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My Daughter So-young recasts with Lee Bo-young, Park Hae-jin
by | August 21, 2012 | 36 Comments

Casting change! Upcoming weekend drama My Daughter So-young originally cast Choi Jung-won and Kim Ji-hoon in the lead roles, but both actors dropped the project, reportedly due to scheduling conflicts. Hm, curious, that. Sadly that means no Wish Upon a Star reunion after all. The titular role of daughter So-young will now be played by Lee Bo-young (Equator Man), and her twin brother will be played by Park Hae-jin (East of Eden, Hot-Blooded Salesman).

The story is centered around a contentious father-daughter relationship, which sounds like a great premise for a family drama. Daughter So-young grew up in rough circumstances and developed a cold demeanor to take charge of her own life, and never once lost first place to anyone in anything. She graduates from the top law school at the top of her class and becomes a successful lawyer.

Dad is Chun Ho-jin (Gaksital, City Hunter), who played Lee Bo-young’s dad once already in Hooray for Love. So I guess that’ll be a swift connection between the two main characters. He’s an incompetent good-for-nothing father who causes his kids nothing but grief and hardship, leading So-young to cut ties with him for good. But Dad refuses to give up on Daughter and vows that he’s going to change and become the best dad ever, and begins his efforts at mending the relationship. He accepts all of her spite directed his way, and eventually she’ll learn the true meaning of family. *sniff* I can’t cry already! The drama hasn’t even started!

Park Hae-jin will play So-young’s twin brother, who plays middleman peacemaker between Dad and Sis. Uh… good luck with that. I’m happy to see Park return to dramaland, and hope this’ll be the start of a longer stay. So-young’s husband will be played by Lee Sang-yoon (The Duo). I have a lot of faith in writer So Hyun-kyung of 49 Days, Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess, so I’m anticipating good things here. Directing is PD Yoo Hyun-ki of Brain and God of Study.

My Daughter So-young follows You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly and premieres September 15 on KBS.

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36 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. KDaddict

    I’m still traumatized by the ending of 49 Days. Thanks, but no thanks.

  2. ~Feather~

    Hmm..that is a bit strange that both dropped the project.
    But I’m still happy with the recast. I like both actors. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m not sure if I want to watch, though. Is this a 50+ drama, b/c I’m not sure I can commit to that with school just around the corner.

  3. MariePhils

    Atleast now I’m relieved that jungwon and jihoon romantic reunion drama is still possible. I guess they read the negative comments on their seemed bit weird reunion drama as Twins instead of Lovers.

  4. Notoriousnoona

    Curious indeed. But quite the relief.

    • 4.1 Sangjhoon

      yes yes relieved is the big word – i don’t want them to be paired as siblings! gimme a break this is KJH’s new project and to cast him & Choi jung as siblings is a nightmare! Glad this proj was dropped by them! i’m sure there will be a better one for both of them as rom pairs! :))) Hwaiting

  5. MariePhils

    Atleast now I’m relieved that jungwon and jihoon romantic reunion drama is still possible. I guess they read the negative comments on their seemed bit weird reunion drama as Twins instead of Lovers. I love Park haejin in East of Eden.

    • 5.1 sjhoon

      i agree, now that’s possible to have KJH & CJW to be paired in SFFTS sequel, i hope! i wish upon a star for them! I didn’t like the concept of them being siblings anyway! i think if ever, these two actors made the right decision! money or project isn’t everything, they probab considered their fans’ sentiment & i’m happy they dropped this proj though i want their comeback but this isn’t for them !

  6. observantzani

    Park Hae Jin!!!!! OMG I can’t believe his doing a K-drama again! Yay! But the story isn’t enough to hook me. I’ll probably tune in to this once it’s completed.

  7. jandoe

    Definitely curious esp since both dropped the show – but oh damn, definitely relieved more than anything! Lovers to siblings is just no-no in my book personally, and am guessing I’m not the only one (and they prolly heard us loud and clear!) Casting sounds so uninteresting to me now but I quite like the writer…

    • 7.1 Sangjhoon

      @jandoe – i second you on this, though i want to see them reunite but not when they’re siblings, they looked good together in SFFTS & i believe most fans of these two (like me) wldn’t want to see them as siblings! Yes yes they heard their fans like us who didn’t want this pairing to happen! i don’t think i’ll watch this altho i like Park from his other drama, nahhhh not LBY she’s overacting in most of her roles! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. biankoy

    You and I both Girlfriday!!! I adored Park Hae-jin in Chill Sisters and been missing him ever since. I’ve been trying to content myself with Family Outing reruns because no matter how much love I have for him, I just cannot stand to watch those Taiwanese dramas he had been doing these past years-it’s too shrilly for me. So thank goodness the Dramagods have granted this favor.
    And even if I miss Kim Ji-hoon too, I’m happy he won’t be doing this project anymore because, seeing him be the twin brother to Choi Jung-hoon would cause severe damage to my morality- I would end up rooting for them to be the OTP and incest isn’t really my thing. So Yay! for that. I’m pretty sure Kim Ji-hoon would come up with something awesome soon so I’ll be waiting and will be happy with seeing Park Hae-jin in Kdramas again ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 8.1 Lovebug

      And even if I miss Kim Ji-hoon too, Iโ€™m happy he wonโ€™t be doing this project anymore because, seeing him be the twin brother to Choi Jung-hoon would cause severe damage to my morality- I would end up rooting for them to be the OTP and incest isnโ€™t really my thing.

      lol – My sentiments exactly. Incest is also not really my thing!

  9. mskololia

    Can I just add a “YAY!” for Kim Ji-hoon dropping this one.

  10. 10 angelyurihuynh

    waiting for new drama & new couple ^^ lovely boyoung ^^

  11. 11 angelyurihuynh

    waiting for new drama ^^

  12. 12 divaz_sha

    missing his smile…. hee jin oppa

  13. 13 red

    I was going to watch this because of Kim Ji Hoon and I like the writers past projects, but now theres only the writer keeping me on board at the moment.

    But I hope this means we will see Kim Ji Hoon playing a romantic lead in another project.

  14. 14 Ivoire

    Thank you for the news!

  15. 15 mary

    Park Haejin noona “romang” <3

    Loved him and his rivalry with Jae Suk in family outing.

    • 15.1 ~Feather~

      I;m watching family outing right now, so this comment definitely made me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. 16 Sangjhoon

    I’m so happy KJH & CJW dropped from this project though i want to see them reunite but I’m sure they’re thinking of their fans sentiments since this news came about the first time! I hope they will reunite in another proj, perhaps a sequel to SFFTS!
    Thnx DB/JB & all behind this informative site!

  17. 17 pauper

    I wish it was the same PD behind Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess ๐Ÿ™ The writer-PD combo made good dramas.

  18. 18 kumi

    Funny, when I first read the title of this post, I thought it was about girlfriday’s daughter ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 18.1 Peeps


      Hahahahahhaah!! Lolz. XD

  19. 19 Peeps

    Every time I see Park HaeJin, I also see Park ShiHoo. It’s like they’re twin brothers or something. Please tell me I’m not the only one with kooky eyes…

  20. 20 Lise

    The actress-meh! She’s dating that protect the boss guy right? Am more interested in the twin bro, tho i wish i could see him try out a comedy one time, i think he could pull it off!

  21. 21 hmm

    i bet they dropped it cause it would ruin their chemistry and fan base they gained from Wish Upon a Star. I’m glad they didn’t go for this drama. I want them to be a couple rather than brother/sister.

  22. 22 susan

    yay! PD of brain! will look forward on this one

  23. 23 piggy68gal

    Omg Park Hae Jin!!!! I loved him in that family drama Famous Princesses/Chil Sisters. Ahhhh <3

  24. 24 hottestjen

    park hae jin?
    I’m in!
    i wonder who his love interest is……

  25. 25 Annie

    Park Jung Ah is still attached to the project so it’s probably her. I didn’t realize that Lee Sang Yoon would be playing So Young’s husband though… I guess this really is a melodrama.

  26. 26 I_love_leeboyoung

    I love Lee Bo Young. I’m very happy when she combeack with new film. I love her โ™ฅโ™ฅ

  27. 27 p3rk3le

    finally!!! Haejinaaaah!! I missed him, where has he been!!

  28. 28 Tha

    Hae-Jin, Yes! Bo-young, non no no!

  29. 29 Annaliza p.

    Pls…i h0pe that the director of SFFTS would do the sequel of it..i really love choi jung won and kim ji hoon …hope they are real lovers

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