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Ha Jung-woo and Gong Hyo-jin’s road movie
by | September 16, 2012 | 41 Comments

I didn’t initially think much of it when Ha Jung-woo (The Client) announced he was making a road documentary with some friends. Because that sounds like 1 Night 2 Days without the fun. But he nabbed his Love Fiction co-star Gong Hyo-jin and took off on a zany cross-country trip, resulting in the latest low-budget indie hit, 577 Project. It’s getting good reviews and gaining some momentum, so I figured I should see what the heck it’s even about. Plus, I love the posters.

The whole thing began at the 2011 Baeksang Awards, where Ha Jung-woo went up to present an award with Ha Ji-won (because they were the previous year’s winners). She asked him what he’d do if he won the acting award again (for Yellow Sea), and asked him to make a public promise in case he wins. He joked that he’d walk cross-country with his statue if he did. And then… he opened the envelope and found his own name inside. Ha. I just think it’s funny they had him present his own award.

In any case, a year later he decided to keep his word and film the whole journey. His tagline on the posters is: “Ah… I should watch what I say.” He either tricks Gong Hyo-jin into going with him or at least convinces her it’ll be fun, because she gets roped into it against her better judgment. Her tagline: “Where is this? Who am I?” There’s a clip in the teaser of Ha Ji-won being told that he really kept his word and it’s all her fault for starting it, and she cracks up.

They travel the length of South Korea, from Seoul to Haenam (on the southern tip), walking the whole 577 kilometers. The movie calls itself 200% real variety (which pffft) and the reception has been mostly filled with surprise — at the humor, the anti-star images, and the moments of genuine emotion and heart-tuggery.

This is one I have to get my hands on, because I love Gong Hyo-jin’s brassy personality, and it looks like she’s even less censored here. All the promotional stuff for the movie calls her by her nickname, Gongbly (Gong + lovely), which Ha Jung-woo calls her in the teaser too. I’m looking forward to some image-ruining, which is clearly the concept they’re going for, with her glammed up in the posters and then snoring on film. That plus Ha Jung-woo’s deadpan wit should make for some good times.

577 Project is in theaters now.

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41 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Noelle

    HA! She looks pissed in the last photo.

    • 1.1 queencircles

      lol. She does. This sounds funny.

    • 1.2 hi-there

      i’m watching the movie right now with my parents. LOL her expression in the last photo… that comes out quite often (from not just her, but a lot of the people hahah).

      this is such an interesting ‘docu-film’ though. we see a lot of injuries as well as some ‘behind the scene’ drama stuff. AND there’s these in between little “CF’s” that they also filmed. very cute! XD

      my parents were explaining the film to me (i missed like the first 30 minutes) they were like… “imagine a 2 hour long 1N2D movie!” 😀

  2. kakashi

    oh…. once again, and more and more often, I wish it were easier to get Korean movies in Europe!

  3. Dux

    Walking across Korea sounds impressive, but 577km? It’s like… from Houston to Dallas LOL! The movie seems super cute though.

    • 3.1 avonmarissa

      lol, if you live in Texas 577km means nothing! I can’t wait to see this movie. I’m all for stars being stripped of their glamorous images and being reduced to states of pitifulness, lol.

  4. Anne

    Omg.this looks like a hoot.i hope this somehow becomes available to intl fans

  5. JoAnne

    This is inspired – so fun!

  6. Danna

    Ok, this looks like a hoot! I hope they can release this with subs sometime….Gong Hyo Jin must be so much to fun to work with if she’s game for stuff like this…I’ve been keeping Love Function dled to watch for such a long time…I really need to get to it

    p.s. It would’ve been even more fun if Gong could’ve roped in her bffs Bae Doo Na or Shin Min Ah for some part of the journey

    • 6.1 obivia

      OMG–I agree!! She should’ve totally “invited” her friends. Maybe as a sequel!?

  7. mud

    This looks super fun! I hope it gets enough buzz to become available to international fans.

    Keke, the lollipop in the last pic =)

  8. Simpli

    Haha, if Ha jung woo gets another reward: another trip!

    • 8.1 Simpli


  9. Nutella

    Aww they all look so road-trippy~ Although I hate to be the odd one out and say that Ha Ji Won looks so adorable cracking up~ One of me favourite piccies of the roll ^u^

  10. 10 Kwhat?!

    I love how her purple shoes with the black dress are reminiscent of the iconic sneakers in Greatest Love. Haha! This looks like a fun movie.

  11. 11 Saima

    This looks so much fun. LOVE GHJ’s face @0:42 & HJW cracking up whilst clapping gleefully! heeeeeee

  12. 12 Sajen

    I have to see this I pray to any gods that care about my Korean obsession to make this get english subtitles so I can watch it

  13. 13 ck1Oz

    Hmm… I think I am going to find some people who have watched and ask.Don’t think I can wait for it to hit the international audience.Looks fantastic.

  14. 14 ColleenRae

    I love them both!!! In the poster Gong Hyo Jin looks like she is thinking “What am I doing with this idiot? How did I get here?”. Love the idea, I really want to see it too.

  15. 15 canxi

    I’ve been keeping my eye on this movie for a while. I really loved Love Fiction and these two actors work well together, so I wanted to see how they are “in the wild” hhaha.

    It looks like fun and I love Gong Hyo Jin. She is awesome 😀

  16. 16 Hipployta

    That’s real friendship man LOL…public promises are for the birds

  17. 17 crazedlu

    Omdude. Want to see.

  18. 18 asianromance

    This looks hilarious! I love how they first show him all glammed up at the awards ceremony and in this film, he’s all low-key, looking like an average joe off the street.

  19. 19 Katherine

    Ohhhh so this is what they were referring to in Running Man. I just assumed it was a random movie GHJ was apart of LOL. Looks interesting.

  20. 20 hi-there

    @ GF or anyone else who can watch w/o subs:
    here’s the link that my family used to watch it. 😀 (we just finished watching it now LOL)

  21. 21 juliesean

    hey, i read somewhere that Gong Hyo-Jin broke up with her boyfriend cos she is getting together with Ha Jung Woo. Wonder if it is true? They seem to have the chemistry on screen and in the stills.

    • 21.1 jomo

      I was going to mention that, too.
      Could be why she agreed to this madness. LOL

    • 21.2 canxi

      Lol, no it’s not true. Gong Hyo Jin and ex-boe Ryu Seung Bum have been on and off foreveeeeer. It was bound to happen.

    • 21.3 akikisetsu

      Gong Hyo Jin cleared up that rumor and even said that, If they are dating, she’s gonna retire from the industry. So, I guess they’re really just friends. #clearest way to friend-zone someone

      • 21.3.1 mojobobo

        Hahaha maybe by the time they reveal it [if true], the would be getting married and having kids which would probably mean Gongbly thinks its time to retire anyway hehe.

  22. 22 mmmaggie

    This looks awesome. And ooh, will we see love bloom??

  23. 23 obivia

    Anyone know how long it took them?

    • 23.1 hi-there

      roughly 20 days? i’m not too sure but that’s what my parents said. i think it’s less though. o__o

  24. 24 ripgal


  25. 25 Lemon

    HA OMG I just watched Love Fiction last week! What a pleasant surprise!

    I’ve actually recently discovered Ha Jung Woo, and he really is quite hot. Great actor too, and I love his deep manly voice.

  26. 26 alua

    Looks like a hoot!

  27. 27 vimbai

    ok so want to watch this, hope its subbed soon as I have been so into Gong hyo jin since I watced Biscuit teacher oh please would some kind person out there make it possible for non Koreans to watch it too!

  28. 28 niKai

    Looks awesome. Haha. Both r good actors. Will this one show their true nature?

  29. 29 mjfan

    it really looks hilarious , and I love anything Gong Hyo Jin in it , she is soooooooooo down to earth and although I dont know Ha Jung Woo , he looks so fun to watch just like her ……….

  30. 30 Joy

    This looks really fun! Gong Hyo Jin is only my favourite actress ever so I really want to get on board with this.

    Random tidbit: I always LOVE her hair.

  31. 31 dramaqueen

    Gong Hyo Jin is so cute 🙂

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