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315 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. cv

    Happy OT all ! ^^

    • 1.1 dramabliss

      Happy OT to you too, cv! And of course to the Beanut Gallery.

      So glad to be back in Manila and watch the shows I missed this week. Was in Melbourne and was amazed that the Ibis Melbourne (the hotel we stayed in) did not have wifi. Could get online (check emails and such) during the day at the Univ of Melbourne but was deep at work and could not watch dramas. Not even a peek. Was itching to see what is happening at the penultimate episode of Rich Man Poor Woman. Now just catching up, and with Faith and Arang and the Magistrate as well.

      • 1.1.1 cv

        Thanks dramabliss! ^^ have a good weekend too.

        Can’t wait for the last ep of RMPW. It’s going to be good–I hope. πŸ™‚

    • 1.2 zgznoona

      Happy OT, and happy weekend! πŸ™‚

      • 1.2.1 cv

        zgznoona, happy OT! ^^ Hope you are having a good week so far.

    • 1.3 kopytko

      Happy OT and a lovely weekend to you! πŸ™‚

      • 1.3.1 cv

        Hi kopytko! You have a great weekend too. ^^ I’ll be busy working and catching up on dramas.

    • 1.4 cv

      Been busy in RL and catching up on watching everything that’s been airing this week. LOL

      GTO: interesting ending. Not bad–always upbeat after a down situation.

      Sprout: I just had to watch you raw–^_0 So cute. Hayato, even if you don’t get the girl in the end, noona is here for you. hehe

      Arang: I have not watched the last two eps yet. I don’t know… Just not feeling it. I’ll probably watch in by the end of the weekend. :p

      TTBY: oooooooooh so many cuties. Fluffy watch…I can definitely do. LOL

      Faith: still watching to see how far your awsomeness will go. haha! Good and evil—push and pull, who’s going to win in the end?

      Golden Time: I like you but why did you have to extend three more eps? arrrgh! I was hoping to see what happens in the end next Monday. blah! Well, you better have a great ending and not drag.

      Miss rose: OH my! the OTP has so much chemistry. It’s sizzling hot! ^^ He better man up and do something or else! haha

      • 1.4.1 ~Feather~

        I’m sorry, but what are the dramas GTO, Sprout, and Miss Rose about and stand for? Your comments on them made me curious on whether I’d enjoy them as well. πŸ™‚

        • gabilu

          I don’t know the first two dramas, but I’m watching Miss Rose!

          It’s taiwanese and it’s your typical rom-com, with chaebols and office drama, a hateful second female lead and the ex-boyfriend of the main female lead just appeared to bring heartache to our heroine… But there’re some nice characters (like the best friend of the heroine, or her amazing family) and the OTP is full of chemestry/cuteness, so it isn’t bad at all.

          I’ll copy/paste the official drama synopsis ’cause I suck at summarize movies/dramas/books/any kinf of stories: Luo Si Yi is highly competent in her job but very timid when it comes to love. One day, she finds herself working under new manager Gao Cheng Kuan, who is known to be ruthless in both love and business. He sees all his employees as screws that needed to be tightened or throw away if rusted. Will she be able to please the ever-demanding boss or will him mellow down and be one with the people?

          • ~Feather~

            That sounds interesting, typical but interesting. πŸ™‚ I’ve never seen a taiwanese drama (I should say I’ve never FINISHED a taiwanese drama–their hana kimi remake may have been a little closer to the manga, but it didn’t hold my interest.) so maybe I’ll give this one a shot! Thank-you! Where do you watch it with subs?

        • daniela

          GTO and Sprout are 2 jdoramas GTO is about a teacher and Sprout about first love at 15-16. GTO 2 actually (is a sequel) I’m not following it, I liked to much the first one (I recommend it).
          Sprout is nice, full of good kids-actors.

        • cv

          Sprout–HS love–awww, I still remember like it was yesterday. LOL
          The second lead is soooo cute. He’s mixed–half Japanese and half white? Real name is Jesse Lewis. ^^

          Great Teacher Onizuka 2012–HS teacher method of teaching is to befriend the troubled kids in his class and help them to trust again. It’s not bad all. Lots of heart in this one.

          Miss Rose—Tdrama—yes, it’s a romcom—Roy sure can act all stuffy and yet so hooot.

        • ~Feather~

          Thanks for the replies! I’ll be sure to put them on my “to watch” list. πŸ™‚

        • gabilu

          Pfffft. The site doesn’t let me reply to you in your lastest post!

          Yeah, it uite typical. I wouldn’t watch it if it weren’t because of the relationshipt between the leads and their families and friends. K-dramas got me used to manipulative parents, meddling sisters/brothers, absent/good for nothing friends (if they aren’t included in the love triangle, ’cause if they are, they are anything but real friends!),etc. But in here… even though there’re characters like that, the core relationships are healthy and super normal. Main girl’s family is ADORABLE! (His dad is the best!), her BFF is so supportive, and it’s obvious main guy’s mom (’cause dad isn’t in the picture… yet) is a good woman, but oblivious about his son feelings towards his way of life, etc.

          And it doesn’t hurt that the OTP has a lot of chemestry. It’s been building up since episode one, so it’s a nice ride watch them getting comfortable around each other (as also the actors must be knowing each other better).

          So yeah, watch it ;D! I hope it surprises you, like it did to me.

          One question: are all TW dramas… bad? ‘Cause I’ve read so many people complaining about them!

          • ~Feather~

            IMO (though I’m not sure if it would be a valid opinion since I haven’t really watched any TW dramas) I think most people usually watch remakes of other types of dramas, so their opinions may side with the previous drama (like BOF or Hana Kimi). I’ve seen some trailers and scenes from some TW dramas in passing, and they seem really good. I wanted to put them on my watch list (I actually DO have a watch list in my diary (that I don’t write in anymore, I should one of these days. :P) for dramas. movies, and manga, each with a number of pages dedicated solely to them.) And I think I either couldn’t find out the name for the drama or I wrote the name down but never got around to watching it. One thing that I appreciate about TW dramas is that they have actually made dramas about issues that other cultures like kdramas would just gloss over. I remember seeing a few fanmade videos about this drama about a gay couple. I wonder if I wrote down the name? I can’t remember what it’s called. But I really want to see it since it looked like it had a good ending. πŸ™‚

  2. RockPaperScissors

    Happy Friday fellow Dramabeanies! I just about had a heart attack watching Answer Me 1997 episode 15. This has been one great show. They know how to introduce just the right amount of doubt!

  3. kakashi

    Happy OT everyone!!
    Dashing off to a farewell party at the office, awww, I hate goodbyes … that’s why Faith and Arang made me sad this week. Looking forward to reading all your entries when I get back!

    • 3.1 Korazy Lady

      Kakashi – is it for you?

      I have to catch up with both Arang and Faith. I had a house full of company this week and everyone left last night, so I think I need a little me time. Next on the agenda – Episode 10 of Faith!

      • 3.1.1 kakashi

        no, it wasn’t for me, but a long-time friend/colleague.

        Actually, I watched everything raw this week only (because I’m busy revising an article and needed to do so partially at night) so I have 2xFaith and 2xArang with subs on my list for this weekend, plus Vampire Prosecutor 2 Epi1. Also looking forwarwd to VP2 Epi2, especially the promised shower scene.

    • 3.2 Shukmeister

      Hello Kakashi!

      I got caught up with Faith late in the airing, but now I’m on top of it, Arang, RMPW, and HaeLuvrs. Yeah, and I thought there would be a slowdown from the summer shows. lol

      I hope you are doing good! Take care!

      • 3.2.1 kakashi

        Hello Shukmeister!
        Thank you, yes, I’m doing fine. How about you?
        Summer is slowly turning into autumn, which is my favorite season. And I love many of the current dramas, so life is good πŸ™‚

        • Shukmeister

          I’m liking the cooldown of the weather, and the hotness on the screen! [wink]

          Now, if only those darn BigBang tix would go on sale, I’d be one ecstatic ahjumma.

          • Shukmeister

            And, yes! Finally, BB tix go on sale this weekend.

      • 3.2.2 kakashi

        Shukmeister, you’re not watching Vampire Prosecutor?

        • Shukmeister

          I watched the first episode, and I happily squeeed! It felt like the same pacing and chemistry as the first season. I just pray the romance angle doesn’t take the wind out of the storyline.

          But to answer your question, heck yeah I’m watching! lol

          • ~Feather~

            I’ve been waiting for that to get subbed. Is it fully subbed and up now? Do you know a site where it has good video quality?

          • Shukmeister

            You can watch it engsubbed on dramacrazy. I don’t know of an HD streaming site offhand. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

          • myweithisway

            Jumping in @Feather if you’re in the US/Canada, Dramafever is carrying it!

          • ~Feather~


            Thank-you! I just finished watching it on dramacrazy. I used that site for the first season last year, as well. πŸ™‚ I am in the US, but I don’t like dramafever’s commercials cutting in at inopportune moments during the episode, though I’ll probably use it when marathoning AM 1997.
            Thank-you again for your help!

  4. Korazy Lady

    Happy OT everyone! I hope you are all having the fabulous weather that we are having here in the North East!

    @RockPaperScissors – I actually found Answer Me 1997 a little frustrating – I want to know more – NOW!

    Also on the edge of my seat with RMPW. And now Nice Guy is starting. Just when I say I’m weaning off Kdramas for a bit….haha

    • 4.1 Shukmeister

      Hey Korazy!

      Long time no see! That darn RL has a way of intruding.

      RMPW – I was mad at the last episode. Only one more to the end and we’re stuck with Yoko and misunderstanding between Hyuga and Natsui. I wanted more cute time [sigh]. Still an excellent show.

      Still plugging away at my recaps. It’s a lot harder than I thought!

      Have you decided whether you are coming up to NYC/NJ for the BB concert? Let me know!

      Since I just woke, doing the seagull commenting. See you later!

      • 4.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Hi Shukie! No slowdown for any of us! I have been swamped with stuff recently and haven’t had a chance to catch up with your writings. I admire your tenacity, but really it seems like you have more hours in the day then I do! How do you do that? Magic flute? Wormhole? or maybe Ghost writers? πŸ˜‰

        • Shukmeister

          All of the above – hee hee hee.

          Truth to tell, I write during the slower portions of my job. That’s the fun of working a midnight shift: moments of excitement between stretches of boredom.

          I tend to jigsaw my drama watching throughout the day. I can watch at least one episode while using the kitchen. I also watch very little primetime television. Sundays I spend with my parents, so I’ll pop up an epi (with earbuds) while watching the Yankees or golf with my dad.

          It just a matter of juggling everything and keeping it all moving!

      • 4.1.2 Korazy Lady

        About the concert. Have you guys decided where you are meeting to eat that day? It’s the distance that’s worrying me – and I have a wedding the next day so staying over is not an option. But I’d love to meet up with my fellow DBers! What to do, what to do???

        • Shukmeister

          ‘Tis up to you, my lady.

          Some of us are going to be there Thursday, so you can always meet up with us then, still stay overnight, and leave Friday. We’re looking at either a mobile Movie Noona night (at the hotel), or possibly a noraebang session.

          Or maybe we’ll just busk in the subway… lol

          Nothing’s been set yet, but I’m going to keep everyone in the loop on Twitter and my blog. I’ll let you know as plans gel!

          • Korazy Lady

            Noraebang? Busking in the subway (hopefully to Oppa Gangnum Style?) It gets more tempting by the minute. Tweet me the hotel when you get a chance, s’il vous plait!

          • Shukmeister

            Abso. And I think they’ll be extra room too!

  5. Mystisith

    Hello dramabeaners and drama addicts all around the world!
    I won’t beat around the bush: The Streaming/subbing war going on annoys me to no end. I want Vampire Prosecutor season 2 ep 1 like now. I also want subs for The 3rd Ward eps 2,3 & 4.
    Except Panda and Hedgehog, there is not enough rom-coms (Haeundae Lovers did not convince me). I started rewatching SeGa, on viki this time, and I’m having fun with (most of) the comments for once.
    Ps: Just learnt today than Japan will drop nuclear energy… in 2030. *facepalm*. And France is supposed to stop its older facility in… 2016. I swear, they will never learn. If you’re interested in how we can produce energy without atom, you could watch the mini dorama in 5 episodes: Magma (dramacrazy has it). Enlightening.

    • 5.1 yumi

      war? what war?

      • 5.1.1 hanni12

        Have you been living under a rock? (just kidding^^)

        Got to the Soompi thread for Answer !997 or to the last open thread, there have been discussions going on in 35 and most of the second page.

        • yumi

          Not a rock. under several piles of books and papers waiting to be graded. **groan**

          Also, I’m never on Soompi.

          I’ll check out the last open thread.

          • Lemon

            Basically, any site hosting subs/vids for AM1997 and many other cable shows = poof! Gone.

        • DB5K

          Umm, for some reason I get the message “ERROR 404 PAGE NOT FOUND” when I try to access last week’s open thread (cached version still exists though). Is the OT being censored, lol?

          Anyways, I’m not really interested in stirring things up. I just have a question about MisterX aka Dramatic. I think I read somewhere that MisterX’s blog had a lot of insightful commentary and explanations about all the references in Reply 1997. Was this extra information in the subs or on his site? Does anyone know where I can I find a copy of his commentary? I’m not interested in the subs; I dropped Reply 1997 after episode 2. It’s just that I’ve heard so many amazing things about MisterX that I really want to read his contributions.

          • DB5K

            Holy shiznak. The OT is being censored O_O

            “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

            All I did was quote some articles about DramaPhever’s funding ($7.8 million from media companies including AMC) and the irony of DramaPhever shutting down a fan subber’s blog when they use fan subs themselves. Oh yeah, and I said that I think viki has faster and better subs.

            Errr… I’m not sure which key words I used that sent my comment straight to the black hole that is the moderated comments inbox >_>

          • javabeans

            Not to worry, there’s no censorship involved.

            Your comment triggered spam alert automatically (it contained keywords that have been used in spam before, I believe) and got held back. As you see, it’s now been approved. Trying multiple times with the same message just triggers the alert more, fyi.

            I know it’s easy to assume this has something to do with the Dramafever incident, but I assure you there’s no censorship filter for Dramafever or for this conversation.

            I would like, however, to advise everyone to perhaps not jump to the worst conclusion in all scenarios. I’m seeing a bit of paranoia around here, and I think we’re in danger of spreading assumptions and rumors as fact.

          • DB5K

            Thanks for responding, Javabeans πŸ™‚

            I posted the same comment twice because I wasn’t sure which keyword(s) were being marked as “spam.”

          • Mystisith

            @javabeans: Thanks for the clarification. I must say I had doubts for a minute. *Going in the corner*.
            I wonder if dramabeans could be some kind of a mediator/relay between “us” (consumers of K dramas) “and” them (distributors or whoever is behind those site deletions).
            I know it’s delicate for you admins of this site to be involved in this and I’m quite passing you the hot potato… I’d like this crisis to be an opportunity for discussion: I want a happy ending for everyone, as usual. πŸ™‚

        • ck1Oz

          Yeah I haven’t started AM 1997 so was bummed out as all heck about the strong arm tactics from DF. Because you know those sites did not only serve a US/ Canada audience. Which is what DF is licensed for. I am not living the in the US πŸ™

          So yeah am so not impressed with their selfish attitudes especially since they are using his subs on the station. For Kdramas we all know money can’t buy you good subs. Imagine waiting for subs for AM 1997. Ergh. That is my pet peeve for this week that even DSS had to cull the subtitles list of dramas which are playing in DF.

          • kakashi

            so…. is recapping AM 1997 with screenshots also illegal?

      • 5.1.2 Mystisith

        You can check the latest OT: anonymous versus anonymUs. Basically a lot of “illegal” streaming and subbing sites have been shut down (My Soju, Kimchidrama, dramaticweebly, darksmurfsub…). Apparently, Dramafever (for sure) and Korean channels (maybe) have used the DMCA gun. As a consequence, it’s a bit harder to find your shows online, and now we have to survive with the raws.
        I really wish we would have a SK portal multi-channel which would offer eng subs (even with a delay): I live in Europe and I really need to be creative to watch my shows.

        • diorama

          I know. It’s especially hard to find subbed cable shows and it’s driving me nuts, because there is simply no other source for me. Unless I want to buy very expensive DVD sets with mediocre English subs.
          I was surprised about dramaticweebly, because that site was more of a commentary/criticism site, even though MisterX had his great subs on it too.

          • momosan

            Diorama, email me if you get a chance.

        • Ariel

          Yeah they shut down Kimchidrama, what do they want us to do? Don’t they know how much we love their shows, how could they penalize us the international viewers who can’t understand Korean and must rely on kind hearted subbers. Don’t they know that for our country to buy their drama it should create buzz words in blogs or have people talking about those dramas?

        • kakashi

          crazy! I hadn’t known… though I noticed many sites ‘acting’ weird … That’s a shock!! I see Dramacrazy, my go-to site, is still working, but now I’m seriously worried … well, I have faith in the international Drama crowd to stand together and solve this problem!

          • hanni12

            I have absolutely no faith that the community will do anything about this. Most people just don’t care what complications these things have. They just don’t think long term, that these DMCA marathon won’t be the last or the worst.

            What most people care about is watching dramas in a convenient way and Dramafever is giving them that. The last comment on the last ot-thread is “DramaFever Hwaiting” if it doesn’t make a complication on their end, they couldn’t care less. The whole problem of this thing is, that the people that could make a difference (people watching Dramafever) are not involved in this thing, they don’t need any softsubs or fansubs, so why should they care?

            I would love to be proven wrong, but I just don’t see that happen.

          • kakashi

            you could be right, I’m afraid … I read up what I missed (on last week’s OT and on other places), I’m quite shocked. I’m not American and I absolutely depend on sites other than Dramafever. It it is true that they use the subs of the guy whose website they shut down, then everybody with a sense of fairness should start boycotting Dramafever – or at least let them know that this type of behavior is just not okay.

          • hanni12


            Skip to 2:10 to hear the founder speaking about piracy and his thoughts about the community.

            So much fucking hypocrisy…

          • BB

            @hanni12: I went back to the previous week’s OT thread and read the last comment encouraging DF (not cool, malta!). You very accurately put it, that (some) viewers who aren’t affected by this crackdown could give a fig about DF jerking around and the international viewers being the scapegoats in this unfortunate yet absolutely avoidable tug-of-war.

          • DB5K

            @hanni12 I read the article that you posted a link to and it includes a quote by DramaPhever’s co-founder, Bak, saying that he doesn’t want to “demonize” fan subbers. He also admits that DramaPhever uses fan subbing groups’ subs and suggests that DF provides ad revenue in exchange for web traffic from fan subbing sites. So it is indeed rather hypocritical that they shut down a lone fan subber’s blog because he released better subs than them for Reply 1997.

            Like I said earlier (in my “moderated comment”), I think it’s great that DramaPhever provides a legal way to watch dramas. I can also understand their attempts to shut down my soju and kimchi dramas. But I feel really upset that they shut down MisterX’s blog. I never got to read any of his commentary/analysis/reviews T_T

          • cv

            I used to go to dramafever but have not anymore since they changed to their new settings/new look. Beside that, they have to much commercials. To watch Dramafever, you have to buy subscription. That’s kinda lame.

            So far, for me, viki is still better but now they starting to have lots of errors. It’s just too bad there aren’t that many contributors helping.

            If all free sites goes down, does that mean everyone’s going to have to start paying to watch? That’s lame.

          • Anna

            This is so annoying. I also don’t live in the US so Dramafever aren’t interested in me. I am utterly dependent on the fansubbers to be able to watch dramas. If the Korean broadcasters are also behind these notices, it is a big mistake by them. They vaunt hallyu all the time, so how do they think those of us in places other than the US get to see their dramas? There are no legal paths open to us. If it wasn’t for these fansubbers, I would never have started watching drama, would never have begun learning Korean, would not have made friends with Koreans studying here in the UK, and would not be visiting those same friends in Korea next year. I can’t help it now, Korea and the Korean people are in my blood, so despite this campaign, I will get hold of drama somehow, but they are certainly slamming the door in the face of anyone who may be interested in Korea in the future. What a way to kill international interest in hallyu in it’s infancy.

          • bunnymino

            The ironic thing is..the so called “Hallyu-Wave” would probably not be at its height like this without the help of the unpaid fansubbers. All of the korean actors/actresses who do the fanmeeting /concert/promotion/activity overseas would probably not be able to do so if international fans like me do not watch their dramas.

            Last but not least, it feels scarier as a lot of my favorite kdrama community website i visit have DramaPhever ads on their website. It feels like all of my kdrama community websites are surveilled by them/at least got supported by them.

        • mtoh

          You’re telling me! We are in the same boat dear…but you know that. I got my Vampy, thanks a lot…happy person here πŸ˜‰

          • NKB

            I was just thinking about this [angrily unfortunately] earlier this week when I found out Kimchidrama had been taken down.

            [Begin Rant]

            How do the makers of these dramas/ music think their products get famous internationally? Seriously? Do they honestly think people in Argentina, Peru, Spain, South Africa, Ghana, Yemen etc honestly sit down and learn Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese or fork over ridiculous amounts of money to buy DVD’s or music from foreign artists they’ve never heard of? The answer to that is a resounding NO. It’s only through the hard work of unpaid subbers who take their time to translate the original material into loads of different languages.

            I get so annoyed about copyright infringement police when they refuse to make the desired product available at affordable prices for people who might be interested but are not hooked yet want to reap the benefits of international fame only to turn around and undercut the very people who made that fame possible. And restricting viewing to only American sites is just ridiculous! I don’t live in America so DramaFever isn’t an option for me. Even Viikii restricts is veiwings. Only so called ‘illegal’ sites allow every one who has an interest in the dramas to watch them in high quality with excellent subbing. Seriously. If they don’t want international fans (other than Americans and those that can access American sites) they should just say. I’ll turn my attention back to Bollywood where I’m appreciated *humph!*

            [Rant over]

          • NKB

            Okay back to my happy and serene self. I’m sure all of this will blow over and our beloved site master’s will find a way of bringing back the goodies. And I do actually believe the drama community will help each other out πŸ˜€ Especially if everyone is as lovely as all you guys on DB!

          • mtoh

            DF doesn’t work for me ether, Viki, some dramas are available…
            I depend on DC and other sites for dramas.., but luckly people on Twitter are good and we share links among us.., the same goes to DB people πŸ˜‰

        • pigtookie

          aww I searched for a long time for dramaticweebly’s subs, since I heard that he had great subs for Answer Me 1997, and good reviews overall.

        • Adnana

          You can dld the ENG subs to the newer shows (VIKI and Dramafever version) here:

          They are uploaded very fast; often no later than a couple of hours after the VIKI subs are finished.

    • 5.2 Korazy Lady

      Morning, Mystisith,

      I for one never understood why there was such disdain for SeGa, but maybe it’s because I watched it in my “early days”. I found it quite hilarious and thought HB and HJW both did a great job when they were in each other’s bodies.

      I’m just excited that Nice Guy is already being subbed. Having to wait too long for others (a.k.a Third Ward) makes me forget about and eventually drop them. Speaking of which, as much as I love to look at OJH, I’m really starting to doubt his acting abilities. He seems to only have two expressions – dazzling dimpled smile or lost puppy dog look. Although the dazzling dimpled smile is hard to beat!

      • 5.2.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        concerning SeGa- a lot of it is probably because of that one scene where HB’s character forced himself on HJW’s character-mind you they only slept innocently but still it was kinda of despicable for him to come in and submit her to something she didn’t want.

        • Mystisith

          Hello Minnetter,
          I know than a lot of viewers had an issue with that scene. My take is: She’s a professional stunt woman. She could have neutralized him if she wanted it to… She didn’t fight much so I always presumed she accepts to be manhandled and courted this way. I would not have said the same thing for a frail vulnerable woman of course.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Mysti,

            Why can’t “No” mean “No” in dramaland? Why should she have to neutralize him for him to stop? Same thing with the forced kiss? Can’t “No” mean “No’ there as well? How far should the envelope be pushed? If a woman doesn’t want to be kissed, she doesn’t want to be kissed. If she doesn’t want to sleep with you (even platonically), she doesn’t want to sleep with you. It makes it seems as if it is OK for the guy to behave in these manners, especially if he ends up getting what he wants.
            In those instances, it seems as if the heroine or female character’s feelings and opinions don’t matter. Not good for a (healthy) relationship, even though I am fully aware that turning to dramaland for healthy romantic relationships should not necessarily be the thing to do.

          • Ivoire

            Also, the forced kiss is soooo not attractive to watch, imho. It makes me cringe every single time I see it.

          • Korazy Lady

            Bonjour, Ivoire. I agree with the forced kiss – ugh. I actually thought HB was really aggressive in SeGa, but I watched it late so never knew what the comments were, just read that people either loved it or hated it. I did really enjoy the body switching parts (which I know some people really DIDN’t like!)

          • Mystisith

            @Ivoire: Interesting question and I will try to answer the more honestly I can.

            I think there is a difference between fiction and reality (where “no” effectively means “no”): I had to use the “no” in real life and it saved me from being sexually assaulted. So I respect and value that notion a lot.

            On the other side, dramas are just fictions and I see things differently. Sometimes I apply my moral code, sometimes I use the implicit one contained in the drama. And sometimes I mix up everything… In real life and in dramas, I like men who can be in charge of the relationship in the earlier stages. To put things bluntly, clingy/stalking jerks fit my personal fantasies and my emotional profile: I never blame men for trying -hard- to court the girl and I consider they are harmless.
            That said, there is a very thin red line (different for each person) which separates what is acceptable from what is not (BDSM is a total no-no for me but some people like it. Good for them…). I can’t stand male/female physical violence for example. In Lovers in Prague which I watched recently, the male lead slaps a pregnant woman (former girlfriend). Furthermore, he is a cop! After seeing that, it was dead for me: I couldn’t consider him as a credible partner/boyfriend.

            I personally consider than the red line wasn’t crossed in SeGa. (I don’t talk for other dramas, it really depends on how the character is designed). I will use a metaphor for Kim Joo-won’s behavior. It’s like when you hold a bird in your hands: If you don’t squeeze it enough it will flee or injure itself while struggling. If you squeeze too much you crush it. As for Gil Ra-im, she is defined like an alpha female who can perfectly defend herself against an unwanted proximity: She could kick him in the groin and end of the story. So, for me in that show, the heroine is attracted to the man and it’s a question of pride to play “hard to get” because other way she would pass for an easy girl (neo-confucianism filter here, not my personal values). Therefore, I presume her in love and willing from the start (she is the one who suggests a kiss to reverse the body switching, not him!). This is the way I interpret their love relationship.

            Now, to answer your first question: If “no” meant “no” in dramaland, half the romance dramas would stop at episode 1 since the dog/cat fight (“I swear I will never like you!”) is the norm for the first episodes. The rest being “meet cute” as we call it. At the end of the day, everyone is free to like the oppa of her dreams: Our sweet Boong-do from QIHM was also addictive I must admit. πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            Hello Mysti and KL,

            I have to run so I won’t be long (I think…). I have quickly read your posts (thank you) and I will comment on them later. I would be interested in your thoughts (Mysti) about the forced kiss (specifically, I know you took the time to explain the “no” meaning “no” which would apply to forced kissing, I guess).

            I am asking because it just seems at times that the girl has to struggle or resist for (quite) a while it seems like for the guy to let go. It makes me (personally) uncomfortable to see that. Many of the people who are now watching Kdramas are very young women (teenagers) all over the world, as Kdramas are becoming more and more popular (I saw a documentary once on KBS World where they were interviewing teenage Chileans girls about why they liked Kdramas and Kpop). Sometimes I wonder what they take away from it. We are adults, I think it is different for us. I guess those girls could talk to their parents as well and I hope that is enough (parents’ opinion of what is appropriate and what isn’t). When I was a teenager and was reading romance novels, I had fantasies or I made up stories in my head. I didn’t act on them, but they were there. I know one shouldn’t rely on Kdramas to have a code of conduct (not when it comes to certain things or situations), but sometimes I can’t help but wonder…

            The dramas that come to mind right now (with forced kisses) are MNIKSS (bathroom scene), The World Within (HB tried several times and she kept pushing him away but he ended up kissing her, SMH), Goong (considering that they were teenagers, I think, that was hard for me to watch), SeGa and M2F (I was so not impressed with that kiss) and BOF (JP tries and he is aggressive about it but she doesn’t let him kiss her).

            Anyways, as you said, “to each his/her own”, kisses and all. I would be interested in any additional thoughts you might have, and I would also understand if you feel that you don’t have more to add. Have a great weekend.

          • Korazy Lady

            Hmm, your questions set me to thinking, Ivoire! I do understand your concern with that message being relayed to teenagers, but then I could find numerous bad messages in these dramas, like how it is OK for the fathers to beat their kids, OK for the husbands to be totally domineering and force their wives to be submissive, OK for bosses to go on rampages and smack down their employees, just to name a few.

            In the case of the forced kiss (and honestly, I’d have to watch SeGa again because I don’t remember it) if it were me and I didn’t want to kiss a guy, I’d be really forceful. Especially if I had absolutely no physical attraction to him. But, isn’t the point of these rom coms (or any of the shows considered romance shows) to be building on the underlying attraction between the OTP? It’s a formula as old as time, one used in a thousand romance novels, where you can be attracted physically to but repulsed by someone at the same time. I think it’s rare indeed if, by the end of a woman’s life, she hasn’t encountered someone she had a physical attraction to but thought was a jerk, or too cocky, or too conceited. Most women are smart enough to accurately access the situation and stay clear. But in a fantasy situation, if this guy forces a kiss on you, and you resist but realize, wow, he’s a great kisser, now what? Now your head is spinning, you’ve tasted the thrill of the bad guy, and think maybe you can change him with your love and devotion, etc. etc. Standard romance novel stuff, even old Rogers & Hammerstein fluffy musical stuff.

            There are plenty of shows on American TV that convey far worse messages if you ask me, and a lot of these are aimed at teenagers. I understand where you are coming from, and am not advocating it in real life, but usually they are doing this with characters that have the sexual tension going on already, and I bet most watchers are OK when it happens. (Especially ones that have been married for a long, long, time…..haha!)

          • Ivoire

            Hi KL,

            I have to dash again as my weekend is super busy. I do appreciate your response and I will try and answer later this evening (I will be gone all day). Thank you also for understanding that I asked these questions not to be angry but because I have honestly pondered these things (that documentary with the Chilean teenagers was very interesting) and I was just honestly curious about your take on them.

            I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

          • Minnetter (aka: Min)

            I personally didn’t like the scene I thought it was way too much, No means No in anything concerning the bed. Now I’m not unhappy that a character keeps asking for dates and is a little aggressive in the love-chasing but I didn’t always like Joowon’s sometimes overly aggressive ways.

            However I must confess that for some frustrating reason I was really hooked on that show and the next episode couldn’t come soon enough for me… All in all I was satisfied with the last episode.

          • Ivoire

            Hello KL and Minnetter (aka: Min),

            Sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to add my response to our topic of conversation, I have had a really busy weekend so far, and it doesn’t look like it will be over soon. I will try and write something tonight or late at night, so if you remember, please check back tonight or tomorrow. Thank you ladies πŸ™‚

    • 5.3 zgznoona

      Happy Friday Mistidith,
      Have you tried The Thousandth Man? It’s only an ep a week, but it could work.
      I saw you commenting about Mangma the other day and I was interested, even more so, when I saw it was only 4 or 5 eps. About the Nuclear energy…ON the nuclear energy front, I got news last night that the one closest to where I’m from will close down next year in June.

      • 5.3.1 Mystisith

        Sorry to say, The Thousandth Man doesn’t interest me much: Gumiho stories never appealed to me. Maybe I will change my mind later.

        • zgznoona

          Well, it’s just a rom-com about a woman who needs a man who loves her enough to die for her.
          The situations are funny, and the characters are interesting

    • 5.4 zgznoona

      Happy Friday Mistisith,
      Have you tried The Thousandth Man? It’s only an ep a week, but it could work.
      I saw you commenting about Mangma the other day and I was interested, even more so, when I saw it was only 4 or 5 eps. About the Nuclear energy…ON the nuclear energy front, I got news last night that the one closest to where I’m from will close down next year in June.

      • 5.4.1 zgznoona

        how did I ended up posting twice? so weird. Sorry for that

    • 5.5 Lemon

      Ditto; I’m enjoying Panda and Hedgehog, but otherwise feeling the lack of fluffy romcoms. I’m also watching TTBY, but while I enjoy some parts of it, most of it isn’t leaving me excited. Donghae surprised me with how decent he is in Panda, though – I thought he was going to be terrible, given what I’ve heard about Daddy’s Girl.

      And double ditto for 3rd Ward! Golden Time isn’t quite doing it for me, so I’m after another medical drama with more excitement. I need to fill the dark void left in my life after the ending of God’s Quiz 3. XD

    • 5.6 yumi

      Thanks for cluing me in.

      Last week’s open thread was unavailable for a long time, but I finally caught up.

      Dramafever’s sub is my least favorite. I hate how they leave off the Korean cultural quirks from their subs.

      This is scary. I may have to give up K-drama. Thank goodness viki is safe.

      If Dramacrazy goes, I’ll loose access to j-drama.

      • 5.6.1 cv

        Yea, some subs on dramafever is really fast–like 2 seconds and it’s gone while the person is still talking. Or when someone is being called Hyung, ajumma, etc–they sub the person’s name like we didnt’ understand. *rolleyes* Seriously, for those who have watched Kdrama for a long time, we understand that but for those who don’t, they can always look it up. :p

    • 5.7 Farpavilions

      Q: Is copyright infringement why a certain long-established torrent portal for drama addicts (I’m guessing most longtime drama fans can figure out the clue easily) no longer lists current kdrama softsubs in English?

      As someone living outside the US who can’t get Viki or DF, I dislike what DF is doing too and seriously doubt its legality where fan-made softsubs are concerned, as with Mister X’s blog.

      That being said, softsubbing groups have consistently warned against using their subs on streaming sites for this very reason. Even if DF hadn’t made the move, the broadcasters who have global rights to these shows would probably have done so eventually.

      I suppose the logical move for subbing groups and fans is to go back to the old way of torrenting RAWS and softsubs and insisting against hardsubbed streaming. I predict a new burst in loyalty to the torrent portal named above!

    • 5.8 Shukmeister

      Hey Mysti!

      Yeah, it’s a bite about the lockdown, but I like to think of it as jello; squeezing it only makes it leak out between the fingers.

      That miniseries sounds interesting, though. I’ll put it on my “Watch when I have a moment” list.

  6. zgznoona

    Happy OT!!!!
    I hope you drama week was satisfying. Mine was okay.
    1. disappointed I have to wait till next week for the final AM1997. I don’t want it to end, but at the same time I’m tired of all the “who’s the daddy?” game.
    2. I love all the cuteness on RMPW ep10, but I was screaming to the screen when I saw both of them unable to say how they feel in those final minutes of the ep. Moreover, I hope it won’t be a final where the OTP is a apart till the last 5min, but it really looks that way
    3. TTBY has being cute for the last couple of weeks. So I’ve decided to forgive them (like secretary Park in The Thousandth Man) and accept that it is not hanakimi, but something else.

    Well, I’m sure I’ll have more to say later, but that’s it for now

    • 6.1 Ash

      Gah, RMPW. I knew it was going to turn out like that – KNEW IT – but I was still so frustrated I wanted to cry. So help me god, the finale better be worth all the agony that drama’s put me through.

      • 6.1.1 zgznoona

        Werll, I know it is a jdrama, but still I always hate when any drama plays the “separation to grow” game, and being the OTP so awesomely magic together, It’s hard to believe that both of them are still in the phase “I can’t tell you how I feel about you”

        • Ash

          Exactly! I can understand why jdramas play this game: kdramas can afford to get the pairing together earlier and take it from there because they generally have, at minimum, 5 or 6 hours more screen time to work with. But ugh, it would have made so much sense if they’d gotten together an episode or two ago. Having them back out when they were *so close* is unbearable.

          (But seriously, all the kudos in the world to Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi. They’re so great together, they make my chest physically ache with how much I need this otp to happen.)

          • Saima

            “physically ache” is the right way to describe it. My chest tightens up whenever our OTP’s in misery. As much as I was irked with the ending….from their individual reserved selves I kinda got it. She a low-confident senior in love with this brash yet socially awkward phenomenon who’s 7 years her senior. And, he with his abandonment issues and a crippling medical condition just wants to see her face yet finds it difficult to come clean to her about his feelings.

          • dramabliss

            “physically ache” captures how I felt watching the same segment in Epi 10 as well. I was actually teary and had a lump in my throat and was almost screaming to both Hyuga and Makoto to “go, just say how you feel!”

            I think they will, in true jdorama fashion, get together in the last 5 minutes or so, with him preventing her from boarding the plane to Brazil.

            This would be reminiscent of the final segment of Hana Kimi (jdorama) where Oguri Shun was also the lead.

    • 6.2 Korazy Lady

      Happy OT zgznonna!

      I agree 100% on AM1997. I even fast forwarded through the father/uncle part (due to trying to sneak the episode in while I had company.) Agree about RMPW also.

      I have to say that as much as I love cross-dressing pretend you’re the opposite sex type of rom coms, I could not get on board with TTBY. It was so over the top unbelievable (did the all boy’s school not check to see whether she was a girl first?) I couldn’t really make it through episode 1. Might have to pick it up if desperate one day, though!

      • 6.2.1 zgznoona

        Well, I love the craziness and quirkiness of the original HanaKimi and all the other versions. So, I was hopping for more over the top, and that’s exactly what this version didn’t give me.
        And I was really curious about how the Koreans were going to approach it, since there are another 3 versions out there, and we have to admit they didn’t do too well with BOF. Well, BOF was my second Asian drama ever, so I like it, but I acknowledge its limitations.

        • Korazy Lady

          Judging from how bad the movie “My Pet” with JGS was, I’d say the Korean adaptations are pretty bad. I had to go watch the Japanese version just to see if I could make any sense out of it, and I actually really enjoyed it.

          I couldn’t get past episode 1 of BOF (and never saw any original versions.) I can only take the suspension of belief so far and was disgusted that a bunch of obnoxious boys virtually ran the school. Should I be afraid that I will be ousted from the drama clan after such a confession? But I understand what you mean about it being your second drama and liking it. I feel the same way about Full House, and we all know what a mess that was!

    • 6.3 oftheshore

      Agreed re RMPW. It was so awesome – right until the last few minutes of this week’s episode. I really don’t get what this pair’s problem is. The ‘you’re stupid – no, you’re stupid’ scene, however, was hilarious.
      I really don’t want Makoto to stay with the research lab, however – she just has too much business potential for it to go to waste. πŸ™ I could accept her working in another company, as long as it’s a job where she can use her entrepreneurial abilities.

    • 6.4 Shukmeister

      Hi Z!

      I’m only watching RMPW on your list, but I was disappointed in epi 10. So close to the end, and yet Yoko got all the screentime with Hyuga.
      JDoramas tend to be light on the skinship, but geez, she confessed in front of the building, he did the little-boy pout thing in the office lunchroom, and yet, not even a hug. [sigh] Rant over. I hope for better things this week, even though it’s the last episode.

      I also want to thank a certain jdorama subber (whom I won’t identify in case the DCMA nazi’s show up) for uploading beautiful english subs mere days after the episodes become available.

      • 6.4.1 Korazy Lady

        I follow that much appreciated “certain subber” on twitter just so I can see when the episode is ready. With only the final episode left, I will miss RMPW, that’s for sure! But it did leave me frustrated this week, as did AM 1997.

        Speaking of RMPW, I do really like that main song. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned it, but it makes me smile when I hear it πŸ™‚

        • Shukmeister

          There’s a couple of current shows with good OST. One I really want is Faith, which has some great instrumental music.

  7. Midori

    Answer Me 1997 is one of my all time favorites. I’m planning to rewatch it all over again as soon as Ep 16 is out. I’ve only done that for one drama ever – My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.

  8. Spooksmom

    Answer Me 1997 is my drama crack for the year! I haven’t had anything catch my interest in doing anything other than reading the recaps on this site but AM97-whoo..had to watch it from the beginning and I think I will also be rewatching it again.

  9. redfox

    I started watching May Queen and I do love the child actors, but the ahjumma is getting old. I mean her behavior. They are showing too much of the same thing. Yes I get it, she is mean and foul-mouthed. how many times do you think I need to be told? we get it.

    and I am still annoyed at elders slapping youngers, parents slapping kids. crazy. outrageous. Dont the Korean broaqdcasters think it will eventually really hurt Koreas reputation? not so much the fact children get slapped or called bitches or bastards, but the fact bystanders arenΒ΄t stepping in to their defence?
    argghh but seriously if the “mother” in May Queen wouldnΒ΄t be pregnant, IΒ΄d slap her back.

    • 9.1 Mystisith

      Yes, that pregant woman in MQ seriously irked me. Let’s see what will happen this WE with the grown up kids: Honestly it’s them who interest me.

      • 9.1.1 redfox

        I even fast forwarded her cause I felt like I had already seen that scene countless times before

    • 9.2 DB5K

      LOL. Do you think American broadcasters consider beforehand whether or not shows like Jerry Springer or Maury will harm America’s reputation? May Queen is a drama (ie a fictional work) and I would think that most people can distinguish between reality and fiction~~

      I personally love, love, LOVE May Queen, though I agree that the plot dragged at times. I think they should have slated for 6 instead of 8 episodes with the child cast.

  10. 10 Minnetter (aka: Min)

    Hi fellow db’ers how has your week been?

    Mine’s been busy busy but I still made time for Arang and the magistrate (why do I love LJK so much? It makes it difficult to ignore a drama with him in it! ) and I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I don’t even have the same adverse feeling to the Jade King’s wig that a lot of people express feeling… I kinda like it… oops I said it.

    anyways hope everyone’s doing well πŸ™‚

    • 10.1 zgznoona

      Hi Min,
      I’m growing lo like the infamous wig, mostly because I see the production team are having issued with it, and try to change it a little every week, and because the person wearing it is Yoo Seung-ho and I love that boy so much, that it’s hard to hate it.

      • 10.1.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        Yes Yoo Seung Ho is so pretty I really can’t see that the wig detracts anything from his pretty-ness- also it’s so manga-ish it’s fun πŸ˜›

        I still can’t get over how he’s the same little boy from The Way Home (i saw it less than a year ago so it’s even more shocking) – I actually didn’t like the little boy despite totally being prejudiced in favour of him since it’s YSH! So he has acting skills since very young to make me dislike him πŸ˜›

    • 10.2 kdramapedia

      I liked the wig in the first coupe of episodes. I hated it when they pulled it back all the way. It looked like a strange hair helmet.

      But I agree, I enjoy the crazy wig!

      • 10.2.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        yes I don’t quite enjoy the helmet look I like it when there’s more flowy-ness (not a word) to it.

    • 10.3 Shukmeister

      I want the hair down and flowing too! lol

      I’m really enjoying Arang, although I’m still worried for Eun Oh’s state of mind when he finds out his mother is Queen of the Damned. Or how Arang will feel about it.

      And is it the fan than can kill the Underworlders or Eun Oh himself? Such questions such questions.

      • 10.3.1 JoAnne

        I thought they were the same woman briefly when she was first introduced but that didnt last long I dont thin thats who she is

        • Shukmeister

          Are you sure? I thought they were the same actress. Now I gotta rewatch (no hardship of course).

        • Korazy Lady

          I think they are the same, too! BTW, good to see you on the OT, JoAnne

      • 10.3.2 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        I think they are the same actress but ***maybe spoiler alert*****

        I think that her body was taken over by Mu Yeon. I think that because Eunoh’s mom was so filled with hate that the Muyeon lady devil made a pact with her so she took over the body but promised to do something to the person that discredited her family.

        I think that’s why she needs to know what Arang wants… If she knows what Arang wants then she can make a deal with her and keep Arang’s body.

  11. 11 meecheellee

    Happy OT to everyone~!

    I was just wondering, for those who have seen it, what do you guys think of “Nice Guy”? TBH, I really enjoyed the first and second episodes. Both actresses carried out their roles decent enough, but I loved Moon Chae Won’s “bitchiness with purpose”. But omfg, SJK, he was really really good. When his eyes acted dead, you almost wanted to knock on his head and say, “There is a soul in there, right?” Although it half scared me, I think that it’s really good. C:

    • 11.1 Adnana

      Maybe my expectations were too high, but honestly, I was underwhelmed by the 1st episode of “Nice Guy”. Mostly because I would have wanted for the characters’ motivations to be better established before the ‘bad stuff’ happened. I mean, why would the H have gone as far as he did? I would have wanted to know him a bit better at that point in order to be able to sympathize with/understand his sacrifice. On the other hand, if I were to regard the first TWO episodes as a unit — much better. And a very promising beginning indeed. I’m totally fascinated by MCW’s character and of course SJK’s (I didn’t know this actor very well before but omg, I’m totally fangirling on him now).

      • 11.1.1 Rashell

        Just had to say hi to my Amazon thread friend. Fancy “seeing” you here! πŸ˜‰

        • Adnana

          LOL, Rashell, whatever gave me away? ;P Surely not my completely common and not in the least odd screen name…

          • Rashell

            Ha! Mines just as mysterious! LMAO!

      • 11.1.2 NKB

        Hi Adnana πŸ™‚ I understand the feeling of being underwhelmed when promos have built up your expectations from an upcoming drama. Hate when that happens. I took the other route and had precisely 0 expectations for Nice Guy despite thinking SJK is a more than decent actor (and a cutie pie to boot!). So I was actually pleasantly surprised. *SPOILER* I liked that they jumped right through his prison time to a year after when he was all soulless and sexy. It made me want to find out what happened to him. I wanted to know whether he was still in touch with his sister and whether she hated him for what he did on behalf of his noona gf. *END SPOILER* I thought that [for those like me who didn’t really expect much] it was a solid opening and left me biting at the bit for more.

  12. 12 OMG

    Happy PT everyone….2nd yr med school exams whooping my ass so I have had no time to watch kdramas….but four day weekend is coming up so m gonna binge on kdramas…really excited about Nice Guy….but m gonna wait for a couple of episodes to come out…cuz I feel like this gonna be my new crack…
    I find that lately I have been watching more of the newer k dramas vs d older ones…I don’t y…it’s just happening this way…anyone else noticing this?????

    • 12.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

      Hi fellow med student~ πŸ˜› hey i’m your sunbae! lol I’m a 3rd year πŸ™‚
      so my dear hoobae,
      Yes I’m also only watching the newer k-dramas – and perhaps it has to do with the fact that there’s just no time to go back to the old ones when such good new ones are airing! perhaps in a drama lull I’ll go back to the old ones…

      in regards to Nice Guy- I think I’ll save it for a later time- it promises an extra helping of emotional pain and I can’t handle that on top of studying and exams >_< I think I'll just stick to Arang which has a fair share of comedy interspersed with the scary.

      Aja, Aja, hwaiting! YOU can whoop the exams!

      • 12.1.1 OMG

        AAAAAYYEEEEE my fellow med student….
        I have to agree that the newer ones r stepping up their game plus med school is slowing squeezing out more n more of my free time…plus with regular American tv starting soon….so much good stuff, so little time….

  13. 13 Laura

    Hello everyone πŸ™‚ just wanted to ask for your help (couse there are so many K-drama experts πŸ˜‰ – do you know any big stereotypes of Koreans’ behaviour? I wonder if any Korean actions in K-dramas can be called stereotypical (but in reality not true/ true)?
    Maybe you know some stereotypes? Even a few words would really really help me πŸ™‚

    • 13.1 erinthelibrarian

      I know Simon and Martina of eatyourkimchi did a neat video on Aeygo in dramas vs. real life.
      Poke around their site and you might find more πŸ™‚

      • 13.1.1 Laura

        thanks a lot. they do share some very interesting info. πŸ™‚

        And in real life, are there any stereotypes about Koreans and their behaviour?

        I know some stereotypes about people from other countries, but I can’t seem to remember anything about Koreans…

        • Z

          Not sure about stereotypes of Koreans in Korea but here in America they are stereotyped as owning all the beauty supply stores and being racist (especially against Blacks).

          • Y

            Are you referring to the LA race riots? And beauty supply stores? I thought it was dry cleaners and liquor stores, lol. I guess stereotypes depend on where you live. On the East coast, Koreans have a rep for being really competitive. On the West Coast, Koreans kind of have a rep for being superficial and cliquey (K-town). This is just based on what I’ve heard, and these are just stereotypes, mind you.

          • Z

            I live in Atlanta and the stereotype is definitely beauty supply stores here. Incidentally, nearly all of the ones I go to are actually owned/run by Koreans.

            As far as the racism stereotype, I didn’t have the LA race riots in mind. It’s just one of those things that I’ve always heard concerning Koreans (actually Asians as a whole). There has long been animosity between the Black and Asian communities. It stems from said dry cleaners/liquor stores/beauty supplies often being set up in Black communities and a lot of mutual distrust on both sides. That being said, I am Black and I frequent several Korean owned dry cleaners and beauty supply stores in low-to-mid income communities and I have been greeted with nothing but the kindest hospitality. Always warm greetings for me and even my little son when I have him with me. So, as we know, stereotypes and just stereotypes.

  14. 14 hanie

    Happy Friday to all!!! We will have 3 days public holidays & I already have so many plans!!! yay!!! But I’m still at work @10.30pm. FML

  15. 15 bunnymino

    With the crackdown of the website who provided AM1997’s videos/subtitles , I’m so AFRAID I CAN’T WATCH its final episode…

  16. 16 kdramapedia

    Morning OTers!

    This will probably be my last time posting here for a while (and I just started last week! lol) because this is my last day at this job, and I’m pretty sure my new job won’t immediately support my kdrama obsession, lol.

    I’m SO BEHIND on dramas this week! Between my birthday, going away parties, rehearsals, and visiting family this week, I haven’t had the time. I’m so looking forward to the weekend so I can marathon all of this week’s episodes!

    I did, however, watch Faith. OMG, I canNOT stand Eun-Soo. She is so irritating. I liked her spunk initially, but that got old after like episode 2. Ugh, so frustrating!!! I yelled at the screen for the entire episodes 9 and 10 when she came on!

    • 16.1 joybells

      totally agree with you about eun-soo,this week’s episode made me kinda mad at her. altough lee min ho’s hotness somehow made up for it…hehe….totally fangirlying rite now..btw hab u heard da song “carry on by ali” from the ost…totally in love with dat song πŸ™‚

      • 16.1.1 kdramapedia

        I’ve never been a huge Lee Min-Ho fan *dodges stones* although I did think he was cute with his mane of glory early on. But as soon as he got the slick ponytail, I went back to feeling blah about him.

        I probably have heard Carry On, but I can’t double check as this particular workstation doesn’t have flash installed.

        • joybells

          hehe….. its k…. its all bout “personal preference” rite πŸ˜‰ .. carry on is the song that plays at the end of each episode,when credits start rolling in.

          • kdramapedia

            oh, yes, yes. I like it. It’s always stuck in my head for hours. I keep meaning to find it to download, but I always forget!

        • Korazy Lady

          I was never a huge fan either, but the warrior outfit and mane of glory did look GOOD. The ponytail – not so much. And I’m still up in the air about his acting.

          We will just need some of those plastic police shields to block the stones!

          • JoAnne

            Yeah, I like Minho with wavy messy hair. NOT the JunPyo Curls of Death but, you know…Jungles of Thailand City Hunter Hair, and early Faith hair. Rawr.

          • kdramapedia

            haha, let’s cause a major disturbance so we can steal some police shields!

            @JoAnne: oh goodness, let’s not ever repeat the croissant roll perm >.<

          • joybells

            @JoAnne ,its funny how you’ve name for each of lee min ho’s “mane of glory”

        • kakashi

          lol, good of you to dodge the stones, but make sure to stay down … I’ve critisized his acting skills before and they came at me with knives and swords!

  17. 17 joybelss

    hello,everyone.Im commenting in OT after a gap of full one year!!! Life has just been so crazy,so i couldnt come n join the fun every week,although i’ve been dropping and reading as many coments as i can.
    Nways,i heard lots of positive reviews and finally got down to watchin-“The princess’ man”… n was totally floored by it…AWESOME drama,highly recomended to those who havent watched it. Now im done with it,dunno where to start next.Can u all plz suggest me some crack-astic korean,japanese or taiwanese dramas(dosnt matter if its last years drama),apart from “faith”,which im watching rite now.. thank u in advance

    • 17.1 Rashell

      Well, a lot depends on what kind of dramas you’re looking for.

      From 2011, I’d definitely try City Hunter or Dream High (not Dream High 2!)

      For 2012, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, King 2 Hearts, Queen In-Hyun’s Man, Gaksital.

      If you want more detail on any, let me know.

      • 17.1.1 Rashell

        Oh, also Answer Me 1997 finishes up this coming Tuesday, and that drama is the definition of cracktastic!

        • JoAnne

          All of these are EXCELLENT recommendations. I could add Equator Man, as well, and since you ASKED about TW-Drama, Autumn’s Concerto. That one is a bit more old school melo but still…where is Deeno? Where is Raine? I’m about to sigh over Bitter Ren, and I need you. Long live the #wuniverse!

      • 17.1.2 joybells

        @rashell,@JoAnne,@Enz, @Dramabliss….Thank you everybody for ur reccomendations….So many dramas to watch and so little time πŸ˜€ … will definitely check out city hunter,dream high,flower boy ramyun shop,and autumn’s concerto…as for answer me 1997,im lookin for it,bt i cant find it in da list of subbed dramas…strange… and does nybody noe why “” is not workin?

        • JoAnne

          AM 1997 is also called Reply 1997

    • 17.2 Enz

      Flower boy ramyun shop! That’s 2011. πŸ™‚

    • 17.3 dramabliss

      Strongly recommended from the 2011 list:
      Tree with Deep Roots
      Vampire prosecutor

  18. 18 Langknow

    So I’ve been watching Last Scandal, and I’m loving it .

    Chon Jin -sil is so beautiful, and it’s so sad that she passed away. I would never have abused her if I was her husband, just shows that there are many women out there who could use some love.

    Man, I can’t believe she’s 40 when she filmed this, I need to find me some hot ajjumas ….

    • 18.1 Shukmeister

      “Last Scandal” is one of my favorites of all time, and she gave a superb performance. I loved how she didn’t take any of his crap but gave it right back.

      One of the things that disappointed my in Rooftop Prince was how wimpy Park Ha became after she fell in love – she just lost a lot of her spunkiness when dealing with Lee Gak.

      [On soapbox]

      There are many stories of actors taking this way out (Park Yong-Ha, for instance). I blame the SK societal pressure on a lot of these situations. She tried to stand up for woman’s rights and got crushed for her pains. And nothing much has change, when you think about Mickey Yoochun and that rabid fan that slapped him.

      Maybe someday the fans will support them instead of turning on them when they aren’t perfect.

      [off soapbox]

  19. 19 Bashful82

    Birmingham UK FINALLY has a Korean restaurant – and it is really really good.

    I ordered some take away two days in a row then took a date to the actual place and had a blast – it’s like I was reliving those restaurant scenes from kdramas…and totally love spicy kimchi.

    Drama front wise, not watching that much to be honest and will wait for Arang to finish before I marathon it but I am craving a nice long sageuk….am rewatching Queen Insoo at the moment and hands down it’s my favourite sageuk ever.

  20. 20 oftheshore

    Hello and happy OT, everyone!
    I had a busy week in Cardiff – lovely city, would love to go there again soon. Met some interesting academics, although there were relatively few people from my (very narrow) field. Hope to move to another flat tomorrow at the latest and just realized that I need to update my address details pretty much everywhere. The pain!
    Didn’t have much time for dramas, only watched RMPW on fast forward. I really hope that next week’s episode gives us a satisfying resolution to the story. I also hope to have more time for Gaksital and Faith in the next two weeks.:)

    • 20.1 kopytko

      Hi Oftheshore,
      you just reminded me how long it has been since I last went to Wales *thinks of green hills and rain*. I’ve never been to Cardiff, though.
      I watched a few episodes of RMPW but dropped it later on. If it ends well, I might marathon it sometime.
      Happy weekend!

      • 20.1.1 oftheshore

        Thank you, kopytko! Dziekuje!
        I’m almost sure RMPW will end well, we only have to wait until Monday to find out.

  21. 21 Muriell812

    Hi everyone!
    Just want to say how much I love reading this blog. It’s a wonderful complement to my k-dramas addiction.

  22. 22 Laya

    Still watching:

    Rich Man Poor Woman – What, only one episode left? ;__; Do something, Hyuga!!!

    To The Beautiful You – What torture is this that they put the cute and fluffy episodes on Wednesdays and the sad/infuriating ones on Thursdays so that I have to wait another week to see what happens next, cursing Hanna all the while? My friend and I have started a “creative ways to kill Hanna” thread on Plurk just to vent, lol. That said, I’ll go back and rewatch Ep. 9. πŸ˜€

    Princess and I (local drama) – Just a few weeks more to it, but I still love it. Better than the other local dramas, at any rate.

    On my tentative to-watch list:

    Nice Guy – At the moment I’m torn because I love Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won very much, but I don’t like melos– they either make me laugh (which is sooo wrong) or make me feel so sad I get depressed. And I better stock up on the tissues and towels first, as I already began hyperventilating less than 10 minutes into Ep. 1.

    Geez, I guess I forgot some other stuff I wanted to say (again). But anyway, happy weekend, all.

    • 22.1 Laya

      Oh, and I will make a silly prediction for TTBY– Coach Holten will move to somewhere near Jae-hee’s home in the States so that Tae-joon will train there later. /rubs chin thoughtfully.

      • 22.1.1 jomo

        I like!
        Vancouver to California anywhere is not that far a move.

        • Laya

          It’s the only explanation I can find for that coach always cropping up from time to time. πŸ˜€

          (And it goes with what I know of the manga.)

    • 22.2 dramabliss

      Hi, Laya.

      Am also following Princess and I. That and Be Careful with My Heart are the two local (Phil) dramas I make time for these days. I miss some of the episodes because of my work schedule. Fortunately, there’s Pinoy Online TV to make me catch up.

      • 22.2.1 Laya

        If you’re a Bayantel or Skycable subscriber you automatically get free premium access to iWanTV… all the past episodes are there, and they’re updated immediately. That’s where I watch the PAI episodes I miss. I always miss watching BCMH because I rarely wake up before noon, but when PAI and Walang Hanggan are done, I plan to go back and watch it.

        Oh, I heard GMA’s doing a local version of Coffee Prince. I’m iffy on Aljur playing Han-gyul, but curious to see if Kris Bernal will pull off Eun-chan.

        Gaaah, too many dramas, too little time πŸ˜€

        • Gina

          Ugh, seriously? A Filipino version of Coffee Prince? I’m not too sure if they can wing that. 😐

          • Laya

            ^This, srsly. But I’ll be keeping an eye on it just to see if they’ll bomb or not.

    • 22.3 Gina

      Heeeey! I don’t follow Princess and I (hello local!) everyday but I sure do hope they finally end up together! Hahaha. And IA, it is one of the better local dramas out there.

      • 22.3.1 Laya

        Gina, which pair… Jaomik or Migi? πŸ˜€

        (I’m Jaomik all the way!)

        • Gina

          Sorry Laya, team Migi here! My sister gets bummed out when Gino lacks screen time. Hahaha! πŸ˜€

          • Laya

            Pwahahahaha, this is good. Team Jao vs. Team Gino!

            Jao is the more conventional P-drama hero, I think. Why does Quen always end up the substitute heir with mommy issues (ohai, BJ Maniego)? Just let’s not have a repeat of Budoy’s finale here and I’d be okay. /crosses fingers.

            Gino is more of a shoujo manga / K-drama-type character, so I can get where the Gino-love is coming from, too. I like his snark a lot. And now he’s stepping up his game to be worthy of Mikay, only Mikay is also leveling up, and his timing so far has been kind of Shin-woo, except for the Ferris wheel scene. πŸ˜€

  23. 23 Elizabeth

    Anyone watching To The Beautiful You?

    • 23.1 Laya

      I’m sure a lot of us are πŸ˜€

    • 23.2 Jambo

      Yep! (raising hand) I actually like it.

      Saw the Japanese version and felt like not enough was shown between Sano and Mizuki. I like the frat love though which is missing in the Korean version. TTBY is more focused on the love story, which I guess, in a way the Drama Genie just kinda granted my wish.

    • 23.3 Hillary

      Sheepishly raising my hand as well. It is the only drama that I am watching where I don’t have to think, you know. Just light and fluffy … even with the irritating Hanna. My sister, who I just made into a k-drama addict, is also crazy about it.

    • 23.4 cv

      I am! ^^ so many cuties, how can I not? LOL

  24. 24 Peeps

    Did you girls get a new banner and made it permernant? Cos no matter how many times I click the refresh button, Gaksital without his mask is staring straight back at me with his piercing gaze… H’Omona…

    • 24.1 Peeps

      Oh, wait, no, now sideways WonBin is staring at me.

      • 24.1.1 Laya

        I have City Hunter aiming his gun at me. >_<

        • ck1Oz

          Lee Min Ho is winking and I so much prefer his wink πŸ™‚

          • JoAnne

            Well that depends. A gun isn’t always a gun…

            But then again a wink isn’t always a wink.

          • Hillary

            @Joanne: You made me laugh with your comments. Don’t know if it is that I am the only one with a dirty mind or we are just too much alike … LOL.

          • Shukmeister

            Nope – not the only one with a dirty mind. 😎

    • 24.2 chichiri

      Don’t fret. I get that too. One time, 4 consecutive (random) visits to DB it had Lee Dong Wook and his abs SHOWERING distracting me from the latest recaps. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. *wink*

      • 24.2.1 Peeps

        I wasn’t complainin’ either. Heh.

        • chichiri

          I’ve been here long enough to recognize where JB’s and GF’s hormonal loyalties lie, so I can’t help but wonder: there’s KJW, LDW, LMH, JW, SJS, LSG, YAI, LKW, and several others.. but no KIM KANG-WOO?

      • 24.2.2 Korazy Lady

        At least you see hot guys. I have some girl I don’t even know looking at me every time!

  25. 25 chichiri

    P-O-D-C-A-S-T! πŸ™‚

  26. 26 kewbie

    Happy Friday, everyone! Hope everyone is well.

    As far as the drama world goes I’m still watching TTBY and Arang, but I am late on Faith! I want to watch Vampire Prosecutor 2, since I didn’t see the first one, but I might go back to the first one. Still watching the J-drama Rich Man, Poor Woman as well.

    Will be back later!

  27. 27 Rashell

    I just want to say how much this site has helped me this week when real life has been pretty crappy. Always so good to have an escape to get your mind off things.

    I’m watching Faith, Arang, Answer Me 1997 faithfully and wouldn’t miss a second of any episode. I’m following Haeundae Lovers, To The Beautiful You, Rich Man Poor Woman. I started May Queen this week because I know the adult cast is ready to take over which is what I’ve been waiting for. Although the kids were fabulous. There really is a great group of Korean child actors that just need a few years before they’re leading dramas themselves.

    Is anyone watching Nice Guy? I’m wanting impressions before I take this one on. After Gaksital, I needed a break from the dark and depressing drama. But I am interested for Joong Ki especially. Thoughts from those who’ve watched would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    • 27.1 Korazy Lady

      I’m excited yet hesitant for Nice Guy. I didn’t watch Gaksital, so can handle a little heavy at the moment. As long as it’s not like What Happened in Bali……

      The hard part will be keeping away from recaps until I get to watch it. I’d rather go into a new series almost blind because I like the element of surprise. I’m already disappointed that Viki went into such detail with its summary because I think watching some of those things without knowing they were coming would have been better.

      • 27.1.1 Rashell

        I feel the same way about Nice Guy. I think it could be delishiously twisted if it’s written, acted, and directed right. It could be campy, sappy, and too makjang if handled badly. I guess I need to wait for impressions after more then two episodes have aired. πŸ™‚

        Let me know once you decide to jump on board and I’ll do the same. I’d love to know your impressions.

        • Korazy Lady

          OMG, I’m so weak!!!! I just wanted to have a peek at Joong Ki and ended up watching the first two episodes!!! So much for my plan to wait a few weeks.

          My general impression – I was afraid I knew too much going in, but with so much happening in the first two episodes I am interested to see how much the writers come up with without going to crazy town. It kind of has a Royal Family feel to it, with ten tons of heartache. (I did drop Royal Family after about 8 episodes, though, as revenge sometimes gets exhausting. But I think this love triangle will be worth sticking to the end – famous last words lol!)

          I thought the actors knocked it out of the park. Someone down the thread commented on SJK’s eyes – what he was able to convey was amazing I’ll be interested in your comments.

    • 27.2 Ash

      I’m not into melos – my taste runs opposite to And Then It Gets Worse: The Drama – but the first ep of Nice Guy is really good. With that plot, it should be makjang all over the damn place, but the performances are incredible and the production manages to keep it somewhat grounded. I would say give it a shot. Honestly, Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won alone are worth the price of admission.

      But then, I’ll probably be cursing myself later when everything goes to hell in a hand basket and I’m too invested to dig myself out. πŸ˜‰

      • 27.2.1 Rashell

        I’m pretty much the same as you…tend to avoid the melo end of the drama spectrum. But I love Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won, so this one has been calling out to me.

        Your second paragraph is exactly what I’m afraid of. For me once I get into a drama more the 4 or 5 eps, I have to watch till the end. I’ve been burned a couple of times that way. Cinderella’s Sister for example. This is the reason I’m trying to wait. But I doubt it will be long before I cave and start watching. At least with Heads now recapping, I’ll have a place to either praise or curse.

        • Korazy Lady

          I tend to agree about melos, but it depends on the subject matter. Mistreated/beaten kids, or characters abused/tortured (physically)/suddenly blinded/run over by a car – no. I have a very low tolerance for cruelty. But adult relationships with some angsty revenge – that could be really good.

          I will be traveling for two weeks, leaving this Wednesday, so my drama watching may be severely inhibited. I think I’ll wait until I get back to start watching Nice Guy, because I don’t want to be tortured by dying to watch new episodes when I can’t. But you can feel free to start without me, Rashell! I’ll catch up quickly – I just won’t read any comments until I start watching.

  28. 28 Amberscube

    Happy OT everyone.

    Finally joined the bandwagon that is Answer Me 1997 and i love it… Up to episode 4 already and I cant wait to see more.

    My kdrama plate is pretty full..

    Haeundae Lovers
    Arang and the Magistrate
    To the Beautiful You
    Answer Me 1997
    Nice Guy.. Have seen the 2 episodes and i’m so excited that it’s being recapped here. Melodrama is really not my genre but i cant say no to Song Jong Ki. Im preparing the kleenex already.

    • 28.1 Amberscube

      And also Rich Man and Poor Man..

      • 28.1.1 Amberscube

        Ooopps.. Rich Man Poor Woman I mean.

        • Farpavilions

          Heh. The typo is pretty accurate as of the last two eps though!!

          • hanni12

            Oh dear god, the main “female” lead is a transvestite?

          • Rashell

            @hanni12: HAHAHAHA! NO! That is not it. The Rich Man has turned into a Poor Man. But I think your idea has potential. Maybe a good story for another drama. LMAO

          • Amberscube

            Hahaha… So true. Poor Hyuga!

            Watching Rich Man becoming Poor Man in the last two episodes made me think of Steve Jobs’ story. Ousted from Apple and then came back and changed the world.

            Go Hyuga!

          • Farpavilions

            @Rashell: Thanks for clarifying it for me!

            But now I kind of want to watch a yaoi version …

            And now for a rant: Why is the gender dynamic in dramaland still so backdated?

            It’s almost always rich man, poor woman. Or famous man, anonymous woman. Or handsome man, (fake)ugly woman. Hana Yori Dango, You’re Beautiful, Zettai Kareshi, RMPW, Hanakimi, Itazura na Kiss… the 90s jdramas I’ve seen and loved don’t tend to have this predictable set-up. Or is it just the teen-oriented/manga adaptations that do this? There are a handful of trendy dramas with the older woman younger flower boy set-up (I do, I do, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry) but even then it still seems like she’s an ageing Cinderella who should be grateful not to be an old maid :p

            I read a lit crit piece on the social + gender politics of Pride and Prejudice which claimed that the whole point of having Elizabeth Bennett get her Mr. Darcy was to defuse class tensions — the general idea being that young relatively impoverished girls would read it and be gently baited into romanticizing and loving the upper class and dream of one day having their own Pemberleys, instead of trying to tear down the class system altogether.

            Leaving aside the issue of what Austen meant by her marriage plots and whether authorial intention counts for jack, I wonder if something similar is going on and the fluffy rose-tinted Cinderella plots of k/jdramas are hiding something more pernicious …. after all there seems to be a fair bit of resignation and resentment re. inequality in both countries.

            I’m not suggesting by any means that the broadcasting stations are banding together in an ur-conspiracy to uphold the chaebols and the zaibatsus (well, product placement and ad deals notwithstanding). But beyond the occasional rags to riches feel good tale I also can’t recall any serious criticism of it (none at the level of Gaksital’s moral navel-gazing about Korean complicitness in the comfort women issue, for instance, or Soredemo’s exploring the repercussions of family guilt/shame in an unforgiving society)…. just tacit acknowledgment that that’s how things are.

            Hmmm. I think watching David Gregory dance to Gangnam Style is making my brain try too hard to connect the serious and frivolous at 3am … apologies for the ramble and I’d be interested to hear thoughts on this for those more familiar with Jap and Korean society. (I’m from Singapore myself but lived for a while in the UK and US so only get East Asian culture through the filter of third-hand musings on sites like DB).

          • Korazy Lady

            haha – still laughing at the “fake” ugly woman!

          • MeeisLee


            I think you might be interested in reading some articles about the gender dynamic in Korea from media and other real world stuff:

            And yes, David Gregory dancing to Gangnam Style is a-may-zing! The gangnam craze is still going strong here. Psy has been everywhere!

          • Farpavilions


            Heh … as it happens, I’ve had in my iGoogle aggregator for a few weeks now … was fascinated by the craziness of the S-line D-line X-line alphabet soup (0 Weight Watcher points, duh) and stumbled on a link.

            It’s mostly about ads and consumerism though … DB does a great job dissecting drama plots and conventions but what I’d really like to see is a solid drama that challenges dramaland conventions — say, Hong sister style, but with less throw-away gaglines and more serious social critique from within dramaproductionland.

  29. 29 JoAnne

    I wrote a big long post about everything that got deleted because I forgot to add my name and email and I’m just not going to bother trying to re-write it. I’m pissed. (At myself.)

    Suffice to say I’m watching all the stuff I was watching, and I still love it all, and I’ve been listening to Onew’s contribution to the TTBY OST on repeat for days now. Plus GOD’s Love & Memory.

    Oh, and the sun is still shining so I won’t be pissed for long. Off to read comments. Love you beanies.

    • 29.1 kdramapedia

      I’ve started to copy my text before I hit reply in case something goes funky when trying to post. After losing a long message in the past, I learned my lesson!

      • 29.1.1 kakashi

        me too!! doing to same πŸ™‚

    • 29.2 Rashell

      JoAnne, I just mentioned on another site how much I’m loving the Onew song in TTBY. It’s sooo goood!!

      • 29.2.1 JoAnne

        @Rashell…it reminds me of another singer or another song but in a good way – it was ‘familiar’ to me from the moment I heard it and I actually caught myself thinking ‘oh yes, I love this song, I’m so happy to hear it again!’ and then realizing I couldn’t possibly have heard it before. And yet it was loved and familiar from the first moment. I wish I knew what I was connecting it to, though.

        • Rashell

          It’s strange you should say that because that was my feeling too. I actually heard it first on my XM Korean radio station and spent HOURS searching for which drama it was in. I seriously checked about a hundred OST’s for it. Then when TTBY came on there it was. I was shocked because I was sure that I’d heard it before.

          I’m not very K-music savvvy. So I’ll need someone more knowledgable then me to find the similar song. But I definitely think there’s one out there. But in the mean time I’ll just listen to the lovely Onew sing his heart out.

    • 29.3 whimsyful

      Hey JoAnne!

      Heh I remember that happening to me before–writing a long insightful comment that went *poof* after clicking submit.

      Are you following any shows live right now?

    • 29.4 jomo

      Joanne –
      The song itself has the same tempo and feeling as the Chicago song, “Hard to Say I’m Sorry.” Onew’s voice sounds like it could be in there somewhere in the harmonies.
      When I played it for my daughter she said “It sounds like a lot of songs from movies in the 80’s.”

      Mostly I like it because it makes me think of TJ’s big puppy eyes staring at JH, or his handsome brain thinking about her, or his strong arms hugging her…off to daydream.

      • 29.4.1 JoAnne

        OH how happy a trail we found!

  30. 30 John


    J Drama: RMPW, Sprout

    K Dramas: TTBY, Faith, Arang, Nice Guy, AM1997

    Strange Hero, Legend of Zhen Huan, New My Fair Princess

    • 30.1 John

      Oh, and May Queen too.

      • 30.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Gosh, John, how do you find the time??

        • John

          Korazy Lady~

          In the morning before I go to work, in the evening after work and the weekends.

          I don’t watch TV per se, the only exception would be Survivor, (starts next week).

          Some shows the wife & I watch together, others, I’m on my own.

          With exception of Strange Hero, the C-Dramas are waiting for subs.

          Only 1 ep (out of 98 ) left to be subbed for New My Fair Princess

          The Legend of Zhen Huan is going to kill us waiting for subs. I hope we can wait so long.

          It may be faster to learn Chinese !

          • Korazy Lady

            I don’t watch much tv anymore, either, but I do most of my drama watching in bed before I sleep (on my computer with a quilt draped over one side of it so the light doesn’t disturb my husband!) And I’m lucky if I can get through one or two episodes without falling asleep! Which is why I’m starting to like cable dramas a lot – shorter episodes. Unfortunately my husband refuses to watch anything subtitled – even when I offered up Vampire Prosecutor!

  31. 31 Lang

    Hey gals,

    So I was watching Faith, and I really hope they make the bad guys have more of a story and motivation then just being bad.

    I just feel they are so one dimensional , and I really hope the Ki Chul starts to really fall in love with Eun Soo, so that we can have real angst and drama.

    Right now the drama is too Saturday Morning cartoony to me. And every time Microwave hands comes on screen, I just want to scream, you are so boring and cliched.

    So she’s basically a seductress and likes to collect men… yawn… Why is she like this ? Did she get raped when she was young ? Why is she so hell bent on getting The Warrior guy , does she want sex or his heart ?

    As much as I love the drama between the King and Queen, and their backstory, the conflict in this drama is starting to get on my nerves, the bad guys need to be more human!!!

    • 31.1 Korazy Lady

      I would definitely welcome more on the King and Queen. And I agree with the one dimensional part, especially Ki Chul, who is just annoyingly bad.

      • 31.1.1 JoAnne

        Oh gosh, I was loving Ki Chul, the comic bad guy stumbling around after Eun Soo…but now that he’s just rotten and having Microwave Hands and Pretty Pretty Audio Killer go around assassinating people in front of her so she knows he’s not a joke….I’m actually hurt.

        I wanted him to turn out to be Not Such a Bad Guy Afterall, but I guess that’s not going to happen. And yeah, I had forgotten about the retainers he already killed. So I should known better anyway.

        • Korazy Lady

          In the beginning that facial expression he always made was comical, but now he’s just bugging me, along with the fake jonna wailing cabinet members. Didn’t you love it when the King shut up that one guy by shouting that he wasn’t finished speaking yet?

  32. 32 Sumee

    is it me of Kimchi drama Is not working today ?

    • 32.1 Peeps

      I think it got shut down.

  33. 33 Sumee

    oh …thats bad… & sad..i think then speedy joe is also not working !!!!! thanks @Peeps

    • 33.1 Laura

      try kimchidramasbackup, it has already started working on blogspot. I hope it will last.

      On the other hand, I can’t find Vampire Prosecutor 2 with subs :(.

      • 33.1.1 Hillary

        @Laura: That did not last long. It no longer exists.

        • Laura

          noooo πŸ™ why, oh why I didn’t let myself to watch V2 last night when it was working πŸ™

      • 33.1.2 jomo

        Vampire Prosecutor isn’t done being subbed.
        DSS isn’t doing it, and I am not sure if any rogue translator has taken it on either.
        There are so many other shows out there right now, and the pool of translators willing to do this work for our appreciation (God love them.) can only handle so many things at a time.

        • kakashi

          yes, the subs for VP2 Epi1 have been out for about 24hrs.

  34. 34 Ash

    Was just about to ask who else has been tearing out their hair waiting for Vampire Prosecutor 2 subs, but omg they’ve finally been released. There’s me canceling any plans I might have had for the next two-ish hours.

    • 34.1 diorama

      Same here. I was just writing out my to-do list today…pfft, like that’s gonna happen. ;P

    • 34.2 mems

      Omg, yay! Could you please tell me where you found VP2 with subs?

      • 34.2.1 Ash

        If you’re fine with streaming, it’s up on both dramafever (which I kind of hate suggesting based on all the stuff up-thread) and dramacrazy. πŸ™‚

        • jomo

          Really? You have made my day, my week, my month!
          Ignore my comment up there!!!

        • mems

          OMG thank you! You made my Autumn as well! LOL

  35. 35 diorama

    Does anyone know a good source for cable drama subs? They’re really hard to find compared to the shows from the big networks. I’ve been wanting to watch Queen Insoo and A Wife’s Credentials forever, but I can’t find any english subs at all.

    • 35.1 hanni12

      There are no completed English subtitles for both shows.

      You can give up hope for Queen Insoo, but the Darksmurf for AWC is not completely dead, but it will take a loooooooooooong time even if the subber starts again.

    • 35.2 Saima

      RE AWC: MisterX was the only one subbing this. I believe he got halfway through the series (you can prolly watch it on Dramacrazy) before his site went under. From what I read from last week’s OT I don’t think he’ll continue to sub.

      He was also the only one subbing the much loved daily “I live in Cheongdam Dong”.


      • 35.2.1 hanni12

        I think he got like the first 3 episodes of AWC and only the first two of Queen Insoo.

  36. 36 whimsicalnet

    hallo everyone and happy weekend!

    Am on drama hiatus and spending a lot of time reading recaps. But I think I am going to start on AM1997 over this weekend and it shld bring me nicely to end w ep 16 when it airs. The awesome recaps has alr made me a fan.

  37. 37 Licia

    Hey guys have not been here a few weeks since school started. It was my birthday Last week turned 23.

    First I’m taking Chinese so if anyone has anyone tips I’m all ears.

    Secondly can believe can’t believe RMPW only one 1 ep left. I really hope they give them a least a whole scene of them being a couple and not wait til the last moment. I even had a dream about the last ep it was great dream but.

    Oh and is anyone watching the TW Mrs. Screw/Mrs Rose its so cute its very calm for a TWdrama and I like it. By the way I think TW Dramas have the best opening and endings in the last couple years the credits have been amazing.

    Ok and I had to mention PSY and Ganagnam Style. He preformed the “Today Show” this morning. I have to say that this great because it not just about him being a Korean K-Pop rapper. It not just about a Korean Song playing on American radio. But its says when you are truly your self and confident in that people admire and are attracted to that. When I think about K-Pop and they always have be so “perfect” it great see someone that can make fun and laughter is contagious. The few times when Kpop artist tried to come over they tried to accommodate to the American audience this why I find this so interesting because Gangnam Style is in Korean and people may not know the words but the energy of the song is what people are responding to.The fact that he signed with Justin Beiber manger”that guy most really know how to manage have connections because PSY is everywhere really brought him to American TV but it really who PSY that captivities people.

    • 37.1 Korazy Lady

      Happy Belated Birthday! Lucky you, what a great age!

      Happy to see Psy becoming popular in the US also. Love the dance!

    • 37.2 Farpavilions

      Hyuks I saw that linked on AKP and I will never see David Gregory the same way again …. I’m mentally moving him from ahjussi category to oppa-land!!

    • 37.3 Hillary

      @Licia: I am watching and love Miss Rose. But then I am a big Roy Chiu/Roy Qiu fan, so I pretty much watch anything that he is in. And viki has started subbing the series quickly, so I am a happy camper.

    • 37.4 cv

      I love gangnam style! hehe ^^ my 8 month nephew was dancing to it when I had the MV on earlier. He loves it. Whenever I have it on my phone, he’ll start bopping his head and then his body. Sooooo cute! πŸ˜€
      My nieces loved it too! hahha!

    • 37.5 Mystisith

      I always thought than K culture would conquer the West (Europe and USA) by staying true to itself. It’s pretty much a “take it or leave it” game. Gangnam Style works because it’s new and exotic and kind of crazy. And it’s a catchy song. I’m sure it will benefit to all the K pop industry. Maybe it will also help recruit new drama watchers (who for now have no idea what oppa and yeoja means). ^^

    • 37.6 Z

      I was totally bummed that I had to leave for work before PSY performed. Did he only do Gangnam Style or did he do a full Today Show concert?

    • 37.7 MeeisLee

      I’m still enjoying the Gangnam craze :). But I think it’s helpful and interesting to understand the song since I initially believed it was silly fluff with Psy’s awesome dancing (seriously, how does he get his hips to move like that?).
      So here’s an article that decodes the song in relation to Korean society (it’s super interesting):

      • 37.7.1 Farpavilions

        Saw this after I replied to your recommendation of thegrandnarrative … we must have similar RSS feeds/search patterns/reading circles! (I left a snide comment there a while back) πŸ™‚

        • MeeisLee

          It’s a sign… we’re fated… as internet reading soulmates.

          I read a good portion of comments following the article, but I’m not sure if I read yours (assuming your comment name would be the same).

  38. 38 ck1Oz

    Hi everyone have a good OT. I am off to bed. I finally have time to watch some K dramas which means… Kim Jae Won. YAY πŸ™‚ My milky white cutie pie.

    Ehm… if you mark it with spoilers- cos’ I don’t have time to marathon ep 1-8. What did I miss? I am minutes in ep 1 and I am pretty sure I want to shave the bad guy’s eyebrows, give a helium balloon so his voices doesn’t sound so over the top and run screaming from the makjang.

    So yeah, any spoilers would help so I can jump straight into staring at Kim Jae Won!! Finally, it’s been so long since CYHMH πŸ™‚ Thank you muchly.

    • 38.1 Rashell

      So quick summary…I mean REALLY quick. So bad guy kills daddy and turns dad’s bestfriend into his henchmen ordering him to get rid of baby girl so he can marry mommy and have her raise his kids. Henchman pays poor man to take baby girl and raise her as his own but to leave the area. Mom marries bad guy.

      Years later poor man and family return to area. Girl is now a teenager and of course treated terribly by step-mom. Henchman still slaving away for bad guy while his son is a genius and just wants them to leave. Mom has raised bad guy’s boy and girl as her own. Bad guys boy is a complete waste, but bad girl shows some signs of not being all bad. Boy #3 is the class Jjang who doesn’t care about class rank. Both Henchman son and Jjang boy seem to be developing crushes on Girl. Bad daddy gets into a dispute with the grandfather of boy 3 actually having him jailed. And henchman helps in killing off Girl’s daddy. Boy3 and Girl leave the area to start new lives. And now they’re all back where the story began.

      I’m leaving A LOT out, but that’s the quicky version. LOL

      • 38.1.1 ck1Oz

        Holy cow.Thank you.Omg what a story @___@
        Okay I am kinda freaked out at this horrific backstory. So totally eeked out now with the marrying the bad guy business.Might just hurl.
        Kim Jae Won you better be worth it.

        • Rashell

          It’s strange you should say that because that was my feeling too. I actually heard it first on my XM Korean radio station and spent HOURS searching for which drama it was in. I seriously checked about a hundred OST’s for it. Then when TTBY came on there it was. I was shocked because I was sure that I’d heard it before.

          I’m not very K-music savvvy. So I’ll need someone more knowledgable then me to find the similar song. But I definitely think there’s one out there. But in the mean time I’ll just listen to the lovely Onew sing his heart out. πŸ™‚

          • Rashell

            Aisssh…sorry this reply was to JoAnne above. And I don’t think I can fix it.

            But yeah, the back story for May Queen is cringe worthy in so many ways. And my feeling is the same, that the adult cast better bring it.

            I think Kim Jae Won plays Boy 3 all grown up.

  39. 39 canxi

    I finished Gaksital and now I don’t know what to do with myself. This is the problem as being one of the few that watches dramas when they are finished.

    *stares at wall* @___@


  40. 40 kopytko

    Hi Everybody, it’s been a long time!
    I spent several weeks away from home, which was really nice, athough I could only acces the net through my phone, which in turn was a bit inconvenient. I missed OT dearly!

    As for my dramas (no, after all I am not addicted – I survived without dramas just fine) I like Faith, Arang (athough watching after reading a recap is not so much fun) and Five Fingers. I also picked up Lives of Omission (a HK drama).
    What I like most about Faith is definitely Lady Choi and Ki Chul! Those, who know Swallow the Sun will understand me – this actor will be always just Jackson for me πŸ™‚ The main characters are fun to watch too. It cracks me up that LMH seems to wear the same hairdos as I do. I wish I looked half as good in them… I enjoy teh development for the royal couple – both in terms of inbdividuals and in terms of their mutual relationship. But if the writer decides to show us again some tacky scenes of king seeing his spouse in slow motion in a new outfit or being kind to somebody I will cry out loud.

    Five Fingers has got a great asset – the evil mom is a masterpiece. She does her plotting in a very clever way and she keeps pretending to be a loving mom. A character that I don’t have sympathy for because I understand parental love in a totally different way, but the character is consistent and follows a logic of some sort. I am only waiting for Joo Ji Hoon to shed his honey-sweet persona and be a worthy opponent to his step-mom. We know he can do DARK (Mawang, grrr) and I just cannot fully accept the meek, bland version of him. Or is it a policy to mend his reputation after the drug stint? As you know, he’s so nice and soooooo good looking and that evil step-mom just keeps messing with his life, poor JJH (*all ajummas sigh with compassion and forgivness).

    I am also curious to see Jae Hee in May Queen but as far as I know, the story was still in the childhood phase last week. I am not really fond of childhood stories in dramas. They are supposed to wring your heart, but alas, they also seem to do it exactly the same way, so I usually skip those episodes. I don’t mean to belittle child-actors, but I don’t react to poor background and sky-high dreams and first loves any more. I’ve seen that enough. Want something else.

    Have a lovely weekend, Everybody!

  41. 41 R

    Have a nice weekend everyone !
    Just want to share the two last Gaksital BTS πŸ™‚

    • 41.1 R

      (many thanks to the uploaders ^^)

    • 41.2 Maya

      Thank you for sharing! The other BTS video of this part was removed from YouTube. So I only got the chance to watch it now… Awww I miss Gaksital already…

  42. 42 Fab

    Hi, nice OT everyone!

    Love Answer me 1997 too much!

    Nice Guy seems decent. But there’s this particular scene in the first episode that just pissed me off, it’s just upsetting! Where Ma Roo left his(probably) dying little SISTER to go to his girlfriend! WTH! I couldn’t watch any longer and now almost a day went by I am gonna give it a try again…

    • 42.1 Annie

      Thank you for mentioning the bit about the little sister in Nice Guy. The worst part is that I strongly doubt Jae Hee was ever his girlfriend in any meaningful way – Maru just crushed on her because he suffered from a powerful savior complex. Too bad he gambled on a tramp instead of a little sister whose quality of life deteriorated drastically after she was basically left to die at home.

      • 42.1.1 Fab

        To make things worse he goes to jell for a crime she committed and the ‘tramp’ marries someone else.
        Though this show is just not so lenient on kids. No matter what a bitch you are, you just can’t treat your little brother like a doormat

        • Fab

          I meant jail instead of jell. What was I thinking…

          • NKB

            I know! When he left he sister I was totally like O___O Dude….it’s your SISTER! And looking around that house it seems like she’s the only family you’ve got. What are you thinking?!

            But I have to admit…I loved it. A good melo always gets me. I love when characters have a real reason to hate their enemy. His sister will have a hard time forgiving him after his betrayal. And even though further up on the OT (sorry I can’t remember names or scroll that far back up on this dratted computer) some db’ers cursed him out for running to his noona I kinda liked that it was for such an ultimately worthless love. I understood that his noona was the only thing that kept him surviving so he could take care of his sister during the hard times. So when it came to choosing between her and his sister he chose her. To me it was like if he saved her and she survived he could continue to find the strength to live and take care of his sister like he has to. When he left his sister he wasn’t making a choice of saving one over the other but of saving one before the other. It was only when got to his noona that she forced him to choose between her and his sister. After making that heart-breaking choice he gets out of prison only to find she betrayed him? Aigoo!!

            I dunno. I’m notorious for overanalysing my favourite melo’s and the angst in them hehehe! I thrive on the gnashing of teeth and broken hearts. Okay…starting to sound crazy here *hangs head*

      • 42.1.2 Korazy Lady

        I felt episode 2 expounded on their relationship. It looked sincere to me. I am also interested in seeing what her husband’s involvement is in all this.


        The sister part was upsetting, to say the least. If it had turned out for the worse after the first episode, I probably would have stopped watching. I’m anxious with that storyline after the second episode, too.

  43. 43 Blue

    Happy Friday!! Everybodys fine???
    Ok, the next Link has nothing to do with k-dramas, but with short films and seoul πŸ™‚

    I had hardly time to watch dramas in the last week. But in the morning I was able to watch short films in the subway. It is a project called: Going Underground 2012 (10th International Subway Film Festival Berlin & 3rd Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival). And these short-films are really good. some are very strange or crazy, but all are worth seeing. (and the korean shortfilms reminded me a tiny bit of the k-drama …)

    • 43.1 bashful

      Hi Blue! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for sharing this link…I got a kick out of the “Banana and Apple” film; “Chain Letter” is funny and it reminds me how I don’t like receiving one; “Stepping Out” is clever.

      Have a good weekend!

      • 43.1.1 Blue

        My favorit is “stepping out” A possibility to use the time in the metro effectively. Could be me. πŸ™‚
        But you’re right.: β€œBanana and Apple” is totally crazy and super funny!
        Have a nice weekend too.

    • 43.2 John


      I’ll check those short films out later, thanks for posting the link.

  44. 44 catiechan

    hello everyone! where can i watch subbed episodes of Nice Guy? kimchidramas has closed down due to copyright infringement… huhu

    • 44.1 canxi

      It’s really hard now because of the war mentioned above…where do you live?

  45. 45 Jambo

    Happy Friday, Everyone!

    Just wanna say I’m thankful for this site coz no one in my real world gets my obsession with Kdramas and everything Korean.

    Still enjoying TTBY, Arang and Faith….became tepid with Haeundae Lovers and AM1997, but will finish them.

  46. 46 whimsyful

    Happy OT everyone!

    Only watched Answer Me 1997 and ep 1 of Nice Guy this week. Thought ep 15 of AM15 had more filler than usual, but it’s still near perfect and almost done.

    Nice Guy was unusually understated for a melo which I like…and I am now a new Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae Won fan. Both are fantastic in their roles. *crosses fingers that the plot stays coherent and does devolve into a makjang mess*

  47. 47 Noelle

    It’s so hot right now…eh.

    Happy OT! I’m late today cause I had clinicals all week! I’m pooped.

    I’m behind on all my shows.

  48. 48 DB5K

    @Mystisith Whoa, I didn’t know that DramaFe√er also shut down Kimchidramas. I just did some research on DramaPhever, and crap, it looks like DramaPhever is only going to get bigger (and badder).

    Techcrunch. com/2012/06/11/amc-dramafever
    “Back in March, video startup [email protected] announced that it had raised a $4.5 million Series B from MK Capital and YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, among others. Now the company has added some big media companies to the round, including AMC Networks and Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (part of German media giant Bertelsmann AG). The extra money brings the Series B to $6 million and [email protected] total funding to $7.8 million…. The company also claims that 75 percent of its viewers are not of Asian descent. Traffic is supposedly up 400 percent since early 2011.”

    Gigaom. com/video/dramafever-series-b
    “The site started off in early 2009 when Bak and his co-founder Suk Park noticed a growing online interest in content from Korea and other Asian countries. Lacking legal sources, fans would simply upload the content themselves, collaboratively produce subtitles and share and discuss the resulting works in niche forums. This so-called Fansub scene is often criticized for its piracy, but Bak told me that he doesn’t think it helps to demonize fans. Instead, he wants to give them a legal outlet, and actually is in direct contact with a number of Fansub sites, which provide [email protected] with traffic as well as the occasional subtitle.”

    So according to Gigaom and commenters on this thread, fan subbing groups, such as withS2, gave DramaPhever their subs for free or in exchange for web traffic ad revenue(?). But now DramaPhever is shutting down a lone fan subber’s blog (MisterX) because he released better subs than them for Reply 1997…? #irony

    Anyways, I think it’s great that DramaPhever provides a legal way to watch dramas. I can also understand their attempts to shut down mysoju/kimchidramas. But I feel really upset that they shut down MisterX’s blog. I never got to read any of his commentary/analysis/reviews T_T I only found out about him last week ;~; Also (no offense) DramaPhever usually has mediocre subs. Personally, I don’t see why anyone would use DramaPhever when viki provides faster and better subs, plus a smoother viewing experience overall.

    • 48.1 Mystisith

      @ DB5K You know what’s sad? I asked DF maybe 1 or 2 years ago if they could come to France because we have NO LEGAL offer for streaming here. The only one is The site is not bad but their list of dramas is limited to old titles and/or dramas which were failures (check and cry people). I still have no answer from DF. If a legal site could give us access to currently airing Kdramas for a reasonable price and with a good quality, I always said I would be ready to pay: The ball is in their camp. Until then I will continue to use my sources. I’m not American and I don’t live on the US territory: I don’t see why I should suffer for something that doesn’t concern me.

      • 48.1.1 DB5K

        I think as of right now, Dramafever can’t afford the licensing of recent/current popular dramas in European countries. There probably aren’t enough kdrama fans to make it sustainable. Of course, that could change in the near future.

        For example, I heard that Crunchyroll has licenses for a lot of anime in America, but that they have less than half the licenses for European countries. DF might decide to purchase licenses for some dramas in European countries, but not as many as they will for America (as of right now).

        I try to stream dramas legally from Crunchyroll when I can. In my opinion, it’s a much better viewing experience than DF. There are less commercials (or no commercials if you have ab*). The videos stream extremely quickly, and it’s easy to fast forward/rewind. They also have mobile apps. Most importantly, Crunchyroll isn’t an copyright troll like [email protected]

        Unfortunately, most of their dramas are old T_T And I don’t think they have the licenses for European countries.

        Complete list here:

        Partial list here: a thousand kisses, 200 pound beauty, 90 days in love, air city, all about eve, alone in love, ARANG AND THE MAGISTRATE, beethoven virus, white tower, boys over flowers, can you hear my heart, cinderella man, coffee prince, couple or trouble, crying fist, damo, dandelion family, death bell, delicious proposal, dong yi, DR. JIN, east of eden, flames of desire, what up fox, friend our legend, general hospital 2, gyebaek, high kick, home sweet home, hotelier, me too flower, i really really like you, jewel bibimbap, jewel in the palace, job well done, jumong, kim soo ro, la dolce vita, last scandal, modern housewives, the return of iljimae, my name is kim sam soon, new heart, one fine day, pasta, goong/princess hours, in soon is pretty too, que sera sera, queen of reversals, queen of housewives, attic room cat, royal family, fugitive: plan b, scarlet letter, creating destiny, shindon, soulmate, special investigation team, spring waltz, sweet spy, thank you, the art of seduction, the duo, le grand chef, the great queen seondeok, the greatest love, THE KING 2HEARTS, the moon that embraces the sun, the president, the secret reunion, chuno, triple, sparkling sparkling, two outs in the ninth inning, what star are you from, who are you, winter bird, the world that they live in, yi san

    • 48.2 Hillary

      @Mystisith: Although I am a paying dramafever member, I had to move temporarily out of the US for a year. While in Trinidad, I don’t have access to dramafever. Praise the lord for workarounds. I use hotspot shield and ultrasurf and access my dramafever account.

  49. 49 anklegirl

    Ahhh Kdramas, what have you done to me?
    My friend and I now refer to this hot dude as “oppa”, great way to talk about him when there are people we have in common around.henhenhenhen >.>

    I have been watching the High Kick series, what’s with the obnoxious doctor characters who kind of end up seeming attractive halfway through the series?

  50. 50 christy

    Well. Hello! It’s been a couple weeks since I was able to stick my nose in here, I missed it tho!

    Seems like I missed quite an uproar. I’m really sad to hear about all the sites going down. πŸ™ It just makes me feel so stinking new to all this that the vast majority of the sites people are mentioning I’ve never even heard of. But perhaps it makes sense I do live in the US and, I admit it I use DF the most simply because it’s convenient for me. I do agree with the opinions I read that they have rather mediocre subs. Plus, I’ve been really frustrated lately when the subs practically blink by on the screen. However they do the sync with video/time length of display dealio, it’s messed up consistently this week. Such a pain when I can’t find the show on my other reliable sites anymore either!!! I’ve also noticed I tend to get much more out of a show that I’ve watched on other sites. For me, this is all just more motivation to continue studying Korean. πŸ™‚ It’s totally my pet peeve on the simplest things when I hear characters using “oppa” “noona” “dongsaeng” “sunbae” etc but the subs read with the character name.

    Hmm… so I didn’t mean to start there, but that’s what came out. πŸ™‚

    @Iviore: I actually did get that job in MN!! I already started via the wonders of modern technology letting me work right away since that’s what the company needed and I have time to wrap up commitments in CA. There’s still some working out of the details to do, but it looks like a mid-Oct move is imminent. I’m crazy excited!

    So with working full-time and a move to prepare for and carry out, drama watching has started to fall further down my priorities list and it’s such a shame!! haha. I’m only watching three: Faith, Haeundae Lovers, and Answer Me 1997. I’m afraid to add anything else right now for fear of severely jeopardizing my real life! It’s hard enough with just these three. Although I’m practically reading everything that’s posted on dramabeans ever so I don’t feel sooo out of the loop. Sigh.

    anyways, happy to have had time in my evening to come say hey to all in OT, wish I could participate more often!

    • 50.1 Korazy Lady

      Hello Christy! Congrats on the new job! Hope the move goes well for you.

      I’m also watching Faith (I’m kind of…hmmm…after episode 10 – not sure if I’m liking how this is going at the moment) and AM1997, which I will be sad, excited and also relieved to see the final episode next week.

      Hope your excitement keeps your energy up until the move. You’ll need it!