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IRIS 2 secures cast and crew
by | September 24, 2012 | 92 Comments

It’s full speed ahead for blockbuster spy sequel IRIS 2, which will really be the third installment in the IRIS / Athena franchise. Leads Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-hae have signed on to headline the drama, which means this will be their third time as costars. The production has put two directors on the project from the get-go as well — PD Pyo Min-soo of You’ve Fallen For Me and Coffee House, and PD Kim Tae-hoon of Athena.

Jang Hyuk will play a team leader at spy central NSS, an ex-cop who puts his life on the line to go up against Baek San and IRIS (the Big Bad). And while that’s going on, he also gets sucked into a different case that might change the course of his destiny. Dun dun! I feel like Jang Hyuk’s played this guy a million times before, but obviously it’s because he’s good at it. I just hope there’s more for him to mine as far as character work, ’cause he doesn’t have to work very hard to look like a badass spy.

Lee Da-hae plays an agent in NSS, a gold-medal sharp-shooter. She’s a little quirky in daily life, but then in the field, she’s all business and can out-shoot anyone. I don’t know that anyone can beat Su Ae’s hardcore black ops assassin as far as franchise heroines go (Remember when she just sliced through throats like they were butter?) but at least this is a change-up for Lee Da-hae, and I like the idea that she’ll have a duality to play on and off the field.

Kim Seung-woo and Kim Min-jong have signed on as well, to reprise their roles as North Korean agents from IRIS and Athena. Kim Seung-woo actually has the longest-running character in the entire franchise, which is saying a lot when characters tend to drop like flies come finale time. He plays Park Chul-young, North Korean spy team leader and all around badass.

Kim Min-jong plays Kim Ki-soo, a funnier and quirkier character who was once a North Korean spy but spent a long time getting comfortable in his cover life in the South. He’s more of an informant who plays to both sides, and has trouble with things like guns and rules. He’s a riot, especially when mixed in with all the straight-laced super serious spies.

Oh Yeon-soo (Bad Guy) will be playing the director of operations at NSS. She’s obviously a tough-as-nails type, and goes toe-to-toe with the president to keep NSS running the way she wants. Oh Yeon-soo is perfect for the job, and I’m a fan of putting her in charge.

Kim Young-chul (IRIS) will be reprising his role as Baek San, obviously, since the entire premise of this season is based on rooting out his evil organization. He was the director of operations in IRIS, turned out to be the bad guy, and now we pick up with that story to find out who really pulls the strings.

Im Soo-hyang (I Do, I Do) will be playing a killer for the baddies. Interesting. She’s still extremely limited as an actress, but she was actually pretty likable in I Do, I Do, and she has the eyes for an evil assassin role, that’s for sure. Kang Jiyoung (of KARA) and Lee Joon (of MBLAQ) will be playing rookie NSS agents and partners.

IRIS 2 begins shooting in October and plans to premiere in February 2013.

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92 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Stardust

    OOOOOOOOOH….. Maybe I will reconsider not liking political spy dramas afterall…. Jaaang Hyuuuuk…. Lee Da Hee…. Kim Seung Woo…. Kim Min Jong… OMG.. MUST you throw all these big names at me!! I have not seen any drama where Jang Hyuk and Lee Da hee are together, and Kim Seung Woo and Lee Da Hee were in Miss Ripley where she kinda ripped his heart out so I think the streak was in her all along XD hahaha

    I am also pleasantly surprised to see Im Soo hyang here, because I saw her in New tales of Gisaeng and I loved that drama LOL But I have to admit her acting chops may have to level up alot more… She does have this cold icy stare so she could be badass yet! I don’t think the emphasis on her character will be Su Ae level so at least the burden is not quite so bad… But in an all star stellar cast, you’d want to do your best!

    Am stoked for this drama now! hahaha Thanks for the news girlfriday!

    • 1.1 Stardust

      Yes i was one of the few? who did not watch Chuno , and didn’t even hear of Robbers..( not so much on the Kdrama train in 2008 )… hahahaha Early morning brain forgot to mention thats why I will find their pairing interesting….

      • 1.1.1 eny

        i didn’t watch chuno and robber either, and i see two ep of iris and i don’t have interest to watch it , but i will try this

      • 1.1.2 Elizabeth

        how can you guys not watched Chuno? Unless you are not into historical dramas, which means you might have missed out on Tree with deep roots too.

        • Alicia

          I started to watch Chuno but couldn’t get past 2 episodes…haven’t really tried Tree with Deep Roots yet so I can’t really say anything…Its not like I don’t like historical dramas because Queen Seon Deok and Ja Myung Go are my fav. dramas of all time…

          • eny

            i watch chuno only 2 or 3 episode and i’m not interesting, i like QUEEN SEUNDEOK and i watch DAE JANG GEUM too, it means i’m not anti about historical, basically i like lee da hae acting, i just don’t like chuno

      • 1.1.3 soFan

        omo, chuno and deep rooted tree are my favorite dramas ever ! hmmm, I don’t understand how does one not like chuno, maybe you should’ve watched at least until episode 4 or 5. Anyway, IRIS isn’t the best drama in my opinion but i’m waiting for IRIS 2, i’ve seen this couple in chuno and robbers, their chemistry is undeniable. And Jang Hyuk’s dramas are often big hits.

  2. rbee

    I’m kind of looking forward to this. I love all the lead actors. I watched Iris (1), all but the last episode. I’d heard what was going to happen and wrote my own ending. Ha! I only watched the first couple episodes of Athena. I’m wondering, though, if it’s necessary for me to go back and watch what I’ve missed. Don’t really want to do that. A hitting-the-plot-highlights post on DB before Iris 2 airs would be fantastic. Maybe I should ask Santa for that at Christmastime.

    Thanks for the update, Girlfriday!

    • 2.1 Laica

      If you ask Santa you’re like to get a three-sentence summary of the series. A cranky, possible drunken one.

      • 2.1.1 Laica

        But it will also be hilarious. 🙂

        • rbee

          I’ll take the cranky, drunk Santa’s two-cents worth anytime. That’d be some mighty fine holiday entertainment which is always welcome during the *cue music* most stre-ess-ful time of the year.

  3. Cam

    Wow wow wow….OW!!! 😀 There are all REAAALLY interesting casts of IRIS 2 drama….Hmm, I will try to watch this, heheh. 😀 (Oh riiiight….I was also surprised that Im Soo Hyung got in this drama and it’d be great if she will give a “cold icy” glare at others) Woot Woot!

  4. Tracy

    Great cast! Not sure about the idols though, but I’m sure they’ll do their best!

    I had no idea Oh Yeon Soo was going to be on though!!! I loved her in Bad Guy, so I definitely have high expectations!

  5. bebeswtz

    Kim Seung Woo…. what are you doing to yourself??? Already filming “City Conquest” and then signs on to film ” “IRIS 2” on top of it…. and BOTH dramas are action ones too!!!!! @.@

    • 5.1 Mystisith

      And he is doing The 3rd Ward currently. Man is busy, that’s for sure.

      • 5.1.1 Slothus

        And Win Win, and 1N2D, right? Iron man.

        • Jpssy

          Indeed! Formally known as Milky Boy. Lol
          (sorry I couldn’t resist :D)

  6. aX

    I’m sorry but I am still quite dissappointed about Lee Dae Hee. I’m honestly more excited about Lim Soo Young but wished she had the lead role instead and wished it was with Park Jiyeon instead of Jiyoung but oh well.

    • 6.1 anastassia

      Who is Lim Soo Young?

      • 6.1.1 aX

        I meant Lim Soo Hyang! =X

  7. OMG

    Anything with Jang Hyuk n m in….
    will wait for new episodes to come out first then judge….

    • 7.1 ashura

      I agree with u… i m in for anything jang hyuk is in (after chuno). And interesting that kim seung woo is in this drama too! Been watching 1n2d so would like to see him in a serious role.

  8. da hae shi

    i am so glad that lead actress is Lee Da Hae but not too
    happy the lead actor is Jang Hyuk. They have appeared
    in 2 series together. There so many good A list actors
    available to choose from.

  9. Slothus

    Can’t wait for this. It’ll be interesting to see how the supporting cast is fleshed out, and to find out if there are any foreign locations chosen for filming. Also, I’d like to see confirmation of Kim So-yeon in at least a cameo role, as has been rumored.

  10. 10 Anne

    Ugh. I CANNOT, for the life of me, bring myself to like this Soo Hyang girl.

  11. 11 Daisy

    Im soo hyang! Yay! Been keeping my eyes on her since new tales of gisaeng

  12. 12 Kiara

    Kim Seung-woo, I love you but I’ll have to pass on this one. I’ve learnt my lesson from enduring Dr Jin because of my love for Lee Beom-Soo.

  13. 13 Ara

    They look so good together! Here’s to hoping he lives in this one…

  14. 14 Liam H

    With no Kim So Yeon I seem to have very little interest in this new series. Even with a cameo it probably won’t amount to much.

    • 14.1 matinsoleil

      So agree with you on this!! I looked for her name in the post and didn’t find it 🙁 Without her and with lee dae hee i’m not so sure here…

      • 14.1.1 msim

        Same here.
        KSY elevated the whole first series.
        Her cameo episode was the best in Athena too.

        Both Iris and Athena didn’t quite deliver. The cinematography was amazing but the whole soufflé never quite rose high enough.
        Maybe third time’s a charm.

    • 14.2 vien

      I will give this a miss since Kim So Yeon is not in. Her acting in IRIS was so amazing.

  15. 15 lenrasoon


  16. 16 bishbash

    The universe is strange. In KDramaland male and female leads hardly work together more than once. And we have here, Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae co-starring thrice!

    Anyway on topic, PD Pyo Min-soo! Absolutely <3 his previous works (Heartstrings, not that much, tho that should be attributed to the writing).

    • 16.1 Elizabeth

      yep, its unbelievable, but apparently after robbers, jang hyuk recommended dahae for chuno. and after chuno, I guessed they just like working with each other.

  17. 17 Sajen

    I think I said this already but if Jank Hyuk’s in I’m in sure he’s done this role before but there’s no one in Korea maybe the world who’s as good or better. Lee Da Hae I absolutely loved her to death in My Girl, but since then I’ve been indifferent to most of her work, I hated Mrs Ripley, and well in Chuno I was mostly perplexed with how a character you could replace with Mr cardboard but-out himself Keanu Reeves was causing every male that saw her to fall in love. You know what would be awesome is if they dumped Im Soo Hyang, nothing personal, I haven’t gotten around to watching her shows New Tales of Gisang or I do,I do yet so I have no opinion, and hired Han Groo for the role instead

    • 17.1 Abbie

      I agree, I think Han Groo would be perfect in this; she seriously kicked ass in Girl K!

  18. 18 Denali

    Seems like an Athena mess #2 all with the budget, impressive cast, high expectations and …PDs.

  19. 19 Catherine

    I just want MOAR Kim Min Jong

  20. 20 crazedlu

    seriously wanted that kim seungwoo-kim soyeon story. still might check this out though.

  21. 21 Muuta

    I doubt my dad will bother with watching, but then he watched IRIS and Chuno before. So… maybe I will just tell him about it. Which station will air this?

  22. 22 Abbie

    This is great. If they are starting production in October to begin airing in February, then I am really expecting something cool if they have five months to get ready for the premiere. I really don’t want to be disappointed.

  23. 23 jakebot

    Hopefully this spy crew won’t be as ridiculously inept as the Nss in IRIS and Athena. Please no more sharing of Super-secret intel on your cellphones when you are in public

  24. 24 zsa

    I love Oh Yeon Soo…she’s a killer badass…i’d like to see her in action, and KMJ…I love youuuu…not watching so much for the leads….but I hope I won’t have to fast forward too much…^^

  25. 25 sally_b

    OOooooo ~ I may like this. I’m ready for a spy thriller after all the time travel, fushion-y stuff. and Jang Hyuk makes my eyes happy just standing there.

    I have a question for Lee Da-hae fans – and I’m honestly not being snarky…I’m genuinely curious: What is her appeal?

    I’ve seen her in Chuno & Ms. Ripley and (maybe) it’s just those two roles, but as an actress (to me) she came across as flat-line in the arena of emotional depth. By this, I mean the *words* were coming out of her mouth, and the body was making the according gestures — but the eyes and the face were ________________.

    If you will, please suggest something you feel she was well-invested in – in terms of acting – because I want to watch it and try to ‘like’ her before I watch an entire series being pre-disposed to feeling the female lead is lacking. Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • 25.1 eny

      i will say i watch her drama my girl, green rose, helloy miss, miss ripley and i would say i can feel the emotion. I’m a person who didn’t watch drama if i can’t feel the emotion even the story should be good.
      I’m not her fanatic fans but i can accept her as actress.I see a lot of korean drama and realize most drama i watch she’s in it. Another actress i just watch one or two. I watch chuno on early ep and didn’t continue it because i can’t feel the emotion, i think it’s because of jang hyuk and may be the script

      • 25.1.1 eny

        sometimes we are bias about bad acting or doesn’t like the charracter in the drama or you

    • 25.2 viola

      @ Sally b, she lost her limelight after East of Eden but retain back among top spot after Miss Ripley. As far as I know, being follower of many korean drama actresses, I think she is of the young actresses who never got criticism in term of acting except in CHUNO.

      First notice her when I watch Arirang Heaven Fate, since then I always follows her career. I think the article below can answer your questions. if you’re really interested to know.


      • 25.2.1 sally_b

        @eny & @viola – Thank you – I will check it out 🙂 (hug)

    • 25.3 Elizabeth

      I know what you mean, she seems to have the same way of crying sometimes. but if you know her real character, the chuno role was very different and i think she did fine. the chuno scriptwriter even apologised to her about not writing the role so well.

      As for Ms Ripley I think she managed to carry the show, afterall she holds the title role. I think she manage to deliver a bad character that audience cannot hate.

      certainly most people like her from My Girl and she is really a natural in that role, maybe it is close to her real personality. who knows? lets see how this Iris 2 turns out.

  26. 26 girlatsea

    Does that mean Kim Young-chul’s character in Nice Guy dies? ㅋㅋㅋ Sorry, that drama is all I can think about…Or is he going to juggle both as his Nice Guy role isn’t that big anyway? Either way, I’m guessing he’ll pretty busy.

    Not too excited for this sequel…But gah, Jang Hyuk.

    • 26.1 girlatsea

      Oh nevermind, I keep forgetting that it doesn’t premiere until next year (so crazy). There’s plenty of time.

  27. 27 Rachel K

    Um……there’s Yoon Doojun from B2st too??

    • 27.1 BeautyNow

      I’m hoping so…have recently became a Beauty(been wanting to say that to someone…..HEEE)

  28. 28 Yue

    I think I’m looking forward to it even more now 🙂

  29. 29 biankoy

    My love for Lee Dahee have long expired after that thing with East of Eden, not that I have any sort of longtime affections for that drama ( it only lasted about 8 episodes– the ones with Kim Bum) anyhoo, I think it is indeed unfair that those two (Jang Hyuk and LDH) will have another drama together, after already finishing two, when there are a lot more pairings we (I) would love to see back in each others arms. Can I have a second serving of Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo? How about Hyun Bin and Kim Sun-ah? Kim Bum and Kim So-Eun, I know it’s been too long but I’m still waiting for another chance for this pairing. and please, please give me back my Jang Geun-suk and Moon Geum-young pairing, I know they can do so much better that Mary stayed out late.
    Sorry I’ve strayed out of topic but it just strucked a nerve at me and I just have to air it out. back to the main topic, not really too keen about the new IRIS, I WOULD BE, however, if Kim So-yeon is back in the ship. It will take probably 5 installments from the series before I’ll stop clamoring for her to comeback or better if she have a drama of her own! oh,and a happy ending! a happy ending!!!

    • 29.1 belle

      Kim Bum and Kim So Eun version 2.0 please! I’d kill to see them again. Though I don’t necessarily consider myself as a fan of the Lee Da Hae-Jang Hyuk pairing, it made my heart soar when I heard that they’ll be paired for the third time around. It gives me hope that Kim Bum and Kim So Eun will be cast together in a project (this time as leads) in the near future.

  30. 30 Lilly

    I was not interested in Iris or Athena but I like Jang Hyuk so I will try this one. I am trusting him in not getting into a crappy script with this.

  31. 31 saranga

    lim soo-hyang annoyed the heck out of me in new tales of gisaeng (i liked han hye-rin much, much better), but no doubt a badass role like this has the potential to elevate her profile considerably.

  32. 32 Myasally

    I watched IRIS only half can’t continue but this drama have all my bias (Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae and Kang Ji Young) I definitely tune for this..

  33. 33 bd2

    LDH was totally boring in “Chuno” and terribly over-acted in “My Girl” so to me, her casting has zero appeal.

    While I like JH, he has the tendency to over-act at times (like in “Chuno”).

    Love Oh Yeon-soo and think Kang Jiyoung is a cutie pie on variety shows, but I’m afraid that’s not going to be enough for me to deal w/ having to watch LDH.

  34. 34 HeadsNo2

    Shotgun? I can’t pass up a Jang Hyuk drama but I might have to wrestle kaedejun for spy drama recapping privileges.

    • 34.1 Anabanana

      you BOTH would rock at this. What if you guys did alternatively like Javabeans and GirlFriday do sometimes?

  35. 35 bluemoon

    Why are no one considering Kim So Yeon for her own spy spin-off? She kicks ass.

    And why isn’t she here for Iris 2? It would be much better if she is here as well.


  36. 36 Yuelis

    thanks jb,

    while waiting for the drama premeir in feb. we might get

    lucky from Oct. onwards to watch the BTS and NG’S while

    the film is rolling and ACTION PLEASE !!.

    • 36.1 Yuelis


      thanks GF !!

  37. 37 one_nee

    well, so another of Lee Dae Hee and Kim Seung Woo too after MS Ripley (eventho i dont know if they would appear together onscreen often) and Kim Min Jong.. i love him =)
    i love the 3 male actors (along with Jang Hyuk) in here =)

  38. 38 news

    Why would Jang Hyuk take something like this and not Gaksital? Surprising.

    • 38.1 eny

      i guess jang hyuk already play a slave become hero many time chuno and deep root tree, i read it in article loang time ago. I see early episode of chuno and i think it’s really similar with “lee kang to” noble family become slave and become hero

    • 38.2 Elizabeth

      yep, probably too many sagueks(historicals) for him

      • 38.2.1 Anabanana

        the whole time I never thought of Gaksital as sageuk for some reason. The costumes and fashion was probably what did it. I wonder if there’s an award for Best Costume dept in award season

  39. 39 xiuhua

    Although I admit that Jang Hyuk is a good actor, I just can’t be convinced yet. I don’t think he is the right man for the job. But my opinion can be changed (change my mind please ^__^). I’ll wait patiently for IRIS 2! 🙂

  40. 40 Elizabeth

    support the Iris 2 and Jang Hyuk thread on soompi

  41. 41 xiandi

    oh well… jang hyuk was the best but forget lee dae hee. .she’s been jinx for a long time since 2008 in east of eden.. and i pitty jang hyuk’s character in all of his drama.. he’s sooo freaking hot but he didn’t get paired with the right girl..started w/ chuno, midas touch and so with tree w/ deep roots… i want to see him in a different role…a kinda romantic comedy one oh please

  42. 42 FM

    where is kim so yeon?!? RAWR!!!!!

    • 42.1 semutapi

      From all the comments on Kim So Yeon, I feel sorry for her, really show she’s not famous outside Korea, most of her fans here don’t know what her current drama is at the moment.
      One of the reason why producer can’t choose her as a lead in large scale project, SHE’S TOTALLY NOT FAMOUS AT ALL.She can’t bring back money, just look at GABI

  43. 43 denya88

    JANG HYUK and LEE JOON!! Oh yeah.. bring it on!!

  44. 44 Rach^^

    I like Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae as actors but pairing for the THIRD time is an overkill. Robbers was an absolute piece of crap, don’t even bother watching it.
    Only watching for Kim Min Jong Yoonie oppa~

  45. 45 Carmelia

    thank you gf,

    Chuno had their production during winter time now seems

    like a repeat schedule too, IRIS2 will start production in

    Oct. , what a coincidence ! cold months to come for action

    pack drama !. hope the OST is as good as CHUNO.

  46. 46 lily

    i love the casts, except Lee da hee,,, seriously, she’s pretty but as an actress? FAIL. She can play a frail lady, but in action scene???? Sorry, let me be the one to kick you ass 😀

    i know im harsh, but i pity jang hyuk, he needs someone capable to be the heroine…

  47. 47 Lhen de Vela

    Ohh, my Oppa Jang Hyuk! I luv!! I’ve watched all of Jang Hyuk’s dramas/movies and he’s got it all — acting, looks, super! Plus who would not love Kim Seung Woo and Kim Min-jong (I still have the fever of A Gentleman’s Dignity – i loved Kim Min-jong there!). This drama will definitely be a blast. Can’t wait to watch it!

  48. 48 Joan

    Yay for Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-hae! I really wanted them together in Chuno but nooooo -______-

  49. 49 dyah

    paired for the third time????
    No way??!!!!pretty boring————-Hzzzzzzzzztttttttt

  50. 50 MeeisLee

    I’m not sure if I’m going to watch just yet.
    I didn’t mind IRIS, didn’t watch Athena. I haven’t watched any dramas with Jang Hyuk or Lee Da Hae (don’t hurt me!) but it sounds like they’re strong or at least decent actors.

    Maybe if they throw in Kim So Yeon, I will consider it further.

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