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Oohlala Spouses makes best poster ever
by | September 25, 2012 | 70 Comments

Pwahahahaha. If this show is half as funny as its promo material, it’ll be a winner. What genius made this awesome poster? And how does Shin Hyun-joon look kind of pretty as a bride?? Here’s the official poster for the upcoming gender-bendy rom-com Oohlala Spouses, starring Shin Hyun-joon (Gaksital) and Kim Jung-eun (Hanbando, I Am Legend), where everything you need to know about the premise is just right there on the hilarious poster: Soul-swapping husband and wife? Check. Gender-bendy shenanigans? Check. A cast that’s down for anything? Check and check.

The stills and second teaser down below give us a little more meat in regards to the couple’s initial conflict. Namely, it looks like hubby’s a cheating bastard. It’s also messing with my head that Han Chae-ah went from kissing one Gaksital to the other, but clearly Shin Hyun-joon has left that character behind. Turns out a man in a bridal mask and a bridal gown are just two very different things.

This teaser starts out parodying Big right away, which cracks me up. Please tell me that means you’re planning to get the body swapping done right for a change. It looks like the couple goes from a fateful rescue meet-cute to a rocky marriage that lands them in divorce court. But then the powers that be step in to swap their souls, forcing them to get a little taste of what life is like on the other side of that gender and marital divide.

Stills below show hotelier hubby on the job and philandering with his manager, and also in the aftermath of what looks like a violent accident involving a shoe. Is that what happened to you when your wife found you out? The stills of Kim Jung-eun as a geisha are just as curious, though they’re reportedly having to do with the character’s past in some way.

The drama actually seems like a funnier, zanier version of the rom-com Can’t Lose more than any of the other body-swapping dramas, as far as story goes. There’s such great conflict in setting up a switcheroo for a married couple that begin the show rooted in very traditional gender roles — room for character growth, heartwarming moments of understanding, and so much hilarity if done right. So far, all signs point to yes.

The production is helmed by PD Lee Jung-sub of Baker King and writer Choi Soon-shik of Bad Couple. Since the current Monday-Tuesday show Haeundae Lovers aired three episodes this week to finish out the series, Oohlala Spouses premieres next Monday on KBS.



70 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Monona

    This looks so awesome. And The Shoe! *dies* I’m so in XD

    • 1.1 True2u

      LOL!!!!!!!!! XD I was going through each pics, and came to that one and was like O.O——-> XD My stomach hurts!!!

    • 1.2 hawaiianseoul

      hahahaha, I’m imagining the hijinks that’s involved with that shoe already! XD

      and did anyone else see the censored knife?? ._.

      • 1.2.1 ~Feather~

        yup, i saw it. is it b’c of the tv station?

        • Bengbeng

          before you open the trailer link, u will see the knife pixelized.

      • 1.2.2 cafe

        Where? tell me please…

      • 1.2.3 JO

        It’s just a joke. It’s not because the tv station actually BANNED the knife. Lol.

  2. dduk


    han chae ah said she wanted to work with Shin hyun joon when she was on the set of Gaksital… looks like she is really workin’ him LOL!!!

    • 2.1 news

      Hahaha…did she really say that?! Cuz I scrolled down and all I saw was Rie kissing 1st Gaksital 😀 It’s like Lee Kang-to didn’t accept her heart so big bro decided to.

  3. javabeans

    Dies laughing.

    It’s like Gaksital in Big’s clothing, by way of Austin Powers.

    • 3.1 pabo ceo reom

      In other words, everyone needs to tune in. Gimme the crazy! 🙂

  4. Arhazivory

    OMG! LOL! That poster is definitely WIN.

  5. Simpli

    haha, can’t wait for this. there’s also another teaser where SHJ and HCA imitate the gag concert segment of men vs. women. it’s pretty funny

  6. Jenny

    LOL!!! That poster remind me of the wedding between the main lead in It Started with a Kiss (taiwan version) … lol

    This drama is just making me more excited to see it … every time I see something on it, I just couldn’t help but remember the teaser trailer on them with Shin Hyun-joon refuting wife stealing remote tv for what … Gakistal!! Entertainment Weekly!


  7. gailT

    i’m excited for this. i like a lot of the actors in this drama, especially Han Chae Ah. Hoping that she’s going to be more funny than evil in this, ala Wang Ji Hye in Protect the Boss. (Gah, that scene of the three girls in Eun Seol’s place singing 2NE1’s I am the Best is still memorable because it was a hoot.)

  8. Mystisith

    I knew the expression “foot in mouth” but “shoe in mouth” is a first for me.
    Parodying Big (the water scene and also when he falls down the stairs in slow-mo): It’s not nice to make fun of the sick little bro. *Evil laugh*
    Now, just to be sure… Re-swapping at the end, right? No metaphysical ending, right?
    Please, be a good show. Please, Please…

  9. nabithoj

    I’m soooooo watching this. I loved Can’t Lose, so this is definitely up my alley.

  10. 10 Kwhat?!

    I can’t wait! This show looks so hilarious! And you’re right, Girlfriday, that IS the best poster ever!

  11. 11 coconutjuice

    Random…but Shin Hyun-joon has such nice eyelashes! *-*

  12. 12 ___

    I’m so, so, so excited for this. LDSKJFLSKDJFDLSK!!!

  13. 13 Stardust

    I am so IN!! Cant wait…. I still have nothing to look forward to on tuesdays (*sorry LMH, really i m) and hopefully this will be awesome heehee i love the shoe in mouth idea… goes to show his wife knows a thing or two about emergency situations/how to get even, depending on if it was pre/post cheating. hahaha

    • 13.1 Anabanana

      Don’t feel bad for LMH. He’s a big boy, he can handle losing some viewers 🙂

      This looks way more funnier than Faith!

  14. 14 Judy

    sooooooooo excited here!

  15. 15 Tati

    Love Kim Jung-eun’s pink suit!

    Forget about romatic chemistry. This is a comedy after all, so comedic timing is all that matters, right? And both of them seem to have it. I am so looking forward to this now.

  16. 16 Abbie

    LOL! Please recap this! It’s going to be so funny!

  17. 17 msim

    Love the double gender bender.

    Plus. Han. Chae. ah. Sigh!
    I hope she gets comedic moments too. She’s fantastic.

  18. 18 True2u

    WHOOT WHOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL XD

    I’m loving every update of ooh la la. This should prove to be a big WIN!!!!

  19. 19 Link

    That opening scene… Priceless.

  20. 20 odet

    Oh my.. and I already told myself to stop watching for a while and do the stuff that needs to be done before “Cheongdamdong Alice” comes out.. Uh-oh… I’m doomed.

  21. 21 Noemi

    his facial expression in the poster just cracks me up…I can’t decide if he’s trying to be cute or coy or what, but it’s hysterical either way!

  22. 22 toystar

    Thanks for the update. OMG I can’t wait.

  23. 23 Anabanana

    Thank you for all the Gaksital references!

    Team A: Shin and Chae-Ah are in this and then Team B: SaeYeon, Damsari (the actor, not the character), and Chairman Ueno (again, the actor) are in Five Fingers. Ha!

    Now if only we can get the remainder of Gaksital together on Team C…

    Not likely with the way K-entertainment industry works, but worth a shot hoping for. Bring on more Gaksital reunions for YEARS to come!!

    Oh, yeah. The poster. I forgot what this post was about for a minute. It DOES remind me of ISWAK as someone above mentioned. YAY!!

  24. 24 Anabanana

    Btw, how is Shin Hyun-Joon 45 and still so handsome??? Dang. I know he is an actor and looks have to be maintained but he looks 35!!

    • 24.1 True2u

      I know that’s right!!!!, The man ages wonderfully, he reminds me of Cha Seung Won who gets hotter day by day!! someone plz throw some ice water on him to cool him down!! Ah! ……. wait…. never mind, just throw me at him and I’ll handle the rest. I have to add Kim Sun Ah, the girl looks like she gets more beautiful as the years roles on, I’m surprise she turns 37 in a week. I want to know their secret -_-.

  25. 25 Mia

    omg this is just hilarious XP i’m dying already

  26. 26 HK

    This looks so good! I am excited! Bring on the funny show!!!!

  27. 27 djes

    While I don’t really like Kim Jung eun, I like Shin Hyun jun! I’m so in. THis year is the year of ajusshi crushes coming back~

  28. 28 Amberscube

    This is gonna be awesome. I love the poster… I am excited for this one already.

    • 28.1 Amberscube

      Now that i have seen the teaser i am even more excited… Im died laughing at the Big parody…

  29. 29 Jo

    Literally laughed out loud!

  30. 30 girlatsea

    Han Chae-ah!!! I’m excited to see her again so soon! And of course woori Gaksital!

    Isn’t Horse Healer premiering next week too? Because, correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t Golden Time finish airing today?

  31. 31 lovedramas

    OMG!!! This looks soo funny!! I really hope it is. My head is spinning already… so KJE is going to really play the husband in the wife’s body and SHJ is playing the wife in the husband’s body. Eeks I am going to get all confused there.

  32. 32 Noelle


  33. 33 Samaritan

    If you want some tearjerker visit this one: http://igg.me/p/189069?a=941888 Help us to get the word out!

  34. 34 lovepark

    It looks so fantastic and funny! Bye bye sleep, you were a wonderful friend but it seems like we may have to part ways for a while. At least I’ll finally have something to watch now, though there are so many potential dramas airing soon that it’s hard to manage them all.

  35. 35 hellochloe

    Oh. my. dramagod.

  36. 36 MEalways

    Shin Hyun-joon is one of my fave actors.
    Out of line, but just want to say that one of my dreams come true.

    I just read that Cha Tae Yun will take the leading actor on KBS ‘Jeon Woo Chi’. That means he will be taking over the wand after Tae Wong (Equator Man) and Joo Won (Gaksital)… All three are the casts of 2D1N… Who’s next?
    I wish Tae Yun will win the ‘marathon’ and finish 2012 beautifully!

    He will face Seung Woo on Third Ward.
    Wow, quite interesting.

    Add that with Vampire Prosecutor 2 and I will have to loose another sleep hours, oh dear….

    What they say is true… be careful for what you wish for, because it may comes true. Ohlala…..

  37. 37 Jenny

    Hahahahaha! This looks hilarious, and I agree he sort of looks pretty.
    I just hope this is as great as the previews show it to be.
    But why is she wearing plastic flowers in her hair, real flower kanzashi look like this;

  38. 38 redfox

    …so big bro did not die, he got a sex change….?

    • 38.1 mojobobo

      lollllll!! Or rather, he time traveled and met Hong Joo.

    • 38.2 Rara

      no, he did die.
      just reincarnate again as a woman.
      um, I mean a man with woman soul.

      oh whatever, he/she indeed looks pretty lmao

  39. 39 Yue

    OMG! I LOVE the poster! I never really liked posters before, either they’re overly done or not up to expectations. But, this one is just fantastically amusing and I love it. Shin Hyun-joon actually looks kinda pretty in a dress as well!

  40. 40 mojobobo

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!1 Shin Hyun Jun is rocking that wedding dress!! He has a nice figure!! And wow, the Gaksital actors are kissing. And Han Chae Ah tweeted the photo of Kim Jung Eun in a kimono, talking about Hong Joo. Heh. Are we going to get a parody??? Kekekke. Can’t wait for this to start airing!!!

  41. 41 D

    HAHAHAHA… It’s so damn hillarious.

    Girlfriday, I saw it on soompi forums there’s picture of SHJ wearing a cloth and hair like a freedom fighter (read : Kang To in Gaksital).

    It says about can a Freedom Fighter fall in love with a Geisha dancer (something like that).

    I’m so gonna watch this!

  42. 42 chmebu

    all i can say, it’s a Big Bridal Spouses

  43. 43 omo

    Thanks GF for the post.

    I suspect this is one series I’m going to watch live and then again on KBS World 3 weeks later on the big screen. Hmmm…and then online countless times in between.

  44. 44 Dee

    i adore the leads!

    but i hope that writer-nim won’t pull another bad-couple-crap on us >._>

  45. 45 dulcedeleche

    NEXT MONDAY? noooo that means it’ll be battling Faith for my affections.

  46. 46 Muuta

    Haha, looks promising on the comedy front, hopefully the plot is also good 🙂

    Hm… will we see the slap that Han Chae Ah was talking about? Hee…

  47. 47 Sunshine

    there been so many body switching, time jumping i wonder what next…well i can’t wait to see this…i am excite to see a couple switch bodies

  48. 48 mikan

    wow this is one of the shows I can’t wait 🙂 Actually before I didn’t like Shin Hyun-joon (I think he starred in Stairway to Heaven, right?), but after seeing him in Gaksital, I began liking him as a good actor.
    …And the ‘slap’ Han Chae-ah was talking about might come true after all heehee ^^

  49. 49 MeeisLee

    “This teaser starts out parodying Big right away” alright, Show, you got me, I will be tuning in :).

  50. 50 Naddie

    Hee, this looks like a hoot 😀 Am hoping it’ll be less slapstick, over-done-humour and all laugh-out-loud moments. I’ll be tuning in the first few eps because I’m running out of steam when Reply 1999 ended.

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