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Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 14
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Woohoo, tons of advancement in this episode. Dots are connected, motivations explained, and true identities revealed. Eun-oh stands firm about his feelings and twists our hearts just a little bit more (and oy, they’re already twisted pretty painfully), while a voice of reason clears one big obstacle out of the way. Plus, some questions are cleared for our hero… just in time for a whole slew of new ones to confront him.


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About two seconds after Eun-oh pours out his heart to Arang and slays us all with his wounded eyes, Joo-wal drops by. What timing.

Eun-oh can’t stand by and watch Arang go off with him, so he steps back in and glares at Joo-wal, quite possibly mentally setting his effigy on fire. He orders Joo-wal to scram, then pulls Arang away. She casts a look back, and I actually feel quite sorry for Joo-wal in this moment. He’s all but quaking in fear over Evil Mom, but to Eun-oh, all he sees is the man she used to love a lifetime ago, hovering around her again.

Once they’re at the other side of the estate he stops and leaves her there—he’s noble enough to not press himself on her, but not so much that he could stand leaving her with the other guy.

Arang sits in her room for hours thinking it over, then comes out to tell Eun-oh that it still can’t work with them. But this time he doesn’t accept things so easily: “Even as I knew you were lying about how you felt, acting like I understood, acting like I accepted it, acting noble—I won’t do it.” Yay!

And yet, her counter isn’t wrong either: “What are you suggesting we do? You said it was complicated, but it’s not complicated at all. I’ll leave, and you’ll stay.” Her eyes fill with tears and she walks away.

Eun-oh runs after her, and sweeps her in his arms for a back-hug.

Eun-oh: “This is what I’ll do. When I want to hold you, I’ll hold you. If I want to grab onto you, I’ll grab onto you. If I want to see you, I’ll see you. And if there’s something I want to say, I’ll say it all. Dammit. Whatever follows, I’ll think of it then.”

Tear. Arang lifts her hand to his… and pulls his arm from her. Without looking, she walks away. Damn. I totally understand why she would, but that lost look on his face just does me in.

His words stay with her (who could forget them?) the next day as she tries to convince herself that his way will just lead to more pain: “He’s acting like he’s so smart all on his own, but why doesn’t he know that? Dummy.”

Arang arrives outside the Choi household, wondering where their ghost crew went. Joo-wal emerges from the gate and is immediately awash in panic, asking why she’s here. They relocate to a pavilion, where she apologizes for the other night.

He says he’d gone to tell her something, and works up the courage to say it now. Stammering, he asks, “Could I ask you for your heart? If you could, I… I… I think I could live a little differently.” Oh, my heart squeezes for you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m firmly with Eun-oh in this whole love triangle, but Joo-wal’s actually trying to fight off the evil overlord, and love is his motivation. It’s all just so tragic.

She asks why he’s saying this all of a sudden, and he replies that it’s not sudden: “It’s that I’ve now realized what it is I must do.”

Rattled, Arang says she’ll pretend she never heard his request, and excuses herself. He asks if she’s upset about his former fiancée. He already told her the truth about that, and he never opened his heart to the other woman. Which is, sadly, not the reassurance he thinks it is.

Bang-wool ransacks her room looking for the book that’ll identify the demon-jar. Dol-swe drops by bearing another gift of meat, which I find both hilarious and sweet. His arrival has her both flustered and huffy. After primping and complaining that he only comes when she’s a mess, she takes him to task for flapping his mouth about the whole Arang’s-a-ghost bit.

Bang-wool has him slumping in regret and says he only ever thinks about his young master. He doesn’t give a thought to other people, such as how spreading that talk would make her look. Dol-swe sighs that he’s sorry too, after hearing that Arang is bound for the hereafter—what’ll that do to Eun-oh, being left behind?

Bang-wool’s shocked: “She’s going to the afterlife?”

Arang walks along, thinking what an unlucky lot Seo-rim had in life to fall for a man who now asks for Arang’s heart, “And I have none left to give him.” She apologizes to Seo-rim.

She shows up at Bang-wool’s house and asks her to do her best to solve the jar mystery quickly. Bang-wool understands now why she and Eun-oh are in such a hurry, and mutters that if the gods were going to send her back, they should’ve sent her for good. Arang adds that she should’ve known from the start, calling them twisted old fogeys.

Bang-wool doesn’t know what Arang and Eun-oh are so busy seeking, but it’s her advice that they stop: “Isn’t your remaining time precious?” If Arang is acting this way because she’s afraid of leaving Eun-oh behind, she should know they’re not the only ones who have to part ways. It’s something everyone encounters: “What’s the point in being so scared of leaving and being left behind that you can’t do anything at all?”

Thank you, voice of reason! Bang-wool adds that if Arang really were looking out for Eun-oh, she’d do what she could to leave him without regrets. The same goes for her, so Arang can endure her afterlife.

Thankfully, those words hit their mark. Arang mulls them over as she walks home, hearing Bang-wool continue:

Bang-wool: “You think that if you put your hearts out there and then separated, you wouldn’t be able to handle it afterward, don’t you? Well, you draw on that strength and live on. You think if you leave, he’ll be inconsolably sad, don’t you? Being able to live with that sadness is what being human is. That’s love, and memory, and what becomes remembrance. You only need one of those things to give you the strength to live out the rest of your life. Now, if you had absolutely nothing—then you really couldn’t live on.”

Truer words. Listen to the quack shaman, Arang! Words I never thought I’d say.

Mom heads into her dungeon (she calls it a shrine, but you know, I’m going with dungeon) and realizes she’s missing a jar. Oh no! I’d hoped she’d had so many she wouldn’t notice the loss of one little container… although perhaps it’s better that her demon army isn’t so vast that she can afford to lose one. She gasps—how could anyone have gotten in?

Joo-wal is equally stunned. This makes no sense, and he reminds her that she made it so that nobody could enter. Then a memory hits him, of seeing Arang loitering outside that night. He says it must be the new magistrate’s doing; he saw the talismans when he came to see Lord Choi.

Mom flies into a rage, but Lord Choi is prepared for it and counters by revealing that he knows that Arang is immortal. He angles for a deal, chuckling that he’s not the useless old man she took him for.

Mom returns to her dungeon and orders three demons to retrieve the missing jar—quietly. She wonders how Eun-oh could have entered that door, which shouldn’t open for any ole human.

Late that night, the demons materialize in the magistrate’s house. One hovers in Eun-oh’s room before moving on, and Eun-oh opens his eyes, aware of the presence. The demon moves on to Arang’s room, and he leaps out of bed.

The three demons emerge empty-handed. They hear Eun-oh’s approach and vanish into smoke before he spots them. But it’s Arang he’s concerned about, and he peers into her room to make sure she’s fine. She sleeps, none the wiser, and he relaxes.

Mu-young’s encounter with his sister weighs heavily on his mind, as well as her accusations that he ruined everything for her. Jade Emperor tells him he won’t blame for the failure to kill Mu-yeon.

Mu-young asks what will happen to Mu-yeon now. Jade Emperor replies that she’ll continue to kill innocent humans to keep living as a human, or she’ll take on Arang’s body to become immortal. If she becomes immortal, she’ll become immeasurably stronger.

Damn. So that means there’s a chance the gods can’t defeat her? Mu-young points out how dangerous it was to send Arang as bait, but Jade says he had no choice—if Mu-yeon continues unchecked, the very structure of the living world and the afterlife will start to fissure. Whoa. It would destroy the current world and threaten heaven as well.

Mu-young protests that Mu-yeon doesn’t have that power. Jade agrees: “But it’s not her power; it’s the power from the destruction of the world’s order.”

Mu-young can’t wrap his head around the Jade Emperor putting his faith in a human like Eun-oh to prevent Mu-yeon from possessing Arang’s body. Jade: “I trust him because he’s human, but you said you don’t trust humans. Mu-yeon will feel the same way. The human I trust is Kim Eun-oh, and the human Mu-yeon trusted was you. That couldn’t be helped, because she was your blood kin.”

Then he dismisses him, saying that there’s no more for Mu-young to do. Aw, it’s harsh but true.

In the morning, Arang dresses and heads out, only to find her door stuck. Puzzled, she pushes at it, but it’s like the door’s been locked, or blocked off.

On the other side sits Eun-oh, having fallen asleep with his back to her door. Oof, that’s so sweet, it kills me. Was he that scared she’d be threatened in the night? Arang shoooooves her way through, knocking him aside.

He figures she spent all yesterday outside because she was avoiding him, and says that he won’t take back what he said: “But I will wait. Because you’re someone who does things when she’s ready.” I love him for remembering that.

He says he sat there all night just so he could say this to her before she went off avoiding him again. Which is a total lie—I know you were worried! Don’t deny!

Arang tells Eun-oh that their hired ghosts have disappeared. It’s unlikely that they solved their grievances and moved on to the hereafter, so what could explain their sudden absence? Would Lord Choi have done something with them, suggesting he has powers of his own?

Eun-oh points out that Lord Choi’s not the only suspect, though Arang dismisses Joo-wal as a candidate. He would’ve caught on to her true nature if he’d had supernatural powers. Considering that he confessed his feelings, he can’t know she’s a ghost.

Eun-oh bristles. Confess? Arang assures him she didn’t accept, waving aside his little jealous reaction. (Cute.) They decide Lord Choi is equally lacking in the powers department, which makes them wonder if there’s somebody else in that household…

Eun-oh starts by looking into the servants. To his surprise, Lee-bang informs him that there are only a handful of servants, and they get dismissed at the end of the day to go home. Which means that most of the time, it’s just father and son alone in that house.

Just then, another Bang comes tearing into the room, exclaiming, “We’re in trouble! We have to deal with this before the magistrate finds out—” and then pulls up short to see said magistrate sitting right there. Ha.

They go out to the yard to find it teeming with men, here to enlist for the magistrate’s patrol. The Bangs nervously offer to send them away since they can’t all be picked and they’ll have come here for no reason. Eun-oh replies, “Really? Then pick them all.”

Soon there are lines and lines of neatly arranged men, dressed in their patrol uniforms. The Bangs protest that they can’t use such scrawny, underfed men, to which Eun-oh replies, “Really? Then from now on, feed them well.” I love that look of satisfaction on his face.

Eun-oh addresses his new recruits, telling them that they have three duties: protect the office, protect the village, and not stand idly by when witnessing injustice. He finishes that with: “And standing behind you, there’s me.”

He puts Dol-swe in charge of training the men. Just then, Arang comes walking by, and in unison every man’s head swivels in her direction. Eun-oh’s included. He orders them not to look at her, and to treat her like a ghost. The men, hitherto enthusiastically shouting their agreement, now comply glumly.

Lord Choi sends Seo-rim’s former nurse to the magistrate’s office, and asks if Arang resembles Seo-rim. He threatens harm to her daughter if she doesn’t answer, and the nurse timidly replies that she looks so much like Lady Seo-rim that she almost called her Lady. That’s enough to confirm it for Lord Choi, who sends her away with his servant as escort. But first, he trades ominous looks with the servant, which makes me think granny’s not gonna make it home. Eep!

As suspected, while they’re traveling on the road, the servant takes out a dagger and moves into action.

Mom and Lord Choi strike a deal after all, and she gives him a talisman that will cure him of his ailment. He asks when she’ll get rid of Joo-wal and the magistrate, and she says soon.

Lord Choi enjoys having the upper hand (which I’m thinking is likely to be his downfall), and chuckles over a story he’d like to share. About Joo-wal’s former fiancée, which Mom had so protested that she put an end to the engagement. But right afterward, the fiancée disappeared, which sent the village into a tizzy and he covered with the rumor that she ran off with a servant. Then there was that night three years ago, during the full moon of the leap month…

Mom’s eyes narrow, growing irritated with Lord Choi’s talk. But she looks surprised as he reminds her of the girl in the shack that “went wrong”—and identifies her as Joo-wal’s fiancée, Lee Seo-rim, and Arang. All rolled into one.

Mom heads to her dungeon sniping about the troublesome old man. Sure, he may have secured his safety for the moment, but I’m pretty sure she’s just biding her time to snuff him out. She faces her magic mirror—the one that reveals Mu-yeon’s true face—and smiles triumphantly. This means she knows what the girl must want, because if she died and came back, she must be out to find who killed her and get revenge.

She dismisses Joo-wal from the situation entirely, telling him she’s found out what Arang wants and no longer needs him to do anything. Uh-oh. That look of terror on his face, oof. I don’t know whether he’s more afraid for himself, or for Arang. Or perhaps those are inextricable worries.

Dol-swe enjoys his position of authority, telling the new patrolmen that he’ll be instructing them on how to fight. Just then Bang-wool enters and looks at him curiously. He starts to wave at her like a goof, but pulls his arm back and puffs up with bravado as he tells the men to attack. As they fling themselves at him, he tosses them aside easily, then looks up expectantly: female adulation, go! Only… Bang-wool isn’t there anymore, HA.

She’s inside with Eun-oh and Arang, having found out what the jar is. She launches into this whole extended history of the shaman ancestor who wrote the book, only to have Eun-oh cut her short. What’s the short version?

Bang-wool calls it a jar to house a spirit, meant to provide a safe and comfortable rest for a wandering soul that somehow wasn’t able to travel to the afterlife. Thus it’s likely to be an ancestor of the Choi family, and they might want to reconsider opening the jar since it’s not polite to wake him from his rest.

Eun-oh tells her impatiently to do it anyway. Eek! Do you have your magical fan on you? Bang-wool speaks an incantation and pulls off the seals, opening the lid. Out floats a black mist, which materializes… into a demon.

Arang and Eun-oh recognize it and spring up in alarm. Eun-oh fights it and orders the women out. The demon seems to recognize Arang for what she is, his eyes flaring greedily, and it intercepts Arang, rasping at her, “Give me your body!”

Eun-oh grabs his fan and slashes at the demon with it. Poof. It disappears into a wisp of smoke.

He rushes to help Arang, who’s weak from the shock. Dol-swe bursts in to see Bang-wool knocked out from the demon’s blow, and calls out to her.

In her lair, Mom senses the loss of another minion. “This can’t be,” she exclaims. “What is that magistrate?” She clutches at her throat like she’s in pain… and a soul separates from the body. It’s Eun-oh’s mother, and it looks like she’s struggling to break fee from this body.

But the soul falls back into the body, and Mom wonders if it’s trying to burst out because of Mom’s weakened state, having missed her last leap-month meal. She tells herself to hang on a little longer—once she has Arang, all will be well.

Arang wonders why the demon would want her body, and recalls the strange words of the liver-eating demon in the cave—he’d asked what she was, and guessed that if she was the thing he thought she was, she’d be in big trouble. Arang huddles on the ground, wondering what she is.

Eun-oh, meanwhile, wonders what Lord Choi is up to. Can he call demons now? He takes out his fan and asks himself if his teacher anticipated something like this happening. He asks Arang what the demon said to her, but she says it was nothing.

Arang asks about his teacher, and he replies that he doesn’t know much about him. The man was a wandering guru, whom he’d met when Eun-oh had been in a nomadic phase of life. He’d been trying to win his mother over only to have her push him away. So he traveled around, and happened upon a man who offered to teach him how to fight off ghosts. Huh, was his teacher Jade?

Flashback to Eun-oh’s training days. Ah, I do love when a drama casts actors who can actually fight (he’s a third-degree black belt)—although I suppose the more salient point is that you need a director who can edit it well.

Enter the teacher (cameo by Jung Bo-seok), who fights with him constantly. Eun-oh loses each time, but appears to be improving. Finally, his teacher hands him the fan with the warning that he’s not to open it anytime. The fan has the power to send those spirits to a place they can’t return from, so only when he encounters someone deserving of that fate is he to use it.

Eun-oh asks how he’s supposed to be able to tell. His teacher says the day will come when he will know. But as for now, he’s off, because he’s a busy man—he’s got badook games to play, and goats to water. Aha! You ARE Jade!

Eun-oh protests, not wanting his teacher to leave. Jade Guru tells him, “Eun-oh-ya, there is nothing in this world as a useless life, or a worthless death. There will come a day when you will remember our connection.”

He gives him a parting gift that will help him win his mother’s heart—the red hairpin we’ve come to recognize, engraved with “mother’s heart pin.” Jade Guru adds that in his life, there will be a time that is most desperate: “When that time comes, remember my words: All questions begin with you.'”

Arang asks whether it’s possible to find that teacher now. Eun-oh says it’ll be difficult, and she sighs that it’s too bad because he seems to have known a lot. Eun-oh scoffs, saying that the day he gave her that hairpin, she disappeared.

Arang starts to tremble thinking of her possible fate, and she can’t hide it from Eun-oh. She confides that the demons want her body, her fear rising up as she wonders why they made her this way and sent her back. She decides she’ll have to meet Mu-young.

Mom fumes at home, wondering what Eun-oh is. She only now realizes that she was so fixated on Arang that she didn’t bother wondering at the magistrate, who must know that Joo-wal stabbed Arang to death. Which also means he must know she’s not a normal human. So what is he up to?

She demands information from Lord Choi, who tells her of his father. The name seems to ring a bell.

Bang-wool finally wakes up, only to wish she hadn’t when Eun-oh asks how they can meet the grim reaper. (He doesn’t much like her response: “You die.” Ha.)

So that night, Arang starts yelling Mu-young’s name up at the sky. Eun-oh suggests using a ghost to call him, and I’m guessing it works, because the next thing we know, Mu-young materializes in the yard. Eun-oh gets to the point: What did they do to Arang? What are they up to?

Mu-young answers that Mu-yeon wants her because Arang is immortal, and if she can take her body she can become immortal. It’s a fact the other demons and ghosts recognize. He tells him, “Protect Arang well.”

Eun-oh tells him that they’d better clear all those spirits out, because that’s their job.

Eun-oh returns to the Choi household, jumping over the fence and making his way to Mom’s shrine. The gatepost talisman has his fan vibrating in his hand, which Eun-oh uses to “slice” at the wood. The talisman evaporates into thin air. Rinse and repeat.

Mom senses the disturbance, and orders two demons to check it out. Eun-oh arrives outside the house and enters the main room, peering past that red curtain. The room is empty, since Mom’s in her dungeon, so he heads back out.

The two demons materialize and attack Mu-young, who has arrived at Mom’s house. Eun-oh joins him, and they fight two on two. After taking out their respective attackers, they head back inside.

Eun-oh uses his fan to open the trap door, and shoots the side-eye at Mu-young: “You’re wondering who gave me this fan, aren’t you? It was my teacher.”

Mu-young corrects, “It was the Jade Emperor.” He heads down the steps first, ignoring Eun-oh’s shocked expression.

Eun-oh chases him down, ready to argue with him for more details, but stops short to see Mom standing at her altar. His eyes widen. He recognizes her.



Oof, well that’s gotta suck. I was itching for him to come face-to-face with Mom a couple episodes ago, but there’s no softening this blow, is there? Actually, it may be worse now that he knows what Mom is and what she’s after, although perhaps the one silver lining in this is that he may see it as the evil being possessing his mother, rather than being her.

It was interesting to see that moment of Mom’s soul fighting to leave Mu-yeon, which makes me wonder how much of the soul she inhabits is still sentient in that body. I always thought of it as Mu-yeon “eating” the soul, for lack of better imagery, but in that case Eun-oh’s mother should be long gone. Also interesting is the image of the human soul trying to leave its own body, but perhaps Mu-yeon’s power is just that overwhelming that it makes sense that Mu-yeon would be the one staying behind. Her spirit’s so dark and dense it’s got its own gravity.

I do wonder at the mechanism of body-possession, because it seems like Arang has some element of control over it. The demon asks her for it, but doesn’t try (as far as we can tell) to claim it by force. Granted he hardly had time to even if he wanted. But it rings true with Mu-yeon’s hunt to find Arang’s deepest desire, since one assumes that would be the trade to make the host body willing to give up its shell.

And the Jade Emperor! Tricky tricky. Y’know, he might be an evil genius after all. Er, maybe not strictly evil in the Mu-yeon sense of the word, but let’s just agree that Arang had it right in calling him twisted. I had figured he was up to some kind of elaborate plan all along, using Arang as his pawn to fight the untouchable enemy. But Eun-oh too? For some reason I’m not that fussed about him using Arang since she was already dead and he’s giving her a second chance at heaven, but steering Eun-oh and grooming him for years to be his ultimate weapon? For some reason that seems… shrewder. Smarter. Meaner.

Perhaps it’s justified by Eun-oh’s near-death experience, which I’m betting was an actual-death experience. Is this his second chance at life too? Heck, he’s the ruler of all heaven so hell if he can’t do as he wants with dead souls, but Jade’s definitely got sides that he’s covering up with his teasing, flirty ways.

Our relationship made a huge step forward in the episode, but I’ll confess to being disappointed that Arang didn’t come around more quickly. I’m going to be patient (ish), and tell myself that this means we’re all set up for the next episode to give us major romantic developments. But I do wish it had happened in this one. Major brownie points to Bang-wool for speaking sense, though, and getting past Arang’s wall of defense. I was just hoping that with that big hurdle out of the way, Arang would… oh, I dunno, maybe tackle Eun-oh with kisses? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR.


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    Dear PD:

    Please show us Eun Ho Saddo in far less clothing. We are tired of waiting …

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            They should ask Siwon’s opinion on this hahhahaa

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          Have him take a dip i the water to save Arang, and hen lit up a fire for the both of them. He will have to dry his clothes and stuff of course… There, hope it works for you:-)

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        why isn’t anybody listening to me?? I’ve been demanding that after two episodes already! And take that head-thing off. I know he has short hair. I don’t care. I want a mane of glory and abs and a mane of glory and abs in one of those awwwesome fight scenes!!!

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Pshaw, I’ve been demanding it since before it aired and coming up with scenarios that would match the Joseon era.

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        I think he won’t make a shirtless scene with his abs…He said he’s not exercising anymore and he hates to do it. 🙁 I’m quite dissapointed.

        • anastassia

          No he has a great body we can see form outside. He aren’t exercising but he is practicing fighting and taekwando etc. It will build the body.

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      Lol I kind of like him in his white pajamas.

      Thank you much JB <3.

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          Um, no shower scenes in this show, hon but lets hope a tub scene atleast. Fighting all those demons made him dirty! :Oh. My.

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            I think a fight scene with his shirt off at the waterfall where Arang’s body was found would be perfect. I find his badassery side very smexy.

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      meh. I think we’ll ended with nothing.
      I don’t remembered LJK showing off his abs in his previous dramas/movies. Did I miss it? ermmm…

      Unless of course Eunoh got hurt and Arang strip him off to apply medicine or something like that. But he already got hurt quite badly in ep 7 but still waking up in his pjs in ep 8. Luckily I have my Duecer photobook for that =)

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      This, is a good first comment……

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    • 1.8 Dominique

      This is one Korean drama that gives it to us straight. All I have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it has been so far! Cool computer graphics, awesome sound effects, great-looking cast, and entertaining story …

      Given its genre, isn’t the end a foregone conclusion? Don’t we all know how this drama is going to end?

      Given the time-tested formula that this type of story employees, it becomes about the journey, not the destination. With angst taken out of the math, over-analysis seems a waste that gets in the way of appreciation. I am just enjoying it as the drama throws at me one juicy plot after another.

      I am in love with Kim Eun Oh, the magistrate. He struts like a peacock, he talks like a frat boy. But as Arang saw through in the first episode, he is a boy/man with a big heart. And great in bed.

      Lee Joon Gi is not pretty or tall, but he is sexy. I would love to fly with him long distance and argue with him all the way until I wear him out.

      • 1.8.1 anais

        Wait… did you just say Lee Jun Ki isn’t pretty? You’re talking about the man whom women who aren’t into him call too pretty? The actor who was cast as a beautiful “female” clown who made men lust after him? The actor who was ribbed endlessly for his beauty? That he was prettier than his female co-stars?

        I mean, beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but… 🙂

        • Dominique

          Yeah, he does not look pretty to me at all. His ears are too funny for words, his eyes barely open, and his face is a little too round. And he is not at all tall. I wouldn’t call him handsome, either.

          Yet I am crazy about him. Thank God, there is nothing effeminate about him. He is a manly dude.

          • hanie

            he is manly now but his prettyness is well known especially during the king’s man/ my girl time. after all, he is consider as the original flower boy =)

          • anais

            I don’t know if you’d say the same after watching him in Time Between Dog and Wolf. LJK as K… Drool. (Though that was when I realized that this martial arts master had no muscle definition. Meh.)

            I do agree that his jug ears don’t do wonders for him at all. Good thing he wasn’t born in Joseon Korea as a yangban.

            I find his face here more gourd shaped than round.

            All in all, he has a fine face for black and white photography or sculpture. It has amazingly clean lines, especially his 3/4 and profile view. The full frontal, not so ideal due to his jug ears.

          • anais

            So, I’m not trying at all (really) to convince you otherwise. You find something beautiful or you just don’t.

            But I went on an LJK photo spree, so I have to post some pics of him I find so drool-worthy. As an aesthetic object, in fact, more than as a person.

            A B&W. He looks like a manhwa character I wish I’d drawn.

            An army photo that makes me wish I were a sculptor. Those lines. His eagle eyes. The precise curvature of his lips. 🙂

            Another army pic. Such sharp lines.

            And from King & the Clown. Me love his eagle eyes…

            Done. Drooling session temporarily over.

          • Dominique

            Thank you both! I am going to track down and watch the dramas you mentioned.

          • Rexy

            Is it funny that those are the exact reasons why I like him? I think his ears and eyes are adorable. I think his face is lovely, like a moon. He’s not even my type and I’m already in love with him.

          • h0ns

            I watched one of his photoshoot CF in You Tube (I forget the CF and I couldn’t share YT link since still at work), but on that photoshoot he definitely looks cute, handsome, and pretty in the same time.. and many comments said so.. and I couldn’t not agree more..

          • Bakachild

            All that you listed as why you don’t think he’s pretty are some of the reason I think he is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course. When his hair was longer pre-army he reminded me of a forest sprite or fairy and i loved it :3
            Now he still does but in a more masculine way. Army was good for him. Except he doesn’t really have a rounded face anymore. It’s more sharp now than it was before. I’d call it’s gourd shaped like anais said.

          • namcha

            “his eyes barely open” lol, can’t believe you said that! His eyes are different and I think that’s what draws people to him. Yep good looking dude,for sure!

          • Mioutx

            oh my, when I first saw him in My Girl I couldn’t get over how pretty he was and how this must be the definition of “flower boy”, but the more I watched My Girl the more I liked him. There’s just something about him (I think it’s the smile). I don’t see him as pretty any more; he’s all man to me now!

        • asianromance

          I think he used to be insanely pretty. But post-army, he’s gotten more manly than pretty. There are more angles to his face. And he’s longer sporting the longer, manga-esque hairstyles. He’s actually starting to look like a hot guy past his mid-20s (still young considering he’s like 30) rather than a teenage manga character.

          And there is always something so masculine about him despite his prettiness. Maybe it’s the eyes. They’re not large, but there is something bedroom-y about them when he is staring seriously into the camera or at the heroine of a drama.

          • Joongirl

            lol. just wanna say, on the scene where the Jadey Guru teached him, some how, Lee Joon Gi looks really like His Gong-il time! Pretty with eyes open wild like puppy, eyebrow downs and lips open a bit, so much looks like gong-il minus his long hair!

            And for me, yes, he is still pretty and handsome at the same time!

          • Kiara

            Love his eyes and lips. I’d …nevermind lol.

          • JK

            I too feel that his female leads tend to pale in comparison next to him but he has definitely become more manly than just mere pretty. Looks like the army has done something good for him? 😛

            Perhaps to be a bit more fair to LJK and to give a different perspective, you might like to see how he looks like in reality. Here’s some photos of him in a recent Jap magazine.


            And then a video of him having photoshoot in tux and casual wear (ep 15 of JG Style):


          • Joongirl

            he is pretty gentleman, i mean he has the androgynous look with gentleman attitude. he is masculine without need to be the rough look one with muscle. if you watch JGstyle episode 5, you’ll see even with his skinny body, it fulls with trained muscle! And even in the army, believe me, some how he did really look pretty even in uniform, but yet, i saw him so manly. he’s personality actually that makes him so gentle.

            i thought he makes me too much in to him 🙂

          • Joongirl

            this is what i mean with in uniform but still pretty


          • JK

            If you watch his videos, esp JG Style that’s currently airing in Japan, LJK esp kills me when he does his girly moves (puffing his mouth like a hamster, swirling around as though he’s a ballet dancer). How is he able to do that? Being seductive and manly at the same time? I think his unique looks and his personality make this possible.

            And he’s one hell of a good dancer too, and there’s nothing girly in that. It’s as manly as you can get.

            See this recent video taken when he’s practicing his dance moves. just wanted to share a different side of LJK. Love his sexy hip thrust! *Swoon* 😛


          • anais

            He’s such a frigging goof ball.

            In watching the bit of JG Style you folks posted, I realized that his voice (at least on JG Style) is the same voice he used in Time Between Dog and Wolf. Luuuurrrve that voice. It comes out only every so often in Arang, so I miss it.

          • Joongirl

            wanna share Joongi Gangnam Style


          • anais

            LOL. Eong Mang (엉망 – mess, ruin, wreck) Style. Yay. Junki is back!!!!! My first K-Drama crush.

          • h0ns

            Yup! agreed.. he become more manly, and his face shape shows maturity after he joined the army!

          • Peridot

            I agree a lot with what you wrote. He had an almost unearthly beauty in his younger days (especially if you watch him in The King’s Man). Now, however, I think that his look has matured. In this role as the magistrate, I feel that his looks are not emphasized. Viewers are meant to be drawn in by his performance. I must say that I love the way he looks in period clothing. I think that his eyes are more representative of classic Korean beauty. And, although his looks are not emphasized in this show, I must say that there are enough shots for us to admire the beauty of his profile 🙂 And he does have a killer smile.

          • anais

            Arrrgh. Joongirl, I thought episode 5 of JG Style would show some skin, but there was none!!!! What is Lee Jun Ki’s aversion to showing his body? Come on, man!

          • Joongirl

            lol, anais… being his fan so far i have never seen him being topless or something like that. I bet, rather than doing shower scene or something like that, he would choose to have fighting bloody scene. haha. The only one i’ve seen his bare chest was when Young-ee made a tattoo on it, and it was only a peak.

            what i wanna show you on JGstyle 5 is his trained arm’s muscle when doing an exercise with the fan. we can see his muscle was trained well even his body is so skinny 🙂

          • kaigou

            Thing is, he can also do insanely evil, as in a level of badass far above any kpop tv show, but a serious “I am so going to kill you now” kind of glare. It was hinted at in TBDaW, but the first time I really saw it played up was in Fly Daddy Fly, where he plays a kickboxer/boxer training a middle-aged man how to fight so the man can get revenge for his daughter’s attack. (Remake of a Japanese film, based on a manga, btw.)

            I never saw the Japanese original, but LJK does a strange and eerie combination of too-pretty-for-you with a chip on his shoulder that makes the pretty into something downright dangerous. And when he picks a fight in the subway? Chills from that glare.

            (Plus, Fly Daddy Fly is worth it just for the man-vs-bus racing scene alone. It’s like five moments of awesome all in one.)

        • jenhul

          I used to think Lee Min Ho was the prettiest until I saw Lee Jun Ki. LJK really has a finely sculpted face. I think when he was younger he was too pretty but as he gets older, there are more angles to his face and crinkly lines around his eyes that make him more real. Put that together with his dorky ears and it softens the feminine effect. See him fighting or filled with angst? Gorgeous!

          • Joongirl

            Since I knew Lee JoonGi first than Lee Min Ho, and being addict to LJG, so I never thought lee min ho is pretty even prettiest nor handsome, lol.

          • JunJae

            I agree @joongirl
            I never get it why people think lee min ho is so pretty when lee jun ki is there. I was never attracted to Lee Min Ho. He pales in comparison with LJK, the only thing LMH have is height. Like hello! It’s Lee Jun Ki the dreamiest (besides Jaejoong) in Korean entertainment. Give me another actor that looks like Lee Jun Ki, Song Joong Ki?! Far from it. Like everybody else already said he’s pretty, gorgeous and so manly at the same time. He doesn’t need muscles to look like a man coz quite frankly it’s in his sharp features, and oh man, that voice. He’s like the perfect package, he can sing, dance and of course act! And he does his own stunts! So it’s LJK ftw!
            Lol! I ranted.

          • anais

            Lee Minho isn’t “pretty.” He’s handsome. From the get-go, his look has been masculine. I just wish he’d own his body and stand tall with chest out, shoulder back. Army will be good for his posture.

            Lee Junki started out with almost surreal beautiful. He reminds me at times of a Buddha statue come to life and imbued with immense sexual charisma. (No disrespect or sacrilege of Buddhism intended)

            The two men are very different. No point in comparing.

          • Joongirl

            @Junjae my wise friend said LMH, JGS, SJK,JIW are pretty boys, flower boys while LJG is beautiful man, I don’t get what her meant but yes, indeed he is beautiful man since he used to get title as “arumdaun namja” and indeed LJG is the icon of flower boys, as I remember, he is the first pretty boy back then, lol. he is the only flower boy who can really fight, I guess.

            And yeah, LMH has his own charms, no need to compare^^

      • 1.8.2 Mikunda

        Wait, did you just say “great in bed”? What did I miss here? How do you know that, just curious?

        He is totally sexy. Too bad he’s hiding his sexiness behind these shapeless pyjamas…

        He is such a good dancer too….

        • Kiara

          In my dream he was really great….

    • 1.9 danny

      you can never have the far-less , the white underwear is the best, or the one that dol-swe did! That’s Saeguk drama! ^^

    • 1.10 Kim Yoonmi

      I’ve been asking for this before it aired.

      There are a ton of ways to sageuk an ab scene.

      1. The “accidental” tearing of his shirt in the many fighting scenes with a sword and Arang has to treat him. (His shoulder was injured and *still*? really?
      2. Waterfall to meditate scene (Hey, he was training in the mountains… put it there)
      3. He takes a bath to contemplate Arang and try to forget her, but is *startled* by sounds outside.
      4. His clothes get stained in the market and he has to change all the way down to his under garments because it’s burning–such as a chigae or a soup right away.

      Any others? I’ve been going over scenarios for quite a while now. I wonder if he has something to hide…

      • 1.10.1 h0ns

        LOL… loving all your ideas there.. but I think we have to put away hope in possibility no.2 (coz the flashback is already there), possibility no. 1 seem make sense since there are lot action here… hopefully sato get hurt but still alive..

      • 1.10.2 anais

        1. Moon Jae Shin in SKKS. That was yum yum.
        3. No go. It’s a bath scene. He’ll be in a tub already.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          On 3 it’s *startled*, so he has to *stand* =P Rush of water and sparkling abs glistening.

  2. Cez Prieto

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    • 3.1 jollyroger

      Thanks JB. 🙂

    • 3.2 Noelle

      Well this episode answered my previous Mommy questions. So happy to have that answer even if it’s a sad one.

      Finally! We get them to meet. Plus what’s with Mu Young being Mister Informative? I love straight answers but I’m not used to it that I’m wondering if he’ll get reprimanded or if something horrible will happen…I’m waiting for a shoe to drop.

      • 3.2.1 Kwhat?!

        Maybe Moo Young is trying to make up for his earlier failure. Or is rebelling against the Jade Emperor’s using him by telling all he knows. I can’t say I mind him telling them what’s up. It’s about time they know some important things. But it’s very likely there’s another side to his revelations, and it won’t be very pretty.

  4. Jlee

    Yay, thanks for the recap! 🙂
    Off to read, hehe~

  5. Mia

    thank you for the recap!!!!
    that shaman actually gave a great advice! i hope Arang accepts the truth in it! this show is really exciting! love! <3

    • 5.1 Mia

      i love how Eun-oh just accepts and fight for his love! and when those evil ghosts were looking for the jar, he didn’t notice them until they got near Arang! that’s just so sweet! where can i find a man like him!!!! Arang better claim him already, or that Eun-oh will be stolen soon!

    • 5.2 Kiara

      Ikr? She said everything we all wanted to say to Arang if we were in the drama. I would have kicked her in the head first.

  6. Ace

    Yay! Something interesting to read while doing some mechanical stuff at work. 😉

    • 6.1 Ace

      So that’s where Eun-oh’s mom’s soul was. I was wondering if 1) the mom is still alive but is being possessed by Mu-yeon since her soul is still in her physical body or 2) the mom is already dead but her soul’s trapped in her body because of the talisman that Mu-yeon created.

      Anyway, I love the Jade Emperor. I like that he’s tricky, shrewd, smart, and mean. He wouldn’t be the Jade emperor if he wasn’t all those things, right?

      Since I’m watching this and Faith, I noticed some similarities in the lead characters: both Choi Young and Eun-oh have started to really “live” and take notice/care for others; and both Eun-soo and Arang are satisfied if you just give them lots of food. Haha. *sigh* The director in Faith needs to get back to director school because even if I love Faith a teeny bit more than Arang, I can’t deny that Arang’s execution is better even if some things are predictable.

  7. mskololia

    The shaman girl told Arang the truth.

    Yay for EO not holding back and protecting his love one from JW who I think should not use Arang as an excuse not to murder innocent girls or women. For. shame.

  8. Baji

    DUNDUNDUN. Things are about to get real.

    I’m actually happy that the romance was put on the backburner this episode, though thank you Shaman for letting Arang see a part of the light! I hope this means that she won’t resist Eun Oh any longer and they spend their remaining days together. Because Arang, it’s better that you two part with memories of love than part with memories of regret.

    I have to say that I absolutely love the theme of the mystery of the human heart in this show. So Jade can see the future, but can’t predict human behavior. Very interesting. As for Lady Seo, she says Arang’s deepest desire is revenge, but we all know that’s not it. Seo doesn’t know Arang isn’t LSR, nor does she have LSR’s memories. So right now, though Arang wants to solve the mystery of her death, I think her deepest desire will ultimately be Eun Oh. That’s where her heart will be I think (at least to me).

    I hope Moo Young tells EO that though Seo looks like his mother, it’s not really her. I hope Seo doesn’t manipulate EO into giving her Arang–he’s smarter than that! But then again this is EO we’re talking about, who’s been desperate for his mother’s love all these years. So who knows what he’ll do, or what’s in his heart, especially since Arang has repeatedly rejected him (Arang, a person can only wait for so long! If you keep pushing EO away he might just give up in the end). I just hope he won’t do anything stupid!

    Another thing. I wasn’t expecting EO to see his mother this early (I was expecting like, in episode 16+) so now I expect the writers to have something big in store for us. Ahhh this show, I love it so much.

    • 8.1 anais

      Totally with you that Arang’s deepest desire won’t be revenge. Or eternal life, but Eun-Oh.

      Also agree that I hadn’t expected Eun-Oh to encounter his mother at this point.

      But I don’t think we have to worry about his caving to any wish from his mother for Arang’s body. He’s too decent for that. If anything, such a request, I think, will be the thing to snap him out of any confusion or indecision re: slaying her.

      • 8.1.1 Redge

        What I’m worried about re: his mother is that Moo Yeon is going to tell him something along the lines of getting his mother back (since her soul is still inside) if he gives her Arang–that ultimately, he’s going to have to choose between them. Either would traumatize him for sure.

        • MsGB

          What surprise me is that Mom’s soul is still alive. I just assumed that it was like the very first time Moo Yeon possessed a dead body or that MY ate the spirit then took the body cause she should need some indicator on what kind of bodies she could possess just like with the souls. Other wise she just could jump from body to body and if that’s true why hasn’t she done it yet. Somebody younger who’s body is better equipped to last?

          With that being said I can’t wait to see how Eun Oh handle the situation.

        • Kiara

          I know that it will come down to Eun-oh making a choice between the two women he loves at some point. I’m worried more about Arang making that choice for Eun-oh and willingly give up her body up so he can have his mom back. Madame Evil mentioned that she has to be willing.

          I’m hoping that the bell will ring before that, so that her immortality expires before Madame Evil takes over. I think Jade got all his bases covered but he still have that worried look on his face that something might go wrong.

      • 8.1.2 Kim Yoonmi

        I get this is a romance, but something feels flat about making a girl’s deepest desire a man. Plus it feels a little squick to me if Mu Yeon succeeds.

        Eun Oh: Wait, but you were in my Mom’s body. You are moving like my mom did.
        Mu Yeon: But I’m Arang now. Come, I know you love me.
        Arang: Eun Oh, yes, come to me.
        Eun Oh: But now my girlfriend and the spirit that was inhabiting my mom’s body are merged. ELEW. I can’t kiss that.
        Arang: *kicks* *body flip* What, you don’t want me anymore?
        Eun Oh: But I value you for your mind… and personality. And now you are acting like my neglectful Mom.
        Mu Yeon: What kinda crap is that? $#@! Arang, don’t listen to him.

        • opheliadrowning

          I read the whole “her greatest desire is Eunoh/a man” as “her greatest desire is to love and be loved, and the person who is that for her is Eunoh, who is also friend and partner as well as lover.”

          I think the show is too smart to just put human romantic desire as the great big thing–but I think the desire to love and be loved and thus, to truly live (which is also the same desire expressed by Eunoh and Joowal, incidentally) is a very basic one, and a very human one, too.

          I’m feeling less convinced now that Evil Mom could get Arang’s body, because it does seem like to possess it she has to have the soul of the original person allow it, too, which is why she needs to know the deepest desire. I think the only way that would be even plausible is if Eunoh were in danger, though still, I think Arang, if she knows how by doing this she could help destroy the balance of the world, would be too smart practical to make that exchange.

          • anais

            @Opheliadrowning – I just realized you’d already said the same thing. Also, I dig this: “to truly live (which is also the same desire expressed by Eunoh and Joowal, incidentally)”


        • anais

          She wouldn’t be making a man her deepest desire. It’s to live. To live includes falling in love with someone who loves you, ideally as beautifully as Eun-oh does Arang. It’s the whole package. It’s not vengeance but life that is Arang’s greatest desire.

      • 8.1.3 Mikunda

        Please don’t tell me she will give up her life/body to save him… That would be awful.

    • 8.2 Kiara

      Agree with everything you said especially Arang’s deepest desire. It has to be Eun-oh or she is the most stupid girl in the world.
      I too hope Moo Young will tell Eun-oh the truth about his mother. I love it that things are moving forward, upward and onward.

    • 8.3 Reena

      Hmmm… I think there’s a reason why Jadey gave Arang an expiration date… I think that part will also come into play once the final battle ensues. 🙂

    • 8.4 opheliadrowning

      I do love how the writers keep surprising us with our expectations–that when we think, oh, Arang will be allowed to be human at the end of the series, it happens in EPISODE 4! And with Eunoh meeting his mom again–we have all probably been burned before where all this stuff doesn’t happen until the last two episodes and then the wrap-up is hurried–it happens in episode 14.

      They are certainly keeping us on our toes!

    • 8.5 Hooliah

      I was surprised about MY too! It seems they are setting it up to show us that in order to possess a living person she has to make a deal with them so that they willingly give it up–i.e. for Mom, “I’ll help you get that evil Lord Choi back if you let me use your body.” I think probably given how much they’ve emphasized that heaven can’t mess with humans, this is the only way for MY to move around undetected since her brother would just come and take her back again if she tried inhabiting dead bodies again. I think this is the first plot point that the show hasn’t executed well, because it was a surprise finding out Mom’s soul was still around and it wasn’t an “ah-ha, I see” moment, it was like, “wait, what?!”

      I think that a couple of things could be Arang’s deepest desire and I think you’re right that neither of them are finding out how LSR died. I think her deepest desire is to be human (for real) and maybe to be with Eun-Oh (though she’s been pretty hard to read on this, I mean, she clearly likes him a little but I don’t know if he is her deepest desire right now). Either way, if MY is able to find these things out she has pretty strong temptations to offer Arang–stronger than she has to offer Eun-Oh. “If you give me your body, you can live like a ‘human’ AND be with Eun-Oh for more than just one more lunar month.” It would be really interesting to see that play out, I think.

      Particularly since I think Eun-Oh is WAY too smart to fall for any trick MY tries to throw at him. Even if she’s wearing mom’s body, he loves Arang too much to give her over to MY. He already said he inwardly hates his Mom, and I think even after rejection he loves Arang too much to let her body be stolen so some evil spirit can use her for eternity (especially when he just saw how frightened she was about it). It wouldn’t be worth it to him, I think. Not even to get Mom back. But I guess we’ll see! It’s going to be a long week!

      • 8.5.1 satsuki92

        @Hooliah “I think her deepest desire is to be human (for real)…”

        Yes! Well said. Mu Yeon keeps assuming that Arang’s greatest desire is to revenge her/Lee Seo Rim’s death but boy is she wrong and that assumption I think will be the thing that foils her master body-swapping plan.

  9. uden

    May the shrewd, smart, mean Jade Emperor bless your heart, JB!

  10. 10 elie

    i really wish they started with the romance thingy.its already 14 episodes they are no kisses..no lovey dovey acts..only eun-oh confecing…:(

  11. 11 gelai

    i saw one JG style episode and it looks like our joon gi is not so fond of weights to build muscles. he said it’ll make him look old. he’s athletic in such a way that he likes to run etc. for stamina. he may try it once though.

  12. 12 Kiara

    So good to Jeong Bo-Seok as teacher Jade. Loved him in Giant, Jo Pil-Yeon one of the best villain in Kdramaland. Loved him also as King Gongmin in Shin-don.

  13. 13 momosa

    I don’t understand – Arang is immortal yet she only have 1 moon time left??? Or is it her body is immortal?

    • 13.1 hanie

      she is immortal but with time limit. JE agreed to send her back as sort-of-human to find out the truth behind her murder but she must find that answer within 2 moons time.

      • 13.1.1 momosa

        I see, and the baddies didn’t know about the moon time deal. Ok got it now.

        • deedee2344

          But, based on JE’s convo with Moo Young, it sounds like, if HR were able to possess AR’s body, then there wouldn’t be a time limit? Anyone else have an idea?

          • anais

            What I think is interesting is that the Muyeon’s possession isn’t just the body. It seems she must coexist with the soul as well, as the Muyeon’s attempts to placate Eun-Oh’s mother into staying still for just a little longer, in which case… Arang’s soul will be departing regardless.

          • deedee2344

            Ahhh, I see, thank you! Her soul leaves regardless when time is up–but the vessel stays, and is therefore free for any other spirit to acquire it.

    • 13.2 Jhoy ♥

      Yes, Arang is indeed immortal. But she was tasked to solve her own death before or after 3 full moons. So maybe Arang will disappear if she wasn’t able to fulfill her task. As per the emperors of the two worlds, Arang will be sent to heaven if she can solve the mystery of her death. However, will be sent to hell if she wasn’t able to solve it. ♥

    • 13.3 Boingboingracquet

      Several episodes back, her body was unearthed but with no signs of decay, even though her soul had left. I It would make sense that her physical body is an ‘undying body’, or so I would have thought, but then again Jade and Hades were shown ‘taichi-ing’ a new existence for her… So I really have no idea now.

      • 13.3.1 satsuki

        I’ve been racking my brain over that bit about her unearth-ed dead body showing no signs of decay. Ive not watched this episode yet but seems like Lord Choi mentioned that something went wrong during the “body swapping” ritual?? Or maybe her body remained undecay-ed because of some talisman that joo wal or mu yeon used on her prior to the body swapping deed….

    • 13.4 Deeliteful

      only her soul will go to heaven or hell…her body will remain on earth….which is very enticing for Big Bad mom….

  14. 14 stars4u

    I love the no nonsense speech of Bang-wool, she hits all the right spots and that includes dying to meet Mu-young.

    Mu-young was just so cool in directly informing Eun-oh about Jade Emperor being his master!

    • 14.1 pumpkinattack

      Yep, it seems that Bang-wool is much better with matters of the life than matters of death/supernatural beings. 😉

      • 14.1.1 Ella Zala

        so she should be a shrink instead of a quack shman. perhaps she’ll make more money beinr relationship counselor. ^^

  15. 15 jinkzz

    I knew it… the fan and the hairpin was from the Jade Emperor and he was the teacher as well…

    looking forward to next week’s episode…

  16. 16 yumi

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    (cameo by Jung Bo-seok) Love him here, love him there, love him everywhere. Such a wonderful actor!

  17. 17 lovedramas

    I don’t think I have wanted an OTP to kiss and be all lovey dovey this badly as I want for this OTP. What is going on with me? LOL Just love love these two.

    It’s refreshing to have characters who have some sense to them when it comes to romance. Now if only Arang would fully come to realize that she needs to treasure that time with Eun-Ho. How true Bang-wol’s words.

    Wow- lots of questions and lots of answers. So it seems like Eun-Ho’s mom’s will is strong so maybe she can get through to him somehow and escape? I honestly don’t think she can escape until Arang or someone else takes her place.

  18. 18 chisaicherry

    If Arang were Mi Ho, she would most definitely “tackle Eun-oh with kisses”, ha

    Can’t…wait…for Arang to come around. Eun Oh’s puppy face just seems so pitiful. Just throw him a bone already!

    • 18.1 pumpkinattack

      She needs to threaten to “eat” him if he doesn’t bring her meat. 😉

      • 18.1.1 anais

        Heh. Lee Seung Ki. Lee Jun Ki.

    • 18.2 Amberscube

      If Arang were Mi Ho, she would most definitely “tackle Eun-oh with kisses”, ha

      And then after the kiss she would say “Abashta”.

      • 18.2.1 Chisaicherry

        ~hoi hoi!

  19. 19 Kelinci Biru

    “Arang would… oh, I dunno, maybe tackle Eun-oh with kisses? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR.”

    NOT, definitely not. the question is when?

    but, of course, if its too much bother for Arang, I’m willing to take her place anytime.

  20. 20 Claudia

    I have to say Jade using Arang doesn’t seem to sting as much after knowing he has been using/grooming Eun Ho for most of his life for that particular purpose. He set this kid up to have to… Well i am guessing, stick a hair pin in mom’s heart. I’d like to say fate is a Big ole b*tch but damn i think jade took fate and told her to take a hike and did what he damn well pleased (if he wasn’t so pretty i might not forgive him).
    I am hoping the romance takea a few flying leaps forward next episode before i loose my patience with Arang. I mean seriously, how can you say no to those puppy eyes and the words coming out of his mouth. Stab me in the heart and pour salt over the wound. i swear i felt a lump lodge in my throat when he was back hugging her and pouring out his heart oh the poor puppy.

  21. 21 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans!

    I loved this episode as it sort of answers a lot of the audience’s concerns and questions:
    1. Why won’t Arang try to spend the rest of her remaining days well with Eun-oh? cue Bang-wool’s awesome speech
    2. Why are there never any servants at the Choi property?
    3. Where is Eun-oh’s mom? We get to see her spirit inside the body. Guess possessing a human body by having a human spirit give it up and sharing the body with the human is better than just possessing a dead body. In yesterday’s episode Mu-young managed to capture Mu-yeon when she had possessed that dead girl’s body
    4. With all that trespassing and knowing that the seals were bad, why didn’t Eun-oh remove them? He did in this episode and then commented on how he should have done it sooner.

    They didn’t show the granny getting killed. A part of me thinks the granny is supernatural. Maybe her death wasn’t shown because it ended up being the lackey getting killed. Maybe the granny’s a gumiho? just my wild speculation

    • 21.1 anais

      The seals were extremely difficult to remove at the grave site.

      • 21.1.1 asianromance

        I’m talking about the seals the Choi property by evil mom’s lair. I guess it turns out that the magic fan just wasn’t ready/destined yet to remove those seals until that moment in this episode. The Jade Emperor sure has a sense of buildup and drama!

        • Hooliah

          I got the impression that he honestly didn’t realize he could use the fan to get rid of the seals until this episode since he makes a comment like, “well I should have just done this before!” I don’t think he had the fan out the first time he went to check out the seals, so he wouldn’t have noticed it vibrating or whatever that time. It’s not until he happens to have it out and is able to get into MY’s lair that he realizes it can be used for more than just catching ghosts.

    • 21.2 Kwhat?!

      I agree with you about there needing to be a spirit in the body. When Joo Wal stabbed Arang, he put a talisman on her neck to keep her spirit in the body. And the whole part about Moo Yeon getting taken out of the dead body she inhabited. It’s probably a lot harder to get her out of a body that still has a soul attached.

  22. 22 pumpkinattack

    Thanks for the awesome recap!

    All I can do is wait a week, chanting, “Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.” Will the drama gods hear me? 🙁

  23. 23 yumi

    “For some reason I’m not that fussed about him using Arang since she was already dead and he’s giving her a second chance at heaven, but steering Eun-oh and grooming him for years to be his ultimate weapon? For some reason that seems… shrewder. Smarter. Meaner.”

    I think Eun-oh is the same entity as Arang. He’s a resurrected being given a second life by the Jade Emperor. I think Arang has an expiration date because her resurrection was a bargain that needed the King of Hell’s agreement, but it isn’t clear than Eun-oh has an expiration date because the Jade Emperor brought him back on his own.

    If the Jade Emperor can see in the future it makes sense that he should have readied Eun-oh for the battle once he knew Eun-oh mother’s body would be used.

  24. 24 lizzzieQ

    Never thought it would come from Bangwool, but those were such words of wisdom. Sadly Arang had little reaction to that, or even to the to-die-for confessions and outpouring from Eun-oh. I mean, even going by just the number of lines Arang has had these few eps… I get that it’s not exactly like she’s mellowed down, more like she’s in difficult and slightly different circumstances now.. but something more than just repeated shots of her in silent in her room would be nice, before we lose her character completely. Or is it maybe because Arang’s exactly not the type we’ve come to expect from our heroines, all mopey and teary?

    Anyway. Thanks for the recaps. These week’s episodes were good and I don’t know what to do with myself until next week *mopes around* Love this drama to biiiittss.

    • 24.1 Asabiyet

      BW’s words hit all the right chords, beautiful writing there! I mean it made so much sense I couldn’t believe my ears lol, first time I hear such good advice on a Kdrama which you can actually apply to your everyday life. “Being able to live with that sadness is what being human is. That’s love, and memory, and what becomes remembrance. You only need one of those things to give you the strength to live out the rest of your life. Now, if you had absolutely nothing—then you really couldn’t live on.” Bravo!

      I agree with Arang losing her outward personality a bit, she keeps staring at the floor in her room in the darkness, says nothing, it’s like she lost all her hope. I get she’s overwhelmed with everything going around her (EO’s confessions, her own heart which she’s trying to keep in control, some horrific demons who want her body, the time running out jeez..) but her character with her motionlessness kinda started to get boring. Please don’t make her boring.

      I’m not sure if she still has enthusiasm left to find her murderer either, it’s like she’s going with the flow .. =/

      • 24.1.1 lizzzieQ

        Totally agree with you as well 🙂 The writing is some good solid storytelling. I really am glad I get to enjoy it.

        And about our dear Arang. Like she’s been saying herself, her lack of colour these days could be down to fear. Fear of the truth. But it’s hard not to feel that she is getting hard to understand, and she’s hardly been doing anything, and when that happens viewers start to disconnect.

        I was thinking it may be filming schedule issues, but covered up a hundred times better than other dramas that face this common problem. Anyway I still have faith in Arang and her development, her part in the story is intrinsically a big one. But about the romance, I do not really see it happening any time soon with this week’s cliffhanger. More angst coming for Eun-oh!! D:

  25. 25 hanie

    Thanks for the recap.

    I’m hoping Arang let down her defense wall and accept Eunoh’s feeling after his emotional outburst at the end of ep 13 but I guess her wall is pretty thick. And thank you shaman for being voice of reason. Hopefully we get some development from Arang in next week episode.

    I also predict a lot of angst on Eunoh side in next week episode. Hopefully MY would share what he know with Eunoh so that he would be confused and hurt for a long time. But knowing his mother is not actually his mother & being possessed by ambitious fairy doesn’t make thing easier tho. And I hope Arang will be by his side.

  26. 26 mary

    I laughed at how abruptly Mu Young revealed that the teacher was the Jade Emperor. Haha

    • 26.1 Boingboingracquet

      ME TOO. Except I was in the library and literally had to clamp my mouth to stop myself from bursting out in laughter. There Eun Oh was, flaunting to him like ‘look at me, I can open that door with my fan! You wanna know who my teacher is?’ And the essence of Mu Young’s answer was just like ‘Cut the crap, you ignorant boy’.

    • 26.2 Kiara

      Lol I had to play it back because I wasn’t sure I heard him right. So whats next?. You used to be a goat in heaven and your mommy is not really your mommy?.

    • 26.3 Midori

      Hahaha. So did I! He was all proud, and taunting when he said it was his teacher who gave him the fan and Mu-young just straight up shots him down with an “I already know, bet YOU didn’t” hahah. It was just EPIC.

  27. 27 AuntieMame

    “But it rings true with Mu-yeon’s hunt to find Arang’s deepest desire, since one assumes that would be the trade to make the host body willing to give up its shell.”

    EO’s mother traded her body for revenge on Lord Choi. So, Mu-yeon thinks that Arang will also be willing to trade her body to exact revenge upon her killer. Except that I think her killer is JW, which was so shocking that she completely lost her memory.

    As for the weapon to kill Mu-yeon/EO’s mother, the Grim Reaper has the dagger and EO has the hair pin. So, the Jade Emperor actually has created two ways to kill Mu-yeon.

    • 27.1 deedee2344

      OMG, I just had a thought. What if Arang’s killer was actually Eun Oh’s mother–like, not the crazy botox witch (Mu-yeon), but actually Eun Oh’s mother? Because it doesn’t seem like Mu-yeon has any recognition of Arang, yet Arang remembers grabbing the hairpin from someone’s hair…

      • 27.1.1 h0ns

        omo… please not that scenario… poor sato…

      • 27.1.2 Kiara

        But why would Eun-oh’s mom kill Arang for?. She was after Lord Choi.

        • deedee2344

          I have no idea, but maybe Arang just happened to get caught in the middle of an altercation between Eun-oh’s mom and Lord Choi.

  28. 28 Bakachild

    What a cliffhanger. How the hell is this going to pan out next week? And they’ve stuck with the “no preview on the last episode of the week” thing so I can’t even speculate as hard as i usually do. That being said I’m going to be lurking next wednesday on viki. This show is so damn addictive.

    I pray for smooches next week. Thank god the voice of reason(or the audience) spoke up, in the form of Bang-wool of all things. I nearly shouted “YES!” at my scream when she started talking to Arang. Also her “you die” answer to how to get to Mu-young made me laugh. I love her. Dol-swe too with his trying to show off to her. Too cute.

    Oh joo-wal. Let me count the ways you make my heart ache. Of course no force can stop the love most of us have for the OTP but the poor boy is trying to change for love and i just went “awww” when he asked for Arang’s heart. That being said no one is forgetting that he’s a seasoned killer and he’ll eventually have to repent(probably with his life) later but his trying to move past the evil and just live with the woman he loves is heart wrenching. Twisted fate indeed.

    Here comes another long weeks wait, though not as long as last week. Damn cliffhangers. This is why i binge watch dramas!

    Thanks JB!

    • 28.1 Bakachild

      Also hair pin to stab mother dearest in the heart. Sneaky Jade, veeeery sneaky. “Mother’s heart pin”. When Eun-oh realizes what that means that’s gonna hurt.

    • 28.2 kakashi

      I was actually wondering how many takes it took for him to do that ‘o-o-omoni??’ the way he delivered it.
      Couldn’t help but notice that his voice became totally child-like all of a sudden. It’s either deliberate – and suuper awesome acting – or not-deliberate – and still suuper awesome acting.

      • 28.2.1 deedee2344

        YES. Super awesome acting. I’ve replayed the scene so many times. Wish I could act like that. Mad respect for LJK.

  29. 29 chinita

    Dang, I was hoping to see abs during the training flashback. Guess it’s too much to ask for.

    This drama is keeping me on the edge. It’s been a long time since I got hooked like this and it’s the only drama that made me un-lurk in this site. Yesterday’s livestream sucked so thanks for the recap javabeans!

  30. 30 Lady Spring

    From the start I had a feeling Jade is actually a bit manipulative (and he was kinda mean esp to MuYoung). I knew it was him that messed up with Muyoung’s / Arang red rope. :/

    He’s all “for the greater good” while using people to achieve it. I don’t mean he’s evil. He’s just…how do I say this…practical?

    Just like the badook pieces. you lose some you win some :/

    • 30.1 Kwhat?!

      Yeah, I wouldn’t say either god is evil. Or good, for that matter. Both are shrewd and have their own objectives that they’re working for. I find it interesting that Hades seems so much more caught up on justice, and Jade is more like, “let’s just bend the rules, to see what happens.”

  31. 31 deedee2344

    I love the writing, and I love LJK’s acting. The last scene was superb, seeing the emotions flicker then spread across his face. I wish I could say the same for SMA, but I feel like her acting is lacking, compared to the awesomeness that is LJK. Though it’s understood, I don’t *feel* her love for EO.

  32. 32 satsuki

    Thanks for the recap.
    OMG. Finally eun-oh meets his “mother”! Didnt expect that meeting to be so soon but I very much welcome it. The wait for next week is gonna be a heck of a long one *screams*

  33. 33 Hh

    I think I read this too fast …sigh

  34. 34 Reena

    Ahhhh!!! He still looks so hot with that shocked expression… lol… Ack! Love Jun Ki and that martial arts sequence…

  35. 35 toystar

    Thanks great recap. Its sad EO finds mom and she’s the “monster”.

  36. 36 Joongirl

    I do love when the drama casts Lee Joon Gi who can naturally doing martial arts and making such expressions! He’s the best Korean Actor for me!

  37. 37 danny

    this is my preview version for next week:

    Magistrate got stuck ” Mother”
    Mother : (repossessed her own body) says, my Son, why are you here, didn’t I tell you
    to go far away from me.
    MAgistrate: I have been searching for you for so long, why are you here, what are you doing? Are you responsible for everything that has happen here?
    Mother: (reposseesed by Mu-yeon) You! You! your the reason for all this mess, I’ll gonna snap you to death.
    …..swoooshh swooshhh………
    Magistrate died , became a ghost ,coz he cannot harm his physical mom.
    Mother ( release some of her evil grim reapers to get Magistrate’s soul)
    then Ghost magistrate seeing the real demon possessing her mom’s body, battle with the the evil grim reapers . then evil mom escape for the mext episode!

    thanks for reading! who can stop a swirling mind . bwahahahah!

    • 37.1 Boingboingracquet

      My version:

      Magistrate: “M-m-m-mother~!!”
      Mu-Young (correcting again with deadpan expression): “It’s my sister.”

      • 37.1.1 lizzzie


      • 37.1.2 Amberscube

        Bwahaha… I like this version.

      • 37.1.3 anais


      • 37.1.4 Joongirl

        lol. magistrate will get hooked for the 2nd time!

      • 37.1.5 earthna


      • 37.1.6 danny

        hahaha, love that! and it would end Magistrate fighting with Mu-yong over who’s right? Sister or Mother! Then Arang came and exclaim, I remember now, SHE KILLED ME!

      • 37.1.7 Drama

        Nice! I like that response and it doesn’t seem far fetched. Moo-Young seems like he is in a mood of giving out answers straight!!!

      • 37.1.8 MhsC

        This is good … hahaha

      • 37.1.9 Kiara

        Lol and Lady Seo channelling Darth Vader ” Eun-oh I am your mother”.

      • 37.1.10 purplejam88

        haha … I would really love to see this scene!!

  38. 38 charmg

    Hahaha well said Javabeans!;) i really like your last comment about this episode; Arang please for Pete’s sake be honest with your feelings! thanks for a great recap;) this made my day as always;p

  39. 39 Stardust

    i wasn’t able to post my whole chunk of rave yday after trying twice… lol … I was afraid of mulitple posts… buuut. anyway…. I love this ep!! More subtle than the last, but also alot of discoveries, esp on the villians’ side…

    Thank you girlfriday and javabeans for yummy recaps as always! Your insight makes the drama far more enjoyable!

    It tickled me that as Eun Oh so grudgingly told Mu Young that his teacher gave him the fan, like its a favour, but Mu Young one-ups him by nonchalantly telling him its the Jade Emperor hahahah

    six eps left…. counting counting…

  40. 40 sparkles

    Eun-oh’s mother must had a strong desire to take revenge, which was why the demon was able to possess her in the first place. I think that when Arang was taking the hairpin from the mother’s hair, it must be during the time when the mother was being possessed by the demon. I recalled that Arang had a flash back of pulling the hairpin from a woman’s hair and the woman was moving her body as if in a trance.

    I feel sorry for Eun-oh. He finally finds his mother. But will soon discover that she is possessed by a demon who wants Arang’s (his lover’s) body. I wonder what Eun-oh is going to do? I am so excited for the next episode! Next week just don’t come soon enough!!!

  41. 41 sparkles

    I wonder if Jo-wal had seen Seo-rim’s face, would he had fallen in love with her? I think that if he had seen her face and gotten to know her, then he would have. Just like he is falling helplessly in love with Arang right now.

    Poor Arang… there are two men who loves her and would do anythingn to protect her, but she cannot love them because she will be leaving them soon 🙁

  42. 42 Boingboingracquet

    Every episode of Arang and the Magistrate has me on the edge of the seat, stuffing my fist into my mouth and anticipating whatever new revelations the writers fling at us in bated breath… and now it’s smoked me out of my lurker’s lair, commenting and gushing on dramabeans!! Garh! What has Arang done to me!

    Onward. Some thoughts:

    1. The Jade Emperor may seem like a loaded mean guy, manipulating minute human beings like Arang, Eun-oh, his mom into chess pieces to vanquish the Heavens’ Ultimate Defector, but I still choose to believe in the good of him. As he said to Eun-Oh when he gave him the ‘Mother’s Heart Pin’, ‘If you wish to make your mother happy, give this to her. This hairpin will do it.’
    Jade’s always been intrigued by the human heart, the sentiment and strength of relationship ties, and he’s expressed on multiple accounts that he doesn’t fully comprehend the human heart. That, I suppose, also extends to not understanding why EO’s mom is willing to forego her child in favour of seeking revenge.
    Giving EO’s mom the hairpin would be giving her an ultimate test, perhaps, an experience to make her see, or change her heart, that maybe happiness lies in the existence of her son, rather than the consequences of seeking revenge? It’s probably as much a second chance for Mom, as it is for Eun-Oh.

    2. For all their outward facade displays, like Joo-wal and his icy exterior, Eun-Oh and his assertive strength, these boys just crumble into quaking, stuttering rubble in front of the Mother-figure. I have no other explanation other than an inherent Oedipal complex, or a deep craving for motherly love… In this sense, I see their yearning to be every bit as ‘greedy’, if i may say, as Mu-Yeon’s quest for eternal life, for a mother’s love is as vast and unlimited in its unconditionality, and unattainable.

    3. And oh my, are EO and Mu Young now like a cop-pairing, ghostbuster-partnership?! Cool!!

  43. 43 Shin Haido

    Thank you for the recap JB. Reading your recap make me able to watch the drama in my mind. That’s how great it is. Lol. Since my internet connection in its worst I’m barely watched ep 13. Don’t want to get frustrated though to try again. Thanks a bunch 😉 (҂‾▽‾)

  44. 44 jillian

    If Arang won’t do it, I will volunteer to tackle Eun-oh/LJK with kisses! hehehe

    kidding aside, this meeting between Eun-oh and his mom/evil mom is a long time coming. It makes me want to know what happens next.

    I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  45. 45 katiamon

    i was sooooo right! the master was jade emperor!!!! wohooooo. this drama is awesome! i love EO’s resolution to love Arang against all odds, and there’s no noble idiocy, isn’t it great when you don’t have to include nonsense scenes and fillers and just give a straight delivery in the plot?
    i really need a magistrate in my life! come satooooo!!! 🙂

  46. 46 guess

    she wants to become human, but dont want to die? just be ur fairy lol

    • 46.1 anais

      On top of it, what kind of existence has she enjoyed as a “human” for the past few centuries? She’s been stuck inside an ancestral shrine, a tiny hut, or the cave of gloom and doom, all by her lonesome self, not socializing, not enjoying life at its fullest because she can’t afford to venture beyond those protected confines and risk being detected by Hades and the Jade Emperor. Why bother? What is so human about her current life?

      • 46.1.1 danny

        an occasional make-out with Lord Choi and the past men maybe! It gives her enjoyment that’s why she wants to be human, whereas in Heaven, she’ just have to stare at pretty Jade Emp , so near but untouchable. heheheh

        • anais

          Ok, young Lord Choi was physically attractive. But that alone would be such a pale imitation of life.

      • 46.1.2 opheliadrowning

        This is a very good point and one I hope the writers explore. Because she Mu-Yeon is like Arang are in that way two sides of the same coin. They both want to be human, but neither of them are really “living” in their human bodies. Mu-Yeon by just holing up and wanting revenge on heaven, fueled only by hate and revenge–and Arang, who has her human body and a limited amount of time, but isn’t “living” by finding and accepting the love that is there for her. But that is where they will split, because their motivations are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. One is selfish. The other, selfless.

  47. 47 guess

    it would be less draggy if this was a 16 eps drama

    • 47.1 opheliadrowning

      Draggy, really? I guess I have to strongly disagree. I’ve found each episode compelling and functional–both in terms of advancing plot and characterization. I guess perhaps if some viewers are wanting the mystery to move forward more, but for me as a viewer I feel like both go hand in hand. The growth of the characters and our understanding of their human hearts and desires, is key to both the mystery and the ending.

    • 47.2 MsAnne

      The only thing I feel “draggy” about this series is the 6-day wait between episodes. I wished I stumbled upon it after all the epis are out. But that being said, I actually think 20-epis isn’t enough to cover all the bases: all the questions, all the fleshing-out of characters both side and main ones.

      I mean, what exactly did Eun-Ho’s mother’s family do to warrant being wiped out for treason? That would require an entirely new drama just to provide us with a satisfying answer. What is Dol-Soe’s back story? What exactly was his relationship like with Eun-Ho’s grandfather that he was induced to become Eun-Ho’s life-long nanny? And the lovable Bang-Wool coming from a very long line of shamans — that would make for some rich story-telling all by itself … and so on and so forth.

      The really great thing about AatM is that the supporting characters are equally as compelling as the main ones so that we (at least, those of us who followed the drama faithfully from day one) couldn’t help but wonder — nay, demand — about the stories they’d be able to tell if they could be the main feature in coming episodes.

      Alas, for a 20-epi fusion-saeguk, there won’t be enough air-time for us to ever know ….

      • 47.2.1 Jagi

        Agree. There are still so many stories left. I would not mind an extension at all.

  48. 48 dany

    thank you!

  49. 49 Mimamawar

    I think ES would have to choose which soul he’s allowef to save. Arang the girl he recently fall madly deeply in love to or his own mother… Wow! That sure is a twist

  50. 50 chinita


    Choi said Muyeon was against JW & SR wedding. What if Botox fairy originally planned to use SR’s body but EO’s mom tried to interfere/volunteer/save SR. Arang remembered taking the pin from behind & one possible scene is because EO’s mom stepped in before her and got possessed by Muyeon instead.

    Also, I have the feeling that EO’s mom ordered SR to take the pin because you don’t just randomly pull out pins from other people’s hair when you’re in a life/death situation, assuming that they were in such a situation in Arang’s memories. Maybe EO’s mom told her to get it so that SR could find EO (if she survives) or to keep herself safe (if EO’s mom figured the pin is magical). But then SR somehow dropped it while escaping & eventually died somewhere else because of the injuries she got in the shack.

    • 50.1 chinita

      Or maybe SR just happened to be at the wrong place, saw MY about to possess EO’s mom then interfered. EO’s mom didn’t want other people involved so she told SR to escape when MY or LC tried to kill her.

      Ah! I’m really curious about the puzzles in this drama. One week is too long!

      • 50.1.1 anais

        Interessant!! That would be nice. Either scenario.

      • 50.1.2 anais

        It’d be as if Eun-oh’s mother already blessed the union between her son and Arang.

        • chinita

          I agree. Even if she seemed cold towards EO, I still like to believe that somewhere inside that revenge-crazed heart lies her love for her son. She does seem concerned for EO that’s why she implored him to stay with his father instead.

          Another speculation:

          SR, who might have been impatient with her upcoming wedding, went off alone and followed JW while he was on his way to offering a pure soul that lead her to the shack where evil botox fairy and EO’s mom are going to do the switching. She got in the way, EO’s mom let her escape but still offered her body to MY. SR escaped but died since she was injured.

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