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Faith: Episode 14
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A bribery scandal turns into a huge test of loyalty for a king and his woodalchi, and the closer Eun-soo gets to finding her way home, it starts to dawn on our couple how little time they might have left together. Nothing like a little impending rift in the space-time continuum to kick a romance in the rear end.


Young gets framed for taking a bribe and worse yet, admitting he wasn’t responsible implicates Deok-man and Dolbae since they’re the ones who accepted the incriminating evidence in the first place.

He whirls around and asks the two lugs if they opened the box or knew what was inside when they accepted it, and they swear they didn’t. Young turns back around and says they didn’t know so they have nothing to do with this, and barks at them to get out. Aw. You just know he’d never let them take the fall for this.

They hang their heads and scramble out. Head scholar Lee Je-hyun offers Young a chance to refute the charges and explain himself. He just says in his terse and direct way that he didn’t do this, and looks right into Gongmin’s eyes: “You can believe me or not.”

He tells them to decide and either throw him in prison or take him at his word, and walks out. Gongmin turns to Ki Chul, calling this low even for him, and Ki Chul says he wouldn’t frame Young for that measly sum.

But he does find it amusing, calling it a good day to stop by the palace. He muses that seven assassins couldn’t drop Young, but he’s discovering that the man does have weaknesses after all, and chuckles.

Young storms past Deok-man and Dolbae and growls at them not to come near him. He finds his room turned upside-down and picks the Jeokwoldae bandana off the floor with a heavy heart. People, why you gotta pick at a man’s old wounds? He just locked that away!

No time for brooding though, because Advisor Jo storms in to announce that until the sentence is given, Young is hereby stripped of his Woodalchi leader status and will be placed under house arrest.

His men argue that only the king can give orders to Woodalchi, and Advisor Jo says with a smile that those special privileges have been revoked. Aha. You just gave yourself away.

Young inches closer to him, “It was you.” It’s pretty hilarious if you think about it—the man is jealous of Young’s status with the king and framed him with the crime that he himself commits, in pocketing court money and accepting bribes. You couldn’t have been more creative?

The king confers with his new officials privately, arguing that Young is the very person who protected them and brought them to the palace with his life on the line. They know this, but also argue that rumors surrounding the king are bad—people are saying that because the king is young, his woodalchi pulls all the strings.

Lee Saek warns that keeping an assassin so close to the king is a bad idea. So basically they do support the king, but like Advisor Jo, dislike the power that the woodalchi hold. They say it’s up to Gongmin to make the decision, though the way they present it, there’s not much room for him to make a choice. I’m seriously starting to regret you people being put into office.

Meanwhile Eun-soo transcribes pages from the diary, trying to figure out if it’s a math formula of some kind. Deok-heung asks if she’s figured it out, and she lies (badly) that it’s words, and he snatches the diary away, saying he’s seen enough of the world to know that she’s bluffing: those are numbers of some sort.

He says that Ki Chul was right—that one would have to have the doctor’s heart before she revealed anything, and sighs that it looks like it won’t be easy.

He starts to leave with the book but she asks to take another look at the last page, and traces her name with her finger. Yup, it’s her handwriting. Which if you think about it, is more infuriating. Shouldn’t Past (or Future?) Eun-soo have made her code easier for herself to decode?

Lady Choi watches her mole with an eagle eye, and manages to catch her drop-off to another palace guard, who passes a note along to Eum-ja. Gotcha.

Meanwhile, Deok-heung returns to Ki Chul, who’s been in the loop this whole time. Drat. Ki Chul asks if the doctor has made any progress figuring out the diary, and if Deok-heung has made any progress with her heart.

He offers anything to make it happen, and Deok-heung thinks back to the way she clutched Young’s sleeve when he ran into them, and smiles, “How about the queen’s seat, next to the king?” Huh? OH, you mean for Eun-soo, next to you. I was like, you wanna be queen?

Deok-heung says that at this point, it’s either become king or die—even he knows that much. Ki Chul smiles, happy to have Deok-heung on the same page, and not so without ambition after all.

Now that the good guys have followed the mole’s trail all the way back to Ki Chul, it’s time to take them down. The woodalchi capture the guard, and the mole is brought to her knees. Finally.

She reaches for a suicide pill and pops it in her mouth, but Lady Choi runs over and whaps her upside the head until it rolls back out. Awesome. Aunt’s the biggest badass in this place.

Lady Choi reports to the king what she’s gotten out of the mole—they’re after the king’s royal seal, so they can bugger things up with Yuan in his name and get him dethroned. Choong-seok says they won’t stop trying to get their hands on it then, and starts to say they should ask their leader…

And Aunt has to mutter that he’s not their leader anymore but just a regular ol’ warrior now. Gongmin sighs, still calling him by his title, and asks where he is now.

He’s napping on the terrace, where Eun-soo plops down next to him, complaining that she looked everywhere for him. She asks to see his arm and cuts off his stitches, as she tells him about her afternoon with the diary.

She’s figured out that they’re a series of dates—days and times, using “heaven” notation. The problem is, she doesn’t know what they’re for and how to translate that to Goryeo-calendar-speak.

She hopes they’re dates and times for when the door to heaven opens, and Young betrays a flash of disappointment. He asks for some advance notice once she figures it out, because there are things to prepare.

She says that it could be something else entirely, because it’s a series of dates going back a thousand years with no clear pattern. I love that she’s breezing through all this, not catching on that Young is clearly agitated by the thought that she’d leave soon.

She says she stopped by his room, and he sighs that it’s not his room anymore. She tosses him the aspirin bottle with a smile, wondering if the pills can be kept with a flower like that. Hee. Caught!

The mortified look on his face makes my day.

She says that there’s a song about him up in heaven, and starts to recite the lyrics. They startle him, “How do you know those words?”

She reminds him that he’s famous up in heaven, and they made a song about him using the words in his father’s will, because he’s such a good, pure person. “They say you took a bribe? The people in heaven would all laugh!” Aw.

Ki Chul approaches Lee Je-hyun and confirms that he knew Deok-heung’s father quite well. He lays down the bait: “Why don’t you choose for once?” He asks what. Ki Chul: “A king.”

He suggests that instead of always serving kings he’s given, he ought to look around him and choose one he likes, and walks away leaving the carrot dangling. Damn.

Eun-soo wails in frustration trying to figure out the date conversions she needs and calls for Jang Bin’s help, when Advisor Jo brings the two scholars to meet the doctor from heaven. Lee Je-hyun asks her about the future of this country and the king, and she harrumphs that she’ll only tell the king, and maybe just a little at that.

They aren’t happy, and she leaves the meeting with her arms crossed, complaining that she’s not some free search engine.

Young shows up (after overhearing the whole exchange) and tells her to pack lightly because they’re leaving before daybreak tomorrow. If those men decide they really need her to spill the beans about the future, they’ll lock her up and start with the torture. She sees that he’s serious.

She asks if he’s going to come with her, and assumes he can’t—he has things to do with the king. But he surprises her with a “Yes.” He’s going with her? That had better not be a lie, mister.

She races around and packs for the journey, stopping to add the smallest vase that’ll fit in her stash. Heh.

She stops by to see the queen, and says goodbye without saying goodbye. She shares a little of heaven’s wisdom with her: that this nation has many kings and queens, but none who love each other as much as Noguk and Gongmin.

She asks to give Noguk a hug, knowing it’s impolite, “but I’m an unni from heaven.” That’s adorable. She hugs the queen, who smiles in her arms.

But Lady Choi interrupts to say that Choi Young is being called in for his verdict. He’s led inside in front of the assembly, and then Advisor Jo reminds the king before he enters the room that everyone is watching to see if he will step out from under Woodalchi’s shadow, or continue clinging to his arm.

Gongmin insists that all he cares about is whether or not this accusation is true of false, and nothing more. Advisor Jo calls Young an evil thing, and Gongmin roars back, “Don’t ever call Choi Young that again! The blood that he has had to spill since knowing me, all the lives he’s had to take… each and every one is my price to pay!”

Advisor Jo counters that Young has the king by the ankles, but Gongmin just cuts him off and joins the court.

Young is presented with the charges and asked for a show of evidence or witnesses who will testify on his behalf. He says nothing, and then Gongmin speaks up, “I will testify.” Aw.

But Deok-heung gets up to ask if he can advise the king, and says that if the king is here to be the impartial judge, he can’t serve as a character witness too. Damn you. I know it’s logical, but you’re killing my bromance buzz here.

Young finally speaks up… and confesses to the crime. WHAT? Are you doing this to save the king?

Gongmin fumes, but with a direct confession, his hands are tied. The suggested sentence is house arrest for one to three years. Young looks up at Gongmin and gives a little smile. You ARE sacrificing yourself for the king!

Eun-soo packs frantically, even as Jang Bin tells her about Young’s sentencing. She insists that Young is a man of his word—if he says he’ll come, he’ll come. Jang Bin doesn’t argue, and tells her to pack her surgical tools, and if Young doesn’t show up, she should return.

Deok-heung reports to Ki Chul, who wonders why Young would confess to a crime he didn’t commit. Deok-heung thinks about it and realizes that it was a little strange. Gongmin gave the sentence himself (one year house arrest), but there was no anger between them, no ill will. What gives?

Ki Chul pounds his hands on the table, realizing that Young is up to something, and storms out in an angry panic.

That night, Gongmin tells Noguk everything, and says he felt it in his heart—Young telling him that it would be okay, to put his mind at ease. But he sighs that when Young was thrown in jail last time, he swore to himself that he would never let him be tied up or locked away again.

Noguk tells him that she didn’t know it at the time, but the doctor came to say goodbye to her today.

Eum-ja and Hwasuin burst into the hospital looking for her, and come across Jang Bin instead, who fights them off with his fan. They keep going, in search of Eun-soo. She waits by the pavilion for Young to arrive.

Meanwhile, Dae-man hops rooftops and takes out the guards watching Young in his cell, and quickly sets him free. They knock down everyone in their path.

Lady Choi reports the jailbreak to the king, and Choong-seok smiles that the guards can TRY to catch him, and then realizes he’s being inappropriately happy. Haha. Gongmin just tells them to leave it be.

He lets out a little smile once they’re gone, and tells Noguk that perhaps Young isn’t someone who can be tied down if he doesn’t want to be. He figures that he left because he didn’t want to bring the king down.

Noguk wonders if that means he intends to never return, and Gongmin sighs that he wishes he could know his heart.

Eun-soo waits and waits, growing more nervous by the minute. She ducks for cover when she sees two guards passing by, and then stoops down to get her dagger out.

Young’s voice calls out that she’s taking too long to arm herself, and she looks up in relief at the sound of his voice. He asks if she waited long, and she just runs to him and launches her arms around him. He stands there, utterly stunned, and slowly raises his arms and hugs her back. Awwwww.

Ki Chul flips his gourd and orders every minion and minion’s minion to go after them. He fumes that they must’ve planned this all from the beginning—Eun-soo figured out the diary code, and Gongmin did all this to send them in secret.

Deok-heung wonders if he’s not over-thinking it, because it doesn’t seem likely the king would have Young take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit just to send them away. But Ki Chul is too far gone on his wild conspiracy theory to listen to reason, and screams that they’re talking about the door to heaven!

He lights up with rage that there’s no one around him who sees the importance of that. He really is the loneliest little evil mastermind, isn’t he?

Young and Eun-soo duck in and out of alleyways, but the streets are crawling with Ki Chul’s men. Eun-soo asks if it’s him or her they’re after, arguing that he’s the fugitive who broke out of jail. He counters that with the large presence of Ki Chul’s minions, it looks more like she’s the prime objective, not him.

She says that if things ever get dicey, she’ll just give herself up and he can run. Technically, since she got to Goryeo, Ki Chul’s house had the nicest bed and fancy new clothes…

He gapes. Eun-soo: “You’re supposed to laugh right about now… because it was a joke…” He snaps that her jokes aren’t funny. Heh, they are to us.

He leaves her in Suribang’s care while he goes to check on some possible ways out of town, and ajusshi and ajumma offer her a bowl of food. She’s a few bites in when Young returns and digs into her bowl, as he asks ajusshi if there are any ways out of the city.

There aren’t, and Man-bo advises the safest thing to do at this point is to hide away in a room, right under their noses. He says he can procure one room. Well hurray for ajusshi helping the romance along. Make it a tiny room. With one bed.

Eun-soo: “You can’t possibly…” Everyone turns to look at her. “…have eaten it ALL?” Haha. She’s talking about the food? She eyes the empty bowl with a pout.

Young asks if she can handle it—just doing nothing and hiding out for a few days. Eun-soo: “Just breathing? … … And food?” He laughs and promises there’ll be lots of food, and she agrees to the terms.

He sends two of the Suribang boys to tail Advisor Jo in the meantime, which gets Man-bo’s hackles up that he’s still serving the king. But Deok-heung beats them to the punch and asks Advisor Jo to join him for a game of badook, and says that Ki Chul has gone mad. He asks Advisor Jo to become one of his people, and offers him Ki Chul’s position (and wealth) once he becomes king.

Advisor Jo hems and haws, threatening to expose him for being a traitor, but Deok-heung laughs, “Is there someone who doesn’t know I want to be king?” He sighs that he’ll just have to find someone else then… and has to wait all of two seconds before Advisor Jo jumps ship to his side.

Young keeps watch while Eun-soo bangs her head over the dates and formulas, ranting and raving like a lunatic. He tries to convince her to do something about her hair, but she just keeps going ’round and ’round in word circles.

Turns out her big problem is that the book of dates that Jang Bin gave her is written all in hanja, which she can’t read. Heh.

While she’s busy headdesking, Young reaches out for a moment like he might touch her… but then backs away. Of course. He just puts on a cheery attitude and tells her to hurry up and solve it so she can get back home, but his smile fades as he walks away.

Ki Chul regroups and wonders why they haven’t caught them yet. Hwasuin guesses they’re still in the city, if none of the ways out have produced anything. He asks after Deok-heung, and Ki Won says he went to the palace, but they’re low on moles at the moment, so they don’t know why.

Ki Chul puts Eum-ja on Deok-heung watch, and wonders to himself if he didn’t call in a bear to catch a fox.

Young waits impatiently while Eun-soo washes up. Did you really have to stand guard for that?

He shows her to her room and they end up with their faces inches apart, in the darkened room. The tension makes them freeze like that for a moment, just hovering in possible kissing space, before they break apart awkwardly.

He tells her to sleep and then takes up his post outside her door. Aw man, this was not the layout I was hoping for when Man-bo gave them one room.

He leans back and then she calls out to him, just on the other side of the paper wall. She says she can’t sleep because it feels like they’re on an MT, and explains that it’s like going to camp with your coworkers and staying up all night to become better friends.

She tries to think of what people do on MTs, and remembers the Truth Game. Yes please! She tells him he has to answer any question truthfully, and he says he doesn’t really lie anyway, because he finds it bothersome. You would be too lazy to lie.

She asks if she figures out this date and time, and they go to heaven’s door, and the door is really open, and she goes… “Will you be okay?” She quickly adds that he would be without a doctor and all…

Young: “I would… not be okay.” Eee!

Eun-soo: “I knew it. I wouldn’t be okay either.” She says that if she returned to her world, she’d think about them a lot—the king, the queen, Jang Bin, the woodalchi. Her voice softens, “And you. I would miss you a lot. Will it maybe feel like a really long dream?”

As she talks, he watches her shadow on the wall. He reaches his hand out to trace the line of her face, which just kills me.

Eun-soo: “But a dream is forgotten when the day grows brighter, isn’t it?” He pulls his hand away.

She tells him it’s his turn: “Is there anything you want to know about me?” Young: “No. There’s already too much.” Oof. It’s a lovely scene, and I wish we lingered on the moment a little longer instead of cutting out of it so abruptly. *sticks a pin in PD voodoo doll*

Aunt gets called in by Deok-heung late that night, and he shows her a stack of blank paper. He asks her to take a look at the pages. She tries to thumb through them but she can’t, which is the point he’s trying to illustrate—they’re thick, and so most people have to lick their thumbs to flip the pages.

He says the paper happens to be laced with a curious poison that accumulates in the system slowly, and then suddenly manifests days later when a person falls ill. It’s a paper he happened to have on hand when he showed the doctor her diary…

Aw crap. We’ve watched her lick her way through those pages for days! Also, what a dumb way to deliver poison. What if there was no licking?

He asks where the doctor is, because he’s the only one with the cure to save her. Of course you are.

Young gets woken up by Eun-soo’s cries, and he tries to wake her, thinking it’s another nightmare. But when he gets close, he finds her covered in sweat and sick from poison. He cradles her in his arms in a panic.


I like this turn in Deok-heung, because he’s a great new villain to throw into the mix. At first we just assume the same thing that Ki Chul does: This guy is lazy and spoiled, and will make an easy puppet king. But when he sharpens his claws, he turns out to be more dangerous than Ki Chul when it comes to our core cast. He doesn’t care about having hearts or keeping anyone alive; he wants the throne and knows how to manipulate other people, and without any superpowers to boot. I guess Ki Chul really did shoot himself in the foot by inviting a bear to chase out a fox, which is just karma’s way of saying hello.

Poisoned pages are frankly funnier than menacing, because it’s just the silliest and most inefficient way to kill anyone. I suppose Deok-heung’s goal is to find her and save her, only he couldn’t have known she’d be on the run when he gave her the paper. It’s just randomly convenient that he happened to think of poisoning her (Does he go around poisoning everyone just in case he might need to rescue/capture them?), which makes the plot point inadvertently comical. In any case the important part is, Deok-heung isn’t just another patsy on the baddies’ side; he’s a whole other evil faction on his own, making for some fun interplay between Good Guys, Baddies, and Even Badder Baddies. Especially if he and Ki Chul are going to get into a pissing contest over who’s the bigger bad, and get in each other’s way.

I’m fine with Young being a noble idiot for bromance, but I don’t know what they’re going to do to fix this. Obviously rather than have Gongmin lose his credibility as king, Young chose to throw himself to the wolves, and in the short-term, he can use the opportunity to escape with Eun-soo. But then what? Man-bo points out how absurd it is that he’s still acting in service of the king after taking the fall for a crime he never committed. And it’s true—he’s just still on the job, whether it’s official or not. There’s no way he can stay out of this fight, which means they have to clear his name at some point and get back to the palace, which might make all this moot. I just hope it’s not for a while, because I like it when he’s outside and on the run.

Thank goodness for some confessions in this episode, even if mined in roundabout ways. I really liked the buildup all episode long. Every time Eun-soo’s excitement grew at solving the puzzle, the way Young’s face fell was so sweet. She seemed oblivious to it at first, but then she ends up being the one to ask the question directly in the Truth Game, which is great. I love that they could be honest with each other, once there was a wall between them to hide behind. Go figure they’d need the literal version to get rid of the metaphorical one. And the way Young let himself touch her shadow as she talked about all of this being something that would disappear at daylight? So perfect. But I think my favorite thing was that he didn’t want to know her any better because he already knows too much not to care. It’s a nice little twist on how he feels without saying it directly: Any more and he might not be able to let her go through that door at all.


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  1. Amberscube

    Thanks for the recap.
    Off to read later. I have to see the episode first. Im so excited..

    • 1.1 Dominique

      I love both Arang and Faith. Is this perverse? What I cannot tolerate for long is plain vanilla revenge dramas like “Nice Guy” (that’s a horrible, dysfunctional translation of the title) or Five Fingers. Oh, there are a few more revenge dramas currently playing in primetime. So, I gather that the genre must command a huge fan base. Good for you!

      Watching Faith is like a vacation on a sanctuary, away from sensory overloads that other Korean dramas deploy to get us addicted first and then keep us till the end. This gets tiresome after a while, unless a great story or acting or fast pace accompanies the sensory overloads. Perhaps that is what I love about Arang.

      • 1.1.1 zsa

        Same here…I love both..and my weekdays are filled with joy!!!!Hehe…actually, Nice Guy is a shortened title for ‘There’s no such thing in this world as a Nice Guy’…so the plot is sort of spot on for that…brilliant acting there, but drained me after every episode…I may just drop it for the sake of my health!….as I’m already in danger of becoming crazy predicting Arang’s and Faith’s ending….

      • 1.1.2 QIII

        i think a rang is a much better drama than faith but i still really enjoy watching both

        Arangs PD+music director>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Faith

        As happy as i was to see ES running into CY’s arms i couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the directing
        Why do CY/ES scenes have to be cheesily shot?
        in faith i really like the cast and the story but thats it
        Arang is a more well rounded drama
        A drama blogger described Faith as Fushigi Yuugi for grownups; which i think is accurate

        • Aden01

          i like faith’s music more than arang to be honest. i found it kinda weird to put on a rock-loudly music vibe in arang (u knw, the one that they always played in the background whenever there’s a fighting scene). while in faith the music is just… fit 🙂

          • QIII

            you mean the rap during fight scenes
            I LOVE IT! 😀 It gets me pumped up
            Its a fusion sageuk so i think they can get away with it
            and the fight scenes are pretty perfect looking and i think the song just heightens the tension

            different strokes for different folks 😉

            I think the music in faith fails at some moments because the directing is not epic, but they play epic music so for me theres a bit of a disconnect sometimes

            having said that i love the characters in faith 🙂

          • Kiara

            Just like Faith, Arang is a FUSION FANTASY sageuk and not a traditional sageuk. “Mask Dance ” by MC Sniper was perfect fit for the fight scenes and Jun-ki was amazingly natural since he did all the fight and some of the choreography. I must say it was so good that I kept watching it over and over.
            I’m guessing that you haven’t seen Chuno or Warrior Baek Dong Soo?. Arang is not the first to use rap/rock in fight scenes.

      • 1.1.3 Kgrl

        Normally, I would agree with you on the makjang-ish genre, but there is just so much that’s fallible in Faith that even the lack of “sensory overloads” doesn’t do it for me. Plus, I don’t think Faith lacks in desires to be grandiose. Rather, it just falls short in the way it executes that desired epic-ness and drama. But LMH makes a compelling reason regardless.

        I like both Arang and NG, b/c I really love the chemistry of the leads. But on acting, I have to give it to NG, hands down. Not only because of the complexity of the characters, but also the rawness of the emotions. Despite a supposedly much more “dramatic” and “makjang” story, NG has some of the most subtle and layered acting of all the dramas currently airing.

        That said, it’s not a diss to Arang, since I love LJK and SMA, and the wonderful fantasy world that’s been created for this drama. But you really have to watch NG if you want to compare…and if you did watch NG, I’m at a loss how you can say the acting and development hasn’t impressed so far.

    • 1.2 Amberscube

      When Young touched Eun-soo’s shadow as she was talking, it’s just so perfect i cried.

    • 1.3 Amberscube

      What is the signifance of Choi Young calling Eun-soo “Imja” at the end of the episode?

      He was calling her High Doctor just earlier. Viki translates it as “you” but “respectful and slightly intimate”.

      I just looked it up online as it says Imja is old korean word meaning “honey”.

      More info please.

      • 1.3.1 Shine

        Did a quick google search. Here’s what I found (not very good English sentence construction but the context will give you the gist):

        The partner who got married (long ago it used for various aged group) Imja (임자) can be pronoun sometimes. and it means like following:The person who has similar age but you dont really know him or her. Or you even know thou, you feel uncomfy to callja-ne ‘자네 (which is pronoun for younger people than you when you are over 40 at least or your job is professor or so’ Or when you want to call younger person with more little bit a respect than usual.Old married partner call each other with it.


        • Shine

          Also from the same url:
          In Choi Young’s case, I think imja means you.Imja (임자) has several meanings in various situations.Owner who possess somethingThe person who has the power to control some objects or aninmals.

      • 1.3.2 kakashi

        he’s been calling her Imja for a long time already – ever since she stabbed him, in fact (first time when he is carried back to the palace)

      • 1.3.3 anais

        Imja means “owner.”

        Now, he has been calling her imja for a while, as others have pointed out. I was surprised when he first called her that because it is an intimate term of address. However, there is a practice of using “imja” to show disrespect, or at least rudeness.

        However, in the closing scene, his “imja” was more like “you who owns my heart.”

  2. Seabiscuit

    Yay, It’s here finally. Have been holding my breath since morning. Thank you. Now, off to read

  3. Ivoire


  4. Maru

    My comments this week are soooooooooo meaningful! I’m sorry, I need to rant somewhere about the fact that my midterms are almost here and I don’t have time to watch Faith!

    >:( I’m going to see yesterday’s episode today and maybe this episode tomorrow.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 4.1 Maru

      I already saw it!

      When Young took her soup I was squealing, “I just pulled a Toon Jae!” (Still hang on that drama. Don’t say anything)

      I love how they are getting closer and closer now, in the beginning it was slow, but now I think the pace of their romance is amazing!

  5. momosan

    Ah, shades of the Name of the Rose with the poisoned pages of a book. 😎 Classic.

    • 5.1 Jellybeaniebaby

      I’m not convinced ES is poisoned yet. I think it could be a total head fake.

      ES has already been shown to have sleeping issues. She may just be taking a little while to wake. Scaring Aunt Choi into giving her location is enough. Or I like the “pseudo poison” idea as well.

      Maybe uncle is playing all bad, but really wants to go to heaven to read books in peace.

    • 5.2 Sonia

      YES! Umberto Eco’s Name of the Rose 🙂 Glad someone recognized it :))

  6. dulcedeleche

    Ahh yes. ALL my complaints about the baddies have been wiped away with the new one.

    And the poison on the paper thing was really common back in the day. In t he medieval times, monks used to lace erotic books with arsenic so that people assumed they were cursed (or God was punishing them).

    • 6.1 rbee

      Interesting…. My question is why do the monks have their hands on erotic books? Pot calling the kettle black, me thinks.

      • 6.1.1 mymistake

        a very good point haha!

    • 6.2 oftheshore

      See: Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco (also a film with Sean Connery). Probably won’t be a spoiler to say that the murderer did indeed use poisoned Bible pages as the murder weapon, so this might not actually be as silly as it might seem at first.

      • 6.2.1 anais

        Yeah, totally not a silly method. It is very effective, precisely because those pages force the writer or reader to thumb and lick.

  7. lidy

    thought the poisoned papers was sly/ingenious. knew automatically when ki chul brought him in that he wasn’t really as controllable as ki chul thought and that it’ll bite him in the ass one day. and you’re right bout ki chul going all conspiracy theory. even deok heung had to point it out that he’s jumping the gun. gongmin has no idea what choi young is up to but he knows what and why he’s doing it. plus eun soo said her goodbyes too. 1+1=2, choi is helping him, and since he won’t allow himself to be tied up, he’s running off w/ eun soo. but then you have ki chul thinking gongmin and choi young planned it all to send him out to go to heaven w/ eun soo. can you smell the crazy?

    • 7.1 mary

      The poisoned papers/book thing was similar to one of the stories in A Thousand and One Arabian Nights 🙂

      An evil emperor killed a wise and loyal subject but the subject told him about a secret book one must read to . hehe I forgot the details but the emperor died from the book’s poison and dead guy got his revenge.

      Back to Faith, I don’t think Deok Heung anticipated the runaway OTP. Just planning to maybe ask for a favor from the doctor once the poison kicks in. He’s just, kinda lucky that doctor is in hiding when the poison takes effect. 🙂

  8. Mia

    Gahhh another episode full of funny (lol the food part was hilarious, she was so serious too 😀 ), the stares (the way he looks at her and try to touch her, like a kid scared he might break something so precious) and full of emotions expressions. I hope the romance keeps building up next week! 10 more episodes to go and still no Hwata, it’s killing me! Dang it! Until next week!

    Oh and he’s always calling her ‘Imja’ now. Is it significant? Cuz no one is taking notice of it.

  9. maechan

    I have to see the episode, but I liked Eun Soo’s remarks about the notebook from ep 13, so I hope we get more and more answers… actually I’m pretty interested in the Hwata mystery

    • 9.1 Jellybeaniebaby

      I’m wondering if it is possible that there is a clue in the way she wrote her name?

  10. 10 Onichick

    My fav thing about Eunsoo and Choi Young is how honest they are with each other. There is none of this annoying push and pull with them and its great. I also enjoy the fact that Choi Young is falling harder and faster, its a nice twist since there has been so many dramas with the cold hero that just needs to true love to make him not be a huge douchebag.

    Although Choi Young wasnt a HUGE douche bag, just lazy…

    I acknowledge the directing flaws but I am so in love with all the char, I kinda dont care about the flaws.

    Even though Im trying to be realistic I still want a reality where Choi Young and Eunsoo could be together with all the bickering and stuff that makes them so much fun.

  11. 11 Fabmari

    Thank you, Girlfriday!

    I love that they already know each other’s heart. They both are honest and straight forward that they show how they feel. Their feeling for each other evolves organically, from sense of responsibility, to real care like friends, and now to deeper part of their heart.
    They do everything to keep the other safe…but Young is holding dying Eunsoo in his arms….arghhh….this breaks my heart.

  12. 12 Shikurai17

    I liked how, Eun soo just told the Queen the future of Goryeo, in a round about way. After the Queen dies through labor, the King falls into a depression and lets the state of Goryeo fall. She wasn’t directly or purposely telling the Queen the future, but it was a reminder of to us of how it ends. I wonder how they’ll resolve that? The King’s end was tragic.

    I thought Deok heung poisoning the paper was clever. Even if she didn’t run away, he could have forced the King to hand her over to save her life. He’s not interested in winning hearts at all. He just wants to win. Deok heung truly seems like a ruthless leader. With Ki Chul you can falter your way onto his good side, but I don’t think you can do that with Deok heung. It’s either you’re useful to him or not and he has no problem getting rid of you.

    • 12.1 mary

      Sadly, yes. :'(

      Uncle Deokkie is totally evil and can’t do derp faces like Ki Chul can. But I want to see him fight with Ki Chul while Gongmin and Noguk have fun, sexy times hahaha. 😀

  13. 13 JemLe

    Love the episode and love your recap! I’d like to stick a pin in that PD voodoo doll too (teeheehee), especially when he cut the Truth Game scene too early. Thanks so much, GF.

    • 13.1 Fabmari

      I also want a PD voodoo doll!!
      [stab stab stab]

  14. 14 biankoy

    awwww… I really love how the story is unfolding and hooray for more romance!! although, since Choi Young is a true to life character, it’s not gonna be a Queen Inhyun’s man type of ending for the two. daaamn. well I guess I’m just going to have to prepare myself for the inevitable, just as long as they don’t give me a Queen Seon-deok ending.

  15. 15 zsa

    Faith…you made me cry today…and not once…what is it about them being honest with each other that tugs my heartstrings….??? I vote for having a blast while u’re in the past rather than holding back until the unevitable return….oh my HEART!!!

  16. 16 lidy

    deuk heung pretty much makes it known to us viewers that he has his own agenda in this episode. remember when ki-chul was asking him about getting eun soo’s heart and deuk heung remembered how they met in the market place and eun soo pulled on choi young’s arm. he could’ve just answered ki-chul then it’ll be impossible bc choi young has his heart and he should know bc he’s pretty much a womanizer/he loves the ladies so he should know. but he didn’t and said to offer eun soo the queen’s position, w/ him as king. in history he tried to take the king’s position but didn’t succeed, so knowing that and that ki-chul wants to change king, country and heaven, got me thinking what does the king’s uncle have up his sleeves

    • 16.1 Jellybeaniebaby

      So what happens to uncle in history? Is he put to death for treason?

  17. 17 dangermousie

    Re: poisoning the pages. If you read Dumas’ Queen Margot, this is how Charles IX was killed in it – he was given a hunting book (he was really into hunting) with stuck pages that were poisoned and died through licking them. So DH has been reading some anachronistic literature for tips 😛

    • 17.1 Maymay

      Interesting! 🙂

    • 17.2 oftheshore

      See my comment above on Umberto Eco’s book which used a similar idea (poisoned Bible pages).

  18. 18 Anne

    Not enough Noguk and gongmin. 🙁

    • 18.1 SH

      Well, at least we know king and queen share a bed now 😉

      • 18.1.1 Anne

        OT but I’ve always wondered how the royals handled sleeping situations in those days. Do they sleep in the same bed all the time if they want to? Cause i remember reading something about how records were kept about the king’s consumating activities to make sure the child the queen is carrying is legit or whatever. And usually in dramas/movies, they’d sleep together then still sleep in different rooms or palaces.

        • mymistakesir

          really? A special log book for that?

        • SH

          I think King usually has his own room because he so many queens and concubines. So if he wants to share a bed, he has to go to their rooms.

          • SH

            To elaborate further, in the olden days, marriages and courtships were mostly for political purposes and not so much about love. So it would make sense that they kept track of consummation and potential impregnation dates. Just to make sure, the heir is legitimate.

            Just learning about KC and his sister (the Yuan Empress), you could tell how living in the palace is like a survival of the fittest game. KC’s sister was betrothed to the Yuan court, she rose to a concubine position, then backstabbing her way to the Queen’s position; manipulating the King to make her his empress and forcing him to make her son the heir to the throne. Kind of brutal.

            In the Ottoman Empire, when a new king inherited the throne, his blood brothers had to be killed to prevent future royal succession issues. Life in the harem was not that easy.

            Sorry, this comment is really offtrack 🙂

  19. 19 Janelle

    Awww, come on. You can’t knock the poisoned paper. That’s like the postage stamp of the medieval world. 🙂

    I’m pretty happy with the introduction of a non-mustache twirling villain. The show could use the new element – as long as this doesn’t result in Eun Soo being passed around three households now.

  20. 20 Village Mrembo

    Seriously my mind goes to the gutter everytime Gongmin’s alone with Noguk and a table of drinks!

    • 20.1 danny

      horny eh, ur not alone! that stand-off between Young and eun -So, right there and then I was screaming, dammit, grab her wet hair and smell it! hahahah

  21. 21 Hunni

    I’ll admit that this show is not perfect but I can’t help LOVING it. Even when I want to bash its head in sometimes.

    May just be a Lee Min-ho bias ^_^ hehe

    Oh & the king and queen? So cute. I wish our main couple was as promising. They break my heart…boo =(

    • 21.1 danny

      the dialogues are well laid out, the scripts and story direction is perfect, it’s just the way they execute it on screen, a little lacking (just my opinion) if the director is good, it would be perfect , but I’m not complaining as long as i have LMH facial focus all the time. ows!

      • 21.1.1 momosa

        Yeah, it feels like a B list movie sometimes…

  22. 22 mav

    episodeee wass ssoo gooddddddddddd, Thans for the recap GF!

    I think he has Screaming Jo dude followed to clear up the mess, cause if he gets caught red handed its always an arguments tha he tried to frame CY so that the king was more vulnerable or w/e.

    And on the romance side!!! today was soo awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, loved it all today from CY frustration face when she pulls the pill bottle our , which reads something likee “arghh this woman is destroying my pried!” to the absurdly sweet scene of the conversation with the door between them. It felt so sincere and mature in a way, that punches you in the gut, cause they are honest about their feelings but its like they already made up their minds about where everything is headed.

  23. 23 Sunmi

    I’m half wishing DH was our main villain instead of this outlandish caricature we have in KH. His presence and the kink it throws into everyone’s plans is pretty much moving the non-romance part of this drama along.

  24. 24 Solariss

    The best episode thus far! We really got to watch the romance bloom between ES and CY. Very subtle which is frustrating for a love monger like myself but the subtlety pulls at my heart strings nevertheless. And the new villain was unexpected which is the twist this show has been missing. I wish next week were tomorrow!

  25. 25 Phin

    Okay… I watch the streaming last night and I have to say that this is the episode that you have to watch it yourself.
    The recap is great but there’re so many nice and subtle moments between the OTP.
    – the hug scene where this time Young allowed himself to touch her slowly… awwwwwwwww
    – the eating scene. They are like a close couple because Eun soo was eating and Young just snatched her food and eat himself while she gave him a puppy look. So cute!
    – the bickering scene after Young finish eating.. OMG
    – the near hair touching scence. I think I can connect to Young feeling very well.
    – the scence Eun soo finished taking bath (they are standing so close to each other) and I can felt their tension and emotion…
    – their conversation is the truth or dare game. It just like they confess their feelings.
    – Young tracing Eun soo shadow is both gripping and sad 🙁

    And the last scene I hope Yound and the Suribang can handle the poison because I want them out of the palace. Hahah they acted like ELOPING! which I truly enjoy.

    Now.. I 100% routing for the OTP. All in all a good episode!

    • 25.1 Phin

      Ahh.. I forgot to add the scene Eun soo return Young pills + flowers. His face is priceless!

      • 25.1.1 Amberscube

        Oh yes… I just loved his facial expression. Squeee… So many great moments in this episode.

    • 25.2 danny

      the hug scene where all of a sudden the pink sling bag of ES suddenly disappear. Which of course is good, closer body contact, see the lumpy tie , that would have been a distraction. yewts!

  26. 26 watchumlots

    GirlFriday: ” Nothing like a little impending rift in the space-time continuum to kick a romance in the rear end.” Comments like this are why I can’t stop drumming my fingers, wiggling my toes, waiting an entire week for your recaps. Oh, and the next two episodes. Thank you!!!

  27. 27 jude

    Augh. I really need that PD voodoo doll.
    There have been so many instances where I feel that they can execute the scene better, thus making the emotion feels much more stronger.

    The story is great tho. And next Monday is still far, far away…

    • 27.1 Maymay

      I think everyone wants to kill the PD. :))

  28. 28 Maymay

    Thank you! Off to read.

  29. 29 Seabiscuit

    My gawd, this episode is as hilarious as it is touching! And the comment too! “Inviting the bear to chase the fox as karma’s way of saying hello”. GF, I cannot love you more.

    Uncle is a nice surprise for me too. I just assumed that he makes a good puppet for KC, what, with the impression of having no ambition, brain and all. When he said “I said nothing. That’s what keeps me alive so far”, I thought he was just being a lazy pragmatic, bidding his time when the opportunity comes his way. It turns out that he is manipulative, and smart too. He knows that putting poison in the pages of the diary is an effective and convenient way of getting ES in his hand( err shall I say paws? him being the bear, guys). Having observed ES for a while now, he knows her nature quite well and her need to go back to her world – she is not the kind of person who will patiently tried to separate sheets without doing anything to help her work, thus ES will surely and desperately needs to check every page, thus lick her fingers. Besides, lets face it, at Goryeo time there was no wet sponge to help her flick through pages, right?

  30. 30 SH

    Thanks GF for the recap. I love this episode soooooo much. All three main plot-lines are moving along nicely in this episode.

    The politics starts to pick up again after ep. 8 – I’m glad they introduced King’s uncle. It’s a nice contrast between KC and DH. Like you said, one is evil with super power, while the other is evil with brain (not that KC doesn’t have brain, but he’s too obsessed with his plan to alter fate).

    I thought it was clever to use poisoned papers. From that conversation with Lady Choi, DH said those papers are sticky, so one has to use saliva to turn the page. Also, I really enjoy the side characters, from the scholars to Lady Choi to JIS. They perform certain functions to fulfill the story, but I feel like I know their intentions and characters. It feels complete; nothing is left out.

    Time-travel mystery – No idea about the formulas that ES talks about in this episode, but a comment from viki said it might be relating to the lunar/solar system. I’m not really that interested in the mechanics of how the portal opens or closes, but I appreciate that they at last bring this story-thread into the fold.

    CY and ES relationship – CY’s gaze at ES is so intense, heart-breaking, swoon-worthy. LMH has the most expressive eyes. Gahhhhhh!!!

    • 30.1 MargaretB

      As usual, Your comment is sth I have to find first when reading these recaps! Thanks for being very insightful!

      • 30.1.1 SH

        Thank you 🙂

    • 30.2 soo

      I’ve been wondering…what if the writing in the diary is Young’s from the future? Like, if this is how he and Eunsoo keep seeing each other. She gave him her diary…he’s recorded somehow, the dates/details of when the portal opens…

      *wishful thinking wanting OTP to have a happy ending*

      • 30.2.1 SH

        I don’t know, but people are speculating those dates have something to do with *SPOILERS ALERT* solar flare.

  31. 31 L.Kwon

    I am so upset. I can’t believe I am practically in love with a ficticious character from a drama set in an ancient dynasty.
    Could my chances with Choi Young get any freaking lower!!!???

    • 31.1 watchumlots

      HA!!! I am having a few x-rated ideas about what CY can do with that sparky hand of his!

    • 31.2 oftheshore

      On a shallow note, LMH looks amazing with the hairdo he’s been sporting in the recent episodes. It really suits him.

      • 31.2.1 JoAnne

        I just keep staring at this boy, whenever I see him in anything. I can’t figure it out. Some days I look at him and I see nothing but the nose, which is – let’s be frank – fairly bulbous. But other days, and particularly with longish hair, and most particularly when he is in motion rather than a still print – he is beautiful.

        One of the Bean Ladies, not sure who – GF perhaps? said he was pure emotion. And really I think that’s it. It pours out of his eyes, and the smallest tightening of his mouth or squaring of his jaw conveys his feelings. It makes him beautiful to me. But yet, he’s not someone I look at and my heart races or even someone where I think FIRST, how pretty he is. It’s very dependent on what he is doing. He makes me love him, somehow. What an amazing skill that is, when you think about it.

        • favoree

          I second that… Interestingly I have just discovered it now , while watching Faith. I have watched BOF , Personal Taste and City Hunter at the times it was airing, but somehow only now I realized what a beautiful person he can be on the screen. He is amazingly photogenic.
          Now when I rewatch all his dramas, I see it clearly. Is it his acting , maybe? There moments when his acting gives me goosebumps, sometimes not at all, but I also can’t stop watching him.
          I heard that the lead actress of the Faith can’t do kissing scenes, which is a total shame really- having LMH as romantic lead and not beeing able to see his full potential in the most romantic role ever.

          • Seabiscuit

            What!No kissing scene? Dang!

          • 200xxx

            no way !!!you gotta be kiddin me!! is it cox she’s married in real life?…. i’l still hope for it though.

        • SH

          he was pure emotion

          Exactly! Ep. 13 and 14 showcased LMH’s best acting for me. I felt like I was viewing those scenes to the tune of his feelings. The last scene of this episode, when he panicked and raised ES, gave me mental flashbacks of earlier moments when his beloved leader died, when his first love committed suicide, when the young king suffered from poison. So sad, and that was one emotionally expressive acting.

        • Midori

          haha! wow! I thought I was the only one who feels this way. We are so on the same boat. I don’t find him very attractive in terms of appearance (Okay, maybe SOME times, probably some angles? lol) but I still find him very appealing…especially on screen.

          I love amazing actors! hehe

    • 31.3 Ladybug

      Hahaha! And here I thought I was the only one who feels this way!

  32. 32 Samaritan

    If you want some tearjerker visit this one: http://igg.me/p/189069?a=941888 Help us to get the word out!

  33. 33 Lula

    LOVE, love this episode. It made me giddy for Eun Soo and CY and like your recap aptly states, i definitely LOLed.
    Favorite parts:
    – Everytime CY would look at ES…My heart melted and sometimes I had to pause and replay the scene. It’s true, the further we get into the episode, the sadder CY looked. Besides the obvious bad editing, i loved how she ran to him and his hesitation to hug her back.
    – The Truth game scene, the way he traces her outline and whispers that he already knows too much… I also had hoped the scene would linger a little bit longer and found it a lil too abrupt when they cut to the next one. Pfft!
    – Deok-heung: That man is hot! I love that he has so much potential as being just as evil or more, than Ki Chul…frankly, im tired of the anime flute guy and his slutty pledged sister. KC, albeit a lil crazed right now, was right: he seemed to be the only one with a brain. Everyone else has been just standing by.

    Things that made me chuckle:
    – her reference to not being a free search engine and always looking to make money.
    – Deok-heung’s mention of wanting the queens seat… I was like WTF, ima need to learn Korean because he CAN NOT be saying what the subtitles just said. So THANK YOU for clarifying that and making me realize that I wasn’t the only that interpreted wrong.
    – The not so subtle mention that it was ONE room that they had for CY and ES- and ES preoccupation NOT with sharing a room with a man but having no soup left thanks to CY. I love her!
    – ES definition if packing lightly which included a small vase. That woman is incorrigible!
    – The poison paper plot: seriously? Like girlfriday says, does he go around with that paper poisoning potential people in case he needs something from them in the future? Eh. I was like riiiiight. Whatever, if anything it gives CY even more chances to be cute with ES and maybe show her even more how much he cares for her. Also, i’m guessing that this will be a way for them to get back to the King… Who knows? Maybe he will commended for saving ES life and will no longer have to do that 1 year punishment and in between they will find out that he was framed and will be back in his role as the beloved General.

    I mean, seriously, with all the plot twists, anything can happen. CAN’T WAIT for next Monday.

    Thank you for the recaps. Besides the summary of the episode, I love the humor in the analysis. Goes right on par with my thoughts.

  34. 34 maria

    Thanks for the recap! I find myself not caring for the political machinations and time travel conundrum, but am thouroughly engrossed in the romance, so I’m only interested in as far as those topics affect this one.
    Soooo tired of this time space diary debacle! Why doesn’t young go and procure it for her?! If she can read and write in english, why didn’t she just use the english alphabrt and put on top of everything. THE LATITUDES AND TIME AND DATES FOR TIME-SPACE PORTAL. PAGE 1. i mean… Hello?

    • 34.1 SH

      I think you might have missed a few important conversations in this or last episodes with regard to the time-travel mystery. First, she writes down everything from that diary. Now, she’s trying to figure out those numbers. Though, she knows western scientific formulas used to convert dates and times, she still needs to figure out how to convert western dates to Chinese(lunar) dates. Since, she’s not trained in that field, that’s still a problem to be solved.

      And if she figured out how to open or close the portal, then this show would just end now 😉

  35. 35 toystar

    GF=awesome PD voodoo doll! Wow love the budding romance between CF & ES.

  36. 36 Awe

    thanks for recap.

    this was an enjoyable and revealing episode for me. i realized that i can tolerate the clumsy, the backstabbing, the stupid and even bad directing/acting as long as our leads are honest with each other.

    agree with others that the push-pull is only done in jest or jovial manner and that their honesty with each other exposes their vulnerability. which makes me like / want / need / got to have more of our lead scenes. smart move, show.

    really like how show is hooking us in. nice change and welcome more of it.

  37. 37 sally_b

    Court Lady Choi is one badass Mutha~ I had to stop and replay (about 3 times) that AWESOME BackChop she rendered to that skank-spy.

    Whaaaapitttits-BAM !! ….I liked her before.
    Now I love her.

  38. 38 shahida

    oh no cant wait to see this episode. huaaa i just love both of them.ignore the fact that they are 10 years a part.
    they match each other no doubt kikikikiki kem hee sun do play her role with superb acting skills 🙂

  39. 39 owl

    I see others agree with me – this was a romantic, dreamy epic drama episode. The king and queen were just a little kinglier and queenlier. The court hearing seemed to be just a little more royal and the wudalchi guards and court maidens were, well, better anyway. At first it seemed like Choi Young and the King had possibly agreed to a secret outcome to the hearing. But then, the king kept second guessing his ‘read’ on Choi Young’s heart, indicating that they hadn’t prearranged anything. He did sentence Choi Young to 1 year Siberia style hard labor, but somehow there seems to be something else up…. The sky ??

    I loved the scene where Eun Soo recited the words to a song about Choi Young that they sing in heaven. The words gold and stones, his father’s words, what a twinge of timelessness, and a surreal moment of time travel whack that would make even the most stoic warrior crazy over what the hey is going on. Oh, and the dried flower in the aspirin bottle – dah, ahhh (giggle).

    I want Eun Soo to be on the right track diciphering the dates and codes from the notebook. We still don’t have a clue as to why her name is on the corner of the last page of the diary. What a riot that she and Choi Young spend the night in the aunt and uncles’s place with the odd androgynous being (he’s otherworldly cool) and Robin Hood’s merry little men. This family is so into flying under the distrusted government’s radar -I like how they operate. Lady Choi is clever that if anyone can figure out how to get the poison antidote to Eun Soo in time and without actually giving away her whereabouts, she can! Lady Choi – calm and collected, but that is her power on top of her amazing martial arts skills.

    The uncle? Hey, hiding out in the mountains has made him a lone ranger – with his own agenda and he sure doesn’t need Gi Cheol (though GC doesn’t seem to realize that yet, as he is so wrapped up in hiw own personal power story).

    Ah, man! The membership training “it’s truth time” question was so arrow to the heart! They admitted that neither would be okay with the return through heaven’s doo scenario, without each other. Stupid 700 year difference! For the record, I am a big fan of their chemistry and romance ~ the age difference is a moot issue in my book.

    • 39.1 Gaeina Lee

      IDK why, I like LMH better when he is paired with older actress such as SYJ and KHS. In my pov, he acts better, more mature, more expressive and his eyes/face expressing the under current emotional intensity of the build up romance are just… It simply wow me.

      Ahh, yes, just like you, the age difference is moot issue in my book as well… Since I’m a noona myself… ^^

    • 39.2 kahlanrich

      hehehe….funny, funny. And i quote

      1. “sentence Choi Young to 1 year Siberia style hard labor”
      2. “Lady Choi – calm and collected, but that is her power on top of her amazing martial arts skills.”
      3.”The uncle? Hey, hiding out in the mountains has made him a lone ranger “

  40. 40 Jay

    Thank you!!

  41. 41 ms.auggie

    I wonder what the ending will be? Could it be: Young figure out the exact date of when the heaven door open. He send Eun So back to the future because she’s heavely poisoned, but then she found way to get back to the past before Young’s time, that’s why the diary was there. One way or another Young will punish Heuk Dong, cause you don’t mess with a Woldachi Girlfriend mister!, and efcourse because his name is not that important in the history therefor his story should be short. Hmm…what else, Ki-Chul will definitely be dead in 3 years time, and that’s when Eunso finally be back to stay in Georyo and support Young to be the biggest General of all. Hahaha, just my 2 cents.

  42. 42 INA

    i hate these kind of relationships, makes my heart bleed as the ending is definitely going to be sad.. Just cannot predict what the end wld be like – or merely her dreaming, waking up and meeting someone who looks just like CY?

    • 42.1 Shine

      I won’t buy that kind of ending though. All 23 episodes will just be ES’s dream? Nah, that doesn’t sound good. But yeah, I’m very curious – and anxious – of what the ending will be. Especially how the drama will reconcile not just the fictional conflicts but also historical details, e.g. Young’s life after this period.
      My heart goes out to CY too! What a heartbreak he went through with his first love and now that he’s falling in love again, he’s about to lose her too :'( Ah show, you’re breaking my heart! 🙁

      • 42.1.1 joybells

        How about this…according to history Yi Seong-gye orders the beheading of choi young.So wat if he secretly spares his life as a favour towards Eun soo,coz she saved his life when he was a teenager.So Yi Seong-gye stages a fake death of CY and our OTP happily escapes to the future…. ofcourse my theory has a slight hitch coz CY was bout 72 years old at that time of his beheading….but true loves does not age rite???
        i hope they dont end with ES meeting CY reincarnated soul in 21st century,and living happily ever after,coz that will be such a dumb ending ^_^

        • Carole McDonnell

          oooh, that’s a good idea!

          • Jellybeaniebaby

            Who says that a king who knows the future cannot alter the history books? Why do the books have to be true?

        • Shine

          I’d prefer it if ES would choose to stay in the past 🙂

  43. 43 starz

    haha so funny.. when the “back luggage” on ES conveniently disappeared as she ran towards CY for the hug..

  44. 44 kami

    wow… park yun jae got meatier role in “Faith” after SBS axed “Tasty Life”… good for him

    • 44.1 Village Mrembo

      When i saw him first i was like i’ve seen this face somewhere, mmhhh…am so proud of myself for mentally removing that facial hair and seeing his face lols
      And yes, he was given such a shitty role in TL and his love interest was so boring…well i dont know how they turned out cuz i stopped watching around ep 30!

  45. 45 Aden01

    im sooo into this drama. if only all of the characters are fictional, i might not be soo curious. i start to search about our general choi young and King gongmin. and i was… shock. after the death of Queen Noguk, the king turn into … a gay. who pursuing young boys and even established an organization for seeking out and recruiting handsome young boys. my face was like… Nooooooo…
    and “frozen flower” (joo in sung, song ji hyo) was a movie about King Gongmin “twisted” life and how he dead.

    • 45.1 Ditu3ka

      Well, it´s better to just watch the romantic TV versions of those real people. At least all those Korean kings seem to be hotties :-))

  46. 46 Jane

    I love this episode because of its many twists and turns. The king’s uncle is quite handsome, too, and will pose as a threat to CY. Minho is so charming, though. I don’t know what his attraction is although I find him a little soft he still has an enormous appeal. Maybe it is his boyish charms. I am drawn to this drama. I can’t figure a guess as to how this will end, but I hope it will be a happy ending. After all CY needs to have some happy moments, too, not just fighting off enemies and protecting the people he cares about the most.

    • 46.1 Shine

      I want a happy ending too for our OTP!!! Maybe the diary with Eun Soo’s name on it will be used so that we can have a happy ending! I don’t know how. Just desperate for a happy ending! 😉

  47. 47 scarlett

    can’t eun soo just let young translate the content of the diary?

  48. 48 mollyp

    What is with all these kdrama couples in life and death situations who cant be together? I cant take it. I REALLY CANT. *runs outside, throws herself in the cold English rain and cries dramatically.* First Arang and now Faith? Im not strong enough. Choi Young is actually killing me here. What was the need of tracing her shadow huh? As if you didnt already break our hearts with the rest of your perfection. Please find a way to be together. How about he leave Eunsoo messages from the Goryeo era about when the door would open and she visit him? Figure something out to soothe my aching heart!

  49. 49 wilnabelz

    ahh. I really love it. Too, bad there’s no preview. GIRL FRIDAY, I love you! Thank you so much. you didn’t just tell the story. You share your points of view as well which made me realize “you’re right with this and that.” your way of thinking? APPROVE! awww!

  50. 50 ng

    What chemistry? Seriously show writer. Write better script than depends on the actor actress looks.

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