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To the Beautiful You: Episode 3
by | August 25, 2012 | 144 Comments

What this show lacks in an episode it makes up in the pretty. Though that’s really not saying much. Another thing that this show does brilliantly is to portray innocent scenes in the most creeptastic ways. That’s not saying much either.

Pretty much, I’m left scratching my head wondering if this episode said anything at all.


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As Tae-joon leans to kiss Jae-hee, we see a mysterious spy snap a photo of the two. Jae-hee pushes him off of her and he breaks into a euphoric drunken smile before he slumps on top of her, asleep.

So Jae-hee hauls him back in a wheelbarrow and Sangchu turns up to say hello to Tae-joon by slobbering all over him. She wheels them back before they’re caught.

Meanwhile, Eun-gyul searches high and low for Jae-hee, unable to find her. He takes another documentary selca (“If there’s a compass that directs your fate, where would it point to tonight?”).

Hanna mistakes him for Tae-joon again (How could you with that hair?) and scrunches her face at her misfortune. Eun-gyul tells her she better run off because outsiders aren’t allowed on campus.

They continue to bicker until Hanna kicks him in the shin. Twice.

Now back in the room, Jae-hee takes off Tae-joon’s socks for him before climbing into bed. She peers over to ask if he knew that she was a girl and hopes he isn’t too mad. There’s one thing she wants for him: to see him high jump again.

Tae-joon wakes up the next morning with a monster headache. He catches Jae-hee sneaking around behind him and it prompts him to ask whether he made some kind of mistake last night. He leans in close, claiming he can’t remember a thing and Jae-hee ekes out, “Ki…”

He wonders, “Ki…” and then it registers in his brain. He braces himself – with whom? His mind flashes back to Sangchu. HA – that’s the kiss you remember? Tae-joon covers that it was just a mistake and that she should have stopped it. Jae-hee: “Like I had a chance to!”

He narrows his eyes, “You didn’t by chance… enjoy it, did you?” He’s thinking it’s Sangchu and she thinks they’re talking about her.

He doesn’t get why she’s all uppity about it since it was a dog which is when Jae-hee finally stands down and mutters, “It sure was heated.”

The conspicuous photo flies around school and Tae-joon stares when he receives it. Poor Eun-gyul is literally knocked off his feet.

Jae-hee finds Eun-gyul wandering aimlessly through the halls. She doesn’t understand his hesitant question about whether she was “had” by Tae-joon and then uses his thumbs to illustrate. Or you could have shown her the photo.

Taken aback, she asks how he knows and Eun-gyul swallows hard – so the rumors are true.

Hyun-jae doesn’t miss an opportunity to make a dig at Tae-joon, congratulating him on becoming a C.C. (campus couple) with Jae-hee. Tae-joon grabs him by the shirtfront but Jae-hee steps in before anyone throws any punches.

Still glaring at Tae-joon, Hyun-jae reminds her that she’s the victim and that their star athlete should be reported for the incident. To everyone’s surprise, Jae-hee claims that she was the one who kissed Tae-joon.

In fact, they called her Kiss Master in America. You know you’re standing in a room full of boys who think you’re a boy right?

She shuts Tae-joon up by putting a hand over his mouth and continues that a kiss is no big deal in the States; everyone does it. Then she makes her point by giving Eun-gyul a kiss on the cheek right then and there, leaving him on cloud nine.

Hyun-jae tries to relieve his frustration by practicing the high jump and is annoyed when Reporter Yang walks in. It comes as no surprise to us when she thanks him for the photos about Tae-joon’s case of the yips (thank you for the belated explanation, drama).

He grows tired at her constant stream of questions about Tae-joon, and scoffs that all she wanted was dirt on the high jumping star. Reporter Yang belatedly adds that she’s on Hyun-jae’s side but he walks out anyway.

In the cafeteria, Seung-ri catches Eun-gyul ogling at the greeter and is all ears when Eun-gyul tells him that he’s been mulling over “a very very serious question.” Eun-gyul claims that he’s found the answer, “That I’m definitely… perfect.” Pfft.

Using the oh so casual my fork fell off the table trick, they both shamelessly stare at noona’s legs beneath the table until they knock heads. Heh, boys will be boys.

Eun-gyul persuades Jae-hee to accompany him on a double blind date. They ride on his scooter and Jae-hee grabs ahold of his waist to hang on.

The girls bring out a toy lie detector and are thoroughly amused when Eun-gyul keeps getting caught for lying (Girl: “You look at a girl’s face first.” Eun-gyul: “No!” *zap*). They try it out Jae-hee and marvel when it dings that she’s telling the truth.

The last question about if she’s liked boy before gives her pause. Before she can answer, Eun-gyul lets her off the hook and suggests they split up.

Jae-hee’s date chirps about how her past blind dates have all been duds but she’s got a good feeling about this one. She misinterprets Jae-hee’s sigh to mean that she’s uninterested and hangs her head.

Jae-hee confides in her that there’s a friend who she wants to help but he doesn’t seem to want it. The girl shrugs that Jae-hee should do what she wants and if it doesn’t work out, then she can regret it later.

That doesn’t sound like very good advice but Jae-hee seems to think it is. She forgets herself for a moment, grabbing the girl’s hand and exclaiming that girlfriends are the best to figure out these situations.

Her date wonders to herself, “Girlfriend? Is he saying we should start dating?”

Eun-gyul’s date turns out to be a bust and he waits for Jae-hee by his scooter. When she finally shows up, he grabs her in a headlock, which is the moment his heart goes thump thump again.

All he sees is hearts around Jae-hee’s smile and he retreats to the bathroom, telling himself to pull himself together. He even scolds his heart for its inability to beat when appropriate.

As she waits, Jae-hee happens to see Sangchu running loose on the streets. She chases after him and saves him from oncoming traffic.

They wander through the streets and Jae-hee has no idea where they are since she doesn’t have her wallet or phone on her person. Then to add to her list of Things that Will Go Wrong, it starts to rain.

At the same time, Tae-joon desperately searches for Sangchu after he lost him at the vet’s office. Sangchu slips out of Jae-hee’s grasp when he senses that Tae-joon is nearby and a rain-soaked Jae-hee follows.

They walk back and both attempt to break the awkward silence only to speak up at the same time. Jae-hee looks on with a smile at Tae-joon’s attempt to apologize for yesterday’s misunderstanding and today’s thanks for saving Sangchu.

He asks what she’s doing out here which is when Jae-hee realizes that she’s forgotten all about Eun-gyul. She asks him to call Eun-gyul since he might be waiting for her. Sure enough, he is but his battery dies before the call can go through.

They figure that he’s already left back to school and wait for the bus.

Just then, a bus drives close to the curb, kicking up a wave of rainwater. Tae-joon drops his umbrella and spins her around to shield her from the spray.

They stand there, looking at each other for a few moments, both getting soaked by the rain.

Tae-joon is the first to break from the moment and he silently picks the umbrella back up.

Some time later, Eun-gyul’s phone is now charged and he gets a call. It’s Jae-hee who’s back at school and she worriedly asks if he’s still waiting for her.

Eun-gyul blusters of course he’s not – he’s playing video games. But we see that he’s still outside by his scooter, waiting. He hangs up and his heart goes thump thump just from hearing her voice. He sighs.

The principal has a belated freakout about the headline regarding Tae-joon and the yips. Coach Baek answers that the reporter likely wrote whatever she wanted and the principal’s frown turns upside down.

Coach Baek just falls right back asleep at his desk.

The students get a weekend off and Jae-hee comments that they all have homes to return to but she doesn’t have anyplace to go. That gives Eun-gyul a thought – what if he invited her over to his place?

So he imagines telling Imaginary Jae-hee that she’s the first friend he’s had over and is surprised when she invites him to shower together. Then he blushes when she reminds him that she’s the Kiss Master.

He’s so caught up in his daydream that he only breaks out of it when he runs straight into a sign.

Jong-min and Jae-hee help him up and before Eun-gyul can squeak out an invite, she points out that he has a nosebleed. He nearly faints again at the sight of blood.

At that moment, Seung-ri pops in, inviting them over to a pension his family has rented out for the weekend. He adds that they’ll be having models as neighbors …and there’s a nude beach.

Eun-gyul turns his head and agrees that he’ll go and Seung-ri gently cups his head in his hands like a parent. Nearly delirious, Eun-gyul breaks into a smile thinking to himself, “Nude beach.”

Turns out that he and Hyun-jae happen to be roommates. Hyun-jae comments that he’s going on the trip too because he would never pass up an opportunity to go to a bikini paradise. Again, Eun-gyul hangs on the word, “Bikini…”

The group arrives and meets Seung-ri’s hyung. He gives a curious up and down glance towards Jae-hee.

Tae-joon is stopped outside the dorm by Dad’s driver who’s here to pick him up. Their conversation basically boils down to: Ride. I dun wanna.

Tae-joon pushes him aside and makes a run for it. He spots Doc’s car and he throws his bag in before jumping in. There you are 360 degree camera. Knew you wouldn’t be away for long.

Doc is barely surprised at the sudden pickup and they speed off to lose their tail.

The group are all smiles, eager to see some bikinis when they arrive at the pension. However, they all frown when Seung-ri’s mother addresses them as her precious workers. They’re like, Workers?

We see them put to work to fix up the place. Jae-hee’s the only one who finds it fun, joking around with Eun-gyul as they paint. But she slips from the ladder and falls right into Eun-gyul’s arms.

Meanwhile the others gripe over the slave labor to Seung-ri, calling it a scam. Seung-ri does his best to mollify the situation, saying his mother needed the help. And plus, he noticed some girls on the beach so all is not lost.

What’s work without play? Afterwards, the group runs towards the beach, playing in the ocean. They still complain that they haven’t seen a single girl in a bikini.

At that very moment, a group of bikini-clad noonas appear and the boys do their best to flex and impress while Jae-hee laughs in the sidelines.

Doc drops Tae-joon off at the same pension and he wanders the grounds, snapping photos. He lingers a moment at a mural of angelic wings. Spreading his arms wide, he imagines himself flying over the high jump bar just like old times.

It’s this position that Jae-hee finds him in. She’s happy to see him and he grumbles when he learns that this the same outing she tried to invite him to.

She demands for his cell phone and she snaps a photo of him. Giving it back to him, she comments that he was always meant to have wings.

Her exposed collarbone makes him shift uncomfortably and he throws her his sweater for her to change into.

She heads inside to change, and is completely unaware that Seung-ri’s hyung is fixing the roof right outside. He catches a glimpse of her bound chest and scoffs, his suspicions confirmed.

At the office, Hanna overhears a conversation that Tae-joon is away for the weekend and the gears in her head start churning. You just can’t stay away, can you?

Dinnertime and Jae-hee rises to help Hyung with cooking. Tae-joon observes at the table while Hyung tries to feel Jae-hee’s muscles (or lack thereof). Eun-gyul comments that he’s heard that Doc dropped Tae-joon off at the pension and wonders what brought him here.

Doc joins the group with Seung-ri’s mother and the boys tense at the table. They stare in bewilderment as Doc whines to “Noona” that all the meat is burnt. Seung-ri tells his uncle to cut it out and they all ask, slackjawed: “Uncle?!”

But before that truth can settle, they hear another voice – Hanna.

Jae-hee strolls by the shore and stops a friendly grandma selling couple bracelets. She urges Jae-hee to buy a pair for her significant other. At Jae-hee’s reply that she doesn’t have anyone, the grandma tells her, “Destiny is something you can never predict.”

She returns to the pension and just as she’s about to approach Tae-joon, Hanna appears with a gift in hand. Jae-hee watches in the shadows as Hanna tells him that they’re the same cookies his mother used to make. Aw okay, that’s pretty thoughtful.

Tae-joon takes a bite and admits that they aren’t half bad, much to Hanna’s delight. He notices two cookies meshed together and Hanna tells him that it’s her heart.

Jae-hee sighs in disappointment and stuffs the bracelets back in her pocket.

Eun-gyul sends the other boys away, telling them that he has something to confirm. We see him stuffing his toiletries in a bag and he declares to his reflection that if they bathe together as guys, surely there’ll be an answer.

Jae-hee runs into Hyun-jae outside the bath, confirming that he was the last one to use it. She stops him before he leaves and asks if he was the phone who took that photo of her and Tae-joon. A flashback confirms that it was him.

Hyun-jae scoffs at the accusation and Jae-hee tells him that it’s a woman’s, er man’s intuition. He laughs at that and then asks what Jae-hee will do if it is him. She doesn’t have anything in mind and Hyun-jae tells her not to jump to conclusions.

Jae-hee peers into the darkened bath before locking herself in. As she prepares to get into the bath, we see Seung-ri’s hyung fiddling with the keys to unlock the door. Okay dude, that’s super creepy and so’s that smile on your face.

He tries key after key and just after he unlocks it… Hanna appears, asking if the bath is free. Hyung lets her right through.

Once inside, Hanna discovers Jae-hee’s coverup and looks at it strangely. She surveys her surroundings to check if someone’s around but no one’s there. And then Jae-hee peeks her head out of the hamper, whimpering.

She almost makes it outside when another visitor approaches the door – Eun-gyul.

He’s walked over with a sense of determination and gives himself a little pep talk before heading inside. Jae-hee worries for a moment behind the door and then proceeds to change, figuring that things will work itself out.

Eun-gyul stares outside, facing what he thinks is Jae-hee’s back. He tells himself to keep it together, “He’s a guy, he’s a guy.”

Then he hops in the tub all giddy and Hanna screams her head off. He screams back and she whacks him in the head, causing him to keel over underwater.

Eun-gyul is transported to a darkened forest and is surprised to see his grandmother – didn’t she pass away last year? But Grandma’s pissed and tells him that it’s not his time yet. To what, die?! You did NOT just kill off Eun-gyul…

She sends him back and Eun-gyul resurfaces … only to have Hanna whack him to limbo again. Grandma yells, demanding to know why he’s back and Eun-gyul cries, “Like I WANT to be here!”

Another smack to the head sends him back to reality.

Eun-gyul wakes with an ice pack to the head back in the pension. Hanna demands that he needs to be reported and the others defend that Eun-gyul didn’t know. She shrills, “But he saw everything!”

It’s Eun-gyul’s turn to get worked up now, citing his head wound. Hanna does the one thing to shut him up again by hitting his head with a TV remote. Eun-gyul passes out again.

Later that night, Jae-hee sneaks away a pillow to sleep on and lies down nearby. Tae-joon wakes to look over in her direction.

Commence Day 2. Tae-joon finds a bracelet near Jae-hee’s pillow and wonders what it is. While the boys work, Hanna soaks in the sun. The boys have their fair share of play, and everyone settles down for a break.

Eun-gyul remarks that Hanna is better off playing in the sea and soon they go at it again with a petty water gun fight. I could watch these two bicker all day if I wasn’t already worrying about Hanna physically assaulting him.

Tae-joon initially gets up to remove himself from the others’ immature antics but notices Seung-ri’s hyung invite Jae-hee out to go food shopping. He sits down next to her and comments that the two of them have sure become friends rather quickly.

Jae-hee tells him it’s true and unlike someone else, Hyung takes care of her. Tae-joon lifts his broken slipper and tells her to buy him a new pair while they’re out.

On her way to meet Hyung, Jae-hee reaches in her pockets and grows nervous when she can only find one of the bracelets.

In the car, Hyung bides his time, waiting for the opportune moment to speak up.



While this episode started off promising, the rest of it seemed like more jumbled pieces of a puzzle that didn’t fit quite right. In the latter half of the episode, it felt like we got much more filler that didn’t drive the plot any further. And then some bordered on the ridiculousness that could have worked if only we had some information beforehand. When Eun-gyul was knocked out, did he “die”? Twice?! And where did Grandma come from? I have lots of questions and unfortunately no answers.

I have to seriously question the judgment of the characters in this episode. In the first instance where Jae-hee’s date told her to go ahead and do as she pleases and then regret it later made me shake my head. It’s advice that teenagers would certainly give each other but it made it certainly seem like a support for her constant meddling. Which is ironic then that Jae-hee took a backseat and Tae-joon stepped up.

What I don’t seem to understand is Tae-joon’s shift in concern towards Jae-hee. He’s still generally callous towards her in his speech but his actions are starting to say otherwise. Is he grateful that she saved Sangchu’s life? Is he suspicious if she’s a girl? Again, the motivation is masked from our eyes and I wonder if I missed a beat in this episode.

What’s also disconcerting is the way Kim Ji-won’s character as Hanna is written. This girl has no boundaries when it comes to loving Oppa and equally as bratty. As of now, her character does little more than bicker with Eun-gyul. And for an actress who has so much potential from High Kick 3, it’s disappointing to see her play such a surface level and often blank-faced character.

Then there’s the matter of the directing. There’s no doubt that the drama is pretty and makes use of that gorgeous camera. But then we get certain closeups or angles that are presumed to be innocent but twists it into a different perception. Once the hyung entered the picture, nearly all of his actions and shots sent shivers up my spine. It makes me even question whether or not he’s related to Seung-ri’s family at all, since hyung can mean anything from “my older brother” to “that guy who’s older than me.” Why would you try to desperately try to unlock the bathroom? She’s a minor! And she’s a she! And you know that! Shame on you!

A part of me wants to hear what that hyung is going to say to her. The other part wants to report him to Child Protection Services.


144 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jcay

    Thanks for the recap. Love the song of the day.

  2. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

  3. 1aco

    Thanks for the reacap.. and I totally agree with you, someone should report that heyoung to Child Protection Services.. His part makes no sense and does nothing for the story… The only porpes he could had is to bring our two main character closer to each other.. But they should not have done that in such creepy way, there are much better ways to do that..

    • 3.1 hydesamagirl

      The most random bit are faithful to the manga. Trust me, the original manga includes all of that and is very random at times.

  4. Chesquared

    I have so much to say about episode 4. Very, very bad things. As of now, I shall keep calm.

    Seriously. All biases aside, from loving the manga and the original Jversion, I can say I really do not like this drama. It’s so sad because it had so much potential. Totally like Dream High 2. This show is just so confusing. (And half of the guys in it all look the same. I swear I can only distinguish, Sulli, Minho, and Hyunwoo. Like what’s up with the same hairstyle?!) Minho does seem to be trying, I’ll give him props for that. But I wish he wasn’t so cautious of the camera. I feel like he’s doing some sort of magazine shoot everytime. I really feel that Sulli is a natural. And to be honest I feel it’s so sad how she decided to be an idol instead of an actress. She has a lot of potential.

  5. queencircles

    This is not going great. That hyung is a total creep and sexual predator. Who wrote him in that way?! I was literally like, he’s going to assault her, really, come on really?? So dumb.

    I do love eungyul and hanna together. And seungri. That’s all at this point.

    • 5.1 queencircles

      I just finished the recap, yeah at the end I felt like the hyung was going to do more than just talk to her, he’s got such a creepy vibe I felt like he was kidnapping her.

      But I agree with you, this episode is pointless

  6. javabeans

    I don’t understand this drama. I’m trying to like it, honest – the premise itself is fine and I’m finding (the vaguely similar) Ma Boy so cute – but… this show leaves me cold.

    Although I will agree with the less-popular opinion of prior posts that I find Minho much more engaging than Sulli, who I cannot stand for being so insipid. (Neither comes close to Lee Hyun-woo, but we all know that.)

    • 6.1 Cupcake

      I know there is not much to the story but I will watch it for the pretty and beautiful photography…:-)

    • 6.2 Jules


      I feel that Minho has given Tae-joon a bit more depth than Sulli’s given Jae-hee, who’s so totally surface-level that not only do I not know what she’s thinking, I don’t particularly care.

      But perhaps she’ll improve as the series progresses? We’ll see.

    • 6.3 queencircles

      Minho is definitely much more engaging, which is counter intuative because his character is so much stiffer. But yeah, I don’t feel anything towards Sulli. Hyun-woo is great though, as if there was doubt.

    • 6.4 shelhass

      I think the difference between Sulli’s and Minho’s acting is related to the nuance they’re giving to the characters.
      Sulli is going for the typical heroine type; trying to make the best of everything. Which gives her so litttle room to show something more.
      While Minho is doing the subtle thing, you know? Like, his character is a very stoic kind of guy so he’s trying to make his transformation a little less shocking, like today he’s still Tae-joon actual self and tomorrow he starts acting like Eun-gyul.
      Get it?

      But I think both of them are doing a decent job.

    • 6.5 Anon

      Lee Hyun Woo is carrying this show…. Not that there is much to be carried. The storyline is disappointing. I disagree about Minho’s acting. I feel like he has only one expression but okay, let’s credit that to the character for now. I give him credit for being less awkward here than his previous shows. I agree that he often looks like he is posing for a photoshoot.

  7. Jules

    Hm, I actually think that Kim Ji-won is doing… relatively well with the material she’s been given. She’s made me like Han-na when I could easily hate her or have written her off as a silly, brattish second lead. (okay, she is brattish, but I still find her likeable.)

    But I could just be biased, as I loved her in HK3 and What’s Up. *g*

    Speaking of that bias, I’m totally shipping Eun-kyul with Han-na. Hardcore shipping. I find their antagonistic bickering so much more interesting than Eun-kyul’s sugary crush on Jae-hee.

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

    • 7.1 Jules

      And I have to say, I find the scoring really inappropriate at times.

      Example: when the creepy hyung is trying to break into the bathroom to do God-knows-what to Jae-hee, the music is incongruously chirpy, as though his actions are whacky fun instead of effing disturbing. I wonder if the editors are not given any direction as to the scenes’ intentions, or…? *sighs* Trying to figure this show out is making my head hurt.

      • 7.1.1 jomo

        TOTALLY agree on the music for the stalking/peeping tom thing scene. The guy was NOT harmless, why was the music telling us that?
        I was thinking the hyung was going to be a love interest for the Doc, that together they would protect JH from being found out. I couldn’t have been wronger!

      • 7.1.2 Naddie

        They’re probably doing it on purpose – trying to portray the scene as “innocent” with the music cues. Sigh, doesn’t make it any less creepier, seriously.

      • 7.1.3 eternalfive

        Definitely agree. The guy is a complete creep, attempting a REALLY disturbing act, and the music is just all happy and oblivious?! Seriously. That does NOT do anything for the creepiness of that scene.

        But I’m totally shipping Eun-guyl and Han-na together too! Their bickering is so cute, and their moments together (apart from the spa scene with the weird grandmother scenes) are actually the best parts of the show for me. I kind of tune out the rest.

        Anyway, thanks for the recap, gummimochi. 🙂

    • 7.2 alexandrasi

      Agree..totally shipping Eun-kyul with Han-na. But I’m enjoying the drama and Min Ho is coming into is own. Yrs ago I adored Oguri…but was disappointed w/ his Sano portrayal. Also Hana Kimi is a Shoujou manga (dark elements/overtones are a given) I’m looking 4ward to the rest of this drama.

      • 7.2.1 mrmz

        well what made me love the dorama a few years ago had nothing to do with Oguri (Sano) or the main couple, but everything else. The battles between the dorms, the other character’s personalities coming to light one by one, loved the dorm leader, & Ashiya’s involvement with them. The “main story” was so boring that it was put on the side for the fun and craziness of the school 😛
        I guess what made it good is that it never, from the 1st minute, took itself seriously AT ALL 😛

        Well what I was looking in this version is maybe more chemistry between the leads (which was missing in the jversion) so i’m ok with everything else since if i want something like the jversion i’ll just rewatch it again 😉

        although I agree with what everyone is saying about the creepy guy, they are not giving the situation the seriousness it deserves! and that guy should be locked up!

  8. Cupcake

    Is it just me or Jae-hee looks as big or bigger than Eun-gyul. She had such a small pretty face but she had big bone for a girl. The director pick her because she is pretty but her body could pass for a guy.

    • 8.1 DangCinDee

      I second this. I was thinking the same thing when I first saw Sulli in the first ep. For a girl she has bigger thighs and calves than all the male leads so in some of the scenes, she actually looks more muscular than her male partners. It’s quite sad. Kpop males need to eat more! Lol how can EG and TJ protect her when they are smaller in structure than she is? Lol

      • 8.1.1 Nan

        Sulli is quite tall (~170) so its nice that she onpar when it come to height with the guys.
        I think thighs/calves are bad measures of muscle sulli looks like someone who doesn’t work out EG/TJ are more defined and typically the calve is smaller on someone who works out.

    • 8.2 maldita

      Sulli’s pretty big-boned, actually, and pretty tall for a Korean girl.

    • 8.3 Gabby

      …Isn’t that a good thing?

  9. shelhass

    That hyung part was really creepy. First I thoughtit was going to be a nice ‘I know you’re a girl, but I’ll keep you secret’, but NO. Creepy is not enough a word for what I felt.

    And yeah I think this drama likes its 360 degrees camera (that scene was niiiicee) as much as its misteries.
    I have noticed it two, and the part where it touches the realtio between Jae-hee and Tae-joon is the most confusing.

    During his scenes I fet like he already knew she is a girl, but how could he? Well, all he needs to do is LOOK at her, but we know that’s not how it works in the k-dramaland, so I ask again, how could he?

    And I even went back to drama fever to rewatched the first 2 episodes, but nope, nothing reveling her as a girl. Anyway, Tae-joon action are pretty weird if you ask me.

    Oh, I like ‘나야’ but I prefer J-min’s 일어나.

    Thanks gummimochi

    • 9.1 Emma

      Hi, I am with u. The moment TJ shield her from the splash, I thought I miss out the scene where he found out she is a gal..like in Taiwan version where he carry her off to the sick bay…it was so obvious that he knew she is a gal…why throw her a sweater to cover up if it is a he rt???? Boy will just take off a wet shirt..And please, at least make her wear collar T to cover up that she doesn’t has an ADAM apple and long pants to cover her hairless leg!!!!!! I want it to be fun drama but these are faults that are too big in the plot!!!! I will drop the show if not for rooting the Hanna- EG pairing

      • 9.1.1 shelhass

        @Emma, you’re totally right!

        Now that you’ve pointed out about the adam apple and her legs I remembered the episode where everybody user her bedroom’s bathroom and she was wearing a white tee, And I was like,’duuuuh, I CAN see that bloody thing you use to ‘strain’/cover/whatever your boobs.
        And she shouldn’t put her shirt into her shorts, cause that just makes her waist look like a girls waist.

  10. 10 happybunny

    I feel sorry for this drama…japanese hana kimi is a really hard act to follow.. that’s why i’m not even going to try to watch this cos I don’t want to keep comparing it!

    • 10.1 Marie

      thats why they call this one a ‘remake’ and not adaptation of the japanese version. The japanese version isnt 100% the same as the manga either.

      You dont have to compare anything at all 😛

  11. 11 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap!! If I remember the manga correctly, that hyung is just a worker at that pension and not related to Seung-ri. But yeah, he’s a real creep.

    3 episodes in and I find that it’s not very easy to watch. I keep putting it down every 10 minutes and just feel overall, very disengaged.

    I like that Minho looks like Sano. And Taejoon jumping into the Doctor’s car was pretty hot! Sulli’s engaging enough except for when she’s with Minho/Taejoon.
    Lee Hyun Woo, whom I believed would be the one to watch for in this drama, makes me feel nothing here. I just can’t find him funny. The character Nakatsu is already sort of exaggerated, but Eun-gyul just feels even more exaggerated here.

    One character I find myself really liking is the head of the Dorm 2. Like the other dorm 2 leaders in previous adaptations, this actor’s got the right feel and charisma.

  12. 12 mk

    I’m pretty sure the creepy hyung’s not Seung Ri’s actual hyung, he’s a worker.

  13. 13 reyna

    at least in the Jdrama they have a warning before the show that ” the drama is fictional and to please forgive the foolishness” HAHAHA…gotta love that

    i miss the “ghost whisperer” character.

    • 13.1 Monona

      Aw do they not have him in this version? I haven’t begun watching yet. Haha maybe it’s a good thing, Yamamoto Yusuke played him to perfection in the first Jversion 🙂

      • 13.1.1 quirkywhit

        Ah, Yamamoto-kun…. <3 I miss that character. Actually, when I was watching the original Japanese version in '07 I spent more time look at or for his character than paying attention to the two leads. Him and Ikuta-kun totally made that show for me, I just loved their characters. 🙂

      • 13.1.2 ~Feather~

        I loved Kayashima in both j-versions. 🙂 He was right behind Nakatsu for me (who is my #1). Sometimes, I loved him even more than Nakatsu! XD I was looking forward to seeing him here, but they didn’t include him. 🙁

    • 13.2 ls

      L from infinite was supposed to play the ghost whisperer character but he declined due to infinite’s overseas activities. i suppose the production team was unable to find a character in such a short notice so they decided to write him out.
      Pity though, he was so fun 🙁

    • 13.3 Ditu3ka

      Oh, me too. I loved Yamamoto Yusuke´s character. He was Nakatsu´s roommate and hilarious with his aura comments. JP version was like a live reading of manga, it was totally random, exaggerated and over the top. And it didn´t intent to be anything else. Korean version is more serious but I think they follow the manga line pretty well, it just doesn´t feel like a manga anymore.

  14. 14 DangCinDee

    This ep could have been pretty sweet if I knew taejoon knows jae hee is a girl and is trying to protect her. Because the scene where he finds out she’s a girl was never portrayed, all these actions he’s doing for her right now is only registering as creepy rather than adorable. Is he bisexual? Is he gay? Is he just a cold guy who happens to be extra sensitive and nice to one particular person for no reason? I mean, shielding a guy friend from rain is pretty homosexual to me regardless of what angle I look at.
    Ewww? Wtf drama!?!

    Meh, this ep was boring.

    • 14.1 Monona

      … seriously? You’re watching a gender-bender drama. This is kind of the norm until everything’s fully revealed. With the exception of maybe 2 similar dramas, I usually have to check my brain at the door when cross-dressing is involved; the guys’ reaction to the other “guy” tend to be inexplicable. But romance has to start somewhere.

    • 14.2 Gabby

      A lot of your discomfort sure seems to stem from any hint of homoeroticism.

  15. 15 Marie

    Its quite sad that a lot of you are disappointed in this show. For me this show is really good! Its so refreshing to watch and it gives you that melancholic feeling. I think everybody is doing her/his job very good.

    As for TaeJoon, he knows Jaehee is a girl, from ep 1 actually. You can see it in his actions and how he treats her and looks at her. In todays episode he did become softer towards her because he saw what she did for him the other time at the marathon, and with the kiss scene, she saved him twice. Also, she saved his dog too (but he doesnt know this). When he thanked her, it was for the kiss incident cuz she helped him not, cuz she saved his dog.
    He is seeing her in a different light and is starting to feel attracted to her.
    I think they did a pretty good job actually except that creepy bstrd of ; hyung’.

    • 15.1 skwonto

      really? why can’t anyone else determine whether TaeJoon has figured it out? Can sulli please lose the lipstick?

    • 15.2 ls

      i doubt he knows she is a girl, i believe he is just slowly opening himself to her, i mean they do share the same room. Furthermore he might have felt guilty for his actions, the kiss, and was showing gratitude for how she covered up for him.

    • 15.3 analeeze

      Actually, he only found out… well, recently. Not in episode 1. I think they would have explicitly shown us that revelation on Tae Joon’s perspective.

      But I do agree with you. I like this show. 🙂 It’s not the same with the first Japanese version, but that’s not really the point of the show right? It’s refreshing; the show can be a bit disconnected, but it’s not like the show doesn’t have any good points to show us. I love Minho! You could see he’s actually trying (yes, him being a bit sullen at times is somewhat contradicting to what I’m saying now, but I mean, being an actor is not his primary profession).

      I think people should watch the show without any preconceived notion, i.e. that the Jap version is better. We all have opinions, I personally think Hana Kimi Jap is better, but it’s not a hindrance in watching and enjoying the show. 😀

      • 15.3.1 skwonto

        Actually, I have never heard of the manga or the other versions of this show. It caught my attention with the heavy promotions and pretty cast. Minho is a cutie. Hyun Woo is beyond cutie, especially on this show.

        Not meaning to insult anyone’s enjoyment of this show, I think it’s a dumb plot. I can’t sit through an episode without skipping through clueless interactions. I am engaged as one would be engaged when watching a train wreck. It’s bad. I know. I am glad other people are enjoying it though. I normally love pretty shows.

  16. 16 Mai

    I tend to leave my brain at the door before I watch this drama so I don’t have any major problems with it. It is cute, mindless fluff. I haven’t watched the previous adaptations (I don’t plan on either, the premise is too ridiculous for me and watching this is enough for me) so that probably helps. Seungri is such fine eye candy and Eun-gyul is so adorable. I am going to be sad when his heart gets broken.

    • 16.1 skwonto

      That is a gift. I wish I could hone that ability!

  17. 17 Lucy

    I actually enjoyed this episode quite a lot. I liked the different character interactions along with the humor inserted in.
    I liked the idea they were holding back and having him build a bit of a bond with Jaehee before he found out she was a girl I can definitely see why he’s grown more attached to Jaehee.
    Plus I thought this ep was adorable and just accepted it as it is.

  18. 18 DangCinDee

    Thank god you are all pretty.

  19. 19 Celina

    The creepy hyung storyline is from the comic… The original has a creepy guy working at the resort who tries to attack the main girl.

    • 19.1 gummimochi

      Thanks for the clarification! Since I’m only familiar with parts of the source material, I really thought this came out of left field.

      Am still headdesking, however.

      • 19.1.1 Channy

        Tape your computer down and pad the walls before you watch the next episode. That’s all I’m sayin… :/

    • 19.2 canxi

      Ah, I remember that part now! It made me extremely uncomfortable…

  20. 20 bjharm

    I think they, that is the writers and director have so watered down the story and characters that it just will not as fun as it could have been, plus the acting , sorry it is very weak, and if they made the story and characters less interesting you really! need good acting to try and make up for that, frankly I can see it ending up with a shortened run and ending before the alloted 16 episodes.

    • 20.1 fodfran

      I actually doubt that. No matter how bad the korean ratings may be, SM and the rest of the world knows that this drama will be an international hit. They’ll make up for ratings with DVD and OST sales. Especially the OST. Pretty much every song on there is an SM collaboration between SHINee, f(x), SNSD, and SUJU.

  21. 21 crazykel

    Seung Ri’s hyung isn’t really his hyung, and I think that not clarifying that is a problem of this show. It clarifies nothing, leaving us to figure it out. Fortunately, I’ve read the manga twice and have all the volumes, so I know what’s going on here.

    Seung Ri is the doctor’s nephew, and in the manga, Seung Ri also has a younger sister, who hilariously crushes on JaeHee’s character. Also, by this point, Seung Ri’s mom is supposed to know that she is a girl–this relationship is one of my favorites (that of Mizuki and Io) because the mom is a great advice giver.

    That’s one of my big problems with the show. The characters who are supposed to give the sound advice aren’t giving it. Instead, JaeHee is relying on the advice of side characters that have no merit at all.

    Also, the show gives side characters like Hanna, who is a perversion of two different characters in the manga, more clout and creepiness. Neither one of the characters that she is an amalgam of are this annoying, petty, or bratty.

  22. 22 simon

    I think this drama understands itself not as a stand-alone story, but as a sort of re-telling (or fanfiction? o_ô) of the source material. The people behind this drama seem to think that everybody knows the manga and the other drama versions anyway and so they leave out a lot of explanatory stuff. Feels a bit like some of the Harry Potter (or many other, e.g. the Hunger Games, LOTR etc.) movies. If you know the books in and out, you’ll find most of your favorite scenes in the movie version and might even like it for the eye candy. To anybody else, though, it’s just one terribly long stream of seemingly random scenes cobbled together in a pretty nonsensical fashion.
    That said, I liked the manga, hated the Japanese drama with a vengeance (modern Japanese humor is so not my cup of chai latte), and I’m kind of OK watching this version (while doing something else) – it’s not exactly an attention grabber, but … yeah, it’s alright, I’ve seen worse. Much worse, actually.

    • 22.1 umalily


    • 22.2 jomo

      You are so right! It is as if they are asking the viewers to fill in the many, many blanks in the story because we have seen other versions.

      It’s like naming characters Romeo and Juliet, but not actually going into all that needless Capulet and Montague backstory.

      • 22.2.1 simon

        LOL. I love the Romeo and Juliet idea. *hahaha* Yeah, that’s it exactly. I remember an Indian movie where they pretty much did exactly that. If done right, only referencing other stories can be really cool. If the authors toy around with those elements. But if you don’t tell the original story, you need to at least tell another. *sigh*
        This could have been really cool, if they hinted at stuff that happened in the manga and then added some twist, or something. *sighs again* This drama could have been so grea-hey-t with another director and/or writer (AND sound editing, their choice of background music is atrocious). TT-TT

    • 22.3 amanda

      I think that the drama is doing a good job of progressing as it was marketed…which was for teenaged girls. If you are not a teenage girl, you might need to adjust your lenses a bit (I myself am a BIT older than a teenager, but am enjoying the innocent fluffy love line…excepting the creeper.

      I do not mind the acting…I actually think most Korean actors tend to OVERACT, but maybe this is due to ethocentrism…but sometimes I feel like I’m watching a telenovela.

      I did watch and enjoy the jdrama, and I appreciate the effort this one makes to distance itself…btw if you don’t like the acting in this one don’t bother watching the japanese version…acting is noticeably of lower quality.

      • 22.3.1 bila

        actually more people love the j version because its simply better and so it the acting, to you the acting may have sucked but to a overall audience it didn’t.

        • nyss

          i actually prefer the j-version too. and by that i mean the 2007 version, and not the 2011 version. the acting there stays true to their characters, they’re wacky, funny, and they have good facial expressions, and i guess that is why most of the actors in Hana Kimi are now making names in j-drama industry.

      • 22.3.2 BB

        “acting is noticeably of lower quality.”

        woahhh!! J-doramas’ casting directors tend to nail the actors chosen for roles (esp in manga adaptations since everything about them is SO OTT). It takes superior acting skills to not ‘overact’ characters such as Nakatsu, Kayashima, those dorm leaders, etc. There is a reason why Nakatsu’s more memorable than Sano (despite Oguri Shun being an awesome actor that character was a snooze-fest!).

    • 22.4 shelhass

      Right on cue.

      I was quite inclined to start reading the source material because of this. Everytime I watch TTBY I keep waiting the recap to ASK someone the things I think are a little off.

      And I just ask the main things, the really big strange ones, the others I end up finding in someone else’s comments, which by the way is really helpful.

      Thanks everybody who answers us!

    • 22.5 Gabby

      Actually, one of the LOTR trilogy’s great achievements, IMO, is that it DID work as a standalone film franchise, whereas the Harry Potter films were just very well-done adaptations. Most people who saw LOTR had not read the books beforehand (myself included), but the story was still very accessibly and deftly told.

  23. 23 umalily

    I think Minho is acting is better in this episode than in others. There’s so much stuff per episode; so it does seem episodic within one episode but at the same time, I’m enjoying it. I loved the way Jae Hee covered Tae Joon’s mouth during the Kissing Monster scene.
    The source material is funny about Tae Joon’s kissing disease while drunk but this really wasn’t.
    I think it has potential and am enjoying it a lot.

  24. 24 Mar

    I think Sulli is doing okay in the role. Min Ho-I don;t know if it’s him, or the character, but there is not much going on there for me. Not seeing a lot of chemistry between the two, The squirrely bowl hair cut soccer guy is pretty adorable. I love the doctor. He’s my favorite character. The show is pretty to look at. All that said, classes start in two days so this show will go on the “maybe I’ll watch it next summer if I don’t have anything else to watch” list. Everyone else, I hope it picks up and you can enjoy the show.

  25. 25 jomo

    Thanks for the recap, and especially for sharing your confusion about who the heck TJ is and how he feels.

    I would love to agree with those who think TJ knows JH’s a she, and that from that scene after the marathon he caught on. THAT would be super cool, and would explain TJ’s sudden tenderness towards JH a little bit more.

    NOT that you can’t love a buddy enough to block water from him in the rain…OK, that was really strange.
    Or, be jealous of a creepy hyung giving him attention. Could it be that TJ just has a strong creep radar?

    But it did seem to come from nowhere, as if there is a scene written that wasn’t filmed, or filmed that didn’t make the final cut. Actually, they definitely did change stuff around since the preview for 3 didn’t have some of the scenes.

    I also have to admit that I am NOT looking for story here, just willing to settle for LOTS of beautiful and and lots of heart. The director’s got the breathless slo-mo staring down…Not sure what it adds up to. Yes, I do know what it adds up to so far: NOTHING.

    Also, as confused as I am, I do enjoy watching it. The idols are doing a better than expected job with the limited lines they are given. Sulli’s “What?” or “What’s that?” make up half her lines.

    Minho is gorgeous. If you break down all his features, it’s like he was built from scratch to be the perfect ManBoy: Idol Edition.
    (YSH is the perfect ManBoy: Actor Edition.)

    Can’t wait to talk about Ep 4…

    • 25.1 amanda

      That Minho is pretty luscious, but I think it’s funny that he has the best skin of all the cast. I bet he gets some ribbing about that.

      • 25.1.1 jomo

        I read your post wrong there.
        I thought you wrote “he gets some rubbing.
        Talk about Freudian slip on my part, or is that wishful fan thinking?

      • 25.1.2 shelhass

        OMO, LOL!!!!

        Am I the only one that took 3 episodes to FINALLY find a scene (the one about the wings) where I found myself thinking: “WOW, Minho is hot”?

        No? Ok, then, let it go.

        • jomo

          Seriously, you were unmoved by the hot sweaty staring, and the hot rainsoaked staring, hot angry glaring, and the drunken leering staring?

          • shelhass

            You know what, I was. Except about the hot rainsoaked staring. I was so caught up on the moment, as in, giggling like the silly girl I am, that I was only aware of how grate would be a kiss right that minute.

            At least now I can fully appreciate the eye candy.

        • DangCinDee

          He is very good looking. Before I gush on him, is he u.s.a (21 years old) legal ? Lol if he needs some noon lovin, please look my way.

          • DangCinDee

            Typo *noona

          • jomo

            I guess if you want to get technical, he won’t be legal until Dec 9, 2012. Right now he is 20 US age.

      • 25.1.3 skwonto

        I am the train wreck viewer.

        However, I totally agree. Minho’s skin is crazy gorgeous. Overstating the obvious… He’s a lot prettier than the female lead…

  26. 26 Naddie

    Seriously, Seung-ri just comes off as realllllyyyy sketchy to me – I get that vibe from his manga counterpart but for some reason when you show it like this in the drama it just becomes a thousand times more creepy! (Ahh the power of the brain to block out this kind of thing when you have imagination when reading manga.)

    And yeah I question a lot of the things happening, but sometimes you get those silly scenes like Eun-gyul getting the reality beat out of him by his dead grandma and I’m back in rolling on the floor laughing LOL. This show is silly, and I’d prefer it be that way. Sometimes I just like my silly high school romcoms with no (heart)strings attached. Sure, I’d like some Flower-Boy depth to some of the interactions, but based on the 4 eps that we’ve seen so far, I don’t think we’re getting it. Ah well, this show had its potential and I think I should lower down my expectations for the coming eps.

    • 26.1 crazykel

      Seung-ri wasn’t the one perving on JaeHee…Seung-ri is Nanba in the manga. He only likes older women.

      The guy perving on JaeHee is Makita’s character.

  27. 27 crazedlu

    i actually enjoyed this ep. it’s ep 4 that made me go O_O;. great. are we entering ENTERING angstville already? please no.

    it’s a breezy watch. i need a breezy watch right now. i hope we avoid crazy angst territory for a good long while.

    lee hyun woooooo. ~

  28. 28 ilog

    Despite myself knowing the flaws of this drama, I can’t help but watch it. Don’t ask me, I don’t understand it either.

    But I do think that Sulli is the more committed actor of the two (Minho vs Sulli), it’s just that Jae Hee as a character is written much more shallower than Tae Joon.

    Even after repeated (and earnest) explanations of Jae Hee of her reasons for stalki– er, supporting (?) Tae Joon, it still doesn’t add up in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel her sincerity (I don’t think she knows that what she likes him romantically, I think she really believes that support crap she’s saying).. But all her reasons are still idiotic and nonsensical.

    But I still can’t stop watching this. It’s like any addiction, you know you don’t actually get anything beneficial, but you can’t help going back to it. 😐

    • 28.1 blyssxoxo

      I’m totally with you on this one. And it is such a surprise that I’m totally ignoring the other 2 dramas where I love the cast very much.

      It’s weird.

      • 28.1.1 ilog

        While I don’t actually ignore Arang (I just read recaps twice), TTBY *is* the drama I am actively downloading, then watching raw, then watching with partial subs, then finally watching with full subs……

        So yeah. I still don’t understand it either. Half the time I just stare at all the techie and beautiful things those students own in this drama.

        If all I had to do was crossdress as a guy to have a pad *that* nice, I’ll do it in a jiffy.

  29. 29 POGA

    The hyung is a sexual predator though – I know in the manga he tried to rape the main girl. So while it’s kind of…random…it technically follows the original story. (Well, while a LOT of things are totally random…they tend to follow the main story. Though not always.)

    I was pretty much watching this only for the idols, but it’s at the point where I really want to give it up. In the Japanese dorama versions, it was hilarious and ridiculous but I still wanted to watch. Here the characters just are…so insipid and annoying. Sure, Minho isn’t a great actor and Sulli is just okay here, but I can’t even blame them with the characters they got to work with…Hyunwoo’s darling, but his character, while fun, has parts that kind of get on my nerve too…

    Hope it (and, for that matter, Faith). gets better soon…or I’ll stick to Arang only now.

  30. 30 Suzi Q

    Love the OST.

    I think Tae-joon knows Jae Hee is a girl. When he blocked her from getting splashed from the sidewalk, that’s what a guy does for his lady.

    Also, the hyung is a Peeping Tom and a total purve. This episode creeped me out.I don’t know why Jae Hee didn’t close her window shades more or check it first before undressing especially in a unfamiliar place.That is just plain dumb not to take precautions.

    • 30.1 jomo

      I agree, but then there would be no reveal no pun.

      Hate to say it, but especially since she was raised in the States where sexual predator stories are always in the news.

      As parents, we are paranoid about all that, or should I say to be politically correct, hyper sensitive to the possible dangers?

  31. 31 ck1Oz

    Er I just started yesterday.As someone who didn’t read the manga and watched the other versions,I was just looking for entertainment.For that it was great.The episodes don’t stand up to close scrutiny but for a light hour ,it does the job fine.Although the director tends to hit you on the head with cliches.On one hand squealed at the bus spray scene .On the other hand my brain went “ergh oh please spare me”

    It is absolutely full of pretty people though.The acting wasn’t bad and it didn’t stand out enough for me comment much about it.The directing style was more jarring than the acting.

  32. 32 Blapblapblap

    I like it a lot. It’s a teen drama. Fluffy, pretty, and a little ridiculous. I didnt expect to reach an epiphany or reannalyze characters. I like the surface level fun. I’m sort of sick of all the ridiculously sad kdramas with half the characters dieing and moping. One mopey character is just enough for me. I actually enjoy Korean humor than Japanese humor. The only Japanese movie I’ve been able to get through was a serious one I give My First Love To You. I actually think the exaggerations are bad acting and looks stupid, and would prefer an animated version. It’s all a remake of a Twelth Night anyway.

  33. 33 Sakura

    thanks gummimochi,

    Seung ri’s character seems to be the weakest as a dorm leader, he is smiling all the time and the expression on his face is the same throughout this episode.

    I think tae joon is warming up to the character now but jae hee is still slacking.

    The fighting scene, she could have done better to cover her act but she just sits on the ground helpless, and no police reports for fighting?.

    I felt like tae joon knew that jae hee is a girl, is he giving us the wrong vibes or his acting is still ….?

    When tae joon gave his sweater to jae hee, I thought that she would kiss it privately because she is in love with him coming all the way from America !.

  34. 34 panshel

    Initially, I thought Seung Ri’s hyung was gay for hitting on whom he believed was a pretty boy… then I thought he was hitting on her because he somehow sensed Jae Hee was a girl… but when he started spying on her naked and touching her inappropriately, I thought disgusting pervert! Then later, not only is he a pervert, he is an attempted rapist of an underage girl! *pukes* I am so relieved Tae Joon knows. Other girls may be able to protect themselves, but Jae Hee lacks that ability.

    Jae Hee wheelbarrowing Tae Joon and Sangchu makes for a cute picture. I almost forget Nanba and Umeda were nephew and uncle.

    Despite the OST being all SM, at least it’s the SM kids who can sing (KRY, Onew, Luna, J-Min, etc.). KwangHee, try to get ZE:A on the OST, too!

  35. 35 Tere

    That grandma is the cursing grandma on ep.2

  36. 36 Betsy

    I knew that guy was a pervert and was going to try something after meeting Jae Hee and grabbing for the suitcase at the beginning of the trip. It was like he sensed something was off and then when he peeped on her changing and confirmed she was a girl I just knew this was going to end badly. I get why they didn’t out the guy at the end when everyone asked because it would have revealed Jae Hee as a girl, but then I’m left wondering if Tae Joon knows she’s a girl too since he ran after her after getting sketchy vibes from the creep.

    So far I’m liking the drama as a fluffy summer rom-com and for one hour I’m checking all logic and sensibility at the door to enjoy this version of a cute drama/manga. The cast is great and already a step up from the Boys Over Flowers debacle and the OST for drama is great (love the theme song that has such a rockerish vibe to it).

  37. 37 h311ybean

    I have to admit that I’ve actually enjoyed the first few eps – I saw the J-version so I’m comfortable with the story (even if I find it weird if I don’t turn off my brain before watching), the colors and visuals are oh so pretty, and the idol leads could be much worse. (The best part about everything? Lee Hyun-woo. Boy is oh so adorkable.)

    But people’s points about the gaps in the storytelling are well taken. I think that if I didn’t see the J-version, I wouldn’t understand a lot of things. Also, that hyung is a frickin’ creepster.

  38. 38 Momi

    I thought the grandma thing was just a joke. and the way he died twice lol. It reminds me of the jokes in chinese dramas.

    • 38.1 Lucy

      Definitely a joke. I thought that whole segment was hilarious XP

  39. 39 Katie

    tq gummimochi,

    Where are the dorm leaders ?. MIA ?

    • 39.1 maldita

      There wasn’t any competition among the dorms, so they weren’t anywhere in episodes 3 or 4. I hope next week they pop up again. 🙂

  40. 40 Dara

    Nah, i like it as it is. A fan of Hana Kimi and this one is just fine. I ‘m happy that it’s distinguished itself and created its own yet not totally off. Thk for the recap ^^

  41. 41 Mika~

    I know “To The Beautiful You” was only meant to be a fluffy, cotton-candy (read: mindless) drama, but the ethical implications are really disturbing. I mean, generally, the second female lead is clingy and obsessed. Hana is definitely one of those typical second female leads, but Jaehee’s clingy and obsessed too! I know Jaehee is portrayed as innocent and sweet (and not snobby), but how am I supposed to root for a delusional stalker? And what is wrong with the doctor for letting her continue? Not only is she a crazy stalker, her reason for wanting to stay isn’t even that great! I mean, I really wish the drama would give us a little more background on HOW Taejoon impacted Jaehee. All she does is say that he (as an idol, not even someone she’s met in real life, mind you) helped her get through difficult times. She doesn’t clarify what those “difficult times” were, and she doesn’t clarify how Taejoon helped her. So I’m really not feeling any attachment to Jaehee, which is a huge problem, because most of the cliffhangers are related to Jaehee’s secret being revealed, and I don’t care enough about Jaehee to care if her secret stays a secret. And there are some serious problems with how they deal with Seungri’s hyung in the later episode…

    And gummimochi makes a really good point about Taejoon. Why did he get so nice to Jaehee all of a sudden? In the manga, I think Sano finds out early on, but Taejoon became super-nice to her after she saved Sangchu. I guess that could be his reason, but I honestly think there should be something more important as the reason behind his attitude change towards the female lead (not saying that Sangchu isn’t important, just that Sangchu doesn’t really do much for character depth).

    • 41.1 Lucy

      It seems like he’s become more nice because Jaehee “covered” for him for the kiss confrontation and also saving Sangchu. Even if it’s just a dog it’s obviously he’s very attached to it and it one of the few “things” he opens up and turns to. I also think he genuinely likes Jaehee’s personality.

      As for the reason I’m able to suspend disbelief but I get it if people can’t.

  42. 42 blyssxoxo

    Totally with you on everything! Whatever this show is lacking, it is making up with pretty.

    It has so much potential but the sudden shift in Tae Joon concern for Jae Hee is so weird. It is kinda disconnected somehow.

    Even if he is grateful to Jae Hee for saving Sangchu, I don’t think shielding your guy friend from the rain water is normal At least I don’t think guys do that to guys. Guys only do that to girls.

    I would really like Tae Joon to start to suspect a little especially he seen her in a bath towel back then. I think that’s a good chance to start and makes everything falls back nicely like why he shield her from the rain, give her his sweater etc even though he is not confirm about the gender. At least we know he kinda suspect, something like that..

    I thought that pervert hyung is a little too much for a fluffy rom com. I would prefer they tone it down..pretty uncomfortable watching it especially hyung really acted very very well. So damn creepy.

  43. 43 nyss

    i watched the taiwanese version and the japanese version before and even though i find the korean version’s camera work to be pretty, i cannot say the same for the music. the japanese version did a great job on the music that i am absolutely pissed at the use of music in korean version. hope the can work on the storyline better and stop using it as a filler to drag on the episodes. aside from that, i am very disappointed with the sunbaes’ characters. dorm head 1, 2 and 3’s characters are supposed to be very wacky and lively and i’m here left wondering, why did i see so little of that talented Yoo Min Kyu??

  44. 44 Laica

    Thanks for the recap!

    I wasn’t as taken by surprise by the creeper storyline as you were. It’s been a few years since I read the manga so I didn’t remember it, but I’ve read a ton of shoujo manga and this kind of setup – where the girl gets attacked by a pervert and the hero mysteriously shows up right on time to save her – happens all the time. It’s a cheap way to get a hero moment, and it’s disturbing that instead of being a way to address the very real problem of violence against women that often faces teenage girls, it’s just a way to advance the romance. But it’s nothing new in this genre.

    Where TTBY feels off is that it’s not taking the wacky/slightly surreal tone that the jdrama took and that most mangas also have. I wouldn’t call it realistic because it’s so NOT, but it’s playing the story straight, albeit giving it a pink-candy-floss sheen that is sweet enough to give the viewer cavities. Which is why this plotline seems jarring and out of place.

    I think I wouldn’t have minded so much if we had some kind of real consequences and the writers had addressed it properly – but they didn’t. I’m sorry but as cute as Lee Hyun-woo is, a dance and song from him is not enough to erase the trauma of sexual assault. And the fact that he didn’t actually succeed doesn’t mean there’s no trauma, hello! (Another thing often found in shoujo mangas that drives me up the wall. Yeah, I don’t really read them anymore.)

    I also find it weird that Tae-joon treats Jae-hee like a girl for this entire episode, which probably means he knows… but if he does know, why hide this from the viewer and confuse the hell out of the audience? In the manga he finds out she’s a girl in the very beginning (shower scene) and the reader knows this but Jae-hee doesn’t, thus we get all these scenes of him protecting her without her knowing. Which is kind of cool because we have our lead acting like a second lead.

    I dunno, I expected more from the writers of High Kick 3, but they aren’t giving us enough motivations for our characters’ actions – not Jae-hee, not Tae-joon, not some of the other characters. I found out from watching the Strong Heart special that Kwang-hee’s character is supposed to be head-over-heels in love with Eun-gyul, but then why do we not see that in the drama? We just see him hating Jae-hee for no reason and applying lipgloss angrily. I’m all for subtext, but not when it’s ALL subtext.

    Anyway. I’m still on board, still watching. I’m loving the OST and the extreme prettyness, though some of the dramatic camera moves make me laugh. Eun-gyul is super cute. The acting is surprisingly better than I expected. But the one thing I had hope in – the writing – it’s kinda letting me down. I’m a little bummed about that.

    • 44.1 jomo

      Couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote, and yet, I can’t wait to see the next episode, and I worry about TJ, EG and to some degree, JH being happy.
      It could be the earnestness of the acting getting through to me over the bad writing.

      • 44.1.1 Laica

        No, I agree, I’m still eagerly anticipating the next episode. I am invested in the OTP, but I feel like a lot of it is goodwill left over from the manga and j-version, which makes me sympathise and get the characters’ motivations despite the many gaps being left in this version. I do think I would have been lost if this was my first exposure to the story though.

        After episode 4, I kind want to see Eun-gyul and Jaehee together though. The SLS, it has arrived. T_T

    • 44.2 panshel

      I dislike how in the Korean version, Nakao is in love with Nakatsu instead of Nanba. Jong Min does exhibit signs of jealousy when Eun Gyul seems too friendly with Jae Hee or when Eun Gyul started checking out miniskirt noona at the cafeteria. But then this episode contradicts his character setup by showing Jong Min interested in girls when he was all excited at the prospect of seeing bikini-clad noonas and even making hand hearts at them. So is Jong Min gay or not?!

      I also dislike how in the Korean version, Nanba is no longer a playboy.

      • 44.2.1 Laica

        Yeah, it makes me sad that they’ve taken away the individuality of the side characters – Nanba’s playboy attitude and Nakao’s unrequited love for him, Oscar and his drama majors (what a waste of the actor from SUFBB), the ghost boy, etc. All the boys apart from our main three are barely distinguishable pretty boys whose names I can’t remember. And that means my hopes for bromance probably will be disappointed. I’m already seeing that there isn’t much of a friendship here between Tae-joon and Eun-gyul, whereas in the manga I’m pretty sure Sano-Nakatsu were best friends.

        I mean, I’m not complaining about the pretty, but I wish it came with some personality.

        • nyss

          omg thanks for reminding us of that! i cant even figure out what character kwanghee is playing as. i am definitely disappointed with nanba’s senpai and other head dorm leaders’ characters so far. i miss the overbearing head dorm leaders’ portrayed in Hana Kimi 2007 j-version. and totally agree with laica here, i hope the pretty would have at least come with more memorable personality.

  45. 45 starlight

    Loving it. Not checking out on all the flaws because I definitely see how sketchy the editing is to not give scenes context and jump from one to the other but its just so charming and pretty that I can’t seem to muster up any of the hang ups that other people have even though I know they’re completely valid. So I’m not choosing to ignore them it just doesn’t bother me, because this drama gives the warm and fuzzies and laugh at loud moments anytime eun gyul appears 🙂

    I also saw Tae Joon as softening to Jae Hee because of her earnestness in helping him, first in running the race so he wouldn’t have to high jump, not ratting him out to the reporter, covering and taking the blame for the whole drunk kiss scenario and running after sangchu.

    I actually like it this way better instead of just softening towards her BECAUSE she’s a girl and treating her better solely on that fact since that’s a bit of sexism mixed in there.

    And I freaking love that 360 camera, call me shallow but it’s SO pretty, that rain umbrella scene just about killed me dead 🙂

    The ost is really talking to me too, ergh, this drama has “had” me too 🙂

    and yeah I see where the confusion with seung ris hyung is coming from but it does make more sense in the context of the next episode, even if the music was off in that one scene, there was a reason they made moments with him seem sinister.

    but yay for drama crackiness 🙂 thanks of the recap!

  46. 46 Zainab

    You see, To the Beautiful You is adapted from a Manga. I think the major flaw here is the script writing (or is that directing?). They have changed some minor yet essential plot points, yet tried to keep the rest of the script almost completely in line with the manga, which is really not working. Eg, in the manga Minho’s character finds out Jae hee is a girl from the very beginning yet he keeps it a secret – even from her. So his transition from cold to gentle and protective makes sense.
    Also, as for the ‘hyung’ I’m sure he isn’t a relative, as in the manga he wasn’t. Infact, they made another change here – in the manga ‘hyung;s’ character doesn’t know that the kids go to an all boy’s school. He sees sulli as a beautiful tomboy who’s indifferent to his advances so he takes her away from everyone else to ‘seduce’ her and then she’s saved by minho – who ofcourse knows she’s a girl and worries. Later when ‘hyung’ realises sulli went to an All boy’s and thus was most definitely male – he was scandalised, and sort of apologetic.
    As for the Hanna. She’s completely original, and excessive. I think the only reason the writer’s feel compelled to add her is so Eun geol has someone to fall back on when he has his heart thoroughly crushed by Jae hee.

  47. 47 mnjc

    The creepo hyung was in the Taiwanese version. And that was scarier. The girl in that drama (played by Ella) was really shaken up after the rape attempt. Jaehee here seemed to be just fine with what happened. At least in the Taiwanese drama they kind of explained that the hyung had a bad reputation, and the pension owner was trying to reform him but was saddened that he attempted something with Ella. The pension owner also knew that the cross-dresser was really a girl but agreed to keep it a secret.

  48. 48 Twin-twin

    as far as i remember in the jdrama ’07 Sano knew from the start that Mizuki is a girl. At first he’s really concerned for her not in a romantic way. It was not indicated in the 11 episodes when did Sano fell for her until they broadcast the SP where nakatsu tackled when did sano fell for her w/c between the summer break eps 8&9(?). (he actually fell for her after he ate the cookies Mizuki gave to him)

    As for the creeper HYUNG, he is really in the manga and present to the all adaptation (taiwanese, jdrama ’07. jdrama remake).
    And fluffy-sugarcoated- romantic-comedy from manga tends to be random & makes you LOL most of the time just like the past adaptation and Ouran High School.

    The thing that makes me sad is that Kayashima, & Sekime are not present in this show.

    • 48.1 Raven

      Sano knew Mizuki’s a girl when he heard her and her brother arguing about it.

      • 48.1.1 Twin-twin

        He knew already she was a girl when he carries her to the doctor because she was injured and he felt her chest. Which is only revealed at the end of series.

      • 48.1.2 Twin-twin

        oh you’re right Raven, i got confused by the manga and drama version. It’s mixing, watching all the version and reading the manga.


  49. 49 justpassingby

    i don’t watch dis show…but i’m just curious…does lee hyun woo’s character also get the “Super-Nakatsu-Vision”?

  50. 50 Twin-twin

    may i add… in the manga. he realizes she was a girl in Chapter 1 page 34. (Oh yeah the caused of her injury is the same w/ the drama)

    i think they are going off to the manga b’coz in the manga Sano’s confidante is Mizuki that’s why they become closer whilst in the drama it was Nakatsu and Sekime.

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