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Hanging around on set for Oohlala Spouses
by | September 11, 2012 | 28 Comments

Looks like hijinks galore for body-swapping romantic comedy Oohlala Spouses, which stars Kim Jung-eun (Hanbando, I Am Legend) and Shin Hyun-joon (Gaksital) as married couple who find themselves in each other’s bodies.

No word yet on what the mojo is to effect such a change, but based on these behind-the-scenes snapshots, the fantasy element is definitely in play. Here the heroine is, dangling from wires, as seen in photos uploaded to Shin Hyun-joon’s Twitter account with the note, “Jung-eun-ah, I’m sorry, it seemed like you really really hated this photo, so I’m uploading it. Really sorry!” HA. Why does that apology not sound like much of one?

Then he followed that with the tweet, “Jung-eun-ah, I’ll just upload one more photo that you hate, really sorry!” If that’s the kind of chemistry we’re working with, I think I’m gonna enjoy this show.

The drama began shooting last week, which included an underwater portion (at bottom) for both leads. Aw, it looks like in their first meeting, she rescued him from an accident by pulling him out of the water and delivering CPR. She saves his life, he falls for her, they marry and end of story. No, wait. Then he grows into a paternalistic husband (though charming!) and she becomes an ordinary housewife, until the day they learn to walk a mile in each other’s shoes.

The drama also stars Han Jae-seok (Merchant Kim Man-deok), Han Chae-ah (Gaksital), singer Narsha, and Juni (I Am Legend).

It replaces Haeundae Lovers as a Monday-Tuesday drama and will premiere in October.

Via TV Daily, TV Report


28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. True2U

    I can’t wait. LOL XD

    This ride is going to be a Damn good ride!!!

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      I am looking forward to this show…Just looking forward to it. I love Shin Hyun-joon, and I look forward to seeing him and the other actors/actresses in this project. I am glad SHJ and HCA will be in a comedy this time around. I am sure they can use some comic relief.

  2. Mystisith

    I have high expectations for that show. In fact I already love it. I’m taking such a dangerous path… *leap of faith*.

    • 2.1 True2U

      Definitely a *Leap od Faith*

      I also love it already, I’ve been stalking this on Hancinema since the news break. I just can’t wait to see these actor/actresses in action. I need a good laugh soon, one that can form a 6 pack from just laughing XD, I just hope my expectation isn’t high. But we’re talking about Shin Hyun-joon & Kim Jung-eun here, so I’m not too worried.

  3. Danni T

    I can’t wait to see this one. It’s the only body-swapping drama that I’ve actually lookeds forward to. I find the others creepy. I can’t imagine how they deal with aspects of going to the bathroom and other things(i.e. Secret Garden). Somehow it seems less creepy when the couple is already married.

    • 3.1 True2U

      LOL! I agree. This is the only body-swapping drama I’ve looked forward to, maybe it’s because they are already married that’s why it peaked my interest. I just hope the writer keep it real and don’t try to sugar coat certain situation.^^

  4. Damselfly H

    I’ve been following Twitter feeds from Shin Hyun-joon, Kim Jung-eun, and Han Chae-ah. Armed with Google Translate, I learned that these guys are having fun! I really can’t wait for the drama behind spousal discoveries of secret lives they don’t know about each other, the hilarity of playing along their swapped roles just to keep each other afloat, and the spousal fights when they’re home together at nights!

  5. mary

    They sound like they’re having fun. :))

    And hurrah for the cast. I’m confident they can deliver the romance, the comedy, and the touching moments.

  6. nabithoj

    How in the world did I read “underwater” as “underwear” and continue to read wondering “what does underwear have to do with CPR?”………. double o.O

    • 6.1 kakashi

      classic … super lol!!!

  7. katiamon

    Yeah!!!! can’t wait for this drama to begin 🙂

  8. Amberscube

    This is gonna be fun… But keeping my expectation low.

    Who’s the writer of this one?

  9. queencircles

    Oh this looks cute!

  10. 10 Kwhat?!

    I’m excited, too. It looks like this will be a fun ride!

  11. 11 jyyjc

    hahaha omg his tweets are so funny.

  12. 12 ravens_nest

    Based on the premise it looks like the drama is seriously going to delve into South Korean Gender Politics, especially within a marriage.

    Setting aside my main dislike about it, Secret Garden felt a lot like a study on wealth and class affecting a relationship which is fine but we see that ALL the time in every other rom-com having to do with rich dude/poor woman or rich woman/poor dude. So there was not too new there. They mostly utilized the swap as it pertains to gender to make comic gags about bras and kissing your cousin.

    It seems this drama will go much more in depth about gender expectations in South Korea. It looks like they’ll start off on the same socioeconomic level and so allow the marriage/gender aspects of the swap to take the fore. I’m really looking forward to that.

  13. 13 Saner

    This looks adorable. I have to admit, my interest is piqued – flying? Underwater action? AND body swapping? Sign me up right away!

  14. 14 rearwindow

    OMG I love Hyun-joon’s tweets. They sound like a teasing married couple already! LOL.

  15. 15 Noelle

    Awww. I can’t wait till he becomes the housewife.

  16. 16 Judy

    Soooooooooo going to watch this! Good luck to the team!

  17. 17 Bonnie

    thanks jb

    CPR make a comeback again ! after lapsed for sometime !

  18. 18 Diana

    tq JB,

    Shin Hyun Joon supportive towards the Palestinians ?.

  19. 19 Rui

    It all started because the actress posted the blood picture first LOL she said she had to share it with others, so I think this is is revenge back LOL cute, and smart way to promote their drama!

  20. 20 mojobobo

    LOL!!! Ahhh I cant wait for it to air!! Looks so funny, not to mention there will a mini reunion of Gaksital actors haha

  21. 21 mjfan

    I love Shin Hyun-joon , (how can he be this tall ) , and this looks so much fun , am really anticipating this drama

  22. 22 lovepark

    Is it weird if I find Shin Hyun-joon attractive? Dumb question, who cares! He seems so funny and the cast appears to be having a rollicking time on set.
    My interest and expectations for this drama are in dangerously high levels, but I can’t help it. The premise, the cast, the photos, the stills, they all look so funny and wonderful. Can’t wait for October! Shin Hyun-joon in a comedy, and Park Yong-woo back to dramas. I’m so glad their dramas aren’t airing at the same time because I wouldn’t know which one to root for to get high ratings. Ratings don’t equal good show but it does increase the crew’s morale.

  23. 23 MsB

    Definitely watching this!

  24. 24 win0

    This is something to look forward to. I need a comedy treat this time. I think this will be a riot. I like KEJ when she plays comedy role. As for SHJ, I like all the roles he plays.

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