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Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 11
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So much awesome. There’s badassery, romance, revelations for so many characters, and a crucial reveal about our hero. I love that this show just keeps me guessing, even when I could be content to solve the riddles at hand. But a really great mystery knows how to answer a question with more questions, to keep us clamoring for more.

And today brings another twist in the ratings game: Both Arang and Nice Guy recorded 13.8% ratings, tied for first place.


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Eun-oh and Arang return home and she asks if he’ll go with her to pick up her new clothes. He harrumphs that he won’t spend his day following a ghost around and tells her to do it herself.

She smirks to herself that that’s the magistrate she knows, thinking it odder that he was nice to her for a day. She looks up at the half-moon and grumbles up at the old fogey for conning her out of a month’s time.

Up in the bridge between heaven and hell, the Jade Emperor practices his fishing form. I do enjoy the pretty god’s vanity. Hades tells him that stuff doesn’t matter; what matters is the bait you use. Hm, you be speaking in metaphors old man?

He says that if you use the proper bait, then all the fishes will put up a fight, with everything on the line. That makes Jade ask about Arang—what’s he going to do with her? He’s not going to go back on his promise to send her to heaven, right?

Hades grumbles over the technicalities of “promise,” but Jade just aegyos him into keeping up his end of the deal. Hades gives him a hairy eyeball – does he have some sort of personal agenda for wanting Arang in heaven?

He admits that he has a personal agenda, but doesn’t reveal it of course. Can’t he just want her there ’cause she’s pretty?

And just to drive the metaphor home in case we didn’t get it, Jade gets a bite on his line, and then down below, Mom laughs at them for thinking she wouldn’t know that Arang was their bait.

She figures out their plan pretty quickly—that going after Arang means they draw her out into the open. But she also knows that while she’s in a human body, those gods can’t touch her. “So they’ll send Mu-young.”

Well that sucks for Mu-young. She looks into her mystical mirror… where a young woman looks back at her, smiling just as devilishly. That must be her true image. If she can manifest that, there’s no way Mu-young can kill her, right?

Also, at least we know now that Eun-oh’s mother is just another vessel, and not the original form. So there’s no relation between Mu-young and Eun-oh, thankfully, because that would just be one too many birth secrets even for a drama.

Eun-oh sleeps, and Mu-young stands in the corner of his room, watching him. Dude, do you know how creepy that is? STOP IT. *shakes off heebie jeebies*

He puts his hand out and walks around the room, feeling the supernatural energy. When he feels a pulse, he opens a chest to find what he’s looking for: that curious demon-slaying fan.

He opens it up to examine the symbols, looking back and forth from Eun-oh to the fan. He also finds Mom’s hairpin in the same spot and picks it up.

That’s when Eun-oh’s hand grabs his wrist, “What are you doing, Grim Reaper?” Whoa, did he just scare the grim freaking reaper?

Suddenly they crash through his doors and land in a tussle outside, and it wakes Arang. Eun-oh flares up in anger to see Mu-young holding his mother’s hairpin. I don’t think Mu-young expects it, but Eun-oh matches him move for move, and soon the hairpin is back in his hand.

This is a badass fight. And how can Eun-oh go toe-to-toe with the grim reaper? Mu-young is so awesomely formidable, but Eun-oh holds his own, and the force from their blows knock each other back.

Mu-young asks again if the hairpin is his, and who gave him the fan. Eun-oh snarks that he would know, right – because the living and the dead are so chummy? “Why is a grim reaper so interested in the possessions of a living person? You can’t take them anyway.”

Mu-young just keeps asking questions: Did the same person give him the fan and the hairpin? Eun-oh: “If you’re that curious, come when I die!” Ha. It’s funny, but don’t tempt the reaper!

But then it occurs to Eun-oh that he should be asking questions too, like whether Mu-young recognizes that hairpin. He says no, he just wants to know who gave it to him. Eun-oh reminds him that it was Arang’s, and then Mu-young flashes back to chasing her, and seeing it in her hair.

He fills in the rest of the details too—that it wasn’t Arang’s to begin with, but she came to have it just before dying. If Mu-young was the one who picked up her soul when she died, he would’ve seen her immediate surroundings upon death. Ooh, I like this line of questioning.

Eun-oh asks if he saw anyone or anything in that moment. Mu-young says he doesn’t know—a reaper cannot be faster than death. But Eun-oh’s asking if anyone was near her corpse. He still says he saw nothing.

Eun-oh rushes him, screaming, “Lies!” But then Arang appears behind the wall to ask what they’re doing, and when Eun-oh turns to look at her, Mu-young poofs away.

Arang sits with Eun-oh in his room, and wonders what’s going on with Mu-young. He’s not the type of reaper to care about human affairs. She asks about the fan, and Eun-oh says the same person gave him the fan and the hairpin: his teacher.

Arang: “My fake father?” Heh. He says his master gave him the fan, saying it would kill ghosts. Well now I’m thinking that hairpin’s got mystical mojo too then. He goes to bed clutching it tightly.

Mu-young returns to heaven and starts puzzling it out. Both the fan and the hairpin were a monk’s; that much he’s got figured out. “But what is Kim Eun-oh?”

Joo-wal gets his money returned from the dressmaker, who couldn’t refuse the magistrate. Eun-oh checks Arang’s room and smiles to see that she’s already run off to claim her new hanbok.

He walks through the yard, and then the sight of Seo-rim’s old room triggers a thought. He remembers her servant saying that this one room was everything to her. He goes inside, wondering why he didn’t think of this before.

At first I think he’s going to have some kind of lightbulb revelation, but he talks aloud to himself at Amnesia that this is the key to recovering Seo-rim’s memories, not getting close to Joo-wal. Ha.

Arang arrives at the dressmaker’s in a happy mood, and runs into Joo-wal. He asks if she really didn’t accept his gift, adding that he knows it’s the magistrate’s idea. She doesn’t know what to say.

Joo-wal lets her off the hook and wonders what she was going to ask him the other day. So she finally asks about his engagement to Lee Seo-rim. He says openly and matter-of-factly that he never saw her, and he doesn’t believe in things he doesn’t see—so how could he have formed an attachment to a woman he never laid eyes on?

He figures that he would’ve seen her on their wedding night, had she remained alive. He says it was Seo-rim’s family who proposed the engagement, and says that there were surely people who had things to gain from the union. Namely the two fathers, if Lord Choi and the former magistrate were to join forces, I’m guessing.

Arang wonders if maybe Seo-rim could’ve been the one to ask her father to marry Joo-wal, but he says that’s just as unlikely—when would Seo-rim have seen him and had the chance to form an attachment? “Like me, she would have no reason to keep me in her heart.”

Is he being honest, or is he hiding a murder? Arang’s heart sinks, like he’s squashing all her romantic notions, even if they’re not strictly hers.

While this is going on, Eun-oh goes through Seo-rim’s room and doesn’t find anything out of the ordinary, but stops at a book. Please tell me it’s a diary. Please tell me it’s a diary. It’s a diary!

It’s called “Moonlight Journal.” Interesting that Seo-rim liked the moon too. He reads it and discovers something he doesn’t like. What is it?!

As Arang walks through the marketplace, Eun-oh reads another passage from the journal. Seo-rim waits in anticipation of her wedding, writing about how lonely it is in her room. Ooh, did she love Joo-wal from afar after all, or was she just happy to be married and leave her room?

Arang mopes that maybe Eun-oh was right after all. If it’s not even a one-sided love, “Then what am I?” Interesting that she refers to herself as Seo-rim for the first time.

Bang-wool is sitting in her spot, going over that familiar voice she heard the other night, when Arang happens to walk past her. She follows, determined to figure it out. They round a corner, and we don’t get to see where they go. Well that’s ominous.

Eun-oh paces in the yard, griping that Arang is taking so long to return, when an arrow comes flying past his head, into a post. Tied to it is a familiar blue ribbon, and a ransom note. Aw man, you went and got yourself kidnapped? He takes off running.

It’s Lord Choi’s head minion, Evil Junior, who has both Arang and Bang-wool lying unconscious in a storage room. Well, he only intended on kidnapping Arang to get the magistrate here, but apparently Bang-wool got in the way so they brought her too. He figures they’ll just bury all three when the magistrate comes.

Lord Choi cackles in glee at the genius plan, and then pauses for a second, thinking he recognizes that girl from somewhere… but then brushes it off and figures it doesn’t matter. Hm, so you didn’t kill Seo-rim either? Then who did?

Joo-wal paces in the yard thinking about Arang and Eun-oh, and then ducks behind a wall when he sees Evil Junior come out. He overhears the idiot mumbling that he’ll take care of the magistrate and that girl once and for all. Um, you forgot to twirl your mustache, sir.

I don’t know if it’s worry for Arang or worry that he can’t save Arang for Mom, but Joo-wal’s eyes light up. Please, be a good guy, just for the afternoon!

Eun-oh arrives at the hideout and starts fighting his way through the thugs, but they drag Arang and Bang-wool out and put a knife to Arang’s throat to keep him from making a move. Arang shouts that she’s fine so he should just fight, but he stops and screams for them not to lay a hand on her.

And then he keeps his word not to fight back, while they pummel him to the ground. Arang screams and screams for him to fight back, that she’s okay, but he refuses. Aw, you don’t want to cause her pain.

She rants, “You dummy!” and wails at him to fight. They kick him to the ground and she kicks and bites and wriggles free. The man with the knife raises his arm to strike… and then gets a dagger in the back. Eek, is it Joo-wal?

It is! Joo-wal hides a ways behind them, and runs out of sight before his father’s men can see him.

It’s enough for Arang and Bang-wool to get free, so Eun-oh finally leaps up and starts to fight back. Phew. He runs over in front of Arang and urges her to run. She doesn’t want to leave him, but he insists she gets in the way, so she takes Bang-wool and starts to run.

Eun-oh fights off the men, but Evil Junior and a few others chase after Arang. Bang-wool trips, so they get surrounded in no time, and the head minion orders Bang-wool offed first. The man raises his sword…

Bang-wool shuts her eyes in terror, and then both Eun-oh and Joo-wal hear it: a scream.

Eun-oh races toward the sound. And Bang-wool opens her eyes to find that Arang jumped in front of her, and got slashed in the throat in her place. Aw. She catches Arang in her arms, and the men all freak out that they killed the wrong girl. They make sure that she’s dead. She is.

The sword goes up a second time aimed at Bang-wool, but Eun-oh gets there in time to fight them all off. He beats them down in a raging fury.

He scrambles over to Arang, shouting her name. And that’s when Bang-wool finally finds out who this is. She stares in shock.

Eun-oh screams her name and caresses her cheek, and they watch as her neck wound heals over. Bang-wool jumps back. Joo-wal arrives and watches from the distance.

And then… Eun-oh just swoops in to kiss her. Eeeeeee! She opens her eyes mid-kiss.

From the distance, Joo-wal’s eyes turn to saucers at the sight.

Arang says between labored breaths, “What the heck are you doing?” Eun-oh laughs to see her sass in place and says he was just sharing some breath so she’d wake up faster.

LIAR! There was no breathing there, kissypants!

Arang gasps that when she gets her strength back, she won’t let this go, and then faints.

Evil Junior gets bricked for failing again, and Lord Choi fumes that they don’t know what crazy thing the magistrate will do now that the girl is dead. The minion heads out and eyes Joo-wal suspiciously. Did he see notice him there in the woods?

Joo-wal storms into his room, stewing in rage. Jealousy at the kiss? Suddenly worried that other people know about Arang’s regenerative powers? All of the above?

Eun-oh tucks Arang into bed, with Bang-wool sitting next to him. She asks all the questions a normal person would ask, but Eun-oh just tells her to think of it like a friend she thought was dead is back.

She trips up on “friend,” and he reminds her that they were like friends once, and besides, Arang saved her life today. So if not friend, then savior. Bang-wool’s eyes fill with tears at that remark, and she assures him that she’ll keep this secret.

And then she brings up the kiss… he snaps that he told her not to say anything about that, and storms out in embarrassment. Hee. Bang-wool leans in close to Arang to hear her breathing (Are you gonna kiss her too?), and wonders aloud, “How does a ghost become a person?”

Mu-young hovers around the king of heaven, wanting to ask something but not being able to, and the king of hell watches from a distance. He finally screws up the courage to ask the Jade Emperor: “Is it Mu-yeon?”

He says yes. Mu-young asks why he wasn’t told before, and Jade answers honestly that he couldn’t trust him. Mu-young insists that he left his relationship with his sister behind, a thousand years ago.

Jade says it’s the Mu-young before those thousand years he can’t trust. “I trust humans, but I also can’t trust in humans.” Mu-young: “I’m not human!” But you sure do emote like one sometimes.

Mu-young asks what he’s supposed to do about the fact that he was human once, and Jade simply says that Mu-young is the only one who can stop Mu-yeon, and she knows it. And that makes me think you have a contingency plan.

Arang stirs awake to find Eun-oh sleeping by her bedside, sitting up. Aw. She watches him sleep for a moment before he wakes up and asks if she’s okay. She says almost dejectedly that she can’t help but be okay, like she couldn’t die if she wanted to, and asks if he’s okay, after all the beatings.

He swears he didn’t get that beaten up, and says he’s fine. Arang: “Are you really okay? Okay then,” and socks him in the gut. HA. For kissing her? He pulls the CPR card on her again and she just tells him not to do that anymore—she’ll wake up just fine on her own.

And then she adds in this shaky voice that kills me, “And don’t get hit… by bastards like that.” They look at each other for a charged moment, and she adds, “Thanks.” He gets up to let her rest, and she remembers Bang-wool and asks after her.

Bang-wool is currently eating dinner with Dol-swe, who saw her and assumed she came to see him. He asks directly what she thinks of him, and says that ever since he touched her lips… and Bang-wool jumps in embarrassment.

She quickly stuffs his mouth with food just to shut him up, but he asks if she’s trying to seduce him. Haha, that would be your idea of seduction. They finally exchange names and eat happily.

Arang walks over to Eun-oh’s room and sits outside on his stoop, looking up at the waning moon. Eun-oh surprises her when he arrives with a package, having gone out this late at night.

He gives her the new clothes he had made, and says he couldn’t abide her walking around looking like a ghost with a bloody dress, and tells her to change. He steps outside and she runs her hand over the clothes softly.

I love how much these little human things mean to her—to just have clothes that are hers. She feels the fabric and looks at all the colors with such deep appreciation. She sighs aloud, “I told you not to be good to me.” *tear*

Eun-oh looks up at the moon, thinking over her words that she’ll have to go back, either way. Oof, the way they both stare up at the moon now, like it’s robbing them of time, just breaks my heart.

She comes out wearing a new hanbok, and hearts practically shoot out of his eyes. She asks how she looks and when he doesn’t answer, she says she knew it—he’s fallen for her. Hee. She chalks it up to her pretty face.

He clears his throat nervously, and she says it’s awkward to be all dressed up so late at night, and suggests they take a quick walk since they’re dressed.

They go for a midnight stroll and Arang sighs that her memory has to hurry back to her so she can be of help to Eun-oh. She wonders, “Why can’t I remember? I don’t have much time left.”

That stops him in his tracks. But he smiles and changes the subject to catching Evil Junior, and she asks why he didn’t do it already if he knows who was behind it. He doesn’t have any evidence, what with her dying and keeping him distracted.

He suddenly decides it’s getting late and they should get back home, and whirls around, leaving Arang to run after him.

Jade accuses Hades of poking Mu-young until he asked about his sister, and he cops to it, saying that he couldn’t stand watching Mu-young mope like a little puppy anymore. He reminds Jade that the reapers are under his purview, and Jade’s just borrowing Mu-young for this mission.

Hades apologizes, but Jade just grumps with his arms crossed, “Whatever, I’m already pissed. It’ll go on at least three to four days.” Hee. He asks why Jade is making everything harder, and what he’s doing all this for anyway.

He just answers in his usual cryptic way that it’s because of destiny—the connections between people. He says that no matter what big event is happening, it’s the small connections between people that matter…

Flashback to a sick child crawling over to ask for his mother. It’s Eun-oh, and Mom doesn’t hear him, instead drawn outside by the announcement that Lord Choi is riding past.

She watches with venom in her eyes, calling him a bastard. Interesting. So she’s human here, and Lord Choi must’ve had something to do with her family being hauled off as traitors.

And then… OMO. What is the Jade Emperor doing there? Is he allowed to just walk among the people like that? And looking so pretty too?

He walks past Mom and into the yard, where Eun-oh lies unconscious. Or dead? Jade reaches out his hand and calls him a pitiful child, and a reaper appears. Oh, he IS dead.

But one look from the Jade Emperor and the reaper bows and vanishes. Jade sends a mystical energy into Eun-oh, and says, “We’ll leave it as a debt. From now on, the time you earn from this day forward does not belong to you. One day you will come to remember this connection on this day.”

And then he carries the child back inside and lays him down, and walks away. Wow. So now we know why he’s got powers. That’s a twist I didn’t expect.

Eun-oh sighs at his dirtied magistrate’s uniform and searches for something else to wear, when he remembers the clothes he wore the day he fell off the cliff. Bundled with them is the final talisman he was reaching for when he fell.

Arang sees it and remembers that she’s seen this before… at Lord Choi’s house. They go to Bang-wool to ask if she recognizes the symbols, and tell her to look into what they could be used for.

Arang thinks it strange that Lord Choi is a connection to the mass grave too, and she wonders if he’s not the man who killed her the night she returned as human. Eun-oh decides he’ll check to see if the talisman is indeed the same at his house.

He heads out and Arang wants to follow, but he tells her to stay behind. She clutches his sleeve, “Be careful,” and he smiles.

Bang-wool thanks her for saving her life, and Arang smiles, saying it was payment for all the times she helped before.

Eun-oh sneaks into Lord Choi’s compound and follows Arang’s directions for where she saw the symbols, carved into the trees at the creepy entrance to Mom’s creepy house. He traces the steps and finds the markings, and compares. They’re they same.

Mom senses someone approaching, and hurries out. Eun-oh gets closer and closer…

Mom goes down into her lair, but then something makes her turn back. Can she sense Eun-oh? He reaches the building where she is, and approaches the door. Eek, now there’s nothing but a paper door standing between them!

He reaches out for the handle…

…when Joo-wal’s voice calls out to ask what he’s doing. ACK!


I don’t know if I’m ready yet for Eun-oh to get the crushing blow that Mom is possessed by the Big Bad, but I am dying for her to get a wrench thrown in her plan. Clearly Eun-oh really is the Jade Emperor’s secret weapon, if he’s the one who raised him from the dead and gave him his powers. Eun-oh only remembers being really sick as a child and suddenly being able to see ghosts when he woke up, but if what Jade says in the flashback is true, he’ll come to remember the truth at some point, which I hope means he gets an audience with the gods at least once. And is this the incident of mercy that they keep referring to, or is that something else? Was saving Eun-oh the thing that upset the balance?

Interestingly, it actually makes Eun-oh and Arang the same kind of being. I don’t think Eun-oh is unkillable, but he’s certainly a once-dead-but-alive-again person, just without the time spent as a ghost like Arang. I’m curious what this means for his future as well—once he fulfills his debt for the years he earned, what happens to him? Does he have an expiration date too, or does he just get to live on, if he survives the war? And is making Eun-oh kill Mom any less cruel than having Mu-young kill his sister? Is there some sort of blood bond required between demon and demon-slayer? Or is fate just a sick fuck?

I feel like the Lord Choi connection means that Mom retains her human memories even in demon form. Though her demon agenda takes priority, her personal vendetta has to be in play, otherwise why choose Lord Choi to be her hunter, and then insert Joo-wal into his household to play the son? I just hope that when it comes time, Eun-oh can see past the mother he longs for, otherwise they’re all doomed.

Please tell me that Arang gets to read Seo-rim’s diary soon. There’s more to this engagement that either Joo-wal doesn’t know about, or is hiding for nefarious purposes. His mixed-up feelings are a fantastic turn, and I really hope that a growing attraction to Arang continues to change him. And pretty please, can we visit the martial-arts-teaching-demon-slaying-master up in the mountains? I want that flashback so badly.

It’s great to have the feelings progress in such a huge way in this episode, when Eun-oh refuses to let Arang die and gets pummeled to keep her safe. I mean, this from the guy who joked that she should hurl herself off a cliff to save him. It’s so sweet and nonsensical, and I love him for it. She could handle the pain, but he doesn’t want her to. At the same time it tears her up to see him get hurt, and she’s screaming and wailing at him to just let her die already so he doesn’t get beaten anymore. Without defining anything or making any declarations, their concern for each other has taken a selfless turn.

And the kiss was such a great emotional outburst from Eun-oh, because it does nothing to save her or make her come back faster. He knows she’ll be okay in his head, but his heart lurches anyway. See, this is what happens when you repress all your feelings. You suddenly kiss people at inappropriate times, in other people’s laps no less! But thank goodness for the outburst, not that it changes their insistence on not forming an attachment. It’s clear they’re both thinking the same thing—they can’t act on their feelings with only two months left together. Now it’s crossed over past I swear I don’t like you into We like each other but we know it ends in sadness. So they just don’t go there. Too bad the heart just doesn’t work that way. The more you tell it not to go somewhere, there is where it goes.


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          • Mia

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    question: how is eunoh’s mother getting her revenge by allowing the evil woman to use her body when the evil woman is using her ermmm body to help choi with his illness (at least thats what i think when she untie her top and choi comes back in his underwear after he suffered his ilness in an earlier episode)

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    • 29.1 Rosebread

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      • 29.1.1 jabberwocky

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        • luvkay

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          • kakashi

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    • 29.2 Kwhat?!

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      • 29.2.1 green panda

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        • Kiara

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    • 31.1 Kiara

      The rescue breathing technique has been around since the 18th century or earlier. It wasnt called CPR (modern CPR) until the 19th century.

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    In the trailer for ep 13, a short scene shows Arang suddenly bolting up in , catching Eun-Oh in the shadows. That flicker of surprise and embarassment on JK’s face is just so well done and layered!

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    if eun-oh’s mother is being possessed, and that would mean she herself is still alive, i wonder if we’ll start to see glimpses of her real self. would she recognize eun-oh as her son? would the sight of him possibly jolt her back to her old self, or weaken mu-yeon’s hold on her?

    i wonder what the original mu-yeon was like. what prompted her to leave heaven and come down to earth? she must have had some darkness in her. i think hades said in a previous episode that he’d told jade that they should have thrown “that guy” into hell to begin with. and mu-young suspected her when he saw the talismans. i wonder if it was the talismans or the written characters—perhaps calligraphy might have been her “thing?”

    something doesn’t add up for me, or i might need to rewatch old episodes. lord choi said he had been serving “wife” for decades, but in the flashbacks from 3 years previously, eun-oh’s mother seemed like her original self. that is, not possessed by mu-yeon. has “wife” been changing up her form? and if lord choi knows this, then it makes sense that eun-oh’s mother somehow became possessed by mu-yeon around 3 years ago, when eun-oh saw her last?

    hope that’s not too confusing…

    • 46.1 earthna

      I love the onion metaphor! Lol. I’m also confused about the time frames coz in eunoh’s flashbacks, mom seems alright but she is probably possessed a long time ago coz it was her body when joowal got ‘recruited’, right?

      • 46.1.1 Bella

        That was a different vessel (woman).. I believe Lord Choi even married that vessel. Compare JW’s flashback and the high shaman now.. they’re different people.

        • Kwhat?!

          Yep. Different people. Plus, the image in the creepy mirror is different too (although it could be argued it’s just a younger version, I’m positive it’s not, going back to the JW flashback.)

          I think the Big Bad needs souls and bodies, just for different purposes. So she takes over the body, but does something with the soul. I’m not sure she eats/consumes them, but maybe binds them somehow.

        • luvkay

          The image in the creepy mirror is probably the real Mu Yeon aka the fallen fairy from heaven/the Big Bad/Mu Young’s sister. My guess is that the mirror reflects the true self or soul of the person looking in it.

          I agree that the Big Bad needs bodies and souls for different purposes – the souls of pure innocent girls every 3 or so years to maintain her soul’s youth, and the bodies to occupy and replace when they grow old. The Big Bad is supposed to be more than 400 years old, so that’s a lot of bodies.

        • saranga

          i must have missed one of the flashbacks then, since i don’t remember a different looking “wife”… off to find it now!

        • earthna

          I might have missed that. Let me go check. Woooooshhh

    • 46.2 opheliadrowning

      Oh, I love the idea of his mother sort of peeking through the possession. But the complicated thing is…did she ever love or care for him? I mean, she left the poor boy dead outside on the ground! Perhaps though being possessed by the fairy has given his mom the insight that her obsession of getting revenge has corrupted and destroyed her, and that this isn’t the way to be, and while she’ll never be the loving mother he wants, she doesn’t have to be totally bad, either.

      But speaking of her, what I’m thinking now is that the person who destroyed her life and family was Lord Choi, and that perhaps she allowed herself to be possessed because she made a deal with the evil fairy–that by letting her body be used, that the fairy would help her destroy Lord Choi–however right or wrong. Maybe his sickness is the revenge? But when the fairy found him useful she decided to keep him around? Or she just hoodwinked mom.

      Thoughts on that?

      • 46.2.1 jomo

        I think EO’s mom was a selfish bitter person bent on avenging her dead relatives while ignoring her son WHO ACTUALLY DIES ASKING FOR WATER!!!!!

        MY prolly knew EO Mom heart, and that was why MY approached her about using the body. EO’s mom probably readily accepted as a way to get back at Choi.

        Either EO’s Mom is dead, sharing the body, or her soul is tucked away somewhere in a jar.

        • kakashi

          The possession must have happened sometime after the mom left EO, so everything we’ve seen of her before is the ‘real’ mom. I definitely wouldn’t want a mom like that. jeez. from what they’ve shown us, she has never even given him an inch of love.

          And I’m on board with your Choi-theory, I think it’s a revenge deal – mom gets her revenge on Choi (though we don’t exactly know yet in what form) and evil-fairy gets some other revenge thanks to mom and the body-sharing-deal (though we don’t know yet for what and on whom… most certainly Jade and/or Hades, but the evil master-plan needs yet to be revealed).

          I guess we can expect some more unexpected twists in the future, though!

          • Carole McDonnell

            But what about the time when Joo Wal asked Lord Choi, “Remember what happened to your wife when she went unsummoned to Big Bad?” I think that was the question. It sounded as if wifey happened upon that. Was that a different woman entirely?

          • kakashi

            oh dear, Carole, this is seriously complicated … I don’t remember that scene and I am getting more confused the more I think about it all. So I’ll stop thinking about it and will instead think about what I want to happen in episode 13 next week :)

          • Carole McDonnell

            It was when they met Arang as she was looking at the talisman. I think — don’t hold me to it, though– that Joo Wal said, “Remember what happened to your wife when she came here?”

      • 46.2.2 saranga

        i hadn’t thought of that—eun-oh’s mom making a deal with mu-yeon. a plausible theory! the flashbacks we’ve seen of mom show her royally hell bent on revenge, to the extent where she probably would have sold her soul without a second thought, if she could just have her revenge in the end.

        maybe mu-yeon somehow caught wind of eun-oh’s mother’s feelings towards lord choi, and offered her the deal. it seems like lord choi has been serving mu-yeon for decades, long before mom ever got mixed up in their business. either way, lord choi seems majorly screwed. lol

        as for her love for eun-oh, i want to think he occupied SOME small space in her heart. when she was imploring him to go live with his father so he wouldn’t have to be called a concubine’s son, she seemed to be in earnest. i think there are lots of women who don’t know how to be good mothers to their children, making them less than ideal as parents, but that doesn’t stop them from loving their children in their own ways.

        • kakashi

          “it seems like lord choi has been serving mu-yeon for decades” –> alright, that makes sense! totally the missing piece for something I’ve been thinking about.
          I have been wondering how Jade could have possibly known that EO’s mum would be possessed by the evil fairy at a later stage (he has obviously been targeting EO for a long time before the possession), but since he knows mum hates Choi-bad-boy and since he (might know) that the evil fairy is being served by Choi-bad-boy, he could have guessed correctly that EO’s mum would be the next ‘vessel’. does that make sense?

          • saranga

            i’m not sure i’m quite buying the theory (yet) that jade knew mu-yeon would possess mom in the future—yet, at least. it does seem like he’s been planning this for awhile (according to the convo between him and hades right before the little eun-oh flashback). eun-oh seems to be the “weapon” that the gods frequently refer to, and arang is perhaps the bait after all.

            i went back and watched the first couple of episodes and it’s so fascinating now—why joo-wal went to the gisaeng house, what the ring meant, etc. it all makes sense, but it wasn’t clear back then. hopefully a few episodes from now all this will be like that too. hehe :)

        • jomo

          i want to think he occupied SOME small space in her heart. when she was imploring him to go live with his father so he wouldn’t have to be called a concubine’s son, she seemed to be in earnest.

          I think the marble like heart shaped item in her chest cannot hold any love.

          She did not implore her son to go live with the father, she implored the person that arrived AFTER SHE LET HIM DIE TO DEATH BEGGING FOR WATER!
          (I can’t seem to let this go…)

    • 46.3 Carole McDonnell

      If I’m understanding the mythology, Mu Young was once human. So Mu Yeon was probably human as well before she became a fairy because Jade mentioned fairies marrying Grim Reapers. Am wondering if she descended after she died?

      • 46.3.1 Mia

        Fairies and Grim Reapers can marry?! Maybe that’s how Jade emperor will help them stay together? Eun-oh as Hell’s Grim Reaper and Arang as Heaven’s Fairy? Please please i hope so! That would be awesome!

        • Carole McDonnell

          Yeah, Jade told his fairy that she’s too glum that’s why the Grims don’t have anything to do with her. So apparently, there is romance in heaven/afterlife.

  47. 47 bishbash

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    So did ours, I swear!

  48. 48 anais

    Awesome. Thank you as always for your recaps.

    One quick correction. If I understood correctly, Arang has only one month if what she has remaining are two boreums, since a boreum is 15 days. There’s very, very little time left.

    • 48.1 Bakachild

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    Also, I wonder if the director and/ or the cameraman can be replaced? I’m really excited with all the fighting scenes but the effects are really impacted by the poor positioning of the camera. I swear the camera (and hence the screen) was wobbly during the fight between EO and MY. For a fighting scene, there seem to be too much up-close shots and the camera was hiding behind JK so much so that I can’t even see who he was trying to fight off at times (referring to the scene where he was fighting off the bandits before he kissed Arang). Sometimes makes me wish that the show had used the same director and camera crew from Iljimae.

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    1. Does anyone have any idea what was written in Lee Seo Rim’s diary (the few pages where the camera paused over for quite a while)?

    2. GF recapped that the fan and hairpin belonged to a monk’s but according to the version I watched, the subtitles said they belonged to Jade instead. The way I heard the pronunciation also seems to point to Jade. So which is correct?

    3. I’m not entirely certain that EO died as a child (the scene seems open to interpretation) although I would think that is most likely. There’s a hint at this at the end of ep 4 when EO mused about the possibility of a dead person becoming alive again and he directed the internal musing to Jade. If EO had indeed died when he was a child, then you can see where the irony is – EO musing whether this is possible when he himself is such an example.

    4. Jade also mentioned that EO would come to remember their encounter one day. I dread to imagine the anguish and indignance EO would have – imagine you are already dead but was brought back to life to lead a life that you always thought was yours but turned out that you had been all the while manipulated. I also wonder about what Jade said about “the time from henceforth is no longer yours” – sounds too foreboding to me. It sounds as though EO is already well past his expiry and he would have to be put on the “right” track after he completes his task. We always thought he had to choose between his mom and Arang in the final battle. Could the death bell be tolling for him instead?

    5. It seems like EO’s maternal family has just passed away at the time when he was very sick (what with the funeral decor at the house). Are the two incidents related? If EO’s maternal family were really innocent but had died, wouldn’t they have approached EO as ghosts after he got his supernatural ability?

    6. Does Dol Swe know about EO’s ability? At first, I thought not but sometimes the things he said to EO could be interpreted in a way to suggest that DS actually knows EO has the ability but EO does not like to talk about it.

    • 63.1 Stardust

      Point 2: i did see the same chinese subs about it being Jade’s.. I think that will be more likely since it would make sense Mu Yeong will go directly to try to confront Jade about it… hehehe

      I still love you gf! Loads and loads of kimchi pork!! * ok i have gone mad with hunger*

    • 63.2 opheliadrowning

      The hairpin belong to the Jade Emperor is another interesting twist. When Eunoh gave it to his mother I thought it was something he had bought or made, but this adds a whole new dimension to the pin. It’s not just a clue or a symbol of his love for his mother. It might be…a weapon. If the fan can kill ghosts, can a hairpin kill a fairy?

      I wonder what the JE or rather, the “master” told Eunoh when he gave the hairpin to him, and what compelled Eunoh to give it to his mom. (This is based on the theory that JE = old master.)

      I also wonder how much the JE and Hades know about fate and the future. Is that something that they control or understand in advance? Or does that have more to do with the outcome of their go games? Did the JE save Eunoh as a child, knowing that one day his mother would be possessed, and that Eunoh would meet and fall in love with Arang, who would also be a key in this puzzle?

      The writers are doing a great job though solving one mystery and introducing five more. I kinda hope they do get an extension though just to continue fleshing some of this out, though I think they can also do this in the episodes that remain. Still, I just love this show so much, and there’s so much meat to it that I think it could go on a bit more. Here’s to tonight’s ratings rocketing back to #1 and going higher than before!

    • 63.3 Jambo

      @#2 Mu Young also mentioned that the fan was of heaven in previous episode and in this episode he said that the hairpin and fan were from the same person. I thought I remember him thinking it belonged to the Jade Emperor.

    • 63.4 earthna

      I think he said that both fan and hairpin came from his master because after he said that, Arang asked, “my fake dad?”

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      바라보아도 바라보아도 덧없어라
      삼경 밝은 달 아래 서 있노라면
      임의 푸른 그림자 마당으로 들어오니
      님도 없는 아름다움이
      내 가슴에 남네
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      환한 달은 나를 따르는데
      그리는 바라는 정은 오갈 데 없어
      옥피리 소리만 달 아래로 흩어지네
      꽃잎 지는 창가에 앉아
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      가까운 곳에서 피고 지는데
      임 향한 마음 달랠 길 없어
      백옥 같은 눈물이
      실과 바늘을 적시네

      Can anyone translate this perfect love poem into English?? Can’t do myself cause I’m afraid I’ll mess up with my limited English :(

  64. 64 Stardust

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    In this episode I like how they are pretty much continuing the arc of “they know that they like and care for one another, but they’re both still trying to make distance–just doing a terrible job at it.” The longing is hurting my chest in a good way.

    Though the kiss was pretty hot, it was also a little weird for me since he did it while she was half unconscious? I mean in screenshots it looks awesome and I’m not going to begrudge a kiss, but I had wished maybe he had cupped her face and gently kissed her forehead first, then mouth…I mean I guess he knows she’s coming back? But I did love the reaction, his relief, their sassiness and banter.

    My favorite part showing their care for one another though, was when she and the shaman were captured and Eunoh just submitted, not wanting them to hurt Arang even though she could take it. His consideration and her terror at him taking this punishment shows to me, the depth of their relationship. Like GF said, they are being selfless for one another and it makes me all a googiliy mess.

    • 67.1 kakashi

      re kiss: despite of what they are all saying on here, it in fact WAS CPR, at least kind of … he did puff his cheeks in and out, at least slightly. so: it makes sense that he did it when see was unconscious. My chest also hurts, pllleeeeaaase give them a happy ending!

      • 67.1.1 opheliadrowning

        Ok, I thought the first part maybe sort of looked like CPR, but I wasn’t completely sure…but then it definitely became a kiss, and a pretty damn good one, too, once she began to regain consciousness. I think there was definitely some kissing back, too, wasn’t there?

        • kakashi

          hmmmm …. I think that’s wishful thinking :-) but then, who wouldn’t kiss back when it’s LJK that’s kissing!!

        • Minea

          I agree with the first part of of the “kiss” as I saw his cheeks puffing to give her air. But yes, definitely became a legitimate kiss afterwards. *swoon*

    • 67.2 Kiara

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      • 67.2.1 Minea

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    • 67.3 kakashi

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      • 67.3.1 gelai

        oh yes, he’s known to be a very good actor in korea, not just a pretty guy :)

        • kakashi

          people in Korean have VERY good taste ! :)

      • 67.3.2 Kiara

        “Time between Dog and Wolf” is one of my favorite.

        • kakashi

          still got to watch that, I am all ready for it!!!!

      • 67.3.3 Minea

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        I had the same thought. He was not in my radar (probably because I did not particularly like My Girl where he was the 2nd lead) but now, I’m scouring the internet for his filmography and plan to marathon Time Between Dog & Wolf and Iljimae in between Arang episodes airing.

        Tsk. Addictions are nasty but kdrama addictions? I embrace it!

        • opheliadrowning

          I had the same reaction–I barely remember him from “My Girl” because I stopped watching it probably around the time he appeared on the screen, but I was annoyed with both main leads so I cut out. I might go back just to watch for him, though!

          • kakashi

            I recently watched “The King and the Clown”, he’s very impressive in that … and so young …

          • kakashi

            ah, and I obviously liked him in Iljimae!

          • Minea

            Yes! I got annoyed at the main leads (mainly the female lead) so I did not finish that too. I might have the same idea as you and watch My Girl just because of him (and ENDURE the female lead’s acting). Tsk. the things we do. By the way, love your name. Hamlet fan?

            I’ve heard some good things about The King and the Clown too so that’s also on my to-watch list. I also watched some parts of Iljimae (but skipped most parts) but I’ll definitely re-watch that with fresh eyes :)

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    …Pwhahahahahaha! Omigod! LMAO. I have tears in my eyes, even if it’s just in my head coz I’m at work.

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    As much as I’m also enjoying Faith and was oblivious to all the shortcomings of the fight scenes, it is now glaringly clear after watching Eun Ho and Mu Young fight what the fuss was all about.

  70. 70 Abbie

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    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

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    Not just an eye-candy!!

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  73. 73 wowow

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  74. 74 jomo

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    My laughing almost made me forget how freaking terrified I was through most of this episode.
    Seriously, my heart was beating so fast and I was hiding behind a pillow. You know, cause THAT’ll protect me.

    It took a moment to recover from YSH in pretty saguek attire. Effing A, man. For that, Costumers, I may forgive you for the wigs. MAYBE.
    I would vote that he never ever make a modern drama, but then I remember how godlike gorgeous he was in Operation Proposal.

    I have completely fallen for JW’s sad face and conflicted actions. He will have to die, of course, to pay for his sins.
    Untill then, I will cheer him and his pretty on!!!

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  77. 77 Carole McDonnell

    Oh my! I really have to do something about my crush on Jade Emperor. Call me foolish but I like flaky rich Preternaturally wise Peter Pans with power. The actor playing him captures just the right blend of concerned god/ditz/scatter-brained inventor with way too much time on his hands/and noble believer in humanity. I really see how he could get on Hades’ nerves.

    Loved that badass fight. Yep, in addition to liking ditzies, I also like badass calm cool collected fighters. I loved it when he said to his would-be assassins, “This time for real.”

    Loved the romance between Bang-Wool and Dol-Swe. Stupid question: why so many folks with the name “bang?”

    Anyone else think a jealous Joo Wal is way more dangerous than Joo Wal the pitiful minion? HE doesn’t seem to have ever been given free rein with his emotions and now it’s flowing out and wow…what will Mr “repressed by poverty and Big Bad” do now that his emotions are awakened?

    Ah, love!

    Question re: chronology: Did Jade Emperor give the hairpin to Eun-Ho when they met the second time? So after he met Jade Emperor and was given the hairpin, then he had a chance to give it to his mother before he left her again? So since she wasn’t taken over by Big Bad then she didn’t recognize it as coming from the Jade Emperor …but then did Jade KNOW Eun Ho’s mother would be taken over by Big Bad sometime in the future? Ya know…fate and all. So he set this all up whenhe saw Eun Ho for the future? Or maybe when he saw how Eun Ho’s mother was looking at Lord Choi, did he lead her to hook up with Lord Choi in the future because he already knew Lord Choi was with Big Bad? Not fate exactly but gods playing fast and loose with people’s emotions and guiding them all toward the showdown?

    Love this show.

    • 77.1 kakashi

      Here’s my five cents: He gave the hairpin to his mother when they had their last meeting, the one we saw in Episode 1. Immediately after that, mom disappears. She was possessed after that – or might have already known that she was going to be possessed? I’m suspecting that he got the hairpin and the fan from Jade Emperor when he trains him in martial arts up in the mountains (if it really was Jade), before the falling out with his mother. So yeah, his mum didn’t know that hairpin is from a God. But we don’t know what that hairpin is all about, do we? 😉 and why would EO give it to his mother? Did Jade tell him to?

      How Jade could have known that EO’s mother would leave him and become possessed with the evil fairy is beyond me too, though. What we do know is that Jade knows EO’s mum has an ‘issue’ with Lord Choi and that he saves her boy with something very specific in mind … makes me wonder what the deal with Lord Choi actually is.

      okay, I’m officially confused now.
      I soooo love this show.

      • 77.1.1 kakashi

        ha! I’ve figured it out (I think?) thanks to a comment somewhere around 46 on page 1:

        “it seems like lord choi has been serving mu-yeon for decades” –> If that is true, it is like this: Jade knows mum hates Choi-bad-boy and since he knows that the evil fairy is being served by Choi-bad-boy, he can guess that EO’s mum would be the next ‘vessel’.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Okay.,..question: When Jade (cause he is bored and a born meddler and matchmaker) was talking to fairy about the fire, he mentions that fairies marry Grims and that that particular fairy was not letting herself be attractive to the Grins. So I assumed grims were another type of humanoid creature entirely. Like a fae or something

          But in this episode, Mu Yeon says he was human once. So now I’m like…so was his sister a human once? Then she became a human or was allowed to go down to earth for some reason… by Jade. And then she got slick and did something she shouldn’t have done because she wanted revenge on the ones who had killed her father. So then she usurps Eun Oh’s mom because Eun Ho’s mom accidentally (or purposely) walked down that forbidden path?

          • kakashi

            errr… I think I’ll pass on that one :)
            (as in: I have no clue)

  78. 78 JoAnne

    LIAR! There was no breathing there, kissypants!

    You made me laugh out loud – HARD. Now I’m trying to explain Arang to people who just…they don’t know Korean dramas. I failed miserably but I did get one request for a link….

    (squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee they kissed yay!!!!!)

  79. 79 JoAnne

    Also, would just like to say…

    this is my first experience of Lee Jun Ki. At first I was not feeling it much. His pretty is a bit delicate for me. HOWEVARRRR….once I saw him fight, well. Game over.

    I like that pretty. That’s a manly pretty alright. I can work with that kind of pretty. I don’t have to be the delicate butterfly in the relationship. I guess.

    I’m so happy they kissssssssssed!

    • 79.1 jomo

      Then it is the PERFECT time to go watch Time Between Dog and Wolf, missy. You get pretty, badass, super badass, and pretty badass. I think I have the all covered.

  80. 80 hellochloe

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    can’t wait to watch it full length. Too bad the busy days are fast approaching. Missed Lee Jun Ki … and Yoo Seung Ho. drama gods, give this kid another sageuk please, a king who acts naughty and plays hide and seek with the old ministers… that would be fun..!

    • 81.1 Shin Haido

      that a good one for drama.. long drama must be good hahha

  82. 82 Sumee

    OMG i just died reading the recap & I am so sad that there are still no subs for this episode yet i can imagine the subbers must be really really busy !

    • 82.1 Kiara

      Where are you looking for subs at?. Its been fully subbed at viki.

      • 82.1.1 Sumee

        in my country Viki is not available ! :-(
        so i hunt around dramacrazy !

        • Kiara

          :( Try mysoju and Kimchidrama too.

    • 82.2 kakashi

      the Dramafever subs are out: https://www.box.com/s/rbwnl8dggz850bb45csy

      • 82.2.1 Sumee

        thanks guys..i will try dramafever !

  83. 83 K@T@M!

    OMG so shocking …now EunOh is in the same case as arang ….he died then was brought back to life cuz he was needed……….so they’ll either stay alive or go to heaven (or even hell^^)..i don’t care much as long as they end up together :p…..
    GF thnx for the recap…can’t get over en epi without reading’em :) 😀

  84. 84 mskololia

    Thanks GF. This was a marvelous episode with more divulge for us. These two have to be together in the end somehow, someway.

  85. 85 Em

    Just thinking… EO mum could have sold her body to MY sis to have revenge or both reached some sort of agreement.

  86. 86 Em

    Just thinking… EO’s mum could have sold her body to MY sis to have revenge or both reached some sort of agreement.

  87. 87 Cez Prieto

    This drama is making me crazy!!!Hahaha.
    I do hope that the ratings game won’t ruin the quality of show. Love both EO and Arang’s chemistry.

  88. 88 EvaLee

    IF this has been said, sorry…but has anyone thought that maybe EunOh’s mom was in the wrong place (seeking revenge against Choi) at the wrong time? The mom trained Choi in much the same way as JW.

    Also, the kiss/CPR…<3

  89. 89 panshel

    The kiss — watch it again carefully, and you would see he was indeed blowing air into her mouth. Nevertheless, he closed his eyes while administering “CPR,” so it was absolutely a caught-up-in-the-moment knee-jerk reaction. What I was fangirling about is how this was the first time Eun Oh was at her side when she came back to life. No longer is Arang scared and alone after awakening from death. *double fist pump*

    “If you stay here, I’ll only be distracted.” I found that to be the sweetest line ever because I interpreted it as Eun Oh not being able to take his mind off of her, rather than Arang causing trouble and him having to constantly save her. Very thankful they finally let Bang Wool in on their secret. This was a great confirmation episode of our theories surrounding the mysteries.

    Thanks for recapping, girlfriday!

    • 89.1 Jannie

      In the episode where Arang fell off the cliff and died the 2nd time, EO said something like if she should fall, she should think of a good memory, and it (her death moment) would be over very quickly.

      So should Arang ever be in such a life and “death” situation again, all she needs to think about is waking up with the hottest magistrate in Joseon “breathing air” into her mouth….truly a great incentive to wake up faster!

      And thanks girlfriday for yet another great recap!

    • 89.2 opheliadrowning

      Oh, I love that–“no longer is she scared and alone after awakening from death.” What a beautiful observation.

  90. 90 IBELIS

    JE is so tricky that you never know his intention. I do think he has been plotting this since he saved EO. Or before he could have been outside of EO house for that purpose. The same with SR/Arang. How can a person live in a village and only one person knows what they looked like and since SR body was found her servant has left town,

    Isn’t that to easy.

    Arang comes back from the dead immortal with an expiration date. That JE sure is tricky.

  91. 91 holdtheaegyo

    Did anyone else notice that Big Bad’s hair doesn’t match her wig? It’s a bit disconcerting to see reddish brown hair slicked to her head and black hair in the big elaborate whatever you call that hairstyle.

    • 91.1 pogo

      YES I noticed that too! lol.

  92. 92 Peridot

    So is Eun-oh literally living on borrowed time? Wow, this backstory complicates matters. When I was watching the flashback to Eun-oh’s childhood, I remember thinking about how the event as played out on screen matched or did not match with Eun-oh’s own memory of how he acquired his powers.

    I do love the change in Eun-oh’s attitude as he worried about Arang. Whereas once he treated any arm that could come to her lightly (after all, he reasoned, she would revive anyway), now he is genuinely concerned.

    I’m excited to see how everything comes together in the end. Maybe both Eun-oh and Arang end up together in the afterlife. But it would be so great if both of them could get a chance to be happy together in this world.

  93. 93 Sirena

    My sister and I are also wondering if the Jade Emperor was aware of the Being’s) plans to use Eun-oh’s mother’s body? Why else would he have saved him from death?

    Also, I wonder how Eun-oh’s mother will react when she learns that he is the magistrate whom she is fighting against? Will the emotions of the Being possessing her override whatever motherly love she may have for him?

  94. 94 Lilian

    Lee Jun Ki!!!! Awesome stuff. I love how this drama is progressing. Still so many questions left unanswered. So in the end will both of them end up in heaven with Jade?

  95. 95 Ennayra

    I read somewhere that Lee Jun-ki is a blackbelt in something, and that background really makes the fight scenes interesting.

    I didn’t suspect the Jade Emperor’s interference in Eun-oh’s life. Does this mean the show could end in death for each of our OTP?

    The actress who plays evil-mom is doing a great job of scaring me. I dread when she comes onto the screen. Is it the black eyeliner or the not blinking or the botox or the creepy music?

  96. 96 comment112812

    Does Eun Oh’s involvement in the plan maybe have to do with the fact that the Jade Emperor and Hades cannot touch her while she is in human form? I like that you posed the question about there needing to be a blood connection for the erm … destruction of Mu Yeon.

  97. 97 Cee Cee

    Does anyone know the song that was played during the fight sense between Eun-Oh and the Grimm on this episode?

  98. 98 azfiii

    Am I the only one who never connected to this drama? :(
    sucks to be me lol

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