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Faith: Episode 9
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You win some, you lose some. That’s the realization facing our hero today, as he scores a pretty awesome victory… which comes at a cost. That’s the nature of the game, but when the currency is (quite literally) faith, every step forward and backward can feel extra weighty. That’s also the downside of getting in touch with your dormant emotions; when the pendulum swings to the other end, stuff hurts. Aw. There there. I’ll make it better.


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Gongmin faces his council with newfound authority, presenting himself and Princess Noguk in the royal vestments of Goryeo. Woodalchi is brought forward as the faithful protectors of the country.

An advisor insists that the king has been hoodwinked by treacherous people, and that Choi Young and Woodalchi are not loyal to him. Gongmin cuts the protest down with its own flawed logic: it accuses Young of being a traitor to Gongmin by conspiring with the previous king, and also the traitor who killed the previous king. Gongmin’s all, Make up your mind.

Gongmin confirms that he authorized everything Young did: “Are you saying that I conspired to betray myself?” Haha.

For Young’s service, Gongmin elevates his rank and grants Woodalchi special privileges, and also puts them above anybody else’s reach. Only the king can disarm them now, or hire and fire. That’s a royal order.

Aww, yeah. I love the beaming smiles on the faces of all the Woodalchi—excepting, of course, their stoic leader. But it’s okay, I know he’s beaming on the inside. And then, Young lets out the tiniest smile.

Ki Chul is thoroughly displeased, but he keeps it to himself. That night the lady-in-waiting he planted as a mole fills him in on the details leading up to the king’s big stand.

Early that morning, Young had been released and rejoined Woodalchi’s headquarters. That means that the king secretly planned with Young and found his courage all in the span of one night. Or, you know, their rapport goes deeper than that. But that’s not something Ki Chul is likely to understand.

Still, Ki Chul figures that everybody else is still on his side. The king and Woodalchi are the only ones on the other side.

Life returns to normal for the Woodalchi men, and Young… sports a new ‘do? Rawr. The hair is pulled back sharply, putting an end to the mane of glory’s Iljimae tenure and beginning its Warrior Baek Dong-soo phase. Just as long as we steer clear of the Rooftop Troll end of the spectrum, we’re cool.

Young broods over the memory of the dead former king, whom he put out of his misery, and the loss of the doctor’s faith in him. Then he gets to work, advising the king of the need to clean house—sweeping out the rats in the palace, starting with the courtiers closest to the king. For instance, there’s Advisor Jo; Gongmin says he’s served him for the last ten years, but Lady Choi is aware of his busy backdoor dealings, like bribing palace soldiers.

Young asks how Advisor Jo would have any money for that, and his aunt retorts, “That’s why people call you a dumb warrior.” Ha. I do love her.

Young explains that Lady Choi knows all inside the palace, while another group is the go-to source for outside affairs, Suribang. The king will need them on his side, and Young will bring them to him, “If I have to beat them into coming along.”

Using janggi pieces to demonstrate, Young outlines their strategy; appropriate since janggi is a strategic war game. They need people, therefore military power, therefore money. The problem is, Goryeo’s money stream is controlled by Ki Chul, and he’s not likely to give any. Nor are they strong enough to take by force.

Gongmin wants to begin by recovering the doctor; he needs that to be able to face both Noguk and Young properly.

Afterward, Lady Choi grabs Young aside like he’s an errant teenager and warns him not to harbor foolish thoughts about the doctor. He asks, “Why can’t I?” Wait, so you’re not even going to go through the customary round of denial? I knew I liked you.

Aunt answers that Ki Chul wants her, and there’s nothing in this world he doesn’t get: “Why? Because anything he can’t have, he removes from this world.” Her concern is for Eun-soo—if he wants to keep her alive, he’ll stay away.

Young tells her it’s not like that (oh hello there, denial), that he’s just concerned because she was under his protection and he made her a promise. Aunt accepts that, knowing he’s still hurting from the loss of “that warrior girl who made you into someone who does nothing but sleep for the past seven years.”

Lady Choi tosses him a seal that’ll grant him access to Suribang.

Eun-soo paces Ki Chul’s estate, working through her thoughts about Young, perhaps ready to reevalute. She flashes back to a recent encounter:

At night, Chun Eum-ja practices his flute-playing, warning Eun-soo not to step in front of him. He hasn’t fine-tuned his powers enough for pinpoint precision, but he can direct them forward.

Eum-ja tells her that Choi Young won’t be able to escape the death note in prison, but that she is to instruct him whether she’d like him killed ore spared. She asks if Ki Chul will really honor her request, and hears that it’s the opposite: If she wants him killed, he’ll be spared, and vice versa. Riiight. This is contrary Ki Chul we’re talking about, after all.

Eun-soo storms into Ki Chul’s chamber to protest (falling off his desk in an attempt to assume a haughty demeanor), upset that he’s toying with people’s lives. He tells her that he’s trying to win her heart, and if it’s his, she wouldn’t care if Young lived or died. So: Does she care?

Ki Chul points to an elaborate white robe and dress he had prepared, for her to wear “if I can have your heart.” Glaring, Eun-soo tells him that Choi Young kidnapped her: “Whether he’s killed or saved, I’ll do it with my own hands.” She warns him not to mess with Choi Young, swearing on heaven that she won’t let him get away with it.

She storms out, but pauses to snatch the white clothing from its hanger.

It’s the clothes she wears now, although tellingly, she looks pensively at a patch of yellow flowers like the one she gave Young. When Ki Chul finds her here, she demands to know if she’s being held prisoner, what with all the guards blocking her path.

He answers her question by asking a question, and she retorts that she was first: “What, do you think you look cool that way?” He doesn’t understand her slang, and she mutters, “Ah, I keep slipping into heaven-speak.” HAHA. So modern slang words are a heavenly tongue now?

He tells her she can’t leave, which prompts a litany of complaints. How is she expected to give her heart when she’s locked up?

Ki Chul asks if she wants to make a deal. He presents her with a map, reminding her that she said Yuan is nearing its collapse. He asks if she can point out on the map which country will rise up in its place, and how large it will span. With the help of the one who sees the future, he intends to “build a grand new world.”

Eun-soo hedges, saying she’s not that good with national or world history, adding that history isn’t something you can (or should) change so readily. If you mess with something now, the future could go terribly wrong.

He asks what kind of future awaits Goryeo. Eun-soo says it’s not called Goryeo, and in fact it becomes smaller than the current nation because it divides in two.

He wants to know which nation prevails—who should he side with? Then he’ll be able to make the nation strong and powerful. If she tells him, he’ll place her at the highest seat, next to him.

It’s not totally infeasible to find his speech charismatic, because he speaks of the good of the country and its people, and she can see how powerful he is. Not that she should side with him, of course, but temptation isn’t completely out of the question.

Choi Young arrives at Ki Chul’s gate to reclaim what’s his. I love how he ignores Hwasuin with her come-hither stare; she’s totally lusting after him, not that I blame her, but it always makes me laugh since his reaction to her basically amounts to an eyeroll, preferring to deal with Eum-ja instead.

Eun-soo wrestles with how to respond and how much—she asks what he’d do if, hypothetically, she weren’t really from heaven and didn’t know the future. Ki Chul says that would make her a wicked thing who toyed with him. Is that what she is?

Before she can reply, Choi Young is announced. Eun-soo beelines for the door, intent on speaking with him, and Ki Chul accompanies her out.

Young’s explanation? “I came for my sword.” Pffffffft. Eun-soo marches up to ask if he didn’t come for her. She wants to step aside and talk things over, but he answers that when she left the palace with Ki Chul, she’d decided her heart was on this side: “That’s what the king believes. Is that so?”

She sighs. She explains that if she were to say she’s being held prisoner and wants to leave, he’d fight. “I’m fine,” she smiles. “The man of this house can’t mistreat me, because there are things he wants from me.”

She reaches over and touches his arm, telling him she’d worried he’d die. “But since you’re alive, it’s fine.” She pulls away.

Eun-soo adds that she made sure Chungjeong was dressed in fresh white clothing before he was laid to rest.

Choi Young asks if people lie in heaven. Stepping close, he adds quietly, “Do you lie well?” He tells her she’ll need to.

Dae-man tags along as they leave Ki Chul’s, adorably doing the goldfish-gulp as he tries, then stops, then tries to ask how things went. Young answers that she’s being treated well despite being held against her will, but that he pretended not to know that.

“Since when has it been?” he wonders to himself. “I can’t remember her face.” Aw, so you are aware of new feelings for Eun-soo.

Then it’s on to the city streets, to make contact with Suribang. Young and Dae-man sit on a bridge, and when the contact approaches he flashes the seal as a signal.

Young dismisses Dae-man and heads to a particular home alone, on full alert. He anticipates trouble, and whirls just in time to avoid being shot with an arrow.

He’s ambushed by several fighters, all of whom he takes down pretty easily. He’s not aiming to kill, though, and calls out, “How about we cut this short?” Heh. Is this a frequent occurrence here? A test?

A swordsman in white flies at him, and Young just sighs and blocks half-assedly. Ha, I think I like lazy fighter even more—it’s all, Ho hum, this again.

The man in white has a feminine appearance and a feminine air; he falls into Choi Young’s arms and sighs, “I’ve waited so long for you.” Haha, does he have a crush? That’s so cute.

A man and woman call down to him from a rooftop, and Young bows in greeting; they’re already acquainted. They feed him dinner and ask why he changed his mind—Young had told them he’d come join them after leaving his Woodalchi position.

The couple cracks me up; they speak coarsely and insult each other every other word, but it’s a familiar, affectionate kind of talk, like family. Young says he’s here to “find someone,” by which he means recruit people, but ajumma hears it as, “So you finally wanna get married?” Hehe.

He tells them he’s here because the king needs more people, which makes the couple scoff that he’s become the king’s dog. Young states that Gongmin wants to be a proper king, but lacks supporters. Ajusshi and ajumma have the beat on all of Goryeo’s talents; they can provide recommendations, can’t they?

At the House of Ki, Eun-soo flings off her new white clothes in frustration, then heads outside to face off with the guardians of the gate. She demands they get out of her way, and when they don’t, she swings her handbag around as a weapon, yelling, “Aren’t you scared of Heaven?”

Ki Chul arrives to interrupt, telling her she’s one of his people now—the king has handed her over. She retorts that she’s not anyone who can be handed around, and stomps toward the gate.

Ki Chul grabs her by the wrist. Eun-soo challenges, “How will you tell whether I’m telling you the future or just lying about it?” Ah, has she taken Young’s clue? She says she’ll decide to whom and when to tell her tips about the future: “Till then, shouldn’t you be trying to impress me?”

Haha, I love her spunk. Ki Chul chuckles too, but warns that this is how far his patience extends. He lets her go, but his men drag her back to the house.

Ki Chul returns to find Lady Choi there to request his help; Noguk’s neck wound has worsened. Since Eun-soo treated her initially, these earthly doctors are unable to cope with the injury.

Since Ki Chul is suspicious that the doctor won’t return, Lady Choi’s request is that he accompany her to the palace. She adds that the princess has something to tell the doctor, privately.

The princess is in fact bedridden; either she’s truly sick, or she’s putting on the full act to make this believable. I’m hoping it’s the latter. Ki Chul’s mole keeps a close eye on her, and confirms to Ki Chul that Noguk is as ill as stated, slipping into and out of consciousness.

Gongmin visits her bedside, and after the room clears to give them privacy, Gongmin says, “I am very sorry to ask you to do such a difficult thing.” Aha! So it IS a scheme.

Noguk rises, not asleep after all, and tells him it’s not difficult because she wanted to help; not helping was more upsetting to her. He asks, “Because I was so lacking?” She adds, “That kind of talk is what I hated most to hear.” Aw. Is that a current of understanding finally flowing between you?

Ki Chul and Eun-soo arrive at the palace and are led to the princess’s quarters, while Eum-ja is kept behind. Yet Lady Choi doesn’t stop at the princess’s rooms, and instead delivers Ki Chul to the stateroom—where Gongmin greets him. Woodalchi men hang back, ready to act.

Eum-ja remains out of the loop and is divested of his weapons, told that only Woodalchi fighters are allowed to carry any. Eum-ja reaches for his sword anyway, but Choong-seok warns that ignoring the royal order is an act of treason.

Ki Chul eyes the king through slitted eyes, trying to get what is going on. Young arrives and informs the king that the preparations are complete: commence interrogation.

Young addresses Eun-soo formally… and charges her with kidnapping former king Chungjeong. Eun-soo gapes to be accused of criminal acts, and Ki Chul is just as shocked.

AHHH, so smart! If you can’t reason your way into claiming the doc, you can take her forcibly as a state criminal. HAHA.

Young names Governor Ahn Sung-ho as the mastermind, who harbored Eun-soo and Chungjeong. Said governor is dragged in. Serves ya right for backstabbing.

Governor Ahn begs for Ki Chul to help him, and the king feigns surprise—he knows this man? Ki Chul knows which way the wind is blowing and disavows knowledge an acquaintance.

Young turns his interrogation to Eun-soo, asking her about being with Chungjeong. She starts to protest that he was right there with her, then sees the tiny shake of his head. She stops.

He asks who ordered her to treat the ailing Chunjeong. Eun-soo flashes back to his cryptic comment about lying, and quickly reaches for the right answer, assisted by another head-nod. She indicates the governor, and that seals his guilt. Young informs Gongmin that the governor had asked him a baited question—the one asking what Young would do if Chungjeong wanted to regain the throne.

Ki Chul interrupts, wanting to argue. But he’s about ten steps behind, and Gongmin reminds him of the accusation that Young stole Eun-soo from his property that one time. Young replies that he couldn’t possibly have the power to do that alone, and states that Ki Chul let him leave under the condition that he visit Chungjeong.

Aha! Trapped him. (He can’t admit that’s true, otherwise he’ll be pegged as a traitor.) Gongmin: “Surely you didn’t?” Ki Chul: “Why would I do that?”

Gongmin strips the governor of his office and orders his assets handed over to the state.

Young hands over a ledger of the governor’s assets. The king reads, and curiously wonders whether a portion of this belongs to Ki Chul. With Ki Chul already having stated he doesn’t know the governor, he’s forced to answer no. Bye-bye, claim to assets.

Then the matter is settled. Governor Ahn will be punished for his crime of treason, and Eun-soo will also be held accountable for her part in it.

Eun-soo is dragged off, and Ki Chul can do nothing.

The governor begs Young to forgive him and spare his life. Young declines, telling him his secret to success was misguided, and has him dragged off to meet his punishment. I suppose I’d feel a teeny bit sorry for the man being blindsided, but he is a traitor scheming against the king; just not in the exact way they accused him of doing it.

Eun-soo protests as the ladies pull her along, fearing that she’ll be tortured or killed for her “crime.” She is brought to see the princess, and cries that all she did was listen to his instruction to lie!

Lady Choi explains that Ki Chul is too powerful to attack directly, so they started with the governor. Eun-soo wails about her punishment—what is it? Lady Choi informs her that she is to treat the princess, and remain restricted to the palace. HA. So basically, they got to claim her back from Ki Chul with no ill effects.

Young waits to see Eun-soo, but she stalks right past him. Aw. I don’t blame her, even though if she were to think two steps ahead, she’d see the cleverness of his maneuver; it’s an extraction plan worthy of Alias.

Eun-soo pauses, then turns back accusingly to remind him of all her grievances against him: he kidnapped her, forced her to operate, tied her up and dragged her around. She kicks him right in the shin, which, ha.

Furious, she says, “Do I lie well? I’m a traitor? I have to receive punishment?!” She reaches back to deliver another kick, but he avoids it this time and sends her tripping at the loss of balance. Young reaches out to steady her, but she yanks back: “I told you not to lay a hand on me! Don’t you dare come near me.” She storms off in tears.

Cue… music video flashback? What a weird sequence. It’s like they cut this for a short episode again and we should be ending now, only we’ve got ten more minutes.

As Young watches her leaving, he thinks back to all their interactions, starting with the kidnapping and ending with her “trial.”

Eun-soo trudges to the hospital, at the end of her rope. So when Jang Bin sees her, all gentle concern, she heads right for him and cries into his arms. Jang Bin looks up to see Young arriving as she sobs, “I can’t take this! This world is too horrible! Why do I have to do this? I miss my mother, and my father. I really can’t take any more.”

Jang Bin leads her inside and offers her comforting tea. He tells her that Choi Young promised to send her back

She insists that she doesn’t belong here, and that there’s nothing she can do. When the young king was dying, he’d asked if there was anything she could do, and she felt helpless. She asks if there’s anything Jang Bin could have done, and he replies that there’s no cure for that poison—all one can do is look for an easier way to die.

She clings to that, confirming that there really was nothing to be done, and that she didn’t kill him with her lack of skill. Jang Bin thinks about what he would have done in that situation, saying that he wouldn’t have been able to do what Choi Young did.

Eun-soo asks for clarification, and he explains that Choi Young is a warrior devoted to protecting his master. Yet he had to kill that same master by his own hand. She agrees, having seen him kill the boy herself. Jang Bin contradicts her: “What Choi Young killed was his own heart.” As a result, he has given up his intention of ever leaving the palace, the thing that was “his only hope—to leave the palace and live free.”

Ki Chul stews about losing several sizable income streams, but it’s not long before he’s struck with a new idea. He grabs a book and heads out—this will be his confirmation, in case the doctor might still be partially loyal to him…

Suddenly, he clutches his hand. Huh. Is it an effect of his own ki powers? The hand shakes, and he struggles to hold onto his control, gritting out, “There’s too much in this world I still have to do, and have. There’s too little time.”

He said “this world”… Is that a figure of speech, or a clue about his origins?

Ki Chul heads straight for the medical wing of the palace, intent on showing Eun-soo something. Aw, even mute girl Deoki tries to block him out, despite her dislike of Eun-soo.

Eun-soo expresses no interest in seeing it, but he reminds her of Hwata’s artifacts and dangles a new one as a carrot—if she wants to see it, he’ll show it to her privately, secretly.

She leads him to an empty room and tells him to cut to the chase. He brings out Hwata’s book, which he’s been studying and unable to read. Eun-soo opens the package and finds…

A diary?

Yet she looks stunned. Wait, is it hers? She asks, with difficulty, if this is really Hwata’s, from hundreds of years ago. Ki Chul confirms it, saying that Hwata dates back a thousand years.

Eun-so opens the leather binding, and flips through the weathered pages inside. There’s a grid with handwritten numbers, which she recognizes. They mean little to us (an address book? a personal ledger?) but the sight renders her speechless. She shakes her head in disbelief to read a name scrawled on the last page: Eun-soo.


Wait, SHE’S HWATA? We’ll have to wait till tomorrow adds to the story, but… you’re not gonna Jin out on us and have her as a multiple time-traveler who crosses paths with her own self, are you?

The power plays heat up with both sides upping their game—and for whatever reason I find the strategies and outwitting pretty exciting, even if a lot of it is political maneuvering. It’s built on clever feints and counters, though, which build the tension nicely; I recall a similar back-and-forth interplay between our two teams in Story of a Man (same writer), although we’ve just stepped out of one milieu (present day, stock scams, money grabs) and into another (palace intrigue and war games). I don’t think Faith’s maneuverings are quite as fun or thrilling as that drama, but I do enjoy the sense of scoring a small victory, only to feel the weight of an immediate setback.

I really liked the moment when Eun-soo casts an accusing look back at Choi Young as she’s being dragged off for “punishment”—up till now, I was enjoying the chess match between Gongmin and Ki Chul, happy to see our good guys outwitting the evil mastermind. I figured Eun-soo would stew in anger for a short time, then perk up to realize her punishment was just a cover.

Contrary to that expectation, she’s just as offended/hurt/outraged after finding out the story, because now she feels like she’s been jerked around as a pawn. (She cries to Jang Bin that she hardly cries, but today her pride was just too battered.) It’s true, and no doubt Young figured she would come around in the end.

So I like that she flings his offenses in his face, not letting him off the hook for kidnapping her and basically treating her like a rag doll. Yes, he’s mostly been a decent guy who vowed to protect her, but he hasn’t really seen it from her side; she’s essentially been shoved into a snow globe, and every once in a while he comes along and shakes it up. Or, okay, Ki Chul, or Gongmin; he’s not the only offender.

There’s such a thing as “it’s for your own good,” but there’s also such a thing as “let me decide for myself, asshole.” And this breach in faith actually feels deeper to me than the one regarding Chungjeong’s death, which Jang Bin clears up for her. She didn’t have the wrong idea before, but he frames it to more accurately reflect what it meant to Young, and you see her take that in with fresh perspective.

Then again, maybe she’ll perk back up soon enough, once she’s had time to process. That’s what makes me such a fan of this character, the ability to keep her head on straight about what she believes (no Stockholming of her with Ki Chul, despite his best attempts), while still making the best of it. ‘Cause dramaland has had enough weepy heroines, hasn’t it?

Now it’s time for Young to go about winning her back, and THAT I really want to see. Like, now. Go woo, Choi Young! Woo like the wind!


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  1. Ivoire

    Thank You!

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Off to watch it and read the recap…

      • 1.1.1 Ivoire

        Was I the only one who noticed that ES wore the dress with the flowerS BEFORE KC gave it to her. There is a scene of her in the garden looking at the yellow flowers longingly and she is wearing the same dress. I was surprised when KC said that he would give her the dress because I was thinking “but she already wore it.” Was that just bad editing?

        • kakashi

          Ivoire, hi! I think that was a flashback. The whole episode with Eum and how is going to kill CY was.

        • Amberscube

          Yes, that was a flashback… By the way, i was bothered by that flowers on the outfit.

        • Ivoire

          Hi guys, and yes, you guys are right. Somehow, I missed that, I am not sure why. Thanks for clarifying that for me. I actually personally liked the dress on her. It gave her an airy kind of look, I thought.

          • Amberscube

            Hi Ivoire,

            I actually like the silhouette of the dress but i just thought the flowers were kinda too modern for Goryeo era.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Amberscube,

            I see what you mean, definitely see your point :-).

          • M.D.

            I totally agree with Amberscube – I didn’t know exactly what struck me odd with the dress, I didn’t know why I think the flowers didn’t fit, now I have the answer, thank you!

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      There are so many sweet and delightful moments in this episode, and thank you JB for the recap. Some of your lines were really funny!

      I loved it when the king changed in front of everyone, essentially announcing that things will be different from then on. I LOVED the look he gave KC after he rewarded the wooldachi and elevated them. “In your face!!!” was what he seemed to say and that felt so sweet. He did the same thing after they accused the Dr. of treason (ES) and took her away. That whole manipulation and maneuvering game was delightful and sweet to watch, made me want to pump my fist in the air, I actually did, from where I was sitting.

      I know I have said it before, but I really LOVE the king and the actor behind him (playing him). I love how his face moves when he acts, I could seriously watch him all day. I love his smirks, him playing ignorant, there is a way that he tilts his head when he asks questions and acts ignorant, subtle but soooo good.

      I love the queen (and the actress) of course and Lady Choi, oh Lady Choi, that woman is badass. She is not afraid of anyone, respectful of the royals yes, but not afraid of people, love that. I totally love her relationship with CY, so awesome!!! She caught on to him quickly and she won’t be fooled. She showed it again by the way she looked at him when ES was coming out of the princess’ chambers. She can read CY like a book 🙂 and I love how CY is around her as well. He knows better and doesn’t try to act all superior.

      It was SO SWEET to see KC being beat at his own game, oh, SO SATISFYING and more so because this time I actually understood what was happening (I don’t always at the time I watch the episode). I continue to love ES but wished she could understand what CY was trying to do for her. She might, in the end.

      Awwww… and CY’s feelings are starting to slowly catch up to him, Yay!!!! I am looking forward to more of that. And the bromance, LOVE IT, between the king and CY, CY and DM and CY and the rest of the wooldachi (when CY came out of prison) and every time they show their concern for their general.

      I am starting to get into this show, appreciating the nuances more, especially when I get them right away. It’s not that I don’t pay attention when I watch, because I do (I replay scenes and it takes me 2hrs to watch 1 episode), it ‘s that I sometimes get confused and I sometimes don’t get the characters’ roles and their significance in the drama right away (which is why I come here of course for clarification and to ask questions) and it is so satisfying when I do understand.

      Thank you show, for making me think 🙂 and figure things out.

      • 1.2.1 daniela

        I like it so much the way you say it, my thoughts exactly. The characters keep growing with every episode, better written, better played.
        Doesn’t KC reminds you of Rhett Butler? I like the actor, so charismatic, I can’t even hate him.
        The new look of CY is more Bidam-esc, I like it (I think it’s LMH real hair now).
        The royals rock their parts, Fighting!

        • Ivoire

          Hello Daniela,

          Thank you for your comment, I find it interesting that we see things the same way:-). Someone wrote somewhere that the romance between ES and CY seems forced (a little) on us, like beating us with it on the head, what with the flashbacks and all, unlike the romance between the king and the queen. While I disagree with that comment (I personally don’t mind the flashbacks, they remind me of the growing feelings between ES and CY), I would say that I would watch this show for the relationship between the king and the queen, if it were about that. I love the way they are around each other. Her, wanting to support him and affirm him, loving him and him, feeling not good enough for her, inferior and yet falling in love (if he is not in love with her already) with her. I just love watching how their love starts, stumbling around and how it is being built up.
          If the king only knew how his wife felt about him, but that is coming (I hope) and I look forward to that.

          Can you please refresh my memory and remind me of who Rhett Butler is? Is it the character from “Gone with the Wind” (that’s all that came to me)?

          You know, I haven’t seen Queen Seon Deok (sp?) and so I am not familiar with Bidam, even though I have come across some references made about him. But I will take you guys word for it, because that Bidam’s reference has been made a few times 🙂

          • Saner

            I agree with you about the romance between the king and the queen being delightful to watch – I can’t believe how lovely it is watching two married people slowly fall in love. She’s always loved him and responded to his coldness with her own bucket of ice, whilst independently trying her best to help him.
            And now he’s asked for her help (the scene in the bedroom, though much was not said, the subtext made me squee – yay for progress!). Sometimes I wish Western romances were a little more subtle and nuanced and…well, believable like theirs is.

            But I guess if they were, I wouldn’t watch so much kdrama maybe. Highly unlikely though..

            And yes, Rhett Butler is the guy from Gone with the Wind. It’s incredible how the resemblance shines through now that it’s been mentioned!

          • marga

            i totally agree with your comment….. So Lovely!!!!!! I love the main characters of this series….

          • daniela

            Yes, Rhett Butler from Gone with the wind (actually is Clark Gable but playing the RB character).

            About Bidam, please google his name and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

            Now, about the royal love – it’s strange how the political situation made the king “to hate” the woman he was so in love to the point to elope with her. The queen really loves him, but she needs to fight with his adversity for Yuan family.
            The actors play so smooth their parts that I can’t believe their ages and little experience (it;s the first drama with them for me).

          • Ivoire

            Hello Saner,

            I loved how you described the king and queen’s budding relationship “She’s always loved him and responded to his coldness with her own bucket of ice, whilst independently trying her best to help him.” That was so well said.

            Re: the scene in the bedroom, what do you think was the subtext? I would just really like to read your thoughts on it. And I agree with you, since I have discovered Kdramas, I wish Western romances were slower, more subtle and nuanced. I might be in the minority but I also appreciate the chastity in some of the Kdramas. It forces the viewer to expect, and the writer (imho) to try and have a compelling story to tell, a great cast, great OST and great directing (hopefully) so that people would want to tune in every week, because their senses are not being titillated by overt images of sex.

            You know, even if Western shows were more nuanced, I would still watch (and probably prefer) Kdramas and Korean TV programming. They have a lot of talented actors and actresses, comedians, and I like how they act, cry and do drama, for the most part. It’s different, and then there is the whole being exposed to a different culture, music, language, food etc… component that I just love and that I wouldn’t want to do without at this point.

            I find it interesting that you guys think that KC kind of looks like Rhett Butler, because he doesn’t evoke Rhett Butler to me, not totally anyway. Maybe I will have to rewatch Gone with Wind to check again :-).

          • Ivoire

            @ Daniela,

            I know about Clark Gable :-), interesting point about the resemblance. I will google Bidam to see what you are referring to as well.
            Can you clarify this for me, please:”but she needs to fight with his adversity for Yuan family.” Do you mean that the queen needs to fight the king to let her help him (since she thinks he doesn’t love her) or do you mean that she needs to be an ally to the king to fight the Yuan dynasty? I was a little confused here.
            I think the actor/actress portraying the king and queen are excellent 😉

          • daniela

            @ Ivoire: the queen needs to win over king”s adversity for Yuan dynasty (in the 2nd or 3thd episode when we see their firsts encounters he thinks that the princess is korean, falls in love with her and wants to run away, to make her his first wife, but everything turns black and hate when he finds out that she is the Yuan princess wife-to-be)

      • 1.2.2 kakashi

        I have a question: why are they called Imja couple in many online forums? Well, I know “why” (it’s an old Korean word meaning “honey”), but why has CY called her Imja? And, if I am not mistaken, why does he continue to do so in some instances? (at least that’s what I thought I heard him call her)

        • Ivoire

          Hi Kakashi,

          I have noticed that people do call them that and I didn’t know why, tbh. You just told me why and your question is a good question. I will ask around to find out and will let you know if and when I do. I didn’t realize that he continues to call her so. I will have to pay more attention. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

          • kakashi

            Ivoire, I think it was in episode 7 or 8, when he addressed her as “Imja”. It was in that scene before she gives him the flower, I think. Somewhat, this doesn’t make much sense, since they’re not in a relationship and that scene wasn’t in front of others. I would understand if he called her Imja in front of Ki Chul and wanted to leave the impression that they are lovers or at least that he “loves” her, as he has previously claimed. I might have misunderstood. And I also don’t know when he first called her “Imja”, if he ever did.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Kakashi,

            I have asked that question, and if and when I get an answer, I will let you know. I will also have to rewatch the scene you mentioned.
            I would agree with you that it wouldn’t make sense, based on the context you just explained, and it doesn’t sound like CY to go around saying “honey” to a woman he met not long ago, just not his character. This is one of those times when I don’t have an answer (yet). I will let you know when I do :-).

            I LOVE that you pay attention to details :-), I am the same way…

          • kakashi

            Ep10, 20min45 seconds: he says Imja twice!!

          • Ivoire

            @ Kakashi, yes I heard it. Only once though, so I will have to go back and listen to it again and hear it the 2nd time around. You are good :-)!

      • 1.2.3 my_diaries

        I am agreed with everything you’ve said 🙂 After I watched the episode 9 I came here to clarify if I understand or not 😀 show goes very good i think. If its continue like this Faith can be the drama of the year in my opinion! Thank you so much for the recap JB! ^^

        • Ivoire

          Hello my_diaries,

          This is why a blog like this one is great! Because we connect with people who happen to see what we see and exchange ideas when they are different. Continue to enjoy the show :-)!

      • 1.2.4 Awe

        you prolly already know this, however, the King is the lead in the drama series “God’s Quiz” and “God’s Quiz 2”. his role in God’s Quiz is a little more free to show his ‘cheeky’ ‘nerdy’ ‘arrogant’ ‘cool’ and ‘flippant’ side.

        i just finished watching God’s Quiz 2 and would recommend it.

        • Ivoire

          Hi Awe,
          Thanks for letting me know about RDH being in “God’s Quiz” and the 2nd season and his role in the drama. I also appreciate your recommendation for GQ2. I will put those dramas on my list of dramas to watch :-)…

      • 1.2.5 M.D.

        I appreciate every single thing that you mentioned, but there were a few moments that made my heart flutter: the moment that the “Stamina Pack” entered the room after the royal commant with CY leading them, the discreet mute dialogue of smiles between the king and CY, the way that the new “do” makes Lee Min Ho(t)’s face look – I love it, actually it’s for the first time I really, really liked LMH (ok, I accept bare chest every rotten egg and tomato from him fans), the way in which CY remembered his history with ES, there is something really tender and warm in it and her face when she saw her signature on that page of the diary. At first this show said close to nothing to me. Now I have no regret for sticking with it!

        • Ivoire

          Hello M.D.,

          I love this: “At first this show said close to nothing to me. Now I have no regret for sticking with it!” I had a hard time getting into the show (meaning I wanted to feel sucked in and it wasn’t happening), and now I am slowly appreciating it. It makes you appreciate what romance is about you know, the stolen glances, the memories (flashbacks), the hesitation before talking to the person, the fear of being rejected (hence the hesitation), etc… All those baby steps that build to the love and help solidify the relationship. You also see those same feelings and interactions happen between the king and the queen.

          I agree with all the moments you have listed, and I love how you wrote about them, quite eloquently :-). I also personally love lMH(ot) latest hair do, I think it looks good on him. His face is maturing and that looks good on him as well.

          I think it is OK if you didn’t like LMH that much before, not everybody has to. Taste is a personal matter and we each have our reasons why we like a particular actor/actress. So if you are late in joining the LMH(ot) club, we still welcome you :-)! And I personally believe that no good fan of LMH would throw you some eggs or tomatoes :-).

          • mrsleeleeminho

            I agree.

            The slow development depicting CY and ES’s romance is great!

            I kills me but in a good way 😀

            Can’t wait until they kiss…then we will know the chemistry.

  2. toritorisan

    Thanks for the recap. This drama keeps getting better and better. So many unexpected twists!

    • 2.1 kakashi

      YES! It really has found its footing now. Wasn’t the scene between the King and the Queen lovely? This drama hasn’t had many visually stunning moments but the use of the veil when she is in bed, and then the removal of it when these two characters share their first moment of understanding was very well done.

      Ok, I stand corrected, obviously the drama has many visually stunning moments: whenever LMH is on screen, haha. Has his acting improved? Probably a little? Does it matter?! no.

      I’m really enjoying the budding romance between him and the awesomeness-that-is-the-Doctor. I’m also super excited that there’s some mystery to the drama now and can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

    • 2.2 Ivoire

      Hi Kakashi,

      Great observation about the veil thing and the moment between the king and the queen, I hadn’t thought of that. Isn’t it wonderful the way that they both look at each other, longingly? It makes me wanna swoon. It is soooo obvious they love and care for each other, and I am loving this dance they are having. I love seeing the king when he is vulnerable, RDH is rocking his role. I looked at a bigger picture of him (I clicked on the one where he is in the queen’s bedroom) and I noticed that his eyes are very expressive and the lighting just does wonders for his face (and his make-up is really well done). This man can say so much with his eyes. He has a very expressive face and he is gorgeous, flawless skin, and so is the queen (my rave about her would be the same, she has the same qualities the king has, imho).

      I do feel that LMH’s acting has improved some, although I don’t feel sucked in watching him the way I do watching the king. I feel that the king just takes me along with him and I just naturally follow him, I want to watch him and he captivates me (my attention). His acting feels (to me) organic, natural. LMH, hum… I can’t put my finger or express well why he is different (because he is), not as organic. I find it interesting that RDH is shorter in height (and maybe in stature) than LMH, but he embodies his character better, maybe because he is better at doing nuances and acting vulnerable.

      I would acknowledge that LMH sometimes does it right, like when he had gone to free ES and she touched his face. His reaction then was great, just perfect. LMH has moments like that when it just works (and he manages to make it work). I think that his face doesn’t move as well as the king and Lady Choi (the actor and the actress), imho. Lady Choi is very interesting to watch. She doesn’t always a lot (with words), but her body language speaks volume, and so does KHS, I have noticed. She also has a very open and expressive face one can read.

      I really love the interactions between CY and ES as well. One can tell they do care about each other. I know that some people are not very happy about how CY has treated ES and about ES plight since she has been in Goreyo times, but I DO think that CY feels bad for her, which is why he REALLY wants to keep his word to her and take her back. Some people forget that he purposely drove the sword in him in episode 2 because he couldn’t keep his word to her. He basically was willing to die. He was regretful when he said “I remember” when ES asked him if he remembered his promises, he looked sad. I totally think that he feels guilty and *korean expression* “sorry to her.”

      I don’t know if you guys have noticed it throughout the drama so, but he is very protective of her whenever harmful people try to get close to her, shielding her, tossing things in her space (when she was sleeping for instance). When he went to get her back, he didn’t have the king’s permission to do that and he had still not fully recovered from his surgery (his men didn’t want him to go, I think). There are so many scenes when he acts that way towards her, I don’t want to recount them all here (this post is long enough as it is :-)). It started with his great sense of honor, and now he is developing feelings for her. I can see why ES would be upset, but I do think that CY is doing all he can to do right by her, as he knows how, which might be imperfect, but he is trying.

      Someone stated that this drama would be better when watched a 2nd time, and I agree. One would pick up more clues that 2nd time around. The drama would be better enjoyed, I can see that.

      • 2.2.1 kakashi

        Poor LMH, I feel a bit bad for critisizing his acting (repeatedly), since I really enjoy this show, also because of him … I do agree with you that there are moments wheren his acting is really good, especially when he reacts to something (I also liked the way he flicked the flower out of his hair and of course the scene with the little king :(), but these moments make me realize even more that this whole drama could be much better, includng LMH’s acting. The other (much better) actors don’t really help – in comparison, he comes across as even more wooden.

        Other people have mentioned the not-so-great directing, and I guess that’s really it. A better director would have gotten LMH to have many more of these great moments. People have also said that he was probably told to act ‘boring’, which would also include his stoic (=unmoving) face, which is possible, but doesn’t work in this case. For that, you need to be a top-notch actor that can pull off the tired-of-life act without it becoming booooring.

        As for the ‘romance’: what I like about the set-up is the immense difference between these two characters; they are in completely different ‘spaces’ in their lives, there is a rather big age-gap, both know that there is not future for them, both know that they (potentially and actually) endanger the other’s life … but obviously, they are fascinated about each other and the drama is portraing this slow progress towards fondness/love rather nicely, I think. I find it a nice twist that ES also has a protective streak and cares for his well-being and that it slowly dawns on her what he is going through (also because of her).

        Do we dare hope for a happy ending for this couple?!

        • LoveIt

          LMH, was never playing stoic. Who told y’all that? Every actor does not need to contort their face to tell a story.

          • kakashi

            sorry, stoic might be the wrong word. And you misunderstood me (or I expressed myself poorly), there’s nothing worse than actors constantly contorting their faces and I wasn’t ‘asking’ for that. I just find LMH’s blank face (which should probably portray his tiredness of life) to be too blank. I would wish for more King or Queen or Lady Choi acting on LMH’s part – they also do not contort their faces, but they can convey more subtle feelings with body language, eyes, etc.

            Anyways, this will be the last of my comments on LMH’s acting, I’ve said all there is to say, I like this drama a lot and I like him a lot and I like him in it a lot.

        • LoveIt

          @Kakashi Did you see the frozen lake in his dreams? that was a reflection of him. He was frozen, emotionless, not just tired of life, but not interested in the things of life. How else was he supposed to express this feeling?

          The King, the Queen, nor Lady Choi is supposed to have this as a part of their character, so how is he supposed to go to their school of acting? I am really curious about this. I am not attacking you either, I am really trying to see your point of view, and the point of view of the others regurgitating the same thing.

          • kakashi

            ok, I see what you mean. Let me try to explain. frozen, emotionless, cold – these might be non-emotions and non-feelings rather than ‘feelings’, granted.

            So, how should an actor play someone frozen, cold, devoid of feelings? Well, certainly not like he is bored and sleepy! Unfortunately, that’s what came across a lot for me, especially in the first 6 episodes. Being bored is not the same as being so disillusioned that you just want to die/don’t mind dying. I would either expect such a character to ooze immense sadness from every pore (not ‘active’ sadness, but still something deeply lost/hurt/crying-inside) or, alternatively, to be a cruel, non-caring being, devoid of anything that made him human. More beast than man, actually. Both are, in my opinion, credible traits of a ‘frozen, emotionless, not just tired of life, but not interested in the things of life’ person, but the second wouldn’t have worked well with the script, obviously …

          • LoveIt

            I meant, the KIng, Queen nor Lady Choi is NOT supposed to have this as part of their character.

          • kakashi

            addendum: the portrayal of non-feeling and emotionless characters is probably the hardest task any actor can face. You definitely need a stellar director for starters that helps you pull this off.

          • LoveIt

            How is being more beast than man showing a frozen-emotion? How is oozing immense sadness showing a frozen emotion? How is he supposed to be lost/hurt/crying inside IF HE IS FROZEN, not caring about life enough to care?

            He is bored and emotionless. Sleep is his hobby, what is he good at? Sleeping. These are not my words, this is what was released to describe his character, and this is what he gave you. Go check out the release, he is not devoid of anything that made him human, he is devoid of feelings period. Therefore, he is neither stoic, sad, caring, beast like, lost, sad etc. All he wants to do is sleep, and if he can’t do that, he wants to die.

            Hahaha, I don’t understand.

          • kakashi

            hmm, I think the fundamental problem here is that a human being is NEVER completely devoid of feelings unless he/she is truly dead – so as long as you live, you show the scars of your life, even if you become/are a monster (which would for me be what’s closest to somebody completely devoid of feeling). True about the sleeping, but people with clinical depression also want to sleep all day and they are definitely not devoid of feelings. The way his past was portrayed, CY is tired of life because he has lost everything he ever cared for, so he is deeply hurt/lost/sad and the expression of this is immense tiredness of living. Especially because they showed us how he got there, he is a very sad character and no human being gets truly rid of this kind of sadness in their life. they might try to protect themselves by completely withdrawing inside (like he does) and by loosing interest in living but the immense sadness – it stays.

          • kakashi

            OVER AND OUT, I need to go to bed now!!! haha

          • LoveIt

            @kakashi all depressed people do not act the same. They don’t all cry over everything. or are sad all the time. Lol

            Like you said, he completely withdrew to a place inside where no one could touch him or make him feel. This is what he did, but you know we all want to be writers, directors and actors. Instead of letting these people do their jobs, and tell the story, we want them to do this and that that the script didn’t call for ;). lol

        • Ivoire

          Hello Kakashi,

          I really appreciate your responses, really I do, and I would add that I understand what you have been trying to explain.

          I don’t feel bad for criticizing LMH’s acting, b/c I don’t do it for the fun of it. I see it as constructive criticism. When people act/perform, they exposed themselves to that. Whenever we do a task, we open ourselves up to people criticizing us (or criticizing what we did) and having a different opinion. Like you, I like LMH, a lot and I really wish him the best, in all areas of his life.

          That said, I can criticize or comment on his acting, and I know that I am not doing it out malice, because well… I am not. We are not the only ones, and I know that you know that. I didn’t know how to phrase it, but his acting is wooden at times, I see it and I can feel it. This is a conversation we have had before, and I had said that I would be back to comment some more, but I didn’t, we know how that goes (life happens). That was one of the issues I had with him in CH, in Personal Taste and even at times in BOF. I am not saying that he is not doing his best, because I believe that he is. I have read reports of him being injured (on his leg) and insisting to continue filming, even though he had been hurt. I also know that he had been in a really bad accident 6 years ago or so, and that that leg required him to be in the hospital 2 years in a row (about 6 months the 1st time around and then for a follow up surgery the 2nd time around, the following year, I think).

          All of that to say that I really don’t hate the guy and I applaud his work ethic and how busy he stays (I know about some of that to). He is getting a lot of accolades in Korea (being involved in different things and being asked to represent certain professions etc…) and he is the most popular Korean celebrity internationally (the most recognized one). So he gets a lot of love and a lot of attention.

          When it comes to his acting, I don’t always buy what he is selling, and that might just be me. He has times when he “hits” it and things look good and flow and times when he doesn’t. As you said, when he reacts to something, that usually works. The flower he threw out of his hair, when he protects ES (ep. 6 I think) with his police shield or sticks he throws, when he avoids Hwa, etc… There are many scenes when it feels organic. His scene with the young king was good, but it wasn’t excellent (for me). I was more moved by the child king. His almost smiles are good, really good.

          And then, there are the times when I am just not there with him. It feels like he is acting from the head, and not organic, not natural. I am probably going to get in trouble for this, but that is the best way I can say it. I don’t question the king or the queen or Lady Choi when I see them act. I totally believe that they are their characters. They don’t contort their faces or their bodies. A lot of what they do is subtle but very visible and speaks volumes.

          I agree that the description of the king, the queen and LC (lady Choi) are different, but they manage to sell their characters, all the time. Their acting is not loud. The delivery of their lines comes across as natural and not as them reciting them (whereas LMH comes across at times as reciting his lines, and that feels wooden as well). I know who his character is supposed to be, I read the description and I think that LMH manages to portray it a lot of the times, and there are times when he falls flat or his delivery is not all the way there.

          As far as the directing goes, I am not sure how a director gets a certain act from an actor. I actually remember an American actor saying that a director could only get so much out of an actor, the actor would have to perform as well. I agree with Kakashi that playing CY would require a really experienced and seasoned actor. I do believe that LMH will gain from this experience however, as he has from his previous roles. I would also add that all the actors/actresses in this drama are working with the same director, and I am not getting the same results (I feel) from all of them. So how much of it (the quality of the acting) rests with the director?

          Kakashi, I loved your perspective about CY and ES relationship (by that I mean interactions) and budding love and the way they feel about each other (how protective they are of each other). I do agree that they are fascinated and curious about each other and I think that they have to learn to shed the misconceptions they have about each other.

          When ES saw CY, she only saw the warrior who kidnapped her and killed people. She didn’t see that he is a man of honor and of his word, to the point that he wanted to die because she couldn’t go back, and he had lacked honor. She didn’t know that he had lost everyone he loved (his family, his girlfriend, his beloved mentor, and later the king he loved and served and protected and was close to). What he has left are the wooldachi (sp?), thank goodness and they do love him. He has been worn out by his life experiences and didn’t like the current king at first (and we know that changed). He is surrounded by people (those I have mentioned and his aunt and the Suribang, to an extent), but I think that he must feel very lonely inside.

          For someone who supposedly doesn’t care (about living etc…), he is very sensitive to what ES thinks of him or at least says to him and how she reacts to him. CY is a warrior, he is supposed to kill people in order to protect the people he serves. It is not the most attractive quality in someone, but like they say about McDonalds, somebody’s got to do it (flip those burgers). Killing people comes with his job description. CY on the other hand, has not taken the time to think about how ES is affected by being in Goryo (sp?) against her will and he also doesn’t always communicate well, I think. They are both finding their way to each other, and I am enjoying watching it.

          Like Kakashi, I am enjoying this drama, and I will stop from now on criticizing LMH’s acting. I know what I see and I know when I totally buy what an actor/actress is doing with his character and when it is not working. I know that I wouldn’t be able to do what they do, besides, I wasn’t trained for that. I am not attacking their character or them as a person, I am merely having a discussion about how they are performing in a particular role. I know I have rambled a lot (and repeated myself in the process), so I will understand if you chose not to read it. I will now focus on enjoying the drama (which I have been doing), and I will probably not respond to subsequent posts after mine.

  3. QIII

    Thank you
    Amazing episode <3

  4. Maru

    For me this episode was a little bit slow but nonetheless good!

    Off to read the recap!

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    Thank you for recap. 🙂

  6. LoveIt

    I enjoyed this episode, and the end had my heart racing.

    • 6.1 LoveIt

      I also love Lady Choi, she is one of my favorite characters. I love how she plays her part, and she and Choi Young really make me believe they are related. The way they play their scenes, I see similarities in them.

      I wish they would cut down on the flashbacks. This episode had too many. I also wish they could improve the fight scenes. It is not LMH’s fault either because he has a body double, so there is no other explanation than bad direction. If the director and his team was better, this show would be so much better.

      Nevertheless, I love this show, and can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. I love that it plays like peeling an onion, so many layers, and you don’t know where they are going to go next. I also love that the whole cast is so strong that it doesn’t matter if the show is mostly ES and CY, CY and GM, GM and the princess, CY and Lady Choi, ES and GC or any combination of the cast, I am entertained. This show is not a one man or woman ensemble, I love it!

      • 6.1.1 Maymay

        LMH can do action and do it beautifully. See City Hunter. I blame the director for not utilizing his full potential and for bad directing and editing.

        • Kdramas

          Yes, City Hunter is my favorite Korean Drama, maybe because it took my kdrama virginity lol. What a way to go huh? LMH was a sex gawd in that series without trying to be sexy and his fight scenes were pure awesomeness.

      • 6.1.2 kakashi

        Yes, far too many flashback. I also think they lacked novel material and had to fill the episode with it.

      • 6.1.3 Carole McDonnell

        But those flashbacks brought back memories of the old ‘do and the police shield. I was really quite touched.

        • kakashi

          R.I.P. police shield 🙁
          we miss you

          • Carole McDonnell

            ::sob, sob:: Will these tears never stop flowing?

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    I really liked this episode. FINALLY!!! It was worth it to endure the 8 previous episodes. Fingers crossed for it to continue like that.

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    • 10.1 TA

      my favorite:

      The hair is pulled back sharply, putting an end to the mane of glory’s Iljimae tenure and beginning its Warrior Baek Dong-soo phase. Just as long as we steer clear of the Rooftop Troll end of the spectrum, we’re cool.


      I was about to say bring back the old ‘do!! But if you put it that way..yep I’m cool.

      • 10.1.1 Webfoot

        Me too. That was my LOL moment.

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    I don’t know why I love this drama so much. When I read the recaps, I feel like we’re moving at a snails pace, but as I watch the episodes I’m enthralled. I’m not sure if it’s acting, writting or a combination of both. But the episodes draw me in and keep me wanting more.

    Eun Soo is still my favorite character. I just think that she’s written and acted so well as this fish out of water who is just trying to do her best. And besides having to deal with that she’s also become the pawn in the power struggle between the king and Ki Chul. I don’t blame her for her breakdown or for feeling betrayed by Choi Young. She’s had no real choices since he brought her to the past and for a modern doctor that probably feels even more unacceptable.

    Can’t wait for tomorrows episode. Hope so see our Hero trying to get back into the lovey doctor’s good graces.

    And of course must end with the obvious fact that Lee Min Ho looked amazing this episode. LOVE!!

    • 11.1 mrsleeleeminho


      Don’t know what it is about this show, but I AM SO DARN HOOKED!!!

      Can’t wait until they kiss. The tension is killing me!

      I am pretty loyal and I’ll keep watching until the end, 24 episodes, whoa!!!!

      I just hope they get each other in the end 😀

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    I just saw the episode and read your recaps. The thing about this drama that I love is the little bit of humor that is played in there like her trying to sit on the desk all business like!!! Obviously Lee Min Ho’s glorious mane is beautiful sight to see too. Thanks for the recaps 😀

    • 12.1 diorama

      Yeah, I kind of love Gi Cheol when he’s with Eun Soo. Their exchanges are just so full of lol – him with his faces, and Eun Soo trying to act like a thug.

      In contrast, the director is really trying to beat us over the head with The Romance. How many times has Eun Soo fallen into Choi Young’s arms in slow motion? And how many Flashbacks of Feelings are we going to get?

  13. 13 otchosais

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  15. 15 xianzhongfan

    “Since when has it been?” he wonders to himself. “I can’t remember her face.” Aw, so you are aware of new feelings for Eun-soo.
    Was it because he has let go of his past, or was it because he was aware of new feelings for ES? I think he feels for ES, but is not aware yet?
    Anyway, thanks for the recap JB!

    • 15.1 Krish

      I think this pertains to his ex-warrior girlfriend who disappeared.

      • 15.1.1 daniela

        yes, he is asking himself when it started to forget ”that child’s face” (his dead girlfriend).

        • legomom

          I think Hwasuin is the ex girlfriend, isn’t it? Somebody might have mentioned this here but I haven’t read all the comments yet.

          • daniela

            he’s ex-girlfriend committed suicide 7 years ago.

      • 15.1.2 petitepirates

        The Chinese subtitle says “kid”, so now I am confused whether he’s talking about the kid king or his dead girlfriend :S

        I am sure he isn’t aware of his true feelings for Eun Soo, because I believe he’s the typical slow-in-denial kind of character. Hehehe

        • daniela

          He never talked about the child-king as kid, but his majesty (mama).

    • 15.2 mrsleeleeminho

      Yep, I think meant that he is starting to forget how his ex-girlfriend’s face looks like.

      Meaning, he’s done grieving for his ex-girlfriend who committed suicide and ready to move on.

      Did you see ES grab CY’s sleeve? It was so tender. No wonder he’s forgetting about his ex! So much sexual tension!!! Lol!!!

      His feelings for ES is getting stronger with every encounter. Yay!

  16. 16 Onichick

    “Go woo, Choi Young! Woo like the wind!” Made me almost did a spit take….Im glad I wasnt drinking anything otherwise it would have ended up all over my computer.

    I know a lot of people arent liking this drama but I love it. The dynamic of Choi Young and Eun Soo is awesome. And OMG Gongmin is rocking my socks off.

    I also like how human the chars. are. Even Ki Chul with his gumby face doesnt seem all bad.

    Personally I am excited to all hell to see how this plays out.

  17. 17 dulcedeleche

    AHHHH. This episode was a win. I actually expected Choi Young to be in denial for a really really long time.

    And as political maneuvering goes, that was pretty darn smart.

    I like the the drama is keeping me on my toes….Her being Hwata is totally unexpected. I think the diary has dates for when the portal would reopen….

    • 17.1 xtooline

      Whoa! That’s a great idea – I hope you’re right. Dates for the portal to open.

  18. 18 Abbie

    This is so cool! I waited all weekend for more Faith, and I was not disappointed! I love how they went about getting Eun-soo back. That was hilarious, but I feel really bad for her. She is being jerked around like a puppet, and I hope she can stand on her own again soon. I can’t wait to see how Young goes about getting on her good side again. That should be hilarious. Also, for some reason I find myself drawn to Ki Chul’s character. I know he’s the bad guy and all, but still. There’s just something about him that I like. It’s probably because the actor who plays him is so good. I don’t know. I want more of him in every episode.

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

  19. 19 HK

    The ending for this episode was freaky! What does it mean that her diary was Hwata’s belonging?! My brain does not compute the whole time travelling sequence like that (unless its like HP and the time turner). Thanks for the recap!

    • 19.1 cv

      Isn’t Hwata a man? She see’s her name in the diary. I want to say it belong to her father who was a doctor too. Hmm… we never really did get the story about her family background. Wonder if the time traveling is in the gene? like father, like daughter?

      • 19.1.1 petitepirates

        Didn’t she say her mum and dad are from the countryside and are farmers? I remembered that is what translated for the version I watched.

        • Kiara

          She did and thats why I’m ruling out dad unless the translation is incorrect.

      • 19.1.2 Abbie

        Maybe it’s one of her teachers or students? That’s my bet.

        • mav

          Nah the diary is in the first episode so its really hers, all those numbers are phones and her sort of accounts for how much she needs for her new practice or something.

          Didn’t anyone notice how the camra lingered when she dropped her bag while being dragged out of the court… maybe its got something to do with that.. she is now missing her bag…

          • xtooline

            I noticed that, too. And it was spectacularly un-addressed in the rest of the episode. They’re going to do something with that, plotwise…

      • 19.1.3 Joun

        Hypothesis :
        I’m sure that Hwata is the other doctor : Jang Bin ! In the drama’s synopsis, it said that Eun Soo will discover the real meaning of a true medicine by treating patients in this era. She will learn, so why not showing some modern medecine to Jang Bin, the best doctor of this time ( whose is just like Hwata about medecine and patients like !).

  20. 20 Village Mrembo

    LMH why do i adore u so?!! That little smirk exchange btwn him and the king when he was re instated was so heartwarming! Plus I seriously dont know which bromance am shipping, CY and Gongmin or CY and the cute little minion of his ; ) and that twist, mmhh…so it wasnt coincidence that CY picked her from ‘heaven’? But then again i always thought Hwata was a guy? Tranny? Oh Lord what am i thinking?!!!

  21. 21 Lemon

    Wheee!!! 😀

    • 21.1 Lemon

      Holy shitballs the ending!

      Reminds me of Harry Potter (the 3rd one, I think), where the time-travelling sequences were a total mindfuck. I was quite young at the time and it took me quite long to understand it, hahaha.

      I’ll miss Choi Young’s previous hairstyle – it made him look scruffier, less styled, and hotter. Hee.

      Thanks Javabeans for the awesome recap!

  22. 22 Hagar

    she is hwata???

    • 22.1 Kiara

      I’m pretty sure Hwata was a male doctor. Ki Chul is wrong, maybe this is not her first time in Goryeo?.

      • 22.1.1 LoveIt

        Ki Chul isn’t wrong, because he doesn’t even know that her name is in the diary. Also the way she reacted to the diary, it seemed like she recognized it instantly. He thinks she is one of Hwata’s people, and I am not too sure he is wrong about that. She just doesn’t know who Hwata is, for all we know he could have been her teacher in med school, which would explain why she recognized the diary immediately. Right now, I have no clue, which means the drama is doing its job.

        • Kiara

          He is wrong in thinking that the diary belongs to Hwata. Thats what I’m saying. I’m not sure what you are talking about.

          • LoveIt

            If it was amongst Hwata’s things then it probably belonged to him. We still don’t know if the diary is hers, or someone she knows/knew, or why her name is in it. One thing is for sure, the book is old as hell.

        • jcay

          I thought that was the same diary she used on the first episode to scribble her schedules. I think I saw a look of recognition on her face when she saw the Diary. Now I’m not too sure.

          • Kiara

            I think so too, good eye jcay.

        • SaucyScribe

          I agree, LoveIt. My theory is that Hwata is that mentor surgeon she mentioned in an earlier episode–the one that was the fastest surgeon she knew, while she was only slightly slower. I imagine she recognizes his handwriting, if they were that close as student/pupil, and maybe he recognized in her a quality that would qualify her as the next “Hwata disciple.”

      • 22.1.2 Hagar

        that’s what I was thinking “like how in the world would SHE be hwata?”
        but then again there is the thing about this being a Man’s world that would make the people in that time believe it was a man, like in their mind THERE IS NO WAY THAT THIS GREAT DOCTOR IN HISTORY COULD BE A WOMAN

        • maechan

          Exactly! If she is Hwata, and he/she was from a thousand years ago… Or hundress, people could just change the fact of hwata being female, to being male

          • maechan

            Hundreds… Typo fail xD

          • Hagar

            and it would keep the moto of this show as in how the women are unexpectedly superior (opposite to how kdrama normally portray women)

          • Kiara

            SO many possibilities but I wonder if Cao Cao who was a brilliant war-lord would let a woman doctor operate on him. Were there female doctors in that era?.

        • Kiara

          Lol right. I thought Hwata was Chinese?. Why was he using tools from Korea?. Korea wasn’t called Korea yet. So me thinks Ki-chul’s Hawata is Eun-so and not the original.

          • Hagar

            Isn’t China Yuan ? maybe hwata was korean but the Chinese people played with the history to keep their superiority (now that would be an amazing twist in the Goryeo X Yuan line)

          • Kiara

            Hwata was from the later Han Dynasty. That was way before the Yuan Dynasty.

          • Hagar

            oh. I really don’t know anything about the Asian history (Egyptian right here)

          • Kiara

            I know very little 🙁 and I’m not Asian either.

          • topper


          • Kiara

            Hagar you might try watching “Romance of the 3 Kingdoms” if you have the time. I’m watching it on You Tube (2010with English translation). Its an amazing mainland production (tv series) and very popular in China and over-seas. Although its based on a novel its historically accurate so you get your entertainment and the later Han Dynasty history (most of it) at the same time. Its very long but I love it. Its my lazy Sunday treat :).
            I read quite a bit of Korean and Chinese history but I still say I know very little because I still have A LOT to learn and there is a lot that has not yet been translated into English.

  23. 23 Fabmari

    Thank you for the recap! I start watching after reading your recaps.

    Love for their little wins. Yay. But I think KiChul is giving them a break because he is so amused and feel playful about their next move. I worry what will happen when he gets really angry and does not follow any formality anymore.

    The best thing in this episode is EunSoo ditching that horrendous flowery white gown for her form-fitting travelling clothes.

  24. 24 shadow

    thanks for the reccap and i agree with you about ES even if i feel bad for CY and i know that his pain is not that sample, but i cant blame ES even if she really hate him about everything happen to her , i meen he have a hand in everything bad had happen to her and not just bring her to his world and the worse of the worse even from death and dangerous for her is that everyone use her like a doll or some prize that hard her pride (who whould be hurt like her? )and now even CY do the same .she can’t take it anymore everyone decide her fate and everyone play with her life . she trust him and his proimse even she didnt show that she even say that to him when he was dying that she bear everything cause his promise and now what ? he the same as everyone (that what she see him that moment ‘i think ). but she a smart and kind heart person she will understand but now she face the worst she really now have to deal with Ki Chul for the dairy and for what he really have and knew about hwata and that don’t sound good to me , i just hope she dont make mistake just to have that even ehat i cant blame her then to ( she has to think of her self and to back home when everyone there also think for own self and just play with her life).

    • 24.1 shadow

      p.s. i really loved when Ki Chul said about king have courge and secret plan and do all what he do just because CY escape for one night you right CY is more danger from the king , oh man you really know your enemy well and have a good eye for person,you smart and don’t lose to anger you are the worse kind of the bad guys oh my god its a really going to be hard it but it will the best moment when you will lose to our two hero

  25. 25 DMKO

    “Woo like the wind”? Too funny! Thank you for the great recap. I would rather read your recap sometimes, then see the drama itself. By the way, like the boys new “do”.

  26. 26 whatis

    Lovin’ the story. Loving the power play.
    Only gripe is… wished people were more swift in the action. Maybe it’s the amount of armor lee min ho is wearing in the drama? ‘Cause it left me wanting Lee Min Ho to perform like those HK / China wu xia dramas’ actions scenes.

    • 26.1 LoveIt

      It’s not just him though. All the fight scenes are missing something. Plus LMH has a body/stunt double for this movie.

      • 26.1.1 Nanaki

        I think the biggest flaw in this drama is boring directing. I watch it and enjoy it but I still think “that could have been cooler.” Generally, yeah. After a fight scene.

        • LoveIt

          @Nanaki, I agree

    • 26.2 avocado

      yeah agree with you..I luuvv this drama..some scene just make me woaahh..that’s cool..but other scenes just feel lack of something..still good but should be better…
      And I think the musical background is not good enough as other saeguk or k-drama….they often put not suitable music background with the scene such as when CY stalker behind trees in KC house..there should be longer scene and full with ost music…
      @Whatis…i also wuxia fans…i think they should enhance the action scene…i’ve already get the chinese vibe when suribang people out and sit on the roof….very wuxia..hehehe..they should polish it more

      • 26.2.1 whatis

        yea right?? those suribang people are very wu xia… makes me think of “koi bong” … in cantonese lol
        different clans of martial arts. SO cool… I think I’m going to go dig up a VCD (hey! at least not VHS!) of Condor Heroes to watch!

  27. 27 Hanna

    “but… you’re not gonna Jin out on us and have her as a multiple time-traveler who crosses paths with her own self, are you?”

    You have me rolled on the floor with that word!

    • 27.1 daniela

      That’s the new verb, right? ”TO JIN OUT” – actually, now I think Dr.Jin came at the right time and it does have its ”qualities”.

    • 27.2 megels7719

      I didn’t watch Dr. Jin, but basically know the premise and all the hilarious quirks about it and the “jin out on us” comment had me laughing too!

      Hopefully we don’t have a “time traverler’s wife” storyline…that just gets so confusing!

      • 27.2.1 mrsleeleeminho

        I know right?

        What if CY does die and ES travels to and fro in time to spy on CY just because she loves him so much she’s looking for any remnants of him?

        Awww…I hope this drama does not BREAK MY HEART! IT’S SO HEAVY RIGHT NOW 🙁

  28. 28 Sudi

    Thanks for recap <3<3<3

  29. 29 SH

    Thank you, JB! My brain was turning while watching this episode. I just love how the writer is being so resourceful with her script. Too many excellent, small and clever scenes to pick – but my favorite one was that interrogation scene. Someone raised a good point in the last recap about how they would resolve the 7-day challenge; so watching that interrogation, I thought how clever that was to tie loose end on that bet and take Eun-soo back.

    My small gripe is too many flashbacks from CY. But LMH looks so good in every frame. The man is flawless 😛

  30. 30 Kdrama fan

    I think the diary belong to either her father or someone she knows. Remember the animation in the beginning shows Hwata as a male not female. And just because it’s been a thousand years in the past doesn’t mean the same in the present. I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

  31. 31 Maymay

    “Are you saying that I conspired to betray myself?”

    I love Gongmin. 🙂
    Now he is a King I’d root for.

  32. 32 Maymay

    “That’s why people call you a dumb warrior.” Ha. I do love her.

    Hahaha…I love Lady Choi. Actually, I love all female characters of this show. They are all so cool and badass in their own ways.

  33. 33 BLee

    Oh Ryu Deok Hwan you are ROCKING that eye shadow today

  34. 34 ranisa

    Just loving this series. I still have issues with Lee Min Ho’s kinda lame warrior line delivery, but the story, Eun Soo, the king, princess, and even the evil Ki Chul are just too great that I can look past it.

    Man, I really love the way the story and these recaps are going. thanks a lot Javabeans for another helluva recap.

    • 34.1 Fabmari

      I have never watched any of his previous dramas so I always thought he has baritone deep voice to go with that face, but apparently he has this rather light voice.
      I totally agree more weight will add to his warrior delivery.

      Although Ryu Deok Hwan is so small compare to LMH, his voice is deeper. When he shouted he hadn’t finished, everyone must take him seriously.

  35. 35 Maymay

    It’s funny watching CY ignores HSI every attempts to seduce him.

    • 35.1 Kdramas

      He treats her like an annoying fly. It’s hilarious to watch.

      Another funny bit was when that other warrior that seemed to have a crush on him was feeding him by placing food in his bowl and he gets up and moves to the other table. Then he gives this awkward wave. That whole exchange was hilarious to watch.

      • 35.1.1 Maymay

        LOL. Yeah, that part cracks me up. 🙂

      • 35.1.2 mrsleeleeminho

        Who said my Lee Min Ho couldn’t act?’

        Maybe he should do comedy 😀

  36. 36 Florentine Lily

    Thank you for the recap.

    Is it crazy that I wanna hug this drama right now? I love this episode, especially the political intrigue and the convoluted way they won her back. I could not stop laughing after I figured out what the Gongmin and Choi Young were doing.

    I felt sorry for Eun-Soo because she’s stuck in this mess and is being used by both sides. But she’s strong and smart. That’s why this works: at the end, I have no doubt she’ll be left standing. She has definitely lasted longer than I would have.

    I can’t wait to find out more about Hwata. It’s so refreshing that the writer(s) did not forget about him/her. I bet at the end, if you watch the whole show over again, you’ll start to see little clues everywhere. I hope cause that’ll be awesome.

  37. 37 saranga

    ack, i liked his wavy hair much better. he’s still hot, but not as much as when he had the original mane of glory. CURLS SUIT HIM SO WELL IT’S RIDICULOUS.

    • 37.1 mrsleeleeminho

      So true…I am totally crushing on him no matter what tho 😀

  38. 38 Emily

    Am I the only one that thinks that Lee Minho and his new hairdo is reminiscent of Bidam (played by Kim Nam Gil) in Queen Seonduk?! :]

    • 38.1 Laya

      First thing I thought of when I saw the first screenie. It’s like Bidam once he entered his Hwarang days.

    • 38.2 Kiara

      Yes but Kim Nam Gil rocked it. I like Min-ho’s original do better but thats just me.

    • 38.3 avocado

      yup…here is Choi Young Hwarang..hehehe…and the samurai version is just like Baek Dong Soo’s hair..
      I luv the old hair syle…very Choi Young….hehehe..I think he will get many others new style..because it’s just 8 episode and he have two hair style..imagine with 24 length episodes..wkwkwkw

  39. 39 Kdramas

    This episode was a perfect blend of comedy and drama. I hope they stick to this ratio.

    I am almost positive that this series would be even better a 2nd time around. Because there are clues you don’t realize are there until future episodes, like the scarf on Young’s sword.

    I can’t wait for the next episode!

    • 39.1 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

      …….which is why “Faith” so much reminds
      me of the three “Back to the Future” movies.
      You can re-watch any of the those movies
      and STILL find another clue that you never
      noticed before.


  40. 40 Maymay

    Arresting ES was a very smart move. I did not see that coming at all.

  41. 41 nabithoj

    You know what I love that the show kept constant? It’s how even though Eun Soo has been dragged into the past, she still carries around her purse as if she still in modern times. Lol…I find that amusing even if its only a small and unimportant detail.

    Lol…and Heaven language?? Lol…tooooooo funny.

    • 41.1 Maymay

      I wonder how long that purse will survive in ancient times. 🙂

    • 41.2 maechan

      She lost her purse while being dragged to “pay for her crimes”… Will someone give it back?

      • 41.2.1 dustdevil

        The purse has magic boomerang-like abilities. It will find its way back to Eun-Soo, no matter what.

        • jomo

          I love the fact that even earlier on Young realized how attached she was to it. Nothing woos a woman like a man’s attention to her purse!

          As I watched her drag it around in this ep, I realized that IS the picture we carry in our heads for doctors.
          In old movies, when the Doc get called out of bed in the middle of the night to help the woman giving birth, the gangster who can’t go to the hospital, the orphan child they just pulled out the well, he always says, “Let me get my bag.”

          • Ladytron33

            That’s a great observation, jomo. Thinking about it, the style of ES’s purse and those old-timey doctor bags is quite similar. I love little details like that!

      • 41.2.2 Betty

        It’s likely that CY is the one who will give it back to her when he will visit her to try to make peace lol + he spotted the purse when it fell so yeah there is a great chance that he will be the one giving it back…

        • kakashi

          right? that’s what I thought. It definitely has a role to play in one of the upcoming episodes. Now that we have lost the police shield, we have a new modern world object to be worried about

          • grace, the one from Jersey, USA

            I hope that the valuable “Hello Kitty” mirror,
            used when Eun-soo and the princess were
            traveling in that wagon masquerading as a
            carriage with springs, (in Episode #1) didn’t
            get broken in all the commotion of the bag
            being thrown around. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  42. 42 maechan

    That hwata thing is the mystery I want to unveil from this drama!! I first tought of maybe 3 time travelers, since Ki Chul spoke of 3 sets of medical tools (or so I remeber) but now… She was in the past, and in the present-past and also… Where? Just how, and why? Is it that when young takes her to the “future” something goes wrong? I really want to know hehehe

  43. 43 nabithoj

    You know what I love that the show kept constant? It’s how even though Eun Soo has been dragged into the past, she still carries around her purse as if she still in modern times. Lol…I find that amusing even if its only a small and unimportant detail.

    Lol…and Heaven language?? Lol…tooooooo funny

  44. 44 dany

    Hello there new hairstyle! Warrior Baek Dong so all the way.
    I really liked this episode, I like Young’s aunt, she ‘s like a gangster. Thanks for the recap.

  45. 45 nabithoj

    I’m surprised she hasn’t lost the purse. Or had her watch taken to be examined…

  46. 46 Maymay

    By the way, anyone notice Jang Bin missing mustache?

    • 46.1 Noelle

      I thought he looked weird! He does not look good without facial hair.

      • 46.1.1 Maymay

        LOL. Yes, he looks so different.

  47. 47 Dramacrazy

    Damn dont tell me she’s the next hwata??!!!…this just gets better and better!!! Im loving it haha cant wait for the next ep tomorrow :))

  48. 48 MariePhils

    The episodes are getting better

  49. 49 Kim Yoonmi

    I got the ending–she gave the journal to a friend. The guy in the flashback in episode 1, and now she realizes why he never showed up for their date. He was out time traveling!

    *.* That is *tight* story plotting right there.

    • 49.1 Laura

      really? O.O

    • 49.2 callie

      Which one do you mean? i’ve re-watched the episode. wasn’t there only 2 guys? Her senior in school who dumped her for a rich girl, and the ugly but rich guy.

      Was there a third guy who never showed up for their date?

      • 49.2.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Wasn’t there that doctor guy that didn’t show up for the date? She stood in an elevator with him. He might have lied too, about going with that rich girl. In any case, I don’t think the Hwata is her. It’s probably an associate. Going to watch the episode to find out though.

        It’s speculation on my part. But I did think it was odd how she said she didn’t see him again.

    • 49.3 momosa

      Woah.. busy time travelling? It’s getting interesting now.

  50. 50 Mia

    Omg love this episode 🙂
    My favourite part is actutally with Lady Choi. She was so gangsta towards Young. Ha LOL when she grabbed and pushed him roughly to talk to him, I was sure she’s definitely a fighter. Maybe once a warrior or something?

    Also, in regards to Eun Soo, it’s either she is Hwata, or her father or her teacher was Hwata. However, the way she reacted, it was so intense, as if of all the things happening to her right now, this (whatever the diary indicates) is something she can’t accept, or believe.

    I can’t wait for the nxt ep! Thanks you for the recaps!

    • 50.1 Joun

      I bet on Jang Bin being Hwata ( after learning some modern medical skills from Eun soo).

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