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Answer Me 1997: Episode 15
by | September 14, 2012 | 167 Comments

Fallout time. Now that everyone knows everything (thanks Truth Chair), it’s time to face the music. The love triangle finally comes to a head in this episode, and though it’s not my favorite plot thread, this show does what it does so well. It subverts expectation and stabs me in the heart, over what else, but family.


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EPISODE 15: “While You Were Loving”

Summer 2005. Yoon-jae gets to his desk in the morning to find a stack of resumes… for a bride. Pfft. How’s that for a good morning? He rifles through them and asks his assistant what they’re for.

She says his sunbae left them, insisting that with his specs, he could get a giant apartment and a nice car out of it, like he’s going dowry shopping or something. Yoon-jae throws them in the trash, and says with a huge smile, “I already have an apartment, a car… and a girlfriend.” Squee.

He gets a call from Hyung asking for a favor to meet someone’s daughter. Yoon-jae refuses, thinking it a blind date, but Tae-woong insists it’s not and urges him to go. Yoon-jae says he has a girlfriend, but Hyung laughs that he has nothing of the sort and won’t take no for an answer.

Hm, is he doing this before or after the big revelation?

Tae-woong then takes a call from Shi-won, and he’s still in his hospital bed after the surgery. She tells him about the contraband can of peaches she put in his drawer and he grabs it to go eat somewhere secret, and then Joon-hee arrives just a minute behind him with a tray. Ah, so before then.

Tae-woong sits down in the stairwell with his secret peaches, as Joon-hee answers the call from Shi-won. He smiles at first to see Joon-hee, but then overhears the thundering words: Yoon-jae likes you… first kiss… eight years… he thinks you’re pretty…

And then the nail in the coffin: “Shi-won-ah, I have another call, I’ll call you later.” Oof. It was already painful the first time.

He flashes back to all the times Yoon-jae had avoided going home for holidays—the sick excuses, the last-minute work. And how Shi-won had seemed unsurprised and resigned every time.

He once tried to have dinner just the three of them, and kept waiting for Yoon-jae’s call. Shi-won told him that Yoon-jae wouldn’t come, and said they’d had a fight. Now it dawns on him just how much was going on between them that he never knew.

In the days that follow, Yoon-jae, Shi-won, and Tae-woong each brood in their own corners, worried about the others. Tae-woong avoids a call from his brother, not ready to talk to him yet.

Shi-won has a work emergency when the guest they cast for a talk show segment (geared towards high school students taking their college exams) falls through at the last minute. The PD and writer ask if she doesn’t know anyone successful who could fill the spot. She smiles.

Enter Yoon-jae, getting primped to go on the air. Everyone fawns over him and they wonder if he really came because Shi-won called him. The show’s MC declares that she’s going to seduce him in under ten minutes, and Shi-won just smiles to herself. Heh.

Yoon-jae joins them and show’s host pulls out all the stops in her tiny dress to impress him, but he just looks right past her and talks to Shi-won, grabbing the drink out of her hand and sipping it in his usual familiar way.

They ask how they know each other—family? Friends? Yoon-jae: “I’m her boyfriend.” They gape. Shi-won blusters that he’s kidding, but he repeats it, adding that there’s no other reason he’d push a case to show up here.

I love the bitter look on the host’s face. Yoon-jae sees the marker streak on Shi-won’s face and licks his finger to wipe if off in front of everyone, and Shi-won grabs his hand to drag him away in embarrassment.

Yoon-jae returns to his hometown accent the second they’re alone and he’s nagging her. So cute.

Hak-chan and Yoo-jung hang out at the same café where he once ditched her with her friends, and even still he darts around to make sure her friends aren’t going to pop out from somewhere.

She complains about his inability to act normal around her friends, and he promises that he’ll be good about everything else, just not that one thing. Hak-chan heads downstairs first, and then runs into Mom. Again?

Haha, it cracks me up that he asks the same thing we’re thinking: Why do I keep running into you here? She says her friend lives down the street.

Yoo-jung comes running down and links her arm in his, and then shrinks back when she sees Mom standing there. Mom asks who it is, and Yoo-jung hangs her head nervously.

But this time, Hak-chan takes her hand and links it back on his arm, “She’s my girlfriend.” He introduces them to each other, and Yoo-jung beams.

Someone prepares for a memorial, and judging from the insane amount of food on the table, it has to be Shi-won’s parents. Holy crap, that’s a lot of food.

It turns out to be for Shi-won’s grandpa, and Dad says his father will explode from all this food and die all over again. Mom wonders if they should expect Uncle to come, but Dad figures he won’t show.

He prods her to do the ceremony early so they can go see the fireworks and *wink-wink* have some alone time, so they finish up quickly and grab some of the octopus off the table to take with them. Heh.

But just when they’re ready to leave, Uncle walks right in the door, spoiling the party. (Cameo by Go In-bum.) He plops himself down on the couch, and Mom and Dad cringe. He even decides they should hurry and do the thing so they can see the fireworks after. Well there goes their night.

Yoon-jae drops Shi-won off at home, and he climbs out after her (I just love that he has to use the passenger door to get out). She yanks him by the collar this time to ask where he thinks he’s going.

He asks why he can’t go upstairs to have a cup of coffee and she laughs and calls bullshit. He gets all defensive and his accent comes back, as he accuses her of overreacting, all why can’t we have a cup of coffee and aren’t we close enough for coffee. All this coffee talk is making me blush.

She points out that his accent comes right back when he’s backed into a corner and asks if he thinks she’s an idiot. She knows what coffee means.

She calls him out for being pervy and they go through this hilarious round of nuh-uh, uh-huh like little kids. His what-omg-I’m-SO-NOT face cracks me UP.

She tells him to stop spinning his wheels and pings him in the forehead to go home, and he finally gives up. He leans in, “Then a kiss instead.” He closes his eyes and puckers up, just standing there waiting. It’s so adorable.

He waits and waits and she cups his face in her hands, and then turns his head away and hugs him.

He’s still got his eyes closed and his lips puckered, and she points out that he should probably stop, ’cause it’s bound to be embarrassing by now. Pffft. She slaps him on the lips and runs off.

Yoon-jae comes home to find Joon-hee already packing up his things, and he sighs at the thought of having to live alone for the first time ever. Aw, they’ve been roomies for so long.

Joon-hee says that it’s probably best for Yoon-jae to have the place to himself—wouldn’t it be more convenient if he were to have Shi-won come over? Yeah… he couldn’t even manage to get invited up for coffee, so I think that’s a ways off.

Yoon-jae lights up at the thought and jokes that he should leave right now, and Joon-hee threatens to stay forever. Stay!

Joon-hee asks why he doesn’t just move her in right now, and Yoon-jae says he’d love to, but his heart sinks, “There’s something I have to do first.”

Shi-won gets a call from Tae-woong that night, asking her to dinner tomorrow. She agrees to meet him, though it’s clearly a conversation she’s not looking forward to. He tells her to dress up and look pretty, and tells her where to meet him.

Dad sets up the memorial all over again, and Uncle complains that there’s no octopus, which was his brother’s favorite thing. He starts to complain that it’s useless having kids, and Dad quickly says it’s on the way.

Cut to Mom and Dad staring at the octopus, legs already chopped off intending to be snacked on. Dad gets the bright idea to put the legs back on with chopsticks, insisting that Uncle won’t notice. They are so cute.

It doesn’t go as planned, but they manage to hide it amongst the other dishes and get on with the ceremony. Uncle takes out one simple loaf of pound cake and puts it on the table.

Yoon-jae shows up unannounced at Tae-woong’s office the next day, asking to go get coffee. Tae-woong braces himself, knowing what’s to come.

They sit over a pair of those friggin’ extra-whip mochas, and Yoon-jae admits he has something to say. He hedges, and then finally starts, “Actually…”

But Tae-woong says it for him: “You like Shi-won?” His jaw drops. Tae-woong says he found out only recently—that he likes Shi-won too, that he liked her first. Why didn’t he say something?

Yoon-jae asks what he would’ve done if he did tell hyung: “Would you have given up on Shi-won? Like me? Did you give up on her?”

Tae-woong: “No.” Oh damn. Not the answer he was expecting. He continues, “You’re the person I love most in this world and I’d give up everything for you… but not a woman.” That floors him.

You know, outside of the fact that it’s not what Yoon-jae wants to hear or that it’s extra heartbreaking for Tae-woong who’s bound to get crushed, I find his reasoning compelling. It’s what I would’ve wanted Yoon-jae to do, six goddamn years ago. You don’t give up on love. Because doing that to be noble does no one any good.

He says that the choice is up to Shi-won, and that he’ll make one last effort, and if she says no for good, he’ll give up cleanly, and even let Yoon-jae tease him for the rest of their lives.

He’s good-natured about it, though he speaks with the confidence that he’s always had—that it could go either way. And it’s that assured confident side of Tae-wong that sends Yoon-jae back to his teenage self, suddenly terrified that he’s back to square one and his hyung will win the girl.

He reminds Yoon-jae about meeting his teacher’s daughter tonight, and leaves. Yoon-jae sits in that same spot for hours and hours until nightfall, reeling.

He gets a text from Shi-won saying that she’s meeting Tae-woong for dinner tonight, which feeds into his worst fears. He chucks the phone to the ground in a rage.

Dad takes his uncle to the bus terminal, and they reminisce about his father. These two actually look like they could be family; they’re so cute together. Dad remembers how close Uncle and his dad were, and how much Uncle cried at the funeral.

He asks now if Uncle loved his hyung that much, and Uncle sighs, “I hated him.” Pffft. It’s equally poignant and funny.

Yoon-jae sits in his office stewing in the dark at his hyung, and then finally decides to go on that not-a-blind-date after all.

Shi-won visits Joon-hee in the hospital and he greets her bleary-eyed from working a double shift. He’s tired, but says he gets cursed at a lot less these days, and Shi-won marvels that anyone would curse at him, while Yoon-jae getting cursed at, she gets.

She asks when Hak-chan and Yoo-jung are due up for their visit, and wonders if they aren’t too sorry to face their friends (for being so happy with their first loves and all). Joon-hee counters they’re not as bad as her and Yoon-jae. Touché.

He says Sung-jae’s coming too, so all four guys will be staying together. She laughs that they won’t get any sleep, not with all that porn to watch. She names Hak-chan’s latest movie that she saw on Yoon-jae’s computer last time, and Joon-hee is stunned silent.

“How did you know? Does Yoo-jung know?!” She laughs and says Yoo-jung doesn’t suspect a thing, and says coolly, “What does it matter if you guys watch? You’re not kids.”

He gives her an Oooooooh, impressed. She says Hak-chan is one thing, but she didn’t expect it of Joon-hee. He admits he doesn’t care for them (obviously) but there’s someone who likes them a LOT.

She guesses Sung-jae, but he corrects her—Yoon-jae. Suddenly her smiley demeanor hardens, “Aiiiiiisssssh.” Hahaha. She grabs her phone muttering, “You’re dead.”

He laughs, reminding her that she said it was fine, but now she’s up in arms about how he’s always attached to that damned laptop of his, and calls Yoon-jae. But he doesn’t pick up, and hasn’t all day. We se him driving, having taped his phone back together, but still not picking up.

Shi-won tells Joon-hee about meeting Tae-woong tonight, and he asks, “Are you going to tell him?” She nods yes, but admits she doesn’t know what to say, or how.

She says that Tae-woong oppa is really important to her, and she doesn’t want them to be awkward or distant because of this, but can’t lie either. Joon-hee starts to say, “The teacher that I know…” but doesn’t finish the thought.

As Shi-won leaves, he says to himself, “…isn’t the average person.”

Uncle tells Dad about how much his parents favored his hyung, and how as a child the day his hate went full-force was when Mom brought home a loaf of pound cake just for Hyung, who wouldn’t share even one bite.

He swore to be better than him, and while Hyung took the civil service exam, he started his own business and was so proud, having become more successful. But it only lasted a month and he went belly-up, having been conned.

With no way to repay the money, he went to jail, and a month later Hyung visited him there to ask he wanted to come live with him. He had repaid all his debts. Uncle says that even then, he hated his brother, and said all manner of horrible things to him, accusing him of showing off.

Uncle: “Do you know what Hyung said? Do you know what he said to me?”

Then we cut to the big night, as Tae-woong, Shi-won, and Yoon-jae each head out to dinner. We see Yoon-jae’s not-a-blind-date (cameo by G.NA) waiting at her table.

Yoon-jae stops and calls Tae-woong. “I’m not going to give up either. I won’t give up.”

He says that he folded right away when Hyung told him he liked Shi-won, without a second thought. Because he’s his hyung. And even when they broke up, he knew he wouldn’t give up on Shi-won so easily, so he ignored his feelings.

Tae-woong just listens steel-faced, and asks, “So?” Yoon-jae: “A person’s heart can’t be turned on and off like a switch. Once it’s turned on… it won’t turn off. I like Shi-won. I sincerely want to marry her.”

And then he repeats what he learned by watching Hyung: “You’re the person I love most in this world, and I can give up everything for you, but I won’t give up on Shi-won.”

Good for you. He says that he’ll go on this date tonight because he promised he would, but to stop setting him up from now on. He hangs up.

Yoon-jae and Tae-woong each head inside their respective restaurants. The two girls wait at their tables.

A door opens, and Tae-woong arrives. Shi-won looks up. Yoon-jae arrives. His date looks up…

Back to Uncle and Dad. Uncle: “Do you know what Hyung said? He said sorry. ‘Hyung is sorry.’ That’s what he said!”

Shi-won looks up at her door in surprise. And standing in her doorway of course, is Yoon-jae. Awwww. I knew Tae-woong would do something to make me cry!

He just stands there, stunned, only now realizing his hyung’s love. At the same time, Tae-woong arrives on Yoon-jae’s date, making apologies for the bait-n-switch.

Yoon-jae just sits at the table, crying without a word, suddenly understanding so much with that one gesture. And then he gets a text: “Hyung is sorry.” *TEARS*

He bursts into sobs.

Back to Uncle’s story: after saying sorry, his hyung took a pound cake out of his bag and handed it to him. He said after all those years, that he was sorry about eating the whole thing when they were little kids.

He sighs, “I didn’t know. But Hyung loved me a lot. I just hated him alone. Just me.”

Yoon-jae breaks down in tears, now realizing the exact same thing.

Fast forward to 2013. Mom and Dad pace in the maternity ward, and then finally the doctor comes out and asks for the father. Shi-won keeps asking for him. Dad frets, and then Tae-woong comes bursting down the hall, out of breath.

And then Yoon-jae arrives just behind him.

Are we still playing this game?


In general I like the framework of the overarching who’s-the-baby-daddy mystery, but I do feel like we’ve been going through the motions on that front, pretty much as soon as we find out where Shi-won’s heart is. But it’s the macguffin they set up and when you build your show around something like a How I Met Your Mother meta-question, there are casualties you get in exchange for the fun, whether it’s because we already know the answer or because the audience gets tired of waiting.

Thankfully the reason I love this show has nothing to do with that, so it’s been a fun mystery, mostly because it’s clear that the writers are having fun with the infuriating clues. Once we see Tae-woong’s choice in this episode, it seems silly to remind us that he might still be the father, but with one episode left we’ll all play along.

While I am glad that we get more of 1997 if just by splitting Episodes 15 and 16, I do think this episode could’ve been trimmed to its usual length and been better for it. Part of what I love about this show is the economy of its storytelling, and it seemed less impressive when allowed to meander for longer than necessary. If there’s one thing I wish they would’ve fixed from the get-go, it’s that tvN should’ve just aired it like a regular 45-minute Monday-Tuesday drama.

I missed the ’90s flashbacks and the characteristic narration in this episode, though I understand the choice to focus on the immediate fallout between the brothers in the present. It just didn’t have the same color as the rest of the series, which I think could’ve been salvaged with one short voiceover from Yoon-jae.

What I did love was the way the Uncle/Grandpa story dovetailed so nicely with Yoon-jae and Tae-woong, which is what this drama does so nicely, without being overly saccharine or bombastic. At first when Uncle puts a measly little pound cake on the table for Grandpa’s memorial we think he’s being cheap, in comparison to Mom’s gigantic spread and after all that nagging over octopus. But then his story is so great—poignant, but not delivered emotionally. He just tells it like a story an old man would tell his nephew, in that gruff fatherly way that gets at my heart because it’s the most realistic.

And then we realize that this episode is really about the love of a hyung. So maybe the title isn’t a bitter While you were in love I was a fool, but from a little brother to his hyung, after realizing that he never knew the extent of his brother’s love: While you were loving me, I was hating you.

It dawned on me that I never once doubted the choice Tae-woong would make, until the moment they pulled the misdirect at the coffee shop. And even in that moment I didn’t hate him even though I was surprised. His attitude towards love being the one thing you don’t give up on was great; it’s just that I had expected him to realize Shi-won’s choice sooner. We know in retrospect that he does, because he’d have to be a dummy not to. And there’s a fine line between giving something your all and hanging on past the point of reasonable denial.

But when we revisit the events knowing that Tae-woong has already set the two of them up to meet that night, the conversation turns into something else entirely—a hyung teaching his little brother about what you do and do not give up on in life, and how he should’ve fought for her then, and now. It’s beautiful, and lovely, and not at all the thing you expect to come out of this awkward love triangle.

So when Yoon-jae makes that call, it’s both awesome and horrible. He finally, FINALLY does the thing he should’ve all those years ago and says that nothing will make him back down or give up on the love of his life. But he does it angry at his brother, hating how much he’s always lost to him his entire life. And then of course it’s another blow when he comes to find out that a little brother’s complex toward his perfect older brother is a one-sided hate. Hyung has loved him unconditionally all this time, and will say sorry, even when he’s the one whose heart is ripped to shreds. That’s family. And the fact that the brothers’ relationship is what we walk out of this episode with is why I love this show.


167 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. nicanicnacs

    Thanks for the recap. 🙂

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      Yes! Thank youuuu. Shi-won and Yoon-jae are so adorable together I can’t take it!

  2. NN

    Thanks for the wonderful recap! I love Yoon Jae’s public show of affection, and the heartfelt parallel story of brotherly love. So looking forward to the finale!

    • 2.1 cg

      just love this show

  3. MhsC

    Oh my gosh , how I love this episode . :’)

  4. red

    My heart broke for Tae Woong in this episode, the brother story line had me in tears.

    If I was ever in a place to choose between Yoon Jae and Tae Woong (!), I would choose Tae Woong in a heart beat.

    But love Yoon Jae and Shi Won together.

    • 4.1 Raitei

      So did my heart. Argh. I must have cried buckets. Anyway, I have to say, Tae Woong is so loving and selfless. Both his brother and Shi Won are certainly blessed to have him in their lives. If we can all have that kind of sibling…

      • 4.1.1 jane

        SHIWON IS SOOOOO LUCKY to be liked by BOTH yoon jae and taewoong. they’re really good looking and really nice and also successful.

    • 4.2 lovepark

      Same here!

      What Tae-woong did for Yoon-jae was awesome and brotherly. It reminded me of why I love him so much, and when Yoon-jae cried and Uncle finished his story, I couldn’t help but cry, too.

      I think Yoon-jae and Shi-won are perfect together, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. However, I’d also choose Tae-woong in a heart beat! The poor man, he’s had his heart broken so many times yet he still manages to be kind, considerate, patient, and an all-around loving and amazing person. I guess the silver-lining is that he’s happily married in the future.

    • 4.3 Joy


      I had an inkling feeling that Tae Woong set it up from the beginning and then just confirmed it after he talked to Yoon Jae. But when Yoon Jae entered the room and started crying, Oh my gosh, I couldn’t help but cry with him.

    • 4.4 kip

      “hyung is sorry” just made me weep like a fool. i love tae woong.

  5. JIW_sobangnim

    The brother saying Sorry. That must have killed people that had siblings 🙁

    • 5.1 TA

      Or a couple who has only one child.
      “Jagi-ya let’s have “coffee”. True story.

    • 5.2 jeonha

      Indeed. As a younger sister, this exact thing happened to me (different context, though), and I was devastated all over again. It may be the very first time I felt tears coming down my face while watching a drama.

      I love this show so so so much.

  6. Sabah

    I am indebted for an insightful recap. You added so many layers that I missed.

    I knew my love for Taewoong wasn’t misplaced, though episode 15 preview DID scare me. Kudos to the writers for fleshing out his character so he is more than just the ‘conflict’ in the story. I think a lot of viewers are in the same place as Yoon Jae, in misunderstanding Taewoong, which the writers did wonderfully, so that maybe we too can carry this experience with us.

    As I said, I never doubted Taewoong’s heart and so never painted him as a villain of this piece, even an unintentional one, but what astonished me is the wisdom he imparted to Yoon Jae and the most humbled and humbling manner it was done. It’s a shame that we expect the world to teach us lessons, looking outside the home for wisdom when in fact our families are best positioned to educate us. Also, I LOVED that he gave up NOT because Shiwon said no but because Yoon Jae said Yes. That carries so much more meaning. Just wonderful detailing and superb writing.

    Yeah, I still don’t get why the mystery is still a mystery, I loved your note on that aspect. However after being burned by episode 15 preview, I am not going to let episode 16 preview faze me.

    • 6.1 Ariel

      I think at this point the baby daddy mystery is practically solve and the writers are just trolls, an inside joke for those who followed this Show and gave it so much love.
      It’s practically a requirement for me to tear up at each episode because they get you right here (points at heart). I love how Tae-woong resolves Yoon-jae’s passive aggressive anger issues towards him and made their bond even stronger yay writer nim you really are da bomb.

      • 6.1.1 Sabah

        Inside joke? Yeah I can see that but I also get the point that even when we know something is 100% certain, we still don’t ‘know it’ until we see it. By continuing this mystery, I think it is the writers’ way of reminding us that nothing is guaranteed, adding that suspense of real life.

        I agree about the writing and the profound sentiment found in the show. Most Kdramas just make me wish for some kind of magical event occurring outwardly; a new love, a new path, a new career. However this show made me wish for something better inwardly; that I live each moment of my life with presence of mind not just lived as an afterthought.

        Special stuff.

        • Minea

          @ Sabah

          “However this show made me wish for something better inwardly; that I live each moment of my life with presence of mind not just lived as an afterthought.”

          – I really like how you phrased this sentiment.

          • Sabah

            Well, all credit goes to the inspiration. This show is wondrous.

        • Fasiris Fay

          awww so sweet!
          “However this show made me wish for something better inwardly; that I live each moment of my life with presence of mind not just lived as an afterthought.”


      • 6.1.2 theo

        i’m not so sure we have the answer yet, one thing keeps nagging at me, when everyone else was commenting on how shi-won had gained weight right in the first episode yoon-jae came in & commented on the exact same thing- asking, ‘have you gained weight?’- as though he was seeing her after at least a few days if not more, which wouldn’t be the case if they were married right. Or was the funeral really far away so they had been away for a while? @_@

        • muhloy

          “Or was the funeral really far away so they had been away for a while? @_@” HAHA

          i rewatched the first episode and i thought the EXACT same thing about yoon jae asking that question. it didn’t sit right with me. why would he ask that!?!

        • Sabah


          Yes, that exact scene threw me too when I re-watched the first episode. However it could just part of the series of red herrings. I mean there are plenty of reasons why he could have said that and they were still a couple. The fact that everyone was saying it like a joke indicated to me that her friends knew that it irritated her, and maybe it had been a few days since he last saw her (or even just since that morning) and just wanted to instigate something, as is the manner of their relationship.

          HOWEVER, as I mentioned in my post below, nothing is guaranteed and though I do believe that Shiwon and Yoon Jae are destined to be together, I do not know the future. I think the writers adding this kind of suspense makes the series more realistic. It’s like a test you revised really hard for and aced in taking BUT you can not feel relief until that A grade mark is in your hands. The future will always be a mystery, even the sun rising for you and me.

          • panda2cool

            Your example about taking a test is so true. I was always nervous about my grades even when I think I did well on the test.

          • simplemaine

            I agree with you Sabah on this one! I think Yoon Jae only said those words is to just tease ShiWon since she’s pregnant with his baby. Aren’t husbands like that to their wives when their wives are having their first child? I’ve thought about this scene a lot of times, and this is what I’ve come to realize..Yoon Jae is the baby daddy!!haha

          • Sabah

            @simplemaine and la dee dah

            Yeah, even though haven’t been around enough married couples to say the same, I feel as though that statement is just in the style of their bickering relationship.

            Actually when I first watched the episode, I thought it was rude that Dan Ji and Yoo Jung said something like that to her, and in retrospect it was a blatant hint that there was more to it than meets the eye; that Shiwon was pregnant so that it was kind of funny to call her fat rather than if she wasn’t pregnant but just putting on weight. So when Yoon Jae also said it, the first time I watched it, I realized that it was a group joke between friends, even though I didn’t think it was particularly funny BUT now of course that I know she is pregnant, I do kind of see the humour of the running joke.

            Still…Tuesday is when we will know.

          • Sabah


            Yeah, I used that because I am waiting on some results that I am sure will be fine but…

        • la dee dah

          It most definitely is a joke when Yoon Jae asked that. I have a married friend, and he told me he would tell his pregnant wife that she looked like she gained weight sometimes, just to mess with her and tease her, because they have that kind of relationship. Shiwon and Yoon Jae seem to have that type of relationship. as well Plus, when Shiwon was complaining about not being able to drink with everyone else later that night, no one (even Yoon Jae) seemed surprised about her being pregnant – they all already knew.

        • Candy

          Isn’t it because she had her hair tied up? Yoon Jae asked her this too in a previous ep? The one where Yoon Jae went to Shi Won’s place to have “coffee”.

          The rest were prolly just teasing her or perhaps did notice a gain in weight. 😛

  7. birdscout

    AWESOME! recap of an AWESOME! episode. Thank you, girlfriday! I’m trying to figure out where in my Top Ten list Answer Me 1997 belongs. I am loving this drama 🙂

  8. shiku

    This was my fave episode of the whole show. I felt for Taewoong. I felt angry and at the same time sad for him.

    I was thrilled that Youngjae stuck to his guns and didn’t give-up Shiwon and I think it’s the reason Taewong went to the other girl’s table instead of at Shiwon’s table.

    The brotherly love was awesome especially juxtaposed with Shiwon’s father’s and brother’s story. That was extremely good editing imo.

    Joonhee still such a sweetheart even though I know his heart is breaking into pieces.

    I am thrilled Hak-chan claimed her as his girlfriend right infront of his mother. He has grown so much!

    Why writer’s are you still trolling us? But am sure it’s Youngjae

    • 8.1 shiku

      Am I the only one who thought the brothers conversation at the coffee shop that Taewoong felt hurt and duped all these years. That’s what I got from their talk and that is why I thought he was more intent to win Shiwon and if he didn’t they can laugh at him.

      I also thought that Shiwon and the blind-date girl were in the same restaurant and after he had his lil bro’s conversation he decided to go with the blind-date and let YJ meet with SW.
      I think it was the same restaurant with different sections where you can eat on the ta
      ble and chairs and where you can eat on the floor. They also made a point to show the reservation was under TW’s name and after TW met the blind-date girl they showed the corridor and it seemed to be the same restaurant.

      • 8.1.1 Sabah

        I’ll be honest, when I first watched it raw, with my two classes of Korean Language lessons behind me, I thought the same as you; that Taewoong had changed his mind after Yoon Jae’s phone call.

        However after watching it with subs (God bless subbers) I felt my reasoning was a bit off, especially in light of the uncle/dad story segued in between. I knew I was missing something but couldn’t place my finger on it.

        Then after reading GF’s recap, I was blown away. It just makes more sense to me this way, considering the writers’ style of detailing and meaning; it pulls everything together so much better for me, INCLUDING confirming what I had known of Taewoong before this episode. It also clears up Joon Hee’s note about him being ‘not the average person.’ At first I read that as meaning that he is difficult/cunning but that didn’t fit well with me because most people are difficult/cunning… However after reading this recap I realized that he meant that he isn’t average because he is magnanimous AND noting how he handled the situation I would add wise and human in the most humane way. It just fits with all the ‘bait n’ switch’ as GF says, that ran through the whole episode.

        At the end of the day, maybe you could see it either way, GF version or as you stated since art is about interpretation within nuances of connotations of expression. For me, I like GF version because it rocked my world. I mean, I cried earlier but after reading this I cried like Yoon Jae did in the restaurant.

        As Joon Hee said, Taewoong ‘isn’t your average person.’ I AM INSPIRED! Beautiful show, just absolutely beautiful.

        • whoneedssleep

          I absolutely agree with GF’s interpretation of the relationship of the two brothers and that Yoon Jae feels somewhat inadequate next to his perfect hyung. However, I don’t think that is the only reason he chose to attempt to give up on Shi Won. I think he sincerely wanted to do that for his brother, because his brother had given up so much for in order to raise him and I think Yoon Jae did not want to take this from him as well….

          • Aparna

            I feel its a combination of both. His own insecurity which at the age of 17, he must have felt like he had no chance with Shi Won. Add to it, the fact that his elder brother had put his own life on hold for him and when YJ finished school, he told him that he had to go live his own life. So it must be a combination of both. Also YJ had given sufficient hints to SW about his feelings. Like the day when he told her not to make him date Yoojung, his randomly showing up when Joonhee and shiwon were together and his frequent weird questions like “Who would you save when one is drowning? Me or Tony?”. According to me, all these hints should have been enough for SW to figure out how he feels. But she never reciprocated nor was she ever ambivalent about her feelings. So this must have surely added to his confusion. I think SW needed the relationship with TW to show her how much she actually misses YJ by her side and how much he is actually perfect for her as a friend and even more.

  9. okiejune

    Thank you! I’ve been watching for your recap. I loved the ending with Yoon Jae crying, and your recap made me cry too 🙂

  10. 10 Stardust

    Thank you girlfriday!! I LOVED ep 15 so much I watched the whole thing RAW… I was so happy I understood simple parts like… ‘yoja chingu, namja chingu’- The REALLY Important parts! !HAHAHA

    This recap fed me all the tings I was guessing, and I am so happy that Hakchan admitted to his mother that Yo Jung is his girlfriend! Go Hakchan!!

    I am very certain that the baby is Yong Jae’s… As for Taewoong being so flustered – his first dear baby nephew/niece!! Who wouldn’t right?? hahahah

    GAH this is the first time I wish the weekend will end quickly XD

    • 10.1 muhloy

      “As for Taewoong being so flustered – his first dear baby nephew/niece!! Who wouldn’t right?? ”

      i agree, taewoong loves yoonjae SOOOOO much that his excitement over the birth of the child is completely believable in the “first nephew/niece” situation.

      my dear sweet sister JUST found out that she is pregnant with the first baby of my immediate family and i am so flippin’ excited i almost cant stand it! i would be RIGHT there just like taewoong if given the opportunity.

      i too am convinced that it is Yoon Jae’s baby.

      • 10.1.1 Aparna

        TW being flustered does seem a little odd to me. No matter how much it is your nephew, it wouldnt make much sense to be worried more than the father of the baby. Maybe TW’s wife was also pregnant and maybe it is not SW’s delivery at all. This if true will be hilarious and will make the most sense to me. I wouldnt put it past the writers of this show. But one thing is for sure. YJ is SW’s husband and the father of her baby.

  11. 11 KDrama Fan

    Thanks GF.

    Great to see a bit of spice in the mix. It makes these characters seem all the more real.

  12. 12 katiamon

    my eyes sore because of all the shed tears. this drama is so great with the family plots! i only have older sisters and i the rivalry between the brothers is so alike to the one i had with my sisters when we were kids. i suppose is normal to have some envy of your older relatives, but in the end you know it’s not important because they love you and would do anything to help you and say sorry for any trouble caused.
    i’m so looking forward to ep. 16 and also really sad because the drama is ending… Gaksital finished, Reply 1997 is almost finished and i’m left only with Arang and the magistrate (which i luuuuv!). It’s true, great seasons eventually come to an end.
    thank you for the recaps!!!! 🙂

    • 12.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      same here..there’s only 1 drama left for me to watch..Arang and the Magistrate..**sad**

    • 12.2 katiamon

      Jessa, what are we going to do??? Arang is half way and the new dramas are not that good for my taste… i’m trying to give Nice Guy a chance but i’m not sticking to the plot 🙁

  13. 13 kelinci biru

    Thank you Girlfriday, its a nice surprise on a Friday evening.

    I’m still on a train home from work and my eyes filled with tears. The thing is I’ve been holding watching this episode. I wanted to wait for subs / recap. Boy, its worth it!!

    I think I’ve said this, but the writers are amazing. Every moment is carefully planned but not overly dramatic. I personally didn’t pay much attention to the ending, I know who Shi won is going to ends up with!

    I love Shi-won and Yoon Jae’s chemistry, their interaction does seems like they know each other forever.

    If there’s one thing, I wish to know what Shi-won said to Yoon-jae when he asked (wished) for her to tell him not to date Yoo-jung.

    • 13.1 Aparna

      OMG! I had dreams about that couple of nights back! It would be nice if the writers could show us that night.

  14. 14 Village Mrembo

    Am prolly the only one that doesnt feel much for JH’s heartbreak! Maybe if it was homosexual love all round then yes but the fact that its one sided and the other person is straight as a stick…i dont know i dont get his anguish. Dude its NEVER gonna happen, maybe u should look around and stop concentrating on one dude for what, close to 10 freaking years?!! Geez!

    • 14.1 Peeps

      Sorry, despite 2 million years of constant evolution, the human heart just has this defective switch that simply won’t switch off when it’s been switched on.

      I dunno, maybe the switch got too rusty and can’t be flipped off easily or the human heart is going through that rebellious teenage stage in evolution where it refuses to listen to it’s mother, the brain.

      Oh, maybe that last reason is true, cause you see, since the start of time, that rebellious heart’s been liking whoever it likes, regardless of whether the brain says the relationship can or cannot be.

      And that is why we have sob-fests inducing melodramas which the K-Ent people have carved a niche in. And also why people are people – so complicated.

      • 14.1.1 SillyRnti

        Wonderfully put, Peeps. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants, logic be damned. I feel for Sung-jae the same way I do for Tae-woong. Both have pined for someone who simply did not return those same feelings. I wish that the characters would have found a way to move on for their own happiness. However, I think the writers did a great job of writing these characters realistically so you see why they still feel and act the way they do.

      • 14.1.2 kit


        I’d like to add that now, eight years later, Joon Hee seems subdued about it all and a bit regretful that he spent so much of his life being in love with Yoonjae. He wishes he would’ve just gone to the air academy, wishes he’d moved out sooner. It’s not a kind of angsty discovery for him, just a realisation that he’d prolonged the heartbreak for himself.

    • 14.2 mars

      @Village Mrembo: I think that’s more a problem with the writing to be honest. I would’ve vastly preferred Joon-hee to have his straight boy crush in his high school years, dealt with the reality of it not materializing into anything (which he did to an extent), and then later have him explore the romantic landscape. I think that’s the one thing that truly disappointed me about this drama, while they made Joon-hee a great character they haven’t (yet at least) given him a fair shot at a happy ending. Pretty much everyone else ends up happily married. Guess gay dudes always gotta have the same narrative trajectory aka Never Finding Happiness.

      • 14.2.1 kit

        Not everyone gets a ‘fair shot at a happy ending’ at the normal time! I thought it was a true reflection on how some can’t get rid of their feelings even though they know It’s Never Going To Be. He’s finally forcing himself to move on, with reality crashing of Shiwon and Yoonjae which he’s been rooting for anyway.

        Just because someone’s a good person doesn’t mean they’re able to find their match and get married before 35, have two kids and a picket fence.

        And Sunjae doesn’t seem to be dating or married in the present, I think, unless we missed something.

        There’s a variety of ways love turns out, and I like the drama having explored that. I mean, if they’d tacked on a love interest for Joon Hee in the last two episodes it would’ve felt cheap, like a consolation prize.

        • mars

          @Kit: They tacked on a love interest for Tae-woong if of course we are to believe that he’s married to the doctor. So, I honestly can’t see why it would’ve been any different for Joon-hee. Coming out to Shi-won and his crush on YJ were huge parts of his story. Shouldn’t they follow through and show if he’d decided to come out to the rest of the gang? Did he and YJ ever talk about his sexuality? Has Joon-hee found someone he wants to spend his life with? Does his family know? To me there’s so many questions to answer, but instead they opted to put in that super boring ~brothers~ parallel plot. My issue is that the trend with most gay characters is that they never have happy endings, and it looks like Joon-hee’s ending is going to follow that trend.

      • 14.2.2 Alvina

        ^Man, I just want JH to have his “Life is Beautiful” esque happy ending.

      • 14.2.3 Jessica

        I got the impression that Joo Hee always knew that it wasn’t possible, but he just saw him as a best friend and that’s why they stayed together for so long.

        He was also afraid (or still is) of telling him that he’s gay, for feel that Yoon-jae might act different around him.

        Besides, they were all really busy with school, their work, going to the military, etc. that Joo Hee hasn’t really had time to sorta ll this stuff out yet.

  15. 15 Ladytron33

    I cried like a baby with this one! The way the end of the triangle unfolded was so heartbreaking/wrenching, but pretty much expected from the amazing human being that is TW. (I’d chose him in a heartbeat *swoon*)

    In the earlier episodes, when everyone was looking for clues to the father’s identity, the thing that really convinced me YJ was the endgame was how they each reacted in the “stalker” episode. When SW was in danger, YJ dropped everything and ran to her, even putting himself at risk, because she was the most important thing in his life. At the same time, when we are told that TW had run out of his office like a crazy man, I expected he had figured out what had happened and had gone to check on SW (’cause he was head over heals for her and everything). Of course, it turned out that he ran to his brother instead, because he was the one person TW thought of over all others.

    TW has been shown time and again to put the needs of others before himself. That is why he is such a tragic character. I know that he is happy and successful in the end, but it pains me to think that such a wonderful person would have to go through so much loss in his life. But then again, I’ve never though SW was right for him (or even good enough for him, sorry), so hopefully this will free him up to find his real partner. ‘Cause even with the baby-daddy fake out at the end of the ep, I can’t see him being the father.

    On another point, I noticed something interesting at the end of the coffee scene. TW tells YJ that he has to treat the girl he’s meeting for dinner well because “she’s the daughter of the person I admire most.” On my first viewing, I assumed it was the blind date girl. However, after watching it a second time, I realized he was talking about SW (the daughter of Pappa Sung) and how YJ would have to be good to her because he’s giving her to him. Did anyone else get that? Oh god, I’m bawling just thinking about all the heartbreak and self sacrifice.

    • 15.1 SillyRnti

      Omg, I thought of that implication too when Tae-woong made the statement of the man he admires most. I instantly thought of Daddy Sung. For some reason I didn’t dwell on it or make the connection that he was being selfless and going to step back for his brother’s sake. Need to rewatch it and see if from that touching perspective. That just secures my love for the character of Tae-Woong even more.

    • 15.2 Kdrama fan

      Great insight. I didn’t make the connects that you did. You are so right. TW concern for YJ and running home to see his brother. Even wearing his shirt inside out. Giving up his dreams to take care of YJ by becoming a teacher. Now giving up on SW and teaching YJ about love. How awe inspiring. I cried buckets when the conflict happened. I was expecting the worst. But then to find out that TW is such a noble character. God, have to love him!!!! 😭😭😭

      • 15.2.1 Ladytron33

        Thanks! That “stalker” scene really surprised me. I was so convinced that he was going to rush to SW after his conversation with YJ. (He’s a genius after all, so he should’ve been able to figure out what was going on!) But when he turned up in the inside out sweatshirt, it was game over for me. He was out of the running for the hubby from then on.

        I agree that TW is a “noble” character. All the TW hate really bothers me. I mean, he never did anything wrong. He didn’t see that YJ was in love with SW. The moment he found out, he did what he usually does and stepped back. Seriously dramaland, why are you ruining me for real men?

    • 15.3 NN

      I had the same suspicion as well that Tae Woong was referring to Papa Sung.

    • 15.4 mars

      I want to see an expansion on the point that Shi-won is not “good enough” for Tae-woong. How many points does she have to rack in order to be good enough for Tae-woong?

      • 15.4.1 Ladytron33

        Oh no, I really wasn’t trying to put Shi-won down here, and I’m sorry if it came across that way. I just never thought that they were a right fit for each other. She was so immature and selfish in the earlier episodes that it really drove me crazy. And there was never any reciprocation of his feelings towards her. I truly love the character of TW and want him to be with someone who actually appreciates and accepts his love.

        My comment of being “not good enough” was not some sort of dig on her looks or intelligence (even though it’s hard to be on equal footing with someone who is literally a genius). It was more about my feelings of her taking him for granted. But that’s just my opinion and I think I’m entitled to it. Of course, I’d be happy to be proven wrong. An 11th hour twist (done right) could be pretty fun!

    • 15.5 kit

      Oh, that’s so great. I never made the connection between Taewoong with his shirt the other way around, breathing heavily, going to Yoonjae first. The smallest things say so much.

  16. 16 ricky trh

    I want a brother too. Gah!

  17. 17 Judy

    I know a lot of people online have been wondering why the writers are still playing the game of who’s the father when clearly we supposedly know who it is. In the back of my head, however, I can’t help but think “what if.” As much as I am 95% certain that Yoonjae is the father, there’s always that little part that makes me think about how the writers keep playing the little game. They might just take us for a surprise even though most of the audience is certain that YJ is the father.

    But then, of course, I tend to the person who overthinks (like YJ lol) so who knows.

    I’ve been waiting for this recap just for the insight because I knew you’d provide some perspective on things I didn’t see like how YJ would feel about his brother. All the family stuff kills me (in a good way) and this ep made me think of my own relationship with my siblings. Thank you for writing! It was a joy to read ^^

  18. 18 Maru

    I LOOOOOOOOOOVED this episode! Yoon Jae, I want a boyfriend like you. I can’t wait for the next episode. The last part of this one, I almost cry… Taewoon has never been my favorite because I always though that relationship was weird. She was in highschool and he was already in his late 20s? And the fact that he use to be her dead sister’s boyfriend was weirder. So, no… I never though about them together. That been said, he was amazing in this episode and I think that, when he said to Yoon Jae that he could never give up the woman he loved for his little brother I saw it more like a lesson he was trying to teach him not a confrontation or fighting statement.

    I’m so sad this drama is almost over!

    Also, I want to express my dislike right now with dramafever. Yes, I don’t like you anymore and I won’t ever visit that site again to watch anything.

    • 18.1 Ladytron33

      Why the dramafever hate?

      • 18.1.1 Muriell812

        Probably because they sent DMCA notices that forced a lot of sites (streaming and subs providers) to remove this drama.

        • Ladytron33

          Wow. I had no idea this was going on! I just checked out a some posts on the last OT about it. That’s really scary.

          Honestly, I think DF has the worst subtitles out there (besides the occasional amateur fan-subber). When I started watching dramas, I really didn’t see the difference. But now that I’m more familiar with the language and the culture, it drives me crazy how watered down their translations are. I mean, they miss so many of the nuances due to their clunky “Americanizations” of everything. I’m really disappointed in what is going on at the moment.

          • Muriell812

            You’re probably right about DF lack of quality but for those (like me) who don’t understand korean, any source of videos & subtitles is a godsend!

            I don’t know for you but since MU disappeared, I’m scared to death to think that, one day, I won’t be able to find my daily dose of k-dramas goodness.

          • Maru

            The problem is… they are leaving out a LOT of fans who can’t watch Dramafever and/or viki (viki don’t have this drama) because they don’t live in the US. Also, their subs are not as great as others in the internet.

          • Ladytron33

            @ Muriell & Maru – I also really appreciate being able to watch shows on DF (heck, I’m even a paid subscriber to the site!). I realize that I’m lucky to live in the US and have the ability to see these amazing drama subbed. I just wish that the subs were a little better quality. I find that I have missed a lot after reading the recaps on dramabeans!

            I’m also scared that this will harm the drama community (the fan subbers and those outside of the US especially). At least two streaming sites have been taken down so far, and who knows how many blogs. I can’t imagine what would happen if everything just came to a stop. And I watch some j-doramas, so this is really a big problem. The whole thing just seems so heavy handed and is going to cause a lot of resentment. I mean, how much revenue can they be losing anyway when most of the people using these sites are outside of the US?

          • Lee

            This copyright infringement stuff is interesting. They’ve started blocking AM 1997 MVs as well. It seems to be Drama Fever’s doing since these MVs are known to be blocked only in the States. What harm could snippets from the drama do?

          • simplemaine

            so now it’s cleared! it’s not TvN afterall that’s been sending DMCA to blogs and sites providing streaming of this drama contaning subtitles. i just found out here that is is DRAMAFEVER!o hate them!!i’m not living in the US so there is no way I can subscribe to DF that’s why i always hav my dose of dramas in other sites.. they’re soooooo mean!!! my heart has just been torn to pieces yesterday evening when i opened one site and here’s no more ANSWER ME 1997. why do it only for this drama? WHY DF?!!!!!! please don’t be like this..

          • Barbarella

            it’s TVN too, in all likelihood. Or perhaps their mother company CJ Entertainment. They’re in a business symbiosis whereby CJ ultimately will try to protect their venture into the US business through Dramafever/Crunchyroll/Hulu etc., so don’t assume DF is directly responsible for all those DMCA notices. Indirectly, of course.

    • 18.2 Kandice

      try dramacrazy

  19. 19 Autumn

    I was fearing for the worst after watching the preview, but thankfully none of the makjang shenanigans I’d imagined played out and the resolution of the love triangle was done a lot better than expected.

    I’ve been pretty neutral about Taewoong; he’s a cool guy but didn’t feel much for him, but he was damn amazing in this episode. When he sent Yoonjae the text saying he was sorry….I cried. Man, I cried.

    I don’t know why they’re still dragging the no-longer-mystery mystery either, like, I honestly can’t see why it’s not Yoonjae at this point. Why can’t they just let us ship them in peace?!?

    • 19.1 Peeps

      Because the writers are trolls and like playing with your heart.

      *Shrugs* You gotta pay somehow when given a treasure like this drama.

    • 19.2 Fab

      Yep it’s so lame to drag the story to this point. The same with Joon Hee making the choice to stick to YJ’s side for so long. And Taewong not noticing that YJ is been avoiding SW for all these years while they where inseparable in their youth. And so on. I remember in the beginning I thought this drama was only running for 8 short episodes and was thrilled to learn that it has 16 episode, but now I think they’re only dragging the story towards the end, which is a shame.

      Nevertheless I love it!

  20. 20 eternalfive

    Wow, girlfriday, you expressed everything so amazingly well in the comments section. All the brotherly love in this episode was so heartbreaking but so sweet and poignant. But I totally agree with this: “It just didn’t have the same color as the rest of the series, which I think could’ve been salvaged with one short voiceover from Yoon-jae.” And I also agree that this ep seemed a little more draggy than the rest. BUT the show’s still amazing. I’m both anticipating and dreading the finale next week! D:

  21. 21 Odet

    Tae-woong is now the love of my life. I love him… Yep!

    • 21.1 goro

      I want him too! lol

    • 21.2 NoonaLuv

      Saw him first. Claimed him first. He’s mine.

  22. 22 Korazy Lady

    Thanks so much for this recap! I had to do a lot of fast-forwarding when watching this episode because of time restraints (had company here all week) so this explains so much to me. I look forward to rewatching this episode with a greater sense of understanding.

    Great recap – great show!

  23. 23 goro

    I’m still holding on to that 0.0001% chance that it’s TaeWoong in the end.

  24. 24 Lemon


  25. 25 minhoswife

    Crying over your comments, GF! You explained and analyzed it so well! Yes, this ep felt different from all the other episodes but man, the brotherly love aspect just melts my heart.

  26. 26 LoveIt

    I didn’t cry this episode, and I only came close by listening to the story of the brothers, not YJ and TW.

    I really love this drama, definitely one of my favorites of the season. HOwever I am sick and tired of the ending with us not knowing which brother she ended up with. Like, I would rather no preview at all tbh. I don’t even find it funny anymore, I just roll my eyes.

    Also if she ends up with TW I just might hate this drama lol.

    • 26.1 Rui

      that is just…. silly.

      Every drama has a thing they keep until the end of the drama, and here is who is the father.

      WHy people get so annoyed by it? Must be because they really wish it is YJ but if it isn’t they’ll hate it.

      • 26.1.1 LoveIt

        I think it is redundant and over done. Am i suppose to still find it funny? It is rather silly imo. Why have both of them running to the hospital out of breath? They both can’t be the father, and both of them shouldn’t be acting like they are.

        Even last week when both of them were on the phone with the parents, that was stupid too tbh. But I guess I was supposed to suspend all judgement because I love the drama? Well I am already doing that. To think that YJ didn’t go home for 5 years, avoided SW ffor 5 years, and never once dawned on his brother that something was wrong IS suspending judgement. But I don’t mind doing that, because it tells a story, and what i get in the end is cute and sweet enough for it not to matter.

        But I know for damn sure it makes no sense for them both to be acting like the daddy, even to the very last show. We already are not sure, so without that it wouldn’t make SW and YJ anymore concrete. It is just too overdone at the point. It is contrived, and silly.

        • Rui

          lol you don’t even know the entire scene and is judging it.

          It can be TW’s wife and SW are having babies in the same day or just his wife, or just SW…

          but why can’t they both run there? One turned a father, the other turned a uncle. What is silly about it?

          A baby was born, is it a silly moment of someone’s life?

          When my friend’s baby was born I went running there and stayed up all night until the baby was born, does this make me strange? I’m not the mother, not the father and was there.

          They aren’t acting like the dad. The PD is making us think both are the dad. It isn’t silly at all. They never put their hands in SW’s tummy and said ”baby grow well” or something like this.

          Also, I never said this drama has no flaw and if there is you have to love it.

          Makes no sense.

          • LoveIt

            Makes no sense to you, makes plenty of sense to me. I DON’T LIKE IT. It is over done IMO. I am not going to go back and forth with you over my opinion, which I have explained. You do not have to agree it is just that simple.

            I still love the drama, and I am still tired of having them both appearing to be the dad, when at this point imo it is unnecessary. We are already guessing.

            You bringing up you running to the hospital for her delivery is what makes no sense. We are talking about a show on TV, and both men are made to seem like they are the father INTENTIONALLY. Are they going to fight over who gets to cut the umbilical cord?

            This is not an issue with the actors, this is what the director and writers have decided to do. IMO it is played out, and the show would be even better without it at this point. We already know the next episode is called why first love doesn’t work or something like that. We are already guessing. I don’t like it, and you seem to like it, and the world is still spinning, and the finale will be just as good as the series has been. So why go back and forth with me about my opinion? It’s not like I am saying the show is stupid, which it is not. It’s not like I am saying the actors can’t act, because they can. It is just my pet peeve, and I am going to continue to have it whether you think it is silly, makes no sense, or whatever else you come up with.

  27. 27 wanderlust

    JB or even GF I’m not sure why but are you getting Delightful Girl Choon Hyang vibes from Si Won and Yoon Jae? Like especially that hug part, his voice and facial expression just full reminded me of Jae Hee in MDG, and their dynamic too, how hes completely under her thumb, always intiating skinskip but always getting rejected.

    Makes me love them more 🙂

    • 27.1 Aparna

      Thanks for the Delightful Girl reference. Brought a smile to my face.

  28. 28 la dee dah

    Thanks for the recap. Really liked this episode.

    I always felt pity for Taewong, like I felt pity for Joon hee. Just like Joon hee said, you can’t help who you fall in love with. Taewong happened to fall for the sister of his deceased fiance. It was pitiful in that he loved her but we knew she would never love him back like that. Just like how Joon hee fell for Yoon Jae, but Yoon Jae will never return the love. I’m almost thinking that the title of the last episode is describing Joon hee and Yoon Jae. In any case, I think Taewong is happy now because he’s married (well, I’m assuming 99% to another girl than Shiwon). Hope Joon hee found someone as well.

    Oh, loved the Yoon Jae and Shiwon scene where he tries to get a kiss, but gets a hug instead! Too cute!

    And the ending where both brothers run to the hospital, I’m wishing it’s because YoonJae is still driving around that Onata and it finally broke down, so Tae wong had to drive him to the hospital. ha.

    One question: what happened to Yoonjae the dog? I don’t see him anymore… Did I miss something in a previous episode?

  29. 29 HallyuFan32

    i watched the episode before reading the recap and cried. then i read your recap and still cried. omo. it was such a great episode. Yong jae’s part at the end………. it hit close to home. man, i love this show so much. tvN has done it again.

  30. 30 Di

    this episode made me cried so bad, with the lovely story of the brothers, and the end, omg, Taewoong was so bitter but at the end, he loves his brother so much, beautiful ♥

  31. 31 Rashell

    This recap may be the best recap of an episode ever, GF. Your explanation of Tae Wong’s actions actually brought me to tears. We talk a lot in other dramas about “the best oppa to ever oppa”, but this one shows the example of “the best hyung to ever hyung”. Tae Wong is truly mother, father, and brother to Yoon Jae. And not only does he show his brother what self-less love really is, he also teaches him the valuable lesson about the thing in life you should NEVER be willing to give up for anyone.

    This show is awesome in the extreme. And while I agree that the baby daddy question has been answered the fake outs don’t bother me. It shows how even in the future these people are still a close family. And I need that for all of them.

  32. 32 Kristen

    After reading the recaps vs watching the drama I m confused….did TW planned the whole restaurant meet up like for YJ n SW right at the beg? Or was it he was at the restaurant then decided not to meet SW n meet his mentor’s daughter instead??

    If anyone understands Chinese, Chinese subs are really good n accurate n come out fast!!

    • 32.1 pigtookie

      I think back at the coffee shop, he’d already decided on giving the wrong address to YJ.

      And I second the Chinese subs comment, I think it helps that some Korean could be translated into Chinese quite easily (when I listen to Korean raw, I hear some words that are close in pronunciation to Mandarin words).

    • 32.2 simplemaine

      Hi, Kristen! I’ve thought a lot about the answer to your question coz it bugged me for so many days already after the preview for episode 15 was shown. here’s my thought:
      I think that Taewoong had set up Shiwon and Yoonjae in the restaurant right after he called Shiwon. This is because he already knows that Shiwon loves Yoon Jae (when Shiwon told him that she has something to say to him **Taewoong).. Then, just a confirmation when he and Yoon Jae talked in the coffee shop. By the way, I agree to GF and the others when they said that Taewoong’s line of not giving up on Shiwon is a lesson meant for Yoon Jae just for him to realize that one should not give up on love and fight for it instead. That scene confirmed my hunch that Taewoong gave up on Shiwon for his brother. And that leads us to why Taewoong said both to Shiwon and Yoon Jae that he reserved a room under his name..for them two to meet with each other and make them realize that they can be happy without worrying for him (Taewoong)

  33. 33 Teejay

    What a lovely surprise! I’ve been waiting for this recap and I didn’t expect it so soon!

    When I think I can’t love this drama any more than I already do, I get proven wrong every week with each new episode. Like you girlfriday, all the family stuff is what gets to me the most. I’ve always LOVED Taewoong’s character (I can’t even fathom NOT liking any of the characters in this flaw-free drama), and all the hate he’s been getting online has seriously irked me. Hopefully after this episode, people will see him as the amazing, selfless, loving character he is, and not just some ‘creepy pedo guy in the way of our OTP’s love’… seriously guys? 😐

    Oh, the bromance. It kills me so. This drama is just so superbly written and utterly heart-wrenching in the best kind of way. Show, you complete me.

    Also, I can’t be the only one DYING for a new (drunk!) podcast? I would love to hear an in-depth discussion on Answer Me 1997 between girlfriday & javabeans. Or they could just fangirl over the awesomeness that is this drama, either is fine haha. *fingers crossed*

  34. 34 bd

    Another touching ep by the writers and actors.

    While, like GF, I don’t particularly care for the love triangle storyline (if just feels forced), the best part about it is how it shows the love btwn brothers, the point nicely juxtapositioned w/ the Uncle telling Dad about his relationship w/ his hyung.

    As move as TW’s action at the end was moving (kinda suspected that), I actually thought Uncle telling Dad about how he hated his hyung and then came to realize that he was all wrong about that at that end was even more poignant.

    It was part telling the story in a near empty bus station and part Dad’s expression as Uncle was telling the story (Sung Dong-il just kills that scene and the actor who plays the Uncle also did a good job).

    One really feels for Dad since he has had quite the tough life experiences. Not only does he lose a daughter and his best friend to accidents (as well as his cancer scare), he lost his father early and he didn’t even get to know his own grandfather who was shot for being accused a Communist (plus, he had another daughter who drove him crazy and whom he thought he was going to have to support for the rest of his life).

    Aside from the parallel about the bond btwn family/brothers, like the inclusion of the Uncle b/c it was quite funny to see Dad being knocked down a peg in the hierarchy after being the “elder” (not that SW ever listened to him).

    But despite all of life’s travails, all has not been bad for Dad. He has a loving wife (even if they like to bicker) and a loving daughter (even if it took her a while to appreciate her Dad and how much he loves her) and TW and YJ who are like sons to him and soon a grandchild.

    Some other points –

    I like how the writers handled the Hak-chan and Yoo-jung meeting up w/ HC’s mom again, it was done w/ a nice touch w/o be overly cloy saccharine.

    SW is being way too stingy w/ the PDA – not even giving YJ (poor boy) a kiss goodnite; SW – that guy has been waiting for your affection for YEARS, give the poor guy a break (besides, they are grown adults now and not teens).

    I think TW said what he said to YJ (about not giving up) as a means of testing YJ in how deep his feeling for SW went. Once TW realized that YJ felt as strongly as SW (if not more so) as he did, TW made it so YJ would meet up w/ SW.

    Women like that MC just annoy me.

    I love how YJ walks around in nice suits and yet still drives around in that crappy, old “onata.”

    And yeah, what is the point of still playing the game of “who is the father?” unless the writers are just having some fun w/ the whole thing.

  35. 35 coby

    Thanks for the recaps! I watched this raw as soon as this episode was uploaded. And I was like whats with the long airtime of the uncle? Complaining for I don’t understand anything, hehe! (when will I go for level 2 in my Hangeul?).

    As the eldest, this show made me cry, as I thought of my siblings. I hope they realize how much I love them with some things that I avoid/sacrifice for them.. sniff sniff

    This show is amazing! need to say more?

    I am all geared up for the finale! But what drama will I watch now?

  36. 36 Sajen

    “What I did love was the way the Uncle/Grandpa story dovetailed so nicely with Yoon-jae and Tae-woong, which is what this drama does so nicely, without being overly saccharine or bombastic.”

    I loved that too.

    now unless they want to piss off everyone regardless of who they prefer Shi Won being with we know the father is Yoon Jae so that bit at the end was kind of enough already, there’s just not enough time left to have Shi Won do a 360 so I get the ending I want there’s just one thing I hope for.

    That we get an ending for everyone else not just Shi Won and Yoon Jae

  37. 37 onewcondition

    Bawling my eyes out… Beautiful drama T.T

  38. 38 lizzie

    Well, if SW doesn’t end with YJ people can’t say how they can do this to us? Afterall the drama always hinted the baby father can be other guy. So the end isn’t impossible.

    Also she ending with YJ is so predictable, no fun at all.

  39. 39 Suzi Q

    I absolutely love the fabulous writers of this drama. The characters are so well written and acted by these unknown actors. I’m sure this will be a benchmark drama where these actors will springboard into more outstanding and amazing careers. I know Seo In Guk is already signed to a new drama. Can’t wait to see it.

    I cried buckets like Yoon Jae. If they can elicit that kind of reaction from the viewers, MORE POWER TO THEM. Can’t wait to see their next venue. One of the best dramas of 2012.

    Hate to see it end.

  40. 40 SillyRnti

    How adoreable was Yoon Jae with Shi Won in this epsiode? The way that he just lit up when he saw her and was so affectionate at the taping. And his request for “coffee” (wink wink). I love the how once he’s admitted he loves her he just totally goes for it.

  41. 41 lin

    i bawled like a baby at the last scenes of all four brothers, but especially at YJ and TW. The love that these two have for each other and how each at some point was willing to “bow out” for the other *bawls again* It made me think of my older sisters and how much they love me and have given up for me and shard with me. Drama why are you soooo good.

    YJ and SW are just all shades of cute and adorable together and if he does not end up being the husband (and JH doesn’t get a happy ending) I will rage.

    Great recapp it brought back the same emotions I felt when I watched the ep.

  42. 42 moana

    third time crying after this episode. first time, watching without subs;second time watching with the subs and third time was reading the last paragraph of this recap. excellent stuff, this drama, and excellent play by play as well. mahalo, GF!

  43. 43 Stephanie

    Tae woong didn’t actually say daughter of his teacher, he said daughter of the person I respected the most, I suppose he already decided to set yoon jae and shiwon up and go for the mat-seon he planned. What makes it even sweeter is that he means that shiwon’s father is the man he respects the most, which just gets me in the gut. Tae woong is really not your average person. He said “You’re the person I love most in this world, and I can give up everything for you, but I won’t give up on Shi-won.” So that Yoon Jae can say it too. It’s the perfect example of reverse psychology. As if he wanted to say “I know you love me most in the world and that you would give everything up for me, but not a woman, please just not a woman.” And oof I love how smart he is.

    Btw, he’s taped hp is HILARIOUS. Especially since he can only hang up by pressing a button, not the usual dramatic way of clasping the phone HAHAH The juxtaposition really has a better effect 😀

    Oh and I love how one thought leads to another smoothly. Like, the editing is not a mere rehashing of content. When Shiwon couldn’t reach yoonjae, I naturally remembered that he broke his phone and that’s what we went to.

    And I love how they framed a story within a story. Having the grandfather’s story is like having a narrator to highlight the points of the yoonjae-taewoong story without actually HAVING an annoying narrator.

  44. 44 Saima

    aahhhh, these two Yoon brothers are the definition of perfection!! T_T I’m glad in this drama we don’t have any Darcy-types male characters. All of them are such good men. huhuuuuuu

  45. 45 Adrienne

    The writers might be trolling us some more.

    Maybe Tae-woong actually walks up as the father into the birthing room- only to see the female director from the previous episode as the mother! Then Yoon-jae frantically asks about Shi-Won as well, because both brother are expecting a child at the same time! How’s that for brotherly similarities?

  46. 46 iammt2

    I really liked the last scene (where Joon Jae and Tae Woong both showing up) because it demonstrates not only the brothers’ respective loves for Shi Won (wife and sister in law) but also how much they support each other.

    Since this episode seems to be more about the brothers (actually the last third of this whole series seems to be about brothers) seeing them be there for the birth is super important. They are the only blood family each other has. So of course they are both going to be there.

    It ends up being a super fake because it isn’t a fake out at all.

    • 46.1 Oc-ca

      I agree that I didnt mind this fake out ending bc I think it worked well with the brotherly love theme and that their bond is stronger than ever. That the 3 will be family no matter what and let 6 years of TW mooning over sw negatively affect their bond unlike yj who couldn’t get over his hurt feeling to be close to his bro and his crush.

      • 46.1.1 asianromance

        That’s how I see the “fakeout” too. Maybe it was a fakeout at first, but as it became clearer who Shi-won’s choice is going to be, I feel like these fakeouts further show how similar the two brothers are. They both liked girls who happened to be sisters with the same sort of bright smile. Then, when Shi-won’s sister passed away, they both liked Shi-won. They both got Shi-won the same ring. They both ended up with careers in civil service. They both drink the same coffee. I’m glad that they can both share the moment of the baby’s birth. If fate had been kinder, there would have been two SungxYoon babies for the two families.

        Man I was reading the recap first before watching ep 15 and the scene with the Uncle telling the story and YJ finding out that TW had set him up with SW – *tears*!!

      • 46.1.2 iammt2

        I also like the idea of YJ (mr iceman) being too anxious to drive and so TW has to drive him to the hospital…

  47. 47 Macky

    Thank you for writing this… I am crying so much that I can hardly see the screen. Love the recaps and this show so much.

  48. 48 reihime

    I followed the live recap, and watched the episode at least thrice before reading this recap but I’m still in tears. Gah! T_T

  49. 49 Faranak

    Woah! Great,thank you soooo much GF 😀 :-* i still feel sorry for joon hee,but waiting for ep16to see what will happen at the end;-)

  50. 50 Barbie

    -rises from seat & claps slowly-

    flawless summation of your thoughts on this episode. truly poignant & heartbreaking all at once. you took the words i was struggling to emote from the episode so easily & beautifully. this is why i go to this site. you & javabeans are flawless beings.

    although i had an inkling that tae-wong was setting up yoon-jae with shi-won… just seeing how it all came together & how it was a “lesson” as you described it…

    i just ugly cried throughout the rest of the episode especially how it mirrored her dad’s uncle’s story.


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