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Jeon Woo-chi drama enters pre-production, courts cast
by | August 30, 2012 | 84 Comments

Here’s a bunch of news about Jeon Woo-chi the drama, all at once. First of all: There’s gonna be a Jeon Woo-chi the drama?

Yes, this is news that has been around, literally for years; we first heard rumblings of said drama two years ago, and then nothing. But now the drama is revving up for real, hurtling into pre-production with a bunch of casting possibilities. None of the following are final decisions, but they’re all suddenly in the headlines, which can only mean the producers are in full media blitz mode.

First off, UEE is being courted as the leading female. Cool.

Secondly, Taecyeon is maybe a contender for the lead male role, but also maybe not. Erm… not as excited about him.

Thirdly, Shin Ha-kyun is also being linked to the show, albeit in a probably-can’t-fit-it-into-his-schedule capacity. To which I say, huh? Two young idols and a serious heavyweight in the same casting notice? Weird.

Kang Dong-won in 2009’s Jeon Woo-chi

So, the plot. This story is based on a fantasy novel/folktale, so it’s not necessary an adaptation of the 2009 film bearing the same name. Same source material, similar aspects, but a different angle.

For those of you unfamiliar with the film, the plot revolves around a Taoist wizard (dosa) named Jeon Woo-chi (played by Kang Dong-won) who has been locked in a magic scroll for 500 years. Then the seal is broken and the impish Woo Chi is released into the modern world, where he fights goblins and monsters. And wreaks a little havoc of his own.

The drama sounds like it’s hewing closer to the original story, where Jeon Woo-chi is an inhabitant of Yuldo, a (fictional) ideal nation established by righteous bandit and Robin Hood, Hong Gil-dong. Woo-chi is a dosa who initially gains his powers by swallowing a gumiho fox bead. He travels to Joseon on a revenge mission, but when he sees the plight of the people there suffering under tyranny and famine, he develops into a hero. Sweet.

It’ll be a fusion sageuk, so no time-traveling or modern-day Seoul. Woo-chi’s character is trouble-making and mischievous, and the producers have stated their intention to include all kinds of colorful characters from the “bottom” of Joseon society: con artists, bandits, gisaengs, and more.

UEE’s camp has confirmed that she received the offer, but has not decided yet. She did recently say in an interview, “I think I’ll be doing a new drama this fall.” Her side stated that Jeon Woo-chi is just one of several possible projects, however.

I like UEE’s acting style so I’d be happy to see her sign on; she’s very cute without getting overly so, and has a nice approachable vibe. Plus, of the many idol-actors of her generation, she’s had one of the better track records, with solid performances in Birdie Buddy and Ojakkyo Brothers.

Taecyeon seems a less likely possibility; there are some articles declaring him a contender, but also several denials by his management company. So I wouldn’t get too attached to the idea of him signing on, although it’s unclear what character he’d play. Without additional information, I find both him and Shin Ha-kyun odd fits for Woo-chi, so I’m interested in seeing how the cast list shakes out. (They’re not up for the same role, just to be clear — now that would be bizarre — they’d be up for two separate characters.)

I’m indifferent on his acting so I’d prefer a different, more engrossing actor be cast, frankly. Taecyeon has the charm and the presence (he was cute in Cinderella’s Sister and had his moments in Dream High), but he never feels like he’s IN his roles; he’s projecting emotion on the surface rather than feeling it. I’d rather get an actor who feels it.

Shin Ha-kyun’s management also confirmed receiving the drama offer, but stated that it’s likely that he won’t be able to fit it into his schedule. He’s currently shooting the movie Running Man, and that plans to keep filming through early November. Jeon Woo-chi is aiming for a mid-November premiere, so that’ll probably be too tight.

Attached are PD Kang Il-soo of Kingdom of the Wind and Emperor of the Sea; writer is Jo Myung-joo of King Gwanggaeto — so, lots of sageuk experience up in here. In any case, sounds like an interesting project with a fresh premise. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.

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84 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Hafy

    I’ve been waiting for any news of this drama.. I love love love the movie… xDDD

    If UEE is really gonna be in this drama, then I’m really am in but if Taecyeon is also gonna be in it… I’m out eventhou I love love love UEE to the bottom of my heart.. I have this huge SOFT SPOT for her ever since You’re beautiful. Heck, even b4 that and I’m not even After School’s fan..

    • 1.1 skelly

      Same here. I like UEE, I think she’s got fairly decent acting chops for an idol, but if Taecyeon is in I am staying FAR away; I’ve only seen him once, but he was atrocious – a poster boy for why idols should not be shoved into acting roles. So this is a miss for me if he is in it; too bad, I really loved the movie and the premise has promise, LOL.

      • 1.1.1 maon

        I saw him in “Boku to Star no 99 Nichi”, and he wasn’t *that* bad (by idol standards, anyway).

      • 1.1.2 zenmadara

        if you see him only once how you know if is god or bad?
        with perfect lead actres(eun hye or suzy, or actres from playfull kiss is perfect ) he is onest, natural, real,cute, sexy with girl ho match with him(only natural, puret girl)

    • 1.2 zenmadara

      Reply if you see him only once how you know if is god or bad?
      with perfect lead actres(eun hye or suzy, or actres from playfull kiss is perfect ) he is onest, natural, real,cute, sexy with girl ho match with him(only natural, pure girl)

  2. ck1Oz

    Joo Won?
    But it will never happen ;-(

    • 2.1 red

      I know right!!! I LOVE Kang Dong Won and when I think of Kang Dong Won I think of his look alike Joo Won. And when I think of UEE I think of the adorable OB OTP with Joo Won. Clearly its meant to be, but will never happen :(.

      • 2.1.1 Reese

        I read it at Soompi that this drama will be aired in KBS. So excited about it. I doubt they will cast Joo Won, arghhh. He just finished Gaksital :-(. If they cast them both.. IT WILL BE A REALLY DAEBAK DRAMA!

        **Nervous for Gaksital ending next week.

    • 2.2 mems

      I know, it would be just lovely to see them together again. Sigh…one can dream.

    • 2.3 jo ra im


      Then they should choose Jo Won or Kang Dong Won, can’t think the others male-lead

  3. wowow

    JooWon aaand UEE <3

  4. mess


    Uee. Yes. She’s so good in Ojakgyo Brothers.

    Taecyon. No. That boy still need morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre time to be a lead.

    Why not Kang Dong Won (dreaming)… he will be out from the Military by then right. But I highly doubt he will be in it πŸ™‚

    By the way, which TV station?

    • 4.1 Em

      Kang Dong Won is one of those actors who stopped doing dramas once he made it big (?) in movies. I also wish we could see him in this drama πŸ™

      • 4.1.1 tia

        I’ll go crazy if he’s doing rom com like secret garden *keep dreaming

    • 4.2 Shin Haido

      yeah, i need more Kang Dong Won too.. He’s so good in Jeon Woochi. πŸ˜€

    • 4.3 pampitsa

      good?? r u kidding me? then, should we nominate her for an oscar? she is wooden. many people think that she is good because she is slightly better than the other acting idols. between two bad things you choose the least bad and that is uee

      • 4.3.1 idlehouse

        UEE distracts me to no end. She’s not all bad, but I had a really difficult time thinking of her as a character rather than an actress playing a part in OB.

        • yammy

          i agree with you, but i feel like i m the minority here (and korea, i guess). I was really distracted when I saw her in OB. I don’t know why. I think she is one the better idol actors, but i feel like there’s something missing that stops me from saying she’s a good actress. On that note, I hope she doesn’t take the role and goes for another one, because I’m interested in the plot of the drama (and see the potential of the PDs from their previous work) but if she does take it, oh well, I’ll try couple episodes and see.

      • 4.3.2 meeee

        i dont know why people hate her. just bcz she play bad in YAB.she played all her character really well. i want to see her more

        • zodd

          Plus the Hong sister’s are terrible at writing anything decent for the antagonist in their drama’s. Their rather one noted. So I’ll give UEE a break for her role in that drama.

      • 4.3.3 la dee dah

        Um, being a little dramatic here and kinda condescending to the original poster. A simple “I don’t agree” would have suffice. As for me, I happen to disagree with you. I think she is far from wooden and actually pretty good in her roles so far. First saw her in YAB and thought she did good for a role that required her to be witchy but also comical, so I never hated her in that drama. And her acting in OB was good as well, she showed her emotions well (and she run the gamut in that drama, being snotty, drunk, happy, angry, depressed). She never distracted me at all.

    • 4.4 zenmadara

      you are so wrong, if the lead actres is Yoon eun hye, or actres from playful kiss, Taec is the best man ever acting with both( chemistry)

  5. UJ

    a nay for Taec!
    dunno abt the second guy!

    Gosh i ADORE UEE so freakin much!!! she is THE best idol actress for me! no competition!

    aaaah i see ppl mentioning Joo Won!! OMG that will the best thing ever!! i loved UEE and JW together in Ojakgyo brothers <3

    • 5.1 UJ

      Also i started watching Ojakgyo brothers for Joo Won but ended up loving UEE the most πŸ˜€

    • 5.2 zenmadara

      taec is perfect , he can act if he want, ok? Is a real strong onest people

  6. Anonymous


    I clicked the link of the news back in 2010, it will be produced by Chorokbaem Media. Aha, no surprised they cast Uee because it’s the same production company that gives us Ojakgyo Brothers.

    I love Uee in OB, she’s doing a very good job, I’m a fan of her since than.

    This Drama sounds good.. All the best Uee.

  7. Jasmin

    A big YES for UEE. πŸ˜€ But I’m not so happy about Taecyeon. Let’s hope they find someone with better skills.

    BTW, no news regarding Nice Guy yet!? Or are you waiting for the press conference? πŸ™‚

  8. Akiko

    Awww.. You made me miss Kang Dong-won!

  9. DramaticTeacher

    Altouh the picture of Taecyoon made me scream ”Woohooo” I don’t think he can act.

    I’m all in for Uee, I like her acting.

    I think she grew a lot as an actress in Ojakgyo Brothers and Birdie Buddy (argh, why didn’t she end up together with with John Lee! I still can’t get over it.)

    • 9.1 zenmadara

      Taec can act verry well, only if he want, its a great man, real and natural

  10. 10 jomo

    My record with real sageuks, as in not fantasy/fusion/fun ones is something like
    6 started
    0 completed

    SHK could get me to watch 32 episodes of bad guys planning around a table to squash the good guys hiding in the thatched hut in the forest with only two swords left after the devasting battle with the Lord Foul’s private army wanting to usurp the king while he is recuperating from that injury he got when he snuck away to try to find out more about the spies, one of whom just happens to be his best friend he trained with as a youth at the martial arts masters camp in the mountains, er, on the island, and who has fallen in love with his promised bride, the daughter of the Lord Foul’s steward.


    • 10.1 jeonhaaaa

      OMG LOL Loved your description of sageuks XD

    • 10.2 Luh

      i’m crying here lmao

  11. 11 DC

    Taecyeon’s characters in Cinderella’s Sister and Dream High were so limited. Though I think he’s much more suited for ligther, romantic comedy fare, I think he’d do pretty well with an action-heavy drama.

    UEE is a talented actress, so no worries there.

  12. 12 twin-twin

    first thing that comes to my mind
    TAEJA Couple

  13. 13 Village Mrembo

    UEE me love her long time! Ok i lie i only fell for her after OB but she was brilliant! And here’s an equally brilliant idea, how about a UEE-Seo In Guk pairing in the future? Wouldnt the screens just be sizzling?! Food for thought PDs…

    • 13.1 Depz

      Exactly!!! I was just wondering that too… But unfortunately Seo In Gook has just been casted in family drama, so i think there will be zero chance for him.

      But the first person that came inside my mind is Joo Won. I want him to do some quirky character, rather than always so serious Gaksital (not that I hate it, I DO LOVE IT ^^), but I think there’s little chance too for him.

      Hmm… how about… Jung Il Woo?

  14. 14 racheose

    i’ll watch any drama with shin ha kyun in it.. but if taecyon and SHK will be in the drama taec will be crushed by SHK’s excellent acting..

  15. 15 acejihyo

    pretty content with the UEE casting, although if i remember right, the female lead in the movie kind of took a backseat in things. but i’m sure they’ll flesh out her character more in the drama version.

    kim nam gil actually came to mind for the main lead (ohohohohoho army comeback y/y?). even though BG and QSD were both very traumatizing, i feel like he’d be able to juggle the funny and kickass relatively well. also lol at the joo won suggestions. OB redux anyone?

    also, shin ha kyun i LOVED in both brain and harvest villa, so i almost wish he was vying for the jeon woochi role because it’s obvious he’s capable of serious and funny.

  16. 16 Lemon

    Oh god, if Shin Ha Kyun really signs on, that would make my year. I don’t mind UEE or Taecyeon, but Shin! Ha! Kyun! *prays to drama gods*

  17. 17 gustave154

    why you guys no give taecyeon a chance??? =((((

    • 17.1 skelly

      Because he’s already proven he’s not a very good actor? How many “chances” do these idols need? How often do we have to suffer through their learning curve because they bring in the fangirl dollars? To paraphrase P.T. Barnum, there’s a fangirl born every minute.

      • 17.1.1 mskololia

        LOL at the PT paraphrase.

        I think the seeing-challenged fangirls won out.

    • 17.2 lizzie

      because have some good rookie actors out there who also deserve their chance that Idols don’t let them have.

      • 17.2.1 Hafy

        Exactly….. I would love and rather watch rookies actors in dramas than idols…

    • 17.3 Meghan

      A lot of people look down on idols as actors and don’t like to go into things with open minds. I personally love Taecyeon, I’m a 2PM fan and he’s my favorite in the group. I don’t think he’s the best actor ever, but then he’s not as awful as some people say he is. In my opinion I think he just needs more roles to learn more from his sunbae actors and to gain experience. I don’t know if he’s ready for a lead role though, he’s only been second leads before.

      But I think people should be a little more open minded. I hated Uee in You’re Beautiful, I thought she was bad and wooden, but then I watch Ojakgyo brothers, and she ended up being my favorite character. So I’m glad I gave her a second chance, now she’s one of my favorite actresses.

      • 17.3.1 Anastassia

        Dont be so defensive. He had a role as a main lead already then as the second lead with an experienced actor/actresess.

        If he sincerly and honest want to learn, be extra roles, sided roles for a while and let those who are working hard in acting skills to get the chance.

        I dunno why people/fans complain when we skeptical about diols. First they are singer. Secondly they havent walking the path to be an actor. Thirdly, many of them survive and skipped and cut many other talented actors to be in as the main lead when they are not really deserve or well prepared yet. If you are serious about acting, entered acting class, show the world you had it, you deserve it and you work hard for it.

  18. 18 Katie

    tq JB,

    Uee, as a beginner just a so so actress ,

    far more way to go !, in OB it was a simple character

    to act .

  19. 19 stars4u

    I was thinking about Joo-won playing Woo-chi.
    Aside from it would be a reunion of Uee and Joo-won since OB but Joo-won would also be playing the role his doppelganger was playing. But I think it would be impossible.

  20. 20 Muuta

    Hm… plot sounds interesting.
    I dunno about the cast though. Have only seen Uie in Ojak Bros, she wasn’t bad πŸ™‚ Liked her acting along with Joo Won, though I was more interested in the Ryu Soo Young – Choi Jung Yoon (Tae Bum – Soo Young) relationship.
    Taecyeon, maybe a chance to see if there’s improvement in his skills?

    Btw, which TV station? May give this one a go.

  21. 21 crazedlu

    NO. taecyeon? not leading man material. not really good, actually.

  22. 22 Mawiie

    It’s just my fantasy (but hey a girl can dream) but I’d like to see Yoo An In as a lead in a good drama project for once T.T It still kills me that he’s so good but will now have Fashion King on his resume till forever…

    • 22.1 UJ

      I never got YAI’s appeal…not in SKKS and certainly not in FK..i really dont get it..
      I would really not like it if he stars opposite to UEE…i dunno he just doesn’t suit with her imo *shrugs*
      Would have loved to see Song Joong Ki here but he obviously cant because of his upcoming drama “nice guy”

  23. 23 Strawberrycube

    Aww now I miss kang dong won, I have to rewatch the movie… I’m excited about the drama but hopefully they will choose a good lead actor for it…. Like joo won?? A girl can dream hahaha

  24. 24 lilly

    oh guys uee is not that good either okay. give taecyeon a chance.

    • 24.1 zodd

      She’s far better than Taecyeon.

  25. 25 Mar

    Thanks for the news! These are early days yet, anything could happen with casting, but the premise of the project looks promising.

  26. 26 ivy

    Noooo!! Please not Taecyeon. His insufferable need to look dashing / smouldering in front of the camera makes his acting forced and unnatural.

    I apologize for my haterade but I honestly hope he’s not cast for the drama and – as a lead role at that.

  27. 27 Danna

    It doesn’t sound like neither Taecyepn nor SHK will sign on…..why not go for some of the newly released??? I’m thinking either Kim Nam Gil or Kim Ji Hoon would be wonderful….another possibility is Kim Rae Won….I would have rooted for PSH if he hadn’t already picked Cheongdamdong Alice

    • 27.1 canxi

      Kim Nam Gil! O: I didn’t really want him to be in another saeguk role for his comeback but if it’s this I think I could deal. We all know he already has the hair. It’d be cool to see him without his mustache too, since he looks younger w/o it (looking young being something I always feel goes hand in hand with an impish personality.)


      I like him either way, though :3

      • 27.1.1 Lyra

        actually it was also offered to him but no confirmation from his camp too

    • 27.2 Will work for soju

      I read that Kim Nam Gil was offered the part but he seems to have declined. I think he would be great in the role but it may be too similar to Bidam. If the show was successful he would be typecast. He is such a versatile actor that he needs a project to challenge him. As much as I want him back on the screen. I’m willing to wait for the right drama or movie.

      • 27.2.1 shin mi rae

        I really miss kim nam gil. i think he will awesome in this role. For once, i want to see him as a righteous hero without the emotional baggage.

      • 27.2.2 canxi

        True. It’s kind of the main reason, I don’t want him to be in another saeguk, because I’ve felt he’s been in quite a few already. What I really want for him is something a bit more light-hearted. Just a bit.

  28. 28 ida

    ThIs is something I’d like to have your opinions on:
    Which Idols do you think have made a good career out of acting? Also, which have made a better career out of acting? And finally, talking of acting ability only, who is better at acting than singing?
    Please do answer me!

    • 28.1 canxi

      I don’t think we can call him an idol per say, I’m not sure…but Lee Seung Gi to all of those for me. I actually can’t listen to his music at all. I’ve really tried and…I always just shut that down so fast. But, I think he’s a really good actor and kind of wish he was just an actor,lol.

      Then there is Eric of Shinhwa, whenever he gets on the screen he just commands it, it is insane. It’s like I’m not really paying attention to anybody else even though I should be. I like his rapping too, but I think he is a better actor.

      AH! But, a former idol’s acting I really like is Yoon Kye Sang’s. I’ve never heard him sing, but I like his acting a lot. Jung Ryeo Won too, also used to be an idol, and I love her acting and just her in general.

      Newer idols with potential to be answers to all those questions in my eyes are L from Infinite (he was really good in SUFBB; natural), Uee, and T.O.P (who I wish had time to act mooore )’:< + I should say I love his rapping, though lol) There might be more…

    • 28.2 Hafy

      Its hard to say actually but for me right now, its the lead actress in ‘Answer me 1997’. I never heard her singing before and I don’t even remember which girl group is she from but when I see her on screen, I did not see an Idol but an actress. And that said a lot for me cuz I usually cringe when it turn to Idol-acting. Plus, I don’t even know she is an idol before watching ‘Answer me 1997’.

      Other than that, I can’t really say… Like I said, almost every Idols turn acting make me cringe… I just hate the fact thinking of any rookies actors that deserve those roles and needed a break.

    • 28.3 la dee dah

      Yoochun. He impressed me with his solid, stoic, smart, calm Lee Sun Joon in SKKS (and this was a girl who thought she would fall for the wild Jae Shin when she first watched). He then made me laugh as Lee Gak in Rooftop Prince. I think he has a great career in acting ahead of him.

      UEE as well. Already watched two dramas with her and she’s done good so far.

      I can’t think of any other idols at this moment, most have been just okay (most people in Dream High except for Eunjung) or just plain bland.

      • 28.3.1 lutien

        I love Yoochun, especially in RP, he is so natural both in funny and angsty moments. Maybe it’s only me but I think he would be perfect for Jeon Woo Chi. I just love him in hanbok.
        Other actor idols I like is Lee Seunggi, Eric. But I don’t like Taecyeng and Suzy. I don’t think they can actually play serious roles.

  29. 29 canxi

    Maybe they can get Park Ki Woong to be Jeon Woo Chi. I always felt he had an impish smile, anyway (a smile that I love!) and he can bring it with the acting. Buuuuut…he must want to rest after Gaksital so maybe not, haha.

    Uee is good. I like her acting too and I think she has potential and star power. Taecyeon? I dunno. I don’t hate his acting, but I don’t really…like it either, lol. He’s just there, I guess.

  30. 30 nik


  31. 31 Lulla

    If only Joo Won can be Jeon Woo Chi. .. Cant get enough of him in Bridal Mask and Ojakgyo Brothers. . 😑

  32. 32 newildlife

    As a 2pm fan, I think Taec or JYPE need to let him take on characters that is comedic/exaggerated in nature. I wonder they never seem to accept that kind of roles for him is because no one offered that kind of role to him or they rejected as he has an idol image to keep. If it is the latter, then they need to stop thinking that because all 2pm fans knows that the boy is born a troll and totally uncool. LOL. (Totally love his exaggerated expressions in 2pm parody)

    If Taec is trying to pick up another acting project, I hope he chooses a project with senior actors and actresses, who will hopefully give him some acting tips, and even though I would like him to get the girl, it is obvious that he is not ready for the lead role yet. So all the best~!

  33. 33 rabbitsfortea

    I wouldn’t mind that considering the females are not really a star Jeon Woo Chi. Plus she won me over in OB.

    Like the rest, having JW in the role of JWC would be a dream come through but S.Korea doesn’t seem to cast couples who acted together before in another drama.

    Anyhow, I can’t wait for this.
    I simply LOVED JWC the movie, Kang Dong Won was so charming πŸ˜›

  34. 34 hereoR

    great for Uee…bcoz among the dozen k-pop idol.,the female idol who can act perfectly only Uee and Suzy..And about taecyeon.,this is not right…He can’t be the lead..I prefer Kim Nam Gil more..

  35. 35 J

    Frankly this has “CAST-JOO WON-OR-NONE-AT-ALL” written all over it.

    1) he’s literally a Kang Dong Won doppelganger, no contest
    2) he’s an uber amazing actor
    3) KBS right? currently, no actor gets more KBS than him!
    4) his chemistry with UEE, off da roof!’

    Casting PD nim, what else chu waitin’ for?????

    • 35.1 booboo

      yay to J’s comment!!

  36. 36 Lenny

    thanks jb,

    oh ! idols fans are very scary netizen !!

  37. 37 maria

    So, i read: ” the β€œbottom” of Joseon society: con artists, bandits, gisaengs, and more “, and i was like” ….. But…. After the nobility and the intellectuals, That’s ALL joseon society was made of…!”

    i have to stop taking history lessons from kdramas, i think. O_o

  38. 38 Lady Seoul

    It reminds ne of an old amine where the guy gets stuck into a book, but falls in love with a fictional character… Fashugi yugi..??!! Well, something like that.. Haha

  39. 39 asti_g_mei

    Idols on rom-com dramas — ok, there are tons out there. But to cast pure idols on sageuks? let’s see.

    Btw, I saw a news that said the lead role is being offered to Kim Nam Gil. That would be a great comeback for him.


  40. 40 nonski

    uri joowon-ie pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

  41. 41 min

    UEE? Yes! Taecyeon? No. I love 2PM and he’s one of my favorites but i don’t really dig his acting. Shin Ha kyun? I don’t really think he’ll fit in this even though he’s a really great actor. They should definitely cast Joowon! 1. He’s Kang Dong Won’s doppelganger 2. if it will be aired in KBS, all of his dramas/shows are from KBS (Baker King, Ojakgyo Brothers, Gaksital and 1Night 2Days) 3. He’s a really great actor and he’ll fit into the role 4. His chemistry with UEE is amazing! Seeing them together again on screen is like a dream come true. So yes, they should definitely go after Joo Won!

  42. 42 kewbie

    UEE was so good in Ojakgyo Brothers. I wouldn’t mind seeing her in another drama. Don’t know about Taecyeon’s acting skills, though. Is it too much to wish for Joo Won, as others have already? πŸ™‚ It would be great…they’ve worked together before and they know each other from university days. Oh drama gods, pleeeeaaassse hear my plea!

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