I can kind of relate to and it actually makes me think.

    Awesome show!!!

  15. 15 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the unexpected present.I was going to watch it but time got away from me.Now I better marathon this baby before the next lot of dramas start.I’ve always loved Lee Jin Wook .Any drama with him as the lead gotta watch.

  16. 16 CM

    OMG! Yay! I thought this drama is never gonna be reviewed on dramabeans! Yay! And thanks! It is a good drama! Better than the first one for the main couples, I am enjoying the performance and stories for the other girls as well.The only part I miss from first searies is the flirty girl and her boyfriend(the actor that played JaSoo in QIHM). Only the two of them were on the level of sexiness required to be in my good books, and their level of chemistry was just fantastic! This series, on the other hand, is full on in that aspect!

  17. 17 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

  18. 18 lee

    Suk Hyun makes me want to kill him, but as is real life honesty is the best policy, I hope they either learn how to be honest with each other or I’d rather have them apart because they drive me nuts! I like Ji Hoon so much, honest but in a lovely down to earth way.

  19. 19 sophia

    yes! I’m so glad you’re watching this! This is one of my favorites dramas at the moment. The story is written very well. I love it! Looking forward to your recaps!

  20. 20 bd


    Finally a recap of INR2 – thanks gummimochi!

    I’ve been watching it pretty much from the start, so all I’ve gotta say that it’s hands down the best romcom of the year and one of the best K-romcoms ever done (up there w/ “Coffee Prince” and “The Man Who Can’t Get Married.”; for those who enjoyed “9 End 2 Outs” – I suggest checking out TMWCGM since it’s written by the same screenwriter, but even better).

    Great writing/dialogue, cast/acting and direction (and nice soundtrack as well).

    For those who have just started to watch, it gets even better in the later eps, as Jung Yumi’s character decides on some changes (she’s such a peach), but like I stated before, there’s more “action” (both in getting to know the basic story line and in the “hot and heavy”) in the 1st ep than we get in most dramas over the course of their run.

    Also love Kang Ye Sol – who’s adorable here (she really didn’t fit playing the jealous/b!tchy sister in “My Princess”).

    In addition, normally, I don’t get the “2nd male lead” syndrome (as in “Best Love” – Pil Joo, while nice, was kinda boring) – but here I can see how it’s a tough, tough choice for viewers.

  21. 21 zhill

    thanks for recapping it, and hope you will continue to do so. the original INR was a looooot better than this one, storyline and all, but this one is funnier.

    I think ep1 to 10 was kind of boring … ep11 to ep13 were good, then the last one is heartbreaking. The second guy is too perfect, too good to be true. I felt sorry for him, but 12 years of history is also hard to ignore considering the fact that the first couple really love each other. I’m afraid that the original INR and this one will have the same ending.

  22. 22 zsa

    gummimochi…are u really recapping 2 dramas at the same time? Wow! *bows*

    • 22.1 gummimochi

      There is no way to fit 2 dramas in that time-space continuum 🙂 Not enough dimensions either.

      They’re just first episode dramas to spread the love!

      • 22.1.1 Brandi

        Thanks for the recap. I loved the original (until the end), and am loving this one also. (Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.)

        Just curious, which drama are you recapping? I Do, I Do is over …

      • 22.1.2 bigwink

        Awww you’re such a big tease~

        I wish you did take both dramas to recap, I’m sure we all been had by your teaser *wink wink wink*

        I don’t have any tricks to stop time though 🙁
        but you have my utmost support & cheers!!! Fighting!

  23. 23 Lise


    Just wondering, since S1 ended the way it did, does it mean this one will follow the original premise and end with the OTL together or r they gonna reverse the ending? Mmhhh???…am for the latter myself, ex boyfriend’s such a douche bag, despite his supposed ‘good intentions’

    • 23.1 smiles

      We must be watching a different drama – because i’ve the exact opposite reaction to his good intentions

  24. 24 Aggasi

    Omg I JUST finished episode 14! I am sooo addicted to this drama, I absolutely adore it 😀 Oppa is so hot! <3

  25. 25 momosa

    Ok, I’m just being honest. Everytime Lee Jin Wook comes on screen, everything else including the dialog becomes blurry. I just see his face, especially his eyes & lips moving, smiling.

    Whenever he’s not on-screen, those dialogs are too much to digest. There’s too much information about them that’s overwhelming. And the characters of these people.. they are all equally difficult & complicated, phew…..

  26. 26 KDramaLover

    All I can say is… I LOVE THIS DRAMA! Watched it from the very beginning, so sad that it’s ending soon 🙁 *sigh* The story is fresh… and to be honest, this is the first KDrama I watched that has lots of ‘kisses”, lol 🙂 love both the lead and especilly love Lee Jin-wook. gosh, his a hottie 🙂 Would love to take JOO YEOL-MAE place anytime, lol 🙂

    TY for the one-time recap gummimochi!

    • 26.1 CM

      So many kisses that you basically have to try hard to remember when each of them happened if you see them in a fanmade MV LOL. But no complains here XD

  27. 27 Anvesha

    The ex in the original one got on my nerves but this one seems to be a likable character.. May be I can check it out after all.

  28. 28 puchechai

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    Oh btw, I also got addicted to the OST, “I Could Give You Love” by Lasse Lindh. Really fits the storyline, you should listen to it if u haven’t. ^_^

    • 29.1 Fangy

      Ditto about the song!!

      Thanks, gal! For sharing the title of the song… this song has been haunting in my mind ever since I started watching and even after I finished the drama! Was wondering how to find a song when I don’t know the title nor the singer. Thank you! ^^

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    Pls conitnue to do so, at least for non Korean speakers, they can understand it while waiting for subtitles to be released….

    • 34.1 bd

      You can watch it fully subbed on Viki or Dramafever.

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    There is the song in the opening/ending that goes “walalala” etc…. It sounds amazing! But I haven’t found the song on youtube or anywhere for that matter. I don’t what language it is either… do you know what song it is?

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    It’s a pity this is just a one-time recap though

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    Thanks for the one-off, gummimochi! 🙂

    • 41.1 Chesquared

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    thanks, gummimochi! I might give it a try now (was a bit reluctant before).

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  44. 44 reeen

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    I’ll finish it just because but… I’ll try to kee pin mind the awesomeness that was the first season…

    • 45.1 kdramaaddict

      If you don’t like the show you don’t have to watch it or even finish watching it , it’s as simple as that.

      There are many other dramas you can watch.

      • 45.1.1 Anne-So

        I want to watch it because I love Lee Jin Wook, and where I stopped, the plot has finally moved on.
        But why the hell does it bother you anyway?

        • bd

          This is a romcom, so aside from relationships and how they change, there isn’t much of a plot.

          Just about every character has their personal foibles – which is what makes this interesting and realistic.

          It would be quite boring if everyone was Mr./Ms. perfect/nicey-nice.

  46. 46 Toya

    Aside from the fact that it’s a relationship between two guys over one girl, and side stories of her friends relationships, that is the only similarity with the first “I Need Romance”.

    This version’s couple is a bit more annoying but in the good way where it’s like, their relationship is so complex but you only get little snippets of it, and as the story goes along it starts to piece together and you’re like, AH HA!

    It’s almost like a romantic comedy mystery with the lead couples. Trying to pick out the reasons for their actions while getting delightfully frustrated at the outer layer of their problems.

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    and can i say that although the drama follows kdrama basics (main leads who hate but actually love each other, and a super nice second lead guy who nurtures the girl back to emotional sanity or just plain sanity.. cuz i mean cmon..she cray), i was surprised about the maturity when it came to the “other girl” who was surprisingly rational. unlike other dramas where she lives in another dimension where SHE HAS TO HAVE HIM AT ALL COSTS *echo*!! XD
    and the friends are way better in this one too. ugh drama, please dont break my heart! i cant even..

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    Truth to be told, I’m a lazy drama watcher and I usually wait until someone whose opinion and drama taste are similar to mine weight in the good and bad to start a new serie. Now that the dramabeans family has extended, we have more opinions and more recaps to lure us into new dramas! I thank you again for that (although my real life schedule isn’t so grateful, but hey, RL is overated ;))

  49. 49 Lauren

    After reading this recap I decided to give it a try. 14 episodes later I am conflicted and majorly pissed that for 17 years the OTP went through shit because of the “noble idiot” syndrome. I don’t regret watching this, though. I haven’t been able to watch a drama these past 2 years.

  50. 50 Chelz

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