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Scenes from campus rom-com To the Beautiful You
by | August 10, 2012 | 157 Comments

SBS’s youth rom-com To the Beautiful You (aka another Hana Kimi remake) kicks off next week, and above are the latest posters from the show, featuring our lead couple Min-ho and Sulli, as well as the doomed-to-fail (I assume) secondary pairing of Sulli with Lee Hyun-woo.

My anticipation for this show is pretty evenly divided down the middle: interest versus dismay, hope versus cynicism. And that’s probably mostly due to the production team: PD Jeon Ki-sang did Boys Before Flowers (which was a hit despite the terrible directing) and writer Lee Young-chul wrote the High Kick series (which brimmed with heart and cute relationships). The actors in this bunch include a lot of idols, which tends to make lots of viewers wary, particularly when they’re in the leading roles. But there are enough more-experienced castmates in supporting roles, so it’s not a total crap shoot.

Plotwise, I feel like you can basically tell the whole story in six pictures:

There! Done!

Oh wait, you mean you want more? Okay, fine. So the awesome genius high jumper, Tae-joon (Min-ho) suffers some kind of incident, right? And now he doesn’t jump anymore. And the heroine was sad.


Heroine Jae-hee (Sulli) decides, I KNOW! I’ll pretend to be a dude, go to his school, and cure his psychological trauma by taking my stalkerism to a more intimate level. Because you know, that works.


So she does, meeting all the guys at her new boys’ high school in the process. Also some girl.

One day she meets a dog. The animal, I mean. Not a value judgment! He happens to come with an owner, our very own depressed genius athlete Tae-joon.


I’m guessing that meeting doesn’t exactly get off on the right foot, because I’ve seen this story before in every other drama. But there’s this other student at school, whose terrible haircut must mean he has an awesome personality. (Because we know Lee Hyun-woo’s gonna rock it, don’t we?) This is Eun-gyul, who seems pretty friendly.


And yet, the encounter leaves him scratching his head. There’s something about that girl… I mean guy! Guy! There’s something about that guy! Wait… does my Freudian slip know something I don’t?


Eun-gyul is pretty good at soccer. Maybe he’s not a genius like the hero, but at least he can multi-task!


…or maybe not.


Is she taking cross-dressing-infiltration tips from the girl-dude of K-Pop Ultimate Survival? ‘Cause… that didn’t work out so well there, although I suppose she got her man eventually. Yet, inasmuch as people generally don’t appreciate being stripped in public, Jae-hee’s integration as the new kid in school does not get off on the right foot.


Hot bod alert! Wait, this is a high school drama, right? Must check to see if I should feel guilty about this…


Oh phew, Seo Joon-young is 25. Ogling sanctioned. As you were.


He plays Seung-ri, the head of his dorm who’s determined to make his dorm first place. What, like Gryffindor? Then again, if that requires activities like painting shirtless, by all means do what you must.


Enter the rival. Hanna (Kim Ji-won) is a rhythmic gymnast, which seems appropriate since Korea’s just about obsessed with that these days. Hero Tae-joon has been her friendly oppa since early childhood and they’re both repped by the same sports agency. She’s got it all: looks, wealth, background, talent…. except one thing. She doesn’t get to shack up with her crush like some enterprising (some might call fanatical) young ladies, and you know what they say: presence makes the heart grow fonder. Oh wait, that’s not a thing. It should be.


But sad. Someone dies! That’s not a fun way to end this post about a hilarious school romance.


So here you go. Have a bromance palate cleanser:


The end. Which is really just the beginning.

To the Beautiful You premieres next week on SBS. Catch Episode 1 on August 15.

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157 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 9to5

    BAHAHAHA i’m trying not to laugh out loud too much here at work, love the commentary!!

    • 1.1 TheJu

      Oh, I know! Same for me…I’m sure I get lots of strange looks for my seemingly random giggling from my cubicle. Made my morning!

    • 1.2 meecheellee

      OMFG. SAME. The commentary. I guess based on it, JB doesn’t have high regards for this drama. Then again, who does? I sure don’t… probably gonna watch an episode or two to see if this feeds my drama addiction… I’m really not expecting anything good. And I really really really didn’t like the PD for BBF. OMFG. Okay, well at least it’s not as bad as the screenwriter, as oftheshore and Ladytron33 mentioned. **The Almost Paaaradise** had almost no relevance whatsoever to the current situation. Made me do like 23842594 thousand facepalms throughout the whole heck of a drama. Good thing that screen writer isn’t onboard this one. Please, SM, please, just let this one not be a train wreck. Thankyousoverymuch. XOXO

      • 1.2.1 9to5

        100% agree!

      • 1.2.2 canxi

        Lol, I think everyone over the age of 16/not really a ShiNEE fan is skeptical of this show. I’m so so so skeptical. It looks beautiful! But, sadly, it only looks beautiful. Manga/comic adaptations can go swimmingly, awesomely well (Gaksital) or they can go reeeeeally wrong (Boys Before Flowers).

        I liked the manga when I read it in high school, I want there to be an adaptation that I actually like. I never finished the Taiwanese ver. –too over the top. And the japanese ver.–only like Nakatsu…so! We need to bring the A-game Korea.

    • 1.3 whatis

      wow… totally what I’m doing here!!! HAHA totally giggled!

      I’m skeptical about this drama too… just from the stills, I feel like there’ll be some cringe worthy acting. And I really like this manga too!!!!

      • 1.3.1 zodd

        Let’s be honest here. One Hana Kimi live action series was enough.

  2. kakashi

    keke. Once Dr. Jin ends and with it HeadsNo2’s absolutely wonderful recapping, there will be a void in my life. So: If this post is a foretaste of the recaps then you MUST recap this one!! you MUST!

    • 2.1 JoAnne

      oh please yes please yes because you KNOW we’re all going to watch this, good or bad.

      • 2.1.1 Ladytron33

        Ha! So true. Good or bad, this will be watched by most of us.

    • 2.2 meecheellee

      I agree!! You MUST! JB, we love you, please recap this one.

    • 2.3 Eye Candy

      I was thinking the exact same thing! Even if the show sucks I am definitely looking forward to the recaps!

  3. dbsklove


    • 3.1 dbsklove

      just saying…. kim ji wons pweddy 🙂

  4. Mystisith

    “Bromance palate cleanser?” Never thought I would see those 3 words together.
    Maybe that remake will be palatable? My expectations are so low: I can’t be disappointed.

    • 4.1 Meghan

      Same. I expect it to be awful, so really the only way is to go up, and I could be pleasantly surprised.

    • 4.2 Lisa

      Haha same here. With the expectations anyway. But I loved the manga so I AM hoping it’ll at least be entertaining.

  5. song pong

    I will try the first episode and see for myself if it’s worth watching.
    However, there is not a single SM idol or actor who I have seen act and deemed even remotely watchable. They just seem to get worse, I swear.

    • 5.1 bb

      Kim Min-jong (A Gentleman’s Dignity, Athena, The Return of Iljimae among other things) is a great actor imo that happens to be under SM 🙂

      • 5.1.1 dongsaeng killer

        But he’s the only SM actor worth watching. Everyone else just makes me cry

        • canxi


        • Ella

          I thought Siwon is pretty good for an idol-actor.

        • Ella

          Oh, god. I literally laughed my ass off this particular line, “and cure his psychological trauma by taking my stalkerism to a more intimate level.” Thank you so much for pointing this out. I always thought about how creepy Hana Kimi, the original manga, is. I mean, the girl is a stalker!

          • colors

            In one version, she’s a stalker because she was fat. She watched some awesome guy do some awesome sporty things and lost weight. The guy thinks it’s cute. Yay!

            In another one, she came because she felt guilty. He got hurt while trying to save her from bad guys, and then stopped jumping. That one, you could try and understrand.
            But in the first jdrama, the guy saw her papier clippings about him and wasn’t freaked out. Not even after he knew she was a girl.

            And I bet the Korean one won’t make any sense. I’m geussing they’ll add some secret birth at some point, and what is it about the funeral in the picture? Brrr.

          • canxi

            @colors–I wasn’t too freaked out by the paper clippings though, it’s like keeping posters and articles for your favorite band to me, except it was one person.

            The stalky part comes when she goes all the way to his school. It’s one thing to go there and by chance find out it’s a boy’s school, but she up and cut her hair and flew half-way around the world, changed up her voice and bound her boobs to go to said school. Why are your parents not parenting?!

            I think it’s something you don’t really pay attention to when you’re like 15 and it’s briefly explained in the first 2 pgs of a manga, but when you’re older it’s like “Giirrrrl…calm down”

      • 5.1.2 renji

        Not a very good example though.. Although Kim Min Joong is good, I thought he was just so-so in AGD. The other three definitely play better than him

        And he joint smr after he become an established actor. sme do not debut him..

  6. MM

    Oh this article is funny, sarcasm and all. I always rely on JB’s words whenever she verdicts a drama before airing but sometimes……… 🙂 Anyways, I still prefer the Japanese version with Shun Oguri and Horikita Maki.

    • 6.1 Aparna

      Yup.. I loved the sarcasm of the article. But I dont think Koreans can remake High School Japanese manga really well. Boys over Flowers was a hot mess. I am sure this will be worse( obviously no Lee Minho!). I couldnt enjoy Playful Kiss either. Because in most Japanese manga, the leads almost always laugh at themselves and never take themselves seriously. But Koreans make the adaptations too seriously and earnestly. They fail to capture the essence of it and make it too dramatic. I wish they stop making remakes of silly premises because they just cannot get it right. Comments from an extremely loyal K-Drama fan whose other hobby is to enjoy silly Japanese anime. Luv them both but they are 2 different worlds.

      • 6.1.1 tonbotomoe

        IKR. Most japanese situations are very tongue in cheek and doesn’t take themselves seriously. Koreans take them at face value and end up flopping. Everything looks so purty purty purty, but…not much else tbh.

        What I love about the japanese version was the camaraderie and bromance(plus St. Blossom girls) between the cast. I even considered fast forwarding through the romance because Nakatsu and Mizuki totally pulled in the chemistry that should have existed between Oguri Shun and Horikita Maki. So the rest of the cast better bring it

        • xnopex

          i absolutely hate that they’re using a female rival in this one. get ready for another bear vs fox fight.


        • sunshine

          the japanese cast were well-trained actors despite their idol status… agree about the tongue-in-cheek and camaraderie comments…only jdoramas can pull off the requisite and senseless nose-bleed scenes

      • 6.1.2 Lisa

        I didn’t enjoy either Jdrama Hana Kimis, but I will agree that in general, yeah, Koreans take Japanese Manga way too seriously. They gotta relax a little! The closest they got, IMO, was You’re Beautiful. It was silly and obnoxious and Jeremy was like, perfect.

    • 6.2 Tati

      I so second the motion.

      This is gonna be BOF all over again. Good thing i learned my lesson already.

    • 6.3 Tati

      I so second the motion!

      This is gonna be BOF all over again. Good thing I learned my lesson already.

  7. red

    Min Ho looks sharp in his school uniform!! man why didn’t guys look like that when I was in high school!!

  8. myoneday

    I really can’t seem to get into the hype for this because of Minho. I’m a huge Hana Kimi fan but I’ve seen Minho’s acting. He is very green and stiff. I’ll give it a try but…I just wish they put someone else as the lead.

    • 8.1 IziEyaNa

      I like SHINee but i truly agree, I dont think Minho can act. I wish they put someonelse as the lead too..

    • 8.2 Gaeina Lee

      Totally agree with you, I wacthed his drama and anyone can tell that he still has long way to go to become a good actor. Hopefully he has improved his acting ability a lot by now.. I love him as athletic Min-ho in Dream Team and as rapper in Shinee, as an actor….? Hmmmm… #_#”

    • 8.3 Gaeina Lee

      Totally agree with you, I watched his drama and anyone can tell that he still has long way to go to become a good actor. Hopefully he has improved his acting ability a lot by now.. I love him as athletic Min-ho in Dream Team and as rapper in Shinee, as an actor….? Hmmmm… #_#”

  9. wintergirl

    Laughed out loud over this blog article. You guys and your blog keep my brain sparking and make the K drama world so much more lively. Too bad the writers/producers of American soaps didn’t have this kind of clever daily appreciation/criticism before their shows went down the tubes. Their good writers could have used the boost!

  10. 10 alexisk

    I can’t help but notice their legs in the last two photos…and I know she’s a girl but she’s too fair to look like the average guy, unless the average guy’s a vampire..

    • 10.1 Raitei

      So true. If I was a guy, that would be the first thing I’d notice. I mean, I’ve never encountered a guy with such fair, slim, smooth, hairless legs.

      That aside, I have to say their uniform looks cool. Well, their tops at least. I’m still confused about those shorts, whether they’re actually a part of the uniform or only worn for those posters… :/

      • 10.1.1 alua

        Yep, the legs! Dead give-away. Too white, too smooth, too hairless.

  11. 11 oftheshore

    Is Hanna…getting married? To be fair, Nakatsu from the original manga had a fairly fugly hairdo (YMMV), so I’m not surprised to see the ultimate bowl cut here. I wonder whether they will get Sano’s – I mean, Tae-joon’s – character right, or go with the standard K-drama trope of the cold-genius-who-is-easily annoyed. Either way, my expectations are incredibly low – I didn’t really like any of the previous versions (except for the original manga), so, I dunno, surprise me, drama.
    P.S. I thought the absolute worst thing about BBF *ALMOST PAAAARADIIIIISE* was actually the script which made no sense whatsoever, so I’m glad that at least their screenwriter is not on board for this.

    • 11.1 Ladytron33

      God, the song from BBF! The ultimate earworm. I swear, that ones gets in my head and stays for weeks.

      And I agree that the script was pretty bad for that drama. In my opinion though, that the worst part of BBF was Geum Jan Di. In the hands of a better actress, maybe the horribly written, weak character would have had at least a few shining moments.

    • 11.2 Lisa


  12. 12 Mawiie

    Oh Javabeans, why aren’t you a scriptwriter yet?

    • 12.1 oftheshore

      I keep wondering about the sane thing! Javabeans, have you ever thought of collaborating with writers?=)

      • 12.1.1 VanillaSalt

        They’d be the new Hong sisters or even better them 😉

  13. 13 Jules

    I’ll watch this drama for Lee Hyun-woo and Kim Ji-won, but I’m not really too excited about it because of the idol-leads and the PD.

    If only the two second leads could get together and have their own cute romance – I’d watch that with pleasure.

  14. 14 Ivoire

    Thank you!

  15. 15 Chisaicherry

    o..m…g…! I’m trying to keep myself from laughing out loud at work!

    Man, wouldn’t it be a twist if the nice guy actually gets the girl?

    • 15.1 ~Feather~

      That would make me SOOO HAPPY! My love for Nakatsu is never-ending, so I’d love it if his love for her was finally accepted. buuuuut then the point of the drama wouldn’t make sense (does it even have a point?)

  16. 16 Eun

    Let us exchange places Sulli! I want that pat in the head. XD

  17. 17 Katherine

    My anticipation for this drama has increased now [I think it has to do with the fact that I just re-watched Hana Kim – Jap Version] & I want to see how this version will turn out. From the teasers I like the over-all look of it and it definitely has the Korean style-like look to it.
    I actually hope they go with the Japanese Versions reasoning behind why Mizuki ends up going to the all boys high-school.
    By the way does anyone know who is taking on the role of Mizuki’s brother and the female reporter as well ?!!

    • 17.1 Katherine

      [I think it has to do with the fact that I just re-watched THE HANA KIMI – JAPANESE VERSION] – I should’ve proof read my post before posting. *holds ears* SORRY.

  18. 18 Dreamer

    Sulli was actually a child actor before she became an idol, so not all hope is lost with her.

    Minho on the other hand…

    I can’t help but be excited for this though, just because i loved the jap version so much

  19. 19 Jess

    I don’t know if I’ll tune into this one. I watched the version with Shun Oguri, and I found his character very dull. It was the first time in my entire life that I had second lead syndrome, and BAD.

    Maybe I’ll tune in if the lead character has the same drinking personality, with the kissing thing. That was the only time I ever found the character interesting in the Japanese version. In any case, I’d definitely read the recaps. Those I would find enjoyable!

    • 19.1 jomo

      I saw a trailer that has him kissing a person in an early episode, so I think he does. I don’t know that the trigger is, but I was very happy to see them put that part in.

      • 19.1.1 ColleenF-H

        The trigger for randomly kissing anyone is alcohol it is part of the story in the original manga. It has been included in both versions (Taiwanes and Japanese), it is important to the story line between the 2 leads.

  20. 20 Fab

    OMG, don’t tell me the dog died??

    Off to watch the original version…

    • 20.1 ladida


    • 20.2 oozzeee

      LOL…*giggle fits*….LOL…*giggle fits*.. *tears up from laughing too hard while doubled over, hands on stomach*…

  21. 21 queencircles

    eh. I’ll watch it. It’ll probably be awesomely bad. Can’t wait. 🙂

  22. 22 jomo

    The story in six!
    LOVE IT!

    The rest made me LOL at work, again.

    I have a feeling despite the idols and the directing and the haircuts, there will be just enough heart and cute Lee Hyun-woo to make me its slave.

    I am already surrendering.

  23. 23 kin

    to be honest, my expectation for this drama is really low

    1.) I’ve watched the Japanese version so many times my nose bleeds.

    2.) BOF was a total fail O_O

    3.) Changmin (tvxq) ruined my favor for any actor in SME (excluding Kim Min Jong :D)

    4.) The pictures seem….melo(?) for a rom-com

    and 5.)………where the hell is ghost guy! (Kayashima) o_O lols

    • 23.1 haruko

      Exactly! Ghost guy has been awesome in EVERY version 😀

    • 23.2 crazykel

      “where the hell is ghost guy!”

      I know, right? Kayashima is one of my favorite characters in the manga and dramas. I really enjoy his relationship with Nakatsu–it’s such bromance material!

      *wants Kayashima now!*

      • 23.2.1 Kin

        I love their bromance, Kayashima can be creepy one minute then sweet and comforting the next.

        then there is his “Your aura…..” 😀

  24. 24 littletweedles

    Lee Hyun Woo’s character totally reminds me of Jeremy from You’re Beautiful. And that awful hairstyle of his… i do hope he’ll get rid of it somehow, maybe out of heartbreak? and Jiwon’s sooooo pretty!

  25. 25 Ginger

    This is one drama that does not need to be remade. The main actress does not look like a girl at all (not that Maki did either).

  26. 26 Unnamed source

    OMG :-0 🙂
    That is one rea… ally funny commentary. So much snark. Love it. By the way, am going to miss it. So thanks for the story.

  27. 27 Sunny

    Whenever I see new about this I always think that Amber should replace Sulli as the lead. I mean she definitely looks the part! *sigh* If only she could act.

    • 27.1 Sunny


  28. 28 biankoy

    Hana Kimi-the Japanese one, not the botched up version from Taiwan-and also not the abomination with the AKB48 girl- is really precious to me. I ADORE all 12 episodes and 1 special of it. The Taiwanese version was just so loathsome I swore never to touch anything with Jiro Wang, Ella Chen and Wu Chun on it.

    After Boys over Flowers, I’ve been waiting for Korea to make there own version of it. But ever since I found out that SMent has the control over this remake, my anticipation starts dwindling down. And with all those idols, I’m not really expecting much. But then again, it has uri Hyun Woo (!) so I guess there’s still hope.

    So, I’m still hoping for the best but preparing myself for the worst. Not gonna be happy with you Lee Soo Man if this turn out to be another botched up version.

  29. 29 paper

    Holy crap Kim Ji-won’s dress (the white one) looks so amazing!!! Does anyone know who the designer is?

  30. 30 QLD

    nobody can replace the flawlessness that was NAKATSU

    ( ̄~ ̄;)

    that is all.

    • 30.1 Tati

      Amen to that. Nakatsu, the adorable scene-stealer. I love him and Sano in equal parts.. Well, maybe Sano a lil bit more.

  31. 31 QLD

    nobody can replace the flawlessness that was NAKATSU

    ( ̄~ ̄;)

    that is all.

    I think i love the japanese version too much *sigh*

  32. 32 vivyip

    it might be just me, but wasn’t the last cross dressing “you’re beautiful?”

    this one’s “tot he beautiful you”

    what’s with the “beautiful” in the titles? just curious…

  33. 33 HallyuFan32

    Did you just ruin the drama for me?!?!?! YOU TROLLS! hahahahahaha…………jk jk jk jk. funny thread though. despite the repeat of a worn out storyline, i’m still going to watch. sad, but i am. hahahahaha…………i’m a sucker for rom coms.

  34. 34 Mixi

    Wasn’t the reason why she chased him because she was the one that caused his accident…? or at least in some of the versions of hana kimi..?

    • 34.1 Jackie

      In the 2007 j-drama version I know they made the reason was that she injured his chances, but in the manga… she was an obsessed girl who saw him on TV lol (The manga didn’t make much sense)

  35. 35 eternalfive

    HAHAHA javabeans, hilarious as always. XD Hmm, I’m still doubting Min-ho’s acting skills (especially in those funeral/cemetery pics), but I have to say, he’s lookin’ goooood. ;D And talking about rhythmic gymnasts, I was watching the Olympics rhythmic gymnastics on TV just then and am currently completely obsessed with the sport too. It’s so pretty. @.@

    Anyway, yeah, can’t say I have really high hopes for this drama, especially since I didn’t even enjoy the previous versions either, but maybe it’ll turn out to be mindless, frustratingly addictive crack like BOF. 😀

  36. 36 Miky

    I really hope that it will be good…Man,why did they messed with Lee Hyun-woo’s hair,poor guy

  37. 37 emily

    OF COURSE the whole main plot is obvious. Its base on a manga durr no wonder! LOL

    the point here is not really the big picture but the smaller details, interactions between characters, and how different this version will be from the rest.

    its fun. its cute. not just cute but a lot of utterly adorable moments.

    i feel like the actors/actresses are having fun and giving their best, especially Sulli (being that she is the heroine)

    if you want a serious-unexpected-twisty drama, go watch Ghost. if you want not so much dramatic fun rom-com, why not give this one a chance.

    its going to be a sweeet fun light-hearted drama that people can enjoy without thinking tooo much.

  38. 38 Lahlita

    I don’t know about yous guys, but I? Am going to watch the ever-loving shit out of this drama. Choi Min-ho is such a cutie. I’m not sure if he can act. I don’t think he can act. I watched him in Pianist and while I didn’t hate him in it, I was confused over exactly which emotion he was supposed to be portraying at any given time. But, you know, he’s so cute. I accept his lack of acting chops and fully admit that I am deeply shallow. I shall watch this just for that tall, pretty boy and his beautifully deep voice–and his hilariously tiny head–and I’ll try not to cringe too much if his lines go down like a lead zeppelin.

    So, did the heroine dye her hair before she cut it? Because when she’s a girl, it’s fiercely red, and when she’s a boy, it’s not red. Why dye your hair and dry it before you cut it? That is amusing me.

    And now, some observations on Whiteness.

    Why is Min-ho’s character flanked by two random white athletes? Is this supposed to be an international meet? Are most elite high jump athletes white? Or is that just visual shorthand? My Korean friend recently told me that Korean media uses favorable comparisons to white people as shorthand to highlight the prowess of a Korean protagonist. Wanna show that a Korean guy is super hot? Show white girls mooning after him. Wanna show that a Korean person is super cool? Show him/her surrounded by adoring white people. Wanna show that a Korean athlete is The Best? Show them dominating some white athletes. Extra nationalist points for the Korean boss/white employee scenario. It’s very common form of visual shorthand in South Asian (specifically, Indian) cinema, but I hadn’t really thought of that until this photo. Now I’m curious. Why couldn’t he defeat a Vietnamese athlete and a Nepali athlete? Or an athlete from Mali? Not strong enough visual shorthand for how genius he is? I’m over-thinking this. Why am I worrying about this when there is a cute boy to be ogled?

    Also, the U.S. should make school uniforms mandatory for everyone. How adorable are these kids in their ties and blazers?

    Finally, excellent snark, JB. I could read you and Girlfriday all day.

    • 38.1 canxi

      They are adorable!

      The U.S. has mandatory school uniforms, but you’re not going to have uniforms like THOSE unless you go to a fancy (expensive) prep school. Otherwise, you get navy or khaki slacks and a white polo shirt. But kids really hate uniforms anyhow, and honestly, I feel like there is no actual use for them,lol.

      • 38.1.1 Cynthia

        In the U.S., only private and/or parochial schools have uniforms. Public schools do not.

        • canxi

          This isn’t true. My public schools (elementary and middle school) had uniforms. My high school didn’t, though. I live in New York City though so I’m not sure about the rest of the U.S. but yeah, public schools over here have uniforms as well as private, parochial, and prep. I

          • Lisa

            Most public schools don’t have uniforms (:

    • 38.2 ladida

      I also had the same questions. My sister and I have this running joke that the folks who cast dramas just grab whatever random white person (who for some reason always seems homeless, like he’s stranded and penniless) is nearby and have them spout out some words in English, and they get paid in food. And they are always such. bad. actors. Cringe inducing.

    • 38.3 xnopex

      thank you for this. it is almost always a white person and someone from america.

      also, as someone who has gone to american schools and university, i do not get why ‘going to school in america’ is such a triumph.

      i proof stuff from people educated in america that barely blips as english. you can buy a degree but you can’t buy intelligence. hahaha

      • 38.3.1 maldita

        Going to school in America (or in Europe, whatever) means the parents are rich enough to send their children abroad. That’s basically it.

        I live in Asia, and I swear, I just laugh when random people I know go off to college in America. Then they brag online how high their grades are while partying it up when in fact they go to shitty schools that nobody’s ever heard of, while my friends and I are legit working hard in the best schools in our country.

    • 38.4 maldita

      Minho’s character is supposed to be an internationally famous athlete, thus the international meet.

      Sulli’s character is originally from the States and if based on the manga, sees Minho on TV during the international meet. If based on the 2007 Japanese version, Sulli’s character encounters him during the international meet.

      There’s a white girl in the cast because Sulli’s character has a blond best friend in the manga, because she’s from the States.

      • 38.4.1 Lahlita

        Thanks for the info, maldita! I told Hye-su what you said, and she bet me $10 that when I watch the actual episode, it’s going to be an “international” meet of only white athletes. And Min-ho’s character. LOL!

  39. 39 alua

    I don’t want another Hana Kimi remake (we don’t need one), but it sure looks pretty.

    Well, Sulli doesn’t look like a boy… and the rhythmic gymnast, I think she needs some more muscles (certainly now after we’ve been muscle-bombarded watching the Olympics), she just looks like a pretty starlet (a bit slouchy posture too). Would a gymnast wear shoes like that? Maybe but she is constantly going to end up wearing shoes like that I’m going to question it.

  40. 40 ColleenF-H

    So I am really not sure how well this is going to work I have real doubts about the casts ability to pull it off.

    A) I have always thought TOP should play the part of Izumi, he seems to have the right amount of coolness to make it work.

    B) I liked Jung So Min in Mischievious Kiss and have thought she would be great as Mizuki.

    The way this has been cast as vehicle for idols makes me worry that one of my favorite stories will be very disappointing. As always thanks for the post!!

    • 40.1 In Su

      Jung So Min is 23 years old. Tho she may look 15 to nonAsians, Korean-Koreans are youth obssed.

  41. 41 dongsaeng killer

    So much pretteh 🙂
    Min-ho looks gorgeous in his uniform shots but everyone else….. what the heck happened to fit? Their blazers are too big while the pants are too small/tight/ugly. I know he’s the lead but damn…..
    Anyhu, my Lee Hyun-woo love knows no bounds so I’ll watch him in spite of the haircut and clothes. Besides his character was the best thing about the Japanese version so I’m excited 🙂 And Sulli needs to rewatch Coffee Prince to figure out how to carry her body so she doesn’t look so much like a girl pretending to be a boy. Yoon Eun-hye FTW!

  42. 42 canxi

    Skeptical-ness everywhere!

    It looks lovely though, and the trailers look fun, but they are just trailers. I’m gonna watch the heck out of it though. I really WANT to like it. I’m not sure I will, but I want to.

    And lol, the mushroon hair–I’d be OK with it if it wasn’t so voluminous. I heard LHW actually plays soccer so at least I know the sports scenes will be pretty legit. Some of them.

  43. 43 shirin-noona

    OMG!Where do you come up with this stuff?That was hillarious.Thank you!

  44. 44 pigtookie

    lol lovely commentary! sums up my thoughts about this drama. i wasn’t really interested in it, but their teasers aren’t bad and i’ve been developing a small crush for lee hyun woo… and i’m curious of sulli’s acting after seeing some clips of her previous works on YT. why does sulli look much better in the 2nd poster with him?

    by the way, this was a good planning strategy, of airing the sports drama right after the olympics.

  45. 45 panshel

    I plan to watch with little to no expectations. I shuddered at the cliche hair-cutting scene that’s so prevalent in every drama, but I guess here that scene is crucial to the gender-bending plot. Love the picture sideshow synopsis, especially the Harry Potter reference. Hate what they did to Hyun Woo’s hair.

  46. 46 VioletSakura

    GOsh… I can’t wait already… I’m just praying they show normal kisses… the kisses in BOF were awful… ugh~

  47. 47 IziEyaNa

    Hahaha… Agree!! I love the Japan version of adaptation. Love the manga so much, but i think this one gonna break my heart. Boys over flower Korean version – nah!!:(:(. PLayful kiss even worse… Aigggoooooooooo

  48. 48 mary


    Amazing how Minho reminds me of THT, from the looks to the blank expressions to the giant veins of veininess.

  49. 49 Mia

    i love the manga! anime! and japanese live action drama!
    and since i love the actors and actresses here, my expectations are really high 😀

  50. 50 Abbie

    Wow. Hilarious. When it’s put like this, it does seem ridiculous and I find my anticipation dropping. Oh well, I’ll still watch it. Probably.

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