1 Night 2 Days: Episode 403

EPISODE 403. Broadcast on September 9, 2012.

javabeans: We jump back into the episode with dinner bokbulbok, with beef on the line. Tae-hyun and Jong-min did their water-balloon-popping quiz, followed by Tae-woong and Joo-won’s gong show.

girlfriday: The team score is 1:1, and Shi-kyung and Seung-woo step up for the next round. The next buzzer gets brought out… uh-oh. It’s a table of glasses filled with dark liquid. It can’t be eel sauce right?

javabeans: And by “can’t” you mean “must be” right?

girlfriday: *shudder* Oh the PDs must be feeling merciful because it’s soda.

javabeans: The “buzzer” is to drink the full glass within five seconds and shake it over your head in order to respond to the question, one glass per question.

girlfriday: Su-geun adds the mean rule that if you drink a glass but your opponent finishes his first, you just drank for nothing and lose your turn. But I think that makes Shi-kyung a little more careful because he waits his turn instead of jumping in.

javabeans: And for good reason. Seung-woo jumps to answer the first question, and as he’s spitting out his answers, Tae-hyun (on the other team) wonders aloud if he’s wrong, and he stops to correct him, and totally loses his train of thought. So he has to drink a second glass just to answer the same question again.

girlfriday: Haha, this time Seung-woo goes answer-answer-buuuuuurp and messes up again.

javabeans: While Seung-woo has been trying to answer, Shi-kyung has been carefully thinking, so he jumps in on the third turn and wins. HAHA. Seung-woo’s feeling irritated at the loss, so Su-geun tells him to give it one last try (for no points, just to show he can do it), and Seung-woo STILL gets it wrong. Even when Shi-kyung has already provided all the answers! Haha.

girlfriday: I love what a sore loser he is. It’s so great. He goes back out for the next round and meets Tae-hyun as his opponent and feels gratified, still blaming him for his interruption in the last game. They bring out the next buzzer… a stack of gourds? Ack!

javabeans: Su-geun: “If you hit your head and it doesn’t crack, we will not recognize it.” Eeek.

girlfriday: He makes everyone scoot back in case of flying gourd chips, and Tae-hyun says he plans to send them all flying at the PD line.

javabeans: Damn, they really do go flying. Seung-woo slaaaaams his gourd into his head (to answer which countries have more than four syllables, which is super easy in Korean which just draws out all the syllables anyway), and that gourd splits in half and flies.

girlfriday: Dude, it’s actually worse when it doesn’t break. On the next one he just keeps slamming it into his head and the sound! Owwww.

javabeans: I love the looks they give their gourds when it doesn’t break, all, “How dare you?”

girlfriday: It’s gourd-cracking chaos, as they take turns shouting names of countries and reeling in pain. Seung-woo has this side-splitting moment when he does three swings of the gourd one right after the other, “Answer! Answer! Answer!” and the thing just won’t crack.

javabeans: It’s totally hilarious. I wonder if they’re cracking them less hard now, because it hurts, only that prolongs the pain.

girlfriday: Seung-woo does the same thing he did last time — thinks of all the answers, but fails to say them all in a row, and Tae-hyun wins the round.

javabeans: All that pain for nothing, two times in a row.

girlfriday: Next up is Tae-woong vs. Joo-won again. The buzzer: a plate of coins. Everyone wonders what they’re for, and Su-geun says all they have to do is stick one to their foreheads to answer. Well at least this one isn’t going to cause any concussions.

javabeans: Why do I feel like they’d find a way? They receive the prompt, but it takes them a while to think of five answers. So they sit there and rack their brains, with this hilariously blank looks on their faces.

girlfriday: The question is five song titles with a color in them, and the peanut gallery is cracking me up this time, with their hinting and singing.

javabeans: Haha, I feel like these are the wrong two for the question — it would’ve been faster with Shi-kyung and Jong-min, the singers. And Su-geun, apparently, from the way he’s hinting and humming.

girlfriday: Joo-won finally manages to think of five and gets his team back in the game. Su-geun says the next round involves a nonsense quiz, and Tae-woong’s team immediately shoves him back out. Ha.

javabeans: It’s another water balloon buzzer, but with these scratchy headbands this time.

girlfriday: He’s up against Seung-woo, and the question is a pun on “dog”: five things that have the word “dog” in them that don’t bark. Tae-woong tries his hand at some answers but they get nitpicky about spelling, which seems funny for a question about puns.

javabeans: Haha, Seung-woo lists four but can’t think of a last one, and then Tae-woong scoops up those four and adds the last one to sneak the win. I love how Tae-hyun jumps on Tae-woong for a victory hug, which is adorable, and then Tae-woong pops a balloon on his head to soak Tae-hyun with it.

girlfriday: It’s dinner time and the losers get fed first, which makes the winners drool jealously. Seung-woo takes issue with having to eat out of a gourd, “I have a gourd trauma!” but they all beam at the simple but delicious meal.

javabeans: Is that a small mercy, I wonder? So at least when they watch the winners eating their beef, they’re not starving? I love how cranky the winners get, watching the losers eat plain rice with gochujang sauce. Tae-hyun orders himself to hang in there, “Just a while longer, Tae-hyun-ah.”

girlfriday: Man, the winners’ table is no joke. Suddenly the losers are like, “This isn’t so tasty anymore. It was a second ago.” Suddenly out of nowhere Joo-won declares, “I’m going to make lots of money! And eat lots of delicious things!” Omg, is he gonna cry again?

javabeans: Is it mean that I really want him to?

girlfriday: Su-geun offers up one piece if the losers play rock-paper-scissors, and Seung-woo and Jong-min get excited. But Joo-won pouts, “No, I’m not going to eat.” Hahaha.

javabeans: Aw, is he getting pissy? I love it.

girlfriday: This is so hilarious. He’s actually pissed off.

javabeans: Omg, he’s like a little cranky puppy. Like, there’s no joke-aegyo-just-kidding about it.

girlfriday: It is the cutest thing ever. He shakes Jong-min off his arm, “What, I said I won’t eat!” Sulky Joo-won is my new favorite thing.

javabeans: I love that Jong-min is just dyyyyyying, because he wants to play for a bite and Joo-won refuses. Aw, it’s so cute how Jong-min finally works up his deep inner strength and declares, “Okay, let’s not do it!” Like a hyung would do to please his dongsaeng. Which lasts only till Seung-woo strolls in as mat-hyung and wants to play. And of course Joo-won wins.

girlfriday: And he still refuses to eat, even after winning!

javabeans: ‘Cause if he ate, then all that pride would be for nothing! Haha.

girlfriday: I love it.

javabeans: The guys finish eating one by one and leave the table (leaving Shi-kyung there with his monster appetite), and the whole time Joo-won just STARES at him, eating like three feet in front of him. Then Shi-kyung leaves too, leaving a grill with a few pieces of meat still on it. Ha, are Jong-min and Seung-woo sending secret signals to each other behind Joo-won’s back?

girlfriday: Jong-min oh-so-casually pretends to choke on his rice, and so Joo-won grabs a bottle of water from the winners’ table while Jong-min argues that he needs something more, and they argue back and forth between pride and food. It finally comes down to Jong-min holding a piece of meat, struggling between saving face in front of the maknae or caving to hunger.

javabeans: You know, aside from the awesomeness of seeing Joo-won being pouty, I love the power dynamics at play here. The one insisting on pride is the maknae, so there’s this weird pressure on the hyungs — who have no problem tossing pride aside for a bite — to be role models or something. Like Seung-woo chiding to Jong-min, “What are you doing, with Joo-won sitting right here?”

girlfriday: Right. Because the maknae is supposed to look up to them.

javabeans: Whereas, if you imagine that the hyung were the one who was balking, that would be the end of question. You might have the younger boys looking longingly at the food, but there’d be no struggle.

girlfriday: Or conversely, the younger ones could lose face and cave without feeling like it overturns the balance.

javabeans: Or I can see them aegyo-ing hyung to do it for them. Whereas you can’t aegyo Joo-won into agreeing.

girlfriday: Jong-min struggles for a long moment… and then declares, “I’m not your hyung!” and eats. HAHAHA.

javabeans: Joo-won’s shooting lasers at that piece of meat, like he’s mad at it. And Jong-min actually turns AWAY from him to eat a second piece.

girlfriday: It’s such a hysterical exchange, because the pride vs. food is so… literal. He has to forgo being the hyung to eat.

javabeans: Jong-min feels embarrassed, and he tries to ease the mood by offering the piece to Joo-won, who shakes his head and says he’s going to BUY some of his own. Hehe.

girlfriday: It cracks me up that he’s taking it so personally, like he’s going to succeed and be rich and buy ALL the meat he wants and never starve again. It’s his little Scarlett O’Hara moment.

javabeans: Jong-min waves that piece of beef under Joo-won’s nose, and then just keeps persuading him to open up, and finally Joo-won does and Jong-min shoves in that meat in victory. Hee. Isn’t it funny how that’s what it takes to smooth over the mood? Like, if Joo-won didn’t eat, it would be weird the rest of the trip?

girlfriday: Totally. And Jong-min actually feeds him the rest, rather than eating it himself. And I love how he puts his arm around Joo-won, consoling himself that he’s not his actual hyung. (So he can fail a little at being the good role model. Ha.)

javabeans: After dinner, the puppy pile takes the form of a faux talk show with Jong-min “interviewing” Tae-hyun while cleaning out his ear. Which is one of those things you just do for your elders. Then they have a second “guest” and Shi-kyung joins the pile, and then the boys drag in Bird PD to be their last guest. I love how he’s trying to shrink back, but they keep pestering him.

girlfriday: He does seem genuinely shy to be in front of the camera.

javabeans: It’s worse (better) because as a guest he has to join the cuddle pile, and he’s just SO awkward about that. They pull him in, but he won’t spoon and literally crawls away saying, “Save me.”

girlfriday: Time for sleepytime bokbulbok. Bird PD surprises them by announcing that they all sleep indoors tonight. The catch: they can’t go to bed until they win the game. He says it’s 7 Answers for 7 People — so the opposite of their usual telepathy games. Each member has to give a different answer to the same question for each round.

javabeans: They all groan, and Seung-woo bursts out, “Just play a game of soccer!”

girlfriday: Bird PD orders them all into the room, and then calls Su-geun out first. He’s expecting a quiz question, but Bird PD just hands him a black marker: “Draw a beard.” Er?

javabeans: They’re gonna lose, aren’t they? Su-geun draws a Homer Simpson circle around his mouth. Which is similar, but not identical, to the circle Jong-min draws with sideburns. Joo-won does stubble along the jaw, and Shi-kyung does the Hitler ‘stache.

girlfriday: The problem is that everyone’s thinking, How do I pick the weirdest one that no one else will choose? But that might lead to some overlapping comical beards.

javabeans: WTF is Seung-woo’s little curlicue straggler?

girlfriday: It’s like a pig’s tail… on his chin. Ew.

javabeans: Bird PD starts to argue it, but he exclaims, “I’ve seen someone with this before!” He has to redo it, though, and does this hilarious little… rat-tail-out-of-the-corner-of-his-mouth for which he points to sageuk as the source.

girlfriday: Hahaha. I’m dying. And then Tae-woong comes out and does a curly-cue mustache up… and the other half down.

javabeans: Tae-woong’s cracks me up. I’m pretty sure you can argue that’s not real, but maybe he could argue that the French Musketeer’s mustache gel wore out on one side.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun is last and ponders what beard to draw, and dangerously starts describing exactly what Tae-woong just did.

javabeans: Uh-oh. But then he turns around and Tae-woong cheers. Are we safe?

girlfriday: Haha he decided to go for symmetry instead with an added goatee, so they win the first round. Everyone cracks up when Seung-woo un-masks, and he still has to insist, “There is such a thing!”

javabeans: They win the second round, too (names of kimbap), which makes Bird PD smile a little less.

girlfriday: Then they all get called out for round three and sit around a table.

javabeans: They are told to call somebody, and the first thing the caller must say — the boys can’t talk first — must be different for each person. And “Hello” counts.

girlfriday: Dude, that’s hard. They wonder what else they can get out of people besides “Hello,” like “Jagi-ya.”

javabeans: Uh-oh. Joo-won goes first and uses up their “Hello” quota. Shi-kyung goes next angling for a “Yes hyungnim”… and gets it. I love how confused the other guy must be, because as soon as he answers that way, Shi-kyung and the boys burst into cheers and Shi-kyung yells, “You did good! Good job! Bye!”

girlfriday: Yeah what a weird phone call to get in the middle of the night. Tae-woong goes next and calls a friend, hoping for a “Yeah, Tae-woong” or something like that. He calls and the friend answers, “Yeah, al-ah.” Aw, is that a nickname? They say it’s because his face is egg-shaped he gets called Egg.

javabeans: Seung-woo calls the wife, and adorably, Kim Nam-joo picks up with this super aegyo voice, “Jagi-yaaaa.” She’s so cute.

girlfriday: Why are they so adorable?

javabeans: To give her a brief explanation, Seung-woo tells her, “Honey, since you answered with ‘jagi-ya’ we might be able to sleep somewhere warm tonight.” I guess it’s a relief Joo-won’s friend didn’t say jagi-ya after all.

girlfriday: Seung-woo asks if there isn’t anyone they can call who will answer angry, like, “What?!” And Tae-hyun has a lightbulb moment, “If I call Jong-gook-ie…” Kim Jong-gook? Call!

javabeans: Omg. He calls, and Jong-gook picks up, all gruff, “WHAT?”

girlfriday: Heee.

javabeans: Is he gonna be okay with being “on” the rival show?

girlfriday: I guess he has no choice in the matter. He even comments that 1N2D ratings are up, heh. Tae-hyun cuts him off with, “Stop talking, your PD won’t like it!” and hangs up on him. Ha.

javabeans: Su-geun figures if he calls any junior comedians, they’ll all answer “Yes sunbae-nim.” He calls, and she picks up, “Sunbae-nim, hello! This is Ahn So-mi!” Ha, so they really might get to sleep right away after all. Jong-min’s last up. Ha, and everyone urges him to call the girlfriend to get an “Oppa.” They’re all, “Go on, call her.” “Let’s hear her voice.”

girlfriday: Eep, is he gonna do it?

javabeans: He calls a hyung instead (since he says the girl will probably answer with “Hello”) and gets… a mouthful of gibberish. Haha. It’s a win!

girlfriday: Oh no, it’s a fakeout! He called Su-geun, who jibber-jabbered behind his back.

javabeans: Wow, he was actually pretty smooth about it. They decide to try Shinji, who’ll probably say, “Yeah oppa.” They call… and she picks up, “Yes, Leader-nim!” Cute.

girlfriday: Aw cute. And then Jong-min just goes, “It’s 1 Night 2 Days again, bye!” It’s a happy bedtime for all, and Su-geun gets Shi-kyung to do a radio show closing to wrap up the night. I love how his voice changes in radio mode.

javabeans: They start with Su-geun’s “request,” which starts off about how today’s difficulty was in watching Seung-woo beat his head in with gourds, which leads to a whole pun-laden request with that word.

girlfriday: And then Shi-kyung smooth-deadpans the song request as if it’s real, which just cracks me up.

javabeans: Tae-hyun too, who is dying laughing next to him. Shi-kyung moves on to Seung-woo next, who says he’d like to call Tae-woong. Shi-kyung says Tae-woong’s passed out right now and Tae-hyun mimics doing CPR. I love how Shi-kyung just rolls with the stories without missing a beat (I guess you have to be good at that for live radio). He should do improv.

girlfriday: He gets to Joo-won next, who pouts, “I wanted to eat beef.” Shi-kyung coos at him like a tiny child, “Aw, did you want to eat beef? Who did that to you?”

javabeans: Joo-won says, “Bird PD wouldn’t give me any.” Shi-kyung sympathizes and tells him to go buy himself lots of beef with his hard-earned money.

girlfriday: Jong-min pops out of the shower for a naked drive-by, and then Shi-kyung wraps the show and they go to sleep.

javabeans: In the morning, the wake-up song blares and everyone bolts up and starts running, to claim breakfast. There are arrows, so they take off in that direction to find four chairs, which get claimed by Su-geun, Shi-kyung, Joo-won, and Tae-woong. Damn, then Bird PD reveals that there are a hundred side dishes arranged into a memory game. Each dish has a mate, and you have to memorize the numbers to claim them.

girlfriday: Whaaa? First thing in the morning? Without coffee?

javabeans: The faster team gets first crack at memorizing for a minute, so the slower team shouts out numbers to confuse them. The fast team also gets to choose first, so I suppose theoretically they could be awesome and leave no food for the others. But I’m not banking on that.

girlfriday: I do not foresee this game going that way. Jong-min’s busy naming the dishes he’d like to eat instead of memorizing. Shi-kyung is up first, and his team gets excited by his confident smile… and he fails on the first try. Oh noes.

javabeans: Tae-hyun actually does well, picking two with confidence. Then he laughs, “That’s all I know. I only memorized those two.” That’s what I would’ve done — instead of trying for as many as possible, just pick the few I really want.

girlfriday: So it turns out the lazy team is better off because of that strategy, while the faster team tried for too much and failed.

javabeans: Tae-woong and Joo-won pick up a few, but after everyone’s had a turn there are a pitiful number of dishes on their table. And that’s all they get.

girlfriday: That’s just depressing.

javabeans: Shi-kyung looks particularly depressed. Ha, I think Shi-kyung is most unhappy when they all don’t get to eat (like, he’s angry with the producers for giving them so little) while Joo-won’s most unhappy with disparity, when the other team gets a huge spread and he gets a peanut.

girlfriday: Yeah Shi-kyung’s is a pure hunger thing, ‘cause he eats a lot. Joo-won just doesn’t like losing.

javabeans: I get the sense Joo-won doesn’t lose a lot at life; he’s just good at everything. This show should be good for him. You know, building character or whatever.

girlfriday: Bird PD offers them a second chance at grabbing some dishes, only this time it’s a chance game and the catch is, they have to finish whatever they get. That means half of those dishes are mighty unpleasant things.

javabeans: Eek, Jong-min picks horseradish!

girlfriday: And a lot of it too. Tae-hyun starts to mix it with the rice, but Jong-min argues that they should rock-paper-scissors for one loser, and Tae-hyun gets stuck with finishing it.

javabeans: That… looks painful.

girlfriday: Then after breakfast they go apple-picking. Or, more like apple-tree pruning.

javabeans: This has been a rough trip for the boys, hasn’t it? Lots of starving, and lots of working for the very small bit of food they do give you. Tae-woong says the apples are like his kids, and Joo-won “interviews” him, asking if he’s married. Tae-woong: “I married the apples.” Joo-won suggests he use the broadcast to look into someone to marry, and Tae-woong quips, “The apples will be sad.”

girlfriday: Then Bird PD calls them over to decide the first four who get to go home, and says they’ll end with the same game they started the trip with: multiplication. Tae-woong just sighs. Predictably, Tae-hyun, Seung-woo, and Tae-woong lose. They work longer while the rest of the boys get to go home, and then the final round is the same game with addition instead. Is this a downgrade because they’re terrible at the multiplying?

javabeans: It’s a bit easier than multiplying, but I feel like it’s still totally hard, because you’re stressed about answering on cue. Like with the buzzer quiz. I do love how they giggle through it, knowing it’s ridiculously easy and that they’re still just barely scraping by.

girlfriday: Go figure, Tae-woong is bad at all math. He’s the last one left behind, and gets to spend more time with his apples.

javabeans: At least he seems rather sanguine about it, though that could be because he was prepared to be the loser. Ha, is he practicing math to himself as he works? That’s so cute. And hey, he could use the practice.


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