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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 404
by | September 22, 2012 | 45 Comments

EPISODE 404. Broadcast on September 16, 2012.

girlfriday: Yay, new trip!

javabeans: Are they talking saturi for a reason?

girlfriday: I dunno. Maybe they’re using the regional dialect wherever they are, or maybe they’re just in a silly mood.

javabeans: Su-geun points out that there was a whole slew of media talk about King Sung, and Shi-kyung says, “I will have to share this honor with my eunuch.” Cut to: Bird PD, laughing from his crouch on the floor. Isn’t it great how he actually seems like the lowly servant, instead of the big boss?

girlfriday: That’s what happens when you’re always poppin’ a squat in front of your cast. I love how quickly Shi-kyung goes back to his kingly speech and demeanor. I think king suits him better than commoner.

javabeans: Totally. I love that he actually has a *thing* now, and that it’s so entertaining. Then they bring up Jong-min’s leg injury, which I read about in the news articles as being a result of the recent typhoon in Korea. Jong-min clarifies, “I didn’t get hurt because of the typhoon… I got hurt at the same time as the typhoon.” HA.

girlfriday: And Seung-woo had minor surgery, apparently. Bird PD suddenly offers up a quiz question out of nowhere, for a candy bar: “This town has 103 ____s.” They guess “Han-ok houses!” “Noraebangs!” Jong-min: “Eldery people!” Lol.

javabeans: At this point they’re just doing Noun Naming Game, aren’t they? Temples! Schools! Hagwons!

girlfriday: Finally Bird PD has to tell them they can see one from where they are, and Seung-woo guesses pavilion.

javabeans: That seems a random thing to keep count of, doesn’t it? I love Seung-woo’s reaction to his prize. “That’s IT?” He was thinking a long candy bar, and gets a tiny piece instead.

girlfriday: Tae-woong points out that it’s like dog training and getting a treat for doing a trick. Well, you’re not wrong. I love that he’s randomly riding Bird PD’s ass today: “Did you scout all 103 of them?” Bird PD says they did about 40. Tae-woong: “Well I heard the other 60 are better!”

javabeans: Tae-woong’s totally feelin’ feisty today. Bird PD says that the teams are gonna be divided between Competents and Incompetents, and he scoffs that this means he’s on the bad team. Haha.

girlfriday: Again, not wrong. Bird PD makes them each choose for themselves which team they think they belong to, based on their past game performances. The screen goes black as they scurry about. We just hear Tae-hyun’s voice: “Tae-woong hyung! Get over here!” Hee. And Bird PD’s voice: “It’s exactly what we expected.”

javabeans: I love that they arrange themselves into the order without any prompts from the producers: It’s Seung-woo, Tae-woong, and Tae-hyun on the Cannots. Shi-kyung, Su-geun, Jong-min, and Joo-won are on the Can Do side.

girlfriday: Seung-woo argues that he’s fine with the teams, but can they have a different name?

javabeans: Points to Tae-hyun: “We’re both raising little children! They know how to read hangul!”

girlfriday: Aw. Tae-hyun says fine, then can they just be called the Doomed Team then? Apparently his son’s new favorite word. Could that be because Daddy’s always shouting it on TV?

javabeans: Then Bird PD starts explaining about the winners’ prize, and Seung-woo objects that he’s talking about victory and looking at the other team. “Look at us too!” Tae-woong complains, “Why don’t you just give it to them then, and not make us play?”

girlfriday: They’re all pouty, “We won’t play!” I want them to revolt.

javabeans: I do love the boys on the Competent side, but they’re talking like they’ve already got this in the bag so now I desperately want the Cannots to pull off a Mighty Ducks victory.

girlfriday: Yeah when you so clearly make a team of underdogs, there’s no way we wouldn’t root for them.

javabeans: Yes, now I want Shi-kyung to go hungry and Joo-won to cry.

girlfriday: Well, we always want that.

javabeans: But, like, EXTRA-extra. They’re already doing that whirly circle happy dance!

girlfriday: Bird PD tells them the punishment for the losing team: pick 1000 peppers each.

javabeans: Everyone gapes, and Tae-woong literally stutters, “F-f-f-f-food, what about food?”

girlfriday: The game is a flag war, between the two nations, Competent and Incompetent. At each pavilion there’s a game, and beating it means that team gets to raise their flag and claim the land. Oh fun. The twist is, the other team can arrive later, beat the same game, and replace your flag with their own. That complicates things.

javabeans: Does that mean you have to constantly patrol?

girlfriday: You could make yourself crazy with the strategy, because there’s either just running around and trying to claim as much land as possible, or the option of tailing the other team and just taking what’s theirs. Usurp or blaze your own trail? Because it’s a timed thing, being first isn’t necessarily best.

javabeans: But of course you also have to beat the game, so your plan could backfire at any time. Hehe. I like this setup. It’s just crazy enough to be… well, crazy. Planning will only get you so far.

girlfriday: Su-geun makes the mistake of having Tae-woong close the scene with one measly line, to hilarious and disastrous consequences.

javabeans: Then Jong-min is given a chance to be closing MC, and he stumbles on the first word. Scratch that, the first syllable! And how is he gonna do that live-reality-variety-uncut show again?

girlfriday: Omg, I DON’T KNOW.

javabeans: At least the other two are smooth talkers. Man, could you imagine a show with Tae-woong and Jong-min? You’d never get anywhere.

girlfriday: It would be the Awkward Gibberish Show.

javabeans: I don’t know if that’s so awkward it’s awesome, or so awkward I want to die. The teams get in their cars and move out, beginning the race. I love how our Cannots are laughing in the car and Tae-hyun points out that they have zero desire to do the games: “There’s a reason we’re bad at them.” Seung-woo laughs, “I feel bad when I lose… but since I lose so often I’m used to it now.”

girlfriday: They arrive at the first pavilion, and immediately Seung-woo warns them to be careful of the writer standing there. Ha, it’s the one from his gambling addiction with badook pieces.

javabeans: Ha, he’s actually serious. Like, he has a knee-jerk reaction of suspicion now. He’s all, “I have to get my revenge.”

girlfriday: Meanwhile, the other team sneaks up to spy on them, having followed them here. Not surprising, since this team has Su-geun and Jong-min, who are all about the sneaky.

javabeans: The game is Rock Scissors Paper Minus One, where you get to play both hands, but then both players have to remove one hand, so it’s one extra layer of strategy. Unless, of course, you’re like me and you get so frazzled you play the same thing with both hands, ha.

girlfriday: I have totally done that before. So lame. The stone bridge is marked off so you have to win three times to cross the bridge, and Seung-woo manages to beat tazza-writer three in a row.

javabeans: Meanwhile Shi-kyung loses consecutively and has to step backward off the bridge. Su-geun goes next and gets pushed off too. HAHA.

girlfriday: Turns out the Competents aren’t so competent after all. The other team goes to the next game, which is charades-hurdle-relay. The three ajusshis sit there and hear the game rules, and then immediately decide not to play. Ha.

javabeans: Hey, isn’t being smart also about knowing your limits? See, this is what happens when you put the three game-haters on one team. There’s nobody urging them to continue, for the greater good. They’re like, “Oh, I understand the rules. Thanks for the explanation. Bye.”

girlfriday: Jong-min wins the rock-paper-scissors, so they get to replace the flag at the first pavilion with their own. Shi-kyung likes this and decides they should only play if it’s the other team’s land.

javabeans: The next game for the Cannots is a jump rope bokbulbok, where you jump as a group according to what’s on the die you roll. They get lucky, rolling ears and collars, meaning they have to jump holding those body parts on the person next to them.

girlfriday: Pfft, there’s “ankle” on that die. What if you get that with earlobe?

javabeans: They mess up the first one and decide this one’s easy enough to try a second time. Tae-hyun rolls ankle. Seung-woo: “Let’s go.” And then Tae-woong rolls… ankle. Dude, these boys can barely jump with TWO feet on the ground.

girlfriday: And then Seung-woo rolls earlobe! Haha. That is the worst combo possible.

javabeans: Unsurprisingly, they don’t make it past the first jump. The Competents get a drink-something-yucky challenge, and rock-scissors-paper for drinking order. It’s this really bitter tea, and they joke that it would kill the grass if they poured it out.

girlfriday: I love that Shi-kyung asks, “What is this pee-like liquid?” and then ends up having to be the last to finish it off.

javabeans: Su-geun and Jong-min drink as much as they can handle, and make these contorted faces at the taste. Joo-won had practically died with one tiny taste earlier, but then he takes an impressive third turn at the bowl. Although I think he might cry afterward. Shi-kyung finishes it off, wears the bowl for a crown, and claims the land.

girlfriday: The Cannots finally roll a good combo and succeed in jumping rope with hair-collar-collar. More land for them… only that’s where the Cans go next.

javabeans: Omg, there’s “headlock” on that die.

girlfriday: I guess they’re lucky there isn’t “piggyback” or something weirder.

javabeans: They usurp the Cannot land, and OH NO that means it’s three to zero! At least the Cannots choose a usurp opportunity next, with the tea. Lol, Tae-hyun does this sageuk reaction like it’s his execution: “What did I do wrong, to be condemned to such poison?!”

girlfriday: Tae-hyun and Seung-woo drink a good amount each, and then hand it over to Tae-woong… who spits it back out after one mouthful. Aw, no.

javabeans: Do they have to start all over? Damn.

girlfriday: That was a lame attempt on Tae-woong’s part. Is it really that bad?

javabeans: I always wonder, because from their reactions it seems like vile stuff. I’ve never had the kanari stuff, but I’ve drunk vinegar and bad teas before. And hanyak. It might just be that it was his gut reaction, and once you stop drinking you fail. It looked like he was going to keep drinking but the PD called a DQ.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun decides that they could win this one easily in a do-over, but they should save it and leave the other team’s flag there until it’s closer to deadline.

javabeans: Seung-woo comments that Tae-hyun’s so good at strategy, and yet, he always loses. Maybe because he’s better off directing the minions and not doing any of the work? Ha. The Competents do the hurdles-charade and beat the clock on first try. Is “horse dance” seriously a guessable quiz “term” now? Lordy, the power of Psy.

girlfriday: He’s everywhere. It’s crazy.

javabeans: The Competents get hung up on a timed word game (thanks, Jong-min!), while the Cannots return to the bridge, where Seung-woo speed-conquers his writer-nemesis on the bridge. With time running out, they hurry to the next pavilion, only to find the Competents playing. Ha, but it turns out they came the back way, and have to climb the rocks in the stream to get to the other side. Are the PDs gonna make it?

girlfriday: The Cannots spy on them to find out what the game is, and then it’s time for the half-time score check. The boys gather where they started, and Bird PD offers a twist: a game where the winner has a chance to either keep the flag counts as is, or trade with the other team, not knowing the score.

javabeans: The Can Do team wins the game, and decides not to switch numbers. They’re thinking it’s a 3 to 1 score as is, which sounds about right. Bird PD announces which flags are in which spot, confirming the 3-1. The Can Do team is already thinking of the dinner menu, and Su-geun Freudian-slips, and instead of saying Cannot Do Team, he says Team That Went Wrong. Which isn’t wrong.

girlfriday: Ha. They head back out, and Tae-woong says that drinking poison would be better than that bitter tea, “At least the pain is short because then you die.”

javabeans: Haha, then Seung-woo reminds him of the bungee jump episode where Tae-woong told himself, “You can do anything.” Ha, it’s like, Aw Mom, why you gotta bring that up? He quips, “There are things that just can’t be done.”

girlfriday: But don’tcha know, they go straight to the bitter tea, and this time he downs it all by himself. See, it’s mind over matter.

javabeans: He must be feeling guilty for losing it last time.

girlfriday: Shame and guilt: the backbone of team games?

javabeans: Now it’s two to two, and Competents revisit the game that stumped them. They do so much better, having practiced all the way over, and then… Jong-min ruins the streak.

girlfriday: Aw man, they could be here all day!

javabeans: I kinda want them to get stuck on pride and stay till they win, while the Cannots sneak around and claim their land.

girlfriday: I think that’s what’s happening… ‘cause they just keep going and going and going.

javabeans: Plus they’ve been at it so long that they’re repeating the same words (which is helpful), but I wonder if that’ll just trip them up because they’ll forget which ones they’ve used in this game and which they haven’t.

girlfriday: Su-geun decides to cut loose and just leave, but Shi-kyung and Jong-min (the two who kept messing up in tandem) insist they have to beat this. It’s totally a pride thing now. Meanwhile, the Cannots rush over to jump rope, and fail the first try. (Who could do headlock-ankle-hair?)

javabeans: They quickly win the next round and overthrow the Competents. Wow, it’s 3 to 1, the other way now. In the car, Seung-woo says, “We have to win for the viewers to like it.” Yes, please! He complains about the team name again, grumbling, “Is anyone great at this from the day they were BORN?”

girlfriday: Well word games certainly seem to be the Can Do Team’s big weakness, ‘cause they’re still here.

javabeans: Now Shi-kyung is the weak link, and also the pride link. Ha. I do prefer this arrangement, because when Jong-min was the one messing up I just felt sorry for him.

girlfriday: Seriously, why is it always better when Shi-kyung messes up at anything?

javabeans: It’s kind of hilarious, isn’t it, that they’ve been at this so long that the they’ve memorized their word chain? They finally pass and crow that the other team can’t possibly win this game. Yes, but they’ve also stolen two of your flags in the meantime, so now you’re 2 to 3.

girlfriday: The Cannots go to hurdle-charades next, and Seung-woo pep-talks his team, “The other team beat it, so why can’t we? … … There’s a chance we won’t.” HA.

javabeans: Actually I think this game is pretty doable, now that I see it in action. It’s just charades from a distance and the hurdles are really low. Omg, how much do I love Seung-woo’s prissy little wave at “Miss Korea”?

girlfriday: It’s So. Awesome. And they answer so quickly too.

javabeans: Yesssss! They overthrow! Uh-oh. The PD calls them back saying they have to check their time before claiming victory, and they worry they passed the 100 second time limit. They check… and it’s 94 seconds. You big meanie faker-outer! Dude, my heart totally stopped for a second there.

girlfriday: I like that Tae-hyun is flinging the other team’s flag away every time, like Getitouttahere!

javabeans: Woohoo, it’s 4 to 1 now. Granted the Competents could always steal one or two back, but they’re running low on time. They don’t know how dire the situation is, though, since they beat most of the games. Just… in the wrong order. They’re trying to make the most of their remaining time, and decide to drink tea next and do one more (maybe two more), to clinch the win.

girlfriday: The Cannots head to koong-koong-ta next (oh noes!) but right away Tae-hyun tells his team to memorize a string of words on the way. He’s the sneaky brains on this team. I just hope they don’t get sucked into the same time warp on this game.

javabeans: Ha, they strike me as the “cut our losses” type of team. The Can Do’s reclaim the tea flag. 2 to 3 now, and they move on to jumprope to steal another flag back to make it 3 to 2.

girlfriday: They’re so frazzled it’s funny, ‘cause everything is shouty and hurried, and when someone rolls “ankle,” they’re screaming, “HEY!” like it’s their fault.

javabeans: Uh-oh. Our Cannots get stuck on the word game, not because they’re missing words but because they’re cracking up over the pre-determined order of things. Seung-woo: “We didn’t plan beforehand, we swears!” Meanwhile the other team is quickly on their tails, overturning flags.

girlfriday: Damn, that word game messes everyone up! But Seung-woo is killing me with his giggles.

javabeans: Both teams are fumbling on what must be their last game. It’s koong-koong-ta versus hurdles. We don’t get to see the results before they reconvene for the final unveiling. Bird PD does the announcing, game by game.

girlfriday: I like that it’s a surprise for everyone, because they have no way of knowing anything except the last place they went to.

javabeans: Right. Like the Cannots are shocked that their jumprope flag isn’t the final result, but then the Competents are even more shocked that the Cannots beat their koong-koong-ta, where they spent 40 minutes.

girlfriday: Flashback to the Cannots winning the word game, with “Bond girl,” of all things. Haha.

javabeans: Aw man, the Competents win it, 3 to 2. They do a crazy dash around the yard, and I’m bummed. It’s just… you stacked the odds, and then the odds won. Ho. Hum.

girlfriday: Yeah I wanted a reversal. *sadface*

javabeans: Plus the Good team had more players to begin with. It just seems like a weirdly planned game to start with. Shouldn’t the Bad team have gotten something to offset their built-in disadvantage?

girlfriday: I liked the game itself a lot. So fun. Maybe it’ll be a lesson for the Bad team though, to be a little sneakier.

javabeans: I don’t think they were taken down by lack of sneakiness though. See now I’m just dissatisfied with the whole format. I thought there’d be something in the games to explain WHY the crew divided them into the traditional “good” players versus bad. It shouldn’t have fed into that predisposition.

girlfriday: Yeah, but there wasn’t actually such a huge discrepancy between the teams when it came down to it. It was just the final result.

javabeans: Right, just the numbers and the naming. But the naming — what was the point of calling them that, unless there was going to be a subversion of it?

girlfriday: Well, compared to what they used to call the Ho-dong/Su-geun/Jong-min team (Team Stupid), I think it’s not quite so bad. Ha.

javabeans: True. Though I’m not saying that wasn’t uncomfortable either. It’s not that I’m outraged that they’re mocking the players, ‘cause that’s the fun of the show. But as a viewer, I’m no longer entertained and feeling dissatisfied instead. It’s all about ME, dammit! ME!

girlfriday: Ha, you might be madder than the actual losers.

javabeans: Possibly. It’s just, what’s the fun in a predictable game with a predictable ending? The winners head to dinner, and the losers are off to the fields to work. The winners order this huuuge spread, eat it in 15 minutes, and fall asleep. Ha.

girlfriday: That’s hilarious. Wouldn’t you want your prize to, I dunno, last longer? The chili pickers get a simple lunch and complete their mission. Then during some down time, Su-geun suggests a game that’s like half-therapy, half-pillowfight, where you say things you might’ve kept bottled up and then hit them with a pillow. Does anyone else see red flags here?

javabeans: Uh. Oh. And he suggests Jong-min and Shi-kyung, because the’re “79 friends.” This is a dangerous game.

girlfriday: Right? This could lead to fisticuffs.

javabeans: I do think these are the two who need to work out some underlying issues the most, but it’s also… you know… asking for trouble.

girlfriday: But likely entertaining. Hee.

javabeans: Jong-min starts nervously and says that Shi-kyung gets angry for real, and barely taps him with the pillow. Shi-kyung laughs, then says Jong-min should work on his enunciation, and taps a little harder. And already you can feel the escalation, because then Jong-min says more boldly that Shi-kyung takes variety too seriously, and whaps him harder with the pillow.

girlfriday: It’s the pillow-slap that’s pushing it, because there’s something really pride-swallowing about taking that hit, even if it doesn’t hurt.

javabeans: Especially since, for whatever reason, it’s TO THE FACE. Jong-min gets a hit to the head, then retorts, and gets so into it that he actually makes a move to follow up with a second hit and has to stop himself. The other guys are like, “No! Pull back!”

girlfriday: Omg, it’s hysterical, but awkwardly real… like they’ve crossed into an actual argument, even though it’s with smiles. This is basically a game that’s awesome for everyone except the two who are playing.

javabeans: It’s like that drinking game where you address everyone in banmal and the only person laughing his ass off is the boss, because everyone else is wound up with nerves wondering how far to take it.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun tags in for Shi-kyung, which is probably a good idea. I feel like he was about two pillow hits from flipping a lid.

javabeans: Tae-hyun says a few more things about how Jong-min should tone down the number of words and ridiculous comments, which Jong-min acknowledges pretty readily. Then it’s his turn, and he can’t think of anything to say to Tae-hyun, who says, “You got nothing, huh? Should I send Shi-kyung back in?” Ha, but then it’s Seung-woo who takes his place. Wait, why is it only Jong-min in the hot seat? I know both seats are technically hot, but it’s all him.

girlfriday: I love that he pauses before whacking Seung-woo in the face to ask about his surgery, “It wasn’t your nose, was it?” *THWACK* And then Seung-woo gets in a hilarious set of jabs at Jong-min, “When I’m with friends, I get embarrassed when you call!”

javabeans: He tells Jong-min to text him with proper spelling, because Jong-min has consistent mistakes (think of it as using one S when you should use two), and Jong-min is all, “But it’s one!” And Seung-woo thwacks him, “IT’S TWO!”

girlfriday: Seung-woo has great timing when he can pinpoint momentum — like the gourd-cracking, and this pillow series.

javabeans: Then it’s Jong-min’s turn again, and he says, “I just don’t like the look in your eye.” It’s a nonsense complaint, and the caption points out, “He just wants to hit him.” Hahaha. (But he can’t, without saying something first.)

girlfriday: LOL. They’re both cracking me up.

javabeans: It’s funny when it’s these two. I was nervous when it was Shi-kyung.

girlfriday: Yeah because we know that these two love each other, while things with Shi-kyung are actually tense. Too real. Ha.

javabeans: Jong-min gets in another jab, “Hyung, you used to be really handsome but now… you’re all old!” Seung-woo thanks him for the concern and says, “I love you!” THWACK!

girlfriday: Adorable.


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    I don’t have the same complaints about the setup this week since the cannots really held their own. They should have been named the had lucks instead. Joo Won and Shi Kyung are my favorites on this show, but I really wanted them to lose miserably. They’re more fun when they lose. And I wish they had put Joo Won in the hot seat instead of Jong Min cause oppa really doesn’t say enough and I don’t like Shi Kyung being mean to Jong Min. Then again =, if they had put in Joo Won, he might have cried so maybe it was for the best.

    • 6.1 Jilly

      *bad lucks

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        Actually, ‘had lucks’ or even better ‘had luck’ is quite appropriate too lol

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    • 12.1 Alvina

      I think it’s the same age thing coupled with being around each other for AGES in entertainment show time. I’m sure there’s some stories there… maybe even from their X-man and army days? who knows.

    • 12.2 pauper

      I clicked the wrong reply button.

      Same-age friends are supposed to be chummy but them, not so much. I think it’s because of a disparity between their personalities. SK is eloquent while JM just blurts out everything with no filter or thought process and SK doesn’t seem to have patience for that. I may be wrong but that’s how I perceived their dynamic.

      P.S.: I want team Cannots to win too ;_;

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        LOL! Actually, it was a masquerade ball but… well, just imagine a bunch of 18 yr olds in tux and dresses plus heels and sparkling masks dancing like crazy horses, followed by respected college professors… Us third years were stripped off our pride, I have no idea how to face those 1st & 2nd yr students tomorrow…

        • forgetdeadlines

          P.S. any chances of seeing Joowon in a rom-com next? After he gets enough rest I would like to see him again in a drama. Too bad Uee is already in one. The two of them had one of the best chemistry in dramaland. Wish they could work together again…

          • muhloy

            i read somewhere in one of his million interviews since Gaksital that he said he wants to do a rom-com next.

            and then i squeeeee’ed internally in anticipation of that!

          • R

            Oh yeah joo won please do a rom-com next, you are cute and funny in 1n2d but i love your acting and miss you in dramaland so much !
            Thanks for the recap 🙂

  15. 15 pauper

    Same-age friends are supposed to be chummy but them, not so much. I think it’s because of a disparity between their personalities. SK is eloquent while JM just blurts out everything with no filter or thought process and SK doesn’t seem to have patience for that. I may be wrong but that’s how I perceived their dynamic.

  16. 16 Sintia

    Thank you very much for recaps!

  17. 17 Hallyusurfer

    My brother is similar to JongMin, he has trouble speaking clearly but since I grew up with him, I can finish up his sentence and understand what he mean..but I get Shi Kyung’s attitude, since my personality is similar.

    Pillows are soft but I ever got a nose bleed during a pillow fight. It was completely unintentional, it wasn’t painful..but my brother never dare to do it again. Lol

  18. 18 Erica

    Joo Won ♥ ♥

  19. 19 katiamon

    Thank you for the recap, I feel kinda sad that JM and SK have so low chemistry on the show because of their different personalities, either way i still love this program and hope they can grow closer and be more tolerant to each other.

  20. 20 Gh

    Actually it is suguen who is most awkward withcha tae Hyun maybe suguen is jealous that cha tae Hyun is innate comic and funnier than him

  21. 21 Noelle

    Holy Shit! Why oh why did they suggest Jong Min and Shi Kyung? That had to be uncomfortable for everyone in the room.

  22. 22 Arhazivory

    I think they wanted Jong Min and Shi Kyung to face off because its through interactions like that that they’ll get closer eventually. They should pair up for a trip. I remember one old 1N2D episode when Jong Min and Mong paired up and they were total opposites in every way, well at least they were already friends.

    Jong Min is loveable. Everybody says that off air. I’m sure they’ll eventually get close to each other. 😀

    Now, as for the episode, MAN! I really wanted the Cannots to win. *pouts*

  23. 23 kdw

    you guys should recap Shinhwa Broadcast too! 😀

    • 23.1 aL

      YES please. is it possible?

  24. 24 Akari

    They probably grouped them this way so that they can poke fun at the Incompetents (humour factor), and even if the underdogs won, it would be entertaining too. And I kinda think the production team tries to have different groupings each week, just to see what kinda chemistry they can get. (I don’t think I have seen this combination before.)

    I am afraid if they pair up Sikyung and Jongmin though lol. Sometimes, people just don’t click, even if they are “nice” people. And Sikyung isn’t exactly the chummy type of person to begin with. Hopefully they can at least find a common topic.

  25. 25 GhF

    Suguen likes to pull rank just because he thinks he is veteran and bully maknae

  26. 26 scarlett

    the jong min and shi kyung dynamics is a side story that is kindda interesting that is worth looking forward to..

  27. 27 HK

    I really wanted the Cannot team to win!!! I was so frustrated towards the end of the games because I thought it was apparent why the Cannot team members tend to lose. It’s not that they’re bad at the actual games or have bad luck — it’s because they don’t think strategically or sneakily! When they were spending all that time at the word game station at the end, I was practically shouting at the tv.

    Sugeun made the comment towards the end of the time limit that they could spend all that time at the word game station since they just need 10 minutes or so to make the rounds to the easier games to plant their flag. That’s how you have to play that game. In the last few minutes, go to the games that you could win quickly and get your flag in. While the Cannot team spent their last 10-15 minutes at the word game station, the Can team went around winning back the easy games.

    I generally like this season of 1N2D, but the games frustrate me. I think Sugeun is the only one who is really able to strategize. Jong Min at least tries, even though he’s not that successful. The other members are perhaps too new to this type of variety to play strategically and engage in mind games. They just play the games in a staightforward way, which can be frustrating to watch as a viewer.

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