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Running Man: Episode 106
by | August 19, 2012 | 45 Comments

To what lengths would you go to find your one true love? To the ends of the Earth? This week, the Running Man circle and run around Jeju Island to find out just who Han Ji-min’s first love is. And just when you think you’ve figured everything out, another clue will confuse you again. Can you solve the puzzle before she does?

EPISODE 106. Broadcast on August 12, 2012.

Morning 7AM. Ji-min wanders outside and whimpers at the thought of facing Day 2. Let me hand you a fresh cup of Morning Mission. The game is simple: whoever shoots the hidden person’s name tag with their water gun acquires a valuable hint.

She’s busy trying to decipher the cart while Mr. PD rattles on giving her instructions. Mention of a time limit (10 min) makes her frantic and she abandons a HUGE water gun for a smaller one.

The boys give an equal exasperated What?! at the morning mission. But the clock’s ticking as soon as Ji-min is ready and they set off.

Somewhere down the golf course, we hear a familiar voice behind a large rock. Say good morning to returning guest, Kim Jae-dong. His mission is to remain unseen and if he pulls it off, he’ll get to keep that hint mentioned earlier.

The open space doesn’t provide any good hiding spots. After considering a sand bunker as a possibility (“Can I get a shovel?”), we catch up with him behind the rock.

Hearing Jae-dong speak of Ji-min in a familiar tone makes me wonder if he’s good friends with all the major female celebrities in the industry. Like his well-known friendship with Hyori. As he spies Gary in the distance, Jae-dong is completely unaware that Ji-min has spotted him on the hill.

Everyone’s caught wind of her sudden movements and they start to close in on the rock. Jae-dong can’t see anyone and mouths “Where is everyone?” That question comes 2 seconds too late and he’s already been shot via sneak attack courtesy of Warrior Ji-min.

He asks, “Did I get hit?” I think the pink water all over your white shirt speaks for itself.

What’s funnier is that barely three minutes have passed before his capture and the others rub in his embarrassment. Gary: “Is it over already? How can you be eliminated so quickly?”

Looks like Jae-dong and Ji-min used to emcee a program together and he teases that she would reach to hold his hand (Ji-min denies this). Haha gets on this train, joking that Ji-min was throwing pebbles at his window last night and Jong-kook cuts in, “That was me.”

Bitterly reminded of last week’s betrayal, Jong-kook vows that he’ll get his revenge today. Gulp. How’s Jong-kook name tag doin’ on your wall there, Kwang-soo?

Oh don’t worry Haha – Spartakooks hasn’t forgotten about you either.

Jae-dong continues to tease Ji-min about how much she looves him and she bites back, “Why did I have to be a guest with that person?”

The cast is instructed that each member is on their own today and they’ll regroup at the final mission location. I raise an eyebrow at the general descriptions of their destinations like, “supermarket” and “field.” But off they go to different parts of the island.

In the car, Ji-min worries that she came off like a wildcat yesterday and the captions reply: “No, you just worked hard.” To jog our memories and hers, the staff roll the clip of her kicking, screaming, and biting last night.

Meanwhile, Jae-dong ruminates over his quick capture and talks about how his mother asked why every time he appeared on Running Man he was always eliminated. He laughs it off, saying Mom is likely to repeat those words again after this episode airs.

Numbers 1 and 2 on Jong-kook’s Kill List, aka Kwang-soo and Haha, sweat in their respective cars. Haha advises in a dramatized voice on the phone, “Even if we meet, let’s not exchange hellos. If the tears fall, let’s pretend we didn’t see [them]…”

They exchange tragic “I love you”s and Kwang-soo gives a heartbreaking goodbye, “I’ll see you in jail hyung!”

Aww, if only the following phone call was just as heartfelt. It isn’t, and Jong-kook gives a thinly veiled word of warning of what awaits Kwang-soo at the final mission.

Er, RM staff – are you sure you guys met this week to think today’s mission through? Because that shabby lookin’ table and sign that reads “Fan Signing Event” makes me think otherwise.

Jae-suk guffaws at the impromptu event. He’s in a parking lot. To sign autographs for 30 different people. And it’s 8 AM. Crap.

Well, at least he’s not the only one. You can barely even call it a popularity contest since each member is practically stuck in the middle of nowhere on a weekday morning. It is a little sad to see cars just pass by while the members helplessly try to draw their attention.

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it just did because they didn’t even set up Kwang-soo’s wobbly signs. Whenever he goes to pick one up, then the other one just tips over.

Am I laughing at watching a continuous loop of reset-wobble-fall-reset-wobble-fall? I am. Why are the variety gods against you today, Kwangvatar? It’s like you can’t catch a break.

Im PD assures Jae-suk that there’s plenty of traffic that comes through this area (Cut to: barren street). Clearly, Im PD.

So Jae-suk pops out his pen, “Hyung-taek sshi, right?” (Im PD’s name). He adds a note: “Study hard.” Then he signs one for Kwon-ryul VJ as well: “Don’t order something too expensive.”

Suk-jin, are you really offering an autograph to an ant? Sure all those cognitive gears are working? Maybe that’s better than Kwang-soo’s attempt to hand an autograph to a horse only to get a nicker in response.

The PD’s like, “You have to give it to someone who wants an autograph.” Kwang-soo: “He did! *mimics nicker* I want an autograph.”

At least a couple of kids show up to Jong-kook’s fansigning and soon, people start to line up for autographs for each of our cast members.

Except for Kwang-soo, who’s busy chasing after a car while carrying his table, shouting for them not to leave.

Kids can be so adorable. One girl says she wants to be a Running Man cast member when she grows up (aww) and some others start tearing off Jong-kook’s name tag for fun. Jong-kook playfully cries out, “Ah! It’s going to make it easier to tear off later!”

Then Haha starts dancing and stops a whole busload of tourists. Win.

Back at the shore, a small boy cautiously walks up to Ji-min and declines an autograph. Then he pops open the sketchbook he’s carrying to present noona with a scrawled love confession Love Actually style. Ack, why are you so cute?!

He asks noona not to turn around and flips the last card with a giggle, “There’s someone who’s too shy to confess his love for you…” And the camera pans back to reveal a group of men in black behind her.

A mysterious hand appears to hand her a bouquet and a note. The group opens their rainbow umbrellas the very moment Ji-min looks back. They exit in the same heart formation they marched together in.

Ji-min calls after them: “Get an autograph before you leave!” HA.

The secret admirer writes, “I like you! Come find me! – Your True Love” She thinks for a moment and muses, “Is it Jae-dong? I hope not!”

Ji-min can’t help but admit that she was genuinely moved by the sweet gesture though it was just to hand her the mission. Omo – one of the members was hiding within the group!

The members wrap up at their locations and Kwang-soo simply gapes, frozen with fear, “It’s already the final mission?” Prepared to meet certain doom, he gives his final goodbye to the audience – they’ll see him next week instead.

Haha sends his farewell to their parents, saying they won’t get much airtime from now on. Well that is if Spartakooks doesn’t play with his food before eating it.

Oh man, Suk-jin – I totally forgot about you. Hang in there with your 3 autographs!

Now at the final mission location, we’re given a breakdown of the mission at hand: Find your true love. You’ve got one chance to ring the bell to confirm but beware – there are imposter afoot. They’ll put up a convincing act and if you choose incorrectly, they’ll win

Haroro‘s like, you insult me good man – I’m The Playboy. Jong-kook, however, has one question: Can he rip off some name tags? Answer: D’uh.

Said playboy runs into Ji-min and instructs her to keep the voice safe. For added emphasis, his voice drops. Ji-min compliments him on his acting skills but she’s still suspicious. So she asks him to place a hand on her shoulder as a test.

It takes her two seconds with a tap on her shoulder to take Haha out of the running. But that doesn’t stop Haroro from reenacting a scene from Romeo & Juliet before Ji-min moves on.

Kwang-soo’s a dead man walking and is quickly spotted by Jong-kook who is on the move, chugging along, “Giraffe, giraffe, giraffe.”

The Giraffe finds temporary refuge in a storage room but Jong-kook comes a-knockin’ in no time. Kwang-soo looks like a deer caught in headlights as Spartakooks leers 6 inches away from his face, here to collect his revenge.

Suk-jin presents Jong-kook with an enticing exchange: his photo hit [of a Daesang] for Kwang-soo’s life. Jong-kook agrees

Aw Kwang-soo why’d you go break your brotherhood like that by making a move for the Impala’s name tag 2 seconds after he saved your life?!

Ji-min is pretty certain her true love isn’t either of the Easy Brothers. Kwang-soo would have been too tall, and at Suk-jin’s tidbit that it’s usually the person you’d least expect, she answers, “But I don’t think it’s you!”

If Kwang-soo is really her true love then he can protect her against Jong-kook, right? She invites him to place his hand on her shoulder… but then replies that she would have noticed such an enormous hand.

He tries to walk it off with a cool goodbye but then flinches at the sound of, “Jong-kook! It’s Jong-kook!”

Meanwhile, Jae-dong eyes Jae-suk with suspicion – it couldn’t be him because he’s married right? And Jae-suk gives this sideways glance of, What does that matter? It’s a game.

Jae-dong admits that he was the one who confessed his love for Ji-min and Jae-suk scoffs, “You don’t have the looks to pull this kind of thing off.” and calls him a shin-kkuh-sah (a broken traffic signal).

They run into Ji-min and Jae-suk whispers to her that they don’t have much time left. He’s the real deal and if she doesn’t believe him, she can go check out the “J” hint sprayed on the wall. Because J is for Jae-suk?

Ji-min thinks aloud, “Jae-dong.” Oh right there’s that.

Then Jae-dong casually(?) takes Ji-min’s hand in his and then rests his head on her lap with a pillow. To top it off, Ji-min places her hand on Jae-dong’s head.

Jae-suk flips out and so do I. Maybe he’s not such a broken traffic light after all.

By now, Ji-min is becoming more confused by the minute and Jae-dong assures her that there’s no need, “Because I love you.” Snerk.

Jae-dong wonders what’s so funny about it and he repeats the words, pointing to the camera. Caption: What do YOU think?

Gary can barely formulate an answer when Ji-hyo asks him if he thinks he’s Ji-min’s true love. You’re so sweet but a terrible liar, Gary. He declares that he knows himself best which prompts the question, “Who’s your true love?”

Without hesitation he answers, “You!” Monday Couple ftw!

Ji-min’s heard enough and leaves. Ji-hyo pleads, “You love Han Ji-min today!” and he just cries, “You…”

Kwang-soo, isn’t sitting on Jong-kook’s knee kinda pressing your luck there? Jong-kook turns on his game when Ji-min appears, expressing his concern while Kwang-soo tells her to trust no one.

She coyly tells Kwang-soo to stay in the game although, “it looks like you’ll be eliminated soon anyway.”

Elsewhere, Jae-suk finds another clue in the gym and discovers a hint: baseball. That can only mean it’s either himself or Jae-dong who’s busy posing. Astounded, Jae-suk asks, “Is it you? How disappointed would Ji-min be?”

Jae-dong offers up another suggestion: the clue could refer to Kim Jong-kook, the baseball player. Oh hai you have a Jong-kook here too… So is it Jae-suk, Jae-dong, or Jong-kook?

Kwang-soo shows up with another clue, a scale this time and he’s the only one whose weight tips the scales just right. That news sends Ji-min into another wave of confusion.

So he takes advantage of the situation and grabs Ji-min’s hand to make a run for it. Although they don’t get too far before the rest of the cast members corner them.

The boys confer while the ladies wait outside and Jae-suk points out the J’s in their group. Gary: “Actually, I’m ‘Jelly.'” Haha: “Actually, I’m JaJa.'” Kwang-soo Attempt #1: “Actually I’m Jang-soo.” Attempt #2: “I’m Kwang-joo!” Mmm, not quite the same effect.

Jae-dong pins his suspicion on Jae-suk citing that he’s the one who weighs exactly 76 kg on a scale and immediately the boys turn on him. But Jae-suk tosses out HIS secret hint along with the others… which equate to him anyway.

Ji-hyo points out to Ji-min that she noticed the word “duet” written beneath the number. Then she says, “It’s Gary! Leessang!” But you’re being mighty suspicious Ji-hyo – why do you keep suggesting Gary?

We flashback to the beach and we see that Ji-hyo’s received a secret mission of her own: if Ji-min chooses the man Ji-hyo has chosen, be it the real true love or not, then Ji-hyo will win. Sneaky, sneaky!

Gary literally falls over at the news, exclaiming his own rap duo. But then he mentions that there’s Turbo (Jong-kook’s former group) and that Jae-suk recently had a collaboration as well.

After some more J and baseball confusion, Ji-min recalls her USB hint and slips away to use it. The others gather in the gym, still fixated on those three hints.

Ji-hyo mentions her ‘duet’ hint and reasons that it boils down to one person. Haha: “Is that person right next to you?” Ji-hyo:”Yeah.” All signs are pointing to Jae-suk.

She leaves Jae-suk to be eliminated by the others.

Everyone runs up to Ji-hyo declaring, “It’s me! It’s me!” and Ji-min now suspects either Gary or Jae-dong. The thing is, Gary is nowhere to be found.

Suddenly Kwang-soo appears with a hint in hand and when Ji-min takes a look at it (it says “LKS”), she’s like, “Wait… can you make your own hints?!” And sure enough, we see Kwang-soo has printed off his own copy to tip the scales in his favor.

A few seconds later, Suk-jin rips off Kwang-soo’s name tag. Jong-kook whines, “That was supposed to be mine…” but before Suk-jin can let it all sink in, Haha eliminates him too.

The next easiest target is Jae-dong and he starts running, leaving the Easy Brothers to glare at each other.

While Jae-dong is cornered, Ji-min eliminates Haha, much to his shock. She runs inside to check the USB (it’s X-man!) and after she sees the clip, she resolves, “It’s Jae-dong!”

She runs out to find him but the others have arrived at the same conclusion. And just when they’re about to run inside together, Jong-kook eliminates him! Oh no! And Ji-min looks like she’s about to cry!

Jong-kook gives a belated apology and Jae-dong bursts, “You’re apologizing NOW?!”

The mission looks as good as over to Ji-min. Everyone gathers at the bell as Ji-min stands between Jong-kook or Gary.

She steps on the platform. Her choice? And she tears her hand away from Gary.

He cries out: “I’m Kang Hee-jin!” (Gary’s real name.) He beams when Ji-hyo calls him over and as she explains the mission. But then she reveals that it was like placing a bet and they bicker back and forth again.

Ji-min prepares herself since she believes she made the wrong choice and aww, Jae-dong actually tears up when he hears that she really thought it might have been him.

It’s time to ring the bell to be certain. We run through both Jae-dong and Jong-kook’s comments to Ji-min throughout the day. They ring the bell… and confetti flies over their heads.

Ji-min looks at Jong-kook in shock- it was really him? Then we roll the clocks back a bit to see Jong-kook give her the note and a telling clue: a stack of books that spell out Spartakooks.

The others scowl that they couldn’t see someone get doused in water for choosing incorrectly and Ji-min immediately apologizes. In any case, she and Jong-kook win the mission.

Aww, aren’t they such a cute couple?


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  1. krys


  2. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  3. number9

    Thank you! I guessed that it was Jong Kook from the beginning, judging from his massive hands when he handed over the note.

    • 3.1 Katy

      I thought I was the only one, not to mention you can kinda see his hair when he was in the group on the beach. Lol.

    • 3.2 racheose

      i saw the hair too and the confession fits his shy man image lol and who wouldn’t think Jong kook when they see a gym with a clue..

  4. edge

    thank you!

    i guessed it was jong kook based on my kookie bias intuition ^^

  5. mary

    Dang, I was hoping it was Ji-hyo just to mess with the team again. (Like when they made her Charlie in another episode) hehehe

  6. Daisy

    You can tell its Jong Kook when he passed the note since his fingers were a bit big compared to others XD

  7. Lilian

    Aw…..if it was Yoon Eun Hye as guest, we do not even need clues rite?? Haha….when is she going to be a guest? We have waited way too longgggg………

  8. Lilian

    Aw…..if it was Yoon Eun Hye as guest, we do not even need clues rite?? Haha….when is she going to be a guest? We have waited way too longgggg………and Jd is funnier here compared to his previous guest episode for Sherlock Holmes.

  9. Lilian

    Aw…..if it was Yoon Eun Hye as guest, we do not even need clues rite?? Haha….when is she going to be a guest? We have waited way too longgggg………and Jd is funnier here compared to his previous guest episode for Sherlock Holmes. All in all, this episode was less interesting compared to the previous one. Lack of betrayal , lack of running and hiding.

  10. 10 aramint

    This is why Jae Dong is needed in RM. He might not be that athletic, but he’s awesome in mind games. He’s able to manipulate and trick others.

    My Monday couple is back! I’m happy even with just one episode of their adorable banter. ^.^

    Aww, the ending clip, seeing Jong Kook in suits, smiling happily with Deli Spice’s Chau Chau playing in the backgrounds, it looked soooo sweet. And I’m reminded of the soft-spoken, nice guy, han namja image Jong Kook used to have previously before his Sparta era. πŸ™‚

    • 10.1 Running Man Fan

      Yes. Joong Kook is so cute. One moment, he can be the most gentle bear in the world (esp, when singing) and the next moment, he can be like a tiger ready to rip all the name tags.. But i like all the ‘characters’ of him as it shows that he is entertaining and interesting. It was so funny that kwang Soo and Haha were ‘scared’ of him… all the drama and stuff… I am glad that Spartakook is the main character today.. Last week, he suffered a great ‘setback’ from the betrayal of LKS.. so that it that the RM production is making up to him… haha… Enjoy!

      • 10.1.1 aramint

        Kook Jong will always be my teddy bear… ^_^

  11. 11 Stardust

    Thanks for the recap! What you wrote made more sense than the subs I watched… hehehe esp the part where Jae Suk writes to his VJ not to order expensive food heheheh
    I was disappointed in the beginning when there is only the autograph session because it was so tame and its been done before lol… and the first love reminded me of Son Ye Jin’s episode… But I was still very entertained throughout the whole thing, hehehe
    Han Ji min is such a good sport and so competitive that its no surprise she and the Ace turned out to be friends hehehe I was wondering who will be the first love because by elimination the married ones will be awkward, and I loved it that it was our Spartakookie… Doesn’t he look dreamy smiling under that rainbow brollie? hehehe

  12. 12 mel

    Thanks for recapping! I actually really enjoy this episode.

    I didn’t guess that it was jongkook because the only thing i (tried to) notice was whether he was wearing any watch and I THOUGHT I saw a white watch (lol) and stupidly looked out for a member who was wearing a white watch. I was also wondering if the person in the crowd was really the member or just a random stand-in. Only during the replay of the umbrella scene did I notice Jongkook’s hair.

    I also didn’t get why “baseball” was related to jongkook until I remembered someone mentioning that there was also a famous baseball player with the same name as jongkook. Lol, in a way, I’m glad that I didn’t guess it right from the beginning or I would probably have not enjoyed it as much as I did.

    I want to see more of Jihyo though.. She’s also an ace and a joy to watch. I wish that they would plan games to give her a bigger role. The mission she had in this episode was so… unnecessary and not very important either.

  13. 13 hanabi

    Thanks for the recap.

    Honestly, I found this episode to be incredibly boring. Yes, there were some funny moments, but it just didn’t hit the spot that RM usually does. Way too much time was spent on the “find your true love” game. And didn’t we have a similar episode concept not too long ago? Yes – with Han Ga In. It just felt too scripted (not that they were given specific lines, but that the game play was overly planned).

    And what about Ji Hyo? I feel like she’s been pushed aside in the past few episodes and doesn’t get as big of a role as the others. πŸ™ She’s such a great character I wish they would give her more screen time and a more active role.

    Oh well. I’ll still keep watching. I need my weekly dose of RM.

    • 13.1 leddik

      I actually liked this episode just cause the cuteness in the end kinda made up for. πŸ™‚

      I agree with you about Ji Hyo however. When I read the recap, we don’t really hear anything about her until towards the end. It’s the same in the episode. You have little clips here and there of her crying out of frustration during the fan signing, but even her trying to push Gary into the limelight was kind of half assed. I miss her cunning though I was happy that we got a little bite of the Monday couple. Though it was kind of the fat free version of it. Even though she has a boyfriend, I wish they’d bring it back since I think her man can live without for just one day. lol

  14. 14 Ani

    I love Kim Jae-dong!!!! I miss watching him on a regular basis on a variety show. Sad day.

    Running Man <3

  15. 15 pigtookie

    i expected this to be less exciting than previous episodes, but i wasn’t bored because it started picking up later on. that was a good scavenger hunt, though the biggest clue was the first one, with the picture of the daesang (which points to at least 3 of them) but also hints at kwang soo and dong hoon, and we know who’s after them this week – kim jong kook! everything else was a double hint as well – the baseball hint (kim jong kook) was in the weight room for the muscle man, kjk never went on the scale but online profiles say he’s around that weight and he’s known for his duet Turbo, and the theme of those X Man clips was Kim Jong Kook’s little trick for Yoon Eun Hye, which everyone was doing.

    It made me start second guessing the hints- after all it shouldn’t be that obvious right? The less obvious one would be YJS or JD, and sometimes the right answer on RM is the more obscure one. The guessing made this episode fun for me.

    • 15.1 Kim Yoonmi

      I saw yellow hair when he gave the flowers which narrowed it down to Kwangsoo and KJK. They narrowed it down not to Kwangsoo, so I knew the answer after that. ‘Twas easy.

      They should have cut the hair shot or made him wear a hat/wig… would have covered it better.

    • 15.2 Sabah

      For me even though I knew it was Kim Jong Kook because of all the spoilers I couldn’t hide away from, I still wanted it to be Jae Dong because of the manner it all unfolded.

      I loved his relationship dynamic with her. It fitted so well, even I had goosebumps as she decided it was him and ran to find him and then when he was taken out, I was so upset even though I knew it couldn’t have been him. In a way, I think I would have preferred it if she had chosen him and she lost, because it would have still been such a touching moment…until Ha Ji Min killed him for making her believe him. Hehe, I would have loved to have seen that.

  16. 16 KZ

    I guessed it right and it was only cuz of Jae Dong’s baseball clue. I really enjoyed this episode.
    I knew it couldn’t be HaHa just because he was Han Ga In’s true love. If they do another true love(I hope they do), I’m crossing Jong Kook and HaHa off the list(though you never know with Running Man).

  17. 17 leddik

    That was a great episode. Even though they’ve done the signing thing before, I don’t think it’ll ever get old. It’s always nice to see how much people love RM that even in the most remote spots they are still able to collect their quota.

    I had a feeling Jongkook was the one. One look at the hand (they should have gloved him) was obvious since his hands are the only ones that are muscular looking. Jae dong though, awww so cute! I kinda wish it was him because I think he’s the one that would have appreciated it the most. That was so touching when he started crying. :’)

  18. 18 bd

    While I enjoyed this one, the previous ep w/ HJM was much better all around.

    I don’t mind having the fan signing event b/c it’s so entertaining, esp. w/ the fan reaction (or non-reaction).

    The kids ripping off Kookie’s nametag were so cute, as was the little boy who shyly flipped the pages of the sketchbook w/ the instructions/messages for HJM.

    The “True Love” game was meh.

    Since HJM and Ms. Mong are good friends, I wished that the PD/writers had incorporated their friendship more – either as teammates or rivals (my goodness, both are so tiny, but fiesty).

    Poor Kim Jae-dong – always friends w/ the cuties, but stuck in the “friend zone.”

    Now that Haha is getting married, I wonder if his lothario persona is going to change?

  19. 19 cilla

    anyone know the song when kwangsoo going to put his hand on jimin??? i cant find it anywhere ;(((

    • 19.1 Sabah

      Did you mean this one?

      • 19.1.1 anatisha

        I was wondering about the song too!! Thank you…

        It was a bit boring episode but what I noticed, was the little change in the background music that RM used to have, not only the BG music of the charaacters but those hints of indie, retro music…

        Thank yoou for the recap also…

  20. 20 Kim Yoonmi

    Will Haha’s marriage be announced next episode?

    There is an announcement that Haroro is getting married to Byul… which makes me wonder what they’ll do with his image now.

    I also wonder if they’ll make them bring back Yoon Eun Hye faster. =P I want Yoon Eun Hye before Spartacus decides to find a girl and get hitched. πŸ˜›

  21. 21 A_Donuts

    Ji-min is so sweet apologising straight away at the end.

    I feel so sorry for Jae-dong though. So touching when he started crying.

    What happens to Haha’s playboy persona now that he’s getting married. I’d be funny if he mentored Kwang-soo on how to be the next one. Then Kwang-soo wouldn’t be so annoying with his betraying and I’d laugh so hard at his failed attempts.

  22. 22 onyxx

    kwang soo’s hilarious run-in with the horse and the errant flags (that kept on falling as soon as Kwang soo puts the other up) just cracks me up. same with Suk-jin’s one-sided conversation with a stray ant LOL.

    if only the second part of this episode was just as funny… this would have been one of my favorites. oh well, i guess you just can’t have it all.

  23. 23 catie chan

    OMG. Kwangsoo needs to go to Betrayer-rehab. haha. Cant believe he tried to rip off Sukjin’s name tag right after Easy Brother ransomed him from Tiger Jong Kook. Then he goes on to say that he didnt realize what his left hand was doing. HAHA.

    Another highlight for me on this episode was when it was revealed that KJK was the true love. He looked really dashing in that suit and colorful umbrella. I really loved the song too (Deli Spice Chau Chau, now downloading!)

  24. 24 Laica

    Thanks for the recap, gummi!

    This was a cute episode. The fan signings in the middle of nowhere never fail to crack me up. As well as Kwang-soo failing at absolutely everything. *cue St. Agnes and the Burning Train*

    I had a feeling it was Kookie, I recognized his tan and muscular hand.

    Does anyone know the name of the song that plays during the umbrella confession, and again when they’re being sprayed with confetti at the end? It was in ep 7 of AM1997 too, in the flashback scene when Joon-hee and Yoon-jae first meet. I love it so.

    • 24.1 Laica

      Found it, never mind. πŸ™‚

      • 24.1.1 hendroo

        do you know the name of the song when they’re being sprayed with confetti at the end? could you tell me ?

  25. 25 jane

    Kwangsoo is the funniest thing in this episode.

  26. 26 luna

    Does anyone know the song that plays after Jimin reads the letter? The one where a girl is singing the song. It sounds like it’s English but I can’t make out the rest of the lyrics lol

  27. 27 ijat

    guys. what is the song played at the ending part? when they rang the bell?

    and can someone suggest me where I can find all songs played in runningman by episodes? is there anyone work on this? list of ost in each episodes.

    pls pm me. I love so much the lovable ending song. <3

  28. 28 fan

    waaaa, episode 105 and 106 are currently my favorite episode its so awsome and funny !!!

    before im just hoping that Han ji min will be 1 of the guest in running man, and it came true !!! yay !!

    Han Ji Min <3

    My last wish for guest is Han Hyo Joo , is it possible ? hmm

    Han ji min and Han hyo joo are my two favorite actress

  29. 29 TokyoDogz

    wow, i actually liked tis episode, i mean i like every episode of running man but the first love themes are a bit ehh. but i liked it. wat i liked most of this episode was the song offcourse Deli Spice: Chau Chau!
    and Ji Min and Jae Dong. they looked so cute in this episode. especially when he sooo casually took JM hands and Rests on her lap. Jaesuk was shocked and so was i. but it was cute. and ofcourse what i liked as well was the monday couple! Gary and JiHyo made me laugh as well!
    cewl episode thanks for recapping!

  30. 30 Kitty Kat~

    I know I’m so late in commenting this, but I’ve been watching Running Man online since Episode 1 and haven’t skip any episode! I’m really curious though, when they mentioned the bell, I thought I saw Jae Suk tears up? And HaHa and Gwang Soo comforted him a little bit? Was there some story behind this or am I just imagining thing? ^^;

  31. 31 crystal

    Do you guys know what song played at the very end of the episode (the ending credits)?? i’ve been searching for it a long time>.<

  32. 32 The one who controls time

    This episode is really sweet!~~~ RUNNING MAN JJANG!!!

  33. 33 Kei

    You know, when Han Ji Min was reading the notes the kid flashes in the beach and when she received the note and flower, i thought it was a real confession XD. I thought maybe the “guy” confessing was really someone else and he asked the Running man team to help him confess or at least make his confession a flashy one or something XD. The way she received the mission and the song along with it really made me expect such outcome XDD. Anyway, HJM and KJK makes a cute couple. XD

  34. 34 Raja Nadia Julia

    This was the first running man episode that I watched. When Ji min was handed the flowers, I had no idea who it was but before the commercial break, there was pics of all the running man members plus the guest, and I was like, it’s that guy, and I pointed to Jong kook.I didn’t even know ho name back then, but I was convinced it was him. My sister was like, yeah right. But at te ending it really was Kim Jong Kook and I was like, I’ma boss at this. My sis couldn’t believe it but I kne it was him because it just seemed like it. He ended up being my fave runner besides Ji Hyo.

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