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Ma Boy serves up gender-bender school romance… with a twist
by | August 8, 2012 | 106 Comments

There’s another gender-bending youth romance on its way… but before you write this one off, there’s one big difference from all the others: This time the boy’s dressed as a girl. Hee. It’s about time!

The short mini-drama is called Ma Boy and the main character is played by Kim So-hyun, a child actress you probably recognize from playing villainous characters in Rooftop Prince (as young Jung Yumi) and The Moon That Embraces the Sun (young Kim Min-seo). She’s in her first leading role as Geu-rim, a student at an arts high school who dreams of becoming a pop singer.

At school Geu-rim gets a new roommate in Irene, who’s actually a boy, HAHA. Irene is played by idol boy Sun-woong of the pop group Touch, and her persona is a pretty (female) CF star. His actual name is Hyun-woo… and I suppose we’ll have to just watch to find out how Hyun-woo became Irene, because we’re not given much information on that origin story.

In the poster above, the tagline for Hyun-woo reads: “This guy has a special secret.” YOU DON’T SAY. Then at right, Irene sports a matching tagline, “This…girl also has a special secret.” O RLY? So much ridiculousness, I can’t wait.

Sadly, Ma Boy is only going to have three episodes. It airs on a cable channel, Tooniverse, and premieres on August 16. I’m not sure how available the show is going to be, but you can bet I’m going to scour the sites for it. With this premise, how can you not?

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106 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kookicookie

    it looks so adorable! x3

    • 1.1 Shin Haido

      what!!?? that a boy?? OMG. so prettyyy lol

      • 1.1.1 Annis

        Before i read the article. i thought she was girl pretending to be a boy. turn out … he is a boy… pretending to be a girl….. LOL

        • Shin Haido

          lol. it’s rare to see a boy wear woman clothes and looks pretty. that’s why they were called “pretty boy” lol

    • 1.2 Aidan

      This is a manga. I never got around to finishing it tho. looking forward to it

      • 1.2.1 bjharm

        yes there in fact a lot on manga that have guys pretending to be girls for one reason or the other, just not many that end up live action, the only one that comes to mind would be a Taiwanese one the name escapes me right now, but I do remember the lead guy/girl had the build of a rugby player and you can not hide shoulders like that by wearing a dress!

        • gmosia

          i`d love to know the title 🙂

        • HaNeul

          I think there’s also Japanese live action of manga Princess Princess (not really sure this is the title)
          But it’s little strange. Like some amateur work.

        • H7zAngel

          The manga you are talking about is called “Princess Princess D” and it is also a live action too by the same name.

    • 1.3 Eun

      I agree. It is time for the boy to dress up as a girl. I have watched numerous dramas with the girl pretending to be a boy and honestly, I need a break. XD

  2. becca_boo

    *dances for joy* Now this is what I’ve been waiting for! It’s about time, indeed! And now I can’t stop smiling. : )

  3. roma

    the boy looks prettier Haha :)))

  4. anicheung

    Oh my god, this sounds like so much fun! I so, so, so hope someone picks up this one for subs!

  5. DramaticTeacher

    Ok, tell me. Wich one is the boy? They’re all pretty and have nice legs……

    I’m confused. With girls going undercover as boys you could tell, but now….:)

    • 5.1 sabohee

      in the poster , the heroine is on the front and behind her on the left and right side are the boy & girl persona of the hero

    • 5.2 Celest

      I know right?! I can’t tell who the boy is from that poster…

      • 5.2.1 Arhazivory

        I thought at first that the top poster was three girls. Then I tried to figure out who’s the boy. Even the ‘boy’ persona looks like a girl. -_-‘

        But….so cuuuuu~ute. 😀

    • 5.3 ssosh

      which one’s the boy in the bottom two pictures? i tried looking at their legs too.. LOL

      .. unless they’re both girls… ? O.o

      • 5.3.1 moose

        the bottom two pictures are both Kim Sohyun lol

  6. ananke

    Irene – If Korean viewers could only appreciate how awesomely funny that Englishy name is for him/her!! 35yr old new suburban housewife in the 1950’s or 60’s.

    • 6.1 D

      there’s hardly any memorable character named Irene in movies/dramas except maybe Jim Carey/Renee Zellweger’s movie..

  7. mems

    Wow, the boy pulls off looking like a girl 1000x better than all the girls who’ve tried to pass off as boys.

  8. rearwindow


  9. Taber

    Never care for this kind of storyline, I perfer too watch a drama where the actor falls for the lead lady but he thinks she perfer woman. Now that is something I watch and it have to be on a cable network for the storyline to work!

  10. 10 Mystisith

    This interests me more than the Hana Kimi remake! (Overdose of… a lot of things).
    This one has the potential to be a cute story for kids. For once I will gladly store my perv mind in the closet.

  11. 11 Ivoire

    Thank you for the news!

  12. 12 soomp

    I’m just glad they let Kim Sohyun play something other than a conniving little girl who marries the prince.

  13. 13 UJ

    this sounds like so much fun!
    please do share the links if you find some 😀

  14. 14 VanillaSalt

    Who’s who?

  15. 15 DB5K

    Hmm… I think Tooniverse is a kid’s channel, so bets are on that this will be strictly PG and very campy. Plus, the female lead is like what, 13? When I read the premise, all I could think was how perfect Lu Han would be for this role~~


    He’s just… so… pretty… O_O

    • 15.1 Eva

      No offense, but imo, Luhan actually looks like an underage boy more than a pretty girl. He looks like that British boyband one something.

    • 15.2 Nutella

      *giggle* Aww naahhh, Luhan doesn’t look girly– no wait, let me rephrase that: Luhan doesn’t look much girlier than any of the other SME guys (let’s face it, 95% of them look better as girls than most of the average real girls). It’s just that Luhan looks… 5 instead of 22 >.>

      The storyline sounds suspiciously similar to the one for Nosatsu Junkie, but I could be wrong…

      Tooniverse sounds like S.Korea’s answer to the Disney channel (before it went completely to the dogs), so I doubt anyone will sub this >.<;;

  16. 16 ck1Oz

    Oh wow.He/she looks like Ms Suzy and way prettier than a female playing a male.

    • 16.1 Kwhat?!

      That’s what I thought at first, too! Oh, it’s Suzy and the girl from TMTETS and some cute kid. I guess not. He looks good as a girl, though.

    • 16.2 Chintu

      same here! thought it ws a suzy doppelganger, just didn’t expect it to be from the opposite gender 🙂

  17. 17 Suzi Q

    Whoever HE/SHE looks “Pretty” good!

  18. 18 Ladytron33

    This looks like a lot of silly fun… I can’t wait. I hope someone subs this.

  19. 19 soomp

    wow – that poster does not do that young man justice: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ldparxsNcu1qeuurbo1_500.jpg :O

    • 19.1 Dux

      whoa… speechless!

    • 19.2 DarknessEyes

      WHOA. not expecting that. he looks really good!!

    • 19.3 rearwindow

      Wow! I love that a kdrama is going there with a cross-dressing boy who actually looks like a girl! Thanks for the link.

    • 19.4 ck1Oz

      Took me a few seconds and then I remembered how to tell a boy from a girl. Look at his Adam’s apple. Whew. But he does look so pretty.

  20. 20 Liam

    Does anyone remember the title of the comic this is based off? I read it years ago but the name escapes me.

    • 20.1 Blondie

      I’m No Angel – I don’t remember the Japanese title but that’s the English title

      • 20.1.1 Blondie

        Ha! Found it: Tenshi ja nai!!

  21. 21 DarknessEyes

    they should have casted Taemin.

    • 21.1 mia

      Taemin can’t compete with that pic of the actor that was just posted in that link above. And I remember that picked be posted a while back and everyone was in awe. I think he blows every male idol who’s cross dressed out the water. Taemin already did it recently and his body is just way to manly now to be convincing as a girl.

      • 21.1.1 mia

        oh this site needs an edit button. I remember the picture being posted a while back:


      • 21.1.2 milkmustache

        I agree. I like Taemin, but I find it really weird how all his fans are saying he looks prettier than most girls and can pull off being a girl. His face may look cute, but like you said, his body is masculine.

    • 21.2 zhill

      haha .. Taemin is the first idol that comes to mind when I read it … he has a “pretty” face, a younger version of Heechul.

    • 21.3 maldita

      Taemin’s growing up now though (this noona fan since debut sheds a proud tear.) While he pulls off the girls shtick, it’s not the same as before. Now he’s leaning more into Jaejoong’s territory: pretty boy, but not necessarily a pretty when dressed as a girl.

      Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk aren’t really girly looking like Heechul and Taemin, yet when dressed as girls, they’re prettier than their noonas, TBH.

  22. 22 Yue

    Are you sure that’s a boy? Should we double check? Damn, he definitely looks a lot like a girl. This is interesting, Imma see if I could find it somehow, I’d love to see it. I wonder how hilarious it’d be 🙂

  23. 23 stars4u

    I wanna watch!!!!!

  24. 24 canxi

    Hahahaha that is adorable. If it’s a success, I’m sure there will be other gender bender dramas like it…hopefully. Just…don’t cast Lee Jang Woo…we’ve already seen how that would work out. Hint: It burns.

  25. 25 Daisy

    Ahhh English subs pleaseeeeeeee! 🙂

  26. 26 [email protected]

    Before I read it the article, I assumed that the girl would be dressing up as a male idol or something. Wow, talk about a hit to your self-esteem…

  27. 27 momosa

    I can’t tell which one is the boy!

    • 27.1 Noelle

      Same here!

  28. 28 Niki

    Ooo….i got my wish! It looks like an adaptation of Tenshi Ja Nai (I’m not an Angel)! ^^

  29. 29 zhill

    sooo cute … it’s about time for a boy playing a girl drama. Jung Il-woo was right, Kim So-hyun is growing into such a beautiful young lady.

  30. 30 sweetspring

    I thought the girl in uniform posing next to the main actress was Suzy from Miss A! Before I go bury my face in shame at some sandpit I have to ask why is it that some guys look better than many girls in drag but not vice versa? good looking cross-dressing guys get the best of both worlds, not fair!

    • 30.1 Steamy Bun

      lol I thought it was Suzy too! Why can they make such a convincing girl out of a boy but not vice-versa? (cough, Hana Kimi remake)

      • 30.1.1 ravens_nest

        Cuz they never really try with the girls. They always give them a girl’s short haircut and not a dude cut. It’s like they refuse to acknowledge that, with certain styles, short hair doesn’t make you look like a boy; short hair makes you look like a girl with short hair.

        The only two convincing ones was the Taiwanese Hana Kimi and Painter of the Wind. PotW was 90% Moon Geun Young’s fabulous acting. And TW Hana Kimi worked because they gave the main girl a male haircut.

        • ravens_nest

          Oh, I almost forgot…There was also Coffee Prince. And that was do to clothes styling, acting, and the best chest binding I’ve seen outside of the actual trans community.

  31. 31 HK

    He does not look like a boy at all.

  32. 32 Jo

    He actually looks like a girl.
    What is the world coming to? Boys being prettier than girls & all T.T

  33. 33 jipchae

    feels like a tenshi ja nai live action!!!^^

    • 33.1 Ella Zala

      call me crazy but I liked Maria+Holic better. heee^^

  34. 34 Mia

    yes finally! i can’t wait to see this!

  35. 35 Maia

    OMG this looks SO fun.

  36. 36 Amber


  37. 37 VanillaSalt

    They could’ve just used Ren from NU’EST. He looks like a girl even when he dresses like a boy.

  38. 38 crazedlu

    is it bad that i can’t tell who’s who? ha.

  39. 39 Viki

    OMO SUNWOONG! My fave TOUCH member ‘cuz he sounds exactly the same as Onew. :]

    Omo, are they gonna have a love-line? How old is she? He’s like a 91er

    and yay, is this the first time Kim So Hyun is playing a good character? She played so many evil characters that i can’t help but hate on her.

  40. 40 Kwhat?!

    I have to say that I think this would only work because they are so young. It seems less pervy this way, like he’d have a legitimate reason to dress like a girl. I hope we can find it when it comes out.

  41. 41 tweetiebird

    Freaky how feminine he looks but so do many idol boys…

  42. 42 Krys

    Someone needs to cast jang geun seok in a drama like this…

    • 42.1 momogi

      Hahaha, SECOND you!

  43. 43 Katherine

    Awkward moment when I initially thought it was Minho from SHINee lol. That guy looks like a mini version of him.

  44. 44 sara

    omo I think I have read the manga before, if it’s that manga he only dresses up as a she for fun and bc he looks good xD

  45. 45 momogi

    Whoaaa, you have to recap this javabeans, or at least share your thought when it airs.

  46. 46 MsB

    Scour and make sure you post where it can be found! WHen TPM had the transsexual in it, I was floored because never expected SK dramas to ever do that! Happy to see this!

  47. 47 hAil3Y


  48. 48 hAil3Y


  49. 49 DuchessOfDelight

    … It looks like a spin on Hannah Montana to me (therefore not impressed)

  50. 50 panshel

    Guys dressing up as girls — I love when male idols do that on variety shows. Looks cute, but Tooniverse reminds of something that would air on Teen Nick.

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