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Jung Ryeo-won begins shoots for King of Dramas
by | September 18, 2012 | 37 Comments

SBS is prepping their drama-about-dramas—titled, appropriately enough, King of Dramas—and has begun shoots, as we see with these latest shots featuring Jung Ryeo-won as the heroine, aspiring scriptwriter Lee Go-eun.

The character of Go-eun is described as idealistic and frank, and sees things in a black-or-white way that bespeaks both her values and naivety: “If it’s not right, it’s not right. If she loves, she loves. If she hates, she hates. You can see whether she likes or hates something written plainly on her face.”

Go-eun has spent five years as an assistant writer to her mentor, Writer Jung, and dreams of being a drama writer herself. But it’s after meeting production company CEO Anthony (Kim Myung-min) that her life starts to take a turn; he somehow manages to get her to betray her mentor, and she vows never to deal with him again. Clearly these two were meant to fall in love.

So he’s brought back into her orbit (or she into his, if we consider that he’s the King of Dramas with the grand career and probably also grand ego) thanks to a script she showed him three years ago. And in the scenes pictured here, Go-eun receives an offer to contract with a production company that we can only assume is Anthony’s. Ooh. It’s an irresistible scenario: Get the career kickstart she needs, or cling to pride and refuse?

Anthony is described as money-minded to the extreme: Who cares about the “humanity” of a project when the bottom line is what matters? Right off the bat, he’s set up to clash with our heroine, and that’s not even accounting for the past run-in where she hates his guts.

Further complicating matters is the “top star” leg of the love triangle, to be played by Choi Siwon. Which, HA! Is perfect. He’s played the famous actor before (Oh My Lady), he’s got the celeb charm, and he’s also got the real-life experience as a Hallyu star. I don’t know how he’ll hold up against powerhouse Kim Myung-min (who, by the way, I just mistyped as King Myung-min), but I look forward to it.

I’m a little iffy on dramas about showbiz in general, because the subject lends itself to indsidery indulgence, which is what I felt of The World They Live In (which was also slooow). On the other hand, there’s always that sense of cheeky fun in seeing the contrast between on-camera and offscreen, and this show purports to be a “character comedy.” And so far, the characters seem layered and interesting.

The show isn’t set to air till November, which means they’re getting a bit of a jump. Will this drama actually manage to evade the live-shoot madness? Or is that too much to hope for, given that the show’s all about the craziness of dramaland behind the scenes?

Writing the show is Jang Hang-joon of Sign and Harvest Villa (although not with the wife, who co-wrote on those dramas), along with Lee Ji-hyo, who appears to be the junior scriptwriter. PD Hong Sung-chang directed dramas Take Care of Us, Captain and You’re Beautiful. King of Dramas will replace Faith on Mondays and Tuesdays, beginning in November.



37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Annie

    I ship it. Kim Myung Min can do no wrong in my eyes.

  2. lenrasoon

    “King” Myung Min and Jung Ryeo Won acting together seems so awesome to me and i tend to like dramas-about-dramas like “On Air” so i’ll definitely be checking this out in November.

  3. diorama

    I LOVE Jung Ryeo Won after seeing her in Salaryman…can she please swear a lot at her assy director boss?

    And of course the great Kim Myung Min; I’ve missed seeing him onscreen. Will definitely check this one out.

    • 3.1 Khrisstyne

      “can she please swear a lot…”

      hahaah I am hoping for that too. I love her

    • 3.2 supah

      Second both those points. Precisely why I’m excited to see this show. There’s tonnes of potential.

    • 3.3 ionizable

      frankly, i’ll be disappointed if we don’t get to hear all those censor bleeps again!

      if anyone saw jung ryeo won on happy together, they’ll also remember that she was always just one breath away from starting to cuss yoo jaesuk and the other mcs out, lol. she explained her drama character personality rubbed off on her, so… i hope it’s still stuck with her a bit up to now! keke

  4. Kgrl

    Sounds interesting and both leads have what it takes.

    I object about The World They Live In though, it was so refreshing to watch something more raw and subdued. I also appreciated that it took it’s time on a good script – rather than appear fast-paced but really just stays at the same spot, or circles the same issues repeatedly. It was one of the rare Kdramas that I felt really tried to show the grittiness of the industry without all the over-the-top dramatics and semantics.

  5. Mystisith

    Will they avoid the live-shooting system craziness? Well, if it’s half live-shot, there is some improvement. Drama, please be good: I want a good show to watch for this winter.

  6. Rovi

    Well, if it’s Kim Myeong-min, then it’s gotta be bad-ass in whatever way you see it.

    PLUS! I’ll just be following it for Choi Siwon. Wonder what angle of his character he’ll bee-line for: whether it’s the Seong Min-woo type (OML) or the Dokko Jin type (FML~!!!). It’ll be interesting to see him in the latter one, tho, considering I’m currently writing fan-fiction of him as the lead. XD

    And, Jeong Ryeo-won swearing in History of Salary-man? Woah~!!! That’d be a good one…

    • 6.1 JoJo

      I’m a Choi Siwon fan and I hope he plays a real stinker.

      • 6.1.1 Rovi

        Agree with you hun. Siwon just exudes that gentleman vibe too much, even in cameras, that you just want him to be all Dokko Jin. XD

  7. Anne

    I can see my self shipping SIwon and Ryeo Won’s characters like nonody’s business.

    They’re both really good friends irl and i’m just going to be all over the chemistry between them.

  8. acejihyo

    that hair better not stay on for the rest of the show, js.

    looking forward to this one when it airs.

  9. bd

    Jung Ryeo-won is just way too thin; her face is getting close to that shape that is unappealing.

    • 9.1 skelly

      She’s always been thin. I find her almost uncomfortable to watch, she always looks so frail. She was totally believable as the anorexic in MNIKSS.

      I just want to know if she can act yet. I thought she was terrible in MNIKSS – horrible flat delivery, one facial expression…she’s one of the reasons I haven’t watched History of a Salaryman.

      So she can swear, but can she act?

    • 9.2 carpetfibers

      Oh my gosh– I know exactly what you mean! But I think, at least in these pictures, she’s looking a little less gaunt. I honestly couldn’t get past the first three episodes of Salaryman because her thinness gave me total body horror. It was actually kind of triggering; felt sick just from watching, which is unfortunate, because I really rather like Jung Ryeo Won.

      Ever since I saw her in ‘What Star Did You Come From.’

  10. 10 OMG

    its so weird seeing her without red hair!!!

    • 10.1 Yasmin Satria

      LOL, agree with you (>o<)
      Her image in Salaryman is so strong, that whenever I see Jung Ryeo Won, I always remember her swearing.
      Oh my, she's hoot there *heart*

  11. 11 Quinze

    Ok I love her! My Mondays and Tuesdays are in good hands!

  12. 12 canxi

    😀 Love her! I will definitely be watching this. Sounds interesting and seems like it has the potential to be really fun.

  13. 13 Cam

    I really like Jung Ryeo-won since I had seen her in that drama “Which Star Are You From” and “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”. She’s really doing good job! 🙂

    • 13.1 tinglehoff

      “Which Star Are You From” made me a drama addict from the first minute after being introduced to Jung Ryeo-won in the character of ‘Kim Bok-shil’. It’s all her fault… 😉 🙂

  14. 14 dramaqueen

    Looking forward to it….

  15. 15 Kang Song Kyung

    Jung Ryeo Won is perfection. She’s so gorgeous!

  16. 16 Laica

    Intriguing premise, AWESOME cast.

    This should fill the Faith-shaped hole quite nicely. 🙂

  17. 17 Brenda

    I love Jung Ryeo-Won.
    Might tune into this drama just for her =)

  18. 18 rearwindow

    I am all kinds of excited for this.

  19. 19 trotwood

    I am very excited about this show, and I have not been excited about an upcoming drama in a bit (which is good since the semester has started). I just watched Kim Myung Min in Closer to Heaven ( a movie with Ha Ji Won) online this summer and cried buckets but loved what he did with his character–the intensity of the eyes, the small smiles that seem like little gifts. Great actor.

    And of course, who does not love Jung Ryeo-Won?

  20. 20 Sunny

    Sounds interesting, but after reading this, “PD Hong Sung-chang directed dramas Take Care of Us, Captain and You’re Beautiful. King of Dramas,” I think I’ll lower my expectations a bit since I did not like either of those two dramas.

  21. 21 7258salt

    I’ll be watching this for siwon but i’m sure i’ll be missing lee min ho too much too care about the storylines at first….

  22. 22 skinnymocha

    Not the most flattering pictures of her – she looks a bit like Jang Geun Suk in the first one…

    I’m not sure how I feel about casting Siwon, but I hope he does well. I just need something… different from him.

  23. 23 Anne


    So afraid everyone in the drama will have bad hair days all through out.

    Has anyone seen The pictures of Siwon visiting the set on the first day sporting a 50/50 part hair? Like aaron cartor style, but not cute. Ugh! I hope that’s not his drama hair, cause if it is, there’s no way i can see him as the top star he’s supposedly playing.

  24. 24 Hannah

    “…he somehow manages to get her to betray her mentor, and she vows never to deal with him again. Clearly these two were meant to fall in love.”

    Lol. This cracked me up.

    K-drama tropes are becoming familiar enough to javabeans that she should probably just write her own drama script.

  25. 25 Enkhee

    I saw that leopard shirt last weekend on a shopping spree. I just can’t remember where and it’s really bothering me!

    Watching this of course ^^

  26. 26 Lilian

    Hope this drama will be lots of fun just like Jung Ryeo Won’s previous drama, History of a salaryman. That one was hilarious mayb short epilogues at the end again???

  27. 27 loyalfan_1

    Jung Ryeo Won is just gorgeous. Just love her.

  28. 28 Koirv

    Kim Myungmin only does perfect things.
    This is THE drama.

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