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해이 (Hey) – “Je T’aime” [ Download ]

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  1. Sabah

    Warmest Greetings!

    May I ask, does anyone know of anyone recapping 3rd Ward/3rd Hospital? Understandably the subs are a little slow on this one and I really loved the premise of Modern vs Traditional medicine.

    Failing that, is anyone watching it? How are they handling the premise? Is it just a plot device or is it used well as a source of conflict? Also what about characterizations?

    Thank you.

    • 1.1 Mystisith

      Hello Sabah! I’m watching it too! Raw that is, with my very limited Korean… WE NEED SUBS!!!!
      Western/Eastern opposition is used both ways: By principle, and because something happened (character death). A lot of acupuncture scenes, including for skinship.^^
      I like the approach of the drama: All in all it’s pretty light and easy to watch with a tendency for funny.

      • 1.1.1 amyhangukolic

        I got one website has it subbed but in chinese. If you know chinese, then you can visit this site.
        www[dot]funtude[dot]com =]

        • Sabah

          Hehe, learning Chinese to understand Korean… It’s like my friend who has to translate our lectures from English into French so that another friend can translate it into Arabic for someone else to understand! Hehe.

          • Leaf

            The best language is a mix of english, Chinese and Korean!!
            It’s awesome <3

            ^sigh^ I miss being abroad…

          • Sabah

            Since I’m in a chipper mood today, I will share (bore) you with an idiosyncrasy of mine…

            I love listening to Korean/Chinese/Japanese people speaking English. That accent just does something to me deep inside…sometimes I hang out at the local University bar just to hear the foreign students speak English. It’s just a drug. Cue Nine Inch Nails ‘Perfect Drug…’

          • JoAnne

            My thing is a Scottish accent. oh man…what those men in skirts do to my thoughts…

          • Sabah

            Hehe…Totally don’t get it BUT love that you do! We are all so different but in the same vein similar too. Love it!

            Thanks for sharing!

          • Noelle

            I’m like that with Japanese speaking English. Case in point… Battleship. Asano Tadanobu speaking English was just, I can’t explain. I just love how it sounds.

      • 1.1.2 Sabah

        Hey Mystisith, : )

        You’re better than me. I tried watching it raw but just created a whole ‘other’ drama out of it…hehe

        Ah, so it is more breezy than deep. Still, I think I will give it a go…once subs are out.

        Heartfelt thanks!

        • Mystisith

          Update The 3rd Ward: Ep2 subbed just appeared at dramacrazy. It will spread on other sites I suppose.

          • Sabah

            The thing is…I’m a bit of a quality freak, so I would hold out for soft subs to go with my HQ raw. Also really like watching things on bigger screens. It reminds me of a newsround report where a kid is trying to watch Lord of the Things on his 4″ iPhone.

            At least my obsessiveness, borderline OCD is teaching me patience.

          • Sabah

            Did I just type ‘Lord of the Things?’ Hehe

          • Leaf

            on his iphone? haha

            that’s nothing…

            we watch Boys over Flowers on my IPOD!!! (may it RIP ^cries^)

            yeah… fun times!

          • Sabah

            Seriously!? Hehe, I can’t imagine how you were able to distinguish between the pin sized heads of the flower boys, more like flower pods. Still, I completely understand, I really do.

            We truly live in a world of ‘TV on demand!’ I remember I was once allowed to use the teacher’s toilet in their staff room in an emergency AND they had a TV in there!

          • Leaf

            We were even able to read the subs haha!

            But seriously… it wasn’t actually that bad…

            and yeah… all staff rooms have tvs now…

          • Sabah

            No, I mean in the actual Toilet itself!

            ‘Reading Subs?!’ Hehe, as you said ‘fun times!’

            Though quite trivial in the broader perspective, I think it is good to be so passionate about things, better than being bored of life, for me there is no greater tragedy.

          • Leaf

            haha I completely missed the toilet part of it…

            OMG that’s really weird….. ^shudders^

            and I’m so used to reading subs I put them on everything even english stuff…
            I’m too lazy to listen haha

          • Sabah

            Yeah, I don’t even want to know…

            LOL! That’s truly an adverse side effect of Kdramas; constant subs.

          • Leaf

            Well I’m pretty deaf so actually subs are really great for me!
            Seriously… listening is so so so much effort…

          • Sabah

            I get that actually, sometimes I ‘hear’ my own versions of things and need to rewind…

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Hi everyone,

      Some of you might have seen these videos, but they were new to me, so I thought I would post them here. They might have been posted before here on DB. If they were, please forgive the repetition, thanks! There are many more of course, but I chose to post just these.

      Psy Brings Down the Ellen House!

      ‘Gangnam Style’ Mom and Son!


      Surprise! Britney Learns ‘Gangnam Style’ from Psy!

      I guess the Korean wave is alive and well :-)? :

      • 1.3.1 Sabah

        Oh my! Heartfelt thanks. I am indebted!

  2. oozzeee

    ,happy Friday night to everyone!

    ,Off to download and marathon RMPW.. Gonna marathon this sucker for the weekend.. Some Oguri Shun love is just what the doctor described to let off stress from work.. 🙂

    • 2.1 thunderlyn

      RMPW Was so good! You won’t regret it….perfect,sweet show to marathon. Is anyone else watching sprout? I kinda wish I had waited to marathon it, because the episdoes seem SO short!

    • 2.2 Amberscube

      Just finished watching RMPW and i really liked it. Enjoy!

  3. Amberscube

    YOON YOON JAE… Saranghe

    • 3.1 Gina

      I’m not ready to say goodbye to him just yet!!

      • 3.1.1 pabo ceo reom

        Me either! Or any of the cast. When will I have another kickass heroine like Shi-won again??!?!?!

    • 3.2 JoAnne

      That is one hot-blooded boy.

      I love the YoonBros, ShiWon, her parents, all the friends….man, I will miss them.

      But yeah, Shiwonnie and YoonYoonJae most of all.

      • 3.2.1 Fasiris Fay

        ditto that! man, I’m really going to miss this show! it was such a feel good show…and now it’s over 🙁 any recommendations for what to watch next?

    • 3.3 Saima

      Yoon Jae=<333333333

    • 3.4 Amberscube

      “How to Become Yoon Yoon Jae” skit by Seo In Guk in SNL Korea is hilarious and hot… Cant stop watching..

  4. redfox

    Hi I am so happy I want to hug everyone cause I got new running shoes with a huge bargain, 100 euros less – with just 28 euros! hurray! and running shirt with half price. yay!

    I have news: Tallinn has a new korean cafe called kimbap. Next to the main bus station. Then in our shopping centers the huge monster size tv screens are showing k-pop lately!!!! I think the wave is arriving….

    • 4.1 redfox

      also, in todays newspaper there was a story on Shin -someone who escaped from a North Korean prison camp. More and more about Korea. so I hope soon the korean dramas will arrive on our screens as well! one can hope!

  5. Leaf

    Hello everyone!!! How are you all?

    I’m back in the UK and up at Uni already 🙁
    Only just moved in yesterday… front door doesn’t work, had no gas and ended up being locked in my room due to the handle being broken…

    yeah… I am REALLY REALLY hating being poor 🙁

    So yeah… rich hot boyfriend I really need saving now…

    Anyway…. hope you all have a good week!

    • 5.1 Leaf

      Wait that’s totally too depressing… so I need to focus on the good things in life which are I’M GOING TO A CNBLUE CONCERT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

      Feel better now!

      • 5.1.1 ck1Oz

        🙂 That was my next question. Good luck with a working house.

        • Leaf

          heh well ‘working’ maybe the best I can hope for…

          • ck1Oz

            Make sure your phone is working. Cos’ I do love CN Blue and they are hot 🙂 And you’re going to watch them live.
            Fancam! Fancam!!

          • Leaf

            haha I’ll try…

            I took some photos last time at the Beast Concert but my phone camera was so rubbish you could barely see anything 🙁

            I got a new phone since then so hopefully better this time!! <3

      • 5.1.2 Sabah

        CNBLUE! Aw, that is just awesome! Wishing you a wondrous night!

        I loved this moment he narrated. If anything could make me do something so extreme as camp out at their hotel, it would be for a moment like this…@ around 3:41minute mark.

        This is just extra stuff…
        around 1:57

        WAIT WAIT WAIT…CNBLUE are in the UK! Why didn’t anyone tell me! May I ask where are they performing? I doubt it would be my hometown Luton BUT still, I need to know…

        • Leaf

          London of course… in the O2 area!!!!
          (Ok ok…. the IndiO2 one but still!)

          So yeah… I’m taking a train down with a friend so where we are gonna meet up with everyone!!

          Gonna be epic!! <3<3<3

          • Sabah

            Oh my! I am have goosebumps for you! It’s going to be awesome! Much love! <3 Wishing you a wonderful night!

          • Sabah

            Also, may I ask, how did you find out about it? It was off my radar completely!

          • Leaf

            umm… though allkpop and soompi and well informed friends…?

            But yeah… there’s no one place…

            unless we are dealing with Big Bang and 2NE1 as they have their own facebook pages which regularly updates about concerts…

            in fact they are going to update soon about their concert in the UK… ^glares at YG^ AREN’T THEY??????

          • Sabah


            Yeah, I am always late on these things still…I will enjoy it through your happiness!

            Have an awesome time, sending out positive energy and much love! <3<3<3

          • Laya

            I usually watch for updates about the band. 😀

          • Sabah

            Bookmarked! Heartfelt thanks!

      • 5.1.3 Laya

        CNBLUE concert…. omg I’m so envious! 😀 Have fun!!!

        • Leaf

          I will do!!!

          And lots of us are going so it is gonna be great!!! <3

      • 5.1.4 cv

        Leaf, do take pics of them. Goodness, live! You so lucky! ^^

        • Leaf

          I know!! <3

          The UK is finally getting on the radar!!!!

          • Ivoire

            @ Leaf, Sabah and everyone else,

            FYI, CNBLUE does have its own facebook page:


            Glad you made it home safely, Leaf. I hope you will have a great school year at Uni, this year.

          • Sabah

            Thank you. I am much obliged.

          • Ivoire

            @ Sabah,

            You are very welcome, my dear! I am glad I could be of some help. I loved this: “Thank you. I am much obliged.” 🙂
            Reading your posts earlier, I noticed that you say “Thank you” a lot. It brought a smile to my face, because I do the same thing :-), and it makes me appreciate when someone does it to me. Also, I LOVE the way you write (I am much obliged).
            Please keep that up, and have a great weekend :-)!

          • Sabah

            Thank you for your kind attention.

            I believe that the necessary niceties of life are indispensable for the simple reason that we are a communal race. Life is about human connections, even just a smile. I find the hardest thing nowadays is to connect to people, even just on a superficial level. However the lowest level is simple pleasantries; once we let go of those, the human experience will become a solitary existence.

            I wish you well and I wish you love. Once again, thank you. : )

          • Ivoire

            @ Sabah,
            I will be back later to answer. I have to go and handle life now, but please check back here tomorrow or by Sunday, thanks!

          • Sabah

            Ah No problem! I will wait until whenever which tends to be a little earlier than forever, but either way, I will wait.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Sabah,

            I wanted to apologize for last week. I did mean to reply but I didn’t get around to doing it. I just really LOVED your answer because I actually happen to think the way you do. Blogs can be places where people do away with manners because of the anonymity they provide to those who comment. I try to be an extension of who I am in real life, even if I will probably not meet many of these people in real life. I have gotten some nice responses as a result and reading your comments and the way you address people and seem to treat them warmed my heart because you and I think along the same lines and seem to care about some of the same things.

            It is so heartwarming to see kindness being extended, and I probably should not make a big deal out of it, but it is just refreshing to see that. And when I see that, I want to express my appreciation, because I think that when something is good, it is worth mentioning it. It reminds me that there are still some good people out there who care and who dare to show how much they care.

            I hope that you will have a lovely weekend! By the way, where do you live? (as in, in what country? I am just curious…).

          • Sabah

            Hey Ivoire, : )

            I checked back everyday, not because of any good trait within me but rather because no matter what, you seemed to be someone who would keep their promise. I am just so happy that you confirmed that, as you say, “It reminds me that there are still some good people out there who care and who dare to show how much they care.”

            Everyday, I see things that should make me want to run away and live an isolated existence in a cave but the truth is no matter how wonderful a life you could have without having any connection to another person, this life is about sharing experiences and being a smaller part of something bigger. Even if we don’t connect to a person, with people, which all to often is the case, we can still share things.

            The short of the long of it is to say, though I rarely find a connection to the world around me, I am always seeking out ways to connect to the earth and its inhabitants AND the best and quickest way to do that is through civility.

            I live in Luton, which is about 30 miles north of London and about 30 years behind. hehe.

            May I ask about your username? It has always intrigued me. Is it an actual name, and if so from which country and if I may ask further, it meaning?

            I wish you well too. I am indebted to you for being proof of something that keeps me hopeful. Thank you.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Sabah,

            I will start by saying that participating on OT for all this time has been worth it for meeting people like you. I keep being impressed by how you and I think alike when it comes to civility, which I so appreciate. I will now address all the points you made and the questions you asked. And please, feel free to ask questions :-)…

            So, you wrote 6 paragraphs, and I will address them by paragraph 1, 2, etc… so as not to repeat them.

            Paragraph 1: Thank you for your faith in me. It gnawed at me that I hadn’t answer when I could have, if I had been better organized. As I said earlier, when things are lovely or good, I like to point them out, as there is already so much pain and ugliness in the world (I make an effort to counterbalance that if I can). It felt good to finally post the answer I had for you. This (just so you know), made my day, “but rather because no matter what, you seemed to be someone who would keep their promise. I am just so happy that you confirmed that.” Thank you, *bows* 🙂

            Paragraph 2: Re: the beginning of your parag., I think it would be hard to have a wonderful life without any human connections because I believe that we were created to have human and social connections. More than that, we are born with such need, many studies confirm that (i.e., early born babies [premies] who react positively to being touched and rocked and held when they are fighting to make it to a normal body growth and weight, among many examples, people dying of loneliness when their spouse dies, some people committing suicide, etc…). I personally think that is one the reasons why people get on blogs and on the internet and unfortunately, predators know it and target naive and vulnerable people *sighs*. I do agree about the sharing the experience philosophy you have.

            Paragraph 3: This is sad to me: “though I rarely find a connection to the world around me” why is that, if I may ask? I am however glad that you continue to seek out ways to connect to people.

            This was funny: “about 30 years behind.” Really? Is it a town? How big of a community is it?

            So, my username is French and means Ivory in English. I am from Cameroon in Central Africa but I currently reside in Nothern California. I have been in the US for 19 years now. Ivoire is a French translation of my middle name (which was also my paternal grandmother’s name) from my Cameroonian native language which is Bulu. Cameroon has over 250 native languages and I speak mine (from my ethnic group) fluently and I can understand and superficially speak a few others. Based on how my middle name “MBANG” or “Mbang” is pronounced (there are different ways to pronounced it, with the tone and emphasis placed on a different syllable), my middle name can mean many things, two of which are: Ivory and Center and Nut. Ivory is a thing (like gold) used to make jewelry and is found on elephants’ tusks but has been banned from being sold in Africa because too many elephants were killed for their tusks. It is however a beautiful color and a beautiful thing (for lack of a better word).

            There is some information here:
            to enlighten you more. The center or nucleus of a thing is the most important thing of that thing. It is the thing that other things stem from, like the nut of a fruit that is used to be planted so more fruit of that variety can be had. Cameroon like Canada has 2 official languages, and I am from the Francophone side, although I do speak English fluently (we start learning English at a young age in Cameroon). “Ivoire” is then a French translation of my (dear) middle name in my native language. My dad used to like calling me that, to remind me of how precious and dear I was to him (I am the oldest of 6 children) and my dad passed away this February of Leukemia, so “Ivoire” has a VERY SPECIAL meaning for me. People have liked that name on OT. I hope my explanation made sense and helped. I also like that it is a cool and unique name 🙂

            What about you, tell me about “Sabah,” everything :-)…

            I LOVED this: “I wish you well too. I am indebted to you for being proof of something that keeps me hopeful. Thank you.” Awwww!!!!!! You really made my day, you are soooo sweet and so kindhearted. *gives you virtual hugs* 🙂

          • Sabah

            I loved what you said about counterbalancing darkness. It is such a wonderful sentiment. The thing about light is that it can impact upon darkness in a way that darkness cannot upon light. Whether physical or spiritual, light is a tremendous thing. I truly wish you prosperity and success, in this intent of yours.

            I didn’t think about it before, but as you say, people do tend to seek other people out and that is because it is a part of our instinct to do so. It is the paradox of the internet, that it is a means by which people become isolated, shutting themselves off from the world around them and yet opening up new avenues of connection (pun not intended) to meet people, at the same time too. Though it also allows for people to drop civilities quite easily, I feel that it is a place where we strive harder to maintain them, mainly in order to confirm our sincerity. For instance, in real life, I might just smile to say thank you to someone holding the door open for me BUT online, I would always remember to actually say thank you because it is harder to ‘show’ your feelings.

            There has always been a disconnection with the world for me. I find it so hard to relate to not only the people on TV, but real life too. Take one instance, feminism, which is nowadays fought primarily upon the right to show off your body and nothing else. It irks me, and though I do not discount other people’s view, because I would encourage diversity, it makes me feel lonely that I am the only person who sees the world like I do. I listen to people talk around their hypocrisy, being oblivious to it and again, I won’t judge because I am no where near perfect either but it makes me sad at wasted potential. I believe in the beauty and wonder of the human soul, and a great part of that is sharing that wonderment with others, and that is what I find lacking in my life. I am not completely alone, there are one or two close connections that I have made, (and you makes three : ) ) But sometimes I do feel alienated AND I so desperately don’t want to be. “Every man’s death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind.”

            Luton! Don’t misunderstand me, I love my town, I consider myself a Lutionian as I was born here and lived out my life here BUT despite being a multicultural town, astonishingly it has very narrow minded people. The landscape, the style, the shops, the ‘places of interest’ are very old fashioned AND not in the quaint ‘ye olde’ manner but rather in a 1980’s manner. You need to see it to believe, though I would not recommend it. I think you would have to have been born here to want to visit here. Hehe

            Actually I know about Ivory because of my learning the piano in my childhood and my piano with its Ivory keys is the only remnant of that part of my life. Also my mother is Kenyan, and we have a few Ivory pieces in our house (which my sister abhors and has gradually buried, as a type of recompense, in our back garden hehe)

            I love that the word ‘Ivoire’ has so much contained within, those nuances of meanings, the different languages, the history of a place. It is beautiful. Then of course the personal attachment to it too. I am deeply sorry for your loss. The loss of a parent, even with an estranged parent, affects people profoundly, mainly because no one could ever replace that relationship, it is sacred. To have lost a parent and a close on at that, must be very difficult. I am glad to find that you haven’t run away from painful feelings of remembrance but remind yourself of things, so that your father remains a part of your today.

            I always cringe about talking about me, but then I have scolded too many times about not sharing ‘myself.’ Hehe. You are a far better person than me, simply because you offered the hand of friendship first, so I would not refuse this request.

            My full name means ‘morning’s hope’ which is that feeling of hope, of potential that I would like to impart to everyone I meet. No matter how grim or dim things become, we can not give up on hope, even if it hurts to hold onto it, like holding onto hot coals. However, it is that hope in the beginning of a new day, a new chapter or new birth, that I love. It is so vast and wondrous, like an unopened gift. I think the word ‘hopeful’ is what I would use to describe myself, even though sometimes it makes me naive or unrealistic, even at the very least, I am always hopeful.

            California? What it is like there? I have only ever lived in Luton and I would love to go somewhere else, even just to see how seasons change differently.

            As always, it has been an honour speaking to you. I am much obliged.

      • 5.1.5 shel

        Hi LEaf! Long time no talk to!

        Meg and I are totally jealous about the CNBlue thing, that’s our fave band.

        If you don’t count Meg’s obsession with everything KHJ and therefore SS501.

        Glad you made it home safe. And being grateful for what you have makes everything better. There is always someone worse off than you are. :0)

      • 5.1.6 coby

        I envy you gurl. Hope they will consider Dubai one day.. like tomorrow! hahaha! I wonder how many Boice are here in Dubai
        It will be AWESOME and you’ll love them more that’s for sure.
        Enjoy gurl!

    • 5.2 Carole McDonnell

      Being poor is the pits, definitely! Am hoping some rich sweet guy comes your way with a wonderful love.

      • 5.2.1 Leaf

        Would be nice!!!
        And the fortune teller did say I would get a boyfriend this year!! haha

    • 5.3 Shukmeister


      Glad you made it back safely. Sorry for the problems with the house. CNBlue is a most excellent choice for chasing away the blues!!

  6. Laya

    Open Threeaaad. ^_^ Happy weekend, all!
    (more later) 😀 😀

    • 6.1 Laya

      Sigh, Rich Man Poor Woman is finally done. Loved it. So cute. I was actually sighing at the end, wishing they’d drag it out some more, but I’m also glad that was the ending, that we could leave Hyuga and Natsui there, still happily bickering.

      To The Beautiful You Ep. 11 and 12 – Well, Hanna, you have successfully gotten me to stop wanting to kill you, so congratulations. As for Jaehee– despite her being so infuriating sometimes, I find myself wanting to smile when she smiles, and cry when she wants to cry. There goes the question of why the guys like her so much. As for Eun-gyul– although he’s not exactly like Nakatsu in the manga, I feel he’s captured the core of Nakatsu, someone who’s innocent and wacky and earnest. That’s the way I feel about the main three– they’re not exactly like the manga characters but at the same time they captured what made the characters special.

      • 6.1.1 oftheshore

        RMPW ending was great – it’s nice that they managed to address all of the major themes in the series, including love, work and friendship. I always feel like romantic subplots in J-doramas often end up going nowhere!
        The kisses were great, too!

      • 6.1.2 Shukmeister

        I just finished watching the final epi of RMPW with subs. I’m not happy that Yoko still got so much airtime during the last two episodes, but it was a nice ending to close to.

        Not watching TTBY, although there is a lot of buzz.


    • 6.2 Laya

      Oh, and a fellow TTBY fan gave me this link, saying maybe there should be a scene where Taejoon dresses up as a girl or something since he looked so pretty in this. 😀 /hides from fellow Taejoon fans.

  7. Farpavilions

    Happy OT/weekend everyone!

    I’m slowly getting over Gaksital withdrawal … now being assailed by 90s nostalgia from Answer Me 1997 (argh. are softsubs for the finale available anywhere now?? I want to keep this one! pls tell me what Google search terms to use if you are a resourceful fan).

    And now Rich Man Poor Woman has ended! *sniff*

    I won’t do spoilers, but for fellow Hyuga fans, here’s an oldie but goodie photoshoot from 2005 (aie, that dates me so much) of Oguri Shun and his BFF Takashi Tsukamoto, courtesy of the amazing pinkujisatsu’s LJ …

    The photographer provided soft lighting, clean white linens and shirts, and two very pretty boys in one small space. The shoujo manga hazy glow with sparkly stars exist only in my head. ^_^


    • 7.1 daninja


      all 16 episode soft subs of 1997 can be found here:

      Not sure if i can actualli link this if not feel free to delete


      • 7.1.1 Farpavilions

        Saranghae! *blows bubbles*

    • 7.2 kewbie

      I’d like to watch Answer Me 1997, but I feel like I kinda missed the spazzing boat. I may have to be spazzing by myself whenever I get to this drama. Still, from the recaps, it looked pretty good.

      • 7.2.1 JoAnne

        Pretty good? PRETTY good? Kewbie. That show fucking rocked. Watch it right away, we’ll spazz with you on OT.

    • 7.3 Saima

      Takashi?! omgahhhh, he’s THAT guy from Stand Up!! hahaaa and they were so widdle back then. <3

      • 7.3.1 Farpavilions

        And so cuddly!! *melts in BL induced happiness*

        Is Stand Up any good? It was on my radar only because of its then-promising cast but I’m not a fan of exaggerated baka comedies…

        • Saima

          Stand Up was really good…it started out as your typical teen boise wanting to get with girls but ended with a lot of heart. It has your typical Japanese wacky humour but not manga wacky. Narimiya and Shun were hysterical together. Then there’s Yamapi, who was so adorable here, and Nino.

  8. befuddled

    Anyone know if there is a place where I could find Robbers on the internet with English subs? I’ve seen the drama mentioned a few times but didn’t find it on my usual websites (dramafever, viki, gooddrama). It might be one of those that just isn’t available, but I thought I’d ask. I’m referring to this 2008 drama:

    • 8.1 Ann

      I watched it on You Tube.

  9. amyhangukolic

    Hi Everyone! Spending my time studying for exam this weekend. (Tomorrow gonna fight for one paper) After the exam, I will marathon recent dramas… Keep myself alive these days through reading recaps here.

    Good Day!

    • 9.1 Saima

      Good Luck on your exam! 🙂

  10. 10 befuddled

    PS: is anyone watching Glass Mask? I haven’t found it subbed yet, so haven’t watched it, but am curious about it.

  11. 11 rubie

    Lee Byung Hun’s new movie ‘Masquerade’ (or Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King) is being released in North American cities today, Sept 21. Fans in US (+ Hawaii) and Canada can watch the movie at selected theaters.

    Please check it out! ^^

    Showtimes listed at the official website!locations/c1045

  12. 12 Lang

    Hey guys,

    So I’m getting a bit bored of Faith, with the whole back and forth of the doctor between Ki Cheul and the main hero. It’s just the same conflict over and over.

    I’m starting to see better motivation for Ki Cheul though, going against Fate and heaven it self, now that’s bad ass.

    Also, I can’t remember, but is Eun Soo (doctor) going to be getting her own powers soon ? I heard someone said she might get like Harp Music powers or something.

    Anyways, I think this weekend I’m going to finish some kdramas that I’ve watched half way ….

    I Love Lee Tai Ri, Ramen Shop, Padam Padam, and I do I do .

    Then I’ll probably start watching Answer Me 1997 , since I’m also a 90s kid growing up listening to backstreet boys, nsynce, spice girls and the like….

  13. 13 momosa

    My 9 y.o daughter absolutely loves Arang & the Magistrate. She thinks Joo Wal is handsome and would agree Arang & Sato can be an item if Sato is not so arrogant. So now I have an idea how she defines ‘handsome’, got to note that somewhere as bits like this will come in handy someday….

    Happy Friday everyone!

    • 13.1 Mystisith

      Looks like your daughter and me could fight for the same men. 🙂

      • 13.1.1 Sabah

        Aw that’s so sweet. The fact that you are taking note of these notes just shows how excellent a mum you are. Wonderful.

        Ah, I remember when I first started noticing ‘prettiness’ in men. Face from the A-Team…man, am I old?!

        • Shukmeister

          LOL – I loved him as Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica!

          • Sabah

            Yeah, that hair! And that grin!

            I just remember always rooting for him and feeling sad when he was down. Then as I got older I realized that it was my first flutterings of a thing called love.

          • Shukmeister

            Dirk Benedict…sigh

          • Sabah

            Yep, my first flower boy.

    • 13.2 kewbie

      Your daughter is so observant! What a great kdrama viewer. 🙂

    • 13.3 kakashi

      my 3.5 year old daughter asks every night to see the “Ghost Hunter”. I’m so glad she’s not into LJK (he’s mine!) but into Han Jeong-soo.

  14. 14 Lynnet

    Hi, happy weekend everyone, this the first time I have actually been on an open thread, does anyone know where to access Answer 1997 if you live in Southern Africa, so frustrating not being able to watch it when my kdrama obssession is at its peak and everyone keeps talking about it. On a happier note Sukyungkwan Scandal will soon be showing on ZBCTV (Zimbabwe), this is the first kdrama they have shown in a few years for all those in Southern Africa who havent watched it yet so I have hope they might start showing them again .

    • 14.1 Farpavilions

      try d.r.a.m.a.c.r.a.z.y without the dots.

      • 14.1.1 Lynnet

        thanks am trying just that as I type !

    • 14.2 Enz

      I couldnt get the video to work at dramacrazy.. But good always seem to work. Esp the last playlist which is dailymotion. The othe one I often use is drama

      • 14.2.1 Farpavilions

        The d.r.a.m.a.c.r.a.z.y Speedy Joe 1997 links are working for me (just checked) … SJ occasionally needs a page refresh but is pretty reliable!

    • 14.3 Shukmeister

      Welcome Lynnet!

      I see everyone has already answered you, so I’m just stopping by and hoping you stick around and become an OT regula!!

  15. 15 Unnursvana

    I don’t think I am ready to watch the last episode of answer me 1997. I was writing about it earlier today and I almost started crying because I didn’t want it to end.

    • 15.1 Saima

      awww! That’s THE #1 con for falling in love with a show. You want it to continue to be awesome but yet when it ends that feeling of forlornness is like parting from a loved one. *sniffles* On the bright side, you can watch AM97 on repeat loop, ne?! <3

  16. 16 John


    I’m woefully behind on several shows, including final episodes.

    I’ll have plenty to watch this weekend though. Yay!

    Trying to avoid seeing spoilers.

    • 16.1 JoAnne

      John, how will you survive without our adorable Shiwon? Her little begging faces when she wanted alcohol in the last episode were pretty much epic. I hope you have mead properly fermented by now so that you can dull the pain of your loss…

    • 16.2 alua

      Woefully behind. Like 4 episodes of Arang and a gazillion with Faith.

      Somehow I don’t think I can be bothered with Faith, but Arang! Arang! When will I have time for you? That show I looooove.

      Did finish Rich Man Poor Woman today. Asahina in jeans and T-shirt is so much better than Asahina in a suit (though I still don’t like him & wouldn’t be so forgiving). Natsui somehow ended up being my favourite character, more so than Hyuga!

      Sort of up to date with Love Actually (TW), which I have been skip-watching although it’s totally not worth watching. Weak, predictable story line, it’s like a recycling of all the turns and twists you have ever seen before. And a heroine that will lick the floor because she just is soooo niiiiice to everyone, including the ex who (surprise!) turns up 10 years after disappearing, with some sob story and feeling completely entitled to a relationship that long ceased to exist. At the beginning, at least the ice man was a bit amusing, but when he melted he got unrealistically romantic and when the ex turned up he was being a wavering idiot. To the point that I wanted the younger brother to get the heroine instead (except that the third girl in the story, as naive as she is, deserves the youngest brother because she’s got her heart in the right place at least).

      Yeah, I don’t know why I’m watching it either….

      • 16.2.1 Farpavilions

        I was wondering what was up with Asahina’s perpetually rumpled suits … he always looks like he just spent the night crashing on an airport floor!

        Watching ARATA’s ahjussiness in RMPW and Mitsu no Aji makes me sad thinking of his Ping Pong character *sadface*

        • alua

          I totally didn’t realise he was in Ping Pong. People have been recommending that one to me!

      • 16.2.2 John


        Arang is chock full of treats: ghosts, heavenly intervention, action, romance .

        RMPW is one of the shows I’m behind on. I’ll need another J-drama to fill the void.

        I’m watching Sprout but the subs are slow.

        Watching a wuxia series, Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei .

        Saw your pics too !

        • alua

          Arang is a total treat (maybe I’ll get my act together and write a post about why it is so awesome).

          Yeah, I’m not sure what J-drama to watch next. Sprout would be an option, but I’m not entirely sold on it. Would be better to watch something week by week, rather than catch up on something that has been on for a while already.

          Hope you enjoyed the pics! I’ll probably post one more set, general ones from Delhi.

    • 16.3 Shukmeister


      Just finished RMPW, marathoned 2009’s Autumn’s Concerto starring Wu VanNess, and finally caught up with Haeundae Lovers, Faith, and Arang. And found time for a power nap or two.

      Have a good weekend!

  17. 17 ck1Oz

    Happy OT everyone. I am in the middle of ep 10 Panda and about to start ep 1 of Answer Me 1997. Finally!! I finally caught up with all my viki work so I am going to marathon this sucker 🙂 You guys seem to like it.

    My random observation tonight. Don’t know why but it’s been staring at me all week. Every night.
    Koreans operate to get double eyelids. Those of you who are in the medical line also know the lower eyebags removal procedure is popular.

    So this week….
    Golden Time- Dr Jae In’s eyebags are about to bulge out and she is so pale she looks like she is about to keel over.

    TTBY- those young kids. Sulli has double eyebags. Yes I heard about her 2hr sleep. Minho has just dark rings.

    Arang- Lee Jun Ki has double eyebags which were not prominent last week. Yes I heard about how well he worked from 9pm to 7am filming the fight scene.

    Panda- Won Il has such enormous eyebags it’s not even a dark foundation to make it look as if he has eyebags post crying.

    The Faith cast seems to be doing fine. So are the Haeundae Lovers. One thinks if looks are so important that even with the filming schedule- one needs to look after their own assets.
    Anyway, I never said I was going to make sense. I just said I was making an observation. ^__^

    Bye everyone. Happy chatting. 🙂

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      @ck1Oz I’m not in the field but I noticed it too. And this is where HD cameras become enemies of the actors: It doesn’t forgive anything.

    • 17.2 John


      Panda’s adorable. She really steppped up this week.

    • 17.3 Lemon

      I’m loving Panda! Both the girl and the show; she really did Seung Ji proud in ep 10. Poor Won Il – I suppose he has a reason for those eyebags, haha.

      • 17.3.1 John


        I love Won Il’s sister.

        • kewbie

          The sisters in this drama are awesome. They’re sassy and they tell the truth straight up. I appreciate that.

          • Lemon

            YES! I particularly love Pan Da Na as the voice of reason. As much as I find Panda adorable and sweet-natured, there are moments where I wanted to slap her upside the head to knock some sense into her – and Da Na would always come along and do just that. 😛

          • piaaa

            And also Seung-ji grandpa too! And Panda’s aunt! So many lovable characters in this drama. Love it to pieces.

            I’m still wondering how Seung-ji was convicted. Who did he attempt to murder?

      • 17.3.2 ck1Oz

        I love the writer. She/he wrote it so well that it became such a strong episode. Where everyone behaved so matured. It could have so gone the other way.
        I don’t know who Won Il’s sister is- the actress- but she is a hoot to watch every episode.
        I went into Panda for Won Il so every time he suffered another cut to his heart- his fan here kept going ” aww… why did you become the 2nd lead? “

        • Mystisith

          You know, I can’t take out of my head the scene in INR when he get rid of his shirt on the bed… Seeing him here all new in the matters of love… So cute and innocent. I can only laugh.

        • Lemon

          Yes, poor Won Il. Looks like he might get saddled with Eun Bi at this rate, but at least the bromance is still alive!

    • 17.4 cv

      Haha! I’m glad you mentioned the bags under their eyes… sooo true. I’ve notice that they have more makeup on then when they first started airing the show. ^^

      • 17.4.1 kakashi

        oh god, now I cannot notice anything else than eye bags. thanks a lot, ck1Oz … NOT! ^_^

    • 17.5 JIW_sobangnim

      i made a cover of the title track in english and korean for reply 1997! do look upon t favourably!

  18. 18 ck1Oz

    Oh and another observation. Since I am watching too many dramas.
    It’s Abs Week.
    See if you can spot one for every night of the week so far
    🙂 I kid you not.

    • 18.1 kewbie

      Girl, I know what you mean. The PD-nims are really liking the noona fans this week!

      • 18.1.1 kakashi

        but … am I greedy? I want Lee Min-Ho’s abs (though I think he mentioned somewhere that he doesn’t have any right now) and, MUCH MORE SO, Lee Jun-Ki’s abs (who must have plenty with all the fight training he got)!

        • Ivoire

          Hi Kakashi,

          Faith is a sageuk, are we supposed to see any abs? Remember the episode when he was cleaning his wound and Dae-Man (I think) interrupted him? That had him showing his abs some, right? What about the scene where he was laying on the table, weren’t there some abs there? Otherwise, you can always rewatch some scenes of CH, that might help. Or maybe you should just focus on LJK, that might be your answer… Especially since he is the one you really want to see.

          • kakashi

            Hello Ivoire!
            Nice to ‘see’ you
            there’s PLENTY of room for abs in saeguks! bathing scenes are good. or wounded scenes. and there were Woodalchi abs when they changed this week! Glorious ones at that … yes, you are right, we were allowed to glimpse some of LMH’s precious skin, but would you call that enough??! surely not, Ivoire, surely not.

            LJK has been wounded already, but not even a bit of skin was shown. He is always fully dressed (though sometimes in undergarments), with his hair up. If Arang is lacking in one department, it’s clearly: not enough LJK body!

            Okay, I’ll stop now, I’m beginning to creep myself out. At least he’s 30.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Kakashi, I will be back later to answer.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Kakashi,

            Sorry for the late reply. I wanted to answer to this simply because I wanted to address this issue of abs. I think I am probably in the minority about seeing abs or half naked men in Kdramas. I find that men with nice bodies in Kdramas are a dime a dozen, especially if they are expected to play 1st and 2nd leads. I am not big on being naked or 1/2 naked and flaunting it on screen (if it’s private, alone or with a significant other, then it’s different, but that’s just me). For me, if I have seen it once or twice, I have seen it enough times and I am not interested. How many times do I need to see someone 1/2 naked? It ‘s not as if all of a sudden their body has changed and I will see something I hadn’t seen before.

            I actually prefer when things are hinted at, rather than shown. I can tell from the way they wear their clothes that the men in Kdramas have attractive bodies, again especially the 1st and 2nd leads, if they happen to be in their teens, twenties, thirties and even forties. It is a requirement in Kdramaland, and we know that. Believe it or not, I am more interested in the quality or level of acting, the plot, editing, cinematography etc… (you get my drift).
            I have come to find those (almost) naked scenes or 1/2 naked scenes gratuitous and I know that they are there for fanservice. After all, most of the kdrama viewers are females, in Korea and especially abroad. That is some consumer power and a good way to help their actors/actresses/singers, etc… become famous and popular internationally as well. I understand that.

            Some of my favorite Kdramas are the ones where little or no flesh was shown, because honestly, it wasn’t necessary (“President” and “TK2Hs”) come to mind. Both were really good (imho) and “President” got some really good reviews by bloggers living outside of Korea (who are Asians. It is a political drama that was very interesting and quite well done. I really liked it. There were no shirtless scenes, they simply were not needed. Even JB and GF admitted that it was a very good drama). Another one that comes to mind is “The Chaser,” that has two middle aged (attractive) Korean actors as the leads, and that drama was the lead rating wise during its run in Korea and got excellent reviews.

            My response is a little long (what else is new?) but I just wanted to point out that a few of us are not really into Kdramas to see the actors/actresses’ skin, so for me, what I have seen of LMH’s “skin” in Faith is plenty enough. If I want to see more, I can just go and watch some of the scenes in City Hunter, there are some scenes there where one can see him 1/2 naked, as well as in Personal Taste and BOF. When it comes to how much skin is shown, I like Faith the way it is. The scene with the woodalchis made me smile. It was so random and yet felt so fanservice like :-)…

            Not to be concerned however, I am sure (and I know) that you are in great company on this blog when it comes to people who want to or like to see some skin. To each his/her own, right?…

    • 18.2 redfox

      omo…watching To the Beautiful You ep 12 now…. make it abs and backs week. omo, omo! Is he allowed to be upside down like that? omo.

      • 18.2.1 kewbie

        I know, right? I had to look up what deung-mok was. So, so…unique. 😉

      • 18.2.2 ck1Oz

        My system went into shock his body was so different from his baby face. Still couldn’t shake the image off my mind.

        Ep 12 of Faith this week- when we went “hello abs!” I was like- isn’t this a sageuk? What is a bare chest doing there when it’s not Lee Minho?

        • JoAnne

          hahahaha that scene – it just showed up out of NOWHERE. I actually screeched out loud I was so surprised and even in that moment I was thinking – did they just throw that in there for us?

  19. 19 Carole McDonnell

    Hi Everyone.

    Loved Faith and Arang this week. Gotta catch up with the finale of RMPW and the second and third episodes of Nice Guy. Have been eyeing a coupla other dramas — a coupla chinese ones and been trying to get my courage up to get back into Five Fingers. Also, might try “To the Beautiful You” again. And i actually went back and started rewatching Ramen Shop. (Love Jug Il Woo!) I might watch Legend since folks on the threads keep bringing it up.

    But time is of the essence. I’ve got some stories to fine-tune and edit, others from friends to critique, and battling latest fibromyalgia relapse…so am somewhat stuck in bed when I’m not at my computer.

    Am seriously considering hooking up my internet to my TV. Our local providers do that. In that way I can watch my k-dramas on my regular TV.

    The nighttime Emmys are on this weekend, i think, and I gotta say that I am pretty lost when it comes to what the heck is going on on American TV. The only TV stuff I generally watch are k-dramas, and the only American TV stuff I watch are the first 48, I survived, and Grimm. So this year I’ll probably be way more interested in the Korean TV award shows than I am in the American Emmys.


    • 19.1 Carole McDonnell

      ooh, yeah….and am watching Vampire Prosecutor. Loved the Luna shaman episode.

      • 19.1.1 FishcalledWanda

        Haha, I’m also way more interested in the Korean award shows then the ones in my own country. I basically watch only kdramas. I also watched Grimm, I really liked it. The plot was a bit simplistic at times, but it was original enough to keep watching. Did you watch the whole first season?

        Vampire prosecutor is great! I love the team and their dynamics. Ep two was great. Luna/Runa is a very interesting charater.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Yeah, I watched the first season. I was watching Awake at that time as well. Which was so good and only for a season.

        • Lilly

          Grimm is the only US show I follow.

    • 19.2 befuddled

      I recently realized too, I’m following more Kdramas than I am American TV shows. There are American shows I like- I’m watching Covert Affairs, for example, and I’m awaiting the return of Fringe. But the Kdramas (with the occasional Jdrama too) are definitely outnumbering, lately. I’m also watching a couple of British shows like Doctor Who, and, am awaiting the return of the British Merlin.

      • 19.2.1 FishcalledWanda

        It’s kinda weird, but since I started Kdramas it seems like American dramas don’t really interest me anymore. I also still watch some of them (I really like The Mentalist and Supernatural). I can’t exactly figure out why, but I don’t feel the emotional impact and obsessiveness I feel with a Kdrama I really like.

        • Ladytron33

          Same here! My DVR was completely full at the beginning of the summer because I had stopped watching all of my American shows. Ended up deleting almost everything because I just have no interest in going back to them. I don’t feel the same emotional connection I get with K-dramas. There are one or two that I’m planning on watching when the new season gets underway, but only 1/10 of what I watched in years past.

          Hubby and I still watch sitcoms (Parks and Rec, New Girl, Modern Family) together though. Tried to get him into dramas, but it’s not happening. Oh well. I guess I can swoon over hot post army abs and cute baby faces in peace.

          • befuddled

            Me too, with the full DVR. I was looking at that a few weeks ago, and then remembering how much time I’ve spent on VIKI lately…

        • Carole McDonnell

          I think it has to do with what a story actually is. Dramas have a beginning a middle and an end. American shows seem to just be about continuing forever and then being cancelled when viewer interest wanes so the fullness of storytelling isn’t there…and the stories become character pieces (which is good) but nothing else really.

          • Enz

            THATS what I like about dramas too. The series go on and on as long as ratings are good and then suddenly they might decide not to renew a season or the stories start getting bad..

            I really like that the dramas are almost always 16-24 episodes long

          • befuddled

            That… is spot on. I remember when I first started watching K-dramas, a thought I had was that they felt more like unusually long movies than American series, because the overall story arc was far more present from beginning to end. Enz’s comment has reminded me too that too many of American shows that I watched left me is sad disappointed at the way they were abruptly canceled or how the final seasons were badly mangled, or how things just went nowhere. I don’t like getting into new American shows just as they start airing on TV now, wondering how things will end up with that show down the road- whereas I have been excited and waiting for new Kdramas that are/were coming out.

      • 19.2.2 cv

        Me too! :p

        Now, I don’t even watch American tv shows except for a few new movies or my favorite tv show–mentalist and criminal minds comes out in dvds–that’s when I’ll catch up on the last season. It’s all Kdramas and doramas with a few Tdramas and Cdramas.

      • 19.2.3 Ennayra

        Yeah British Merlin! That show can make me lol so hard. And I love the Gwen/Arthur OTP.

  20. 20 kewbie

    Hello OT-ers! Just wanted to drop in and say hello…

    My dilemma this week is this: buy Rihanna tickets or BIGBANG tickets? The catch? Rihanna is local for me, and I’d have to fly out to Newark for BIGBANG. Still thinking…

    Anyway I hope you are all doing well!

    • 20.1 Leaf

      BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 20.1.1 kewbie

        Fantastic Baby! I really need to look for plane tix to NJ if that’s the case. Plus I’ll have to ask my cousin or one of my friends if I can stay with them.

        Other than that, wassup, Leaf?? 😀

        • Leaf


          Yeah… it’s awesomeness <3

          And my life is absolutely awful at the moment and I really wish I was back in Korea…. ^sigh^

          so yeah… not enjoying being back in the UK….
          I need to escape like really soon!

          But good luck with the concerts!! <3

          Hope you have a great week!

          • oftheshore

            I heard CN Blue would be playing in London, but it was too late to get the tickets. Plus, they were really expensive. 🙁

    • 20.2 JoAnne

      if you come to Big Bang you get to meet me, Shuk, CV, Cherkell….and we’ve got plans…

      • 20.2.1 shel

        That sounds somewhat ominous, lol. If I hear that one of the BB boys got kidnapped, I’ll head on over.

      • 20.2.2 cv

        LOL yesh, lets hope we get tickets—seating on the side that TOP usually stands. ^_^ I want to look at him all night long. ahahhahahha

    • 20.3 Ennayra

      Big Bang! You know Rihanna will go on tour near you again waaay before Big Bang will.

    • 20.4 Shukmeister

      There’s several of us planning to go to the BB concert. Tickets go on sale tomorrow! Woot!

  21. 21 missmanderley

    Dr. Joonhee, is there any cure for this withdrawal on a certain Yoon Yoonjae??

    Kdrama hangover from Reply 1997’s epic finale!! ❤

    • 21.1 Gina

      I don’t think I’ll be able to watch another K-drama for a little while because I’m too hung over from this one. :))

  22. 22 FishcalledWanda

    Happy Friday!

    I’m still kinda suffering from Gaksital withdrawals (Also: Joo Won withdrawals), but it’s getting better!

    This is my first time commenting on the OT, so please take care of me~
    I have to confess I’ve been lurking here for quite some time, so I feel like I know you all a little bit. Everyone seems so nice here.
    No one I know watches kdramas, or even know they exist, so I can’t share my enthusiasm (or addiction, or fangirling). That’s what I really like about these kdrama blogs, and Dramabeans especially. People share the ranting, raving, squealing and ,very importantly, fangirling.

    Last year I started college in another city and this year I actually moved there because the travelling was not do-able any more (had to get up at 6 am, then travel 1,5 hour by train everyday). But now I’m feeling pretty homesick. I’m really glad I discovered dramas some 2,5 years ago, cause watching them makes me feel at ease (well, not in all cases – Gaksital- but at least it forms a distraction). I never thought I could get so obsessed with actors on the other side of the world, haha.

    I started watching Faith primarily for Lee Min Ho, but I really like Kim Hui Seon’s character Eun Soo too. Sometimes I get a bit bored by Faith, but then something really good happens and I’m completely back on the train. Still have to watch ep 11&12, but I heard good things about them.
    Arang, I really like. I love the dynamics between Arang and Eun O. I’m also very happy hot vampire Prosecutor is back! Really missed it. Because of the positive recaps for White Christmas, I also started that drama. Looks like there is quite the fanbase for that drama. The cinematography is astonishing, wish more dramas were that way.

    • 22.1 Sabah

      I think for me the beauty of White Christmas is the conflict and momentum that comes from the characterizations, and their developments more than just the plot itself. The acting was so raw as well. I thoroughly enjoyed it and you won’t be disappointed BUT be warned, it is a drama where the end of each episode just makes you want to start the next. I ended up without much sleep for a few nights!

      I didn’t know about its cult status, although it is understandable. Excellent drama!

      As for being homesick, it will just make you appreciate home more. I found you use of Kdramas as comfort, a little sweet. Wishing you well.

      • 22.1.1 Leaf

        White Christmas was AWESOME <3

        But wtf with that last episode? I mean… really? ^shakes head^

        • FishcalledWanda

          Uh, oh. Now I’m double curious what’s going to happen! Don’t say anything specific!

          • Leaf

            My lips are sealed!!!

      • 22.1.2 FishcalledWanda

        Thanks for replying!
        Yeah I got that problem too. But I had to stop after two episodes, cause otherwise I would’ve watched through the whole night and I had a very busy day the next day. It wasn’t easy to stop, I had to unglue myself from my computer screen.
        I find it interesting that you think the beauty comes from the characterizations more than the plot. I can totally see how. The characters are very layered and two episodes in, you still know very little of the, but already al lot has happened to them and between them. I’m already very interested and invested in them. So curious how things are going to work out!

        Completely true. It makes me appreciate things like the big badroom and shower at home, my mom’s cooking, my brother’s jokes. Things I always really enjoyed but easily take for granted.

        By the way, I saw you wrote somewhere at the top ‘Lord of the Things’, that made me laugh!

        • FishcalledWanda

          Also, thanks for wishing me well. It warms my heart.

        • Sabah

          Yeah, sometimes my Freudian slips scare me!

          Anyhoo… White Christmas, don’t worry I won’t say something specific. Just keep going, and trust me you will get to the point where your eyes are itching to watch what happens next whilst still being itchy from lack of sleep from the night before!

          Don’t get me wrong, I have watched plenty of ‘things’ for only the cinematography alone BUT this drama had so much depth of characterizations that I spent many moments pondering over the why and wherefore of them all.

          Being homesick is a good sign. It just reminds you that you have a safety net if anything goes wrong; people and a place to return, to feel warm.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Yeah, kdramas got me to that point of itchy eyes often. It’s quite the dilemma: go on watching and feed the addiction or be sensible and go to sleep so I won’t look like a wreck tomorrow. Of course I usually choose the first option.

            Haha, I watch some dramas also for just the cinematography (or the pretty people in it). Pretty cinematography is not a must for a drama, like bad writing can really ruin a series, but instead it can really enhance a drama or movie and make it even greater than it would be without. I don’t know If you’ve seen the movie Postman To Heaven. It is an excellent example of a very beautiful cinematography, but it can’t save the mediocre acting or the sometimes weird writing. So I really enjoyed that movie mostly for just the pretty scenery and camera work.

            It is indeed a good thing to know there is always a place I can go back to, where there are people who love me for just being me and where I feel warm and at home. Home is for me more the people than the place (even though a big bathroom is also very nice, of course!)

          • Sabah

            I get that, like the quote goes, ‘home is not where you live, but where they understand you. I am still looking for home…

            I haven’t seen the movie, but I do understand your point. For me, I can forgive bad dialogue or non nonsensical plots but poor acting just ruins even the best cinematography for me. I don’t have to believe in the premise or moment BUT the actors need to make me believe that they do. I can always write subtext for writing and fill in gaps but I just can’t erase a bad expression or even no expression acting. I haven’t reached that capability where I can imagine my favourite actor/actress replaying a scene, better and brighter (my sister does this routinely with pretty much every thing she watches, replacing leads with Jensen Ackles) For me a bad actor is where I just switch off.

            That’s why White Christmas is really good, that minimalism is counter balanced by not just the glorious cinematography but also that intense acting. I loved it!

    • 22.2 Lang

      Hey don’t forget not all dramabeaners are women, as a guy I go “fanboying ?” over all the kdrama actresses!

      • 22.2.1 FishcalledWanda

        Haha, I’m sorry! Of course there is a lot to fanboy over in kdrama land! Just being curious, as a guy do you enjoy the melodramatic, romcom dramas too? Or are you just there for the pretty? ;p

      • 22.2.2 JoAnne

        Yeah we don’t know much about you, Lang…and guys around here are pretty rare. We have you, we have Ricky, and we have John. That’s it, I think! Share your story!

        Ricky is the Prince, and watches KDrama when he’s not studying for exams. He lost his love to QIHM earlier this year…

        John watches dramas with his wife and makes mead and works in the garden. They both have excellent taste and if they recommend something to you it’s well worth watching.

        • ricky trh

          “Ricky is the Prince…”

          Hee hee hee 😀

          Hello, Lang!
          We should form a society or something.

          • shel

            eventually the noonas could get outnumbered by the oppas…..uh oh

          • FishcalledWanda

            Ha, guess you’re some kind of celebrity around here!

          • ricky trh


            I was the only (active) guy in the OT for almost a year. Noonas got attached to my, naturally.

            It also helps to shout out “Nooooooonnnnaaaaaa!!!” to random ladies in the OT. Some were so delighted they went unconscious. Heh.

            Nice to meet you, Wanda!
            Have a nice weekend 🙂

          • shel

            He’s right, they did. :0)

            (I’ll tell you a secret though….Ricky LOVES LOVES LOVES it when you cal him “oppa”. )

          • FishcalledWanda

            Ha, but ricky don’t you feel threatened in that position now another guy has spoken up? ;p The noona-calling sound like a good tactic though, be careful other guys don’t steal your idea and noonas away!

            Thanks! Also nice to meet you….. oppa! Hope you have a nice weekend too, I’m afraid I’m going to be buried in my study books. Hopefully I can get out of them to watch some dramas here and there!

        • cv

          I bet there’s more guys who watches dramas also but too shy to come out and say it. :p haha!

          • ricky trh

            Like Uncle Hello Kitty in Haeundae Lovers. lol

    • 22.3 whimsyful

      Yay someone else who’s started White Christmas! It’s definitely a cult favorite.

      I *love* the cinematography in WC. It’s so stark and spare with the cool, almost washed out color palette, but it fits the tone of the drama perfectly.

      • 22.3.1 FishcalledWanda

        Yeah the cinematography is certainly something! It looks effortlessly, but I think the director/cameramen put a lot of thought in it. I like the minimalist shots, filled with lines intrinsic of the building, like the flow and the railing of the stairs. What you say is true, the stark cool colours enhance the feel of the drama.
        But al that white and snow makes me feel cold! Autumn is settling in where I live, luckily no snow already. But watching White Christmas makes me feel like it’s winter already, haha!

  23. 23 korazy lady

    Happy OT every one. I am on the west coast for the next two weeks + am using a 7 inch tablet , which means lots of connection issues in hotels. It took about 2 hours to watch the end of RMPW last night but I was determined! It also doesn’t’ allow me to answer posts on here individually so I am just waving a greeting to all my DB chingus and will stick to reading comments. Hope to read some on Nice Guy, too! (My new crack!)

    • 23.1 shel

      Welcome to the Left Coast! There are a few of us out here. Too bad your hotel connection is so bad, though. May be the number of users on. Try at 2 am, lol.

      Have fun while you’re here….

    • 23.2 Shukmeister

      Hey Korazy!

      Got additional BB info on my blog. Tickets go on sale tomorrow [nudge nudge] LOL.

  24. 24 Kelinci Biru

    Wow! So you’re a lucky one that get to marathoned whole Answer Me, 1997?! I envy you!! Sleepless night ahead I presumed.

  25. 25 TammieR

    Just dropping by quickly to ask a question. How do you say Kim Bum’s first name? Does it sound like “boom” or like we ‘Mericans would say it…? Silly question, I know, but inquiring minds DO want to know.

    On another note – just finished the JDorama “Rich Man Poor Woman” and loved it beyond words. Watching “To the Beautiful You” with daughter and she’s loving it. Who wouldn’t? Those boys are nearly too adorable for words. Nothing else has really caught my fancy. Giving “Nice Guy” a chance this weekend. Hopefully it will move me. lol

    Hope everyone is well. Shel, are you around? Got my vanilla beans! Guess what I’m making this weekend!?

    • 25.1 Leaf

      I kinda pronounce it between Bum and Boom… if that makes sense… and normally say it super quick so people don’t actually understand it haha

      yeah… he shouldve changed his name for acting….

    • 25.2 shel

      The way it’s spelled in Hangul, would make it like Boem….where you say kind of between an oh and an ah sound.

    • 25.3 Kim Yoonmi

      김범 So Kim Beom.

      Say, “eh” hold your tongue there. Say “Oh” and that’s the sound.

      Oh as in “Yong” is tongue flat in contrast.

      So you should get the proper sound…

      • 25.3.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Ah, and I’m against using a straight U for Korean romanization because it’s confusing.

        ㅡ eu
        ㅜ oo
        ㅓ eo
        ㅗ o
        ㅏ ah
        ㅣ i (short ee sound)

        Probably the closest approximation to how it actually sounds in Korean. However, the first three can all use u in some systems, which makes absolutely no sense. So I like erroring on clarity.

        • Ivoire

          Thank you Kim Yoonmi, for all the clarifications. I personally appreciate details, it helps in visualizing and understanding what you explained.

    • 25.4 shel

      I”m around. Yay for the vanilla! Did you find cheap vodka?

      Anyone who looks in my pantry would wonder: beer for the snails, vodka for the vanilla and little bottles of white wine for the sage cream sauce.

  26. 26 true.bawaka

    Happy OT!

    Who else is watching My Daughter Seo-young? How do you like it so far?
    It is a pity nobody is subbing it yet, but the drama looks realy promissing…

  27. 27 mav

    Hello Happy Fellows at the OT,

    I wanted to say thank you! because of your awesome comments I decided to watch Answer Me 1997, and well that was just amazing. Totally got int he way of my thesis writing scheduled but man was it worth it.

    And ohhh please opinions about whether or not Joon Wal is being a lying lier when he says he never sae Lee Seo Rim… cause that’s just fishy ….. and for last Happy Friday!

  28. 28 Aryast

    Hi guys! Happy OT.

    Just got off episode 3 of Nice Guy(I got off my Gaksital withdrawals pretty quick). Song Joong-ki is so my type and not as in the type of guy he is. Like you have funny types, macho types, pretty types and then you have Song Joong-ki. He is in his own category. Anyhoos, loving Nice Guy although I can’t shake-off the fact that its revenge theme is similar to Bad Guy except that both titles are antonymous to each other. Also, anti-heroes are such turn-ons. Kim Nam-gil, anyone?

    Arang and the Magistrate! The way the mystery plays out is great. It sorta gives you more clues and little peeks of answers only for all those to turn into more questions. Cryptic, that one.

    Faith – Lee Minho is just so fine. I dunno ’bout y’all but I’m much more attracted to him in this drama compared to his previous ones. Did anyone else guffawed like a horse on steroid when Queen Noguk was informed about how(involved the birds and the bees) she could help relieve King Gongmin’s stress? She just seemed so oblivious to that fact! Even funnier was when she was all flustered when Gongmin entered his chamber and the atmosphere was awkward as heck and when he asked the eunuch(that guy was a eunuch right?or was he an officer of some sort?) what happened, he replied, “Just kill me!” out of embarrassment.

    TTYB – I stopped watching. You just can’t be ridiculously void of logic but make the situations so melodramatic. I couldn’t take it. The Jap. version didn’t take itself too seriously and it’s light and fluffy and funny. Like it should be. SM version tries to tread on both serious dramatics and light and fluffiness and failing. Badly.

    Vampire Prosecutor 2 – I thought Yun Jung Hoon promised heavier eye make-up this season?? Not that I’m complaining. He’s still purddyyy! Lee Young-ah is just a wonderful actress through and through. She’s so cool. And I’m really interested in the major-arc and the big bad. He has red eyes! I’m clamouring for more!

    Aaaaaand lastly, anyone here watch Game Of Thrones or read the books that spawned the series? I found out about a podcast called Cast of Thrones where they do recaps of the series. Basically you have these 5 friend(4 men and a woman) who discuss the episodes. Catch is one of the members, Mike Dao, who has zero knowledge of the book, isn’t allowed to read the book except up to where the broadcasted episodes. The rest of the members have either read all the books or some of the books. And then towards the end of the podcast, they have a segment called “Stump Mike Dao” where they ask him what’s gonna happen in the next episode which usually ends in hilarious debacle. I’ve been downloading and listening to these podcasts getting to and fro classes as well as in between classes and the outcome is that I look like a lunatic laughing at nothing. It’s such a fresh change though compared to the usual listening to music.

    That is all my fellow OT-ers. Thank you for your err… eyes. Have a happy weekend!

    • 28.1 oftheshore

      Agreed on Lee Min Ho in Faith. I started watching recently, and was a little worried at first, since several reviewers were unhappy with his performance. Maybe it’s because I’m LMH-biased, or maybe it’s just that I don’t speak Korean, so I don’t notice the flaws in his sageuk-speak, but I’m loving his performance. You can feel Young’s exhaustion (with pretty much everything) through the screen. I also love the contrast between his character and that of Eun-Soo’s.

      • 28.1.1 Aryast

        The thing is I’ve watched BOF, Personal Taste and City Hunter but I never found him attractive. I mean yes we can all agree that he is very good looking, I’m just not attracted to him. But, then Faith comes along and LMH just knocks me off my socks and all the while I’m thinking it’s probably the hair and his scruffiness. Because strange enough, I do recall being very attracted to Yoon-sung(LMH’s character in CH) during his younger and scruffier Thailand-bound days.

        Ikr, it just pained me to watch him suffering from an pre-sustained injury whilst fighting off the veiled assassins. So real.

        I think most of us can relate to Eun-soo. Her reactions to her surroundings are just so organic. I like that she doesn’t come to terms with the fact that she just travelled through time and space just too quickly and firmly believes that she was in a very long dream. Which is how most of us would react.

        • oftheshore

          It’s definitely the scruffiness – I also loved LMH’s looks in the first episode(s?) of City Hunter. Also, I think he just looks more mature (older?) in Faith.

          • Ivoire

            Hi OTS,

            I have mentioned it maybe on one of the recaps for Faith, but I know that I have mentioned it on DB before, that LMH’s face does look more mature, older and fuller. Doesn’t it? I am glad you are enjoying Faith.

            Have a great weekend!

          • oftheshore

            Salut, Ivy!:) Good to see you here again – hope you’re doing well!
            LMH definitely looks a bit older in Faith, and I think that really suits his character. By the way, Faith has some really great music – some of the tracks remind me of Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks.

          • Ivoire

            @ OTS,

            I seriously LOVE the soundtrack for Faith and I have been checking “yesasia” constantly to see when it will be released. If you buy 3 CDs, you don’t have to pay for Shipping and Handling, in the US. I am waiting on Faith. I want to get Gaksital, QIHM and Faith. I LOVE ALi’s Carry on and Shin Young Jae’s My steps are slow. I don’t know if it was you I mentioned it too, but I noticed one of the instrumental pieces (the one ending the episodes, before it was replaced by ALi’s song) and I LOVEd it from the get go (still do). On YT, I can only get ALi’s song and Shin Young Jae, the others, though listed don’t play, so I am eagerly waiting for the soundtrack.

            I had also mentioned that LMH looking older was good for his role, probably on one of the recaps.

            Who is Hans Zimmer and what has he composed for? Could I find him on YT? (so I know what his repertoire sounds like, or have an idea).

          • Aryast

            Hello, Ivy.

            Hans Zimmer composes soundtracks for most Hollywood blockbuster movies. And his style is very distinct.

            These are the few films that he composed for in the more recent years and if you’ve watched them, you’ll basically get a grasp of how he sounds like :

            1. Pirates of the Caribbean (4 films in total)
            2. The Dark Knight Trilogy
            3. Madgascar 1, 2 and 3
            4. The Da Vinci Code
            5. Angels and Demons
            6. Sherlock Holmes 1 and 2
            7. Inception

            There are actually more but these are the only ones I can think of atm.

            Other older notables ones were like The Lion King, Thelma and Louise, The Preacher’s Wife, The Prince of Egypt.

            I hope that helped! 😀 Have a nice day!

          • Aryast

            Btw, this is a link to the Pirates of the Carribean OST, which if you’re a fan of the films, you’ll definitely remember.

          • Aryast

            In my excitement, I totally forgot to post the link in the previous post -_-lll Here ya go :


          • Ivoire

            @ Aryast,

            Thank you so much for explaining and for giving me some references. Of all the movies you listed, I have only seen “The Da Vinci Code,” and “The Preacher’s Wife.” Yeah, I am THAT behind on American movies :-(.

            I think you added a link, but it didn’t show. Could you repost that link, please? Thanks! 🙂

          • Aryast


            I think I did post a link for Pirates but it’s ok. Here’s a another OST(one of my recent favourites) from The Dark Knight Rises:


  29. 29 Mystisith

    Also, DB boss: Thanks for the song of the day in French! It helps with our cold and gloomy weather here today. 🙂

  30. 30 redfox

    I find Arang kind of messy and distracted and all over the place. I dont really get the hype. well, maybe if I look at the cheesy heaven scenes as something from a childrens´ book. But really it just doesnt get to the point and I havent had any interest from beginning to now. Bored. Fastforward. switch to something else all the time.
    neither have I any interest in Faith.

    • 30.1 Mystisith

      I’m not much into sageuks to be honest and I had average expectations for Faith. Still, I am disappointed. Arang, I had low expectations and *still* I’m disappointed. For both shows I ask myself “where are we going?” It’s like each drama prioritized 1 aspect (Faith=Pretty & Arang=Lead cast) and didn’t care about the quality for the rest. 🙁

      • 30.1.1 redfox

        exactly – where are we going? it is like riding a train and asking are we there yet all the time. like the show is asking me to be reaaaaaaaally patient. but I just cant do it y´know. I´ll just get off this train and jump on some more exiting ride.

      • 30.1.2 enz

        mystisith, have you tried the return of iljimae? i was always not interested in sageuk too but i found that one to be really good. none of the fusion stuff. just plain good story telling set in time and place that we would never have imagined with really beautiful cinematography.

        • Mystisith

          I didn’t watch it. Now I have to say, I’m a bit of a chicken: If the ending is not too sad or illogical, maybe I will give it a shot. I’ve been burnt by sageuks and truth to be told I started the ones airing for the male leads. Yep, I’m very shallow and my natural inclination goes to rom-com.^^

          • enz

            thats my natural inclination too. but no, there is quite a bit that the poor boy has to suffer through but the ending is good. i like the whole thing although at points i did think – cant he get a break???!! please let him be happy

            i like that its pure and when i watch it, i really feel that i am transported to that time and one gets a glimpse of how life (just even the daily stuff like cooking and washing) was for folks then. fight scenes were great too. i do think it is a story that requires patience coz it chronicles his life from birth to the hero he became

  31. 31 JoAnne

    Good afternoon, my wondrous beans!

    What a happy week for drama watchers, wasn’t it? Such good endings for Rich Man Poor Woman and Answer Me 1997 both! I watched each raw because I couldn’t wait, and I cried with what I could tell…and then I watched them with subs and cried more because they were even more full of awesome than I expected. I feel like giving those writers and directors and actors flowers, I honestly do.

    I was quite happy with Arang (eeeeeeeeeeeeee – kiss!) and Faith this week, too, and last night I watched TTBY new episodes and – I know that I’m going to get flamed for this, but – I gotta say it. I loved Hana Kimi. I love TTBY more. Because it’s giving me cute AND romance! Come on! The delight and affection on Tae Joon’s face whenever he sees Jae Hee’s face is just so real. And Eun Gyeol…oh, that boy. His determination and his sweetness are just so – they bring a smile to my face every time I see him. Ha Na made me cry. I knew I would end up liking her, but I didn’t expect it to be quite yet. I want to know more about the back story for the chest of glory! Jomo – did you SEE HIM WITH NO PANTS? And the teachers, even. So funny – ‘your hands smell like the bathroom.’ ‘No, it’s the soybeans! I wash my hands! It’s not that! I’m very clean, honest! I wash my hands a lot!’ Looking back, I do think it’s funny that I never have much to say about Jae Hee. She’s cute, she’s too dumb to walk, she serves mainly as a reason to bring the cute into my life (Choi MinHo, Lee Hyun Woo, I am looking at YOU.) beyond that I have no real use for this character. She should have been more. There, are you happy? I found something to criticize.

    Waiting for subs for Sprout, need to catch up on Five Fingers, and really liking Nice Guy/Innocent Man. Slammed at work. TICKETS FOR BB NEWARK ON SALE TOMORROW – YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • 31.1 Aryast

      There’s one thing that you and I agree on though – Lee Hyun-woo! I can’t get enough of this :

    • 31.2 Ladytron33

      I will stand proud and profess my enjoyment of TTBY. Is there even a scrap of plot? No. Is the heroine a complete sack of potatoes? Yes. Does this show operate in a world lacking in logic and reason? Yes. However, I still love it!!!

      I love the romance and the comedy and the cuteness (the caterpillar sleeping bag scene was the best thing ever). I love that sparkly feeling of being a kid and not having to worry about that “real life” stuff. And honestly, I never liked the zany antics of Hana Kimi. I enjoyed the drama a lot, but I’m not really a fan of frenetic story telling.

      Anyway, you are not alone! TTBY is my guilty pleasure.

    • 31.3 cv

      Joanne! happy OT! ^^

      I love watching for TTBY also! hehe Love the pretties and cuties. Yes, jae hee can be dumb when it comes to the cuties…so many to pick from.

    • 31.4 John


      Eun Gyeol…oh, that boy.. Aigoo !

      Loves Jae Hee , yet, doesn’t have a clue.

      I love it when he calls her Squishy.

      I’m even willing to give Ha Na some love too.. Poor baby!

    • 31.5 jomo

      I did, I did, I did see him!

      Oh, JoAnne, do NOT make me come up with another
      Place O Glory for him.

      I agree that this show makes me happier than Hana Kimi.
      I pretty much LOL whenever I am supposed to.
      POOR Seung Ri with his FART in front of Hana!! OMG!
      Awww when I am supposed to
      And cry when I am supposed to – I disdainfully cried for Hana, against my will. Almost too little too late for that character. But when TJ’s words were passed to her through her “enemy” JH, I got caught in the intricate and manipulative web of this PD.

      • 31.5.1 JoAnne

        hahahah Jomo – the FART – that was too funny! Uri Glory Boy got a lot of time in Ep 12. I was happy about that and I knew you would be too.

      • 31.5.2 Minea

        Hi, everyone! I’m new to OT and was just a silent reader but I just had to comment on Jomo’s post. OMG! I just about died laughing when Seung Ri farted in front of Hana. That was hysterical!

        Like some (most?) of you, TTBY is my guilty pleasure, too. I often find myself laughing out loud at some of the antics of the characters, ehem, Cha Eun Gyul to be more specific. He’s just a hoot to watch! Then, of course, there’s Kang Tae Joon *whispers: When did Choi Min Ho graduate from Noona Killer Academy? I swear this kid . . .*

  32. 32 enz

    hi everyone.. am fairly new to OT. i left a comment in another OT but mystisith was kind enough to tell me i was way too late as the thread is most active friday -sunday.

    anyway, just wanted to share my excitement (since nobody in my real life cares enough about k drama ) about possibly seeing jung il woo in person this sunday!! he is coming to malaysia to promote some cosmetic brand called holika holika

    am wondering if i should spend enough to be one of the top ten spenders on that morning just so i can be one of those last minute get your jung il woo autograph from the boy himself – how much snail cream (app their best seller) must i buy to get close to him ?? hah

    maybe i shouldnt – skincare is for young women. am not sure i qualify these days. oh well..

    just wonder, any malaysian jung il woo fans on OT? anyone?

    • 32.1 Aryast

      I AM! A fan of him in general. DIDN’T KNOW HE WILL BE COMING THOUGH!! *spazz spazz* He’s so… delightful to watch.

    • 32.2 FishcalledWanda

      Hi enz!
      I totally get what you say! No one I know in real life knows Kdramas even exist. But seeing Jung Il Woo in REAL life! I’m already spazzing just from the idea alone! Sunday is very soon already! Will you let us know how it was?

      Luckily there are places like this to share your enthusiasm with fellow fans!

      • 32.2.1 enz

        for sure – i hope i do catch at least a glimpse of him. there was a lucky draw closed some time back and the winners to have a pic with JIW and those to have autographs with him have all been determined.. BUT yesterday they said that the top spenders between 10.30 – 12 will get a chance to get up close and have an autograph signing moment with him – eeeks

        i share this with my sis and some friends and i know i induce lots of eyerolling – although my sis kindly tells me i should just go for it and buy up the cosmetics and givee it as prezzies if i dont need it since i’d prob be one of the oldest (and therefore have the disposable income) there – thanks sis for the encouragement and the honesty

        i am worried that my knees might buckle when he smiles at me in close proximity and if he winks!! oh no – cpr.

        need to see for myself – is the skin for real, is that nose for fake, will the hair move – that kind of thing 🙂

        aryast! if you are in kl, you can go welcome him at berjaya times square 🙂 he is supposed to be there at 2pm at the holika holika outlet

        • Aryast

          I am in fact in KL! I bet it’s gonna be jammed packed and I’m outta budget to spend on anything. Gaaaahhh, the downside of being a student. I’ll try to make it although I’m really dreading the crowd!


          Ohmygosh Jung Il Woo at Berjaya Times Square this Sunday??? You kidding me???

          … noooo I have classesssssss… *runs around with arms flailing*

          And, err… what’s snail cream? Oh, best of luck to you! Hope you get to meet him in person, enz!

          • Aryast

            You have classes on Sundays? You poor thing. You sure that doesn’t go against any of your human rights? Lol.

            It’s nice to know that there are fellow Malaysians here.

          • Enz

            HAVENT YOU LEARNT ANYTHING FROM ANSWER ME 1997???!! cut class le :p.. You have this opportunity to make memories. Cutting one class or two can’t be too bad in the big scheme of things, no?? Ok better jot answer that.

            I have no idea what snail cream is ( euugh right?) exc that apparently it’s their bestseller. Mascara being their second best seller

            Aryast. I don’t think it’s going to be crowded. I doubt if many know about it, unless one is a holika holic ! I hope he gets a decent reception otherwise he may be disappointed. I am precisely hoping that everyone else is a teenager or in their twenties. AGE will be my strength.. Hah ( is it ever?)

          • Saima

            “Cutting one class or two can’t be too bad in the big scheme of things, no??”

            Enz, truer words have never been spoken! lulz

    • 32.3 ricky trh

      Ooh, Ooh! Me!
      I’m Malaysian too!!!

      Apa khabar?

      Where have you people been?

      And welcome enz!

      • 32.3.1 Aryast

        Hennow Ricky! I rarely post on the OT but I have been lurking around on(in?) DB to read the recaps and the blogger’s comments on weekly episodes of the dramas I’ve been watching.

        This week has been a good week so I though,t you know, why not post a little something on OT?

        Are you a fan of JIW btw? If so, are you gonna go catch him?

        • ricky trh

          I am a fan. But I’m not going to see him. Fangirls scare me. Malaysian ones are extra scary. Small-sized but their elbows could shove an elephant away.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Ricky,

            your comments were funny! Especially this one: “Small-sized but their elbows could shove an elephant away”. I could visualize that :-)…

          • Minea

            “Fangirls scare me. Malaysian ones are extra scary. Small-sized but their elbows could shove an elephant away.”

            LOL. That’s too funny!

          • enz

            ricky, why are you worried then – youre not an elephant ma hahah

          • Aryast

            LOL true that. Ya la, you’re not an elephant maaaa…

            Ugh, Manglish. O_o

            I wanna go really badly but but but I’m still weighing what’s in it for me, yunno, besides welcoming him. I don’t really like going down to KL unless I really really need to because it’s so crowded and so hot.

      • 32.3.2 Enz

        Thanks Ricky! You should go welcome JIW too :).

        • Aryast

          Then I shall try to make it. I’m feeling giddy just thinking of it gaaahhh… Meeting an actor I really admire. I sincerely do enjoy his work!

          I’m not sure how to react to this age thing you mentioned Enz. 😛 Lol


            Hi Ricky, Aryast & Enz!

            Been lurking around DB for quite sometime, laughing silently at all the funny stuff, but i’m a shy person, so… *insert Puss-in-Boots big eyes expression here*

            I’d totally ditch class EXCEPT for the fact that I only have classes on alternate weekends. And there’s only 8 students in my class… so… not an option. *sigh*

            I hope he gets a decent reception, too! Which would lead him to coming back here again and again… like Kim Hyun Joong. Hehe. Maybe next time! *wishin’ & hopin’*

            Oh, and LOL at the age thing.

          • ricky trh

            Don’t be shy,!
            We’re not going to eat you.

          • enz

            well.. i reckon that in every situation, one must know where one’s strength or advantage lies. when everyone else is in their teens and twenties and you are ummm NOT, then turn it into your strength. i had half a mind to create a banner saying “Jung Il Woo!! I am your oldest fan here – so please show me some love”

            i knew about JIW coming two weeks ago when i suddenly checked him tumblr. so have done some homework – ie watched the return of iljimae – which was very good – great story and beautifully shot against some stunning settings. otherwise have only seen him in flower boys ramyun shop which i love.

            gosh.. now that everyone’s got me more excited, i really feel i should take a shot at getting the top spenders on the day

          • Aryast

            HAHAHA, absolutely love your placard idea Enz! It will be more effective if it is in Korean though. Do you read/write/converse in Korean?

            SPEND! Take some close-up photos and share with everyone on DB. LOL

            I’ve watched FBRS and 49 Days. He’s just eye-candy. Heee!

  , His Royal Highness is right. We won’t eat you because that’ll be cannibalism. But mama did teach us not to trust strangers……

          • enz

            i actually have a korean friend and asked her to translate in romanised korean the sentence “i am your oldest fan here so please show me some love” but she translated it into real korean and she said it would sound too weird if it was as i wanted .

            instead she said please show malaysia some love.

            i dont really wanna share that love le


            “But mama did teach us not to trust strangers……”

            … that always reminds me of that movie Ladybugs.

            “He’s not a stranger. He’s just strange.”


            Best of luck for Sunday, Enz! And you too, Aryast, if you decide to go. Like ricky said, mind them elbows 😉

          • Aryast

            Enz, your placard idea is meant to seem weird, to stand out. Welp, can’t help it, Koreans are just too polite like that. Ditto, I wouldn’t wanna share him either.

            “He’s not a stranger. He’s just stranger.” You have no idea how hard I burst out laughing.

            Don’t worry I’ll elbow them back. They’re not the only scary fangirls around. 😛

          • Enz

            Aryast, i KNOW right? Oh well.. Seeing his welcome message to malaysians, I suspect he will have no clue if I write it in English..

   thanks.. This unni does body pump and combat in her spare time so if anyone elbows me, watch out!!!

            Jabberwocky, I hope I get to SEE him. And yes, will try to purchase some stuff.

    • 32.4 jabberwocky

      jung il woo gonna be in malaysia?? i wanna go. but living in the north of the peninsular is not gonna help me.. huuu.. why nobody came while i was in KL.

      enz, be sure to go. and take loooootttsaa pictures! wah, am so very jealous of you. make sure you get to at least take pictures with him. better yet, get to hug him (a la those fans in Entertainment Weekly guerrilla interviews. =P )

  33. 33 KrazyK

    OMG I cannot believe that Answer me 1997 is over. I became obsessed with this show and it is near the top of my favorite dramas of the year. What really shocks me is that before this year I had not heard of tVN and this year they have put out some amazing dramas, including my favorite of the year (so far) Queen In-hyun’s man. To me, it seems like they came out of nowhere and are putting out some quality shows. They are really stepping thier game up and making dramas that are cracktastic.
    Did tVN have good dramas out from previous years or are they just really good this year?

    Also this week I finished RMPW which gave me everything I could want but I personally wanted a little more skinship with the OTP. But you cant always get what you want. Oh well.

    Recently watched:
    Answer me 1997 – completed
    Vampire Prosecutor Season 1 ep 1-7
    Rich Man, Poor Woman ep 11

    • 33.1 Mystisith

      tvN is definitely a channel you need to keep on your radar.
      My favorite dramas from them are: QIHM, … almost everything. lol. The fails are surprisingly rare: Manny is the only one that I would call a wreck.
      I didn’t like Marriage Plot second part and found 12 Men in a year average.

      • 33.1.1 Shukmeister

        I didn’t realize this until recently, but TvN is a subsidiary of Fox International Channels. So the same company that gave us Family Guy and the National Geographic Channels is the backing for it. That probably explains a bit of their quirkiness.

        By the way, on the Fox website, it describes TvN as “Crazy, Sexy, Cool”.


    • 33.2 Sabah

      For me it was the lack of skinship that got me. I much prefer my intensity from the characterizations. Hyuga in episode 10 just killed me, in the best way possible. Loved it!

      • 33.2.1 BB

        I concur! It’s mind-boggling and impressive how J-doramas effectively portray romance without much skinship and limited airtime. This dorama has been on point from ep 7-11. Hyuga killed me in ep 9 when he cried and Shun with his remarkable acting.

        • Sabah

          Agreed. That was just heartbreaking but endearing too.

          I lost touch with Jdramas around 2009 time for no apparent reason but returned recently after a few recommendations. They have their own charm and I love both Kdrama and Jdramas for their own style. I missed the detailing of Jdramas, maybe because as you say they are shorter and thereby tighter as well as their sharpness. RMPW was good for me mainly because of the development of Hyuga. Finely done and excellently portrayed as you stated.

  34. 34 whimsicalnet

    hi folks!

    after finally somewhat recovering from the awesomeness that was QIM, Answer Me 1997 killed me all over again. keke.

    Trying to patiently wait for Arang to finish so that I can watch it at one go. But it looks like I shld check out more on other TvN series as well.

    Happy weekend everyone.

    • 34.1 Amberscube

      QIHM and Answer Me 1997 are my top faves this year.

  35. 35 oftheshore

    Hi everyone – happy OT!
    I’ve just moved into a new flat, where we don’t have internet yet (because it takes 3 weeks (!) to get internet installed in your house in this rather small town). My flatmate decided to visit her family before she starts teaching, so I’m home alone – and to feel less lonely, I started downloading dramas during the day to watch them at home. 😉 Thanks to all of you who recommended Faith – this is exactly that type of show I need now. I’ve always found Lee Min-Ho a good actor and a very attractive man, and unlike some viewers who were underwhelmed by this performance, I’m actually very happy with his portrayal of Choi Young. The guy who plays the king is also amazing, and I find his character very interesting, too. However, my favourite is probably Eun-Soo. The writers could have turned her into a Mary Sue or a typical K-drama Manic Pixie Girlfriend who saves the brooding and depressed male character, but she is just so…normal! And badass! And yet insecure! I can related to her, and that’s probably most important for me. So far, it’s been a very solid show – not perfect by any means, but definitely keeps me wanting MOAR.
    Speaking of wanting more, Rich Man Poor Woman, you will be sorely missed. However, I was really satisfied with the ending. Also, for once drama writers acknowledged the existence of email and Skype and the possibility of using them when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Seriously, leaving for a while does not imply having no contact with your partner whatsoever.
    Finally, I had a dream Lee Min Ho was my flatmate. It was awesome.

    • 35.1 Saima

      Don’t we all want a LMH as our flatmate?! hahaaa

      • 35.1.1 oftheshore

        Yep. We played videogames and in walked around in PJs. Interestingly, he had the mane of glory from Faith and the wardrobe from Personal Taste posters. 😀

        • Saima

          In PJs? Whyever would you do THAT?! lol

          • oftheshore

            It was morning, and we both…went into the kitchen to have breakfast at the same time. Eh, even my dreams are PG-rated. 😀

          • Ivoire

            @ OTS,

            LOLed at this: “Eh, even my dreams are PG-rated. :D” Well, that’s good (in my book). Can we keep them that way :-)? In a sense, you won’t have to worry about being one of (many) LMH’s girlfriends. You would keep someone in your life longer if s/he is a friend or a flatmate, unless you don’t care about that and would want the other (rated) kinds of dreams. Let’s us know (if you don’t mind :-)).

      • 35.1.2 Enz

        No, I want gong yoo :p

    • 35.2 Ivoire


      I seriously LOLed at your last comment. LMH made it into your dream? That is SO AWESOME!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! Was it a vivid dream, like you could see him clearly and touch him like you would in real life? Those kinds of dreams are awesome, aren’t they? Especially when they have the people we like 🙂

      It is so interesting that you mentioned you guys playing video games, because I think LMH likes that. I can’t believe LMH was in your dream, so awesome. You will have to tell us more, please… I am personally all ears :-). I wish I could meet him in real life. I just want to be his noona and hang out with him. He is SOOOO adorable, seriously :-)! I am also glad you like him as much as you do (to the point where you don’t see any fault in his acting), because then, I can spazz with you (and Kakashi, of course :-)).

      • 35.2.1 kakashi

        hehe, hello Ivoire. Actually, I’ve always been particularly impressed with LMH’s soccer abilities. Didn’t know he was into video games. But why am I not surprised? cutie pie 🙂

        • Ivoire

          Hi Kakashi,

          I wrote an answer that didn’t post and I couldn’t paste it again, because even though I copied it before I sent it, somehow, that didn’t copy either. So I will have to rewrite my comment later, because I need to go now. I also saw the comment you left me about my sageuk comment and I will answer that one later as well.

        • Ivoire

          Hi Kakashi,

          LMH is definitely into video games and he tends to be a homebody during his free time who likes to watch movies and play video games, spend time with his friends and sometimes cook for them (he has a special recipe for grilling meat).

          He does have great soccer abilities, as he once aspired to be a soccer player, but couldn’t after he had the really bad car accident that left him in the hospital for 6 months and required many surgeries on one of his legs (it is kind of a miracle that he is walking, because he wasn’t sure he would, at one point).

          Case in point for his love of video games:

          Scroll down, and you will see him playing video games with KHS :-)…

      • 35.2.2 oftheshore

        Hm, unfortunately, it wasn’t the most vivid of dreams, so at times it would get a little hazy. It must have been weekend, because we had our cereal and then immediately went on to play videogames! Guess this dream was partially inspired by my two-year experience of living with two male flatmates – they were both amazing friends, too, so I still miss them a lot.

        • Aryast

          After reading this post last night, I ended up dreaming about Kim Soo Hyun!!! Heeee. We were doing some script reading(yes, I was an actress in my dreams) and I was so surprised and sceptical that he was interested in me that I didn’t respond to any of his advances.

          Dang it!

          • Ivoire

            LOL Aryast, that was funny and quite interesting… WOW, you missed out on an opportunity to date KSH, at least in your dreams, :-(…

  36. 36 kakashi

    Happy OT, fellow Beaners!
    I have two questions:

    1) Previews: I’ve always thought that shows used the no-preview card strategically, like: “we’ll not give you a preview to make you crave the next episode even more”. But then, I started getting this not-so-good feeling about the no-preview thing, which amounts to: no-preview = too little time to shoot enough material for a preview. What’s your observations on this? Obviously, I’m mainly referring to Faith here. If I’m correct, then there seems to be trouble in Faith-paradies and they’re heading into live-shoot territory. When we didn’t get a preview in Arang this week either, I was starting to feel slightly uneasy. I so love this show and I don’t want it to fall apart!!

    2) Subbing: this is a question for the subbers among you. How do you guys/girls organize yourselves? Is there a subbing-master that says who’s to sub what? And do individual subbers sub characters (for example, someone does the whole CY in Faith in one episode) or scenes (for example, minute 1-5)? Or both? I’ve been curious about this for a while and would love to learn more about the world of fansubbing!

    I wish everybody a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend – I’m going to have dinner now, I cooked something delicious 🙂

    • 36.1 Mystisith

      Hello kakashi!
      All I know about subbing comes from viki:
      It’s quite a daunting task.

      • 36.1.1 kakashi

        thanks for the links!!

    • 36.2 Lemon

      Re: subbing; Each team has their particular quirks – some teams are bigger, which requires more organization by admins and project mods, while some teams consist of a small group of people who work out who does what between themselves.

      The groups that I’ve been with have mostly been big ones, but even then there’s a lot of variation between each group. 😛 Generally, though, work is split between translators, timers, editors/QCs and sometimes spot translators. Interested people would sign up for individual positions. After the episode airs, the translator would provide the translated script which is then timed by the timer and sent along to the editor/QC. Some groups have spot translators to do spot checks and another final QC stage. Occasionally if the episodes are really long (some kdrama episodes I’ve worked on have been over 1,000 lines of subs *shudder*), there might be two translators/timers to split the load – each person takes half. Splitting workload by drama characters might be a bit confusing to translate because you’d lose context completely, haha.

      Some small groups that I’ve had contact with have organized themselves by having a google docs table or something, where each person ticks off their box (say, if they’ve completed the translations) and then they’ll email it to the timer. Or the other way around, depending whether the group preferred to do the timing first or translating. If it’s timing first, they usually time blank lines for the translator to insert translations into.

      As for how projects are picked, most groups I’ve worked with run polls, but of course it mostly depends on translator interest.

      • 36.2.1 kakashi

        thanks a bunch, Lemon, for the insights! I’m even more fascinated now … from the outside, it’s simply unbelievable that 60min-long episodes are subbed within a few hours; and really well at that. I want to hug you all!

      • 36.2.2 Shukmeister

        Lemon –

        Arigato gozaimasu! I’ve wondered sometimes how it all comes together, especially less than 24 hours after the episode airs. Those fansites are the bomb-diggity!

  37. 37 Aryast

    Oh, there’s another thing that happened this week in my life that I wanted to share. Well, not exactly my life but two of my friends, which, yunno as a typical woman, affects your life too.

    So, they went for an exchange student programme to one of the universities in South Korea and it must’ve been a popular uni there because somehow celebs keep flocking there to perform. Just this past week alone, LeeSsang and Lee Seunggi went to perform (albeit on separate days). Although I am guessing that it’s some sorta festival thing-a-majig.

    Anyway, on Wednesday, the two of them turned up for Lee Seunggi’s special appearance where he sang and danced(more like attempted to do some steps while moving his hands – I saw the videos). Now post-appearance, as all fangirls do, the two of them joined the crowd of fangirls and headed to the parking lot where Lee Seunggi’s van was parked. It must’ve been one hour or so because one of my friends kept tweeting about how cold it was. We’re from Malaysia where the general climate is warm to hot 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and so they must’ve been “suffering” from the unfamiliar weather.

    In the end, all that suffering was for naught because… FAKE OUT! Out comes Kim Jae-dong from the van. The funniest part was my friends were so surprised to even register that and shook hands with him anyway all the while still scanning for Lee Seunggi…

    And that’s all I have. THANKS AGAIN.

    • 37.1

      LOL. Poor things. In the cold, too!

      Which reminds me. Lee Seunggi will be in KL in November, lalalalala~

      • 37.1.1 enz

        he will?? is it a concert? pls share!

      • 37.1.2 Aryast

        Am not really a fan of Seunggi though(pls don’t kill me!). Everyone seems to think he’s good looking but I just think he looks normal? Like the Asian version of Rupert Grint.

        Anyone here going for Big Bang’s concert in October???


          I’m iffy on Seunggi since it’ll be on a Friday night and you know how that area is on Fridays… but a friend of mine is a huge fan, so we’ll see if she manages to persuade me.

          Yes, I’ll be attending Big Bang’s concert in October! And guess whose birthday it is that day?

          MINE! Yeay!

          • Aryast

            WOAH you’re getting Big Bang for your birthday! Happy birthday in advance!

            I didn’t manage to get the first batch of tickets. My friends pre-ordered the ticks and even they had to wait in line for six hours before they actually obtained it.

            I heard that there’s a second batch but I’m really tight on budget this semester what with all the fieldwork I’ll be doing all over the Peninsula. *sigh*

            So if I don’t get to go. Say hi to Big Bang for me. Especially that big ol’ dork TOP.


            I didn’t realize how many people were looking for BB tickets until after I sold off my extra ones.

            Here’s hoping the second batch of tickets will actually materialize, Aryast! Failing which, yeah, I’ll add your name to the list of people who wants me to say ‘hello’ on their behalf to TOP (it’s a looong list…)

        • Enz

          I don’t know his work exc for the few episodes fo K2H that I watched and that he was in 1n2d.

          But my cousin’s daughter loves him. So I will let her know if she doesn’t already 🙂

  38. 38 sue

    Hey all, happy Friday!

    I’ve managed to get my little sis hooked on kdramas…but I don’t know which ones to give her next. She’s fourteen, so she’s not too keen on romcoms yet. The only ones she’s watched are Nobuta wo Produce (which we both LOVE), Bad Family, and Dream High.

    Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

    • 38.1 kdramapedia

      Aren’t most kdramas some form of romcom? lol =P

      Umm… try Shut Up Flower Boy Band, maybe? The love story isn’t the forefront of the story, so try that.

      • 38.1.1 JoAnne

        I was going to suggest that but be advised – there’s a sudden death in episode 2. It’s quite shocking, but integral to the story.

        14…14…you could try Sprout on – it’s a J-Dorama. It’s good for that age group, but subbing is slow lately and it’s not finished airing yet.

        • kdramapedia

          Yeah, but it’s not bloody on screen or anything. Nothing that isn’t seen in a PG-13 movie.

          And age 14 is 9th grade in the US, depending on your birth date, so I don’t think it’s beyond her understanding.

    • 38.2 Farpavilions

      You’re Beautiful is a shoo-in! plus Ma Boy for genderswapping celebrity madcaps!

      For high school dramas, Boys Before Flowers, Hana Yori Dango, Itazura na Kiss (Jap original of Mischievous Kiss), and Dragon Zakura for studying inspiration with Yamapi in it.

      If she’s a Yamapi fan after Nobuta, Kurosagi and Proposal Daisakusen were pretty watchable. And I have a longstanding weakness for Kame in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, though that may be a bit too grown up and melo…

      • 38.2.1 Aryast

        Ooh ooh ooh! Yupp. Kurosagi is a must watch and to go along with that is Galileo – also a j-dorama.

      • 38.2.2 Saima

        Another Kame lovahhhh!! YES! I’m waiting for another THnK from him but dude keeps doing these manga adaptations. Nande?! Although am not surprised since those seem to be popular and to get a THnK/RMPW is like, “Thank you dorama Gods!” heh

        Have you watched his latest one…the one in which he’s a monster? He should go gray, lol. Very seksi!

        • Farpavilions

          Ah … gomen, I’m actually not much of a Kame fan and I specifically only love him in Tatta Hitotsu. The foot-shuffliness, slightly revengey begrudging affection, class issues and sullen tsundere emo-ness made for an all-kill 🙂 The rest of the time his camwhoredom and manliner addiction alternately amuse and bewilder me!

          I did see a few eps of Yokai Ningen Bem before losing interest in the plot… he looked awesome in it but I was mostly wowed by Anne Watanabe’s amazing purple billowy cloak and makeup. Girl is SUPERFLY!

          And I second Nodame! Don’t know how I forgot that, I love it and all the sequels to bits.

          Adding to the underdog ganbatte shows with eyecandy list, there’s always Gokusen (young Matsujun with good hair! and Oguri Shun!) and Waterboys (the movie’s better though).

          • Saima

            Re Kame, should’ve mentioned I adore him as an actor…stay AWAY from his idol persona. Watched a few YT vids and told myself to step AWAY. I can’t stand fanservice.

          • Farpavilions


            Totally agree re. the split Kame images! Same goes for quite a few Johnny’s boys though (Tackey? Yamapi?). They’re decent actors who can make me feel for their characters but give them a stage and it’s all backflipping exhibitionism/narcissism on crack, clothed in kilts and sleeveless leather vests (Dream Boys, ha!). In a moment of weakness right after watching THnK, I bought a KAT-TUN cd purely because I was momentarily spellbound by the manliner and tight leather and spangly bits and now I hang my head in shame at the folly.

            His sharp jawline and long eyes do make him look the part of a shoujo manga lead though (and boy does he play it up).

            I think we must have joined the jdrama bandwagon in the same period (these days I can’t keep track of the under-20 young ‘uns, they all look so cookie-cutter) … I’m gonna watch Stand Up based on your recommendation and indulge in 1997-induced nostalgia!

      • 38.2.3 John


        I second the Ma Boy recommendation.

    • 38.3 John


      A j- drama , Nodame Cantible might work.

      It’s available as both an anime and live action.

      • 38.3.1 sue

        Thanks guys!

        Definitely Shut Up FFB, and Dragon Zakura (she and I will both fangirl Yamapi there, lol), and will try Nodame Cantabile. Damn…now I’m going to add these to my ever-growing to-watch list ;P

  39. 39 kdramapedia

    Happy Friday!

    It’s a busy one for me, but I wanted to pop in and say hello anyway.

    Behind on Arang because the subs weren’t finished for the past two episodes by the time I went to bed last night. Hopefully I’ll have time on Sunday to catch up!

    I started watching Nice Guy and I love it! Everyone is hiding in layers of ulterior motives and faux kindness and I’m enjoying guessing who is being real when, if at all. I hope the show stays intriguing!

    • 39.1 Aryast

      For Arang, try It’s complete as complete can be.

      • 39.1.1 kdramapedia

        yes, it is now, but on the day they aired, they were not. I don’t have time to watch shows on Thurs & Fridays as of late, so I have to wait until the weekend to catch up.

        • Aryast

          True that. But compared to the other sites, viki subs for Arang is much quicker and the quality is dapper.

          • jabberwocky

            can someone in malaysia view viki? i quit watching in viki as it’s always not available in m’sia. =(

          • Aryast

            Hi Jabbawocky,

            I use a proxy which hides my IP address so yeah. I am able to access it.

      • 39.1.2 Enz has it too.. With good subs. And if you have an iPad , you can download maaduu app for free and watch it

  40. 40 Saima

    Hey chingus!

    This was a pretty epic week in terms of the sheer perfection that were the finales of RMPW and AM97. To say I LOVED RMPW E11 would be an understatement. And, it made me heart the AM97 writers SO much when we learnt that JH was in a rel’p as well. So many feeeeeels! <333333

    Absolutely LOVE GD's new mini-album. So bitter that BigBang aren't coming to Canada. Papa YG, wtf?! I love you and all but you're a bakaaaa! *sniffles*

    Cannot recommend enough Eita's "Soredemo, Ikite Yuku". Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! It seldom gets a little heavy for me so have been watching it in bits but so worth it. Here's the beautiful and poignant opening theme song.

    After Oguri I will be watching all of Eita's shows. The list of J-actors that I've vowed to watch their previous works is growing but they're all so spectacular w/ extensive resumes that it compels me to follow through with this undertaking.

    Now that Oguri's show is done his bestie, Ikuta Toma, will be gracing us with his awesomeness next month. YESHHHH!!

    • 40.1 oftheshore

      Whaaaaaat? Ikuta Toma has a drama coming out soon?

    • 40.2 Farpavilions


      Have you seen Last Friends? It’s not as heavy as Soredemo but his character is likewise compellingly damaged. I watched those two then revisited Kimi Wa Petto and he was so fresh-faced I cracked up.

      Soredemo is hands down my favorite recent dark psychodrama (raved about it in a previous OT). Did you know the soundtrack was composed by a blind pianist (as if the premise wasn’t tearjerky enough)? Everytime I play it while driving I feel a heart-wrenching guttedness followed by catharsis.

      I’m so happy I started OTing … now I have people to spaz with who won’t judge!! ^^

      • 40.2.1 Saima

        Everything about Soredemo was stupendous. I cannot formulate sentences to describe the brilliance & poignancy of that show. I was cringing when the mum goes to work and Hiroki is out renting a porn video when tragedy strikes the family…cuz we know they’ll never forgive themselves. 15 years hence when we see the full-of-potential Hiroki turn into a bum…my heart broke for him and everyone included. I full on bawled my eyes out when Hiroki finally was able to recall his sister’s face. aughhh. Also the writer’s ability in humanizing Hikari’s brother was quite a feat. You say the OST was composed by a blind pianist=T__T

        Eita is amazeballs! Period. I’m SO impressed w/ a whole lotta Japanese actors. Most of them are involved in stage plays and what not so they are able to improve their craft w/ each successive work. Seeing those fleeting reactions on their faces or OTT yet restrained emotions always amazes me. I’ve seen Eita in Nodame, now Soredemo, and Suppli *cough cough* (which I chalk it upto following “Kame’s work” phase).

        • Saima

          Save for Nice Guy I am not too keen on the currently airing dramas. It’ll be a while before KimuTaku, Ikuta, & Yamapi’s stuff will be onair. In the interim I plan on catching up on Eita, Oguri, & Narimiya’s previous works. He’s in KwP? I gave KwP a try but it was kinda bizarre for me. Mayhap later…

          • Farpavilions

            If you like Nice Guy and dark dramas, I’d recommend A Love to Kill (Rain! Shin Mina! Revenge! from the NG writer!)

            I’ve lost interest in KimuTaku’s recent dramas, the old ones like A Million Stars (another recommend) or the 90s goodies were so much more compelling. As for Yamapi, I miss the chubby cheeks and Nobuta wackiness … this new hardened image is a little offputting and stiff.

          • JoAnne

            I have been noticing the similarities to that myself! GO FOR IT

        • Farpavilions

          Stupendous and amazeballs are such diff. adjs but both so spot-on!

          Soredemo made me feel like I’d just watched a Shakespearean or Greek tragedy. Moments like the porn watching or Hikari stopping Hiroki at the last minute on the overhead walkway were all about the random cruelty of fate, but there were also plenty of moments where characters thought long and hard about taking responsibility for their own cruel actions (the mom’s smear campaign, Hiroki’s revenge and final forgiveness).

          The Indian diner first meet scene made me cringe with Eita’s raw pain and social awkwardness .. and the last date had me sobbing in buckets. And the production values were just immaculate with all that lush country scenery and golden lighting.

          It’s sadomasochistic how the pain of watching hurts so good!! 😉

          Eita only had a bit part in KWP as the guy who fell for Matsujun’s ex (young Satomi Ishihara), but the show rocks. And errr, I watched Suppli for the exact same reason *facepalm* I even liked most of it except for Ito Misaki, who should stick to ornamental bit roles.

          • Saima

            Beautifully put! <3 Masochistic is right…after typing out my previous comment I watched the 'Hiroki recalling his sister's face' scene and promptly sobbing, lulz.

            Re Nice Guy: I just watched the remaining 3 episodes and I think it's good. I had read everyone waxing poetic about it so my expectations were unreasonably sky high. I'll wait a few weeks and then continue watching it (my brain can't compute the fact that SJK's baby face goes with that seksi voice=HOMGs).

            Ito Misaki was so very wooden in Suppli. I felt bad for Kame…who did everything to drum up chemistry….any chemistry with her but she was so BAAAAD (gomen ne, Ito san!) that I cringed whilst watching that show. She’s the reason for my reluctance to watching Densha Otoko.

            Re Yamapi & KimuTaku: I have great affection for these two because they starred in some of my most favourite dramas so I continue my hope to be surprised by them. It is now my fervent wish that THE Eriko Kitogawa writes a script and Oguri stars in it. If this comes to fruition I’ll cry from sheer delight, LOL. Not taking any credit away from KimuTaku but her scripts were one of the prime reasons for his overwhelming success as an actor.

          • Farpavilions

            I would LOVE another Eriko Kitagawa meloromance. I jumped on the jdrama bandwagon years ago and after a while realized that she wrote all my fave oldies: Aishiteiru to Ittekure (oh lordy lord, Etsushi Toyokawa was HOT), Love Story, Over Time, Million Stars… the recent ones tend to be ensembles and the upcoming one is a family drama so not too keen.

            Mmm in fantasy world who would I pair Oguri Shun with for a non-comic romance drama? Ayase Haruka? Ueno Juri? Ai Hashimoto’s a bit young…. wait, has he not had a solid meloromance lead role yet??

            As for Ito Misaki, thank goodness she had a strictly flower vase role with minimal emoting in Densha, so it was a pretty fun ride!

    • 40.3 Ash

      Soredemo! It kept breaking my heart and then patching it back up again. And that cast, oh my god, not a single weak link among them. One of my very favorite dramas, hands down.

      Now that AM1997 is over and I know things end well-ish for Joon-hee, I can go back and pick up the last half of the drama. (When I get invested, I get INVESTED, and I just couldn’t face the rest of it if he didn’t get to be happy.)

      Oguri Shun, man. I’d seen him in Hanadan and Hana Kimi before RMPW and frankly, I did not understand why people were obsessed with him AT ALL. Rui bored me and Nakatsu was the light of my life, so I barely gave him the time of day. After RMPW? I’m Makoto-style starry eyes over here.

      • 40.3.1 Farpavilions

        Yay, another Soredemo fan!! The ratings were so bad considering how good it was … I guess it falls under the cult following category?

        Re. Oguri Shun and Nakatsu in Hanakimi … read a comment that he phoned in his performance and I totally agree *ducks from fangirls* Ikuta Toma stole the show, so much so that I watched Honey & Clover and boy was that a disappointment.

      • 40.3.2 Saima

        Ash, I did the same thing with AM97. I stopped watching it halfway through since I wanted to know who’d be endgame. I’d be heartbroken for sweet Yoon Jae, otherwise.

        I’ve been living under the tiniest rock possible since I didn’t know who Oguri was until RMPW (didn’t watch HYD & HanaKimi until a month ago) and I’ve been watching J-dramas close to two years now. *hangs head* Agree that he should stay the heck away from Rui & Sano type characters…they’re such bland, vanilla, & snooze-fest characters. mehhhh…

        @Farpavilions: Thanks for the heads up on H&C. Don’t want to tarnish my Nakatsu(=epic!) love. And, no ducking needed I occasionally watch Nakatsu’s funniest moment YT vids and crack up like a mad person.

        Unfortunately Ikuta does a lot of theatre which isn’t accessible to us. T__T Did you know Oguri starred as Alex in the Japanese stage adaptation of “A Clockwork Orange” (he sang as well) and another play in the nude? *does the Hyuga floor roll* LOL

        • Farpavilions

          H&C was oddly bland given how much I like 4 of the 5 leads (don’t know who the non-Riko girl was) … I think it was a directing/writing issue since the movie was good. Nakatsu wasn’t bad, it’s just not worth the time if he’s all you’re after.

          I knew Oguri Shun played Aaron in an internationally stage version of Titus Andronicus by the famous Yukio Ninagawa (have it dlded somewhere – production looks stunning but it’s a pain to watch sans subs even with the play before me :[) but did not know about Clockwork Orange. Is it online anywhere now?

          • Saima

            Re Oguri’s plays: you can read more here…


            Haven’t checked it out but am sure it’ll be downloads and again dunno if subs are available. And, don’t think he’s starred yet in a meloromance despite his acting career spanning 15+ yrs. :/ I would LOVE to see him be paired opposite Ayase…she’s so versatile!

            Kitagawa became my favourite because of Tatta Hitotsu and am waiting for her return…now SHE knows how to do legit swoon-worthy romance!

            You spoke of abysmal ratings of Soredemo in an earlier comment. Frankly, I don’t think the Japanese drama makers are quite fixated on ratings. (now I don’t know how the ratings were during KimuTaku’s heydays but I speak of dramas in the recent past). Save for HYD & Densha (low 20’s) famous dramas like Hotaru no Hikari, Jin, Hana Kimi, THnK ranged between low to high teens. Despite that they are front runners in terms of popularity with the viewers. Considering the somber content of Soredemo I’m not surprised with the low ratings. Actors have a choice of pursuing either commerical success or critical acclaim. Everyone involved with Soredemo won critical acclaim as well as year end awards. Well worth the low ratings, I say.

          • Saima

            I stand corrected: Oguri did Summer Snow (2000)…his character seems similar to Kame’s Hiroto (Tatta Hitotsu).

          • Farpavilions

            AWESOME. Now I have a dealer for Oguri stageplay crack!

            I watched Summer Snow – his turn as a deaf high school boy was great but sadly it’s just a supporting role as the lead’s brother (mostly sweet with suppressed issues). The plot drove me crazy though with all the bad cliche twists… I’d vote pass on that one!

            Point taken about ratings … I just realized that on top of the darkness, Japanese viewers may not have taken kindly to all that social self-critiquing. But giving the Academy Award to Inoue Mao instead of Mitsushima Hikari was an outrage! *shakes fist* At least she seems to do lots of grittier roles so I hope she’s happy suffering for her art 😉

    • 40.4 jomo

      Pretty song! (downloads)

      I went on a TW drama tangent after my J one.
      Then the Kdramas set in en masse. I will definitley add Soredemo to my next list.

      • 40.4.1 Saima

        I go the tangent route often as well. And am sure you’ll LOVE Soredemo.

  41. 41 OMG

    Hello everyone, HAPPY OT WKEND!!!!
    I watched the first three episodes of Arang and i loved it sooooo much and i just knew i would marathon everything so m waiting till 16 eps come out so i wont have to wait tooo long between episodes…lol…same thing for Nice SJJ love is growing with everything i have been hearing about the drama.
    So in the meanwhile i started watching CHUNO…n lemme tell u that my new MAN crush is Jang Hyuk….how i have never heard of this guy before, i dont know but now that i have i will never let him go…he took my breath away in every scene he was in…it didnt hurt that he was half naked most of the time…-*melts into a puddle of goo*
    But back to Chuno…couldn’t get past ep 4 cuz like the impatient person i am i wanted to know what ep they met up n in the process of doing that, spoiled myself to what was coming n i was like f*** this —– SPOILER ALERT*******they dont even end up together n he dies!!!!!!!! NOOOOO but its okay as i have gained a new man crush..even though he’s married with kids!

    PS anyone heard that the same leads from Chuno r now in IRIS 2…I dunno know how i feel about the sequel cuz i feel like its been too long since IRIS original n the Athena sequel but not a sequel was HORRIBLE! Plus i just love Kim So-Yeon n i want her to be the star or at least considerable screen time in this show…plus tv shows lately have been stepping up their game so IRIS 2 has to be better than amazing in all three parts – acting, directing n production…plus i dont know what the story line is going to be about…PLUSSSSS i really wanted LBH’s character not to die, but we dont know if he’s dead n AAAARGHH!! I will wait till the new season starts n judge from that!!! Thats all for now….lol

    • 41.1 Enz

      Janghyuk was recently on winwin as the secret guest when cha tae hyun was on it. They are really close friends apparently.

      He was funny cos he said his wife keeps comparing him to cha as a father so he doesn’t like going over to his friend’s house anymore.

    • 41.2 jabberwocky

      i get what u mean about jang hyuk, especially in Chuno. i’ve been a fan since “successful story of a bright girl” with him and Jang Nara, which was around 2002. boy did i crushed hard..
      anyway, i really wish Janghyuk pick a rom com or a fluffy drama next. too much angst is not good for my heart… =P

  42. 42 shel

    Finally have a minute, and there’s so much going on here already.

    Welcome to all the Malaysians, coming out of the woodwork, HRH Ricky will be VERY glad to see you all.
    And to anyone else new…

    Dramawise, not much to say. I hope to watch the last ep of 1997 today sometime, but I’m really sad to see it go. I think that and QIHM were my favorite dramas of 2012. AGD comes in 2nd, even if JB and GF dissed it. Love those boys.

    But, other than 1997, I”m only following Faith, which so far I like. But, maybe more because of my SIL LMH, lol. Really got to get Meg off KHJ, cuz I need grandbabies with LMH genes.

    I did marathon, kind of, over a week or so, Invincible Lee Pyung Kang. Had a very young Ji Hyun Woo. It was kind of over the top silly sometimes, but I really enjoyed it. It was a nice happy break.

    Life is crazy-busy these days, but I’m sure we’ll survive it. Maybe.

    We may have a new houseguest for a couple of months, friend-of-a-friend deal where he’s military, being sent here to the language school, and his wife doesn’t wanna pull the kids out of school until Christmas. He’d be here for a couple of months, which is longer than usual. OUt of the 8 or 9 times we’ve done this since we moved in here, we only regretted it once. And they had 5 kids and a cranky mom. I think we can handle one dude, who’s studying his butt off.
    I hope he’s not expecting perfect housekeeping, cuz it ain’t happening. I did tell him there are no maids here, he has to keep his bathroom/room clean himself, lol. How’s that for blunt, lol.

    OK, I smell my applebutter cooking, must be time to stir it.

    • 42.1 Saima

      mmm, apple butter! Just made some almond/hazelnut butter yday. So simple, so delish.

    • 42.2

      thanks for the warm welcome, shel 😉

      the words ‘apple + butter’ is making my tummy grumble. at 3.30 in the morning. not good.

    • 42.3 ricky trh

      Thank you for that warm welcome on behalf of His Royal Highness.

      How can you get Meg off KHJ? She has his plastered on her walls and computer. LOL

      • 42.3.1 shel

        I know. I know. He could pass on a few good genes, but LMH is cuter.

    • 42.4 Aryast

      Thank you for the welcome Shel!

      And yes Prince Ricky seems to be a very interesting character. Ha.

    • 42.5 jabberwocky

      thanx shel, for the welcome, that is.

      and that applebutter sounds delicious, whatever is really is. =) have a great weekend.

      • 42.5.1 shel

        Apple butter…’s like jam, sort of. YOu make applesauce….this time with apples and strawberries, and you cook it down until it’s thick and spreadable. Then you eat it on toast or pancakes or whatever….

        • jabberwocky

          aahh.. it’s like applesauce then…? i made applesauce sometimes and keep them in the fridge and use it to make cakes. my mom just love applesauce cake.

          • shel

            Yeah, it’s kind of like applesauce, but you cook it down until it’s really concentrated and kind of jammy. I made strawberry applesauce last week, and didn’t have enough apples left to make another entire batch, so I made a small batch of applebutter instead. I will probably end up with only a one small jar. And I’m going to hide it in the back of the fridge so no one else can find it, lol. :0)

    • 42.6 Enz

      Thanks for the welcome shel.. Wah sounds like rickytrh is very famous here. Well hope to have something exciting to say about the Jung il woo meet tomorrow :).

  43. 43 cv

    Happy OT everyone! ^_^

    What a wonderful this week has been so far. haha!

    AM1997: Wow… I’ve got to say, awsome ending. Even with the flash back and forth in time, I was still able to follow. That’s nicely done by the directors/editors. Great acting by the cast. Overall, very well done by all.

    RMPW: Omo… they finally kissed! heheh So cute. I’m really hoping for a special or a movie–which ever one to wrap up their relationship and tie it with a red bow. I love happy endings and I want to see it happen. 😛

    Golden time: Please, no more people dying in the OR. I hope the lady in the coma wakes up. Feel so bad for her baby. I really don’t like the auntie–she’s a two face and greedy b*tch. Two more eps to go.

    Arang: oh my! They are getting close to each other and yet knowing they can’t be together. Lots of things happening in the last ep. I like the part that revealed about the characters, plotline and where it’s heading. Intersting for sure now. haha

    Faith: I’m still watching. It’s getting good. It has it’s ups and downs, but overall, a nice watch. More fighting scenes with power pleeeese! ^^

    TTBY: still sooooo cute! Taejoon is finally owning up to his feelings. ^^ Finally!

    Hope everyone have a good weekend. 🙂

  44. 44 Kim Yoonmi

    I like both Arang and Faith.

    AM1997 has to be one of the best dramas of the year, if not the best. Has a little of everything.

    Also safely finishing the next round of J-dramas. Rich Man Poor Woman and a few others.

  45. 45 Fab

    I can’t let go of AM1997 either! I am going to watch it together with reading awesome recaps from GF so that I wouldn’t miss a thing from it!

    Happy OT everyone.

  46. 46 Noelle

    Happy OT!

    Woo, I am beat. My legs and feet hurt something fierce!

    Arang is such a great show I really don’t want it to end. SMA is so fun to watch. How can someone be so adorable?

    Thousandth Man is an easy watch and I’m enjoying it to pieces. First time watching anything with these leads.

    No one kill me but I haven’t watched or read the recaps for AM1997. I am planning to marathon it when I get the chance. It looks really good. And all you guys are giving it great reviews so I’m all over it when I get some breathing time.

    I finally finished Legal High and was so flipping pissed at the ending. I felt like all my time was wasted.

  47. 47 부럽지 않아

    Hello all you double knit characters and diamonds that want to stay coal!
    Yes, that is not an original salutation. This is ahjummabunny- I was listening to the song of the same name by the awesomeness that is every single day and it stuck and stuck some more.
    I don’t even know where to start with the new dramas. I’m all kinds of cross but these days after I finish a drama I feel sort of lost. The only recent drama I’m watching is golden time. I keep seeing season 2 comments- is that possible? I loved the last sequence of episode 21. What a circus! I think I missed ot last week but it’s hard for to only be watching golden time and still dramabeans ( the verb) in general. I used to be sooo cool until I started watching a gazillion old shows and a few cable dramas. Has anyone else recently seen rebirth/next? or sherlock series 2?

    • 47.1 Shukmeister


      Long time no see but that’s because I haven’t been here much either. Golden Time is not on my list, probably due to being a bit burned out by the medical dramas, both K and J.

      I’ve watched the first season (last year?) of Sherlock and thought it was great. I loved the way they introduced the Moriarity character at the end. I just haven’t had the time to pick up on the second series yet.

      Anyways, always good to see you!

    • 47.2 befuddled

      I watched Sherlock series 2 a while ago, and I remember that I really enjoyed it.

    • 47.3 Noelle

      I can say I am (Sher)locked

  48. 48 Yushi

    I’m watching Nice Guy, and it’s extremely addicting. I’m just wishing the next episode will come faster. Also, I’m watching Will It Snow For Christmas at the same time just to get a feel for the writer.

  49. 49 whimsyful

    Happy OT everyone!

    So sad Answer Me 1997 is over. Do think ep15-16 weren’t as strong as the rest of the drama, but still a fantastic show overall. tvN is really rocking it this year!

    Now that AM1997 is over, here’s hoping Nice Guy can fill the void!

  50. 50 Shukmeister

    A belated hello to all the DBOT’s out there!

    I haven’t been too active for several weeks, darn that Real Life.

    Quick synopsis:

    – I recapped 18 versus 29 up to Episode 9
    – I added chapters for my vampire romance writing challenge
    – I marathoned “Autumn’s Concerto”, a nice little TWDrama from 2009 starring Wu VanNess. 21 episodes of birth secrets, laser-guided amnesia, and contract marriage!
    – I’m caught up on Faith, Arang, and Haeundae Lovers.
    – I finished RMPW, and grabbed a copy of the movie “Crow Zero” starring Oguri Shun (I haven’t watched it though)

    I missed you guys!

    Oh, and Big Bang tickets go on sale tomorrow! Can’t wait.

    • 50.1 Aryast

      Crows Zero remains to be one of my most favourite movies of all time. The camaraderie between each faction is especially compelling.

      I never got past the first episode of Autumn’s Concerto. Vanness Wu’s body is crazy ripped though. Heh.

      • 50.1.1 Shukmeister

        I just heard that Shun’s hair is awesome. LOL

        • Aryast

          I wouldn’t call it awesome but it is hecka gangsta. Anyhoo, did you know that Shun has partially missing ribs? I sh*t you not. An area of his chest is dented like.

          • Shukmeister

            Hmm, well I’m missing a rib and a half. Hey! Maybe it’s fate!!

            lol – I hadn’t noticed. I would think he would have a scar (like me) if he had something removed. I guess I need to stare…erm…use professional detachment to confirm that.

          • Aryast

            Gosh, now I feel bad for bringing that up. I’m soooo sorry.

            I doubt that you’ll find any scars since his is a birth defect but hey we are creatures that are naturally inclined to confirm that iron is hot even after being told that it is so… Confirm away. Sans professional detachment or not. 😛

          • Saima

            His hairdos in Crows Zero, Tokyo Dogs, and The Neighbour no. 13 are a whole lot better than the disasters that were RMPW, Binbo Danshi, Uchuu Kyodai (he does look cute w/ an afro) and The Woodsman and the Rain.

            Congrats, Shukmeister, on getting BB tickets. *weeps in corner* :’C

          • Shukmeister

            @ Aryast
            My surgery was many many moons ago, no worries. I like to tell people I was attacked by a mad Viking and his axe. lol

            @ Saima
            I started hitting the button the moment the ticket window opened, and it was still pretty far away from the stage. Given the response, maybe they’ll set up another date. Saturday already has something at the venue, but Thursday is still open [hint hint YG!]

    • 50.2 Aryast

      …camaraderie between *the members of each faction…

    • 50.3 Shukmeister


      So some of the Movie Noonas are meeting for the first time in New Jersey to watch our boys. This is going to be fun, and I look forward to skewing the average age upwards. lol

      Now back to our regularly scheduled Dramaland.