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New posters for medical drama Third Ward
by | August 24, 2012 | 41 Comments

Let the medical showdown begin! Er, again, I guess. We’ve had White Tower and New Heart and General Hospital and Brain and Syndrome and Golden Time… so now it’s time for the East-vs-West battle of Third Ward, which has new posters and just a few weeks left till its September premiere.

It’s hard to make a medical drama poster look all that different from all the rest, so these promo images are more of the same: two docs, facing off, lookin’ fierce. In the case of Third Ward, it’s Western doc Kim Seung-woo butting heads against Eastern specialist Oh Ji-ho. Two neurology geniuses, one hospital, two medical traditions, possibly (probably) one woman caught between them… Doing the math, my reaction mostly adds up to: Not interested, but if you like medical dramas, have at it!

But in the drama’s favor: It’s on tvN, which has been hitting it out of the park with some truly excellent programming in recent years. Not only is it home to a number of really solid shows (Answer Me 1997, Queen In-hyun’s Man, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, I Need Romance, and Joseon X-Files among them), it’s got an impressively high ratio of good-shows-to-bad. Every station is going to have a dud at some point, but tvN has such a high percentage of good ones that I don’t want to write anything off right away.

The two ladies in the last photo are Kim Min-jung playing a bumbling neurosurgeon (two words I NEVER want to see together) with a warm heart and bedside manner. Next to her is (SNSD idol) Soo-young playing the high schooler daughter to a doctor with a crush on Oh Ji-ho.

Third Ward premieres on September 5.

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41 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. angie

    Sooyoung I will watch!

    • 1.1 HallyuFan32


    • 1.2 cindy

      yah…i can’t wait for the eng sub,,,the drama was so amazing can’t wait for the next ep….sooyoung is the best i cry for her,,,,

  2. divaz_sha

    for sooyoung,i can watch any drama if she in it…even bad turn terrible horrible drama

    • 2.1 cindy

      i hope she(sooyoung) will survive can’t see her die,,,huhuhu…and i hope she will end up with oh ji hoo

  3. Lexington

    Kim Doo Hyun and Kim Seung Hyun? Are they related?

    • 3.1 Em

      Yep, brothers.

  4. Em

    How can an oriental medicine specialist be a neurosurgeon? I assume he must have had Western training?

  5. Mystisith

    Not familiar with the cast except the male lead but traditional medicine interests me. That said, I feel like JB: Medical shows are slowly making me sick. Lol! But for the sake of tvN I will try the first episodes.

  6. TammieR

    Not into medical dramas, but boy howdy those men are favs! I could stare at OJH for hours and be a happy ahjumma. Being as amazingly shallow as I am, I just may have to take a look at this one.

    • 6.1 trotwood

      Don’t worry. When you’re shallow, you won’t drown! We could all swim together (or rather wade) in his dimples. I feel like I have already stared at OJH for hours. When I read the descritpion that said that Soo Young plays a high schooler who has a crush on his character, my immediate thought was “Duh. Of course she does. She doesn’t look stupid!”

      Okay. I will stop fangirling now. My daughters are starting to look at me funny.

  7. Ivoire

    Thank you!

    • 7.1 True2u

      Hey Ivoire 🙂

  8. Naddie

    What, Joseon X-Files was on tVN? OK that show just moved up a few spots on my to-watch list, haha.

    And since this one will be on tVN as well, I think I’ll give a few eps a try (or a few recaps a try, if there are recaps ;)) and see how it goes.

  9. Denali

    Not interested either but I cracked up with: The two ladies in the last photo are Kim Min-jung playing a bumbling neurosurgeon (two words I NEVER want to see together). Haha. Especially not when you’re the patient in the O.R. lol

    • 9.1 Damselfly H

      I agree. I really don’t want a sponge left inside my brain after operation.

    • 9.2 KDaddict

      Bumbling neurosurgeon? How do they even come up with such characterizations? Oh please.

  10. 10 Mia

    fuck medical drama….

  11. 11 True2u

    After Brain, I couldn’t find another amazing medical drama, Although the lead female in Brain was annoying!! -_- and i skipped a lot of her scenes. But the both the male leads made is worth it. It was an amazing performance from both!!

    Tried Golden Time, and I have to say the WORST medical I’ve seen, Goodness, I kept screaming at my laptop and gave up in episode 2. If one of their patient had HIV, EVERYONE would have caught from how sloppy they handle surgeries. I have so much to say, but why bother -_-”

    But I definitely check this one out!! This will be my first time watching Kim Seung-woo in a drama, so I’m excited!! just one draw back and it’s the bumbling neurosurgeon. I sat through Brain female bumbling neurosurgeon character, and i hope to never see one more of them in the ER, but I might see another in this one -_-” Oh! please make her character serious when it comes to saving lives, I hope emotions doesn’t get into the way when she is handling patients!

    • 11.1 Jason

      Then I guess you’ve never heard of Scrubs. Scrubs is the opposite of all those medical dramas. It’s practically making fun of medical field. Some medical tv shows are not aiming to be serious at all, they just poking fun of them. If you take the show too serious, then why not watch actual documentary of medical field? That’s why shows are fictional, because it’s not real.

    • 11.2 skwonto

      I felt the same way about Brain as well!!! And I feel the same way about the bumbling neurosurgeon on this show. Can’t they write better female parts?

      I have not watched Golden Time yet. I love the male lead, Lee Sun Kyun, but the premise is not very enticing.

      Finally, this is more of an endearment, not an insult. I can’t take Oh Ji Ho out of the Jang Chul Soo role from Couple of Trouble. Right now, I see Jang Chul Soo in a white coat standing next to the pretty girl, not the bumbling one. C’mon writers!!!

      • 11.2.1 skwonto

        oops, I guess Oh Ji Ho’s coat is pale blue. revise.

  12. 12 Mrs. Hand Towel

    As competitive as the field of neurosurgery is, it’s not possible to be “bumbling”. Why can’t female physicians on K-dramas be respected and intelligent?
    It makes me giggle that the drama is called 3rd ward, which is considered the ‘hood where I’m from…

    • 12.1 girlatsea

      That’s my biggest issue with Brain (currently watching). How the hell did the female lead (also a neurosurgeon) get through all that schooling if she’s so incompetent?

      • 12.1.1 canxi

        Well, for that female lead, she isn’t incompetent in what she does–she’s quite good. It’s that she has this ditzy/care-free personality. She’s also still learning–not a full fledged doctor yet I believe.

        • jomo

          Yes, and they showed over the course of the show how she improved.
          Btw, do you know how many times I watched the drunken Dr. Brain tutor her on how to tie? With his arms around her and his hands oh-so-lightly guiding her hands?
          Oh, about 100 times.

          I would watch it another 100. SHK was absolutely amazingly sweet and wonderful in that.

          • Arhazivory

            Did you watch it as often as I watched the ‘Bubblegum’ kiss scene? Hmmm…

            Brain was truly a work of art.

          • jomo

            @ Arhazivory
            Ahhhh so many times!!!
            Let’s see – in no particular order
            * tie practice
            * bubblegum kiss
            * taking care of her in her apt and singing “The Letter”
            * staying up all night together while taking care of that patient and letting her sleep on his shoulder.
            * “Here is my heart” brain scan
            * “Why do you pick on me?” – I think there was more than one of those
            * Ripping up her report
            * “I didn’t tell the family! They found out somewhere else.”
            * Him asking her to stay while he sat on the stairs.
            * When she stood facing him in the hall when he refused to leave

            There are so many more. What amazed me is how much chemistry they had despite the fact that she doesn’t have that much acting range. From the bts interviews, I got the impression she was really good at reacting to him, since sometimes he went off script.
            It really was all him being the most incredible character on tv ever. I think I will marathon it again.

          • Arhazivory

            Jomo, now I feel like watching it again too. Those scenes were really great. I was blown away by his acting more than anything else. I started using my cell phone like how he did.

          • girlatsea

            I’m on episode 10, I’m relieved to see signs of improvement. That tie scene ㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ it’s tied best scene with the bubblegum kiss for me right now.

          • Jasmin Rice

            I love BRAIN and Dr. Lee.

  13. 13 hanupn

    I don’t know what kind of hospital this is or how medicine in Korea works but from experience I can say there is no such thing as a bumbling neurosurgeon – they are all extremely anal, usually stressed out and definitely do not have bubbly personalities.
    Also neurologists usually have VERY odd and eccentric personalities.
    If the characters stayed with these stereotypes this would be so much more interesting of a drama.

  14. 14 chula

    kim min jung! <3

    the only medical drama i got into was OB-GYN. i hope DF shows this.

  15. 15 girlatsea

    I don’t know how it happened but I started watching Golden Time last week. I caught up and now I’m ALL ABOUT medical dramas (I know Golden Time isn’t the best drama but I’m really enjoying it). Anyway, I started Brain last night and marathoned the first 6 episodes instead of sleeping (I sported these awesome panda eyes to my first day of my class). And it’s just so strange because I NEVER thought I would get into medical dramas (just not my thing).

    So I’m probably going to give this a try.

  16. 16 myra

    talking about new dramas to come soon, i wonder what’s happening to the sageuk drama king muyeol/ the great king’s dream…it was supposed to premiere a long time ago, they’ve been filming for ever
    and what about full house 2?
    do you have some news about them?

  17. 17 Arhazivory

    Seung Woo!

    I hope they feed him and if he has to stand on his feet too long he’ll complain. Also, he needs to sleep inside and he’s old.

    lol. I’ve ever watched him in anything and I love medical dramas. If someone’s doing a surgery, count me in. So I guess I’ll finally get to see the ‘actor’ side of my Seung Woo ahjussi instead of the variety side.

  18. 18 Kwhat?!

    If they have Soo Young, can they please please have a cameo by Kim Min Jong so he can fangirl out again? I could watch Yoon try to dance all day!

  19. 19 jess

    Oh Ji Ho is such a babe, but I’m gonna pass on this one. The last medical drama I watched was New Heart, which also starred Kim Min Jung. Only her character was a super smart heart surgeon.

  20. 20 Amber

    Honestly,In our country,Female Doctors are more respected.They’re cool headed,calm and careful.They may not be surgeons.The most popular specialty is OB-GYN.They r tough.

  21. 21 kiongna

    I’m enjoying “Golden Time” VERY much and my fav days are now Tues & Wed (coz i get to watch the epi the next days it shows online :)) I love all the characters- leads, non leads, storyline etc.. It started out slow and messy but it gets better in every epi, even the ratings are up by a fair bit to mid teens ahead of the pack on same showing slot yayyy – Mr “The Voice” is doing a great job as is the lead intern male as is lead intern lady – who is not a bumbling anything and really whip smart, thank god! This THIRD WARD… hmmm I do like KSW but not so fond of the rest.. ok, let’s see … I LOVED the old drama Surgeon Bong Dal Hee an awesome lot..

  22. 22 Katherine

    Tempted to watch this now because of Sooyoung. [I can’t help it if she is my bias within the group.] I haven’t seen Oh Ji Ho in anything except for Running Man same goes for Kim Min-jung [Who I’m sure will be forever shipping the Monday Couple LOL] & Kim Seung Woo I’ve only seen in Iris/a host of Win-Win. When it comes to the actual actors I haven’t seen much of their capabilities as actors hence why I wasn’t drawn to it til now.

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