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  1. NKB

    First? Probably not… πŸ™

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Happy OT everyone!

      What does MISA stand for? I have seen it many times but can’t figure out what it stand for. I Know it is a drama (maybe with So Ji Sub?) and I have looked for the name on dramas’ lists but still couldn’t make what the acronym stood for.

      Another question: I have looked at the sitemeter, and I have noticed that the # of users currently online doesn’t match the # of online users broken down when one looks at the sitemeter page. Has anyone noticed that? And if yes, why is that?

      I hope everyone will have a great weekend! It is getting colder in my neck of the woods.

      @ Maya, if you read this, I left you a response on Gaksital recap for episode 27 thread and to those who said “Hello” to me last week, I responded to all of you. It was sloppy, but I responded.

      Gaksital is over, all good things must come to an end! That’s the way life goes…. At least it went out with a bang :-)!!!! This week, I watched Faith and Gaksital. two different shows, but both good, imho.

      Does anyone know the name of the young king in Faith? I mean the name of the child actor who plays the young king. I couldn’t find it (yet). Thanks!

      NOTE: Sorry to tag on to you NKB: my page is weird: I don’t have the icon/opening to enter a post, just the reply options are showing up, I am not sure why.

      • 1.1.1 Rovi

        MISA is short for “Sorry I Love You” (MIanhada SAranghanda).

        • zgznoona

          You can always learn something new in OT

        • Ivoire

          Thanks Rovi, I appreciate it. No wonder I couldn’t find the drama. I was looking under an English title, that’s why. Is this drama good, or is it very melodramatic?

          • hoochie

            MiSa is quite melodramatic. I’m not a big fan of melos but I would still suggest that you watch it but be prepared for the ending.

          • Ivoire

            Thanks Hoochie, I will keep that in mind :-)!

          • Maya

            Hi Iv,
            I’ve seen your comment. But I haven’t got the chance to reply yet. I’m between events right now and I only have a short time to open my laptop (and the first thing I did was checking DB :D). Will come back later on in the day, or maybe tomorrow to reply it. I feel like I also need to touch every point you’ve written in your post, and I don’t think I’ll have enough time to reply it all right now. So please check it out later in the day Iv. πŸ™‚
            Btw, a word of advice, you shouldn’t watch MiSa after just finishing Gaksital last night. That series was pretty heartbreaking too. I loved So Ji Sub there, though… πŸ™‚
            Anyway I hope you’ve had a great week so far, Iv. And a great weekend ahead of you.. πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            Hi Maya,

            So good to hear from you!!!! I know you are very busy and I appreciate you leaving me a response. I was thinking about you and I wanted to ask you this: would you be opposed to us being friends on FB? (that is if you have a FB account). I have enjoyed getting to know you, and I thought it would be nice to know each other better. I hope you are not offended by my request/thought. I like our conversations/discussions, the maturity in our conversation (by that I mean that we are both educated and we learn from the exchanges we have. We can also be silly at times, and that is OK and actually welcomed), how we never forget if we owe each other a response etc… It’s like even though we don’t really know each other, we care about each other to a certain extent, like we think about each other when we are away from each other, and I think that is what happens. I really LIKE our exchange of ideas :-).

            I have exchanged emails with two ladies here and I have had contacts and phone conversations with 2 others (and emails). One ended up sending me peppermint candy and ramen noodles (that Yonchun is a CF actor for) during the RTP days by mail (and that was very sweet) and I met one who took me to the Google K-pop concert in Mountain View, CA back in May. It is kind of nice when meeting on a blog site can lead to making actual connections. In any case, I thought I would throw it out there, for your consideration.

            I am glad you read my response, please take your time to respond. I am not going anywhere :-). Just let me know when you post it.

            Thank you for the piece of advice about MiSa. I will leave it for another day. I was curious about it, because I have seen it being referred to, a lot.

            Alright my dear, a great weekend to you as well. *Hugs*

          • Maya

            Hi Iv,

            *hugs back* I just replied to your comment on Gaksital #27. Hope the post won’t bore you.. :D. Btw, I welcome the idea of being friends on FB, it’s been great talking with you too these last few weeks/months (time flies)? And FB would be a great place to stay in touch, as you know I might not drop by here as often in the future. I still have your email, so I’ll send you my FB account via email. Now I can make gaksital-related status and someone would finally get it! πŸ˜‰
            MiSa is a good drama, and I think that was the drama that made SJS really popular in Korea. I was rather addicted to it back in the day too. But as hoochie has pointed out, it’s a melo (a lot I think), so I don’t know whether it’ll be a good follow up for Gaksital. πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            Hi Maya,

            I sent you an email as well and a message on FB. I will read your response on Gaksital # 27, and no, I don’t think I will be bored to death :-)… Thanks again for the recommendations about MiSa. They are duly noted.

      • 1.1.2 oftheshore

        Heeeeey Ivy! How are you?
        What do you think of Faith so far? The heroine is really my type, so I was thinking of watching after Gaksital and RMPW…

        • Ivoire

          Hello OTS,

          Personally, I would recommend Faith. I love LMH, so I would make an effort to support his dramas and movies, as long as he is not getting totally naked (I hope I am not giving anyone any ideas :-)), that’s where I personally draw the line. I will/can do chest naked, but I don’t want to see anything else. Good acting/writing/directing and OST do not require that I see someone fully naked, imho.

          I like seeing LMH in a different role. I see him giving his best (and he does) but I also understand why some have said that his acting at times looks wooden. His delivery line needs to improve (he sometimes acts like LMH acting and looks like, “I am waiting for you to be done saying your lines, I wait for my cues and then I go in” kind of thing, or at least it is what I have noticed.

          There are scenes where he really shines imho, and his fight scenes are good, as they were in CH. In those scenes, he doesn’t try to act cool, he just does what he was taught and what they rehearsed (is what it seems like to me) and that is why they work. JB mentioned the same thing about his fight scenes in CH, he didn’t try to act cool during those scenes, and THAT made him (look) cool, and I agree.

          That said, LMH in this role is challenging himself and I like that. He does give off that air of “I don’t care, I just want to sleep all day, I carry the world on my shoulders” that his character feels and I buy that (to a large extent). I also love him with the mane of glory (which he rocks) whether it is up or on his face (I like it up better).
          His face looks fuller and a little older (compare to his days in BOF and CH) and I welcome that as well. I really like his voice (I didn’t always like it before) and I love it when he murmurs. there is a scene where he murmurs to the child king and oh my… It’s like 2 words that he says (softly and quickly), so you have to pay attention and have headphones on to catch the difference in his voice and tone when he does that, but it is different and just… dreamy :-)…

          I pay attention to stuff like that when I watch dramas which is why I become so engrossed (eventually) when I watch one. Each actor/actress is different and I like noticing the little things that make them who they are, like their voices, mannerisms, etc… There are some Korean and US actors and actresses whose voices I know by now because I just love their voices and I would recognize them anywhere, they are that unique. I used to do that when I was a teenager back home, to recognize someone’s voice before they said who they were, when they would call my home (we didn’t have caller ID back then), and I was good at it.

          So, going back to Faith, the heroine is a hoot and well casted. I have personally liked her from the beginning and I like her acting, I have no complaints there. The 2ndary characters are also a draw in for me. I went back to my comment on the 1st recap and was surprised at how much I raved about the king (and you know me, I can do some raving :-)). I saw very early on, what many people seem to only see now. I told you, I pay attention to details:-), it’s part of my MO.

          So the 2ndary and 3ciary characters, I also like, a lot, and their acting is really good. There is a lot of bromance, between the king and CY (LMH), and CY and his army men (Yay). I am now realizing that Kdramas do bromance really well, it must be important in their culture. I personally like it.

          I love LOVE, LOVE the OST, Oh my goodness!!!!! ALi’s “carry On” and the instrumental piece at the end of the episodes (and sometimes during the episodes) is one of my favorite instrumental pieces. They have variations of it in the drama (string instruments, piano version, etc…).

          All in all, I would say have low expectations going in. This is like IDID, where the characters’ stories are slowly built up and are let to breathe. There are some surprises, but it is not (yet) dark and intense the way Gaksital is. I don’t think it is supposed to be. If you go in relaxed (in your expectations), and willing to have an open mind, I think you might like it. I would also like to say that the king is handsome (srly, he is hot, imho) and I love Lee Phillip in it as well. I actually like almost all the male characters in this show. There is one who is annoying and you will see who he is from episode 1 :-).

          I hope this helps, sorry this was long, I have a hard time doing it any other way, since this is where I can pour my heart out (DB and OT). Thank goodness you don’t mind reading. What’s another text to read, huh? :-). But this is about Kdramas, so it is even better, imho. Wouldn’t you agree?

          • Ivoire

            @ OTS Good morning,

            I am glad you are liking BM. I forgot to mention that Faith is funny, so you should be getting some laugh out of it as well :-). I hope your weekend is going well and that your trip will go well as well.

        • Ivoire

          OTS, are you watching Gaksital now? really? What do you think of it, if you are watching it? I am curious.

          • Maya

            I’m curious too… *Gaksital’s withdrawals effect*

          • Ivoire

            Oh Maya, you have got it bad, phew… Do you think you might need therapy, at some point? πŸ™‚

          • oftheshore

            Just started, but will probably watch it properly sometime late next week when I’m back home. So far, the word I would use is ‘solid’!

          • Maya

            I think I need a therapy a long time ago, ever since I started watching it, Iv.. πŸ˜€

          • Ivoire

            Hi OTS, I left you a response here:

   Ivoire September 8th, 2012 at 9:04 am

            I posted it in the wrong place, sorry…

          • Ivoire

            @ Maya, I can understand that and why πŸ™‚

      • 1.1.3 Lemon

        The young king in Faith is Choi Won Hong.

        He’s the same boy who played Kim Hyun Joong’s younger brother in Playful Kiss!

        • christy

          I knew he looked familiar!!

        • JoAnne

          THAT’S who he is. It was killing me. He was great in both – I will be looking for him again.

        • Ivoire

          Thanks Lemon,

          I had been looking for his info and couldn’t find it on Faith info pages. I thought he was EXCELLENT in those 2 (or 3) episodes. He was just sooo good, very moving, extremely believable in his role. I also thought he was cute and adorable (and smart) in PK. Great child actor!

        • Ivoire


          I just found out he was in Rooftop Prince as well, playing the role of the Crown Prince Lee Kak. I didn’t notice him then, hm…

          • Maya

            Aaah, no wonder he looks familiar. I never watched Playful Kiss but I feel like I knew him from somewhere else.. Thanks Iv.

          • Ivoire

            You are welcome, Maya! I DO aim to please.

            Also, I found out that “Saranghae, I love you” has videos on I have watched 2 or 3 segments there. It’s not the whole episodes πŸ™ but only segments of them. Probably the same things you have seen on YT. I was happy to see those and see that Viki was subbing those as well. Just thought I would let you know.

          • Maya

            Wow I didn’t know they’ve put it up in Viki already, and got it subbed. I might check it out later. I still don’t think that I watch it though, maybe just the last episode to see how it all turns out. And thanks again for letting me know. You do live up to your aim.. πŸ˜€

          • Ivoire

            Good morning (my time) Maya,

            “You do live up to your aim.. :-)” just made my day. How are you? So I take it that you will watch it in the original language(s), right? I wish I could find the whole episodes. I am sure viki is doing its best. I hope that over time, they will be able to have the whole episodes. It would be nice to be able to check the drama out.

            Are you currently watching anything or are you temporarily taking a break from Kdramas?

          • Maya

            Good afternoon Iv (my time :)),
            Yep I would watch it raw if I decided to watch it. I would like to help with the subbing once the video is uploaded in Viki, but I don’t think I can fit them in my schedule right now. I can help fill the gaps though if you decided to watch it, just let me know, and I’ll try my best to mini-recap it.
            I’m currently watching Faith and Arang. Both have been put on the back burner because of Gaksital and assignments. I haven’t caught up to this week’s episodes yet. I heard that Faith just got so good and I’m excited for that. I planned to catch up with both of them this weekend but I’ve been spending my times watching BTS clips from Gaksital and also 1N2D instead πŸ˜€
            I don’t know whether I’m going to follow another drama soon though. I’m still deciding between Rich Man Poor Woman and Answer Me 1997, but I’m worried at how addictive both of them are. Especially since they already have quite a number of episodes out.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Maya,

            So nice of you to offer to mini-recap the drama for me if I needed it. I will keep that in mind, thank you! I am trying to just focus on Faith right now. I haven’t seen a single episode fully subbed, I have watched them raw or at 80% subbed and then read the recaps, so I know I have missed some things, because the recaps don’t cover every line, and I like to understand everything. So I would like to start from the beginning again. I don’t think that I will have time to marathon it, I think I might watch 1 or 2 episodes at a time, while I try and keep up with the current ones. It takes me a long time to watch an episode of a kdrama.

            I have RMPW and AM1997 on my list of dramas to watch (and maybe TTBY), but I am not touching them right now. I have been meaning to lay off of dramas for a while, or at least, just focus on one or two. I think I will focus on Faith, and maybe Oohlala Spouses when it starts.

      • 1.1.4 Korazy Lady

        Morning Ivoire,

        Hope you are enjoying your new employment!

        While I’ve passed on Gasitkal, I finally jumped on the Faith train. I think it helped that I could watch the first 6 episodes back to back. A little too many flying swordsmen for me, but it’s definitely entertaining and I do love the main couple. I’m also wanting to see more of an interaction between the king and queen.

        I also am finally starting to understand LMH’s appeal! πŸ™‚

        • Ivoire

          Good morning KL,

          Sorry this is so late, I was reading the different posts on OT. Welcome to the Faith train and yay!!!!! for this: “I also am finally starting to understand LMH’s appeal!” Welcome to the club :-)!!!!!!

          I wrote my opinion on Faith above for OTS, feel free to read it if you are interested. Gaksital is really good, but I can see how it might not be your thing. I haven’t yet seen a fully (100%) subbed episode of Faith, (I sometimes watch raw and read the recap) because the subs are slow, so I would like to go back and watch the episodes fully subbed from the beginning. It makes a difference to read the dialogue as you are watching the acting and interactions.

          I love the main couple when they are bickering and giving each other long glances (longing ones). I can’t wait to see them fall in love with each other. I do love the king and the queen and I am looking forward to them being on the same side (and in love) instead of fighting each other.

          I love Dae-man and the Wooldachi guys as well :-), oh, and Phillip(sp?) Lee.

          I am still on probation for the part-time new employment, but so far, so good, I think.

    • 1.2 zgznoona

      Happy OT NKB πŸ™‚

      • 1.2.1 NKB

        Thank you!! Happy OT to you too πŸ˜€

  2. NKB

    OMG!! I feel like I’ve just achieved something significant in my life!! Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you all had awesome weeks πŸ˜€

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      Happy OT NKB, and Happy Friday again! I do understand the feeling. Thank you for letting me tag on to you :-)…

  3. dany

    Happy Friday!
    I, in the other hand, am not that happy, Bridal mask is over! Cry, Cry. I still have Arang and Faith so I am still breathing. And Panda and hedgehog is not that bad, either. Life is beautiful in kdrama land.

    • 3.1 zgznoona

      Happy Friday, think about the new shows that will come to replace the ones we love. At least that’s who I try to comfort my self for approaching ending of AM1997

    • 3.2 ricky trh

      Life is indeed beautiful in Kdramaland.

      • 3.2.1 shel

        Is this THE Ricky HRH? Or a clever imposter….

        • ricky trh

          I am not sure exactly when or how I deserved a “THE” in front of my name.
          But it is me, the one and only Great Master of the Vibrating Buttocks kung fu discipline.

          • zgznoona

            Yayyy! Vibrating Buttocks ftw

          • jomo

            You know, rtrh,toaogmotvbkf, I am not sure we ever got an explanation as to how your buttocks began vibrating.

            I need an origins story.
            10 points to Buttocksdor if that story contains someone with a secret identity.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Jomo, can I ask what this means/stands for “toaogmotvbkf”? (just curious)…

          • jomo

            It is what he claimed he is:
            the one and only Great Master of the Vibrating Buttocks kung fu

          • ricky trh

            toaogmotvbkf = the one and only Great Master of the Vibrating Buttocks kung fu discipline.

            Can I just say that I was born with it?

          • Ivoire

            @ Jomo and Ricky, toaogmotvbkf

            You guys just crack me up!!!! I liked how Ricky had to repeat it to make sure the last word “discipline” was included, which Jomo forgot/didn’t mention.

            So now I have a new question: what is “Buttocksdor?” @ Jomo, thanks.

        • shel

          There’s only ONE real HRH Ricky, my dear. Which might be a good thing, lol…..

      • 3.2.2 MJP

        Hi Dany! Do you write poetry?

        Hi Ricky TRH! I finished watching the Thailand drama Original title: Kehas See Daeng English Title: The Red Castle this week. Also started watching the Thai version of Coffee Prince, but it’s not all subtitled yet.

        Hi Jomo!

        Hi Shel!

        Hi ZgzNoona!

        Hi Ahjummabunny Love!

        Hi CMRPrindle!

        Hi Everyone!

        • zgznoona

          Hi MJP, I missed you.
          How is the family?

          • MJP

            Everyone is well. I am a carpool mom in the afternoon for two more exchange students, so I spend more time driving, just like Shel, I think! LOL! Plus the state government changed some legislation and now our Kteen doesn’t get student bus tickets. The school is working on the problem, but I was trying to drive him to school at 7 a.m. when I was going to bed at 2:10 a.m. after taking Wee MJP to his 2 a.m. potty time (yes, he will pee the bed if I don’t do it.) Thankfully, another host mom’s cousin is driving Kteen to school. I’m in process of co-planning a meet and greet for the host families and exchange students, if everyone is interested.

            Wah! Just busy as usual, how about you? What’s happening in your life?

          • zgznoona

            Parenting is hard. You need time to sleep, you’ll probably be able to catch up when Wee MJP goes to college.
            I see you still have Teen MJP with you. How is the experience?
            about Wee, I understand you since my sister had the same problem with the eldest. I spent some time with them back in June and they started potty training the little one too. That one learned in a matter of 3 days.
            My life… I came back from Spain decided to make a lot of changes, but some how I started feeling insecure about it. But I think it is about time to start taking things seriously.

        • shel

          HI MJP!!! Long time to see, talk to, whatever…

          How’s wee MJP and is the teen MJP still with you guys?

          I hope you’re all well and happy!

          • MJP

            Hi Shel!

            We are good. I wrote a bit above. I’m late for a ladies scrapbooking meeting, NO KIDS OR HUSBANDS! So please excuse me for being a bit quick.

            Yes we still have Kteen, I forgot to answer and he is doing well. He’s organizing a basketball competition between the exchange students since the state doesn’t allow exchange students to participate in school sports programs (sucky, but I understand why).

            Like I said above, I’m doing the same thing as I read you were doing below, driving teens all over the place!!! LOL!!!

        • cherkell

          MJP dahling!! LTNS!! How you be? How be the Wees and the Not-So-Wees?

          • MJP

            CHERKELL!!!!!!! I’ll have to scan for your updates later so I can find out how you are doing. Are you guys still doing the Noonas night at the movies? I am so bummed that was shut down to North America!!! But that is old news, I know.

            I’ve got a couple of responses above, for family updates. I gotta dash for now! TTYL!

        • ricky trh

          I hope you are fine πŸ™‚

          • MJP

            Ricky TRH! I am fine, thanks!

            How about yourself? The Royal Family?

    • 3.3 redfox

      I know, but it will be ok. I cure myself with the sillyness of to the beautyful you (although the word beautyful reminds me of Katsuyama…waaah) and some Ma Boy as well.
      now I wanna see Gaksital characters in drag….wait, they tried and it looked off. or well, Damsari with moustache looked like a woman dressing up as a man. which is why it looked plausible that it is not Damsari.

      I really want to see Park Ki Woong and Joo Won in a full lenght movie together. They must.

    • 3.4 Maya

      Awww… We’ll be okay… Me also still sad it’s over… Oh hang on…. it’s not over yet. They’re just starting the uprising… *going into denial again*

      • 3.4.1 CM

        Shunji thought us well how to go into denial LOL

        • Maya

          I only learn from the best… πŸ˜‰

        • redfox

          what denial? I deny having denial about my denial!

  4. kewbie

    Happy Friday all! Anyone watch PSY on the VMAs last night?

    Anyway hope all is well with everyone. BBL!

    • 4.1 Agatha

      OMG he was at the VMA’s?!!!! How in the world did I miss that?!!!!! I love PSY he is hilarious!!

    • 4.2 Saima

      Katy Perry was positively fangirling….very cute!!

      Samsung has recruited PSY & Seung-gi for their latest CF. They’re going Asak Style yo. Here’s a ‘lil preview but it looks awesome!!

      It’s adorable since the two of them go waaaaay back when LSG debuted. PSY wrote his super-hit “Noona, you’re my woman”. So talented, PSY oppa! <3

      • 4.2.1 Korazy Lady

        Cutest smile on LSG ever!

      • 4.2.2 Ivoire

        Thanks Saima, for sharing this. Soo cute and funny!!! Does VMA stand for Video Music Awards? I am curious… So will PSY be in LA for the VMA?

    • 4.3 Korazy Lady

      My daughter, who is an entertainment reporter in LA, texted me about him. I’m interested in hearing her thoughts, since he was unknown to her.

      Is there a clip anywhere of it? I was out last night

    • 4.4 Rashell

      It is crazy how this thing has just blown up all over the world. And my friends, who know my Korean obsession, have all seen this video now on the mainstream US television. Good for PSY!

  5. myweithisway

    Answer Me 1997 is killing me with its awesomeness!

    • 5.1 Peeps

      Answer to 1997 myweithisway:

      Would you like some awesome music to go with that?


      Argh, all these Jung EunJi and Seo Inguk feels~~

      • 5.1.1 Peeps

        How do you do strikeouts on this forum?? [s]like this[/s]? I was striking out 1997…

        • Rovi

          It’s like this. (remove the spaces hun)

          • myweithisway

            Just trying this out like this

          • myweithisway

            wait no…is it like this

          • Sonia
        • Rovi

          Wait sorry, like this.

          It’s , then the phrases to be struck-out, then .

          • Rovi

            Sorry (for the final time), like this.

            Use the word strike, then use the less than and greater than signs.

          • Peeps

            Let’s see… STRIKE!

          • Peeps



          • Rovi

            You’re welcome. And sorry for spamming the replies. DX

          • Peeps

            Hehehehehhe, actually, I was hoping open thread was for positive spamming, then I could try that out without bothering many. HAHAHAHHA.

            But still, THANKS!!

      • 5.1.2 myweithisway

        On repeat!

        Trying to give me a heart attack aren’t you?

        • Peeps

          Tsk tsk! You have to be strong! We still haven’t had confirmation of who Shiwon’s baby daddy is! (Even though it’s really obvious but still, y’know, this show’s writer… is a total troll-master, so…)

          In the words of Arang, “If you die, YOU’RE DEAD!”
          You need to be around in the last episode to fangirl with me!

          • myweithisway

            Hah love the quote from Arang!

            I’ll definitely be around. Planning on to marathon AM1997 again after it finishes just so I can fangirl some more!

      • 5.1.3 Spooksmom


        Thank you for sharing this! Made my morning!

      • 5.1.4 zgznoona

        Thanks for the video πŸ™‚

    • 5.2 KDrama Fan

      I’m just feeling the love myself:)

    • 5.3 Rashell

      This drama is my drama crack right now. Just love and adore every second of it. And unlike Gaksital I don’t either bawl or want to poke my eyes out from the bloody torture.

      Answer Me 1997, why so awesome?

    • 5.4 ricky trh

      I like its honesty, the pacing of the story and the characters. LOVE the family unit too.
      The Yoon brothers can adopt me πŸ™‚

      • 5.4.1 zgznoona

        not sure your sisters will be happy with that, or maybe they will πŸ˜›

        • shel

          Yes, they will. ALthough, I guess I’d be noona to all three of them.

          • ricky trh


          • zgznoona

            Ricky, you know Shel just melt when reading that “noona”

          • shel

            She’s right about that, lol.

          • ricky trh

            [fist pump]
            Mission accomplished!

  6. Amberscube

    I have fallen in love head over heels with Faith..

    Episode 8 is pure awesomeness.

    Ki Chul… Be afraid, be very afraid, you just woke up a sleeping giant.

    • 6.1 Agatha

      You are not the only one. There is not a single character I hate, I mean I love Ki Chul even though he’s evil but I like him as evil. This is also the first drama that has got me thinking “Wow Lee Min ho is hot!!” Which considering I have seen BBF and City Hunter is saying something. I mean did anyone else have dreams of him with all those chains around him…. Maybe I’m the only one that’s weird….

      • 6.1.1 Ladytron33

        Oh Agatha, you got a giant LOL from me with your chain comment. You are no alone in thinking he’s super hot in this. How are you so sexy, LMH?

        Also loving Faith btw. It’s my favorite of the new shows. Just had to fangirl over cute boys first πŸ™‚

        • Agatha

          I know right!! How is it that LMH is so sexy? I mean the man makes a dungeon sexy. I was staring at my computer like an idiot while seeing the episode!! I kinda wanted to be there with him. Seriously God was having oh such a nice day when he created him….

          • Ladytron33

            He he. So true. He really is a work of art. How can a man look so good sporting that hair and those bulky costumes? Sigh. I think I need to stop watching K-dramas for a while. Real men (ie my actual husband) don’t seem to measure up anymore. lol

      • 6.1.2 Lang

        I really hope Ki Chul, falls in love for realz with the Doctor, and then we get to see his inner turmoil of all these years of how he worked to become the most powerful in Goryeo, but one woman, can change all that … and it will be particularly sad too because the Doctor can’t give him her heart….

        • Agatha

          Oh ho ho!! How good would that be? If Ki Chul really did fell in love with Eun Soo, I mean it wouldn’t really be love, I don’t believe the man is capable of that but more like a deep obsession. Ohhh that would kinda light a fire under Choi Young’s ass, I mean your nemesis wants your woman no matter the cost *squeal*….. Oh boy I think I need a cleanse from dramaland if I get exited over things like this….

          Oh and Ladytron 33 I know what you mean about real men not measuring up anymore. I looked at my bf after watching the last episode and I thought “Why aren’t you LMH……” Oh harsh cruel reality where all men can’t be that hot….

          • Ladytron33

            I watch dramas to escape harsh cruel reality! Why do I have to face the truth, huh? I just got my mom into k-dramas and rewatched Queen Inhyun’s Man with her. Oh my god, I forgot how amazing Kim Bong Do is. Best. Drama. Hero. Ever. I’ll take him and you can have LMH. Seems fair, right πŸ™‚

          • Agatha

            YES it is completely fair. LMH YOU ARE MINE!!!! If you will please bring along the chains, thank you…

        • Ivoire

          Hi Lang, I have a question for you: *SPOILERS ABOUT FAITH*
          How can KC have so much power, much more than the king? I thought he was a count or some higher person in the kingdom, but not above the king. That was confusing to me, the fact that KC could trap the king in his own palace and kingdom. Also, who are the state guards? And how come they are above the Wooldachi? Was it because of the (supposed) betrayal? That left me confused as well… Thanks if you answer.

          • Bashful82

            Same way as Mishil could run rings around various Shilla kings – power and influence…when the king is weak, it allows ambitious people to gain more power and start placing their people in positions of power and soon enough, you have a powerless monarch…

          • SH

            In Ep. 2 (I think), KC is described as the Queen of Yuan’s brother, so maybe that’s how he is so powerful esp. in a kingdom still politically controlled by the Yuan court.

          • Ivoire

            @ Bashful 82 and SH,

            Thanks for your explanations, they helped. I didn’t see Queen Seon Deok (sp?) so although I have heard of Mishil, I am not familiar with her character.

            @ SH, I have watched a lot of Faith raw, because the subs are slow, so I don’t always get all that is being said. I guess I will have to go read the recaps again to familiarize myself with the intrigue and understand better how things are plotted.

          • avonmarissa

            History shows that Ki Chul was the brother of a Koryo woman who had married the Yuan(Mongol) emperor and become Empress Ki. Since Koryo was under the dominance of the Yuan empire, Ki Chul was enjoying the power that his sister’s position brought. It is said that Empress Ki was personally responsible for influencing the Yuan emperor to change Koryo kings when she and her brother’s power was threatened. This particular king in the drama is known for later gaining power and getting rid of Ki Chul and all the other pro-yuan officials from his court.

          • Ivoire

            @ avonmarissa,

            Thank you! I appreciate your thorough explanation, which makes sense. When I watch a drama, I like to understand every minute of it (if it makes sense), and not being Korean or even Asian, there is a lot that I become curious about and learn along the way because of my interest in Asian dramas and cultures.
            I know a little bit of the more modern stuff (20th-21st century), but extremely little of the past. I am learning and researching as I go along. It is nice that we can come here, with no fear of sounding stupid, and ask questions we might have. I appreciate that about a blog like this one.

          • avonmarissa

            @Ivoire: no problem; ask away if you have any questions in the future. I am not Asian but I go nuts for Korean history, hehe. My Korean friends refer to me as “the Korean who got away”, hehe. I am reading the recaps at the moment. I think I want to see how the drama ends. Some of the characters in the drama have a tragic end in history so that makes me want to hold off watching the drama. I have no tears to spare, hehe.

          • Ivoire

            @ avonmarissa,

            Thank you so much. If you happen to read this message, I will always ask away, with the hope that you will come across my questions.

            Speaking of which, why are the State soldiers higher than the Wooldachi, or are they? They are the ones who are confining the king and the Wooldachi. I was a little confused about that. Was it because of the “supposed” treason that they could that?

          • SH


            CY, the Wooldachi Leader, was accused of treason against the king, so by extension his followers were also accused of the same crime. In one of the scenes, DM sneaked into the Wooldachi’s headquarters, and through their conversation we learned that they were confined and disarmed by KC’s men b/c of “treason” (IIRC). Also, using treason as an excuse, KC placed the state guards to “protect” the king. Not sure if the guards are above the wooldachi — maybe think of it as the secret service (wooldachi) protecting the president and police (guards) protecting the general public which can also include the president.

            Hope this answers question πŸ˜€

            You can tell, I’m too invested in this show. I usually watch it without sub, while at the same time following a live recap, then a few days later go back to watch it again fully subbed. This is one of those shows which you have to watch fully subbed because the dialogues are cryptic in a way. But I love it. Also, it kind of forces me to relearn some stuff about the Mongol Yuan dynasty :p

          • Ivoire

            @ SH,

            Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it. You watch dramas the way I like to experience mine: being totally invested, immersed, learning stuff along the way and understanding every minute (make that every second) of the show. I like that about you, that and the fact that you seem to know more and understand more than I do, so people like you can answer the questions I have.

            Please, continue to be as invested as you are, because it helps me flesh out the fuzzy places for me and as I said, I welcome learning more about Korean history and the surrounding countries. We didn’t cover that when I was in school (I am from Africa) and Junior High and High School for me were suuuuuch a looooong time ago, I am not sure that I would be remembering all of it.

            I like to honor the drama, its writers, staff and actors (and actresses) by making an effort to understand all that they are exposing us to and all that they telling us. If they elevate the bar and elevate the level of understanding, I want to get there, so I can understand the show and learn what I need to learn in the process. I know I sound repetitive, but it is because I just get excited when I come across people like you, and there are many like that on DB, thank goodness!

            A few questions for you: what does “IIRC” mean and what does that refer to? If I may ask, do you read your live recap on Cadence? (Because I do it too). The Mongol Yuan dynasty, I know nothing about. I know of the Mongol (the name and the peoples) but I am not familiar with their history, so watching this show has made me learn a few things and I know it’s not over. I already know about CY and the king in wikipedia, and I know that is not enough, but it’s a start. I love shows that make you think and educate you some in the process. I know this is a fusion sageuk, so I don’t expect a book (page by page) follow through/repeat of history, but it is kind of neat to learn a few things along the way.

            Did you notice the seal on the floor in the Wooldachi lair? I thought that was interesting. Do you think that was the seal of the kingdom or just the one for the wooldachi? (I am just kind of curious about that). What did you think was the significance of the dream? So I guess the king does have some power, since he was stamping those royal decrees at the end. Do you think? So, do you think YES knew it was CY who rescued her when she almost fell? I am thinking that she must have known that it wasn’t KC, b/c he would have said something, right?

            This is an aside, but I thought I would mention it: YES’ roots (her natural hair color) seem to start to show, and CY (LMH)’s hands looked manicured. When I saw that, I thought “wait, he is a soldier and he deals with rough things in a rough way. Are his hands supposed to be manicured?” I don’t think they had manicures and pedis back then LOL. Just a little detail, but you know, we pay attention to those kinds of things, and some of us actually notice them. LMH (and the cast) might need to let a few things go for a few months :-).

            Thanks again SH, I will be looking for you on Faith recaps and here. I am not always sure where I will be. I hope that your eyes will continue to catch my questions :-)… Have a great week :-)!!!!

          • SH


            You’re welcome! IIRC means “If I Recall Correctly”. If you see acronyms you don’t understand, urban dictionary is your best friend πŸ˜‰


            I’ve watched way too many Chinese historical dramas since I was a kid, so I remember some stuff, but I’m not that familiar with Korean history. For Mongolian history, I only know so much due to Persian art history courses I took in college – through Genghis Khan and his descendants’ conquest and control of Central Asia, there were a lot of cultural exchanges that permeated from the east to the rest of central Asia and Anatolia and vice versa.

            I’m a bit busy at the moment, so I can’t answer some of your questions yet. But I might answer later in this thread or more likely in Faith recap threads. See you there! πŸ˜€

          • Ivoire

            Hi SH,
            and thanks for your response, duly noted, everything in it. I have heard of the Khan, but I would have to review that part of my history to remember what I learned. See you here or on Faith recap threads :-)…

      • 6.1.3 Mar

        Agatha, no you aren’t alone. Chains = thoughts, bad, dirty, happy thoughts lol. That said, that guy has just got IT, whatever it is, so he gives me a lot of happy thoughts.

        I for one hope Faith will allow some grown up smoochies scenes at least. Queen Inhyun’s Man delivered, no shrinking violets there, and I hope this one will too, because seriously, if I see a mid 30’s surgeon doing a bug eyed chastity kiss with General Choi I’m going to hurl and possibly throw things, and reach through time and space to find the writer (s) and director (s) and smack the silly right out of them. I mean really, she did surgery on the butt naked General, odds are she’s already seen his naughty bits, not to mention a lot of people’s bits over the years. They have kind of written her so we never know what Eun-soo is going to do or say, she might say “How YOU doooin, Psycho,” and jump on him first and he’d be the one bug eyed.

        • kappy

          LOL! Yes, I can just hear her saying, “Shut up and kiss me!”

        • kappy

          Oh, I forgot to say amen to your comment about hurling and throwing things if she does the bug-eyed-chastity-no- reciprocation kiss. That would be wrong. Just wrong. Kay maybe SOME bug-eyedness, but only if it quickly turns into the closed-eyed-what-took-ya-so-long?-I-could-be-here-all-day variety.

    • 6.2 Rashell

      I’m not head over heals yet, but if it continues to be soo gooood it won’t take me long to get there. I feel like it’s finally hitting it’s stride. Which in a 24 episode drama makes sense. I knew I would love Lee Min Ho’s character simply because it’s Lee Min Ho. But I can’t believe who much I love the herione Eun Soo. She’s so funny and awesome. And the king and queen are great too. Really this drama is full of awesome characters that I’m very interested in.

  7. Jas

    Answer Me 1997 is driving me crazy!! I feel like I have never squeed so much over one show in my life!! I luff it so so much πŸ™‚

    • 7.1 Ariel

      Watching Ep 13 right now and I just keep repeating scenes soooo funny lol:
      Do you have a girlfriend?
      How should I die?
      Then it slays me in the heart:
      Why was I so annoyed?
      Then back to the funny:
      It’s not mine!!
      It’s mine!!!
      Ha ha ha oh God show how could you be this perfect??

    • 7.2 Rashell

      Agree x 1000! Just love and adore every second of this show sooo much!

    • 7.3 Ladytron33

      I know! I’m going to be so sad when it’s all over, but at the same time I’m dying to know how it all ends up.

      Episode 13 was epic for many reasons. I really could relate to so many of their post college moments. I hate to admit that I’ve gotten into my car from the passenger’s side before, lol. That’s what you get for trying to pay back your student loans before buying a new car.

    • 7.4 Korazy Lady

      Love, love, love it! I almost panicked because the videos have been removed from everywhere except Dramafever. Luckily I found it there, because the recaps were awesome and am dying to watch 14.

      • 7.4.1 Jas

        Same! I can’t wait for 14!!!

      • 7.4.2 Kim Yoonmi

        I watched 14 twice. Once on Dramafever and once on epdrama.

        The episode rules. I’ll code my spoilers, though.

        I think end game is pantyhose/to-be president and then chair guy/confession girl. (You won’t know what that means unless you watch the episode.)

        Because to-be president heard chair guy. Which means that he might back off and it would make the most sense. I would also think that to-be president is kinda creepy with the whole character background and mention of the spider book referencing.

        With Episode 6 or 7 (can’t remember since I marathoned the episodes) one of the two could not pick up that picture because they were on the phone. And Episode 14 ended with “Son-in-law Yoon”. End game is pretty clear, though I have to question the ring shot with the caramel with extra whip cream since neither of the people in question were wearing *any* ring in subsequent episodes. If they both were wearing a ring that would make it more clear.

        But I’m pretty sure of the ending now after watching 14, though I sense a break up, make up, get knocked up coming down the line… unless I’ve been watching too many makjang-employing dramas. Otherwise there isn’t room for episode 15 or 16 to become highlights.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          14 is subbed up on Dramafever. (for those in the US and Canada)

          This is my fourth time watching the episode… and I have to love the chair of truth a whole lot in this episode. *,*

          Also how the cold passed on…

          • Rashell

            OMG…YAY! I’ve been dying waiting for Ep 14 to be subbed. Okay, off to watch.

            That’s what I love about this place. I’ve found the best dramas and where to watch them from coming here. And I’ve “met” some great people. Thanks fellow beaners! I really don’t know what I’d do without you all!

  8. xochandaox

    Although sad that Gaksital is over, I’m excited for Nice Guy!!

    Btw, is may queen and five fingers worth watching?

    • 8.1 NKB

      May Queen so far is wonderful! It has all the heavyweight child actors like Kim Yoo Jung (young queen from Moon Embraces the Sun), Park Ji Bin (little brother from Boys over Flowers) and Park Gun Tae ( young Yeo Woon in Warrior Baek Dong Soo). They are the reason I decided to watch even though I had decided not to. They are so brilliant I’m dreading the older actors coming in as I’m afraid we’ll have another Moon Embraces the Sun situation where the the younger counterparts have out-acted the older ones.

      • 8.1.1 xochandaox

        haha! I know what you mean with the Moon embraces the sun

        and actually, I would watch May Queen just for Kim Yoo Jung . She is such a cutie!

        • Rovi

          Kim Yoo-jeong is adorbs~! I didn’t even know she was that child actress in the 2007 failure of a film “Hwang Jin-i”, where she acted as the child version of Song Hye-gyo.

          • Janet

            She was also in Tamra, the Island.

    • 8.2 cherkell

      “Five Fingers” is definitely worth watching… but I’m biased, remember? πŸ˜›

      Now that we’ve had the adult cast introduced (pardon me for a second… SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!), this ain’t your run-of-the-mill makjang-fest-o-rama. Characters that seem basically scripted are turning out to be way more nuanced than anticipated. The child actors were awesome beyond belief, the cinematography is freakin’ breathtaking… and there’s PIANISTS!!! I cannot remember the last time classical music was featured so prominently in a drama before. I. LOVE. SO. MUCH.

      And one last time: JOO JI HOON and JI CHANG WOOK!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! πŸ˜€

      • 8.2.1 cv

        I just may put this on my to watch list for later. I love Ji Joon and Chang Wook but dang, I don’t like melo so much. πŸ™

      • 8.2.2 kakashi

        oh no, is this another drama I should watch?! save me! πŸ™‚

        • cherkell

          Yes, 5F is definitely a must watch!! You don’t want to make My Precious any sadder now, ne? πŸ™

          • kakashi

            oh no!!!! Sweetie, don’t cry ;-(
            I’ll watch your new drama, I promise!! I’ll watch it … right after Faith and Arang finish, after watching Gaksital, Vampire Prosecutor 2, Nice Guy, and … or maybe I’ll just start right now and watch them all at the same time.

          • Mystisith

            Oh noh! Here, a noona hug. *wiping tears*.

    • 8.3 paper

      They are both very good so far πŸ™‚
      I decided to watch May Queen because of Kim Yoo Jung ~ although i’m also a fan of Jae Hee…. KYJ’s acting is too brilliant to ignore xD She is so friggin awesome, at such a young age at that~ she will be a force to force to be reckoned with when she is in her 20’s… not that she isn’t at the moment! But god all mighty if she keeps going at this pace and i hope she does continue acting for life~ she will be one of the greats :3 *fingers crossed nothing makjang happens to her career*

      Five Fingers is a surprise~ I’m watching it for JJH <3 But the cinematography is so friggin beautiful and the music is pretty kickass! The only thing that was a tad bit annoying at first was JJH hair style LOL took awhile to get use to it :< Its also a bit weird seeing him play a nice guy~

      OMG GAKSIIIITALLLL is no more ( ;_;) Patiently awaiting to buy the box set!!! If it doesn't come with subs~~ there will be a massive spork stabbing spree over at KBS 😐
      BTW does anyone know if kdrama comes in blu-ray? The only versions i've see around are Japanese blu-ray boxsets of Kdramas πŸ™ I really want GAKSIIITALLLL in HD :< Best friggin series ever!!! Definitely my #1 top fav <3

      I'm super excited about Nice Guy~ but more excited about Oohlala Spouses… I really hope it will be cracktastic!!!

      p.s. PKW on 1N2D please~~~ :3

  9. Mystisith

    Hello and happy Friday dramabeaners!
    Let’s see if the OT will explode today: Vacations are over for most of students/workers now.
    A lot of dramas to watch these days but for a reason I keep doing some archaeology: “Lovers” is the one I’m currently stalking.

    • 9.1 cv

      Happy OT Mystisith!

      Yea, i missed quite a bit last OT. Oh well…

    • 9.2 Rovi

      Ah, the one where the Lee Seo-jin and Kim Eun-jeong as the reel-lead couple WAS the real couple before the break-up.

      Final of the “Lovers” trilogy. And I was thinking they couldn’t find any more places in Europe, so they ommitted the place. And what a pity, they could’ve chosen Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Venice, Rome, Naples, Turin, Tuscany, Piedmont, Berlin, Bonn, Oslo, even Reykjavik, XD

      • 9.2.1 Mystisith

        Can I say how much I love those parts shoot abroad? I’m starting to be demanding: Jeju is not enough anymore! lol.

        • Rovi

          You and me, loving Prague and the Bridge. And St. Vitelius Cathedral.

          Maybe the over-all concept person is such a Euro-phile.

    • 9.3 zgznoona

      Thanks to you, and your love for archaeology, I’m inform about those dramas, that I wouldn’t watch otherwise πŸ™‚ And I might even feel curious about them πŸ˜‰
      Happy Friday!!

    • 9.4 ricky trh

      How is Lovers?
      Which one is that in particular?

      • 9.4.1 Mystisith

        Strangely, the title is just “Lovers”. Not generic at all…
        I’ve seen 10 episodes for now. Not bad for a rom-com but I preferred “Lovers in Prague”: The all 2 sons fighting for the inheritance of Daddy’s Business has never been my favorite premise. Also, that second male lead in “Lovers” lacks charisma: If he hadn’t the well written lines of Kim Eun-sook in his mouth I would not notice him (and who was his stylist? Awful!). Puppy Eyes prosecutor was MUCH more appealing in Lovers in Prague. πŸ™‚
        For now it’s the female characters in “Lovers” that are interesting.

        • ricky trh

          How many Lovers dramas are there?
          Are they all written by the same writer?
          I think almost all early 2000 dramas have awful fashion.

          • Mystisith

            All 3 “Lovers” written by the same writer.
            *Bowing to the Goddess* who created those delicacies that are SeGa, AGD, City Hall and On Air. Is it too much fangirling? πŸ™‚
            2004: L in Paris (The one that I will watch next).
            2005: L in Prague.
            2006: Lovers.

          • ricky trh

            When do you find the time to watch all those shows?
            Judging by your tweets, I’d say you like to marathon dramas.

    • 9.5 oozzeee

      ,hi there… So far, I’ve watched two Lovers drama.. Lovers in Prague and Lovers.. I haven’t seen nor plan to see Lovers in Paris anytime soon..

      Lovers in Prague was one of the very first kdramas I’ve seen and I loved it. A cutie Jang Geun Suk was a bonus!.. πŸ™‚

      What I remember most about it, other than hating/pitying the second female lead (but boy was she gorgeous) and hating the politician that she was attached to, was the attires that the female lead was wearing. I found myself wondering what was the acceptable corporate attire in SK by then. She was like wearing cropped pants and knee high socks..

    • 9.6 Shiku

      I am such a Lee Seo Jin fangirl. It’s the dimples they get me, hahaha.
      I also thought KNG was kkyyyuuuutttteee especially when the lead girl’s friend was manhandling him.

    • 9.7 cherkell

      Mysti! Two words: VP2. Sunday. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::faintsdead::

      That is all. πŸ™‚

      • 9.7.1 Mystisith

        OPPPAAAA!!! :))

  10. 10 Matilda

    Happy OT! Gaksital is over an am suffering from some withdrawals now πŸ™ but i’m looking forward to Nice Guy which follows. RMPW is in its final 2 weeks. Have yet to watch five fingers and Answer Me 1997. Heard good stuff abt tht drama so i definitely have to check it out (if only i can find the time…)

  11. 11 kdramapedia

    *peeks in*

    Hello all! This is my first time posting in OT! I stalk–um, I mean read, yeah, that’s it, read! posts in here all the time but never said anything. I have a lot of downtime at work today, so I wanted to say hello! =)

    Sad that Gaksital has ended, but happy I have To the Beautiful You, Arang and the Magistrate, and Faith to keep me occupied for the time being!

    • 11.1 Mystisith

      Welcome aboard!
      Try not to get caught at work.
      By the way, those pics of Yoochun on your site are… Hypnotizing. πŸ™‚

      • 11.1.1 kdramapedia

        haha, thanks. I hardly have time to update it. Unlike everyone else it seems, my summer is busier than the rest of the year! I’m excited to get back on the updating train!

        My job is SUPER SLOW and they even encourage us to bring other things to do, lol. Only 2 more weeks here until I start something better though!

    • 11.2 myweithisway

      It’s okay if you stalk OT, it’s done all the time =D

    • 11.3 zgznoona

      We were all stalkers at some time
      Welcome to OT
      And don’t let the problems at work bother you too much

      • 11.3.1 kdramapedia

        haha, thanks guys =)

    • 11.4 ricky trh

      Join the club! *throws confetti*

      • 11.4.1 kdramapedia

        woooooo! OT party!

  12. 12 cv

    Happy OT all! ^_^

    Hope everyone is doing well and had a good week watching dramas. hehe

    I am caught up with most dramas:

    TTBY–I’m still watching the pretties/cuties. Awww…

    RMPW– My goodness, so awsome! Can’t believe it’s almost the end.

    Faith–I’m still liking it very much.

    Arang–I really like the fantasy-like theme of the drama but not so much the storyline. It’s going into weird and untold territory. I suppose it can’t go wrong if done right. Keeping fingures crossed! Otherwise, I’m still watching.

    Vision–Still watching.

    GTO– can’t wait until ep 10. Not bad.

    Sprout–still cute as ever.

    Beginners–Not so bad. Cute and light.

    Miss Rose–It’s pretty good. I like the actors.

    Golden Time–caught up to the latest ep. I actually like this drama. It’s all about being doctors, interns in hospital but they all have their own storyline.

    I’m waiting for Third Ward to be subbed. Hoping that plotline is different from the all the other doctor shows.

    • 12.1 Mystisith

      I’m also waiting for 3rd Ward: It looks full of tension.

      • 12.1.1 cv

        hehe Tension is good in a drama. This one a melo?

    • 12.2 NKB

      Ooh you’re watching Sprout? Have you managed to watch ep 8? I can’t find it subbed anywhere and am about to go crazy. I need to know what happens!

      • 12.2.1 cv

        I have not yet. Sub for this one is usually a few days afterward.

      • 12.2.2 zgznoona

        There is something wrong with these week’s subs, but I hope they come out before 9 airs Sunday.

        • cv

          Yea, this week is alot slower then usual. Perhaps all subbers are back in school?

    • 12.3 zgznoona

      I’m curious about Beginners, but I have too much on my plate at the moment.
      I’ll add it to my “to watch” list

    • 12.4 ricky trh

      That many dramas?!
      Noona never sleeps, eh?

      • 12.4.1 cv

        Hi Ricky! happy OT! ^^

        :p Yep. They all don’t air or get subbed at the same time so I’m able to watch them all! haha! I’m missing some but oh well….

        Did you watch any dramas? I know you’ve been studying but…break time eh?

        • ricky trh

          I am watching a few dramas but I’m behind on almost all. I finished Ma Boy though.

          • cv

            Oh goood! I’m glad. Take your time. They aren’t going anywhere. LOL

            Ma boy is soooo cute. ^^ and only 3 eps. Awww, young love. πŸ™‚

  13. 13 mud

    Happy OT Friday!

    It’s the first week of school for me and I’m already swamped. Because of this I’ve got to put my dramas on hold even though I really don’t want to because I rarely come back for them =( There’s just not enough time. I’m going to pause Arang, and hopefully be able to finish up Answer Me 1997, but I ain’t givin’ up on my Faith! I semi-spoiled myself for Faith ep 7 and only wish I hadn’t so that I could have felt the full impact of those heart-breaking scenes. Also I adore Eun Soo too much, she’s so full of sass and ain’t afraid to use it! However, the restful free-for-all summer days are over and I have to keep documenting at what time frame I stopped watching an episode since I’m only watching them as “study breaks”. I’ll also have to refrain from watching Vampire Prosecutor 2, which I was soooo pumped for since the last season ended. Alas, school comes first.

    • 13.1 ricky trh

      I’d would say prioritize, prioritize and prioritize!
      The dramas would be there as long as the internet doesn’t crash but you only get one chance to do well in school!

      FIGHTING, Mud!

    • 13.2 shel

      I”m w/Ricky. They’ll still be there. Although my “gonna watch it later” list will already last me until I’m ancient.

      Study hard, since it affects your future!

      • 13.2.1 ricky trh

        I will put my “gonna watch it later” on my will so my children and grandchildren would have to finish them for me. Ha!

        • λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

          ha ha- good one!
          *waves from my unemployed couch*

          • ricky trh

            Not jealous, hiya!!!
            *waves from behind my pile of textbooks*

        • cv

          LOL ^^

          wonder if they will do it eh? :p

          • ricky trh

            I will haunt them if they don’t do it.

        • mud

          LOL, yeah my list is disastrously long as it is too. I keep it as a “note” on my desktop just to think of all the goodies I’ll get to watch during the holidays =)

          Thanks for the encouragement!

          • ricky trh

            I do that too!
            Just think of all those goodies waiting for you during the holidays. Oooooohh…

  14. 14 Rovi

    Hi guys, long time no Open Thread~!

    1) Faith – following, and so far it’s OK…accidentally read through Choe Yeong’s Wiki page, and as far as I know (without trusting Eun-soo), his end is not the least nice…all I can say is that *spoiler* him and Yi Seong-gye (future Taejo) faces off around the time (but not exactly at) the July 16, 1392 uprising.

    2) Answer Me 1997 – one of the best I’ve ever seen, and the Yoon-jae=Jun-hee scenes are killing me. reality dictates that they WON’T BE, but the inner fan in me stil wants for them TO BE~…! XD

    3) Gaksital – sad that it’s now end, but the final eps. were pure roller-coaster of WOAHHH~!!! I knew that 1932 won’t end with Gakshital as pure victor, but it’s just the start of the masses’ involvement in the Independence Movement, to reclaim their own land and breathe in the sweet air of Indepence once more.

    4) To the Beautiful You – feels like “Hana Kimi Ikemen Paradies” all over again. Me is disapppoint.

    5) Arang and the Magistrate – as expected of “Hyang-dan Jeon” PD, quirky and fun. And also that scary Mom. As the recapper said, “WHAT ARE YOU, MOM~?!” XD

    6) Ma Boy – cute and light-hearted ending. And I do hope Kim So-hyeon doesn’t get the stereotypical villainess after this one.

    7) (I don’t care that it’s ended a long time ago, but still) I Love Italy/Lee Tae-ri – survived nearly 16 eps. of recaps, and I can say it’s quite a bit of an interest with this one.

    So, anyone to chat with? I’m quite open. πŸ™‚

    • 14.1 kdramapedia

      I really want to watch I Love Lee Tae-Ri. I started, but never got to finish. I need some sort of drama time warp where I can just sit and watch these shows without a care in the world. Real life? What’s that?

      • 14.1.1 Rovi

        I have a copy, and unfortunately Mom is not taken at all with 1st.ep, and decided to skip ep.3 where I have had the (mis)fortune of witnessing Kibum’s glorious yummy bod. XP

        Yeah, where is RL when you don’t even have it in the 1st place. XP

      • 14.1.2 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

        I think I love Lee Tae Ri has all the lightness and cuteness and funny in the front and everything else helter skelter and with very little meaning. It gets you in the heart though.

      • 14.1.3 Llamaesque

        I want to watch I Love Tae-Ri, too, but it’s been “coming soon” on dramafever since before Big ended. I need another body-swap drama to wash Big’s nasty taste from my brain :b

      • 14.1.4 Lovebug

        Yay! I was hoping someone would talk about I Love Lee Tae Ri this week. As I just finished watching it! Oh how i wish i could have gone back in time and use all the hours I wasted watching the disaster that was Big and have watched Lee Tae Ri instead. Very cute light hearted drama, with a ending that I was completley fine with. I really do recommend. (I really like the actress who played Tae Ri who i absoultley hated in My Princess – she is gorgeous in this drama). It reminds me more of the movie Big with Tom Hanks from a plot and romance standpoint. Very Cute!

        • Rovi

          Well, I want to give credit to the one who recapped ILLTR and pointed out how ILLTR was as close to Tom Hank’s “Big” as that other disaster, the only Hong Sisters’ failure so far.

          Park Ye-jin, though others had commented that she’s old for her to be “28”, fits the bill perfectly. And she’s done QSD & WHIB/MoB. And yeah, compared to “Big”, ILLTR is a much more happier open-ending with the time-skip and airport chase. πŸ™‚

    • 14.2 Mystisith

      “To the Beautiful You – feels like β€œHana Kimi Ikemen Paradies” all over again.” lol. Add Dream High 2 to the list and I completely agree. Or maybe I’m getting old but seriously… I can watch the J Hana Kimi 10 times just for the crazy/funny. That thing? Bleh.

      • 14.2.1 Rovi

        No really, all I do at every ep.recap is whine about how everything seems so similar to 2007. The consolation I get is Dr. Eugene being GHEY~! And Cha Eun-gyeol is as Ikuta Toma as adorable he can be. XD

        Oh my, let’s not start at Dream High 2, I was frustrated enough to try to recap ep. 6,but I gave up entirely. The only thing that was worth watching was ep.12 when they were at the photo stuido and everything, and also JJ Project’s pre-debut. I absolutely love JB and Jr. So cute. And I really can’t rationalize why the Dimple Couple clicked. I hated Kang So-ra at Dream High 2, and the fact that now I’m an ELF, can’t even see Sora with Teuk.

        I haven’t even watched the extended ep. (summer ep., where Julia shows up. Seriously they should just sign-up Amber as Julia instead of 5 of the EXO boys) seriously.

    • 14.3 oftheshore

      Hello, Rovi!
      Re Faith – welp, at least he lived to be over 36, which made me think that we might get a sad open ending. Either way, the heroine seems funny and cool, so I hope that at least *she* doesn’t die.

      • 14.3.1 Rovi

        Eun-soo is the nice little addition to everything, and after watching QIHM, that’s saying something. I’m currently on ep.10, and re-living Ji Hyeon-woo and Yoo In-na’s reel-to-real life romance is just making my insides squee~!

        Really? Scenes With Eun-soo then are as avoidable-but-not-cringe-worthy as Scenes With Hyuk, then. Eun-soo’s histroy may be off since she said Choe Yeong lives to be a grandpa, but then, the mortality age in pre-1945 Korea seems to be a bit young.

        I have so little info on the Goryeo Dynasty other than the fact that they served like a puppet to the Yuan, and Taejo Wang Geon and Gongmin are the only tasty tidbits in between. And the Tripitaka Koreana. XP

        I’m surprised Gongmin’s pederastic lovers haven’t been showcased yet, and as far as I know, “Frozen Flower” was as true to the tale as it got to how Gongmin died. That, and the absence of Shin Don, whom Choe Yeong hated when the monk became as corrupt as the monarchy. But Princess Noguk rocks, totally. I hope Gongmin realizes she and the woman he met were one.

        But I do have an inkling Hwata (from the scenes where Ki Chul with the tools) might have been 20-21st century. And “portal to Heaven” = “gate to the future”. What is this, Dr. Who??? DX

        • JoAnne

          Wait. Gongmin is the Frozen Flower King? Was…was….tell me Choi Young was not….

          argh. No, he couldn’t be. He met that one as a youth.

          I mean ok I loved the movie but that’s NOT what I want playing out for these boys.

          • Rovi

            Yes yes, Joo Jin-mo there IS Gongmin, though not stated outright, it is him…and the Queen there is Princess Noguk.

            Well, I don’t think Choe Yeong was in the film, or I’m not aware…

            Well, that’s what happened…XP

        • Carole McDonnell

          I think the boy toys happened after Queen Nogook died when he fell into despair. He’s already a bit on the frail side..soo….

      • 14.3.2 Hillary

        Per wikipedia, Choe Yeong actually lived to be 72 … I believe that I have the same person because I followed it from King Gongmin …

        So, I am actually looking for a better ending than … that other time travel show (and I don’t mean QIHM) which I shall not name.

        • JoAnne

          @Hillary – laugh with me for a sec – when I saw those OTHER tools….I thought to myself ‘JIN WAS HERE’

        • Hillary

          Actually, I was talking about RTP … I could not even get through Dr. Jin … watched about 7 episodes and totally gave up. But I loved RTP – all episodes but the last. LOL.

          • Rovi

            Yeah, I mean, it’s a bit confusing.

            To find out that Yi Gak was actually Gyeongjong of Joseon in all but name, and RTP was another re-incarnation of the Gapsul Hwanguk drama. Without the key players, mainly the royal mΓ©nage Γ  trois. It’s like what happened if Prince Yeon’ing (future Yeongjo) became all baddie through the persona of Tae-mu/slash/Prince Muchang (who can’t even get things right). XP

    • 14.4 cv

      Hi Rovi! Happy OT!

      I love lee tae ri is pretty good. You really can’t go wrong with this one. Lots of heart, love, and laughter with a dash of sadness(only a little). It’s one of those dramas that I actually like the ending.

      Faith, I went in having no expectation and I’m surprise I’m really liking it. :p I should probably have this mindset for all future dramas watching. I hate to be disappointed. :p

      • 14.4.1 kdramapedia

        That’s how I go into all dramas. If I don’t have any expectations, I won’t be disappointed. I think that’s why I can enjoy all the shows the everyone else hates.

        Of course there’s exceptions to the rule, when asking for a drama to have a single ounce of anything worth watching is too much (I’m looking at you, Fashion King!).

        • Rovi

          …and “Love Rain”. Since I don’t have much space left, I had no choice but to delete all eps. ><

        • cv

          Hahaha! but you know, some dramas you do have to go in with expectations: if drama has a great writer, director, storyline and actors. IF knowing all this and drama still comes out sucky, well, let’s just say we haven’t hit bottoms yet. LOL

          But yea, I will need to start all dramas with clean slate–how I used to watch dramas until I started being picky about which one to watch. Going back to the beginning again. ^^

          Oh yea, let us not get into FK. *rolleyes* What a train wreck. DH2–omg, another one that we shouldn’t get into.

      • 14.4.2 Rovi

        Me too. I only realized that all the time I was watching Kibum and Park Ye-jin, age differences be damned. Through a bit frustrating with Scenes With Seung-jae & Soon-shim. And Coach and Hong-shil just rocks. XD

        It’s poignant and sad that their age difference is double-value, and it breaks my heart whenever it’s a debate Will They or Won’t They, just like Yoon-jae & Jun-hee. And yeah, the last ep. was so saaaaaaad, especially after the transformation, especially the scene where Tae-ri peeked out to see Eun-dong for the final time before the time-skip.

        Well, for a start, don’t have an equal mindset on everything. Not all dramas can be judged from the 1st episode. But then again, when sucky dramas suck they suck big time. XP

        • cv

          Righto! Age is just a number. πŸ˜›

          I don’t try to judge by just the first ep but the first few. Some I hoped it wouldn’t turn out bad and waited until the second half which went downhill.

          • Rovi

            True, true.

  15. 15 John


    So much to watch:
    Arang, Faith, AM1997, RMPW,Sprout, TTBY, C-Drama Strange Hero, Panda & Hedgehog

    • 15.1 Mystisith

      Hello John,
      Panda & Hedgehog is a surprisingly good and unpretentious cute drama. It should have been done/bought by a big channel.

      • 15.1.1 piaaa

        It’s cute and more importantly, heartwarming. I thought Lee Dong-hae is not that good at acting but surprisingly awesome at his own right.

    • 15.2 cv

      Happy Friday John!

      How’s Panda and Hedgehog? I haven’t started on this one yet. Is it any good?

      • 15.2.1 zgznoona

        It is cute, and love the chemistry between the OTP. There are a few things that bother me, but I’m enjoying it

        • cv

          Thanks zgznoona! I will put this on my to watch list. ^^

      • 15.2.2 John


        Lots of cute. Worth watching later if you’re too busy to watch now.

    • 15.3 zgznoona

      Happy Friday πŸ˜€

  16. 16 Strawberrycube

    I can’t believe that gaksital is over now T__T Gaksital and answer me 1997 are the only dramas that I really love and enjoy watching right now! Always waiting to see the next episode. So when these both end what new dramas is there to get excited about? Ohhh, except vampire prosecutor is about to start!

  17. 17 Ashley

    Hey everyone! Happy Friday!!!!

    I am sad! Bridal Mask is over, and I never had time to catch up before it ended. TTBY was soooooooooo slow this week it was painful. I was told I needed to lower my expectations on Faith to be able to enjoy it. And recently they have only been showing 7 minutes worth of Leetuck and Sora on WGM.

    On the up side Answer Me 1997 has me squealing like the little fan girl I am every episode. Also Panda and Hedgehog is turning out to be better then I expected πŸ™‚ Donghae fighting!!!

    Does anyone know what show is going to replace Bridal Mask?

    • 17.1 Ivoire

      Good morning Ashley,

      This: “Does anyone know what show is going to replace Bridal Mask?” will be replaced by “Nice Guy,” I think. I got your message, I will answer at some point. I meant too, but went to bed around 4am my time.

  18. 18 queencircles

    Good morning OT! I miss gaksital already. πŸ™

  19. 19 oftheshore

    Hi guys! Hello, Javabeans (I never say hello to JB, just thought it was time :)).
    Hope your all had a good week. I just submitted a paper that nearly killed me, and on Monday I’m off to Cardiff for a not-so-interesting conference, which is not very interesting.
    Drama-wise, I’m tempted to start Faith. However, this week I only had time for – you guessed it – Rich Man, Poor Woman (or is it called ‘Poor Man, Future CEO’ this week? Yes? I thought so). This week’s episode was great – I was glad to see Makoto finally taking charge. And also using her not-so-useless talent!
    I’ve also decided to try out Makoto’s style – shirts + A-line skirts. It’s weird, however, that she only had one pair of interview shoes, and while she was at NI, she managed to get all those fancy pumps.
    Any Craig Ferguson fans here this week? Sorry for the OT, but that Secretariat music is really creeping me out!

    • 19.1 Saima

      I remember Hyuga mentioning that her outfits (& shoes as well, am guessing) were included in her $15K paycheck.

      • 19.1.1 oftheshore

        That’s my attention span for you. That really does make sense. Maybe she could…sell some of those designer clothes to raise more money for WonderWall?

        • Saima

          Sell to…you?, you mean! You’ve been raving about her outfits on the previous OTs, LOL! As for remembering the little detail: I may have watched the previous episodes multiple times…since it’s the only show (plus HYD) are the ones that I’m obsessed with.

          • oftheshore

            Hahahaha, I don’t have the amount of money they would need at the moment. But I managed to dig out some old skirts.=)
            By the way, did that mini-game remind you Final Fantasy at all?

          • Saima

            I’ll have to admit I have no inkling about games and…stuff! Gomen ne…

    • 19.2 kappy

      The two dramas I’m watching now are Faith and Rich Man, Poor Woman, so you got my attention.

      For the latter, yes, hooray for this episode. Wonder Wall, here we come. And Asahina-san wa, chotto… bye bye!

      I was thinking the same about Makoto’s one and only pair of interview shoes but assortment of shoes at work. Thanks, Saima, for reminding me about what was included in her paycheck. I do like her clothing choices, btw. Simple but classy. I think her character is adorable and both their acting, top-notch.

      And if I may offer some advice, succumb to the temptation to watch Faith. It’s good. Give it a try. Could say more, but will later.

  20. 20 IzOcha

    Happy Friday, OT! Its been awhile. I hope all of you are well. Currently watching Hana Kimi. Hana Kimi …is . . . better than BOF. But, my deep love of the 2007 dorama is always a factor in how I feel about the Korean version. I am waiting to know the ending of Answer Me 1997 before I watch it…maybe because it is to close to reality? as compared to a cross dressing girl getting away with living as a boy for several months in an all boys school, that is, anyway…(and reality terrifies me because of the possibility of broken hearts). Ma boy also fell into the oblivious cross-dressing trope, and I enjoyed it’s recaps .. . Oh wait! Have you seen Tokkan? Girl from Hana Yori Dango . . . fun and odd, a bit depressing at times, but meant to convince people to love the tax collectors, so: odd . . .

    I am looking forward to catching up (slowly) to the majority of dramas I missed in the last few months, as nothing on the horizon really excites me at the moment. Cross-dressing isn’t required, so that’s not what’s holding me back from fluttering anticipation. By the time I finish things like K2H and City Hunter, AM2007, Faith and Arang will be finished, so its actually a devious plan for marathoning. πŸ™‚

    • 20.1 IzOcha

      oh…and Gakistal, naturally…and many others (and I’ll leave off there).

  21. 21 chichiri

    Okay gais, just to clean your palate from the Gaksitaaaaaaal withdrawal (in time for 1n2d recap tomorrow), here’s a bone:

    • 21.1 IzOcha

      Oh my god, hahaha!

  22. 22 Maya

    Happy OT everyone!
    I’m still recuperating from Gaksital’s finale last night. I listened to the OSTs this morning and when Goodbye Day started to play, it just kinda turned into a glass splinter working its way into my heart. I was planning on dramathoning Gaksital again, but I think I need a break from the intensity for a bit, and this drama was intense from the beginning to the end. I was also going to rewatch some of the happier times in the drama, but I just realized that the drama is basically divided into the time when the hero is a villain and the time where the hero’s best friend is the villain. And both are heartbreaking to watch… Man, I don’t really know what I’m going to do every Wednesday and Thursday’s nights. Well, hang on, there’s Arang.. and it’s pretty awesome too.. I’m gonna be okay…. I guess..
    I haven’t watched Faith this week due to the overwhelming assignments, but I read a bit of the recaps and comments here and there and I heard that it just got so good, which I’m happy about. I guess I’m gonna catch up with it during the weekend (and catching up with Arang).
    Anyway, I have a question: I’ve been thinking about starting Answer Me 1997 and Rich Man Poor Woman. Can anyone share their opinions on the dramas? I’m especially concerned about how addictive each drama is. Because I think both already have quite a numbers of episodes with subtitle out, and I’m really lacking in self-control whenever I started on a drama, and I can’t afford that with the amount of schoolwork I have right now. So I’m just wondering, which drama would be a better one to follow on a daily basis? That means that I’m just going to watch 1 episode per day. Or if they’re both are really addictive then at least I’m warned and I might just save them for a dramathon during a long weekend. Thank you.

    • 22.1 Farpavilions

      Heh. I love both (they both have me on constant refresh mode the hours after they air) but I’d say start with Answer Me 1997 — it’s more consistently engaging/heart-tugging with more emotional highs!

      The heroine of RMPW is reediculously cute (and this is coming from someone who did not enjoy Satomi Ishihara’s previous act cute outings) — so if you’re not a fan of the bumbling but adorable female lead trope, that would be another reason to go for Shi Won, who is definitely a welcome antidote.

      • 22.1.1 Saima

        Ishihara’s Makoto embodies the cute w/o being overtly naive or stupid. She’s an awesome heroine who despite the cute is smart, knows her man’s potential, & supports him selflessly. <3

        • John


          I know.

          I want to sleep with my head in her lap too !

          • Saima

            John, I feel ya! Lulz Although I’d want Hyuga to sleep to his heart’s content in my lap!! btw, I LOVED Hyuga’s mini-freakout…it was hilarious!! Though I remember it being not too funny when it happened to me during undergrad.

        • Farpavilions

          True for the most part … and then there’s the bizarro Sadako/natto shoujo shot!

 (linked from dramapenchant)

          I keep thinking she looks like she walked right out of a Yayoi Ogawa manga with those big shiny eyes and perfect hair (she did have a bit role in the Matsujun/Koyuki Kimi Wa Petto as the jealous ex).

          Aibu Saki is getting some hate from the OTP-shippers but I really like seeing her as a modern, confident, non-silly woman who’s not afraid to make the first move on a man. So much more respectable than the hapless deer in headlights roles *cough*Zettai Kareshi*cough* I associate her with!

          • Saima

            I myself despise both the crazy Asahina siblings. Especially after what she did to my oppa…who just was l.o.s.t when he saw Makoto having a friendly, to him, lunch with Kosuke. And, I don’t even WANT to know what she’ll do with his mum’s address. /smh

          • kappy

            @Saima – Yes, the Asahinas have problems, but between the two, she definitely has the upper hand in the scruples department, ’cause he seems to be void of them (or at least greatly reduced in that area).

            Ah, the mystery of what she will do with that address..

    • 22.2 zgznoona

      Don’t you read the comments? (just kidding :P) Both AM1997 and RMPW are extremely addictive to the point of watching raw and then with subs. At least in my case. But it is a matter of self control, and I have none πŸ˜‰
      That being said, what are you doing that you’re not watching them yet? πŸ˜›

    • 22.3 Ladytron33

      I would say to wait until AM1997 is completely subbed before starting it. Why? Because it’s so amazingly good that it will ruin your life. I’ve never been so impatient for new eps to come out. I even went over to the dark side and actively searched out spoilers just so I could lessen the withdrawl a little ;P

      RMPW is super cute. The story line is interesting and there is a lot of chemistry between the leads. I loved the most recent episode. Honestly, the best thing about this drama is that it allowed me to discover how amazing Oguri Shun is. His performance is really worth watching. I’d only ever seen him in cute “idol” roles, but he has the makings of a truly great actor.

      Just my two cents!

      • 22.3.1 Maya

        Thanks everyone!
        Oh btw, I forgot to add.. it’s because of the rave that I decided to start watching them. Seriously, reading all of your comments on the show just peak my curiosity even more :D. But I’m too occupied with Gaksital these last 15 weeks so I decided not to start with any drama that’s also as addicting. Ok another comparison, I like Arang, but it’s not to the point where I have to catch the next episode right after. And I kinda know that because I’ve been splitting the episode for Saturday and Sunday. So I’d greatly appreciate it if someone who is currently watching Arang and one of these two dramas can share their opinions as.. πŸ˜€
        So far, I think both dramas are neck to neck (Yup! I’m counting the three votes so far). I’ll try to reply back again later in the day. Gotta go to class… Thanks again

        • Maya

          I meant *piqued my curiosity

      • 22.3.2 Saima

        Oguri Shun has been THE 2012 drama find for me. He’s mesmerizing as Hyuga Toru. I’ve since watched a bunch of his previous works & feel that he gets bored/lost in straight up ‘Sano’-type roles. He can do crazy, spastic, & derp like no one’s business (Stand Up!!). I have yet to watch his Crows Zero movies or the one he directed but w/ RMPW wrapping up in a week and a half (TT_TT) I’ll have a few of his works to prolong our love affair.

        • Cherry86

          Crows Zero is awesome bad-ass in my humble opinion.. FYI I usually download movies/drama, I don’t buy the DVDs but Crows Zero is an exception… I owned all the movies..

          Oguri Shun may be the director and the leading actor in Crows Zero, but I fall hard in love with Takayuki Yamada – seriously underrated actor with many different faces and range of acting capabilities! I love him more than Oguri Sun..

          Do check them out if you have time / no problem with the lack of romance elements


          • Saima

            Crows Zero is definitely on my to-watch list. I got my info wrong, Oguri directed Surely Someday and not CZ. Thanks for the recc!!

  23. 23 Farpavilions

    Hullo all and happy weekend ahead!

    Just hoping: does anyone know if there’s a masterlist of the songs featured in Reply 1997 out there? I know the OST has the two remakes by the OTP but what about the originals? Google turned up nothing…

    • 23.1 Rovi

      No, no OST whatsoever besides the 2-part duet of Eun-ji & Seo In-gook.

      I hope they do release an OST, to have that late ’90’s feel…

      …and also a duet between Hoya & Seo In-gook. It will be a fan’s dream come-true. 2nd only to SS4’s EunHae’s “I Wanna Love You”. XD

      • 23.1.1 Farpavilions

        Heh I knew there wasn’t an official OST but I was hoping some obsessive fan had a compilation project like the one for Sunao ni Narenakute ages back (another drama with great music – that project’s at if you’re a fellow Eita/Ueno Juri fan)

        • mud

          Eita + Juri <33333333

          Sunao ni Narenakute was my favourite summer drama this year. It's not new, but it packs the right punch for my former drama drought. And now, here I am back in school drowning in dramas. I mean, why couldn't Vampire Prosecutor 2 premiere at a later date? Why am I so faithful to Faith? Too many dramas…..

    • 23.2 karz000

      I recently got mine from tumblr.

      hope this helps.

      • 23.2.1 Farpavilions

        Saranghae! ^^

        I had faith in the kdrama fandom and OT and neither disappoints! *big happy grin* One more folder to add to my happy driving playlist!

  24. 24 zgznoona

    Happy Weekend beautiful OTers!!!!
    Went to bed passed 6am, maintenance guys woke me up at 9. I’m obviously tired but I have to catch up most of this week’s dramas. My internet connection has been playing with my patience lately.
    I guess that’s enough complaining for today πŸ™‚
    Well maybe not, I can’t believe AM1997 and RMPW are almost over. I’m going to miss them. But there’ll some other awesome shows to come and replace them. At least I hope so.
    Surprisingly still watching TTBY, but FF a lot of it.
    By the way, if you watched Strawberry Night, there is a new movie coming in January here it is the super intense trailer:
    Haven’t watched yet this week’s Arang, so I might be wrong in my theory. But the Jade Emperor said those crimes has been happening for 400 years, so I think the mom is not the mom, but something took over her body. Then again, I still have to watch this week’s
    Well, now is time to read the rest of the messages and see what everyone is doing.

    • 24.1 Farpavilions

      Yay! Fellow Strawberry Night fan!

      I saw the trailer and am torn between my love for Takao Osawa (BEST doctor roles ever, from Heaven’s Coins to Jin) and the heart palpitations I get every time Kikuta gets within 3 feet of Reiko or gives her the faithful puppydog eyes.

      Have you seen Sayonara Itsuka? Plot is severely lacking imho but my goodness, he is hotter than the Bangkok sun in it.

      • 24.1.1 zgznoona

        Haven’t seen Sayonara Itsuka *researching about it now…watching trailer* feels like a hot melodrama, 134min. I thing I can find time for it. Where did you watch it?

        • Farpavilions

          It was a while back but I either downloaded it off Ganool (links seem to be down though) or torrented it… it’s also available with Chinese subs at (not that the hot scenes need any translation)

          And err. Beautifully lit and set as it is, the good bits are mostly in the first third before it gets gray and sad, so I don’t think it will take up all 134 minutes of your time πŸ™‚ If you’re a Nijishima Hidetoshi fan I’d def look it up!

          Waiting for Seiji: Riku no sakana subs next, the trailer looked awesome. ^^

    • 24.2 Saima

      RMPW E9 was all sorts of perfection!! I feel so protective towards Hyuga that I cried endlessly for him. Whether it be him just sitting in the temple or after he looks at his & M’s photo & sits dejectedly. Constantly. broke. my heart!! And do NOT get me started on the scene when he cried (T_T) & the subway scene.

      Most heartbreaking dialogue: “I’m losing you too” I believe my heart actually twisted in pain.

      What a fine actor Oguri Shun is. His face is so expressive: every flicker of eyes, nostril flaring, facial muscle twitch is used to perfection. When he was crying I was in awe at the little facial movements. He also acts with his body….and I love that the director uses different shots of his to illustrate his state of mind/emotion. That’s enough fangirling but I love him so!! <3

      • 24.2.1 Ladytron33

        I said a similar (yet not as well thought out) thing about Oguri Shun in one of my previous posts. His acting is what I will take away from this drama more than anything else. Yes, it’s cute and fun and I’ve really enjoyed the budding romance, but Oguri Shun’s performance outshines all of that.

        The scene where he says “I’m losing you too,” was one the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen. I love that he can allow himself to look like a mess in order to lose himself in a role. And the subway scene. *melts*

        I think he was actually hurt by being an actor with such good looks. For a while, he was typecast as a cute little thing in roles that didn’t allow him to really show his quirky personality and acting chops. Now that he’s older and has lost a lot of that youthfulness (he’s still beautiful of course), I think his career will go even more places. I hope so at least. After RMPW, I will follow him anywhere!

        • Saima

          Oguri Shun= **_** (pretty self-explanatory, ne?!)

          I think he purposely tries to mask his attractiveness by rocking those fugly hairdos. Still doesn’t work, oppa! The only works where he had good hair were Crows Zero & Tokyo Dogs. Have you watched Stand Up?! He makes the most DERRRRRP faces which are gif-worthy.

      • 24.2.2 zgznoona

        I know what you mean, ep9 had some painful moments, but the ending in the office kitchen was so perfect, when he says he doesn’t know of he should trust her but that he does anyways and that she must take responsibility for taking his wall down.

        • Farpavilions

          Q: Does “taking responsibility” have the same connotation in jdramas as in kdramas?

          In kdramas if I understand it correctly it generally means boy has slept with girl/gotten her pregnant/ruined her reputation and therefore needs to step up to the plate (yep, because apparently kdrama girls can’t handle the responsibility on their own *feminist mutterings under breath*).

          • Farpavilions

            Btw I’m asking because if they do have the same connotations, then the gender reversal is even cuter. Gotta love a man who hands his heart over on a plate.

          • Saima

            @Farpavilions: I think so too….that since she’s broken through his wall she needs to take responsibility for him. *swoooooons* Since I’m addicted to RMPW gifs, here’s one for ya’ll: –> his ‘face’ when he thrusts that paper towards her=HOMGGGGGG!! Like an adorable belligerent child!!

          • Farpavilions

            *fellow squee* He does do shy little boy (of the I will pull your pigtails because I love you variety) supremely well … that embarrassed foot shuffly face at the subway too!

            That being said, I was a little surprised to see that the new company’s name was Wonderwall given the symbolism of her wall-tearing declaration (I like my motifs to have consistency!). I’m hoping that there won’t be any ominous underlying meaning there…

          • Carole McDonnell

            I think it generally means “marriage” and “committing to a person’s love, future, etc.” Seems to mean that in all the k-dramas and j-dramas.

  25. 25 Jambo43

    Happy Friday, Everyone!

    I don’t think I’ve ever followed so many dramas all at one time. Currently, watching TTBY, Faith, Arang and Hauendae Lovers,oh, and Answer Me 1997. Also started the first few scenes of Ma Boy. It’s all due to the encouragement of DB.

    It’s been two years of being hooked on KDramas. I don’t think there’s any cure. πŸ™‚ And I can’t imagine life without it!

  26. 26 h0ns

    Happy OT everyone..

    I’m watching Arang.. and I supper duper like JB dan GF recap.. it gives me another point of view when enjoying ARANG! and omo loves LJK and SMA chemistry here.. bickering.. bickering.. and bickering.. but why I saw it so sweet… ckckckckck..

    I’m also watching Will It Snows For Christmas now… not rewatching it but my first time watching it.. and *fangirling mode on* Go Soo so awesomely handsome and macho (hahahha weird for melodrama right? :D)

    And I just wrapped happily Ma Boy.. it was light but so cute.. and the scene where Tae Joon and Irene sitting on the bench in the park.. why I saw it so perfect for each other.. hehehhee.. but the Irene is a boy πŸ˜›

    • 26.1 John


      Ma Boy was cute.

      Irene Fan Club = lol

    • 26.2 Arviana123

      I just started Will It Snow for Christmas recently too! I started it cuz I heard Song Joong Ki was in it, then he goes and offs in the second episode…. awwwww mannnn haha.

      Yeah, Go Soo is just wow right? I am still lamenting that I am watching a melo though. I usually steer far clear of them and am kicking myself for getting hopelessly hooked on this one. Just waiting for the stab in the gut πŸ™‚ But enjoying the ride oh so much.

      • 26.2.1 Llamaesque

        I liked Will It Snow at Christmas. Part of the reason it worked for me was that its time-jumps almost made it feel like three separate dramas with three free-standing plotsβ€”there just wasn’t time to get sick of it. Admittedly, the grown-up version of the female lead could have been replaced with a Pinocchio-style wooden dummy, but the rest of the cast made up for her. (And, for some reason, her younger self was totally awesome. It wasn’t even just that I liked the actress moreβ€”she was written to have a backbone. The show would have been way better if they didn’t subtract that from the grown-up version of the character.)

    • 26.3 zgznoona

      Will It Snows For Christmas, brave girl, that was a hell of a crazy ride for me. I spend the whole series hoping it would get better… it only got crazier. But If you like melodramas, enjoy it

  27. 27 becca_boo

    Hello, everybody!

    I can’t stay long, but I had to drop by and say that I survived the first two weeks of school, and Gaksital, though not a perfect show, had one of the most perfect finale episodes I have ever seen. Top 5, people. Top 5.

    Have a great weekend!

    • 27.1 Maya

      Hi becca_boo! Just curious. What are the other 4 dramas in your top 5 list. Maybe one of them could help me dealing with the withdrawals I’m suffering right now from Gaksital… πŸ™‚

      Btw, have a great weekend too.

      • 27.1.1 becca_boo

        Hey, Maya! Glad to see you’re still hanging in there!

        I’m actually pretty excited that you asked because I love making lists – it’s ridiculous, I know, but I find it very relaxing. So I made you two!! *jumps up and down* (The weirdest things make my day, especially when I’ve been studying.)

        First, top 5 Dramas (in no order):

        Shut Up: Flower Boy Band (2012)
        Queen In-hyun’s Man (2012)
        The Princess’ Man (2011)
        Soulmate (2007)
        Gaksital (2012)

        … and I have a feeling that I’ll be changing that to a Top 6 list if Answer Me 1997 stays as good as it is right now. I also recommend City Hunter (2011) if you haven’t seen it already. I rate it and Gaksital very close together: City Hunter is tightly plotted and really focuses on the revenge (one of my favorite themes) but never went quite as dark as I wanted it to, whereas Gaksital has more predictable plotting and less revenge-y goodness but really committed to the darkness. If Gaksital had full-on, heavy affair with the dark side and Time Between Dog & Wolf (another revenge drama) was dating it, City Hunter only flirted. But storywise, it’s the best of the three.

        Second! Top 5 finales, in order of how much I love them:

        Shut Up: Flower Boy Band
        Dream High (2011)
        Time Between Dog & Wolf (2007)

        Hope I didn’t go on too long… I’m not the best at keeping things short when I talk about my favorite dramas. : )

        • Maya

          Hi becca_boo,
          Yep I’m still trying to pull myself together atm.
          I don’t mind long post at all, especially when it’s as informative as yours :). I’ve watched 3 dramas in your top 5 list already. I loved the Princess’ Man and I only wished that I knew the show as it aired back then, dramathoning is great, but the experience is a bit… fleeting. I think I’d have loved it more if it sticks with me longer. I loved City Hunter too, but I really think that Gaksital win over it this time. I’ve never found the plot repetition to be an issue, maybe because there were just so many good things on the show that distract me from that aspect. And I truly enjoyed it. Tottally agree on what you said about the ending. It’s perfect!
          I’ve been reading a lot of rave reviews on Shut Up: Flowers Band, so I think I will start watching it when I got another long weekend break. And I think I will need to look up TBWAD and Soulmate too.
          Anyway thanks for sharing me your lists (there’s two! :D). Will definitely put them on my to-watch list πŸ™‚

  28. 28 Laya

    Phew, electricity’s finally back after a three-hour brownout. I’m bummed about not being able to watch tonight’s episode of Princess and I. Hmph.

    On the other hand, I am officially addicted to Rich Man Poor Woman. I wanted to smack Asahina, but I don’t think it will be needed anyway. πŸ˜€ Hyuga’s three musketeers are so cute πŸ˜€

    Also saved up TTBY Ep.8 to watch later tonight– I watch it at the same time as a friend who’s a Hana Kimi fan and we both discuss it over Plurk. Well, mostly we just flail anyway. There was a time when I wanted to kick Jae-hee in Ep. 7, but Tae-joon took the grouchiness away by making me laugh unexpectedly. For Ep.8, I mostly just want to stuff Hanna down the nearest privy, since I have the feeling she’d somersault to save her life if I threw her out the nearest rooftop.

    Hm, I hope I didn’t forget anything I wanted to say…

    Oh! I just tried cooking some Korean-style spicy twice-fried chicken! πŸ˜€ Anyone want?

    Anyway, hope everyone’s having a happy weekend!

    • 28.1 Rovi

      Me wants some chicken~! That is, if Onew doesn’t hear ya. XD

      TTBY = Hana Kimi Ikemen Paradise. You me and everyone else agrees it’s so similar. XP

      • 28.1.1 Laya

        Ssssh, don’t tell Onew. I have been playing his song (In Your Eyes) too much as it is. πŸ˜› /gives you chicken

        I’m not that much of a Hana Kimi fan, so I never really got through the Japanese dramas (just saw parts off and on). I love the manga though (pretty art is pretty). My friend’s the one who can really do the comparisons because she’s seen all the versions. Me, I mostly watch for the cute. >_<

        • Rovi

          Nyam~nyam~nyam~ πŸ™‚

          Yes, manga original is pretty. πŸ™‚

      • 28.1.2 girlatsea

        Ohhh I loveee Onew. I’ve been obsessed with the song since its release. The song itself it pretty mediocre but our Jinki makes it 10x better~ ^^

        Can’t say the same for TTBY and Minho, I can’t get passed episode 3. :/

        • Laya

          Tae-joon was pretty stiff and meh in the earlier episodes, but he gets better now. I’m seeing a lot of Sano from the manga in him.

  29. 29 opheliadrowning

    I am OBSESSED with “Arang and the Magistrate.” Who else is? I’m relatively new to watching Kdramas (only a year now) but it’s by far the best one I’ve ever seen in terms of writing, acting, and directing. It keeps surprising me, and I love how it GOES THERE with the darkness and the unexpected, at least so far.

    Granted, I haven’t seen “City Hunter” or “Gaksital” (btw, hope that since Gaksital has now finished, ratings will go up for Arang).

    In terms of peoples’ favorite dramas, though, what are some of yours? “My Princess” was the first Kdrama I had ever seen, and the cute won me over (and not knowing Korean, I probably can’t sense how good or bad SSH is as an actor so that didn’t bother me), and so it’s kind of a sentimental favorite, but I think “Arang,” if it keeps on being as good as it is now, will overtake it.

    • 29.1 Arviana123

      Arang is pretty fantastic. I love how deep the world is going and how fresh all of their ideas are seeming to me.

      Ive been watching for about a year too, though “watching” is starting to seem like an understatement πŸ˜› I usually pick up between 2-5 dramas each cycle (and love when all of the big 3 channels line up their primers for a cycle) so my watched list is getting pretty long… My friends think I’m nuts but it is so worth it!

      Arang has been backseat to Gaksital for me, but now that Gaksital is over, it will be my weekly go-to! Has all of the OTP chemistry that Gaksital was lacking. Not that it needed it with the bromance amazingness line!

      Gaksital is probably in my top 5 right now, along with Queen Inhyun’s Man, Prosecutor Princess, King 2 Heats, and City Hall. What’s Up and Shut Up Flower Boy Band will also hold special parts in my heart too – I am a huge sucker for music.

      • 29.1.1 opheliadrowning

        I loved “City Hall,” too. Kim Suh Ah and Cha Seung-won are two of my favorite drama actors, and I loved that the romance was between two grown-ass people with real kisses and stuff!

    • 29.2 Lang

      My first drama was Secret Garden , and I loved it soo much, it really made me hooked on kdramas. After that it was 49 days, its just something about body switching that makes me gravitate to those kinds of stories.

    • 29.3 λΆ€λŸ½μ§€ μ•Šμ•„

      man last year I had my favorites simply 1 to 20 all of them as beloved as rice, after 2 years of drama watching. and then I saw queen inhyun’s man and now I have to separate my favorites by genre!

    • 29.4 Lovebug

      Awww you guys!!! We are like in the same year of drama school! I too have been (obsessively) watching Dramas for about a year now.

      I also am really liking Arang (and by extension Lee Junki!) I would say I like it found it to be a tad overated. Now Gakistal is on a whole other level!! Its not a perfect Drama, but its so awesome it doesn’t have to be, and definetley now on my List of Top Dramas.

      My first drama was the cracktastic Boy over Flowers which I also have a sentimental attachement to. But my top 5 dramas are probably:

      Prosecutor Princess (My love for this drama knows no bounds)The Princesses Man, Queen Inhyun’s Man, Gaksital, and Secret Garden.

      • 29.4.1 Lovebug

        I meant to say I really liked City Hunter, but found it a tad overated.
        I need to reread before i post!

      • 29.4.2 opheliadrowning

        I was getting into Boys Before Flowers (Lee Min-Ho really drew me into his character) but the main girl got just too-stupid-to-die for me. I just couldn’t get on board. One reason I really love Arang so far is that the main girl is tough and independent and not fluttery and stupid.

        And I guess with two recommendations for Prosecutor Princess, I’ll have to go back and watch it. I watched like one episode but wasn’t liking the main girl–but if she changes over the course of the story, and changes for the better, I will have to give it another go. I am though watching Queen Inhyun’s Man now after a number of glowing recommendations.

    • 29.5 Carole McDonnell

      Can only think of those I’ve watched this year:
      Return of Iljimae was really good, i think
      Flower Boy Ramyun Shop was funny in a wonderful cheesy giddy way.
      Dal Ja’s Spring
      Queen In Hyun’s Man
      Faith and Arang, of course
      I love Lee Tae Ri

      Just a few off the top of my head.
      Some great Chinese and Japanese dramas out there as well.

  30. 30 Simon

    First time to OT. New to the whole DB thing as well. Hi everyone!

    Since I ain’t Kdrama savvy and have only seen quite a handful of Korean series, I’m looking forward for Nice Guy because this will the first series I’m gonna watch where I will be waiting episode per episode to come. My expectation’s quite high really because I enjoyed Moon Chae Won’s performance in Princess’ Man. Loved that series by the way. Had ‘moving on’ issues for weeks, too. Funny.

    Since Gaksital is over and done, I’ll try to watch that. I tried my best not to read recaps because I don’t want to spoil myself with the heart tugging scenes. I hope to get a DVD copy of it soon because I don’t quite enjoy watching series online where I have to wait for things to upload. Quite anti-climactic at times when I’m already almost at the edge of my seat or about to cry then the whole thing lags/stop. Haha.

    So I just ranted my ass off here. Sorry. Hahahaha.

    • 30.1 Arviana123

      I loved MCW in The Princess’s Man too… I think I rewatched that series 3 times… over the course of 2 months… before I could properly move on. One of those semi-rare amazing acting, writing, and directing dramas!

      Gaksital has that too in my opinion, its on fire from start to finish.

      • 30.1.1 Simon

        Yep. That’s the reason why I want to watch Gaksital. And since everyone’s raving about it I think it would definitely sweep me off my feet once I start watching.

    • 30.2 ricky trh

      Welcome to the OT, Simon.
      So what are the dramas that you’ve watched?

      • 30.2.1 Simon

        The very first K series I enjoyed (and I was still young that time) was Winter Sonata. First East Asian series I saw. We enjoyed it I think because it was new to us.

        Ahmm. So far, the series that I really liked were Princess’ Man and Fashion 70s. Fashion 70s, I’ve seen it a couple of years ago as well. And I think it was the first K series I saw where I wasn’t angry with the antagonist but pitiful of the situations she has to deal with. I think that’s the reason why it has an impact on me.

        Others: Princess’ Hours, Seon Dok, BOF, Smile Honey (Though I haven’t watch the whole thing because if I am not mistaken it’s about 60 epis?, I love the ‘feel’ of that show. Just fun). What else. Hmmm. I couldn’t remember any. Hahaha. O yes! Pasta. My sister and I enjoyed that show a lot because the lead actor & actress were adorable. and Prosecutor Princess.

        You see. Really few. I’ve glance to some of what my mom or my cousin’s are watching but never watch entirely.

        • ricky trh

          There are many great dramas out there. And the OT is a great place to get suggestions.

          • Simon

            Haha. I know! That’s why I am lucky to find this site. I wouldn’t have known Gaksital even exists.

      • 30.2.2 Simon

        Thank you for the welcome by the way. πŸ™‚

    • 30.3 cv

      Welcome Simon! ^^

      Happy OT!

      • 30.3.1 Simon

        Thank you CV!

        • cv

          I hope you enjoy your stay and keep coming back to OT ! ^_^

  31. 31 ricky trh

    Hello, I’m new here. Please be nice to me. :p

    Watching Sprout, Arang, Answer Me 1997, To The Beautiful You, Haeundae Lovers.
    I’m quite behind on almost all those dramas as it’s hard to find the time to watch dramas now.

    Any Asian movie recommendations? Something that is quirky and heart-warming and can be watched as I have lunch or dinner? Something light and funny?

    Have a great weekend, people!

    • 31.1 Mystisith

      New here?
      BUSTED your Royal Highness!

      • 31.1.1 ricky trh

        I so AM new here… new after several weeks (or maybe months) of disappearing. LOL

        I see a lot of new names though. So I’m new to them, but not so new to the old crowd. I’m rambling, aren’t I?

        • JoAnne

          It’s ok, Oppa.

    • 31.2 zgznoona

      Hi new boy, we missed you here.

      • 31.2.1 ricky trh

        You were probably being nice to some other dongsaengs in my absence. Hehe [insert goat sound from AM97]

        • zgznoona

          LOL (love the goat)
          You know well you are my favorite namdongsaeng. I only used DYHS with you, that should be enough proof

          • Ivoire

            Hi Zgz and Ricky, what does DYHS stand for, please? @ ZGZ, I left you an answer in last OT and a question as well, fyi.

          • zgznoona

            @Ivoire citing Raine, who explains it really well on her blog:
            “Yah! Dongsaeng Head Slap (Y!DHS)

            The Y!DHS was coined by my dongsaeng Ricky for anytime a noona decided to torture him, namely me and Zgznoona. This is how it works.

            Dongsaeng: *says something stupid or anything that the noona does not like*

            Noona: YAH! DHS!”
            I just got the order reverse

            I saw your reply, the problem with the whole recipe would be that we don’t follow a recipe per se, but eye estimate everything. Last time I made one I think I used 5 pounds of potatoes and as many eggs as needed (was for a party) So I think is best if you just include the advise I gave you to your recipe.

          • Ivoire


            Thanks for the explanation,which actually made sense (Y!DHS). I think you didn’t get my question, although I do appreciate the additional info you gave me here. I was asking about the kind of seasoning (besides salt and pepper) you and your mom might use when making the omelet. Thanks!

          • zgznoona

            @Ivoire: not extra seasoning, except a tsp of sugar when frying the potatoes, (unless using a kind that is already particularly sweet)

          • Ivoire

            @ Zgz, thanks again, why the sugar? (I will use it however. I am just curious).

          • zgznoona

            @Ivoire: My sister’s theory is that the omelette is better if u use certain kind of potatoes that are sweeter (don’t know the kind, she’s an agriculture engineer), but you can find it at stores only during a short time of the year. So by adding the sugar while frying the potatoes you can get a similar flavor. I’ve never tried, since i only cook potato omelette for parties. But my mom has also adopted that way of cooking, so it must work.

          • Ivoire

            @ Zgz,

            Thanks again for the info. I am an adventurer when it comes to food, so I will try it the way your mom and sister do it, to see the results. I hope you are having a great weekend.

    • 31.3 Laya

      Ohai, new ricky trh πŸ˜›

      • 31.3.1 ricky trh

        Laya, Hi! *waves*
        My uncles are in Manila for a conference of some sort.
        How are you, by the way?

        • Laya

          Got migraines for a while from too much drama-watching and had to avoid the computer for a few days, but I’m good now. πŸ˜€ I hope the uncles like Manila! πŸ˜€

    • 31.4 shel

      Bwahahaha! You’re a legend here. New….psshhhtttt

      • 31.4.1 ricky trh

        Maybe several eons ago..

    • 31.5 cv

      Waves* Hi new Ricky! ^^

      welcome to OT! :p

      • 31.5.1 ricky trh

        Anyeonghasaeyo! *bows deeply*

    • 31.6 iZzie :)

      A newbie? Hahaha! More like you’ve gone to the army for weeks and then returned to DB. πŸ˜€

      Don’t worry, I wouldn’t know how long you’ve been missing. I’ve been an absentee for weeks myself.

      Welcome back, Your Highness! πŸ™‚

      • 31.6.1 ricky trh

        Duuuuuuude, where’s your umbrella?

        Gone to the army? Hmm, that’s one way to look at it.
        (Except I return with an even bigger eye-luggage instead of a six-pack)

        • β˜‚ iZzie :) β˜‚

          You mean these^ ? :))

          I kept them away cuz it wasn’t raining. πŸ™‚

          Haha! Post-army-eyebags? Now that’s something new. πŸ˜€
          I hope you don’t get six-pack bags. LOL!

          • ricky trh

            Six-pack bags. LOL

  32. 32 Arviana123

    Happy Friday Everyone!!

    I’ve been lurking on the site for quite a while, and every time I try to come out and post… it errors out on me and I lose the nerve haha. Hopefully it will work this time!

    Man, I’ve been watching Gaksital hardcore and yesterday blew me away. For these last few episodes I had been refreshing viki every 20 minutes or so and watched the last one as soon as it hit 90%… at work… during a super long lunch break? Well a drama like that doesnt come around so often so… πŸ™‚

    Was teared up for most of the episode, and crying in the corner of the lunch room at several points. It was just. So. Good. Really, the ending still surprised me (ish), and I can’t even imagine a better way for it to end. I’m confused at my reaction, but I don’t even want another episode. It was just… perfect.

    Though I am already on Joo Won withdrawal and hunting the internet for news… Has anyone heard if he passed up on or bit into that spy rom com?


    • 32.1 zgznoona

      Welcome, some times I get those error messages when I post. I got 3 today. But i never give up. I’m glad you didn’t either. πŸ™‚

    • 32.2 cv

      Welcome! ^^

      OT is a very nice place to talk about dramas. Enjoy your stay!

  33. 33 Amg1

    Happy Friday!

    I am in the first week of having the “Shingles”, and oh man it is quite painful!

    On a happier note! I am loving “To The Beautiful You”, “My Boy” was really good! I stop watching “Faith”, I think its one of the most overrated dramas of the summer!

    “Arang and the Magistrate”

    I am liking this drama only to a certain level.

    I find their religious concepts are a mush-up of Korean, Asian, and Ancient Greek, Persian and Jewish religion, it has become extremely convoluted IMHO the way the try to use, all this different concepts because at the end of the day, they clash against one another, and maybe for the regular person, may be OK but for me I am left wondering what the used of “Hades, the Grim Reaper, the River Styx, the Lord of heaven, the Lord of the Underworld, have to do with Ancient Korean Shaman-ism, since a lot of this concepts are being borrow from religions like Zoroastrianism, Greek, Jewish, and even some Catholic theology, as a work of fantasy for me is OK, but as a work that try to convey the Spiritual Realm, is way, way to confusing since, the types, and archetypes, aren’t being used in their proper sense, but are being super imposed, in order to create a narrative that in their original context do not exist!!!

    Happy Friday to all….Please get your Flu and Shingles vaccines.. :0}

    But once I suspend my sense of logic, I think “Arang And The Magistrate”, is pretty fun watching!!!

    • 33.1 zgznoona

      Take care. Not sure how long it takes to recover, but I hope it is over soon.

    • 33.2 MJP

      Hi AMG1!

      Shingles… OUCH!!!!!

      I’ve had the chicken pox twice in my life and people have warned me that because of that, I may be succeptable (sp?) to shingles when I get older.

      Please take lots of care of yourself so that you don’t get postherpetic neuralgia, a form of nerve damage. Get well soon!!!

      I’m watching Arang too am enjoying it, suspending logic and all. πŸ˜‰

      • 33.2.1 Amg1

        Thank you Guys for your kind words! Yes “chicken pox” and the shingles are related, some of the genetic material from the chicken pox remains in the spinal chord, and will eventually get reactivated in the form of the shingles, not all people who had CP will get the shingles, but I am one of the unlucky ones…. :[

        By the way I just started “Panda and Hedgehog”, and I funded quite entertaining!!!!!

        • MJP

          I haven’t seen that one yet, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

    • 33.3 Bakachild

      The show isn’t trying to impose all these things in our world. That’s where you’re issue stems from. It’s an entirely new world and while the writers are indeed taking all these different archetypes and myths and combining them into one world, the show itself is not saying that this one town is a miss-mash of different regions of the world. The universe of the show itself IS all of those things and we learn more about it in every episode. You have to immerse yourself in the universe entirely and enjoy this new world or get confused because you’re trying to make sense of the world on our standards.

      I think that’s why i love Arang so much. The world is really interesting and much like with my books, I like being able to leave reality completely and just enjoy putting myself in a new one.

      Any other thoughts?

  34. 34 Lang

    Wow, seems like everyone is talking about Gaksital . I haven’t watched any episodes yet, but if it’s this good, then I’m going to have to marathon it, and call in sick to work. ha ha..

    Question though, Is it too melodramatic ? Or is it more suspense ?

    I don’t know it just sounds heavy and tear jerking…

    I’m more of a RomCom kinda of guy, althought I did like City Hunter, is it kinda of like that in terms of tone ?

    • 34.1 cv

      Haha! You aren’t the only one not watching Gaksital. I haven’t either. I did start reading the recaps at the beginning but it was too much for me–too melo. I’m sure it’s awsome as everyone says but… don’t know. I may watch it someday when I don’t have anything else to watch. ;p

      • 34.1.1 kakashi

        I’m actually a bit afraid of it. It’s on my must-watch list, but I keep putting it off … it sounds so intense, I’m not sure I can handle it!!

    • 34.2 jomo

      I may be a lone voice in the dram-erdess, but I couldn’t watch Gat.
      Too much angst from the git-go, which never really went away.

      Everyone who loves it even says that!

      Joo Won is hands down the prettiest crying man, but I couldn’t get into it.

      • 34.2.1 cv

        jomo, Yep, too much angst. I guess it’s just not my type of drama. Don’t care too much for the time period either. :p

        • SH

          I stopped watching after EP. 17 when I realized Shunji would never get his girl. The first 10 eps or so were really good – very moving seeing the slow character transition of Kang-to and Shunji. Then the cat and mouse game became too repetitive, so I stopped.

      • 34.2.2 zgznoona

        That’s exactly why I didn’t started it. I can’t handled all that angst
        I like to had fun watching dramas, not to suffer week after week

    • 34.3 Amberscube

      I choose not to watch Gaksital… Too intense for me. I may not be able to handle it. Kudos to everyone who watched it though.

    • 34.4 Ivoire

      Hello Lang,

      imho, Gaksital is intense (very), dark (very) and violent (very). If you can stomach that, you are in for a good ride. I caught it in the middle and so I will have to watch it from the beginning and get vested again. I cringed at the level of violence and winced and couldn’t believe how much of it there was, and yet I also applaud the show for having the courage to tackle issues that were difficult, emotional yet real.

      If you think you can hang on to the roller coaster the show can be, you might enjoy the ride. You will be in store for quite a few surprises as well. It is well acted, and the OST enhances the experience. I hope this helps.

      • 34.4.1 piaaa

        Well what Gaksital did to me? It got me drained on emotional and mental level. When I finished an intense episode, I’ll look at the wall and stare at it blankly. Or when I see potatoes I caught myself in tears.

        But I’m here still in denial and still asking for MOARRRR. That’s how good it is for me.

  35. 35 oozzeee

    , Happy Friday night to everyone! Taking a break from my oDesk assignment to scour the web for things to squeal up on…

    ,anyways, anybody here who’s familiar with Mister X’s blog: Dramatic.weebly?

    I have been getting my subs of AM 1997 from there coz his subs are glorious but when I went to check it out today, I can’t find it anymore. Even the twitter account is gone! Do you know if he’s moved site or something?

    Thanks for the help.

    • 35.1 anonymus

      There has been a crackdown of sites that have been subbing cable dramas by Dramafever. The blogger didn’t receive any sort of notice and everything is just gone. Darksmurf has also lost some dramas, most importantly Reply 1997.

      For years Dramafever has been starting to delete videos on youtube…

      Dramabeans should stop advertising Dramafever, they are trying to create a monopoly. This can’t be in the interest of this blog.

      • 35.1.1 Amanda

        I wonder if this is what happened to dearly (apparently) departed mysoju. Not only is the site down, when you search for it on Google a dramafever ad comes up saying Mysoju it’s gone.

        • Farpavilions

          I just looked for mysoju (have been using other sites mostly so haven’t been there for a while) — I think it’s moved to ?

          • Farpavilions

            Just after I posted I wondered if it was a bad idea to link it … but I figure if I can find it so can the website takedowners. :p

            That being said, is there a way to delete/edit a posted comment here?

        • anonymus

          Mysoju was taken down by Dramafever.


          • Llamaesque

            I’m so totally torn about this. I work in an industry that’s suffering because of abuses of copyright, so my actual livelihood is involved in this issue. On the other hand, a monopoly serves no one. And Dramafever clearly doesn’t even have rights to most shows on Mysoju, so why did they bother? It’s the Google Books lawsuit all over again :b

          • anonymus

            I get that the problem with the copyright laws, but this just isn’t a solution. There is no way to watch dramas legally outside of the US. Sure, I can my IP address to an American one, but it just pretty much fucks up my internet connection. And I’m not buying DVDs from overseas, that is just too risky and expensive.

            If Dramafever wants people to watch dramas legally, they should make their site more attractive and not knock out their competition like that. And the thing with the subtitles was just uncalled for. And this just the beginning.

          • JoAnne

            I do agree its unwarranted to shut down entire site but DF didnt do that – they do not have that power. Most they could insist on would be clear out infringing shows – so – either other issues with site or it was their own decision to be so drastic

          • anonymus

            They have that power. They complain to Weebly on behalf of the stations and then they have no other choice, but to shut it down. I don’t know who they complained to in the case of MySoju, but they did it.

            They are listed as the one that sent the complaint.

          • JoAnne

            Again I say they may enter a complaint about specific activity but how that complaint is addressed is not up to DF

          • anonymus

            Why complain at all, about subtitles?

          • Llamaesque

            Somehow I missed that this discussion was started by someone talking about DramaTic…which is my favorite source for information about Korean dramas, bar none. I’m sure the subs there were spectacularly well-done, just like everything else on the site.

            This whole business is especially bizarre because as I type I’m watching 9 Ends 2 Outs on Dramafever, and guess who did the subbing? With S2. I assume this means that the network purchased rights to the fansubs and gave them to Dramafever…why can’t there be collaboration between the two sides, instead of this scorched earth policy?

            Especially if they can’t figure out how to capitalize on these dramas in a way that serves all markets, they shouldn’t be messing with people who are actually supporting their product. You watch a drama online and you totally love it? Guess what you’ll doβ€”buy an official DVD. Snap up the OST from YesAsia. Buy the Jan Di/Jun Pyo necklace on (Who…me?)

          • anonymus

            You know what is even more bizarre? MisterX has done some work for WithS2 for years and some of his best works are actually on Dramafever with subtitles where he was the only one that translated them. They took down the site of someone they are are still airing subtitles from. The only reason why they sent that complaint, was that they will be not able to use those subtitles. They can’t make any money from that and it is only competition for their subtitles.

            They love biting the hand that feeds them, look MySoju and other streaming sides, they were actually working together with them in the past when they weren’t that “great” legal streaming site they are now.

            That stuff is bizarre, it is pretty much common knowledge that there is a partnership between WithS2 and Dramafever. I’m not too sure if they are still working together, but it looks like that. And it is more likely that Dramafever them self bought the subs from WithS2 and not the stations.

          • Barbarella

            You’re probably mistaking Dramafever for Crunchyroll, another legal streaming platform. They’re the ones who went from illegal to legal streaming. DF started legal from the beginning.

            Maybe what you’re trying to say is that they offered links to places like D-Addicts earlier on in their history, which is certainly true.

          • anonymus

            I stand corrected if what you say is true. I was actually around when it was going on, but those memories are a little foggy. πŸ™‚

    • 35.2 Saima

      Oh noesss….he closed his twitter account as well?! Yday he’d tweeted that his site was either hacked or taken off for violation due to copyright issues! :C I wish we could reach out to him…he was the one who started the subbing process before the fansub groups happened upon us!! Deeply saddened…

      • 35.2.1 oozzeee

        ,nope not his personal twitter account. It’s still up. But the blogs’s twitter account it is deleted

        Sad indeed. His subs were very detailed.

        And if I’m not mistaken, he was the only one subbing ILICDD…

    • 35.3 girlatsea

      First Darksmurfsubs and then Dramatic.weebly. γ…œγ… γ…œγ… γ…  I was starting to rely to Dramatic.weebly almost as much as Dramabeans. And the subs γ… γ…œ I doubt anyone is going to sub I Live in Cheongdam-dong anytime soon. So unfortunate, I really hope he saved all that data because my kdrama fan heart </3

      Wow, Dramafever. If they're really behind this, how is this okay? What about people who don't have access to Dramafever? What's next, Viki? γ… γ…œ

    • 35.4 p-o'd subscriber

      I am so freaking tired of Dramafever right now. I’m one of those schmucks that actually pays for Netflix but watches streaming somewhere else because they like to dub everything and pays for Dramafever too but watches elsewhere because their QC department freaking sucks and all subs that AREN’T by fansubbers they’ve “made peace with” SUCK. But you know what, I’m tired of this crap! I really try to be a good law abiding citizen and watch only “legal sites” because the main way I know how to show my love and support as a fangirl is to give the industry my money. But WTH!?! They don’t serve all markets and the markets that DO serve, they serve them haphazardly all the while brandishing their “exclusive” right to our monies for the crap they churn out as they beat down others who do a better job than them FOR FREE!

      • 35.4.1 Gasenadi

        @p-o’d subscriber I’m with you 100%. I’d been thinking about paying for df but as the format started to change, I balked. If the change had been for the better, I definitely would’ve paid – as I do for Netflix. Now I get subjected to hulu ads, which I never got before, and Subs for Dummies. No reviews, no additional info when hovering over actors’ thumbnails, my list disappeared… That’s how they keep their fans happy?! And by strong-arming dedicated subbers? Please.

  36. 36 iZzie :)

    Happy Friday, DBers! πŸ™‚

    I’m so behind (yet again) on my kdrama watching bec. of my recent travel. 2-weeks prep, 6 days actual trip, 1 week recovery from the temple run (literally, my friends and I ran from one temple to another, and at a point, was chased by a gang of monkeys).

    I’m going to catch up with “Faith,” so it’s gonna be a download-watch-download-watchsomemore routine this weekend. And buy groceries in between – since my pantry’s near empty from a combi of week-long absence (while housemates consume the food supply) and another week of being too lazy to go to the market and buy food. It’s gonna be great if I manage to squeeze in getting new haircut in the itinerary too. πŸ˜€

    I watched the first ep of Faith and I went laughing, then cringing (from the slashings), and laughing. LMH’s so serious, I find him funny. I think I’m going to love the show. πŸ˜‰

    Oh and I also have to do catch up viewing of Gaaaaaakkkkksssssiiiiiiittttttaaaaaaallllllll!!!

    It’s gonna be a busy weekend. πŸ™‚

    • 36.1 jomo

      How’s by you, izzie of the umbrellas!

      Faith is entertaining, and they have two very important elements down right. The Heroine and the Baddie.

      They managed to create characters who we haven’t seen too much of, and who pulled me into the story more than the hero.

      Nice to see you! I am not around much anymore though.

      • 36.1.1 β˜‚ iZzie :) β˜‚

        Jomo!!! πŸ™‚ It’s so nice to see you too!

        On Faith… I’m trying not to get distracted by the cute LMH. πŸ˜› I’m liking the story so far and not minding that the heroine is a bit older than the hero. I hope it doesn’t get as bloody as Dr. Jin, though.

        Me very busy lately, so this drama-watching is going to be a break from my post-processing of my vacation photos – total of 2,800 photos. XP

        I hope to see more of you, chingus! I miss the old OT gang…

    • 36.2 MJP

      Hi iZzie πŸ™‚ !!!

      • 36.2.1 β˜‚ iZzie :) β˜‚

        MJP!!! *HUGS!!!!* πŸ™‚

        How are you?! How’s little MJP? πŸ˜‰

  37. 37 shel

    Hola chingus!

    I haven’t been on much lately. All summer I would forget it was Friday, and now that school has started, I just breathe a sigh of relief on Friday that I don’t have to taxi my teenager anywhere. Friday is all home-school day.

    Haven’t a lot of time to watch anything lately. I managed to finally catch up on Faith, which I’m enjoying. I think I love that little king almost as much as Puppy Chona.

    Also following Sprout, Panda & Hedgehog and my favorite: 1997. LOVE it.

    OK, gotta run…leaving for the weekend, must get ready. :0)

    • 37.1 zgznoona

      Taxi Mama is in the house!!!! w00t
      Happy Friday

      • 37.1.1 shel

        Hey, zgz….just popped in for a few mins. I keep coming back for a minute or two, but then I feel guilty cuz I’m not ready to go yet, lol.

  38. 38 neener

    HAPPY OT everyone!!

    still can’t wait for the recap of Answer me 1997! I’ve watched the recent episode except for 14…still no subs and I can’t wait for 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s just keeping better!

    • 38.1 zgznoona

      Happy OT neener!!!
      that show is just so awesome

      • 38.1.1 neener


        it is! it’s the only kdrama I’m following now….I’d start on Nice guy later…it’s kinda heavy for me 😐

        • zgznoona

          I know, I’m afraid of that one. Now good with melos. Though I watched Kuruma isu de Boku wa Sora wo Tobu πŸ˜‰

          • neener

            waaahh! watched it without subs but it was a great SP as usual! and Nino was amazing! I miss him acting in a drama!hahahaha

  39. 39 Carole McDonnell

    Loving RMPW, Faith, Arang. Got real bad stress with the Second Lead Syndrome in Sprout. Wanting Hayato to be with Miku. Fearing it’s the girl who will get her man, as opposed to the boy (Hayato) who will get his girl. It always works out that way in these dramas. Who cares what the guy wants? Of all the men in Faith and Arang who were “sleeping tigers” and who are all waking out of their passive slumber, I’m totally crushing on Joo Wal. I like it when a villain falls in love and goes all angsty. Thanks to everyone for their recaps.

    • 39.1 Mystisith

      Hehe. Nothing as endearing as a bad guy falling in love. Specially when he has the charm and the intensity of Yun Woo Jin.

      • 39.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Ain’t that the truth! Falling in love is the best way of showing a villain’s humanity…or his attachment to Mother. πŸ˜‰

  40. 40 Chimera

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first time posting on DB though I’ve been lurking here since last year when I discovered the cracktasticness of dramas.

    Last year, I checked out You’re Beautiful on a whim after reading a hilarious parody on one of my favourite writer’s blog (link: ) moved on to Hana Yori Dango (recommended by the same author link: ) checked out Mary Stayed Out All Night (Jang Geun Seuk!!) and before I knew I had a mini list from the recommendations in the blog’s comments (I am obsessive like that- you should see my miles long reading list; made of all the good reviews and recommendations I’ve come across). So there I was, thinking I’d just check out four or five dramas (just to familiarise myself with a different culture, of course) watched MGIAG, then Coffee Prince, then City Hunter, then Protect the Boss, then Nodame Cantabil, then Best Love, then… er… you get my drift.

    So here I am today, with a miles long list of dramas to watch, logging onto Dramabeans every hour, trying to convince myself not to take on any more dramas atm (I was simultaneously watching 7 or 8 dramas the last time I counted) and having just finished Gaksital last night,

    [MAJOR SPOILERS for Gaksital finale]

    in a desperate need to mourn with other drama watchers (’cause, really, other drama addicts? you wouldn’t find them for miles around me in RL). I so knew Mok-Dan was going to die when they got to mentioning the wedding in ep-27 and was pretty sure Shunji would be the one to accidentally kill her when he said he’d only kill Kang To, and was rather disappointed. Women in refrigerators anyone? Like, The Dark Knight? It might be necessary to the story/the hero’s journey but I’m just sick of women being parts of the hero’s story and just serving as motivation instead of getting their own stories. And apart from the woman-in-the-fridge-part I also hate unnecessary character deaths. EUN! SHI! KYUNG!

    So, anyway, I was fully prepared to be disappointed but, lord, that finale handled everything just so… so… masterfully that her death made sense to me. Gut-wrenching as it was, I didn’t feel exploited as a viewer, and Shunji’s arc was just so perfect, so satisfying. Part of it was also because, I think, Mok-Dan had ceased to be much of an active character in her own right by the time Kang To joined the rebellion. I found her so much more compelling in the first half of the drama when she was all clever and fierce.

    Within the story the show was working with, the finale handled everything perfectly- it wasn’t just a way to trigger Kang To’s final burst of VENGEANCE!! FOR! RIGHTEOUS JUSTICE!! but meant so much more. So, what I’m saying is I forgive you, show, but I want more female characters, with their own arcs and stories, whose role isn’t limited to motivating, supporting and sacrificing themselves for the heroes. I am tired of Kim Na Na supporting City Hunter, Kim Hang Ah supporting Lee Jae Ha, Moon Chae Won supporting Park Shi Hoo, Wol-Hee supporting Iljimae, Lee Young Ah supporting Vampire Prosecutor… I’m not dismissing these characters (I think they were all great proactive characters, actually) but they were all limited because the stories they starred in were basically the heroes’ stories. I’m sure there are more action dramas out there with female characters as the protagonists (I liked Girl K for one but found it very underdeveloped cause of length, and am meaning to check out Damo soon) but the actual satisfactory ones are few and far between.

    So, to conclude my rambling post which became much longer than I intended, apart from all the analysis, Gaksital was awesome yesterday, and has left me completely emotionally drained. I still tear up thinking about it, as I’m sure a lot of you do, and am in a depressed funk since the morning. That show wrenched my heart out, chewed it to pieces, and burned them one by one.

  41. 41 kakashi

    ahhhhh, waiting for new episodes of Faith and Arang is KILLING me!!! Both were so awesome this week. I think I need to start watching a drama that has finished airing to get over it … like Gaksital? haha πŸ™‚ I have glimpsed parts of the recaps … and I am not sure I can take that drama. Plan B: watch Hour Between Dog & Wolf (I’ve seen about 4 episodes a while ago and liked it a lot) to get mawwwwr of Lee Jun-Ki fast!
    And then, there’s Vampire Prosecutor 2… drama, start already!!!

    • 41.1 Bakachild

      Oh i know what you mean! I just started watching drama’s as they air and waiting for episodes kills me. I’m so used to marathoning that i didn’t fully feel the impact of the cliffhanger endings until now.

  42. 42 JoAnne

    Good AFTERNOON My Wondrous Beans!

    It’s rainy and gross here on the CT shoreline, but fitting, since my mood is still a bit low and my soul has a huge Gaksital-shaped hole in it. I avoided Twitter and Tumblr and here to watch the last two episodes last night, and then spent the entire evening crying through them (even when I cheered, I cried!) I fell asleep still leaking tears and today when Ulala Session came up and I heard Goodbye Day…leaking again. What a fantastic show – I hope sincerely that everyone who was involved claims it proudly forever, because it was fabulous work. Emotional without being melodramatic, and even given some simplistic plotting, edge-of-your-seat intense. Shunji will live forever in my mind as one of the best bad guys ever – what PKW brought to that role was spectacular, and our relative newcomer, Joo Won – wow! He commits wholeheartedly. Those two fed off each other and inspired everyone else, you can just see it.

    Also watching: Arang, Faith, RMPW, Sprout, TTBY, Answer Me 1997.

    RMPW – I could watch emotions play across Oguri Shun’s face forever. that’s not an actor playing something. That’s Toro Hyuga feeling something, and the subtlety, the fleetingness of what you catch sometimes…it’s awesome. And the story ain’t bad either! Maybe because they’re shorter, but I don’t see the (few) JDoramas that I have watched making plot missteps the way that a KDrama often will.

    Answer Me 1997 – Go Yoon Jae! Go Yoon Jae! But really…I love ALL those kids. They are awesome. And I giggled like a maniac when YJ was jumping all over the furniture and failing miserably at using his words and JH just looked at him and said ‘How did you become a judge?’

    Arang – Scary Mom is scary and clearly no one’s mom. So apparently Daddy used to be Joo Wol or whatever his name is, and damn, would I hate to be either of THEM. I will admit that for 30 seconds I thought Scary Mom was the same person as Missing mom. Can’t WAIT to see what everything turns out to be and shipping the OTP like mad even though DS turns out to be about the best sidekick since City Hunter’s Ahjussi. Hoping ShamShamenGirl gets her man πŸ™‚

    Faith – Ok, mind blown from earlier when someone mentioned King Gongmin and Frozen Flower. I didn’t remember his name. And I don’t want that to be how this goes! Not that it will go there, but you know what I mean. I want Noguk to get her man. I know people think something is missing from this show…but I am not in that camp. It’s a little subtle sometimes, a little left to you to figure out sometimes…but DAMN if Ki Chul isn’t interesting and Lady Doc isn’t hilarious and Dragonball and his fellow Wudalchis aren’t awesome, and Gongmin and Noguk have such interesting tension and AHHHHHH – Choi Youngie! OMG. You keep poking me, and I woke up. Eeeeeeeee. And that last scene. I was cheering. The Little King Who Could. YES. And please, could somebody do me a favor and CUT OUT JO SHIN’S TONGUE.

    Sprout – tapping foot impatiently. First they skip a week and now the mirror doesn’t work and they sure aren’t moving quick about loading it anywhere ELSE. Dudes, come on. I need Hayato.

    TTBY – haven’t seen this weeks episodes. I heard they’re cute, but with stuff like Gaksital and Faith and RMPW around…they can wait.

    • 42.1 JoAnne

      Oh! I forgot, how could I – it’s no reflection on how I feel about it, believe me.

      FIVE FINGERS – watched the 1st 4 episodes in 1 go last weekend. My plan to let it get started, see how people were reacting, then casually add it in as I found time so that there would always be episodes to watch had one fatal flaw.

      I neglected to account for my intense love of well-acted melodrama. I gobbled that sh** up like nobody’s business last weekend and I am champing at the bit for MORE.

      • 42.1.1 shel

        I REALLY wanna watch it, but I can’t get stuck on another show yet. No time.

        • JoAnne

          @ Shel – I am sorry! You know that you’ll have to watch me and Cher fangirl on Twitter and gnash your teeth in jealousy for a bit- although she’s focusing on her precious and I’m loving the series in toto.

          • Ivoire

            Hi JoAnne,

            What does this:”in toto” mean? Thanks πŸ™‚

          • JoAnne

            as a whole rather than in parts @Ivoire – latin

          • Ivoire

            @ JoAnne, I see, thanks!
            I reread your sentence and it made sense. Very often learning new things on OT :-)…

    • 42.2 MJP

      Hi JoAnne!

      • 42.2.1 JoAnne


        Where have you been?

        • MJP

          LOL! I’ve been busy being the summer mommy and have switched into the ever driving mom!

          Please check out my responses above at:

 MJP September 7th, 2012 at 4:00 pm

          Sorry I’ve got to dash for the moment, but will check back later to read how you are doing.

    • 42.3 Hillary

      @Joanne: I did get the impression from available online sources that King Gongmin turned to boys after his wife died in childbirth after 15 years of marriage, not before. If true, then there is a “happy” ending for Princess Noguk as she did get her man.

    • 42.4 Saima

      Hiya Unnie! Absolutely jealous of the number of dramas currently on your plate. I’m forever toddling behind with 2 dramas or so…

      As for AM97, now that I know who’ll be endgame I’ll soon be getting back on the wagon. And Yoon-Jae is absolutely precious….just wanna squish him!! Really adoring actor playing King in Faith. Now, God’s Quiz is on my to-watch list. *toddlessss*

  43. 43 cv

    Happy OT Joanne!

    I’m waiting for the newest subbed Sprout also. If Hayato doesn’t get Miku… he’s got plenty of other admirers. *raise hand–I’m one* LOL

    Faith: “And please, could somebody do me a favor and CUT OUT JO SHIN’S TONGUE. ”

    Haha! is this the annoying advisor that’s always trailing behind the king? Who talk so much and won’t let the king get anything out? If so, I don’t like him either! :p

    • 43.1 cv

      haha! this was suppose to connect to Joanne.

    • 43.2 JoAnne

      @CV – yes! He is SO annoying…When he and that other retainer were wailing Chonaaaaaaa Chonaaaaaaaaa and hopping in front of him at the prison door when Gongmin was going to see Choi Young…it was funny, but on the other hand I wanted to PUNCH them.

  44. 44 redfox

    I started watching something I havent been able to find online, only read the recaps. Now I got 13 episodes of Who Are You? but 14 to the last is still missing.
    it is so cute and touching. The abaondonment issue, not trusting people, not letting anyone into your world. and learning to love someone after they are gone… and all the interactions … and the main actor is hilarious in the soulswitch gags. it is the best body takeover acted out that I have seen

    • 44.1 Amberscube

      You can watch it in crunchyroll. I watched that drama as it was high in javabeans’ rating. It’s hilarious. Yoon Kye Sang is the lead actor. I love him even more in Greatest Love/Best Love.

      • 44.1.1 redfox

        I cant, crunchyroll is prohibited in my country.

        • Amberscube

          Oh, Too bad.

          By the way, speaking of just reading the recaps, i also did that with Story of a Man. I couldn’t find it online too.

          Javabeans and Girlfriday are truly lifesavers..

    • 44.2 ~Feather~

      Try, dramafever, darksmurfs, and i’ll think of other websites later. πŸ™‚

      • 44.2.1 ~Feather~

        forget dramacrazy, I tried to search for that drama there, and it wasn’t there. πŸ™

        • redfox

          yeah, dramacrazy is the only one who even had the first 13 episodes in a watchable format but not the rest. my country doesnt support dramafever as well. not broadcasted. Estonia, where are tho cultural relations with Korea. dramas are very important. Actually I know our foreign minister- I should write to him to import some dramas here. cmon, I mean, similar history and all.

          • ~Feather~

            I think that is a reasonable reason. πŸ™‚

    • 44.3 piaaa

      Yoon Kye sang is a stroke of comedy-gold.

      He’s the main reason why I tolerate the over-makjang My Sister-in-Law is 19.

    • 44.4 Hillary

      @redfox: Try the link below. It is for the mysoju website … and although you cannot access the website directly anymore … it can be accessed through its IP address. They had up to episode 17, which I tested and it seemed to work fine.

      • 44.4.1 redfox

        thank you, I will try through that! Mysoju used to have some things with horrible russian providers, I hope they got past those now.

  45. 45 mav

    Happy Friday everyone!

    I’m usually just a silent observer for the OTs and a I love music JB puts up soo with that in mind I just wanted to say…

    wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a Dramabeans Radio in Spotify?

    • 45.1 Ivoire

      Hi Mav, what is Spotify? Thanks!

      • 45.1.1 kdramapedia

        it’s online radio basically

      • 45.1.2 mav

        Its similar to Pandora, but you can create your own playlists and upload you own music, so its something like a cloud radio.
        Here’s a link to the webpage, you can download the app there πŸ™‚

        • Ivoire

          Thanks guys @ Mav and @ kdramapedia. I will check it out.

  46. 46 whimsyful

    Happy OT everyone!

    Vampire Prosecutor 2’s about to start! Woot!

    Teaser for ep 1:

    MV for the OST song:

    The directing does look different, but hopefully this will be awesome!

  47. 47 Noelle

    I am ultra late today. Happy OT everyone!

    • 47.1 Ivoire

      Happy OT Noelle, I hope you will have a great weekend :-)!

  48. 48 Anabanana

    Has anyone who has seen the entire Gaksital drama gotten over the drama yet? I really hope to get over it soon. What helps?

    Shunji’s death kinda socked me to the gut so been feeling kinda low. I mean, of course I was expecting his death, what with him being the villain and all the atrocities he committed.

    But in the end he was as much a victim of the environment and circumstances as much as KangTo was. They just took different paths in life. And the good schoolteacher Shunji did come back for 2 mins in the end. I’m so glad the final confrontation was more calm than emotional and angsty. The writers/directors were really smart in having their final battle in the penultimate episode.

    But I digress

    Anyway, is anyone over Gaksital at all??

    • 48.1 Ivoire

      Hi Anabanana,

      I don’t know if I am over it, but I didn’t cry last night and I didn’t break down. I was more surprised at the twists and turns till the end. I am so impressed with the talent and hard work involved all around and how daring that shows was (with the issues). Those are the things that have left more of an impression on me.

      The people involved with this drama were very blessed imho: blessed to be a part of an amazing production and cast, and blessed to tell a story that matters. They gave it their all and had an incredible experience in the process. Those are the things that stayed with me.

      I am sorry, I am realizing that I am not helping. I think I experience Gaksital a little differently than most people.

    • 48.2 Ivoire

      OK, maybe I am not over it. I am currently listening to the OST of Baker King, Kim Tak Gu, the song sung by Joo Won, and crying, more because I think I admire their talent, but not because of the ending of the show. Such a beautiful voice…

      • 48.2.1 AnaBanana

        Me too! The OST rocks! But I’m actually listening to the instrumental soundtrack from Gaksital (“Against You”). The piano so gentle yet haunting and I feel tempted to make a youtube video using this music for specifically for Shunji’s theme. He doesn’t deserve this theme — it’s really KangTo’s. But when I look back on how sweet and gentle Shunji was as a pianist and schoolteacher (even if he did have his fits of outbursts and occasional violent streaks as a good guy), I just crumble knowing what’s in store for this nice, sweet man from once upon a time…

        I’m thinking of what I’d have done if I was in MD’s position — to save all those lost lives… I would’ve probably chosen to stick with Shunji and attempt to reform him back to who he was. KangTo proved he could live without MokDan and he did. I’m sure there was a way to support KangTo and still let Shunji believe that he had MD’s heart. It’s a little deceptive, but when you think about the greater good…
        But maybe MokDan’s way was better. She never deceived anyone, but I wish she didn’t fuel his anger/obsession so much to the point where he felt he had to do ANYthing at ANY cost to get what he wants.

        At least in the end Shunji DID partly reform because of MD — only he did so in her death rather than her lifetime. And that is just so damn tragic πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

        Btw, it’s Saturday here in the west coast … I think I’m slowly easing off of Gaksital. I wish I could completely be cured from Gaksital aftermath … like right away!! Still no luck. Oh, well…

        • AnaBanana

          I also now realize Shunji & Mokdan’s relationship actually parallels that of Japan’s obsession with ruling the hearts and minds of the Korean people. Koreans resisted Japanese assimilation and so MokDan smartly deflected Shunji’s advances as well. So the fact that she didn’t submit to him makes her character that much more admirable. There was an easy way out and she didn’t take it. She was no where near like the Count — submitting to Japan while reaping all the good things. Except in this case, the ‘good things’ to be reaped are… keeping the people and rebels alive.

          But… one still has to wonder what it *could* have ended up if MokDan was a little bit less virtuous. Could she still retain her good self if she was with Shunji instead of KangTo?

        • Ivoire

          Hello AnaBanana,

          Thank you for your response. I am glad you are enjoying the OST from Gaksital, I love it as well. I have not been able to come across the instrumental pieces. Did you find them on YT?

          Yeah, Shunji was a sad and tragic character really well acted by PKW whom I loved in the role. I think that MDR living with Shunji would have been hard for her and for LKT and Shunji might have caught on to it eventually. I am not sure that any of them would have been happy. LKT would have suffered, MDR would have suffered (she loved him) and Shunji would have felt that he was always competing with LKT. All around it would have been a bad deal and a very different drama.

          I am not sure how well that would have worked. To constantly run into each other and pretend they didn’t love each other (LKT and MDR) would have been hard. And it would have been hard also for MDR to help her colleagues. To constantly be hiding what you are doing, conniving is exhausting, and I think that she would have been caught one day and maybe killed. Shunji’s rage can be deadly as we all saw.

          MDR’s job wasn’t to fix Shunji, I don’t think she had that power even if Shunji thought so. People should change because they want to, not because someone makes them. The latter doesn’t last very long imho. Shunji had many opportunities to make different choices, which he chose not to make and the responsibility should lie with him, not with MDR.

          I don’t think Shunji totally reformed in the end, I think he just realized how much pain he had inflicted and as Dam Sa Ri told him, he was on the wrong side of the fight and he would not win for ever. Shunji lost everything, his family and the woman he loved, and his best friend. There was nothing left for him to live for, and I think that in the end, he realized that and he decided not to fight LKT and avoid one of them killing the other (that would have been another tragedy).

          As to your last question, I think that if MDR had been with Shunji, it would have eventually changed her, and not in a positive way. You have to remember that she DIDN’T love Shunji. You are not supposed to force love. If she had stayed with Shunji, she would have sold herself and her soul out, imho.

          I hope you had a great weekend. I live on the West Coast as well now, btw. Have a wonderful week.

          • AnaBanana

            Thank you, too, for your response Ivoire! Great analysis. I agree with you — the drama handled the MD and Shunji relationship perfectly as it were. Even if it is really tragic πŸ™

            YT indeed:
            Whole OST is on YT

            Also, some of the Gaksital MVs are just fantastic on YT. I’ll have to try Sony Vegas or whatever software these people are using.

            Below are the top two vids I found — for anyone to check out if interested. Actually, I might open up a topic for ppl to post youtube vid selections. There are some really cool ones out there



          • Ivoire

            Hello AnaBanana,

            So good to hear from you. Thanks for the links about the instrumentals in Gaksital. I really couldn’t find them on YT, so I am glad that you shared the links with me.

            I am glad you liked the analysis and I do think that the drama handled the MD and Shunji conflict in a way that would bring it a dramatic tone, since this was where they were going to take it, I think.

            Thanks for sharing the info about the YT videos, I will have to check them out. It is always nice when people share this kind of info. We learn so much on DB, from the bloggers and the members of this community πŸ™‚

  49. 49 almea

    Does anyone know what happened to MisterX? His site has been down for two days now ( It’s a pity since his subs are daebak, and I’ve been meaning to re-watch AM1997 using the subs he had made. πŸ™

    • 49.1 anonymus

      look at nr.35. It was deleted by Dramafever.

      • 49.1.1 almea

        Thank you so much! Now that gave me a little bit of hope… πŸ™‚

        • almea

          I do hope the site will be back soon. The only problem is, what if Dramafever takes it down again?

          I really don’t understand how dramatic.weebly violate any copyright infringement rules since the site is only providing subs and other reviews/recaps, I mean, it’s not hosting any videos and other licensed stuff. (Anyone, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)

          • anonymus

            You can ask that Dramafever…

            There isn’t a chance of takedown for the new blog, because he refuses to sub anything anymore.

          • almea

            Really? Is that for reals? No even AM 1997 and I Live in Cheongdamdong?!!

          • anonymus

            As serious as it can be. No more subs from him till Dramafever is dead.

          • almea

            Noooo! *)@&(@#&*!%#$@#%#*

            This is really frustrating… How about those not living in North America and could not access that damn DF site? Is he really not going to continue subbing AM 1997? What do you think could convince him otherwise? T_T

          • anonymus

            Replied already at nr. 51. : )

  50. 50 tuoihong

    I’m amazed at how hilariously funny Faith is.