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Faith: Episode 8
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Of all the relationships in dramaland, there is one that will always get me right in the heart—that of a warrior and his king. There’s a lot this show doesn’t do right, but boy does it do that one thing really well. It’s the first episode that has me pumping my fist at the badassery, clutching my heart at the bromance, and excited for the things to come…


Ki Chul has Choi Young surrounded, and brought to his knees. Young doesn’t fight back, given Firestarter’s hand looming on Eun-soo’s shoulder, and gets led away in chains.

The officers take his sword and knife, and Chun Eum-ja stops them, knowing Young’s bound to have more weapons hidden on his body. He smirks and lifts up his pant leg so they can get the one on his ankle.

He says that’s everything. I dunno… I’d check all over, just in case.

Ki Chul goes to see what happened with Little Boy King Chungjeong, and finds him dead from the poison he gave. Chun Eum-ja joins him and they both deduce the only conclusion that makes sense to them: that Choi Young fed the poison to the boy to save himself. I do enjoy that the other option doesn’t even occur to you two as a possibility.

Ki Chul lights up at the spoils of his victory: Choi Young’s sword, the god-sword handed down from his Jeokwoldae leader. I’m hoping if it’s supernatural that it works like a harry potter wand and rejects you or makes you stab your foot a bunch of times.

Eun-soo paces back and forth, saying it’s all wrong, all wrong… the Choi Young in her history books lives to be an old grandpa general, so he can’t die now. Hwasuin asks curiously if she really knows the future, and wonders what’s written about her.

Eun-soo just worries, “Something’s strange… little by little, it’s becoming different from the history that I know.”

She asks what’ll happen to Young if he’s taken away like this, and Hwasuin describes the painful death that awaits him like it’s turning her on. You are one strange cookie. Eun-soo asks if there isn’t a retrial or anything, because she could be a witness—Choi Young might be a murderer, but he’s no traitor.

Hwasuin says the only one who holds sway in this matter is Ki Chul, and Eun-soo asks if he has any weaknesses. Hwasuin laughs that if he did, she’d have killed him long ago. She does advise her not to show any fear, and wishes her success—she doesn’t want Choi Young to die so quickly either.

Young just sits back in his cage and naps, which doesn’t surprise me but still makes me laugh. I guess it’s the safest he’s been in days, technically. The governor comes by to say he shouldn’t be too mad, and Young figures he oughtn’t blame anyone else when he’s the one who walked into the trap.

The governor offers up his threefold success strategy now: figure out who has the power, stick to that person, and by any means, believe wholeheartedly that you are right in that decision. Uh… that’s your big speech?

Young remains unflappable, until Eun-soo appears behind Ki Chul. They give each other charged looks before she rides along with the entourage behind his cage.

Princess Noguk finds out that Ki Chul’s men are now guarding the king instead of Woodalchi—the same men who came after her in the street. She realizes now that Ki Chul thinks nothing of killing her. Oh are we now finally caught up to the idea that going there was a dumb move? That took you way too long.

She worries about the king, locked away alone, no one to trust by his side. She murmurs, “The king is… a dummy.” Pffft.

Gongmin has essentially been reduced to a prisoner in his own palace—the guards are there for his “protection” so they say, but it’s not clear whether they’re keeping anyone out or in.

Deoki provides a distraction for Dae-man to sneak into Woodalchi headquarters, where Choong-seok asks for a report—where is their leader? Is he okay? And why didn’t Joo-seok come with him?

Poor Dae-man’s stutter just gets worse when he’s under pressure, so he can barely get out the few key words. Joo-seok is on his way to see the king, to deliver a message from Young. And Young himself… not doin’ so well, since rumor has it that he’s been captured.

The younger guys argue that they have to bust out of here and go rescue their leader, but Choong-seok has to be the voice of reason: “And then what?” He reminds them that they’re also unarmed, which means they’re not good for much.

Young gets locked away in his prison cell, bound by every limb. That is some serious chainage.

Once he’s alone with his thoughts, Chungjeong’s horrifying death comes flooding back, and he cries all over again as the young king’s voice rings out, “Young-ah, it hurts… it hurts.”

And then he remembers Eun-soo’s terrified expression as she backed away from him, as she told him to get his dirty hands away from her, and how she noted with disgust that he always smelled of blood.

He pulls out the little bottle of aspirin, and the flower she gave him is tucked inside. You saved it? That’s so randomly adorable. He takes it out now and thinks of her fondly, and then puts it back in the bottle with a sigh.

Eun-soo is locked away as well, back full circle to the room she was put in when she was brought to Ki Chul the first time. The doors open and she imagines Young back here to rescue her again, now remembering how he’d made his stand, how he drank first to make sure she wouldn’t die of poisoning.

But it’s Chun Eum-ja, here to escort her to see Ki Chul. She hilariously decides the best way to not appear scared is to act like a thug, and when he offers her a chair at the table, she kicks it and then perches her foot and leans oh-so-casually.

She points out that the last time she was in this room it was “bitch this and bitch that,” and wonders why he’s being nice and offering her food now. Is it poisoned? Ki Chul laughs that if he wanted to kill her, it wouldn’t be with poison.

He wants to cut a deal, and she’s game since she has a request of her own. She maintains her cool façade, but balls up her fists under the table, as she tells him to show his cards first.

He brings out her medical implements, and then the box of identical items. She grabs them in shock—where would they have gotten these? She picks up the scalpel and etched into the handle is: “Made in Korea.” Whaaaaa?

Joo-seok finally makes his way in to see the king, with Jang Bin’s help. Thankfully, the king trusts Jang Bin and plays along with the it’s-time-for-my-medicine act, and Joo-seok has the chance to bow before Gongmin and tells him what he knows.

He admits to being Woodalchi and defying royal orders to come here, but says that Choi Young has been framed. Gongmin points out the ill timing of his message, which comes after Choi Young has been captured. Is he the failsafe in case the mutiny goes awry? Oh noes.

Joo-seok swears that’s not it, but what is his word against the suspicion of a king? Gongmin coldly throws down his sword at Joo-seok’s feet and orders him to die.

The king turns his back… and the Woodalchi draws the sword and puts it to his own throat. Ack! Ack!

He conveys the message from Choi Young to the king: “I have not yet completed the task that the king has given me.” That gives Gongmin pause. He asks if that’s the entire message.

Trembling, he says that’s everything, and pledges his allegiance to the king, asking him to live in health and become a good and wise king for Goryeo. He bows and raises the sword to slice…

Gongmin nods at Jang Bin. Please tell me that’s a signal for something! Jang Bin swoops in and knocks the sword away with his fan, sparing Joo-seok’s life. Whew. Gongmin: “You still have work to do.” Thank goodness you’re still searching for people to trust. I was seriously worried you’d given up on everyone.

Ki Chul shows Eun-soo more of Hwata’s instruments, and says that there are two more stashes like it. She asks to see them all, and he hesitates. He admits now that the bet with the king is over her heart—where is her heart now?

Eun-soo: “My heart? Belongs to me, obviously.” He asks if she’ll become one of his people and give her his heart, and she pshaws, “No.”

She offers up a bargain of her own: Doesn’t he want to know what these objects are? She confirms that they are from her world, and dangles the curiosity carrot before his gleaming eye… in exchange for Choi Young’s life.

Ki Chul says she’s bargaining all wrong, because telling him what the objects are will come as a natural part of becoming one of his people. The trade is this: Choi Young’s life for her heart.

The guards report that Young has done nothing but sleep for days. We see that he’s back in his dream world, and this time Father asks if he still hasn’t found it yet. Young asks as if searching his memory, “What… was I looking for?”

He takes a step closer, but then the ice cracks beneath him and he falls into the water below. He struggles for air but starts to choke and drown, and he clutches his throat.

Then suddenly the dream world changes into a grassy riverbank in the spring, and he’s choking but safely out on dry land. Father asks what he’s doing. Young looks around in alarm, “When did the ice melt?”

Dad wonders what he’s talking about and says this lake has never once frozen over, and he looks out at the water and back at Dad, confused and turned around.

And back in the cell, Young lies with his eyes open and glistening with tears, while his cellmate Mr. Mouse gets friendly.

The king mulls over Young’s message and ponders its meaning. He recalls the conversation it refers to, when he had first presented Gongmin with the written decree from former king Chungjeong, freeing him from his duty as Woodalchi.

Gongmin had said that he had one more task left for Young before considering that request, and Young had argued. Gongmin shouted back, asking which king he was serving…

…which means that if the message is that Young has not yet fulfilled his task, he is saying he serves Gongmin, and no one else.

It’s clever, but also, I’m like, you guys couldn’t have invented a secret handshake or a straightforward You, me, simpatico, no?

Gongmin smiles broadly as he decodes the message, and says with such relief and conviction, “He was following MY orders!” Aw, okay, this moment is worth it. I love his beaming smile, all My Woodalchi loves meeee!

He appears before the council, and Advisor Jo speaks for everyone and says that the traitor must be dealt with swiftly and decisively. Gongmin shocks them by agreeing wholeheartedly. And to that end… he’ll be going to see the prisoner himself.

The whole council gets up in arms about the king lowering himself to deal with the traitor directly, but Gongmin just asks if they’re challenging the king’s authority, and barrels right through them. Awesome.

He storms all the way into the prison, with advisors clipping at his heels. He orders them to open the door, and Advisor Jo argues vehemently that it’s not safe for him to go in the cell.

Gongmin says he’s chained up, right? He turns to Ki Won, and baits him with his vanity—is his prison filled with shoddy workmanship? Ki Won insists they use the most secure materials, and even used the extra-strength chains on Choi Young. Gongmin says he should be fine then, and tells them to open the door. Ha.

He shuts it behind him before they can protest, and walks into the inner chamber. Young stands at attention, and then bows before the king. There’s always something so moving about the giant warrior who bows before little kings with such conviction.

Gongmin confirms what he meant by the message—that he’s still serving the sitting king. He says there were two tasks he gave to Young, and Young says he completed one in finding evidence of the council’s murders.

And the second was Gongmin’s request that he find out whom he is fighting, and why he should fight. Young: “You know by now whom it is you are fighting. But I have not yet figured out why you should fight.”

Gongmin: “I already know why I fight. But… will you teach me how to fight?”

Young says he’s about to die for treason, and Gongmin asks if he’s really planning to just die that way. “Is that really what you want?”

Young just hangs his head. Gongmin crouches down to his eye level. “Teach me, how to fight… so that I can save you.” He puts his hand on Young’s shackled arm. I love this whole exchange, so much.

He says he sent the doctor to Ki Chul because he thought she’d be safer there, because he’s powerless, because he had no other way. Young asks, filled with worry: “Is she safe in that house?” Gongmin says regretfully that he has no way of finding out.

Okay, this show cracks me up. They’re talking life and death in there, and Eun-soo is… making cocktails? She does her best approximation of poktanju, by mixing a weak liquor with a strong one, and offers up a glass to Hwasuin and Ki Chul. (I love that she calls them unni and ajusshi.)

Hwasuin laughs that she’s not a doctor but a boozer, and Ki Chul complains that she said she’d give him her heart, not cocktails. But she argues that a person’s heart isn’t like a designer purse—you can’t buy it with money.

And it’s not like you can steal it away or force someone to give it. She’s basically plying him to earn her heart, and asks how he can think to win her over if he won’t accept a drink?

So bottoms up it is, though he stops her with a threatening grab of the wrist to say he won’t stand for anyone making a fool of him. She counters that she doesn’t joke around with her heart either, and says winning her heart requires at least one drink a week. “And grabbing my wrist comes much later.” He complies with a laugh… for now.

Guards look in on Young who’s slumped over, and note the pool of blood beneath him with alarm. It looks like he slit his wrists, and they worry that if he succeeds in dying—before being sentenced to death (go figure)—it’s their heads.

They rush inside and approach cautiously… and Young knocks them out with two easy blows. He swipes their keys and unlocks his chains, and leaves Mr. Mouse’s carcass behind, having bled him for the ruse. Eep.

As he fights his way out, Eun-soo goes on a date? With Ki Chul? And here I thought the mouse was giving me shivers.

The word “date” is obviously foreign to Ki Chul, and Eun-soo insists that this isn’t how you do it, with rows of guards trailing behind them. She’s so funny. I love that she turns the “having her heart” into a play on the rules of modern dating, because that’s advantageous to her—she sets the rules.

He complies and tells everyone to back off, and she smiles. What they don’t see is Young watching them from the distance, having escaped.

They sit for a moment and she tells Ki Chul about how politics works in heaven—no king, but a president that the citizens choose. He laughs at the absurdity of that. Something catches her eye and she pauses, lost in thought at the sight of the yellow flower she gave to Young.

A minion distracts Ki Chul with the latest news of the king’s visit to Young’s cell, and Eun-soo finally sees her opportunity to run. She does this comical pink panther creep behind his back, made all the funnier by the fact that he knows exactly what she’s doing. But I’m hoping Young’s presence will tip the scales unexpectedly.

She makes a run for it, and then slips and nearly falls down into a ditch… when Young catches her from behind. She’s terrified and thinks it’s Ki Chul, and she insists she wasn’t trying to run away.

But by the time she turns around, Young is gone. What? You’re leaving her there? Noooo! Why?

She looks all around her, but he’s gone. Is it because you see that she’s safe? But safe is kind of relative here, don’tcha think?

Ki Chul catches up to her and she walks off in a daze, clutching her waist where Young’s arms were around her. He asks if someone was here, and she doesn’t answer.

When they return, Ki Chul’s minion reports the jailbreak, and that confirms Eun-soo’s suspicion that it was Young after all. Ki Chul sends his men to Woodalchi headquarters, sure he’d go there first.

Ki Won bursts in, where Choong-seok and his men are waiting in formation. Nice.

Meanwhile, Jang Bin circles the perimeter of the king’s chamber with a strange gas that drops the guards one by one.

A black-hooded Young follows in his wake, with Dragonball at his side. Love it. Can you wear that cloak all the time?

He strolls right into the king’s inner chamber, where Joo-seok greets his leader happily. Young pulls back his hood and greets the king, who laughs that a traitor sentenced to death sure does get around.

Young smiles and says he’s here to ask a question and to answer one.

Ki Chul arrives at Woodalchi headquarters, but Young isn’t there. He scowls that it can mean only one thing: he’s gone to see the king. Uh-oh.

Young sits down with Gongmin, and asks his question: Why does he fight? Gongmin: “So that I can become king.”

Young points out that he already is one, and Gongmin shows surprising self-awareness by saying those are empty words when he knows Young doesn’t see him as a king.

He then offers up his answer to Gongmin’s question of whether he’d teach the king to fight.

Young: The king does not fight. The king possesses. There are simply kings who possess one or two, and kings who possess thousands, and tens of thousands. Start by possessing me. And I will do the fighting.


Ki Chul arrives to find all the guards down and bursts in… to find Gongmin alone. He says they tested the guards for safety reasons and have determined they need to be replaced. Hee.

Ki Chul asks if the one who put them down wasn’t Choi Young, and Gongmin acts utterly confused—the man locked up in his dungeon?

That sends Ki Chul back to his own complex, and into the dungeon, just to be sure…

And there he is, Choi Young, just sitting there back in his cell. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Was all of that just a really elaborate mind fuck? ‘Cause not what I expected, but so damn funny.

Ki Chul coos at him not to misunderstand—all of this was in an effort to possess Young as his own. Young asks if what he means by “all of this” includes the treason frame job and giving Chungjeong the vial of poison.

Ki Chul says he was just murky on which king Young was loyal to, and he was the hasty one to feed Chungjeong poison. He says the doctor also pleaded for his life, which gets him a glare in response.

He turns to go, but Young comes right up to the door.

Young: Don’t people usually say, ‘I’m living’? But that’s not true. In fact, I’m dying. Until the day I inevitably die, day… by day… So I had decided to just be mild-mannered and die quietly. But then, you kept poking me—the good, well-behaved me. To wake up, to stand up… to live.

Auuugh, I love it. The devilish little smile at the end too. The you-just-woke-a-sleeping-lion smirk.

Gongmin gets to work putting his seal on some documents, and then goes to see Princess Noguk. This time he asks for her help plainly, saying that there’s someone he seeks to have, and needs to show his courage first.

He says he needs her help to have that courage, and asks that even if he is a powerless and pathetic king, that she help him. He presents her with a box containing a hanbok…

Ki Chul and Eun-soo arrive and join the council, and the king addresses them to declare that there will be some changes around here. And then he stands with his arms out, as attendants disrobe him in front of everyone.

Oh wow. He’s taking off the Yuan robes? This is exciting. He’s putting on a proper Goryeo king’s dress, which is of course hugely symbolic.

Then he calls Princess Noguk in, and she’s dressed to match him, as a Goryeo queen. So beautiful. It’s his first major step in declaring that he will be the Goryeo king and not a Yuan puppet. Ki Chul, as expected, is not pleased.

And then the king announces that he will reward those who protected Goryeo in the years of his absence, and calls them forward…

In walks the Woodalchi in shiny new armor, led by Choi Young. Awwww yeah.


Lovely to see such growth from the young king, who continues to be the most dynamic character in the story, though with today’s episode he’ll hopefully be joined by Choi Young. Already he’s miles ahead of the weak-willed dejected young man we’ve seen up until now, unwilling to trust anyone to within an inch of his life. It’s great to have Young’s faith in him be the instigation for change, which he then turns right around and repays in kind, by lighting a fire under Young’s ass and forcing him to act and make a choice to live. The king’s relationship with Young is certainly the emotional center of the show for me, and I was really missing the kind of interaction they had at the outset, and was so moved by their reunion.

This is the turn that we needed to wake Young up and get him to actively choose life—a requirement I’ve rarely encountered in my heroes, that’s for sure. I found it a really nice fit that the king has the drive to fight but doesn’t know how, while Young knows how to win any fight, but had lost the will to do so. I just love that they complete each other in that way, and that Young returns to being the king’s warrior and teacher.

The fact that it’s Ki Chul’s convoluted scheme to possess him that fires him up and makes him want to wake up and fight back is just poetic gravy. How often do you have a hero thanking the villain for making him so angry that he could no longer be a good boy and just die? I can’t wait to see Young’s transformation, alongside the king’s. Already by the last scene, we see a massive shift in both characters as a result of their reunion, and for once I felt that the moment was delivered to proper effect.

I really like this idea of having and wanting people’s hearts, because it can extend so many ways, and the concept is as elusive as the process by which you gain someone’s heart, as Eun-soo astutely points out. Young gives his heart to Gongmin, which makes Gongmin want to deserve his heart, leading him to that gesture of putting on the Goryeo robes before the court. But of course he needn’t do that to possess Young, because he gave his allegiance freely, and there is no need to earn someone’s heart when it’s yours to begin with.

On the flipside, Ki Chul demands hearts like they’re for sale, but Eun-soo points out it doesn’t work that way, and he needs to earn them, putting him on the hook to keep him obsessed with the game. But she tells him almost the same thing, backwards: that no matter how hard he tries to force it, there is no way to will someone to give their heart over. Then it’s meaningless and the very process makes you lose the thing you wanted. They’re slippery little buggers that way. I like that she frames it the way we’d talk about earning someone’s heart romantically, though she doesn’t think that’s what he means. It’s just her characteristic way of talking.

But it works on the same principle, which is what she’s getting at. It’s just hilarious that he doesn’t understand what she’s saying: There is no having of me. Because my heart is mine, and I make my own choices. It extends to his confusion about people electing their own leader. I just really like how clever that is, that the one thing the villain wants to possess is something he can never have, which is why he covets it so desperately, and on and on in an endless loop. Now I sort of understand his insatiable hunger—because it’s a hunger for something that can never be satiated. Sucks to be you.


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Ivoire

      The subs are being slow at viki today. So I still have to finish watching the episode and then I will comment…

      Thank you so much for the recap, Girlfriday!

      • 1.1.1 slfowie

        Hey Ivoire
        on the post that u had on Joomi bout the possibility of LMH looking a bit different i agree i checked BOF and his cheeks looks a bit more leaner and sculpted.
        The story has finally picked up speed..

        • daniela

          It’s normal. he grows up and after all the work for CH he did change (in good). You should see my husbands pictures 3 years apart (at 26 and 29). Anyway, LMH looks better here than in BOF, but steel has that romantic feelings in his eyes.

          I started to like this drama after episode 4, its in a different note (like Arang), it’s better then mostly from the summer. Like in Arang, I don’t care to much for the romantic part (I’m full of stupid-love drama), but I am more interested in the king story, villains story, fictional plot.

          Now, let’s wait for some more fire! Go drama, go!

  2. Sharon

    AHHHH thank you thank you thank you

    • 2.1 Dominique

      It is wonderful to watch a Korean drama and love it for no one particular reason. I love and admire everything about Faith (or should it also be known as Divine Doctor?). And each episode is a showcase of organic storytelling full of surprises and entertainment, without resorting to cheap tricks or crowd-pleasing low-brow garbage (which you will find in abundance in Gaksital in its current incarnation). Faith even reminds me why Lee Min Ho is a star while Joo Weon is a mere boy toy that I soon tired of.

      What is not to love about Faith? Even the issue of cliffhanger that Girlfriday discussed in the beginning of the series is a non-issue for me – rather, it is an evidence of refreshing break from ritualized format that this drama nonchalantly makes, having no interest in what everyone else does in K-dramatown.

      While I am with Girlfriday and many commenters with regard to both Gongminwang and Choi Young, the character in this drama that intrigues me the most is (1) Deokseongbooweongoon, a.k.a. Gi Cheol, who stole Episode 8 while everyone was preoccupied with Gongminwang and Choi Young and (2) the queen, a.k.a. Nogookgongjoo, who is not only a statuesque beauty undergoing her own remarkable growth but also an independent, regal feminist with a mind of her own.

      Finally, there is the matter of stunning visuals that this drama provides in every scene. I despise dramas that must resort to visuals in order to compensate for what it lacks in the story/plot department. But, with a drama like Faith, eye-popping visuals are just gravy.

      SBS has received so many complaints from viewers of Faith, which boil down to the following:

      I don’t get it. Why do I have to work so hard to follow and understand a drama?

      Well, Faith will not spoonfeed you and some of us, myself included, actually prefer it that way.

      • 2.1.1 Ruru

        Well, I like Faith and LMH’s performance, and I do understand that not everybody likes Gaksital, but you demeaning Joo Won’s performance into something the level of a “mere boy toy” is a tad on the offensive side. Sure, you love Faith and I agree that some of the naysayers can be too lazy to think for themselves, but why put down Gaksital (are they even being compared? such different genres and style) and Joo Won who’s acting his heart out and putting on one of the strongest performance I’ve seen this year? This is about as incomprehensible as those who do not find LMH pretty.

        • edge

          @ Ruru
          My thoughts exactly! =D
          Joowon <3

        • dany

          Joo won is a talented actor, yes.

          • Kiara

            I agree about Joo won. He has improved a LOT since I first saw him in Baker King. LMH is not a bad actor, he still have a long way to go imo. I’m not watching Faith because he is in it. I do enjoy his character based on the history.

      • 2.1.2 Em

        Ah yes, the classical retort of people who defend bad art. The fault lies with the plebeians who don’t understand it.

        In my opinion, Faith is a low production value project that lacks depth and scope. However, I don’t go around claiming that people who enjoy Faith (and there are many who do it as mindlessly as the people who deride it) are morons.

        • Kiara

          Lol reminds me of Big. Those who did not like it were accused of being lazy,single minded, lack of intelligence etc etc.

      • 2.1.3 Kdramas

        @ Dominque Hahaha, you made them mad. Ha! I have never watched Gaksital, or the actor you are talking about, so I have no say on that. However I agree with you on most everything else you said and disagree somewhat as well.

        I think the director is lacking somewhat in this drama and I also think it lacked visually in the beginning. However, this episode was beautiful visually. In CY’s dream when the frost melted and it looked like spring, the scene was eerily beautiful. Like a beautiful painting with rich vibrant color and right in the midst real life people.

        The writers are awesome though and the story does play out like a really good book. It’s not a book for the casual reader, but the avid reader. This is not “shade” or disrespect to those who do/did not like the drama, it is just truth. It is very layered and interested in story and character building, and not just plot progression and instant gratification like we are so used to in TV period not just Kdramas.

        The audience was so interested in instant gratification, instant drama, give it to me now, right now! that some missed out on the real story that’s going on here. CY is stoic, no he is not, he was in a frozen world where he just wanted to sit, and do nothing and feel nothing. He was lazy, doing just enough all while in a daze, frozen. Instead of seeing this, some just thought the actor can’t act haha.

        Now it’s the King and the Queen stealing the show, because they are better actors and more interesting. I can’t stop laughing. Hello… You are supposed to feel that way at this moment. They aren’t stealing the show, at this moment in the script, they ARE the show. CY’s role has been very limited. He is just now coming to the front in a supporting role to THE KING. Right now THE KING IS THE SHOW. But I guess it’s hard to imagine a cast where the someone other than the main lead can be in front for a while huh? After a while CY will show more because NOW he is awake. However the king and Queen’s love story must flesh out so expect more of them in the forefront as intended. The story is about The king becoming THE KING. YOU SUPPOSED TO LOVE HIM. Hello!

        • SH

          I like your comparisons of this drama to a book for avid readers, and am totally in agreement with you.

          -Leaving aside the directing, I like how everything is revealed slowly. Small and cryptic moments are what made this show interesting to me. For instance, in the first episode, CY staring at the scarf wrapped around his sword (from my hazy memory), while the rest are in panic mode due to imminent attack. Watching that at first without knowing CY’s background, I didn’t really have any feelings, but after learning about his past, I totally understood why he looked at that scarf at a moment when potential death was about to arrive. Or that time when the woodalchi search the palace chamber looking for clues about the murder of the royal counselors. I remembered a comment made here about how unrealistic it was for that blood covered letter laying around there. But then we, the viewers, discovered that it was purposely placed there for CY and his men to find. Not just some poor setting design executions. Or in this episode, when KC asks ES about how leaders in her world are chosen. It’s an interesting juxtaposition to the kingly status that afford Gongmin to “possess” his subjects, but a twist is that Gongmin has to make efforts to own his subjects. If you think about it, it’s not really different from modern democratic governing. I can go on and on about those details.

          Almost everything is revealed for a reason, for us (readers) to explore and connect the dots.

        • daniela

          The story is about The king becoming THE KING. so true! the way I see this drama – the king is ”the key”, but the key needs a door, the door needs a wall, the wall needs a house – and this way we can have a good drama. Lets not rush in labelling as ”show stiller ”, bad actors, bad drama.

          In this episode, the CY dream reminded me of the movie ”What Dreams May Come ” 1998 with Robin Williams, one of my favourite actor. I simply love the PD for this.

        • Misha

          I wish this web had likes on comments. Your comment is amazing.

          And comparing this drama to a book was perfect. I love read and I love the type of books that makes me think and fall in love with the character page by page, just like this drama makes me feel episode by episode. I hate easy dramas, I hate clichés. And this one doesn’t have any of those.

          All the complainings are because people here expected something beyond reality, something impossible. For me is really good, funny and interesting.

          So please, people, stop complaining or just stop watching this and gtfo because, damn, I’m tired to read all the same weak reasons about why you don’t like this drama.

      • 2.1.4 Kappy

        Regarding the cliffhanger comments, I, too, have not felt gypped in that area, this after having realized that not all episodes must end with a cliffhanger to please or be effective. Seems like we need it because that’s how it’s usually done, right? Or at least I get that feeling. While I wouldn’t say it’s a groundbreaking move to end an epi with a non-cliffhanger, I like how it feels that the director doesn’t feel it necessary to always go there.

      • 2.1.5 sa@


        • Kdramas


        • Dominique

          I cannot comment like that? But haven’t I already done just that?

          Yes, I have watched Gaksital to its pathetic end, which occurred last night.

          And do stop screaming when you comment online.

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      I think I get it now, why the Woodalchi were/are so damn loyal to their king. They were not out for power or the throne. Usually that kind of ambition ends with betrayal but these guys were loyal till the end.

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      I love the king and his interactions with the queen and Lee Phillip’s doctor. LMH is playing a really complex character and I can’t wait to see his continued growth. I’m just really enjoying this one, faults and all. And I’m dying to know what’s up with the Hwata backstory 🙂

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    This episode was so good.

    • 20.1 Audrey

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      • 20.1.1 Audrey

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        Right! The last 5 minutes of this episode was the best of this drama yet. Everybody played their role so well, and the music was perfect. It was one of if not the first time that everything was perfect in this drama. The actors, the script, costume, music, director, everyone did their thing.

        Also, in the previews, both Eun Soo and CY have their hair out of their faces. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Hopefully we see a plan to get ES back.

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    I wonder if the question that Young’s father keeps asking in his dream is about finding purpose in his life instead of love. The first dream reference the woman warrior so I thought it was about her but now I think purpose/motivation in life. Also the fact the writers showed Young joined the assassin group after his father died because he was at a loss and needed purpose to go on.

    I also like the fact that Eun Soo knows some of the history but doesn’t share the specifics with everyone like some other recent drama **cough**Dr Jin**cough**
    She questions what she knows when Young is imprisoned but doesn’t babbler it anyone and everyone!!!

    • 25.1 Kiara

      Well, not a whole lot but she did mention that the Yuan Dynasty will come to an end soon and that Ming will take over. She also mentioned that she knows how Ki Chul was killed but will not give him details because he was a jerk.
      I dont remember Dr Jin volunteering info about the future but I do remember him writing it down and was later stolen by Kyung-tak.I didnt even watch the dang show but read Heads recaps so I could be wrong here.

    • 25.2 mav

      I was wondering about that, because as you said the frozen lake scene seemed to be about the girl assassin, and then this one was after he finished brooding after staring and the flower Eun Soo had given him. But then the scene is followed by the awesome seen with the King and at the end with the declaration to Ki Chul that he now wanted to live. So yeah it may as well have nothing to do about romance, which I think give it so much more meaning than it it was just a romantic thing..

      On a side note… I really don’t know much about Korean history but ermmm doesn’t the historical Choi Young die a tragic/ unfair death?

      • 25.2.1 Kiara

        There are different accounts of his death, all related to General Yi who eventually became the first ruler of the Joseon Dynasty.
        I’m guessing that the upcoming drama”The Great Seer” will focus on General Yi who, had General Choi banished and later beheaded.

        • Kiara

          Gongmin died before Young so I hope this drama ends there cause I dont want to see Young’s death. I’d much rather have him travel to the future with the doc lol.

      • 25.2.2 skelly

        It was unfair, but he was also a very old man (by the standards of the time) of 72 with a string of victories in the history books, descendants and shrines in his honor so I would say that overall his life was long and successful.

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    Watching this show is like digging for treasure. The first few episodes weren't as fun, but as you dig deeper more and more goodies have come to surface <3

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    The difference? The difference is that while they were previously too two-dimensional to be considered as 'people' by me, they now possess human traits like personalities, actual motives/objectives, and hidden agenda. I hadn't thought I'd ever find Ms. Microwave interesting. But now? I'm eager to find out what's her deal? Is she at all loyal to Ki Chul? To anyone?

    Sure, they are baaaaad people. But at least they are people in my eyes now. And in my eyes the only characters worthy of screen time aren't necessary those that are good, but those that are intriguing. And hey, just realized that they became interesting after more interactions with Eun-soo! Eun-soo has the magic power of making all characters interesting simply by talking to her! I love that girl xD

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  30. 30 dulcedeleche


    Loved this episode! When Choi Young was reliving the exiled king/boy’s death, I felt like I understood this character way better. When everyone you’ve ever cared about just dies…well its understandable that you don’t give a shit about anything.

    When i first read the character synopsis I was trying to figure out how an indifferent hero is suppose to be the king’s head body guard. Choi Young isn’t completely indifferent, he has honor/duty but no purpose to live. And it’s sad that the death of the young king is what partly wakes him up.

    Not digging the romance. The moments are too conventional. There’s def potential for more meatier moments . Actually i was thinking….Choi Young would be a great catch in that era and as a soldier i don’t think any lady would label him as a “murderer.” but Eun soo’s modern perspective, that’s just what he is.

    • 30.1 otchosais

      its because GC woke up the spines in his body..
      like he said.. he can’t just die doing good to him and doing nothing.. he felt that GC used him in ways to fight the others and indirectly hurt him too..

      now that CY have found a reason to live, BRING IT ON SHOW!!!

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    And then as if I wasn’t already dying from the epicness, Choi Young led the Woldalchi in and I was sent back to heaven again (Seoul 2012? xD)

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    Ok will read the recap now. Thank you!

    • 33.1 Lemon

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      The ending…was just PERFECTION. <3

      Can't stop smiling.

      • 33.1.1 otchosais

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    As usual, love Ryu Deok-hwan. Truly excellent.

    Even Kim Hee-sun has been showing more nuanced acting. Touching, even, at times. I really appreciate that she lets her face contort even to the point of unattractiveness. K-drama actresses always look pretty, even when crying, angry, shocked, horrified… always just enough of a hint, never full-on contortion. So KHS’s expressiveness is much appreciated.

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      Yup…this site is awesome. I even like it when the show is off the rails and dedicated re-cappers still ride on rusty-nails …all the way to the end. (HeadNo2…I’m still saluting you~) …..the funny asides are GOLDEN. everytime.

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    Gongmin who was so weak and distrustful at the beginning but now he has found out that Choi Young will fight for him and defend him. Finally he got some guts and is talking and walking like a true king and not a puppet. Ryu Deok Hwan is doing a great performance and is scene stealing the drama.
    This drama is starting to become an epic drama at last!

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    Young: Don’t people usually say, ‘I’m living’? But that’s not true. In fact, I’m dying. Until the day I inevitably die, day… by day… So I had decided to just be mild-mannered and die quietly. But then, you kept poking me—the good, well-behaved me. To wake up, to stand up… to live.

    OMG.. OMFG…

    ( me…. died in uber flabbergasted )

    • 42.1 Krish

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  44. 44 AnnaCC

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    I’m so happy the King and CY are in the same page FINALLY! Can’t wait to see what happens next…but please pretty please CY go get your girl!!!! She was willing to trade herself for your life…see she hasn’t given up on you yet 🙂

    As always great recap! The secret hanshake thing was hilarious 😀

  45. 45 shadow

    this ep was a breaking point from all side ‘its the start of the reall king a start for a true country and even the change point on the bad side . cy has finall wake up from the dream world and now longing to win in the real world ,he find bad guy he really want to break him down and he find a person he want to save and someone he care about how he look in her eyes. he find a love and hate to live and fight for them and now he not just going just to project and just waiting his daith he going tp attact and to use all his brain to be the one who make the rules of this game and i am looking for that, cause its was clear from the start that CY isnt just someone fight with sword he have a lot more but didnt care to show them .so thank you bad guy for challnge him and think you ES for being the one who make him feel wrong about every thing he does now our boy has wake up and let watch what he going to do ??/
    about the king he finally understand that if he want to fight he cant fight everything and everyone and he has to have some people to figh for him and he need power and need to leave his big pride and join force with the queen and ES she out of words she really doing great in her own way she smart and have her own cute eveil side that she use to break on the bad side and i even now see her make very big proplem to them and make there true face show to each other, she cute ,weak and has a child side that she show often but she smart have her own power and trick she not going just be played all the time and she start to show that and now she as she say ‘” its a crazy world and crazy people that just think of killing and use me so what ?lets play now and say who the craziest ” and yes she have here power that make people really want her and i am really looking for how she will really start to part of the power game and even be one of maker not just player .

  46. 46 swui

    I love this “rebirth”. Gamechanger. Finally the King is becoming a KING with a devoted Queen (he doesn’t know yet) and a loyal warrior. I’d say the divine doc is on his side too but she hasn’t said as much so I’ll reserve that till later.

    I’ve enjoyed it so far, flawed directing and all, but I’m ready for MOAR!

  47. 47 j27844

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    It is pretty obvious that it will be the Doctor who helps bring down KC eventually. Her little game of push – push -push feels all push-pull to KC. I can’t even imagine how excited that dude must be to have a woman like that to play with.
    Reminds me of Henry VIII with Anne Boleyn – finally a worthy opponent.

    The one weakness she can exploit is his HUGE ego.
    As long as she keeps playing along with the cocktail hours and long walks in the prison, he will believe he can win her heart despite all logic. He thinks he is a bad boy, when he is really a wretched man with an evil heart and no conscience whatsoever.
    I wonder if her cocktails are going to eventually have some sort of poison, or at least roofies in them. Something that she has or can build a resistance to, or something she has an antidote for. I realize he has some sort of super power, and could easily overcome it. It may be her betrayal that wounds him more than the drug.

    I would love to see the outtakes from KC and ES’s scenes. They seem to be having fun behind all the death threats and power plays.

    • 48.1 RealKDramaaddict

      That is a long game, ES poisoning KC while drinking homemade cocktails. She is not that evil.

      • 48.1.1 jomo

        That’s why I was thinking more roofies, so she could run away while he slept.

        • RealKDramaaddict

          But jomo, KC was waiting for a girl like ES in his white clothes, all his life, making sour crazy faces. He even got deadly music and fireworks ready.

  49. 49 Carole McDonnell

    Oh my gosh! I so loved the ending. Goose pimples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know I’m showing my obsession with flute-player yet again but I so would like to see his frozen heart awaken and be opened to someone. To who? He’s certainly not into humans generally. But even if he is to represent the extreme — someone who has no heart to give– I want him to open up to life…like that frozen lake.
    Oh gee! Now I have another whole week to wait.

    • 49.1 momosa

      and when his heart is unfrozen or warmed, his hair might turn back to black. Yeah, he’s the one that doesn’t look completely evil.

  50. 50 Carole McDonnell

    PS — that vague feeling The Doc has…that something has gone horribly wrong with history. I’m getting the vague feeling now. And it’s fun that the flakiest character is the one who is sensing the big picture.

    So far, young king died when he shouldn’t have, and other subtle veering from the history?

    So if the first Hwata messed up history, must the new “Hwata’s Apprentice” repair matters? I wonder if the first Divine Doctor (another intrusive Dr Jin) healed Gi Cheol when he wasn’t supposed to. And now this is the reason for all this mess?

    But that wouldn’t have given the young king cancer, would it?

    • 50.1 jomo

      Oooh – good point.

      If Hwata the First messed with history and changed things, however, ES wouldn’t have recognized that. History as SHE knows it would have been after his possible intervention.

      Poor little king would have died anyway from the cancer, so that didn’t make a big rift.

    • 50.2 Kappy

      Yes, that IS a good point. This “something’s strange with history” thing is significant but probably not as noticed because of all the wonderful stuff that went on in this episode. Sorry that I’m not as down on my Korean history as I should be, but the young king died before his time, you’re saying? And if Gi Cheol should be dead now instead of wreaking havoc? Hmmm. That would be intriguing about the new Hwata’s apprentice “repairing” history. Ha.

      Wow, so many possibilities. I wonder where our show will take us…

      And on a side note, wouldn’t it be great if Eun Soo could “accidentally” do a botched up job on plastic surgery on Gi Cheol?

      • 50.2.1 Duncerblur

        There is only that much plastic surgery can do … *snerk* …

        • Kappy

          Haha, so true. He’s a lost cause. 😉

          Okay, so maybe we can give him a string (like forever) of bad hair days. Or is he having them already?

    • 50.3 Angelitocurioso

      “So far, young king died when he shouldn’t have, and other subtle veering from the history?”

      That was the thing that hurt Choi Young the most! Because Disney princess(Gi Cheol, hurt the king he (CY) love and protect!! Even if he(Choi Young) is willing to die for Mini King, (Gongnim) but he felt responsible for the kid king!! And when DP(Gi Cheol) force him to choose between his life or Choi Young’s life, kid king do what he though it was the right choice: ” I die, but you live”Even if he wasn’t to die by the cancer, I know kid king, would make the same choice, because, he loved Choi Young, because Choi Young was the only person who practically believe in kid king and stood by him!

      That is why when DP force him, Choi Young decide that enough is enough… That is why CY said to Disney Princess: “I was good, I was fine, but you premium jerk, had to poke me, and that is a no no! I was quiet… but now, you will pay for what you have done”

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