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Nice Guy: Episode 5
by | September 27, 2012 | 151 Comments

So good. SO GOOD. I’m still reeling from all the emotional missteps and victories this episode, since Nice Guy has proven that it can deliver its thrills carefully and methodically. Add ‘beautifully’ to that list, because not only is the cast exceptionally pretty (Song! Joong! Ki!), so is the cinematography. The directing hand in this drama works really well to enhance the writing and provides the perfect springboard for the performances, which is something I’ve noticed since the first episode but was really floored by this time around. Short version of all of the above: Love love love, lovity love love.

There was a rise in ratings this episode at 14.0%, a personal best, and a number that’s keeping them at the top of their time slot. Woo-hoo!


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We start the episode with a flashback of Maru before the trip to Japan as he remembers Jae-hee’s desperate plea for him to ask for money instead of revenge. (Icwutudidthar, Vitamin Water.)

Min-young wasn’t in Maru’s bar as a coincidence, since he tells Maru about an animal documentary he watched, where a jackal had taken hold of a coyote’s tail, causing the coyote to go to the edge of a cliff.

He speaks from the viewpoint of the coyote, who told the jackal that they would both fall off the cliff and die together if he didn’t let go of his tail. Min-young claims he never saw the end, but keeps wondering what their fate was.

“If the jackal were sensible, he would have let go of the tail he was biting, and if the jackal were stupid, they would have died together by falling off the cliff. What do you think that jackal chose?” Min-young asks, cleverly using that analogy to equate Maru as the jackal and Jae-hee as the coyote.

Back in the car, Maru thinks over Jae-hee’s threat that she won’t forgive anyone who stands in her way. These words cause him to make the dramatic U-turn Of Decision.

And then we see the end of his talk with Min-young, where Maru answers his question by saying that the jackal was probably more reckless than he’d think.

Min-young wonders if the jackal would be scared to die when faced with the edge of the cliff. Wouldn’t he have changed his mind?

Maru: “No, probably not. It probably would’ve said to the coyote, ‘It’s a relief that we can go together. Thanks to you, I won’t be lonely as I go.'”

Ohhh crap. He’s crazy.

After the opening sequence, we see Maru arriving at the Aomori Resort only seconds after Jae-hee ushers the American company inside. He asks the concierge where Eun-ki is in Japanese.

Still in a flashback of the night before Eun-ki’s rude awakening, Maru arrives at Eun-ki’s secluded house to find her Barbie still on the swing. “It’s been a while,” he tells the doll with a smile.

On Eun-ki’s door, he finds a warning written in Hangul, Japanese, and English: “Don’t disturb me. Never ever knock.” Ha.

So he doesn’t, and just sits outside and waits while Eun-ki crunches numbers inside. Turns out he was watching her the whole time Eun-ki was outside, and tried to get her attention once she was asleep, only to hear her murmur, “The calculations aren’t right.”

Maru takes the opportunity to let himself inside, and flips through Eun-ki’s notes. It seems like she has a habit of scribbling a person’s name when they’re troubling her, but instead of the Kang Maru she scribbled at the dinner table, now it’s Han Jae-hee.

He remembers overhearing Eun-ki and Jae-hee’s earlier conversation, especially the bit where Jae-hee told her, “You can’t beat me.” Since helping Eun-ki will harm Jae-hee, Maru sits down and sets to finishing Eun-ki’s work. The goal? Find roughly thirty-five million dollars from anywhere they can, in order to avoid selling the resort.

Jae-gil apparently sleeps in a tent outside Maru’s house, and gets a wakeup call from him in the middle of the night, asking for his expertise to help him make sense of Eun-ki’s financial statements.

After a tiny tantrum, Jae-gil uses his business management skills to help his friend.

Maru ends up working the whole night, papering the walls with post-it notes of all the little amounts they can collect to add up toward the big sum. One of the companies, Club X, piques his interest as he remembers one of his female clients telling him to put his money (probably meaning stocks) into the company since it was growing fast, despite having filed for bankruptcy two years ago.

Now we’re all caught up, since we see Maru unceremoniously dumping Eun-ki into the nearby river/pond/body of water. Ha. It’s still funny, even the second time around.

After his “Let’s kill them all” speech, Maru suggests some food to build up their strength.

Eun-ki just stares at him over the breakfast table, and it’s cute that Maru keeps pushing plates her way so she can eat. When she asks how he got here, Maru simply replies: “I took the plane.” Eun-ki still seems miffed, so he adds: “I also took the taxi.” Adorable.

But then he admits the truth (orrrr is it?): “I came here because I missed you.”

He claims that he can’t go without seeing her for even a couple of days, and came to hash out some issues with her. He certainly does act the part of a loving boyfriend, as he tells Eun-ki that his heart is too distressed at the sight of her pale and tired face. Good thing she’s not easily insulted.

Maru starts telling her about all the ways he’s found to help get the money, namely the five million Taesan has invested in Club X. Eun-ki thinks the shares are worthless, but Maru tells her what he found out about the group’s recent and secret growth, which will turn their five million into twenty million. Now, they only have fifteen million to go.

Eun-ki barely speaks, her expression caught somewhere between surprise and admiration (maybe even a little envy). “Since when did you know all these things?” she asks, and Maru simply replies that he has a diverse pool of connections. Maru: “Of course, if we’re comparing, I’m even smarter.”

He’s also found a defunct factory they can sell, and Eun-ki’s able to come up with more, which earns her an admiring look from Maru. This leaves them with around $500,000 left, which Maru thinks she can come up with by selling jewelry, cars, or whatever else she doesn’t need.

It’s easy to see that she’s touched, and Maru tells her to dismiss those feelings for now since she doesn’t have time. She tells him that she’ll remember well what he’s dismissed: “Reverence, being touched, using you to boast, a hug… After I win, let’s tally the tab clearly.” He’s got her hook, line, and sinker.

She gets on the phone in order to put a stop to Jae-hee until she can get there, and is stopped on her way off by Maru, who gently holds her face in his hands so he can give her a kiss on the forehead. Aww.

Maru: “You have to win and kill them all. And if you don’t win, don’t think of coming back.” The worst part about this is you can literally see the love beaming from Eun-ki’s eyes, and Maru smiles after her until she’s out of sight…

Then he drops the smile, just like that. Eeep. Not good. Not good at all.

And Eun-ki, still happily reeling from the kiss, heads off to thwart Jae-hee’s plans.

Speaking of, we find her in her birthday suit in an outdoor bath, with Min-young standing nearby, eyes averted. He tells her that Eun-ki came up with a way to get the funds, and that she wants Jae-hee to stop with the deal.

Jae-hee doesn’t plan on doing anything Eun-ki asks, and Min-young seems to agree with that sentiment. She asks him to get her a gown, and by the time he turns around, she’s standing in front of him stark naked. This girl knows how to use her assets.

In the wake of Eun-ki’s new discovery, Jae-hee plans to push the contract through faster in order to pull the rug out from under her rival.

While Eun-ki is still on a taxi ride to the hotel, Jae-hee begins the contract-signing process with the American company. She’s on pins and needles, but smiles to herself once she knows Eun-ki won’t make it.

And she’s right, since Eun-ki arrives only moments after the contract has been signed. Jae-hee introduces her as her daughter to her contacts, which is just so weird.

Eun-ki’s fuming that Jae-hee ignored her message to put a stop to the signing, but Min-young steps in and takes the blame, telling Eun-ki that he never even passed it on to Jae-hee because “I couldn’t let you risk Taesan’s future because of your own personal feelings.”

He even tells her that her useless stubbornness is what caused them to hold off on selling the resort so long, and Eun-ki looks like she’s about to cut a bitch.

Jae-hee smiles coldly: “Eun-ki, I know your heart. This resort, including every tree here, is what your mother planted. And all the guest rooms’ interiors are what your mother designed.” She claims she knows that Eun-ki wanted to protect the resort, but business is business…

So Eun-ki turns to the Rolling company head to voice her dissent in English: “I’m not selling this resort. I will not sell it. Never!”

She even starts ripping up the contract, which has Jae-hee screaming at her to stop. I love that Eun-ki drops the paper pieces with the same kind of “What’re you gonna do about it?” face we get in band battle movies, where the lead will drop his drumsticks in front of their rival.

“This contract is invalid,” Eun-ki stresses in English. Jae-hee rages about the fact that she’d dare to tear the contract when she’s already been fired from Taesan, so when Eun-ki goes for the phone to call Daddy, Jae-hee snatches it away and slaps her across the face. Eek.

Eun-ki takes it like the champion she is, but Jae-hee tears into her about how she’s her mother, and that gives her absolute authority to correct Eun-ki from going down the wrong path.

None of this fazes Eun-ki, until Jae-hee adds the cherry on top of the harsh lecture: “The person who wanted to sell this resort the most is not me, but the Chairman. He wanted to erase all the memories of your mother with the selling of the resort more than anyone else.”

Eun-ki eventually just screams in frustration before she collapses, but she’s the first to shrink away when Min-young tries to help her up. “Since when have you been Han Jae-hee’s dog? You were one of Seo Eun-ki’s most precious people in the company, in which she could rely on.”

Saaad. Min-young tells her that he’s just got Taesan’s success on the mind, and I call shenanigans on that.

It’s even worse when Maru calls Eun-ki, and her face briefly contorts in sadness before she tamps it all down. So. Awesome. We’ve all been there with a phone call, and props to her for resisting the urge to just break down the second she hears his voice.

Maru guesses from her silence that she lost, but strangely enough asks to talk to the Rolling Chairman.

She puts him on speakerphone as asked, and he uses English to call the Chairman out for his previous company’s sordid past of lawsuits and illegal chemical dumping. Maru’s certainly done his research, and even Jae-hee looks surprised to learn that they plan to renovate Aomori into some sinister medical research center.

His tactic works, and the Chairman hightails it outta there. Jae-hee makes sure Eun-ki knows she made a big mistake, but Eun-ki doesn’t care as long as she could save the resort.

And once again, she’s left Maru on the line. Jae-hee eavesdrops from outside as Maru tells her to meet in three hours, since he needs a nap.

Time for another Jae-gil/Yoo-ra/Choco insert scene, where Choco stops the two from kissing in the coffee shop, and Jae-gil becomes distressed when a stranger recognizes him and calls him “Young Master”. There’s a reference to Jae-gil’s (Kwang-soo’s) ‘Giraffe’ nickname from Running Man, but honestly, why is this same conflict still happening and why do we need to see it?

There is something interesting going on with Jae-gil when he talks to the stranger outside, and it seems like he’s content with having been removed from the family register. Especially since his father seems to be in some shady business with mistreating hapless foreign workers and killing them when they become useless.

So in response, Jae-gil wants nothing to do with his dad and tells the man that he’s even changed his last name, from Park to Oh. “When you go back, please tell Father that. If I could, I would take out all his blood that’s flowing inside my body.”

When Yoo-ra sees Jae-gil coming back, she bites into her own arm like a psychopath so she can blame it on Choco. But she does ask Jae-gil if he’s the runaway son of a chaebol like a joke, except it’s now the truth.

Choco takes the blame as expected, but Yoo-ra pushes her luck when she accuses Choco of stealing jewelry from her. Jae-gil knows Choco can kick and bite, but she doesn’t steal. That’s the nail in the coffin for their relationship, and once they leave, Choco starts crying. But hooray for Jae-gil using his brain instead of his, well, you know.

Back in the homestead, Joon-ha still seems to be suspicious of Maru, and studies a picture of him intently. Word of the cancelled contract has already reached Chairman Seo, as he expresses his desire to punish Eun-ki severely.

It’s sweet that Joon-ha keeps offering safe punishments like taking the money from her future salary, and when that doesn’t work, it’s doubly sweet that he offers his own salary for a cut, too: “As long as you don’t kick her out until she’s eighty.” Awwww.

Except, it doesn’t seem like Dad wants her punished as he entreats Joon-ha, “If, for an unbelievable reason, people would turn their backs on Eun-ki, and even if I turn my back on her… Please, stay right next to that child. Even if everyone in this world leaves her, don’t leave her. And be patient although it may be difficult. Please, protect her no matter what.”

Joon-ha agrees, and while it’s a sweet sentiment from Dad, how about just not turning your back on your kid in the first place?

One of the maids brings Joon-ha the picture of Maru he forgot, and he asks her if she’s seen him come by to call on Jae-hee. The maid says no, but she did see him leave an envelope for her.

This is enough to give Joon-ha a new lead, especially when he spies the security cameras that would have inevitably recorded Maru.

Meanwhile, Eun-ki gets ready for her date with some preening and primping, except it goes horribly awry and makes her look like a kid who got into mommy’s makeup. Hah. She calls someone to help her with it instead.

Jae-hee gives Maru a call, and though we can’t see his eyes through the sunglasses, you can hear the thinly-veiled uncertainty in his voice as he denies Jae-hee’s every attempt to come and see him.

She pulls out the big guns though, and in her most pitiful and breathless voice tells him: “I miss you, Maru. Just give me ten minutes.” Don’t do it, Maru! Be strong! Fight the power!

Eun-ki shows up for the date in a demure ensemble, and has no idea that Maru’s gone to meet Jae-hee. He tells her he’s just going to give her ten minutes… but we’ll see how long that lasts.

“Did I make you like this?” Jae-hee asks. “I made you like this. The warmest Maru in the world… I turned you into this dark, cold, and scary person that you are right now. I, Han Jae-hee, made it like that.”

Maru’s just counting down the minutes, and it’s neat to see Jae-hee switching gears to keep holding his interest. She asks him to take the nearby cruise ship with her, because he’d told her long ago that he wanted them to take a cruise together to the end of the world.

Jae-hee: “That promise… You still haven’t kept it yet.” And there is this awesomely sad moment where we see Maru’s resolve breaking ever so subtly, just in the way his eyes redden. So. Cool.

While this is going on, Eun-ki continues to hike around the beautiful date locale, looking for Maru.

No matter what sweet words Jae-hee says, Maru is ready to leave her when her ten minutes are up. She resorts to begging at the sight of his turned back: “Don’t go. Don’t leave. Please don’t go. Please don’t go to Eun-ki!”

But Maru keeps walking, until he hears a splash from behind him. Oh no she didn’t.

He turns around to find only her shoes left on the bridge. She’s jumped into the ocean. Maru sees nothing when he looks over the edge and yells for Noona.

…And at that same time, Eun-ki turns around, as though she’s heard him. To complete the metaphysical tie that bonds all these characters, Min-young’s glass shatters ominously.

Maru dives in after her and sees her slowly sinking down, stiff as a board. He manages to get Jae-hee back on the bridge where he performs emergency CPR, until she spits up water and regains consciousness.

And when Eun-ki calls him, the phone goes straight to voicemail.

Meanwhile, Joon-ha goes through the security camera footage and stops when Maru pops up on screen. Something about Maru isn’t sitting right with him, but he continues to click through the footage until he sees something even more unsettling: Jae-hee and Min-young’s kiss. Uh oh.

Maru watches over Jae-hee while she’s unconscious and hooked up to an IV at the resort, and consciously resists the urge to hold her hand.

Jae-hee’s voice stops him as he’s about to leave: “Could it be that you still haven’t forgotten me? That’s why you’re still lingering by my side, right?” She thinks him saving her is proof, and wonders why he didn’t let her die. Wait, was she actually planning to die or did she just use it as a ploy to keep Maru near?

“I will go back. I will go back to you again. Not now, but I will definitely go back to you. So trust me and wait for a bit,” she tells him. Oh, that’s rich. Not now, but soon? Girl, please.

Maru’s reaction isn’t kind, especially when he asks if her ocean (of how far she’s willing to fall) is bottomless. He tells her that she should have said these words sooner, when he was immature and naive enough to listen and be fooled by her.

Maru: “Out of one hundred memories, there were ten that were good. Don’t you know what you’ve done wrong? How great it would have been if only you could’ve left one or two good memories. ‘Ah, my first love Han Jae-hee isn’t that kind of unscrupulous person.’ Even though I don’t understand, you should have left the good memories for forgiveness. That way, the pathetic Kang Maru who believed Han Jae-hee was everything in his life wouldn’t have become so defiled.”

Those are some powerful words, with the emotion just building and building in Maru’s eyes and voice until he finally storms out, leaving Jae-hee speechless in his wake.

It’s dark out, but the town is alive with a grand parade making its way through the street. Maru stares vaguely until he remembers his missed date with Eun-ki, and runs through the crowd in a really, really neat sequence.

Eun-ki’s fallen asleep on the bridge waiting for him, and that’s where Maru finds her. She wakes when he brushes her hair behind her ear, and when he asks what she would have done if he never came, she answers, “Then I would have waited until you came. If you wait, the person is bound to come.”

He takes a good look at her face, and asks if she put on makeup. Hah. She also mentions that it’s her first time wearing a dress, but as she begins to tally up what she owes him, including a hug, Maru interrupts her by swooping in for a kiss. Omo.

And it isn’t your mother’s kiss scene, either.


Song Joong-ki is killing it in this role. Maru is deep and dark and twisted, but every now and then we see flashes of who he used to be – naive, innocent, loving to the point of obsession. And there’s no doubt that he’s still obsessed with Jae-hee, since she still dictates his every move whether he knows it or not. But is there still love? I’m not sure.

It always surprises me when characters in dramas ask why they were saved from a near-death experience, since they don’t seem to realize that maybe their savior just didn’t want to be responsible for their death. Especially with Maru, a former physician and former nice guy. He wants to bring Jae-hee down, but on his own terms and not on hers. Plus, death seems a little too easy of an out, right?

I used to give Jae-hee the benefit of the doubt, but this episode really solidified her role as a master manipulator. It’s kind of neat to see her switch gears depending on the person, or even the lulls in a conversation, because she’ll keep trying different tactics until she finds one that works. That takes a special kind of person.

With Min-young, she uses his sexual desire for her to keep him under her thumb, which is why I loved it when Eun-ki called him out on it. With Chairman Seo, she uses a false veneer of innocence and weakness to stoke up his protective and (possibly) fatherly instinct to protect her, which might explain why he’s so much harder on Eun-ki – she doesn’t let him see her weak side, so in turn, he challenges her more.

But the innocence trick doesn’t work on Maru anymore, who now seems immune to her now that his trust in her has been permanently shattered. It’s why she had to go to the extreme of almost dying to get him to pay attention to her, which is both pathetic and ridiculously manipulative. I don’t doubt that pulling the suicide move was a cold, calculated maneuver on her part, and that she was depending on Maru to save her. After all, Jae-hee has worked too hard to get where she is to throw it all away in an instant.

So then it’s both gratifying and disconcerting when Maru basically tells her to shove it, since he is resisting her directly… in order to drag her down indirectly. I’ll believe Maru when I’m sure that he’s completely done with Jae-hee, but I have the feeling that isn’t going to happen for a long, long time.

…Even though I wish it would. C’mon, Maru! Look how awesome Eun-ki is! She wasn’t even mad that you were late – now there’s a girl who probably wouldn’t let you take the fall for a murder because she loves you back. Gasp. I know, new concept. Here’s to hoping that you actually take the sincere hand Eun-ki’s holding out to you to take down the evils of the corporate world and, more importantly, Jae-hee.

Or, yunno, maybe have a few more smooching sessions. Just throwing that out there.


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    Thank you for the recap.

    I love the emotions in this drama.. but I still feel the story is really slow and predictable. But gonna watch it for my girl-crush.

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      keep waiting for him to wink at the camera

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        I keep waiting for him to twirl and get into people’s personal space to whisper something in their ears.

    • 1.2 Hannah

      I agree that it is a predictable plot when you boil everything down to simplistic terms, but I’m enjoying the nice little beats of character that are drawn out by the director/production team. And the non-invasive OST. And Moon Chae-won. And Song Joong-ki, while we’re at it. Oh, what the hell, I think Park Si-yeon’s wickedly awesome in her role too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    YES! This episode was so good. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for episode 6!

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      Just because you mentioned the shoes. There is this question that bothers me for ages. Why do people take off their shoes in movies when they are about to commit sucicide – jumping off a cliff/roof/ bridge – no matter, they take off the shoes. And it’s a recurence in dramaland. Cand anyone help me with an answer – I tried to come up even with a strange and completely out of logic one to no avail!

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    Wow! recap is here. Thank you HeadsNo2.

    Eun Ki is clearly falling in love for her to put an effort in dressing up and putting some make up on. This girl needs love and someone to lean on. I dont want her to get hurt anymore but i am already sad for the pain she is gonna go through…

    Song Joong Ki is good. I love his portrayal of Maru.

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    • 6.1 ilikemangos

      Yup. i agree. i usually fast-forward through the choco/jaegil/yoora scenes because i feel like they’re just there. There’s no interconnectedness with the story and overall i feel like i’m watching 2 separate shows when their scenes come on. I think Lee Kyung Hee can do better at integrating the scenes together as a whole.

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      Heads, great recap as always. Keep it up! You’re going to love Ep. 6.

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    Thank you so much for the recap, HeadNo2. I just started Nice Guy this past weekend and had watched episodes 2-4 3 times already. I didn’t think I was going to like a drama like this, but I just feel so invested in Eun-ki. It’s refreshing to see a kdrama heroine who knows how to be bitter and awesome. She’s been through a lot of crap. She’s entitled to it. Loved how she delivered that line to Lawyer Ahn. Cold as ice. I feel so much for her character that I’m getting mad at Maru for using her. Eun-ki is supposed to get amnesia in this series. I hope that has been removed from the story. I love her as-is.

    I don’t really get where the story is trying to go and what exactly Maru is trying to accomplish. However, I do feel invested in Eun-ki and Maru and watching their journeys. And even Choco and Jae-gil.

    “It always surprises me when characters in dramas ask why they were saved from a near-death experience, since they donโ€™t seem to realize that maybe their savior just didnโ€™t want to be responsible for their death.”— I KNOW RIGHT?! Whenever I see that in dramas, I’m like “Um, this doesn’t prove you’re special. You’re not allowed to count that as evidence of his feelings for you. Can you be more desperate?”

    • 12.1 grin

      The thing that bothers me about that scene is that Ma Ru ~doesn’t~ call her on it. To me, it makes perfect sense for him to jump after her: will any person just stand by and do nothing while someone else tries to kill themselves in front of them? But Ma Ru doesn’t explain it that way. It makes me worried for him. Somehow when he says to her that she misunderstood, I don’t believe him, and that makes me feel uneasy. So in the end it isn’t Ma Ru saving her that makes me worried about his feelings for her, its his reaction to her accusation. Maybe I’m seeing fish where there aren’t any, especially since no one else seems to mention it, but somehow I doubt it.

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    • 13.1 news

      I’m on that ship too!

    • 13.2 asianromance

      I would have wanted Maru with Jaehee before she went and allowed him to take the fall for her. They were childhood friends and were going to succeed against the world, against the restrictions their poor background had given them. He was going to be a doctor and she was a reporter of justice. She never really had faith in Maru. If she had faith in him, she would have know it was okay to go to jail because when she got out, Maru would have been there waiting to take care of her for the rest of her life. Dumb girl. Maru was going to be a successful doctor. They could have lived in a nice house. If she had faith in him, she would have also waited for him to get out of jail. He would then have taken care of her afterwards.

      Now it feels more like Maru and Eun-ki against the world. I want both characters to get together partly because they look cute together, partly because it would be giving the finger to Jae-hee and that horrible dad, and partly because they had the whole “I took the fall for someone I love and they screwed me over” history.

      • 13.2.1 mskololia

        MR insisted on doing what he did for their love. If EG, as an heiress, is stupid enough to take the rap for another love to use her that’s on her.

        It’s not MR and EG against the world….It’s more like MR and JH in it until the end….

        • Jillia


        • TT

          Haha I like how u think :p

    • 13.3 news

      I think Jae-hee’s taking revenge on the Chairman for what he did to Maru. Considering that she could never stand injustices as a reporter, and how reporters have no leverage, she decided to take the back door to get things done her way.

      • 13.3.1 mskololia

        Preach sistuh!

      • 13.3.2 asianromance

        OoOoo that is an awesome speculation! Just when we think it’s Maru getting all vengeful, it’s really Jae-hee!

      • 13.3.3 canxi

        If this is so this would be a great plot twist!! If not, then please news, fly to Korea and show them how a plot twist is done,lol.

      • 13.3.4 ladida

        What did he do to Maru? And why wouldn’t she just tell him that?

        • sapapun

          Bingo! ๐Ÿ™‚
          Very well said.

        • sapapun

          ups, I should say.. good questions, ladida ๐Ÿ™‚

        • asdf

          because its dramaland and nothing is ever that simple

          • canxi

            YES–like no one ever tells anyone anything in dramaland until the last possible minute,lol, like near death. *on the hospital bed* HEY GUYS guess what?!….Cancer…I have it.

          • Kgrl

            True. But this drama isn’t relying on cliche plot points to tell it’s story. It’s moving b/c of the character relationships and development.

            Lols, it’s great that there’s so many speculations and interpretations, but perhaps, everyone is thinking too hard.

          • canxi

            Aw, but where is the fun in thinking too little? Even revenge has a formula. While we’re all waiting to see if it explodes or just bubbles over might as well try & look at what the ingredients we have before us are leading to.

            I’m sure the drama has a few more cliches in there somewhere, it’s still early and they always do–first love is one it already has,lol. It’s just how they do the execution–would it be a spin on it or just the same old, same old? So far, so good, but who knows later on.

        • shelhass

          That’s easy.
          Jae-hee was at the crime scene back than because of Chariman Seo. Don’t you gyus remember her going to him right after Maru took the blame and she was all like to the old man: “Do you know what I did because of you?”?

          So she probably blames him in the end to push her to the extremes, turning her into an even worse person than she was at that time (poor, fighting against the world, etc) and making her lose her only safe place, Maru.

          Which would be really fitting, as she seems to be that kind of person who just assumes that all her misfortunes are caused by the people around her, not really HER.

          Anyway, she wouldn’t tell Maru that, cause we are in Dramaland (keep it on mynd people)! She’s ROTTEN, and she has already done all this, why should she give up? She has to go till the end, you know what I’m talking about, just that same old dramaland villain routine.

          P.S.: Maru, I wouldn’t mind being used by you, just FYI. Hee.

          • ladida

            Ok, well, it’s an interesting speculation and I’ll love seeing what the actors do with it if that’s the case, (especially Park Shi Yeon; I think she has the perfect face to play Jae Hee because she can look hurt and innocent one second and conniving the next) but I’ll also be wondering why Jae Hee gave Ma Ru that envelope full of money, stopped speaking to him, sent him to jail a second time, had a child with the Chairman, and is working so hard to crush Eun Ki if her main target is the Chairman.

            And I totally agree with you; if that happens it would be a continuation of her passing the blame to other people.

        • news

          @ ladida

          To protect him because she loves him and owes him her life.

          I mean seriously ya’ll, and I know ya’ll will agree with me on this ๐Ÿ˜‰ if Maru loved YOU as much as that, wouldn’t you (in your dramaland self) do what I’m speculating is her motive?

          • ladida

            Lol. If Ma Ru was in love with me pre-jail time we’d be making out all day, every day. I wouldn’t even have time to kill some random guy.

        • shelhass

          @ ladila

          Her maisn target is the Chairman, but in a greater sense, as she seems to thing like this, it’s everything precious to Chairman that she wants to crush.

          Maybe she didn’t plan on getting pregnent. Or she did get pregnent to use her child to inherit everything so nobody could say a thing as the kid is a rightful son (as is no bastard).

    • 13.4 mskololia

      There’s is the ship. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 14 mary

    I like Kwangsoo but his story thread seems disconnected from the entire thing. I hope this is fixed soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ♥ ♥ &hearts for Joon Ha!

  15. 15 christy

    I’m a little surprised I’m liking this drama so much. ๐Ÿ™‚ I read the first four recaps and they got me interested enough to go actually watch it. I don’t think I’m much of a melo-drama lover, I’ve tried several and usually tire easily, but this one is different for some reason! I’m really on board with HeadsNo2 comments and can’t wait for more!

  16. 16 news

    I know there’s so much hate towards Jae-hee, but I find her the most interesting. And what I mean by that is I want to know what her motivation and goals are. It’s clear why Eun-ki is who she is and why she does what she does and same goes for Maru, but Jae-hee is the most mysterious one of them all.

    The story may seem straight forward and predictable, but I’m guessing the writer is going to pull the rug from under us and reveal something unexpected about Jae-hee.

    • 16.1 rbee

      I’m wondering about Jae-hee, too. You know we never got a full explanation in ep1 of why she was in that hotel room and what exactly was going on (although we know what she implied to Maru about what happened). Then later we see her with Pops (can’t remember his name) handing off some kind of envelope. What if she manipulated Maru from the very beginning to take the fall for her and she really wasn’t as much of an innocent as she made herself appear to be. Just got me wondering.

      Thanks for the great recap, Heads. I’m really loving this drama. I don’t usually do melo’s either, but I find I just can’t look away. Kind of like when you just can’t look away from a car accident on the highway.

      • 16.1.1 news

        Nah, I think Jae-hee was sincere when she told the Chairman (Eun-ki’s dad) that she basically “killed” the man (Maru) whom she loves as much as her life and that she’ll spend the rest of her life paying that debt.

        She must be taking revenge on the Chairman for what he did to her and Maru. That’s the only motivation I can see for why she’s doing what she’s doing. And it’s all for Maru which is where the heartbreak will come in at the end.

        Just speculating…

        • Kgrl

          But wouldn’t that be even too cruel for JH to treat her own son? Unless, you’re suspecting that ES is not the Chairman’s son?

          • canxi

            dun dun dun…?

          • shelhass

            By the rules of maths he can’t be.

            I’m with @news, she’s waiting something to backstab Chairman Seo and avenge Maru for what he had to do for her.

          • Kgrl

            Lols, there’s enough evidence to suggest ES isn’t the Chairman’s son in and out (scripts) of the drama. Actually, some of these issues have already been addressed at Soompi and other blogs, namely by Joynara.

            Here is additional info she’s provided based on her readings of the scripts and DC Gallary info.


          • sapapun

            Kgrl: you made a typo. Should be EO is a son of Chairman Seo ๐Ÿ™‚

          • news

            @ Kgrl

            Yes, I don’t think ES is the Chairman’s son. The math doesn’t seem to work out (yet) that ES is Maru’s son, but we haven’t had any flashback scenes of Jae-hee visiting Maru while he’s in jail.

            It would be super daebak if ES is Maru’s son and Jae-hee is going to make ES the successor of Taesan.

            I really believe her when she said, โ€œI will go back. I will go back to you again. Not now, but I will definitely go back to you. So trust me and wait for a bitโ€.

            Yeah, imagination is definitely taking over.

    • 16.2 asianromance

      I hate Jae-hee, but I also find her really interesting too because I can almost understand what she does. She’s afraid (a beyond crappy childhood of abuse) and fear can make people do bad things.

      But I am curious at how she really got involved with the murder and when she decided to have a kid with Eun-ki’s dad. I hated her from not stopping Maru for taking the fall for her, but her reaction when she handed that envelope to Eun-ki’s dad…the grief, the pain… I can’t imagine a girl with that reaction would end up being the same person who would a year or two later, get pregnant with Eun-ki’s dad’s kid, and who would eventually stop visiting Maru altogether.

      • 16.2.1 ladida

        I don’t hate Jae Hee, but she can be infuriating, especially in her scenes with Eun Ki. You know, I’m not convinced that she’s the one who killed that man. I want it confirmed in the show. I don’t fault her for not stopping Ma Ru from taking the fall because I see it as something they both did. He stopped her from calling the cops, and when she told him no (three times) he insisted. But she could have gone to the cops anyway. I want to see what happened in those years after Ma Ru went to jail. How’d she end up marrying the chairman?

        I think the power she has over the Chairman came really late. I think she only really started to manipulate him after she overheard that he’s willing to give the company to her son–and he still doesn’t know she heard that. Her hearing that is what made her bold enough to decide to go after Eun Ki full force as opposed to just defending herself, and go after her place at Taesan. But I think before all that happened she had to deal with the Chairman yelling and threatening her just like Eun Ki did, (although to a lesser degree). I don’t know; I just don’t buy that Jae Hee is enough of a mastermind to consistently manipulate all these people. I mean, Lawyer Ahn is already slipping from her grip. One word from Ma Ru could crush her. If she were a real sociopathic master manipulator with no sense of guilt then she would have pulled a Stringer Bell and had Ma Ru killed in jail so that he wouldn’t be able to come back and mess with her life.

        • pajvaj

          She is second madame, she’s not his wife as of yet. That is why she is going to have a wedding. In most asian cultures you may have a harem. It’s not talked about because it isn’t seen in a favorable light. But many rich people even now still practice it. Even poor ones. Jae hee is basically his second wife or concubine. And now she will be THE mistress once it is officially announce and legally documented.

        • jomo

          Has anyone mentioned here that they think the Chairman is on to JH?

          He doesn’t trust women, and we think he wants to keep the company from ES, but it could all be a feint.

          He could have been training ES to fight off JH and child after his imminent death.
          Pretending to favor JH, toughening his daughter up because whatever he puts in his will WILL cause JH to go batshit crazy.(er)

          The only problem I have witH this is that MR would suddenly have to pick sides for real. Right now he has some half-assed scheme duck-taped together to rescue(?) JH from her soulless but luxurious life.
          (Still not clear on those details yet.
          As in who the hell is HE to judge her choices?)

          But if it becomes a game of wits between EG and JH for control of the company and influence over the stock holders, outsider MR is going to play usurper somehow.

          He is kinda like someone from King Henry VIII’s story.
          Anne Boleyn steals the crown from his Henry’s first wife, struggles to maintain her power while all kinds of infighting happens. Hanger-onners come out of the wooodwork to get a piece of the action while the situation remains in flux.
          It is a dangerous game, though, because if you pick the wrong side, you could end up not only out, but dead.

          • Betsy Hp

            @jomo: “WHY DOES SHE NEED HIM TO RESCUE HER AGAIN?! As in who the hell is HE to judge her choices?)”

            I thought Maru meant the “rescue” line ironically. Like, before Jea-hee was this idealistic reporter who called people on selling out for wealth. And here, she’s sold out her first love and the promises she made for the cushy life. So he’s going to be the “good friend” and pull her out of the hypocrisy she’s living.

            That she doesn’t want to be pulled out is what makes it a threat. And that it was his back she stepped on to get into that life is what he’s basing his assignment on. All ironically though. Really it’s just, “you screwed me to get all this so I’m taking it all away from you.”

          • mskololia

            Why indeed.

            Fate [also known as the writer] had him rescue EG two or three times so far and I do not see this theme being shelved in this drama anytime soon.

            MR does have a tinge of revenge going on at this point in wanting to bring JH down, which does bother me because he has no right to tell her how to live her life. Then again, MR seems bored with his life.

            Sighs. MR has made a habit out of judging or assessing people all the time…..A former occupational habit I would imagine. It’s a shame he will never be a doctor.

        • modestgoddess

          the Stringer Bell reference is making me happy

  17. 17 mskololia

    Oh, yes she did. Didn’t you know their love was cray cray?

    MR threw little EG into a pond, where JH jumped into the ocean.

    I think JH was planning to die because MR revived her as she had no pulse. She does not joke about dying or use it as a ploy.

    Based on the relational chart, which I think is accurate in that MR never gets over JH, nor she him. I’m sorry for EG fans but the girl does not even know who she’s dealing with. C’mon….You have to know the man’s past (and be interested in it) to have a prosperous future. If it’s dark, look thrice….

    Thanks for the recap HN2.

    • 17.1 asianromance

      Why do I get the feeling that if MR never gets over JH that MR will die by the last episode of the series? Maybe JH and MR will probably be reunited in death. And Ahn Min-young looks just like the sort of crazy bastard who would be obsessed enough to kill.

      • 17.1.1 ilikemangos

        Please, i’ve tried so hard to put anything related to “death” in the back of my mind.

        • Kgrl

          Always a possibility with Writer Lee. But she did say this drama is going to “different” than her previous works. We’ll just have to see.

        • ladida

          Lol, I’ve got my fingers in my ears singing, “Lalala no one’s gonna die, everyone’s gonna end up happy!”

      • 17.1.2 shelhass

        That would be such a gorgeous ending! Sorry, I just love dark twisted endings and it kind of made me remember City Hunter finale, when Min Ho’s character’ daddy was dying.

        But back to Nice Guy, from what I’ve read about it, to me at least, it seems Writer Lee is focusing on some kind of redemption journey, where characters have to cross dark, bloody, twisted and seriously crazy paths to discover that whatever happened to them, was because they all made choices that led them till the here and now, and it all started because of love.

  18. 18 Yoori

    Maru is so the new “Bad Guy”! I love his every move and gesture …. I can now see why he’s working the gigolo status so well because I’m falling for him too!

    • 18.1 mskololia

      I think we will actors trying to up SJK with this one. LOL!

      • 18.1.1 mskololia

        *will see

  19. 19 la_tofu

    LOL loved the recap. Even though I watch the drama I love reading your recaps because they’re so hilarious.

  20. 20 Betsy Hp

    When Dad asked Joon-ha to stay by Eun-ki’s side, even if the Dad turned on her I actually said, “Oh, thank God,” out loud. I can take him being a bad daddy (apparently pulling his child-rearing techniques out of old-school bootcamp manuals), but that he’s not an evil daddy… I just couldn’t take that for Eun-ki’s sake.

    I totally agree Jea-hee jumped to manipulate Maru. (Apparently she’s got a great set of lungs. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) And… I almost kind of admire it… in the way you admire a good villain. She can’t ignore him — he’s too good a badass for that. So she’s going hardcore to reel him in. And I join my voice to the chorus of, “Don’t do it Maru! Run away! Run to Eun-ki!”

    So I guess this means Eun-ki really doesn’t suspect a connection between Maru and Jea-hee? I thought she had a tiny idea based on last week’s eps, but she’s fallen so hard and trustingly… Unless that’s part of her game? *headache*

    Thanks for the awesome recap, HeadsNo2!

    • 20.1 ilikemangos

      Love makes you blind.
      I reaaaallly hope eun-gi realizes –at least to some extent–maru’s deep dark motives, and doesn’t let her guard down. I just can’t see her get trampled all over; she’s my favorite character in this show.
      I’m surprised though; Eun-gi is the heroine that defies the typical heroine.
      -She’s a badass bitch.
      -Smart as hell.
      -Fell for a guy within 4-5 episodes.
      If that’s not atypical i don’t know what is.

      • 20.1.1 Betsy Hp

        I’ll join your Eun-gi fan club! ๐Ÿ™‚ She really is awesome. And to add to your list of atypical heroine behavior:
        — Does not know how to put on makeup.
        Which, so often heroines go from plain-jane to knowing exactly how to apply blush so I kind of adored Eun-gi had the “oh crap I look like a clown” moment every beginner should have.

  21. 21 stars4u

    Why so good this drama?
    Song Joong Ki!!!!!

  22. 22 Pinkpanther26

    Thank you for the recap!!

    Eunki scenes are so intense. Did i see a hint of sadness in min-young’s eyes when Eunki splurge her disappointment. I hate it that Maru is playing with Eunki’s feelings, the poor girl put a lot of effort in looking her best. She’s falling hard for Maru and if she finds out the truth she might go suicidal.

    Btw the slapping scene i saw one of the foreigners smiling, i bet they have never seen actions like that.,

    Thanks for the awesome job!!
    Ep 6 here we go~~

  23. 23 mskololia

    I’m team lawyer Park and EG. That man was so deflated after talking with MR. Wae?

  24. 24 Kimchi

    awesome recaps ! as awesome as the series itself

  25. 25 Eye Candy

    I’m just freakin’ in love with this show and I just really want Maru to end up happy in the end, but I don’t know if that’s possible! Thanks HeadsNo2 great to encounter your recaps again! (the last I read were Dr. Jin, so I’m glad to see you got to recap a drama with a lot more promise than Dr. Jin, but still you totally made that show worth it!)

  26. 26 jen

    episode was sooo good!
    i saw the preview for ep 6 and some crazy stuff is going to happen! loving this drama!

    maru is quite an interesting character and i’m wandering if eun ki will find out and start manipulating him in a roundabout way

    • 26.1 ilikemangos

      episode 6 got me soooo anxious..
      this show gives me high blood pressure

  27. 27 maechan

    Thanks for the recap! I really needed it when I started watching last night, so I could come amd rant: HAN JAE HEE YOU B*TCH… she was manipulating Maru, you think she’d abandon her status, riches and child… I don’t think so, she’s just an extremely manipulative person

    Well, congratulations Park Shi Yeon, I absolutely hate your character.

  28. 28 ilikemangos

    Iโ€™m starting to believe that Eun-Gi is sincere about this guy. Maybe not from the get-go, but definitely these real feelings are coming out. Like when she put on all that makeup and a dress (gasp) and waited for him to show up forever, I really believed she was genuine. He saved her in turmoil, and that meant a lot considering she was about to lose the last memory of mom. As for Maru, I donโ€™t even know if he stayed up all night helping her for ulterior motives OR if for that one moment, he felt protective of the weak (deep down) eun-gi. Right now, maruโ€™s character is sorta blurry for me. Revenge, save noona, revenge. Choose!

    • 28.1 asianromance

      “Revenge, save noona, revenge. Choose!”– LOL!!!

      I think the words Jae-hee said to Eun-ki that he overheard on the phone – JH calling Eun-ki naive, etc. really got to him. I think he conflated his own feelings of being betrayed and belittled with Eun-ki’s. In the end, he did it to serve those feelings.

      Guy who saves a girl from falling to certain death/serious injury: yeah whatever. Dime a dozen in tv and dramas.

      Guy who saves a girl’s Barbie doll from falling down a cliff: very rare. If Maru did that for me, I’d be hard-pressed not to be touched and a little in love.

  29. 29 Qwerty

    I just REALLY REALLY want Maru to actually fall for Eun Ki. I hate all the fake stuff and all the leading on and sadness she is going to go through if he doesn’t fall in love with her. My ideal story: Have Jae Hee get what she deserves and Maru and Eun Ki live happy lives together. That would be the bomb. Here’s hoping. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • 29.1 shelhass

      That would be great. He would end up even more conflicted about the whole revenge thing.

      And we would end up with “Revenge. Save Noona. Love Eun-ki” and back again.

  30. 30 Sajen

    awesome episode but I seriously don’t get Eun Ki’s father if you’re going to ask the, obviously not gay, lawyer to stay on her side why are you not

  31. 31 Suzi Q

    I’m just loving this drama. Jae Hee and Eun Ki sparring is a joy to watch. So twisted.

    Everyone is so Two Faced that you don’t know which end is up! Eun Ki is so drawn in and mesmerized by Maru. He purposefully plants a kiss on her forehead and smiles until she’s gone and then immediately drops his facade.Oh, so very cold and calculating.

    Finally, at the end of the episode, Maru gives her a big kiss that would knock anybody’s socks off.Who wouldn’t melt for Song Joong ki? I can’t believe Maru is even sincere at this point. He is playing Eun Ki like all of the other woman that he’s had since Jae Hee.

    Jae Hee can still get to him because I think she was banking on Maru pull her out of the water. She loves her lush, rich life too much to give it all up. She’s so greedy and manipulative that she thinks everything must go her way. She meant everything to him, and it’s painfully clear Maru hasn’t gotten over her no matter how much he protests.

    Finally, glad Jae Gil showed Two faced Yoo ra the door.Can’t see why two women are fighting over him.”Giraffe” has a birth secret? So ho-hum…..

    Hated the silly looking blue and white backless jacket Jae Hee wore at the Aomori resort meeting. Looks like wherever she sat, the missing part of the suit got glued or was leftover on the chair. So unfashionable Ugly.

    • 31.1 jomo

      Reminded me of Miss Rose when CK wore the Armani suit Lo Si Yi’s family cleaned destroyed for him.

  32. 32 reallycool

    Praying Ma Ru starts to forget about Jae Hee and truly starts loving Eun Gi. And also that Eun Gi doesn’t get too hurt when she finds out the truth about Ma Ru and Jae Hee

  33. 33 ilikemangos

    That foreigner scene was quite cringe-worthy for me.
    ESPECIALLY the HILARIOUS “okay! let’s go!” exit from the chairperson.

    • 33.1 asianromance

      I LOLed at that part. It was right after protesting how the stuff Maru was saying was all lies and “intrigue”!! @__@

      The foreigner scene showed off Maru’s coolness, but it sort of makes me think less of the Taesan company if no one can bother to do a bit of research. It really felt like Maru just googled Richard from Rolling group and out comes the info.

    • 33.2 aafa83

      Where are they finding all these BAD actors to play foreigners in Kdramas? Do they just select them off the streets?

      • 33.2.1 ilikemangos

        In one of the K2H thread one of the actual foreigners that was in the show commented on a DB thread. He said how often times they have to quickly cast a foreigner in a small amount of time, so they basically just grab anyone. Plus, chances are that you’re going to find a well-acted foreigner in korea is slim. It’d be too much work for them to actually find someone. Plus, I think in korea, they feel that they wouldn’t know the difference anyways.

  34. 34 jomo

    Thanks for the recap.
    SJK is ridiculously beautiful from every angle.
    I don’t care how hard-hearted or suspicious EG is supposed to be, it THAT man kissed you like that, you’d be a goner, too. Too bad he is going to crush her, and for who?
    That JH soulless shell of a human. ARRRGGGHHH!

    • 34.1 fifi

      “Too bad he is going to crush her, and for who?
      That JH soulless shell of a human. ARRRGGGHHH!”

      Jaehee is obviously the root of all the problems -.-

  35. 35 biankoy

    Just when I was starting to like Park Shi-yeon, here’s another character that I surely hate.
    anyhoo, I’m still waiting for the amnesia to kick in, based on their previous interactions, Maru clearly does not need memory loss to have a hold on EunKi. I wonder what will happen if the plot turns that way.
    and can I just rave about Song JongKi! heart. heart. heart.

    • 35.1 TT

      I don’t get what it has to do with Park Shi-yeon though. Jaehe is her character and she did a good job
      I feel bad when actors do such good job that people hating on them bc they can differentiate the actors and their roles
      She is a sweet girl and awesome actress

  36. 36 shelhass

    Man, who the hell cares it there’s no such thing as nice guys?! We have THE GUY. And the less nice, the better.
    Really, Song Joong-ki is killing!

    I love that everything here is so blurry, we have to guess our way around it by comparing the shapes of the thing to the ones we already now from Writer’s Lee previous dramas, and we always get more questions than anwers.

    But, if I have to agree to something more than anything else is: ‘Maru, Fight the power!’. That woman is jailbait.
    Oh wait, you already know that, right?!

  37. 37 Noelle

    Holy hell. Was that Jackal/Coyote metaphor a foreshadowing of things to come! I really want him to find happiness with EK but that just seems like wishful thinking.

    Thanks for the recap!

  38. 38 ilikemangos

    Headsno2 recap quote of the day

    “These words cause him to make the dramatic U-turn Of Decision.”

  39. 39 lilly

    the child is not eun gi’s father’s? nooooo that can’t be true, its already complicated between the three so no more. what if ,after the eungi’s accident she’s looking for her mama. she’s wakes up with no mama papa sista brotha. that sad rite?

  40. 40 Tee

    UNPOPULAR OPINION: I want Jae Hee and Maru to end up.

    • 40.1 TT

      sad to say but me 2…. they seem to be a more interesting pair with long and complicated history together as they both still care and can’t get rid of the other no matter what ๐Ÿ™

      • 40.1.1 fifi

        I don’t want them to end up together… JH has hurt him too much that she does not deserve a happy-ending at all.

    • 40.2 mskololia

      At this point, me 3.

  41. 41 Shiku

    I know am in the minority but I just love JaHee. I love how she is a shameless manipulator and that her claws r coming out especially during her conversations with EunKi. Don’t get me wrong I like Eunki but I have a love hate relationship with her. I like how the characters r grey, there are good/bad sides to everyone. I wonder what JH’s ultimate goal is, I know now it seems like running the company but I think there is something more to it.

  42. 42 owl

    The operative word for this episode is โ€œhighly.โ€ Two highly unstable but powerful women who are stepmom/daughter and know no boundaries go head to head over a highly charged business transaction. Ma Rooโ€™s actions are highly unpredictable as he makes highly intelligent calculations to save Aomori.

    Jae Gil Park makes a highly emotional declaration that he has changed his name to Oh because of his highly unethical father. โ€œIf possible Iโ€™d take his blood out of my body.โ€ Whoa, highly dramatic. Yoo Ra, his highly annoying girlfriend brings out Jae Gilโ€™s highly loyal passion for Kang Chocoโ€™s character. โ€œIf you want to badmouth someone you have to do it right. How can you do such a poor job?โ€ Best lines go to Jae Gil in this episode.

    Jae Hee makes a highly narcissistic confession to Ma Roo in 10 minutes on the bridge. Did I mention highly unstable?? referring to her lowly life as lower than the bottom of the ocean. Her highly seductive antics work โ€“ again. She jumps *spa-laash!* and Ma Roo dives in to save her. Highly entertaining. I highly recommend it.

    btw- I want the giant fan headborad-love it!

  43. 43 song pong

    I like characters who are believable most of all. Eun-ki isn’t and the way she’s being characterized feels so …fake to me. Smart, cynical, rational, badass…She has been shown to see right through people, to understand how people work, how they behave etc. But her naivete when it comes to all things romantic love is incredibly forced, I’m really put off by it. She’s like a caricature of a character. Ugh.

    Joong-ki’s killin’ it though, I’m happy the show’s getting great ratings.

    • 43.1 Bakachild

      Well when would she have had time to cultivate a proper understanding of romantic relationships? She has been shown to just feel things and go with them, and she’s not apt for hiding things. That’s part of her conflict with Jae-hee who will sneakily fight and Eun-ki will just march up and show her hand because she just goes with what she feels.

      Obviously her family life/ childhood was messed up in too many ways and she was forced to grow up in an environment that breeds cynical rational people who will read those around them(in a business sense). There is no evident love or grooming of a person who was helped along in understanding her feelings in that sense(or any). At least with other emotions she has a field to test it out in but where is she supposed to explore romantic love in? The son of her boss’ rival seemed to be the only instance where she felt “romantic interest” and that looked extremely dysfunctional so again, she’s not that experienced.

      Not saying that it’s low key or anything, because it isn’t or that her being to in love with him isn’t ridiculous, because to me it is. But it’s not ridiculous in a “this seems fake way”. More of an exasperating ridiculousness if anything. And she’s an intense person so things don’t come off the way you expect normal people to act. Idk maybe that’s just me that sees it that way.

    • 43.2 ladida

      She’s also been shown to have been burned by romantic love once before, with the ex who she took the drug possession charge for. Also, Ma Ru is a professional. It’s his job to get women to fall in love with him, his job to make women feel that he’s in love with them. We’ve seen three of his marks come to him totally enraptured so far; one of them was willing to divorce her husband, and she wasn’t even really a mark, just a passerby. He has an armory of tactics to lay down a groundwork for romance and to cultivate a dependency on him on the part of Eun Ki: all the little glances and hand holding and smiles and smooth talking are targeted attacks on her defenses, just like when he was at first incredibly blunt. It’s like he threw her off balance and is now reeling her in.

      Also, Eun Ki is someone who has this strange relationship with her father where he publicly berates and shames her, but she still tries to please him. She still wants to be an organ donor for him, is still crushed when Jae Hee says he’s the one who wanted to sell of Aomori. He seems to only be able to show concern for Eun Ki secretly (what he said to Lawyer Park) but Ma Ru shows his concern for her openly. He just goes ahead and tells her he missed her and than her wan face makes him worry. All the things she’s not getting from her father she’s getting from him, and Ma Ru has this paternal air of protection about him (like how he tells her that if she feels thankful she should just say that) that definitely plays into their relationship.

      And finally, the relationship Eun Ki is looking back to to try and navigate her present one with Ma Ru isn’t the one where her ex screwed her over, it’s the one she had with her mother. Ma Ru and Eun Ki’s mother have been drawn together narratively: he saved the doll that represents Eun Ki’s relationship with her and he helped save her resort. One of Eun Ki’s greatest regrets was rejecting her mother, and it’s like now she’s determined not to do that again. She sees this opportunity for happiness and takes it: she puts on make up, puts on a dress, and is allowing herself to be happy. And with how forward she is in her feelings for Ma Ru? He laid the groundwork for their relationship: when he told her to just say thank you (just say what she means) it was like he was saying “if we’re gonna interact in any way you have to be honest with me,” and she’s sticking to that precept. Like Bakachild pointed out, being honest is already something Eun Ki does. Anyway, just my two cents.

      • 43.2.1 Betsy Hp

        I like your two cents! The way you tie Maru in with Eun-ki’s mom and dad is really spot on, I think. It’s important to see that Eun-ki’s in an incredibly vulnerable place because of her dysfunctional family. And Maru is very, very good at zooming in on vulnerability. (It’s how he’s been making a living and the first ep had him conning a conner. So his street-cred is established.)

        Also, Maru has shown no interest in Eun-ki’s money, which is one area I’d expect her to be trained to look out for. And most tempting of all, he’s helping her stick it to Jea-hee — which is just dipping him in chocolate in Eun-ki’s world. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. 44 Bakachild

    “That takes a special kind of person.”
    Yeah that’s called a sociopath. This girl man. The suicide in order to manipulate solidified my hatred of her. And then she has the gall to ask Maru to wait for her to finish up whatever shit she’s doing(and idek if she’s lying or not). I wasn’t even surprised, because from what we’ve seen she knows how to play people and will do it willingly for her own ends. It’s utterly disgusting. She could be completely serious in wanting Maru back or she’s a possesive bitch and just doesn’t want Eun-ki having what she used to have in her possession. Either way, she can just shove it.

    I know this writer has a penchant for having characters die at the end of their series. If it’s Jae-Hee no tears will be spent. Jae-Hee hate fest over.

    Maru’s drive in getting increasingly scary when i think about how it’ll crush Eun-ki. The poor girl DX

    And Eun-ki is a soldier. Love her to bits.

    Thanks HN2!!

    • 44.1 ladida

      My “Really, Jae Hee, REALLY???” moment this episode was when she told Ma Ru, “You still haven’t kept your promise.” I literally had to pause the video and walk away. How ludicrous is it for her to be accusing Ma Ru of broken promises when she’s been purposefully trying to distance herself from him as much as possible? When her whole objective in calling him was to get him to not go on a date with Eun Ki? Like, I kind of cannot believe the balls on this girl; one second I’m amazed and want her to win out because she’s just that audacious and another I’m angry…because she’s just that audacious!

      • 44.1.1 mskololia

        It’s feels like a “sting” operation that JH is running all by herself within the Seo kingdom. If so, she’s that audacious!

  45. 45 roseltv

    I love and hate this drama at the same time. I always tried to stay away from dramas like this because I watched them for entertaining purpose, it’s ok to make me cry but it’s a different matter if it gives me headache and makes me depressed (I’m usually so immersed whenever I watch/read something). This drama does exactly that.

    I watched Heroes (the American series) and I get the same feeling when watching Nice Guy, 5 eps vs. several seasons btw. Everyone was good and then they turned bad, but in the end, they turn out to be good again, and the cycle keeps going. And after reading everyone’s comments, I’m also reminded of A Love to Kill, the difference is that in that one, I already knew there was a misunderstanding in the beginning, the guy tried to destroy the girl, just to find out that she was actually the victim. And that drama made me depressed for a whole month. I really sincerely hope that that would not be the case for Nice Guy :(( My heart fell really hard when Maru stopped smiling after EunGi left. Man. Please spare my heart ๐Ÿ™

  46. 46 SHAZZZZZ

    Lol i Only watch Lee Kwang Soo Scenes with gusto.
    Everything else is too emotionally draining. Joong Ki is awesome as a badass hero.
    Loved Choco and JaeGil scenes! Haha
    Woah hes a rich kid who ran away and lives in a tent outside his best friend’s house!
    Glad he kicked Yoora Out!

  47. 47 fifi

    I really don’t want Jaehee and Maru to end up together.. I will be jut fine if they don’t give a happy ending for Maru and Eunki but a happy ending for Jaehee is a big no for me.

    • 47.1 whaterver

      don’t speak too soon maybe she is also a victim n did that for him lol
      we have 10 eps more to find out

  48. 48 SHAZZZZZ

    Lol i Only watch Lee Kwang Soo Scenes with gusto.
    Everything else is too emotionally draining. Joong Ki is awesome as a badass hero.
    Loved Choco and JaeGil scenes! Haha
    Woah hes a rich kid who ran away and lives in a tent outside his best friend’s house!
    Glad he kicked Yoora Out!

  49. 49 Lilly

    Is it just me or is this show making you think of people you would really, really like to get some revenge on?
    Maybe it is contagious.

  50. 50 ajj

    I wish Eun Ki and Maru will be together in the end.But this drama seems so unpredictable.

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