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Song Hye-gyo and Jo In-sung in talks for Noh Hee-kyung drama
by | August 16, 2012 | 76 Comments

As per usual, lots of big star names have been tossed about for writer Noh Hee-kyung’s newest project, a drama entitled That Winter, The Wind Blows, but it looks like she’s zeroing in on Song Hye-gyo and Jo In-sung to play the leads. They’re reportedly considering the roles favorably, and their possible dual comeback to dramaland is causing quite the stir.

The project will be a re-team on many fronts, between star writer Noh Hee-kyung (Padam Padam, Worlds Within, Goodbye Solo) and PD Kim Kyu-tae (Padam Padam, Worlds Within, IRIS, A Love to Kill), and if Song Hye-gyo takes the lead it’ll be her first drama since 2008’s Worlds Within. Jo In-sung took on a film as his army-comeback project, and if he signs on, it’ll be his first drama since 2005’s Spring Days.

The story is a remake of the Japanese drama I Don’t Need Love, Summer / Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu, which has already had one Korean film remake starring Moon Geun-young and Kim Joo-hyuk in 2006, called I Don’t Need Love. It sounds like heavy-duty melodrama stuff — blind heroines, mistaken identities, and lots and lots of pain. I can’t say it’s new and exciting territory for Song or Jo, who both built careers on melo, but we have yet to hear how Noh Hee-kyung plans to rewrite the tale, since I’m expecting it to be a jumping off point for her, rather than a straight remake.

That Winter, The Wind Blows plans to broadcast early next year.

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76 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you!

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      I am off to read now…

    • 1.2 Jo

      the movie was great…I thought.
      heartbreaking, but great
      (they should just get moon geun young to do it again)

      • 1.2.1 shishi

        my sentiments exactly… “they should just get moon geun young to do it again”…

      • 1.2.2 shishi

        my sentiments exactly… “they should just get moon geun young to do it again”… She’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

      • 1.2.3 shishi

        “they should just get moon geun young to do it again”… She’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

        • shishi

          hahahha.. my computer keeps saying “Timed-out”. Now I have 3 different but alike comments posted..

  2. Mirai

    In-sung in a drama? Oh yes, please !!!

  3. canxi

    I loved that movie! I’d watch it in drama form, I never knew it was a remake which explains why I felt like there were things I was missing out on in the film. I’d be happy if they took the role. I like Song Hye-Ko playing stronger female roles too.

    • 3.1 MsGB

      Me too! MGY was awesome! Totally love her. I mean all she did was turn around and smile. She.Gave.Me.Goosebumps!

  4. Jacq

    This is so exciting! I’ve watched the korean film as well as the Japanese drama and loved them both dearly! With these 2 actors I’d love to watch this korean drama edition!!! Please let this happen…..

  5. sotongball

    Guess won bin won’t be making his drama comeback. Love jo in sung but not really a big fan of song hye go.

    • 5.1 glace

      I think he was interested in a different script though right? hopefully? I want him to pair with someone different besides SHK anyway, so this news is kind of a relief.

  6. amethyst

    Looking forward for this drama…. I miss Song Hye Kyo a lot.

  7. KDaddict

    Blind heroine? Hard-core melo? Yeek! This is the 1990’s anymore.

    • 7.1 canxi

      Try the movie out! She’s blind but she’s pretty tough. More jaded than sad and mopey. And Jo In Sung’s character would be a gangster, it’s pretty cool.

  8. a_diva

    i’m a huge fan of song hye kyo but, as much as i love my kdramas, i cannot sit through a melodrama. so i’d be disappointed if this is her first drama after a four year break b/c i wouldn’t watch it–even for hye kyo! oh well, you can’t win them all . . .

  9. ck1Oz

    Jo In Sung in pain?Does anyone have flashbacks to you know what?Shudder.
    I am out of here.

  10. 10 namcha

    Yay Jo In Sung but I just finished WHIB, I so in a rom com now.

  11. 11 Mel

    Thanks… WHIB–Jo In Sung unforgettable!!! Love him and Song Hye Kyu… Hope this pushes through..

  12. 12 mystisith

    I loved Padam Padam but World Within was… boring (sorry Binnie). Now, even the title here seems to have been chosen to push me away. That Winter, The Wind Blows? Sorry, I like sun and coconut trees.

    • 12.1 alua

      “I like sun and coconut trees”… hahaha! You crack me up!

      • 12.1.1 True2u

        LOL XD

  13. 13 maldita

    Not overly excited by the premise of it, but hell yeah, Jo Insung and Song Hyekyo! Two of my faves!

    Still hoping and waiting for the day that news of Won Bin’s long-awaited drama comeback comes up.

  14. 14 jandoe

    OMG overall combo sounds mad epic. Anything Noh Hee Kyung means I’m there too, so YES please let this happen. Casting sounds pitch perfect at the moment!

  15. 15 Cam

    Oo, I didn’t expect to know that Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung will be in this drama (soo sad, melodrama) before it will start next year….20133333333!!! Ooo! Also, I am sure that Song Hye Gyo might have a good chemistry with PD Kim Kyu-tae (Worlds Within, A Love to Kill).

  16. 16 Danna

    So its not Won Bin anymore?? sadness…but on the bright side SHK and JIS will make a very interesting pair…..so, what happened to Won Bin?? Except for rumors, he’s been MIA for almost 2 yrs

    • 16.1 canxi

      I think he’s just really selective, lol. Plus judging by how many offers the man must get, I feel like he isn’t the type to just skim through.

      • 16.1.1 Danna

        Selective he sure is….but if it wasnt for his CF contracts I would forget he even existed…though I would think that NHK would be plenty enough to float his boat

        • canxi

          I know right?? I wonder what he looks for in a drama or movie he chooses. Or maybe he just doesn’t like romantic things much? He starred in romantic things when he was starting out, but not so much anymore.

      • 16.1.2 kittle

        He rejected it because he wanted a bigger part than the female lead. But the script gave the male and female lead equal importance which is why he turned it down.

        He got bashed a lot for it yesterday, people were saying that he has success in movies, but drama is different from movies and he was always second lead in dramas, so he still has a lot to prove in tv series.

    • 16.2 True2u

      I was so sad to read today that Won Bin dropped out of it T^T

      Although I’m not a fan of Song Hye kyo, i will watch anything Won Bin is in.

      Maybe, just maybe he will consider another drama in a few months, and his leading lady will be Kim Sun Ah!! I would love to see him in a Rom-Com!! XD

      • 16.2.1 Mystisith

        Oh! But that’s a good news for me. The SeGa/AGD writer wants to work with him for a long time now. Maybe if he turned down that melodrama it means he will accept her project? Praying dramagods sincerely. #sayyestothelady! πŸ™‚

        • True2u

          WOW really?!?!?!? XD Didn’t know that!!! I’m quite HAPPY now!!

          It would be AMAZING if he accepts her offer!!!! and even more AMAZING if KSA choose to do a another drama together with this writer. This write did write my most Fav. drama “City Hall” just imagine what she can do with him in a comedy is enough to make me smile XD.

    • 16.3 Bikyo fan

      Good! They don’t look together.. and it means they don’t really meant for each other.. Bi and Song look good together.

  17. 17 JS

    I watched the korean movie first and I loved it so much I searched high & low online and finally was able to watch the japanese series. I really really love the story. Yeah, it is major melo heavy duty tearjerking materials. I think JIS and SHG would be perfect for the roles. I hope this comes thru and I can’t wait to watch it!!!

  18. 18 fortuna

    Song Hye Kyo is the human personification of ‘Snow White.’ The “fairest in them all.” To have a face like hers and not be able to look at it staring back at you in the mirror, now that would indeed be a tragedy… πŸ™

    • 18.1 fortuna

      Make that, “…fairest of them all.” Ooops!

      • 18.1.1 Indi

        She sure was blessesd with the looks!

      • 18.1.2 Indi

        She sure was blessed with the looks!

  19. 19 reallycool

    From the writer and PD of Padam Padam I’m in, but Imma have to brace myself for all that heartbreak knowing what Padam Padam did to me xD

  20. 20 Chesquared

    I just want to see Jo In Sung in anything. Been watching his Cfs waiting for a drama/movie comeback. Omg. Not that movie. >___<. Screamed my heart out because of that ending. No lie. I was like "WTFERY!" But this is an interesting pair. Jo In Sung will like topple over Song Hye Gyo though in terms of height. But I just badly wanna see Jo In Sung again.

  21. 21 Jones

    JO IN SUNG! I was happy to hear Won Bin was considering returning to the small screen, but honestly, Jo In Sung in a melodrama? Potentially crying and displaying those heart-wrenching “I don’t know if I pity you or hate you” moments.

    I’m so sold.

  22. 22 Ruthie08

    My dream combination. This news really made my day, and I’m a little teary-eyed right now coz I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Please drama gods make it happen and I’ll be really good. I doesnt matter if it’s a hardcore drama…I’ll to it. Now, I’m off to lalaland!!!!!!

  23. 23 Indi

    Love both of them! With this cast and Noh Hee Kyung, Kim Kyun Tae is my only concern for this drama. I’m in the mood for melo! πŸ˜€

  24. 24 blurry

    Yes for JIS, tentative for SHK.

  25. 25 Mar

    My heart did a little skip beat when I read those two names together. Also loved Padam Padam but it nearly killed me. Loved World Within, I know I’m in the minority there. I do not know if I can handle the melo on this project, but I will like the idea of the two leads together.

    • 25.1 Aparna

      Glad to know there exists someone who liked Worlds within out there. I found the show pretty deep and conflicting and I think it was the first show I watched that explored such themes. I hate melos usually. Have to see how this one goes though. I was surprised to know SHK didnt act in any drama since Worlds. She hooked up with Hyun Bin after that drama and she is single now. Hmmm.. Interesting..

    • 25.2 canxi

      I loved Worlds Within too. It’s one of my favorites and was surprised when I saw there was so much dislike for the show. And frankly, it’s the only role I’ve liked SHK in.

      • 25.2.1 Aparna

        So true. She was all cute but no substance in Full House. And I saw a couple of movies of hers which I didnt like either. In worlds within, I felt like she emoted truly.

    • 25.3 Amethyst

      At first I did not appreciate Worlds Within but after a year I gave it a try and found the drama very interesting… its very different that the usual theme… refreshing. Maybe its because the maturity of the lead roles in the drama plus World Within is not just only Hye Kyo and Bin as lead but also gave other importance other actors/actresses in the drama.

  26. 26 angskeet

    won bin was rumored to be casted with this drama, but supposedly turned it down

  27. 27 jyyjc

    Ugh can jo insung just please be in a romcom or a drama that will shoot up to popularity like secret garden( The popularity, not the quality of the drama)? I like Korean films I do but I will always love dramas more. Don’t we all? I want to see him!!!

  28. 28 Yee

    PLEASE PLEASE let this happen! I’ll be good for the whole year!! I love this type of story plot as I can see song hye kyo acting blind and jo in sung as the baddie bitter main guy! Agh, and can’t believe that won bin turned this down, as it seems like it can be the perfect role for him! But anyways, I have always loved JO IN SUNG! <3

  29. 29 jomo

    She was cute in Full House, but more fun in the happy parts than the sad. Worlds Within showed she had some range, but still didn’t like her there, either.
    AS showed she could cry prettily and stare sadly.

    I don’t think she enjoys acting, which would make sense since she has been away for so long.

    JIS is one of those guys people fell in love with and see him as this gorgeous guy. I am always surprised to see him listed as top 10 Hottest of all time.

    I LOVED him in Bali, LOVED LOVED him, but I don’t think he is knock me down handsome. He reminds me of Michael McKean from Laverne and Shirlty and This is Spinal Tap. LOL

    • 29.1 Indi

      She actually knows her limitations and studies hard to grow her acting skills. The ones who follow her know that she has been trying different projects while broadening her horizons. But we can’t deny that her initial sucess was 90% due to her gorgeous face. I really hope that now that she is more mature, she’ll do more than just deliver.

    • 29.2 soad

      When I first saw JIS, i didn’t find him that gorgeous because he is prettier than the actresses that I love, what I mean is his face is too feminine to me. But the longer I look at him in screen, I can see why people are so drawn to him. He has this charisma that other actors don’t have. I love Won Bin but I came to love JIS too after seeing his movies and dramas. Not a fan of WHIB but I saw acting potential in him in that drama. Love him best in Dirty Carnival.

  30. 30 love

    I hope Song Hye Gyo confirms. I really miss her on screen. Especially in dramas…

  31. 31 Anvesha

    I watched the korean remake! I’m surprised myself since I don’t even know the name only the story.. The movie was nice but the ending… could’v been better..

    Now, I kind of want to watch the j drama..

  32. 32 AnotherFan

    I adore her! My very first K drama was Autumn Tales and I remember saying to myself “what a truly beautiful human being that is!”. I thought she was convincing in her role and she cries really well πŸ™‚ And then there was Full House and she was just the cutest and liveliest of all! I can’t wait for her comeback – being waiting for a long time already.

    • 32.1 AnotherFan

      BEEN waiting for a long time…

  33. 33 cv

    This doesn’t pertain to this news but I’m curious, what other dramas are out at this time from the cable channels? Is there any airing right now also?

  34. 34 saranga

    i’m a big, big fan of worlds within, and song hye kyo. but i prefer won bin over jo in-sung. i understand the hype about won bin, but not jo in-sung, though i’ve no doubts about him as an actor. i think i’m just a little disappointed that there’ll be no autumn fairytale reunion…… big sigh.

    i remember the moon geun-young film. it was definitely melo, and i can see song in the role, but i do hope it will be happier than the film. i think she’s a better actress than she’s ever been given credit for, and really works hard to improve. to me, the effort shows, and it helps that she’s so down to earth and likeable in her interviews. perceived real life personality counts sometimes! πŸ™‚

  35. 35 Viki

    Oh…is this the drama that Won Bin turned down?

  36. 36 Yoori

    JIS may not be drop dead grogeous or pretty like other males, but he is one fine man with great sceen presence! And…. He can act! SHG, to me, is the most grogeous actress in KDrama-land. Her beauty cannot be described in words…

  37. 37 lovedramas

    I like JIS – he was great in Bali… but I haven’t been too into his works since then. He definitely has good acting range though. Although, I don’t really classify him as “fun” to watch as in rom-com style. So this one sounds like a good one for him.

    SHK – it totally depends on the work, whether or not I like her. I actually liked her better in rom-com then in all the serious & weepy stuff.

    This pairing would be great, but it’s one of those, I’ll believe it when I see it air on tv kind of thing.

    • 37.1 soad

      I have seen him in new nonstop 2 and his pairing with kyeong rim was pretty hilarious. have seen JIS laugh and it’s so contagious. it will be interesting though to see him in a rom-com and the last thing I want for JIS comeback is a melo because he’s used to it already.

      As for SHK, yeah you are right. I like her more in rom-com flicks than in melodrama thingy.

      I am so excited to see JIS in TV again but am a little ambivalent on this one.

  38. 38 tonbotomoe

    I thought it was Won Bin and Kim Tae Hee…

  39. 39 DB5K

    The synopsis for the film seemed pretty cliche, so I wonder how it attracted such hot stars. I guess writer Noh Hee-kyung really did alter a lot of things. Or perhaps this Japanese drama has a certain je ne sais quois, since there’s going to be a second Korean re-make~~ Either way, it would be amazing to see these two on the screen together!!

  40. 40 new fan

    THis pairing is great!! but i don’t really watch any of the project of the writer!!! so i doubt the storyline!!

  41. 41 Marie

    Great News I hope it happens, Love them both especially SHK she was wonderful in Worlds Within.

  42. 42 Onees

    I missed her. Hope they both take this on. I’m ready to cry. hehehe

  43. 43 aegyo

    i’m rooting for this onscreen couple! they are my favourite korean celebrities

  44. 44 red

    Hm. I never got all the SHK hate. Anyway Im not a big fan of hers, but I do think she acts good, not great, but at least better than how most people credit her abilities. I actually want her to do really well and make a big comeback, just to shut up her naysayers and critics. I remember all the hoopla with Hyun bin and the whole break-up issue and she getting bashed by nonsensical shippers of Sega.

  45. 45 HAN WIDI


  46. 46 myuu

    It would be interesting if Song plays Moonβ€˜s role. Moon Geun Young acted as the younger version of Song Hye Kyoβ€˜s role.

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